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What’s available through the
 media center and on-line.
Nursing                             Carpentry
    • American Journal of Nursing       • Architectural Digest
       Sports Illustrated               • Fine Homebuilding
    • Nursing 2005
       Seventeen                    Automotive
    • Fitness                           • Speedway
       Leatherneck                      • Road and Track
                                        • Car & Driver
Natural Resources                       • ATV – 4 Wheelers
    • National Wildlife
    • Buckeye                       Technology
    • Ohio Game and Fish                • Consumer Reports
    • Fur Fish and Game                 • PC Teach It
                                        • VM + SD
Math and Science                        • Nuts and Volts
    • Popular Mechanics                 • Cadalyst
    • Popular Science                   • PC Gamer
    • Chemistry                         • PC World
    • Biology
    • Astronomy
    • National Demographics         Early Childhood Education
    • Time                               • Child
    • National Geographic                • Parenting
                                         • District Administration
                   Videos and DVDs
  There are over 1000 videos and DVDs available on
      many different subjects in the Media Center
Communication        ECE               Math
Auto Technology      Electronics       Natural Resources
Banking/Finance      Employability     Peer Mediation
Building Trades      English           Photography
Business             Fire Fighting     Physics
CAD                  Food Service      Power Trans
Chemistry            General           Professional Devel.
Computers            Grads             Science
Cosmetology          Guidance          Social Studies
Criminal Justice     Health            Special Needs
Custodial            Machine Tooling   TAP
DMP                  Marketing         Welding.
                 Helpful Websites
     • Reliable educational search engine
     • Search engines that allows requests in question format
     • General searches
     • Test preparation (create password)
     • Free article database
     • General search engine (Check criteria)
      Helpful Website continued
          What’s Available at

   AccessScience
   American National Biography
   Annals of American History
   Britannica On-line
   EBSCO Host
   Learning Express Library
   SIRS Discoverer
   World Data Analyst.
   and more.
Criteria To Use When Evaluating
            Web Sites

           • Accuracy
           • Authority
          • Objectivity
           • Currency
           • Coverage

•Who wrote the page and   Make sure author provides e-
can you contact him or    mail or a contact
her?                      address/phone number.

•What is the purpose of   Know the distinction between
the document and why      author and Webmaster.
was it produced?
                             The information is error free.
•Is there an editor or
someone listed who
verifies information?
Who published the            What credentials are
document and is it           listed for the authors?
separate from the
                            Where is the document
Check the domain of the published? Check URL

document, what             domain. Look at the
institution publishes this domain. .edu,.com,
document?        , .org, .net

Does the publisher list     Look for a header or
his or her qualifications?   footer showing affiliation.

What goals/objectives    Determine if page is a
does this page meet?      mask for advertising; if
                          so information might be
How detailed is the      biased.
What opinions (if any)   View any Web page as
are expressed by the      you would an infomercial
author?                   on television. Ask
                          yourself why was this
                          written and for whom?
Does the information
show a minimum of bias?
                             How many dead links are on the
   When was it produced?    Are the links current or updated

                             Is the information on the page
   When was it updated'
                             Publication or revision dates are
   How up-to-date are the   not always listed
links (if any)?              The date listed could mean one

                             of the following
                                 •When the material was first
                                 •When the material was first
                                 placed on the web.
                             When the material was last

Are the links (if any)             If page requires special software
evaluated and do they               to view the information, how
complement the documents'           much are you missing if you don't
                                    have the software?

                                    Is it free or is there a fee, to
Is it all images or a balance      obtain the information?
of text and images?
Is the information presented       Is there an option for text only,
cited correctly?                    or frames, or a suggested
                                    browser for better viewing?

   What topics are covered?
                                    Sometimes web information is
                                    “just for fun”, a hoax, or
What does the page offer           someone’s personal expression
that others don’t?                  that may be of interest to no one
                                    or plain outright silliness.

   How in depth is the material?

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