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Dorchester Youth Extra - Nowhere to Go and Nothing to Do


									What’s changed? - mapping the impact of participation activity
Name of organisation: Dorchester Youth Extra
Contact: Sue Bickle, Tel: 01305 252 204, E-mail:

The issue raised by children and young people: Nowhere to Go and Nothing to Do
Evidence from      Evidence of listening           Evidence of planning                        Evidence of change

                   Dorchester Youth Extra (DYE) was     The District Council continues to      Dorchester Youth Extra has
Organisation       established in 2001, following an    support the youth council by           become recognised as a group that
                   Agenda 21 meeting which              providing free meeting venues, a       can contribute to the planning of
                   highlighted young people’s issues.   yearly grant of £500, a worker to      services. It has been invited to
                   The West Dorset District Council     help them facilitate meetings, and     comment and consult on several
                   community facilitator worked with    by covering admin costs, graphic       large projects within the area, for
                   an interested group of young         design and printing. The council       instance the redevelopment of a
                   people to establish an independent   funding adviser helped the young       large area of Dorchester, the new
                   youth council in the town of         people seek sources of funding for     parking strategy, and The Local
                   Dorchester, covering the             their DVD, and the community           Development Framework. It was
                   surrounding villages.                facilitator assisted them with their   asked to take part in the Audit
                                                        applications, including one to the     Commission’s Inspection of the
                   DYE carried out a survey and         Youth Opportunity Fund.                District Council. The District
                   made a DVD to provide evidence                                              Council has been very impressed
                   of young people’s views about        Dorchester Town Council also           with the young people’s knowledge
                   provision available to them.         offers free venues to the group,       and understanding and their ability
                                                        and an area partnership worker is      to understand the issues. For
                   West Dorset District Council         able to assist at meetings and on      example, at face value the parking
                   received DYE’s report and DVD        trips if necessary                     strategy seems very boring, but
                   which was circulated to local                                               they were able to highlight the
                   parishes and other statutory and     The local police inspector has         impact it would have on young
                   voluntary bodies. Internally the     provided a minibus and driver to       drivers, and on disabled residents.
                   report was sent to divisions and     assist with the youth shelter
                   services affecting young people.     consultation, and allows 2 PCSOs       Since the report and DVD we have
                                                        to attend SK8 Park meetings, half      evidence that young people are
                   Dorchester Area Partnership          term hangouts and SNAP night           being consulted much more in the
invited DYE to join the partnership   meetings. SNAP (Say No and          Community Planning Process.
and invited them to community         Phone) nights are alcohol and       Several parishes are setting up
lunches, rural parish meetings and    tobacco free events for young       young people’s groups, and
area partnership meetings.            people with information stands      ensuring that play facilities include
                                      from various agencies. They are     equipment for older children and
West Dorset Strategic                 run in partnership with the local   youth shelters.
Partnership invited DYE to make       PCT, the police, and
a presentation to a steering group    Crimestoppers, which sends a        The district council has included a
meeting. This helped inform the       representative to SNAP night        mobile skate park as part of its
community plan.                       meetings, and provides four         Play Lottery Bid.
                                      volunteers and goodies to give
Dorset Community Action (the          away on SNAP Night.                 The town council has agreed to
local CVS) invited DYE to present                                         erect a youth shelter in the town.
their DVD and report at a             Dorset Community Action gave
conference entitled ‘I’m a Young      two workers to help at half term    The local nightclub has agreed to
Person Get Me Out of Here’, at        hangouts, and its Community         run SNAP nights on a regular
which they also ran workshops to      Development Officer ensures that    basis, and CRIMESTOPPERS will
highlight the issues and possible     the parishes have all seen the      continue to offer volunteer help.
solutions.                            DVD and report.
                                                                          Half term and holiday hangouts will
Dorchester Town Council invited                                           now be a regular feature, and DYE
DYE to make a presentation to the                                         are now working with the v
recreation panel to support their                                         Volunteering Action team to run
campaign for a youth shelter in the                                       these and has applied for
town. Dorset Police have                                                  vcashpoint Funding.
supported the campaign for the
youth shelter.                                                            The local Contraceptive Clinic has
                                                                          positioned a doorbell on their back
ROUTES Advice and Information                                             entrance, allowing young people to
Service invited DYE to advise on                                          enter the clinic discreetly.
their publicity and to help design
the new chill out room to make the                                        The SK8 Park Committee has
service more accessible.                                                  come under the umbrella of DYE
                                                                          and elected a new chair, SK8
The Contraceptive Service (PCT)                                           champion and secretary. A
                    requested a meeting with DYE to                                               renewed effort is in place to get the
                    discuss their concerns about                                                  park built by Spring 2008.
                    access to the service.

                    The Extended Schools Change
                    Up Team (consisting of the school
                    nursing team, Dorset Community
                    Action, Dorchester Learning
                    Centre, the county library service,
                    county youth service and advice
                    and information services) adopted
                    the report and DVD and have been
                    working on the issues raised.
                    ‘Dorchester Youth Extra is a youth    ‘We decided to ask other young          ‘The response has been brilliant.
                    council that covers the rural town    people if they thought the same as      The Extended Schools Team and
Specific children   of Dorchester and the villages        we did. So we made a                    Dorset Youth Association are
and young           nearby. We wrote our own              questionnaire and took it around        hoping to gain funding for rural
people              constitution, and have a bank         the villages for other young people     youth hubs in three of the villages,
                    account with all the young people     to fill in. We then produced a report   offering creative activities, a place
                    as signatories. We meet at least      and an action plan from the             to meet, plus confidential advice
                    once a month or more if we are        answers we received, but felt that      and information services. We
                    working on projects. We are all       the report would have more impact       applied for YOF money and ran
                    aged between 12 and 18, and are       if people could see first hand what     three half term hangouts in the
                    all different, Skaters, Emos, Goths   the problem was. We applied for a       villages, with drumming, DJ
                    and Chavs, but we all want the        grant from Yspeak to make a DVD,        workshops, street dance and a
                    same thing, to have more to do for    and received £3,000. We filmed          digital funfair. We have applied for
                    young people in our area.             the DVD in local villages during        Local Network Fund money to
                                                          February 2006 half term.                keep these going.
                    ‘We were all fed up as if there is
                    nothing to do except for one youth    ‘When it was ready we hired the         We undertook peer mediation
                    club that not everybody can go to     Corn Exchange in Dorchester and         training provided by Dorset
                    or would like to go to.’ If you do    presented the DVD and report to         Advocacy, to help us when we are
                    want to go but live in the villages   district and parish councillors,        running events
                    and your parents can’t take you,      youth workers, Connexions
                   you just can’t get there on the bus   workers and members of the           ‘Following the report and DVD,
                   either, as the last bus leaves        public. We were able to answer       Dorchester Town Council agreed
                   Dorchester at sixish and doesn’t      their questions about what young     to put a youth shelter in the town
                   come back again till the next day!’   people in the area wanted. We        centre, and three of the parish
                                                         also made a presentation and ran     councils are planning youth
                                                         workshops at ‘I’m a Young Person     shelters in their villages.
                                                         Get Me Out of Here.’
                                                                                              ‘We are very glad we made the
                                                                                              DVD as it has benefited so many
                                                                                              different people and we can see
                                                                                              the difference it is beginning to
                                                                                              make already. Also it will
                                                                                              encourage other young people to
                                                                                              go out and get involved in what
                                                                                              they think is needed in their areas.’

                   We advertised in the local media      Young People attending SNAP/         ‘Three other villages are starting
                   for other young people to become      half term hangouts and joining the   their own youth councils. They will
Other children     involved in the filmmaking, and in    mailing list will be asked for       be able to join in with Dorchester
and young          our youth shelter consultation. We    feedback and ideas for               Youth Extra, and we have been
people and the     had a good response to this and       improvement.                         asked to help them with this.
wider community    one new person joined DYE, and
                   many others took part in the          The SK8 committee has applied for    ‘Following the success of the DVD,
                   filming, and the consultation.        YOF, and has planned several         we have joined with other youth
                                                         fundraising events, including a      forums in West Dorset to form a
                 60 young people attended the half       Dawn to Dusk sponsored SK8,          West Dorset YouthBank, so that
                 term hangout in the villages, with      carnival procession and a stall at   we can give grants to other groups
                 one joining DYE and 150 attended        the local market.                    trying to make things happen in
                 the SNAP night – we sold out of                                              their communities.’
                 tickets! 40 young people have
                 joined the renewed SK8 Park
Improved outcomes for children and young people: making a positive contribution, enjoying and achieving, being healthy

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