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Workshop Descriptions


									Workshop Descriptions

Whether you’re a personal trainer, group fitness trainer or a club owner wanting to upgrade the
expertise of your staff, Reebok University offers workshops taught by some of the world’s top
fitness pros.

Each program reflects the latest in industry trends and academic research. Each workshop offers
CECs honored by all major certification bodies, and includes take-home print manuals to
reinforce workshop instructions. Once fitness professionals are trained to teach, clubs can then
brand Reebok University workouts on their Group Training class schedules and Personal Training
materials. You can choose from more than 47 workshops for Group Exercise Trainers and nine
workshops for Personal Trainers.


Reebok Core Training Foundation
Reebok Core Training is a breakthrough innovation in exercise and fitness. The
workout focuses on conditioning and training your body’s central zone, or “core”,
using reaction, the process by which the body moves and learns to move. Core
training helps improve functional conditioning, reactive movement, and quality of
exercise. This workshop gives both the science of Reebok Core Training and
practical skills for group exercise application.
     6 hours
     Continuing Education Credits (.6 CEC ACE, 4.25 CEC AFAA)

Reebok Core Pilates
This creative new program from Reebok University combines movements from
the world of Pilates, Feldenkrais and Gyrotonics with the dynamic, reactive
properties of the Reebok Core Board. The focus of this program is on motor
learning strategies, body awareness, breath work, balance and functional
movement. Reebok Core Pilates is structured in several movement categories
with 3 movement variations to include all levels of experience in on sessions.
     8 hours
     Continuing Education Credits (.8 CEC ACE, )
      4 hours
      Continuing Education Credits (.4 CEC ACE, 3.25 CEC AFAA)

Reebok Core Training: The Basics
Designed for the first time Reebok Core Training user. Emphasis is placed on
proper Reebok Core Training technique that will strengthen and tone the entire
body - upper, lower and abdominal.

Reebok Core Training: Intervals
This workshop is a hard-core interval training workout with high-intensity cardio
bursts for the intermediate and advanced fitness enthusiast. Unlimited
combinations, intensity levels plus the recoil properties of the Reebok CORE
Board provides a challenging workout experience.

Reebok Core Training: Sports Conditioning
This intermediate advanced workout is designed for competitive individuals.
Utilizing intense and challenging authentic sports circuit drills and integrated
muscle conditioning exercises to create an all-in-one balanced and complete
workout activity that will improve athletic performance.

Reebok Core Training: Yoga
Utilizes the best, integrated muscle conditioning exercises and active flexibility
training to provided a comprehensive functional training program that will develop
strength, flexibility, range of motion, balance, stability, and reactive movement.

Reebok Core Training: Strong Abs and Back
This innovative core-conditioning program focuses on multiple muscles of the
trunk. Proper form and technique are emphasized during standing dynamic
exercises and slow controlled movements are used to help develop a toned
physique, structural strength and correct body alignment.

Reebok Core Training: Training Camp
Are you ready to push your intermediate and advanced students to their limits?
This new Core program is not just a workout; it’s a challenging athletic
conditioning program.
Circuit, interval and plyometric training combine to bring out the survivor in your
participants and to increase their muscular strength and endurance.

Reebok Core Upper Body Training
This workshop targets the upper body for coordinated strength and functional
movements utilizing the Reebok core training board. Some of today’s biggest
skeletal muscular issues surround the shoulder girdle and upper spine. This
workshop will develop patterns that focus on better upper back health and
shoulder function.
Reebok Core Lower Body Training
This workshop targets the low body muscular on the Reebok core training board.
Blocks of coordinated patterns to help you run better, jump higher and react for
the sports and activities you like to do best. Increase and improve lower body
strength and tone while developing better balance and neuromuscular reactions.

Reebok Core Training: Tubing
Come explore the possibilities of resistance training and Reebok Core Training in
one class. Expanding on the idea of proximal strength equals distal power, we
use resistance tubing and the unique properties of the Reebok Core Board to
develop strength, balance, stability and power. The special notches in the
Reebok Core Board make this workout even better as you can change levels,
angle of pull and tension.

Reebok Core Training: Medicine Ball
Reebok University has combined the two most popular trends in fitness into one
knockout workout. By adding weighted medicine balls to traditional circuit training
on the Reebok Core Board, we have developed and exciting and efficient way to
train the body. Proper core training techniques will be covered before moving on
to the next level of fitness and fun.

Strength Reebok Final Cuts
Reebok Final Cuts is an integrated exercise program designed to work every
muscle group at the same time using elegant, fluid, movements that
simultaneously improve muscular strength and endurance. By imitating the tasks
of daily living, avoiding repetitive motions, and targeting multiple joint actions and
muscles, this workout trains the human body for real life.

Professional manual includes pre-designed workouts using: Body Weight only,
Barbell or Body Bar, Dumb Bells, Physio-ball, Tubing, Attached weights
    6 hours
    Continuing Education Credits (.6 CEC ACE 5.25 CEC AFAA)

Rep Reebok
  Rep Reebok is a revolutionary reinvention of traditional group strength
  training. Reebok brings the science of getting stronger to group exercise with
  the only program that is periodized. Simply, Rep Reebok rotates training
  focus thru endurance , strength and power cycles. Rep Reebok utilizes a
  method of cueing and monitoring appropriate load for each exercise; a proven
  technique for getting real results while keeping your choreographed workouts
  fresh without frustrating training plateaus. Rep Reebok is fun, inexpensive
  and easy for clubs to implement using dumbbells an barbells.
Rep Reebok
   6 hours
   Continuing Education Credits (.6 CEC ACE 5.25 CEC AFAA)

Reebok Flexible Strength
An inclusive, challenging and invigorating training program (based on principles
of Ashtanga "Power" Yoga) that blends strength with flexibility, endurance,
balance, coordination, and concentration. Its unique East-West synergy yields
strong, fluid, movements that require a focus of mind and body.
     6 hours
     Continuing Education Credits (.6 CEC ACE .5 CEC AFAA)

Reebok Martial Arts Training
This integrated program combines elements of Karate, Western Boxing, and Thai
Boxing with traditional fitness movements designed to train the mind as well as
body. In coordinating the mind with body it will help improve cardiovascular and
muscular endurance, speed, balance and coordination, and breathing technique.
    6 hours
    Continuing Education Credits (.5 CEC ACE, 4.5 CEC AFAA)


Cycle Reebok Foundation Training
This in-depth training workshop will give you the proper techniques and tools to
create Cycle Reebok workouts that are safe and suitable for all levels. You will
become familiar and learn how to apply the physiology, biomechanics, sports
psychology and motivational methods of Cycle Reebok
    6 hours
    Continuing Education Credits (.6 CEC ACE, 7.5 CEC AFAA)

Cycle Reebok Interval Training
Take interval training skills to an advanced level by effectively utilizing leg speed,
strength, endurance and power to create a truly balanced training program.
Learn the science, terms, appropriate applications and progressions, specific
drills and techniques, how to maximize class time, and heart rate monitor use.
      3 hours
      Continuing Education Credits (.2 CEC ACE & 2.5 CEC AFAA)
Cycle Reebok Rhythm Ride
This program teaches you captivate and motivate your class with effective use of
music to create excitement, energy and enthusiasm, enhance specific training
techniques and psychologically motivate your riders to a new level. Learn how to
use the music’s phrasing and rhythm to improve your cueing skills and discover
new sources for exciting and unusual music.
    3 hours
    Continuing Education Credits (.3 CEC ACE & 1.5 CEC AFAA)

Cycle Reebok Sports Conditioning
This program teaches you to design a studio cycling based/circuit workout using
a variety of innovative exercises that address demands common to a wide range
of sports, including strength, speed, agility, balance, stability and muscular
balance and how to use them to achieve performance related goals as well as
address the weaknesses and imbalances that can lead to sports injuries.
     3 hours
     Continuing Education Credits (.3 CEC ACE & 1.5 CEC AFAA)

Cycle Reebok Interactive Riding Techniques
This program teaches skills and drills that encourage riders to be motivated,
focused and actively participating in your class. Work with 10 new techniques
including pace lines, multiple teams, explosions, and circuit training: play tag, do
the wave, and ride sets of stadium stairs. Each technique is explained in a
handout and demonstrated during the workshop.
     3 hours
     Continuing Education Credits (.3 CEC ACE & 2.5 CEC AFAA)

Cycle Reebok Performance Plus
This is a 12-week program, using three ability levels, that builds on the skills and
techniques of Cycle Reebok Interval Training by providing you with a
progressive, systematic series of cycling classes suitable to all fitness levels.
    3 hours
    Continuing Education Credits (.2 CEC ACE & 2.5 CEC AFAA)

    1 & 2 hours
    no continuing education credits
Cycle Reebok Interval
Cycle Reebok Rhythm Ride
Cycle Reebok Sports Conditioning
Cycle Reebok Interactive Riding Techniques
Cycle Reebok Performance Plus
Introduction to Reebok Reactive Neuromuscular Training and Movement
This is the first program that teaches the trainer how to look at the functional
movement of the client. Developed by physical therapists for use in competitive
sports, medicine and rehabilitation, RNT gives the trainer a screen with which to
identify and exercises to address musculoskeletal imbalances resulting from
posture, occupation, lifestyle and/or sport. Client will develop joint mobility and
stability, quality of movement, motor learning, strength, power, endurance,
balance, stabilization, flexibility and awareness.
 12 hours
 Continuing Education Credits (7.75 CEC AFAA & 1.2 CEC ACE)

Reebok Core Training for Personal Trainers
This program is designed to give the personal trainer tools to develop integrated
progressing and effective cueing techniques to work the core muscles in order to
better stabilize and support movements of the entire body. We use mobility,
stability, and "reacting" to unstable surfaces and environments, instead of
isolating muscle groups as in traditional programs.
 6 hours
 Continuing Education Credits (.5 CEC ACE, 4.5 CEC AFAA)

Reebok Movement Screen
Reebok 5 Point Movement Screen comes from the Reebok Reactive
Neuromuscular Training Program (RNT) to assess mobility and/or stability of the
client. The focus is on quality of movement as opposed to quantity. Trainers will
have more tools with which to observe muscular imbalances, and will also learn
several exercises to address mobility and/or stability.
 6 hours
 Continuing Education Credits (.5 CEC ACE, 4.5 CEC AFAA)

One to One Flexibility
Reebok One to One Flexibility training is the latest educational program for
Personal Trainers designed by Reebok University. This workshop teaches
trainers how to assess range of motion, mobility, and flexibility. Specific
stretching protocols such as active assisted and contract relax are demonstrated
and practiced extensively. Personal trainers will learn how to set up a 30-minute
flexibility session. The Reebok One to One Flexibility Program will enhance the
trainer’s expertise and bring value to any health club's personal training program.
 6 hours
 Continuing Education Credits ( CEC ACE, CEC AFAA)

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