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					     NBHSA October Newsletter
      October 2009                 Volume 21                   Issue 3

                                                                      Table of Contents
A letter from our NBHSA President:
                                                             From The Board             1
                                                             NBHSA Events               2, 3
Everyone is not always happy with change. Some will          7 UP                       4-6
break out in a cold sweat. Some will chew their              New Classes / Coops         7, 8
fingernails. Others may get nervous and give up.             Community Events            9

                                                                         Mark Your Planners
                                                             For any announcements to be made at
                                                             October Meeting contact: Julie Sharp

                                                             October 1, 15
                                                             NBHSA Park Day Contact Varta Hinkel

                                                             October 8 – NEW DAY – THURSDAY!
                                                             September Support Group Meeting at
 We are hoping that you will just show up! Show up on        Park Avenue Christian School,
a new night, that is. The October support group              2600 S. Park Ave., Titusville
                                                             Education Bldg., room 202
meeting will be held on a Thursday night. It is new and      Sign-ups begin at 6:30 p.m.
                                                             Meeting begins at 7:00 p.m.
different and the board would like to see if it works for
the bulk of our members. Here are the specifics for the      October 15
                                                             Deadline for November Newsletter to
October meeting:                                             Amy Cude
               Thursday, October 8, 2009                     October 16
             Park Avenue Christian Academy                   Christmas Craft Day Planning Mtg.
                                                             RSVP: Judy Hamilton
                2600 South Park Avenue             
                   Titusville, Fl. 32780
             Education Building (north side)                 October 17
                                                             7UP Parent/Teen Game Night
                   Room 202 (upstairs)
                                                             October 6, 13, 20, 27
               Sign ups begin at 6:30 p.m.                   Tuesday School
               Meeting begins at 7:00 p.m.
                                                             October ?
                                                             Homeschooling through High School
                                                             Informational Meeting
    The October support group meeting will be our            Temporarily Postponed

             “Flavors of Fall Social”                                Board Contact Information
Please look further in this newsletter for a note from             Judy Hamilton – Director Emeritus
Paris Russo, NBHSA Social Coordinator, for specifics             Barbara Foster – Membership Director
                                                                         Abby Hollis –Treasurer
about this social time.
                                                                   NBHSA Website:
                                                                 NBHSA Mailing Address: PO Box 1625,
In His service,                                                         Titusville, FL 32781

Judy Hamilton                                               questionscomments
  NBHSA Events                                                                                                      Page 2

            FLAVORS OF FALL SOCIAL                                   2009-2010 NBHSA Tuesday School

           NBHSA October Support Group Meeting                       Tuesday School began on August 18th
                Thursday, October 8, 2009                            with a bang! Over 90 families and 180
                                                                     children are participating in Tuesday
 Park Avenue Christian Academy, 2600 S. Park Ave., Titusville
                                                                     School. But you may still be asking
      Education Building, room 202, Meeting – 7:00 p.m.
                                                                     yourself, “What is Tuesday School?” It is
             An important note from the NBHSA Hostess:               one day a week where we try to put as
                                                                     many co-ops and classes together as
Each year we have 4 Homeschool Socials. For those of you that        possible. Westside Baptist Church has
are new to our group the socials are an event to get to know         graciously allowed us to utilize their
each other through food and fellowship and are held during our       facility yet again this year. Hopefully,
regular meeting time. If you would like to participate in the        there is less running around during the
October social please email me at                                    week and as we saw last year, Tuesday
                                                                     School provided a great opportunity for
 Please include your name and a phone number where you can
                                                                     getting to know fellow homeschoolers –
    be reached for a reminder phone call prior to the social.
                                                                     for the children and the parents.
  This social focuses on the FLAVORS OF FALL. Please bring an        Tuesday school is open to NBHSA
item to share that reminds you of fall (comfort food) i.e. squash    members and non-members.
  casserole, pumpkin muffins, sweet potatoes, apple cider etc.
                                                                     For additional information contact
                                                                     Carrie Backus at

                                                                       NBHSA Tuesday School Information
  My favorite channel Food Network has a link for some really
  good fall recipes if you need some ideas. If you use this link
  please place the name of the dish and who created it on an         Sign-in/out:
       index card which will be placed in front of the dish.         Sign in when you get to Tues School. Sign out when            you leave. This is easy when you go into the gym -
                                                                      difficult if you go to choir room or other room outside
       Thank you and welcome to our group :) Parris Russo            of the gym building. Please remember that you must
                                                                     sign-in/out no matter where your class is located on
                    A Letter From the Editor:                        Parking:
                                                                     Do not park on the east side of the parking lot (near the
                                                                     Church office - they need to keep doing Church
Hi! It’s me again - Amy Cude , the “new girl”! This is my second     business) and do not park in the parking spaces on the
try at playing the part of “editor”, hope you like the show.         south side of the parking lot next to the exercise facility
                                                                     (we need to keep that clear for people coming to use the
                                                                     exercise facility).
I don’t know about you but Fall is my favorite season of the year.   Fellowship Hall:
Maybe it’s because I used to live in Northern Michigan where the     This is open for snacking, studying, socializing, and, of
leaves turned to so many rich and beautiful colors ~ reminding me    course, lunch. Please keep it neat and clean. Do not
                                                                     allow your children to run around in this room.
of how God has made each one of us rich and beautiful with color     Registration/Payments:
so we may encourage and bring joy to one another!                    Turn in registrations and/or make payments at the
                                                                     payment table located in the gym.
                                                                     Study Hall:
                                                                     Room 130 is the Study Hall - quiet area only!
Please feel free to email anything you would like to add,            Open gym from 11:50 - 12:30 only. Please, no
contribute, suggest, or read in the newsletter and I will do my      basketballs, soccer balls, tennis balls, racquet balls,
best to make it happen. You can email me at                          hackey sacks, or any other balls in the gym at any other
Thank you for your grace and patience!                                                  Thank you. Carrie
                      Blessings, Amy C
NBHSA Events                                                                                                    Page 3

                                 Christmas Craft Day
                            Let’s plan a Christmas Craft Day!
I would like to have a get together at my home to see if anyone is interested in helping
to plan a Christmas Craft Day. I already have a space reserved and a date set. I just
need to know if anyone else is interested. Bring any ideas that you may have for nice
and inexpensive crafts suitable for different age levels.

                         When: Friday, October 16, 2009
                                 Time: 7:00 p.m.
                  Where: 4265 Sugar Maple Court, Titusville 32780
                RSVP: Judy Hamilton

         Are you trying to figure out something different
                  for your Homeschool P.E. class?
        Look no further…..Come check out NBHSA Park Day
                           When: Thursday, October 1st and 15th
                                                                                         Please contact Varta Hinkel at
                              Where: Fox Lake Park, Titusville                           ntact/38/14-questionscomments
                                                                                         if you are interested in a game
                                                                                         of football or just playing on the
                                         Time: 10:00 a.m.                                playground.

                                                                  NBHSA 2010 Graduation Information
 Homeschooling Through High School                     Hey Senior Families: We’re on FaceBook. Abby has created the
                                                       NBHSA 2010 Seniors Group. You should have received an invitation
                                                       if she found a FB account for you. If not, search for the group page
The “Homeschooling through High                        and join. This will enable us to connect and share ideas in real
school” meeting has been temporarily                   time. Moms, if you don’t have a FB account yet, have your teen set
                                                       you up (lol) and join the group on our very own parents’ thread.
postponed. We are searching for a new
space and time. Please look for an
update on this very popular meeting
to be broadcast soon. We are sorry for
any inconvenience this may have
caused. Thank you.
                                                                        2008 NBHSA Graduation Ceremony
                                                       If you have a senior that will be graduating in 2010 and are
             Quotable Quotes                           interested in seeing what an NBHSA graduation ceremony is all
                                                       about - please join us at our next informational / planning meeting.
        I do not think much of a man                   You don’t have to commit, just come and see what an NBHSA
            who is not wiser today                     graduation is all about. Please contact Kim Morrison at
           than he was yesterday.                      to get a copy of the notes from our first meeting. We are very
             ~Abraham Lincoln                          excited about celebrating our seniors this year - together!
    7 Up News for Junior and Senior High Students                                                                     Page
                                                                                                                   Page 3 4

                                                 7 UP Email List
My name is Kelly Novak and I coordinate the teen group7 UP, for the North Brevard Homeschool Association.
This is for homeschooled 7th – 12th grade students.

I maintain a private email list which I use to get information out to homeschooled teens and their parents
concerning social activities, community service opportunities, educational opportunities, and anything else specific
to teens which is sent to me for distribution.

If you have not received any email from me concerning the recent planning meeting, then you are not currently on the list. If
you want to be on the list, please email me a request to “Add me” at
Teens may also be added as long as a parent is also on the list. If you have already sent me a “keep” or “add” email, you are
good to go.

                                                    Hey 7Uppers!!
                        Hope you all had a great time at Battle Ball in September!
                          Good Shepherd is hosting another event in October
                           which 7 UP teens and their parents are invited to:

                       Parent/Teen Game Night! Oct 17th, 7-10 p.m.
                   This event will be held at Shepherd’s Hall, 2073 Garden Street, Titusville.

We will begin with a short devotion on how Jesus broke down intergenerational barriers and we can too.
                        We’ll eat (of course) – pizza or maybe we’ll pot luck it…

                            And we’ll play games!!! Parents vs. teens or family vs. family…

                               We’ll have Apples to Apples and other trivia games,
                                    Pinochle, Rummikub and other card games,
                                         Stratego, Set, and other logic games
                                                     And more…
                     Details are still being worked out, but we will have some sort of awards:
                                          Most Spectacular Comeback, etc…
         RSVP to Kelly Novak at

         We also have two events scheduled for October from our planning meeting:
         A Lazer Tag trip and a Murder Mystery party. Watch your email for details!
      7 Up News for Junior and Senior High Students                                                                    Page 5
                                                                                                                        Page 4

Organizers: I will contact you a few weeks before your event to get the details from you and I will get them to the newsletter
editor if there is time (newsletter deadline is mid-month) and also to the 7 UP list. If anyone (teen or parent) decides to go
somewhere or host something spur of the moment and wants to let the group know, just email me the info and I’ll pass it along.
We had several impromptu events last year: movie nights, pizza parties, trip to comedy club, ice skating…

I maintain the private email list which is used to communicate the details of the planned events to the teens and parents of 7 UP.
Whoever is planning a 7 UP event sends me the following:

WHO (Who can come – is it 7 UP only, can they bring friends, is it a family event?)

WHAT (What we are doing and what they need to bring - $, food, etc)

WHEN (be specific)

WHERE (be very specific)

DETAILS (anything else pertinent such as availability of car pool, etc)              ~ Kelly Novak

                                         2009-2010 7           UP Calendar of Events
                                                 Oct                     Nov                         Dec
                                 Who?                Melissa   Natasha         Kelly       Natasha         Abby
                                                     Bailey    Alfaya        Fredericks    Alfaya          Brown
                                                                              & Kelly
                                 What?           Murder         Weenie        Lock-In     Christmas          Ice
                                                 Mystery        Roast/                      Party          Skating
                                                  Party        Manhunt/
                                                               Paint Ball
                                 When?               Oct 31?                              Dec 12th or
             7                   Where?          Bailey’s      Alfaya’s        Good        Alfaya’s     Rockledge
       UP                                         House         House        Shepherd
                                                                                            House       Ice Arena


                           Jan             Feb           Mar          Apr          May
     Who?        Barbara      Kelly        Dorothy        Karen    Barbara
                  Foster    Fredericks     Cleary         LaFoe
                                                         Tomos                                       UP
     What?       Bonfire      Citrus      Bowling         SAK      Spring        Post
                             gleaning                    Comedy    Formal       Testing
                                                           trip                  Party

    When?                    Jan 30,                                             May 7
    Where? Foster’s          Meet at                      SAK
                 House       GSLC                        Comedy                                                    7
   7 Up News for Junior and Senior High Students                                      Page 6

Below are what the 7 Uppers wrote for ideas for the group on slips of paper. These
were read aloud and then voted on by paper ballot. Here is the list of events the 7
Uppers put into the “Idea Box” in order of popularity:

                               10) Video Game

                               11) Sea World

                               12) Barn Dance
 1) Lock-in                                                    19) Family Camping Trip

                               13) NERF Dart War
 2) Ice Skating                                                20) Obstacle Course
                               14) Battle Ball
 3) Laser Tag                                                  21) Crafts
                               15) Moon?
 4) Bowling                                                    22) Ice Cream Social
                               16) Karaoke                     THE IDEAS BELOW WERE IN THE
 5) SAK Comedy Club
                                                               BOX BUT NOT VOTED ON
                               17) Island BBQ                  BECAUSE THEY WERE ALREADY
 6) Zombie Prom                                                ON THE CALENDAR:
                               18) Subways
 7) Manhunt/Pizza Party                                        Bioluminescence Trip

 8) Beach Party                                                Halloween Party

 9) Go Cart                                                    Spring Formal

There are still empty spots on the 7 UP calendar, so if you see something on the list or
have an idea of your own that you want to organize, please let me know and I’ll add it to
the calendar.

Last year we did a beach party in conjunction with a beach clean-up for more of those
service hours the high schoolers need for Bright Futures. Any other service opportunities
you know about, please pass them along to the group!

A reminder: the events on the calendar are tentative. Dates could change, the actual
events could change, new things are added and some things are deleted. If you sign up to
organize something and your circumstances change and you have to back out, it’s OK.
We’ll work it out.
    NBHSA Fall Classes and Co-ops
                                                                                                               Page 7

                Piano Lessons -Kay Wall                               Science Resource Library
Kay Wall has openings for piano students, $12 per 1/2             At Park Avenue Christian Academy
hour session. Please call 264-1113 or e-mail   The purpose of the Science Resource Library is to
                                                                 provide science related materials to students in the
     Pre-Algebra / Geometry Classes                              Homeschool environment.
                                                                 It is the hope that this program will create a partnership
                Kay Wall                                         between Christian schools and homeschools that will
I am offering two math classes in the fall: Pre-algebra and      enhance the scientific learning of students and
Geometry. The pre-algebra class will be using Bob Jones          encourage the study of God’s creation!
Algebra I textbook. We will concentrate on building a solid
foundation on Algebra (hence a slower pace than a true           Where: Park Avenue Christian Academy, Titusville FL-
                                                                 Science Department
Algebra I class). The geometry class will be using Bob Jones
                                                                 When: September 1, 2009 – May 1, 2010 Will begin
Geometry textbook. We will meet three times per week at                 taking membership applications August 17,
my home.                                                                2009.
                                                                 How much: $45.00 per family.
Classes will cost $10 per week.                                  What: Various science related resources such as:
If interested or if you have any questions please call 264-              Microscopes
1113 or e-mail                                                           Dissection equipment and specimens           Chemistry equipment and chemicals
                                                                         Balances
                                                                         Rock/mineral collections
I have an opportunity for homeschooling parents to                       Weather instruments
increase their knowledge and bring information back to                   Electrical circuit sets
their children and groups.                                               Model rocket launch materials
                                                                         Video resources supporting
The University of Florida: IFAS Extension Service in                        science/creation
cooperation with Brevard County Parks and Recreation                     Activity and experiment books
will be holding Florida Master Naturalist Program:               Program Basics:
Uplands Module at Riverwalk Park in Rockledge.                       A membership will entitle the member to 2
                                                                       resources (or sets of resources) per week. Due
The program teaches students about Florida's environment               to the limited amount of each resource, 1 week
using science-based information and interpretive techniques            will be the limit UNLESS the resource is not
that prepare students to share their knowledge with others.            reserved for the following week.
                                                                     Some resources will not be available certain
The course is open to anyone 18 years or older. The class will         weeks due to use by the school. The school
start on October 17th and will run on Saturdays from 8 am to 5         will always maintain priority. However, every
pm for seven Saturdays. The exact dates, schedule and                  effort will be made to accommodate resource
                                                                       requests by members.
registration are listed at
                                                                     Some resources will require a deposit, which is The cost is            returned to member when resource is
$225 per person and those looking for CEUs can earn up to 40           checked-in.
contact hours. The cost includes all materials and fieldtrip
fees, including student books with over 1000 pages of
information. Registration closes October 8th. I have had other
homeschool parents take this course in the past. They found
value in the course and continued on to take other modules. If
you have any questions please feel free to email me.             **SPECIFIC program details and membership form are
                                                                 available at the following web site:
Brandon Smith Environmental Program Coordinator        
Riverwalk Nature Center                                          ml
                                                                 Go to Science Resource Library at top of page.
5355 US Hwy 1, Rockledge, FL 32955
Phone: (321) 433-4490                                            For further questions, please email:
Fax: (321) 433-4492                                              Michael Focht, Director of Science Department at                                   PACA
      NBHSA Fall Classes and Co-ops
                                                                                                                                 Page 8

                Space Coast Homeschool Band                                             Benefits of NBHSA Membership
                         Updates for 2009/2010

                                                                               The NBHSA is a cooperative effort of home educating
Three classes are available this year Ages 8-adult. We meet on
                                                                               families to provide quality activities for their children and
Mondays at Sovereign Grace Church in S. Titusville.
                                   th                                          support for parents and guardians. The leadership of the
Classes began Monday, August 24
                                                                               group is not financially compensated for their efforts. They
Beginning Band will meet from 1:00-2:00 pm No experience                       pay the same membership fee as any other member. While
needed! Instrument rental available.                                           service within the group is not presently a requirement for
Concert Band 2:15-3:15 pm for those with 1 year of experience                  membership, the success of the group depends upon the
on their instrument.                                                           amount of participation and dedication of each member.
Symphonic Band 2:45-3:45 pm for those with 2+ years of
experience on their instrument.                                                Some of the benefits of membership:
Weekly cost of all classes: children $5, adults are free.
                                                                                     Membership Directory
                      The Summer Concert Tour                                        Monthly support group meetings
We have finished our Summer Tour. We played at three assisted living                 Monthly newsletter!
facilities. All of the senior citizens were so glad we came, and have                Meetings for parents homeschooling high schoolers
asked us to return soon. The Titusville and Port St. John Library                    Tuesday School (schedule, course descriptions, teacher
concerts went very well, too! We received many positive comments,                     bios)
and both parents and children enjoyed our music. Socially... we’ve had               Contact list with phone numbers
wonderful fun! We played together, swam together, went to the beach                  Field trips, at discount rates
together, and even ate a meal at Piccadilly together. It was a lot of fun. I         Voting privileges
appreciate and enjoy all of you so much!
                                                                                     Academic activities- including a discount to NBHSA
                New for the 2009-2010 School Year
                                                                                      standardized testing
                There will be no recorder class this fall.
                                                                                     E-mail broadcasts
 I am hoping that we can have a one semester class starting in January.
                                                                                     Year End Promotion Ceremony
                                                                                     FPEA discount (Florida Parent Educators Association)
The Washington DC Christmas Concert is a GO! The planning team will
be meeting soon. Beginning band members will not be able to go to DC                 Used Curriculum Sale discount
as they will not have enough experience to play the music. Second year               Yearbook (opportunity to purchase)
beginning band members will be able to go if they want to go. We will                Support of Mentoring Team
either go to DC or participate in the Christmas parade as we can’t be in
                                                                                     Talent Show
two places at the same time. If you have any questions or concerns
about next year, please let me know soon. Ms. Liz Hyers                              Presidential Physical Fitness                       Jr. / Sr. High events and support
                                                                                     More at
 (321) 806-2228

The Judy Bartine Studio of Piano and Voice offers lessons in voice, piano, conducting, music history
and theory. I am professionally trained pianist/vocalist/conductor with a Master’s in Music. And I still study myself!!
It is so much fun, so very satisfying, and I desire to share this capability.
I live and teach in Cape Canaveral, however I will come to you if there are three or more students in the same area.
I make every effort to teach in a positive, supportive manner and to make music lessons and study fun. I believe
confidence is built through capability.

Music is a gift for everyone! The study and making of music enhances our lives in every way. Your child is not too
young for lessons, and you are not too old! To find out more, call me or email me at 868-3991 or and I will be happy to talk with you about it.

I am additionally available for church interim work or substituting in choral music or piano.

For further information, you are invited to go to my website at

All Lessons are $20 for 30 minutes, $30 for 45 and $40 for an hour.
Community Opportunities                                                     Page 10
                                                                              Page 9

                          Kennedy Space Center Salutes Homeschoolers
                                  Saturday October 24, 2009
                                      9:30 am - 2:00 pm

                                  Homeschool students, families and teachers:
                          Take a Florida field trip to Kennedy Space Center and be our
                              honored guests for full-day access to KSC shows and
                               exhibits. During this unique homeschool field trip,
                          you'll get the chance to take a bus tour of KSC, participate in
                            special hands-on activities, learn about the latest NASA
                          accomplishments, strap in to the Shuttle Launch Experience
                             and even come face-to-face with an actual astronaut.


                            Disclaimer: The opportunities and activities
                            presented in the North Brevard Home School
                            Association newsletters and broadcasts are not
                            necessarily endorsed by the NBHSA board. Parents
                            and guardians should use discretion and wisdom
                            when taking advantage of the opportunities listed.

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