My weight loss methods, and to share

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					My weight loss methods, and to share
Morning to get up to drink a cup of honey water, then cook an egg (white water, and everything go) to eat egg white, egg yolk not to eat, and drink a cup of skim milk (plain milk).

Morning: drink 10 glasses of water, pay attention to a glass of water before eating drink water again .

Noon: give up pasta,eating Dishes only eat carrots, rape, vegetables, fish, cucumber, tomato (cooking put less oil, other seasoning salt only not to put anything) to stop all the fried foods, as well as Expanded food, street food! after dinner cup of water

Pm: one hour after a meal, the beginning of movement, for example, to hula ring, rope skipping, dancing, running (heart rate can not be more than 140 / min) in situ jump! Adhere to two hours sport. The afternoon of drinking 5 glasses of water

Evening: 5:00 p.m. in the following Do not eat anything, including water is not drinkable! Before 5 o'clock to eat dinner, and dinner can only eat fruit (apples, pears watermelon), cucumber and tomatoes. Note: No matter what, eat only a night.

19:00: By the square or a stadium, such as local sports, go back an hour, and then returned home to hula circle for 30 minutes.

Drink plenty of water, you can add honeysuckle, or daisy!

Do not eat sweets, greasy things, give up junk food, as well as fried foods, meat and so on, more than insist on more exercise

From the beginning until now, quick two months, I lost close to 10 kg, we can be like to try ~ ~ Do you have scattered sub-weight, because I share them.

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