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					    November 2006
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                                             Member Of: Crescent Ski Council, Inc. &
                                              The National Ski Council Federation

    Table of
                               Race Season Just Around the Corner
Joke of the Month
     Page 2                   October the 14th was a fine day weather wise and a great day at Sugar Mountain’s
                     Oktoberfest. Shuttle buses were running all the way from the lower parking lots. This was my
    Page 3           first time for this event and the turnout was most impressive. I would guess 4-5,000 people.
                     The Mountain was alive with Austrian Oomph Music, folks in festive attire, and local crafts.
  Local Trips &               Refreshing adult Austrian beverages were flowing and Brats mitt Kraut was available
     Events          to all for a modest price. One could not truly appreciate this fine beverage, made at the oldest
   Page 3 & 4        establishment of its kind in Bavaria, by drinking from a plastic cup…so an appropriate 1 liter
  Long Distance      glass mug was acquired….AHhhh…Prosit!...much better. Or so I thought. When I returned
      Trips          from a necessary distraction, I found that our past president had bartered away my mug in
 Page 4, 5, 6 & 7    return for a promise from two potential new members to join ETMM. It’s good to take one for
                     the team, and now we have a new incentive for new members.
  Racing News                 Later on, the real “Gemütlichkeit” took place at Dale Strother’s Gooberfest, not nearly
   Page 8 & 9
                     as many revelers, but more ETMMer’s. Good people, good food and, yes, a modest amount of
  Calendar of        good refreshing local adult beverages.
  Events, Club                The traditional sacrificial bonfire was most successful in appeasing Uhlr and eliciting
   Officers,         promises of early and plentiful piles of snow. Many thanks to Dale for all the preparations and
   Birthdays         being a very gracious host for this event, over the years.
    Page 10
                              Our upcoming meeting will be at Rush Street in Kingsport on November 7th, Election
Membership Form      Day. We look forward to seeing you there. Remember to vote before you come. Your vote is
   Page 11           important. Your base is counting on you. Race Kickoff Party at the Mabry’s on Friday
Advertising Rates                                                                                  Jim Maerder
   Last page
                              PS: Word has it that we will have a special guest speaker from Alpine at this meeting!

         Club Meeting is the first Tuesday of the month at Rush Street Restaurant in Kingsport, TN. at
                                         (Inquire at the hostess stand.)
                    EVERYONE WELCOME!! BRING A FRIEND!!
                                            Membership Dues
         Just a reminder that membership dues for the coming year need to be paid by October 31. We are
still looking for ways to celebrate the club’s 35th anniversary, possibly tying that to a membership drive.
Any and all ideas are appreciated, especially those in the spirit of the ETMM “reputation”. Send
suggestions to Buddy Ball at .

         Please think about the donations of clothing as you prepare to move your clothing for this
upcoming season. In addition, Rick Lott will appreciate any ski apparel for Special Olympics. Don and I
will begin collecting in November. We were also told that if you have donations of "gift" type things that
they now have a store where the less fortunate can "shop" for presents. Lisa Mabry may know more about
this so listen for more reports at upcoming meetings. Thank you Don & Joan Sinn

                                      Joke of the Month
                          Why Computers Sometimes Crash! by Dr. Seuss

   If a packet hits a pocket on a socket on a port, and the bus is interrupted at a very last
 resort, and the access of the memory makes your floppy disk abort, then the socket packet
                                pocket has an error to report.

  If your cursor finds a menu item followed by a dash, and the double-clicking icon puts your
   window in the trash, and your data is corrupted cause the index doesn't hash, then your
                      situation's hopeless and your system's gonna crash!

 If the label on the cable on the table at your house, says the network is connected to the
button on your mouse, but your packets want to tunnel to another protocol, that's repeatedly
                           rejected by the printer down the hall...

And your screen is all distorted by the side effects of gauss, so your icons in the window are
 as wavy as a souse; then you may as well reboot and go out with a bang, 'cuz sure as I'm a
                                poet, the sucker's gonna hang.

When the copy on your floppy's getting sloppy in the disk, and the macro code instructions is
causing unnecessary risk, then you'll have to flash the memory and you'll want to RAM your
        ROM, and then quickly turn off the computer and be sure to tell your Mom!

                                          October in Retrospect
Gooberfest – October 14th

        Much Thanks to Dale Strother for
hosting the annual Gooberfest at his beautiful
home! As always, there was plenty to eat and a
number of libations to sample in honor of our
snow deity, Uller. Even though the weather
was warmer than a snow skier's delight, it seems
the Northern winds and frigid air is coming
closer. So far, we've all experienced a little bit
of "Jack Frost" in the early morning. All I can
say is keep thinking SNOW! However, just a
note of fair warning, since I'm a native
"Buffalonian" (Buffalo, NY--Snow capital
USA) I couldn't help but ask Uller to send us 2
feet of snow...Why should Buffalo have all the
fun?                           Barb Lang.

                         2006 – 2007 LOCAL TRIPS AND EVENTS
          All participants on Crescent sponsored trips must be members of an authorized club. Current membership is
required to sign up for a trip. If a trip is planned for the next ski season/fiscal year, membership will have to be renewed before
airline and/or lift tickets will be distributed.

ETMM Race Kickoff Party
        The race season is just around the corner and we will kick it off with our annual race kickoff party on
Friday November 17 at 7:00 PM till??? at the Mabry’s home (directions under Racing News). The party is
open to all club members and guests. I will have our race documentation to get you signed up and ready to
go. Bring an appetizer and BYOB, we will supply soft drinks, hot apple cider and some snacks. If you know
someone interested in racing, this is a good opportunity to socialize with the team members and learn more
about the program.

SilverCreek 1 - 2007
Lodging Dates:             January 4-8, 2007
Race Dates:                January 6 & 7, 2007
Price Includes:            2 or 3 nights lodging, 2 or 3-day lifts, Saturday night party with DJ
Deposit Due:               October Meeting ($200)
Balance Due:               November Meeting
Cancellation:              All rooms will be dropped November 1st. Any cancellation after October 25th will be
                           subject to 100% penalty unless space is resold.
                           After October 25th, any spaces not help by deposit will be dropped by ETMM and
                           availability will be based on if Crescent can add on.
Non-Skier:                 Deduct $98 for two nights and $147 for three nights.
Off Site:                  Party is $20 for Adult and $15 for children under 12. Off Site racer fee is to be
                           determined (Probably around $25-30).
Pricing:                                     2 nights                   3 nights
       Studio – 2 per                          $325                       $430
       One Bedroom-2per                        $410                       $550
               -3 per                          $330                       $440
               -4 per                          $290                       $385
       One Bdrm Loft-4per                      $335                       $430
               -5 per                          $290                       $400
       Two Bedroom- 4per                       $340                       $455
               -5 per                          $305                       $410
               -6 per                          $285                       $375

                             2006 - 2007 LONG DISTANCE TRIPS
                                             Lisa Ann Beregi, Trip Director

          1. Please contact ETMM Trip Director to obtain reservation request forms for all trips. Please let ETMM Trip Director
know if you made Steamboat reservations so that we know how many Mogul Mashers are on each trip and we can lodge together.
Jackson Hole and Alyeska reservations and payments must go to ETMM Trip Director.
          2. Payment: Appropriate deposit must accompany all reservation forms and be turned into ETMM Trip Director.
Deposits and payment schedules are outlined for each trip.
          3. Changes & Cancellations: All requests for changes, cancellations, or refunds must be made in writing. Penalties and
Cancellation forfeitures will be as described under each trip.
          4. All participants on Crescent sponsored trips must be members of an authorized club. Current membership is
required to sign up for a trip. If a trip is planned for the next ski season/fiscal year, membership will have to be renewed before
airline and/or lift tickets will be distributed.

SIGN-UP:        Everyone must sign-up directly with our travel agent, LTA in Charlotte, NC. LTA will
require a filled-out & signed application form (by fax, mail, or scanned & emailed) to be confirmed onto the
trip. (See Lisa for reservation forms).
SIGN-UP PERIOD: Open registration until November 13, 2006. LTA will not accept any form of
application for sign-up prior to, nor after this period.
TRIP DATES:                December 2-9, 2006
PACKAGE COST (VARIES): $797 is the "base" rate in a 3B/3B unit, which is limited in quantity
(usually about 120 spaces). Other rates/options are available (see Lisa).
 WHAT'S INCLUDED:                                             WHAT'S NOT INCLUDED:
   7 nights lodging at The Lodge @ Steamboat                            Air Fare (LTA will handle for you if you wish)
   6 day lift ticket                                                    Ground Transportation (LTA has bus & rental car options)
   5 full days of lessons (may be deducted)                             Other meals not specifically listed.
   3 Lunches – all participants with lift ticket (M-W-F)                Equipment rentals (Special Crescent discount available)
   Welcome Wine & Cheese
   Keg Party
   Western BBQ Dinner
   Awards Dinner and Door Prizes
   NASTAR Race
   Free shuttle bus service

    Killington Race Camp
                                           2006 Race Week
                                On-mountain race training is our specialty

Designed for skiers who want to improve their skiing by running gates, experienced racers who want more coaching &
gate training as well as new racers and club racers. Improve your racing skills by learning how to turn on demand, and
improve your free skiing with extensive gate training. Race Week includes a complimentary Sunday afternoon ticket.
The program is taught by the world-renown, Killington Competition Coaching staff. Race Week is for level 5 skiers and
above. Registration 8:00-8:30am and meet on-snow at 9:00 AM outside Killington Base Lodge.

                                               2006 Program Dates

                           5 Day Midweek                           December 4-8, 2006
                                  **20% discount to Season Pass holders**

 Race Week includes: 5 ½-days lift ticket, 5 hours of coaching per day, Video Analysis, Personal feedback,
 Varied terrain, Gate Training, Demo & Tunes Available, Welcome Party, Awards Banquet, Commemorative
 T-shirt, Complimentary Sunday afternoon lift ticket

  For information and reservations, call 1-800-923-9444, 1-800-621-MTNS for lodging
  Hey Mark, not sure if Jim Maerder (423) 502-1494 has said anything, but you could add a bit about the Killington
  Race Camp he and I are planning to hit December 4-8. We’ll be flying up on the 2 , half a day free ski Sunday,
  racing Monday –Friday, and coming home on Saturday. Airfare is under $400, race camp at $450, and 7 nights in a
  two-bedroom condo. The condo is provided at 5 nights free with us paying the other two ($208/night-total).
  Therefore, we have room for four others. If anyone needs more info, contact Jim or me! Matt Cartier (276) 619-

Jackson Hole
         The Crescent air has been set and it is $447. This makes the whole trip $1177, plus $75 on site if you want to
go to Grand Targhee to ski on Wed. ETMM will be staying at the 49er. All lodging is hotel, two per room. ETMM
does have the option for upgrades. We have 3 Queen Fireplace suites, which include 2 queen beds, kitchenette,
refrigerator, microwave and fireplace for an additional $107 per person. We also have 1 Studio suite, which has 2
queen beds, a small living area, microwave and refrigerator for $54 per person. Check out the following site to see
these units: Please let me know if you want an
upgrade ASAP. Balance due at November meeting!


Payments can be made at any time – Full package with air from TRI is $1600. A $500 deposit
will have to be in by the November meeting and space will be dropped after the November
                                               Racing News
         The race season is just about here – I
can smell it in the air. Fall Conference is in a
week, which will finish the Crescent planning
for this season. The Race Camps start in ~5
weeks, that’s right – 5 weeks!! We will kick
off the ETMM season with our annual race
kickoff party on Friday November 17 at 7:00
PM till??? at the Mabry’s home (directions
below). The party is open to all club members
and guests. I will have all of the race
documentation to get you signed up and ready
to go. Bring an appetizer if you want and
BYOB, we will supply soft drinks, hot apple
cider and some snacks. If you know someone
interested in racing, this is a good opportunity
to socialize with the team members and learn more about the program.
         The ETMM Race Team will be defending our Southern Division Championship this season (and we
now have 7 of them to our credit). We have several new members that have shown some interest in racing
and will have most of our veterans back, so it should be another good year for the Mogul Masher Race
Team. If you are even thinking about racing, talk to some of our members and you’ll see how much fun it
can be. The team has members that range in age from 7 to 70 and it’s competitive for everyone. I will
continue collecting racing dues at the November meeting and need to have our dues collected as early as
possible since our team dues is due to Crescent by December 1. The dues are the same this season and are
$35 per racer for the year.
         If you haven’t signed up for one of the early season race camps, it’s not too late. The Steamboat trip
deadline has pasted, but sometimes there is a late opening. There are also camps at Sugar and Killington
(See Matt or Jim about the Killington trip – they are planning to go and are still looking for roomies) in early
December that will get you tuned up for race season. See the ETMM or CSC websites for more information
on the race camps and other ski trips.
                           Direction to the Mabry’s for the race kickoff party:
        From Johnson City: take I26 E to exit 45 (Eastern Star), turn right off the exit and proceed ~1/4
mile, turn left onto Mitchell Rd and go ½ mile, turn left onto Pickens Rd and go ½ mile, turn right onto
Ascot (Steeple Chase subdivision) and go to first stop sign, turn right onto Hedgerow Ct and we are the 5th
house on the right (#316).
        From Kingsport or Bristol, Take I26W (exit 57 off of I81) to exit 45 (Eastern Star), turn left off the
exit and proceed ~1/2 mile, turn left onto Mitchell Rd and go ½ mile, turn left onto Pickens Rd and go ½
mile, turn right onto Ascot (Steeple Chase subdivision) and go to first stop sign, turn right onto Hedgerow
Ct, we are the 5th house on the right (#316).
        You can check out racing news, photos, and our race schedule on our club website at
. See you at the November meeting or at the Race kickoff party.
                                                              ETMM Race Director : Mark Mabry
Hello Club Officers,
        Part of the SUBARU racing sponsorship package this year is the renewal of the SUBARU VIP
program for ALL Crescent Ski Council members. This means that anyone who is a current member of a
Crescent Ski Council club can purchase a new SUBARU at dealer cost minus any incentives that are
currently being offered. For your members to qualify for the SUBARU VIP program a club officer, probably
the president or membership person, must tell me that the person wishing to participate in the VIP program
has been a member of CSC for at least six (6) months.

         I would like for the club member wishing to purchase a new SUBARU to contact the appropriate club
officer. That club officer will e-mail me with the club member's contact information; name, mailing address,
telephone number, e-mail address, and a statement saying that the club member has been a CSC member for
at least six months. Subaru will mail the VIP information to the purchaser, which will include information
about local dealers participating in the VIP program.
         The purchaser goes to a local dealer; picks out the SUBARU that he/she wants; the dealer will pull
the invoice and let the purchaser know if there are any current incentives. THE VIP PROGRAM WILL BE
         SUBARU would like to contact CSC members once or twice a year. This will be done via e-mail.
Since most or all of CSC clubs do not release their membership contact information, SUBARU will e-mail
the information to Buddy Black and Buddy will forward the information to each club president or newsletter
person. I am asking that after Buddy forwards the SUBARU information to the appropriate club
representative that you forward the SUBARU information to ALL your club members.
         The SUBARU VIP program is a benefit to all your club members and all of Crescent. It can also be
used as a recruiting tool to attract new club members. Please pass the VIP program information on to all
your club members each month.

                                                                  Ron Scott Tele. 919 362 5689

                     2006/2007 Crescent Ski Council Race Schedule

December 2-9              2006       Steamboat Race Camp Call L.T.A 704 655 7487
December call             2006       Killington Race Camp Call 802 422 6797 800 432 0100 x6132
December 10               2006       CSC Development Training at Appalachian 8:45
December 8-10             2006       Sugar Mt. Race Camp Call Kim Jöchl 828 898 4521 x224
January   21              2007       CSC Development Training at Hawksnest 8:45/pre register

Race Format - Two runs of Slalom on Saturdays and two runs of Giant Slalom on Sundays

December 16 & 17, 2006        Appalachian, NC Race                                              9:30
January 5, 6, & 7, 2007       Silver Creek, WV Race                                             9:30
January 13 – 20, 2007         Crescent Ski Council Ski Week/Jackson Hole
January 27 - 28, 2007         Beech Mt., NC Race                                                9:30
February 5, 2007              Cupp Run Challenge at Snowshoe, WV
February 10 & 11, 2007        Hawksnest, NC Race                                                9:30
February 24 & 25, 2007        Sugar Mt., NC                                                     9:00
March 2 & 3, 2007             Governor’s Cup Race at Timberline, WV Kathy Saumure
March 3, 2007                 Dick Trundy/Sugar Cup GS Sugar Mt.                               9:00
March 9, 10, &11, 2007        Crescent Cup, SilverCreek, WV                                    9:30
March 22 – 25, 2007           NASTAR Finals                                                 Rich Mead


CSC Race & Sponsorship Director:                                                 Ron Scott
ETMM Race Director:                                                              Mark Mabry

   ETMM Club Officers                           etmm’s CALENDAR OF events
President: James Maerder
Phone: H (423) 502-1494
Vice Pres.: Barbara Lang
                                                November                                                    2006
Phone: H (423) 502-1494         Date                Event                             Time          Place
Treasurer: Beth Dison
Email:     Wed. the 1st         All Saints Day                   All Day       USA
Phone: C (423) 292-9285
                                Tues. the 7th        Ski Club Meeting                 7:00PM        Rush Street Restaurant
Secretary: Lisa Mabry
                                                     Election Day                     All Day       USA
Phone: H (423) 349-4362         10th thru 12th       CSC Fall Conference              All Weekend   Asheville, NC
Race Director: Mark Mabry       Sat. the 11th        Veterans Day                     All Day       USA
Email:       Fri. the 17th        Race Kickoff Party               7:00PM        Mabry’s Home
Phone: H (423) 349-4362         Thur. the 23rd       Thanksgiving Day                 All Day       USA
Trip Director: Lisa Beregi
Phone: H (423) 652-1754                         December
Membership: Buddy Ball
Phone: H (423) 245-6265         Date                Event                             Time          Place
Newsletter: Mark Morgan
                                2nd thru 9th         Steamboat Race Camp              All Week      Steamboat, CO
Phone: H (423) 538-9585
Webmaster: Mark Morgan
                                4th thru 8th         Killington Race Camp             Midweek       Killington, VT
Email:       Tues. the 5th        Club Meeting – Christmas Party   6:30PM        Alan Stevens Home
Phone: H (423) 538-9585         Thur. the 7th        Pearl Harbor Day                 All Day       USA
                                8th thru 10th        Race Camp                        All Weekend   Sugar Mt., NC
        Board at Large          Sun. the 10th        CSC Development Training         All Day       Appalachian, NC
                                16th & 17th          Appalachian, NC Race             9:30AM        Appalachian, NC
Matt Cartier                    Fri. the 22nd        Winter Begins                    All Day       USA
Email:    Tues. the 25th       Christmas                        All Day       Everywhere
Phone: H (276) 619-4738         Sun. the 31st        New Year’s Eve                   All Day       Everywhere
Wayne Bays
Phone: H (423) 282-3703
Mark Dison
Email:         Please notify Buddy Ball (Membership) of any changes of address,
Phone: C (423) 292-9288             phone numbers and e-mail’s. You can contact Buddy by email,
                           , Phone – (423) 245-6265 or mailing address: 502
                                    Kincaid St., Kingsport, TN. 37660.

                                       Birthday Wishes for November
                                                  November 1 – Robert Bayless
                                                   November 2 – Abe Lincoln
                                                  November 5 – Teresa Gouge
                                                 November 9 – Calissta Strother
                                                  November 16 – Katie Barrett
                                                 November 17 – Helga Mitchell
                                                   November 21 – Rick Bates
                                                  November 26 – Larry Dison
                                                 November 27 – Christine Tober
                                                  November – Andrew Naylor

                                                ETMM LIFT LINE
                                                 Advertising Rates

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                                                               One Year*

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      Quarter Page                $35                               $25                             $15
      Business Card               $30                               $20                             $10

                                                *Prices are per issue.

      The editor must receive advertisements, advertising plans, articles, stories and items of interest no
    later than Sunday the 26th of November. The next issue of The Lift Line will be published Tuesday
    the 28th of November. Advertisers will receive copies of the newsletter as proof of advertising.
    Payment is due when advertisement is placed. Make payment to East Tennessee Mogul Mashers.
                              Send to:
                                       East Tennessee Mogul Mashers
                                     C/O Mark Morgan, Lift Line Editor
                                           317 Boone Lake Circle
                                            Bluff City, TN. 37618
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