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                                                                                                    November 2009
                                                                                                      Volume 10
                                                                                                       Issue 2

            Class of 2010 wins Homecoming
            Victory for the second consecutive year
            by CC Hutten & Brittani Wilson, staff writers
               Homecoming was a week of hippies, nerds, and              the float sites,” said senior Meghann Searcy. “They kind
            school spirit.                                               of bring the grade together.”
               The week kicked off with a Woodstock-themed                 Junior class president Sarah Whisenant said she was
            dress-up day in celebration of the 40th anniversary of       overall “really pleased with the junior class, and how
            the Woodstock musical festival of 1969.                      many people participated. We were more prepared this
               “Woodstock Day was my favorite because I had              year than others, and really came together at crunch
            awesome pants, totally psychedelic,” said senior Bryan       time. We always have a lot of fun and work really hard
            Bolton.                                                      to make everything fantastic.”
                Tuesday was nerd dress-up day. From suspenders,            “One of the most difficult things about this week
            ties, and high socks to vests and broken glasses, it was     was the stress of putting everything together on the last
            definitely the nerdiest day in school history. Class color   day,” said senior class president Thomas Leathers, “but
            dress-up day came next: freshmen wore green, sopho-          the best part was trying to unite everyone for the bet-
            mores wore yellow, juniors wore red, and seniors wore        terment of the grade.”
            blue.                                                          At the pep rally, all the students learned that the
               On Friday, students wore their class Homecoming t-        enthusiastic seniors won the competition this year with
            shirts which were purchased and counted as a competi-        their theme Bake the Burros.
            tion. The seniors won all three dress-up days by having        “At first someone said it as a joke, but then I thought
            the most participants each day, but the freshmen had         that we could be really creative with the idea,” said
            the most t-shirt sales.                                      Thomas.
               A new part of Homecoming was the canned food                Right after the seniors came the hard-working juniors
            drive overseen by the Science National Honor Society.        with Brand the Burros, next the freshmen with Break
            The cans that were collected were to be donated to           the Burros, then last the sophomore class with Bop the
            Second Harvest food bank.                                    Burros.
               “It inspired competition for a good cause,” said se-         At the football game, the Bruins took down the
            nior Keith Edwards.                                          Hillsboro Burros 35 to 0. This week was about pump-
               The junior class won the overall can count. However,      ing up the students for the Homecoming game, and
            the seniors won the can sculpture with their rocket ship     putting the spotlight on football players. Each grade put
            design.                                                      together a theme that had something to do with Brent-
                The biggest part of Homecoming week was the float        wood winning against Hillsboro at the end of the week.
            competition. The competition was a little different from
            last year because the classes had a new challenge – rain.     Top: Varsity football players pump up the crowd dur-
            The juniors and freshman got creative, covering their         ing the Homecoming parade.
            floats with tarp and building under them, while the           Middle: Junior float won first place in the float compe-
            seniors and sophomores worked on their floats inside a        ition.
            garage and put it together when it stopped raining.           Bottom left: Seniors get “nerdy” for nerd day
                “My favorite part about Homecoming was going to           photos by Brittani Wilson, and Sarah de Jong

inside    Light the                              Fall into                            Basketball
  This   night Walk                              fashion                            season preview
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2                                                                         news                                                   november 2009
        The Voice                             Community lights the night to fight cancer
                                              by Alicia Ayers, features editor
        Brentwood High School                                     On Oct. 1, the streets of downtown             ful to everyone that helped support out team because their
           5304 Murray Lane                                    Nashville were filled with about 2,500 people efforts can make a real difference in the lives of people who
         Brentwood, TN 37027                                   all on the same mission. The mission was          have experienced the same things I have gone through,” said
                                                               an event called                                                             White.
            (615) 472-4220                                     “Light the Night”                                                             As a team, Mott and White met
                                                               and was dedi-                                                               their goal of raising $2,000.
          Editors-in-Chief                                     cated to raising                                                              “I know it was successful. An-
 Sarah de Jong, Stephanie Morrow              money to go towards cancer. The                                                              other girl I know raised $7,000 by
          Business Editor                     marching around Nashville and                                                                herself, and she is only eight!” said
                                              the donations were each person’s                                                             Mott.
             Ellen Wall                       own special ways of fighting                                                                   “I went because I feel that any-
          Editorial Editor                    cancer. Among the crowd were                                                                 one who really believes in some-
            Gloria Huh                        friends, family members, and                                                                 thing should act on it,” said junior
            Music Editor                      supporters of junior Elisha Mott                                                             Meredith Bell.
                                              and sophomore Hailey White,                                                                    “When we finished the race,
           Drew Doggett                       both Brentwood students bat-                                                                 you saw each group get together
            News Editor                       tling cancer.                                                                                to cheer, collapse, and cry as a
           Scott Thissen                         “Elisha is the most inspiration- Students support Elisha and Hailey at the Light          unit. That was the most rewarding
                                              al, most amazing friend I have.        the Night Walk.           photo by Meredith Bell aspect of it!” said senior Thomas
       Entertainment Editor
                                              She encourages me to live my life                                                          Leathers.
          Kelsey Haight                       to the fullest every day, daily tasks just don’t seem as hard as     “Light the Night” also made memories and created experi-
            Sports Editor                     they used to be after knowing what she had to live through,” ences that those who attended will never forget.
           Spencer Sabo                       said junior Cate McCoy.                                              “At the walk there was a group of people that had on
           Features Editor                       “Hailey is one of the most inspiring and positive girls that matching R.I.P. shirts for a girl no older than four. From the
                                              I know. She definitely has a huge heart,” said Mott.               shirts it was apparent to me that inside our lives there's a
            Alicia Ayers                         All those that gave their own time and money were greatly finely woven group of people all intertwined by cancer. The
                                              appreciated, especially by those who the event hit close to        night brought together remaniscers, supporters, and survi-
                 Sponsor                      home for.                                                          vors in such a way that let a whole city see the phenomenal
                 J. Little                       “This event was very near to my heart. I was so thank-          joy that comes along with the pain,” said senior Philip Bent.

          Staff Writers:
                                              Rachel Ramsey talks personal finance
                                 by Brittani Wilson, staff writer
 Matthew Dossett, Alyssa Ekdall,   “Bouncing a check was so embar-                          to have a checking and savings ac-          stay away from tempting places and
   CC Hutten, Tyler Johnson,     rassing for me,” said Rachel Ramsey in                     count and it is also important to keep      third, use an envelope system that has
 David McKinney, Noah Mayhew, describing a time when she was a teen                         a budget.                                   budget categories on each one.
     John Porter, Sid Sadler,    and had over drafted on her bank ac-                         “I think it’s a great idea to keep your     Senior Kevin Jack said the way he
                                 count. The daughter of the radio show                      checking and savings account sepa-          saves money is to use self-restraint
        Brittani Wilson          host Dave Ramsey, she is an alumni                         rate,” Ramsey said.                         with spending.
                                                  of Brentwood High School. Now in             A checking account allows for direct       Other tips that Ramsey gives are to
  Members of: Quill and Scroll, Interna- her early twenties, Ramsey said she has            cash to be used with a debit card or        “avoid credit cards and always keep an
tional, Tennessee Scholastic Press Assoc., dedicated her life to teaching teenagers         checks while a savings account is           emergency savings account because
 Editorial policy: The Voice serves as a forum the “importance of personal finance          one in which the money can only be          unexpected things do happen.”
  for its students, faculty, administration, and before they have the opportunity to get    withdrawn at an ATM or at the bank.           Ramsey said she recalls friends who
 the community. The views expressed in The into trouble.”                                   Ramsey said she suggests separating         had graduated high school and got into
 Voice do not necessarily reflect the opinions      According to a Capital One back-to-     these accounts in order to ensure that      financial problems in college.
   of the adviser, administration, Brentwood      school survey, 49 percent of teens said   one does not overspend into their sav-        “Suddenly they find themselves out
 High School, or advertisers in the newspaper. they were eager to learn about personal      ings money.                                 on their own and many people just
  A signed article expresses only the views of
                                                  finance in subjects like checking ac-       “I started working at my dad’s office     party and play through this time and
                                                  counts, budgeting, investing, saving,     this summer and I saved 45 percent          put off growing up until it’s too late,”
the author while an unsigned article expresses
                                                  and financing for large purchases.        of my money and put it into a sav-          she said.
the views of the staff. The Voice invites signed
                                                    “My parents are really bad about        ings account,” said sophomore Robert          “Now is the time to build great
 letters to the editors from students, staff, ad- saving money, so I am self-taught and     Calbertson.                                 financial habits, while you’re in high
ministration, and the community. The Voice’s learn from their mistakes,” said junior          Ramsey gives three simple steps to        school.”
 staff reserves the right to edit letters and ar- Morgan Hunter.                            saving money. First, set up a budget           Remember, “building wealth is a
ticles that are too long or considered libelous.    Ramsey said it is important for teens   which accounts for everything. Second,      marathon, not a sprint,” said Ramsey.
november 2009                                                                     opinions                                                                                 3
Homeless in the city                                                       STUDENT VIEWPOINTS:
and in the suburbs
by Kelsey Haight, entertainment editor
                       Nashville is a town of rich
                                                                              Year Round School
                     historical and cultural value. The
                     business available in Nashville al-    Traditional: “Don’t fix it if it ain’t broken”
                     lows suburban residence to work        by Drew Doggett, music editor
                     in the city and live in the peace                          With the traditional U.S. school cal-       “I couldn’t really care one way or the other,” said as-
                     of suburbia.                                             endar of four nine-week quarters and        sistant principal John Calton, “but I do care when the
                       Economically, Nashville                                a lengthy summer break, schools have        research shows it doesn’t help and that teachers would
                     depends upon music produc-                               continued to be among the best in the       rather have their summers.”
                     tion, technology manufacturing,                          whole wide world.                              Would the new calendar truly improve test scores?
and tourism to sustain itself as a city. We have all                              However, during winter of last year,    Chicago and New York have already implemented the
driven downtown on Broadway, with its swarms of                               a strong push to enforce year-round         calendar, in hopes of aiding the underprivileged schools
tourists and overwhelming fluorescent lights ad-                              school or a ‘balanced calendar’ regard-     who truly need to exacerbate all options. And guess
vertising Karaoke Bars, home-style chicken wings,                             ing Williamson County Schools.              what? After a year of the new calendar their test scores
saloons, and Elvis paraphernalia. The commerce               Critics would like to enhance America’s current edu-         went up no more than one percent after expecting the
of such streets allows our city to grow and thrive.        cation and try something different, but upon further           increase to be significantly higher.
   But down on 4th Avenue off of Broadway lays             inspection to adapt the system, the evidence just doesn’t        How about athletes? If the new calendar presided at
an infamous street of Nashville. According to Will         add up.                                                        Brentwood High, there would be certain times where the
Connelly, director of homeless services of Park              Although the term ‘year round school’ can represent a        student body would be out of school and their football
Center, the streets of Nashville have become the           number of varying calendar systems, the balanced calen-        team would have a game scheduled against a team who
home of nearly 11,000 homeless.                            dar for Williamson County would consist of a six-week          was in session…any extra-curricular activities, clubs, and
  The streets host competition between homeless            period of school followed by a two-week break.                 especially sports could not be utilized if neighboring
residence for the comfortable place to sleep, where          There would still be a traditional summer but it would       schools did not even have the same calendar.
the most food is handed out and the best place to          be less than half as the original summer break. Having a         In all, the balanced calendar is innovative and probably
earn change.                                               two-week period would be enjoyable at first (taking trips,     helpful to schools who need to find ways to keep their
   The competition between the homeless leads              breaks from school and chances to work) as well as a           students occupied and in school. But as for an area where
to rivalries and occasionally violence. Luckily,           time for the faculty to take a break. But do the pros really   the academics are above average, the year-round calendar
Nashville features numerous homeless shelters              outweigh the cons?                                             just can’t make the cut.
which ceaselessly crusade to keep the less fortunate
peaceful and off the streets, though they can only
do so much.
                                                           Year-round school: the new era of education
  Now, the further outside of Nashville, the bigger        by Scott Thissen, news editor
suburbia, or farmland gets. Neither is as hospitable                            President Obama has designed a              Why are students dropping out? Could it be because
to the homeless as Nashville’s commercial streets                            plan that will lengthen school days          the current education system is out of date? Some
are. The competition for a place to stay in the city                         and remove summer vacation in                student’s drop out, out of frustration, boredom, or just
has led more and more homeless to depart from                                schools. The president’s plan calls for      plain not caring, and this is because America’s educa-
the city to make their way into abandoned, scarcely                          removal of standardized testing and          tion plan was designed for a time when Americans were
used land, or the frames of new suburban homes                               a change to a more state of the art          farmers and needed their children for planting and
in sprawling, barely inhabited subdivisions.                                 testing plan. The changes will increase      growing their crops.
  The homeless’ presence is new and calls for                                teacher salaries and promote further           Japan, one of the world’s premier educators, has year
some questions to be asked, and I hope for some                              school funding, the theorized cost of        around school and a drop-out rate of about one in five.
answers to be given. Have we mastered the art              the plan is around 18 billion dollars.                         Their children have longer school days and more home-
of enforcing order and strict social rule? Has the           The plan calls for a two to three more hours of              work, than average or possibly even superior American
exclusivity of our town kept the destitute at bay?         school each day. In addition, it will do away with sum-        student.
These questions are petty in comparison to the             mer vacation by changing to two-week intervals of                When your current system is spiraling downward,
current issue: what do we do now?                          school. This ensures that the student’s education stays        you can’t just watch it crash you have to do something
  Brentwood features no homeless shelter, nor              constant and removes the issue of students forgetting          about it, and to use Obama’s catchphrase, “It is a time
do we have volunteers to assist the lives of the           material over break.                                           for ‘Change.’”
destitute. Is it our job to cast them out or allow            This education plan is an excellent idea. America’s           America needs to do away with cookie cutter school-
them to settle? Though crime comes side by side            current education plan is failing, test scores are drop-       ing and testing and move to a time of well paid and
with lawless living, our town is no different from         ping, school funding is shrinking, teaching jobs are           respected teachers where education is a privilege, not
Nashville, and the homeless now play a part in             dwindling and most importantly student apathy is grow-         a precept of a previous age. The new plan will provide
our towns hierarchy too; so what action should             ing. One out of three high school students will not            this change and bring America into a new era of educa-
Brentwood take? Or shall we merely tolerate the            graduate, and that number will continue to grow unless         tional freedom.
new residents?                                             the system changes.
4                                           entertainment                                                                          november 2009
Adam’s story warms hearts                                                                  New teacher spotlight: Kesha Christian
by Kelsey Haight, entertainment editor                                                     by Tyler Johnson, staff writer
                             Adam is the story of a single, thirty-nine year old liv-         One of new member of the Brent-           Springtown, Texas where she taught for
                         ing with Aspergers Syndrome in modern day New York                wood staff is Miss Kesha Christian who       one year.
                         City. The movie follows Adam, played by Hugh Dancy,               specializes in drama, focusing on Theatre      “Mr. Rhodes, my band and theatre
                         through his struggle with losing both his father and his          I.                                           teacher got me interest in acting and
                         job as a high-end Electronic Engineer.                                Christian earned                                     producing plays, and I have
                             Not only is he suffering from loss, Adam also seeks           her bachelor degree at                                   loved it ever since,” said
                         a seemingly hopeless connection with his new neighbor             University of North                                      Chrtistian.
                         Beth, played by Rose Byrne, though Adam’s inability to            Texas. In college, she                                       “The hardest aspect of
                         recognize social cues, nonverbal communication, and               participated in many                                     teaching Theatre is explain-
                         obsession with astronomy initially divide them.                   productions, and one                                     ing the fundamentals of
                             Eventually Beth and Adam learn to embrace the                 of her favorites was                                     acting and developing a char-
                         quirks of their relationship, with Beth always speaking           Edward II.                                               acter, because it is hard for
 courtesy of directly and clearly towards Adam, and Adam sharing                      “I got to do more                                     students to step outside their
                        only a little bit of his enthusiasm for astronomy.                 of the technical                                         comfort zone,” she said.
  As they become closer and closer, the similarities between Adam and Beth are             aspects of the produc-                                      Acting is a mental process
revealed: they both have trouble with trust and forgiveness. Though Beth and               tion and that is what                                    to her.
Adam have these issues, every interaction between the two provides a lesson                got me interested in                                        “If you can get it in your
and they spend the movie growing further from their dysfunction and closer                 Theatre,” said Chris-                                    brain, all else will follow.
together.                                                                                  tian.                                                    There are many rewards to
  In the end, Adam isn’t as ready for a relationship as Beth thought, and they                When she was           photo by Tyler Johnson         teaching theatre, and I like
move apart. Regardless of the sadness in this movie, it is immensely informative           asked, of any particu-                                  to see my students come out
and the audience will leave the theatre with more lessons than one, ranging from           lar play that inspired her, she stated, “No, of their shell and conquer their fear of
understanding of Aspergers, facts about space, love and relationships and why              there is not, however it is the art form     public speaking,” she said.
they all matter.                                                                           itself is what inspires me the most.”          “The biggest reward that I can have is
  Max Mayer, both writer and director of Adam, did an excellent job of convey-                 Christian’s teaching career started at   seeing a student develop a love for the
ing the journey that people with Aspergers must take and how when it comes to              Springtown High School located in            theatre,” Christian concluded.
love, that same awkward, endless journey is one we must all take.

                      Dinner and a Movie: Otter’s Chicken Tenders and Remember the Titans
                      by Sarah de Jong, co-editor-in-chief
                          Football season is in full swing so why not celebrate one of          After your sports fanatic meal, watch Remember the Titans to complete your
                        the most popular sports with a night dedicated to just that.         night. This classic movie which came out in 2002 is based on a true story, and has
                        Football fans of every kind can all join together as one on          brought sports fans of all kinds together.
                        this night of dedication to their beloved sport. This month’s           Remember the Titans is set in the 1970’s in Virginia, where Caucasian high school
                        picks are Otter’s Chicken Tenders and the classic movie Re-          football coach, Bill Yoas,t
                        member the Titans.                                                   had his job taken from him
                           Otter’s Chicken Tenders is a sports                               by African American coach,               “[Remember the Titans] is a
fan’s paradise. The eatery was rated one of the top 5 best                                   Herman Boone, in the newly
sports bars on                                                               integrated school, T.C. Williams
                                                                                                                                       movie that, if you let it, can
  The second the customer walks in the doors, they are                                       High School. The coaches have             change the way you look at
greeted with many big screen TV’s and only sports playing.                                   to learn to work together to
The ceiling and walls are covered with banners of different                                  teach the football players, who                            life.”
college football teams, and team helmets are on every post.                                  aren’t used to being integrated,       
  The menu consists of mainly chicken tenders, but wraps                                     to come together as one. They
and salad are also avaliable. You have a choice of grilled,                                  must come together during
fried, or buffalo chicken with an option of one of six sauces.                               training camp as a team and work together. This movie is a heartwarming story
  Six flavors of wings were recently added to the menu. Ev-                                  about different people coming together and overcoming their obstacles to reach a
ery item is under ten dollars so this eatery will not break the              courtesy of     common goal.
bank. Otter’s is also kid friendly, so don’t worry about the ex-          “Remember the Titans is about people doing the right thing. Remember the Titans is
cessive sports atmosphere, everyone of any age is welcome.                                   about heart. Remember the Titans is about the human spirit. And most of all Remem-
  “The college crowd is especially lively late on weekend nights when the evening’s          ber the Titans is about friendship…See Remember the Titans. Live Remember the Titans.
partying calls for filling grub. For those not hungry for tenders, salads are also           But, don’t go with your girlfriend unless you don’t mind her watching you weep
available. Smoking is allowed on the small outside patio,” wrote Nashville Cityse-           like a small child (as the Hobbit did). This is a movie that, if you let it, can change
arch.                                                                                        the way you look at life,” wrote
november 2009     entertainment              5
Kalamatas creates Mediterranean food with love
Brentwood eaterie serves unique food with careful attention to detail
by Noah Mayhew, staff writer
                                                                     rice, and add a unique kind of tangy taste           At both locations they also have live music every
                                                                     to a meal.                                       Friday and Saturday night. The type of music ranges
                                                                       Hummus, which is a very popular Greek          from Romantic Latin to Brazilian Jazz and of course
                                                                     snack, consists of finely mashed chickpeas,      classic Arabic music.
                                                                     along with some lemon juice, olive oil, salt        As McAllister put it, “Any type of music you
                                                                     and other spices.                                wouldn’t find in Brentwood.”
                                                                       Baba Ganoush is an Arabic dish that               Besides the “family environment” that they offer,
                                                                     consists of eggplant, finely mashed, with        their success also has much to do with the fact that
                                                                     other spices.                                    all of their ingredients are fresh. The meat for their
                                                                       Finally, Tzadziki is a sort of garlic yogurt   gyros (pronounced ‘yeer-oh’; a Greek pita sandwich)
                                                                     that is mostly used as a dipping sauce. If       is ordered from Chicago, which has a prospering
                                                                     one would judge any Greek or Mediter-            Greek village, and all of their feta cheese and olives
                                                                     ranean restaurant, it would be by the stan-      are imported from the Mediterranean itself.
                                                                     dards of their hummus and their falafel,            “We make all the food with love,” Maria said.
                                                                     which is a small fried ball of fava beans           All of these things are part of the reason that
                                                                     and chickpeas.                                   Kalamatas stands out as one of the healthiest Medi-
One of the classic dishes served at Kalamatas: the delicious           Kalamatas was first started six years ago,     terranean restaurants around. Maria’s passion, as well
Metditteranean Sampler.                    photo by Noah Mayhew in Green Hills. Only after booming success            as the rest of the staff ’s, stands out in every aspect of
   As far as Brentwood’s local eateries go, Kalamatas               did they open up the store in Brentwood,          Kalamatas authentic Mediterranean cuisine.
seems to be a jack of all trades. Located in the Kroger  which is owned by the original owners’ sister, Maria.
shopping center, off Franklin Road, Kalamatas has          Jesse McAllister, an employee at Kalamatas, ex-
truly mastered the art of Mediterranean cuisine with     plained that as their business persists through this
                                                         economy, their business is actually starting to grow,
such classic Greek items as hummus and Falafel as
well as others spanning all across the Mediterranean     because most everything on the menu is healthy and                      “We make all the
                                                         cooked with careful detail as well as fresh ingredients.
  Simply to get a taste of this restaurant, one might      “There is a lot of attention to the preparation of all                 food with love.”
try their Mediterranean sampler, which includes a        of our dishes,” said McAllister. He also divulged an-
                                                         other reason for their success: customer service. “It’s
Greek salad with feta cheese sprinkled
on top, stuffed grape leaves, hummus and pita, baba      the service aspect.”
ganoush and Tzadziki.                                      “You have to add a personal side. We all talk to the
  Stuffed grape leaves are a Lebanese appetizer          customers, and each other, every day, always making
consisting of grape leaves that are in fact stuffed with friends,” he said.

                                                                                      Maxximo Jo’s offers fabulous coffee
                                                                                      By Noah Mayhew, staff writer
                                                                                        From the time one enters the charm-         six shots of espresso as well as coffee
                                                                                      ing little coffee shop, Maxximo Jo’s,         and steamed milk.
                                                                                      there is a friendly atmosphere to pay           Their “Mid TN Mocha” includes
                                                                                      greetings. The dining area is rather          extra espresso, extra mocha sauce, and
                                                                                      small, just enough to comfortably seat        steamed milk. In addition to their cof-
                                                                                      maybe ten people.                             fee, they also have an assortment of
                                                                                        Their menu also shows their passion         baked goods from Provence.
                                                                                      for coffee in history, including clas-           Maxximo Jo’s is located on Highway
                                                                                      sic coffee shop items such as espresso,       96 across from Big Lots, and will soon
                                                                                      frappucinos, gelato, pastries and plain       celebrate their one year anniversary by
                                                                                      coffee.                                       hosting various discount days, including
                                                                                        They also have a set of their own sig-      25% off on Student Day.
                                                                                      nature drinks to distinguish them from          For more information about this de-
                                                                                      other coffee shops around the area.           lectable coffee shop, visit
                                                                                         Some of their signature drinks in-
                                                                                      clude “The Predator,” which is four to
6                                                                     Features                                                   november 2009

By Gloria Huh, editorial editor
                               Bachelor                                                                             Bachelorette
                                                                                              By Alicia Ayers, features editor
   Fall is just around the corner and for all the ladies out                                                                       Watch out upper classmen, there is a new
there who need someone to warm them up, freshman Cody                                                                       freshman walking the halls and she is on the prowl!
Shelton a.k.a., ‘Phish’ is just the man for that job.                                                                       Freshman Rachael Alter is searching for her soul
   Cody Shelton is a freshman, so older ladies- take it easy                                                                mate, so get your game on, boys!
on him and try not to be too intimidating. Freshman year                                                                      Alter is an upcoming star on the girls’ lacrosse
for ‘Phish’ so far is a breeze because there’s more “freedom                                                                team. She said she also likes to watch sports and her
here and time to make more friends.”                                                                                        favorite college football team is the Florida Gators.
   Don’t be surprised if Shelton resembles a student already                                                                    “I like the Gators because Tim Tebow is a
roaming the hallways: senior Ryan Shelton.                                                                                  beast!” said Alter.
   Tall, attractive, and brunette? Funny and nice? If you                                                                     Besides being sporty, she also has some other in-
answered yes to all of these, then you have a great chance                                                                  teresting hobbies, including cooking breakfast foods
of scoring an amazing date with Shelton.                                                                                    and baked goods, watching scary movies, and hang-
   “First we would go watch a scary movie at the movie                                                                      ing out with her friends. Scary movies are not the
theaters then get some kabobs after and she has to pay for                                                                  only kind of movies she enjoys, however, because
everything. Then, we would go back to my house and play some Wii, and she has to              her favorite movie of all is She’s the Man. Alter enjoys many types of music, but
lose,” said Shelton.                                                                          her favorite artists are by far David Bowie and Bob Marley.
   There is no better way to spend one’s weekend than on a date with this 6’4’, dirty           As for her best quality, Alter said, “Most people would say that I’m very
blonde athlete. He said loves to play sports, especially football, baseball, and basket-      nice.”
ball and his physique is evidence of that.                                                      Since she gets along well with young children, Alter said she hopes to be-
   “He’s probably the cutest guy, besides his older brother Ryan. He’s a really good          come a kindergarten teacher once she grows up and graduates college.
athlete and he’s hilarious,” said junior Ashley Rahrer.                                         This adorable freshman also has a love for nature. She sees herself as an
   “[On the weekends] I like hanging out with friends, Wii-ing it up, playing Xbox            outdoor type of girl. She said, “There are a lot more fun activities outside like
Cod5, and beating up Ryan [my older brother],” said Shelton.                                  climbing trees!”
   “Cody Shelton is an intelligent, athletic, funny, immature in the greatest way, freaking     Alter’s dream boy is described as, “outgoing, sports-minded, funny” and of
sexy (no homo), extremely overweight, but the only problem that can be found in his           course, “good looking.” If she finds this boy, her dream date would consist of
almost-perfect self is he still poops his pants,” said brother senior Ryan Shelton.           a picnic on the beach.
   His favorite music ranges from rap to hip-hop to a little bit of polka and his favorite      However there is one thing to watch out for senior and older brother, Rich-
meal is a German dish with meat, gravy and many other goods piled high on top.                ard Alter, warns.
  So in order to win your way to his heart, it better be through his stomach! Even              “She’s a sweetie but she can kick my [seat],” he said.
though there may be other fish in the sea, this “Phish” is the biggest catch of them all!       So, boys, get ready, this blonde bombshell is ready to ‘alter’ your heart for

High school relationships: Are they really worth it?
by Matthew Dossett, staff writer
  It is very common to stroll through          all through high school is now her          greatly increased and she was more          this in the lives of teenagers?
the halls of Brentwood High School             husband, but Mrs. Bicsak falls into a       geared to having a more meaningful            “Rather than figuring out how to be
and spot a delightful couple holding           category that is admittedly rare; what      relationship.                               in a relationship, it seems more so that
hands with one another.                        exactly made the relationship so special       Psychologist Jim Welborn said, “Sta-     their relationship is supposed to be a
  The question of whether 20 years             it was able to prosper through college      tistically you’re asking to break up if     certain way,” said Welborn.
from now, the image of togetherness            and so on? It was a lifelong friendship     you date in high school. I actually think     The concept engrained in our brains
between the same two be upheld, is one         that was made here at this school. After    that dating one person for a long ex-       consists of how we are supposed to
that has individuals both young and old        graduating, there were moments where        tended time gets in the way of it being     be and act when we are going out with
on opposite ends of the spectrum.              the two explored their options.             a healthy relationship.”                    someone.
  “Well, at first [girls] are all nice. Once       “We just never felt connected to oth-      He consistently has day-to-day inter-      Crucial to determining whether or
they get to know you, they become              ers we dated,” Mrs. Bicsak said.            action with young adults said believes      not relationships are sustainable is
protective of themselves,” said junior            Concerning the overall longevity of      that there is a good amount of pressure     knowing just to what extent do we
Devin Cole. He made it clear what his          a relationship beginning in high school,    being exerted upon them. “Media, me-        change after the high school years are
whole perspective was, adding that true        Ashley Powell, tenth grade honors Eng-      dia, media, media, the media; freedom       done with.
love is not something obtainable for a         lish teacher said, “I think they can be,    that’s developed in terms of sexual           “Massively, society has become too
student, because it simply will not last.      but it’s not as common. People grow         being and media promotion of relation-      complicated not to. It’s risky to try to
  Amanda Bicsak, U.S. History teacher,         and change so much!”                        ships,” said Welborn.                       have yourself anchored to a relation-
however, has a different story. As a              As far as dating in college went, she       What people see on television and in     ship when there are different rates of
student here she was involved in a             said she viewed matters in a totally        movies often exemplifies their very own     growing,” said Welborn.
relationship herself. The boy she dated        different light, because her confidence     actions; what is a primary example of
november 2009                                                            Features                                                                                            7
Fall fashion brings trends to tr y
Streamlined classics become basics with a twist
by Sarah de Jong, co-editor-in-chief
                         The cold weather rolling in          “Plaid shirts are so versatile, especially large men’s
                      with the changing seasons brings shirts. Put on leggings and boots with a belt and a
                      new fashion trends along. The        scarf and leather jacket you got the perfect fall out-
                      runways are                                                  fit,” said senior Jessica Arnholt.
                      bursting with                                                   Leather is a classic. Whether
                                                                                                                        Junior Steve Wade receives help in English and math.
                      neon colors, ruf-                                            it is a jacket, purse, or pants,
                                                                                   leather seems to be always in
                      fled shirts, and
                      fitted leather.                                              style for fall. Leather pants may    Learning Lab serves
                         Many of this                                              be a little risky for some, but
season’s trends are basics, classic                                                if paired with a baggy sweater
                                                                                   and heels, the pants can be
                                                                                                                        students academically
pieces that every ‘fashionista’ should
have in his or her closet. Designers                                               a stylish substitute for dark        By Tyler Johnson, staff writer
are matching these basics with bright                                              skinny jeans.                          Mrs. Phyllis Williamson, the head of learning lab and
and bold accessories or outerwear.                                                    A leather jacket is a must        her staff of ten teachers and 12 teachers’ assistants offer
    Brighten up that dark and bland                                                have piece. It goes with             support opportunities in all subjects for the students.
fall wardrobe with some serious col-                                               anything and everything, a             “It is a good place to get help if a student is strug-
or. Neon is hitting the runway hard.                                               pure classic. Throw a leather        gling in math or a foreign language,” said Judi Rush, a
Neon pink, which looks good on                                                     jacket over a pair of jeans for      teacher’s assistant. Seven years ago, Mrs. Williamson said
almost every skin color, is to be most                                             a relaxed look or put it on over     she learned that more students need support in a variety
“in” this fall according to designers                                              a fancy dress to edge up the         of subjects, so the Learning lab was established to offer
everywhere. Splashes of neon are all                                               outfit.                              assistance to everyone.
over Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors’s Mix the trends of scarves and plaid              “[Leather] is not just for            Each year, the lab has
runway shows.                             together with an adorable scarf.       bikers and rock stars anymore,”        to adapt to changes in
  Many are not bold enough to pull photos by Sarah de Jong                       Lori Bergamotto, contributing          graduation requirements
this look off, so try these tip to tone down the neon: style editor of People StyleWatch said.                          set by the state. On an av-
Find a black or gray shirt with some neon mixed in           Show off those legs that you worked so hard for            erage day, the lab assists
to get that pop of color. A neon shirt with skinny         this summer because legs are in. Short dresses with          150 students in different
jeans and a black jacket or cardigan can help to tone      chunky heels are a                                           subjects.
down the intensity. Finding one or two neon acces-         must for fall. In the                                           In the 2008, the lab
sories is a more subtle way to get the neon into a         cold, pair a short                                           had over 5,000 students
wardrobe.                                                  sweater dress with                                           sign up for help, and 120
  Another trend seen on the runways this season is         boots or the very-in                                         students have chosen to
the one-shoulder dress. This trend has carried over        booties. Long sleeve                                         use it as their study hall. Sophomore Ryan Whitt
from summer and has proven to be just as popular           mini dresses can bal-                                          Services include test      works on Spanish and Math
for fall.                                                  ance out the length                                          monitoring, credit           in the Learning Lab.
  Pair a one-shoulder dress with a pair of stilettos       of the dress for a                                           recovery, notes from         photos by Tyler Johnson
and dangle earrings to dress up the outfit. Designer       more covered and                                             classes and assignments
Jason Wu said these dresses draw attention to the          warm look.                                                   from teachers. There is also tutoring provided by Mu
shoulder, which leads to extra attention on the face.        If the fashion for-                                        Alpha Theta, the Math National Honor Society, and the
   “Shoulder dresses are so cute on little petite girls    ward are not brave                                           Science and Foreign Language National Honor Society.
but if you have a bigger frame and bigger shoulders        enough to brace the                                            “I think the Learning Lab gives a student an extra op-
they are not a good idea,” said senior Holly Feld-         cold in a short dress,                                       portunity to help with their work. Also the student can
hacker.                                                    pair it with a pair                                          ask questions privately instead of feeling embarrassed in
  Ruffles have also hit the runway this fall. They are     of tights for a more                                         class,” said Tony Wesley, a teacher’s assistant.
everywhere from jackets, to dresses, to shoes. A cute “Gossip Girl” look.                                                 In 2009, a new feature is the Kurzweil Reader Soft-
playful top can help hide those extra pounds on the        Otherwise, a pair                                            ware which makes it possible for most printed materials
                                                                                  Bring that ruffled tank top
stomach gained from eating all that Halloween candy. of leather pants                                                   to be read aloud to a student.
                                                                                  from summer over to fall
A ruffled dress with a ruffled bottom can also help        with platform heels with a leather jacket.                     The Lab offers service to all students from 6:30 a.m.
create the illusion of a tiny waistline.                   and a cute top                                               to 3:30 p.m. “We try to focus on freshmen since they are
   Plaid proves no longer to be only for lumberjacks       draw attention to long legs.                                 new to the high school experience,” said Cindy How-
and cowboys. Plaid is in and looks to be staying for         No matter what you are wearing this fall, always re-       ard, a teacher’s assistant. “However, seniors are more
good. Button-up plaid shirts cover racks in stores         member not to get in a cold weather slump and pop            successful in advocating for themselves than freshmen,”
everywhere and are selling fast.                           that color or new trend in to spice up your wardrobe.        added Howard.
8                                                                    Music                                                    november 2009
Flaming Lips:                                                                      Kings of Leon concert rocks the Sommet Center
                                                                                   by Alyssa Ekdall, staff writer
Embryonic                                                                             On Friday, October 16th, the Kings
                                                                                    of Leon played at the Sommet Center.
                                                                                                                                 to the beat.
                                                                                                                                    It was apparent that the favorite songs
by Drew Doggett, music editor                                                       The arena was almost completely full,        of the night was “Use Somebody” and
                                                                                    but not with the normal Kings of Leon        “Sex is on Fire.” The fans definitely
      Over the past decade, the Flam-                                               crowd. From where I was standing in the reacted the most to these two songs, and
 ing Lips have steadily built their                                                 back of the general admission section, I     it was clear it was because the two songs
 following to the point that they                                                   noticed that when the band played a song are some of the only Kings of Leon
 now exist both in the indie music                                                  that was not on the their new CD, Only by songs to be aired on the radio.
 scene and on the fringe of the                                                     the Night , the large crowd in the general      Do not get me wrong though, many
 mainstream alternative.                                                            admission section                                                       people do like
   They’ve reached their pinnacle                                                   stood silent, and                                                       the new album,
 due to following somewhat of          Embryonic album cover                        looked confused.                                                        and do not just
 a formula: add the whole space
                                        not necessarily a bad thing.                  When the new                        The lights and                    now like the
 odyssey vibe, cater music to “really                                               songs off the new                                                       Kings of Leon
 cool six year olds,” use some rad         The album does prove worthy
                                                                                    album began to
                                                                                                                 overhanging video of the                   because they
 breakdowns, and don’t forget the       of a double-album in its length
                                        and grandiose sound. The album              play, the crowd              concert below gave those                   are on the radio.
 Teletubbies.                                                                       suddenly livened                of us who stood at the                  But I am sure
   The Grammy award-winning             has two discs to it and deserves to
                                                                                    up, and sang along.                                                     that even these
 band‘s hit ‘Do you Realize’ recently   be played at the same time as two
                                                                                    This continued all           back of the arena a great                  fans know that
                                        separate pieces.
 became Oklahoma’s official state
                                           But as with the Red Hot Chili            night, and there                   view of what was                     the new album’s
 song. But did their new super-                                                     were clearly many                                                       sound is very
 stardom cause their music to suffer?   Peppers’ Stadium Arcadium,
                                                                                    more Only by the
                                                                                                                   happening on stage. . .                  different from
 Apparently not in their newest         Embryonic begs the same question:
                                                                                    Night fans at the                                                       the previous
 addition to their already expansive    when is an album just saturated with
                                                                                    show then there                                                         album’s sound.
 catalog in Embryonic.                  music and when is it an abundance
                                                                                    were Kings of Leon fans.                        All in all, the show was a good. If you
   The Flaming Lips have just as        of ideas? A song like ‘I Can Be a
                                        Frog’ is playful and has the Flaming          The production of the show was excel- could not attend it and you are a fan of
 much gimmick in their bag as they                                                  lent. The lights and overhanging video of the older CDs, do not worry- you did not
 do substance. Space has recently       Lips-esque sound of being fun and
                                                                                    the concert below gave those of us who       miss much; very few songs were played
 been the obsession with the band       light, but are silly songs like this the
                                                                                    stood at the back of the arena a great       from the older albums.
 and that theme resonates with Em-      reason the album is 18 songs long?
                                                                                    view of what was happening on stage. It         If you could not attend and you just
 bryonic, with its psychedelic effects     At this point no one questions the
                                                                                    was very well put together and directed.     now became a fan because of the new
 and celestial atmospheres. Yet, the    Flaming Lips. Their quirkiness is
                                                                                      Last year, the Kings of Leon concert       CD, than the show would have definitely
 album still somehow seems as if        their trademark and their innovation
                                                                                    was held at the Ryman. Even though the       been something you would have enjoyed.
 there is a loose 70’s rock band play- is their reason for fame. So critics         venue was smaller, the people who went       But if you are an all around fan and like
 ing all the music.                     are less likely to condemn the band
                                                                                    to the show were much more enthusi-          both the new and old, than quickly buy
    Structure has never been in the     for being so odd.
                                                                                    astic. Most of the show last year people     a ticket for the next show in Nashville
 formula of the Lips but the absence       Even through the confetti, the
                                                                                    were jumping around and screaming lyr-       because the way the Kings of Leon are
 of it has usually worked to their ad-  Teletubbie backgrounds, the hulk
                                        gloves, the giant bubbles, and              ics. In contrast, at this year’s show, many  heading, the tickets are sure to sell out
 vantage. ‘Convinced of the Hex’ is                                                 just stood around and nodded their heads quickly.
 mainly an abstract piece that opens    everything wacky, the Flaming Lips
 the album by setting the tone the      conjure up fantastic music enter-
 band wants to convey.                  tainment, and somehow, it’s not
   A standout in the album is ‘See      a gimmick. Somehow their music
 the Leaves.’ Singer Wayne Cohen’s      remains a means of escaping into
 lyrics are not necessarily intellec-   another world. Somehow after a
 tually stimulating, but they flow      lengthy career their albums are
 cohesively and fit perfectly over the still relevant as ever and their live
 texture of the instruments. One        shows are amongst the best around.
 music blog site cites the song as      Somehow, however challenging and
 being reminiscent of Radiohead’s       peculiar, it compensates in brilliance
 ‘National Anthem’.                     and genuine fun, and somehow the
   The Lips have recently been creat- Flaming Lips can write songs about
 ing their own feature film and at      being frogs while still being taken
 times it seems as if the music is so   seriously.
 atmospheric that their album is ac-
 tually a score to a movie, and that’s
november 2009                                                                Music                                                                                     9
by Gloria Huh, editorial
                         Kid Cudi: Man on the Moon hits stores
                         An urban rapper from the          whole new mix while keeping the orginality of the           that he has more to offer and his flexible talent can
                      streets of Cleveland, Scott Mes-     song intact. In his Mary Jane inspired track, Maui          be stretched into all corners of music. He proves his
                      cudi, or more popularly known        Wowie, one can’t help but appreciate and sing along         humbleness on his MySpace page by showing fans
                      as Kid Cudi, boasts a mixtape of     to the playful lyrics and his chorus inspired lines from    that he’s not trying to compare himself to his prede-
                      a new hip-hop sound.                 Grind Mode’s, ‘I’m So High‘. Cudi pays his respects         cessors.
                      In his self debut mixtape, A Kid     to his hometown, Cleveland, in Cleveland is the                “I’m not the most insightful rapper, I’m not your
                      Named Cudi, he delivers his lyrics   Reason, and says “Cleveland is the reason I’m cool.”        Talib Kweli, your Mos Def, your Kanye, your Com-
                      with a raw and heavy flow going      His album embraces his coarse yet refreshing voice as       mon, or anyone like that… I don’t consider myself a
all out with the bass.                                     a breath of fresh air in the recycled genre of main-        genius but I ain’t no dummy either,” wrote Cudi.
   In each song Cudi delivers with an understated          stream hip-hop.                                                Mescudi reveals his avoidance of the mainstream,
confidence and ease that makes it seem like half the          On some songs he shows off his singing skills and        candy hip-hop medium in all seventeen of his songs.
mixtape was created while he was still in his pajamas.     sounds like an “unrefined John Legend,” according to        His uniqueness shines bright in his distinguished and
His rhyming delivery is from the likes of Kanye but                                           urban style that asks listeners for respect and ap-
more raw and inexperienced. His lyrics are unlike that        Man on the Moon combines a techno, space-age feel        preciation. He calls his music “ awesomely ’dope’, dif-
of his genre but more about personal struggle and          and sound balanced by simple beats. The simplic-            ferent, deep, passionate, fun and abstract” and there
individuality.                                             ity that adorns his album does exactly the opposite         is no doubt about that. His long awaited album, Man
    Cudi meshes his funky synthesized beats with bor-      and shows that Cudi is unlike the one-dimensional           on the Moon: The End of the Day, hit stores September
rowed ones such as N.E.R.D.’s Spaz and recreates a         rappers that are all too familiar in today’s hip-hop, but   fifteenth.

Local band finally settles on name after two years
by Kelsey Haight, entertainment editor
                     After spending the last two years     officially stick with the name Merriment and Mayhem.
                   coming up with band names and             McHugh said, “Well, over the last year Payton and
                   honing their musical abilities, Sean    I have continuously texted each other possible band
                   McHugh and Payton Lockhart have         names whenever we stumble upon them, and one night
                   finally decided to settle down and      at 1:00 am I was reading Calvin and Hobbes and read a
                   form a real band.                       frame where Calvin claims that he wants merriment
                     The band’s guitarist Payton Lock-     and mayhem, so I shared it with Payton and Merriment
                   hart said, “We played with Carr         and Mayhem sounded good to us both.”
                   Valentine a couple of times, but that     Though they have been friends since childhood and
meant we had two guitarists and a drummer, which           have played their respective instruments since middle
didn’t really form a band.” Since then, McHugh and         school, the two only recently started playing music
Lockhart have cycled through numerous band names           together. McHugh said, “Lockhart and I started playing
(We Recycle, The Kingsmen, The Doo Wops, and The           music together freshman year, and since then we have
Twinkies), and lost a lead singer/bassist who preferred    become a lot more serious about making this band             Payton Lockhart, Sean McHugh, and Jared
sports over music.                                         work. We are hoping to find a lead singer who ap-            Doran.             photo by Kelsey Haight
  On a positive note, Jared Doran recently joined the      preciates our kind of funk, but less funk then the Red
bands roll-call as bassist and the three have agreed to    Hot Chili Peppers, heavily influenced by the Wombats,       went by The Twinkies. The day was really hectic so we
                                                                                             sort of Doo Wop-y         didn’t get to play our full set-list.
                                                                                             like The Bucknastys’        “We played all covers: The Bucket by Kings of Leon,
                                                                                             roots.”                   A Punk by Vampire Weekend, Dakota by Stereophon-
                                                                                                The band debuted       ics and I Could have Lied by the Red Hot Chili Pep-
                                                                                             with Ben Smith on         pers. We hoped to play a cover of ‘Bleeding Love’, but
                                                                                             bass at Spring Day        we were cut short because another band needed to play
                                                                                             last year, where in the   before school ended.” After their debut on Spring Day,
                                                                                             spur of the moment,       Lockhart and McHugh stayed in the band, but Smith
                                                                                             Smith announced the       left. Now that they have Jared Doran as a bassist, the
                                                                                             band as The Twinkies.     only missing part is a lead singer, which they hope to
                                                                                             Guitarist of the band,    have by Spring Day this year.
                                                                                             Payton, reflected upon      Drummer McHugh said, “We just don’t know who
                                                                                             their debut at Spring     to ask to sing from our school, or who would take it
                                                                                             Day, “At the time of      seriously… Jared knows some good vocalists from
                                                                                             Spring Day, sans-Ben      Independence so we’re going to talk to them, but it
                                                                                             we were The Kings-        would be really cool to have a fellow student as our
                                                                                             men but plus Ben, we      lead singer.”
10                                                                    sports                                              november 2009
Sports                                                    Hockey’s a-brewin’
                                                          by Sid Sadler, staff writer
with Spencer
by Spencer Sabo, sports editor                              There are no fans yelling and no crowd getting
                                                          kicked out of Southern Ice, yet, students are hyped
   Despite having the best record                         about this year’s hockey team. Hockey has grown
in the NFL last year, the Ten-                            much more popular than it was two years ago. The
nessee Titans have yet to win a                           fan base has doubled the past two years, and now
game. There are many factors causing this, but Jeff       hockey is one of the leading sports at Brentwood.
Fisher is not one.                                          Senior Jacob Fredi, who is a well known hockey
   It is hard to coach a team that looked as if it quit   fan said, “I’m looking forward to this year, because
in the second half of the Patriot game, drops passes,     everyone around school is actually starting to talk
and has 11 injuries on defense. The Titans have a         about hockey.”
week seven bye, and maybe they can get it together.         Although the team lost two of their most profi-
Unfortunately, they play Jacksonville in week eight,      cient players from last year, they are bringing back      Sophmores AJ Peckich and Zach McGrath,
who beat them 37-17 earlier this year.                    sophomore Tanner Elmore who had an amazing                 junior Joe Feeney, and senior JT Feeney
   Chris Johnson, the Titan’s running back, has the       post-season. The senior class returns for one more        discuss the power play.
second most rushing yards with 596, and has only          year and Brentwood also has a great junior group          photo by Sid Sadler
carried the ball more than 20 times in a game once.       of guys coming in. These juniors include: Tyler
So why not run the ball more? Johnson averages            Richardson, Dominick Granda, Joe Feeney, and A.J.         at the end of the year.
more yards per carry than quarterback Kerry Collins       Rittler.                                                       Senior Daniel Ramsey said, “I’m looking for-
averages per throw by almost a yard.                        “I think we can go all the way this year, because       ward to the Ravenwood game the most, because of
   Kerry Collins, according to, is ranked        we have a lot of returning players that were solid last   all of the hype and all of the people that come to
31st out of 40 NFL quarterbacks in passer rating,         year.” said Granda                                        that one game.”
and has the third most interceptions with eight. This       The players remember how bitter the rivalry with           The talk at Brentwood High is no longer just
might seem bad, but compared to back-up quarter-          Ravenwood was last year. Brentwood, however, won          about basketball and football. It’s football, basket-
back Vince Young, it is decent. Young has five pass       the series beating them twice, including a 3-0 victory    ball, and hockey!
attempts and has not completed one of them to his

                                                          Basketball team prepares as season approaches
own team, but he did complete one to the other team
against the Patriots.
   Offensive Coordinator Mike Heimerdinger has all
these weapons, but refuses to use them. Young is not      by David McKinney, staff writer
a great passer, but he is a great runner. The faster           Though the basketball team graduated roughly         “Jack Montague, (an all purpose guard for the
you are in the Wildcat, the better. Young ran a 4.58      98 percent of its scoring players, Head coach Den-     Bruins) right now, is the youngest guy who can make
40-yard dash, and Johnson ran an amazing 4.24 40-         nis King is enthusiastic about what the team can do    an impact on the team,” said King. Both junior Tei-
yard dash. Johnson and other running back LenDale         this season under the leadership of its seniors, which chmann and senior Daniel Hagaman also said that
White have pleaded with Heimerdinger about using          include Elliot West, Josh Tidwell, Atul Agnihotri,     Montague could come in and seriously contribute
the Wildcat formation. The Wildcat formation would        and Anvil Nelson, among others.                        to the team. King also said that junior Josh Kil-
fit the Titans perfectly with Young and Johnson, but        “I am looking for one                                                         lett could be another young
Heimerdinger doesn’t use it.                              of them right now, who                                                          player to make a serious
   The biggest reason the Titans are losing all these
games is because of their defense, which is ranked
                                                          will step up and be the         “I am looking for one of                        impact.
                                                          leader,” said King.                                                                The Bruins are prepared to
31st out of 32 teams. On average, they allow over              The Bruins had a           them right now, who will                        come back with a vengeance.
400 yards per game, and have allowed 198 points this
season. The 11 injuries do not help either. Both of
                                                          record of 22-9 last year,
                                                          winning the district
                                                                                        step up and be the leader.”                       “Last year left a sour taste
                                                                                                                                          in our mouths,” said Teich-
their starting cornerbacks, Cortland Finnegan and         tournament, but loosing                   - Dennis King                         mann. “Our goal this year
Nick Harper, are injured.                                 in an overtime game in                                                          is to go to state,” said senior
   But most fans are not affected by their record.        the regional semi finals                                                        Daniel Hagaman.
Sophomore, Colton Hill said that the Titans are still     to Hunters Lane. This year, the team has some big         To achieve that goal, the team is hard at work after
his favorite team, but the games are less fun to go to    shoes to fill.                                         school. Three days a week, the team works strength
now.                                                       “Kyle Teichmann was one of the three best big         and conditioning. On Thursdays, the team has open
   Eric Bowen, who graduated from Brentwood in            men to ever play here,” said King.                     gym pickup games right after school.
2009 and now is a star for the Belmont soccer team,         “We are losing a lot of presence in the paint.” Tei-   The first game is Nov. 11 at Dickson County. The
said “[Heck] no. I ain’t no fair weather fairy.”          chmann averaged 22 points per game last year, and      first home game for the Bruins is Nov. 20 against
   If the Titans don’t want to be the next team to go     plays college basketball.                              Bethel Christian. The Bruins play their cross town
0-16, they need to run the Wildcat, make more catch-        With all teams who lose players, it is important     rival, the Ravenwood Raptors on Dec. 12 and Jan.
es, and figure out what happened to their defense.        to have young guys who can step in and seriously       22.
                                                          contribute to the team.
november 2009                                                       sports                                                                                      11
Ultimate Frisbee team ready for season ahead                                                                                      Cross country
by David McKinney, staff writer
   There is more than meets the eye to Ultimate Frisbee.           “This being our third
                                                                                                                                  starts the sprint
  Two years ago, a group of Brentwood seniors got together
and created a club. A club that would later evolve into the
Brentwood High School Ultimate Frisbee team. Since then,
                                                                year, we are developing
                                                                into a strong program
                                                                hoping for a lot of recogni-
                                                                                                                                  toward state
                                                                                                                                  by David McKinney, staff writer
the Bruin Ultimate Club has dominated the field across Wil-     tion from the school,” said                                         The Brentwood Cross Country team is
liamson County.                                                 junior Jere Ford.                                              running towards one goal, a state champi-
   The game is mostly played as a recreational sport, but          The team goals for the                                      onship.
junior captain Jeff Ford said he ensures that he and the rest   year include an undefeated                                          After an eighth place finish at the Ten-
of the team are approaching the upcoming season with            season, growth as play-                                        nessee Classic, a second place finish in the
complete sincerity.                                             ers and said junior Daniel                                     Greater Louisville Classic, with four top 25
   “The games can get pretty intense,” said Ford, “There        Hamburger, “Just to be the                                     finishes, Paul Stewart (11th), Ryan Gadsey
are no referees so you are supposed to play fair, and for the   best we can be.”                                               (15th), Nathan Thomas (16th) and Ford
most part people do, but there are some jerks out there.”          The team is sure of their                                   Bell (22nd)and a first place finish at the
The team said they are looking forward to another solid         abilities on and off the                                       Kenwood Classic, with five runners finish-
season.                                                         field, and they are ready to                                   ing in the top 25, and Paul Stewart, Ford
“We just have to go out there and execute our offense and       take on any opponent at                                        Bell and Ryan Gadsey finishing in 4th, 5th
play hard D,” said Ford. He is said to have solid leadership    any time. Senior Ben Wil- Junior Phillip Bradely catches       and 6th place respectively, has the Bruins
skills along with co-captain Philip Bradley. They are both      liams said, “We are going       the frisbee during a game of   running with a strong momentum.
key players on the team, and the team relies on them for        to dominate.”                   ultimate.                        The Bruins are excited about what is to
motivation.                                                        Jere Ford also guaranteed photo by Beth O’Connell           come this season.
  “Jeff can be a great leader,” said sophomore ultimate fan     an undefeated season and                                          The team has been working hard this
Adam Weatherall.                                                a championship. Confidence like this is one of the many        season, practicing six days a week, with a
   This upcoming season is looking to be a promising cam-       reasons 2009 is looking to be a great season for the Bru-      mixture of work outs and easy days.
paign for the Bruins. Along with a great season the Bruins      ins, with solid leadership, a strong offense and dominating      Work out practices consist of 400
are looking to obtain more fans and acknowledgement             defense. The schedule has yet to be released, but it is sure torepeats and four 400 meter runs. An easy
throughout the school.                                          be a fun and challenging year for the Bruins.                  day consists of 50 minutes to an hour of
Young team looks ahead to reclaim their reign                                                                                    According to junior Ryan Gadsey,
                                                                                                                               “Preparation is a big part of what it takes
By Sid Sadler, staff writer                                                                                                    to be successful in cross country.”
   The 2009 Lady Bruins are back and they                                        couldn’t have done this well without her,”       “For dinner the night before a meet, I
are a force to be reckoned with again. There                                     McPherson said.                               eat salmon and steamed broccoli. I try to
is one thing different about this year’s team                                      There has been one thing that has stayed    be in bed sometime between 8:30-9,” said
though. There are no seniors on the team,                                        the same through the years, and that’s the    Gadsey.
which hasn’t happened in two years.                                              coach. Under Campbell, the Lady Bruins          “I wake up four hours before the meet
   With no seniors and with four returning                                       have won eight state championships. They      starts, eat scrambled eggs, a granola bar
starters from last year’s state runner-up team,                                  have been runner-up six times, and have       and a banana, and drink a bottle of water
the Lady Bruins are working hard to get back                                     been to the state finals fourteen out of the every hour till the meet starts.”
to state.                                                                        last seventeen years.                           There are two huge tournaments ap-
   Those four players are juniors: Lauren                                           Her players have nothing but the best to   proaching for the Bruins, the regional and
Kaufman, Maggie McPherson, Kasey Van-                                            say about her.                                the state tournament.
Horne, and Tiffany Shrivalle.                                                       “Coach Campbell is a blessing to our         In the past years, the Bruins have had
   During the regular season Brentwood held                                      team. I don’t know how she has survived       strong showings in the regional tourna-
their annual Brentwood Invitational Tourna-                                      the stress we put her under this year,” Van- ments. From that tournament, the top
ment and placed 2nd in that tournament.                                          Horne said.                                   three finishing teams advance to the state
Coach Barbra Campbell had great things to Junior Kasey VanHorne serves All of the girls on the team know that                  tournament on November 11th, as do the
say about her girls.                                                             with no seniors, comes no leadership role.    the top ten individual runners.
                                                during warm-up.                                                                  The Bruins have great confidence in
   “Lauren and Maggie both have been                                             This however can be a good thing.
doing great pounding the ball from the
                                                photo by Alyssa Ekdall
                                                                                   When asked about what impact having no      what they can do in the regional tourna-
outside.” said Campbell. They also have                                          seniors on the team VanHorne said, “I think ment.
a sophomore starting this year, which is pretty rare for any    it’s a good thing and a bad thing. We aren’t separated by a      “I think we will make state, for sure,”
varsity sports team. Her names is Nicole Poland, and she is     class now, and there is no one looking down on us. As long     said Gadsey.
the starting setter for the team.                               as we all can stay focus we will be great.”                      The state tournament takes place on
   “ I think it’s good having a sophomore this year starting       The Lady Bruins did not make it to the state finals for the Nov. 11th at Vaughns Gap by Steeplechase
because Nicole is a huge asset to our team as a setter and we first time in approximately twelve years.                        race track in Nashville.
12                                                          november 2009

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