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									Determining the most effective Christmas Lights

Christmas is a great time of year, isn’t it? All the fantastic food, getting to spend quality time with friends
and family, and opening presents.

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without Christmas low energy lighting. The new LED Christmas lights
are rapidly replacing out-dated incandescent lights.

Unlike incandescent and fluorescent lights, LED lights, when used as coloured lights, don’t need
coloured filters. This, in combination with their low heat output and small size, is why LEDs are so
popular for Christmas lighting.

If you’re still using incandescent Christmas energy saving light bulbs, you should look at replacing them
with LEDs. Incandescent lights consume seven-to-ten times more power, burn out about ten times as
fast and give off around twenty-five times as much heat as LEDs do. And incandescent bulbs are far
more vulnerable to shattering than LEDs are.

You have a wide range of Christmas lights to select from. Here are a few of the most sought after types:

Mini Christmas Lights
These have little bulbs shaped like a candle, but with a pointed tip. These are becoming quite popular
and can be purchased in incandescent or LED. You can get clear, white, green or brown bulbs, and
oftentimes other colours.

The strings generally contain fifty or a hundred led lights for homes, but you might be able to find a
string of up to three hundred. Some strings are programmable, so you can set them to twinkle or flash.
But with most mini-light strings, the whole string goes dark if one bulb burns out.

Net Lights
Net lights are a web of interconnected LED mini-lights. They’re superb for putting over shrubbery, giving
them a nice shape. These are available as regular or solar-powered.

Shimmer Spheres

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Shimmer spheres are constructed of dozens of LED mini-lights interconnected into a ball. These
delightful balls have a magical look, and can be obtained in many sizes and colour combinations. Some
types twinkle.

Rope Lights
Rope lights are LED lights mounted in a protective vinyl pipe, creating a "rope" of lights that is quite
convenient for storing and hanging. Since these lights are LEDs, they last a good long while, though the
individual bulbs can't, unfortunately, be replaced. You can get them in a wide range of colours and
special effects.

C7 or C9 Lights
These are the most common light strings in the United States, and comparable lights are available in the
U.K. The number refers to the diameter of the bulb at its widest point: the C7 bulbs are 7/8 inches
(about 3.5 cm) in diameter and the C9 bulbs, 9/8 inches (4 cm). C7 bulbs are generally two inches (8 cm)
long, including the base, and the C9s three inches (12 cm). The “C” stands for candle, though they are
more round than candle-style mini-lights.

One nice feature of these lights is that if one bulb fails, the others will remain lit. And any bulbs that go
bad can easily be replaced. The incandescent models can get very hot and draw a lot of power, but the
LED types are cool to the touch and energy-wise. They come in assorted lengths, and can have up to a
hundred-and-fifty light bulbs. You can acquire them in twinkle style, and they’re also available in
numerous colours.

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