McLaughlin College Student Orientation 2004 (PowerPoint download) by dcsvzebge


									 Welcome to the McLaughlin
College Academic Orientation
    Wed., August 29, 2011
              Platform Guests
• Ian Greene, Master of McLaughlin College & Prof of
  Public Policy & Administration, Pol Sci, and Law
► Terry Conlin, McLaughlin Academic Advisor
► Martin Singer , Dean, Faculty of Liberal Arts &
  Professional Studies
► Martin Breaugh, Undergrad Pgm Dir, Political Science
► Dan Cohn, Director, School of Public Policy & Admin
► Mike Cannon, President, McLaughlin Student Council
► Siraat Mustafa, Vice-Pres Academic, McL St Council
► Some McLaughlin Fellows, including Profs Naomi
  Couto, Radha Persaud, Philip MacEwen, John
  McErlean, Jerry Ginsburg, Jill Flohil, Tom Wilson; Dr.
  Jamie Laws, Tony Genco, and Randall Pilson
  (McLaughlin Graduate & Trumpeter)
     McLaughlin College Orientation
►   College: community of students and faculty
    dedicated to working together in the pursuit of
    knowledge and the development of the whole person
►   Based on the very successful Oxford-Cambridge
    tradition of 700 years.
      Academic support -Interdisciplinary setting                GeorgeTatham
      Extracurricular activities  -Sports, fitness, music, drama   (first Master)
      Residences (Mitch Burney, Residence Life Coordinator for Tatham Hall.
       Tatham Hall is named after McLaughlin’s first Master)
►   Only three universities in Canada have colleges for all undergraduate
    students. We’re privileged at York to have the college system. Each
    college has its own history and traditions. McLaughlin – founded 1968

                                                       Sam McLaughlin
                                                       Founder, McLaughlin Motor Works,
                                                       (later GM Canada), benefactor of
                                                       McLaughlin College
    McLaughlin College Orientation
►   Gowns and hoods: why are some of us wearing them?
     Remember college values of social justice, respect,
      development of the whole person, service to community. You’ll
      be reminded of your social obligations at convocation.
►   Please take advantage of college activities and other
    opportunities at the university. These will open an
    amazing number of doors.
►   Attend the Lunch Talk Series (mid-September to March)
    in Senior Common Room
►   McLaughlin is a home both for residence and commuter
    students – use the Study Hall, Dynamacs, recreational
    facilities, student club offices, foyer area, courtyard,
    student lounge (016)
                   York’s Colleges
► Complex     I Colleges (where we are now)
   McLaughlin: Public Policy
               Science, Sociology, Criminology, Law & Society, Public
     ► Political
       Policy & Administration, Global Political Studies, Work & Labour
       Studies. Residence students come from all programs and
       Faculties, and some undecided major students
   Vanier: Humanities, Economics, Business & Society,
    Philosophy, etc.
   Founders: “Self, Culture and Society” -- History,
    Women’s Studies, Development Studies, Environmental
    Studies, Geography, Area Studies, etc.
   Winters: all programs in Faculty of Fine Arts &
              York’s Colleges
► Complex   II Colleges (West end of campus):
    Stong: Health Policy, Nursing, Kinesiology,
    Bethune: Science & Engineering
    Calumet: Psychology, Business, Cognitive
► Glendon College: a liberal arts faculty & college
  combined at Bayview & Lawrence – bilingual,
  public affairs – located in East Toronto (gorgeous)
► New College: Administrative Studies, Human
  Resources Management, Information Technology
    Greetings from York Leaders
►   York University President Mamdouh Shoukri:
► Videogreeting from
 Robert Tiffin, Vice-
 president Students
                 Department of Sociology
Nancy Mandel, Chair
►   Vari Hall, 2060-C, ext. 77999

► Larry  Lam, Undergraduate
    Program Director (receiving
 award for outstanding service
 to students):   Vari Hall 2098 ext 77995
      Department of Political Science

                    ←Ananya Mukherjee-Reed is the Chair
                           Room: S669 Ross
                           Ph: 416-736-2100 ext. 20266 or
                                   ext 33197

►   Martin Breaugh is the Undergraduate
    Program Director,
     Ross S638, ext 88832
     Division of Social Science
► Chair:   Kimberley White
   S 734 Ross, ext. 20546→

► Undergraduate Program
  Director: Peggy Keall
   S 742 Ross, ext. 77176
► TheDivision of Social Science houses
 Criminology, Law and Society, and Work &
 Labour Studies
          Get to know your Program
► Prof.   James Williams, Coordinator,
  Criminology Programme (S724 Ross,
      ext 20547)
► Prof.Daniel Cohn,       →
  Chair, School of Public
  Policy & Administration
  (SPPA): 122 McLaughlin,
     ext 77276
 UPD of SPPA: Thaddeus Hwong,
  134 McLaughlin, ext 20537
      Other Program Coordinators
►   Law & Society:
    Kimberley White →
    (S 734 Ross, ext. 20546)

►   Global Political Studies:
    David Mutimer                         addresses in York
    (Reseach Tower 731, ext 46007)        on-line directory : (click on
                                          “current students, faculty and
                                           staff,” then click on “directory”)
►   Work and Labour Studies: Anna Pratt
      Ross S722 ext 33748
                     Michael Cannon
       McLaughlin Student Council President
►   McLaughlin Student Council
      Room 143 McLaughlin College
►   Sports and Rec: 143 McLaughlin
►   Council Activities for Students
      “Dynamacs”
      Ski trips, Niagara Falls, Medieval Times
      Montreal trip: 3 nights and 4 days
      The McLaughlin Formal (March)
►   Student clubs in McLaughlin College
      Political Science, Sociology, Public Policy & Administration, Model
       UN, Model NATO, Criminology, Law & Society, Global Political
       Studies, Peace By Peace, Moot Society, Work & Labour Studies,
       Debating Society, Poverty Eradication Project, Save the Children,
       War Child Canada, Pre-Law Society, Student Assoc for Single
       Parents, Tutoring for Athletics, etc. (Sign-up table in Junior
       Common Room)
          Social Orientation
            (frosh week)
     September 2 – September 11

Purchase your frosh kit from Mike, Siratt and the rest of Council at the
   back of this room. This includes all the events shown on the
   schedule – a terrific value! You can sign up all day but the best time
   is lunch time.
            Mitchel Burney
       Residence Life Coordinator
Tatham Hall (McLaughlin College Residence)
           Terry Conlin
    McLaughlin Academic Advisor
► Your  key to academic
  success at York
► 226 McLaughlin
  ext 77092;
► Peer Advisors
► Faculty Advisors
► MALL (McLaughlin
  Academic Lifeline)
           Other Things to Note
► York Fest: Sept 19 – 25: Highlights of the festival include
  popular musical performances and a Student Clubs and
  Organizations Fair. Past performers have included I Mother
  Earth, Matthew Good, K-OS, Metric, Bedouin Soundclash,
  Kardinal Offishall, The Stills and N.E.RD.
► Classes start on Wednesday, September 7 (after Labour
► McLaughlin Lunch Talks start mid-September and continue
  until March. You’ll be informed by email, or can check Lunch talks happen nearly every day.
► Students who attend at least 6 times, plus participate in
  other college activities, will receive a Cerficate of
  Participation – important for letters of reference later on.
► Please complete the evaluation – included in the
  information distributed to you - and return to a McLaughlin
  peer advisor or staff at the end of the day.
           Please Rate as A+, A, B+, B, C+, C, D+, D, E or F: ↓

TIME                                     EVENT                              Your Rating

8:30 am                           Continental Breakfast

9:00 am                      Welcome to McLaughlin College

10:00 am           Student Success: Study Secrets & Time Management

11:00 am             Managing Your Money and Planning Your Future
12:00 pm                      Lunch With Your Peer Advisor
1:30 pm                     Getting A’s at York: Terry Conlin

2:30 pm             McLaughlin College Council and York Federation of
                Students: Student Government, Student Social Orientation,

                                 Student Clubs & YOU!
3:30 pm                                End of Day
Welcome to York & McLaughlin!

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