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					 Grade Level       K       1       2      3                                                                              HANDWRITING

Benson Handwriting
             with Integrated Language Arts
             Consistent letter formation guidelines and teacher modeling
             guide children in developing fluent, legible handwriting.
Children who struggle with handwriting often avoid writing. They may be viewed
as unable to express themselves in writing when the issue is actually a lack of
fluency and competence in the formation of letters. And as with reading, their writing
development suffers from this avoidance. The Benson Handwriting program
includes everything you need to develop fluent and legible student handwriting.

                                                     LETTER FORMATION
      About Benson Handwriting:                      Clear, Consistent Formation Descriptions
                                                     Letters and numbers are taught as a sequence
                Since 1917, Benson                   of strokes. Strokes complement and reinforce the
                    handwriting programs
                                                     directionality of reading—top-to-bottom and left-to-right.
                     have been used by
                     countless teachers              Letters Introduced Based on Formation
                       and students.                 The letters are organized and introduced based on similar strokes used in their formation,
                         Mind Resources              beginning with letters formed using vertical and horizontal lines.
                        is proud to present
                                                     Manuscript Letter Formation That Transfers to Cursive Letter Formation
                   this completely new
                  edition updated for
                                                     Many letters are continuous stroke similar to the formation of cursive letters, making the
                 today’s classroom.                  transfer to cursive seamless.
                                                     Appropriately-Sized Writing Lines with Color Guidelines
                                                     Colored guidelines help children know where to begin their letters and understand the
                                                     relative size and position of the letters.
Self-assessment prompts ask children to review and evaluate their work. Letter-specific
criteria are offered to help children analyze all aspects of their letter formation.
Handwriting instruction follows the principles of guided practice. The teacher models the
formation of the letter while verbalizing the formation directions. Children have auditory
and kinesthetic opportunities to practice letter formation before putting pencils to paper.
Their first experience involves tracing appropriately sized and positioned letters.
Grade-appropriate language arts skills are integrated to provide relevant practice.
Language arts standards for the skills covered are listed in the teacher edition.

                                   Practice Masters                                    Student Book
                                        • Lesson-specific masters                        • Clear, consistent guidelines for letter formation
                                          provide added practice                         • Integrated language arts skills for relevant practice
                                        • Reproducible letter forms
                                          offer kinesthetic reinforcement         Teacher Editions
                                                                                       • A three-step presentation—Present, Practice, and Proceed
                                                                                       • Detailed formation directions for the capital and lowercase
                                                                                         forms of the letter for the teacher to verbalize while modeling
                                                                                       • Letter-specific suggestions for children having difficulty,
                                                                                         including those for kinesthetic learners
                                                                                       • Letter-specific evaluation statements.
Desk Strips    5cm x 46cm (2” x 18”) strips
                                                                                       • Activities to reinforce and extend the grade-appropriate
Removable, self-adhesive desk strips provide letter models
                                                                                         language arts focus of the lesson.
and formation guidelines for every student. 35 strips per roll.
                                                                                                                          STUDENT    TEACHER   PRACTICE
                                                                                                                            BOOK     EDITION   MASTERS
                                                                     DESK     WALL                                        $11.95     $99.95    $74.95
                                                                    STRIPS   POSTERS        Kindergarten (manuscript) MR# 052081     052082     052083
                                                                   $36.95    $38.95
                                                  Manuscript   MR# 052483    052485         Grade 1 (manuscript)      MR# 052084     052085     052086
                                                  Cursive      MR# 052484    052486         Grade 2 (manuscript)      MR# 052087     052088     052089
                                                                                            Grade 2 (manuscript and
Wall Posters    20cm x 56cm (8” x 22”) sections
                                                                                                 beginning cursive) MR# 052090       052091    052092
Sectional wall posters feature capital and lowercase
                                                                                            Grade 3 (cursive)         MR# 052093     052094    052095
letters with formation arrows and numbers.

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          BEST R

This drawing illustrates how Right-Line® Paper and Stop–Go Right-Line® Paper allow writers to both feel and see their writing motion.

Right-Line® Paper                                                            BEST R
The Paper with Raised Lines!                                                SELL                                                        Narrow Rule

Right-Line Paper is a unique product designed to be used by
individuals who have difficulty staying in the lines of regular writing
paper. Both children and adults can benefit from this transitional                             Stop-Go
writing tool. This unique paper provides immediate feedback and
helps motivate students to improve their writing skills.
Right-Line Paper has a raised line superimposed on the printed line.
This raised line stimulates proprioceptive feedback—the writer can
feel the line. The printed line is green to distinguish it from pencil or                                                                               Stop-Go
pen marks.
The 8½” x 11” bright white paper comes in a narrow and wide rule.
The wide-rule paper has a dashed line between each raised line,
to be used as a guide for letter formation.
MR #005926 Narrow and Wide Rule (125 sheets of each)                   $ 54.95
MR #005927 Narrow Rule (250 sheets)                                      54.95
MR #005928 Wide Rule (250 sheets)                                        54.95
Right-Line Paper is a registered trademark.                                                    Wide Rule

Stop–Go Right-Line® Paper
Stop–Go Right-Line Paper (Red–Green) is the newest addition to our
popular series of raised-line writing papers. The red line is raised to                                                                     Wide Rule
allow the writer to see as well as feel the base and top lines.                                                 BEST R
MR #005929 Stop–Go Right-Line Paper (250 sheets)                       $ 54.95                                 SELL
Right-Line Paper is a registered trademark.

Practical Guide to Handwriting
Michael Milone
Like other skills, handwriting must be taught and practiced if it is to be useful for a child or adult.
In special education or rehabilitation settings, it is sometimes difficult to find time for either handwriting
instruction or practice because there are so many other areas that may need attention.
The purpose of the Practical Guide to Handwriting is to give professionals an instructional resource that
can be used with a wide variety of children or adults with disabilities and that will enable the learner to
write fluently (legibly and with ease). Guidelines in each book help the practitioner decide which pages
should be used with those who have various learning characteristics.
Each book is 8½” x 11”, softcover, 80pp, reproducible.
MR #047188 Practical Guide to Handwriting—Manuscript                   $ 23.95
MR #047189 Practical Guide to Handwriting—Cursive                        23.95

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