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					Successful Aging
Stein Institute for Research on Aging                                                          EST. 1983

May 2009 • VOL. 1, NO. 8                                                                                   ONLINE AT HTTP://

                                                                                                   Free Public lecture
                                                                                                   Gout: A Growing Public Health
                                                                                                   Problem Intimately Linked with Aging
                                                                                                   robert terkeltaub, M.D.
                                                                                                   UCSD Professor of Medicine-in-Residence
                                                                                                   Department of Medicine
                                                                                                   Chief of VA Rheumatology Section
                                                                                                   May 20, 2009, 5:30 p.m.
                                                                                                   Garren auditorium
                                                                                                   Basic Science Building
                                                                                                   University of California, San Diego

                                                                                                   Aging and Wellness
                                                                                                   colin Depp, Ph.D.
Seven UC San Diego Alzheimer’s                                                                     UCSD Assistant Professor
                                                                                                   Department of Psychiatry
Researchers among World’s Top 100                                                                  June 17, 2009, 5:30 p.m.
                                                                                                   Garren auditorium
By DeBra Kain                                  have been recognized for their important            Basic Science Building
                                               contributions to finding treatments or a            University of California, San Diego
UC San Diego School of Medicine boasts
more “Top 100 AD Investigators” than any       cure for this devastating disease, which
                                                                                                   Free parking is available.
other institution in the world.                impacts so many lives and so many fami-
                                               lies,” said David Brenner, M.D., vice chan
                                                                                                   From Interstate 5 North or South:
Seven researchers from the University of       cellor for health sciences and dean of the          • Exit La Jolla Village Drive West
California, San Diego School of Medicine       UC San Diego School of Medicine.                    • Right on Villa La Jolla Drive
are listed among the top 100 alzheimer’s                                                           • Left on Gilman Drive
                                                UC San Diego researchers in the top 100            • Left into Parking Lot 602
disease investigators in the world, accord-                                                          (first stop sign)
ing to an article in the                        include Stein-affiliated faculty members
                                                                                                   • From parking lot, walk toward Medical
March issue of the Journal                                         eliezer Masliah, M.D.;            Teaching Facility (MTF)
                                UC San Diego had more David P. Salmon, Ph.D.;                      • Right through MTF and enter Basic
of Alzheimer’s Disease,
                                  researchers on the top           edward H. Koo, M.D.;              Science Building through glass doors
published by netherlands-                                                                          • Left down first hallway
based iOS press. UC San
                                  100 list than any other          and Douglas Galasko,
                                                                                                   Please call (858) 534-6299 AT LEAST THREE
Diego had more research-         institution in the world.         M.D., of the department
                                                                                                   WORKING DAYS IN ADVANCE to receive
ers on the top 100 list than                                       of neurosciences and the
                                                                                                   your free parking permit. Attendees may
any other institution in the world; a total of  Shiley-Marcos alzheimer’s Disease research         also purchase permits at the parking kiosk on
eleven were from UC institutions.               Center; and Lawrence a. Hansen, M.D., of           Gilman Drive or park at the metered sites.
                                                the departments of pathology and neuro-
                                                                                                   Please see page 2 for a summary of
“i am extremely proud that so many UC           sciences. also included in the list are two        May’s presentation.
San Diego School of Medicine researchers
                                                                         continued on page 5

9500 GILMAN DRIVE # 0664 • LA JOLLA • 92093–0664                                                                                               1
Meet This Month’s Successful Ager—Mary Saunders
By MeLanie COLLinS                                   Mary describes her entry into the world this      from the island of Barbados in the West
It is fitting to highlight Mary Saunders as          way: “i was born on Sunday, May 7, 1916,          indies. He was hired as a shipping clerk at
May’s Successful Ager. Several of the most           in the little town of Danbury, Connecticut,       Travelers insurance company in Hartford,
important events in Mary’s life took place in        which is known for being the home of the          but he was rejected by other employees
May. She was born in May, she married in             company that created Stetson hats for             because he was black. The company still
May, and she received both her bachelor’s            men. Woodrow Wilson was serving his sec-          wanted to employ him, so they built a small
and master’s degrees at May graduations.             ond term as republican president. a three-        office so he could work separately from the
                                                     bedroom house was selling for $2,875, a           white employees.
                                                     new Ford for $360, a dozen eggs for 38
                                                     cents, a loaf of bread for 7 cents, and a half    During Mary’s infant years (1917–1918)
                                                     gallon of milk for 38 cents.”                     there were epidemics of whooping cough
                                                                                                       and pneumonia, and she was one of the
                                                     Mary’s parents did not have any biologi-          victims. She describes her experience this
                                                     cal children; they adopted her through the        way: “i was hospitalized but i was fail-
                                                     Connecticut Children’s aid                                            ing fast. My adoptive
                                                     Society. Mary’s adoptive         Love has many                        grandmother brought me
                                                     grandmother moved in with
                                                     the family to take care of
                                                                                        definitions.                       home, along with a nurse
                                                                                                                           supplied by the hospital.
                                                     her and to help run the house while her           The two, i was told, argued daily as to what
                                                     parents worked.                                   was best for me. Their love and arguments
                                                                                                       brought through a skinny, bald-headed,
                                                     Mary’s mother ran a gas station and store.        half-alive little one.” For several years
                                                     at that time, it was unusual for a woman—         thereafter, Mary’s grandmother described
                                                     especially an african-american woman—to
                                 Mary Saunders       have her own business. Mary’s father was                                       continued on page 4

     Free Public Lecture                              pressure, metabolic syndrome and dia-
                                                      betes, congestive heart failure, and the
                                                                                                                                Hospital in clini-
                                                                                                                                cal rheumatol-
     continued from page 1                            frequent medical need for diuretics and                                   ogy and internal
                                                      low-dose aspirin to treat patients with                                   medicine. Dr.
     Gout: A Growing Public Health
                                                      these conditions. aging individuals need                                  Terkeltaub’s
     Problem Intimately Linked with Aging
                                                      to be better informed about prevent-                                      research has
     Gout is a disorder caused by the                 ing and treating gout. Dr. Terkeltaub’s                                   concentrated
     deposits of crystals in joints, soft tissues,    presentation will discuss what we have                                    principally on
     and kidneys. The crystals are derived            recently learned about preventing and                                     clinical aspects
     from uric acid, the end product of Dna           managing gout, established and new                                        of gout, chon-
                                                                                                       Dr. Robert A. Terkeltaub
     breakdown. acute gouty arthritis results         medications, and diet and lifestyle                                       drocalcinosis,
     when the crystals intensely activate             choices.                                        and osteoarthritis, and in basic research
     inflammation and pain in the joint. in the                                                       on inflammation and skeletal biology
                                                      Biography                                       and the interfaces between the two in
     last few decades, gout has increased
     significantly in the U.S., as well as in                                                         the skeleton and in soft tissues such as
                                                      robert a. Terkeltaub, M.D., is the
     many other countries, especially in                                                              the artery. He is a section editor of Cur-
                                                      chief of rheumatology at the Va San
     patients over the age of sixty-five and                                                          rent Rheumatology Reports, regularly
                                                      Diego Medical Center and a professor
     even more so in patients over seventy-                                                           serves on national institutes of Health
                                                      of medicine and an associate division
     five. This change has been in lockstep                                                           and arthritis national research Founda-
                                                      director at the University of California,
     with changes in diet and lifestyle and                                                           tion study sections, and has been the
                                                      San Diego. He received his medical
     in the frequency of conditions linked                                                            recipient of numerous teaching awards
                                                      degree at McGill University in Montreal,
     with elevation in serum uric acid, such                                                          at UCSD.
                                                      Canada, and completed residency and
     as chronic kidney disease, high blood            training programs at Montreal General

It’s Not Just Furniture
                                                                                                    Honor Roll of
Just about the time my mother died, my                                                              Stein Institute for
daughter finished building her house. She
and her husband worked full-time and had
                                                                                                    Research on Aging
three children at home. With no time to                                                             Contributors
shop for furniture, she was delighted when
I suggested I ship my mother’s living room,                                                         We would like to express our
dining room, and bedroom furniture to her.                                                          deep appreciation for all those
                                                                                                    listed, as well as the anonymous
                              as serendipity                                                        donors, who chose to provide
                              would have                                                            support to the Sam and rose Stein
                              it, that same                                                         institute for research on aging dur-
                              daughter had                                                          ing the months of March through
                              just finished                                                         mid-april 2009.
                              remodeling a
                              small summer
                              cottage by a      with the furniture arranged the way it was
                              lake when we      when i was a child. The memories of these
                              moved from        years are embedded in the deep armchairs,
    Natasha Josefowitz, Ph.D.
                              our large five-   the boys i dated in high school have left
bedroom house to a much smaller two-            their marks on the sofa, and the musical
bedroom apartment in a retirement com-          events still resonate around the four chairs
munity. Sure enough, she was again thrilled     with needlepoint pillows made by my
to get the furniture from the living room,      mother and my aunt, where they sat play-
dining room, and bedrooms. That furniture       ing bridge while waiting for the war to end.
had come all the way from a chalet in the
Swiss alps that we owned many years ago         as émigrés in 1939, my parents had lost
and was mostly heavy, dark-oak peasant          everything, so this furniture was their new
style from the 1600 and 1700s, none of          start in the new World. When my three
which would fit into our new small rooms        grandchildren sit and sleep in this same fur-
overlooking the ocean. We needed to             niture, there is an unbroken thread from my
redecorate with rattan and pastels, but my      parents to me to my children and grand-
daughter’s country cottage was a perfect        children. The same is true of my furniture
setting for the old Swiss pieces.               from the Swiss chalet, where i used to rest
                                                after a day of skiing; today the kids—now
What i find most remarkable is that when-       the age i was then—come in to rest from a
ever i visit my daughter in her townhome,       day of swimming.
i feel that i am back in my mother’s house,                                continued on page 7

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Successful Ager                                 first contact with the public. This showed
                                                a progressive attitude toward racial issues
                                                                                                enjoyed our anniversaries, and often
                                                                                                attended church together.”
continued from page 2                           at the ann Street yWCa that was not yet
                                                apparent most other places, even at other       Mary worked as a social investigator for
her as “fragile.” But by third grade she was                                                    the public welfare department in new york
fully recovered and became very active in                                                       City. She took advantage of an opportu-
sports and other activities.                    Some of Mary’s coworkers were highly            nity to get an advanced degree through
                                                educated women in professional positions        her department’s two-year work scholar-
Mary enjoyed school even though there
                                                as social workers and administrators. They      ship program. She completed her master’s
was strict discipline in the classroom. For
                                                encouraged Mary to further her education.       degree in social work from Columbia
example, she recalls her fourth grade
                                                She was accepted to                                                  University School of
teacher: “She seemed to us little folks to
                                                St. Joseph’s College                                                 Social Work approxi-
be a huge lady with a no-nonsense disposi-
                                                in West Hartford,         I was on my own and                        mately a year after
tion. She taught fractions. During arithmetic
if you did not know your fractions, you got
                                                and she worked to         had challenges, but I                      Jimmy’s death.
                                                pay her way through
your knuckles cracked, and then you stayed
after school to learn the fractions!” Mary
                                                school. She gradu-         learned to make my                        after retiring in 1981,
                                                ated with a bachelor’s                                               Mary traveled, prac-
was a good student throughout school.
                                                degree in sociology.
                                                                             way in the world.                       ticed photography,
When she graduated from east Hartford                                                                                and expanded her
High School in 1933, she was one of the         Mary was living in new york City when she       reading about black history and culture.
graduation speakers.                            met James edward Saunders, a U.S. cus-          She gave lectures on black history at
                                                toms officer and a very kind and interesting    churches and elementary schools.
Throughout her adolescence, Mary was a
                                                man. They met weekly, talked endlessly,
member of the Girl reserves, which was a                                                        Mary has participated in and witnessed
                                                and took long walks along the Hudson
popular program similar to the Girls Scouts                                                     many historic events in her lifetime. She
                                                river. Mary and James fell deeply in love
and was sponsored by the ann Street                                                             knew eleanor roosevelt, who was close
                                                and married on May 17, 1953.
yWCa in Hartford.                                                                               to a family that Mary spent a great deal of
                                                Mary describes subsequent events this           time with and who also donated some of
Mary had a great deal of responsibility at
                                                way: “Our happiness was short-lived. Five       her time to the girls at the yWCa where
home and at her mother’s gas station store,
                                                months after the wedding, Jimmy suffered        Mary worked. She also knew Marian
especially after her grandmother passed
                                                a massive stroke. Doctors gave no hope          anderson through her church and heard
away. When Mary was thirteen years old,
                                                for his recovery. This was indeed the sad-      her sing at services several times. and Mary
her mother (who was fifty-six at the time)
                                                dest part of my life. i called upon God and     participated in the civil rights movement;
had a stroke and was in the hospital for
                                                prayed and prayed. He comforted me by           one of her most memorable experiences
nearly a year. She never fully recovered
                                                giving me hope and assurance that Jimmy         occurred on august 28, 1963, when she
from the stroke. Mary took care of her for
                                                would live. True, he lived as a total invalid   joined hundreds of thousands of people
the next eleven years.
                                                without speech or locomotion, but he was        in the March on Washington and heard Dr.
after her mother’s death, Mary’s circum-        with me for eleven and a half years. We         Martin Luther King Jr. give his famous “i
stances changed dramatically and she            recaptured our lives: i found a job in civil    Have a Dream” speech on the steps of the
needed a place to live and a new job. She       service; he received an early pension. We       Lincoln Memorial.
rented a room at the ann Street yWCa and        spent summers in the country with all our
                                                medical equipment. We took long walks in        although Mary does not know if she has
got a job at the switchboard. She was the
                                                his extended wheelchair from the east river     any biological siblings, she considers several
first african-american to have a job in the
front of the building, where she was the        to the Hudson river. We went to parades,                                   continued on page 6

                            research Participants Needed
     Dr. Colin Depp, Stein institute for research on aging faculty member and researcher at UC San
     Diego, is seeking participants at least sixty years of age to take part in a study to understand
     the daily experiences, activities, and associated emotions in older adults. Using a diary method
     known as the Day reconstruction Method, participants will be asked to recall the previous
     day’s events and answer a series of questions about their experiences that day. The majority
     of the assessment is self-administered and can be completed at home. if you are interested in
     participating or have additional questions, please call ashley Cain at (858) 822-7485.

World’s Top 100                                 through april 21, 2008, with a total of 324
                                                published papers. He also ranked thirteenth
continued from page 1                           in “most-cited authors” with 18,636 scien-
                                                tific citations for his work with nerve tissue
former chairs of the department of neuro-
                                                proteins, and seventh for the total impact
sciences who were Stein-affiliated faculty
                                                of that research.
                                                                                                 PUBLIC LECTURE SERIES
members: Leon Thal, M.D., who passed
away in 2007, and robert Katzman, M.D.,                                                          lectures air on
                                                UC San Diego’s Shiley-Marcos alzheimer’s
who passed away in 2008.                        Disease research Center conducts a wide          Cox Digital Ch. 135
                                                                                                 Time Warner Digital Ch. 135
                                                variety of research studies dedicated to         (throughout San Diego)
aaron a. Sorensen of Switzerland-based
                                                understanding the causes, clinical features,     Time Warner North County Ch. 18
Collexis Holdings inc. conducted the
                                                and treatments for alzheimer’s disease           AT&T UVerse, Ch. 99
first-ever objective analysis of alzheimer’s
                                                and related memory disorders. its goal is        UHF (no cable) Ch. 35
disease research. His analysis focused on
                                                to discover ways to prevent and ultimately
three areas of measurement: total cita-
                                                eradicate this disease. The center is also
tions, total publications, and the H-index,                                                      Research on Aging: Goals and
                                                one of thirty-five university medical centers
which quantifiably measures a scientist’s or                                                     Challenges of Palliative Care
                                                nationwide designated to carry out clini-
group’s productivity and the impact of that                                                      Palliative care aims to prevent and relieve
                                                cal trials coordinated by the alzheimer’s        suffering and promote quality of life at every
                                                Disease Cooperative Study, created by the        stage of life through patient and family care,
For example, researcher eliezer Masliah was     national institute on aging and headquar-        education, research, and advocacy. Join Frank
                                                tered at UC San Diego.                           D. Ferris, M.D., as he presents information on
ranked twelfth on the list of “most prolific”
                                                                                                 defining elements of past and modern illness
investigators for the period January 1, 1985                                                     and various ideas of suffering. The general
                                                                                                 concepts of palliative care as well as its future
                                                                                                 goals will be addressed.
                                                                                                 May 19    11:00 a.m.
                                                                                                 May 20    2:00 a.m.
     2009 Public Lecture Series                                                                  May 21
                                                                                                 May 22
                                                                                                           5:00 a.m.
                                                                                                           8:00 a.m.
                                                                                                 May 23    3:00 p.m.
     We would like to invite you to attend our 2009 Public Lecture Series. This series
                                                                                                 May 24    7:00 a.m.
     allows affiliated faculty members of the Stein institute for research on aging,             May 28    9:00 p.m.
     other scientists from the UCSD School of Medicine, and individuals from sur-                May 29    11:00 p.m.
     rounding academic and research institutions to present the latest findings in their         May 31    5:00 p.m.
     respective fields of expertise and to share their present work with the general             June 2    7:00 p.m.
     community. all of these lectures focus on topics related to healthy aging or age-
                                                                                                 Research on Aging: Mantram
     related diseases. The lectures are held in the Garren auditorium on the UCSD                Repetition, a Portable Stress Buster
     School of Medicine Campus from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. and will also be on Stein’s new
                                                                                                 We are all looking for ways to reduce our
     youTube channel: if you have any ques-                    stress. Would you believe repeating a word or
     tions, contact us at (858) 534-6299.                                                        phrase could do the trick? Join Jill Bormann,
                                                                                                 Ph.D., as she explains mantram repetition
                                                                                                 and her research showing this is an effec-
     May 20                                     September 16                                     tive portable stress buster that can be easily
     Robert Terkeltaub, M.D.                    J. Kellogg Parsons, M.D.                         used to calm the body and mind. Mantram is
     “Gout: a Growing Public Health             “Prostate Cancer: research Update”               the Sanskrit term for a short, sacred word or
     Problem intimately Linked with aging”                                                       phrase that is repeated silently in the mind to
                                                October 21                                       reduce stress.
     June 17                                                                                     May 14 9:00 p.m.
                                                Elizabeth Barrett-Connor, M.D.
                                                                                                 May 15 10:00 p.m.
     Colin Depp, Ph.D.                          “Women’s Health from a–z”
                                                                                                 May 17 5:00 p.m.
     “aging and Wellness”                                                                        May 19 7:00 p.m.
                                                November 18
     July 15                                    Michael Albo, M.D.
     Charles von Gunton, M.D.                   “Urinary incontinence”                           To purchase a video copy of a specific lecture
                                                                                                 seen on TV, please visit or
     “The Future of Palliative Medicine”
                                                                                                 call (800) 742-5117.

     August 19                                                                                   For additional information on viewing past
                                                                                                 lectures online or for any other questions,
     William Kremen, Ph.D.                                                                       please visit our Web site at http://sira.ucsd
     TBa                                                                                         .edu or call (858) 534-6299. You may also view
                                                                                                 past lectures on Stein’s new YouTube channel:

                                            Successful Ager                                  with the members. in February 2006, Mary
                                                                                             gave a lecture as part of the center’s Black
                                            continued from page 4                            History Month celebration, and since then
           Did You                          people to be her sisters and brothers. Her
                                                                                             she has given other talks and has written
                                                                                             book reviews on the subject for the center.

                                            best friend, Constance, was one of those
                                            people. They met when they were both resi-       Despite many experiences of discrimination
                                            dents of the ann Street yWCa in Connecti-        (for example, being forced to eat in a res-
                                            cut and remained friends until Constance         taurant kitchen when all her white friends
    in the 2008 U.S. News & World           passed away. Constance had a grandson,           ate in the main part of the restaurant), Mary
                                            Charles, whom she looked after like a son.       has a very positive view of the world. “The
    Report rankings, the UC San Diego
                                            Before Constance died, she asked Mary to         first twelve years of my life were beautiful
    School of Medicine was 5th              take care of him. So, after Constance died,      because i had my mother and grandmother
    among the nation’s public schools       Mary moved to California, where Charles          and people who really loved me. after that,
    of medicine.                            was in elementary school. although Mary          i was on my own and had challenges, but i
                                            never formally adopted Charles, he became        learned to make my way in the world. and
                                            her grandson in every other way and is           all my life people have been so lovely and
    research conducted on
                                            still an integral part of her life. after Mary   kind to me.”
    campus offers medical                   began volunteering at Charles’s school in
    advancements and                        order to be involved in his education, the       Mary has been managing diabetes for the
    breakthrough treatments,                school asked her to visit the homes of tru-      past thirty years. in the same way that she
                                            ant children to encourage them to return to      doesn’t think of herself or anyone else as
    such as advanced stem cell
                                            school. This became                                                      being defined by race
    research that could cure a variety      a paid position, and        I don’t worry about                          or color, she never
    of diseases and studies finding that    Mary’s second career                                                     thinks of herself as
    sun exposure and vitamin D levels       was born. She also         things; I let God take                        someone with an ill-
    may play a role in the risk of type 1   found and coached              care of them.                             ness. She does what
                                            high school students                                                     her doctor tells her to
    diabetes in children.
                                            who had the aptitude for college but lacked      do to take care of herself and she doesn’t
                                            the knowledge and resources to prepare           dwell on the negative aspects of having
    Private support from the Larry          for it.                                          diabetes.
    L. Hillblom Foundation, created
                                            Since retiring from the school, Mary has         Mary believes in education, hard work,
    through a bequest from the late
                                            continued to educate others about black          and saving money, and she teaches these
    DHL co-founder, will serve as a         history and culture and to learn about other     values to children. Her religion guides her
    catalyst for research in the new        cultures. She joined the Jewish Family           and gives her the ability to bypass worry:
    Division of Geriatrics at the           Service College avenue Older adult Center        “i am God’s servant; He makes everything
    UC San Diego School of Medicine         in San Diego, where she takes exercise and       possible” and “i don’t worry about things; i
                                            writing classes and meets friends for lunch      let God take care of them.”
    to better understand the process
                                            three times a week. as she spent time there
    of aging and discover new ways of       and learned more about Jewish history and        Mary also believes in love. in her words,
    minimizing its effects.                 culture, she became excited about the idea       “Love has many definitions.” This is quite
                                            of sharing her knowledge of black history        evident in the way Mary lives her life.

    established by generous donors
    in 1979, the Moores       UCSD
                                                             Do You Know Someone
    Cancer Center is the region’s
    only national Cancer institute–
                                                   Who is a Great example of Successful Aging?
    designated Comprehensive Cancer            each month we feature examples of successful aging within our local community. We
    Center. The Cancer Center’s                welcome your nominations. if you know of someone eighty-five years or older who
    mission is to translate promising          you feel is an example of successful aging, please contact Jody DeLaPena-Murphy
                                               at (858) 822-1132 or with the name and contact information
    scientific discoveries into new and
                                               of the person you would like to nominate, along with a brief description of why you
    better options for the prevention,         feel he or she is successfully aging. From these nominations, we will select some of
    diagnosis, and treatment of cancer.        these individuals to be interviewed, and their responses will be included in future
                                               editions of the newsletter.

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OASIS Intergenerational Programs                                                              belongs to those who have made a
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At OASIS you can learn, develop your           information, contact roxanne Prine at          more of the following methods:
talents, connect with others who share your    (619) 296-2594 or e-mail oasistutor@yahoo
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tional Tutoring and Active Generations.        ties. Over the past three decades, obesity
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Through intergenerational Tutoring, OaSiS      among children ages six to eleven years        •	Retirement	plan	beneficiary	designa-
places adults in kindergarten through third-   old. active Generations is a weekly inter-       tion
grade classrooms to help children enhance      generational nutrition and physical activity
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are trained and placed in a school of their    through fifth grades to fun using teams of       nation
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Tutors volunteer approximately one hour a      lead games and exercises, prepare and            real property)
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                                                                                              can provide sample bequest language
will be in august and September. For more
                                                                                              for inclusion in your will or trust, or oth-
                                                                                              erwise assist you with a plan that meets
                                                                                              your philanthropic and financial goals.
Furniture                                      to appreciate the link that binds families
                                               together.                                      With careful planning, it is possible to
continued from page 3                                                                         reduce or eliminate income and transfer
                                               Pieces of furniture are not just inanimate     taxes while turning appreciated assets
i have so many memories of spending            objects; they are where families get           into income for yourself or others.
holidays with my growing family and their      together. They are the hosts of clan gather-
friends, with a wood fire burning, the snow    ings, the silent witnesses to conversations.   For more information and to request a
falling, country bread and                                       They heard the laughter      free copy of Your UC San Diego Guide
cheese, and my German                                                                         to Giving, please contact Geoff Graham
shepherd—now long
                               Pieces of furniture are not and the tears and have held        at (858) 534-2249. also, visit our Web
                                                                 babies and grandparents in
dead—lying by my side.           just inanimate objects;                                      site at http://www.plannedgiving.ucsd
                                                                 cushioned arms. So, keep
even if your children            they are where families some of your furniture for           .edu.
say they don’t want that               get together.             the generations to come so
old chest of drawers or                                          they, too, can participate
that rocking chair with the worn armrests,     in the memories and stories evoked by the
put it in storage until they are old enough    old wood and faded cloth.
(you may have to wait a decade or two)

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Doris Trauner, M.D., Acting Chair, Department of        Older americans Month was established in 1963. at that time, only 17 million
                                                        living americans had reached their sixty-fifth birthdays, about a third of older
Scientific Advisory Board                               americans lived in poverty, and there were few programs to meet their needs.
Sonia Ancoli-Israel, Ph.D., Psychiatry                  interest in older americans and their concerns was growing, however, and in
Elizabeth Barrett-Connor, M.D., Epidemiology/
     Family and Preventive Medicine
                                                        1963, President John F. Kennedy’s meeting with the national Council of Senior
Ruth Covell, M.D., Family and Preventive Medicine       Citizens served as a prelude to designating May as Senior Citizens Month. in
John Daly, M.D., Medicine
Laura Dugan, M.D., Medicine
                                                        1980, President Jimmy Carter renamed it Older americans Month, and it has
Douglas Galasko, M.D., Neurosciences                    become a tradition that is celebrated across the country through ceremonies,
Mario Garrett, Ph.D., SDSU Department of Gerontology
Paul Insel, M.D., Medicine
                                                        events, fairs, and other activities. For more information on Older americans
Edward H. Koo, M.D., Neurosciences                      Month, please visit the Department of Health and Human Services administration
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