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					                                               St. Francis of Assisi Parish
                                          FEBRUARY 21, 2010 - First Sunday of Lent
Welcome to our parish family. If you are new to the area, we hope that you will feel at home here. Please stop by
the Parish Office and register to become a member of your new parish.
Our Mission
Our mission at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Parish is to worship together in faith, live with love, promote justice,
and serve the needs of the parish and wider community.
Sacrament of Reconciliation: Saturdays at 4:00 PM. Anytime by appointment.
Sacrament of Baptism: Parents seeking Baptism for their child need to call the Parish Office, (206) 242-4575 for
an appointment prior to attending the pre-baptism session and planning a Baptism date.
   your                       to receive First
If y our child is planning t o receiv e Fir st Eucharist with their 2 nd Grade class in the Spring of 201 0   201
and they have NOT received the Sacrament of Baptism
Please follow these steps in preparation for First Eucharist:
     ·  One parent must be Catholic
     ·  If the child is not yet 7 years old, they should receive the Sacrament of Baptism before their seventh
        bir thday. Contact Elizabeth 242-4575, ext 25 for information.
     ·  Individuals seeking baptism or those baptized in another ecclesial community who are age seven or
        older should go through the RCIC (Rite of Christian Initiation of Children) process which will begin this
        Fall. They will receive the sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist at the Easter Vigil. Contact
        Elizabeth 242-4575, ext 25 for information.
Sacrament of Marriage: The Parish Office must be contacted at least 6 months prior to setting a wedding date to
allow adequate time for pre-marriage preparations. One of the parties or parents must be a registered participating
member of the parish before setting a wedding date.
Parish Website:           

                                                        PARISH OFFICE HOURS
                              Monday through Thursday: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM Friday: 8:00 AM - 12 Noon
                                            Offices closed for Lunch: Noon - 12:30 PM
                             AX(206) 242-1957 P arish Of f ice (206) 242-4575;
                   Of f ice FAX
                                           School Of f ice (206) 243-5690

                                        Extension                     Parish Staff
Fr. Dick Ha y atsu ....................... Ext. 11
         Hay                                            Bookkeeper:                                            St. Francis of Assisi School Principal:
                                                        Mavis Branham ........................ Ext. 13         Sheila Keaton ........... (206) 243-5690
Deacon:                                                 Parish Secretary:                                      Wedding Coordinator: Margaret Eley
Lloyd Snider ............................... Ext. 27    Naomi Tuttle ............................. Ext. 10
Pastoral Associate for Administration:                                                                         CYO Athletic Director
                                                        Sr. High Youth Volunteer                               Kati Skeltis
J ohn Eisen ................................. Ext. 15
                                                        Maria Balsiger                                         Funeral Luncheon Ministry:
Pastoral Asst for Liturgy, RCIA & Baptism               Pastoral Assistant for Music:                                   reelund...(206) 433-8547
                                                                                                               Donna Freelund...
Elizabeth Hanks ....................... Ext. 25         David Kellogg ............................ Ext. 33     Pastoral Volunteer for Tribunal Advocacy:
                                                        Facilities Supervisor:                                 Judy Callahan .......... (206) 547-6947
Pastoral Asst for Faith Formation                       Dan Payne .................................. Ext. 21
Cheryl Brooten
Cheryl Broo en...............................Ext 24
         oot                                                                                                   Criminal Justice Minister for our Deanery:
                                                                                                               Mary Rutter .............. (206) 205-2157
                                                        Youth Minister
Pastoral Assistant for Outreach:                        Michael Stein-Ross
                                                                  ein-Ross                    243-5690
Frances Davis ........................... Ext. 29
        Now that you have gotten through the first few days of Lent, I am sure that you are really excited to
finish the race to Easter. (I must be watching too much of the Olympics coverage.) Anyway, I am sure that
you have really entered into the “spirit” of the Lenten season and are on your way to a wonderful
celebration of Easter. (Is that a better way to put it?) We have six weeks of looking at our hearts to see
how we are connected to the Lord Jesus. So this is not a sprint. It is more like a marathon. (I think that I
am in the wrong Olympics. This is the winter Olympics, isn’t it?) We have to learn to pace ourselves and
look for long-term results rather than immediate ones. We look to deepen our relationship with the Lord
rather than develop a short, shallow quickening of the pulse. So hopefully the things that we decided to
work on during this Lenten season will produce a deeper and long- lasting relationship with the Lord.

      Remember the Beatitudes from St. Luke from last Sunday’s gospel. Blessed are the Poor.
Blessed are the Hungry. Blessed are those who Weep. Blessed are those who are Hated. These are
reminders to us of how we need to grow in God’s grace. May you have a love-filled Lent.
                                                                          ...Fr. Dick

     Liturgy, Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults, and Infant Baptism
 Contact Elizabeth Hanks at 242-                    4575, ext. 25 or email:
                                                                            Have you considered taking a more
                                                     The Way of the         active part in the community as a
                                                     Cross is               Lector or Extraordinary Minister of
                                                     Franciscan in          Holy Communion?
                                                     origin. The follow-    Lectors proclaim the word of God to
                                                     ers of St. Francis     the assembly on weekend, weekday
                                      of Assisi asked him to teach          and Holy day liturgies. The Lector
                                      them to pray. He told them that       proclaims the first and second readings
                                      everything they needed to know        from the Sacred Scripture, the general
                                      about prayer was expressed in         intercessions and the announcements
                                      the passion and death of Christ       at the end of Mass. You will have a
                                      on the road to Calvary. From          workbook and training provided to help
    If you are interested in
                                      this developed the devotion of        you prepare for the upcoming readings.
        having your child
                                      meditation and prayer around          Extraordinary Ministers of the
        baptized, please              the Stations of the Cross. The
   contact Elizabeth in the                                                 Eucharist (Eucharistic Ministers): Lay
                                      Stations of the Cross can be a        ministers who help with the distribution
   Parish Office, extension           meditation for our lives in the       of the Eucharist at Mass. To serve as a
   25 for more information            world today. Jesus continues his      Eucharistic Minister you need to be
   and to sign up to attend           painful journey among our             Confirmed and actively participating in
     a pre-baptism class.             brothers and sisters who are          the Catholic Church’s Liturgical Life on
     The next class will be           being abandoned, aborted,             a regular basis. We are looking for
    Wednesday, April 7th.             persecuted, and suffering.            some more Eucharistic Ministers for
       April Baptisms are             (Healy)                               the 5:00 and 8:00 AM Masses.
                                      Make the Stations of the Cross        Please prayerfully consider being a
         scheduled for
                                      part of your Lenten journey           Lector or Eucharistic Minister. Call
      April 17th and 18th.
                                      every Friday evening at 7:00 PM       Elizabeth in the Parish Office, ext 25 for
                                      in the church.                        more information.
              This Week AT
                                                                 Scripture Readings for next week,
                                                                  February 28, 2nd Sunday of Lent
           FEBRUARY 22-28, 2010
                                                                       Reading I: Gn. 15: 5-12, 17-18
Monday       Mass, Church, 9:00 AM                                       Reading II: Phil. 3:17-4.1
                                                                          Gospel: Lk. 9: 28b-36
Feb. 22      Child Faith Parent Mtg, UP1, 7PM

Tuesday      Mass, Church, 9:00 AM
Feb. 23      Sandwich Mkg, Up2,K, 9:30AM          MASS INTENTIONS
             Child. Choir, Church, 3:30PM           FOR FEB. 22-26
             Girl ScoutsCD, UP2,3, 5:00PM
             Boy Scouts, UP1, 6:45PM
                                                  Monday, February 22
                                                    Vito Tenerelli .............................. Rest in Peace
                                                    Ramona Olague ........................ Rest in Peace
Wednesday Communion Service, Church, 9AM            Bianchina Morella ...................... Rest in Peace
Feb. 24   Band, UP1, 10:15AM                        Josephina Morella ..................... Rest in Peace
          Girl Scouts AK, UP2, 5:45PM               Lorraine Reynolds ................. Special Intention
          Sacramentors, Conf. Rm, 6:30PM
          Cub Scouts, P.Hall, 6:30PM              Tuesday, February 23
          Jr. High Edge, UP All, 7PM                 Norma Traverso ........................ Rest in Peace
          8AM Choir, Church, 7:30PM                  Carl Massano ............................ Rest in Peace
                                                     Joan Wardian ............................ Rest in Peace
Thursday     Mass, Church, 9:00 AM                   Raymondo Pham-M-duc ........... Rest in Peace
                                                     Lory Newsom ........................ Special Intention
Feb. 25      Band, UP1, 10:25AM
                                                     Patricia Link................... ....... .Special Intention
             Brownie TroopSM, P.Hall, 3PM
             50+Plus Friends, Conf Rm, 7PM        Wednesday, February 24
             Sr. Parish, UP1, 7PM                   Communion Service
             Ensemble Choir, Church, 7PM
                                                  Thursday, February 25
Friday       Mass, Church, 9:00AM                    Vito Tenerelli .............................. Rest in Peace
Feb 26       SFS Choir, Church, 12:15PM              Maria Hiep-do ............................ Rest in Peace
             Band, Unity 1, 12:25 PM                 Carl Massano ............................ Rest in Peace
             Lenten Soup Meal, UP2,K,                Ming ....................................... Special Intention
                                  5:30PM             Fr. Angelovic .......................... Special Intention
                                                     Gerard Farula ........................ Special Intention
             Stations of the Cross, 7PM
                                                  Friday, February 26
Saturday     Confessions, Church, 4PM                 Charles Family & Friends, Living & Deceased
Feb. 27      Mass, Church, 5PM                        Martin Pocchia .......................... Rest in Peace
             Knights of Columbus Set-up, UP-all       Howard E. Schultz .................... Rest in Peace
                                                      Harley Ray ............................. Special Intention
Sunday       Mass, Church, 8AM & 10AM                 Darlene Maher & Daughter ... Special Intention
Feb. 28      CFF-as Scheduled                         Petre & Beth Trovesi ............. Special Intention
             Dismiss Catech., UP3, 10AM
             K of C Meal, UP-All, 3PM
             Auction Prep, P.Hall, 10:30AM
             Evening Engaged, ParHall, 7PM
        STEWARDSHIP &                                                      PLEASE TAKE NOTE!
Stewardship of Time: Today, the First Sunday of                ST. VINCENT DE PAUL SOCIETY Seeks Secretary -
Lent, is the perfect opportunity to commit ourselves
                                                               We are looking for a person to be the secretary.
closer to our Lord. If you haven’t already done so,
please take a look at the Stewardship of Time Card
                                                               We usually meet the first Monday of each month
and parish Lenten activities that are listed in our            at 7PM in Unity Place. All of us are encouraged to
bulletin. There we will find a spiritual opportunity for all   participate in our discussions of spiritual
to take that step closer to God. Thanks to those who           reflections. The secretary’s duties include
turned in a Stewardship of Time card.                          recording of: the meeting discussions, monetary
                                                               donations collected and attendance sheet. The
Stewardship of Talents: The Archdiocese                        meeting mintues need to be typed up and emailed
purchased TV time for ads during Lent that encourage           to the president prior to the next meeting. We
Catholics who have been away from church to come               invite you to become members of St. Vincent de
home. Butch Leonardson and Deb Lyon are
                                                               Paul and help serve the poor. If interested, please
volunteering as part of the “Inviting Catholics Home”
                                                               contact John McAvoy at 206-243-9818.
core team. Great Thanks to Linda Stryker who shared
her reflections on the stewardship of time last
weekend. Linda challenges us to look at ways of                KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS - 6th annual dinner and
serving in our parish.                                         raffle for Vocations is Sun., Feb. 28, 3:00-6:30PM in
                                                               Unity Place. Proceeds help support Seminarians of
              Stewardship of Treasure                          the Seattle Archdiocese. If you’d like to donate a
Sunday Gifts :
                                                               raffle item, please contact Ken DeVos at 248-2543
Sunday Actual Year-to-date        $583,433
Sunday Goal Year-to-date          $569,428                     by Feb. 28th. Open to all parishioners, family and
       Over (under)               $ 14,005                     friends.
Feb. 13,14 Sunday gifts           $ 15,722
Weekly Average Feb. Goal:          $ 16,629                    ASSN. FOR CATHOLIC CHILDHOOD sponsors LABOR
                                                               OF LOVE online auction - February 27th to March 7th -
                                                                A unique online auction to raise money for abused,
                Financial News                                                      neglected,
Debt Loan Update:                                                           at-risk and foster children
Pledged:                         $1,117,096                                        Register Now
Received:                        $1,056,237                         Go to
Matching Gifts:                  $ 74,813                      To view our catalog of unique items, handmade treasures, food,
Remaining pledges due:           $ 60,859                      services, gift certificates, getaways and fun.
Loan Balance:                    $    8,700
                                                               HOSPITALITY HOUSE SPRING SWING: Join us
                    ADMINISTRATION                             for a new and different event this year. Saturday,
Sports Floor Update: The work continues as                     March 6th, our Spring Swing will be held at the
reported last week. The scheduled completion date is           Normandy Park Cove, and include dinner, guest
March 8th. This date, of course, assumes everything            speaker Richard Lemieux, author of “Breakfast at
goes like clockwork. Stay tuned. $165,349 has been             Sally’s”, and an auction of seating on 9 sailboats
spent so far in addressing the water intrusion issues          participating in a race on June 26th. We are calling
and the replacement of the floor. Annual Catholic              that portion “Boats for Beds”. Contact Parishioner
Appeal: St. Francis was one of 148 parishes that met           Linda Stryker at 206-431-9213 for more information,
its appeal goal. We have exceeded the goal of                  invitations, or ticket purchases.
104,434 by $434. Through the Catholic Appeal, the
archdiocese raised $13,018,879. Thank you to all who           Funeral Ministry Thanks the fine gentleman who
support the Annual Catholic Appeal!                            built new doorstops in Unity Place, replacing those
                     OUTREACH                                                 FAITH FORMATION
                  FRANCES DAVIS                                                Cheryl Brooten
Quotes in February will come from justice
seekers in black history.                                                    THIS IS MY BELOVED SON

Quote of the Week: Who said it? Answer next                       All four Gospels describe Jesus’ baptism by John
week: “Sometimes I be working in the fields, and I get so         in the Jordan River at the start of his public ministry.
tired that I say to the people picking cotton with us, ‘Hard as   All three synoptic Gospels report that Jesus went
we have to work for nothing, there must be some way we            immediately into the wilderness to be tempted by
can change this.”                                                 Satan. Clearly, these events were of utmost
                                                                  importance in the life of Jesus and his early
Last Week’s Answer: “Don’t ask what the world needs.
                                                                  followers. At the threshold of his new life as an
Ask what makes you come alive and go do it. Because
what the world needs is people who have come alive.”              itinerant preacher, what the Gospel writers are
Howard Thurman, minister, theologian and teacher.                 trying to portray is an authentic message of who
        That there is a fundamental unity to all life – to all    Jesus was and who Jesus thought he was.
creation and certainly within the fragmented human race –
was a guiding conviction for Thurman. He saw the alienation
                                                                  Prior to the baptism, Jesus’ self-identity had to be
that people forced upon one another as an affront to this
deep truth. One of Howard Thurman’s strengths was                 shaped by his knowledge of Hebrew Scriptures
Connectedness.                                                    and his own personal relationship with God. After
                                                                  the baptism, his identity is also determined by the
Dr. Nontombi Naomi Tutu, daughter of Nobel                        assurance of the Holy Spirit. “This is my beloved
Peace Laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu will                       Son, with whom I am well pleased.” Matt. 3:17
speak on Saturday, March 13, 2010 at Mt. Baker                    The identification as God’s son is an echo of
Community Club, 2811 Mt. Rainier Dr. South in                     Psalm 2:7 which was originally about king David
Seattle, 6:00 p,m,, Social Hour and 7:00 p.m.,                    and then any king who descended from him. Isaiah
Dinner. You can find more information and buy                     42:1 is reflected in the phrase “with whom I am well
tickets to “What Will Their Stories Be?” at                       pleased.” Isaiah introduces the servant who will or call (425) 242-0890                   bring God’s salvation to the ends of the earth
                                                                  through his willingness to suffer and die. The term
        Rice Bowl: The theme this year is                         “beloved” son possibly refers to Genesis 22:2
“Solidarity Will Save the World.” What does                       where Abraham is told by God to sacrifice his only
Solidarity mean? We are invited to Pray together                  beloved son, Isaac.
for our brothers and sisters throughout the world.
During Lent we are invited to Fast with those who                 At the moment of his baptism, Jesus was being
are hungry by serving simple meals and Give the                   assured by God the Father of his true identity. He
money saved to Rice bowl. We are invited to                       took on the Davidic kingship with the requirement
Learn about the challenges and joys of our                        of obedience to the Father. The suffering servant
brothers and sisters around the world. You are                    motif is the model of obedience. Isaac is also an
invited to incorporate Rice Bowl into your family life            obedient son when faced with the prospect of
by attending the Lenten Soup Suppers each Friday                  being killed by his father. Sovereignty, servanthood
in Unity Place at 5:30 lasting through March 26.                  and sacrifice are all built into the calling of Jesus.
The Soup Suppers are followed by Stations of the                  This awareness of God being his Father and
Cross in the church. You are invited to take home a               himself being God’s Son is probably the deepest
Rice Bowl kit from the back of the church, and                    foundation of Jesus’ selfhood. Obedience to the
practice this simple yet powerful Lenten                          Father is his deepest response.
                                                                  Christopher Wright, Knowing Jesus Through the
                                                                  Old Testament, Intervarsity Press. 1992.
                                            CYO - KATI SKELTIS

Registration for CYO Track and Field is now open! Boys and girls grades 4 – 8 who are parish
members and/or attend St. Francis School are encouraged to join this fun team! Practices begin after
CYO volleyball regular season concludes (late March) and will be held Tuesdays/Thursdays 5:30 – 6:30
at Kennedy Catholic track. Meets are scheduled the first four Saturdays in the month of May. Forms
(registration and concussion information) are posted on Completed forms and $50 fee
are due Monday, March 22nd.

Did you know that Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) athletic events are not scheduled on Sunday
mornings so we can attend mass together as families?

                            ADULT FAITH FORMATION - John Eisen
Centering Prayer Group meets this Tuesday, 7:00pm, in the Parish Hall. We will finish up a three-part video
by Fr. Thomas Keating in his description of the psychological and spiritual journey toward union with God.

Inviting Catholics Home: If you have been away from the Catholic Church for awhile and would like to
reconnect, then give John Eisen a call (206-242-4575) and see how you can get started. Also, the parish is
offering “Inviting Catholics Home” program that will be on Sundays, April 18, from 11:30-1:00pm. This program
starts April 18.

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