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					VSA Technology ~ Design Technology ~ Solar Car project


     What ~
          Themes – shapes – cars (old - new – racing - concept)
          Paints – spray paint – hand painting

      Who for ~
            End user – yourself?
      Why ~
            are we doing the task?
            what do we want to achieve?
      How ~
            Am I going to complete the task?
                  -What tools might I use?
                  -Materials – card board
                  -Components – wheels – sizes - types
                  -Decorations – acrylic parts – buy decorations?
      When ~
            How long will it take me to complete the project – project plan

2. Mood Board
A mood board offers inspiration for your designs. It will represent a range of
themes/styles of race car designs.
~Analyze your mood board what state what general conclusions you have made.

3. Research
Find out what your end user might require of their ‘racer’ and research the appropriate
Research various styles for your race car.
Follow the study guide of solar energy, and complete research guide work sheet on the
solar energy task sheet.

Write an end user statement (don’t forget safety)

VSA Technology ~ Design Technology ~ Solar Car project


You will be identifying your task.
Paraphrase the task in a creative way; summarize your brainstorm and the steps that
you will go through at all the stages of the design process.
Identify areas for consideration
DO NOT MAKE DEFINITE DECISIONS ~ maybe identify main theme at the END.
Include your PERSONAL thoughts on the AOI, unit question and significant concept


Your decision – what you intend to do written as a short statement of intent.

For Example:
I am going to design and make a 50’s style racer as a solar racing car. It will be used for
my younger brother to play with. I intend it to be a simple shape that is attractive
while also being fast enough for the race.

You also need to mention simple manufacturing technique (what machines and tools you
will use) and design aspects – size, material/components/colours etc.

*this IS AN EXAMPLE try to be more creative and original with your own!!!

6. DESIGN SPECIFICATION (example only!!)

I will be using a piece of card board 120mm x 200mm
It will be a stylized 50’s ‘racer’ shape (its got to look cool)
A simple, strong shape
The PVC cover will spray painted red
I will put a red number 7 on the side (for luck!)
It will have a solar panel on the surface of front part and battery case on the surface
of end part
It will use wheels

VSA Technology ~ Design Technology ~ Solar Car project

7. Product Test

To make sure my product has been an effective solution to the task, I have to test its
suitability. I will conduct my tests with simple ‘check boxes’
I will be testing:
              Function – Can the racing car work?
              Manufacturing quality – is it well made?
              Specifications – does it meet all design specifications?
              The end user suitability

Does the race car Good ~ yes               Satisfactory ~      Poor –
look good and does
it work?
Does it move in a  Yes – very well         Ok – a bit          No – it is easily
straight line?                             unstable            broken apart

Manufacturing      YES                     Sort of             No
Are the            X
cardboard and
PVC mould cut out
well and fixed
Is the car sprayed                         X
and the
decoration put on

Check list for design specification (example):

The theme of the solar racing car will be shown                          
I am going to use blue PVC to be the mould cover                         
The size of the racing car will be 10 cm x 20 cm                         
I will be adding 2 head lights which will stick on the front             
The battery case of car will be stuck to the bottom                      
The solar panel is stuck on the top                                      


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