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Tony Lane – Calvin’s Heritage
Richard Hubbard – Creativity Chained: the Impact of Calvin on
Music and Worship
LST’s new courses
Book reviews
InSight 02

WeLCoMe To
THe LoNdoN
SCHooL of
London School of Theology is the largest evangelical                             Dear Friend
theological college in Europe with a strong academic
reputation, combining that with faithfulness to Scripture                        As I write this, we are preparing for the invasion. Over the next
and relevance to God’s mission in the world.                                     twenty-four hours hundreds of students will be arriving in the
                                                                                 hallowed halls of LST to begin a new academic year. For some
LST is an international community resourcing over                                members of staff this may be something of a shock to the system
350 students, with Jesus Christ as the focus of its life,                        after the student-free summer period but, as we were reminded at
work and worship. It offers cutting-edge training and                            a staff communion service, it is a huge privilege to participate in
preparation for the ministry, mission and marketplace.                           the academic, spiritual and personal formation of so many people
The school offers university validated undergraduate                             whom God has called to study here.
courses in Theology; Theology, Music & Worship, and                              The start of a new academic year has prompted me to consider
Theology & Counselling. Each course involves studying                            again what we’re all about as a School of Theology. I have turned
theology in-depth, understanding the Bible and learning                          to a document called “How to Grow in God at LST” which we give
how to apply this to the world around you.                                       to every new student. It includes a section on personal character
The Postgraduate Department enjoys an outstanding                                which I believe is of vital importance. Here
reputation offering MA MTh MPhil and Doctorate                                   is an extract:
degrees. Discover the richness and depth of the faculty,                           ‘LST will do all we can to encourage you academically. But
their research interests and the stimulating international                         we are even more committed to encouraging you spiritually.
community.                                                                         What ultimately matters in Christ’s kingdom is not a First Class
Our Open Learning Department offers flexibility of                                 honours degree but a First Class degree in Christian character.
study with over 30 modules to choose from. The study                               To that end, trustworthiness, reliability, putting the interests of
material provided is of the highest possible standard,                             others first, humility, integrity, purity, fulfilling responsibility, love
academically, pastorally and spiritually.                                          and a passion for Jesus really count.’

At the forefront of theological education that equips                            I would ask those of you who pray for LST to join us in asking the
Christians for real life, in the real world, LST helps people                    Lord that these qualities would indeed be formed in students, staff
achieve more than they believe they’re capable of.                               and faculty.
                                                                                 I remember John Stott quoting the words of Bishop Handley
                                                                                 Moule of Durham, the first Principal of Ridley Hall, Cambridge, who
                                                                                 warned his students, ‘Beware equally of an untheological devotion
                                                                                 and of an undevotional theology’. In similar vein, Professor T. F.
                                                                                 Torrance describes theology as ‘a form of intense intellectual
                                                                                 communion with God, in which our minds are taken captive by his
                                                                                 love and we come to know God more and more through himself’.
                                                                                 That, I trust, is what we are about here at LST, as we prepare
                                                                                 people to serve God through the Church and in every area of life.
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                                                           InSight 03

One theologian of the past and present who epitomises
intellectual communion with God, is John Calvin, whose 500th
anniversary we have been celebrating this year. I hope you will
be stimulated by the various perspectives on Calvin in this issue
of InSight. I would like to pay tribute to Professor Tony Lane, one
of the world’s leading authorities on Calvin. Tony has been in
great demand in recent months, presenting papers on Calvin in
Geneva, Budapest, Berlin and various locations in the UK. He has
also written A Reader’s Guide to Calvin’s Institutes, (Baker, 2009),
which I commend to you.
Another Professor to whom I would like to draw your attention
is Alister McGrath of King’s College, London. I’m delighted that
Professor McGrath will be the 2010 Laing Lecturer at LST and
I hope that many of you will be able to attend on 23 February.
We have decided to make more of this occasion and you will see
from the details in this issue that there are three opportunities
to participate. Professor McGrath’s theme for his public lecture
is, I believe, a particularly vital one in our time: “The Lord is my
light: In defence of a discipleship of the mind”.
Thank you for your prayerful interest in, and support of, the
ministry of LST. May you be encouraged in your own discipleship
of the mind.

                               Simon Steer - Principal, LST
InSight 04

   Scholars of Calvin study the man and his
   works for their own sake. But Calvin is not
   simply a research topic. The man and his
   legacy are important to us all.

          he most obvious way in which          was largely successful. This success in         sacramental system of that Church) in
          he is important is through his        obtaining liberty to worship and freedom        the most thorough and emphatic way.
          influence (and that of later          of conscience brought in its train freedoms     What took its place was an emphasis upon
          Calvinists) upon Western history,     of a more general kind; to peacefully           the joint operation of the Word of God
in the way he has helped to mould the           protest, to publish, and to gather together.    and the Spirit of God in the Church and
nations of the modern world. Calvinists         These were coupled with a concern for           the Christian life. He came to see that
were, by and large, dissenters. (Except in      education and social welfare, (a concern        the Spirit’s role is to apply the Scriptural
Scotland!) They sought to purify existing       that Calvin himself had shown in the            teaching of God’s sovereign grace to
churches according to Scripture, but            reform of Geneva) and relating to one           dead sinners through the mediatorship
their attempts were often unsuccessful,         another with fairness and honesty. Which        of Jesus Christ. The Spirit of Christ brings
particularly so in England and Holland. In      in turn became the shoots of democracy,         regeneration, illumination, penitence
other European countries, France and Italy,     of wealth creation, and of the raising of the   and justifying faith, and the graces of
for example, Calvinists were persecuted         quality of life from which we all benefit.      sanctification. Calvin rediscovered the
almost out of existence.                                                                        Pauline teaching of union with Christ,
                                                Christians in particular should never forget
                                                                                                and (as he put it) of Christ’s two-fold
Paradoxically, such failure also produced       that Calvin is par excellence the theologian
                                                                                                gift to the Church of justification and
the seeds of success of a different kind. For   of the Holy Spirit, to say this is to say two
                                                                                                sanctification, two distinct but inseparable
one thing, as those who dissented from          things. In the Geneva to which he was
                                                                                                graces. These are the abiding roots and
the mode of worship prescribed by the           exiled, and in which he became such a
                                                                                                fruits of his evangelicalism
State, they sought freedom of assembly          potent force as a Reformer, he replaced the
to worship according to their convictions       Roman Catholic medieval doctrine of grace       Finally, serious Christians should value his
while staying loyal to the Crown. And           as divine assistance in the production of       commentaries, one of Calvin’s greatest
over the years, at least in England, this       human merit, (channelled through the            permanent legacies to the Church. Before
                                                                                                                              InSight 05

he was converted, or perhaps as he was
being converted, Calvin sought academic
fame and fortune as a Renaissance
humanist. His efforts permanently
affected his health. The fruit of this was   the meaning of the text of Scripture, the
an elaborate commentary on Seneca’s De       intentions of the various writers, and the
Clementia, a work displaying the young       ‘scope’ of each passage. He writes tersely
Calvin’s amazing erudition and cleverness.   and without any personal showiness. ‘I love
He hoped for fame, but it eluded him.        brevity’, he once said. Throughout his years   the modern world. But his distinctive
                                             in Geneva, and despite ill health and the      significance will only be felt by the
The Biblical commentaries, which he
                                             pressure of other business, Calvin wrote a     Christian, as he or she lets Calvin influence
produced as a minister of the Gospel,
                                             shelf full of commentaries on almost every     them, both through following his example
beginning with one on Paul’s letter to
                                             book of the Bible. Each was made up of         of intense devotion to Christ, and through
the Romans, are quite different. They
                                             short comments on the text and for this        carefully studying his writings.
are not showcases for his own abilities.
                                             reason they are of timeless value.
Instead, Calvin lets the Word of God do
the work, and he subjected his own mind      Some of what makes Calvin important            Paul Helm - Teaching Fellow, Regent
to it. He was granted great insight into     we simply inherit as those who live in         College and Research Supervisor, LST
InSight 06


        There can be no doubting the
        significance of Jean Calvin’s teaching
        on the development of the Church.
        But one area that is sometimes
        overlooked is the legacy he left
        with regard to music in worship.

            alvin’s views on music were         Yet Calvin was also aware that our ability     should recognise the importance of living
            informed through his thorough       to make and to receive music is a reflection   artistically, aesthetically and creatively, as
            education, which would have         of our being made in the image of a            creative creatures of the Creator’3. This
            included some study of music.       creator God. He understood music-making        suggests that church should be a place
He regarded it as a divine gift, ‘Now among     as being an aspect of the Imago Dei -          where creativity is encouraged - worship
the other things proper to recreate man         the image of God in humankind which,           as an expression of the image of God
and give him pleasure, music is either the      though corrupted at the fall, continues        within us.
first or one of the principal, and we must      to manifest itself, albeit in a diminished
                                                                                               Calvin, however, took a more restricted
think that it is a gift of God deputed to       form. However, his caution with regard to
                                                                                               view. He believed that the only words valid
that purpose’1. Yet he was also aware of        the power of music led him to restrict its
                                                                                               for singing in public worship were those of
music’s ability to influence emotions, and      use in ways which seem to contradict this
                                                                                               Scripture, with a strong preference for the
was concerned that this power could be          understanding.
                                                                                               Psalms, and that the music to which they
used adversely, ‘There is scarcely anything
                                                Calvin Johansson, in his book Music and        were set should be of the simplest possible
in the world which is more capable of
                                                Ministry: A Biblical Counterpoint2, sees the   form. Thus he permitted only unison
turning or moving this way and that the
                                                redemptive work of Christ in restoring         singing, of simple melodies that avoided
morals of men … Wherefore we ought to
                                                the broken Imago Dei as a mandate for          excessive leaps or complex rhythms.
be the more diligent in regulating it in such
                                                our continued creativity. He quotes            Furthermore, Calvin took the view that the
a way that it be useful to us and not at all
                                                Edith Schaeffer, who says, ‘Christians …       use of musical instruments in worship was
                                                                                                                                      InSight 07

an attribute of Old Testament worship
that was repealed by Christ’s new
covenant. Just as the rituals of cleansing
and preparation prescribed in Leviticus
were no longer required after the veil of
the temple was torn at Jesus’ crucifixion,
so he believed that the use of musical
instruments showed an inappropriate
allegiance to the old covenant.
Thus Calvin’s congregations were able
to experience music only in a restricted
form. They were denied the beauty
of harmony, of polyphonic singing, or
the richness of instrumental sounds.
Calvin’s aim was that the text should
remain paramount - that nothing should
get in the way of the Word of God.
Yet his fear of the power of music on
the emotions led him to a path which
denied the full expression of the Imago
Dei. How frustrated the musicians in his
congregation must have felt that their
gift had no place in the house of God!
As the protestant churches which
emerged post-Calvin developed, a less
restrictive view emerged - harmony
was reintroduced, and somehow the
organ took its place as the “anointed”
instrument worthy of use in Church.          Yet surely Church should be the most
Yet for centuries Calvin’s influence has     obvious place of all to express our
remained in many churches. Often,            creativity and imagination as an act of
musicians have found their desire to offer   worship - the place where we offer back
creative and innovative expressions of       to God the creative gift he has placed
worship has been crushed by churches         within us. Whether we are musicians or
                                             artists, or simply appreciators of the arts,    Richard Hubbard - Lecturer in
unwilling to embrace the full potential                                                      Music & Worship, LST
of the creative arts. Mike Pilavachi,        Church should provide us with the place
discussing this in an interview for a        to develop and express these skills as we      1 Calvin’s introduction to the Geneva Psalter

Christian magazine a few years ago, said,    learn to use them, not for our glory, but to   2 Peabody, Massachusetts, Hendrickson, 1984, 1998

                                             express the glory of the one who chose to      3 Schaeffer, Edith, Hidden Art, Wheaton, Tyndale House,
‘For many musicians, Church has become
                                                                                             1972, p32
the most uncomfortable place to be’.         make us in his wonderful image.
InSight 08


                                                      hat most people mean       of the saints.) Far from going back to
     Are you a Calvinist? As                          when they ask the          Calvin this particular formulation (TULIP)
     one who has studied                              question is, ‘Do you       originated in the 1920s! (Of course, the
     Calvin for some decades                          believe in a particular    doctrines referred to by the five letters go
     I am often asked this         doctrine of predestination?’ This is an       back much further.) And it is widely (not
     question — which I            unfortunate meaning of the question,          universally) accepted that Calvin himself
     usually decline to answer.    for a number of reasons. First, because       did not hold to the third point (Limited
     The problem is that the       predestination was just one doctrine for      atonement).
                                   Calvin, not the central doctrine or the
     question presupposes                                                        The term Calvinism can mean many
                                   most important one. Secondly, because
     that we know what                                                           different things. Calvin was a second-
                                   predestination was not Calvin’s most
     is meant by the word          distinctive doctrine. He largely followed
                                                                                 generation theologian in the originally
     “Calvinist”? Exploring                                                      Swiss Reformed tradition of Protestantism,
                                   Luther and Zwingli, who in turn stood
     that will help us to unpick                                                 as opposed to the German Lutheran
                                   in a medieval tradition on this point.
                                                                                 tradition. Because of Calvin’s great gifts
     the question of Calvin’s      Belief in predestination was almost
                                                                                 this whole tradition is often referred to as
     heritage for the              universally held among the sixteenth-
                                                                                 Calvinism, but we must remember that
     twenty-first century.         century Reformers, though it is true that
                                                                                 it predated Calvin and he is just one of
                                   Calvin’s doctrine went beyond some
                                                                                 many leading theologians in that tradition.
                                   others. Thirdly, because the question
                                                                                 There was a great deal of common ground
                                   usually means ‘Do you hold to the Five
                                                                                 between them but they did not agree
                                   Points of Calvinism, as summarised in the
                                                                                 on all issues and those who held views
                                   mnemonic TULIP?’ (Tulip stands for Total
                                                                                 different from Calvin (e.g. on assurance
                                   depravity; Unconditional election; Limited
                                                                                 of salvation) have as much claim to be
                                   atonement; Irresistible grace; Perseverance
                                                                                                                                InSight 09

considered Reformed as does Calvin             may determine whether or not one is a           as a whole. I live in a society that has
himself. In this sense it could be said that   Calvinist, “in your beliefs, at work and in     been much influenced by Calvinism in
almost all of Anglo-Saxon Protestantism        relationships”. (Go to: http://www.trouw.       the sense of Reformed Christianity and,
is to some extent Calvinist. Different         nl/religie-filosofie/nieuws/article2050113.     on the whole, I regard the influence as
groups (Baptists, Methodists, etc.) have       ece) The picture of the Calvinist that          positive. The influence may at times have
evolved out of the sixteenth-century           emerges is of someone that is frugal and        led to extremes, but our post-modern
Reformed tradition as they have modified       hard-working but takes Sunday off (and          liberal society has swung to the opposite
its teaching on topics like predestination,    enjoys sex!), who believes in honesty           extreme with its emphasis on luxury rather
                                                                                               than frugality, on consumption rather
the church or baptism, but they still retain   and consistency with self-restraint, who
                                                                                               than saving, on moral and philosophical
much of the essence of that tradition.         submits to the Bible but is critical of the
                                                                                               relativism, on human autonomy rather
Indeed even those who boast the most           state, who believes in a strict upbringing
                                                                                               than submission to God. A fresh infusion
about being “Reformed” have themselves         and in being self-critical. This semi-serious
                                                                                               of Calvinism would do western civilisation
modified the tradition at some point           quiz illustrates the fact that Reformed         no harm!
or other. Or the term “Calvinist” could        Christianity has left its mark on western
refer to the specific teaching of Calvin,      culture, even if that mark may be               Finally, his 500th anniversary has led to
as opposed to that of other Reformed           somewhat faded today. The “Protestant           the production of several different versions
theologians. In this sense those holding       work ethic” is especially the Reformed          of “Calvinus” wine. Also, in Hungary there
                                               Protestant work ethic.                          is a town called Kal and in the region they
to the “five points of Calvinism” are not
                                                                                               produce a wine — Kal-vin, the Hungarian
Calvinist in that they depart from Calvin
                                               So am I a Calvinist? I am a student             form of Calvin. So let us raise a glass and
                                               and a critical admirer of Calvin. I have        toast John Calvin on his 500th birthday.
Again, Calvinism can refer to wider social     learned much from his theology, without
issues. A Dutch newspaper has produced         agreeing with him at every point — and           Tony Lane, Professor of
an amusing on-line quiz whereby one            the same applies to Reformed theology            Historical Theology, LST
InSight 10

foLLoWINg god’S

    Vacation Placement: Cambodia                                                                   My summer placement
    Duration: 4–25 July 2009                                                                       taught me the
    Official number of days on placement: 15                                                       importance of being
    Team of 1: Me, Sophie Lau (and my new friends in Cambodia)                                     flexible in mission.

              od had brought me on a
              journey to learn to give my
              all in his work even when
              it’s nothing like what I had
expected to be doing. I was prepared
to be a music teacher in a Children’s
foster home in Seam Reap with a few
short visits to villages nearby with my
supervisor. Instead, I got the opportunity
to travel to a number of provinces, some
up to 5 hours apart, and do such a variety
of things that I’m still surprised when I
look back on it all.
I was a pharmacist for a week,
distributing and packing medicines
according to doctors’ prescription in
a free health centre. I shared in many
prayer meetings, played the guitar in the      I never realised how much                    leader. I was shocked and didn’t know
worship team, preached in a few church         a person could do when                       what to do, as I hadn’t prepared anything.
services, led the church staff devotion,       they follow God’s leading.                   But God saved the day with his leading
led and joined local Bible studies. I also                                                  that brought me to conduct a study on
                                             One of the most memorable moments              Ecclesiastes.
prepared games and sing-alongs, prayed
                                             was when I joined the weekly Bible
for the sick, filmed a baptism of about                                                     Honestly, this whole placement was so
                                             study in Phnom Penh. I had a translator
40 people in the tossing waves of the                                                       unpredictable in its task, location, and
                                             accompanying me so that I could
sea. I joined a mobile teaching team,                                                       language difficulties. However, I’ve really
                                             understand what was being taught. I was
held English classes, prepared teaching                                                     learnt that as long as God is with us and if
                                             very encouraged to see the eagerness
materials, taught the basics of Photoshop,                                                  we’re willing to let go of our own plans, we
                                             everyone had to learn of God’s Word. As
gave haircuts, went to the markets in the                                                   can do all the things that he brings us to.
                                             we started, being obviously foreign, I was
mornings for food and bought whatever                                                       I’m so blessed by this experience. You have
                                             introduced to the group. At that moment,
I could to meet the needs (books,                                                           to try this out too!
                                             it finally dawned upon me; I wasn’t a
stationery, anti lice shampoo).
                                             visitor that was joining in, I was the study   God bless you abundantly.
                                                                                                                               InSight 11


                                                                                                  It was this experience that
    Name: David Leeds                                                                             both changed me and will
    Vacation Placement: Foursquare Gospel Church                                                  continue to challenge me
    Location: Sao Luis, Brazil                                                                    for a long time.

          voiding the ambushes of giant        Recently I was asked what had changed           Seeing hybrid VWs and new SUVs
          insects made me realise that I       me the most during my vacation                  speeding past men on disintegrating
          was perhaps not as in need of        placement. I realised after some reflection     wooden carts pulled by donkeys was
          the facilities as I had originally   that it was not seeing the poverty first        quite surreal. In the midst of this
thought! Making my exit, there was no          hand in Maranhao, one of the Brazil’s           though, I was blessed to be shadowing
escape from leading the evening Bible          poorest states. Nor was it experiencing         a man whose constant concern was the
study!                                         the explosion of evangelical Christianity in    giving of his energy and finances with
                                               Brazil with huge urban churches bursting        no double standards. To rich and poor
It was to be the first of two occasions                                                        alike, he simply made a way to give and
                                               at the seams. Rather, it was the humble
where I preached, translated by my                                                             demonstrate the love of Christ wherever
                                               example of my placement supervisor
placement supervisor. I questioned                                                             he saw the opportunity, with a willingness
                                               Bruno, one of the church’s pastors and a
whether I was in fact being translated or                                                      and generosity that I had never before
                                               great friend.
if a different sermon altogether was being                                                     encountered. It was this experience that
delivered. Why was my attempted humour         In Sao Luis I felt particularly uneasy at the   both changed me and will continue to
so much funnier after translation?!            huge chasm separating rich and poor.            challenge me for a long time.
Regardless, I couldn’t help but feel
humbled by this immense opportunity
I had been given. There I was, standing
before brothers and sisters in a church
some 4,000 miles from home, many of
them living in poverty that I could not
begin to comprehend, others relatively
wealthy, but all united in their passion for
our God.
InSight 12

WISH yoU WeRe THeRe?

           lmost 25 years ago, my wife,        Particularly valuable were the worship          We learn much of our theology from the
           Tina, booked me – a rather          labs with the opportunity to discuss and        songs we sing and so a special mention has
           reluctant participant – on a        evaluate each service afterwards.               to go to the group
           workshop day organised by                                                           of songwriters who have set themselves the
                                               John Leach introduced a ‘Liturgy of Lament
the Music and Worship Foundation (Music                                                        task of creating fresh and original worship
                                               and Hope’, carefully crafted from biblical
in Worship Trust as it was then). It was a                                                     songs, evaluated and refined through local
                                               and other texts and focusing on the loss
day which launched me on a journey of                                                          church use, a peer critique process and
                                               of young people from the church. We
exploration into a music ministry in which                                                     theological review – a daunting prospect
                                               were reminded of the power of symbol as
I have been privileged to learn from and                                                       for any songwriter. And they’re available for
                                               participants slowly poured jars of seeds into
work with many inspiring individuals who                                                       free download from the internet!
                                               a large container – each seed representing
are passionate about music and worship.
                                               one hundred young people lost to the            There was so much more in the workshops
So here we both are at the LST Summer          church over the past twenty years.              and evening sessions, but for the two of
Conference again. Tina is the first to admit                                                   us, WorshipConnect has proved to be an
                                               In a session which exuded energy and
that she is no musician – she’s just handed                                                    opportunity for time out, to recharge
                                               passion, BIG Ministries presented their
over the baton of youth leader – but there’s                                                   spiritual batteries, to experience different
                                               ‘take’ on Multigenerational Worship. Using
more than enough in the programme to                                                           styles of worship, to share and develop
                                               music, drama, action and interaction, they
make it difficult to choose our respective                                                     ideas and to gain fresh inspiration.
                                               brought home a simple – yet profound
workshops. Just don’t ask her to clap                                                          Above all, WorshipConnect has been an
                                               – message. And in the spirit of ‘Lord, I
rhythms!                                                                                       encouragement to keep exploring, to search
                                               believe, help my unbelief’ (Mark 9.24), an
                                                                                               out new and creative ways to draw God’s
How to summarise three and a half intense      imaginative use of puppets allowed for
                                                                                               diverse people together in worship, for, as
days in a few words? Enjoyment there           questioning and expressing doubt.
                                                                                               T S Eliot, puts it:
certainly was: thought-provoking teaching,
                                               ‘Emerging Worship’ was the title of a
refreshing worship, workshops, worship labs;                                                   ‘With the drawing of this Love and the
                                               multi-sensory worship session focusing on
a finely judged balance of practical and                                                       voice of this Calling
                                               the Bible. Activities ranging from classical
theoretical; not to mention the opportunity                                                    We shall not cease from exploration
                                               Lectio Divina to a display of contemporary
to renew old acquaintances, forge new                                                          And the end of all our exploring
                                               reflections on texts from the Psalms
friendships and meet people from a whole                                                       Will be to arrive where we started
                                               prepared in an earlier workshop were
range of Christian backgrounds – not a lot                                                     And know the place for the first time.’
                                               accompanied by ambient music and video,
of time for rest, though! And in the midst
                                               skilfully mixed live.
of all this, a sense of God being glorified.                                                   Peter Hutchinson
                                                                                                                                 InSight 13

UNIqUe MA CoURSe                                 train tutors to teach Islam and Christian-     MA in Christian Integrative Psychotherapy
deveLopMeNTS                                     Muslim Relations at undergraduate level.
                                                                                                This is the working title of a new MA we
                                                 The MA will focus on the historical and
MA in Christian-Muslim Relations                                                                are planning in psychotherapy to start in
                                                 theological development of Christian-
                                                                                                October 2010. The title certainly sums up
We plan to initiate an MA programme in           Muslim engagements from the seventh
                                                                                                what it’s all about.
Christian-Muslim Relations in the next           to the present century. Key texts and
academic year commencing October                 passages in both the Bible and Qur’an
2010. Market research has indicated that         will be studied to see how Scripture
such a programme will be well received           contributes and impacts on relations
both in the UK and in the Majority World.        between Muslims and Christians. Models
A leading Christian Islamicist remarked          of different relationships – peaceful and
after hearing about the prospects that           conflict situations – in the contemporary
such a programme ‘would be filling a             context will be examined. Students will
rather empty hole’ in the British context.       also be guided through the programme
We also expect the programme to serve            to examine in detail some of the socio-
the needs of theological colleges in the         political, cultural and racial factors
majority world where there is a need to          impacting on Christian-Muslim Relations.
                                                 A unique part of the MA will be a core         We’re designing it for Christians who have
                                                 module that will include students              already trained as counsellors to Diploma
                                                 engaging with lived Islam in its various       level or higher, and want to upgrade
                                                 cultural expressions in Britain. The MA        their qualifications and wrestle with the
                                                 will be largely taught, interspersed with      integration of their counselling practice
                                                                    seminars, and will          with their faith.
                                                                    include a dissertation
                                                                                                We’re planning core modules on Theology
                                                                    on a topic of the
                                                                                                and the Therapeutic Relationship and
                                                                     student’s choice. This
                                                                                                on Psychotherapy Practice, as well as
                                                                     will allow students from
                                                                                                the possibility of options in Addictions,
                                                                     other parts of the world
                                                                                                Families, Cognitive Approaches, Art Therapy
                                                                     to research into issues
                                                                                                and other appropriate theological topics.
                                                                     that may be considered
                                                                     more relevant to their     Please pray for our planning and watch
                                                                     context.                   this space!

Building on the success of our established       The second pathway will offer the same         modules that help their understanding
Theology, Music & Worship programme              combined evenly weighted programme             and practice of corporate worship,
offered at Certificate, Diploma and Degree       as above. The difference being that the        but who do not wish to take any
level, we are working on developing three        music modules are to be designed around        music options.
distinct pathways:                               students with obvious gifts in music,          We envisage these programmes to
                                                 but who come with limited experience           come online for the academic intake
The first pathway will be to offer specialist
                                                 in reading music or a confident grasp of       October 2010.
musicians an innovative combined evenly
                                                 general musicianship skills.
weighted programme of Theology, Music &                                                         Should you wish to have more
Worship. This is to be designed especially for   Finally the third pathway is for those         detailed information on any of the
students who want to advance their music         students who want a combined Theology          above please contact
skills and understanding to a high level.        and Worship study programme, including         or call 01923 456160.
InSight 14

SCHooL’S oUT –
LoNdoN SCHooL of
   On a very hot Saturday, 27 June, graduates
   of London School of Theology spent a happy
   and joyous occasion celebrating at their
   Thanksgiving and Commissioning Service.

       ust over 100 graduating students,             Dr Krish Kandiah,
       their family and friends attended at          Executive Director:
       the spacious venue of Soul Survivor,          Churches in
       Watford, to worship and praise God            Mission for the
for all that had been achieved during their          UK Evangelical
studies at LST. The year’s accomplishments           Alliance, gave the
were of a very high academic standard                address entitled
with 4 first class honour degrees and 34             “All that you can’t
postgraduate awards.                                 leave behind”                                          encouraging year’, going on to say, ‘I am
LST’s President, the Rt Rev & Rt Honourable          which encouraged the students, ‘to take                grateful that I wasn’t the only “new boy”
The Lord Carey of Clifton, claimed to have           the message out, to be part of the chain               last September being joined by two new
the longest links with the School, being a           reaction of God’s grace to a lost world’.              members of faculty, Dr John Azumah from
former student in the early 50s at the then                                                                 Ghana who came to be the Director of
                                                     In his first graduation speech as Principal
London Bible College on Marylebone Road.                                                                    our Centre for Islamic Studies and Rev Dr
                                                     of the School, Dr Simon Steer told
He went on to say, ‘We hope that what you                                                                   Jules Gomes from India who came to head
                                                     students and guests, ‘It has in many
have gained from this place (LST) will be far                                                               up our new Masters programme, both
more than a degree, that it will be training         ways been a year of new beginnings and
                                                                                                            outstanding scholar teachers who have
for life.’                                           we give thanks for an exciting and truly
                                                                                                            already brought much to our community’.

 UNdeRgRAdUATe             Chloe Lynch               Briana Bryan            Jonathan Stewart           Debi Pudsey                  Ryan Tipton
 MIddLeSex AWARdS          Helen Morris              Stephen Carter          Mark Tate                  Jihae Kim                    David Wang
                           Eleanor Rack              Joanna Chow             Craig Timms                Postgraduate Diploma
 Certificate of Higher     Whitney Roach             Kabbie Conteh           Stefan Tiran *                                          Master of Theology
 Education in Theology                                                                                  in Aspects of Biblical       Philip Lindholm
                           Samia Sami                Justin Coombs           Clive Weir
 Sue Blake                                                                                              Interpretation               Heather Churchill
                           Martin Williams           Steven Dougherty
 Diane Cornell                                       Jacques Dros            Bachelor of Arts in        Elie Anne Kaupas
 Marie Elsdon              Diploma of Higher         Tim Goodall             Theology & Counselling     (Posthumous)                 BRUNeL AWARdS
 Caroline Hawkings         Education in Theology &   Tom Green               Marie Dunn                 Carmen Joan Schultz          Master of Theology
 Simone Macmillan          Counselling               Sam Guille              Elke Greulich              Elizabeth Thomas             Christian Giordano
                           Sheona Alexander          Dave Hallissy           Engela Odendaal
 Certificate of Higher     Britta Stones             Beth Harris             David Rendall              Master of Arts in Aspects    Master of Philosophy
 Education in Theology &   Weili Yin                 Melanie Jones           Susanne Wigram             of Biblical Interpretation
                                                                                                                                     Bert Ingelsten
 Counselling                                         Sarah Jones                                        Stephen Burnhope **
 Pui Wan Chan              Diploma of Higher         Hayley King             Bachelor of Arts           Ben Care ***                 Doctor of Philosophy
 Hannah Moon               Education in Theology,    Jon King                in Theology, Music         Yvonne Choo **               Timothy Churchill
                           Music & Worship           Jacqui Laing            & Worship                  Andrew Chuter **             Geoffrey Cooke
 Certificate of Higher     Mark Houston              Dineo Ledwaba-Chapman   Simon James-Morse          Patrick Early                Nicholas Gatzke
 Education in Theology,    Sheila Murray             John Lubbe              Andy Lawson                Ben Fortescue ***            Abson Joseph
 Music & Worship                                     David Marriott          Liza Mohan                 Daniel Gates ***             Jorg Rainer Schacke
 Jon Finch                 Bachelor of Arts          Laurie O’Brien          Tom Snell                  Peter Harding                Horst Schaffenberger
 Jenny Warrington          in Theology               Lindsey O’Neill                                    Anna Hewett ***              Michael Voigts
                           André Adefope             Lanre Orepo             poSTgRAdUATe
 Diploma of Higher                                                                                      Simon Howard ***             Tharwat Wahba
                           Moses Agyam               Louise Richards         MIddLeSex AWARdS
 Education in Theology                                                                                  Elias Jenni ***
                           Leigh Barnard *           Hannah Robinson *                                                               MIddLeSex AWARdS
 Wesley Chiang             Jenny Barnes                                      Postgraduate Certificate   Paul Manuel ***
                                                     Jeronne Rudder          in Aspects of Biblical     Elaine Mitchell ***          Doctor of Philosophy
 Malcolm Cox               Becky Beaumont            James Samuels
 Simeon Ko                 James Boultbee                                    Interpretation             John Ryeland                 Sean Oliver-Dee
                                                     Chris Shaw *

                                                                                                                      * 1st Class Honours ** Distinction *** Merit
                                                                                                                              InSight 15

LeCTURe 2010
      ST is delighted to welcome               on Tuesday 23 February heralding changes
      Professor Alister McGrath, Head of       in the format of the event.
      the Centre for Theology, Religion
                                               The occasion will be different from
      and Culture at King’s College,
                                               previous years in that the day will begin
London as the 2010 Laing Lecturer.
                                               with Chapel at 2.00pm with the Laing
The title for the lecture will be ‘The Lord    Lecturer preaching, to be followed by an
is my Light: In defence of a discipleship of   academic seminar at 4.00pm and a buffet
the mind’. Professor McGrath said, ‘This       supper at 6.30pm. A more popular lecture,
lecture will be a passionate defense of the    which is open to the public, will then
life of the mind in Christian discipleship,    follow at Emmanuel Church, Northwood
and of the need for Christians to be           commencing at 7.45pm. For further
involved in cultural debates’.                 information on attendance at this lecture
                                               please contact LST on 01923 456148 or
The annual Laing Lecture 2010 will be held

Evening Classes                                Saturday Series                             Theology & Counselling Saturday Classes
Autumn Term                                    Saturdays 10.15am–4.00pm                    Saturdays 10.15am–4.30pm
 October – November 2009                       Topic:    Paul                              Venue:   London School of Theology
 Mondays from 7.45-9.30pm
                                               Speakers: Conrad Gempf, Lecturer in         21 November – 1st class
Venue: London School of Theology               New Testament; Jules Gomes, MA              Topics: Introduction To Deep Release
Topic:   Isaiah 1-39                           Course Leader and Lecturer in Biblical      Speakers: Pauline Andrew/Hazel Barton
Speaker: Jean-Marc Heimerdinger –              Theology; Sonia Jackson, Director of
         Lecturer in Hebrew and Judaism                                                    23 January 2010 – 2nd class
                                               Training and Lecturer in Mission; Julie
Dates: 5, 12, 19 October                                                                   Topics: Working With People With Dementia
                                               Robb, Academic Advisor to the MA by
         2, 9, 16, 23, 30 November                                                         Speaker: Danuta Lipinska
                                               Distance Learning and Moses Agyam
Spring Term                                    (LST 2006-2009).                            20 February
                                                                                           Topics: Healing in the Local Church
 January – March 2010                          Dates:    2009 - 17 October,
                                                                                           Speakers: Steve Motyer/Irene Davies
 Mondays from 7.45-9.30pm                                21 November
                                                         2010 - 23 January,                20 March
Venue London School of Theology
                                                         20 February, 20 March,            Topics: Healing Timeline
Topic:   Romans
                                                         and 22 May                                 (Lifespan Integration)
Speaker: Robert Willoughby - Lecturer in
                                                                                           Speaker: Cathy Thorpe
         New Testament                         Venue:    London School of Theology
Dates: 11, 18, 25 January                                                                  22 May
                                               Price: £28.25 each (discounts for
         1, 8, 22 February                                                                 Topics: The Journey Out Of Addiction
                                               attending three or more sessions),
         1, 8 March                                                                        Speaker: Bill Radmall
                                               price includes cooked lunch and
Price: £3.50 per session, season ticket £24.   refreshments. Further information           Further information and booking please contact
Further information and booking please         and booking please contact the              the Theology & Counselling Administrator –
contact the Open Learning Assistant            Open Learning Assistant Registrar -         t 01923 456234 e
Registrar - t 01923 456230 e    t 01923 456230 e
InSight 16


                                                Themes identified in chapter headings
                                                include, ‘Knowing God and Ourselves’,
                                                ‘God revealed in Creation’, ‘God’s
                                                Sovereign Providence’, ‘How God works in
                                                the Human Heart’ etc.
                                                The table in the Appendix of the Guide
A ReAdeR’S gUIde To                             notes that studying the main themes
CALvIN’S INSTITUTeS                             within the Institutes could be divided into
Anthony N S Lane                                32 readings (mostly 20 pages or less of
                                                the Institutes per session). This provides a
Baker Academic 2009, £9.99, pp 174,             realistic and manageable framework for
ISBN 978-0-8010-3731-3                          the aspiring student.

            previous reviewer has noted         This Guide used together with the Battles/
            that this Reader’s Guide            McNeill translation could be a more
            will help students gain an          efficient way of studying Calvin compared
            overview of John Calvin’s 1559      with relying too much upon secondary
masterpiece without pushing them ‘…to           sources on certain subjects. For example,
exhaustion’. Professor Tony Lane explains       chapter 31 in the Guide on the Lord’s
(pages 9-10) that the Guide achieves            Supper is only seven pages long and just
this by covering ‘…all of Calvin’s positive     over twenty-one pages in the Institutes.
theology while missing most of his              Less than thirty pages of reading would        principle for Calvin’s theology. But how
polemics against his opponents and most         therefore provide a guided introduction to     shall we ever dispel such misconceptions
of the historical material’.                    Calvin’s Eucharistic theology.                 unless we read Calvin for ourselves?’ The
This Guide helpfully summarizes                                                                Reader’s Guide makes such a project into a
                                                The Guide enables the reader to engage
Calvin’s thoughts on various subjects                                                          more realistic goal.
                                                directly with Calvin’s thought and, in the
by identifying strategic paragraphs and         reviewer’s opinion, to be enriched by the      Tony Lane’s Reader’s Guide to Calvin’s
sentences within the Battles/McNeill            experience! We are led to appreciate the       Institutes is a concise lucid book, which
translation of the Institutes. Tony Lane also   subtlety and range of Calvin’s exposition      makes the Institutes more accessible
identifies texts which are not so important     as he weaves various Scriptural reflections    without falling into the trap of imposing a
within Calvin’s overall thought. Similarly,     together into a coherent argument and          simplistic interpretative grid upon Calvin’s
occasionally observations are made where        as he ‘bats away’ the objections of his        thought.
Calvin’s arguments may need re-stating          opponents. We may be surprised by some
under modern conditions: for example,                                                          Reviewed by: Dr Geoffrey Cooke (LST
                                                of his stances, which are sometimes
Calvin’s claim in Institutes 1.3.2-3 that                                                      2002-2009) Part-time history/church
                                                divergent from popular perceptions
even atheists have a natural awareness of                                                      history teacher in adult education.
                                                of Calvin. For example, as Tony Lane
God. The Guide is a commentary on the           observes (page 76), ‘it is unlikely that the   Tony Lane, Professor of Historical
Institutes and not a ‘stand alone’ book.        Sovereignty of God is really the controlling   Theology, LST
                                                                                                                            InSight 17

SIgNpoSTS                                     After every fifth psalm, however, there is
                                              a different kind of page, a very brief essay
A devoTIoNAL MAp of
                                              on some topic about the psalms or theme
                                              within them, such as the psalm’s teaching
Derek Tidball                                 about Messiah or about the poetry of the
                                              psalms or their authorship.
Nottingham: IVP 2009, £9.99, pp 150,
ISBN 978-1-84474-373-5,                       The main purpose of the book is to help us

                                              feel more at home with the psalms, chart
          his book is a labour of love and
                                              our way through them in such a way that
          testimony to a friendship. Derek
                                              helps us to see the God with whom they
          Tidball and the psalms are old
                                              relate so vibrantly. This is a great book for
          friends: they’ve been meeting for
                                              doing that.
breakfast for years. And now he stops and
introduces us to his friend.                  The author, however, is a pastor / preacher
                                              at heart and is aware that what he has
This is an unusual book, almost a
                                              produced here will be of especial use to
workbook. There are 150 psalms, and each
                                              preachers dealing with a psalm or a series
one has a page-sized summary (yes, even
                                              of psalms.
Psalm 119 gets one page!). This page is
usually made up of three sections: a brief    So if you’re interested in becoming
Orientation, from one to five sentences       better acquainted with this wonderfully
                                                                                              Reviewed by: Conrad Gempf, Lecturer
in length, characterizes the psalm in its     human book of the Bible, you will benefit
                                                                                              in New Testament, LST
historical and literary context; a Map,       from having this book serve as a gentle
providing a brief overview of the contents,   introduction. And if you’re a preacher, you     Derek Tidball is an author and speaker
usually by breaking the psalm down            should buy this book without hesitation.        and was Principal of LST (1995–2007)
into sections; and finally a section called   Someday, you’ll use it to stimulate you to
Signpost which is a helpful stimulus to       treat your congregation to a wonderful
reflection on the relevance of the psalm      series on the book of Psalms.
for our lives. Very occasionally, these
three sections are supplemented with a
Links section, helpfully pointing out other
related passages of Scripture.
InSight 18

INSIgHT INTo                                                                                 addiction/Egypt towards a homeland – the
AddICTIoN                                                                                    importance of developing more healthy
                                                                                             relationships and finding a supportive
Bill Radmall                                                                                 rather than fearful faith community,
CWR Waverley Abbey Insight Series                                                            while working with and slowing down the
2009, £8.99, pp 107,                                                                         repetitive cycle of addiction. This cycle
ISBN 978-1-85345-505-6                                                                       involves: ‘red flag’ (the precipitant), reflex,
                                                                                             ritual, relief, and consequence, which may

            ddiction is epidemic in                                                          itself be a ‘red flag’. Bill illustrates his
            today’s society, fuelled by                                                      enthusiasm for bringing change through
            the expectation we should be                                                     engagement with narrative, using John 4,
            able to avoid discomfort and                                                     Jesus’ meeting with the Samaritan woman
pain, and ready accessibility to mind-                                                       at the well.
altering substances and the Internet.
                                                                                             The Waverley Abbey Insight Series aims
Rejecting relationship with God has left
                                                                                             to bring ‘biblical understanding and godly
us searching for alternatives to meet our
                                                                                             insight’ in various areas, for helpers and
normal longings for security, self-esteem
                                                                                             sufferers. This book is more about enabling
and significance. Even within the Church
                                                                                             understanding than a ‘how-to’ manual
and its leadership, difficulty in meeting
                                                                                             for Christian counsellors, though there
big expectations and standards may fuel
                                                                                             are practical pointers, and much is very
disappointment and shame, feeding the
                                               sources relevant to this. Each chapter        relevant for them as well as for individuals
desire to escape into quick-fix comfort or
                                               ends with a brief activity, reflections and   struggling with addiction and pastoral
                                               prayer appropriate to Christians or those     carers. I hope it may shed light on what
I warmed to this down-to-earth book            sympathetic to faith.                         is largely hidden, and recommend this
dealing with addiction. Bill’s experience                                                    book to Christian leaders, who will have
in this area and now teaching it helps         Egypt and exodus is the motif through         many with addictions (or in process of
him relate complex ideas with simplicity.      the book: the journey from going into         developing them!) in their congregations.
I want to convey a flavour of the book’s       and living in slavery (addiction) and back    It would be helpful for those, Christian or
sense of painful reality, underlying           out, to possessing the land (freedom).        ‘churched’, who are ready to face their
compassion, and acceptance of those            Recognition of our powerlessness              own addiction, who want an introduction
struggling with addictions and shame;          to save ourselves, and our ongoing            to the subject, or to connect their
alongside the recognition that we all have     need of a Saviour, is at its core. Bill       faith with their prior knowledge about
such tendencies, as sinners needing to         integrates biblical, developmental and        addiction.
experience God’s loving comfort.               neuropsychological perspectives. The
                                               roots of the journey into Egypt for Jacob’s   Reviewed by: Wendy Somerville, LST and
There is a broad approach to addictions        family were hunger and the search for         CWR Counselling Tutor, independent
with specific chapters on gambling and         food: Bill describes how addictions develop   counsellor and supervisor (LST 2004-
sex addictions. I would have liked one         in response to a sense of physical or         2007)
specifically on alcohol and substance          emotional deprivation. Egypt’s provision      Bill Radmall, Lecturer in Counselling,
abuse, but perhaps this might have made        turned into imprisonment and slavery          LST and CWR
the book rather long for the Insight series,   in Egypt, like the effects of addiction.
and, as Bill comments, there are other         He considers the difficult journey out of
                                                                                                                                    InSight 19

Cd RevIeWS
NATURAL                                         The album is entitled Natural and the
                                                pieces follow this theme with titles such
Simon Peter ‘aka’ Simon Willetts                as “River”, “Autumn Falls”, “Rain”, “The Old

     always looked forward to Simon             Oak”. The titles are not arbitrary but really
     Willetts’ performances at the piano        do match the music as you are lead on a
     during his LST years. When he explored     journey; inward, outward, towards God.
     the world of jazz and funk his playing     Simon Peter has created beautiful and
would literally light up the room. I always     pleasurable piano music that stands on
hoped that Simon would go on to become          its own and should be taken seriously as
a recording artist and I was curious to hear    such. However, I would also reach for this
what he would release.                          CD to accompany dinner parties, keep me
Natural took me by surprise. I was waiting      company on long journeys and to minister
for a high energy jazz/funk masterpiece,        to people during prayer and healing             The album is dedicated to Simon Peter’s
instead I heard nine short and beautifully      services.                                       sister who died of cancer.
crafted pieces which stand on their own                                               
                                                My only sadness is that there isn’t more
and also work as a complete whole in one        music on the album. I hope that there           Jonathan Green (LST 1998-2002)
almost seamless listening experience.           is a follow up taking shape on some             Young Adult Pastor, Methodist
The music has depth and spirit and the          manuscript paper somewhere! I warmly            Central Hall Westminster
pieces literally wash over you in a cleansing   recommend Natural to you.
                                                                                                Simon Willetts (LST 1997-2000)
and healing way. The music is passionate,       Natural retails at £12.00 + p&p with            Freelance Musician; Anglican Training
articulate and deep, and doesn’t tire.          £1.00 being donated to Cancer Research.         at St John’s College, Nottingham

No JAzz pLeASe,                                 The quality of the music is absolutely          contrast to this, the music can be gentle,
We’Re BRITISH!                                  excellent, and the four musicians’ rapport      sweet even, just letting it flow quite
                                                can only be the result of knowing each          meditatively and free, as in “Psalm”. Dan
Dan Forshaw Quartet                             other very well and having a solid common       plays the most beautiful melodic lines,

                                                understanding of the music they’re playing.     such as “Lil Darlin”. This variation, together
         ancy a chilled evening with a
                                                                                                with his incredible skills, and the excellent
         glass of wine? Why not sit back
                                                                                                rhythm section, makes this album a real
         and relax to the sound of jazz
                                                                                                pleasure and joy to the ears.
         as the Dan Forshaw Quartet
play us some more great music from                                                              No Jazz Please, We’re British! retails at
their latest album No Jazz Please,                                                              £7.50 inc p&p and is available from
We’re British!                                                                                  www.

This album was recorded live at Jazz in                                                         Dan Forshaw (LST 2005-2007)
the Chapel earlier this year, a regular                                                         Professional Musician
jazz event hosted by LST for the past                                                           Chris Bryant, 2nd year Student BA
few years. This excellent recording                                                             Theology, Music & Worship
captures the mood of the audience               Some of the tracks have great energy and
as they interact with the music and             excitement such as “St Thomas”, “Caravan”       For more concert details contact
performance of the Quartet.                     and “Lipstick on a Pig”. But in stark 
opeN dAy
opeN dAy 2009
10am – 3.30pm
Saturday 14 November
Come and experience a mini lecture, hear from
some of our world-class theologians and get
a taste for study and life at LST. Visit stalls
exhibiting our variety of courses, chat with
faculty and students and go on a tour.
All are welcome, no booking required.

eNqUIReRS’ dAyS 2010
9.30am – 2.30pm
Tuesday 16 February Tuesday 27 April
Tuesday 2 March     Tuesday 18 May
Meet Admissions staff and Course Administrators,
join in on a lecture, attend a Chapel service, take
a tour of the site, lunch with faculty and students.
Booking required please email
or call 01923 456252 to book your place.

                                                       London School of Theology
                                                       Green Lane, Northwood, HA6 2UW
                                                       t 01923 456000 e w
                                                       Registered Charity No. 312778

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