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									       Personal                                                        2004


P L A N N E D   P A R E N T H O O D   O F   N O R T H E R N   N E W   E N G L A N D
  A Letter from the President/CEO
         or PPNNE, 2004 was a year of expanding vision, as we focused on new
         ways to deliver accessible, personalized, and high quality health care and
         education to 76,000 women, men, and teens across our three states. It
was also a coming of age year for PPNNE’s advocacy work — and for the PPNNE
Action Fund — as we committed to gathering and launching a new generation of
volunteer leaders and voters to champion the values we hold so dear.
     We literally MADE HISTORY with our active participation in the April 25th
March for Women’s Lives, the largest march ever to assemble on the national mall
in Washington. A dynamic team at PPNNE did some of our finest organizing work
ever, delivering on our promise to send nearly 10,000 northern New Englanders to
join more than one million individuals from around the globe, two-thirds of whom
were under age 25.                                                                         PPNNE Board Chair           PPNNE President/CEO
                                                                                           Cheryl Hanson               Nancy Mosher
     The passion of that march energized and expanded our base and drew a new
generation of activists. It also helped us define our issues proactively, laying the
foundation for the task of mobilizing the pro-choice community for the 2004 election. And mobilize we did — registering voters, rallying
activists, and delivering solid pro-choice majorities in all three states we serve.
     There is no mitigating the fact that despite significant pro-choice victories regionally, the national election outcome was terrible
news for the Planned Parenthood movement and for the people who need
our services. The balance in Congress has tipped to the anti-choice side, giving
extremists more freedom to pass legislation limiting abortion and family planning
access. The Bush administration has four more years to push its abstinence-only
agenda, put more hurdles in place for family planning providers, withhold funding
for critical international family planning work, and undermine access to condoms
                                                                                                      “        Of all the forms of

                                                                                                  inequality, injustice in health

and information to prevent HIV/AIDS. And the biggest threat of all — rolling back                   care is the most shocking
the basic right to privacy upheld in Roe v. Wade — is fully imaginable, given the
likelihood of judges retiring from the U.S. Supreme Court.
     The election highlighted a deep ideological divide in this country, and since that
time there has been much discussion about finding common ground. I frankly don’t
                                                                                                         and inhumane.
                                                                                                               Martin Luther King, Jr.

expect to find it with anti-choice hardliners who are actively engaged in such activities
as keeping women from accessing birth control prescriptions in pharmacies. PPNNE will not backslide on our core values. We cannot
allow women to go back to the back alley.
     That said, the foundation of prevention is a win-win for the vast majority of us. Most Americans want their kids to have access to the
truth about their bodies and their health. They believe birth control is good for women, their families, their communities, and the earth.
They believe decisions about reproductive and sexual health are personal and should be made in the privacy of a relationship between a
woman and her medical provider. Planned Parenthood provides all of these basic reproductive and sexual health services and does more
to prevent abortions than any other organization I can think of worldwide.
     Whenever I need a surge of energy, I remember the faces of the young women and men at the March for Women’s Lives. I want
to thank them for the vitality and fresh perspective they have brought to our movement. And, as always, I want to extend my deepest
gratitude to the hundreds of women and men who work and volunteer for PPNNE and believe that the rights and health of individuals
still matter. They, along with our many donors and activists, have helped ensure that personal care and personal choices are available
to all in these challenging times.

Nancy Mosher
         exuality is one of the most basic aspects of life,         At Planned Parenthood
         yet for many it’s one of the hardest topics to talk   affiliates across the nation, there is
         about comfortably. Because PPNNE’s Education          recognition of the huge — and growing —
and Training staff are specialists in discussing healthy       schism between the sexual images and messages in popular
sexuality, they’re trusted throughout our region to provide    culture and the lack of basic health information for our
outreach education, professional training, curriculum          young people. The vast majority of parents agree that the
and staff development, and more. During 2004, we               federal government’s push towards abstinence-only
reached 17,194 parents, young people, and youth-serving        education (and nearly $1 billion in federal subsidies) is at
professionals with comprehensive, medically accurate, and      best inadequate and, at worst, dangerous. But they’re
up-to-date programs and professional trainings — the           uncertain how and where to begin to address their concerns,
most participants ever served in a single year.                and, in general, they’re afraid — afraid they don’t know
     Thirty professionals attended our three-day SAR           enough, afraid they don’t know how to start the right
(Sexual Attitude Reassessment) and Summer Sexuality            conversations, and afraid of the impact our highly sexual
Institute for an in-depth look at sexual health and the        culture is having on their kids.
complexity and diversity of human sexual expression.                That’s why we sought — and were chosen for —
     We again sponsored our successful, state-specific          inclusion of Portland (ME) as one of four national test
Teen Advisory Councils and added a new council in              markets for a groundbreaking, social-change effort sponsored
Portsmouth (NH). These young people are an invaluable          by the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Real
resource for program planning and development, lending         Life. Real Talk.® In November, the renowned, Washington-
unique insight into the attitudes and needs of adolescents.    based Academy for Educational Development traveled to
Teen Advisory Council members joined other adolescents,        Portland to host focus groups with teens and adults, conduct
                                including PPNNE peer           in-depth interviews with community influentials, and
                                educators, to create a panel   complete more than 600 phone surveys with Portland area
                                and participate in small-      parents. Still in its preliminary stages, this multi-year Real
                                group discussions at our       Life. Real Talk.® initiative underscores PPNNE’s
                                annual education               commitment to addressing the barriers to sexual health for
                                conference, The Summit:        northern New England’s teens. We believe that an increase in
                                Adults and Teens               open, honest, and balanced talk about sex and health will
                                Talking. Young people          begin to change the environment in which conversations
                                and adults shared talk on      happen, social norms are developed, and policy is created.
                                teen reality, what teens            Encouraging people to talk about an issue — particularly
                                want and need from adults,     a sensitive or stigmatized issue — is a crucial step in social
and how adults and teens can effectively communicate           change. If we work together, we can create communities
about sexuality and healthy relationships. Ivan Juzang,        where adults support kids in developing healthy, affirming,
president and founder of Motivational Educational              and respectful relationships and where teens have the tools
Entertainment, was our keynote speaker.                        and the skills necessary to navigate their ever-changing world.

Our Education & Training Department tried some new things this year, including:
I   free parent workshops the night before professional        I   teen jewelry making groups in Portland (ME), and
    training programs, including a successful event                Manchester and Claremont (NH), where teens could
    discussing new research about the teenage brain,               chat about relationships and sexual health in a relaxed,
    facilitated by David Walsh, Ph.D., president and founder       open, and creative environment.
    of the National Institute on Media and the Family.
                                                               I   the addition of an educator serving Brattleboro (VT)
I   parent house parties in Claremont (NH), providing              and surrounding communities and expansion of our
    informal settings for parents to share their concerns,         ManPhone marketing and services to cover all of
    ideas, and questions about teen sexual health.                 Vermont (check out
I   a focus on internet-savvy strategies for promoting
    healthy sexuality (the internet is the number one source       To view our professional training calendar,
    of sexual health information for teens).                       log onto
                                                                   During 2004 . . .
  Medical Services                                                 I    we grew our capacity for more advanced problem
                                                                        management and were able to raise funds to provide

          uring 2004, PPNNE moved forward proactively at a              care not supported by federal Title X monies. PPNNE’s
          time of heightened nationwide assaults both on our            Cancer Screening Access Fund subsidized nearly
          organization directly and on the rights and services          $25,000 in care for 109 women who could not afford
we provide and represent. We proudly served 58,718                      the full cost of colposcopy or LEEP procedures
women, men, and teens with 94,923 visits to our 26 health
                                                                        following an abnormal Pap test.
centers — the most patients served in our 39-year
history.                                                           I    we committed to giving all of our patients the
     We were a gateway to the health care system for many               resources necessary to prevent unintended
people who might not have had access to quality care and                pregnancy, including the opportunity to responsibly
information, with 18,522 women, men, and teens visiting                 choose emergency contraception (EC). Since 1998,
PPNNE for the first time. The addition of both newly                     PPNNE has provided just under 50,000 cycles of EC.
trained and seasoned clinicians to our medical staff brought
                                                                   I    PPNNE focused on education about medication
dynamic energy and innovation to our health care services
                                                                        abortion, which holds so much promise for expanded
and helped us set new benchmarks for care.
     Last year brought one of our most profound process                 access to early abortion care in our rural states. More
                            improvements to date — the                  than one-quarter of women seeking abortion care at
                            opening of a centralized call               PPNNE choose the medication option over a surgical
                            center operating out of our                 procedure.
                            Barre (VT) health center. Patients     I    PPNNE’s President/CEO and Medical Director served
                            seeking abortion information and
                                                                        on the National Medical Committee of the Planned
                            scheduling get the time, education,
                                                                        Parenthood Federation of America, influencing
                            and uninterrupted attention they
                                                                        the delivery of reproductive health care across the
                            need and deserve from sensitive,
                                                                        country. Our medical leadership remained on the
                            highly trained specialists. In turn,
                            site staff and phone lines are              vanguard of evidence-based medicine, with protocols
                            free for additional patient calls.          and policies reflecting the newest research and
                            PPNNE’s Laura Fund (abortion                technologies.
                            loan fund) is now managed
directly by our call center staff and, soon, they’ll contribute
even further to personal care and convenient access with
appointment scheduling for sites open part-time.
     Following the lead of affiliate successes around the
country, PPNNE opened our first EXPRESS health center
                                                                   Personal Care. Essential Services.
                                                                   In 2004, PPNNE patients received:
in July in our Williston (VT) facility. This location, in a
community that has seen tremendous commercial and                  461,000      free condoms
residential growth in recent years, is well suited to busy         162,233      cycles of birth control pills
women seeking health care close to their home or office.             48,270      tests for sexually transmitted infections, including
Location, hours (including evenings and weekends), and                          HIV
walk-in/same-day services make getting reproductive health             25,347   Pap/cervical cancer screening tests (10% requiring
care as easy and convenient as possible.                                        further diagnostic procedures)
     Both our call center and our EXPRESS site represent               13,281   Depo Provera® injections
PPNNE’s continued commitment to exceptional                            16,012   cycles of Plan B® (emergency contraception)
personalized care. In 2004 we developed a series                       12,404   pregnancy tests with options education and referral
of patient-centered initiatives to delight current patients            15,955   cycles of the Ortho-Evra® patch
and recruit new ones, including: hassle free access                    10,051   colposcopies (following abnormal Pap tests)
(convenient hours as well as streamlined scheduling and
                                                                        8,440   cycles of the Nuva Ring®
paperwork); FAIR Care (representing our longstanding
                                                                        3,225   surgical and medication abortions (medication abortions
commitment to providing reproductive health care to all,                        represented 28% of total abortion services)
regardless of income); and our Easy Scripts Plan (more
                                                                          420   IUD insertions
options and convenience for our patients choosing to have
                                                                          341   prenatal visits (Claremont, NH only)
their contraceptive supplies mailed directly to their homes).
                                                                          114   LEEP procedures (following abnormal Pap tests)
    Action Fund                                                      In Washington . . .
                                                                     I   The Unborn Victims of Violence bill passed both the
                                                                         House and Senate and was signed by President Bush.

        PNNE’s Action Fund — an independent, non-                        Applied only to crimes committed on federal property
        partisan, not-for-profit organization — was
                                                                         and favored by those long opposed to spending
        established to ensure supporters across our region
                                                                         for domestic violence prevention, the intent is clear
know exactly where their elected officials stand on issues
                                                                         — elevating the legal status of a fetus (at any stage of
related to sexual health and reproductive rights.
                                                                         development) to that of a pregnant woman.

During 2004, we:                                                     I   Despite overwhelming support in committee, for the first
I   created a membership program and raised more funds                   time ever the Food and Drug Administration decided
    for electoral work than ever before ($26,000).                       to pursue “further study” in the question of whether to
                                                                         make emergency contraception (EC) available without
I   collaborated with the Planned Parenthood Federation
                                                                         a prescription. More extensive awareness and use of EC
    of America on a Roe anniversary Presidential
                                                                         hold promise to cut abortion rates in half.
    Candidate’s Breakfast in New Hampshire and
    conducted a large-scale, non-electoral voter                     I   In a bold attempt to intimidate doctors, hospitals,
    mobilization and education campaign in conjunction                   and women, federal marshals were dispatched to five
    with our 501(c)(3) sister organization, PPNNE.                       hospitals and six Planned Parenthood sites around the
                                                                         country in February, demanding the confidential medical
I   organized activists for door-to-door campaigning on
                                                                         records of abortion patients. Medical privacy seemed
    behalf of Planned Parenthood Federation of America-
                                                                         irrelevant in this Justice Department “fishing expedition,”
    endorsed candidate John Kerry, and endorsed
                                                                         claimed to be a necessity in the defense of an abortion
    candidates in local and state elections in Maine, New
                                                                         ban enacted by Congress and quickly enjoined by the
    Hampshire, and Vermont.
                                                                         courts. Planned Parenthood refused to comply with this
I   used paid media in addition to extensive get-out-the-vote            tactic of forcing women and doctors to prove why they
    efforts to highlight our New Hampshire gubernatorial                 needed and provided abortions — and then holding up
    endorsement (our candidate, John Lynch, defeated the                 the circumstances for public judgment.
    one-term, anti-choice Governor Benson). Join our

              “      We refuse to allow our patients to become the political pawn for this

                            administration’s policies on reproductive health.
                                 Jatrice Martel Gaiter, President/CEO, PP of Metropolitan Washington”
                                              Getting Organized…
                                              P     PNNE’s Activist Network has grown not just in numbers but also in enthusiasm
                                                    and participation. Following extensive organizing work for the March for Women’s
                                              Lives and the November election, we had 24,000 northern New Englanders in our
                                              Activist Network by year’s end. We worked to link the personal with political, inviting
                                              our patients to become activists, registering voters across the region, and including voter
                                              registration information in all patient mail from August to November.
                                                    We’re committed to giving activists — particularly young activists — the information,
                                              skills, and confidence to play a greater role in public policy and civic engagement in
                                              our three states. With activist training, community events, electronic Action Alerts, and
                                              lobbying assistance, we’ll continue to organize the people of our three states to raise
                                              their voices in support of reproductive freedom and a more balanced and open dialogue
                                              about sexual health.
Last year, PPNNE . . .
I   upgraded our Facts of Life                                    I   hosted Robie Harris, critically acclaimed for her books
    Line with funding from                                            supporting parents and caring adults in their efforts to
    the Maine Health Access                                           talk with young people about sexuality, at an October
    Foundation and the                                                luncheon in Concord (NH).
    Vermont Department of
                                                                  I   co-sponsored a September Candidates Forum in
    Health. This toll-free phone
                                                                      Burlington (VT), hosting candidates for Governor and
    line with pre-recorded
                                                                      Lieutenant Governor in a question and answer session.
    sexual health information
    now includes all messages                                     I   integrated our off-site Teen Options program in
    in both English and                                               Manchester (NH) into our growing Pennacook Street
    Spanish and introductions                                         health center.
    and select messages                                           I   collaborated with 45 local agencies in sponsoring
    in Arabic, Vietnamese,                                            an autumn "Parent Expo" in Burlington (VT) with
    French, Bosnian, and Somali. Our commitment to                    exhibitors providing resources for parents of all ages.
    the region’s growing minority population was further
                                                                  I   senior managers traveled throughout the affiliate
    strengthened by development of a comprehensive
                                                                      to engage staff at all levels in Great Place to Work
    manual for serving patients with limited English
                                                                      Conversations. A commitment to better understanding
                                                                      the challenges and rewards our staff experiences in
I   renovated and upgraded our health centers in Burlington           the workplace led to open dialogue, exploration of
    (VT) and Portland (ME) and relocated our external                 ways to acknowledge and celebrate their extraordinary
    affairs staff in Maine to a larger facility in Scarborough        commitment, and opportunities to brainstorm solutions
    with a training lab and video conferencing capabilities.          to problems.
I   distributed nearly 90,000 copies of PPNNE’s newsletter,
    Newsource, and sent nearly 8,000 people electronic
    copies of our monthly online newsletter, E-CLIPS.
I   participated in National HIV Testing Day on June 28,
    alerting the Vermont communities of Hyde Park, Barre,
    and Rutland, as well as Claremont (NH) to the continuing
                                                                      Bad news!
    threat of HIV infection and the availability of testing and
    counseling services at PPNNE.
                                                                      A     ccording to the United Nations Population Fund
                                                                            (UNFPA), the loss of $34 million in family planning
                                                                      dollars appropriated by Congress through UNFPA has resulted
                                                                      in two million more unwanted pregnancies, 800,000 induced
                                                                      abortions, 4,700 maternal deaths, and 77,000 deaths of infants
                                                                      and children across the globe. President Bush has withheld an
                                                                      additional $34 million for 2005. When the December tsunami

In the news!                                                          hit, UNFPA was one of the first organizations on the ground
                                                                      addressing the unique needs of women in the region by

P    PNNE received the Maureen Kelly Gumption Award                   providing them with basic supplies such as sanitary napkins,
     from the New Hampshire Reproductive Health Association,          clean blood, outer clothing, and support services.
for our perseverance in opening the Manchester health center,
fighting parental notification legislation, and hosting the
Presidential Primary Forum.
     Our Action Fund was one of two national recipients
                                                                      Good news!
of the first-ever Award for Outstanding Action Fund
Work, honoring our efforts around the presidential primary            I  n 2004, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
                                                                         reported that the U.S. birthrate among young teens dropped
                                                                      to the lowest level in nearly 60 years. In addition, overall teen
and caucuses in New Hampshire. And, our PPNNE ManPhone
campaign won the 2003 Communicator Crystal Award of                   birthrates reached a record low since data collection began in the
Excellence for the TV spot “Dumb Things!” in the Broadcast/           1940s. Northern New England has the lowest teen pregnancy and
Cable Commercial category.                                            birthrates of any region in the nation.
& Patient
Visits                   Patients    Visits
Biddeford                   1,545    2,686
Brunswick                   1,767    2,911
Portland                    7,422   10,991
Sanford                     1,824    3,336
                Totals    12,558    19,924
New Hampshire
Claremont                   1,799    3,281
Derry                       3,241    5,237
Exeter                      1,612    2,461
Keene                       3,270    5,605
Manchester                  4,654    7,274
Portsmouth                  1,461    2,130
West Lebanon                3,623    5,574
                Totals    19,660    31,562
Barre                       2,574    3,992
Bennington                   686     1,128
Brattleboro                 2,309    4,235
Burlington                  6,306    9,519
Hyde Park                   1,005    1,774
Middlebury                   878     1,404
Newport                      900     1,750
Randolph                     331       527
Rutland                     2,801    4,610
Springfield                   787     1,366
St. Albans                  1,503    2,623
St. Johnsbury               1,153    1,931
Waterbury                    764     1,173
VT Women’s Choice           3,937    6,736
Williston EXPRESS            566       669
                Totals    26,500    43,437
        PPNNE Totals      58,718    94,923

              Our mission
 to provide, promote, and protect
   access to reproductive health
    care and sexuality education
    so that all people can make
   voluntary choices about their
  reproductive and sexual health..
The following volunteers served
on the PPNNE Board of Trustees
in 2004:
Cheryl Hanson (VT)
Vice Chair
Wendy Frosh (NH)*
Second Vice Chair
Judith Sutphen (VT)*

Rabbi Alan D. Fuchs (NH)
Jane Honeck (ME)*

Ashish Chaudhari, M.D. (NH)
Geoffrey E. Clark, M.D. (NH)*
Rev. Jerry Goddard (NH)*
Cheryl Hanna (VT)*
Howard Harrison (ME)*
Alice Z. Lawrence (VT)
Creston Lea (VT)
Sheila H. Littlefield, D.C. (ME)*
Elsa M. Luker (NH)
Rhonda Morin (VT)
Rev. Johanna Nichols (VT)
Emma Ottolenghi, M.D. (VT)
Tish F. Payson (ME)
Everett Page (NH)
Joan Reische (NH)
Jill Rosenthal (ME)*
Jane Sakovitz-Dale (VT)
Eliza Shulman, D.O. (NH)
Christine Streeter (ME)
Marcia M. Tingley (NH)*
Laurie Williamson (ME)
* denotes concurrent membership on the PPNNE
Action Fund Board

Administrative Staff
President/CEO: Nancy Mosher
Medical Director: Cheryl Gibson, M.D.
Senior Vice President,
Operations: Jean Cotner
Senior Vice President,
External Affairs & Organizational
Development: Ann Fielder
Vice President,
Development: Nancy Chiquoine
Vice President,
Education & Training: Catriona McHardy
Vice President,
Medical Services: Rachel Atkins

Editor: Skeek Frazee, PPNNE
Design: Christensen Design
Printing: Transcontinental O’Keefe
Photography: Nina Fuller Photography
             Warren Roos Photography
     Personal Contributions. Public Commitment.
 B     y standing with PPNNE, our generous donors have stood up for freedom and basic human rights. In 2004, 5,777 individuals,
       foundations, and corporations contributed $1,667,513 to support PPNNE’s ongoing work. They’ve energized us all
 with their words and gifts, and they’ve ensured health care access to thousands across northern New England.

 I   An April event at the ECHO Leahy Center in Burlington                 I   PPNNE’s Cancer Screening Access Fund provided
     (VT), featuring Senator Jim Jeffords, Congressman Bernie                  $24,700 to help 109 women pay for life-saving care
     Sanders, Mayor Peter Clavelle, and staff from Senator                     following an abnormal Pap test.
     Leahy's office, attracted 350 and raised more than
                                                                           I   Online giving took a great leap forward in 2004 with
     $22,000 to put activists on 17 buses to Washington, D.C.
                                                                               a 31 percent increase in gifts via, and an 85
 I   Alex Sanger, Margaret Sanger's grandson, joined us in                     percent increase in dollars contributed electronically.
     March for a reading and discussion of his new book at the                 Online gifts from 252 donors to PPNNE and the PPNNE
     Northshire Bookstore in Manchester (VT), raising $6,000.                  Action Fund totaled $27,660.
     Supporters John and Janet Irving hosted a follow-up,
                                                                           I   Fourteen new people joined our Future of Choice Society
     special-invitation dinner.
                                                                               in 2004 by including PPNNE in their estate plans. This
 I   The Laura Fund provided over $64,000 for 296 women                        special circle represents 139 members who have either
     needing financial help to act on their decision to terminate               left bequests at their death or let us know of their legacy
     a pregnancy. To meet this need, more than 140 donors                      intentions. PPNNE’s endowment now stands at $4.4
     contributed $67,000 — the most raised and the most                        million.
     given away in a single year.

 I   PPNNE’s endowment for The Laura Fund grew to
                                                                               During 2004, PPNNE provided more subsidized
     $127,400 (toward a goal of $600,000) to create an annual
                                                                               care than at any other time in our history —
     revenue stream that will help provide financial assistance
                                                                               $7,659,504. This was a 10 percent increase over 2003
     in our three states now and in the future.
                                                                               and a 47 percent increase over the past five years. In
 I   A $25,000 challenge grant to inspire online gifts and                     Maine, subsidized care grew by 20 percent in just one
     contributions to our year-end phon-a-thon was so                          year. More than half of PPNNE’s patients had incomes at
     successful that the donor spontaneously increased the                     or below 150 percent of federal poverty levels.
     grant to $35,000, matching all contributions.

     Money In:                                                                 Money Out:
     $16,822,913                                                               $16,889,829

                                                                                    Marketing &
          Other            Other Grants                                             Communications 4%
          Income 2%        & Contracts 1%                                                                  Public
                                                                                                           Policy 4%
                                                                                Education &
Contributions 11%                                                               Training 5%

                                                                          Fundraising 3%

                                                                                  Administration 16%
      Federal, State &
                                                    Net Patient &
      Local Grants 20%                                                                                                      Direct Patient
                                                                                                                            Services 68%
                                                    Fees 66%

                                This year’s budget shortfall is attributable to costs associated with the
                         March on Washington and an unexpected rise in uninsured and underinsured patients.
    Public Affairs
D      uring the past year, PPNNE’s Public Affairs and Grassroots staff worked across our three
       states to protect reproductive rights and sexual health education for all. It was an exciting,
demanding, and exhausting year, and, despite disappointment in the presidential election results,
we celebrate enormous legislative and political successes within our service area. Our efforts
might not have led us to the White House, but that does not discount the amazing contributions
of donors, activists, volunteers, and a committed and determined PPNNE staff. And it underscores
the importance of building upon our unique role in helping young people connect their personal
health dilemmas with state and national legislative agendas. The personal IS political.
     Throughout 2004, anti-choice hardliners exposed their true agenda with vocal opposition to emergency contraception and oral
contraceptive pills. That’s why PPNNE has recommitted to revealing the folly of targeting a woman’s access to safe abortion care while
also working tirelessly to decrease availability of the health care services and information proven to reduce unintended pregnancies. They
cannot — and will not — claim an exclusive franchise on reason and morality.

                                                                            New Hampshire
During the 2004 election season, PPNNE:
                                                                            I   The House and Senate passed important EC Pharmacy
I   held 36 voter mobilizing training events across our three
                                                                                Access legislation that was subsequently vetoed by then-
    states, registered more than a thousand new voters,
                                                                                Governor Benson. The senate was just one vote shy of a
    hosted presidential and gubernatorial candidates for
                                                                                veto override.
    debates and breakfasts, and canvassed door-to-door on
                                                                            I   The House rejected a bill that would have required the
    election day.
                                                                                state to collect statistics on abortion and mandate that
I   collaborated with America Coming Together and America
                                                                                only licensed physicians perform abortions.
    Votes on “get out the vote” work in New Hampshire and
                                                                            I   Supported by the New Hampshire Nurse Practitioner
                                                                                Association, the state Board of Nursing voted unanimously
I   staff and activists in New Hampshire were joined by over
                                                                                to support PPNNE’s use of advance practice clinicians to
    80 Planned Parenthood volunteers from Massachusetts
                                                                                provide abortion care.
    and several staff from the Planned Parenthood Federation
                                                                            I   The legislature refused to place government between a
    of America in a series of voter mobilizing efforts that
                                                                                woman seeking an abortion and her health care provider,
    ultimately succeeded, securing a pro-choice governor
                                                                                rejecting a procedure ban, reporting requirements, 24-
    and New Hampshire’s electoral votes for a pro-choice
                                                                                hour delays, and biased counseling.
    presidential candidate.
                                                                            I   PPNNE and our allies prevailed in a federal court case
                                                                                (brought by the Governor) challenging our state court
In our state legislatures…
                                                                                win preventing implementation of parental notification
                                                                                legislation for minors seeking abortion.
I   Governor Baldacci signed Emergency Contraception
    Collaborative Practice legislation, making Maine the sixth
    state in the nation (first on the East coast) to ensure
                                                                            I   A plethora of bills restricting access to sexuality education
    pharmacy access to Emergency Contraception (EC)
                                                                                and creating barriers to safe abortion care were again
    without a prescription.
                                                                                introduced, with none receiving floor debate.
I   Dirigo Health was created in landmark legislation to
                                                                            I   A proposal to permit a pharmacist to dispense emergency
    control health care costs while also expanding access.
                                                                                contraception in accordance with a collaborative
    PPNNE joined in support of this state partnership with
                                                                                practice protocol (between participating pharmacists
    private insurance companies to provide comprehensive,
                                                                                and prescribers) was referred to committee, received no
    affordable health insurance to employees of Maine’s small
                                                                                action, and was promised to be reintroduced in the next
                                                                                legislative session.
                                                                            I   PPNNE successfully secured level funding for family
                                                                                planning services in ’05 within a tight state budget
                                                                                delivering many cuts to human services.
 P L A N N E D   P A R E N T H O O D   O F   N O R T H E R N   N E W   E N G L A N D

Personal                                                                2004


                        A Fond Farewell

                           In memory of
                 Polly Bullard Holden
                    trustee, honorary board member,
                           Volunteer of the Year,
                    visionary, mentor, and dear friend
                               1906 – 2004

             …with gratitude for her determined, electric, and
             articulate passion for Planned Parenthood. Polly
              dared to envision a world where women could
                determine their reproductive destinies and
            fulfill their dreams. She understood deeply that our
            movement is not only good for individuals, but also
              for our community and for our planet as well.

             We celebrate her spirit, we salute her conviction,
                  and we give thanks for her unique and
              lifelong contributions to the mission of PPNNE.

                          THE MISSION
 of Planned Parenthood of Northern New England
is to provide, promote, and protect access to reproductive health

care and sexuality education so that all people can make voluntary

       choices about their reproductive and sexual health.

           Planned Parenthoood of Northern New England 2004 Donors
       Live the World You Want
   During 2004, 5,777 individuals, families, businesses, and foundations made a
 commitment to health care, education, organizing, and advocacy through their
  contributions of more than $1.67 million to PPNNE. The personal and financial
  support of those listed — as well as that of 3,000 more — made it possible for
 thousands of our fellow citizens to make informed, personal health care choices
                        in an environment of respect and support.

We will create the just and open world we envision by intentionally and honestly
  living the world we want. We gratefully acknowledge the generosity of those
      who have also made a commitment to “giving for the world they want.”

MAINE                              Frances Hollis Brain Foundation    Crosby Consolidated Fund
                                   Branta Foundation                     of the Maine Community
Ms. Leslie Abrons                  Suzy Brewer                           Foundation, at the
Ms. Susan Accardi                  Mr. Merle Broberg                     recommendation of
Mr. & Mrs. Emory W. Ackley         Ms. Robin E. Brooks                   Oliver S. Crosby
Mr. & Mrs. William P Adams         Ms. Betty C. Brown                 Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Cross
Margaret & John Albright           Buonanimo Fund of the Maine        Ms. Nancy E. Crowell
Mr. & Mrs. James Alden                Community Foundation, at the    Ms. Catherine Crute
Ms. Nancy Aldrich                     recommendation of Fletcher &    Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Cundy
Ms. Anne K. Alexander                 Charlotte Brown                 Beverly & Charles Cunningham
Susan A. Allein & Richard Flanagan Ms. Susan Burnell                  Mrs. Ruth M. Cuprak
Ms. Barbara J. Allen               Gail & Charles Burnett             Jean Curran, M.D. &
Diana & Tom Allen                  Patricia & Donald Burrows             Jeffrey Sosnaud
Jon Allen & Nancy Page             Ms. Cynthia Cotton Busch           Mildred Currie
Daniel & Joan Amory                Ms. Katherine Butler               Ms. Deborah Curtis
John & Sally Amory                 Ms. Kathleen Cabana                Ms. Betsy D. Cushman
Ms. Karin Anderson                 Helen & Roc Caivano                Dr. Joel E. Cutler &
Dr. & Mrs. Richard Anderson        Mr. & Mrs. Jay Calkins                Dr. Lucinda L. Wegener
Ms. Marion O. Arnold               Marnie Carll                       George & Jeannette Darling
Matthew Arrants & Stacey Smith Charles & Betty Carpenter              Joel & Ruth Davis
Mr. & Mrs. Donald W. Bailey        Ms. Theresa A. Carroll             Nancy & Jay Davis
Ms. Kimberly J. Bailey, D.C.       Mr. Benton Chandler                Ms. Dianne C. Dean
Mr. Peter Baily                    Ms. Phyllis Chandler               Ms. Jill Delaney
Ms. Lori R. Bainbridge             Bart Chapin & Lucy Hull            Mr. & Mrs. John R. Dice
Baker / Cinciva Fund at            Nicole Cherbuliez & Seth Clayter   Mr. & Mrs. Walter Dickes
   Maine Initiatives               Karen B. Clarke                    Mrs. Kelly S. Dickson
Faith Barnes & Stephen Majercik Ms. Lou A. Clifford                    Jean & William Dill
Julie Cox Barry                    Ms. Karin Clough                   John & Eva Dimond
Janet & Henry Beerits              Catherine B. Cohen                 Richard C. Dimond, M.D.
Madelyn Bergin Belliveau           Jacqueline & Irvin Cohen, Jr.      Mrs. Joan E. Dippre
Ms. Mackey Bennett                 Joan & James Cohen                 Shelley & Tom Doak
Dr. Miriam F. Bennett              Mr. Warren K. Colby                Lorayne V. Dodge
Richard S. Berne &                 Ms. Elizabeth R. Cole              Mrs. Barbara T. Donaghy
   Susan Schraft, M.D.             John & Joanne Cole                 Constance M. Donovan
Stephen Bien & Ellen Grunblatt     Ms. Patricia C. Colhoun            Ms. Nancy Dorian
Margaret Biggar                    Jan M. Collins & Irving Faunce     Eleanor L. Dotter
Ms. Henriette P. Binswanger        Elizabeth & Jim Colquhoun          C. Mitchell Draper, Jr.
Henry & Hilde Bird                 Edgar & Margaret Comee             Alison Dreifus
Ms. Judith A. Blake                Dorothy Conforti                                      .
                                                                      Mr. & Mrs. John P Drury
Ms. Karla Bock                     Mr. Peter B. Cook                  Mary F. Dunn &
Mr. Paul Bodurtha                  Susan F. Cook                         Ronald A. Shapiro
Susanne E. Bogart                  Paul & Ann Cousins                 Mr. & Mrs. Paul Durgin
Brita & Roberto Bonechi            Donald & Marilyn Crandlemire       Ms. Mary L. Dyer
Ruth B. Bowman                     Ms. Ann Cranshaw                   Mr. Peter S. Eastman
Mary Brackett                      Elizabeth Cravey                   Dr. & Mrs. Stephen H. Eccher
Ms. Cary Bradford                  Kimberly Crichton                  Mrs. Jane K. Edenbaum
Mrs. Joanna M. Bradley             Ms. Monique Y. Crochet             Honour B. Edgerton

                         Personal Contributions. Public Commitment.                                  1
MAINE                              Stephen & Stella Hall                 Ms. Lisa Kostopoulos
                                   Rev. Linda Peyton Hancock             Inga-Lill Kunkle
Susan Eggenberger &                Pauline & Reginald Hannaford          Elaine Kurtz
   Douglas Rogers                  Calista L. Harder                     Shelley & Michael Kushner
Ms. Elizabeth Ehrenfeld            Ms. Elizabeth T. Hardwick             Sheera LaBelle & Greg Adams
Bob & Marcia Ellis                 Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Harmon, Jr.     Mr. & Mrs. Russell Landolt
Pamela J. Ellis                    Ms. Ramona M. Harmon                  Gary & Catherine Larkin
Mr. Norman J. Emanual              Lianne & Walter Harris                Ms. Cynthia Larock
Mr. & Mrs. Samuel S. Emerson       Howard & Mandana Harrison             Ms. Joyce LaRou
Deborah W. Endl                    Ms. Margaret Harrison                 Alice & Bill Larrea
Miles Epstein & Susan George       Ms. Mary L. Hart                      Ms. Miriam Laster
Ms. Kelley A. Erickson             Christopher M. Harte &                Catherine Lee
Mr. George H. Evans                   Dr. Katherine Stoddard Pope        Ms. Joan S. Lee
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Everding        John & Kathy Hartley                  Ms. Cindy Leiffer
Caryl Everett                      Diane Haslett                         Mrs. Virginia A. Leonard
Jane L. Ezzy                       Tracy & Leslie Hastings               Tory Leuteman & Doug Robinson
Judith Rauh Falk                   Ms. Sue Hatch                          in memory of Phebe King
Ms. Rhonda C. Farnham              Mr. & Mrs. Eric Hawke                 Jonathan LeVeen &
Jodi Ann Fay                       Michelle & Peter Hayes                   Mary McPherson
Ms. Elise L. Felton                Laura Henderson & Will Rudy           Ms. Annie Levine
Ms. Willow Femmechild              John G. Hewey                         Lisa M. Levinson &
Clifton Field                      Ms. Mary B. Hildebrandt                  Thomas Hanrahan
Richard & Virginia Fitts           Mr. & Mrs. Charles L. Hildreth, Jr.   Ms. Ethel G. Lewis
Margo P Foley                      Ms. Lois Hill                         Mary Allen Lindemann
Pauline Ford                       Mary L. Hillery &                     Mr. & Mrs. Milton Lindholm
Fore River Foundation                 Gregory Guckenberg                 Ann & Andy Littlefield
Ms. Betsey Foster                  Dr. Selvin Hirshon                    Sheila Littlefield, D.C.
Ms. Margo L. Fraser                Holly L. Hofmann                      Ms. Judith E. Lloyd
Skeek Frazee & Michael Carter      Jane Honeck                           Mary & Richard Lobuglio
Mr. Ed Friedman                    Ms. Priscilla Hopkins                  in memory of John Detweiler
Ms. Kathleen R. Friedrich          Ms. Anne Houle                        Mr. Christopher Loekle
Mr. David Galgay, Jr.              Ms. Carolyn Howell                    Rowena & W. Raymond Long
Ms. Constance A. Garber            Prof. William W. Howells              Mrs. Edith Lord
Laura George                       Mrs. Sherry F. Huber                  Mr. & Mrs. George M. Lord
Carlyn & Jonathan Gilbert          Nan Hughes                            Marybeth Lovely
Robert L. Gips & Karen Harris      Susan E. Hunter                       Ms. Kathryn G. Low
Mr. & Mrs. George N. Glover, Jr.   Gordon Hutchins                       Meri & Lee Lowry
Mr. William Goldberg               Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Hyndman             Barbara & Robert Luke
Ms. Barbara M. Goodbody            Susan B. Inches                       Ms. Patricia Lundholm
Ms. Nancy A. Goodwin               Rev. & Mrs. William Inderstrodt       Katharine & Robert Lynn
Ms. Patricia Gordon                Mr. Orton Jackson, Jr.                John A. & Judy MacDonald
Ann Gosline & Gerald Rodman        Hilary & Thomas Jacobs                Ms. C. Waite Maclin
Bill & Monica Grabin               Mr. William S. Jamieson               Maine Community Foundation
Ms. Grace Graham                   Mr. & Mrs. Walter Johansson           Maine Health Access Foundation
William & Marguerite Graham        Kay & Ralph Johnson                   Maine Women’s Fund
Mr. David P. Grant                 Nancy E. Jones                        Janice Malay & John Cooper
Douglas M. Green                   Michelle Kaddy                        Laurie & Jeff Mann
Mr. & Mrs. Elliot R. Green         Ms. Sharon B. Kallweit                Rep. & Mrs. Boyd Marley
Tamzon & William Green             Ms. Gretchen Kamilewicz               Ms. Audrey Marra
Layne Gregory &                    Brenda Keene                          Ms. Margaret J. Martin
   Daniel Oppenheim                Mirle & Wendy Kellett                 Sibyl Masquelier
Al & Sally Griggs                  Colleen Khoury &                      Ms. Elizabeth S. Matheson
Charles & Anne Grimes                 David Karraker                     Mrs. Jennifer M. McAdoo
Ms. Margaret Groban                Ellen Histen Kibbe                    Ms. Patricia A. McAfee
Ms. Patricia Grunwald              Mr. G. E. Kidder-Smith, Jr.                       .
                                                                         Josephine P McAlary
Bernard Guerlain                   Mr. Mitchell W. Kihn                  Mr. Samuel N. McCain
Mary N. Guild                      Mrs. Mary A. King                     John & Andrea McCall
Mrs. Catharine W. Guiles           Stephen & Tabitha                     Ms. Priscilla McCandless
Mr. Richard Guttmacher                King Foundation                                  .
                                                                         Ms. Evelyn P McElroy
Catherine Guttman                  Kristina & David Kirkham              Kevin J. McElroy, Catherine C.
Ms. Julina Gylfe                   Ms. Rebecca A. Kitchen                   Butler, Bridie, Nora, & Genna
Ms. Catherine Haas                 Ms. Kathryn A. Klein, L.C.S.W.        Jeanne McGowan
Mr. & Mrs. John L. Hadden          Michael Klein & Louisa Barnhart       Maora D. McGowan
Mrs. Gayle Hadley                  Ms. Margaret R. Kleinrock             Alan McIlhenny &
David & Sydney Hall                Margaret & John Knutson                  Elizabeth Ackerson
Petra Hall & Rhonda Feiman         Marcia & Vaino Kola                   Mary & George McNeil

2                Planned Parenthoood of Northern New England 2004 Donors
Ms. Sarah S. Meacham             The Peixotto Trust               Mr. & Mrs. Elliott Schwartz
Bert B. Meek & Shari Lewchanin   Ms. Katherine Pelletreau         Lucia & Eric Schwarz
Mr. M. P. Mehr, Jr.              Ruth M. Pepper                   Maxine Sclar
Jennifer Melville &                             .
                                 Ms. Patricia P Perry-Adams       Norman & Mary Seagrave
   Alexander Abbott              Ms. Jan Phillips &               Ms. Sylvia Searle
Ms. Leslie Merrill                   Mr. Dennis Grafflin            Cynthia & Marden Seavey
Ms. Beverly E. Messer            Ms. Rachel Phipps                Mary Louise Seldenfleur &
Mr. & Mrs. John Metcalf          Miss Alice M. Pierce                Ralph T. Perry
Mr. & Mrs. Eric W. Metzler       Edith & David Pierson            Mrs. Irving L. Selvage, Jr.
Andrew & Gail Meyer              Susan & Robert Pinette           Suzanne Serreze
Ms. Florence Meyer               Mr. Ted R. Pitas                 Ms. Barbara Seymour
Mr. & Mrs. Henry W. Meyer        Rosemary R. Place                Linda Shary
Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Meyer       Marcy Plavin                     Ms. Deborah L. Shaw
Frank & Nancy Miles              Frank Pollien                    Ms. Esther C. Shay
David & Ruth Millay              Dr. Ellen Popenoe                Mrs. Gwendolyn Shepard
Mrs. Carolyn Miller              Bonnie Porta & Bobby Monks       Clara S. Shinn
Mr. & Mrs. Keith E. Miller       Clara Porter                     Anne & Donald Shire
Mr. Stuart Miller                Ms. Gertrude O. Porter           Ms. Suzanne Shorter
Margot & Roger Milliken          Marcia & Christopher Pottle      Ms. Andrea M. Sinclair
Peter Mills                      Marianne Powell                  Kimberly B. Sinclair
Terry & Judy Miskell             Aaron Pratt                      Mrs. Lois N. Skillings
Ms. Patricia S. Mitchem          William & Jean Preis             Alice Skinner
Ms. Kathryn Mittelberger         Mr. & Mrs. John K. Pribram       Daniel D. Skwire
Ms. Elizabeth H. Moore           Pamela Price-Wharff               Paula L. Slipp
Suzanne D. Moran                 Drs. James & Jane Pringle        Mr. & Mrs. Andrew
Emily J. Morand                  Robert & Gene Proctor               Sloane-Barton
Rhonda Morin & Don Strong        Donald Quaid & Sherrie Bergman   Bryce & Janet Smith
Robert & Penny Morris            Ms. Lucy G. Quimby               Mrs. Dolores M. Smith
Barbara A. Morton                Richard L. Rasner &              Lucia & William Smith
Janet Muddle                         Joseph Schilling             Mr. & Mrs. Stanton T. Smith
Katie Murphy & Peter Lindsay     Nancy & Frank Read               Ms. Patricia D. Snyder
Ms. Lois J. Myers                         .
                                 Wilma P Redman                   Daniel Sobel & Kira Wigoda
Ms. Patricia A. Napolitano       Frederick & Laurel R. Reed       Ms. Margaret Southworth
Amy R. Naylor                    Mr. Richard Renner               Dr. Ruth A. Spence
Sallie C. Nealand                Ms. Eve R. Richardson            Kenneth S. Spirer &
Ms. Leslie F. Nesin              Ms. Meg Richardson                  Joan S. Leitzer
Mrs. Elizabeth Nichols           Lisa Rideout & Michael Foley     Dr. Meredith N. Springer
George & Elizabeth Nielsen       Ms. Barbara C. Roberts           Mrs. Brenda J. Squibb
Mr. Kevin J. Nolan               Mrs. Cathy S. Roberts            Ms. Sue A. Stableford
Jean & Bill Noon                 John G. & Virginia M. Roberts    Julie & Renny Stackpole
Edward W. Norton                 Martha & Dana Robes              Ms. Dorrine M. Steele
Tina Novick                      Jacquelyn & Ed Robinson          Ms. Joan Steinberg
Ms. Destry Oldham-Sibley         Sarah & Michael Robinson         Ms. Linda S. Stevens
Ms. Shawn P. O’Neil              Richard G. Rockefeller &         Dick & Penny Stevens
Ms. Heidi S. Osborn                  Nancy Anderson                in memory of Laura S. White
Ms. Pam R. Osborn                Mr. & Mrs. Paul K. Rogers        Carl & Lucy Stinson
Jon & Marge Oxman                Mr. Thomas S. Rogers             Carol F. Stinson
Alfred L. Padula, Jr.            Jill Rosenthal                   Mr. & Mrs. Albert E. Stone
Mr. John W. Painter              Ms. Paula B. Rougny              Valerie Stone
Melissa Paly                     Elizabeth H. Ruff                 Lynda Litchfield & Duncan Stout
Ms. Pamela Partow                Marcia Ryder & Roger Cole        Mr. Jeremy Strater
Mr. Leonard M. Passano           Ms. Alison M. Samitt             Christine T. Streeter
Dr. Alice Passer &               Deborah Sandler                  Dr. Herbert Stroup
   Mr. Barry Krieger             Ms. Mary W. Santerre             Mr. David Struck
Ms. Lola Paulin-Kampf            Ms. Patricia Sawyer                                   .
                                                                  Mr. & Mrs. James P Stump
Kim & Joseph Payne               Jill & Edward Saxby              Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Sullivan
Tish F. Payson                   Susan & David Saxton             Mr. A. W. Sulloway
Fred & Lillian Pease             Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Schenkel       Ms. Kristin G. Sweeney

               “   Many thanks for keeping the doors open.
               Your work ensures the promise of America —
                 the right to choose one’s own destiny.
                        Personal Contributions. Public Commitment.                             3
MAINE                             Robert Wood &                     Robert & Patricia Barr
                                     Emme-King Peterson             Jane & James Barrett
Paul & Mary Sweet                 Mrs. Roger Woodman                Mr. & Mrs. John Bassette
Mr. Richard S. Tasker             Mr. Jay L. Woolsey                Linda & Rusty Bastedo
Ms. Marcia Taylor                 Oliver Woshinsky & Pat Garrett    Mrs. Philip Bastedo
Mary Taylor                       Joan & Bob Wuerthner              Dr. & Mrs. Frank D. Bates
Nancy Taylor                      Susan Wygal                       Sigrid & Hans Baumann
Denise & Sheldon Tepler           Muriel Zachary                    Mr. & Mrs. David Beardsley
Ms. Alalia K. Thaler              Anne B. Zill                      Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Beckwith
Rosamund Thaxter Foundation       Ms. Hilje J. Zur Muhlen           Bee Jar Fund of the Upper Valley
Dr. Philip P. Thompson, Jr.                                             Community Foundation
Mrs. Barbara C. Tolman            NEW HAMPSHIRE Eben Beever
Thomas Tomczyk &                                                    Mary & Charles Belden
    Mary Delano                   Mr. & Mrs. George H. Abbott       Linda J. Bell
Mark & Collene Torres             Richard Abel & Roberta Berner     Mr. & Mrs. David N. Bellantone
Ms. Marion Tozier                 Mr. Rees Acheson                  Clifton Below & Kathy Petuck
Elizabeth C. Trowbridge           Bradford & Charlotte Adams        Mrs. Charlotte Belser
Alison B. Truesdale               Keld Agnar & Judith Ryerson       Mr. Bernard L. Benn
Joy Trueworthy                    Mr. Julian E. Agoos               Mrs. Ann Berger
Mr. & Mrs. L. G. Turner-          Marian Aikman                     Ms. Sheila K. Bergeron
    Harrington                    Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Allen, Jr.      Lynn Anne Bergman
David & June Vail                 Margaret Allen & Stanley Brown Ms. Sharon Besso
Rev. Elizabeth Vernon             Ginia & Huntly Allison            Ms. Abigail E. Beutler
Lilliana Vitelli & Donald Mansius Peggy Allison                     Mr. & Mrs. Richard S. Biddle, Jr.
Gretchen & Gary Vogel             Katharine S. Almy                 Mr. James E. Bieber
Mrs. Bonnie M. Voigtlander        Susan W. Almy                     Elizabeth Bischoff
Ms. Rosann P. Wade                Sharyn & Michael Amberger         Jill Blackmer & Arpiar Saunders
Mr. & Mrs. John E. Wagner         Judy Anderson                     Stephen Blackmer & Kelly Short
Robert & Liz Wagner               Mr. & Mrs. Richard Anderson       Mary Blair
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen R. Walbridge Mrs. Antonia Andreoli               Pete & Ruth Bleyler
Diane & Ian Walker                Rosalind & Gerald Angoff           Rose Marian Bliss
Mr. Kirke Walker                  Leisel Angwin                     Ms. Susan O. Bliss
Mary Jane Wallace                 Mrs. Chandlee Archer              Mr. & Mrs. Francis M. Blodget, Jr.
Ms. Nancy Warren                  Ms. Kassandra Ardinger            Putnam & Marion Blodgett
Mr. & Mrs. Miles W. Weaver        Mr. & Mrs. Martin Arkowitz        Mr. & Mrs. Paul O. Bofinger
Ms. Barbara P Weed
               .                  Mr. & Mrs. James Armstrong        Paul & Dot Bothwell
Ms. Constance Weeks               Patricia Armstrong &              Frank & Mardi Bowles
David Weiss & Karan Sheldon          Frederick Perkins              Wendy & Jeffrey Boxer
Ms. Marjorie M. Weith             Mr. Peter H. Armstrong            Mr. & Mrs. Martin S. Bradie
Ellen V. P & Lloyd Wells
          .                       Ann Asadoorian                    Sargent & Sallee Bradlee
Lawrence & Marsha Welsher         Anna Avery & Katherine Hillier    Judy & Bill Breed
Dorothy Wentworth &               Mrs. Barbara Avery                Ms. Marilyn Breselor
    Robert J. Gaudreau            William & Kristine Baber          Betty Breunig
Mrs. Ginia Davis Wexler           Ms. Lorraine A. Backman           Ms. Joan Jessop Brewster
Genie & Nat Wheelwright           Mr. & Mrs. Theodore S. Bacon, Jr. Robert & Janet Bridgham
Molly & John White                William Badgley &                 Elizabeth & Kenneth Brighton
Ms. Florence Wilder                  Carol McEntee                  Mr. & Mrs. Wayne G. Broehl, Jr.
Muriel Wilhelm                    Randi Bagley                      George & Priscilla Brooks
Ms. Suanne A. Williams-Lindgren Mrs. Louise Bailey                  Barbara & Channing Brown
Laurie Williamson                 Ms. Gordon M. Baker                                   .
                                                                    Dr. & Mrs. Henry P Brown III
Ms. Rita Willis                   George & Harriet Baldwin            in memory of Noel Perrin
Norman & Judy Wilson              Stacia Ballou                     John W. & Betty B. Brown
Mr. Arthur A. Windecker, Jr.      Nina & Roy Banwell                Ms. Lois W. Brown
Katherine Winne                   Mr. & Mrs. Thomas C. Barker       Mr. Matthew W. Brown
Mr. & Mrs. Louis A. Winnick       Mr. & Mrs. James Barnes           Dr. & Mrs. Thomas S. Brown
Robert & Carol Witham             Mr. Robert G. Barnes              Ms. Kathleen Brownback
                                  Cassie Barnhardt

      “    When I was a poor student in Keene, you gave me the
          help I needed to stay healthy. Please use this money
                   to help someone who needs it.
4                Planned Parenthoood of Northern New England 2004 Donors
Mr. & Mrs. Allen S. Brush           George & Ruth Colton             Karlene Embler
John & Meredith Bunting             Helen & Clinton Condict          Ms. Dorothy Emery
Dr. & Mrs. W. Richard R. Burack     John & Monique Cone                     .
                                                                     Cora P Emlen
Dr. & Mrs. I. Tucker Burr           Laura E. Conkey                  Mr. & Mrs. Robert Encherman
Mr. & Mrs. Horace C. Burrington     Jennifer Conley Sevier           Sally G. Eneguess
David H. Burrows &                  Ms. Dianne Connolly              Joseph & Anita Engel
   Wendy W. Parker                  Jennifer & Donald Cooke          Judith Englander &
Mr. & Mrs. Clayton A. Burtt         Mr. Fred G. Coombs                  John Echternach
Robert A. Butcher, Jr.              Mr. John Copenhaver &            Dita & Robert Englund
Gertrude Butler & Judith Peterson      Rep. Marion Copenhaver        Mrs. Deborah B. Estaver
Mary Ann &                          Sue Corby & Rick Oas             Majorie & Frank Estes
   Leonard Cadwallader              Thomas & Nicole Cormen           Rosemary Hall Evans
Mr. Mathew Cahillane                David & Goodie Corriveau         Ms. Louise E. Ewing
Donna & Joe Calabro                 Lyman & Doris Cousens            Mrs. Ruth Ewing
Jennifer Caldwell & Howard Bean     Ms. Emily Cowan                  Jack & Claire Fabian
Ms. Alice Z. Calvert, R.N.          Mr. & Mrs. James C. Crabtree     Ms. Edwina D. Fancy
Margaret Campbell                   Mr. & Mrs. Peter W. Craig        Charles & Charlotte Faulkner
Nardi Reeder Campion                Mr. & Mrs. James Cram            William Faulkner &
Mr. & Mrs. John J. Canepa           Pamela Crary                        Linda Heimerdinger
Phyllis H. Carey                    Sally Crawford & Peter Wells     Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Fauver
Charles & Tracy Carrier             Irene Crosby                     Deborah & Peter Fauver
Dawn & Robert Carter                Mr. & Mrs. Richard Crowell       Ms. Marsha Feder
Margaret Scott Carter               Ms. Diane Crowley                Linda Feinberg & Joseph Smiga
Ms. Karin Caruso                    Ruth Cserr & Robert Savell       William B. Feldmann, M.D.
Clifford N. Cary & Joan Monroe       Philip & Jane Currier            Lewis & Hilary Feldstein
Joanne Casino                       Albert & Anne Curtis             Ms. Joan K. Ferguson
Mr. & Mrs. David Cawley             Martha G. Dahl                   Dr. & Mrs. Vergil H. Ferm
Janet & Edward Caylor               Patricia & Louis D’allesandro    Neal Ferris & Sylvia Foster
Ms. Reta Chaffee                     Hope E. Damon & George Chait     Ms. Josephine K. Feyhl
Deborah & Mark Chag                 Edna & Terence Dancy             William & Margaret Fischang
Tom & Patience Chamberlin Fund      Mrs. Jeanne Daniel               Fisher Scientific International, Inc.
   of the Greater Piscataqua        Elena & Jere Daniell             Brenda S. Fitts
   Community Foundation             Daniel & Ann Daudon              Mr. & Mrs. William Fitzhugh, Jr.
John P & Martha W. Chandler         Barbara Davis                    Mrs. Pamela A. Flanagan
Hugh & Judy Chapin                  Mr. Stanley A. Davis             Fleisher Family Fund of the
Ruth H. Chapman                     Joyce Davison                       Manchester Regional
 in memory of Mary Keller           Dr. & Mrs. Roger U. Day             Community Foundation
Mrs. Loring D. Chase                Mr. Edward Dell                  Ms. Elizabeth Forsham
Ashish Chaudhari, M.D.              Margaret & William DeLong        Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey A. Foster
Juanita & Michael Choukas           Ruth Demarest                    Ms. Katherine D. Foster
Michael E. Chubrich &               Quentin B. Deming, M.D.          Joanne H. Foulk &
   Donna Saunders                   Skip & Janet DeVito                 Denis Kelemen
Miss Mary Churchill                 Ms. Betsi DeVries                Mr. & Mrs. Richardson Fowle
Ms. Monica A. Ciolfi                 Mrs. Annette R. Dexter           Mr. Martin H. Fox
Ms. Cecily Clark                    Whit & Closey Dickey             Nancy Frankel & Mary Atwell
Ms. Cynthia A. Clark                Jane A. Difley                    David Frankfurter &
Deborah & Kenneth Clark             Dr. Carter P. Dodge &               Anath Golomb
Dr. & Mrs. Donald W. Clark             Ms. Christina J. Mirkovich    Freeman-Martin Family Fund of
Dr. Geoffrey E. Clark &              Ms. Lisa C. Donnelly                the Upper Valley Community
   Rep. Martha Fuller Clark         Joan Doty                           Foundation
Katherine & Warren Clark            Monica & Webster Dove            Rep. Barbara C. French
Mrs. Margaret C. Clark              Mary & Allan Doyle               Anne Slade Frey Charitable Trust
Mr. Thomas F. Clark                 Betsy & Lawrence Draper          Michael & April Frey
Dr. Jacqueline P Clement            Kay Wear Draper                  Ellen Friedman
Karen Clement                       Mr. & Mrs. Oliver Drown          Joel & Margy Friedman
Margot P Close                      Cynthia M. & William Duncan      Jennifer Frizzell &
Jean M. Cluett                      Amy & Patrick Dunfey                Donald Crandlemire
Chris Clyne & Edward Beecher        Ms. Brenda M. Dunn               Wendy Frosh
Mary Lou & John Cochrane            Dr. Cedric H. Dustin III         Cheryl & Stanley Fry
Mr. & Mrs. David D. Coffin            Mrs. Mae E. Eagleson             Rabbi Alan D. Fuchs
David & Marie Jeanne Coffin           Mary L. Eastman                  Mr. Chester W. Fuller
Ms. Jane Coffin                       Ellen Eberhart & Peter Mosseau   David & Sara Funk
Dr. Arthur Cohen                    Ruth Ebling                      Mark & Alice Funk
The Coit House Fund                 Patricia W. Eckels               Clint & Kim Furnald
Ms. Sandra M. T. Cole               Mrs. Sarah Sapir Eisen           Elizabeth & Robert Gabrielli
Mr. John C. Collins                 Ms. Jacqueline Ellis             Ms. Carmen R. Gagne

                          Personal Contributions. Public Commitment.                                    5
NEW HAMPSHIRE                       John & Pat Hatheway                Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Kaiser
                                    Anne Havill                        Dr. & Mrs. Charles F. Kane
Arthur Z. Gardiner, Jr. &           Mrs. Herbert Hawkes                Nancy Kane & Barry Cox
    Robin M. Nuse                   Viking & Kathleen Hedberg          Dr. & Mrs. Arthur Kantrowitz
Mrs. Sandra Garfunkel               Nancy C. Heffernan                  Richard & Sue Kaplan
Beverly R. Gaylord                  Mr. Paul J. Heffernan               Ms. Lucy Karl
Charles & Patricia Gerhan           Mrs. Edna B. Heidgerd              Ms. Roxanne S. Karter
Eileen & Michael Gfroerer           Ms. Shirley L. Hemming             Peter Kearns & Helen Taft
Kitty Gibson                        Jean L. Hennessey Wild Schemes     Mary S. Keller
Randall & Jean Giddings                Fund of the New Hampshire       Mrs. Edmund H. Kellogg
Deborah S. Gilbert                     Charitable Foundation           Ms. Patricia E. Kellogg
Mr. David E. Gillis                 Dr. & Mrs. Walter H. Herbert       Sylvia & Frank Kennedy
Ms. Barbara A. Gilmore              Stella J. Herpel, V.M.D.           Ann & Marshall Kidd
Sue & John Gingrich                 Hesed Foundation                   Kenneth & Sarah Kimball
Ellen Gitomer &                     David & Katharine Hewitt           Ms. Sara Kinney
    William Koppenheffer             James & Nancy Heyl                 Dr. & Mrs. Robert Klein
Miriam M. Gitterman &               Ms. Susan D. Hilchey               Robert & Cathleen G. Knell
    William Einhorn                 Ms. Laurie Hildebrandt             Ms. Jocelyne Kolb
Harry & Jackie Glass                Charlotte H. Hill                             .
                                                                       Andrew P Kordalewski
Dr. Patricia T. Glowa &             Dr. & Mrs. Eugene L. Hoch          Jean & Paul Korpela
    Dr. Donald Kollisch             Dr. & Mrs. Harold W. Hocker, Jr.   Ms. Patricia Kosiorek
Rev. & Mrs. Jerry Goddard           Ms. Lucy Hodder                    Austin & Betty Ann Kovacs
Warren & Joan Goldburgh             Mr. & Mrs. Jay L. Hodes            Heather Krans
Linda & Rebecca Goldstein           Mrs. Patricia G. Hoffman            Elaine & Sheldon Krasker
Ms. Catherine Goldwater                                    .
                                    Mr. & Mrs. Marshall P Hoke         Mrs. Alice Krasner
Mr. Barton D. Goodeve               Mr. & Mrs. Romer Holleran          R. Peter & Diana M. Krass
Allyson Goodwin & Mark Short Ann & Frank Holloway                      Donald Kreis
Mr. & Mrs. Rolf Goodwin             Ms. Gretchen A. Holm               Charlotte & Ted Krentzel
Ms. Toby R. Gordon                  Dr. Henry Hood                     Victor & Maxine Kumin
Nadia & Greg Gorman                  in memory of Jane Hood            Priscilla Heath Kunhardt
Elizabeth Ann Gormley &             Starr Best Hope                    Mrs. Agnes B. Kurtz
    Richard Wallace                  in memory of Steve Hope           Ms. Edythe LaBrecque
Julie Beck Goss                        1971-1991                       Walter & Barbara Lacey
Dr. & Mrs. Robert E. Gosselin       Mrs. Jeannette Hopkins             Tom & Sally Lacy
Anne Gould                          Mr. & Mrs. James F. Hornig         Robert & Maureen Laflam
Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Grady          Suzanne Hosier                     Ms. Athena C. LaFlamme-
Mr. Christopher Graham              Norma Houghton                        Edwards
Irene & William Grand               Ms. Louise Howard                  Peggy & Larry Lahs
Mrs. Pat A. Grandmaison             Mr. & Mrs. Floyd B. Humphrey       Shirley Lakin
Marion W. Grassi                    Elizabeth Hunter                   Valerie & John Lamb
Brad & Catherine Greely             Richard & Lucy Husk,               Jennifer & Bryce Lambert
Alan & Rebecca Green                   The Nichols Trust               Ms. Catharine M. Lamm
Mr. Frederick W. Griffin              Hope W. Inman                      Mr. Roger W. Lamson, Jr.
Mrs. Eleanor A. Griffiths             Ms. Claudia Y. Istel               Ms. Amy Landers
Julie & David Griffiths               Janet & William Jackson            Ms. Meg Landry
Brian & Susan Grodman               Ann F. Jacobs                      Terese & Alvin Lane
Douglas Grout                       Richard & Sally Jaeger             Mr. & Mrs. Roy Langenberg
Denny & Debby Grubbs                Ann Van Etten James                Michael & Georgy Lannon
Mrs. Jocelyn Gutchess               Peter & Dona Reagan Janetos        Wendy Lannon
Jeanna & Philip Hamblet             Betsy & Harold Janeway             Mrs. Phyllis Lawn
Mr. Stanley A. Hamel                Ms. Irene L. Jenks                 Frederica W. Lawrence &
Melanie Hamilton                    Mrs. Paula W. Jewell                  Robert M. Sandoe
Jane A. Hammond                     Anne Johnson                       Carola Lea
  in memory of Margaret H. Trapnell Mr. & Mrs. Glenn D. Johnson        Mr. Winston Leavitt
Pam & Lee Hammond                   Ms. Margaret A. Johnson            Bob Lemer
Mr. & Mrs. Adam S. Hanauer          Ms. Mary E. Johnson                Mrs. George Lempenau
Gerald & Benette Hanauer            Mrs. Richard E. Johnson            Ms. Constance B. Leonard
Mr. & Mrs. Warren S. Hance          Barbara H. Jones & Bin Lewis       Sidney & Laurel Letter
Dr. & Mrs. H. Roger Hansen          Mr. & Mrs. Dan Jones               Murray N. Levin, M.D.
Laurie Harding & Peter Mason        Dr. & Mrs. Gary Jones              Jessie Levine
Ruth E. Harlow                      Jane E. Jones                      Serena & Jeffrey Levine
Elizabeth & John Harris             Joyce D. & Everett Jones           Ms. Marcy E. Levine-Holdowsky
Mrs. Shirley B. Harris              Mark & Lindsay Josephs             Deb Lewis & Mark Koppelkam
Ms. Tamara Harris                   William & Karen Joslin             Ms. Susanne Lewis, R.N.
John & Alice Harrison               Carolyn Judson                     Terry Libby & Larry Siegel
Connie & Nick Harvey                Ms. Ann W. Kaiser                  Ali & John Lichtenstein

6                Planned Parenthoood of Northern New England 2004 Donors
     “   I haven’t forgotten about you and your important work.
     I have been out of work for over two years, but saved your
            mailing for the day I received income once again.
              I vote pro-choice! Keep up the good work.

Barbara & Charles Lilly          Ed & Maxine McKenzie
                                                                     Mr. & Mrs. William J. Norris
John E. & Mary R. Lincoln        R. Bruce McKibben                   Mr. & Mrs. David C. Nutt
Adina & Allen Linden             Robert A. McKinley                  Mr. & Mrs. Nathaniel Ober
Barbara Lindsey                  Ann Mclane Kuster &                 Mr. Steve Orlich
Janet & Andrew Linn                 Brad Kuster                      Ellen & Mark Otis
Mr. & Mrs. Morton A. Linzer      Jane Kitchel McLaughlin &           Everett W. Page
F. William Lipfert, Jr.             Peter J. McLaughlin              Ms. Gail Page
Robin Lirette                    Sara & Jeffrey Meade                 Mr. Lawrence Page
Peggy Little                     Alex G. Medlicott & Kristi Medill   Adelbert & Agnes Palmer
Mrs. Claire I. Lobell            Nancy Mellish                       Quita Palmer
Audrey A. Logan                  Mrs. Marion G. Mengert              Patricia A. Palmiotto &
Frank & Drewry Logan             Mr. Andrew Merton                      Ronald L. Hiser, Jr.
Kathleen Lohnes                  Mr. & Mrs. Richard Meyerkopf        Panarchy Corporation
Daniel & Louise Longnecker       Sedra Michaelson                    Theodore & Ruth Parent
Ms. Elizabeth M. Lourie          Heidi Carter Milardo                Beverly & Kenneth Patten
Jack & Jan Lovelace              Heide Miller                        Mikal Payne
Lovett-Woodsum                   Ms. Laura Milliken                  Rev. & Mrs. William N. Peabody
   Family Foundation             Anne D. Milne                       Virginia W. Peart
Lester & Ruth Lowe               Richard & Jane Minesinger           L. Carl Pedersen &
Elizabeth & Robert Lown          Mr. Donald W. Mischke                  Laurie Johnson
Ms. Nancy Luby                   Greg & Susan Mitchell               Judith Pence
Mr. Mark Lucard                  Mr. Bill Mlacak                     Abbie & Don Penfield
Ms. Lisa Lucius                  Ms. Lianne Moccia                   Mr. & Mrs. Stephen A. Pennell
Elsa M. Luker                    John B. Moeschler                   Hans & Anna Penner
Robert & Mado Macdonald          Ms. Sy Montgomery                   Mr. Ralph Perron
Ms. Debora L. Maille             Norma Jean Moore                    Robert & Juith Perry
Dr. & Mrs. David J. Malenka      Mr. Robert W. Moore III             Ms. Kitty L. Peterson
John & Katie Manchester          Mr. Ernest J. Moorhead              Walter & Dorothy Peterson
Mrs. John C. Manchester          Ms. Sheila W. Moran                 Kay & Richard Petri
Frank & Martha Manley            Elizabeth Morgan                    Dr. & Mrs. Elmer R. Pfefferkorn
Ruth Manos                       David & Donna Morse                 Ms. Priscilla R. Phenix
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel E. Mares       Mrs. Maxine Morse                   Mr. Franklyn W. Phillips
Dr. Lynne J. Margesson           Ms. Claire B. Moseley               Alice Pickett & Robert Hale
Neil & Patti Markwith            Mrs. Helen M. Moseley               Susan & Jay Pierson
Mr. Bryan J. Marsh               Victor W. & Vicki Abrams Motz       Penny Pitou & Milo Pike
Gordon & Carolyn Marshall        Martha A. Mowry                        Charitable Fund of the
Mr. & Mrs. Garrison F. Martell   Mr. Timothy S. Mowry                   New Hampshire Charitable
Caroline & Spencer Martin        Ms. Judith Moyer                       Foundation
Lucretia & Peter Martin          Mrs. Eleanor Mudge                  Elizabeth & Beekman Pool
William & Nancy Martin           Ms. Victoria H. Mulligan            Mr. & Mrs. Daniel A. Poor
Mrs. Mary N. Masland             Mary Munter & Paul Argenti          Avery & Margaret Post
Susan & Gerald Mayer             Mr. Donald J. Murphy                Rebecca & Stephen Powell
Kate Mayo                        Mrs. Katharine T. Murray            Charles & Joan Pratt
Michael & Elizabeth Mayor        Dr. Arthur Naitove                  Mr. & Mrs. Lance R. Pratt
Andrew Mazer & Karen Johnson     Ms. Yvonne L. Nanasi                Mr. Philip Preston
Julia M. McAdoo                  Dana Neitlich                       Augusta A. Prince
Jennie B. McBean                 Ann & Jeffrey Nelson                 Clifford & Elizabeth Procter
Ms. Margot McCaffrey              Mrs. Avis E. Nelson                  in memory of Margaret H. Trapnell
Mr. Gary McCool                  Mrs. Dorothy D. Nelson              Dr. Munro Proctor
Joan & Andrew McCulloch          Elizabeth Nelson                    Rev. David Pruitt
Mary McGrath                     Ms. Judith Nelson                   Mrs. Rona Purdy
Mr. John C. McIlwaine            Sylvia & Harry Nelson               James & Judith Putnam
Jeanie McIntyre & Geoff Little    Mr. Arthur H. Nighswander           Thomas & Barbara Putnam
Dr. & Mrs. O. Ross McIntyre      Ms. Janet Nixon                     Mr. Henry Putzel, Jr.
Peter & Jean McKee               Mrs. Joyce M. Noll                  Judith Putzel
Ms. Margaret McKenna             Nita & Robert Z. Norman             Mrs. Jacqueline Quayle

                        Personal Contributions. Public Commitment.                                   7
NEW HAMPSHIRE                    Paul & Janice Sahler                  Ms. Margaret L. Smith
                                 Donald Salvatore & Rochelle Heit      Rep. Marjorie Smith &
Ms. Martina A. Quellmann         Ms. Gail Sanders                         Mr. Peter S. Smith
Mr. Alfred T. Quirk              Ann & George Saunderson               Meredith & Douglas Smith
Ms. Lorraine M. Randall          Lawrence & Lois Scammon               Mrs. Raymond Peter Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph S. Ransmeier   Carol & Jeffrey Schapira               Stuart V. & Jean A. Smith
Stephen & Patrice Rasche         Edward & Molly Scheu                  Mrs. Thomas Smith
Steve Rattee                     Ms. Barbara Schieb                    Mr. Thomas W. Smith III
Mary & John Rauh                 John & Jill Schiffman                  Mrs. Victor C. Smith, Jr.
Mr. Daniel J. Raymond            Kathryn & Christoph Schmauch          Victoria Lee Smith &
Margaret A. Read                 Carl & Rika Schmidt                      Kevin Peterson
Ms. Judy E. Reardon              Mr. Jonathan Schor                    Paul & Mary Beth Snyder
Mrs. Marietta H. Regent          Mindy Schorr & Richard White          Carol & Gary Sobelson
Jay Reichman & Jane Worley       Helen D. Schotanus                    Hilda & Robert Sokol
Mr. Brian P Reid                 Ms. Mary Clare Schuh                  Mrs. Dorothy A. Soule
Nancy & Barry Reinbold           Andrea Schulman &                     Ms. Gayle Spelman
Joan & Alan Reische                 Robert Mueller                     Ms. Julie A. Spencer
Ms. Jill Rengstorff               Mr. Robert Schultz                    Dr. & Mrs. Melvin Spiegel
Ms. Anne E. Renner               Susan I. Schultz                      Robert Spiegelman & Truda Bloom
Robert & Marion Reno Fund        Brenda R. Schwab, Ph.D.               Ms. Kathy S. Spielman
   of the New Hampshire          Bruce M. & Sarah T. Schwaegler        Susan Spiess
   Charitable Foundation            Fund of the Upper Valley           Joyce Splaine
Ms. Carol B. Renzelman              Community Foundation               Dr. Jane N. Spragg
Carin G. Reynolds &              Michael F. Schwartz & Sharyn Potter   Dr. & Mrs. James Squires
   Nathaniel Pierson             Mr. Douglas Schwarz                   Dr. David Stahl
Ellen & Matthias Reynolds        Mr. Emanuel Schweisberg                           .
                                                                       Mr. Gary P Stansfield
Dr. & Mrs. John S. Richards      Mrs. William Seales                   Mrs. Elizabeth M. Staulcup
Rep. Barbara Hull Richardson     Barb & Tom Sedoric                    Winifred Anthony Stearns
Mr. Hamilton H. Richardson       Mrs. Anne Segal                       Mr. & Mrs. William A. Steel
John & Lise Richardson           Mrs. Ruth Segal                       Deborah Steele
Richard & Joan Ridgeway          Brenda Sens                           Mr. & Mrs. John M. Stephens
Caroline Cressman Riggs          Antoinette M. Shapiro,                Jane & John Stephenson
Ms. Martha Rives                    The John M. Shapiro                Dr. & Mrs. Derek Stern
Muriel & Michael Robinette          Charitable Trust                   Frank & Barbara Stevens
Ann S. & James A. Robinson       Margery & Harry Sharp                 Ms. Bette Ann Stewart
Jean E. Robinson                 Sandra M. Sharp                       Phyllis L. Stibler
Mrs. Barbara D. Roby             Sam & Molly Shatavsky                 Ms. Ann R. Stokes
Eileen Rocheleau                 Sara & Dag Shaw                       Deborah Stone & James Morone
Mrs. Dianne R. Rochford          Mr. & Mrs. L. H. Sherrill, Jr.        William & Judith Parker Stone
Dr. & Mrs. Sol Rockenmacher      Frederick & Elizabeth Shirley         Mr. & Mrs. George M. Strout
Mr. & Mrs. John Rodgers          Ms. Deborah F. Showalter              Richard & Ruth Stuart
Dr. & Mrs. Ellis Rolett          Eliza Shulman                         David & Jean Sweeney
Mr. & Mrs. George Roorbach       Susan Sielke &                        Ms. Sandra Swinburne
Mr. & Mrs. Morton R. Rosen          Eleanor Vander Haegen              Mr. Robert Taft
Marc Rosenbaum                   Scott Silberfeld & Abigail Easterly   Mr. & Mrs. Peter L. Tailer
Kathleen M. Ross                 Lewis & Miriam Silverman              Jane & Richard Talpey
Rhoda Ross & Joseph Solomon      Mrs. Robert A. Sincerbeaux            Beth Taylor
Susan & Peter Rotch              Dr. & Mrs. Karl Singer                Rep. & Mrs. Bert Teague
Judith B. Rowan, Ph.D.           Donald & Ruth Sisson                  Mr. & Mrs. David W. Tellman
Frederick & Ruth Rozelle         Ms. Laura C. Slavin                   Judy Thackaberry & Paul Howe
Dr. & Mrs. Frederic Rueckert     Leonard Small, M.D.                   Jon & Kathy Thatcher
Robert Heathcote Russell &       Brad & Anne Smith                     Ms. Sylvia L. Thayer
   Elsa Garmire                  Frederick Smith, Jr.                  Mrs. George Theriault
Debra Hughes Sabalewski          Mr. & Mrs. James H. Smith             Rt. Rev. Douglas Theuner
Marc Sadowsky, M.D. &            Karen Burgess Smith                   Mrs. Cynthia S. Thompson
   Devra Cohen, M.D.             Madlyn R. Smith                       Mr. & Mrs. Robert Thoresen

“      PPNNE has a special place in our hearts. In the mid-’80s, our
    daughter went to your clinic, where you found a tumor. She was
    treated so well. . .and now has healthy children of her own.
8               Planned Parenthoood of Northern New England 2004 Donors
Alan M. & Louise Thorndike        Ann Windsor                     Allen Avery
  in memory of Hope Spater        Frances Winneg                  Lela Avery
Sally Thursby                     Mr. Paul Winsor III             Daniel Axtell & Charlotte Gifford
Ms. Margaret Tilson               Philip & Ronna Wise             Ms. Sarah Axtell
Marcia M. Tingley                 Mara R. Witzling                Ms. Katherine M. Babbitt
Ms. Kathy T. Torrey               Mr. & Mrs. Christian Wolff       Dr. & Mrs. David Babbott
Ms. Martha Torrey                 Blair & Peggie Wood             Frank L. Babbott, Jr.
Peter & Janice Treadwell          Beverly Powell Woodward         Joan Griggs Babbott
Anthony & Barbara Tremblay        Ms. Susan H. Woodward           Ms. Tracy L. Bach &
Bessann & William Triplett        Mr. & Mrs. Paul Wormwood                        .
                                                                     Mr. Brian P Lombardo
Mr. & Mrs. Vernon Trudo                      .
                                  Ms. Mary P Wright               Edna Backup
Ms. Mary G. Truslow               Tom & Story Wright              Mr. & Mrs. Jason Bacon
Nora M. Tuthill                   Ms. Nancy F. Wyatt              Caroline Bailey
Mrs. Lewis C. Tuttle              Burleigh Wyman & Heidi Wells    Chas Baker
Robert & Charen Urban             Ms. Susan H. Wyman              Mr. & Mrs. Coleman Baker
Utility Club of Lyme              Jane Yaggy                      Ms. Natalie S. Baker
Ms. Kate Vachon                   Jackie Yakovleff                 Susan Baker
Jim & Cindy Varnum                Gladys & Alvin Yantiss          Scott & Kate Baldwin
Miss Louise Vaughan               Jean L. Young                   Charles & Hedi Ballantyne
Ms. Jane Vincent-McIlwaine        Oglesby & Pamela Young           in memory of Polly Holden
Mr. C. G. Vlahakis                Dr. William W. Young            Mr. Donald H. Ballou
Mr. Alan H. Vrooman               Ms. May E. Youngclaus           Patricia L. Ballou
Janet & William Wagner            Carol & Jim Zablocki                         .
                                                                  Ms. Laurel P Barbieri
Arnold & Joyce Wajenberg          Anne & Kimon Zachos Advised     Doug & Suzy Barbor
Mr. Gary V. Walker                   Fund of the Manchester Reg.  Stephen & Eileen Barker
Mrs. Sidney A. Walker                Community Foundation         Ms. Barbara R. Barnes
Mr. William H. Wallace            Ms. Deborah Zollner             Mr. & Mrs. H. G. Barnum
Cheves & Jane Walling             Christine & Charles Zoulias     Ms. Robin Barone &
Mr. John N. Walter                Michael Zulauf & Lissa Hurley      Mr. Sydney Lea
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Walton                                             Sen. Susan & Mr. William Bartlett
R. King Warburton                 VERMONT                         Jane & Royal Bartrum
Mr. & Mrs. Sydney Ward                                            Ms. June E. Bascom
Mary P. Wastcoat                  Dr. & Mrs. Michael Abajian                         .
                                                                  Mr. & Mrs. John P Bassett
Mr. & Mrs. George H. Watkins      Dr. & Mrs. Peter Abell          Helju K. Batchelder
Ms. Margaret Watkins              Mr. Thomas Achenbach            Kent & Mary Batcheller
Deborah A. Watrous                Ms. Sylvia Adams                Dennis Bates & Ann Hazelrigg
Lucy Weber                        Mr. & Mrs. Paul Adamsbaum       Joseph & Beverly Bates
Mrs. Peter Webster                Brooke & Jim Adler              Thomas & Lorna Bates
Ms. Ellen T. Weiss                David & Jennifer Adsit          Anna & A. Peter Batson
Ms. Muriel Weissman               Barbara Agnew                   Ms. Megan Battey
Patricia & John Welch             Ms. Marcia Ahlborg              Mr. & Mrs. John J. Baumgartner
Ms. Sally A. Wellborn             Susan & Peter Alden             Mr. Ronald H. Bean
Mary & Roger Wellington           Martha Alexander & Chris Graves Bear Pond Books
Mrs. Ruth J. Wellington           Mr. Theodore S. Allen           Ms. Martha L. Beatty
Gisela Wemple                     Patricia Passmore Alley         Ms. Judith C. Becker
Tim & Susan Wessels               Laurel & Norman Alpert          Mrs. Ruth Beeken
Mary Westfall & Dale Rasmussen    Hope Alswang & Henry Joyce      Ms. Linda Beitz
Mark & Andrea Wheatley            Lisa Alther                     Raymond & Martha Beloin
The Honorable Katherine Wheeler   Julia Alvarez & William Eichner Susan C. Benedict
Ms. Lisa I. Whittemore            Edwin Amidon &                  Mary Helen Bentley
Sheila & John Whittier               Louise McCarren              Ms. Sally R. Berdan-Molnar
Sarah Widhu                       Dawn Anderson                   Ms. Kirsten Berggren
Dr. & Mrs. Charles E. Wilder      Frederick & Barbara Anderson    Ms. Debby Bergh
Mr. Roger Wilken                  Richard & Claire Anderson       Dr. Renee Bergner
Narda & Alan Wilkinson            Steve Anderson & Jacquie Walker Alice Z. Berninghausen
Ms. Constance M. Williams         Elise & Philip Anton            Dr. & Mrs. Richard A. Bernstein
Frederick & Marie Williams        Ms. Shannon Anton               Ann & Scott Berry
Mrs. Helen R. Williams            Mr. Brian Appleberry            Ms. Patricia Berry
Ms. Madeline D. Williams          T. Michael Armstrong            Rosemary D. Bevan
Whit & Priscilla Williams         Nancy & Winslow Arnold          David & Carole Bibeau
Ms. Genevieve M. Williamson       Ms. Jean Arrowsmith             Betty L. Biedermann
Dr. & Mrs. Peter Williamson       Jessie & Eugene Ashley          Jeremy & Janet Birch
Sybil B. & J. Peter Williamson    Ms. Elena Atwill                Carol & Daniel Birdsall
Mr. Robin Willits                 Ms. Cynthia B. Atwood           Mrs. Lillian H. Birkett
Ms. Mary D. Wilson                Susan Atwood-Stone &            Brenda & John Bisbee
Thomas & Joan Wilson                 Chip Stone                   Mr. Eric Bishop

                        Personal Contributions. Public Commitment.                                9
VERMONT                                     .
                                Ms. Lyda P Bruce                    Mr. Winston G. Churchill
                                Barbara & John Bruno                Dr. Marilyn Cipolla &
William Bissell                 Mr. & Mrs. Guy Brunton                 Dr. Steven Shapiro
Mr. & Mrs. Angus C. Black, Jr.  Judy & William Bryan                The Rev. Bradford Clark &
Marilyn & Edward Blackwell      Mr. Robert Buckeye                     Caron Nardi Clark
Julia Blake & Steven Gelatt     Mr. & Mrs. Eliot K. Buckingham      Peter L. Clark & Gloria Desousa
Mr. David Blanchard             Ms. Jane E. Buckingham              Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Clark
Ms. Irene J. Blanchard          Mrs. Esther W. Buffum                Dr. & Mrs. David W. Clauss
Marianne Lee Blanchard          Barbara & Wilbur Bull               Susan & K. Putnam Clayton
Ms. Barbara Blauvelt            Ann D. Bunting, Ph.D.               Ms. Elayne Clift
Peter Blodgett                  Dr. & Mrs. John Burbank             Ardis & Thompson Close
Stuart S. Blood & Li Shen       Andrew & Julie Burden               Gregory & Lynn Cluff
Anna & Seymour Bloom            Mr. & Mrs. John F. Burditt          Lucinda & Peter Cobb
Tony & Barb Bloom               Becky Burk & Peter Colompos         Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Cochran
Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Bloomhardt John & Karen Burke                   Violet Coffin
Mr. Joel Blumenthal             Marianne Burke                      Dr. Randye E. Cohen &
Mrs. Ruth P Bogorad             Ms. Jane Burkhardt                     Mr. Tim Ahles
Henry Boisse                    Samuel H. Burr & Eugenie Doyle      Elizabeth Gibbons
 in memory of James Marvel      Dr. Barbara J. Burroughs &          Robin & Robert Coleburn
Joseph A. Boisse                    Dr. Joel M. Goldberg            Ralph & Carolyn Colin
Ms. Eileen M. Boland &          Ms. Elizabeth C. Bushueff            Dr. & Mrs. Richard Colletti
   Mr. Don Bredes               Nina Dahlstedt Buss                 Patricia Collier
Amy H. Bolger                   Anna Taylor Caleb                   Janet & Rudyard Colter
Ms. Anna Bolognani              Ms. Carol Calhoun                   Rhonda Colvard
Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Bolton    Sarah & Charles Calley              Mr. & Mrs. Harry E. Colwell
Ms. Julie Bonanno               Ms. Christel Camarra                Concept II, Inc.
Ms. Amy L. S. Bond              Sean & Joan Campbell                Mr. & Mrs. Albert E. Conklin
Mr. & Mrs. Charles S. Bond      Ms. Peggy Carey                     Paula Ann & John C. Connell
Ms. Lynne A. Bond               Paul Carnahan & Eve Jacobs-         Mr. & Mrs. Alvin Converse
Mr. & Mrs. Walter E. Borden III     Carnahan                        Marjorie & Russell Cook
Rev. & Mrs. David J. Bort       Donna & Jake Carpenter              Mr. Philip W. Cook
Suzanne H. Bosch                John & Connie Carpenter             Ms. Carolyn E. Cooke
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph F. Boss        Ms. Elaine Carrano                  Dr. Robert W. Coon
Ms. Naomi Bossom                Roland & Miriam Carreker            Malcolm & Emily Cooper
Jean & Kirk Bosworth            Deborah & Peter Carter              Mr. & Mrs. Peter Cooper
Ruth Botzow                     Ms. Sarah F. Carter                 Louis & Sally Cornell
Nancy J. & Richard Bouffard      Ms. Teresa A. Casey                 Ms. Sydnie Cornell
Mrs. Martha Boyajian            Marcia Cassidy & Paul Horak         Jean Cotner
Ms. Deborah A. Boyle            Jill & Charles Castelli             Berthe M. & Robert S. Cowles
Kym Boyman, M.D. &              Jean & Weston Cate                  Cedar F. Cowles
   Beth Robinson                Nancy Cathcart &                    Ms. Eleanore B. Cowles
Cecelia & Barry Bozetarnik          Michael Couture                 Timothy & Rawiwan
Jessie & Jeffrey Bradley         Deborah & John Cave                    Kasetrevatin Cowles
Ms. Cynthia A. Brandenburg      W. Gordon & Helen S. Cawood         Mr. & Mrs. Millard Cox
Leah & Farren Bratton           Veronica Celani                     Mrs. Emma-Lou Craig
Suzanne & James Brian           Lila & Ken Cestone                  Mary Crane
Betsy Brigham & Brett Engstrom Sarah & Malcolm Chamberlain          Susie & Ted Cronin
Laura & Duncan Brines           Robert & Kate Chamberlin            Crosby Foundation
Ms. Marlene M. Bristol          Michelle Champoux                   Carol & Clifton Crosby
Laurie & Steve Brittain         Leigh Chandler &                    Mr. & Mrs. Henry B. Cross, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas G. Britton       Christopher Luczynski           Ms. Susan Cross
Ernest & Linda Broadwater       Mr. & Mrs. John C. Chapin           Jack Crowl &
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Broderick     Charles & Evelyn Chapman               Gaal Shepherd Crowl
Douglas & Leah Bronner          Mr. & Mrs. William Chapman          Ms. Sydney Crystal
Ms. Judy Brook                  John & Nancy Chard                  Donald & Lynn Cummings
Mr. & Mrs. Walter Brooker       Joshua & Katharine Chasan           Dr. & Mrs. Charles C.
Ms. Rebecca Brookes             Reed & Debora Cherington               Cunningham
Berne Broudy & Mike Donohue       in memory of Polly Holden         Fred & Ann Curran
Mrs. Erna Brousseau             Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Childs, Jr.   Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Curtis
Margaret Brower                 Christopher & Nancy Chiquoine       Ms. Judith Cyprian
Jennifer & Russell Brown        Ms. Sandra Chizinsky                Judith Daly
Mr. John R. B. Brown            Elizabeth Warner Christie           Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Dana
Ms. Melissa M. Brown            Ms. Barbara S. Church               Ms. Lois D’Arcangelo
Suzanne Brown                   Ted Church, Superior Technical      Elizabeth Darden
Mr. & Mrs. George Brownell          Ceramics                        Ms. Amy Darley
Mr. & Mrs. Lincoln Brownell     Stephanie & Jay Churchill           Ms. Polly C. Darnell

10              Planned Parenthoood of Northern New England 2004 Donors
Dr. & Mrs. Robert P. Darrow         William & Shohreh Eckhardt        Lionel & Ardys Fisher
Paula & Joseph Dart                 Beryl Eddy                        Lori Fisher & Ben Rose
Elizabeth J. Davis                  David & Marie Eddy                Mrs. Betty S. Fishman
Gerald S. Davis, M.D.               Bernice & Murray Edelstein        David Fisk & Jennifer Davey
Kim Davis                           Ms. Elizabeth W. Edwards          Dr. & Mrs. George C. Fjeld
Staige & Marnie Davis               Drs. Susan & William H. Edwards   Ms. Jacqueline Flickinger
Ms. Ann B. Day                      Elizabeth Ehrenfreund             Ellen Flight
Lois & Anthony de la Pena           Mrs. Craig Eilers                 Ms. Patricia Fontaine
Kathleen de Rham                    Ms. Claudia J. Eisinger           Edith L. Forbes
Ms. Clare de Zengotita              Janet & Philip Eller              Susan Ford
Ms. Earlyn Dean                     Dr. & Mrs. David Ellerson         Walter & Laurie Forest
Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Dean, Jr.      Mr. Earle Ellingwood              Sharon Fortune
Mrs. Robert S. Deane                Mr. & Mrs. Rogers Elliott         Benjamin & Lois Foster
Leigh & William Deehan              Ms. Gay Ellis                     Edward & Carolyn Foster
Robert & Helen Deeley               Ms. Llyn M. Ellison               Jim & Liz Foster
Linda Del Hagen &                   Mr. & Mrs. Joseph E. Ellovich     Roger S. Foster, Jr., M.D.
   Michael Breiner                  Dr. Wallace M. Elton &            Stephen & Margaret Foster
Ms. Mary Del Piero                     Susan A. Buckley               Mr. Thomas H. Foster
Mr. & Mrs. Terry A. Dennis          Mr. & Mrs. Corwin Elwell          Mr. & Mrs. Willett Foster III
Jeanne Desrochers                   Faith G. Emerson                  Mr. & Mrs. Willett Foster IV
Linda & Robert Desrochers           Ms. Ann B. Emery                  Mr. Dan Fowler
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Detenbeck         Mrs. Leeann Emery                 Jill Fox
Nancy & Stephen Detra               M. Dana Emmons                    Cathy & Joe Frank
Patricia J. Dewey                   Christina Erickson                Mr. Russell G. Frank
Jennifer & Justin Dextradeur        Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Erickson    Miriam K. Fredenthal
Joseph & Jennifer Dickerman         Erik C. Esselstyn                 Diane & Thomas Freiheit
Donald & Judy Dickson               Ms. Nancy I. Evans                Patrick & Patricia French
Nancy & Bob DiMauro                 Mr. John M. Fagan                 Rebecca French
Mr. & Mrs. John B. Dinklage         Julie & David Fagan               Anne & Walter Frey
Beverly Dion                        Jonathan & Louise Fairbank        Mr. & Mrs. Melvin A. Friberg
Mr. Cleveland E. Dodge, Jr.         Gretchen Fairweather              Milton & Carolyn Frye
Mr. Bert Dodson                     Bruce Faller                      Nancy Furlong
Mary Dollenmaier                    Ellen & Joseph Fallon             Diane Gabriel & Mark Stoler
Ms. Susan Donnis                    Dana & Kevin Farley               Mrs. Hester M. Gage
Sandra Dooley                       Sally & Paul Farrar               Jane W. Gage
Ellen & William Dorsch              Mark & Florence Farrell           Richard & Laurie Gagnon
Lida & Dean Douglas                 Mrs. Margaret A. Faucher          Christine & William Gahagan
Stratton Douthat & Gail Falk        Abigail D. Faulkner &             Mrs. Elisabeth Gambler
Bari & Peter Dreissigacker             Hobart G. Guion                Robert T. Gannett
Ms. Edith K. Drury                  Richard & Barbara Feingold        Clinton & Elizabeth Gardner
Sharon Duckman                      Dr. & Mrs. Stephen Feldman        Dr. & Mrs. Frank Gardner
Barbara J. Duncan & Gary Brooks     Mrs. Martha Fenn                  Ms. Cynthia Gardner-Morse
Dunham-Mason Foundation             Mary Beardsley Fenn                        .
                                                                      Olivia P Garfield
Ms. Nancie Dunn                     Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Ferguson     Mr. Paul K. Garrett
Judy & Dwight Dunning               Kathy & Jerold Fernee             Ms. Anne Garrigue
Ms. S. L. Dunning                   Ms. Marguerite H. Ferris          Allen & Sandra Gartner
Barbara & William Dunnington        Dr. & Mrs. Ronald M. Ferry, Jr.   Mrs. Alice B. Gausch
Ms. Carol E. Dunsmore                in memory of Polly Holden        Mary & Norman Gauthier
Ms. Patricia J. Dupree              Laurie Fichter                    Ms. Deborah Gaynor
Rebecca Durant &                    Ms. Betsy Field                   Ms. Barbara Geer
   Thomas Hunter                    Sabra Field                       Mr. Howard E. Geer, Jr.
Dr. & Mrs. Herbert A. Durfee, Jr.   Ann Fielder                       Julia H. Geer &
John & Heather Dwight               Alden & Beverly Fiertz                Richard Dreissigacker
Ms. Penny N. Dye                    Robert & Joanne Finkel            Drew Gelfenbein & Shani Mekler
Jan Eastman & John Marshall         Kathryn Finnie & Kevin Dorn       Ann Danseyar Gelfon
Lois Eby & David Budbill            Jan & Michael Fisher              Thomas & Nancy Gerlach

“  I support Planned Parenthood a million percent. You all SAVED
  my life, I don’t know where I would be if it weren’t for Planned
   Parenthood. Thanks for all of the GREAT work you do in this
                world! We must continue to fight!!
                          Personal Contributions. Public Commitment.                               11
VERMONT                           Ms. Karen Halverson                Ms. Sally D. Howe
                                  Ms. Heather C. Hamilton            Ms. Catherine Howell
Ellen Gershun                     Mr. Scott Hamilton                 Mrs. Barbara Howland
William & Kristine Gerson         Mr. & Mrs. Stanton T. Hamlet       Larry Hubner &
Ms. Barbara Gibbs                 Amy R. Hamlin                         Robin Cook-Hubner
Carol & George Gibson             Cheryl J. Hanson                   Mrs. Grace D. Hudkins
Cheryl Gibson & Mary Hurlie       Mr. Perry O. Hanson                Mr. & Mrs. David S. Hume
Christina & Donald Gilbert        Peter & Cynthia Hanson             Cyndi & Dean Humphrey
Mr. & Mrs. Clinton Gilbert, Jr.   Ms. Susan E. Hardy                 Ms. Dorothy Humphrey
James & LaReine Gilbert           Patricia L. Harford                Dr. Mahendra S. Hundal
Craig & Alice Gilborn             Ms. Jamie Harmon                   Albert & Marica Hunker
Mrs. Janet Gillette               Christopher & Sarah Harris         Margaret Hunt
Ms. Nanette F. Gilmour            David & Danette Harris             Susan & Graham Hunter
Mrs. Richard Glade                Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Hasse             Ms. Gale S. Hurd
Ms. Linda Goldberg                Mr. & Mrs. Francis Hatch           Janet & Lee K. Hurd
Mr. & Mrs. Wallace Good           Jeffrey & Hilary Hatch              Mr. & Mrs. John Hurd
Cathie A. Goodheart               Ms. Susan Hathaway                 Clinton & Gudrun Hutchins
Nat Goodhue                       J. Hervie & Patricia Haufler        Katharine & David Hutchinson
Ms. Penelope M. Goodkind          John & Joey Hawkins                Drs. Frances & Simeon Hutner
Ms. Jane A. Goodwin               Richard & Marcia Hawkins           Mr. Beal Hyde
Mr. & Mrs. Edwin J. Gordon        Mr. Peter Hayden                   Thomas B. Hyde & Mercy Russel
Mr. & Mrs. Graham Gordon          Robin & Jon Hayden                 Janet & John Irving
Rick & Elaine Gordon              Joanne M. Hayes                    Keefer & Bill Irwin
Mr. & Mrs. James H. Gosnell       Mr. & Mrs. William Hazelett                 .
                                                                     Kristin P Ishaq
Debra & William Gottesman         Mr. John M. Head                   Carolyn & Willard Jackson
Ms. Rebecca Gottesman             Nancy & William Heaslip            Mr. & Mrs. John H. Jackson
Karen Grace & Nancy Carpenter Mary Ellen & James Hebert              Donna & Philip Jacob
Rep. Maxine J. Grad               Werner & Sharon Heidemann          Mr. Travis B. Jacobs
Anna J. L. Grady                  Dr. & Mrs. Richard S. Heilman      Geraldine M. Jacobson
William & Valerie Graham          Donald & Patricia Henderson        Ms. Nancy W. Jaffe
Ms. Daphne P Gratiot              Robert & Jean Henshaw              Cill Janeway
Alison Gravel                     Barbara G. Henzel &                Russell A. Janis &
Kathleen Graves &                     Jessica C. Henzel                 Constance Snow
   Donald Freeman                 Lucille & Andrew Herschel          Ms. B. Lauren Jarvi
Phil Gray                         Ms. Mariel Hess &                  Mr. & Mrs. Voitto W. Jarvi
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas O. Gray             Mr. Nash Basom                 Mrs. Hannah M. Jeffery
Jane & Reid Grayson               Karen & Randy Hesse                Wendy & Owen Jenkins
Michael I. Green & Sarah Muyskens Ms. Heather Hewitt Main            Ms. Susan Jewett
Tom & Connie Green                Ginny & Bruce Hiland               Jennifer Jewiss & Jared Katz
John S. & Kathryn Greenberg       Anne Hildreth                      Dr. & Mrs. Robert Jimerson
Ms. Bonnie G. Greene                in honor of Dee & Pat Hildreth   Ms. Corlan Johnson
Ms. Barbara T. Greenewalt         Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Hill              Ms. Karen Johnson
Miss Janet L. Greenlees           Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hindmarsh        Robert & Doris Johnson
Mrs. Arlene Greenwood             Ms. Dorothy S. Hines                          .
                                                                     Ms. Sally P Johnson
Terri Gregory &                   Mrs. Isabel Hoag                   Bonnie Johnson-Aten &
   Milford Cushman                Fred & Marlene Hodgdon                Keith Aten
Charles & Susan Grigg             Rosalie Jean Hodgkin               Ms. Barbara S. Jones
Mr. Donald S. Groll               Ms. Susan Hoffman-Ogier             Mrs. Louise H. Jones
Dr. & Mrs. Bernard Gross          Ms. Frances H. Holbrook            Mr. Thomas G. Joslin
Kenneth & Mary Lou Gross          Ms. Lucy E. Holland                Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. Judd
Ms. Phyllis Grossbaum             Linda Hollingdale & Mary Loney     Ms. Elizabeth S. Judson
Elizabeth B. Grover &             Gail W. Holmes                     Ms. Nancy B. Junker
   Philip Cooper                  Ms. Audrey Holm-Hansen             Paul & Maryanne Kaemmerlen
Nancy & Dean Grover               Beth Holtzman                      Ms. Lorraine Kane
Mr. & Mrs. David Grundy           Michelle & David Holzapfel         Ms. Phyllis Kaplan
Mr. Frederick Guile               Jurij Homziak & Mary Trexler       Catherine Kashanski &
Dr. & Mrs. Dieter W. Gump         Marion Hong                           Eric Sorenson
Ms. Karen Gustafson               Nancy Hood                         R. Sue Kaufman
Emily Guziak                      Virginia L. Hood, M.D.             Mr. Chapin Kaynor
Sarah & Peter Haaren              Donald & Allison Hooper            Mr. William Keegan
Fred & Sally Hackett              Maria & Irwin Horn                 Barbara M. Kehaya
Susan & Alexander Hadden          Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Hornung          Ms. Carolyn Kehler
Charlotte & Afework Hagos         Stephanie Hosey                    Gary & Barbara Keller
Ms. Carol A. Hall                 Dana & Andrea Houlihan             David & Wilma Kelley
Mrs. Natalie N. Hall              Mr. & Mrs. Peter V. Howe           Ronald & Catherine Kelley
Sarah Hall-Fox & Bernie Fox       Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Howe          Dr. Jean R. Kellner

12               Planned Parenthoood of Northern New England 2004 Donors
Frank & Marion Kellogg              Sheri & Richard Larsen           Mr. William R. Marquart
 in memory of Polly Holden          Ms. Nancy D. Larson              Norman & Ellie Marshall
Barbara C. Kelly &                   in memory of                    Roger Marshall
    Gordon R. Kelly, M.D.              Mary Louise Sheppard          Thomas Marshall Foundation
Diane Kemble                        Ruth Thomson Laubach             Denise U. Martin
Ms. Elaine Kend                     Jane & John Lawlis               Elisabeth & W. Howard Martin
Ms. Maricel L. Keniston             Creston Lea & Kerrie Mathes      Michael E. Martin
A. Jay & Carol Kenlan               James & Latitia Leahy            Ms. Marcia L. Mason
Andrea Kenney                              .
                                    Mary P Lechevalier               Michael H. Mason, M.D.
Miss Carolyn C. Kenney              Mr. Frederick W. Lee             Nan & Ben Mason
Mrs. Linda H. Kenney                Mr. & Mrs. Eldredge H. Leeming   Myra & William Mathers
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Kerschner        Karen & Jim LeFevre              Mr. Robert M. Mattuck
Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. Ketchum       Rev. & Mrs. John Lemkul           in memory of Polly Holden
Ms. Michel T. Kimball                               .
                                    Ms. Andreana P Lemmon            Marilyn Maxfield
Mr. & Mrs. Walker S. Kimball        Ms. Joan Lenes                   Jack & Chip Mayer
Mr. & Mrs. William S. Kimball       Kathy & Peter Leonard            Ms. Diana L. McCargo
Priscilla Kimberly & Jerome Lasky   Ms. Eve Leons                    Marion & Lee McChesney
Mr. Robert C. Kingsley              Ms. Judith Lerner                Mr. & Mrs. John S. McCormick
Charles & Marie Kireker             Jack Lesnik                      Ms. Joanne McCoy
Susan Kirincich & Chuck Wooster     Ms. Sharon E. Levin              Joseph W. & Mary McDaniel
Harvey & Debra Klein                Mrs. Gloria Levine               Mr. & Mrs. John H. McDonald
Ms. Rona Klein                      Sandra & Michael Levine          Dr. & Mrs. J. Bishop McGill
Dr. Lila M. Klemme                  Anne Lezak & Harry Chen          Robert J. McKay
Ms. Anne T. Knapp                   Leanne Klyza Linck &              in memory of Elizabeth F. McKay
Shirley & John Knowlton                Robert Linck                  Florence E. McLaughlin
Sara & Ron Kobylenski               Brenda Lindemann, M.P   .H.      Susan F. McLaughry
Miriam Adams Kohn                   Ms. Naomi Lindenfeld             Mr. Ernest McLeod
Mitchell Kontoff &                   Ms. Airie R. Lindsay             Marilyn McQuaide &
    Jennifer Howard                 Dr. & Mrs. Alan B. Lindsey          Thomas Freiberger
Dr. Roy Korson                      Lintilhac Foundation             James & Agathe McQueston
Sally & Benjamin Kotkov             Ms. Deborah Lisman               Martha McSherry
Gerrit & Ellen Kouwenhoven          George & Carol Little            Nancy & Ronald Menard
Hillary Kramer & David Melnick      Mr. & Mrs. George T. Little      Mr. & Mrs. Barton Merle-Smith
Ms. Aileen J. Kraus                 Robert & Linda Livingstone       Harriette Merrill
Sarah & Robert Krebs                Ms. Robin Lloyd                  John & Millie Merrill
Peter & Anne Kreisel                Ms. Patricia L. Logue            Cordelia N. Merritt
Ms. Constance Krosney               Carolyn E. Long                  Mr. & Mrs. Edd Merritt
Kate & Konrad Kruesi                Dr. John G. Long &               Mr. & Mrs. John B. Meyer
John H. Kueffner &                      Dr. Delight A. Wing           Nicholas & Bridget Meyer
    Carolyn Goodwin Kueffner         Norwood & Joanna Long            Ms. Carol Michaud
Mr. & Mrs. William Kuehn            Ms. Ann E. Lorrain               Sheila & Dale Michaud
Mr. & Mrs. R. W. Kugler             Evelyn Lovett & Jeffrey Shumlin   Dr. & Mrs. Keith Michl
Allan & Diane Kunigis               Penelope L. Lowe                 Mr. David T. Mickey
Arthur S. Kunin, M.D.               Ms. Jennifer Lucas               Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Middleton
Rachel Kurland &                    Dr. & Mrs. William Luginbuhl     Ms. Selma B. Milchen
    David McWilliams                Louise & William Luring          Lynn W. Miles
Ms. Constance S. Kurth              Ms. Deborah Lynch                Rep. Gini Milkey
Ms. Suzanne K. Kusserow             Wendy Lynch & Gary Margolis      Anne Gates Miller
Ms. Ester LaBay                     Lynchpin Foundation              Ms. Cathleen G. Miller
Ms. Alice B. Lacey                  Mr. Eugene M. Lyons              Esther Ellsworth Miller
Jolinda & Rob LaClair               Wilson & Susan MacIntire         Sen. Hinda Miller
Richard & Vivian Lacy               Stanley & Patricia Mack          Ms. Jane D. Miller
Fred Lager & Yvette Pigeon          Ms. Joan A. MacKenzie            Ms. Jean E. Miller
Ms. Ellen M. Laird                  Charles MacLean, M.D. &          Merle & Nora Miller
Dr. & Mrs. David Lamb                  Susan P. Shane, M.D.          Ms. Sarah I. Miller
Paul & Ruth Lamberson               Tom & Charlotte Macleay          Ms. Sue Miller
John Lamperti                       Mrs. Doris W. Maeck              Valerie & Douglas Miller
Ms. Jane Lancaster                  Ms. Frederica Mahlmann           Ms. Jean B. Milligan
Barbara Lande Bronfman              Peter & Frances Mallary          John & Robin Milne
Mr. Neil Landres                    Ms. Dorothy L. Mammen            R. John & Dorothy R. Mitchell
Dale & Joan Lang                    Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Mandell        Ms. Ann Mittelstadt
Mr. & Mrs. Roy Langdell             Cynthia Mangsen                  Kendall Ankeny Mix
Merry & Martin Lapidus              Eileen & Robert Mann             Ms. Sally D. Mole
Ms. Susan E. LaPorte                Madeline Mann & Neale Gow        Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Molloy
Sarah M. Larkin                     Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Manning     Charlotte Mondrosch-Folley
David & Kathryn Larsen              Bill Mares & Chris Hadsel        Susan Church Montgomery

                         Personal Contributions. Public Commitment.                                 13
VERMONT                         Drs. John & Alice Outwater           Douglas Racine
                                Ms. Betsy Owen                       Irene Racz & Glenn Gershaneck
Mr. Malcolm Moore               Mr. Peter Oxford                     Ms. Deborah K. Ramsdell
Richmond & Hazel Moot           Ms. Christine L. Packard             Mrs. Margaret M. Ramsdell
Susan Morgan                    Priscilla Page                       Mrs. Louise B. Ransom
Mr. & Mrs. Barclay Morris       Donna & Joseph Palatucci             Ted & Eleanor Ranzal
Lotti & David Morris            Grace Paley                          David & Michelle Rath
Mr. Terence J. Morris           John A. Pane & Elizabeth Bassett     Patricia & John Read
Mrs. Alenda Morrison            Jennifer Paone-Vogt                  Ms. Sandra Read
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Morrissette    Marissa M. Parisi                    Suzanne & Thomas Reardon
Edward & Barbara Morrow         William Parkhill & Carol Hinson      Brian & Holly Reed
Ms. Lettie N. Morse             Ms. Patricia O. B. Parsons           Mr. & Mrs. Douglas A. Reed
Ms. Nancy Mosher                Mr. & Mrs. David Partridge           Kristin Reed
Mrs. William E. Mosher          Ms. Ruth Partridge                   Gay & Peter Regan
Alfred & Sally Motzer           Helen V. Passmore                    John & Patti Reid
Mr. & Mrs. Walter Moyer, Jr.    Mrs. Helen R. Patterson              Ms. Susan L. Reilly
Robert & Peggy Mullen           Ms. M. Rose Paul                     Dr. & Mrs. Solon L. Rhode III
Sean Mullen                     Ms. Sue C. Pauli                     Elizabeth & Ronald Rhodes
Mrs. Valerie R. Mullen          Henry & Barbara Payson               Dorothy & David Rice
Carolyn & Bert Munger           Maureen & Mitchell Pearl             Martha Jane Rich
Sen. Janet S. Munt              Ms. Patricia B. Peat                 Prof. Edward L. Richards, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. George T. Murdoch II Julie & Donald Peddie                Martha & Steve Richardson
Mr. & Mrs. Liam Murphy          David Pederson & Karen Pratt         Ms. Veronica C. Richel
Ms. Susan M. Murray             Rose & Ivan Pels                     Alban & Margaret Richey
Ms. Margaret M. Murtha          Abbie Penfield & Charles Cyr          Carol Richman
Michael & Beth Muskat           Tracy Penfield                        Ms. Linda B. Riell
Dr. & Mrs. W. P. Laird Myers    Nancy L. Pennell                     Ms. Shoshana Rihn
Kimmerly Nace & Michael Earley Nellie L. Pennington &                Ms. Joanne S. Riley
David D. Nagle                               .
                                   Nathan P Hine                     Karl & Charlene Rinker
Ms. Nancy Nash-Cummings         Perk & Randall Perkins               Mr. & Mrs. Art Ristau
Dr. Jane N. Nathan              Ms. Sandra Perkins                   Ms. Susan Ritz
Mrs. Louis Neilson              Ronald & Margaretta Pero             Dr. & Mrs. Theodore B. Robbins
Stepp & Cook Neilson            Teresa & Richard Pete                Anne B. Roberts
Mary Louise Nelsen              John Peters & Hilarie Gade           Mr. John A. Rocray
Donna & Bruce Nelson            Mr. Andrew Petersen                  Ms. Edith M. Roeder
Eliot W. Nelson & Maryann Lisak Jennifer Peterson & Mark LaBarr      Ms. Andrea Rogers
John K. Nelson &                Anthony P. Petrillo & Ellen Pinter   Mr. Donald G. Rogers
   Christine Fraioli            Sarah A. Phillips                    Tom & Molly Roland
Jeanne & Lee Nemlich            Beth E. Phinney & family             William & Marilyn Rollins
Ms. Nancy J. Nesbitt            Ms. Adele E. Pierce                  Mr. & Mrs. Mikel M. Rollyson
Roy Neuer & Shirley K. Wolfe    James & Nancy Pierson                Millicent Rooney
Mr. Graham S. Newell            Miss Lori A. Pinard                    in memory of
 in memory of Polly Holden      Ed & Jane Pincus                         Margaret Stater Ward
Sarah & James Newell            Ms. Anne Pinkney                     Ms. Lidian A. Rose
Ms. Pauline Nichol              William & Kathryn Piper              Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Rose
Geoffrey & Joan Nichols          Elizabeth & Wesley Pittman           Ralph Rosenberg, M.D.
Rev. Johanna Nichols            John & Margaret Poffenberger          Diane & Peter Rosenfeld
Ms. Mary R. Niebling            Pamela Polston                       Tia Rosengarten
Barbara Nielsen                 Ms. Margaret A. Pond &               Mr. & Mrs. James Ross
Ms. Janet Nielsen                  Mr. James E. Rader                Robert M. Ross
Alex Nimick                     Charlotte & Philip Pope              Norma Roth
Mrs. William P Noonan           Alan & Nancy Port                    Ms. Sandy Rousseau
Ms. Kathryn Nuissl              David Porteous & Vicky Smith         Harry & Mary Rowe
Mr. Andrew S. Nuquist           Betty & Robert Porter                Ginny & Randy Rowland
R. Frederick Nye                Donald & Linda Post                  Dr. Andy Rowles
Ms. Ellen O’Beirne              Milton Potash                        Janice M. Roy
Noreen & Michael O’Connor       Mr. & Mrs. Frederic D. Powell        Robert Royar
Colleen Oettinger               Platt & Marion Powell                Elizabeth Ruane
Herbert Ogden &                 Frederick & Eleanor Pratt            Mr. & Mrs. Ronald E. Rucker
   Catherine Thomas             Ms. Hazel Prindle                    Laural & Timothy Ruggles
Mr. & Mrs. Samuel R. Ogden, Jr. Fletcher Proctor                     Barbara Russ & Dean Williams
Dr. & Ms. Peter M. Ollman       Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Proctor         Ms. Tina Ruth
Nancy A. Olson                  Robert & Laura Pulaski               Mary S. Rutherford
Ms. Rosamond F. Orford          Mrs. Elizabeth Pulsifer              Ms. Lois H. Ruttenberg
Ms. Mary Heller Osgood          Fran & Spence Putnam                 Richard & Kay Ryder
Emma Ottolenghi, M.D.           Mr. Roger Putzel

14               Planned Parenthoood of Northern New England 2004 Donors
       “  I have a seven-year-old daughter and to imagine that
     she or her friends would have to live through the ignorance,
          oppression, and restrictions of my youth horrifies me.
         Of course I am for choice and reproductive education.
          For the sake of our wonderful, wanted children and
               their great lives ahead, how can we not be?

William N. Ryerson &                 Julian & Phoebe Sheres
                                                                         Allie Stickney & David Wagner
   Leta C. Finch                     Jessica Sherman & Hapy Mayer        Bob & Christine Stiller
Dr. Marlene Sachs &                  Maggie & Andrew Sherman             Walter H. Stockmayer
   Mr. Rusty Sachs                   Ms. Robin R. Shield                 Cathy Stoddert
Eugenia W. Saganich                  Mr. David A. Shiman                 Ms. Sandra S. Stoddert
Jane Sakovitz-Dale & Peter A. Dale   Mr. & Mrs. George Shumlin           Evan Stone
Mr. Robert Sand                      Peter & Deborah Shumlin             Frances & Paul Stone
Ms. Peggy O. Sands                   Ms. Monique Signorat                Richard A. Stoner &
Ms. Catherine A. Sanford             Lisa Simon & Peter Nobes               Theresa Hyland
Barbara M. Sargent                   Robert M. Simon, M.D.               Lee & Byron Stookey
Sue Saul                             Mrs. Eleanor B. Simons              Ms. Nancy Storrow &
John Savlove                         Catherine Simonson &                   Dr. Robert Nassau
Mrs. Peggy Sax                          Joseph Laferriere                John & Patricia Stotler
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Scatchard          Barry & Claire Simpson              Lesley Straley
Howard Schapiro & Jan Carroll        Steve Sinding & Monica Knorr        Margaret Straub & Mark Curran
Mary Alice Schatzle                  Mr. & Mrs. George C. Singer         Ms. Tammy A. Strauss
Mrs. Carl Schmidt                    Ms. Margaret Skinner                David Stromeyer
Mrs. Pat Schmitter                   David Smail, M.D.                   Ms. Amy Stuart
Carol R. Schnabel & Peter Hetzel     Small Dog Electronics               Kathleen Billings Sullivan
Ms. Linda D. Schneider               Frank & Ann Smallwood               Ms. Altoon Sultan
Ms. Sarah L. Schober                 Mrs. Elizabeth C. Smith             Mr. Robert Summers
Ms. Sandy Schofield                   Mrs. Evelyn Smith                   Meredith Sumner
Cynthia Schonberg                    Ms. Katherine Smith                 Susan M. Sussman &
Marvin & Mary Schouten               Ms. Meg Smith                          Scudder Parker
Arlen Schrock & Eileen Murphy        Hon. Barbara Snelling               Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Sutherland
Mr. & Mrs. John N. Schullinger       Mr. & Mrs. Kennedy Snow             Ms. Judith Sutphen
Dr. & Mrs. J. Donald Schultz         Helen Snyder                        Ms. Mary E. Swartz
Ben & Margo Schweyer                 Polly Sobel                         Ralph & Candice Swenson
Hervey C. Scudder                    Elizabeth & Jerry Sojourner         Shiela & Steven Swett
Mrs. Edward B. Seaton                Dr. & Mrs. Charles Solow            Dr. Peter D. Swift
Mr. & Mrs. Roger Secker-Walker       Ms. Jane Sommers                    Ms. Ruth E. Sylvester
Ms. Linda S. Seel                    Stephen & Josephine Spear           Jean Szilva
Bruce & Margaret Seely               Mr. & Mrs. Davis Spencer            Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Taggart
Rosie & Martin Segal                 Ms. Margaret K. Spencer &           James W. Taylor III &
Celia & Adrian Segar                    Mr. Zon Eastes                      Barbara Potter
Ann & Dean J. Seibert                Julie & Scott Springer              John & Gwynna Taylor
Ms. Susan J. Seidman                 Marga & Glenn Sproul                Ms. Linnea D. Taylor
Michael & Cindy Seligman             Christine M. Staats                 Celia & Robert Teare
Wayne M. Senville & Lila Shapero     John & Robbie Stanley               John & Natalie Thanassi
Mr. Gene Sessions                    Mr. Thomas Stanley                  Mr. & Mrs. John M. P   .
Peter & Cynthia Seybolt              Bob & Alison Stannard                  Thatcher, Jr.
Diane Shapiro Shamas &               Mr. William J. Stanton              Ms. Carol Thompson
   Bari Shamas                       Frank & Sherry Star                 John & Ellen Thompson
Dave & Patricia Sharpe               Ms. Natalie Starr                   Dr. & Mrs. John S. Thompson
Gale & M. J. Shaw                    Elizabeth Steele                    Ms. Lois R. Thompson
Robert & Marilyn Shearer             Mrs. Maredith D. Steen              Mrs. Maureen M. Thompson
William & Jane Shearer               Carol Steingress & Erick Schluntz   Webster S. Thompson
Deborah Shelden & Doug Taylor        Dr. & Mrs. Robert T. Steinsieck     John D. Thoren
David & Judy Sheldon                 Ms. Catherine C. Stern              Alan & Ellen Thorndike
Ms. Mary Sheldon                     Will & Judy Stevens                 Ms. Brenda L. Tillberg
Jay & Martha Sheperd                 Ross & Nancy Stevenson              Mr. John C. Titchner
Carol & Allen Shepherd               Ms. Janet Stewart                   James & Felicia Tober
Karen M. Sheppard                    Norman & Ann Stewart                Rev. Susan L. Tobias

                          Personal Contributions. Public Commitment.                                   15
VERMONT                        Ms. Alice Werbel                  David Wright &
                               Ms. Beverly D. West                  Mary Lou Willits
Ms. Dorothy Tod                Ms. Jane E. Westervelt            Malcolm & Marjorie Wright
Ms. Joan J. Tomasi             Elizabeth Wheaton-Smith           Ms. Sandy Wynne
Dave & Jane Tormey             Antoinette Wheeler                Ms. Sharon Yandow
Carol & Howard Trachtenberg    Dr. & Mrs. Edward M. Wheeler      Dr. Natalie Yarow-Nash &
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Trask        Jake & Catherine Wheeler             Dr. Seymour L. Nash
Mrs. Carol B. Tremble                      .
                               Mrs. Mary P Wheeler               Charles F. Yeiser, Jr. &
Ms. Joy W. Trigg               Sarah & D. Billings Wheeler          Ruth Einstein
Vicki Lynne Tucker             Mr. & Mrs. Monroe Whitaker        Ms. Dinah Yessne, Esq.
Dr. & Mrs. W. T. Turek         Mrs. Karen V. Whitby              Patty & Ramsey Yoder
Ms. V. L. Turner               Doris & Richard Whitcomb          Darlene Young & Ned Andrews
Ms. Hillary P. Twining         Leon Whitcomb & Rhoda Bedell J. Peter Young
Cathy & Ted Tyler              Kathleen White                    Janet Young
Judy Tyson                     Marian L. White                   Stewart & Paula Young
Mrs. Marion Ulrich             Ruth Fuller White                 Ms. Polly Young-Eisendrath
Eileen B. Underwood            Katharine Whiteley &              Ms. Susan M. Zeigfinger
Semah Unterman                    Carol Maloney                  Ms. Sherry Ziemke
Ms. Cheryl Vachon              Diana Whitney                     Janet K. Zinter, D.D.S.
Helen Valine                   Mrs. Richard F. Whittemore
Dr. & Mrs. H. Carmer Van Buren Diva A. Wieck                     OTHER STATES
Carol & Cornelius Van Dyke     Donald & Shirley Wiedenmayer
Dr. J. Van Houten              Mr. Kendall Wild                  Elaine & Sal Alfano
Mr. & Mrs. David B. Van Vleck  Mr. & Mrs. Allen S. Wilder        Dr. Louis Bachrach
Ms. Claire Van Vliet           Ms. Cheryl Wilfong                Mrs. Thaddeus R. Beal
Allen & Dorothy Vander Meulen Horace Wilkinson Fund              Peter & Barbara Bernstein
Dennis & Jerrie Vane           Joan B. Williams                  Ms. Caroline Boeckman
Bruce & Lillian Venner         Ms. Leslie Williams               Krissa & James Bolton
Ms. Pat Verboom                Ms. Melanie Williams              Ms. Anne Braham
Douglas Viehmann & Ann Vivian Peggy & David Williams             Mel & Andrea Bulman
Mrs. William G. Vigne          Dr. & Mrs. Russell S. Williams    Myles & Mary Connor
Thomas & Katharine Villars     Ms. Elinor K. Willis              Ms. Alanna Connors &
Edward & Jane Vizvarie         Justin H. Willis                     Mr. Phillip Veatch
Mrs. Winifred Vogt             Mr. Douglas U. Wilson             Timothy Cunningham
Janet Von Reyn                 Ms. Jerelyn Wilson                Jennifer G. Currie
John & Dale Wadhams            Rhea Wilson & Rick Levy           Kevin & Janet Dolan
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Waite        Mr. & Mrs. D. P Winburn
                                                .                Mrs. A. Benedict Doran
Mrs. Jan Walker                Mrs. Barbara L. Winch             Lucinda N. Dudley
Ms. Jeanne Walker              Ms. Carol L. Winfield              Ms. Sally H. Fri
Ms. Susan A. Walker            Ms. Madeleine L. Winfield          Dr. Merritt F. Garland, Jr.
Betsy Walkerman                Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Winkler        Bob Gibbins & Pam Reed
Lester & Elizabeth Wallman     Mrs. David H. Winton              Ellen Graham
Ms. Ruth L. Wallman            Joan & Charles Wise               Gina Grappone
Ms. Janet Wallstein            Marshall & Elaine Witten          Ms. Donna Griffith
The Rev. David Walters &       Julie Wolcott                     Al & Sally Griggs
   Dr. Carol Walters           Ms. Nina D. Wood                  Michael & Sue Grousd
Virginia & Richard Walters     Mrs. H. B. Woodman                Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Grover
Ms. Lynne Walther              Mrs. Elizabeth Woods              Mr. & Mrs. Michael Heitner
Thomas E. Ward, Jr.            The Woodstock Foundation, Inc. Mr. Julius S. Held
Ms. Marie Waring               Mrs. Constance B. Woolson         Ms. Caroline L. Herter
Dr. David Washburn             Ms. Robin Worn                    Robert S. & Sheilah Hillman
Mr. & Mrs. Knight Washburn     Mr. & Mrs. W. S. Worrall          Ms. Lauren Horton
Ms. Karen Butterhof-Waterworth                                   The Huber Foundation
Ms. Susan K. Watson
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Weakley
Ms. Kathy S. Weaver               In 2004, PPNNE received $115,480 in gifts from individual
Seward & Susan Weber              donors through various workplace giving campaigns
 in memory of Polly Holden
                                  and 22 United Way agencies. Almost half of these gifts,
Mrs. Patricia Webster
Judith & Steven Wechsler          $51,565, came from the Greater Portland United Way
Mr. Tony Weinberger               where we have Affiliate for Designations Only status. In
David & Susan Weissman            addition to workplace giving designations, we received
Marilyn Welch-Fava & Roy Fava     $24,200 in grant allocations from United Way of Mid-
Ms. Nancy M. Welcome              Coast Maine and United Way of York County (ME).
Dr. & Mrs. Michael J. Welther
Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Wentworth

16              Planned Parenthoood of Northern New England 2004 Donors
OTHER STATES                    Ms. Gail Osherenko                   Jennifer E. Stern & Jeffrey Pugh
                                Rev. Edgar Peara                     Mrs. Shirley Stowell
The Roy A. Hunt Foundation      Perkins Charitable Foundation        Ms. Virginia Street
Mr. Greg Jackson                Isobel Perry                         Harold & Greta Sutphen
Mrs. Joy Jaffe                   Phyllis T. Piotrow, Ph.D.            Joyce & Joseph Szabo
Jane’s Trust                    Ms. Nancy T. Post                    Mr. & Mrs. John Tavela
Alwyn Johnson                   Peter & Charlotte Price              Mrs. Janet Weiner
Ms. Judith Johnson              Proteus Fund                         Ms. Carrie West
Henrietta B. Jordan             Glenn S. Quint                       Henry & Joan T. Wheeler
James & Sally Kellogg           Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Rawson            Charitable Fund
Mrs. Polly Ketro                Dr. Susan Rittenhouse                Mrs. Emmons J. Williams
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Knowlton      Mrs. Anne Saunders                   Ronald & Barbara Woods
Ms. Catherine S. Ladu           Carol A. Scully                                .
                                                                     Cornelia P Zinsser
Dr. Suzanne Loker               Julia F. Selvig                      Margaret & J. Andrew Zuccotti
Dave MacAdams                   Edward & Joan Shepard
Grace R. & Alan D. Marcus       Mr. & Mrs. Robert Sheridan
   Foundation                   Lee & Barbara Silver
Mr. & Mrs. Duncan H. Mauran     Mrs. Rosalee A. Sprout
Ms. Katherine Meyer             Mr. Robert D. Spurrier
Ms. Jessica Michelsen           Victoria Staebler & Jerry Shanahan
Ms. Judith A. Miller            Mrs. Martha H. Starr
Ms. Caroline S. Nevins          Ms. Polly Z. Steinway

These donors — along with several more who remain anonymous — have committed
to a legacy of advocacy, education, and health care by naming PPNNE as a beneficiary
in their wills or in other estate plans. They have chosen to shape the course of history
for individuals, for families, and for our world with their generous support and public

Ivan L. & Josephine P.          Kitty Gibson                         Evelena Oakes
   Albright Fund                Ellen Gitomer &                      Julie & Donald Peddie
Karin Anderson                     William Koppenheffer               L. Carl Pedersen
Meredith Babbott                Nancy Grady                          Bonnie Porta
Joan Griggs Babbott             Jane B. Grant                        Richard L. Rasner
Debby Bergh                     Marion W. Grassi                     Lorrin A. Riggs
Mary Blair                      R. Mary Gundel                       Mary S. Rutherford
Betty Butzer Brown              David & Eileen Hardy                 William N. Ryerson &
Ruth H. Chapman                 Mrs. Herbert Hawkes                     Leta C. Finch
Christopher & Nancy Chiquoine   Jennifer & Legh Higgins              Molly Potter Scheu
Katherine L. Coppock            Gail W. Holmes                       Adrian & Celia Segar
Jean Cotner                     Jane Honeck                          Julia F. Selvig
Paul Cousins                    Paul & Maryanne Kaemmerlen           Edward Shepard, M.D. &
Eleanor C. Crary                Lucy J. Karl                            Joan P. Shepard
Susan Read Cronin               Frank & Marion Kellogg               Karen M. Sheppard
Earlyn Dean                     Shirley & John Knowlton              Stephen & Josephine Spear
Stacey A. Dunphy                Karen & Jim LeFevre                  Allie Stickney & David Wagner
Susan Edsall & Rick Haver       Claire Lobell                        Kathleen Billings Sullivan
Betsy Edwards                   Gail Lobenstine                      Laura Twitchell
Milly & Russ Ellis              Elsa Luker                           Harold Wagner
Ann Fielder                     Sibyl Masquelier                     Mrs. Ginia Davis Wexler
Judith (Scotty) Folger          Susan M. Mayer                       Louise Boyer Williams
Carroll Davies French           Mr. & Mrs. Richard Minesinger        Ronna Wise
Cheryl Gibson & Mary Hurlie     E. J. Moorhead                       James & Carol Zablocki

For more information about planned giving, contact our development staff:
Maine                           New Hampshire                        Vermont
Sarah Robinson                  Ellen Gitomer                        Nancy Chiquoine
800.854.9762                    800.622.4122                         800.287.8188

                         Personal Contributions. Public Commitment.                                    17
The following volunteers served on the PPNNE
Board of Trustees in 2004:

PPNNE Board of Trustees                          Honorary Board                                 Action Fund Board
Chair                                            Karin Anderson (ME)                            Officers & At-Large Members
Cheryl Hanson (VT)                               Joan Babbott, M.D. (VT)                        Chair
Vice Chair                                       Debby Bergh (VT)                               Judith Sutphen (VT)
Wendy Frosh (NH)*                                Elizabeth Bischoff (NH)                        Vice Chair
                                                 Ruth Chapman (NH)                              Steven Rattee (NH)
Second Vice Chair
                                                 Jack Crowl (VT)
Judith Sutphen (VT)*                                                                            Secretary
                                                 Ruth Ewing (NH)
Secretary                                                                                       Wendy Frosh (NH)
                                                 Cathy Frank (VT)
Rabbi Alan D. Fuchs (NH)                         Polly Holden (VT)                              Treasurer
Treasurer                                        Lucy Karl. Esq. (NH)                           Rev. Jerry Goddard (NH)
Jane Honeck (ME)*                                Francesca Keeler (VT)                          Nancy Chard (VT)
                                                 John MacDonald (ME)                            Heather Krans (NH)
Ashish Chaudhari, M.D. (NH)
                                                 Joan MacKenzie (VT)                            Thomas A. Little (VT)
Geoffrey E. Clark, M.D. (NH)*
                                                 Julie Peddie (VT)                              Karen Brown-Mohr (ME)
Rev. Jerry Goddard (NH)*
                                                 Mary Rauh (NH)                                 Sharon Treat (ME)
Cheryl Hanna (VT)*
                                                 Edward Shepard, M.D. (NY)
Howard Harrison (ME)*
                                                 Leonard Small, M.D. (NH)
Alice Z. Lawrence (VT)
                                                 Barbara Snelling (VT)
Creston Lea (VT)
                                                 Victoria Staebler (VT)
Sheila H. Littlefield, D.C. (ME)*
                                                 Marie Steinsieck (VT)
Elsa M. Luker (NH)
                                                 Rt. Rev. Douglas Theuner (NH)
Rhonda Morin (VT)
Rev. Johanna Nichols (VT)
Emma Ottolenghi, M.D. (VT)
Tish F. Payson (ME)                              Health Care, Advocacy & Education
Everett Page (NH)                                Across Northern New England.
Joan Reische (NH)
Jill Rosenthal (ME)*                                 �������������������
Jane Sakovitz-Dale (VT)                              ����������������������
Eliza Shulman, D.O. (NH)                             �������������������������������
Christine Streeter (ME)                              �����������������������
Marcia M. Tingley (NH)*                              �������������

Laurie Williamson (ME)                               ���������������������

* denotes concurrent membership on the
 PPNNE Action Fund Board                                                            �������

                                    ����������               ���������
                                                                                                                             � �� ��

                                                                                         �� ��
                                                                                      � �� �� ��� �
                                                 ��������                                                            �������
                                                                                 �������                                       �����������
                                                 � � �����                   ���������

                                                                                   ����������        ������
                                               ����������                        �����

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