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									VGP Housing

 The VGP Group, is today, best known for its trademark real estate development
 and sales. Started in a small way in 1972, it has stood the ground famously, for
 the last 33 years, gaining more recognition and acceptance from discerning
 property investors. It has some remarkable bench mark achievements, such as ~

                 Development of more than 200 Townships in all major cities
                  and towns of Tamil Nadu, besides other places like Bangalore,
                  Hyderabad and Mumbai.

                 VGP’s Housing site, which are model layouts, more than
                  matching stipulatory norms.

                 Locations which have a high potential for growth bringing
                  prosperity and peace to investors. A great many of its layouts
                  which were sold to salaried middle class in the seventies,
                  eighties and nineties have appreciated one hundred fold, and
                  even beyond. A sure-fire success record both for the company
                  and the investing public.

                 VGP Housing which has acquired and developed more than
                  25,000 acres of land, a figure few could match. Its service to
                  the Shelter Industry, one of the basic needs of human beings,
                  continues with renewed vigour Reliability and Dependability
                  are its milestones along the path of progress.

                 The concept of Easy - Installment payments for purchase of
                  hard and building houses,.... which otherwise would only have
                  remained a mirage. This was at a time when loans for housing
    and/or lands were unheard of except for a privileged few. Its
    mantra has always been “ Home for all”.

   VGP Housing Which has more than a 1,00,000 strong
    clientele base – a testimony to its stability and spectacular
    performance. “ Home for All” aptly sums up its working
    philosophy.Some of the outstanding projects successfully
    executed down the years are---?

   'State - of - the - art Designer Homes' on the taking breath.
    beautiful beach front in Chennai. These are luxury homes
    designed for the connoisseurs of art forms in homes and for
    those who want to indulge in spacious ambiences.

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