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									                                            St. Francis of Assisi Parish
                                                Francis           Parish
                                              MAY 2, 201 0 - 5th Sunday of Eas ter
                                              MAY    201         Sunday    East
Welcome to our parish family. If you are new to the area, we hope that you will feel at home here. Please stop by
the Parish Office and register to become a member of your new parish.
Our Mission
Our mission at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Parish is to worship together in faith, live with love, promote justice,
and serve the needs of the parish and wider community.
Sacrament of Reconciliation: Saturdays at 4:00 PM. Anytime by appointment.
Sacrament of Baptism: Parents seeking Baptism for their child need to call the Parish Office, (206) 242-4575
for an appointment prior to attending the pre-baptism session and planning a Baptism date.
   your                       to receive First
If y our child is planning t o receiv e Fir st Eucharist with their 2 nd Grade class in the Spring of 201 0      201
and they have NOT received the Sacrament of Baptism
Please follow these steps in preparation for First Eucharist:
     ·  One parent must be Catholic
     ·  If the child is not yet 7 years old, they should receive the Sacrament of Baptism before their seventh
        bir thday. Contact Elizabeth 242-4575, ext 25 for information.
     ·  Individuals seeking baptism or those baptized in another ecclesial community who are age seven or
        older should go through the RCIC (Rite of Christian Initiation of Children) process which will begin this
        Fall. They will receive the sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist at the Easter Vigil. Contact
        Elizabeth 242-4575, ext 25 for information.
Sacrament of Marriage: The Parish Office must be contacted at least 6 months prior to setting a wedding date
to allow adequate time for pre-marriage preparations. One of the parties or parents must be a registered participating
member of the parish before setting a wedding date.
Parish Website:

                                                        PARISH OFFICE HOURS
                              Monday through Thursday: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM Friday: 8:00 AM - 12 Noon
                                            Offices closed for Lunch: Noon - 12:30 PM
                             AX(206) 242-1957 P arish Of f ice (206) 242-4575;
                   Of f ice FAX
                                           School Of f ice (206) 243-5690

                                        Extension                    Parish Staff
Fr. Dick Ha y atsu ....................... Ext. 11
         Hay                                            Bookkeeper:                                            St. Francis of Assisi School Principal:
                                                        Mavis Branham ........................ Ext. 13         Sheila Keaton ........... (206) 243-5690
Deacon:                                                 Parish Secretary:                                      Wedding Coordinator: Margaret Eley
Lloyd Snider ............................... Ext. 27    Naomi Tuttle ............................. Ext. 10
Pastoral Associate for Administration:                                                                         CYO Athletic Director
                                                        Sr. High Youth Volunteer                               Kati Skeltis
J ohn Eisen ................................. Ext. 15
                                                        Maria Balsiger                                         Funeral Luncheon Ministry:
Pastoral Asst for Liturgy, RCIA & Baptism               Pastoral Assistant for Music:                                   reelund...(206) 433-8547
                                                                                                               Donna Freelund...
Elizabeth Hanks ....................... Ext. 25         David Kellogg ............................ Ext. 33     Pastoral Volunteer for Tribunal Advocacy:
                                                        Facilities Supervisor:                                 Judy Callahan .......... (206) 547-6947
Pastoral Asst for Faith Formation                       Dan Payne .................................. Ext. 21
Cheryl Brooten
Cheryl Broo en...............................Ext 24
         oot                                                                                                   Criminal Justice Minister for our Deanery:
                                                                                                               Mary Rutter .............. (206) 205-2157
                                                        Youth Minister
Pastoral Assistant for Outreach:                        Michael Stein-Ross
                                                                  ein-Ross                    243-5690
Frances Davis ........................... Ext. 29
        Here we are in the month of May. It is time for First Eucharist for our children. Our 2nd graders
have been preparing for this sacrament all year long. They made their First Confession in January. Now
they gather with family and friends to receive Jesus for the first time in the bread and wine that become
the Body and Blood of Jesus. This is a wonderful time for families to celebrate this important moment in
their child’s life. It is a great time for the parish family to pray for these children that they will always know
the Lord in the intimacy of their hearts and in the communal celebration of Eucharist at Mass.

        At times it seems that some of our Catholic people do not understand the importance of this
sacrament and what it means in their lives. We are invited to Mass each Sunday to gather with the
People of God to pray with each other and for each other. We pray that we may together know God’s
love and salvation. This understanding begins at Baptism and hopefully continues to deepen as the
children grow up with family in an atmosphere of love for a God who comes to save us. I hope that we
can all pray for the children receiving First Communion and for their families that they will always be close
to the One who calls them (and us) to be One Body in Christ.

      Liturgy, Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults, and Infant Baptism
               Contact Elizabeth Hanks at 242-4575, ext. 25 or email:

               May is the Month of Mary                      Please share your gifts at St. Francis of
      Come join us to pray the Rosary on Monday,              Assisi Parish as Liturgical Ministers.
    Tuesday, Thursday and Friday after the morning        Greeters are needed to welcome the
            Mass during the month of May?                 community as they enter the church for Mass.
                       Baptisms                           Individuals, couples or families would all be
  If you are interested in having your child baptized,    welcome additions to this ministry. Even If you
  please contact Elizabeth in the parish office, ext.     do not want to commit to specific Masses or
  25 for more information and to sign up for a pre-       weekends but feel that this is your gift, please
  baptism class. The next class will be Wednesday,        give me a call.
  May 5th at 6:30 PM in the Parish Hall.                  I am also looking for Eucharistic Ministers,
                                                          Sacristans, and Lectors.
  We will celebrate First Eucharist with our 2nd          An Usher coordinator, someone who could
  Grade classes this weekend at the 5:00 PM               attend the monthly Liturgy meetings and
  Mass and next Saturday, May 8th at the 5:00 PM          organize ushers for Christmas and Easter is
  Mass.                                                   needed.
  Congratulations!                                        A Sacraments reception coordinator is needed.
                                                          Someone to coordinate the receptions for
  We have planned an Appreciation Gala to honor           Confirmation, Easter Vigil and any other event
  all our volunteers at St. Francis of Assisi Parish      which follows the Sacraments.
  on May 15th at 7:00 PM in Unity Place. Several          Please prayerfully consider these opportunities
  people have not received their invitations. If you      to get more involved in the life of St. Francis of
  volunteer in ministry and have not received an          Assisi Parish. Contact Elizabeth for details.
  invitation, please contact the parish office by
  May 5th to RSVP.
               This Week AT
                                                                   Scripture Readings for next week,
                                                                              May 9, 2010
                MAY 3-9, 2010
                                                                        Reading I: Acts 15: 1-2, 22-29
     Rosary, Church, Mon-Thurs, 9:30AM                                  Reading II: Rv. 21: 10-14, 22-23
Monday       Mass, Church, 9:00AM                                           Gospel: Jn 14: 23-29
May 3        Altar Server Training, Church, 3PM
             Girl Scout Ldrs, UP3, 6:15PM
             RCIA Children, Conf. Rm, 7PM
             RCIA, Par. Hall, 7PM
             St. Vincent de Paul, UP1, 7PM            MASS INTENTIONS
                                                        FOR MAY 3-7
Tuesday      Mass, Church, 9:00 AM
May 4        Mom’s Connect. UP-All; 9:30AM
             Altar Server Training, Church, 3PM
             Child. Choir, Church, 3:30PM
                                                      Monday, May 3
             Center Prayer, P.Hall, 6:30PM              Felice Bronecky ................... Rest in Peace
             Girl ScoutsCD, UP3, 6:30PM                 Shirley Severino ...................... Rest in Peace
             Boy Scouts, UP1, 6:45PM                    Al DeTuerk ........................... Rest in Peace
             Adults in Gym, 7PM                         Joe Bohn ............................. Rest in Peace
Wednesday    Communion Svc, 9AM
                                                        Terkla Family .................... Special Intention
May 5        Band, UP1, 10:15AM                         Fely Chainus ..................... Special Intention
             Altar Server Training, Church, 2PM
             CYO, Gym, 3PM                            Tuesday, May 4
             Cub Scouts, P.Hall, 5:45                    Marion Rath ......................... Rest in Peace
             Sacramentors, Conf Rm, 6:30PM
                                                         Joe Bohn ................................. Rest in Peace
             Baptism Class, P.Hall, 6:30PM
             Edge, UP-All, 7PM                           Lawrence Rauscher & Maria Rest in Peace
             8AM Choir, Church, 7:30PM                   Joe Cervenka ...................... Rest in Peace
                                                         Barara Hartman ................ Special Intention
Thursday     Mass, Church, 9AM                           Ben Rangel................... ..... .Special Intention
May 6        Band, UP 1, 10:25AM
             CYO, Gym, 3PM
             50+Plus Friends, UP1,2,K 5:30PM          Wednesday, May 5
             K of C, Par. Hall, 6:30PM                  Communion Service
             Ensemble Choir, Church, 8PM
                                                      Thursday, May 6
May 7        Mass, Church, 9AM
                                                        Settimio Provenzano ............ Rest in Peace
             Sandwich Mkg, UP2,K, 9:30AM                Francesco Porco ................. Rest in Peace
             School Mass, Church, 10AM                  Gaspero&Vincenza Provenzano ... Rest in Peace
             SFS Choir, Church, 12:15PM                 Joe Cervenka ...................... Rest in Peace
             Band, UP 1, 12:25PM                        Minnie Perri ......................... Rest in Peace
             Altar Server Trianing, Church, 3PM
             CYO Athletics, Gym, 3PM
                                                        Chuck Rangel ................... Special Intention

Saturday     ACA Follow-Up Sunday                     Friday, May 7
May 8        1st Eucharist Photos, Church, 3PM           Patti Stafford ........................ Rest in Peace
             Confessions, Church, 4PM                    Mary Beattie ........................ Rest in Peace
             1st Eucharist/Mass, Church, 5PM
                                                         Joe Bohn ............................. Rest in Peace
Sunday       MOTHER’S DAY                                Joan Wardian ...................... Rest in Peace
May 9        ACA Follow-Up Sunday                        Chapo Sepulveda ................ Rest in Peace
             Mass, Church, 8AM & 10AM                    Jennifer Rohn .................... Special Intention
             Altar Server Training, Church, 11:05AM
             CYO, Gym, Noon
        STEWARDSHIP &                                                     PLEASE TAKE NOTE!
                                                               What a great store our local St. Vincent de Paul is!
Stewardship: May’s theme is Gardens of                         Someone donated a desk that had a collection of
Technology and the Mind. “Intelligent people are               coins in it; Store manager My Hong Bui located the
always ready to learn. Their ears are open for                 grateful owner and returned them!
knowledge.” Proverbs 18:15
                                                               The Knights of Columbus would like to
              Stewardship of Treasure                          thank everyone who came to our breakfast
Sunday Gifts :                                                 last Sunday. Your donations helped us
Sunday Actual Year-to-date     $756,349                        raise over $500 for Pregnancy Aid of Des
Sunday Goal Year-to-date       $740,300                        Moines, which goes towards providing
        Over (under)            $ 16,049                       clothing and other supplies to families
April 24,25 Sunday gifts        $ 19,330                       with infants and young children. The
Given by 276 adults; 3 children                                generosity of our parish is greatly
Weekly April Goal:              $ 15,477                       appreciated.
                   Financial News
                                                                               Cabrini Ministry Training
Sports Floor Loan: The parish has had to borrow                If your spiritual journey is leading you to grow deeper in faith
$170,000. Because of donations from our parish                 and to become more active in ministry, and you desire training
school and donors, we have reduced the loan balance            and guidance…Cabrini Ministry Training is just for you!
to $144,200. Palisades Pledge: The archdiocese                 CMT has been training lay ministers in the Catholic tradition
gave the parish until June 30, 2012 to fully pay its           for the last 19 yrs. CMT does this by providing training,
pledge.                                                        guidance and ministerial support to those lay people who feel
                Adult Faith Formation                          the special call to develop their skills and deepen their faith in
                                                               service to God’s people. Our training is available in English and
Centering Prayer Group will meet this Tuesday
                                                               Spanish. Plan to attend an Information Meeting on Monday,
(May 4) at 7:00pm, Parish Hall. Besides a period for           May 10 from 7 – 8:30 pm at St. James Cathedral Place or May 14
our centering prayer, we will explore St. Ignatius’s           at St. Madeleine Sophie (same time). RSVP (or for more info) to
prayer of reflection called the Examine of                     Tom Curran at 206-760-0583 or
Consciousness (Awareness of God’s presence and
activity in our daily lives).                                  HOSPITALITY HOUSE VOLUNTEER ORIENTATION:
                                                               What is Hospitality House, where is it, how can I help,
           ANNUAL CATHOLIC APPEAL                              etc? Come to our volunteer orientation for both new
                                                               volunteers, and as a tune-up for current and past
Your support is critical to the success of the Annual
                                                               volunteers. We’ll give you the latest facts and figures, and
Catholic Appeal and its many ministries and services.          talk about meal providers, overnight volunteers, fundraisers
Today I am asking each of you to commit to making a            and board positions, as well as a general pool of skills
gift to the Appeal. The reason is not just that the            available on occasional request.
church has a need, which it does, and not just                 There are two choices for this orientation:
because the causes are worthy, and they are, but               Monday, May 10th 10:30 a.m. at Saltwater Unitarian
especially because this is part of what it means to be         Universalist Church, 25701 14th Place So, Des Moines,
Catholic. This year’s total goal is $10M. Our parish           WA, 98198 in the sanctuary.
portion of this goal is $114,555. If we exceed our             Monday, May 10th 7:00 p.m. at St. Francis of Assisi, in
pledge goal, then these funds will go toward starting          Unity I. Males and females welcome. Light refreshments
                                                               will be served. Questions: Linda Stryker, 431-9213.
LIFE TEEN that is scheduled to begin next fall.

In light of the difficult economic situation, the reality is          Journey with Haiti – Earthquake Response
that some of your fellow parishioners will not be able         Signs of progress are evident in Port-au-Prince: Beauty
to financially support the appeal this year. If you ARE        supply stores and small food kiosks flourish in the
able to participate, and not giving at this level already,     tarp-covered camps, the mountains of rubble are
would you consider a gift of $1 a day or $365 or more,         eroding under the constant tap of pickax-wielding
to make up for those who cannot give in 2010? Know             crews, and the Haitian government has made headway
that every gift, no matter the amount, CAN and WILL            in crafting a long-term strategy to get people out of
                                                               camps and into homes. (cont. on page 6)
make a difference.
                   OUTREACH                                              FAITH FORMATION
                 FRANCES DAVIS                                            Cheryl Brooten
                                                                 Perhaps you have noticed that some children are
Quote of the Week: Who said it? Answer next
                                                             receiving all of the sacraments of initiation at the
week: “Jesus abhors both passivity and violence.             Easter Vigil, whilst the majority of Catholic children
He articulates a way by which evil can be opposed            are at least 16 when the process is finally completed.
without being mirrored, the oppressor resisted without       You might be wondering what determines the path.
being emulated, the enemy neutralized without being          The key is baptism: especially the age at which a
destroyed. Those who have lived by Jesus’ words              child is baptized as a Roman Catholic or, if baptized in
point us to a new way of confronting evil whose              another communion, the age in which they make a
potential for personal and social transformation are         profession of faith. The magic number is seven. If
only beginning to be grasped today.”                         the child is seven or older, then they receive all of the
                                                             sacraments of initiation through the Rite of Christian
        South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu                Initiation at the Easter Vigil. If a child is baptized or
walked by a construction site on a temporary                 makes a profession of faith before the age of seven,
sidewalk the width of one person. A white man                they follow the “normal” path through First Eucharist
appeared at the other end, recognized Tutu, and              and a later Confirmation.
said, “I don’t make way for gorillas.” At which Tutu             These two “paths” into the Church are holdovers
stepped aside, made a deep sweeping gesture,                 from a day when the entire Western world was
and said, “Ah, yes, but I do.”                               Catholic. People were “born” into the faith. Babies
                                                             were baptized shortly after birth because of the very
Last Week’s Answer: “We have what we seek. It                high rate of infant mortality. For centuries, the
is there all the time, and if we give it time, it will       children did not receive communion and Confirmation
make itself known to us.” - Thomas Merton –                  until much later, around age 14. In 1905, Pope Pius X
(January 31, 1915 – December 10, 1968) was a 20th            changed the age of reception of First Eucharist to 7,
Century American Catholic writer. A Trappist monk of         the age of reason. Confirmation, however, remained
the Abbey of Gethsemane, Kentucky, he was a poet,            a rite celebrated later.
social activist and student of comparative religion. In          Then, at Vatican II, the Church Fathers desired a
1949 he was ordained to the priesthood and given the         formal route in which adults could be initiated into the
name Father Louis. He wrote more than 70 books,              Church resulting in the Rite of Christian Initiation of
mostly on spirituality, social justice and quiet pacifism,   Adults (RCIA). Gradually, children aged seven or
as well as scores of essays and reviews, including his       older who were not baptized Roman Catholic have
best-selling autobiography, The Seven Storey                 been included in RCIA and fully initiated at the Easter
Mountain (1948), which sent scores of disillusioned          Vigil. Otherwise, a child baptized Roman Catholic
World War II veterans, students and even teenagers           prior to age seven follows the other path of First
flocking to monasteries across the U.S. This book            Eucharist at seven and Confirmation at a later date.
was featured in National Review’s list of the 100 best
non-fiction books of the century. Merton was a keen          This Saturday we welcome the following children to
proponent of interfaith understanding and has also           the Eucharistic banquet:
been the subject of several biographies.
                                                             Matthew Bies, Grace Brant, Lilian Brendlinger, Garrett
Point of View                                                Bretz, Logan Bretz, Annie Collier, Mara Davis,
        Do not acquiesce to evil but do not react to it      Glorianna DeSimone, Dario DeSimone, Darla Doell,
with violence either. Rather, we must find a third way, a    Jacob Dombrowski, Madison DuBois, Sydney Elicker,
way that is neither submission nor assault, flight nor       Araceli Felix, Brandyn Garcia, Timothy Greenan,
fight, a way that can both secure your human dignity         Jesse Hayes, Kenneth Hershberger, Hanna Hood,
and also change the power equation. Non-violence is          Trevor Mertel, Haley Moore, Oliva Ohrt, Vincent
not merely a technique for outwitting the enemy but a        Orsillo, Phuong Minh Phan, Henry Rooney, Davie
just means of opposing the enemy in a way that upholds       Anne Ross, Ashley Sablan, Madeline Sawdye,
the possibility of the enemy becoming just also. Both        Dominic Terrana, and Joshua Zielinski.
sides must win.
                                                                Congratulations to them and their families!
                                                    CYO - KATI SKELTIS
                                                     SAFE ENVIRONMENT
For the protection of our youth, volunteers and programs, it is a requirement of the Archdiocese of Seattle that ALL volunteers
(Head and Assistant Coaches) with potential for unsupervised contact with youth:
1) Complete and pass a background check PRIOR to contact with youth
2) Read, understand and sign the following polices within 3 days of contact with youth
a) Policy for Prevention of & Response to Sexual Abuse, Sexual Misconduct & Sexual Harassment
b) Code of Professional Conduct for Church Personnel
3) First year coaches are required to complete the year 1 training (Called to Protect, 3 hour course) within 90 days of contact.
They can have no contact with youth after 90 days until completed.
4) Those that have coached and taken CTP or the online refresher in the previous year (2008-09) are required to complete an
online training prior to May 31, 2010. There will be no contact allowed in following year (2010-11) until completed.
If a coach from the previous year (2008-09) did not complete the required SEP training, they are not allowed to coach until they
have done so.

                                      JOURNEY WITH HAITI - cont.
CRS/Caritas Haiti earthquake response emphasizes three overarching priorities: save lives, support sustainable
livelihoods, and strengthen civil society.
To date, Catholic Relief Services has reached: more than 700,000 with food; 45,000 outpatients treated; 480
sophisticated surgeries performed; 80,000 protected by emergency shelter kits; 42,550 people who have benefited
from latrines, showers and drinking water; 1,700 with cash-for-work jobs.
Thank you for the tremendous outpouring of prayers and support for the Haitian people. For more information on
CRS’ relief efforts in Haiti please go to

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