Student Nurse Handbook by iwestaaiegjpuiv


1	 Welcome	to	the	Trust

1	 Message	from	the	Director	of	Professions	

2	 Clinical	Experiences	Available

3	 Student	Support

3	 Learner	Support	Officer

4	   Adult	Branch	
	    Mount	Vernon	Hospital
	    Stroke	Rehabilitation	Unit
	    Community	Rehabilitation	and	Respite	Unit
	    Intermediate	Care	Teams	and	Locality	Centres
	    Community	Placements

9	 Child	Branch	 																							
10	 Learning	Disability	Branch	                        	
	 Keresforth	Centre
	 Community	Learning	Disability	Team

11	 Mental	Health	Branch	 	
	 Department	of	Psychological	Medicine
	 Kendray	Hospital
	 Community	Mental	Health	Teams
Useful	Information
Welcome	to	our	Trust                                                         Student	Handbook

It	is	the	aim	of	Barnsley	Primary	Care	Trust	that	every	learner	will	        It	is	with	great	pleasure	that	Barnsley	Primary	Care	Trust	presents	this	
be	welcomed	into	a	friendly,	supportive	and	efficient	learning	              Student	Handbook.	Barnsley	PCT	is	a	large	and	diverse	organisation	
environment,	which	is	staffed	by	highly	qualified	and	caring	health	         and	one,	which	whole	heartedly	supports	and	embraces	education	
professionals.                                                               across	the	workforce.

We	endeavour	to	provide	placements	that	will	contribute	to	the	              Students	are	seen	as	essential	in	shaping	the	future	health	services	
clinical	skills	and	competencies	of	student	health	professionals.	           and	PCT	has	a	commitment	to	support	students	throughout	their	
Our	placements	will	aim	to	provide	the	students	with	the	ability	to	         educational	programme.
function	effectively	in	a	team	and	to	participate	in	a	multi-professional	
approach	to	the	care	of	service	users.                                       Our	aim	is	the	creation	of	well-educated,	confident	and	competent	
                                                                             practitioners	who	are	fit	for	purpose	fit	for	practice.	In	order	to	
Angela	Glover	                                                               achieve	this	our	placement	areas	are	audited	against	best	practice	
Learner	Support	Officer                                                      standards	for	education	and	reflect	national	guidance.	We	are	
February	2006                                                                also	committed	to	ensuring	that	health	care	students	are	taught	
                                                                             by	mentors	and	teachers	who	are	well	supported	and	possess	the	
                                                                             practical	skills	and	competence	at	the	highest	level.	

                                                                             Continuing	professional	development	is	an	integral	part	of	the	PCT	
                                                                             philosophy	and	as	an	organisation	we	are	committed	to	ensure	that	
                                                                             once	qualified,	practitioners	are	able	to	develop	and	maintain	new	
                                                                             skills	and	expertise	according	to	new	and	progressive	roles.

                                                                             This	Student	Handbook	will	act	as	a	guide	for	students	throughout	
                                                                             their	practice	placement	providing	relevant	and	useful	information	
                                                                             to	support	them	successfully	through	their	educational	experience.	

                                                                             Margaret Kitching
                                                                             Director of Nursing and Professions

Clinical	Areas
Barnsley	PCT	NHS	Trust	offers	
a	wide	range	of	high	quality	
clinical	learning	areas,	in	the	
following	specialities

Child	Branch	Community
Mental	Health	Adult
Learning	Disabilities
Adult	Branch	Community
Adult	Branch	Aging/Rehab/
Continuing	Care

The	Trust	is	proud	that	it	has	
close	educational	links	with	
Barnsley	Hospice,	“Together	
working	for	wellbeing”,	
Making	Space	Organisation,	
Independent	Advocacy	Service	
and	Voluntary	Mental	Health	

Student	Support
Angela	Glover
Learner	Support	Officer
Centre	for	Learning	and	Development
Barnsley	PCT
Keresforth	Centre
S70	6RS

Tel:		01226	435762
Ext:	4152

Learning	Environment	Manager-usually	senior	staff	nurse	or	       Angela	Glover		Learner	Support	Officer	based	at	Kendray	Hospital
nursing	sister	on	each	area
                                                                  Angela	started	her	career	as	a	cadet	nurse	in	1974,	becoming	a	State	
Mentor/Assessor-usually	the	experienced	qualified	member	of	      Registered	Nurse	(SRN)	first	then	qualified	as	a	State	Certificated	
staff	assigned	to	you	during	your	placement                       Midwife	(SCM)	working	in	that	role	in	Barnsley	for	many	years.		After	
                                                                  that	she	worked	as	a	staff	nurse	concerned	with	care	of	the	elderly	at	
Associate	Mentor-a	qualified	member	of	staff	who	is	interested	   the	Oaks	Respite	Unit	and	then	at	Mount	Vernon	Hospital	she	saw	an	
in	mentoring	student	nurses	and	has	not	yet	qualified	as	an	      opportunity	to	be	seconded	as	a	Curriculum	Project	Support	Officer	
assessor.                                                         –	one	of	13	posts	created	throughout	the	Trent	region,	one	for	each	
Clinical	Link	Lecturer-lecturers	from	the	University	who	will	
visit	the	ward	to	support	students	and	mentors.                   Founded	by	the	Workforce	Confederation	for	a	year,	Barnsley	PCT	
                                                                  decided	to	make	the	appointment	of	Learner	Support	Officer	and	
                                                                  Angela	secured	the	post	in	May	2003.
                                                                  Angela	sees	her	role	as	that	of	a	visible	link	between	the	PCT	and	the	
                                                                  universities,	securing,	organising	and	monitoring	student	placements	
                                                                  during	their	three-year	study	and	training	programmes.
                                                                  The	role	also	involves	ensuring	the	students	are	supervised	while	on	
                                                                  placement	which	means	supporting	their	nursing	mentors	including	
                                                                  annual	assessor	update	sessions	with	University	tutors	who	are	
                                                                  assigned	to	each	placement	area.

                                                                  Angela	deals	with	any	problems	or	queries	from	the	students	and	
                                                                  their	mentors	and	helps	organise	study	days	on	subjects	that	staff	
                                                                  feel	their	student	placements	need	as	well	as	reflection	sessions	
                                                                  where	students	can	discuss	what	they’ve	learned	along	with	any	
                                                                  To	help	in	the	continued	training	of	students	and	their	placements	
                                                                  across	the	PCT		and	in	the	community,	every	community	locality	and	
                                                                  each	ward	or	department	at	Kendray,	Mount	Vernon,	Keresforth	and	
                                                                  the	DPM	has	a	Learning	Environment	Manager.

                                                                  These	Managers	are	Senior	Nurses	with	an	interest	in	education	
                                                                  issues	who	oversee	and	guide	the	student	mentors.

                                                                  Angela	sees	no	shortage	of	nursing	students	coming	through	the	
                                                                  system,	whether	they	are	post-graduates,	people	returning	to	
                                                                  nursing	after	breaks	or	those	seconded	from	other	roles	in	the	PCT.
                                                                  “Those	seconded	from	Barnsley	PCT	have	to	work	here	for	a	year	
                                                                  when	they	finish	their	studies	and	then	they	can	move	wherever	they	
                                                                  like.		Many	choose	to	stay	here	in	Barnsley	which	is	good.”

                                                                  Angela	is	also	the	State	Enrolled	Nurse	Conversion	link	where	SEN’s	
                                                                  train	and	go	on	to	become	RGN’s.

                                                                  When	a	qualified	nurse	wishes	to	Return	to	Practice,	Angela	is	the	
                                                                  Trust	link	who	organises	their	academic	course	and	their	clinical	

                                                                  Angela	is	also	a	part	of	the	Venepuncture	training	team	working	with	
                                                                  community	nursing	staff	to	train	people	to	take	blood	samples.
                                                                  When	members	of	the	public	enquire	about	training	to	become	a	
                                                                  nurse,	she	gives	advice	and	sends	out	relevant	information	to	them.
                                                                  Angela	says:	“I	came	into	nursing	to	make	a	difference	and	I	hope	
                                                                  I’m	still	making	a	difference.		I	really	enjoy	this	role	where	no	two	days	
                                                                  are	the	same.		I	try	to	look	after	people	as	I	would	a	member	
                                                                  of	my	own	family	and	make	them	feel	special.”                           3
Welcome	to	your	Aging	/Rehab/Continuing	Care	Placement	
in	Barnsley	Primary	Care	Trust

	   Useful	Telephone	Numbers

	   Mount	Vernon	Hospital	Ward	4	                                              L.E.M.	      01226	433270	           Diane	Collinson	
	   M.V.H	Ward	5	                                                              L.E.M.	      01226	433247	           Karen	Riordan	
	   Stroke	Rehabilitation	Unit	                                                L.E.M.	      433233	                 Carol	Bishop	 	
	   Intermediate	Care	Teams	and	Locality	Centres	                              L.E.M.	      	433226	                Chris	Richardson	
	   Community	Rehabiltation	and	Respite	Unit	                                  L.E.M.	      433444	                 Carol	Nayeri	
	   I.T	SERVICES	(help	with	your	computer	password)	                           	            01226	435624	           Daniel	Binney	
	   Clinical	Link	Tutor	wards	4,5	&	Intermediate	Care	Teams	,
	   Stroke	Rehabilitation	Unit,	Barnsley	Hospice	and	
	   Autumn	House	Nursing	Home.Havenfield	Lodge	                                	  	   Kath	Steele	
	   Clinical	Link	Tutor	for	Community	Rehab	and	Respite	Unit	(C.R.R.U.)	       	  		   Bev	Bennett	
	   Clinical	Link	Tutor	for	Highfield	Grange		Locality	Centre,	
	   Halsteads	and	Rockley	Dean	Nursing	Homes	                                  	            0114	222	9689	          Andy	Finch	
	   Highfield	Grange	Locality	Centre,	John	St,Wombwell,Barnsley	S73	8LW	       	            01226	754071	           Debbie	Griffiths	
	   Havenfield	Lodge,Highfield	Rd,Darfield,Barnsley	S73	9AY	                   	            01226	753111	           Donna	Holmes

	   For	further	information	please	contact:

	   Angela	Glover,learner	support	officer,Centre	for	Learning	and	Development,Keresforth	Centre,Barnsley	S70	6RS

	   Tel	01226	435762

Mount	Vernon	Hospital
Mount	Vernon	Hospital	has	56	beds	caring	for	elderly	people	who	            There	are	female	staff	changing	facilities	on	each	ward.	Male	staff’s	
require	rehabilitation,	18	of	which	are	designated	stroke	rehabilitation	   changing	facilities	are	located	in	a	room	on	the	main	hospital	corridor.
beds.	The	Stroke	Rehabilitation	Unit	is	also	at	the	Mount	Vernon	           Jewellery	should	be	kept	to	a	minimum,	i.e.	wedding	ring,	and	1	pair	
Hospital	Site	and	has	a	separate	entry	in	this	handbook.                    of	small	earrings	only.	No	other	visible	body	piercing	is	permitted.
Each	ward	has	two	F	grade	sisters	in	post	who	are	the	lead	clinicians	
on	the	area.	Each	placement	has	a	Learning	Environment	Manager	             Wards	at	Mount	Vernon	Hospital	Shift	Patterns
(please	see	telephone	list	for	details).
                                                                            Early	Shift		       0715	     		to		     1445
Adult	Branch	Student	Nurses	will	be	allocated	a	mentor	on	each	ward	        Late	Shift		        1415		    		to	      2145
with	whom	they	can	negotiate	their	off	duties.                              Night	Shift	        2135		    		to	      0725

At	Mount	Vernon	Hospital	Student	Nurses	are	supernumerary	to	ward	          Ward	managers	have	requested	that	if	any	student	nurses	wish	to	
staffing	levels.	They	are	not	expected	to	work	night	shifts	unless	it	is	   work	night	shifts	during	their	placement,	this	should	be	mentioned	
their	wish	to	do	so.                                                        when	contacting	the	L.E.M.	prior	to	the	placement	commencing.

Uniform	Policy                                                              An	“Introduction	to	the	Elderly	Placement”	is	usually	organised	for	
                                                                            the	first	day,	information	regarding	this	is	sent	to	the	Student	Nurses	
Uniforms	should	be	worn	appropriately,	with	the	correct	footwear,	          whilst	they	are	at	their	academic	base	prior	to	their	placement	
belts	and	badges.	Uniforms	must	not	be	worn	to	travel	to	and	               commencing.
from	work,	(unless	the	student	nurse	has	been	placed	with	the	
Intermediate	Care	Teams	based	on	Ward	1).

Changing	Facilities	for	Student	Nurses	on	Clinical	Placements	within	Barnsley	Primary	Care	Trust

	   Branch	                           Placement	                            Details

	   Adult:	Care	of	the	Elderly	       Mount	Vernon	Hospital	                Female	staff	changing	facilities	on	all	wards

	   	                                 	                                     Male	staff	changing	facilities	off	main	hospital	corridor	between
	   	                                 	                                     wards	2	and	3.

	   	                                 Community	Rehabilitation		            Female	staff	changing	facilities	on	unit.
	   	                                 and	Respite	Unit.
	   	                                 	                                     Male	staff	changing	only	available	in	staff	toilet	(there	are	no	
	   	                                 	                                     current	male	permanent	members	of	staff ).

	   	                                 Intermediate	Care	                    Uniform	is	worn	during	travelling	to	care	for	service	users	in	
	   	                                 	                                     their	own	homes.

	   Adult:	Community	                 Community	Nursing	                    Uniform	worn	from	home	and	during	travelling	to	care	for	service
	   	                                 	                                     users	in	their	own	homes.

	   	                                 Health	Visiting	                      Check	with	individual	Health	Visitor	to	see	if	you	need	to	wear
	   	                                 	                                     uniform	or	mufti.

The	Stroke	Rehabilitation	Unit	                                             Intermediate	Care	Services	

Based	at		Mount	Vernon	Hospital                                             All	these	services	are	part	of	the	National	Health	Service	therefore	are	
                                                                            free	at	the	point	of	delivery.

                                                                            Admission	Avoidance
The	Stroke	Rehabilitation	Unit	at	MVH	consists	of	18	beds	for	both	
male	and	female	patients	aged	18	years	onwards.	                            Rapid	Response	Team	
                                                                            Tel:	01226	777793
The	unit	has	a	dedicated	Interdisciplinary	team	of	Nurses,	
Physiotherapists,	Occupational	Therapists,	Speech	and	Language	             Established	in	December	2000	operating	24/7.		Caring	for	a	maximum	
Therapists,	Dietician,	Psychologists	and	Social	Worker	with	specialist	     15-18	patients	depending	on	dependency	for	up	to	14	days,	
knowledge	and	training	in	caring	and	treating	patients	who	suffer	          according	to	the	patient’s	needs.
from	a	stroke.
                                                                            Offers	multi-professional	treatment	and	support	for	older	people	who,	
Aims	of	the	Stroke	Rehabilitation	Unit                                      without	the	service,	would	be	admitted	to	hospital.
n	 To	maximise	potential	of	all	patients
n	 To	provide	integrated	care	and	rehabilitation	from	a	                    The	team	consists	of	qualified	nurses,	physiotherapist,	occupational	
	 dedicated	team                                                            therapist,	social	workers,	support	workers,health	care	assistants,	
n	 To	offer	a	patient	centred	treatment	plan                                speech	and	language	therapist	and	a	dietician.

                                                                            Most	referrals	are	made	by	G.P.’s	,	Accident	and	Emergency	
Named	Nurse/Therapist	system                                                Department	and	Medical	Assessment	Unit	to	the	nurse	in	charge	
                                                                            on	the	shift,	and	the	staff	aim	is	to	reach	the	patient	to	begin	the	
On	admission	to	the	unit	each	patient	is	allocated	a	Named	Nurse	           assessment	within	2	hours	of	receiving	the	referral.
together	with	a	Named	Therapist.
                                                                            Patients	can	be	nursed	in	their	own	home,	a	locality	centre	or	nursing	
Together	these	two	professionals	will	be	responsible	for	the	care	and	      home	bed	supported	by	the	team,	with	medical	cover	from	the	
rehabilitation	from	admission	through	to	discharge.                         patient’s	own	G.P.	or,	if	out	of	their	G.P.	area,	by	the	G.P.	covering	for	
                                                                            that	locality	centre.
Specialist	Skills	Offered	within	the	Stroke	Rehabilitation	Unit
n	 Access	to	Consultant	Nurse-Stroke	Services,	Stroke	Co-ordinator          Conditions	managed	include	chest	infections,	urinary	tract	infections,	
n	 Individual	patient	goal	setting                                          falls	(in	line	with	government	initiatives	to	reduce	the	number	of	
n	 Self-medication	programme                                                people	attending	Accident	and	Emergency	following	a	fall	and	
n	 Skilled	rotating	rehabilitation	assistants                               subsequently	being	admitted	to	hospital),TIA’s,	dehydration	requiring	
n	 Interdisciplinary	training	packages	to	external	groups                   sub-cut	infusions	and	intravenous	antibiotic	therapy.
n	 Sensory	education	group
n	 Individual	weekend	activity	programme                                    The	team	also	cover	District	Nurse	visits	out	of	hours
n	 Access	to	dysphasia	trained	nurse                                        i.e.	6.00pm	to	8.30am.
n	 User/carer	involvement
n	 Satisfaction	questionnaire
n	 Patient	involvement	in	meal	preparation                                  Facilitated	Discharge	
                                                                            Hospital	at	Home	Team	
Introduction	to	the	Placement	Session                                       Tel:	01226	730000	Ext.	3230	or		01226	777953

A	representative	from	the	Stroke	Rehabilitation	Unit	is	invited	to	speak	   Established	in	1995	to	enable	discharge	of	medically	stable	patients	
to	Student	Nurses	during	this	session,	which	is	usually	organised	for	      to	take	place	earlier	than	otherwise	would	be	the	case	by	offering	
the	first	day	of	placement.                                                 multi-professional	therapy	and	support	in	the	patients	own	home.		An	
                                                                            average	of	17	patients	will	be	on	the	scheme	at	any	one	time	and	stay	
L.E.M.		Carol	Bishop			01226	433233                                         from	a	few	days	up	to	8	weeks,	according	to	individual	needs.

                                                                            The	team	consists	of	nurses,	physiotherapists,	occupational	therapists,	
                                                                            speech	and	language	therapist,	dietician	and	rehabilitation	support	
                                                                            workers	with	any	medical	intervention	necessary	coming	from	the	
                                                                            patients	own	G.P.

                                                                            Reasons	for	referral	include	new	disability	from	stroke,	decreased	
                                                                            mobility,	lacking	confidence	following	a	fall,	assessment	prior	to	
                                                                            receiving	a	large	care	package	or	making	the	decision	to	go	into	
                                                                            permanent	care,	education	of	carers	regarding	a	piece	of	equipment.
                                                                            Visits	are	planned	over	the	24	hour	period	according	to	the	patient’s	
                                                                            usual	day	but	staff	only	stay	overnight	as	part	of	the	initial	assessment	
                                                                            period	to	establish	any	night-time	needs.		Referrals	are	taken	Monday	
                                                                            to	Friday	9.00	am	to	5.00	pm.

                                                                            Close	liaison	with	Social	Services	means	that	services	will	be	in	
                                                                            place	when	on-going	needs	have	been	identified	and	a	patient	is	
                                                                            discharged	from	HAH	(Hospital	at	Home).

Locality	Centres                                                         Community	Rehabilitation	and	Respite	Unit
Referrals	are	made	via	the	Intermediate	Care	Assessment	Team.            Introduction
                                                                         A	16	bedded	unit,	all	on	one	level,	providing	for	the	rehabilitation	
The	locality	centres	(originally	called	resource	centres)	were	          and	respite	needs	of	the	physically	disabled,	offering	inpatient	and	
developed	by	Social	Services	as	part	of	the	reconfiguration	of	          outpatient	facilities.
local	authority	‘old	peoples	homes’	to	provide	rehabilitation	and	
recuperation	beds	in	the	community.		They	are	now	part	of	the	           Staffing:
Primary	Care	Trust’s	intermediate	care	services.                         n	 Consultant
                                                                         n	 Secretary
The	number	of	beds	has	increased	as	part	of	the	Older	People’s	          n	 Trained	Nurses
Strategy	–	closure	of	beds	at	Mount	Vernon	Hospital	and	The	Oaks	        n	 Care	Assistants
Unit	has	funded	these	developments	in	line	with	Government	              n	 Neuro-Rehab	Nurse	Specialist
guidelines	e.g.	The	National	Plan	and	The	National	Service	Framework	    n	 Physiotherapist
(NSF)	for	Older	People.                                                  n	 Occupational	Therapist
                                                                         n	 Speech	and	Language	Therapist
Currently	beds	are	available	at	Highfield	Grange	Wombwell,	Greenside	    n	 Psychologist
Mapplewell,	Green	Park	Penistone,	Oakwood	Royston                        n	 Activity	Co-ordinator
                                                                         n	 Therapy	Assistant
Patients	are	medically	stable	but	need	further	convalescence,	           External	Staff:
rehabilitation	or	Social	Service	assessment	before	they	can	return	      n	 Social	Worker
home.                                                                    n	 Dietician
                                                                         n	 Urology
Therapists	attached	to	intermediate	care	visit	the	centres	to	treat	     n	 Appliances
patients,	train	staff	and	participate	in	discharge	planning.		Nursing	   n	 Medical	Physics
care	is	provided	by	qualified	nurses	from	intermediate	care	and/or	
District	Nurses	and	medical	cover	by	the	G.P.		Care	Managers	from	       Aims	of	the	Unit
Social	Services	liase	with	the	locality	centre	managers	to	move	         Rehabilitation	–	to	promote	and	maximise	the	full	potential	of	
patients	through	the	system	appropriately.                               patients	using	an	interdisciplinary	approach.
                                                                         Respite	–	to	provide	high	standards	of	care	and	health	promotion,	
For	further	information	or	informal	visits	please	contact:               offering	respite	as	appropriate	to	patient/carers	needs.

Linda	Barker                                                             Learning	Environment
Senior	Nurse	Intermediate	Care
Ward	1                                                                   Whilst	on	the	unit	it	is	hoped	you	would	be	able	to
Mount	Vernon	Hospital                                                    a.	 Spend	time	with	members	of	the	multi-disciplinary	team	in	order
Mount	Vernon	Road                                                        	 to	gain	an	understanding	of	their	role	within	the	unit.		This	will
Barnsley	                                                                	 include	allocated	time	with	the	neuro-rehab	nurse	specialist.
S70	4DP                                                                  b.	 Gain	experience	in:
                                                                         n	 Admission	and	discharge	planning
Tel:			01226	777	079		or		01226	730	000	Ext.	3218                        n	 Care	planning	and	assessment
E-mail:                                  n	 Promotion	of	continence
                                                                         n	 Administration	of	medications
Highfield	Grange	Day	Centre                                              n	 Promotion	of	independence
                                                                         n	 Moving	and	handling
Age	Concern	run	the	Highfield	Grange	Day	Centre,	John	Street,	           n	 Improving	communication	skills	-	verbal	and	written
Wombwell.	The	manager	has	kindly	agreed	to	allow	you	to	visit	           c.	 Knowledge	and	understanding	of	such	conditions	as:
the	centre	for	a	day	whilst	you	are	undertaking	your	elderly	care	       n	 Multiple	Sclerosis
placement.                                                               n	 Head	Injury
                                                                         n	 Spinal	lesions/injury
If	you	wish	to	spend	a	day	at	the	Centre,	please	contact                 n	 Cerebral	vascular	accidents
                                                                         n	 Cerebral	palsy
Donna	Rose                                                               n	 Huntington’s	disease
Day	Centre	Manager                                                       n	 Chronic	pain
Highfield	Grange
Wombwell                                                                 You	will	have	access	to	a	range	of	journals,	articles	and	books	on	the	
Tel	01226	755480                                                         unit.		The	unit	has	an	ongoing	in-service	training	programme.

If	you	are	unwell	and	unable	to	attend,	as	a	courtesy	to	the	staff	      You	will	have	the	opportunity	to	discuss	your	placement	learning	
please	inform	the	centre,	together	with	your	placement	assessor	and	     requirements	with	your	mentor.
your	University	Programme	secretary	in	the	usual	way.
                                                                         Shifts	   Early	    07.45	-	15.15
For	further	information	please	contact;                                  	 	       Late	     14.30	-	22.00
Angela	Glover                                                            	 	       Nights	   21.45	-	08.00
Learner	Support	Officer
Training	and	Development	Dept                                            If	you	wish	to	work	a	night	shift	please	negotiate	this	with	your	
Kendray	Hospital                                                         mentor	or	Learning	Environment	Manager:	Carol	Nayeri
Tel	01226	777820	ext.	4152                                               External	777791		Internal	3444
Email:	                                                                                                           7
Community	Placement	Information	For	Adult	and	Child	Branch	
Student	Nurses	in	Barnsley	Primary	Care	Trust
Welcome	to	your	community	placement	in	Barnsley	Primary	Care	Trust.As	a	student	nurse	you	will	be	supported	and	encouraged	by	the	health	
professionals	you	are	working	with	to	achieve	your	competencies.	Individual	community	nurses	and	Health	Visitors	will	be	your	named	mentors,	
but	there	is	also	support	available	for	both	student	nurses	and	their	mentors	from	the	following-

Learning	Environment	Managers

Locality		                 Name	                              Base	and	contact	details
1	                         Diana	Cross	D/N	                   Silkstone	Clinic			                   01226	791036	
2	                         Catherine	Ward	H/V	                Mapplewell	Clinic	                    01226	390251	
3	                         Diane	Kistell	H/V		                The	Worsbrough	Centre,West	St	        01226	438053	
4	                         Lynne	Johnson	H/V	                 Royston	Clinic	Church	Lane	Royston	   01226	700669	
5	                         Karen	Rawson	D/N	                  Goldthorpe	Centre		                   01709	886285	
Child	Branch	              Ann	Marie	Horsfall	School	Nurse	   Garland	House	Surgery	Darfield	       272277

Clinical	Link	Tutors

Adult	Branch		             Julie	Skilbeck	                    0114	225	5613			                      e	
	                          and	Julie	Steers	                  0114	2252284		                        e	mail

Lead	Link	Lecturer		       Kath	Steele		                      0114	222	9920

Child	Branch		             Lynda	Smith	                       0114	222	9756		                       e	mail	

Learner	Support	Officer	   Angela	Glover		                    01226	777820	ext	4152		               e	mail	

I	hope	you	enjoy	your	community	placement.
Angela	Glover	5.2.08


                                                                                              3                           5


Child	Branch
Child	Branch	Student	
Barnsley	Primary	Care	Trust	offers	
child	branch	of	student	nurses	
placements	with	Health	Visitors	
for	their	community	module.
During	their	placement	the	
student	is	encouraged	to	
organise	time	with	other	health	
professionals	such	as	the	
School	Nurses	and	Community	

The	University	Of	Sheffield	
School	of	Nursing	and	Midwifery	
Clinical	Link	Tutor	for	Child	
Branch	Community	Placements	
in	Barnsley	is	Lynda	Smith	
Tel:		0114	222	9749	

Learning	Disability	Branch

Learning	Disability	Student	Nurses

	    Placement	                      Contact	Details	                     L.E.M	                                 Clinical	Link	Tutor

	    C.L.D.T	                        Birk	House,	Calder	Crescent,		       Joyce	Dent	                            Bronwyn	Roberts
	    	                               Kendray	S70	6JF	                     Tel:	01226	775	377	                    Tel:	0114	225	2558

	    Specialised	Resources	Unit	     Keresforth	Close	                    Laura	Oates	Ext	3420	                  Bronwyn	Roberts

	    Havenfield	Lodge	               Highfirld	Road	                      Donna	Holmes	                          Jane	Murphy
	    (Privately	Owned)	              Darfield,	S73	9AY	                   Tel:	01226	753	111	                    Tel	0114	222	9929

Keresforth	Centre                                                         Therapy	Services	Learning	Disabilities
Learning	Disabilities
                                                                          The	therapy	team	currently	bases	on	the	Keresforth	Site	consists	of:
Specialised	Resources	Unit	Day Services	                                  n	 Physiotherapist
                                                                          n	 Occupational	Therapists
Keresforth	Specialist	Resource	Unit                                       n	 Speech	and	Language	Therapists
                                                                          n	 Therapy	Assistants
Keresforth	Specialist	Resource	Unit	(KSRU)	provides	day	opportunities	
to	adults	with	profound/complex	learning	disability	and	associated	       The	team	work	with	adults	who	are	on	the	learning	disability	register	
physical	disability	and/or	behaviours	which	challenge	the	service.	The	   at	the	Keresforth	site	and	in	the	Community.
unit	adopts	an	integrated	health	and	social	care	model	supporting	
service	users	in	their	development	whilst	providing	therapeutic	          The	team	can	be	contacted	as	follows:-
nursing	care.	The	emphasis	of	the	unit	is	to	support	service	users	in	    Occupational	Therapy/Physiotherapy	 Ext;	3415
community	integration	and	participation	in	line	with	‘Valuing	People’.    Speech	and	Language	Therapy	Ext:	3406

                                                                          Community	Learning	Disability	Team
                                                                          The	team	supports	adults	who	have	a	diagnosis	of	a	learning	disability	
                                                                          across	the	borough	of	Barnsley.

                                                                          The	team	work	within	the	framework	of	the	Community	Care	Act	
                                                                          and	the	Department	of	Health	Document	‘Valuing	People’	which	
                                                                          is	working	towards	providing	better	life	chances	for	people	with	
                                                                          learning	disabilities,	offering	more	choice	and	control	to	our	clients,	
                                                                          supporting	carers,	improving	health	and	increasing	opportunities	
                                                                          with	regards	housing,	employment,	with	aspirations	of	a	full	and	
                                                                          purposeful	life	for	the	people	we	work	with.

                                                                          Based	at	Birk	House	Kendray	Estate
                                                                          Learning	Environment	Manager:	Joyce	Dent		Tel:	01226	775377

Mental	Health	Branch
Department	of	Psychological	Medicine                                       Referrals	to	Day	Hospital	are	from	consultant	psychiatrists,	in-patient	
                                                                           facilities,	community	mental	health	nurses,	social	workers,	general	
Acute	Adult	Mental	Health                                                  practitioners	and	therapy	staff.

The	team	consists	of	ward	managers,	nursing	sisters,	staff	nurses	and	     All	clients	are	assessed	in	their	own	home	by	qualified	Day	Hospital	
auxiliary	nurses	who	work	closely	with	service	user	groups,	carer	         staff	prior	to	Day	Hospital	admission.		During	assessment	visits	a	
organisations,	A&E	Liaison,	advocacy	services,	social	services	and	        comprehensive	assessment	of	physical	and	mental	health	is	carried	
allied	health	professionals,	(for	example,	occupational	therapists,	       out	and	standardised	testing	of	mental	state	takes	place.		Clients	and	
physiotherapy	and	the	Arts	Therapy	Dept.)                                  their	carers	are	given	the	opportunity	to	meet	with	nurses	from	Day	
                                                                           Hospital,	discuss	what	will	happen	during	attendance,	and	have	the	
There	are	two	in-patient	wards,	Day	Therapy	Team,	out-patients	and	        opportunity	to	ask	any	questions	they	may	have	regarding	their	care	
Psychiatric	Emergency	Team,	ECT	treatment	suite	and	ICA	(Intensive	        needs.
Care	Area)	on	site.		The	Department	of	Psychological	Medicine	
currently	shares	the	Barnsley	District	General	Hospital	site               On	first	attendance	the	client	has	base	line	observations	carried	out	
                                                                           blood	samples	are	taken	and	carry	out	a	physical	examination.		Care	
The	Acute	Mental	Health	Unit	at	Kendray	will	be	called	the	Oakwell	        plans	are	completed	and	agreed	with	the	client.		Day	Hospital	focuses	
Centre	and	is	due	to	open	in	June	2008.                                    on	therapeutic	and	diversional	activities	as	an	important	part	to	the	
                                                                           clients	treatment	plan	therefore	clients	are	encouraged	to	choose	
Ward	7		                                                                   a	range	of	activities,	which	then	forms	the	activity	part	of	their	care	
Learning	Environment	Manager:	Rachel	Butterworth			Ext:	2190/2309          plan.

Ward	9		                                                                   During	Day	Hospital	attendance	clients	are	reviewed	by	the	
Learning	Environment	Manager:	Lynda	Holden		Ext:	2317                      multidisciplinary	team	every	12	weeks,	clients	families	are	invited	and	
                                                                           encouraged	to	attend	to	ensure	the	needs	of	both	clients	and	carers	
                                                                           are	given	consideration	in	planning	for	future	care.
Kendray	Day	Hospital
                                                                           Day	Hospital	staffing	consists	of	:
Kendray	Day	Hospital	is	a	20	place	a	day	facility	for	people	over	the	     1	x	F	Grade	Sister	-	L.E.M.	Meg	Sykes	Ext	4622
age	of	65	years	suffering	from	functional	mental	illness,	and	people	of	   2	x	E	Grade	Staff	Nurses
any	age	group	who	are	suffering	from	memory	problems.                      2	x	Part	time	nursing	assistants

The	function	of	the	Day	Hospital	is	to	provide	assessment	and	             There	is	also	input	from	physiotherapists,	occupational	therapists	and	
monitoring	of	mental	health	over	a	period	of	3	to	6	months.		After	        arts	therapy.
which	time	clients	will	be	moved	on	to	alternative	day	care	if	required	
or	discharged	with	follow	up	clinic	appointments	with	medical	staff.       In	Day	Hospital	the	aim	is	to	provide	a	comfortable,	homely	
                                                                           environment	where	clients	feel	supported	during	the	assessment	and	
The	Day	Hospital	is	open	from	Monday	to	Friday	between	the	hours	of	       monitoring	process.		In	the	environment	each	client	is	treated	as	a	
9	am	to	5	pm	and	deals	each	week	day	with	a	specific	client	group:         unique	individual	with	potential	to	improve	and	maintain	his	or	her	
                                                                           mental	well-being	and	obtain	the	best	possible	quality	of	life.
Mondays	       Severe	and	younger	onset	dementia
Tuesdays	      Depressive	illnesses
Wednesdays	    Enduring	mental	health	problems
Thursdays	     Mild	to	moderate	dementia
Fridays	       Anxiety	management

Kendray	Hospital	Ward	4                                                     Health	Centre	and	Moorland	Court	Day	Centre.		The	two	different	
                                                                            venues	provide	for	choice	of	access	to	clinic	in	terms	of	time	and	
Ward	4	is	an	18-bedded	unit,	which	provides	re-assessment	for	people	       nearest	location	to	home.
over	the	age	of	65	years	who	have	mental	health	needs.
                                                                            Ward	Sister	&	Learning	Environment	Manager:	Julia	Dickinson	
We	offer	clients	pre-planned	stays	of	1	week,	at	regular	intervals	         Tel	(01226)	777825
dependant	upon	need.
The	unit	has	input	from	medical	staff,	Physiotherapists	and	Art	
Therapy.	Groups	and	activities	are	held	on	a	daily	basis	by	nursing	        The	inpatient	rehabilitation	service	addresses	the	early/primary	
staff	and	therapists.                                                       rehabilitation	needs	of	its	clients.		The	core	clinical	activity	of	the	
                                                                            ward	consists	of	a	wide	range	of	clinical	and	non-clinical	assessments	
We	also	have	a	liaison	nurse	who	works	independently,	carrying	out	         to	determine	short	and	long	term	needs	of	clients.		This	is	achieved	
assessments	in	people’s	homes	and	liasing	closely	with	G.P.’s,	social	      through	an	assessment	pathway	care.		Short-term	needs	are	those	
workers	and	community	nurses.                                               needs	that	are	to	be	immediately	addressed	by	the	ward	team,	with	
                                                                            multidisciplinary	input	and	client’s	participation.
There	may	be	an	opportunity	for	mental	health	student	nurses	to	
work	some	night	shifts	whilst	placed	on	ward	4.                             Long-term	needs	are	those	needs	that	are	identified	as	necessary	to	
                                                                            maintain	the	client’s	progress	and	promote	independent	functioning	
Learning	Environment	Manager:	Gillian	Hanna	Ext	4080                        in	the	community,	long	after	discharge.		This	stage	of	care	is	usually	
                                                                            undertaken	by	the	Community	Mental	Health	Teams,	Assertive	
This	ward	is	also	audited	as	a	placement	for	adult	branch	student	          Outreach,	Psychiatric	Emergency	team	and	non	Statutory	Support	
nurses	as	part	of	their	aging/rehabilitation/continuing	care	pathway.       Agencies.

                                                                            At	the	conclusion	of	inpatient	episode	of	care	each	client	will	have	
Kendray	Hospital	Ward	5                                                     agreed	discharge	plans	for	aftercare	and	support,	facilitated	through	
                                                                            the	Care	Programme	Approach	multidisciplinary	process.		
Adult	Mental	Health	Rehabilitation	Mental	Health	Recovery	
                                                                            This	includes	the	aftercare	of	clients	who	have	undergone	detention	
                                                                            under	the	Mental	Health	Act	at	any	stage	of	their	current	inpatient	
Ward	5	is	a	ten-bed	inpatient	unit	for	short	and	extended	stay	
clients.		The	ward	provides	for	comprehensive	assessment	for	client’s	
                                                                            Learning/Training	Area
rehabilitative	needs,	including	assessment	of	pertinent	and	individual	
risks	prior	to	discharge	into	community	living.
                                                                            Ward	5	is	also	a	learning/placement	area	for	Student	Nurses	
                                                                            undertaking	their	advanced	diplomas	in	Nursing.		It	is	also	a	practice	
The	assessment	of	necessary	skills	to	enable	individual	functioning	in	
                                                                            area	for	other	students	from	the	other	clinical/therapeutic	and	social	
the	community	includes	daily	living	skills,	social	skills,	employment	
                                                                            work	disciplines.	
opportunities,	appropriate	housing	facility,	and	leisure	and	diversional	
                                                                            Kendray	Hospital	Ward	6
Allocation	of	Beds
                                                                            Ward	six	is	a	21	bed	functional	assessment	unit	for	both	male	and	
10	beds	in	total:	4	beds	each	for	male	and	female	clients,	allocated	for	   female	clients.		It	caters	for	the	inpatient	services	for	older	people	
rehabilitation	purpose.		The	remainder	2	beds	are	allocated	to	respite	     with	mental	health	problems.		We	are	part	of	the	Nurse	Development	
care	users	(one	bed	for	each	gender)	for	respite	care	not	exceeding	        Unit	and	are	currently	involved	in	research	projects.		As	part	of	our	
two	weeks	in	duration.                                                      inpatient	services	clients	are	offered	therapeutic	interventions	from	
                                                                            our	complementary	therapies	team.		
Ward	Personnel
n	 Ward	Manager                                                             Staff	follow	a	model	adapted	from	Orem’s	self	care	theory.		
n	 Ward	Sister	&	Learning	Environment	Manager                               This	approach	relates	to	the	clients	ability	to	carry	out	self-care	
n	 Staff	Nurses	(Named	Nurses)                                              activities	to	maintain	their	own	well-being.
n	 Nursing	Assistants
n	 Support,	Time	and	Recovery	Workers	(STR)                                 All	staff	has	a	responsibility	toward	their	clients	and	ensure	that	their	
                                                                            practices	are	effective	and	respectful.		They	believe	that	each	client	
The	Residential	Area	and	Location                                           has	a	choice	in	his	or	her	self-care	needs.

The	unit	is	situated	in	Kendray	Hospital,	and	predominantly	houses	         They	are	committed	to	challenge	and	where	necessary	will	change	
the	inpatient	services	for	the	older	people	mental	health	services	and	     their	practice	to	meet	the	needs	of	the	client.		Their	aim	is	to	maximise	
the	Trust	administrative	facilities.                                        independence,	recovery	from	illness,	individuality	and	dignity,	
                                                                            thereby	promoting	a	positive	attitude	towards	self-care.
An	inpatient	substance	detoxification	is	unit	annexed	to	Ward	5	and	
functions	within	the	remit	of	the	broader	substance	misuse	service	         Individual	to	Ward	6	is	the	development	of	the	“Community	Link	
(Mental	Health).                                                            Team”.		This	service	unique	to	ward	6	helps	support	clients	in	the	
                                                                            transition	from	hospital	to	home.		This	service	aids	recovery	and	
A	venepuncture	and	health	monitoring	clinic	for	Clozapine	drug	             prevention	of	possible	relapse.
therapy	is	also	part	of	ward	5	extended	responsibility.		An	experienced	
and	knowledgeable	team	provides	clinic	sessions	at	Lundwood	                Learning	Environment	Manager:	Diane	Macauley	
                                                                            Tel	01226	730000	ext	4021

Community	Mental	Health	Teams
Learning	Environment	Managers

	 Name	                Team	                      Contact	no	                                  Base	

	 Helen	Totty	         North	                     01226	390	370	/	0777156779		                 31	Greenside	Ave,	Mapplewell	S75	6BB

	 Kate	Wood	           Central	                   Tel	248610	Ext.	3520/3521	Fax	246457	        Littleworth	Court,	Lundwood,
	 	                    	                          	                                            Barnsley	S71	5RG	

	 Karen	Barass		       South	                     Tel	341374	Fax	755326		                      Summer	Lane	Centre,	
	 	                    	                	             Wombwell,Barnsley	S73	8QH	

	 Eammon	Lynott		      Elderly	                   Ext	4001	   Oaks	Building	Kendray	Hospital,
	 	                    	                          	                                            Doncaster	Rd,Barnsley,S70	3RD
	 Danella	Senior		     Dearne	                    Tel	752839	 Summer	Lane	Centre	Wombwell	(as	above)	

	 Steve	Nurcombe	      Crisis	Resolution	and	     	Ext	2313	      D.P.M.Ground	Floor
	 Liz	Wills		          Home	Treatment	team	       	

	 Lynnette	Robinson		 Assertive	Outreach	         Tel	777075	Fax	289143		                      The	Lodge	Kendray	Hospital	(as	above)

	 Gail	Johnwood	       Community	Child	&		        Ext	3170	Fax	777905	                         New	St	Clinic,Upper	New	St,Barnsley	S70	1LP		
	 	                    Adolescence	Team		

	 John	Booth	          Community	S.M.U	Team	      Tel	787316	Fax	787315	                       1	Burleigh	Court,Barnsley,S70	1XY

	 Joanne	Tandy		       Early	Intervention	Team	   01226	434224	                                The	Lodge	Kendray	Hospital	(as	above)	

	 Jane	Greentham	      Community	Memory	Team	 01226	434246	                                    The	Oaks	Building	Kendray	Hospital

List updated 18.2.08

	 C.M.H.T.	North                                                           	 C.M.H.T.	-	Older	Person

C.M.H.T.	North	                                                            The	team	comprises:
31	Greenside	Avenue                                                        n	 1	x	Team	Leader	-	Sandra	Keen	(6	months	secondment)
Mapplewell                                                                 n	 9	x	Community	Mental	Health	Workers
Barnsley                                                                   n	 2	x	Social	Workers	-	vacant	posts,	agency	cover	at	present
S75	6BB                                                                    n	 2	x	Social	Workers	Assistants	-	1	vacant	post
                                                                           n	 3	x	Support	Workers	-	1	vacant	post
Learning	Environment	Manager:	Helen	Totty                                  n	 1	x	Health	Care	Assistant
                                                                           n	 2	x	Secretaries/Admin	Support

	 C.M.H.T.	Central                                                         The	Team	is	split	into	3	sectors,	each	sector	has	its	own	referral	
                                                                           meeting	weekly	with	the	Consultant	in	that	area	and	the	Staff	Grade.		

C.M.H.T.	Central	                                                          The	3	areas	are:
Littleworth	Court
Lundwood                                                                   North	East	Team	          Dr.	Waziri	(locum)
Barnsley                                                                   	                         Janet	Johnson
Sxxxxxxxxx                                                                 	                         Eamon	Lynott
                                                                           	                         Vacant	nursing	position
Learning	Environment	Manager:	Kate	Wood                                    	                         Dr.	Snidt	(temporary	SHO)

                                                                           South	East	Team	          Consultant	-	vacant	position,	locum	in	place
                                                                           	                         Darrell	Fleetwood
	 C.M.H.T.	South                                                           	                         Kay	Hoyland
                                                                           	                         Sharon	Rich
                                                                           	                         SHO	-	vacant	position,	locum	in	place
C.M.H.T.	South	
Summer	Lane	Centre                                                         West	Team	                Consultant	-	vacant	position,	locum	in	place
Summer	Lane                                                                	                         Vacant	nursing	position
Wombwell                                                                   	                         Vacant	secondment	nursing	position
Barnsley	                                                                  	                         Sara	Watson
S73	8QH                                                                    	                         Dr.	Sood

The	team	comprises:                                                        The	teams	work	with	all	people	over	the	age	of	65	with	mental	health	
n	 Consultant	Psychiatrist                                                 problems.		They	cater	for	clients	with	mental	health	problems	such	as	
n	 3	x	CPN’s                                                               schizophrenia,	recurrent/resistive	depression,	anxiety	and	dementia	
n	 2	x	Social	Workers	Enduring	–	1	Approved                                with	complex	needs,	also	people	with	young	onset	dementia.
n	 2	x	CPN’s	Primary
n	 1	x	2	CPN	Job	Share	Primary	Care                                        Referrals	come	from	all	agencies,	but	the	General	Practitioner	needs	
n	 2	x	Psychotherapists                                                    to	be	informed	and	to	have	seen	the	client	and	agreed	to	referral	to	
n	 1	x	CBT	Psychologist                                                    rule	out	any	physical	causes	to	the	mental	health	problem.
n	 1	x	Counsellor
n	 3	x	Admin	Staff
n	 4	x	Support	Workers

Learning	Environment	Manager:	Karen	Barras
Operational	Team	Manager:	Andy	Hart

Team	Objectives/Philosophy

We	provide	a	high	quality	needs	led	service,	which	caters	for	all	
clients	with	mental	health	problems	aged	between	16	and	65.		We	
are	committed	to	providing	comprehensive	responsible	and	flexible	
services,	which	will	enable	the	achievement	of	a	quality	of	life,	which	
is	acceptable	to	the	client	and	their	carers	in	the	community.

Community	Mental	Health	Teams	continued

	 C.M.H.T.	Dearne	Valley                                                 	 Child	and	Adolescent	Psychiatry

Now	at	Summer	Lane	Centre,	Wombwell                                      The	team	consists	of	4	qualified	nurses,	2	therapists	and	6	admin	and	
Tel:	01226	752	839	                                                      clerical	support	staff.	
Fax:	01226	755	787
                                                                         The	team	are	centred	at	New	Street	Clinic	but	also	attends	several	
The	team	comprises:                                                      community	clinics.
n	 1	x	Team	Leader
n	 2	x	CPN	for	Enduring	Team                                             The	service	provides:
n	 3	x	CPN	for	Primary	Care	Team
n	 2	x	PSW/ASW                                                           Assessment	and	interventions	for	children	and	young	people	(age	
n	 1	x	Social	Worker                                                     range	0	–	16)	focussing	on	emotional,	behavioural,	developmental	
n	 1	x	Social	Worker	Assistant                                           and	mental	health	problems
n	 2	x	Support	Worker
n	 1	x	OT                                                                Learning	Environment	Manager:	Gail	Johnwood	Ext:	3170
n	 1	x	ST	&	R	Worker
n	 2	x	Admin
n	 2	x	Clinical	Psychology                                               	 Community	Substance	Misuse	Team
n	 1	x	Psychotherapist
n	 1	x	Counsellor
n	 1	x	Cognitive	Behaviour	Therapist                                     1	Burleigh	Court
n	 1	x	Consultant	Psychiatrist                                           Leaning	Environment	Manager	
n	 1	x	Staff	Grade	Psychiatrist                                          Carol	Radford	Tel	(01226)	434018
Learning	Environment	Manager:	Danella	Senior                             Student	Nurses	placed	with	this	team	also	expeience	time	with	the	
Operational	Team	Manager:	Beverley	Ruffler                               following
Team	Objectives/Philosophy                                               n	   Substance	Misuse	Voluntary	Agencies
                                                                         n	   Inpatient	Misuse	Unit	Kendray	Hospital
To	work	within	an	accessible	adult	mental	health	service,	engaging	      n	   Court	Diversion	Team	(Mental	Health)
with	clients,	carers	and	multiple	agencies.                              n	   Drug	Intervention	Programme
Provide	effective	care	to	optimise	and	maintain	clients	mental	state	
enabling	them	to	maximise	their	potential	and	improve	quality	of	life.

	 Barnsley	Early	Intervention	Team                                          	 Assertive	Outreach	Team

Barnsley	Early	Intervention	Team                                            The	Lodge	
The	Lodge                                                                   Kendray	Hospital
Kendray	Hospital                                                            Doncaster	Road
Doncaster	Road                                                              Barnsley
Barnsley                                                                    South	Yorkshire
South	Yorkshire                                                             S70	3RD
S70	3RD                                                                     Tel:	01226	777	075	
Tel:	01226	730000	ext.	4224                                                 Fax:	01226	289	143

In	line	with	the	Governments	drive	to	modernise	mental	health	              The	team	comprises:
services,	Barnsley	P.C.T	have	developed	a	dedicated	Early	Intervention	     n	 Team	Manager
in	Psychosis	team.	The	community	service	provides	a	high	quality	           n	 Team	Leader
bio-psychosocial	care	for	individuals	who	experience	first	onset	           n	 Dual	Diagnosis	Specialist
of	psychosis	aged	14-35	years	old.	Clients	and	their	families	are	          n	 5	x	Community	Mental	Health	Nurses
supported	through	a	three	year	programme.	Each	case	manager	                n	 3	x	Social	Workers
holds	up	to	ten	clients	on	their	caseload	with	co-workers	identified	for	   n	 5	x	Community	Support	Officer
each	individual.                                                            n	 1	x	Senior	House	Officer
                                                                            n	 1	x	Secretary
The	philosophy	underpinning	the	service	is	recovery	orientated	and	
care	will	focus	upon	social	inclusion	strategies	aimed	at	promoting	        Learning	Environment	Manager:	Lynette	RobinsonOperational	Team	
independence.	A	strengths	approach	to	enpower	service	users	and	            Manager:	Kev	Ware
carers	will	be	central	to	service	delivery.
                                                                            Team	Objectives/Philosophy
Young	people	within	this	service	often	have	complex	needs,	including	
substance	misuse	problems,	offending	behaviour,	borderline	learning	        To	provide	a	high	quality	needs	led	service	which	is	accessible	in	a	
disabilities	and	personality	disorders.	We	therefore	work	closely	with	     local	setting	to	all	who	are	affected	by	mental	health	problems.		We	
other	agencies	such	as	Youth	Offending	Team	and	Substance	Misuse	           are	committed	to	providing	a	comprehensive,	responsive	and	flexible	
Services.                                                                   service,	which	is	acceptable	to	the	client	and	their	carers	and	their	
                                                                            community.		Services	will	be	provided	on	an	equitable	basis	and	be	
The	team	consists	of	a	team	leader,	four	nurses,	a	social	worker	and	       sensitive	to	individual	circumstances	and	beliefs.
intermediate	support	time	and	recovery	worker.	All	team	members	
are	trained	in	the	use	and	application	of	psychosocial	interventions.       We	believe	that	clients	and	carers	have	the	right	to	be	involved	in	
                                                                            both	their	individual	care	and	continued	service	development	and	
The	current	working	hours	for	this	service	is	Monday	to	Friday	09.00	       we	will	work	together	with	clients	and	carers	to	enable	them	to	
-	17.00.	However	there	are	plans	to	extend	this	to	evenings	and	            achieve	this.		Every	team	member	will	work	to	provide	a	professional,	
weekends	when	the	team	increases	in	size.	                                  accountable	and	co-ordinated	service	ensuring	continuity	of	high	
                                                                            quality	care.
We	welcome	students	interested	in	serving	a	clinical	placement	with	        	
us.	There	are	five	trained	staff	within	the	team	who	hold	appropriate	      Working	hours	-	8am	to	9pm	-	Monday	to	Friday
Teaching	and	Assessing	qualifications	to	facilitate	such	placements.        Shifts	Either	-	8am	to	4pm	-	Midnight	to	8am	or	9am	to	5pm
                                                                            Weekends	and	Bank	Holidays	-	9am	to	5pm
Team	Leader:	Joanne	Tandy

    Useful	Information
Helen	Cherry                                                                Students	may	need	to	contact	me	for:
Personnel	Officer	(HR	Information	and	Staffing)
Tel:	ext	4047                                                               n	   Regarding	application	to	the	PCT
                                                                            n	   Regarding	application	to	the	University
My	Involvement	with	Nurse	Training:                                         n	   To	claim	their	book	allowance
                                                                            n	   Matters	where	their	right	to	something	under	the	terms	and
Officially	I	am	named	as	the	Trust	Contact	for	the	Nursing	Training	        	    conditions	of	employment	may	impact	upon	their	college	course.	
Programme	between	the	PCT	and	the	SYWDC,	and	the	PCT	and	the	               	    	(for	example	maternity	leave).
University.                                                                 n	   Advice	on	terms	and	conditions	of	employment	and	how	these
                                                                            	    	are	affected	by	training	etc.
I	ensure	that	we	run	the	Nurse	Training	Programme	within	the	PCT’s	         n	   To	discuss	their	return	to	work	following	completion	of	training.
policy	on	Nurse	Training,	and	to	work	with	the	relevant	professionals	
and	managers	to	achieve	this.

I	am	responsible	for	working	with	the	professional	staff		in	completing	
the	Recruitment	process	and	following	this	ensuring	at	the	correct	
paperwork	is	completed.
Barnsley	Primary	Care	NHS	Trust
Training	and	Development	Department
Kendray	Hospital

Tel:		01226	777820

 Angela Glover would like to thank all Learning Environment Managers
       and Student Nurses for their participation in this booklet.

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