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									  Finding a Job with a Low GPA

Career Opportunities and Employer Relations

         Missouri S&T – Career Opportunities Center

•   Resume and Cover letter
•   Interviewing
•   Tips
•   Q&A
     Things to Keep in Mind
• Your Own Creation
  - No two resumes will look exactly the same
• Your Sales Tool – Market yourself!
• 1st Example of Your Communication Skills
• Clean, clear, concise.
• Demonstrates ability to present information in a
  concise and professional manner
• Scanned in 10 Seconds
• Make Your Resume POP video
       If you have a low GPA…
• Showcase other accomplishments
  – Part-time jobs
  – Class Projects you have excelled in
  – Clubs/organizations
  – Internships/Co-Ops
  – Volunteer work

***Highlight Leadership and Teamwork***
                                          Your Name Here

800 Sophomore Avenue                                                            573-341-0000
Rolla, MO 65401                                                                   Your resumes should convey in a
_______________________________________________________________________________________________          concise and professional manner:
       To obtain a co-op or summer position in Human Resources                                           1. Co-op/internship experience

EDUCATION                                                                                                2. Communication skills (both
      Missouri University of Science& Technology (Missouri S&T)                     May 2012
      B.S. Psychology                                                               GPA: 2.5/4.0         written and oral)
      Minor: Life Sciences                                                          Major GPA: 3.0/4.0
                                                                                                         3. Strong work ethic
       Walgreens                                                                    Jan 10 – Present
       Lead Cashier                                                                 Rolla, MO            4. Teamwork , leadership and
               · Train other workers                                                                     interpersonal skills
               · Balance a cash drawer
               · Maintain excellent customer service
               - Recipient of Employee of the Month Award                                                5. Computer Skills & Technical skills
         Holiday Inn Express                                                         Sept – Dec 09
         Front Desk Worker                                                           Rolla, MO           6. Motivation & Initiative
                  · Assisted guests in checking-in
                  · Took approximately 40 room reservations per week via phone and internet              7. Problem solving/Analytical skills
                  · Responded to guest needs in a timely and efficient manner
                  · Performed general secretarial duties
                                                                                                         8. Flexibility/adaptability
      Microsoft Office Programs
      HTML                                                                                               9. Accomplishments/Achievements
                                                                                                         10. Confidence
      Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity – Chairman for Philanthropy
      Men’s Golf Intramural
      Ultimate Intramural
           Design of Resume
• Paper
• Font
  -Size (11-12 pt.)
• Margins (.5-1”)
• Techniques
  -All Caps
• No personal information
• One page for undergraduates
• 2nd page must fill at least half of page (graduate
  students, non-traditional students)
• Proofread, proofread, proofread
Proofread, Proofread, Proofread
 •   The following are errors taken from actual resumes:
 •   Hope to hear from you, shorty
 •   Have a keen eye for derail
 •   Dear Sir or Madman
 •   I attacking my resume for you to review
 •   I am a rabid typist
 •   My work ethics are impeachable
 •   Nervous of steel
 •   GPA: 34.0
 •   Following is a grief overview of my skills
 •   Graphic designer seeking no-profit career
 •   Ecxellent attention to detail
     Sections of Your Resume
COMMON                ADDITIONAL
• Objective           • Research
• Education           • Certifications
   – Courses          • Highlights of
   – Projects
• Experience          • Volunteer Experience
• Computer Skills     • Military Experience
• Honors & Activities • And Many Others
                                Sample Heading
    Preferably centered
                                   John Doe
Two fonts larger than content
                                    369 Forum Drive
  Bold using 12 or 14 font          Rolla, MO 65401
                                     (573) 364-1111


                                   John Doe

             Campus                                   Permanent
• Clear and concise
• Target a specific employer
• Example:
  – To obtain a summer position in the Civil
    Engineering field
  – To obtain a co-op position in Civil Engineering
  – To obtain the position of Structural Engineer
    with the City of St. Louis
• Reverse Chronological Order

• Missouri University of Science and Technology
  (Missouri S&T)

• List Degree:
  B.S. Aerospace Engineering
  Minor or Emphasis

• Expected Graduation Month & Year
   • Cumulative Only or
   • Cumulative & Major
   Example: GPA: 2.45/4.0
                                     A Good Idea if your
               Major GPA: 3.1/4.0    overall GPA is low

  • Be honest about GPA – What happened???
     • What are you doing to overcome and
       “bounce back”
     • Potentially relatable
      Projects & Courses
• Freshman Engineering Project
• Senior Class Design Project
   – Title
   – Description
                                  Qualify and quantify
   – Teamwork (team of 5)         whenever possible
   – Results
   Senior Class Design Project – Missouri S&T
   • Created dishes from recycled plastic
   • Collaborated with team of 5 on project management
   • Received award for creativity
• Relevant Courses
  - When applicable to specific industry        Consider Including!
  - To substitute for lack of experience
•   Paid and Unpaid
    -Volunteer Work
•   Reverse Chronological Order
•   Include:
     – Name and Location of Employer
     – Your Title
     – Dates of Employment: Month & Year
     – Description of Duties – Quantify whenever possible
     – Use action verbs, transferable skills, accomplishments
     Joe’s Lawn Mowing                        Rolla, MO
     Self-Employed                            June 08 – July 10
     • Maintained 20+ lawns per summer
     • Worked quickly and efficiently to get the job done
     • Organized work schedule - including prioritizing jobs
     • Responsible for handling cash
             Computer Skills
Languages:                C++, Visual Basic, Fortran
Operating Systems:        DOS; Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, XP
Applications:             MS Office, Auto CAD, Lotus

AutoCAD            MS Word       MS Excel        HTML
Strand 7           Quattro Pro   Math CAD        Fortran

                         List only programs or
Math CAD                 systems in which you
Microsoft Office              are proficient
                 Other Skills
• Include any specific expertise you have!
  – Foreign language
  – Skilled Photographer
  – Trained presenter
  – Video editing
  – Music composition
  – Shorthand
  – Graphic design
  – Social networking
      Honors & Activities
• Titles of Scholarships

• Organizations & Offices
  -High School
  -Bold leadership roles

• No Dates
•   Your Address
                      Cover Letters
•   Date                                                 Cover Letter Requirements
•   Company Address
•   To whom you are writing                              1.   Evidence the applicant
                                                              has researched the
• Introductory Paragraph(1st paragraph)                  2.   Something interesting,
                                                              such as a major
    Explain who you are, what position you are                accomplishment
    applying for, and why you want to work for this      3.   Transferrable skills and
    particular company                                        how they relate to the
• Body(2-3 paragraph)                                    4.   How an applicant found
                                                              out about the job opening
    Tell why the company should hire you- pick top 3-5   5.   Overview of the
    strengths from your resume – show how they                applicant’s personality
    directly relate to the job you are applying for!     6.   Readability

• Closing Paragraph(3-4 paragraph)
    Close with how the employer can contact you       The Cover Letter
• Closing
                Cover Letters
• Emphasize and showcase leadership,
  teamwork, involvement, and learning ability
  – Sports
  – Fraternity/Sorority
  – Club/Organization
  – Part-time jobs
  – Class projects
  – Volunteer work
• Ask if can provide a GOOD reference
• Variety
• Should Contain
  -Phone Number
  -E-Mail Address
• Provide a Copy of Resume
• Only When Requested
• Keep them informed
              GOOD NEWS!
• Employers look for candidates with strong
  people skills and an outgoing nature
• Employers want to see students who are
  involved outside of class

• Market yourself as:
      “Must see inside! No curb appeal!”
The criteria that the employers ranked as most important are as follows:

#1 - The student's major (44%)
#2 - The student's interviewing skills (18%)
#3 - The student's internship/experience (17%)
#4 - The college the student graduated from (10%)
#5 - Other miscellaneous qualifications (5%)
#6 - The student's GPA (4%)
#7 - The student's personal appearance (1%)
#8 - The student's computer skills (1%)

According to 2008
Top 5 Desired Skills
• Honesty & integrity
• Communication skills (verbal &
• Teamwork ability
• Strong work ethic
• Leadership skills
 Interviewing Do’s & Taboo’s
• Research the employer (before applying!)
   • Researching Companies video
   • Demonstrate initiative
      • Learn their vision, mission, goals
      • Read the latest press
      • Learn about their position in the market
      • Talk with people you know who have
        worked there – get their perspective
   • Share what you have learned in the interview
     and how you can fit in
• SWOT analysis on yourself
   • Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats
   • Discuss in an interview any specific expertise you have that
     may be an advantage to the company
• Come to the interview with a plan – tell the employer
  what you will do if you are hired
• Utilize key words
• Most employers utilize behavioral interview questions –
  review and practice for them!
• Professional dress over business casual
• Prepare 2-3 questions for the recruiter
• The Interview video
Interviewing Do’s & Taboo’s
• Not practicing behavioral based interview
  questions verbally
   • “CAR” response: Challenge, Action, Results
• Not trying on suit
• Not reviewing employer website
• Arriving late...
• Failure to send a thank you note within 24
• Top 10 Interview Mistakes video
        Telephone Interviews
• Use land line, not cellular
• Peaceful location – neighbors,
  animals, other phones, electronic
• Should have resume & job
  description within sight
• Don’t put the employer on “hold”
• 80% of communication is visual, be
  mindful of your verbal communication   The BAT PHONE
  • What image are your projecting?
       Webcam/Online Interviews
• Quiet location – no distractions around
   • COER has a webcam for you to use if needed
• Make sure technology is working ahead of time – practice
  setting it up (Skype, HireVue)
                                                  Poor posture
• Dress completely professionally
  (not just from the waist up!)
• Have resume/cover letter/job
  description handy
• Prepare as you would for an                       Biting nails
  in-person interview
• Beware of non-verbal cues
                                     Inappropriate dress
            Professional Ethics
• Interview genuinely
• Adhere to schedules
• Don’t keep employers hanging
• Accept a job offer in good faith
• Withdraw from recruiting when your job search is
• Write thank you notes!
    • Art of Saying THANK YOU video
 85% of job
 success is
connected to
people skills
                 COER Team

Edna Grover-Bisker         Lea-Ann Morton, Ph.D.             Marla Smith
 Associate Director              Director                  Assistant Director

                     Sara Earl             Colleen Kapeller
             Recruiting Assistant A-G   Recruiting Assistant H-Z

Adrienne Neckermann            Monica Galarza               Hilary Jenkins
    Career Advisor          Administrative Assistant     Front Office Manager
      Thank You!

                Q&A * * (573) 341 - 4343

     Missouri S&T – Career Opportunities Center

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