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2   Observer, Volume XXV, No. 2
Features                                  Departments
 6 Opportunities Abound                   14 Campus Memories

10 Profile of an Alum:                    15 Reading Room
   Herb Trimpe ’99g
                                          18 Artists’ Corner
12 New Paltz Athletics Spurs
   Lasting Sense of Friendship            22 Classmate Connector

                                                                                                                                        Photo by Kristin Charles-Scaringi
                                          24 Class Notes

                                          35 A Parting Shot

                                                                                         Hallway in Old Main.

 Key for Major Abbreviations:

 Acctg.: Accounting                       Elem. Ed.: Elementary Education                Org. Comm.: Organizational Communication
 Adol. Ed.: Adolescent Education          Engl.: English                                 Paint.: Painting
 Afr. Stud.: African Studies              Fin.: Finance                                  Phil.: Philosophy
 Anthro.: Anthropology                    Fin. Aid: Financial Aid                        Photo.: Photography
 Art Ed.: Art Education                   For. Lang.: Foreign Languages                  Pol. Sci.: Political Science
 Art Hist.: Art History                   Geog: Geography                                Print.: Printmaking
 Asian Stud.: Asian Studies               Geol.: Geology                                 Psych.: Psychology
 Biol.: Biology                           Hist.: History                                 Pub. Rel.: Public Relations
 Black Stud.: Black Studies               Hum. Ed.: Humanistic Education                 Sculp: Sculpture
 Bus.: Business                           Inst. Res.: Instructional Resources            Sec. Ed.: Secondary Education
 Bus. Admin.: Business Administration     Inter. Des.: Intermedia Design                 Soc.: Sociology
 Cer.: Ceramics                           Journ.: Journalism                             Soc. Stud.: Social Studies
 Chem.: Chemistry                         Lang. Imm.: Language Immersion Institute       Spec. Ed.: Special Education
 Comm.: Communication and Media           Lat. Am. Stud.: Latin American Studies         Sp. Comm.: Speech Communications
 Comm. Dis.: Communication Disorders      Ling.: Linguistics                             Span.: Spanish
 Comp. Sci.: Computer Science             Med. Man.: Media Management                    Theatre: Theatre Arts
 Econ.: Economics                         Ment. Hlth. Couns.: Mental Health Counseling   Thtr. Man.: Theatre Management
 Ed.: Education                           Mngmnt: Management                             Vis. Arts: Visual Arts
 Ed. Admin.: Educational Administration   Mrktg: Marketing                               Wom. Stud.: Women’s Studies
 Ed. Studies: Educational Studies         Mus. Hist.: Music History
 Elec. Eng.: Electrical Engineering       Mus. Ther.: Music Therapy

                                                                                         Observer, Volume XXV, No. 2                3
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4   Observer, Volume XXV, No. 2
                                                  VOLUME XXV, No. 2
                                    Published bi-annually by the Office of Alumni Affairs
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                                                        Fall 2008

                                                     Volume XXV, No. 2

                                                   Executive Editor
                                                       Rayna Wendell

                                                 Contributing Writers
                                                  Kristin Charles-Scaringi
                                                         Lee Conell
                                                         Sally Cross
                                                    Kurt Anthony Krug
                                                       Rayna Wendell

                                                 Kristin Charles-Scaringi
                                                      David Edwards
                                                       Janelle Feuz
                                            Michael Gold, The Corporate Image
                                                    Nancy Lautenbach
                                                      Rayna Wendell
                                                 Sojourner Truth Library

Photo by Kristin Charles-Scaringi

                                         Nittany Valley Offset, State College, Penn.

                                                     Observer, Volume XXV, No. 2            5
Equal Opportunity
Program (EOP):
Opportunities Abound
    by Kristin Charles-Scaringi

        he door to a college education does not automatically open                      Since 1967, EOP has offered New York state residents who have
        for everyone. In fact, many students cannot gain admittance                     been unable to meet general admissions criteria, because of
        because the standard way of measuring potential does not                        inadequate financial resources and academic preparation, with
take into consideration their preparation, commitment and desire                        an opportunity to realize their academic potential. The program
to attend college. The Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) at                         provides students with financial and academic assistance, and
the State University of New York (SUNY) addresses this issue by                         equips them with a strong support system.
providing qualifying students with the necessary keys to succeed
in college.                                                                             Antonio Bonilla ’87, ’05g (Hum. Ed.), interim director of the
                                                                                        Educational Opportunity Program at New Paltz, believes the
                                                                                        importance of a college education is even greater for academically
                                                                                        and financially disadvantaged students. He said when the entrance
                                                                                        to college is no longer obstructed by a lack of resources, EOP
                                                                                        students can focus their attention on doing well.

                                                                                        “Once students have bitten into the idea that a college education is
                                                                                        attainable, success breeds success,” said Bonilla.

                                                                                        All EOP students come from low-income families. In order to
                                                                                        be financially eligible, an applicant’s family income must meet
                                                                                        specific guidelines. For example, a family of two must have an
                                                                                        annual salary or wage income below $24,400 in order to qualify.

                                                                                        EOP students must also demonstrate the academic potential to
                                                                                        succeed in college. A first-year EOP applicant may be considered
                                                                                        academically eligible if they meet any one of the following criteria:
                                                                                        have between a 75 and 85 high school average; have a combined
                                                                                        verbal and mathematic SAT score below 1050; or attended a non-
                                                                                        college preparatory, general or vocational high school.
                                                                      Photo submitted

First-year students at Summer Orientation 2007.

6     Observer, Volume XXV, No. 2
Bonilla said students who qualify for EOP often do not know            He said advisors are also available to assist with personal issues –
what to expect when they arrive on campus, because they have           such as dealing with a death in the family – that may hinder a
no previous exposure to college. At New Paltz, 85 percent of the       student’s educational pursuits.
more than 500 EOP students attended inner-city high schools
without college preparatory courses.                                   “Not everyone comes in with the same story,” he said. “We
                                                                       maintain one-on-one contact with our students to make sure they
Jessica Vargas ’02 (Intl. Bus.), was raised in a single-parent         stay connected with the college.”
family and had an 85 average in high school, but her mother
could not afford to send her to college. She said EOP provided         Olive Rose ’01 (Psych.), a public relations associate for the New
her with all the resources she needed for a successful four years      York Bridge Authority, said, “I was able to walk into the EOP
at New Paltz.                                                          office and see my advisor about anything at practically anytime.”

 “A student like me would not have gotten the opportunity to show      During a difficult time at college, when Rose needed to take a
what they were capable of without it,” said Vargas, who today is a     semester off, she said her advisor kept in touch to make sure she
senior marketing manager with Reader’s Digest in New York City.

The EOP program not only provides financial resources, but also
additional services to support the success, retention and graduation
of its students. For example, all first-year EOP students at New
Paltz participate in a yearlong orientation that includes a seminar

                                                                                                                                              Photo by Kristin Charles-Scaringi
class, counseling and tutoring.

Robert Hancock III, an EOP advisor at New Paltz, said EOP
students belong to a close-knit community of peer mentors and
advisors dedicated to student success. In addition to assisting
students academically, advisors, who are full-time college
employees, serve as advocates for them in areas such as financial
aid, records and registration and career development. Many             Fifty EOP students were inducted in the Beta Omicron Chapter
students in the program are the first members of their families        of the Chi Alpha Epsilon (XAE) National Honors Society for
to attend college, and Hancock said they can benefit from the          opportunity program students at SUNY New Paltz at the sixth
attention from someone who knows the college campus.                   annual event held at the college in May 2008.

    Forty Years and Going Strong
    The State University of New York’s Education Opportunity Program, the second oldest program of its kind in the country,
    marked 40 years last year.

    An anniversary party was held on November 2, 2007 in Albany. EOP alumni from across the statewide system were honored,
    including four New Paltz graduates, who each received the Distinguished EOP Alumni Award.

    The New Paltz recipients were Robert Jackson ’75 (Pol. Sci.) a New York City Council Representative; Tomas D. Morales
    ’75 (Sec. Ed.), President of the College of Staten Island; Edward Paulion ’91 (Hist.) a professor at John Jay College of
    Criminal Justice; and Jocelyn Santana ’87 (Eng.), author, scholar, and the Director of Program for English Language Learners
    in District 79 in New York City.

                                                                                               Observer, Volume XXV, No. 2               7
returned to New Paltz. “He never saw leaving school as an option,          New Paltz’s EOP the highest retention and graduation rates in the
even when I felt I couldn’t carry on,” she said.                           SUNY system. This distinction received national recognition in
                                                                           2004 with the Noel-Levitz Retention Excellence Award and the
In their first year at college, EOP students are also paired with          program often serves as a model for other schools looking to
a sophomore, junior or senior student, known as a peer mentor,             improve their EOP success rates.
who can provide an inside look at college life. Calvin Luo ’06
(Acct.), ’08g (Bus. Admin.) said when he arrived at New Paltz              Current EOP student Mamadou Diack ’10 (Fin., Asian Stud.)
he met with his peer mentor on a weekly basis to make sure he              said that having an advisor who is passionate about his success
stayed on track.                                                           has given him the opportunity to make the most of his time at New
                                                                           Paltz. In his first two years in college, Diack has worked toward
“Thanks to the mentor program, we developed a long-term                    a business degree, served as a peer mentor, worked in the EOP
friendship, and we are still keeping in touch,” said Luo. “He              office, and applied to be a resident assistant.
called me and told me that he was getting married recently.”
                                                                           “Kids who come in with EOP have a better chance of success,
Bonilla said it is this close attention that has consistently earned       because you are not left by yourself,” Diack said.

    Come Together:
    Alumni and EOP Students Network
    In January, an EOP Alumni-Student Networking session
    was held in New York City. The event served as a pilot
    program for a new initiative of the Career Resource
    Center to connect students with alumni working in the
    fields they are looking to enter after graduation.

    Solomon Kuffour ’10 (Undeclared) said the event was
    valuable. “I met some wonderful people who I was able
    to establish some connection with in regard to securing
    an internship, or just seeking basic advice,” he said.

    Stacy Brown ’92 (Comm., Blck. Stud.) attended the
    event to not only share the insights he has gained as
    project coordinator for the Classic Upward Bound
    Program at the University of Delaware in Newark, but
    to visit with old friends and to meet the new faces of the
                                                                                                                                        Photo submitted

    program. “I was very impressed by the students who
    attended,” said Brown. “It gave me a great feeling that
    the Educational Opportunity Program is still providing
    that bridge for students to succeed despite educational            Solomon Kuffour ’10 (Undeclared) spoke with Desmond Murray
    and financial challenges they faced before entering                ’82 (Comm.) at the first-ever EOP Alumni-Student Networking
    college.”                                                          Session in New York City in January 2008.

8     Observer, Volume XXV, No. 2
Observer, Volume XXV, No. 2   9

Profile of an Alum:
Herb Trimpe ’99g
     by Kurt Anthony Krug
     Images courtesy Herb Trimpe ’99g

           hen artist Herb Trimpe ’99g (Human. Ed.) broke              Norton plays Banner, Liv Tyler plays Betty, and William Hurt
           into comics in 1966, he was rejected by DC Comics           plays Thunderbolt.
           but hired by Marvel Comics that same day, remaining
there for 30 years.                                                    Little did Trimpe know that he would be drawing the Hulk for
                                                                       eight years, working with several writers. “Stan stuck his head in
“I had just gotten out of the Air Force and was looking for work. I    my office one day and asked if I’d like to do the Hulk. I thought,
went to DC first and they weren’t that interested. That afternoon, I   ‘Okay, great.’ I didn’t see it as a big deal. It was regular freelance
went to Marvel and got work right away. It’s pretty amazing when       work to do while I was on staff,” said Trimpe. “In those days,
you think about it,” recalled Trimpe, 69, of Rhinebeck, N.Y., who      people just stayed on the book as long as it sold.”
earned his master’s degree in humanistic education from New
Paltz.                                                                 According to Trimpe, the Hulk wasn’t always popular. His
                                                                       original series lasted six issues, but there was enough interest in
Trimpe joined Marvel full-time, doing art corrections and              the character to chronicle his adventures in “Tales to Astonish.”
operating the Photostat machine. He also inked on a freelance          When Trimpe assumed the art chores in 1967, the character
basis. The first book he penciled was Marvel’s “Two-Gun Kid.”          returned to an eponymous title.

From there, Trimpe drew “The Incredible Hulk,” one of Marvel’s
flagship characters and pop culture icon. The brainchild of Stan
Lee and Jack Kirby, the Hulk debuted in 1962, when Dr. Bruce
Banner was transformed into a green-skinned monster after over
exposure to gamma radiation.

Described as “Jekyll and Hyde for the Atomic Age,” Banner
became the Hulk when enraged or stressed. The military hunted
the Hulk relentlessly. The character is so popular that he has been
adapted for television and film. The most well-known incarnation
is “The Incredible Hulk” TV series which ran from 1977-82,
starring Bill Bixby as Banner and Lou Ferrigno as the Hulk.

“I see the Hulk as a non-violent individual. He becomes violent
only when he perceives a threat,” said Trimpe. “The Hulk just
wants to get along with everyone and be accepted for what he is.
He was always kind to children. He has a big heart.”

In an era of movies based on comic book characters, the Hulk           Herb Trimpe drawing Wolverine at Baltimore Comic Conference
returns this year in “The Incredible Hulk.” This time, Edward          2007.

10      Observer, Volume XXV, No. 2
                                           Trimpe drew the Hulk on the cover of a 1971 issue of Rolling
                                           Stone, which profiled Marvel. He was the first artist to draw
                                           Wolverine, who debuted in “Hulk” in 1974. Wolverine next
                                           appeared in “X-Men,” becoming one of Marvel’s most popular
                                           characters – rivaling Spider-Man – and appearing in numerous
                                           comics, two animated series, and three blockbuster movies.
                                           Hugh Jackman, who played Wolverine in the three X-Men
                                           movies, reprises his role for the 2009 spin-off, “X-Men Origins:

                                           “Wolverine was a throwaway character, no more, no less. He
                                           didn’t become The Wolverine we all know until he joined the X-
                                           Men,” said Trimpe. “By that time, he was a different character.
                                           His true birth was with the “X-Men” book.”

                                           Trimpe eventually left the series because he wanted to move
                                           on. His artwork appeared in “Marvel Team-Up,” “Iron Man,”
                                           “Fantastic Four,” “Transformers” and almost every title Marvel
                                           published. Most notably, he drew many issues of the toy-comic
                                           “G.I. Joe” and “G.I. Joe: Special Missions,” its spin-off. A “G.I.
                                           Joe” movie is in production.

                                           “(“G.I. Joe”) was offered to me because editorial thought I’d draw
                                           the hardware accurately. I had a lot of toys as references and a
                                           binder with models of the characters that was three inches thick,”
                                           said Trimpe.

                                           In the late 1980s, Marvel was bought by New World
                                           Entertainment. It eventually went public in 1991 and bankrupt
                                           in 1996, ending Trimpe’s career there. “It went from a mom-
                                           and-pop publisher to a corporation. That was the beginning of
                                           the end. One of the things that made Marvel was trying different
                                           things, creating new characters and bringing in artists who put an
                                           extreme twist on the ball.”

                                           Trimpe had been giving workshops at various schools and substitute
                                           teaching, paving the way for his next vocation. He became an art
                                           teacher in Eldred Central School in upstate New York.

                                           “I really liked being in the classroom,” he said.

                                           Trimpe taught for two years before retiring. He has since been
                                           doing commissions and sporadic projects for Marvel, Image
                                           Comics and Dark Horse Comics. He also penned a novel, which
                                           his agent is trying to sell.

                                           When looking back on his career as an artist, Trimpe said the best
                                           thing was managing his own time.

                                           “You got to work when necessary, which was fine as long as you
                                           got the job done,” said Trimpe. “I was also home with my kids
                                           when they grew up. Some dads don’t get the opportunity to do
                                           that. That was a fun thing to do.”

                                           Visit Trimpe’s Web site at
Hulk and Captain America commission job.

                                                                 Observer, Volume XXV, No. 2              11
New Paltz Athletics
Spurs Lasting Sense of
     By Lee Conell ’09 (Engl.)

Athletics at New Paltz isn’t just about exercise and adrenaline      Like Manzi, basketball and baseball player Anthony Gamboli
rushes. It’s also about a long history of mentorship, teamwork and   ’60 (Behavior Sci.) felt his team acted as one, thanks to the efforts
friendship.                                                          of Coach Campbell.

In 2008, basketball and baseball celebrate approximately 60 years    “Back then we had a lot of vets on the teams,” Gamboli said,
of uninterrupted post-World War II play at New Paltz since World     referring to the Korean War veterans who came to New Paltz on
War II, when all men’s sports were disbanded. Soccer celebrates      the Government Issue (GI) bill. “We had loads of guys that were
its 50th anniversary in the fall of 2008 and in the fall of 2007,    22, 23 years old coming into the mix – a diversity of young men.
the cross country team marked its own 50th year. Although each       But Loren Campbell treated everyone like family.”
of these teams had its share of great stars and big wins during
its first years, what stays with many of the players is a sense of   Gamboli, who became a teacher and a basketball and golf coach,
camaraderie.                                                         said Campbell was an institution.

While today’s teams practice in the Athletics and Wellness Center,   Campbell’s presence at the college was felt by other students
Frank Manzi ’52 (Ed.) began basketball practice in 1948 in the       as well. Reed Jarvis ’58 (Art Ed.) had seen Campbell around
Old Main Gym where there was hardly room for spectators.             campus, and had always admired him. However, when he invited
Manzi remembers players running down the court at top speeds,
missing the basket and hurtling through the entry doors located
under the basket.

The court space may have been small, but basketball earned a
big place in Manzi’s New Paltz experience. As one of the tallest
students on campus, Manzi’s height got him noticed by Coach
Loren Campbell, who encouraged him to try out for the team and
worked with him on his game.

“He was very patient,” said Manzi, who eventually became team
captain. Manzi said playing on a team, rather than his individual
triumphs, is what he remembers most. “You’re almost like one         The 1959 baseball team, including Anthony Gamboli ’60 (Behav.
unit,” he said.                                                      Sci.), first row, second from the left.

12       Observer, Volume XXV, No. 2
the coach to a Colgate-West Point football game, he had no idea        Current Athletic Director and former men’s soccer coach, Stuart
he had set in motion the birth of the New Paltz cross country team.    Robinson, has also found friendship to be the lasting importance
At the game, after Jarvis told Campbell he ran cross country in        in athletics. “After 15 years of coaching,” Robinson said, “I think
high school, Campbell decided New Paltz needed a cross country         it’s really the camaraderie, the shared experience of brotherhood
team of its own. New Paltz had no fall sports at the time.             and fraternity, that develops amongst the team members, that you
                                                                       always remember.”
The first cross country team’s uniform consisted of sweat pants
and white t-shirts with “NPSTC” (New Paltz Student Teaching
College) stenciled on them. However, the school did provide the
team with decent running shoes, an act Jarvis, who was part of the
first team, saw as highly symbolic.                                         Upcoming Athletics Reunions
“The school made an investment in us,” Jarvis said, “and it
                                                                              January 10, 2009:         Men’s Basketball
paid off.”                                                                                              Women’s Basketball
                                                                              January 24, 2009:         Men’s Volleyball
A year later, the college made another investment in fostering
athletic roots and began a varsity soccer team. Most of its players                April 18, 2009:      Women’s Volleyball
were veterans who had experience with football, but had never                      April 25, 2009:      Men’s Soccer
played soccer before in their lives; even their coach, Charles
                                                                                                        Women’s Soccer
“Chuck” Wolbers, had minimal experience. The soccer team
never put aside its football tendencies, which made for “many                      April 26, 2009:      Field Hockey
penalties – but a lot of good times,” according to player Savario
“Sam” Mungo ’60 (Elem. Ed.).                                                  For more information contact Liam Welsh at
When the soccer team had a reunion in 2006, Mungo said it felt
like they’d only been separated for a long weekend, not 48 years.

    Women’s Athletics
    The history of female sports teams at New Paltz reflects the obstacles

                                                                                                                                         Photo courtesy Janelle Feuz
    that women athletes across the nation have faced, and fought against.
    According to current athletic director Stuart Robinson, in the early history
    of the college, women had little opportunity to play competitively. While
    women created their own athletic association (WAA) in the 1920s, they
    were mostly limited to field days and intramural activities.

    Carol Eckman, an associate professor of physical education at the                2008 Carol Eckman Society Award winners
    college, challenged this limitation in 1963, when she received permission        Silver Williams and Jessica DiFabio, pictured
    from administrator and coach Loren Campbell to begin a competitive               with Dr. Charlotte West, the keynote speaker at
    basketball team for women. Eckman’s efforts are still recognized today           this year’s ceremony.
    with the Carol Eckman award, which honors female athletes at New Paltz
    who act as role models to current and future female athletes.

    Slowly but surely women’s athletics were given the chance to grow, thanks in part to efforts like Eckman’s, as well as the
    development of the Association of Intercollegiate Athletics for Women (AIAW) and Title IX (1972), which prohibited
    discrimination on the basis of gender in school activities. Still, it was only in the 1985-86 academic year that proper records of
    games were kept and athletics for women at New Paltz began to resemble what they are today.

    “Now, women’s teams at New Paltz are flourishing,” says Robinson. With the return of women’s lacrosse, nine of New Paltz’s
    15 intercollegiate sports are open to women.
                                                                                                     —Lee Conell ’09 (Engl.)

                                                                                              Observer, Volume XXV, No. 2                              13
Campus Memories

     Still together after all these years!

                                                                                                                              Photo courtesy Philomena C. Poli ’54
     1954 New Paltz grads’ “Spring Reunion” on June 5, 2007 in East Northport, N.Y. Left to right: Eileen (Carozza) Abrams
     (Ago), Doris (Wenchel) Nostrand (Clio), Pat (French) Basso (Clio), Joan (Kailen) McNulty (Clio), Phil (Cardillo) Poli
     (Clio), Joan (Cassidy) Corie (Clio)

     Have you had a baby recently?                                   Gayle (Jacobs) Olson ’68 (Ed.) recently retired after
                                                                     37 years in public education. She has “many, many fond
                                                                     memories” of New Paltz and submitted the following
     All alumni are invited to request their official “Future
     New Paltz Alumni” bib from the Office of Alumni Affairs.

     Send us your child’s name, date of birth, weight and a
     photo (if you would like) to be included in our new New
     Paltz Baby Book, which is available for viewing on our
     Web site at
                                                                                                                              Photo courtesy Gayle (Jacobs) Olson ’68

     Office of Alumni Affairs
     SUNY New Paltz
     Hopfer House
     7oo Hawk Drive
     New Paltz, NY 12561

                                                                     Gayle (Jacobs) Olson ’68 and her parents outside the
                                                                     Units on the SUNY New Paltz campus in the late ’60s.
14      Observer, Volume XXV, No. 2
                                                                                   Reading Room

                              C. M. Barons ’76 (Comm.) announced the release of his first
                              novel, “In the Midst Of” (New Age World Printing, 2008).
                              The book is a vivid story combined with memories. For more
                              information visit

Andrew Eisenberg ’82 (Asian Stud.), associate professor of
Asian history at Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago,
just published a book titled “Kingship in Early Medieval China”
(Brill, 2008).

                              William A. Grossfield ’68 (Behav. Sci.), ’70g (Ed.), ’76cas (Ed.
                              Admin.) published “Stuck in the Sixties: The Ollie Richards Story”
                              (xlibris, 2008). The book takes place mainly in the 1960s during
                              Mr. Grossfield’s college years and is semi-autobiographical. For
                              more information, visit

Michelle D. Kwasney ’82 (Art Ed.) published her second novel,
“ITCH” (Henry Holt, 2008), for middle-grade readers. You can
find out more by visiting Michelle’s Web site at www.michelled

                                                                       Observer, Volume XXV, No. 2   15
Reading Room

                    Poet and guitarist Frank Malley ’87/’72, ’99g (Engl.) created a
                    small book of poetry titled “Millenium Infant” (2007). The book
                    is available at Monkey Joe Roasting Co. in Kingston, N.Y. and by
                    emailing Malley at

                                                      Meri Weiss ’06g (Engl.) had her debut novel, “Closer to Fine”
                                                      (Kensington Books, 2008), published this summer.

                    Donna Wilkinson ’75 (Engl.) had her book, “The Only 127
                    Things You Need: A Guide to Life’s Essentials” (Tarcher/
                    Penguin Books, 2008) published this spring. For the last nine
                    years she has also worked as a freelance editor and writer for
                    The New York Times.

Chris Forman ’02 (Hist.) is the author of two published books            Florence DeVaughn-Gertsen ’01g (Child. Ed.) published a
and with another one due out this year. He was also named best           new book, titled “Soulmates” (Linden Hill Publishers, 2007),
local author by the Times Herald-Record in the annual reader’s           about genealogy, mystery, horse-racing and romance. For more
poll and his book, “Dead Men Don’t Jog” (Infinity Publishing,            information, visit
2006), was named best book.
                                                                         Josephine Nobisso ’74 is the author of 43 beloved books for
Jason Gehlert ’98 (Comm.) his newest novel, “Contagion,” available       children and pseudonymous novels for adults. She conducts
through Publishers ( This           100 author programs each year and has earned many significant
is Gehlert’s fourth release and centers on a virus outbreak in a small   honors, among them the Friend of Education Award. Her book,
African colony where a team of doctors and the U.S. military must        “Show Don’t Tell: Secrets of Writing” (Gingerbread House,
race against the clock to save the colonists and themselves. Horror      2004) was given the Global Learning Initiative Award.
Fiction Weekly calls the publication “ambitious, fast-paced, and
reads like a cult movie.”                                                Robert Sommer ’78g (Engl.) had his debut novel, “Where the
                                                                         Wind Blew” (The Wessex Collective, 2008), published this
16      Observer, Volume XXV, No. 2
                                                                                                      Reading Room
Anne Spollen ’80, ’91g (Engl.) didn’t know the important role that New Paltz would play in her
life when, in the seventh grade, she made weekend trips to the Hudson Valley to visit her older
brother, Thomas Spollen ’76 (Engl.), at the campus. But even then she recognized that New Paltz
was unique.

“I remember thinking New Paltz was incredibly beautiful,” she said. “And everybody who I met
through my brother seemed really happy with school.”

Those trips encouraged Spollen to choose New Paltz for college, not knowing the formative role it
would play in her artistic development. As an English major, Spollen was impressed by the way her
professors would frequently read from their own published works when they wanted to illustrate a
point in literature.

“That was sort of amazing to us as students,” Spollen said, “how casually they would pull one of their books from their
briefcases and read from their fiction or poetry as if it were a commonplace, expected event.”

As a result, Spollen was motivated to take herself seriously as a writer, a move that paid off. Her first young adult novel, “Shape
of Water,” released this April (Flux, 2008), was nominated for the National Book Award in Young People’s Literature.

Spollen not only found artistic inspiration at New Paltz, she also found love.

She remembers meeting Philip Pileggi ’77 (Econ.), a New Paltz graduate who lived in an off-campus apartment across from
her, two weeks before she graduated. At first, Spollen refused to date Pillegi because he seemed too old for her. “He had a car
and a job,” she said. “I just had a bicycle.”

But Pileggi won her over. After Spollen graduated, they kept in touch through letters and phone calls for two years until Spollen
returned to New Paltz full time in 1982 to earn credits to become a certified English teacher. They married in 1989. As they
searched for a place to settle down, they found they couldn’t stop thinking about their college town. “Every place we went, we’d
say ‘It isn’t as a nice as New Paltz.’ We finally looked at each other and said, ‘New Paltz is like home,’” Spollen said. She went
on to teach freshman composition at the college between 1987 and 1990 while she was a graduate student.

She currently lives in New Jersey with her husband and three children, and is working on a second young adult novel set in
New Paltz.
                                                                                                 —Lee Conell ’09 (Engl.)

Honor with Books at the Sojourner Truth Library
  Honor a loved one, celebrate an achievement, plate a book today!
Join the Friends of the Sojourner Truth Library at SUNY New Paltz.
                                 Borrowing privileges and a great deal more.
                                               Call today (845) 257-3719

                                                                                          Observer, Volume XXV, No. 2                 17
Artists’ Corner

     Amy Bergenfeld ’78 (Theatre) had a photograph included
     in the “Here is New York: Remembering 9/11” exhibit at
     the New York Historical Society earlier this year.

                                                                                                                                                          Image courtesy Amy Bergenfeld ’78
                                                                                         “A Message from Lubbock, Texas to Citizens of New York City,”

                                                                                 Glen Kalen ’81 (Theatre) established Kalen
                                                                                 Woodworks in 1987 with the idea that he would create
                                                                                 work from his own designs with integrity and honor for
                                                                                 the materials. For more information, visit his Web site
                                                 Image courtesy Glen Kalen ’81

         China Cabinet, curly cherry, Makore,
         glass, brass and granite, 48”w, 27”d,
         83”h, 2008                                                                                                                                       Image courtesy Dylan McManus ’07g

     Dylan McManus ’07g (Print.) was awarded one of two
     Equal Status Awards during the 2008 Lithuanian Print
     Biennial “Now Art Now Future.” His exhibition, “Let
     Us Eat Cakes,” was one of 40 entries featuring artists
     working in the field of contemporary printmaking. For
     further details, visit
                                                                                         “Let Us Eat Cake No. 2 (Iraqi Detainee w/Son),” edible pigment
                                                                                         print on decorated cake with sprinkles, 2007

18      Observer, Volume XXV, No. 2
                                                                                                                              Artists’ Corner

                                                                                                Don Kachmor ’68 (Art Ed.) has been painting,
                                                                                                drawing and producing prints of wildlife, landscapes
                                                                                                and Native America for decades. Several of Kachmor’s
                                                                                                original wildlife portraits are in the collections of The
                                                                                                National Park Service at Yellowstone and Grand Teton
                                                                                                National Parks in Wyoming, and Denali National Park
                                                                                                in Alaska.

                                                               Print courtesy Don Kachmor ’68
“Mohonk Autumn,” watercolor

Maria I. Lazo ’96 (Sculpt.) is the co-founder of Turn
of the Century Renaissance, which matches artists with
business owners who happen to have blank walls or large
picture windows that would benefit from fresh artwork.
Most of the spaces where works are displayed are within
the Rondout neighborhood of Kingston, N.Y. For more
information call Lazo at (845) 339-1452.

                                                                                                                                                            Image courtesy Maria Lazo ’96

                                                          “Tea and Lanterns in the Garden,” oil

                                                                                                                Observer, Volume XXV, No. 2                                 19
Artists’ Corner
Art Announcements & Notes
Jacqueline Ahl ’98, ’06g (Engl.) ) is the learning disability          Hester Keith ’03 (Cer.) had her sculpture exhibit displayed at the
specialist at SUNY New Paltz. She is also an instructor for            Unison Gallery at Water Street Market in New Paltz during the
Summer Institute for the Gifted at Vassar College, teaching            months of June and July. Hester’s work explores human emotion
courses in improvisation, writing and philosophy. Her play, “Fear      through sculptural forms and is shown in local galleries, including
Itself,” won Best New One-Act Play for 2005 from the Brevard           a group exhibit “In Ascension” at Unison earlier in the year. For
Little Theatre in North Carolina, and is in permanent rotation with    more information, visit
their traveling theatre troupe, BLT-To-Go. Her recent publications
include “Memories” in Vanguard Voices of the Valley: Poetry            Heather Kelly ’05 (Wom. Stud., Art) displayed her prints at an
2007 and “The Laws of What Happens” in Riverine: An                    exhibition, “Push and Pull,” at the Steuben South Gallery at the
Anthology of Hudson Valley Writing. She recently relocated to          Pratt Institute in Brooklyn in April.
Wallkill, N.Y., but remains a New Paltzian at heart.
                                                                       John McGowan ’83 (Anthro.) had his short film, “Apogee
Myung Choi ’03g (Cer.) was selected as an emerging artist              Circles,” showcased and reviewed on The Virtual Channel
presenter for the closing session of the 2008 National Council         Network. The project can be seen at www.virtualchannelnetwork.
on the Education of Ceramic Arts Conference in March in                com/channels/reel_deal/ep28.cfm.
                                                                       The work of Rose (Tripoli) Mueller ’76 (Theatre) was
Barbara Esmark ’84 (Paint.), Laura Coffey ’83g (Fine Arts)             featured in the March-April issue of Clay Times Magazine. The
and Judith Hoyt ’80 (Print.) were part of the “Spring Renewal”         illustrated work, titled “The Sage and The Boy,” won first place
exhibit at be Gallery in High Falls, N.Y. this past May. For more      at Spartanburg County Museum of Art’s Sidewalk Art Festival.
information, visit                                  Additional work may be seen at the Southern Highland Craft
                                                                       Guild’s Parkway Craft Center in the Moses Cone Manor in
Stephen Fabrico ’77 (Cer.) and his work were featured in Hudson        Blowing Rock, N.C.
Valley Magazine’s Winter 2008 issue ( For
more information about Fabrico’s work, contact him at (845)            Theresa Torchiano ’04 (Sculp.) was assistant editor for the
331-4760 or                                        documentary film “Trouble the Water,” which won the Grand Jury
                                                                       Prize for Best Documentary at the Sundance Film Festival.
Susan Fox (Art Ed., Engl.) recently appeared in an Artist Profile on
Craft Leftovers’ Web site (        Karen Walcott ’06 (Theatre), Alyson Konsker ’04 (Engl.),
Fox owns and operates Foxaz Handmade ( in               Jamie Gerardi ’04 and former faculty member David Cohen
Kingman, Ariz.                                                         (Theatre) had plays produced Off-Off-Broadway in the production
                                                                       “Animals R Us” in November in New York City. All are members
Gloria Gifford ’67 presented an evening of very short scenes           of the SUNY Playwrights Project headed by Larry Carr (Engl.).
at The Matrix Theatre in Los Angeles this past February.
For more information on the Gloria Gifford actors, email               April Warren ’02 (Paint.) had her work hosted by the Unison                                                      Gallery in New Paltz, N.Y. She is a painter and printmaker whose
                                                                       work treads the line between realism and abstraction. Warren has
Jeremy Holmes ’07 (Sculp.) was awarded a Windgate Fellowship           had her work shown in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Lancaster, Pa.,
from the Center of Creativity and Craft Design in Hendersonville,      and is featured in a number of local venues and publications.
N.C. The $15,000 fellowship is awarded to 10 undergraduate
students nationally for their artistic merit and promise.              Marlene Wiedenbaum ’83g (Human. Ed.) held a solo exhibit at
                                                                       Pritzker Studio and Gallery in Highland, N.Y. in June. The solo
Rob Jameson ’06 (Comm.) headed a video documentary project             exhibition featured pastel paintings. For more information, visit
in Dec. 2007 titled “The 151 Wooster St. Wall,” with Bryan   
Neilon ’07 (Comm.). The film, which is about the graffiti found
behind a wall at 151 Wooster St. in SoHo, Manhattan, was shown         Cynthia Winika ’64 (Art Ed.) imprints the spores of various
during the opening night celebration of an art exhibition about the    fungi by placing them ribside down on a flat wooden surface
wall, the façade of which was tagged by artists like Jean-Michel       for extended periods of time, then secures the permanence
Basquiat and hiphop artist Fab-5 Freddie.                              of the resulting images by complex techniques involving
                                                                       encaustic. Winika is an artist-in-residence at Artists In Residence
Samantha (Lally) Jones ’93 (Theatre) teaches her students how          ( in New York, N.Y.
to find, prepare and even write their own monologues. Jones
teaches the basics of comedy improvisation and techniques to
loosen up and think quickly at auditions, work and play. For more
information, contact her at

20     Observer, Volume XXV, No. 2
SUNY New Paltz Arts Events
       Fall 2008
                    Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art
          Hours: Tues.–Fri. 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.; Sat./Sun., 1 – 5 p.m.
                    Admission is free and open to all.

         The Edge of the Sublime: Enamels by Jamie Bennett
                       Sept. 27 – Nov. 16, 2008
           Opening reception: Fri., Sept. 26, 2008 – 5-8 p.m.

       Lilo Raymond Photographs: An Elegant and Natural Light
                         Oct. 10 – Dec. 14, 2008
             Opening reception: Frid., Oct. 10, 2008 – 5-8 p.m.

                  Musical Performances
                                 Madera Vox
                Oct. 28, 8 p.m., McKenna Theatre, $6, $5, $3
   An eclectic chamber music to play works of Kurt Weill, Maurice Ravel,
       David Gluck, Chandler Carter, Bill Douglas and Chick Corea.

                  Theatre Performances
COMPANY, book by George Furth, music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim
                        Oct. 16 – 26, 2008
              McKenna Theatre, Tickets are $18 and $16

           MEASURE FOR MEASURE, by William Shakespeare
                       November 13 – 23, 2008
                Parker Theatre, Tickets are $16 and $14

  For all arts events information please call or visit the Web site

                                                            Observer, Volume XXV, No. 2   21
Classmate Connector
     Looking for an old New Paltz friend? Looking for new New Paltz friends? Start by looking and listing here. Alumni of New
     Paltz live all over the world, and here is your opportunity to connect with them. The following are alumni and campus
     faculty/staff who have agreed to serve as a contact in their region or for their department. Contact them to learn more about
     connecting with your fellow alumni and with the College!

REGIONAL CONTACTS                  GEORGIA                               PENNSYLVANIA                   ALUMNI OF COLOR
                                   SUNY Atlanta                          Philadelphia                   Mr. Bakari Adeyemi (Desmond
ALABAMA                            Ms. Chris Garry ’77                   Ms. Lisa Ballanco ’90          Murray) ’82
Mr. David G. Stormer ’02           (770) 529-7907                        (610) 292-8264                 (845) 473-7370
(334) 329-9174                            
                                   sunyalumniofatlanta                   Western
                                                                         Ms. Jaime Slonim ’06           ASIAN NETWORK
ARIZONA                            Ms. Ying Huang ’01                    (516) 707-2494                 Professor Ronald Knapp
Ms. Celeste Johnson ’03            (678) 523-9454                           (845) 255-1362
(602) 206-0889                                                                                                                              
                                   SUNY Savannah                         SOUTH CAROLINA                 alumni
Ms. Gail Griffin ’73               Mr. Charles Dane ’80                  Karen Parker
(602) 366-3842                     (912) 231-9298                        (843) 873-1548                            ATHLETICS
                                                                                                        Department of Athletics
                                                                                                        (845) 257-3910
CALIFORNIA                         NEW ENGLAND                           UPPER MIDWEST        
Northern California                Mr. Robert Meyer ’59                  Ms. Linda U. Burke ’73         alumni.cfm
Mr. David Weiner ’72               (860) 673-4456                        (414) 963-4440
(925) 736-3655                                                                                                          BUSINESS
                                   Dr. David Levinson ’75                                               Aaron Hines
Southern California                (203) 857-7003                        VERMONT                        (845) 257-2968
Ms. Amy (Antler) Graham ’84                     Ms. Melisa Fattal ’98
(760) 942-9203                                                           (802) 951-5956                                                           alumni.html
                                   NEW YORK
COLORADO                           Rev. Erik Alvarez Lehtinen (Angona)   INTERNATIONAL                  COMMUNICATION & MEDIA
Ms. Karen Ryan                     ’91                                   Seoul, Korea                   Professor Pat Sullivan               (518) 220-4233                        Mr. Seung Yeoun Kim ’88        (845) 257-3684
                                  Phone: (822) 3216-9209
CAPITAL REGION-                    Ms. Robyn (Thurston) Sanders ’02                                     alumni.html
BALTIMORE, D.C.,                   (518) 339-7986                        Athens, Greece
RICHMOND & NORTHERN VA                   Ms. Maria Pektesi ’95
Ms. Cynthia Farrell Johnson ’76                                          Phone: (210) 259-7110          EDUCATION
(301) 589-2733                     New York City/New Jersey                    Ms. Martha Tait-Walkins              Mr. Steve Timmerman ’95, ’00g                                        (845) 257-2874
                                   (732) 974-0977                                             
Ms. Gorgette Green-Hodnett ’91                   DEPARTMENTAL &       
(301) 686-1919                                                           ORGANIZATIONAL CONTACTS             Rochester/Buffalo
                                   Ms. Carolyn Montibello ’96            AGONIAN ALUMNI                 GEOGRAPHY
Ms. Lois Hollan ’76                (716) 754-8309                        ASSOCIATION                    Professor Ronald Knapp                       Ms. JoAnn Vergona Krapp ’62    (845) 255-1362
                                                                         (516) 694-7146       
                                   PACIFIC NORTHWEST               alumni
                                   Mr. Thomas J. Fragasso ’86            alumnae.html
Rachel Domarew-Caselle ’00
(561) 737-6125                     (206) 988-0446     

22      Observer, Volume XXV, No. 2
                                                                                          Classmate Connector
STUDY ABROAD                            FLORIDA EAST
Mr. Bruce Sillner                       Mr. Matt Cohen ’80
(845) 257-3125                          (561) 454-3315                         We’re listed on many Web sites these         
Facebook: New Paltz Study Abroad                                               days. Be sure to look for your New                                                  Paltz connections (department, team,
returning.html                          NEW YORK
                                        Mid-Hudson                             organization, etc.) on the following
                                        Ms. Diane Fiscina ’88                  networking sites:
SUNY NEW PALTZ ALUMNI                   (845) 462-2207
Mr. Michael Reifmueller ’00
(845) 255-4756                          New York City                           -MySpace
                                        Ms. Dina Zeffiro Shingleton ’97
sunynewpaltzalumniassociation@m                                  (201) 332-3985
                                                                                                 -Yahoo Groups
alumniassociation.html                                                          -Google Groups
                                        If you are interested in serving        -LinkedIn
ALUMNI ASSOCIATION                      as a volunteer, please contact
CHAPTERS                                the Office of Alumni Affairs at
                                        1-877-HAWK-001 (option #1)             And if you know of a New Paltz group
FIRST WORLD                                                                    on another site, let us know so that
Professor Margaret Wade-Lewis
(845) 257-2766                                                                 we can add you to our list. Staying                                                          connected has never been easier!

    Remember Your Dorm                                                     ALUMNI CAREER SERVICES
                                                                           The Career Resource Center provides a number of

      Freshman Year…?                                                      services to New Paltz alumni.

                                                                           How WE can help you:
                                                                           •   Individual Career Counseling
                                                                           •   Personality and Interest Assessments
                                                                           •   Job Search Preparation
                                                                           •   Credentials Service
                                                                           •   eRecruiting Online Job Database
    W        e can’t improve on your memories of Scudder or Deyo or
             Bliss, but we can offer some comforts of our own for your
    next visit to New Paltz. Stay with us during your next campus visit
                                                                           How YOU can help our students:
    or vacation getaway and we’ll be pleased to contribute 10% of          • Serve as a career mentor—speak with students
    your bill to SUNY New Paltz.                                             about your position or company
       Just minutes away from campus in a spectacular 2,200-acre           • Participate in alumni career panels for your field
    setting, Mohonk Mountain House is one of America’s leading               or academic major
    resorts. A Full American Plan resort, our rates include meals and
                                                                           • List an internship or job opportunity for your
    most activities. Be sure to mention you’re a SUNY New Paltz alum
    when you stay with us so we can contribute in your name.
                                                                             company on eRecruiting
                                                                           • Recruit New Paltz students through on-campus
                                                                             recruiting or career fairs

                                                                           To find out more, contact the SUNY New Paltz
                         New Paltz • NY 12561
                                                                           Career Resource Center at 845-257-3265 or

                                                                                            Observer, Volume XXV, No. 2           23
Class Notes
                                              Address your class notes to: Class Notes, Office of Alumni Affairs,
                                              SUNY New Paltz, 700 Hawk Drive, New Paltz, NY 12561-2441; fax number
is 845-257-3951; e-mail address is Correspondence, which may be edited for purposes of clarity
or space, should include your full name, class year, major, address, home telephone and e-mail address.

Marion (Taylor) Strebel ’28 (Ed.)            is looking forward to filling his retirement    from the Georgia Museum of Art, in
was honored for her contributions to         years with similar and enjoyable                Athens, Ga.
the education of many generations of         activities.
Monroe, N.Y., children at a ceremony                                                         Ed Falco ’70 (Engl.), professor of English
as part of the school’s celebration of its   Roseann O’Reilly Runte ’68 (For.                and director of creative writing and the
100th anniversary. Strebel was one of the    Lang.) was appointed president and              Master of Fine Arts program in creative
school’s first teachers and will also turn   vice chancellor of Carleton University          writing in the College of Liberal Arts and
100 this year.                               in Ottawa, Canada. Dr. Runte is fluently        Human Sciences at Virginia Tech, was
                                             bilingual and the author of five volumes        awarded a $25,000 Literature Fellowship
William Tucker ’54 (Ed.) is the co-owner     of creative writing, which have been            in Prose from the National Endowment
of the Salem Volcanoes, a baseball team      translated into English, Chinese, Korean,       for the Arts. Falco will use the fellowship
of the Northwest League, in Salem, Ore.      Japanese and Romanian. She has also             to work on a new collection of short
His team, which is affiliated with the San   written extensively on topics ranging from      stories.
Francisco Giants, won the championship       literature and education to economic and
in 2007 and was named the Minor League       cultural development.                           Sanford Koeppel ’71 (Soc.), vice
Team of the Year, a first for an A-level,                                                    president of legislative and regulatory
short-season team.                           C. Otis Sweezey ’69 (Theatre) retired           affairs for Prudential Retirement, was
                                             after teaching at Southern Illinois             one of five new members selected by
Breda (Mannix) McMahon ’56 (Elem.            University-Edwardsville for 34 years. He        U.S. Secretary of Labor Elaine L. Chao to
Ed.) celebrated 60 years in the United       was chair of the department of theater and      serve on the U.S. Department of Labor’s
States after leaving Ireland at age 13.      dance for six years and designed more           2008 Advisory Council on Employee
She still remembers seeing the Statue        than 100 productions. After graduating          Welfare and Pension Benefit Plans.
of Liberty for the first time. She also      from New Paltz, he taught at Vassar
remembers the “great days at New Paltz”      College in Poughkeepsie, N.Y., for three        Deborah (Wilson) Dahlin ’72 (Art Ed.)
and would very much enjoy hearing from       years, during which time he met his wife,       is an art teacher at Elmcrest Elementary
any of her college friends. Notes can be     Theresa.                                        and was named the 2007 District Teacher
sent to or 323                                                          of the Year for the Liverpool School
Prince Ln., Kingston, N.Y. 12401.            Barbara (Hyslop) Clear ’70 (Elem.               District.
                                             Ed.) was selected as one of Chicago’s
Peter Jacobs ’60 (Vis. Arts) is an art       finest educators and was a recipient of the     Donna (Mastroianni) Kubovic ’72 (Sec.
professor at Colorado State University in    2008 Kohl McCormick Early Childhood             Ed., Engl.) wishes congratulations to the
Fort Collins, Colo. and was selected by      Teaching Award, an awards program               class of 1972 on their 35th anniversary
the National Art Education Association       to formally recognize the contributions         and says hello to all the Theta Phi
to receive the 2008 Pacific Region Higher    of teachers working with children from are all remembered fondly.
Education Art Educator of the Year           infancy through third grade.
Award.                                                                                       Penelope Welbourn-English ’72 (Sec.
                                             Robert R. Coleman ’70 (Art Hist.) is an         Ed.) retired from public school teaching
Jane (Loser) Cuozzo ’62 (Elem. Ed.)          associate professor of art history at the       grades 7-12 Science in 2004. She returned
is pleased to announce that she has been     University of Notre Dame and project            to school and is now a licensed massage
retired for seven years after teaching       director of the Inventory-Catalogue of          therapist running her own business.
for 30-plus years. She is the proud          Drawings in the Biblioteca Ambrosiana,          Welbourn-English was married in March
grandmother of five and relocated this       Milan, the first online inventory of drawings   2006.
year to Maryland from New York.              in a public collection. This collection
                                             can be viewed at            Connie (Kieffer) Duff ’73 (Sec. Ed.)
Charlie Doty ’67, ’70g (Sec. Ed./Bio.)       ambrosiana/ita/index.html. Coleman also         was named assistant superintendent for
completed his years as the president of      co-authored with Babette Bohn, “The Art         instruction for the Hilton Central School
the Lincoln Group of D.C. this June and      of Disegno: Italian Prints and Drawings”        District in Rochester, N.Y.

24     Observer, Volume XXV, No. 2
                                                                                                               Class Notes
Norman Blashka ’75 (Econ.) is the            fondest memories of New Paltz are               training officer, tasked with making sure
executive vice president and chief           learning organic gardening and wilderness       the city’s firefighters have the skills to do
financial officer of Salon Media Group,      skills, which he still applies to his work      their jobs.
Inc., an independent media company that      and lifestyle. Anyone who remembers
publishes Blashka has more        him and is interested in farm-sitting           John Turturro ’79 (Theatre) was given
than 20 years of related experience with     should email. Israel, as he is now called,      the Mid-Life Achievement Award at
public and private media and technology      and Cathie have a son working on his            this summer’s Maine International Film
companies and will oversee all of Salon’s    Ph.D. and a daughter who graduated as           Festival. Turturro is an award-winning
financial and corporate development          valedictorian last year. The empty nest is      actor who has appeared in more than
activities. Blashka also serves on the       well earned! He no longer has long hair.        60 movies. Turturro wrote, directed and
SUNY New Paltz Foundation board.                                                             appears in “Illuminata” and “Mac,” and
                                             John Hosie ’77 (Phil.) is director and          won an Emmy for his portrayal of Adrian
Jann Armantrout ’76 (Pol. Sci.) serves       founder of the AM/FM Men’s Barbershop           Monk’s brother, Ambrose Monk, in the
as life-issues coordinator for diocesan      Gospel Ministry in Gaithersburg, Md.            USA Network series “Monk.” He is also
Catholic Charities and became the 11th       His group performed the Star Spangled           a Golden Globe nominee and received
recipient of the annual Leo Holmsten         Banner at the Pentagon at the September         a Best Actor Award at the Cannes Film
Human Life Award last fall. Armantrout       11 Memorial Service in 2007, sharing the        Festival.
was also cited by the Monroe County          stage with the Newsboys and Ret. Col.
Legislature for her accomplishments.         Brian Birdwell, a victim and survivor of        Lisa (Hudson) Mims ’80 (Elem. Ed.)
                                             the attack on the Pentagon on September         was the 2008 Pleasantville Showcase
Steven Duhl ’76 is a solo practitioner       11, 2001. Hosie’s group performs                Technology Teacher of the Year, the
of law in the Wellington, Fla. area. Duhl    and ministers monthly to patients in            2008 Colonial School District Showcase
has respresented many clients over 25        nursing homes and hospitals around the          Technology Teacher of the Year and the
years and handles a wide varierty of         Washington, D.C. area and their repertoire      2008-2009 Pleasantville Teacher of the
cases, mostly in family law as well as       includes a mix of gospel music, hymns and       Year.
bankruptcies and other civil cases.          patriotic music all performed a cappella in
                                             four-part harmony.                              Bonnie Wright ’83 is the special events
Dr. Stuart Garber ’77 (Bio.) became                                                          manager for Bethel Woods Center for the
the first person in the country to receive   Scott Siegel ’78 (Bio.) is the vice             Arts and The Museum at Bethel Woods.
his doctorate in homeopathy. He since        president of corporate development at           She previously held positions as director
created and released his own homeopathic     Redpoint Bio Corporation, a company             of marketing and public relations for Elant
remedies, Dr. Garber’s Natural Solutions.    developing compounds to improve the             in Goshen and as public relations director
For more information on Dr. Garber’s         taste of pharmaceutical, food and beverage      with the Special Olympics in Salt Lake
formulas, visit           products. Siegel will be responsible for the    City, Utah.
                                             company’s business development strategy
Bob Helfand ’77 (Pol. Sci.) lives in         and execution.                                  Maria Zemantauski ’83 (Music) is
Vermont with his wife, Cathie. They                                                          the coordinator of cultural affairs at
work together running outdoor retreats       Mark Omasta ’79 (Paint.) was honored            Hudson Valley Community College
and counseling couples at their farm         by the Rotary Club of Danbury-Sunrise           and a self-employed flamenco guitarist,
and retreat center (;       as the recipient of the Firefighter of the      playing professionally for 16 years. Some of Helfand’s      Year Award. Omasta is the department’s          Zemantauski produced three albums and

    Museum Director Trager Retires

    Neil Trager, founding director of the Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art, retired in June.
                                                                                                                                    Photo courtesy Nancy Lautenbach

    Trager began his association with the college in 1982 when he was appointed director
    of the College Art Gallery. Through his work, the college has added more than 2,000
    works of art to its permanent art collection and Trager has spearheaded fundraising
    efforts resulting in more than $4 million in donations. Trager’s close association
    with Samuel Dorsky led to a major gift in 1994 to be used for the construction of
    new galleries on the east and west patios of the College Art Gallery. The Samuel
    Dorsky Museum of Art opened its doors in 2001. To honor Neil’s legacy, the museum
    director’s position has been endowed with gifts and pledges totally nearly one half
                                                                                              Neil Trager at his retirement
    million dollars and named the “Neil Trager Endowed Directorship.”
                                                                                              party on May 10, 2008

                                                                                            Observer, Volume XXV, No. 2                                               25
Class Notes
also represented the United States at the      David Markowitz ’85 (Comm.) spent            Brothers Band, Santana, and the estate of
International Acoustic Guitar Festival in      five years in retail and then went back to   Jimi Hendrix.
Sarzana, Italy.                                school for a license in massage therapy.
                                               Always involved in music, he was the         Bruce Gamsey ’86 (Comm.) married
Jeffrey Feller ’84 (Soc.) is a student at      lead guitarist of many groups including      television producer Alexandra Johnson on
HB Studio in New York City. At his first       Scratch-n-Sniff, who played Spring           November 17, 2007. He is a middle school
audition he was given a part in a dark         Weekend in New Paltz in 1983, and            science teacher and since 1999 he was the
comedy to be performed in SoHo. Feller         in 1999, he was the executive director       camp director for Winston Day Camp in
continues to work for Pan American Photo       of the New York City Folk Music              Monticello, N.Y. Gamsey has also been
at Yankee Stadium and reads poetry at the      Collective.                                  the camp director for Camp Haze, a free
Nuyorican Poet’s Cafe.                                                                      one-week sleepaway camp for kids who
                                               Margaret Capen ’86 (Mus. Ther.), a           lost family members on September 11th
Samuel Pulcrano ’84 (Bus. Admin.) was          mezzo soprano, performed with pianist        or lost a parent to illness.
named vice president of sustainability         King Bosworth at the 55th annual concert
of the United States Postal Service.           of the Beth El Synagogue on June 8.          Christopher Kreig ’86 (Bus. Admin.) is
Pulcrano will be responsible for co-           Capen studies in New York with Antonia       the manager for Plattsburgh International
ordinating energy and environmental            Lavonne, a voice teacher from the Mannes     Airport. Kreig was previously manager of
programs across all departments of the         School of Music.                             the Adirondack Regional Airport, is an
company.                                                                                    Air Force veteran and is on the board of
                                               Vincent Cianni ’86g (Photo.) is mov-         directors of the New York State Airport
William Graham ’85 (Comm.) retired             ing from Brooklyn to Newburgh, N.Y.          Managers Association.
as captain of police from the Greenburgh       He will continue teaching at Parsons
Police Department after 20 years of            School of Design and also at SUNY            Marta Newkirk ’86g (Hum. Ed.) is
service. Graham is enjoying retirement         New Paltz. He updated his Web                the assistant dean of student services
and the process of searching for his next      site ( to include      at Dutchess Coummunity College and
career.                                        viewing adjustments and contact informa-     was named to the McQuade Children’s
                                               tion.                                        Services Board of Directors. Newkirk
Catherine Maloney ’85 (Bus. Admin.)                                                         is the chairperson of the Mid-Hudson
is the director of business development        Michael DuBois ’86 (Vis. Arts) created       Association of Women in Higher
for the Dutchess County Economic               a line of greeting cards which launched      Education and is also on the board of
Development Corp. Maloney facilitated          his career. He started selling his artwork   directors and personnel committee for the
bias awareness training in corporate and       outside Grateful Dead concerts and now       Poughkeepsie Day Nursery.
education settings and served as executive     maintains a studio in Bearsville, N.Y.,
director of the New Paltz Regional             where he created art for some of rock n’     Nadine Robbins ’86 (Graph. Des.) started
Chamber of Commerce.                           roll’s biggest names, including the Allman   Namaro Graphic Designs in 1989 and has

     “Tributes & Just Desserts” – Celebrating Prof. Alan Chartock

     SUNY New Paltz celebrated the life and career of professor, author,

                                                                                                                               Michael Gold the Corporate Image
     publisher and pundit Alan Chartock at a March 2007 event that was
     a fundraiser for the college’s newly established Center for Research,
     Regional Education and Outreach (CRREO), headed by Gerald Benjamin,
     professor of political science and long-time dean of the College of Liberal
                                                                                                                               Photo courtesy

     Arts and Sciences.

     The event featured commentary from Chartock’s former New Paltz
     students and colleagues, including Ira Fusfeld ’70 (Ed.), publisher of        From left to right: Gerald Benjamin, Alan
     the Daily Freeman, Kevin Lenihan ’95 (Journ.), local news editor of the       Chartock, and Alex Storozynski ’83 (Pol.
     Poughkeepsie Journal, and Assemblyman Kevin Cahill ’77 (Pol. Sci.).           Sci.), one of Chartock’s students and a
                                                                                   Pulitzer-prize winning journalist.
     Chartock joined the New Paltz faculty in 1971, and is the founder and
     executive publisher of the Legislative Gazette, which has an internship
     program with New Paltz’s Journalism program.
                                                              —Sally Cross

26      Observer, Volume XXV, No. 2
                                                                                                              Class Notes
been creating design solutions for large     programs for Kidspace. After New Paltz,         CARQUEST Corporation. Hack is
companies ever since. Her work received      she received a master’s degree from New         responsible for management of the
many awards and been published is            York University in art history (1992) and       product store support center and building
various publications. In 1992, she married   a doctorate in education from Columbia          relationships with the company’s sup-
Justin Zadro, son of Micheal Zadro (New      University Teachers College (2001).             pliers. He has been with CARQUEST for
Paltz’s art department chair for many                                                        18 years.
years) and in 2001 had a son named           Kevin Gallagher ’90 (Metals) is the vice
Wyatt. She has also been working on her      president of design at Targus, Inc., maker      Khristina Westbrook ’91 (Comm.) is the
other creative passion, portrait painting.   of laptop computer cases and accessories.       marketing director for the American Heart
Visit her Web site at for more    Gallagher has more than 20 years of             Association in New York City. In this
information.                                 experience in fashion accessories, case         capacity she is responsible for maximizing
                                             goods and consumer electronics design           the visibility of the Go Red for Women
Brian Burke ’87cas (Ed. Admin.),             and will lead a creative team in all design     movement (informing women of risk
along with his wife, Sharon, opened the      functions tied to accessory and soft goods      of heart disease), Power to End Stroke
Downing Film Center in Newburgh,             products.                                       (stroke prevention) and the Alliance for a
N.Y. Situated on the first floor of the                                                      Healthier Generation (childhood obesity).
Yellow Bird Building, the Downing offers     Kevin Hogan ’90 (Pol. Sci.) is chief
documentaries and independent films at       editor/writer for the New York State            Robert Lawton ’92 (Pol. Sci.) was ap-
discounted prices. For more information      Assembly Communication Information              pointed county administrator in Calaveras
visit             Services in Albany. He came to the              County, Calif.
                                             Assembly in 2001 after a decade in
Allison Rosenberg ’88 (Elem. Ed.)            journalism. Hogan was also a reporter           Michael Mazzuca, Jr. ’92 (Soc.)
married Steven Meyerson on August 3,         and photographer with The Legislative           joined T.D. Bankworth as assistant vice
2007 on the beach in South Beach, Fla.       Gazette during a 1988 internship.               president in small business banking in
                                                                                             Poughkeepsie, N.Y. His responsiblities
Victoria Blythe ’89g (Engl.) received        Dina LaPolt ’90 (Music), founder of             include uncovering new business oppor-
the Gallatin School of Individualized        LaPolt Law P.C., is an attorney for rock        tunities, growing existing portfolios and
Studies at New York University’s             stars and rock star wannabes. LaPolt’s          mentoring 17 branches in his territory
Distinguished Mentor Award on May            firm represents clients in the music, film,     throughout the Hudson Valley.
14. Blythe has taught advanced writing       TV and book publishing industries and
seminars and independent studies at the      also handles recording and publishing           William Zimmer ’92, ’97g (Sec. Ed./
Gallatin School as an adjunct professor      agreements, entertainment industry con-         Engl.) is the new assistant principal
since 1997.                                  tracts and assists with copyright, licensing    at Rondout Valley Middle School. He
                                             and fee negotiations.                           previously was BOCES summer school
Luba Havraniak ’89 (Bus. Admin.)                                                             principal and an English teacher in the
relocated to the southeast and is trying     Christine (Macri) Mooney ’90 (Elem.             New Paltz Central School District.
to connect with other alumni who may         Ed.) is the elementary language arts
be in North Carolina or thereabouts. She     coordinator for Henrico Virginia Public         John Barry ’93 (Journ.) is the music
would love to hear from you; her email is    Schools, the sixth largest district in          writer for the Poughkeepsie Journal                            Virginia. Since graduating from New             and has covered everything from Bob
                                             Paltz, she earned two master’s degrees and      Dylan’s secret rehearsals at the Bardavon
William J. Jones ’89 (Mus. Ther.) helped     is in the doctoral program in educational       to the opening of Bethel Woods Center
develop the Authorized Steinway Virtual      leadership at The College of William and        for the Arts. Previously he was a
Model D Concert Grand Piano software.        Mary. She resides in Williamsburg, Va.,         municipal reporter for The Journal News
Also, with Garritan Corporation, Jones       with her husband, Chris, and their two          in Westchester and Rockland counties
helped to create an instrument that would    sons.                                           and was with Taconic Newspapers in
be easy to use and elegantly designed                                                        Rhinebeck, N.Y. Barry also appears each
so that anyone could play it. For further    Saeed Safaie ’90g (Physics) teaches math,       Thursday on Woodstock radio station
information visit          physics and engineering at Rockland             WDST at 8:35 a.m.
                                             Community College and received the
Laura (Dickstein) Thompson ’89 (Art          SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Excellence          Mark Boyland ’93 (Comm.) is an
Ed.) recently gave birth to son Jesse        in faculty service.                             associate broker with Keller Williams
and lives with her husband, Roger,                                                           N.Y. Realty in White Plains, N.Y.
and 3-year old son, Jacob, in Saratoga,      Todd Hack ’91 (Bus. Admin.) was                 Boyland was re-elected for a second term
N.Y. She began her sixth year at MASS        promoted to senior vice president               as president of the board of directors of
MoCA in North Adams, Mass., curating         of product managment for general                the Westchester-Putnam Multiple Listing
exhibitions and overseeing educational       parts at CARQUEST and president of              Service Inc.

                                                                                            Observer, Volume XXV, No. 2             27
Class Notes
Daniel Eichhorn ’93 (Pol. Sci.)                N.Y., gave birth on Sept. 23, 2007 to       has been administrator of the hospital’s
was named partner at the law firm of           her third child, Kate Veronica. Sons,       preschool programs.
Schiffman, Abraham, Kaufman and Ritter,        Luke Daniel and John Nicholas, were
P.C. located in Hackensack, N.J. Eichhorn      born in November 2003 and June 2005,        Jason Viarengo ’94 (Theatre) was
concentrates in the area of commercial/        respectively.                               featured in Celeb Staff Magazine and was
business litigation.                                                                       chosen as one of the best in the field of
                                               Jennifer (Kakeh) Gorman ’94 (Psych.)        personal assistants. Viarengo has worked
Jennifer Lange ’93 (Engl.) is the director     graduated from Passaic County Com-          for entertainers ranging from film actors
of community impact at the United Way of       munity College on Dec. 21, 2007 with a      Patrick Wilson and Rupert Graves to
Dutchess County in New York. Lange was         degree in nursing. Gorman is employed       Broadway stars Ben Vereen and Carole
recognized by the Dutchess Chamber of          as a staff RN on a medical-surgical floor   Shelley.
Commerce as one of the Hudson Valley’s         at Newton Memorial Hospital in New
Top Forty Under 40.                            Jersey. Gorman and her husband, John,       Bryan Cranna ’95 is the Dutchess
                                               have been married since 1995 and have       County, N.Y., Deputy Clerk and Village
Christopher Lombard ’93 (Engl.), a             three wonderful children—John, Liam,        of Tivoli Deputy Mayor. Cranna was
practicing attorney for the past five years,   and Kaelyn.                                 recognized by the Dutchess Chamber of
left the practice of law to assume duties                                                  Commerce as one of the Hudson Valley’s
as legal editor for Portland, Ore.-based       Dennis Lauro ’94cas (Bus. Admin.) was       Top Forty Under 40.
Business Valuation Resources. Lombard          named Pelham Superintendent of Schools
will oversee all legal content for a variety   in New York. Lauro came to Pelham in        Michael Martin, Jr. ’95g (Elem./Spec.
of BVR publications.                           1996.                                       Ed.) is a special education teacher for
                                                                                           Newburgh Free Academy in Newburgh,
Leigh Ann Nofi ’93 (Journ.) was featured       Jenine Mayring ’94 (Theatre) produced       N.Y., and was recognized by Cambridge’s
in a Double Exposure article titled            her first documentary, “From Silence to     Who’s Who for showing dedication,
“Images from the Industry,” in which they      Sound” through her production shingle,      leadership and excellence in all aspects
spotlight the photography of a person who      Brooklyn Girl Productions (www.brook        of teaching.
works full-time in a photo-related field, The film won
but is not a professional photographer.        the Best Documentary USA Award at           Aileen Hanel ’96 (Lang. Imm.) was
To view her interview, along with her          the 2007 Everglades International Film      awarded a $225,000 grant by The Dyson
photos, visit          Festival (      Foundation for her project titled “Speaking
ImgsIndustry_Nofi.shtml.                                                                   Proficiency in English for Adults and
                                               Jo Ann Relyea ’94 (Acctg.) joined the       Kids: An English Immersion Program
Jacqueline Kimbawe Sokolinsky ’93              Millbrook, N.Y., office of D’Arcangelo      for the Whole Family (SPEAK)” as part
(Wom. Stud.) attended the Jewish               & Co. as a staff accountant. She is also    of the long-time Language Immersion
Theological Seminary of New York               a member of the National Association of     Institute at SUNY New Paltz.
after graduating from New Paltz. She           Enrolled Agents.
is a writer and designs dresses and                                                        David R. Sachs ’96 (Hist.) is an attorney
other articles of clothing. She resides in     Margaret (Kreuter) Slomin ’94cas (Ed.       and senior partner in the law firm of
Madison, Wis.                                  Admin.) is the director of communication    Riebling, Proto, Schmidt & Sachs, LLP.
                                               disorders and early education at Saint      Their main office is in White Plains,
Karen (Sheard) DeFio ’94 (Pol. Sci.),          Francis Hospital and Health Centers in      N.Y. and they have satellite offices in
an attorney practicing with the law firm       Poughkeepsie, N.Y. Slomin has been an       the Bronx, Brewster, New Windsor and
of Bond, Schoeneck & King in Syracuse,         employee of Saint Francis since 1991 and    Warwick, N.Y.

                                                                                           Heather Connelly ’97 and Scott
                                                                                           Hendershot were married on June 23,
     The SUNY New Paltz student chapter of the Society for Human Resource
     Management (SHRM), the Management Association (MA), was recently
     awarded SHRM’s 2007-2008 Superior Merit Award for the sixth consecutive
                                                                                           Brian D. Mercy ’97 (Pol. Sci.) is an
     year. This national recognition is awarded to promote outstanding activities
                                                                                           attorney in the law firm of Kouray and
     and projects by student chapters, as well as to recognize an exceptional year of
                                                                                           Kouray in Schenectady, N.Y. In December
     providing opportunities for development and growth to its student members. Out
                                                                                           2007 he was appointed acting village
     of more than 400 chapters throughout the nation, SUNY New Paltz was one of 67
                                                                                           justice for Scotia, N.Y.
     to earn the Superior Merit Award, and only one of two SUNY collegiate chapters
     to receive the designation.
                                                                                           Lillian Phillips ’97g (Print), ’01cas
                                                       —Shaun Hoff ’02, ’05g (Bus.)
                                                                                           (Ed. Admin.) was appointed as the new
                                                                                           principal at Rondout Valley High School

28      Observer, Volume XXV, No. 2
                                                                                                               Class Notes
in New York. Phillips was previously a        Carrie Wheeler ’98 (Org. Comm.) is              Vanessa (Huntington) Boyd ’00 (E.C.
house principal at Arlington High School      the director of public programming and          Ed.) and husband Michael ’03 (Journ.)
in Dutchess County, N.Y.                      community outreach for the Tompkins             welcomed their second child, Emily Faye,
                                              County Public Library in Ithaca, N.Y.,          last December. Emily has an older brother,
Jason Romano ’97 (Comm.) works at             where she was recognized for her creative       Andrew Michael, 3.
ESPN as a producer. Romano works              approach to programming. Wheeler lives
mostly on the show “Outside the               in Interlaken, N.Y., with her fiancé, Ismael    Victoria (Corby) Greenfield ’00
Lines,” but also on “SportsCenter” and        Carmenatty, and their 7-year-old son,           (Elem. Ed.) and her husband, Douglas,
“ESPNews.”                                    Keagan.                                         are pleased to announce the arrival of
                                                                                              their daughter, Julianne Faye Greenfield,
James MacDonald ’98 (Geol.) is an             Jessica DiFabio ’99 (Soc.) was honored          born on July 18, 2007. Julianne weighed
assistant professor of earth systems          at the 2008 Carol Eckman Society Medal          in at 7 lbs., 9 oz., and 19-1/2 inches
science in the marine and ecological          of Honor Breakfast this spring. DiFabio         long.
sciences department at Florida Gulf           is a guidance counselor at Waterford-
Coast University. MacDonald’s research        Halfmoon High School and the assistant          Michael Reifmueller ’00 (Pol. Sci.),
interests are ophiolites, tectonics and       swim coach for the Greenbush YMCA and           president of the SUNY New Paltz
petrology and his long-term goal is to        Shenendehowa High School.                       Alumni Association, received a 2008
help the university grow, preferably in                                                       professional development scholarship
geology.                                      Steven Malkischer ’99cas (Ed. Admin.)           from the National Educational Alumni
                                              is the principal at Orville A. Todd Middle      Trust (NEAT).
Jenny Rickard ’98 (Psych.) is happy           School in Poughkeepsie, N.Y. Malkischer
to announce her engagement to Jonthan         was recognized by the Dutchess Chamber          MaryGrace Renella ’00g (Bus.) is
Baltazar and is planning an October 2008      of Commerce as one of the Hudson                a new school counselor at New Paltz
wedding.                                      Valley’s Top Forty Under 40.                    High School. She previously worked at

    Student Highlights

    When Michelle Reiner ’08 (Acct.) tells people she plans on being an accountant, she’s usually met

                                                                                                                                     Photo courtesy Michelle Reiner ’08
    with skepticism. “I often hear comments like, “Why? It’s so boring,” or “Do you really want to sit
    behind a desk crunching numbers for the rest of your life?’” says Reiner. Her internship at Bailey
    Browne CPA & Associates in Poughkeepsie, N.Y., however, has been anything but dull.

    “After just a few days of working there, I saw the environment was fast-paced and interesting,”
    Reiner said.

    Because Bailey Browne offers a wide range of services, such as auditing and assurance, tax
                                                                                                             Michelle Reiner ’08
    consulting and financial planning, Reiner received experience in many different areas of the
    accounting field. While her internship provided practical, hands-on experience, it also helped her to
    appreciate her college courses at New Paltz. Thanks to these classes, Reiner felt well-prepared for her internship.

    Reiner graduated in May and in the fall will begin graduate school to get her master’s degree in business administration.
                                                                                                         —Lee Conell ’09 (Engl.)

    Lee Conell ’09 (English), an intern in the Public Affairs Office, had an essay published in The
    New York Times Modern Love column on June 1. As a finalist in the Modern Love College Essay
                                                                                                                                     Photo by Kristin Charles-Scaringi

    Contest, Conell’s non-fiction piece–about her boyfriend’s experiences with living in the great
    outdoors–appeared in both the print and online versions of the paper. The online version can be
    accessed at
                                                                          —Kristin Charles-Scaringi

                                                                                                            Lee Conell ’09 (Engl.)

                                                                                             Observer, Volume XXV, No. 2                               29
Class Notes
Ulster BOCES in Port Ewen as an adult          York, a police officer, and they reside in   research into Bifidobacterium infantis is
education counselor and job developer.         Yonkers, N.Y.                                revealing important information about
                                                                                            the role of this bacterium that is found in
Rhondalyn Richardson ’00 (Acctg.)              Sarah Brand ’02 (Photo.) is the owner        breast milk and is important in the health
joined the accounting firm D’Arcangelo         of Luluanne Boutique and Gallery in          of infants. For more information visit
& Co.’s Poughkeepsie office as a staff         New Paltz, which showcases handmade,
accountant in the firm’s tax department.       one-of-a-kind dresses and local art and
Richardson has an extensive background         photography, including some of her own.      Silver Williams ’03 (Sec. Ed.) was
in corporate finance and health care.          Her boutique also carries locally made       honored at the 2008 Carol Eckman Society
                                               jewelry and accessories for women.           Medal of Honor Breakfast on March 29,
John Voerg ’00cas (Ed. Admin.), principal                                                   2008, for her accomplishments on the
of Edward R. Crosby Elementary School          Joseph Capizzi ’02 (Journ.) married          New Paltz Women’s Basketball team.
in the Kingston School District in New         Kimberly Capizzi on Aug. 17, 2007 in the
York, received the Mid-Hudson School           town of Carmel, N.Y.                         John Jeffreys ’04 (Hist.) joined Ryan
Study Council’s award for excellence in                                                     Insurance, a subsidiary of Ulster Savings
education.                                     Felipa Gaudet ’02 (Elem. Ed./Theatre),       Bank, as an account executive. Jeffreys
                                               ’06g (Hum. Ed.) was chosen as the            is a licensed New York state property and
Ellen Woods ’00g (Elem. Ed.) and her           first runner-up for the 2007 New York        casualty insurance broker and a licensed
husband, Michael, are happy to announce        State Teacher of the Year. Gaudet,           New York state life and health insurance
the birth of their two granddaughters in       a kindergarten teacher at the Violet         agent.
2007, Charlotte Griffin Woods on April 18      Avenue School in Hyde Park, developed
and Claudia Marie Woods on July 29.            innovative programs to help students         Victoria Ladeveze ’04 (Comm.)
                                               living in poverty and those who are          completed her master’s degree in guidance
Margaret “Peggy” (Clarke) Angeloro             English language learners.                   and counseling in 2008 from The College
’01, ’05g (Art Ed.) and her husband, Eric,                                                  of New Rochelle. She is working as a
are the proud parents of Aidan Clarke          Kimberly (Massaro) Kuck ’02 (Psych.)         school counselor in a Bronx high school.
Angeloro, born Nov. 26, 2007. Peggy is         married Thomas Kuck on Sept. 23, 2005
working as a middle school art teacher and     and also received a master’s degree in       Sana Javaid ’05 (Journ.) is a
Eric is a curriculum designer at Mercedes      school counseling from Long Island           senior account executive at Berns
Benz USA.                                      University-CW Post Campus in 2007.           Communication Group, a Manhattan
                                               Kuck is working at Long Island Lutheran      public relations agency specializing in
Jason Bryden ’01 (Comm.) became the            Middle and High School as a guidance         corporate and financial communications.
assistant sports information director at       counselor.                                   Javaid is also a freelance journalist for
Washington College in Chestertown, Md.                                                      the fashion industry newspaper, Women’s
in July 2006. Bryden got his start in sports   Alexander Marrero ’03 (Music)                Wear Daily.
information as a student assistant at New      completed a course involving children’s
Paltz, where he won the 2001 Athletic          musical development. Marrero is working      Michael Reisner ’07g (Ment. Hlth.
Director’s Award.                              towards a master’s degree in music           Couns.) joined Ulster-Greene ARC as an
                                               education through Teachers College of        applied behavioral specialist.
Christian Favata ’01 (Elem. Ed.) and           Columbia University.
his family are the new owners of Table                                                      Jonathan Volks ’05 (Comp. Sci.)
Rock Tours & Bicycles in Rosendale,            Ralph Pelosi ’03g (Fin.) marked his          joined Mannix Marketing, Inc. as a Web
N.Y. Favata turned pro in cycling and          10-year anniversary working in the           applications developer. Previously Volks
has raced all over the country, working        commercial banking industry and his          worked for a sports technology company
in all aspects of the industry. He’s hoping    sixth year working as a commercial credit    where he learned the science of online
to create a stronger biking community in       analyst. Pelosi is single and resides in     video editing, which added to his Web
the Hudson Valley and to create a culture      Orange County, N.Y.                          developing capabilities.
in the area. For more information visit                           Kevin Ronk ’03 (Bus. Admin.) is the          Sasha Austrie ’06 (Journ.) works as
                                               senior director of support services at St.   a reporter for The Queens Tribune, a
Marie Villani-York ’01 (Journ.) is             Luke’s Cornwall Hospital. Ronk has more      weekly newspaper in southeast Queens,
working for The Riverdale Press, a             than 20 years of experience in health care   writing stories on a wide range of issues
Pulitzer Prize-winning newspaper in the        and led projects for Health Quest.           which include, “anything and everything
Bronx. After five years as an education                                                     happening in that neck of the woods.”
reporter, she is now the managing editor       Dave Sela ’03 (Biol.) is featured on
and is piloting the newspaper’s editorial      MicrobeWorld, a podcast sponsored by the     Teressa Delcampo ’06 (Journ./Theatre)
content. In 2006 she married Patrick           American Society for Microbiology. Sela’s    is the assistant recreation director at The

30     Observer, Volume XXV, No. 2
                                                                                                               Class Notes
Fountains, a retirement community for           master’s degree and hopes to combine          Paul John Preuss ’07 (Geog.) is the
independent living in Millbrook, N.Y.           her passion for art with her desire to        historic preservation officer for Historic
Delcampo is responsible for providing           teach. Visit for more      Huguenot Street in New Paltz and
activities and events and has created an        information.                                  is responsible for groundskeeping,
improvisation and acting class for the                                                        mechanical and electrical systems
residents.                                      Andrea (Kutchma) French ’07g (Hum.            maintenance, building restoration and
                                                Ed.) and Andrew French, Jr. ’06g              preservation, project management, site
Francis Donkor ’06 (Soc.) obtained a            (Ed.) were united in marriage on June         security, and is a tour guide and grant
position as a New York State Assembly           24, 2007 at the Holy Trinity Church of        writer.
graduate intern. This is a full-time research   Poughkeepsie, N.Y.
or policy analysis position with Assembly                                                     Cara Speirs ’07 (Adol. Ed./Soc. Stud.)
leaders, committees and research staff.         John Hauser ’07 (Acctg./Fin.) was             and her father John ’79, ’88g (Sec. Ed./
                                                named to the College Sports Information       Soc. Stud.) are eighth-grade social studies
Kelly Long ’06 (Asian Stud.) is enrolled        Directors of American/ESPN Academic           teachers at Wappingers and Saugerties
in a master’s degree program in public          All-America Third Basketball Team,            junior high schools, respectively. The two
administration at Cornell Institute for         becoming the first New Paltz honoree. He      were able to conduct a post-World War
Public Affairs. Long was awarded a              was a staple on the Hawks starting line-up    II history review session with each other
fellowship for her graduate work.               for four seasons and finished his career      through a Polycon video conferencing
                                                with 1,299 points and 551 rebounds. His       unit. They also drew up questions and
Alicia Ortiz ’06 (Soc.) is living in            career best was 31 points.                    their classes participated in a Jeopardy-
Philadelphia and is working for UNITE                                                         style review session.
HERE as a boycott coordinator.                  Keisha Hoyte ’07 (Soc.) finished her
                                                first semester of her master’s program        Ross Trapani ’07 (Acctg.) joined the
Michael Camargo ’07g (Ment. Hlth.               in public administration and is enjoying      Millbrook office of D’Arcangelo & Co. as
Couns.) was promoted to applied                 graduate school.                              a staff accountant. Trapani is an associate
behavorial specialist at the Pecora                                                           member of the New York State Society
Center’s Day Services.                          Stephanie Man ’07 (Asian Stud./Comm.)         of Certified Public Accountants and a
                                                spent the last year or so working on          member of the Accounting and Finance
Michelle Coombs ’07 (Psych.) won the            various sets ranging from photo shoots        Association.
State University of New York Athletic           to independent features and is pursuing a
Conference meet and set a conference            career in make-up for film. She hopes to
and New Paltz varsity record. She was           become a special effects make-up artist.
part of the second-place, 200-yard and
third-place, 400-medley relay team, both
of which set new varsity records.

Thomas Cory Davis ’07 (Acctg.) worked                      Are you a SUNY New Paltz
his way to Wall Street and is an audit
analyst for JP Morgan Chase. Davis
states that it was a great experience thus
                                                             scholarship recipient?
far and is looking forward to a wonderful
career. He would also like to thank all of
his accounting professors at the School of
                                                                  Where are you now?
Jamie Dymond ’07 (Sec. Ed./Math) is a
math teacher at New Paltz High School.
He previously worked for New Paltz
School District and Ulster BOCES as a
computer and network technician. He was
                                                                Contact us at
drawn to teaching because of his love for
mathematics and helping people learn.                          (845) 257-3957
Alanna Facchin ’07 (Child. Ed.) started
a new Internet venture offering her first
collection of nature photographs and
artwork to the public. She is earning her

                                                                                             Observer, Volume XXV, No. 2              31
Faculty/Staff Notes
Gregory Bray (Comm.) produced a               been nominated for the College Language       James “Tad” Richards (Engl.) had
video news podcast, which aired on            Association Book Award of 2008.               an exhibit of prints on display at the
Current TV in September. “The Ousting                                                       Upstairs Gallery at the Astor House in
of a Pro-Gay Mayor” chronicles the            Amy Cheng (Paint.) was awarded a              Tannersville, N.Y., through mid-March. In
political rise and fall of former New Paltz   Fulbright senior lecture/research grant       addition, his poem “Art” appeared in the
Mayor Jason West. It was produced with        to teach and conduct research in Brazil       10th anniversary (Spring 2008) edition of
Rob Jameson ’07 (Comm.), Stephanie            from July to December 2008. She will be       Salt River Review.
Man ’07 (Comm.) and Danny Asis ’07            a visiting professor at the University of
(Comm.). To view the video online, visit      Sao Paulo and will teach in the graduate      Will Hermes (Comm.) was a fellow-in-            painting program. She will also travel to     residence at the Virginia Center for the
                                              Northeast Brazil to research Brazilian folk   Creative Arts (VCCA) in Amherst, Va.,
Gayle Grunwald (Fin. Aid) received            and decorative art.                           for two weeks in January to further his
a presidential citation at the 39th                                                         work on a forthcoming book about New
annual New York State Financial Aid           Thomas Festa (Engl.) published “‘All in       York City’s music culture in the 1970s.
Administrators Association conference         All’: The Book of Common Prayer and
held in New York City in October.             Hamlet” in the September 2007 issue           Robin Arnold (Paint.) had a solo
Grunwald was also re-appointed to the         of the of the Oxford Journal “Notes and       exhibition of her large-scale paintings on
Higher Education Services Corporation         Queries.”                                     display at the Lake George Arts Project’s
(HESC) State Guaranty Agency Advisory                                                       Courthouse Gallery in Lake George, N.Y.
Board in Albany.                              Howard Good (Comm.) published a               from Jan. 19 to Feb. 22.
                                              book, “Journalism Ethics Goes to the
Addie Haas (Comm. Dis., Emerita)              Movies.” He edited the collection written     Hon Ho (Bio.) was appointed an editorial
published “Introduction to Communication      by international scholars and contributed a   board member of the Research Journal of
Disorders: A Lifespan Perspective,” a         chapter titled “Journalism and the Victims    Botany. He also serves on an international
book she co-authored with Robert Owens        of War” about the movie “Welcome to           advisory committee to oversee the World
and Dale Evan Metz, both of SUNY              Sarajevo.” He also published his third        Phytophthora Collection at the University
Geneseo.                                      chapbook of poetry, “Strangers and            of California, Riverside.
Susan Lewis (Hist.) was named by the                                                        Walter Borenstein (Span., Emeritus)
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences as       Giordana Grossi (Psych.) published            is the translator and editor of “Road
its full-time Teacher of the Year for 2006-   “Differenze di genere per la matematica?”     to Perfection” by Pio Baroja and “The
2007. Lewis joined the New Paltz faculty      [Gender differences in mathematics] in the    Leper Bishop” by Gabriel Miro, which
in 1998 as an adjunct and has taught full-    volume “Un altro genere di tecnologia”        was published by Oxbow Books as part
time at the college since 2001.               [Another gender of technology].               of the Hispanic Classics Series of Arris
                                                                                            and Philips.
Jonathan Raskin (Psych.) co-edited the        Eugene Heath (Phil.) was invited to be
2008 volume of “Studies in Meaning            a senior research fellow at the National      Jamie Bennett (Metals) had a
3: Constructivist Psychotherapy in the        Center for Business Ethics at Loyola          retrospective exhibition open in January
Real World” with Sara Bridges of the          University in New Orleans. Heath also         at the Fuller Museum in Brockton, Mass.
University of Memphis in Tennessee.           served on the editorial board and authored    “Edge of the Sublime: The Enamels of
                                              several entries for the Encyclopedia of       Jamie Bennett,” which will be on display
Suzanne Stokes ’92g (Metals), founder         Business Ethics and Society.                  on the SUNY New Paltz campus this
of Cave Dogs, a group of mostly local                                                       fall, features some 180 works in jewelry,
performers working with large-scale           Themina Kader (Art Ed.) was elected to a      painting and wall reliefs. A book of the
shadow projections combined with video,       three-year term on the editorial and review   same title accompanies the exhibition.
spoken work and music, took center            board of Art Education, the journal of the
stage in “Archaeology of a Storm,” at         National Art Education Association.
Vassar College’s Sunset Lake Outdoor                                                        Correction
Amphitheatre in Poughkeepsie, N.Y.            Jenelle Kelsey (Univ. Police) was
                                              honored by the Police Chief’s Association     An entry in the last issue of the Observer
Margaret Wade-Lewis (Black Stud.,             of Ulster County at an awards banquet on      listed Charles Davis ’82 as being a SUNY
Ling.) published a biography titled           May 9 at the Hillside Manor in Kingston,      New Paltz graduate, when in fact he is a
“Lorenzo Dow Turner: Father of                N.Y. Kelsey’s response to a May 14,           graduate of New Paltz High School.
Gullah Studies,” the first in a series of     2007 medical call in the Student Union
full-length studies she is preparing on       Building resulted in saving the life of an
the contributions of black linguists to       individual initially found choking. Kelsey
American linguistic history. The book has     has worked at New Paltz since 2004.

32     Observer, Volume XXV, No. 2
                                                                                           In Memoriam
1910-19                                 Robert Detwyler ’54                    Elaine B. Miller ’70
Rae Friedman ’14                        Walter S. Millman ’54                  Joyce E. Pellard ’70
Harriet S. Edwards ’19                  Shirley L. (Gordineer) Townsend ’54    Rose P. Rosen ’70
                                        Louise Valentino ’54                   Joann F. (Nadler) Nelson ’71
1920-29                                 Dorothy G. (Jost) Keshian ’55          Jay A. Rosen ’71
Kathryn Hackett ’26                     Patricia Carol Leight ’57              Alexander Tognino ’71
Elizabeth Mitchell ’27                  Theresa (Hendron) Thomas ’57           Joan (Fitzpatrick) Foster ’72
Helen E. Parker ’29                     Murray Gudisman ’58                    Joseph M. Goliger ’72
                                        Lorraine (DuBois) Longobucco ’58       Mary Alice Hall ’72
1930-39                                 Rosemarie Thomson ’58                  William J. Petersen ’72
Florence A. (Adams) Baright ’30         Fred J. Martin ’59                     Raymond Rowland ’72
Gladys Fisher ’31                       Helene M. Power ’59                    Mary E. Barrett ’73
Mary J. (Anthony) Fuller ’31                                                   Roy A. Britt ’73
Jeanette G. (Goldman) Winetsky ’31      1960-69                                Patricia A. Dolan ’73
Marion (Grant) Grant-Young ’32          Phyllis C. Shieber ’60                 Raymund A. Galloway ’73
Angela Massey ’32                       Jane C. Silvestri ’60                  Theodore Halpern ’73
Josephine A. Bruno ’33                  Veronica C. (Chmura) Simonetty ’60     Phyllis Kahn ’73
Anna (Bellini) Rockhill ’33             Melina (Wild) Giammatteo ’61           Louis E. Lattanzio ’73
Frances H. (Heine) Johnson ’34          Garrett K. Gleason ’61                 Michael Leff ’73
Mary E. Niven ’35                       Joyce A. (Crosbie) Pfizenmayer ’61     Nancy M. (Metropolski) London ’73
Ann A. (Crispell) Volk ’35              Carmen F. Cesta ’62                    Andrea (Sidorick) Price ’73
Eleanor (Tidaback) Ashley ’36           Walter J. Pfizenmayer ’62              Shirley A. Romer ’73
Alice F. Bruno ’36                      Mildred Roesch ’62                     Elaine C. (Kastner) Saunders ’73
Virginia Alpine (Alpine) Seminara ’36   Jack E. Sutcliffe ’62                  Kennetha Ann (Montigel) Slade ’73
Dorothy (Maxson) Valentine ’36          Rudolph W. Troeger ’62                 Kenneth Gary Spiegel ’73
Eleanor B. (Bigos) Carlin ’37           Patricia A. (Stock) Harney ’63         Jay T. Vanrensselaer ’73
Sonia A. (Turin) Gordon ’37             Paul A. Stuart ’63                     Jay Stephen Walter ’73
Carolyn (Murphey) Lyons ’37             James W. McAden ’64                    Maria N. (Caputo) Williams ’73
Jean R. Daddazio ’38                    Marion (Schwarz) Yavarkovsky ’64       Jack E. Wood ’73
Shirley M. (Compton) Page ’38           Ruth Boxberger ’65                     Mary E. Aldrich ’74
Eileen Callahan ’39                     Marilyn (Gottlieb) Lustgarten ’66      Ira D. Hochner ’74
Doris J. (Tuthill) Feyko ’39            Susan Vanderburgh ’66                  Betty L. Lewis ’74
Winifred (Odell) Sherburne ’39          Virginia M. (Marvin) Boeve ’67         Allen J. Schles ’74
Leonard Tantillo ’39                    Robert Gifford ’67                     Mary Ellen Sera ’74
Annette (Hendricks) Williams ’39        Harry Moniba ’67                       Lorraine J. Tansky ’74
                                        Theodore C. Swingle ’67                John Treyz ’74
1940-49                                 Stephanie M. (Mura) Tirone ’67         Earl L. White ’74
Ann L. (Jung) Diamond ’40               Michael Arthur Townsend ’67            Howard G. Bowen ’75
Helen R. (Dacier) McCausland ’40        Johanna R. Deonis ’68                  Maura Depalma ’75
Loren Evory ’42                         Celia (Shepard) Gawne ’68              Doris L. (Lyons) McKay ’75
Nancy D. (Dean) Long ’43                Kenneth Kopstein ’68                   Benjamin Leslee Platt ’75
Lucille M. (Boulanger) Hodge ’45        John H. Kuhlmann ’68                   Vincent Michael Sterlacci ’75
Richard Barringer ’47                   Elizabeth M. Laurenzano ’68            Clifford C. Swezey ’75
Dorothy (Muller) Pasch ’47              Joan S. (Stringer) Mayer ’68           Carmen L. (Vizcarrondo) Bullock ’76
Vivian C. (Coatti) Peper ’47            Robert Auguste Soniat ’68              Elaine W. Hall ’76
Salvatore J. Forte ’48                  Thomas J. Ambrosina ’69                James D. Krasowski ’76
Betty G. (Lyons) Morse ’49              Roselia E. Huerta ’69                  Rudy M. Pino ’76
                                        Robert Lupinskie ’69                   Naomi I. Ware ’76
1950-59                                 Desta S. (Monachelli) Moore ’69        Sandra L. (Weingarten) Woolf ’76
Gail H. (Henderson) Erickson ’50        Jane Vandebogart ’69                   Stephen M. Zapisek ’76
Rigney J. Kearney ’50                                                          William P. Aberle ’77
Cynthia (Haddow) Conrad ’53             1970-79                                Anthony J. Antonello ’77
Helen (Sandy) (Fisher) Marks ’53        Fernande W. Durban ’70                 Milton Garrison ’77
Eileen McFetridge ’53                   Selma Fine ’70                         Thomas J. Lee ’77
Anne E. (Arrin) Simon ’53               Gerard P. Kelly ’70                    Theodore J. Posner ’77
Raymond A. Walker ’53                   Raymond G. MacQueen ’70                Gary W. Vander Horst ’77
Marilyn R. (Mennear) Brandon ’54        Charles McDearmon ’70                  Stephen T. Connolly ’78

                                                                              Observer, Volume XXV, No. 2            33
In Memoriam
Rosemary M. Flanagan ’78                           Courtland Lewis ’84                            Veruska Milcal Ceballos ’93
Glenn Kirkland ’78                                 Otis Grego Nathaniel ’84                       Dana Lynn Mautone ’93
Marla J. Stein ’78                                 Maria Teresa Reyes ’84                         Stanley Breland ’94
Mary M. Syron ’78                                  Judith Helen (Bayewitch) Joseph ’85            Pamela Tazwell ’94
Udmond C. Dahle ’79                                Leslie (Schwartz) Lasek ’85                    Robert D. Turner ’94
Jane L. Fleming ’79                                Paul G. McKenna ’85                            Cora A. LeFevre ’95
Timothy L. Gaynor ’79                              George H. Miles ’85                            Clifford Thaler ’95
Jeffrey H. Greenberg ’79                           Jennifer Lynn Veatch ’85                       Timothy S. Rifenburg ’96
Ellie S. Krupp ’79                                 Karen E. Kase ’86                              Leslie E. Williams ’96
Kimberley P. Lawrence ’79                          Christian Misner ’86                           Kathleen M. Goodspeed ’97
Anne McFerran ’79                                  Raymond E. Roswell ’86                         Alethea C. (Pizirusso) Immoor ’97
Doreen Rosati-Limauro ’79                          Carol Swanwick ’86                             Doreen A. Malloy ’97
Betty J. Russ ’79                                  Barbara Vantassell ’86                         Mitchel M. Schrage ’97
Eleanor M. Schlomann ’79                           William Marcus Smith ’87                       Christopher J. Carolei ’98
Ann M. Shelly ’79                                  Sandra L. Banas ’88                            Elaine A. Gartner ’98
Robert E. Smith ’79                                Helen J. Graham ’88
Stephen Wilson ’79                                 Glenna (Tegeler) Stieglitz ’88                 2000-present
                                                   Sirpa H. Eronen ’89                            Ian McMullin ’00
1980-89                                            Rebecca Heath ’89                              Lucian Everett Green ’07
Mark McDonough ’80                                 Andre “Fraser” McNair ’89                      Phyllis Ann Takagi ’07
Victoria E. Sawyer ’80                             James G. Patton ’89
Nancy Fish ’82                                                                                    Faculty/Staff In Memoriam
Jane B. Parish ’82                                 1990-99                                        Bill Redmond (Biol.)
Eleanor (White) Peters ’82                         Bernadette Holsey ’90                          Richard Tofte (Chem.)
Beatrice M. Turck ’82                              Michael J. Pautz ’90                           Leslie Williams (Instr. Med. Srvcs.)
Donna (Taylor) Vannorstrand ’82                    Jai K. Roberts ’90
Cynthia (Marlin) Voight ’82                        Kathryn A. Donnatin ’91
Loretta S. Talmadge ’83                            Lisa Kim (Kendrick) Macleod ’91
Karen Marie Krier ’84                              Michael J. Bonitch ’92

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34      Observer, Volume XXV, No. 2
                                                                                           Parting Shot

                                                                                                                  Photo by Kristin Charles-Scaringi

Stained glass, Old Main Building, which is currently undergoing renovations.
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