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					                                         September 23, 2009
               5:15 – 6:15       Community Dinner in Emerson Hall (adults $6/ kids $3)
               6:30 – 6:50        WoW Chapel – (in the Chapel)
               7:00 – 8:30        Classes to enrich the body, mind and spirit

Classes this week:
THE ARTIST’S STUDIO (Understanding Photography)                                    Room 124 (Artist’s Atelier)
Join Mike McRuiz for this introduction to the art of photography.       All ages and skill levels welcome. Pre-
enrollment required.

EMOTIONS AS MESSENGERS                                                                            Room 129
M. Christine Krumm, LCSW, leads this exploration of emotions as clues to understanding ourselves and others.

HEALING FROM FUNDAMENTALISM                                                                            Room 207
Did you belong to a church that emphasized legalistic and wooden interpretations of the scripture? A church
that proclaimed a narrowly defined Jesus as the only way to God? Experiences in these religious milieus can
range from annoyance to appreciation to abuse. In this class taught by Dr. Chad Johnson and Rev. Tamara
Lebak, participants will explore their past religious experiences and seek to understand, appreciate, grieve, heal,
and reconcile them with current perspectives for spiritual growth and transformation. Pre-enrollment

HUMANISM THROUGH THE AGES                                                                      Room 206
Dr. Glenn Visher leads this discussion of humanism from ancient Greece to modern America. Participants will
read from the instructor’s text, Understanding the History of Humanism.

MEDITATION 101                                                                  Room 122 (Majestic Theatre)
Rev. Victor M. Parachin leads this class whose goal is to clarify, teach and practice the art of meditation. It is
designed for beginners curious about meditation as well as those with more experience. Meditation is a
centuries-old technique that can help you to focus the mind more clearly and positively; to get in touch with
your emotions; to relax and relieve stress; to become more compassionate; and to live a fuller, richer life. All
skill levels are welcome.
STITCHING TOGETHER                                                                                 Room 120
Darlene Backhaus hosts an ongoing meeting for quilters and needle artists of all types. Bring your project and
work in good company. Special projects may be taught from time to time.

TAI CHI CHUAN                                                                                       Emerson Hall
Join Adam Green for this introduction to the ancient art of gentle movements known as Tai Chi Chuan. This
centuries-old discipline provides a valuable set of exercises that are effective in managing stress and improving
overall health. Participants will learn movements designed to increase balance, health, longevity, and self

YOGA                                                                                        Presidents’ Room
In this intergenerational yoga class, Stacie Pryor introduces a strong practice of Pranayama-conscious breath
work, Asana-physical postures, and the six other aspects of yoga. As students learn to extend awareness to each
part of the body, they begin to explore the limitless potential of the mind and the soul. Open to all ages and
body types.

NOTE: Infant and toddler child-care is available from 6:30 to 8:30; child-care for school-
age children is available from 7:00 to 8:30 in Room 202 unless other arrangements are

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