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Mind maps Year 10


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									                                                              Genesis 1:26 – „Let them have
              Caring about other human beings
                                                              dominion over the fish of the sea…‟                             To serve God and to have
              Compassion for others                                                                                          DOMINION OVER THE WORLD
                                                              Genesis 1:28 – „Be fruitful and
              Kind heartedness to others                      multiply and fill the earth.‟
       Intelligence      The ability to think and consider;                                                         To try and make the world a better place
                         use information and learn; reason     He was a second-generation
                                                               rubber tapper, or seringueiro.                    To be stewards of the earth
        Morality         Know the difference between good
                                                                      Chico Mendes                             To reproduce
                              and evil; have values.
        Language              The ability to write/read                                                      Why are we here?
                          languages/communicate through
                                                                                                                           Ahisma’ – not to be violent to
                                                                                                                          another human being or another
                      What makes us human?                                                                                animal and treat everyone with
   All religions teach that human beings are
                                                                                                                          respect. Be loyal and of service to
  unique and different from all other animals.                                                                            Brahman.
   All humanity was created in God‟s image,
   capable of religious behaviour,                             “Religion without science is lame, science                   Stewardship
                                                               without religion is blind.” Albert Einstein
   have a conscience and a soul.                                                                                  To look after and care for the world

     The part of human nature that is                             •NON-LIETRALISTS:                A God given responsibility to manage or control the earth
     not just physical ,                                          •It is not a literal             To guard over something for the real owner
     it allows a person to relate to
                                           Creation               account but contains
     God                                                          important truths                 Carefully looking after something that isn’t your own
     and will live on after the body      Genesis story           • God did create the
     has died                                                     world                       JNF – Jewish National Fund [created over 100 years ago with
                                      •God created everything for
                                                                  • That he used the          the aim of reclaiming the Land of Israel]. PROJECTS:
                                      a purpose
  •LITERALISTS:                                                   natural processes he        Forestry and Ecology; water resources; Community
                                      •The beginning of the world
  •The story actually happen the way and of life was not          created                     Development; security; education; research and development;
  it was described                                                • There were clear          tourism and recreation.
  •God’s spirit moved across the      •Human beings are different periods of creation                                                    OTHER
  waters                                                          though not 24 hours as      Jews follow a belief called TLC
                                      from other creatures, in                                                                           IMPORTANT
  •There were six days of 24 hours in being in the ‘image of God’,such                        T- Thanksgiving
                                                                                              L – Litter free                            SECULAR [non-
  which God created                   and sharing some            • Some believe the                                                     religious] groups:
  •Adam was formed out of the dust                                story is just poetic and    C - Concern
                                      responsibility for the world                                                                       G8 and
  of the earth                        •That the world was created mythical.                                                              Greenpeace
  •Eve was formed out of Adam’s rib basically good                • It describes what
                                                                  writers of the time
                                                                                           RELIGION TEACHES US WHY THINGS HAVE HAPPENED
                                                                  believed to be true
                                                                                           SCIENCE TEACHES US HOW THINGS HAPPEN
SCIENCE: BIG BANG THEORY AND EVOLUTION – Charles Darwin – Origins of Species – Natural Selection – Survival of the fittest.
                                           “Love is patient, love is kind. It does       The couple usually choose their partner and decide to marry
                                           not envy, it does not boast, it is not         when they are in love. It takes place in a church or chapel,
                                           proud. It is not rude, it is not self-         The service will include:
                                           seeking, it is not easily angered, it         Hymns. The purposes of marriage are explained by the vicar/minister,
Responsibility: duties you should          keeps no record of wrongs. Love does          to show that it is a solemn commitment . The vicar asks of there any
carry out; what is expected of you         not delight in evil but rejoices with         reasons why the couple should not be legally married. The couple take
Commitment: dedication; promise;           the truth. It always protects, always         their vows. Rings are exchanged. The vicar pronounces them married.
choice; obligation; want to do.            trusts, always hopes, always                  More hymns are sung,, bible reading, the vicar gives a short talk (sermon).
                                           perseveres.” I Corinthians 13; 4-7            More prayers are said. The couple and witnesses sign the register.
                          LOVE:                                                          SYMBOLS: white dress, rings, confetti, cake, honeymoon.
                          Agape – unconditional, New Testament love                      Prepare the bride [bath, paint mhendi on hands and feet;, red and gold
                          Philia – love for friends and family                           sari, jewels, talik spot.
                          Storge – love for something; sentimental love                  They marry under a mandap, an arti fire is lit, thro rice into fire,
                          Eros – sexual love                                             cord around the couple, they circle the fire 7 times: Food Good health
                                                              Marriage ceremonies Wealth Good luck Children Happiness Friendship
   •True Love Waits is a potential
   Christian Sex Education campaign.                                                               Catholics [no to them all apart from rhythm method as still chance
   October 23, 1992 to promote no sex                                                             on conception]. Others think it is responsible to control the number
   until marriage.                                                                                of births. All say no to morning after pill – seen as a form of abortion.
   •True Love Waits presented to Life
   Way Christian Resources management
                                                                  Contraception                                            Hinduism – as a last resort; Hindus of the
   for consideration as part of the                                                           CONDOM, PILL,
                                                                  Hindus: AHISMA              RHYTHYMN METHOD;             lower caste have always allowed divorce
   Christian Sex Education plan.
                                                  SEX             [non-killing].              IUD etc.                     and remarriage; however, it is uncommon
                                                                  Different views on it.                 DIVORCE           due to the nature of arranged marriages.
   Sex should take place within marriage.
   It is gift from God and is holy and sacred – a                                                       Christianity – Church of England
   sacrament                                                ADULTERY                                     Accept divorce as UK law allows it. Marriage is supposed
   Casual sex and promiscuity is seen as devaluing                                                      to be for life. Discourage re-marriage – some will re-
                                                            Against the 10 Commandments                  marry if the divorced person was the „innocent party‟ to
   both people and sex.                                     Damages Lives
   Marriage consists of one man to one woman at                                                         the divorce. Other vicars will allow a blessing service –
                                                            Undermines marriages
   any time                                                                                              but not a full wedding.
                                                            Lets others down
   Bringing up children is an important part of            Trust is broken                              Christianity – Methodists
   marriage                                                 Ends family security                         Divorce is best avoided. Re-marriage is permitted if all
   Young people must study first and practise              Relationships harmed                         concerned agree. No minister will be forced to remarry a
   chastity                                                 You’d best avoid it                          couple against their will.
    marriage consists of one man and one woman                                                          Christianity – Roman Catholics
                                                            it’s wrong: marriage is sexually            Divorce is not God‟s will – It is the breaking of the solemn
    begins the relationship between two extended
                                                            Exclusive; forbidden by the 10               promises made before God. They do not recognise
   families                                                 Commandments; not secure for
    considered a sacrament [samskara]                                                                   divorce – the couple stay married until death even if
                                                            Children; betrayal; God is
    only happen within marriage                                                                         legally they are divorced. Some marriages can be annulled
                                                            Involved in the sacrament of
    kama [sensual pleasure]                                Marriage.                                    – when the marriage was never consummated (The couple
    bringing up children is very important                 It’s wrong: causes bad karma;               never had sex to seal the marriage vows)
                                                            A vow of faithfulness is made in             Remarriage is seen as adultery.
                                                            The 7  th step of circling the fire.
       Justice - Where everyone has equal provisions and opportunity          Roman Catholic: Peter –first Pope on         Injustice - Unfair action or treatment
Women should remain silent in the churches. They are not allowed to           Earth?; disciples were male; Paul‟s word –
speak, but must be in submission. 1 Corinthians 14:34-35                      NO to female Priests.                     1980‟s all vicars were male
                                                                              Church of England – Jesus treated         1994 – Church of England ordains
Now I want you to realise that the head of every man is Christ, and the women with respect; women were                  first female minister
head of the woman is man, and the head of Christ is God. 1 Corinthians involved in Jesus‟ life; created equal.
11:3-7                                                                        YES to female ministers
                                                                                   only men can act as priests at All religions try to achieve justice in the
”There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you
                                                                                  religious festivals ,only boys can world and try to campaign against
are all one in Christ Jesus.”
                                                                                  receive a sacred thread in the       different types of injustice.
Galatians 3:28                                           Deal with people
                             To judge a person                                    upanaya ceremony , only sons can
Gender equality             without evidence or
                             without any
                                                         differently because of perform funeral rites
                                                         race, gender, religion,
                                                                                                                     All religions have understandings
                                                                                                                     about why there is an imbalance in
                             knowldege about             social class e.t.c.                                         the world, and teachings as to what
                            them.
                                               Prejudice and discrimination                                          could and should be done to improve
                                                                                                                     the situation. Believers will decide
In Hinduism people are born into                                                                                     how to act by interpreting the
different groups called varnas.                                                                Religion and Justice teachings of their holy books.
Each varna has duties called
dharma. The Purusha Sukta.
Brahmins are priests and teachers Racism                                                               Charities that help people who
Kshatriyas are warriors, rulers, and                                                                   suffer from injustice
leaders of society                       Racism – is         Attitudes to wealth
                                                                                                                          Christians believe that showing
Vaishyas are traders and merchants       prejudice                                                                        concern for others, especially if
Shudras work in manual jobs              against those        All religions say that
                                                                                                 CHRISTIAN AID            they are in need, is a basic duty.
Some people are believed to be so        of another race material wealth – money,                                         Jesus taught that and
unclean that they are outside of the     or ethnic group. possessions, status – cannot                                    demonstrated it in his own life,
varna system. These people call                               be of lasting value; they are
                                                              all „things‟ that can be lost,                              and expected his followers to do
themselves Dalits (oppressed).
                                                              stolen, taken away, or can                                  likewise.
Hindus believe everyone had a role
to play and are against prejudice.                            lose their value.
                                                                                                                             One of the four aims in life
Multi-ethnic – means including lots of different          Jesus said: “Lay up for yourselves treasures in                    for Hindus is artha – to make
ethnic groups.                                            heaven.” Matthew 6:19                    HARE KRISHNA              wealth to support others. Like
Segregation - the practice of separating people of                                                 FOOD FOR LIFE             all other possessions Hindus
different races, classes, or ethnic groups .                                                                                 believe wealth is temporary and
                                                                                “What’s called worldly                       that attachment to worldly
 GOD IS THE CREATOR OF ALL HUMAN BEINGS SO ALL ARE                             possessions is impermanent for by            goods (materialism) can hinder
EQUAL IN HIS EYES                                                               things unstable, the stable                  people attaining moksha
                                                                                cannot be obtained.” Upanishad               (liberation from the cycle of
“From one man he made every nation of men, that they should inhabit the 2: 6                                                 birth and death).
whole earth Acts 17:26         Duties - What a person is expected to do
                                                                                                                            Rights -What a person can expect to
John 13:34                                                                                                                  have
“A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; even as I have loved you, to you also love another.”
Atheist – does not believe in God                Agnostic – not sure if God exists                  Theist –believes in God  The Cross which is a
                                                                                                         “The one who tries to reminder of Jesus‟ death and
An immanent God A transcendent God A personal God An impersonal God                    Many Christians escape from the          resurrectionChristians believe
Most Christians are opposed to euthanasia.                           Roman             will feel         trials of life by      that Jesus‟ death on the cross
Some Christians accept that passive euthanasia is acceptable Catholics are             compassion for committing suicide        was the greatest act of love,
                                                                                                         will suffer even more
under certain conditions.                                            opposed to all    the terminally in the next life. “       as he sacrificed his life for
                                                                     forms of          ill, and support As life is given others
 Passive Euthanasia. When a life is not artificially prolonged                        their efforts in by the Supreme
using any drugs or technology
                                                                     They believe      trying to         Being, it‟s up to
Voluntary Euthanasia. This is where a person chooses to                               achieve a
                                                                     very strongly in                    him when a life  Hindus believe that
end their own life in a dignified way
                                                                     the sanctity of   „happier death‟. end. Suicide is Brahman is everywhere, the
Compulsory Euthanasia. This is where a decision is made
                                                                     life.                               wrong unless an real self in all beings, the
that a person should die without the consent of that person
                                                                                                         act of sacrifice. Supreme Being. Murti are
Active Euthanasia. This is more commonly called suicide.                                                                      images of the deities on
                                                                 The Hospice Movement. The aim of a                            whom the devotion is
                      EUTHANASIA                                                                                               focused.. Examples of
                                                                 Hospice is to provide a peaceful and
                                                                 comfortable environment for people                            popular murtis are Ganesh
“Euthanasia” literally means “a gentle, easy death.”                                                             SYMBOLS
                                                                 to die in.                                                    (elephant God) and Hanuman
It is often referred to as „mercy killing‟.
                                                                                                                               (monkey God). In India you
    Sanctity of life – purity/holiness                                                                                         would find these murtis or
    “Thou shall not kill.”                                                                                                     shrines on the side of the
                                                                               Death and the       burial or cremation. road.
     God is close to people                                                   Afterlife            Cremation only
                                         Responses to God
    when they pray and acts in                                                                            Christians have different views about heaven: a)
    history. God is beyond human          God is Brahman – without form, the                             God loves us so all will go to there; b) only those
    understanding, is eternal, all-      source and sustainer of life, is outside                         who have repented will go there.
    knowing.                             human experience and understanding.                              Catholic believe in Purgatory: a middle place
                                         Deities and their avatars help Hindus to
                                         relate to Brahman.                                               between the two
Preaching and teaching                                                                                    Some believe in Hell where people will suffer;
Prayer                                                                 GOD AS THREE:                      others can‟t believe that God will cause everlasting
Worship                                                                Trinity – Father, Son and the suffering. Annihilation is the belief that you are
Pilgrimage                     God is revealed through:                Holy Spirit                        simply destroyed if you haven‟t turned to Christ.
Vocation                                                                Trimurti – Brahman is the
Changing lifestyle           Religious leaders                         Supreme Being. The many other
Retreat or study             Worship                                   gods and goddesses make up                Hindus believe in reincarnation: your are
Service and commitment Direct personal experience                      different parts of Brahman.               reborn in the next life. This depends on your
Acts of kindness             Religious writings                        Hindus worship statues of these           karma. The cycle of life is called samsara. To
                             Nature                                    other Gods, called murtis.                break this cycle of rebirth is called moksha,
                             Conscience / an inner feeling             TRIMURTI means 3 gods. The 3              when the soul [the atman] returns to
                             Reason                                    main gods are BRAHMA – creator;           BRAHMAN>
                             A miracle                                 VISHNU – sustainer; SHIVA –
                             Act of benevolence                        destroyer.
                             Natural beauty and wonder                        „He who believes in me shall not die but have everlasting life.‟ (John 11:25)
At the Last Supper, Jesus told his disciples to do this           Identity is who you really are, your personality.
to remember him.                                                                        Christian festivals:
The bread represents his body, the wine represents his                                  Christmas – birth of Jesus; gifts are given to remember that
blood. Taking Communion together emphasises their During Puja, you would have a         Christ was given to the world as the Incarnation – ‘God in
identity as members of the Christian family.           ceremony called arti. This       flesh’ so that people could see what God is like.
                                                       when the worshipper waves        Easter - Celebrates the death and RESURRECTION of Jesus
It is also known as – Eucharist, Mass,                 hands over the arti lamp to      Christ. It is a way for everyone to express again their belief and
Thanksgiving, The Lord‟s supper, The                   feel closer to God.              trust in Christ, and reaffirm their identity as Christians
Breaking of Bread

                                                                                                        FREE WILL:Christians
     Holy Communion                                  Puja is the act of showing reverence to a god
                                                                                                        believe that God gives
                                                     The name given to Hindu worship is Puja            people free will. They live
                                                                                                        their lives as they choose

                                         Worship                                               Festivals and Celebrations
                 Fellowship -
worshipping together regularly each Sunday
                                                                                                                Divali: The Festival of Lights. It is the Hindu
hymns, organ music and set prayers                                                                              New Year . It is a very exciting and colourful
SERMON given by the minister (priest,                                                                           holiday.
vicar or pastor).                                                                                                                       How people get
A very important part of Christian worship is prayer                                                                                    their identity?
                                                                       Believer‟s baptism:                                              Family, friends,
Studying the Bible
                                                                       Baptist & Pentecostal                                            media, religion.
                                                                       Christians ; make a choice
                                      Becoming a member                to follow the Christian life- Symbols of Belonging
                                                                       style for yourself                                         Why celebrate festivals?
                                                                                                                                  Learn customs, remember
                                                               Namakaran – Hindu                                                  important events,
                                         The Bishop                                                                               strengthens identity of
  Infant baptism: Font –                                       naming ceremony; child
                                         anoints (puts on)                                                                        community.
  holy water; god-parents;                                     is at least 10 days old;
                                         the person‟s
  white dress; vows;                                           horoscope; Aum traced
                                         forehead with oil
  candle; certificate.                                         on tongue of baby;           Christian symbols: Cross/crucifix – Jesus‟ death and
                                         as a symbol of
  a symbol of being                                            father whispers baby‟s       sacrifice. Fish: used during persecution by Roman
                                         this. Now the
  welcomed into God‟s                                          name; talen outside to       emperors, ICHTUS – Jesus Christ God Son Saviour.
                                         person can take
  family – the church.                                         see the sun.                 Hindu symbols: Aum – most sacred word, first word ever
                                         Holy Communion.
                                                                                            uttered; Swastika – good fortune; Tilak mark – worn on
CONFORMATION: This means to take           The Sacred Thread ceremony or                    special occasions and by married women.
on (confirm) the promises made on          Upanayana Samskara comes some
their behalf by parents and godparents     time between the eighth and
at their christening.                      eleventh birthdays. On the day that is chosen the boy has a thread tied on him that has been blessed by
A Bishop leads the service and „lays       a priest. To worship God who provides him with all his needs
hands on‟ the person‟s head – this is a    To love and respect his parents                          Belonging is where someone feels they are a part of
blessing                                   To listen to his religious teacher                       something or a member of a group

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