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october 2011

                                                                                                           Special Feature
                                                                                                           Sports Bars

                The Sports Bars Issue

 The 2011-2012 sporting season is no doubt going to
  be a gripping one with the Olympics and the UEFA
 Euro 2012 Football Cup – just to mention two of the
    highlights. 2night Magazine has put together this
  special issue for our “sporty friends” to hang on to:
a mini-guide to suitable venues where you can catch
    your match of the year. And yes, for any matches
          you may lose - the ref is definitely to blame.


                                                                                                           What’s going on? We’ve got the

                                PUBLISHER: 2night Entertainment Ltd
                                    SALES & MARKETING DIRECTOR:
                        Anthony Clarkson (

                                        EDITOR IN CHIEF: Giorgio Govi
                CONTRIBUTORS: Keith Grehan, Sarah Hardwick, Giovanna
                              Bonesso. Translations by Sarah Hardwick.
                                                                                                           Best of Dublin
                                              COVER: Diana Lazzaroni
                                                                                                           Where to eat, drink and party
                                             GRAPHIC DESIGN: 2night
                                                                                                           in the city.
                      PRINT: Chinchio Industria Grafica - Rubano - Italy.

                                            N°18 - SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 2011

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                                                                                 “The first 90
                                                                                 minutes are
                                                                                  the most
                                                                               Bobby Robson

    Now that the Premier league has started back up and the six nations
    is growing closer, it’s essential to find a good bar to watch the match-
    es live. Lets face it, it’s just not the same watching your team trounce
    their rivals 3 - nil on your 18 inch TV at home, sipping on warm cans.
    Nothing beats heading down to your local with some friends to soak
    up the atmosphere and enjoy a few drinks, and maybe a bite to eat
    at half time.

    The venues we’ve chosen for you in our guide to Dublin’s top sports
    bars range from super-bars showing everything from American foot-
    ball and Aussie rules, to small unassuming pubs that have their own
    unique atmosphere on match day. Either way, we’re sure you’ll find
    your own favourite new haunt for the season within this guide.

4                                                                                                5
           rt   s b a r s - e v e n ts
    s   po

           The UeFA ChAmpions LeAgUe
           The pinnacle of European club football is now in its 56th year.
                                                                                     UeFA eURo 2012
                                                                                     This will be the 14th edition of the continental football champi-
           Last year’s winners, Barcelona AFC, are considered hot favourites         onships for national football teams organized by UEFA. The final
           to win the cup again this year, with Real Madrid, Inter Milan, FC         tournament will be hosted by Poland and Ukraine between June
           Schalke and Manchester United considered strong contenders to             8th to July 1st. Top favourite this year is once again Spain, an opin-
           reach the final. The tournament is awaiting the start of the group        ion that is also shared by the Spanish goalkeeper Casillas: “We
           stage, starting September 13th, with Marseille playing Borussia           hope to win for a second time. I’ve already been really lucky to
           Dortmund. Each group contains 4 teams, with each team play-               have played for the national team for the last 11 years and to have
           ing each other in a home and away leg. The winner of the group            won a European Championship and a World Cup. However, like
           (judged on a points based system) will then go into the knockout          every football player I’m always hoping for another title”. The win-
           stage of the tournament, leading to the quarter and then semi             ning team of the tournament will earn the right to compete for the
           finals. The final will be hosted on 19 May 2012 at the Allianz Arena      2013 FIFA Confederations Cup hosted by Brazil.
           in Munich.
                                                                                     For further information visit:
           For further information visit                                   

           LonDon 2012 oLYmpiC gAmes
           The XXX Olympic and the XIV Paralympic Games will officially
                                                                                     siX nATions
                                                                                     The 2012 Rugby Six Nations will be held at the Aviva Stadium in
           open on July 27th and close on August 12th, 2012. The city of             Dublin. The annual international rugby union competition involves
           London will host the Olympics for the third time (previously in           six European sides: France, Wales, England, Ireland, Italy and
           1908 and in 1948) having been elected as host city in July 2005           Scotland. On the 4th, 5th, 11th, 12th, 24th and 25th of February
           in Singapore by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) after           and on the 10th, 11th and 17th of March teams will participate
           an intense bidding. The Olympic Games will take place at 33 ven-          in what’s considered the oldest European tournament, which
           ues around the Olympic Village in east London. However, London            originated as the Home Nations back in 1883. England are the
           will not be the only location for events. Football championships          current title holders and are therefore the ‘European Champions’.
           will also be held in the city of Birmingham, Manchester and Car-          Having participated in 111 tournaments, and winning 2 Grand
           diff, while the beautiful coast of Dorset will play host to the sailing   Slams, Ireland will be hoping to impress fans at their first game on
           events.                                                                   home soil against Wales on the 5th of February.

           For further information visit:                         For further information visit:

6                                                                                                                                                             7
                               sports bars in dublin
                                                                7            8





    The mAp                                                     12

         Pavilion Bar
         Porterhouse Central
         The Long Stone
         Peadar Kearneys
         WoolShed Baa
         Hill 16                                                                     9
         The Big Tree
         The Living Room
         Davy Byrnes

8                                                                                         9
     sports bars in dublin                                                                                                sports bars in dublin

                             poRTeRhoUse CenTRAL
                             45-47 Nassau St, Dublin 2.
                                                                                                        KieLYs oF DonnYbRooK
                                                                                                        22 Donnybrook Road, Dublin 4.
                             Tel: +3531 6774180.                                                        Tel: +3531 2830209.

                             Famous for its selection of beers from around the world, its selection     A true institution of Leinster Rugby. Located just down the way from
                             of micro-brews come highly recommended. There is also a selection of       The Aviva Stadium, there’s no better place to be on match day. Kielys
                             freshly cooked and reasonably priced pub food. Typical fare includes       serves one of the best pints of Guinness in the south city, the bar food
                             homemade beef burgers, pizzas and a wide selection of open sand-           menu is simple but effective. The staff are remarkably friendly as are
                             wiches. The mixed platters are perfect for sharing with friends over a     the punters, a great place for a quiet pint or a big match with friends.
                             few pints. A large heated smoking area is a bonus.
                                                                                                        ReCommenDeD DRinK - A pinT oF ‘Ken, obvioUsLY.
                             ReCommenDeD DRinK - DoUbLe ChoCoLATe sToUT                                 ReCommenDeD FooD - homemADe LAsAgnA.
                             ReCommenDeD FooD - pRime beeF bURgeR.                                      Tv neTwoRK - sKY spoRTs on LCD wiDesCReens.
                             Tv neTwoRK - sKY spoRTs on wiDesCReen LCD.                                 gReAT FoR - LeinsTeR RUgbY FAns, RivALs woULD be ADviseD
                                                                                                                   To pRepARe FoR An inTense ATmospheRe.

                             The wooLsheD
                             Unit 4, Parnell Centre - Parnell St, Dublin 1.
                                                                                                        South King St, Dublin 2.
                             Tel: +3531 8724325.                                                        Tel: +3531 4784698.

                             One of Dublin’s largest sports bars, showing football, cricket and rugby   Sinnotts, located near Stephens Green, is ideal for catching a match in
                             as well as American sports upstairs such as American football and          the city centre after work. It has a very old fashioned charm thanks to its
                             baseball complete with stadium style seating. The drinks selection is      extensive collection of prints of Irish artists and writers including Joyce.
                             pretty varied, with discount pitchers available. Widescreen TVs are eve-   The bar menu is superb and the bar staff are friendly and attentive. A
                             rywhere, as are large projector screens and Wednesday is Brazil night.     large projection screen shows live football and rugby, you’d be advised
                             They also carry a large barfood menu.                                      to get there well ahead of kick off to secure a seat as it really fills up
                                                                                                        during big games. Covered outdoor seating is ideal for people watching
                             ReCommenDeD DRinK A piTCheR oF LAgeR oF YoUR ChoiCe.                       over a quiet drink.
                             ReCommenDeD FooD - bbQ ChooK.
                                                                                                        ReCommenDeD DRinK – gUinness.
                             Tv neTwoRK sKY spoRTs AnD espn on LCD wiDesCReen
                                                                                                        ReCommenDeD FooD - FResh beeR bATTeReD CoD AnD Chips.
                                         AnD pRojeCToR.
                                                                                                        Tv neTwoRK - sKY spoRTs on LCD wiDesCReen AnD pRojeCToR.
                             gReAT FoR - FAns oF AmeRiCAn FooTbALL, RUgbY,
                                                                                                        gReAT FoR - pRemieRship FooTbALL, goLF AnD RUgbY FAns.
                                         AUssie RULes FooTbALL.

10                                                                                                                                                                                     11
     sports bars in dublin                                                                                                sports bars in dublin

                             hiLL 16
                             Middle Gardiner St, Dublin 1.
                                                                                                         The Long sTone
                                                                                                         10 Townsend St, Dublin 2.
                             Tel: +3531 8744239.                                                         Tel: +3531 6718102.

                             Located just minutes from Croke Park, this is truly a Mecca for Dublin      A great all rounder, with one of the best covered smoking areas in the
                             Football and Hurling fans. It’s advisable to get there early on match day   city, complete with ample seating, heating, a pool table and a wide-
                             to secure a seat. The restaurant serves a wide range of hearty meals and    screen TV showing premiership and European football as well as rugby
                             is open from 10am to 7pm.                                                   and GAA. There is a good beer selection as well as great value pitchers.
                                                                                                         Carvery food is also available.
                             ReCommenDeD FooD – RoAsT beeF DinneR.
                             ReCommenDeD DRinK – gUinness.                                               ReCommenDeD DRinK – piTCheR oF sTARopRAemen.
                             Tv neTwoRK – sKY spoRTs, seTAnTA AnD RTe on                                 ReCommenDeD FooD – TURKeY AnD hAm.
                                          5 wiDesCReen LCDs.                                             Tv neTwoRK – sKY spoRTs AnD seTAnTA on wiDesCReen LCD.
                             gReAT FoR – DUbLin gAA FAns.                                                gReAT FoR – A ReLAXeD LUnCh, FooTbALL FAns who wAnT A
                                                                                                                     gooD smoKing AReA AnD ChoiCe oF sCReens.

                             peADAR KeARneYs
                             64 Dame St, Dublin 2.
                                                                                                         DAvY bYRnes
                                                                                                         21 Duke St, Dublin 2.
                             Tel: +35386 2353965.                                                        Tel: +3531 6775217.

                             An old-fashioned Dublin pub with a twist, you’ll find old Guinness prints   Made famous in Joyce’s Ulysses, if one is looking a chilled out spot to
                             on the walls alongside posters for upcoming gigs. Home to celebrated        watch a match then look no further. Seafood is a specialty, and afford-
                             mixologist James Langan, cocktails are a specialty. Live football is        able with a €9.95 lunch menu from 12 – 4pm. The décor is eye-catch-
                             shown on a large flatscreen on match days. Clubnights are on every          ing, with many quiet corners to watch the match from. I’d recommend
                             weekend.                                                                    sitting up at the bar though to really feel like you’re back in Joyce’s
                                                                                                         Dublin, albeit with the premiership on in the background. The outdoor
                             ReCommenDeD DRinK – gin mARTini.                                            seating is great for watching the world go by on a busy day.
                             Tv neTwoRK – sKY spoRTs.
                                                                                                         ReCommenDeD DRinK – gUinness.
                             gReAT FoR – A QUieT pinT wATChing The mATCh AT weeKenDs,
                                                                                                         ReCommenDeD FooD – CRAb FoR LUnCh, oYsTeRs AnD gUinness
                                         FoLLoweD bY A nighTs CLUbbing LATeR.
                                                                                                                             FoR An evening snACK.
                                                                                                         Tv neTwoRK – LCD wiDesCReen wiTh sKY spoRTs.
                                                                                                         gReAT FoR – AnYboDY who wAnTs A ChiLLeD spoT wiTh A
                                                                                                                     gReAT hisToRY.

12                                                                                                                                                                                  13
     sports bars in dublin                                                                                                 sports bars in dublin

                             CiTi bAR
                             46-49 Dame St, Dublin 2.
                                                                                                         The Living Room
                                                                                                         Cathal Brugha St, Dublin 1.
                             Tel: +3531 6794455.                                                         Tel: +3531 8722940.

                             One of the largest bars in the city, showing football and rugby at week-    Home to Dublin’s largest smoking area and pool tables, this is a true
                             ends throughout the venue. The LCD TV facing into the smoking area          sports bar. Football and rugby are shown on a multitude of 60’’ wide-
                             is a nice touch. A good selection of bar food is available at reasonable    screen TVs. The best seat in the house is at the bar, where you have a
                             prices. Very popular with tourists and students later in the evenings as    great view of the screens and the aquarium overhead. The bar stocks a
                             drinks are regularly on promotion and the club in the depths of down-       wide choice of European beers.
                             stairs is very much geared towards the student market.
                                                                                                         ReCommenDeD DRinK – bUDvAR.
                             ReCommenDeD FooD – iRish TApAs.                                             Tv neTwoRK - seTAnTA spoRTs AnD sKY spoRTs
                             ReCommenDeD DRinK – pinT oF LAgeR.                                                        on 60’’ wiDesCReen.
                             Tv neTwoRK – LCD wiDesCReen wiTh sKY spoRTs.                                gReAT FoR – wATChing The mATChes in A venUe ThAT DRAws
                             gReAT FoR – ToURisTs, sTUDenTs, CheAp pinTs oveR The                        A LARge CRowD AnD ThUs A gReAT ATmospheRe, ChiLLing oUT
                                         weeKenD mATChes..                                               in The smoKing AReA.

                             The pAviLLion bAR
                             Trinity College, Dublin 2.
                                                                                                         The big TRee
                                                                                                         39 Lr Dorset St, Dublin 1.
                             Tel: +3531 6081279.                                                         Tel: +3531 8557805.

                             The Pav, as it is affectionately known, is Trinity College’s student bar.   On the corner of Dorset St, this old fashioned bar is great for a pint
                             A great spot to relax on a warm summer’s day as it is surrounded by         whilst watching the weekend games, although it tends to get very busy.
                             the college’s cricket pitch, you can regularly see the teams out playing.   The large bar is well staffed and it’s never a problem to get served, no
                             European football and rugby is shown on LCD widescreens and drinks          matter how busy it gets. It has a huge beer garden as well as pool tables.
                             start at €2.40. Lunch is served from midday until 5pm. All profits are      Sunday is the best time to visit for rugby and banter with the locals.
                             rolled back into the university sports clubs so you get the feel good
                             factor too!                                                                 ReCommenDeD DRinK – pinT oF LARgeR.
                                                                                                         Tv neTwoRK – wiDe sCReens wiTh sKY spoRTs.
                             ReCommenDeD FooD – ChiCKen CURRY.
                                                                                                         gReAT FoR – RUgbY on sUnDAYs, FooTbALL in The evenings,
                             ReCommenDeD DRinK - A CAn oF bAvARiA (4 FoR €8).
                                                                                                                     A QUieT DRinK AT AnY Time.
                             Tv neTwoRK – sKY spoRTs on Two LCD FLAT sCReens.
                             gReAT FoR – ReLAXing on The gRAss on A sUmmeR’s DAY,
                                         wATChing The CoLLege TeAms pLAY.

14                                                                                                                                                                                    15
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I the Wave?”, fans of the   of the band – is known      Divine are currently       at Crawdaddy, which       on stage at The Button        tions in a unique fusion
debut won’t be disap-       for being ‘engaging and     on tour promoting the      is sure to draw in the    Factory for another of        of bluegrass and rock
pointed.                    energetic’ on stage and     album that focuses on      crowds. Grubbs (piano     their famous dance rock       music. Having formed
                            providing a passionate      her husk-dry voice that    & vocals) is backed by    live sets.                    in 2001, Hayseed Dixie
Crawdaddy                   musical performance.        seems to grow stronger     his talented band that                                  has a massive cult fol-
Old Harcourt                                            with every album.          broaden the sound         The Button Factory            lowing and has sold
Street Station.             The Button Factory                                     with strings, drums and   Temple Bar Music              over 500,000 records
Harcourt St                 Temple Bar Music            The Button Factory         horns.                    Centre.                       worldwide.
Dublin 2                    Centre.                     Temple Bar Music                                     Curved St
                            Curved St                   Centre.                    Crawdaddy                 Dublin 2                      The Button Factory
Tel: 014780166              Dublin 2                    Curved St                  Old Harcourt                                            Temple Bar Music
Tickets: €14 incl book-                                 Dublin 2                   Street Station.           Tel: 016709202                Centre.
ing fee.                    Tel: 016709202                                         Harcourt St               Tickets: €22,50               Curved St
Doors open at 8pm.          Tickets: €15                Tel: 016709202             Dublin 2                  Time: 7.30pm                  Dublin 2
                            Time: 7.30pm                Tickets: €15
                                                        Time 8pm                   Tel: 014780166                                          Tel: 016709202
                                                                                   Tickets: €14                                            Tickets: €20
                                                                                   Time: 8pm                                               Time: 7.30pm

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               Win tiCkets, meals and great nights out With 2night!
               Comp on between                         Comp on between                       Comp on between                          Comp on between
               12 and 18 September                     24 and 30 October                     31 October and 1 November                7 and 13 November
               HARRY’S ON THE                          IL POSTO RIS-                         THE MONGOLIAN                            THE GALLIC
               GREEN                                   TORANTE ITALIANO                      BARBEQUE                                 KITCHEN
               You can win a 3 course meal for         You can win 1 x 50 euro voucher.      A free meal for 2 and                    5 x 10 euro vouchers to use
               2 with bottle of wine.                  A renowned family run Italian re-     bottle of wine.                          at the Patisserie Café.
               A New York Manhattan styled             staurant situated in Dublin’s City    Mongolian BBQ is prepared on             Whether you’re popping out for
               Cocktail Bar, with superior food &      Centre on St. Stephen’s Green.        a large griddle. Diners pick fresh       lunch, a quick bite to eat or organ-
               beverage offering, all keenly priced    With the look and feel of a cosy      meats and vegetables from a daily        izing a special event – no order
               with high service standards geared      neighbourhood buzzy bistro – as       replenished buffet, along with their     is too big, or too small for Sarah
               to deliver a heightened customer        natural and rusticly elegant as the   choice of herbs, spices and sauces,      Webb’s Gallic Kitchen. Stay in and
               experience. Harry’s On The Green is     food – an under the radar gathe-      and the griller tosses the ingredients   enjoy the cosy atmosphere and
               a bit of NYC escapism in the heart of   ring spot for lovers of great tasty   on the griddle and stir-fries them to    warm Irish hospitality - there are
               Dublin City Centre.                     cooking served in warm, friendly      perfection.                              a few tables in the shop - or grab
               PROGRAM                                 and comfortable surroundings.                                                  a fresh coffee and a snack or hot
               Karaoke      competition     starting                                         Opening Times                            food to take away.
               Wednesdays from September.              Opening Times                         Mon-Wed: 12:00-23:00
               Funky Jazz and Swing every Friday       Lunch: Mon-Sat 12-2.30.               Thurs: 00:00-23:00                       Opening Times
               @ 6pm.                                  Early Dinner: Mon-Sat from 5.30-      Fri-Sun: 12:00-23:00                     Open 7 days a week.
               DJ’s every weekend.                     7pm.
               Open late seven days a week.            Dinner: Mon-Sat from 5.30pm.          Address                                  Address
                                                       Closed on Sundays.                    7, Anglesea Street, 2 Dublin, Ireland.   Main Street - Abbeyleix.
               Address                                                                       Phone: 01-6704154                        Phone: 0866058208.                     Dublin City FM is a special interest radio sta-      only dedicated live traffic update service, The
               St Stephens Green Shopping Cen-         Address                                                                                                               tion blending new music and great talk to give       Movie Show or fantastic news programming,
               tre. South King St, Dublin, Ireland.    10, St Stephens Green, D2 Dublin,
               Phone: 01-4758504                       Ireland.                                                                                                              Dubliners a new view on their city. All Dublin       Dublin City FM has its finger on the pulse. And
                                                       Phone: 01-6794769                                                                                                     City FM’s programmes are sourced from local          every week, 2night rounds up the best events
                                                                                                                                                                             communities, special interest groups and local       over the next seven days on Good Morning
                                                                                                                                                                             authorities, giving Dubliners the inside track       Dublin show at 10:00. So tune in to 103.2FM to
                                                                                                                                                                             on their city. Whether it’s Live Drive, the city’s   find out what’s happening in your city.
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                    Entering our competitions is easy and free. Every week on the Facebook Page and on, the
                    website for your nights out, you’ll find a new contest. All of the competitions have different “rules of engagement” so keep in touch,
                    be fast and be ready.
                                                                                                                                                                    The New Theatre, 43 Essex St -          - Dublin 2. Tel 018779999.
                                                                                                                                                                    Dublin 2. Tel 016703361.
                                                                                                                                                                                                            SePTemBer 15
                                                                                                                                                                    SePTemBer 10
                                                                                                                                                                                                            Handsome furs
      Week september 5 - 18                                                                          liVe musiC   Clubbing
                                                                                                     eating and drinking
                                                                                                                             ongoing eVent
                                                                                                                           theatre     arts
                                                                                                                                                                    Bipolar empire
                                                                                                                                                                    Last chance to catch Dublin heroes
                                                                                                                                                                                                            The Subpop label mainstays, con-
                                                                                                                                                                                                            sisting of Wolf Parade guitarist Dan
                                                                                                                                                                    Bipolar Empire before they embark       Boeckner and his wife Alexei Perry
                                                       september 10 – 25                                                                                            on a string of South American tour      (Who are oddly now the stars of In-
                                                                                                                                                                    dates. With support from Miracle        die Asia, a travel web series) will be
                                                       THE DUBLIN ABSOLUT FRINGE FESTIVAL                                                                           Bell.                                   debuting material from new album,
                                                       ABSOLUT Fringe is Ireland’s largest multi-disciplinary arts festival. Now in its 17th year, the festival     €12, t 20:00.                           Sound Kapital.
                                                       stages up to 525 events in over 40 venues, and around 150,000 people have at least one Fringe                Whelans, 25 Wexford St - Dublin 2.      €17.50, t 20:00
                                                       experience during the Festival. For 16 days the festival transforms Dublin into a ‘dream factory’, an        Tel 014780766.                          Whelans, 25 Wexford St - Dublin 2.
                                                       exposé of great creative talent from around the globe. It is a platform for the best new, emerging                                                   Tel 014780766.
                                                       Irish arts companies and a showcase for the best contemporary theatre and dance shows touring
                                                                                                                                                                    SePTemBer 11
                                                                                                                                                                                                            SePTemBer 17
                                                       internationally. For artists, the Fringe facilitates an opportunity to innovate, to cross disciplines and    miracle Fortress
                                                       boundaries and to find new ways and places to create work.                                                   Montreal based Multi-instrumental-      Whipping Boy
                                                                                                                                                                    ist Graham Van Pelt will debut songs    A reformed lineup (missing Paul
                                                       Price Varies.                                                                                                from sophomore album ‘Was I the         Page and Myles McDonnell) this
                                                       Box Office – Filmbase, Curved St – Dublin 2. Tel 0850374643.                                                 Wave?’ along with tracks from ac-       is a rare chance to see one of the
                                                                                                                                                                    claimed debut ‘5 Roses.’ Van Pelt’s     most influential Irish rock acts of
                                                       Photo: “Jumping Off the Earth” by the company The Rough Magic SEEDS Programme.                               psychedelia tinged pop has won          the 80s and 90s performing tracks
                                                                                                                                                                    the approval of critics and the love    from critically acclaimed albums
                                                                                                                                                                    of fans worldwide, making this rare     Submarine and Heartworm.
                                                                                                                                                                    live appearance unmissable.             €22.50.
                                                                                                                                                                    Crawdaddy, Harcourt St - Dublin 2.      The Academy, 57 Middle Abbey St
                                                                                                                                                                    Tel 014763374.                          - Dublin 2. Tel 018779999.

     SePTemBer 6                            Wise.                                   Gravity Happens.                        tival will showcase a mix of 70         SePTemBer 14                            Blawan @Pogo

     Neighbourhood Nights
                                            €8, t 22:30.
                                            The Twisted Pepper, 54 Middle Ab-
                                                                                    €17, t 19:30.
                                                                                    The Academy, 57 Middle Abbey St
                                                                                                                            short films, 15 independent feature
                                                                                                                            films, workshops and children’s         Dolly Parton
                                                                                                                                                                    American country superstar Dolly
                                                                                                                                                                                                            Leeds based producer Blawan
                                                                                                                                                                                                            (Hessel Audio/R&s,) creator of one
                                                                                                                                                                                                            of 2011’s biggest tracks ‘Getting me
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     the dark horse inn
     Enjoy a selection of 3 courses for a   bey St - Dublin 2. Tel 018734038.       - Dublin 2. Tel 018779999.              programs. The 20th anniversary                                                                                           1, George’s Quay - Dublin 2
     very special price from the people                                                                                     screening of the commitments will       Parton takes to the stage at Dublin’s   Down’, will be bringing his brand of     Tel: 0876739315
     behind Dublin’s prestigious Don-       SePTemBer 9                             momma’s Place                           also take place followed by an inter-   O2 theatre for one evening only to      house and techno to Middle Ab-
     nybrook fair.                                                                  New chic eatery in Temple Bar, wide     view with Roddy Doyle.                  showcase her considerable range         bey street. Also featuring Kassem        Formerly known as the White Horse Inn, this place has positively
     €20, t 17:30 – 23:00.                  Damien Dempsey                          selection of cakes and tartines, with   ImC Dun Laoghaire, The royal            of styles whilst playing all the hits   Mosse (live performance) bringing        reinvented itself with new management coming in and overseeing a
     The restaurant, Donnybrook Fair,       Veteran singer/songwriter Damien        coffee from only 99c. Bring your        marine Club, The Dun Laoghaire          that made her the reigning queen of     his lo-fi approach to house music.       major refurbishment. The place looks positively spiffy these days, but
     89 Morehampton Rd - Dublin 4.          Dempsey brings his brand of folk        momma, or just go for lunch. Mom-       Club, Privé Nightclub www.under-        country music.                          €10, t 22:30.                            there’s plenty of substance added to the mix here. The Dark Horse
                                            rock blended with social commen-        ma’s house also hosts a movie night           €60 - €96.25, t 18:30.                  The Twisted Pepper, 54 Middle Ab-        Inn has also become a cool jazz venue, with regular live entertain-
     SePTemBer 8                            tary to one of Dublin’s finest venues   every Friday, with a wide selection                                             The 02, Northwall Quay - Dublin 2.      bey St - Dublin 1. Tel 018734038.        ment, plus some one-off gigs and interesting events too. A regular
                                            for one night only. Expect a host of    of wine available. Open Sunday to       Last date on September 10 (from         Tel 018198888.                                                                   ‘arty party’, showcasing the work of talented young Dubliners, runs
     Kingdom/Luasa @ Junior Spesh           special guests.                         Monday, 10am to 10pm.                   August 8)                                                                       Ardle O’ Hanlon                          on the last Thursday of every month, while a free ‘knitty woolly fun
     & !Kaboogie                            €27, t 20:30.                           Above Filmbase, Curved St Temple        Bedbound by Enda Walsh                  Peter Doherty                           Star of Father Ted and My Hero,          club’ teaches us the joys of drinking and knitting every first and third
     Signed on hot London label Night-      Vicar St, 58 Thomas St - Dublin 2.      Bar - Dublin 2.                         Directed by Trinity College student,    The former Libertines and Ba-           O’Hanlon is one of Ireland’s most        Tuesday. This month also sees a special event in aid of the Movember
     slugs, American DJ and producer        Tel 014545533.                                                                  Rosemary McKenna, Bedbound              byshambles frontman brings his          loved comedians and author of            charity taking place on November 20. Finally, there’s a strong lunch
     Kingdom blends R&B with hip hop                                                From September 9 to September 11        concerns the life of devious fur-       unique brand of indie rock and          bestselling novel “The Talk of The       menu and a continental breakfast buffet, which is very handy for busy
     and inventive drum patterns. Sup-      Kate Voegele                            2nd Underground Cinema Film             niture salesman Maxie Darcy, re-        story telling to Dublin, expect songs   Town”. Support on the night from         early starters.
     port from Luasa, an electronic Irish   A singer/songwriter as well as ac-      Festival                                enacting the most horrific moments      from across his career, as well as      Eleanor Tiernan and John Davoren.        Opening hours: Open Monday to Saturday, from 07:30 (19:30
     3 piece known for their energetic      tress (she played Mia in One Tree       Taking place in a host of venues        of his life whilst aided by his polio   new solo material.                      €20, t 19:30.                            Wednesday and Thursday) to 23:30 (00:30 Friday and Saturday).
     live performances. Preceded by DJ      Hill), Kate Voegele will be perform-    around Dun Laoghaire between            stricken daughter. A gripping show.     €28, t 19:30.                           The Abbey Tavern, Howth - Dublin
     sets from Mondo Ballet and Chris       ing tracks from her third album,        September 9th and 11th, the fes-        €15/€12, t 20:00.                       The Academy, 57 Middle Abbey St         15. Tel 018390307.
                                                                                                                                                                 23 - 25 SePTemBer                       ever losing it’s soul. Just returned   SePTemBer 26                            Crosby - Nash, a double disk tour
                                                                                                                                                                                                         from dates in Atlantic City and Chi-                                           de force. Make sure not to miss this
                                                                                                                                                                 All-Ireland Craft Beer Fest             cago, this should be an interesting    Ghostpoet                               iconic hall of fame duo.
                                                                                                                                                                 First year for this event that hopes    and engaging show.                     Raised between Coventry, London,        €60.80.
                                                                                                                                                                 to attract 10,000 people. There         €27, t 20:30.                          Nigeria and Dominica, the soft-         Vicar St, 58 Thomas St - Dublin 2.
     Week sept 19 - 2 oCtober                                                                    liVe musiC   Clubbing
                                                                                                 eating and drinking
                                                                                                                         ongoing eVent
                                                                                                                       theatre     arts                          will be 40 beers and ciders on site
                                                                                                                                                                 plus some select whiskey makers.
                                                                                                                                                                                                         Vicar St, 58 Thomas St - Dublin 2.
                                                                                                                                                                                                         Tel 014545533.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                spoken Ghostpoet (Obaro Ejimiwe)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                has certainly left his mark on 2011
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Tel 014545533.

                                                                                                                                                                 Tickets are €10 per day or €15                                                 with debut single ‘Cash and Carry       Fink
                                                    september 29 - oCtober 16                                                                                    for a three day pass. All tickets       Africa Hi-tech, Shed, Disco            me home’, followed by an album          Led by enigmatic front man and
                                                                                                                                                                                                         Bloodbath @ Pogo                                                               producer Fin Greenhall, Finks’s
                                                    ULSTER BANK THEATRE FESTIVAL                                                                                 include a free souvenir glass and
                                                                                                                                                                 half-pint. Friday the 23rd, 4:00pm      Comprised of Steve Spacek
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                release back in February. Playfully
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                blending spoken word, hip hop and       influences range from folk to dub
                                                    Ireland’s largest and best-known theatre festival will be running for eighteen consecutive days, and         to 12:30am, Saturday the 24th,          (Spacek) and Mark Pritchard (Glo-      blues into his work, this is sure to    to hip hop. Greenhall has worked
                                                    is the cornerstone of the year’s cultural calendar. Celebrating its 54th anniversary, the program            12:00pm to 12:30am, Sunday the          bal Communication,) this ragga         be an intriguing performance.           with Professor Green and pro-
                                                    hosts productions from Ireland, the UK, Russia, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark               25th, 12:00pm to 6:00pm.                influenced electronic duo will be      €12.50, t 20:00.                        duced albums for the likes of Amy
                                                    and Germany. One of the key shows of the festival will be‘A Letter to Chekov,’ bringing breathtaking         rDS, Merrion Road, Ballsbridge -        storming the Twisted Pepper with       Whelans, 25 Wexford St - Dublin 2.      Winehouse and Michael Pitt and
                                                                                                                                                                 Dublin 4. Tel 016680866.                Pogo residents for one night only.     Tel 014780766.                          continues to DJ under the name
                                                    aerial acrobatics and circus magic to the theatre, directed by esteemed Cirque du Soleil director
                                                                                                                                                                                                         Be sure to check out debut album                                               Sideshow, but this is the acoustic
                                                    Daniele Finzi Pasca. This is the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of theatre from
                                                    around the world.                                                                                            SePTemBer 24                            93 Million Miles to get a flavour of   SePTemBer 27                            folk element to his work, and is
                                                                                                                                                                                                         this innovative collective. Support                                            every bit as vital. Expect tracks from
                                                    Ticket prices vary according to venue and performance.                                                                                               comes from fellow producers Shed                                               June release “Perfect Darkness”.
                                                                                                                                                                 David Gray                                                                     Crosby and Nash
                                                                                                                                                                 From what began as a career as          and Disco Bloodbath.                   While best known performing             €14, t 20:00.
                                                    Box Office Tel. 016778899.                                                                                   a typical folk singer/songwriter,       €12, t 22:00.                          alongside Stills and Young, this        Crawdaddy, Harcourt St - Dublin 2.
                                                                                                                                                                 Gray’s sound has evolved to utilize     The Twisted Pepper, 54 Middle Ab-      iconic duo have a lifetime of clas-     Tel 014763374.
                                                                                                                                                                 a range of electronic instruments       bey St - Dublin 2. Tel 018734038.      sics behind them. Their last release
                                                                                                                                                                 and vocal arrangements, without                                                of original material was in 2004 with

     SePTemBer 22                        The Temple Bar: House bands plus       SePTemBer 23                             Dublin Culture Night                   the exChequer
                                         very special surprise performances.                                             For one night only Dublin city’s
     Arthur’s Day                        The Grand Social: House bands          Dark sky @ Decoy                         museums, galleries, artist’s studio,
                                         plus very special surprise perform-                                             cultural centres and more will be      3-5, Exchequer Street – Dublin 2
     The annual celebration of the fa-                                          London based techno and bass                                                    Tel: 016706787
     mous Irish stout takes place in     ance.                                  producers Dark Sky have been             open to the public providing talks,
                                                                                                                         tours and performances. All events     It’s easy to see why this hip gastropub has recently celebrated
     many venues across Dublin. Some                                            making waves in the underground                                                 a very successful year in business even as many other places
     of the acts include the Scissor     Cooly G @ Junior Spesh                 circuit, creating remixes for Jamie      are free but tickets do need to be
                                         Recently signed to Kode 9’s Hyper-                                              reserved in advance through the        bite the dust. Along with an intriguing décor, you’ll find real
     Sisters, the Stereophonics, and,                                           XX and Ben Westbeech. Influences                                                substance to what the exchequer offers, including quality Irish
     of course, some Irish performers.   dub label, The Twisted Pepper will     range from house to UK garage and        booking office for some events.
                                         play host to her tribal, deep house                                             Highly recommended events in-          food with that rare combination of creativity and value – it’s
     Tickets available on www.ticket-                                           disco. ‘Leave,’ released on Ninja                                               pub grub with a creative twist, and it’s already piling up ac-                           sound complete with dark, sultry       Tune is easily one of 2011’s most        clude NOISE, a high octane mix of
                                         vocals. Debut EP Narst/Love Dub                                                 music, song and dance; and Dub-        colades: The Exchequer was a deserved winner of the Best
     Guinness Storehouse: Stere-                                                powerful tracks. With a string of fur-                                          Gastropub award at the Irish Restaurant Awards 2010. Their
     ophonics, Yasmin, plus special      has been doing well on the techno      ther releases lined up and a packed      lin streets, stones and stories, a 2
                                         circuit, a breathtaking performance                                             hour tour combining architecture,      celebrated Sunday roast – a generous traditional meal for four
     guests.                                                                    touring schedule, Dark Sky are not                                              – is a steal at €39.95.
     Olympia Theatre: Scissor Sisters,   is assured from this Brixton based     to be missed.                            history and geology. Last year over
                                         producer. Support on the night                                                  150,000 people took part in the oc-    The Exchequer has also caught on as a night-time venue with
     Aloe Blacc, Ed Sheeran, Florrie,                                           €10, t 23:00.                                                                   the help of DJs Marina Diniz and Richie Rock doing a mix of
     plus special guests.                from Frankie Bingo and Archmas-        The Lost Society, Powerscourt            casion, and this year promises to be
                                         ter G.                                                                          bigger and better than ever before.    upbeat, summery tunes and darker heavy house. Top mixolo-
     Vicar Street: Paloma Faith, James                                          Townhouse, South William St -                                                   gist Darren Geraghty has also honed a well-thought out cock-
     Walsh, Sunday Girl, Maverick Sa-    €10, t 22:00.                          Dublin 2. Tel 016111777.                 Free, t 17:00 – 23:00.
                                         The Twisted Pepper, 54 Middle Ab-                                               Temple Bar Cultural Trust, 12 East     tail menu that gives a new twist to old classics, and throws in
     bre, plus special guests.                                                                                                                                  many innovative creations as well.
     The Academy: Joshua Radin, Miles    bey St - Dublin 1. Tel 018734038.                                               Essex St - Dublin 2. Tel 016772255.
                                                                                                                                                                Opening hours: Open seven days a week, from 07:30 (08:00
     Kane, Ryan Sheridan, plus special                                                                                                                          Saturday and Sunday) to 23:30 (01:00 Thursday, 02:30 Fri-
     guests.                                                                                                                                                    day and Saturday, 23:00 Sunday).
24                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               25
                                                                                                                                                                  Actress @ Not Saying Boo                   to perform sporadically. They offi-   Jackbeats                               der of the day with The Minutes.
                                                                                                                                                                  Actress, aka, Darren J. Cunning-           cially reunited in 2001. The band’s   A collaboration of Beni G (Mix-         €10, t 19:30.
                                                                                                                                                                  ham, in the last 5 years of running        signature hits include “Summer-       ologists) and Plus One (Scratch         Whelans, 25 Wexford St – Dublin
                                                                                                                                                                  the Werk label has discovered              time Girls”.                          Perverts) Jack Beats are part of the    2. Tel 014780766.
                                                                                                                                                                  and released some of the most              €25, t 19:30.                         new wave of British house where
      Week oCtober 3 - 16                                                                          liVe musiC   Clubbing
                                                                                                   eating and drinking
                                                                                                                           ongoing eVent
                                                                                                                         theatre     arts
                                                                                                                                                                  widely talked about artists of the
                                                                                                                                                                  emerging bass generation, namely
                                                                                                                                                                                                             The Village. 26, Wexford Street -
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Dublin 2. Tel 014758555.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   wobbly basslines big breakdowns
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   and sharp accapella’s are cut, cop-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Self-proclaimed hip-hop fans that
                                                                                                                                                                  Disrupt, Zomby, Lukid and Star-                                                  ied and pasted together to create a     create songs by sampling their
                                                       oCtober 6 – 8                                                                                              key. As Actress he produced the            OCTOBer 14                            floor-filling brand of electro house.   own music, which they then reas-
                                                                                                                                                                  exceptional “Hazyville LP” drawing                                               € 14, t 23:00.                          semble in the studio or onstage.
                                                       HARD WORKING CLASS HEROES                                                                                  cries for a Mercury Award Nomi-            Glen Hansard with mark Geary          The Village, 26 Wexford Street –        “It’s kind of like remixing yourself.”

                                                       FESTIVAL 2011
                                                                                                                                                                  nation. Support from Lunice and            As well as one of Ireland’s most      Dublin 2. Tel 014758555.                Expect mild euphoric trance, remi-
                                                                                                                                                                  Not Saying Boo residents.                  celebrated       singer/songwriters                                           niscent of the Orbital catalogue.
                                                       Now in its ninth year, Ireland’s Annual Showcase Festival and Conference for New Music returns,            €12, t 23.00.                              and Frames frontman, Hansard is       OCTOBer 15                              Make sure to check out lead single
                                                       100 bands will play over 3 days in 6 venues. This is a great chance to see up and coming bands             The Twisted Pepper, 54 Mid-                the co-star of Once, a shoe-string                                            Love/Lust.
                                                       as well as well-established local talent, all on one great value ticket. With a lineup including Physc     dle Abbey St - Dublin 2. Tel               budget feature about an Irish busk-   The minutes                             €6/8, t 22:30.
                                                       rockers Cloud Castle Lake, the intriguing Lorem Ipsum and established indie rockers Spies, this is         018734038.                                 er and his platonic relationship      Freshly anointed as “the greatest       Crawdaddy, Harcourt St – Dublin
                                                       a must for any fan of great Irish music.                                                                                                              with a Czech immigrant. This is a     rock n roll band in Dublin” by in-      2. Tel 014763374.
                                                       €45 for the entire festival.
                                                                                                                                                                  OCTOBer 8                                  chance to hear an incredible cata-    fluential UK magazine Artrocker.
                                                                                                                                                                                                             logue of hits in an unusual venue.    The hardworking band played 11
                                                                                                                                                                  Y&T                                        €25, t 19:30.                         gigs in 3 days at the 2010 SXSW
                                                       Twisted Pepper - The Workman’s Club - Grand Social - The Mercantile - Shebeen Chic - Button Factory.       Originally known as Yesterday &            St. Ann’s Church, 18 Dawson           festival, each delighting crowds
                                                       Go to for tickets                                                                             Today, Y&T are an American hard            Street - Dublin, 2. Tel 016616400.    and critics alike. Having supported
                                                                                                                                                                  rock/heavy metal band formed in                                                  Black Rebel Motorcycle Club,
                                                                                                                                                                  1974, Oakland CA. Officially dis-                                                Supergrass and The Von Bondies,
                                                                                                                                                                  banded in 1991, they continued                                                   straight up rock and roll is the or-

     OCTOBer 3                                                                     comes from Dire Straights guitar-      tional acts, including Arcade Fire,
                                             OCTOBer 5 - 9                         ist and legendary frontman Mark        Vampire Weekend, Supergrass,           boWes
     rihanna                                                                       Knopfler.                              The Magic Numbers, Yves Klein
     Calvin Harris will accompany            Dylan moran                           €60.45 - 91, t 19:30.                  Blue, The Temper Trap, Last Di-
     Rihanna in bringing her ‘Loud’          Star of Black Books (also known       The O2, Northwall Quay - Dublin 1      nosaurs and Local Natives. Most        31, Fleet Street – Dublin 2.
     tour to Dublin, the album selling       for his work in Shaun of the Dead     . Tel 018198888.                       recently, the band was nominated       Tel: 016714038
     over 1.4 million copies. Rihanna        and Run Fatboy Run), Dylan                                                   for the Australian Music Prize,
     says - “Calvin is the perfect fit for   Moran is one of Ireland’s finest      Julie Felix                            which they subsequently won on 3       The sister pub to Doyles around the corner seems to set the bar
     the Loud tour. He is going to bring     exports in the world of comedy.       Now 73 years of age, Julie Felix is    March 2011.                            for old school charm: lovingly crafted furniture and panelling,
     something unique and fun for the        Known for his dry wit and sardonic    truly a grand old dame of Ameri-       €13, t 20:00.                          1850s green leather cushions, and even a chandelier would
     fans”.                                  observational humour, he was          can folk rock. Famed for her hits      The Academy, 57 Middle Abbey           make Bowes feel a little bit like a gentleman’s club or library if it
     €54.80/€70.70, t 18:30.                 voted the 14th greatest stand-up      “If I Could (El Cóndor Pasa)” and      Street - Dublin 1. Tel 018779999.      weren’t solidly unpretentious. You’re more likely to hear people
     The 02. Northwall Quay - Dublin 1.      comic on Channel 4’s 100 Great-       “Heaven is Here,” this is a great                                             discussing football than Foucault here, which is no bad thing,
     Tel 018198888.                          est Stand-Ups in 2010.                chance to see a true star of folk      Sel                                    though they also do a fine line in high-end whiskeys. You can
                                             €28, t 20:30.                         music.                                 Founder of the band, Egidijus          usually get a table to yourself, which is nice, and the bar staff
     Gruff rhys                              Vicar St, 58 Thomas Street – Dub-     €20, t 20:00.                          Dragûnas is also a DJ and owns a       seem to know everyone who’s visited more than twice. On any
     Following ten albums of psych           lin 2. Tel 014545533.                 Whelans, 25 Wexford St - Dublin        recording studio. SEL, are the trail   day off (or just an off-day) you can do a lot worse than spend-
     pop brilliance with Super Furry                                               2. Tel 014780766.                      blazers of Lithuanian music. The       ing the afternoon here reading the papers, drinking away a few
     Animals, Gruff Rhys brings his          OCTOBer 6                                                                    band has released 9 albums, 5 sin-     productive hours, and yes, watching the football.
     distinctive sound and distinctive                                             OCTOBer 7                              gles, 2 best songs collections and     Opening hours: Open seven days a week, from 16:00 to 23:30
     vocals to the intimate surrounds of     Bob Dylan and mark Knopfler                                                  1 documentary DVD movie.               (00:30 Friday and Saturday, 23:00 Sunday).
     the Olympia Theatre.                    Bob Dylan is an artist who needs      Cloud Control                          €20/30/40, t 21:00.
     €23, t 19:00.                           no introduction, his second date      An alternative rock band from          Crawdaddy, Harcourt St – Dublin
     The Olympia Theatre. 73 Dame St         in Ireland within a year is simply    Sydney, Cloud Control have sup-        2. Tel 014763374.
     – Dublin 2. Tel 016793323.              too good to be missed. Support        ported a host of local and interna-

26                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  27
                                                                                                                                                                         the first date on the tour. See it here   demand, there have been a further
                                                                                                                                                                         first folks.                              11 dates added. Evans is by far one
                                                                                                                                                                         €49.65/54.65, t 19:30.                    of the most energetic performers out
                                                                                                                                                                         The Olympia Theatre, 73 Dame St           there, regularly needing an intermis-
                                                                                                                                                                         – Dublin 2.                               sion to take a quick rest at half time.
      Week oCtober 16 - 31                                                                              liVe musiC   Clubbing
                                                                                                        eating and drinking
                                                                                                                                ongoing eVent
                                                                                                                              theatre     arts                           OCTOBer 24
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   A guaranteed sell-out. “Masterful,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   precise, physical comedy”. - The In-
                                                         oCtober 20th                                                                                                    Britney Spear’s Femme Fatal Tour          €39.20, t 20:00.
                                                                                                                                                                         Although at times like watching a car     The O2, Northwall Quay - Dublin 1.
                                                         BON IVER                                                                                                        crash in slow motion, Spears has          Tel 018198888.
                                                         Fresh off the back of the new self titled June release, indie folk singer songwriter Justin Vernon              managed to get her personal life; and
                                                         returns to Dublin with his full band, Bon Iver. Derived from the French phrase bon hiver (meaning               career back together to an extent.        OCTOBer 28
                                                         good winter), Vernon has had a busy year releasing the band’s follow-up album to 2007’s critically              Latest album Femme Fatal (produced
                                                         acclaimed Forever Emma, Forever Ago, as well as lending his vocals to tracks on Kanye West’s My                 by Rusko) has a definite grimey edge,     Grandmaster Flash
                                                                                                                                                                         which can only be a good thing.           One of the greats of old school hip
                                                         beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and contributing tracks to the New Moon soundtrack; all on top of
                                                                                                                                                                         €54.80-91.75, t 18:30.                    hop, Grandmaster Flash a force to
                                                         a full tour schedule. Support comes from Kathleen Edwards. This is a great chance to see a truly                The 02, Northwall Quay - Dublin 1.        be reckoned with. His last show re-
                                                         mesmerizing artist in one of Dublin’s finest venues; the acoustics in the new theatre are superb.               Tel 018198888.                            ceived disappointing reviews, but
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   this may be due to the fact that hip
                                                         €34, t 20:00.                                                                                                   Patrick Wolf                              hop rarely translates well from the
                                                         The Grand Canal Theatre. Grand Canal Square – Dublin 2.                                                         Known for combining electronic            studio to the stage. However with hits
                                                         Tel 016777999.                                                                                                  sampling with classical instruments,      like White Lines it has the potential of
                                                                                                                                                                         Wolf’s romantic, soulful take on elec-    being a nostalgic night.
                                                                                                                                                                         tro pop ranges from refreshing to the     €12.50, t 23:30.
                                                                                                                                                                         downright weird. Either way, Wolf is      The Village, 26 Wexford Street –
                                                                                                                                                                         the closest thing our generation has      Dublin 2. Tel 014758555.
     OCTOBer 16                              reviews.                                 selling artist in the United States       OCTOBer 21                               to Bowie.
                                             €16.00, t 20:00.                         with over 21 million records sold.
     The Joy Formidable                      The Sugar Club, 2 Lower Leeson           2011’s Illuminations was universally      Futures Apart
                                                                                                                                                                         €20.00, t 19:30.                          OCTOBer 29
                                             Street - Dublin 2. Tel 016787188.        praised by critics for its deft lyrical                                            The Academy, 57 Middle Abbey
     Having released debut album “The                                                                                           Futures Apart are a five piece futuro-
                                                                                      content.                                                                           Street - Dublin 1. Tel 018779999.         mondkopf
     Big Roar”, on January 24, 2011 to                                                                                          matic band from Wexford, crafting
                                             michael moore – Here Comes               €22.00, t 20:00.                                                                                                             This 23-year-old Frenchman is an
     much critical acclaim, as well as                                                                                          an original intense melodic sound
     touring the U.K., Europe and Aus-       Trouble                                  The Grand Canal Theatre, Grand            that is very much their own, drawing
                                                                                                                                                                         OCTOBer 25                                electronic producer/ remix artist
                                             Controversial documentary film           Canal Square - Dublin 2. Tel                                                                                                 whose name may already be familiar
     tralia with bands including Editors,                                                                                       influences from the likes of Interpol
                                             maker Moore makes a rare live ap-        016777999.                                                                         Cut/Copy                                  to many as part of the Fluokids fam-
     Temper Trap and Passion Pit, Welsh                                                                                         and Duran Duran. Since February
                                             pearance to celebrate the publica-                                                                                          Australian indie electronic group         ily; whose hugely influential blog and
     shoegaze rockers The Joy Formida-                                                                                          2010 Futures Apart have supported
     ble are on the up. Expect heavily       tion of his new book Here Comes          OCTOBer 20                                the likes of Hurts, The Magic Num-
                                                                                                                                                                         Cut Copy draw influences from the         label have become a well-respected
                                             Trouble: Stories From My Life. “A                                                                                           likes of Air, Daft Punk, and LCD          stamp of approval for cutting edge
     layered sounds and swirling vocals.                                                                                        bers, The View, The Coronas, Fionn
                                             wake-up call, a call to action, a kick   City and Colour                                                                    Soundsystem, but with a tinge of 80’s     new artists. He gained a cult follow-
     €15.00, t 20:00.                                                                                                           Regan and Duke Special. Debut EP
                                             in the mental backside ... Remarka-      City and Colour is the recording ali-                                              pop sensibilities. Pioneers of synth-     ing on the electronic music thanks
     Whelan’s, 25 Wexford St – Dublin                                                                                           “Colour” was released in March.
                                             ble ... a stand-up comic in the grand    as for Juno Award-winning Canadian                                                 pop, they are fresh off the back of       to his thrilling remixes of The Golden
     2. Tel 014780766.                                                                                                          €7.50, t 20:00.
                                             tradition”.- The Guardian.               singer-songwriter Dallas Green,                                                    third studio album, Zonoscope.            Filter, The Teenagers, Grand National,
                                                                                                                                Whelan’s, 25 Wexford St – Dublin
                                                                                                                                                                         €22.50, t 19:30.                          Pony Pony Run Run and even Johnny
     OCTOBer 17                              €25.00, t 19:30.                         who was also the guitarist and vocal-     2. Tel 014780766.
                                                                                                                                                                         The Button Factory, Curved St –           Cash. With May came his debut LP
                                             The Grand Canal Theatre, Grand           ist of the post-hard-core band Alex-
                                                                                                                                                                         Dublin 2. Tel 016709202.                  entitled “Galaxy of Nowhere”.
     emmy The Great                          Canal Square - Dublin 2. Tel             isonfire. Playing acoustic folk and       OCTOBer 23                                                                         € TBA, t 22:30.
     Emmy the Great is both a solo           016777999.                               country, he is a song-writing force
     and collaborative project. Based                                                 to be reckoned with.                      Noel Gallagher’s High Flying
                                                                                                                                                                         OCTOBer 26                                Crawdaddy, Harcourt St – Dublin 2.
     around the words and music of           OCTOBer 19                               €26.00, t 20:00.                          Birds
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Tel 014763374.
                                                                                      The Academy, 57 Middle Abbey                                                       Lee evans
     singer-songwriter Emma-Lee Moss,                                                                                           With lead single ‘The Death of You
                                             Josh Groben                              Street - Dublin 1. Tel 018779999.                                                  The UK’s most loved comedian, Lee
     it developed sonically with guitarist                                                                                      and Me’ doing reasonably well, this
                                             American singer-songwriter, musi-                                                                                           Evans, brings his brand of Slapstick,
     Euan Hinshelwood. Her second al-                                                                                           half of Oasis’ new project will bring
                                             cian, actor, and record producer                                                                                            physical comedy to Dublin as part of
     bum, Virtue, was released on June                                                                                          his new show to the Olympia’s imi-
                                             Groban is the number-one best-                                                                                              his Roadrunner tour. Due to popular
     13th and received generally positive                                                                                       tate surrounds, which incidentally is
      regular eVents                                                                                   liVe musiC   Clubbing
                                                                                                       eating and drinking
                                                                                                                               ongoing eVent
                                                                                                                             theatre     arts

     SUNDAY                                   knock out tournament to win a free      Hear No evil                             Somewhere?
                                              recording session.                      Brand new midweek night, with pop        The best in classic indie and rock
     Sunday roast                             Free, t 21:00.                          on the main stage, indie in the loft     on the ground floor and the fresh-
     A showcase of the best in local and      The Village. 26. Wexford St - Dublin    and techno in the basement from          est electro upstairs. Complete with
     international talent, open to submis-    2. Tel 014758555.                       Hear No Evil residents. Great value      surely Dublin’s most potent cock-
     sions. Free potatoes guaranteed!                                                 drinks promos all night long.            tails and a large covered smoking
     Free, t 20:00 – 1:00.                    Lounge Lizzards                         The Twisted Pepper. 54 Middle Ab-        area upstairs.
     The mercantile, Dame St - Dublin 2       Mellow selection of classics to ease    bey St - Dublin 1. Tel 018734038.        Free before 11/€5 after 18:00 –
     Tel 016707101.                           back into the working week after a                                               2:30.
                                              hectic weekend.                         Shebeen Flick                            The Workman’s Club. 10, Wel-
     We Call It Disco                         Free, t 20:00 – 1:00.                   A film night in this quirky bar show-    lington Quay - Dublin 2. Tel
     DJ Kitty Kat playing all things disco    Solas bar. 31, Wexford St - Dublin      ing much-loved Irish films as well as    016706692.
     to round off the weekend.                2. Tel 014780583.                       unseen works. Every week hosts a
     Free, t 20:00 – 1:00.                                                            short film followed by an unseen         Songs Of Praise.
     Solas Bar. 31, Wexford St - Dublin       electric Jukebox                        feature.                                 Long running rock n roll karaoke
     2. Tel 014780583.                        Best in chart and pop. All drinks are   Free, t 19:30.                           night. Check out the full play list on
                                              €3 all night long.                      Shebeen Chic. 4, South Great   
     Comedy Crunch                            €8, t 22:30-2:30.                       George’s St - Dublin 2. Tel              sofpraise
     Stand up comedy presented by             Club m, Cope St - Dublin 2. Tel         016799667.                               Free, t 21:00.
     Colm McGlinchey and Danny                016715609.                                                                       The Village. 26 Wexford St - Dublin
     O’Brien. The best of local stand-up,                                             The Social Cinematic                     2. Tel 014758555.
     with drinks promotions all night and     make and Do with Panti                  A weekly film club, showing old
     free ice cream!                          The queen bee of drag in Dublin         classics and new favourites as well      Laugh out loud
     Free, t 20:30.                           does arts and crafts with her ador-     as cult cinema. Drinks promotions        A weekly comedy night featuring
     Shebeen Chic, Lower Great                ing fans.                               all night.                               MC Aidan Killian and special guests
     George’s St - Dublin 2. Tel              Free, t 22:00.                          Free, t 19:30.                           bringing the best in standup.
     016799667.                               Pantibar. 7-8 Capel St - Dublin 1.      The Grand Social, 35, Liffey St -        €5/7, t 20:30.
                                              Tel 018740710.                          Dublin 1. Tel 018740076.                 Anseo. 18, Camden St - Dublin 2.
     mONDAY                                                                                                                    Tel 014751321.
                                              TUeSDAY                                 WeDNeSDAY
     Song Cycle                                                                                                                THUrSDAY
     A new weekly singer songwriter           The Irish Blues Club                    Strangeways, here we come
     showcase, featuring the best in lo-
     cal talent. 4 acts get a 30 minute
                                              Straight up blues every Tuesday
                                                                                      Residents and special guests play-
                                                                                      ing the best in dubstep, hip hop and
                                                                                                                               The best in new and classic hip hop      DOYLE’S
     slot each in the intimate surrounds      €8, t 20:00.                            drum and bass across three floors        and rap with great drinks promo-
     of Whelan’s upstairs stage. Submis-      JJ Smyths. 12, Aungier St - Dublin      on what must be Dublin’s loudest         tions all night, particularly gin and    9, College Street – Dublin 2          events including the long-running       (23:00 Sunday).
     sions welcome.                           2. Tel 014752565.                       soundsystem, with a host of great        juice.                                   Tel: 016710616                        Ruby Sessions showcasing new            Getting there: From the front gates
     Free, t 20:00.                                                                   drinks promos all night. If you like     €4/5/7, t 23-2:30.                       Even with the students away,          songwriting talent every Tuesday.       of Trinity College (facing onto
     Whelan’s. 25, Wexford St - Dublin        C.U.N.T                                 bass and dirty beats, this is the only   The Lost Society. Powerscourt            this easy-going pub by day is still   Doyle’s is getting pretty popular       Dame Street), turn right and fol-
     2. Tel 014780766.                        One live band a week at this always     place to be.                             Townhouse, South William St - Dub-       hopping by night: DJs play an ec-     outside student circles too, and it’s   low the railings of the college as
                                              busy night, followed by the best in     €7/€5 on cheaplist, t 22:30.             lin 2. Tel 016111777.                    lectic mix of sounds upstairs and     easy to see why.                        you turn onto College Street. After
     King Kong Klub                           pop, hip hop and indie. Drinks from     The Lost Society. Powerscourt                                                     downstairs. There’s a spacious                                                about two minutes, you should
     Top musical game show, now in its        €2 to €5, t 22:00.                      Townhouse, South William St - Dub-                                                room available to hire for private    Opening hours: Open seven days          see Doyles across the street on
     third year, with free live music and a   Crawdaddy, Harcourt St - Dublin 2.      lin 2. Tel 016111777.                                                             functions, and some top-notch         a week, from 12:00 to 02:30             your left.
                                              Tel 014763374.
30                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          31
Phantom 105.2 DJs and Garage              house and techno acts week in
Bar residents.                            week out.
Dublin’s favourite alternative music      €8, t 23:00.
station takes over the ground floor,      Crawdaddy. Harcourt St - Dublin 2.
whist garage bar residents play the       Tel 014763374.
best in 60’s sounds on the first floor.
Free, 18:00.                              WAr
The Workman’s Club. 10, Wel-              The best in dirty pop and R & B in
lington Quay - Dublin 2. Tel              Andrew’s Lane. Drinks promos all
016706692.                                night and free in for the first 100
                                          people to know the password at the
The Panti Show                            door (hint, see their facebook page).
Dublin’s favourite drag queen Panti       €5 before 00:00, €10 after. 23:00.
takes to the stage every Thursday,        ALT. 9-17 St Andrews Lane - Dublin
with Bunny and some very special          2. Tel 016795720.
guests in support. A mish mash of
music, drama, connect 4 and pup-          SATUrDAY.
pets makes for an unforgettable
night.                                    Hussle.
Free, t 22:00.                            90’s Hip Hop and R & B from resi-
Pantibar. 7-8 Capel St - Dublin 1. Tel    dent and guest DJs every Saturday.
018740710.                                €8, t 23:00.
                                          The Button Factory, Curved
The Odeon movie Club                      St, Temple Bar - Dublin 2. Tel
Enjoy classic cult films at your own      016709202.
table whist enjoying a full bar and
waiter service. Booking essential,        Banquet
email                      The best in indie rock from Banquet
Free, t 20:00.                            residents every Saturday night in
The Odeon. Old Harcourt St Sta-           one of Dublin’s finest venues.
tion, Harcourt St - Dublin 2. Tel         €5, t 23:00.
014782088.                                Crawdaddy. Harcourt St - Dublin 2.
                                          Tel 014763374.
Fridays At my House                       Sing along new and classic pop
The master room includes DJs Ray          anthems every Saturday at Gossip,
Shah, Keith Feely and Rafiq.              complete with two for one drinks.
Free, t 23:00.                            Now moved to the refurbished An-
Buck Whaleys. 67 Lwr Leeson St -          drew’s Lane Theatre.
Dublin 2.                                 €5, t 23:00.
                                          ALT. 9-17 St Andrew’s Lane - Dublin
Shakedown                                 2. Tel 016795720.
A hot new 70’s rock and roll night
with original bands playing on rota-      POGO
tion every week.                          The best in house and techno from
Free, t 23:00.                            POGO residents and an always
Pacinos. 18 Suffolk St - Dublin 2. Tel    fresh line-up of international guests.
016775651.                                €10, t 23:00.
                                          The Twisted Pepper. 54 Middle Ab-
Trainwreck                                bey St - Dublin 2. Tel 018734038.
The best in local and international
     best oF DUBLIN
     AFTer WOrK                          The club-cum-restaurant is as       DOHeNY & NeSBITT’S. 5,                eLY WINe BAr. 22, Ely Place -
                                         enjoyable as ever.                  Baggot Street Lower - Dublin          Dublin 2. Tel: 016768986. Ever-
     4 DAme LANe. 4, Dame Lane                                               2. Tel: 016762945. The classic        trendy wine bar with a hearty
     - Dublin 2. Tel: 016790291.         BUSY BeAN CAFé. Talbot Street       local-for-a-listers is a lot bigger   food menu and an impressive
     Yummy cocktails and great DJs       – Dublin 1. Tel: N/A. A fun café    than it used to be, but it still      range.
     make this place a winner.           that’s bustling without being too   consistently packs out.
                                         frantic. There’s a selection of                                           FIxx COFFee HOUSe DAWSON
     ACCeNTS COFFee LOUNGe.              sandwiches and whatnot, plus        DOYLeS. 9, College Street -           STreeT. 17, Dawson Street –
     23, Lower Stephen Street - Dub-     daily specials.                     Dublin 2. Tel: 016710616.             Dublin 2. Tel: N/A. A great place
     lin 2. Tel: 014160040. A new                                            A traditional bar by day and          to enjoy award-winning coffee.
     place offering great coffee from    BUSYFeeT & COCO CAFé. 41-2,         student mecca by night. Opens
     a handy spot - it works for us!     South William Street – Dublin 2.    late at weekends.                     GIN PALACe. 42, Middle
                                         Tel: 016719514. A characterful                                            Abbey Street - Dublin 1. Tel:
     ANSeO. 18, Camden Street            little place with a particularly    DUBLIN TOUrISm. O’Connell             018748881. Obviously a place
     Lower - Dublin 2. Tel:              nice atmosphere after dark.         Street – Dublin 1. Tel:               for some gourmet gins, but
     014751321. A very old-school                                            1850230330. Searching for             you’ll find a lively bar and some
     music bar that also features a      BUTLer’S CAFé. 24, Wicklow          something to do in Dublin? Look       nice tapas here too.
     regular comedy club.                Street – Dublin 2. Tel:             no further.
                                         016710599. Hot drinks,                                                    GrAND CeNTrAL. 10/11,
     BOrDerLINe reCOrDS. 17,             and some of the best little         DUBLIN TOUrISm CeNTre.                O’Connell Street - Dublin 1. Tel:
     Temple Bar – Dublin 2. Tel:         chocolates around: it’s a win-      Suffolk Street - Dublin 2. Tel:       018728658. A Dublin landmark,
     016799097. One of the most          ning combination.                   1850230330. An excellent              this place is packed out by post-
     popular punky record stores                                             source of information for both        work drinkers most evenings.
     around, and deservedly so.          CAFFe CAGLIOSTrO. Millenium         tourists and curious Dubliners

     BOWeS BAr. 31, Fleet Street
                                         Walkway, Abbey Street – Dublin
                                         1. Tel: N/A. A decidedly authen-
                                                                             about the city.                       HAIrSTYLe. 12, South Wil-
                                                                                                                   liam Street – Dublin 2. Tel:
                                                                                                                                                       BIA BAR
     – Dublin 2. Tel: 016714038.         tic Italian café.                   D’VINe WINe BAr. Bach-                016706202. Want a chic
                                                                                                                                                       28/30 Lower Stephens Street,           open to the public for Breakfast      local artists including genres such   Deep, Nightflight & Surrenders.
     An old-school pub, with a warm                                          elors Walk - Dublin 1. Tel:           haircut? Just hop in here.
                                                                                                                                                       Dublin 2. Tel: 01 4053653.             from 7:30am, which is well worth      as jazz, funk, blues and soul not     Whether it’s a bite to eat – Break-
     welcome and a fine collection of    DANDeLION. St Stephens              018720291. A fine selection of                                            One of Dublin City Centre’s best       bearing in mind for the up-coming     forgetting the ubiquitous DJs pro-    fast, Lunch or Dinner, a quiet board
     whiskeys.                           Green West - Dublin 2. Tel:         wines to impress connoisseurs,        HILL 16. 28, Middler Gardiner       kept secrets – if you can actually     Rugby World Cup being played          viding the ultimate in contempo-      game (available behind the bar) on
                                         014760870. A popular club with      platters of fine meats, cheeses       St - Dublin 1. Tel: 018744239.      keep a secret in the hip and trendy    during the early mornings of Sep-     rary tunes. Alternate Friday nights   a rainy Sunday afternoon, catching
     BreWBAKerS CAFé. 23, South          cheap cocktails, celeb appear-      and authentic pizzas.                 A pleasant place to enjoy the       South William St / Fade St district.   tember & October in New Zealand.      in September will see either the      the sport on the big screen; or the
     Frederick Street – Dublin2. Tel:    ances and contemporary music.                                             atmosphere of a real Dublin         It’s decorated in a retro chic style   The Bia Big Screen is well used to    Early House Jazz Band continuing      late night buzz & tunes of a Friday/
     N/A. A very popular spot for                                            eLY. CHQ, IFSC, Docklands             pub, and to watch the match in      with visual references to such         the showing of the major sporting     to grow in popularity or the Latino   Saturday night – Bia Bar is well
     a sandwich – the chicken and                                                                                                                      cultural icons as Mary Quant, Ella     events but also shows classic films   dance-off that has become the         worth a visit.
                                         DArKY KeLLYS. The Harding           - Dublin 1. Tel: 016768986.           the company of fans with rare
                                                                                                                                                       Fitzgerald, John Coltrane and Ste-     on the Monday Movie Nights with       theme of DJ Leo’s award-winning       Opening Times
     bacon effort is simply delicious.   Hotel, Fishamble Street – Dublin    Another branch of the success-        passion.                            vie Wonder. It serves simple, fresh    Free Popcorn.                         Calypso sets. September’s Satur-      Monday – Wedesday: 11am until
                                         2. Tel: N/A. The official bar and   ful Ely wine bar chain.                                                   brasserie style dishes offering        At the weekend, like most bars in     day live acts include Blacam, The     11.30pm, Thursday – Saturday:
     CAFé eN SeINe. 40, Dawson           bistro of the Harding Hotel.                                                                                  great value for money every day        Dublin, Bia Bar opens late with mu-   Excuses, Myles Manley & Band Zex      11am until 2.30am, Sunday:12am
     St - Dublin 2. Tel: 016774017.                                                                                                                    from 12pm until 9pm but is also        sic provided by an eclectic mix of    Wax while guest DJs range from Lay    until 11pm

34                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               35
     best oF DUBLIN

     INSOmNIA. 9, Wexford Street          LA CUVé. Burton Hall, Mayor         O’BrIeN’S SANDWICH BAr.            once occupied by an O’Brien’s
     – Dublin 2. Tel: N/A. A branch       Square, IFSC - Dublin 1. Tel:       34, Lower Abbey Street – Dub-      sandwich bar.
     of the popular coffee chain on       016054912. A renamed and            lin 1. Tel: 018747868. Sitting
     Ireland’s premier gigging strip.     revamped wine bar in the heart      right by the Luas line, this       rHUBArB. 18, Upper Mer-
                                          of the docklands.                   branch of the sandwich chain       rion Street – Dublin 2. Tel:
     INSOmNIA. Custom House                                                   sees plenty of business.           016767870. A bright and airy
     Quay, IFSC, Docklands – Dublin       LA DOLCe VITA. 5, Music Hall,                                          coffee shop.
     1. Tel: 016720320. Another           Cow’s Lane – Dublin 2. Tel:         O’BrIeN’S SANDWICH
     great place to grab a coffee near    017079786. A wonderful little       BAr. Harbourmaster Place,          rUSH BAr. 65, South Wil-
     the Liffey.                          café and wine bar just away         IFSC – Dublin 1. Tel: N/A. A       liam Street – Dublin 2. Tel:
                                          from the bustle of Temple Bar       conveniently-located sandwich      016719542. It’s not as frantic
     INSOmNIA. Pembroke Street                                                bar for IFSCers.                   as the name suggests, but that’s
     – Dublin 2. Tel: N/A. A handy        LemON JeLLY. 11, Essex                                                 no criticism of this well-run bar.
     location makes this place a top      Street East - Dublin 2. Tel:        O’DONOGHUeS. 15, Mer-
     spot among workers in the            016776297. Delicious crepes         rion Row - Dublin 2. Tel:          SHeBeeN CHIC. 4, South Great
     nearby offices.                      and more are available at this      016607194. A legendary             George’s Street - Dublin 2.
                                          trendy café                         trad music pub that was loved      Tel: 016799667. Don’t let the
     INSOmNIA. Spar, Capel Street                                             by The Dubliners, and is still     shabby décor fool you – this
     – Dublin 1. Tel: N/A. Another        mUNCHIeS. 2, South Wil-             popular today.                     is a very happening bar and
     branch of the popular coffee         liam Street – Dublin. Tel:                                             restaurant.
     chain that’s teamed up with a        018733455. The original             OLeSYA’S WINe BAr. 18,
     convenience store.                   Munchies restaurant, this place     Exchequer Street - Dublin 2.       SOUP DrAGON. 168,
                                          has recently started serving late   Tel: 016724087. Well-stocked       Capel Street - Dublin 1. Tel:
     INSOmNIA. Spar, Dame Street          night tapas.                        wine bar with a mix of Irish and   018723277. A great place for
     – Dublin 2. Tel: N/A. Got the                                            continental fare.                  hearty and creative soups, as
     shopping? Reward yourself with       mUNCHIeS. Harbourmaster                                                well as some indulgent sweets.
     a nice cuppa.                        Place – Dublin 1. Tel: N/A. The     PeTer’S PUB. 1, Johnson Place
                                          IFSC branch of Munchies sees        – Dublin 2. Tel: 016778588.        TASTe OF emILIA. 1, Lower
     KeNNeDY’S. 31, Westland Row          plenty of action, particularly at   A surprisingly cool little city-   Liffey Street – Dublin 1. Tel:
     – Dublin 2. Tel: 016611124.          lunchtime.                          centre bar.                        0876402448. A great place for
     You’ll find this place packed out                                                                           a rustic, Italian-style aperitif.
     at lunchtimes – they do some of      mUNCHIeS. Lower Baggot              QUeeN OF TArTS. 3-4,
     the best pub-grub in town, and       Street – Dublin 2. Tel: N/A.        Cow’s Lane - Dublin 2. Tel:        THe BAGeL FACTOrY. 34,
     have a hopping late club too.        With a perfect location, this       016334681. Known inter-            Lower Liffey Street – Dublin
     LA BOULANGerIe. 6, Chatham           branch of Munchies draws            nationally for both savoury        1. Tel: 018782935. Shoppers
     Court, Chatham Street – Dublin       queues of office workers.           tarts and sweet treats. This is    surely appreciate this conven-
     2. Tel: N/A. A great place for                                           the larger of the two twinned      ient place for grabbing bagels
     sweet treats with your coffee fix.   NATIONAL COLLeGe OF Ire-            restaurants, and the original      on the go.
                                          LAND. Custom House Square,          Queen of Tarts is based on
     LA COrTe. Custom House               Lower Mayor Street - Dublin         Dame Street.                       THe BAGeL BAr. Unit 1,
     Square, IFSC – Dublin 1. Tel:        1. Tel: 014498500. A well-                                             Custom House Square, IFSC
     N/A. Whisper it – this little        regarded institution with a range   reD rOSe CAFé. 23, Dawson          - Dublin 1. Tel: 016739923.
     place does some of the nicest        of full and part-time courses.      Street – Dublin 2. Tel:            Great value bagels are served
     Italian coffee in the area. And in                                       0863704873. A cosy, welcom-        with a smile at this Docklands
     Dublin, for that matter.                                                 ing café has taken on the space    place.
     best oF DUBLIN

     THe BAGeL FACTOrY. Nassua             THe BrAzeN HeAD. 20,              packed bar with a friendly vibe      THe PAVILLION BAr. Trin-           THe TUrKS HeAD. Junction          long-standing indie music pub,        CAFé CArLO. 63, O’Connell          CIAO BeLLA rOmA. 25, Parlia-
     Street. 2, Nassau Street –            Bridge Street - Dublin 8. Tel:    all round.                           ity College - Dublin 2. Tel:       of Parliament Street and Essex    this place is increasingly featur-    Street – Dublin 1. Tel:            ment Street - Dublin 2. Tel:
     Dublin 2. Tel: 016611806. A           016779549. Apparently the                                              016081279. Trinity College’s       Gate, Temple Bar - Dublin 2.      ing innovative live acts.             018880856. You can get more        016770004. A great place for a
     conveniently-located branch of        oldest pub in Dublin, this        THe GOOD BITS. 1, Store              student bar. European football     Tel: 876764657. Criminally                                              than just Italian stuff at this    late night, sit-down pizza that’s
     the popular bagel chain.              place does great food and has     Street – Dublin 1. Tel:              and rugby is shown on LCD          underrated nightspot with lash-                                         cosy, central spot – they do       fresh and authentic.
                                           friendly staff.                   018197635. Formerly known            widescreens and drinks start       ings of atmosphere and a fun      DINNer                                some mean Irish dishes too.
     THe BAGGOT INN. 143, Lower                                              as Radio City, this live venue       at €2.40.                          crowd.                                                                                                     COrNUCOPIA. 19 Wick-
     Baggot Street - Dublin 2. Tel:        THe CLAreNDON. 32,                remains hugely popular.                                                                                   ACAPULCO. 7, South Great              CAFé IrIe. 11, Fownes Street       low Street - Dublin 2. Tel:
     016618758. A much-loved               Clarendon Street - Dublin 2.                                           THe QUAYS. 11-12, Temple Bar       THe VILLAGe. 26, Wex-             Georges Street - Dublin 2.            - Dublin 2. Tel: 016725090.        016777583. An all-vegetarian
     older pub that’s received a           Tel: 016170060. A stylish bar     THe INTerNATIONAL. 23,               – Dublin 2. Tel: 016713922.        ford Street - Dublin 2. Tel:      Tel: 016770733. Popular Tex           Indie-esque coffee shop and        restaurant with lots of tricks
     successful renovation in recent       with some nice grub during        Wicklow Street - Dublin 2.           Get over the griping about         014758555. A worthy addition      Mex establishment with quality        sandwich bar which shares a        up its sleeve. Also offers a
     years.                                lunchtime and early evening.      Tel: 016779250. Home to the          Temple Bar being a tourist trap,   to the Camden/Wicklow Street      ingredients.                          building with lots of intriguing   cookbook for sale if the recipes
                                                                             legendary International Comedy       and you’ll find this pub very      Strip, this place has booze,                                            stores.                            appeal to you.
     THe BAILeY. 2, Duke Street -          THe FOGGY DeW. 1, Fownes          Club and a very nice little bar in   nice for a night out.              music and atmosphere in           BOOJUm. Millenium Walkway,
     Dublin 2. Tel: 016773055. This        Street - Dublin 2. Tel:           its own right.                                                          abundance.                        Abbey Street – Dublin 1. Tel:         CAFé mAO. 2-3, Chatham Row         DAVY BYrNeS. 21, Duke Street
     hip place also serves a nice little   016779328. A traditional bar                                           THe STAG’S HeAD. 1,                                                  018729499. A great little             - Dublin 2. Tel: 016704899. An     - Dublin 2. Tel: 016775217.
     food menu.                            that’s retained its atmosphere    THe LIVING rOOm. Findlater           Dame Court - Dublin 2. Tel:        THe WOOLSHeD. Unit 4, Parnell     burrito bar, which even offers        excellent Asian restaurant, with   A literary pub with a great bar
                                           through modernisation. Still      Place Cathal Brugha St - Dublin      016793701. Space is at a           Centre, Parnell Street - Dublin   frozen margaritas.                    a branch in Dun Laoghaire too.     food menu.
     THe BANK. 20-22, Col-                 great for a singsong on special   1. Tel: 018727169. A firm ven-       premium here but it’s worth        1. Tel: 018724325. A popular
     lege Green - Dublin 2. Tel:           nights.                           ue for sporting events. Several      persevering – once you sit         sports bar with many drinks       BrOADWAY PIzzA PArLOr.                CArLUCCIO’S. 52, Dawson            DUNNe & CreSCeNzI. 16,
     016770677. This lovingly-                                               60-inch plasma screens around        down, this old-school pub is       promotions on quieter nights.     Unit 6, Custom House                  Street - Dublin 2. Tel:            South Frederick St - Dublin 2.
     restored bank building now            THe FrONT LOUNGe. 33,             the bar ensure a fine view.          impossible to leave.                                                 Square, IFSC - Dublin 1. Tel:         016333957. The first Irish         Tel: 016773463. Popular Italian
     houses a very popular bar and         Parliament Street - Dublin 2.                                                                             THe TemPLe BAr HOTeL.             016721812. It’s always buzzing        branch of a popular UK chain,      wine bar and restaurant, with an
     restaurant.                           Tel: 016704112. A relatively      THe mArKeT BAr. 14a,                 THe STreAT. The Campshires,        13-17, Fleet Street, Temple       at this place – taste the pizzas      this venue blends a coffee         extensive range.
                                           quiet – but nonetheless fun –     Fade Street - Dublin 2. Tel:         North Wall Quay - Dublin 1. Tel:   Bar - Dublin 2. Tel: 016773333.   or calzonés to find out why.          shop, foodhall and Italian
     THe BerNArD SHAW. 50/51,              gay bar.                          016139094. No piped music, a         016700073. A nice little café      Handy, centrally-located hotel                                          restaurant.                        FALLON & BYrNe. 2,
     South Richmond Street - Dublin                                          tapas menu, and a surreal deco-      for grabbing a quick coffee and    with some good last-minute        BUrrITOS & BLUeS. 2,                                                     Exchequer Street - Dublin 2.
     2. Tel: 0857128342. Imagine           THe GAIeTY THeATre. South         rative display of foot measures.     watching the Docklands traffic     deals.                            Wexford Street – Dublin 2. Tel:       CHATHAm BrASSerIe.                 Tel: 014721000. A mix of wine
     an old-man bar on powerful            King Street – Dublin 2. Tel:      You can’t accuse it of being         passing.                                                             014254022. Heading to a gig           Chatham Street - Dublin 2. Tel:    bar, gourmet food hall and
     hallucinogens. It’s better than       016771717. This stately old       unoriginal!                                                             TGI FrIDAYS. St Stephens          on this strip? This is a great spot   016790055. A new new-york          high-class restaurant, this place
     you think.                            theatre is host to some innova-                                        THe SWeeTeST THING. 17,            Green West - Dublin 2. Tel:       for a quick meal beforehand.          style restaurant with a twist of   is packed with little treats for
                                           tive shows and musicals.          THe OLD STAND. 37, Ex-               Bachelor’s Walk – Dublin 1. Tel:   014781233. Cheap cocktails                                              personality. Ideal for brunch.     yourself.
     THe BLeeDING HOrSe. 24,                                                 chequer Street - Dublin 2. Tel:      018720233. It’s high time there    and a consistently-lively         CACTUS JACKS. Millenium
     Camden Street Upper - Dublin          THe GINGermAN. 40,                016777220. Apparently a fa-          was a dedicated chocolate café     atmosphere make this a handy      Walkway, Middle Abbey Street -        CHez mAx. 133, Baggot Street       FxB reSTAUrANT. 2, Lower
     2. Tel: 014752705. One of the         Fenian Street - Dublin 2. Tel:    voured haunt of Michael Collins      in the heart of Dublin, we say.    hangout for the young.            Dublin 1. Tel: 018746198. Fun         - Dublin 4. Tel: 016618899.        Pembroke Street – Dublin 2.
     oldest pubs in the city, this         016766388. Inspired by the JP     in the day, you’ll see why from      These folks agree.                                                   Tex-Mex spot with an outlet in        Max’s full-scale bistro is one     Tel: 016764606. A high-quality
     place is spacious, grand and          Dunleavy novel, this place has    a visit to this traditional pub.                                        WeST COAST COFFee. West-          Galway. Great margaritas.             of the nicest spots on Baggot      steakhouse that also does a
     lively.                               a strong literary theme and a                                          THe TemPLe BAr. 2, Temple          land Row – Dublin 2. Tel: N/A.                                          Street.                            mean bit of seafood and offers
                                           warm, moody atmosphere.           THe OLYmPIA THeATre. 172,            Bar - Dublin 2. Tel: 016725286.    Just a few minutes walk from      CAFé AzTeCA. 19-22, Lord                                                 great value.
     THe BOAr’S HeAD. 149,                                                   Dame Street – Dublin 2. Tel:         A consistently packed tourist      Trinity, this place is a handy    Edward Street – Dublin 2. Tel:        CHez mAx. 1, Palace Street -
     Capel Street - Dublin 1. Tel:         THe GLOBe. 11, South Great        016793323. The popular live          pub, this offers live music and    spot for a cuppa away from the    016709476. Great burritos and         Dublin 2. Tel: 016337215. A        GOTHAm CAFé. 8, South
     014752705. A very popular             Georges Street - Dublin 2. Tel:   venue and theatre still heaves       plenty of atmosphere.              bustle.                           more are on offer from this           wonderful little French bistro,    Anne Street - Dublin 2. Tel:
     spot for lunch and a pint, this is    016711220. Also home to the       with action on gig nights.                                                                                informal restaurant.                  with an intimate atmosphere.       016795266. A menu packed
     also fun to visit after work.         popular student night Rí-Rá,                                                                              WHeLANS. 25, Wexford Street                                                                                with delicious salads, innovative
                                           the globe is a consistently-                                                                              - Dublin 2. Tel: 014780766. A                                                                              pizzas and other treats ensures
38                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  39
     best oF DUBLIN

     Gotham is packed out even on        JUST OFF FrANCIS. 78,               Le BON CrUBeeN. 81-82,              a good buffet of ingredients at      One of Dublin’s coolest Thai         THe BAD ASS CAFé. Temple
     weeknights. A great place for a     Thomas Street – Dublin 8. Tel:      Talbot Street - Dublin 1. Tel:      this innovative new spot.            restaurants, with an award win-      Bar Square, Temple Bar - Dublin
     weekend brunch.                     014738807. A friendly restau-       017040126. A stylish and                                                 ning cocktail bar to boot.           2. Tel: 016712596. There are
                                         rant serving a mix of Irish and     (thank heavens) affordable          NYONYA. 76, Dame Street –                                                 great pizzas to be tasted, along
     GOVINDAS. 83, Middle                international cuisine – prices      brasserie, and a welcome addi-      Dublin 2. Tel: 016707200. A          SALAmANCA. 1, St Andrew’s            with plenty of unpretentious fare
     Abbey Street - Dublin 1.            are great for high-quality fare.    tion to the northside.              great place for truly Malaysian      Street - Dublin 2. Tel:              at this spot in Temple Bar Square.
     Tel: 018727463. Vegetarian                                                                                  cuisine.                             016774799. A fantastic long-
     restaurant with a varied menu.      KOH. 7, Jervis Street, Mil-         LemON. 66, South William                                                 standing tapas restaurant.           THe CeDAr Tree. 11, St
     Branches are also on Merrion        lenium Walkway - Dublin 1.          Street – Dublin 2. Tel:             O’BrIeN’S SANDWICH                   Doesn’t usually take reserva-        Andrew’s Street - Dublin 2.
     Row and Aungier Street.             Tel: 018146777. This Thai           016729044. Before a host            BAr. Custom House Square,            tions.                               Tel: 016772121. An authentic
                                         restaurant and cocktail bar has     of pretenders started serving       Docklands – Dublin 1. Tel: N/A.                                           Lebanese restaurant with a rich
     GreeN NINeTeeN. 19, Camden          a constant hum of activity.         crepes, there was this place,       The sausage toastie from this        SAmSArA CAFé BAr. 35,                and intriguing décor. An early
     Street Lower - Dublin 2. Tel:                                           which is still dishing up savoury   branch of the O’Brien’s chain is     Dawson Street - Dublin 2. Tel:       bird menu also offers good value.
     014789626. Popular good value       KOKOrO SUSHI BeNTO. 19,             and sweet snacks from South         hard to beat.                        016774444. Thai food café bar,
     restaurant. All main courses        Lower Liffey Street – Dublin 1.     William Street.                                                          with a strong cocktail menu.         THe CHILLI CLUB. 1 Anne’s
     cost €10.                           Tel: 018728787. A great new                                             ODeSSA. 13, Dame Court -                                                  Lane, South Anne Street - Dublin
                                         place for reasonably-priced         mILANO. 38, Dawson Street -         Dublin 2. Tel: 016707634. A          SIAm THAI. 14-15, St An-             2. Tel: 016773721. Reportedly
     HArrY’S meDITerrA-                  sushi.                              Dublin 2. Tel: 016707744. The       mouth-watering menu and a laid       drew’s Street – Dublin 2. Tel:       Dublin’s first Thai restaurant, and
     NeAN CAFe & WINe BAr. 22,                                               first outlet of Milano’s (Pizza     back atmosphere makes this a         016773363. Fresh, healthy and        still a popular choice.
     Dawson Street - Dublin 2. Tel:      KYLemOre AT THe SPIre.              Express in the UK) to make it       perfect ‘unwinding’ restaurant.      enjoyable Thai cuisine is served
     012808337. Popular post-work        1, Upper O’Connell Street –         over to these shores.                                                    amid stylish surroundings.           THe COFFee CO. 13, Dame
     café bar with a branch in Dun       Dublin 1. Tel: 018780498.                                               PABLO PICANTe. Pembroke                                                   Street – Dublin 2. Tel:
     Laoghaire.                          This Dublin institution has         mILANO. 6, Excise Walk,             Market – Dublin 2. Tel: N/A.         SUSHI KING. Baggot Street            016797141. This place does
                                         benefited greatly from a major      Clarion Quay - Dublin 1. Tel:       Top-class burritos just off South    - Dublin 2. Tel: 016449836.          exactly what it says on the tin: a
     HAVANA. Georges Street -            sprucing-up.                        016119012. A spacious and           William Street.                      Cheap – and tasty – sushi will       great cup of the black stuff.
     Dublin 2. Tel: 014005990. An                                            airy branch of the successful                                            always appeal to tastebuds. This
     unpretentious tapas bar with a      LA mAISON. 15, Castle Market        Milanos chain.                      PACINO’S. 18, Suffolk Street         smaller Baggot place is ideal for    THe ePICUreAN FOOD HALL.
     Cuban twist.                        - Dublin 2. Tel: 01727258. A                                            - Dublin 2. Tel: 016775651. A        grab-and-go.                         Corner of Liffey Street and Mid-
                                         dedicated French restaurant         mONGOLIAN BBQ. 7,                   very lively Italian restaurant and                                        dle Abbey Street – Dublin 1. Tel:
     HeLL. 36, Wexford Street –          opened where the much-loved         Anglesea Street - Dublin 2. Tel:    club just off Grafton Street.        SUSHI KING. 13, Dawson Street        N/A. You’ll find a great selection
     Dublin 2. Tel: 1890456666. A        Maison des Gourmets once            016703802. An all-you-can eat                                            - Dublin 2. Tel: 016752000.          of food from across a range of
     recently opened gem of a pizza      stood.                              restaurant with fresh Mongolian     PASTA FreSCA. 2, Chatham             You can grab a seat at this outlet   traditions at this hall.
     place, offering both eat-in and                                         fare cooked in front of you.        Street - Dublin 2. Tel:              from the increasingly-popular
     take-away deals.                    LA meD. 22, East Essex Street                                           016792402. Good value, fresh         Sushi King.                          THe exCHeQUer. 3-5,
                                         – Dublin 2. Tel: 016707358.         mUNCHIeS. Millenium                 Italian food in the heart of                                              Exchequer Street - Dublin 2. Tel:
     IL POSTO. 10, Stephen’s Green       This promises a bit of sunshine     Walkway, Middle Abbey Street        the city.                            SWAI. Unit B, The Campshires,        016706856. Brilliantly restored
     – Dublin 2. Tel: 016794769.         and delivers with a selection of    - Dublin 1. Tel: 018733455.                                              North Wall Quay - Dublin 1.          hotel bar with a very strong
     Outstanding Italian food is on      Italian and international dishes.   The perfect spot for grabbing a     rUSTIC STONe. 17, George’s           Tel: 018561633. A modern             food menu using Irish-sourced
     offer here in a very atmospheric                                        quick and healthy sandwich on       Street – Dublin 2. Tel:              Malaysian restaurant set with        ingredients.
     underground dining room.            LAGOONA. Mayor Square, IFSC         your break.                         017079596. Dylan McGrath’s           views over the Liffey.
                                         - Dublin 1. Tel: 017918928. A                                           new place has an emphasis on                                              THe FArm. 3, Dawson Street
     JUICe CAFé. 73, George’s Street     burger and a pint from here is      mYO. Lower Mayor Street, IFSC       straightforward, healthy fare.       TASTe. 39, South William Street      - Dublin 2. Tel: 016718654.
     – Dublin 2. Tel: 014757856. A       an unexpected delight.              - Dublin 1. Tel: 016721031.                                              – Dublin 2. Tel: 016798475.          This organic-themed restaurant
     great spot for veggie grub in the                                       Create your own wraps,              SABA. 26-28, Clarendon Street        Simple, straightforward-but-tasty    also has a pleasant little cocktail
     heart of the city.                                                      sandwiches or even pizzas from      - Dublin 2. Tel: 016792000.          food served up by friendly staff.    menu.
     best oF DUBLIN

     THe GALLIC KITCHeN.                 016624757. Established long         folks behind the George’s Street     2. Tel: 016167088. A bright little     eNOTeCA DeLLe LANGHe.                    016615703. It’s nice to see an        still wonderfully mellow and the   KATe’S COTTAGe. 1, Amiens
     Main Street - Abbeyleix. Tel:       ago and still going strong, the     restaurant.                          place to enjoy a quick sandwich        Blooms Lane - Dublin 1. Tel:             independent little coffee shop        service is top-notch.              Street - Dublin 1. Tel:
     0866058208. A mouth-water-          Unicorn repays Dubliners’                                                or salad.                              018880834. A welcoming and               like this continue to thrive.                                            871315291. A traditional Irish
     ing selection of savoury pies,      continued affection with hearty                                                                                 authentic Italian wine bar.                                                    JACK NeALON’S PUB. 165,            pub with a warm atmosphere.
     sausage rolls, roulades, scones,    Italian fare.                       AFTer DINNer                         CITIBAr. 46-49, Dame Street –                                                   GrAINGerS. 51, Talbot Street          Capel Street - Dublin 1. Tel:
     breads, cakes and cookies.                                                                                   Dublin 2. Tel: 016794455. An           FITzGerALD’S PUB. 22,                    - Dublin 1. Tel: 018363249‎. A        018723247. Nealon’s traditional    KeOGHS. 9, South Anne Street
                                         THe WINDING STAIr. 40, Low-         AGAINST THe GrAIN. 11,               enjoyable bar, club, and hotel         Aston Quay – Dublin 2. Tel:              great place for a slightly-off-the-   pub is a welcome – and wel-        – Dublin 2. Tel: 016778312. A
     THe ITALIAN CONNeCTION.             er Ormond Quay - Dublin 1.          Wexford Street – Dublin 2. Tel:      located right at the heart of          016779289. A handy, welcom-              beaten-track pint.                    coming - sight in these parts.     very popular bar and lounge for
     95, Talbot Street – Dublin 1.       Tel: 018726576. The restaurant      014705100. A new bar with a          things – their ‘Irish tapas’ is also   ing place that’s just a little bit off                                                                            old-school atmosphere.
     Tel: 018787125. A lovely,           above this well-loved bookshop      host of craft beers on offer.        an interesting twist.                  Temple Bar’s beaten track.               HArrY’S ON THe GreeN. 2,              J mCNeILL’S. 140, Capel Street
     wholesome restaurant with a         has gone all upmarket in recent                                                                                                                          South King St - Dublin 2. Tel:        - Dublin 1. Tel: 018747679.        KIeLYS OF DONNYBrOOK. 22,
     cosy dining room.                   years, with considerable suc-       BIABAr. 30, Lower Stephens           COFFee SOCIeTY. 2, Lower               FITzSImONS BAr AND HOTeL.                014758504. A cocktail menu            Another popular bar on the         Donnybrook Road - Dublin 4.
                                         cess. Some great value lunch        Street - Dublin 2. Tel:              Liffey Street – Dublin 1. Tel:         21-22, Wellington Quay, Temple           with over 90 drinks, so you’ll        perpetually-rocking Capel Street   Tel: 012830209. A great place
     THe ITALIAN COrNer. 23,             deals are on offer.                 014053653. Appealing food,           014781064. A favourite coffee          Bar - Dublin 2. Tel: 016779315.          certainly be spoiled for choice.      Strip.                             in the south city for a quiet pint
     Wellington Quay – Dublin 2.                                             great drinks on tap, and live        shop for many years now                Even if you’re not looking for a                                                                                  of Guinness or a big match with
     Tel: 016719114. One of Temple       THUNDer rOAD CAFé. Fleet            music are on offer here.             among shoppers seeking a little        room, the relaxing bar is a nice         HOGANS. 35, South Great               KArmA STONe. 40, Wexford           friends.
     Bar’s favourite Italian joints.     Street, Temple Bar - Dublin 2.                                           refuge.                                place to spend an evening.               Georges Street - Dublin 2.            Street – Dublin 2. Tel: N/A.
                                         Tel: 016794057. A big restau-       BrANNIGANS. Cathedral Street                                                                                         Tel: 016775904. The former            Bracken’s Corner Stone has
     THe LONG STONe. 10,                 rant with big portions and big      - Dublin 1. Tel: 018725315. An       DAKOTA. 9, South Wil-                  GerArD’S CAFé. 4, Lower                  jazz club is beloved by the           made way for this more student-
     Townsend St - Dublin 2. Tel:        rock’n’roll playing.                old-school northside pub with a      liam Street - Dublin 2. Tel:           Leeson Street – Dublin 2. Tel:           over-thirties, and rightly so: it’s   friendly bar.
     016718102. The menu is                                                  friendly welcome.                    016727690. This trendy place
     packed with tasty dishes, but       TOSCANA. 3, Cork Hill                                                    still packs them in on Fridays –
     we reckon the owners would          Dame Street - Dublin 2. Tel:        BrUxeLLeS. 7-8, Harry Street         it’s just as nice for a lunchtime
     balk at describing it as anything   016709785. Authentic Tuscan         - Dublin 2. Tel: 016775362. A        visit if you don’t fancy a crowd.
     other than excellent pub-grub.      food served in very-pleasant        favoured indie/metal music bar,                                             pygmalion
                                         surroundings.                       this place gets packed out by        DAme TAVerN. 18, Dame Court
     THe PANTrY. 64, Talbot Street                                           18:00 most evenings.                 – Dublin 2. Tel: 016793426. A
                                                                                                                                                         Powerscourt Townhouse, South William Street –Dublin 2
     – Dublin 1. Tel: N/A. This hid-     TrOCADerO. 3, St Andrew’s                                                homely place for a relaxing pint.      Tel: 016334479
     den gem does one of the best        Street – Dublin 2. Tel:             CAPITOL. 18/19, Lower                                                       This Paddy’s day, Pygmalion will be celebrating two years on
     breakfasts in the city.             016775545. The famous res-          Stephen Street - Dublin 2. Tel:      DAme CAFé. Centra, Dame                the go and, in a city where the bar-and-club formula is difficult
                                         taurant for a special pre-theatre   014757166. A popular cocktail        Street – Dublin 2. Tel: N/A. You       to get right (places often just end up as a room full of sloppy
     THe PIG’S eAr. 4, Nas-              meal is still going strong.         bar, particularly with the younger   might think that a café based in       drunks, with a tiny dance floor hosting even sloppier dancing),
     sua Street - Dublin 2. Tel:                                             crowd – we think drinks for          a convenience store wouldn’t           this place has nailed it. So what’s the secret? It’s difficult to
     016703865. An excellent new         VeNU. 2, Anne’s Lane, South         €5 may have something to do          be a nice place to while away a        pin down, but we’d fancy that a quality-first approach coupled
                                                                             with it.                                                                    with a lack of pretension (despite the name referencing Shaw’s
     little bistro, with hearty fare     Anne Street – Dublin 2. Tel:                                             few hours. You’d be wrong.             send-up of the British class system) is the key. The warren-like
     and charming views of Trinity       016706755. This brasserie-                                                                                      interior of what used to be Ba Mizu has been stripped back,
     College.                            cum-cocktail bar is nothing if      CArr & O’CONNeLL. Bach-              DICeY’S GArDeN BAr. 21-25,             leaving a functional but fairly comfortable space – and resident
                                         not stylish, with both the food     elor’s Walk – Dublin 1. Tel: N/A.    Harcourt Street - Dublin 2. Tel:       DJs churn out a mix of house, techno, disco, indie, and what-
     THe STePS OF rOme. 1,               and cocktail menus having           Formerly known as Panama, this       014784066. There’s nothing             ever they consider worthwhile. Guest international DJs also
     Chatham Street – Dublin 2. Tel:     plenty of appeal.                   bar does just as busy a night-       dicey about this popular bar,          drop in regularly, and the recently opened ‘pyg café’ serves
     016705630. A great place for                                            time trade as its predecessor.       which boasts an impressive             breakfast from 10:00.
                                                                                                                                                         Open seven days a week, from 12:00 to 00:30 (03:00 Friday
     hot slices of pizza to go.          YAmAmOrI SUSHI. 38-39,                                                   beer garden.
                                                                                                                                                         and Saturday, 01:00 Sunday).
                                         Lower Ormond Quay - Dublin          CHOrUS CAFé. Fishamble
     THe UNICOrN. 12, Mer-               1. Tel: 018720003. Excellent        Street – Dublin 2. 7, Scarlett
     rion Row - Dublin 2. Tel:           spot for sushi from the same        Row, Fishamble Street – Dublin

42                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              43
     best oF DUBLIN

     KNIGHTSBrIDGe BAr. Bach-             O’NeILLS. 2, Suffolk Street –      SABOTAGe. 14, Excheq-               THe ABBeY THeATre. 26, lower        THe DArK HOrSe INN. 1,             events has gone from strength
     elors Walk, O’Connell Bridge         Dublin 2. Tel: 016793656. A        uer Street – Dublin 2. Tel:         Abbey Street – Dublin 1. Tel:       George’s Quay – Dublin 2. Tel:     to strength.
     – Dublin 1. Tel: 014970111. A        sprawling pub with oodles of       016704789. A clothes shop           018962335. Ireland’s National       016751862. Formerly known
     welcoming traditional-style pub.     atmosphere and a mean selec-       with some refreshingly different    Theatre is well-furnished and       as the White Horse Inn, this       THe LONG HALL. 51, South
                                          tion of gourmet beers.             looks on offer.                     has plenty going on.                old sea dog’s haunt has been       Great Georges Street - Dublin
     LOTTS BAr. 9, Lower                                                                                                                             transformed into a cool venue      2. Tel: 014751590. A popular
     Liffey Street - Dublin 1. Tel:       OLIVer ST JOHN GOGA-               SHAKeS. 15, Dame Street –           THe BACHeLOr. 31, Bach-             for jazz and other live music.     pub with impeccable traditional
     018727669. A mixed décor of a        rTY’S. Fleet Street, Temple        Dublin 2. Tel: N/A. Dublin’s        elor’s Walk – Dublin 1. Tel:                                           credentials.
     traditional and modern café bar,     Bar - Dublin 2. Tel: 016711822.    very first milkshake bar has a      018731238. A popular bar right      THe DrAGON. 64, South Great        THe mArBLe BAr. The
     and a trendy crowd.                  A traditional pub that’s very      wealth of recipes to choose         by the boardwalk.                   George’s Street - Dublin 2. Tel:   Westbury Hotel, Harry Street -
                                          popular with tourists.             from and very efficient staff.                                          014781590. A relatively new kid    Dublin 2. Tel: 016791122. Just
     mCDAIDS. 7, Harry Street -                                                                                  THe BANKerS. 16, Trin-              on the gay bar block, this pub     off Grafton Street lies one of the
     Dublin 2. Tel: 016794395. A          PeADAr KeArNeY’S. 64,              SINNOTS. South King St -            ity Street – Dublin 2. Tel:         has a packed event programme.      most relaxing and best-staffed
     haunt of no less than Brendan        Dame Street – Dublin 2. Tel:       Dublin 2. Tel: 014784698. A         016793697. A welcoming little                                          cocktail bars in the city.
     Behan in its day, this is one of     016753971. Looking on the          large projection screen shows       bar with a great weekly comedy      THe DUKe. 8-9, Duke Street
     the oldest pubs in the city and      outside like any salty boozer,     live football and rugby, Sinnots    club.                               - Dublin 2. Tel: 876764657. A      THe mINT BAr. Westin Hotel,
     one of the best.                     Peadar Kearney’s actually          really fills up during big games.                                       nice large traditional pub with    Westmoreland Street - Dublin
                                          attracts a reasonably young                                            THe BIG Tree. 33-40,                good service and a trad evening    2. Tel: 016451322. This
     merCANTILe BAr AND GrILL.            crowd for some great music         SOLAS. 31, Wexford Street           Lower Dorset St - Dublin 1.         on Sundays.                        underground bar has a cosy
     28, Dame Street – Dublin             nights.                            - Dublin 2. Tel: 014780583.         Tel: 018557662. When there’s                                           atmosphere and great drinks –
     2. Tel: 016707100. With a                                               A cocktail bar with a bit of        no entertainment or sport to        THe GArAGe BAr. East Essex         try the elderflower Collins.
     revamped food menu – plus a          POrTerHOUSe CeNTrAL.               outsider charm – and a very         occupy the crowd, this place        Street, Temple Bar – Dublin 2.
     cracking live venue – this place     45, Nassau St - Dublin 2. Tel:     nice lunch menu.                    offers some genuine craic.          Tel: N/A. 1930s style petrol       THe mOrGAN HOTeL. The
     has enjoyed a new lease of life      016774180. Their passion for                                                                               pumps, sawdust on the floor,       Morgan Hotel, 10, Fleet Street -
     in recent months.                    craft brews and international      SOUTH WILLIAm. 52, South            THe CHUrCH. Junction of Mary        and surprisingly good cocktails.   Dublin 2. Tel: 014757166. This
                                          beer is well known.                William Street - Dublin 2. Tel:     Street and Jervis Street - Dublin                                      place is very popular, and it’s
     meSSrS mAGUIre. 1-2,                                                    016725946. Trendy club with         1. Tel: 018280102. Excellent        THe GeOrGe. 89, George’s           easy to see why – the cocktails
     Burgh Quay - Dublin 2. Tel:          PYGmALION. Powerscourt             a pie-themed food menu,             pub-cum-restaurant-cum-club         Street – Dublin 2. Tel:            are frankly fantastic.
     018041205. A massive pub set         Townhouse Centre, South            extensive cocktails and varied      that ticks all the boxes.           014782983. The grand dame
     on many levels, with a good bar      William Street - Dublin 2. Tel:    club nights.                                                            of Dublin gay bars is as popular   THe ODeON. 57, Harcourt
     food menu and some excellent         014539890. This place has                                              THe CLAreNCe HOTeL. 6-8,            as ever.                           Street - Dublin 2. Tel:
     Messrs-brewed beers.                 taken over Bar Mizu’s prime        SWeeNeY’S. 2, Dame Street -         Wellington Quay - Dublin 2.                                            014782088. With more room to
                                          location, and offers a great       Dublin 2. Tel: 016350058. The       Tel: 014070800. One of the          THe GrAFTON LOUNGe.                breathe, you can appreciate the
     meTrO. 43, South Wil-                atmosphere.                        boutique hotel-cum-cocktail         city’s best hotels and home to      Unit 2, Royal Hibernian Way,       wonderfully restored décor of
     liam Street - Dublin 2. Tel:                                            bar and Jazz club has recently      both the Tea Rooms and the          Dawson Street – Dublin 2. Tel:     this place all the better – arrive
     016794515. A coffee shop             Q-BAr. 1-2, Burgh Quay -           undergone a very good revamp.       Octagon Bar.                        016796260. Opened where the        before the late-night rush.
     that feels like it’s been here for   Dublin 2. Tel: 016777835.                                                                                  popular Cocoon once stood,
     decades. Lovely expresso, even
     lovelier leather seating.
                                          One of the first places to serve
                                          good-quality cocktails at prices
                                                                             THe ArLINGTON HOTeL
                                                                             AND LeGeNDS. 16, Lord
                                                                                                                 THe CzeCH INN. Essex Gate,
                                                                                                                 Temple Bar - Dublin 2. Tel:
                                                                                                                                                     this has a rather more laid-back
                                                                                                                                                     feel than its predecessor.
                                                                                                                                                                                        THe PINT. 28, Aston Quay
                                                                                                                                                                                        - Dublin 2. Tel: 018745255.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             THE GRAFTON LOUNGE
                                          to compete with a pint, Q-Bar is   Edward Street - Dublin 2. Tel:      016711535. Czech-themed bar                                            Neighbourhood bar with a             Unit 2 Royal Hibernian Way, Dawson Street. D2 Dublin, Ireland.
     O’DONOGHUe’S. Suffolk Street         still a fun venue.                 016708777. A popular tourist        with plenty to appeal to eve-       THe GrAND SOCIAL. 35,              varied live music mix.               Phone: 016796260.
     Dublin 2. Tel: 016770605. A                                             hotel with Irish dancing seven      ryone, including an extensive       Lower Liffey Street – Dublin 1.
     very popular spot with people                                           nights a week.                      beer range.                         Tel: 018740076. Since taking       THe POrT HOUSe. 64, South
     who want that ‘local pub’ feel in                                                                                                               over Pravda, this live music bar   William Street - Dublin 2. Tel:
     Dublin 2.                                                                                                                                       – which hosts a range of other     016770298. A gorgeous little
44                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            45
     best oF DUBLIN

     tapas bar with candlelight, and     UKIYO. 7-9, Exchequer Street        hits from the 1980s and other           SIN. 17-19, Sycamore Street
     some innovative dishes.             - Dublin 2. Tel: 016334071. Ka-     decades every week.                     - Temple Bar - Dublin 2. Tel:
                                         raoke, sushi and cocktails may                                              016334232. Uber-popular
     THe PALACe BAr. 21, Fleet           be an unconventional recipe,        CrAWDADDY. Old Har-                     Temple Bar nightclub with a
     Street, Temple Bar - Dublin 2.      but it certainly works.             court Street Train Station,             mixed music policy.
     Tel: 016717388. One of the                                              Harcourt Street - Dublin 2. Tel:
     most welcoming traditional                                              014780225. An intimate live             THe BUTTON FACTOrY. Curved
     pubs to survive in Dublin city      LATe NIGHT                          venue downstairs at the POD             Street, Temple Bar - Dublin 2.
     centre.                                                                 complex.                                Tel: 016709202. The refur-
                                         BrOOKS HOTeL. 59-63,                                                        bished and revamped Temple
     THe reAL COFFee COmPANY.            Drury Street – Dublin 2. Tel:       DAY’S INN. 95-98, Talbot Street         Bar Music Centre is a great
     Talbot Street – Dublin 1. Tel:      012788093. A boutique hotel         – Dublin 1. Tel: 018749202. A           place for smaller gigs.
     N/A. Like it says on the tin –      just off Grafton Street, you say?   handily located hotel, particularly
     real coffee, making a real treat.   Yeah, we’ll take that.              for 02 concert-goers.                   THe mezz. 23, Eustace Street,
                                                                                                                     Temple Bar - Dublin 2. Tel:
     THe SeCreT BAr. 3, Fade             BUCK’S TOWNHOUSe. 67,               DTWO NIGHTCLUB. 60,                     016707655. Formerly the mez-
     Street - Dublin 2. Tel:             Lower Leeson Street - Dublin 2.     Harcourt Street – Dublin 2. Tel:        zanine bar, this Temple Bar club
     017645681. The city’s worst-        Tel: 016334200. Popular wine        014764603. A popular bar and            is winning many new converts.
     kept secret doesn’t even need       bar, now with a full bar license    nightclub for hard-pressed office
     a name badge to draw in the         and late opening.                   workers.                                THe SUGAr CLUB. 8, Lower
     punters.                                                                                                        Leeson Street - Dublin 2. Tel:
                                         CAmDeN COUrT HOTeL.                 HOWL AT THe mOON. 7-8,                  016787188. An intimate live
     THe TeA GArDeN. 7, Lower            Lower Camden Street – Dublin        Lower Mount Street - Dublin 2.          venue with comfy seating, a
     Ormond Quay – Dublin 1. Tel:        2. Tel: 014759666. Good ac-         Tel: 016345460. A spacious club         pleasant bar, and a strong event
     0862191010. A veritable oasis       commodation at a competitive        with many levels – and lots going       line-up.
     from noisy pubs and clubs in        price.                              on most evenings.
     the city centre, this place is                                                                                  THe TWISTeD PePPer. 54,
     ideal for enjoying gourmet teas     CeLTIC LODGe. 81-82,                LILLIeS BOrDeLLO. Adam                  Middle Abbey Street - Dublin
     or shisha.                          Talbot Street – Dublin 1. Tel:      Court, Grafton Street - Dublin 2.       1. Tel: 018734038. This
                                         018788810. Great facilities,        Tel: 016799204. The playground          venue gives a welcome stage
     THe WOrKmAN’S CLUB. 10,             bars and restaurants nearby,        for the super-rich is increasingly      to some cutting edge electronic
     Wellington Quay – Dublin 2.         and a spot by the Luas are all in   letting in the hoi-polloi. Just don’t   musicians and DJs. Regular club
     Tel: 016706692. One of the          this establishment’s favour.        try approaching the celebs              nights Pogo and Mud are also
     city’s newest – and best – live                                                                                 great fun
     venues.                             CITI HOTeL. Dame Street.            O’CALLAGHAN DAVeNPOrT
                                         46-49, Dame Street – Dublin 2.      HOTeL. Fenian Street – Dublin           zAYTOON. 14-15, Parlia-
     THOmAS reADS. 1, Parliament         Tel: 016794455. Sitting within      2. Tel: 016073900. A great,             ment Street - Dublin 2. Tel:
     Street - Dublin 2. Tel: N/A.        a stone’s throw of the Central      cosy hotel bar makes this place         016773595. One of the best
     Still a very popular bar among      Bank, this place is hard to top     a winner                                kebab places in Dublin, and just
     clued-in people who don’t           for location.                                                               off Temple Bar. Enough said.
     fancy the full-on Temple Bar                                            rADDISSON BLU HOTeL.
     night out.                          CLUB NASSUA. 1-2, Nas-              Golden Lane – Dublin 2. Tel:
                                         sua Street - Dublin 2. Tel:         N/A. A very impressive hotel
                                         016794388. The ‘home of             within a short walk of the city
                                         the slow set’ plays old school      centre.

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