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                               GOOGLE ANALYSIS


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CAN-USAIT CONFERENCE…………………………………………………………………………….5


THE INTERNET COMMUNITY ………………………………………………………………………….9

JAVASCRIPT IS NOW A NECESSITY………………………………………………………………….11
ANALYSIS OF GOOGLE OFFERS……………………………………………………………………...13



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                                                           DEERWALK EXPANDS SENIOR
k|ljlw If]qdf clxn] ;~rf/ dGqfno, pRr:t/Lo                 MANAGEMENT TEAM
;"rgf k|ljlw cfof]u, lj1fg tyf k|ljlw k|1f
k|lti7fg nufot lgsfo ePklg logLx?df ;dGjo                  June 3rd, 2011 (Lexington, Mass.) – Deerwalk,
x'g g;Sbf ;D;of ylkPsf] 5 . o:tf] ;D;of                    Inc., a Lexington, Massachusetts and
;dfwfg ug{ ;"rgf k|ljlw If]qsf] ljsf;df 5'§}               Kathmandu, Nepal based software company,
ljefu agfpg'kg]{ h?/L b]lvPsf] 5 . ;"rgf k|ljlwd}          announced that it is strengthening its senior
sfo{/t b"/;~rf/ k|flws/0f, ;f;]s kl/of]hgf h:tf            management team to manage the company’s
lgsfo ;~rf/ dGqfno cGtu{t 5g\ . ;"rgf k|ljlw               rapid growth. Rudra Pandey, Ph.D., will assume
gLlt @)^& n] o:tf sfo{qmdx? lj1fg k|ljlw                   the role of the Executive Chairman. He will
                                                           continue to lead the executive team and directly
dGqfno cGtu{t /x]/ ;~rfng ug]{ pNn]v u/]klg
                                                           work with the company's innovation team. Jeff
Jojxf/df nfu' ge};s]sf]n] Pp6} k|s[ltsf
                                                           Gasser, CPA, current Executive Vice President,
sfo{qmdx?df ;d]t b'j} lgsfon] vr{ ul//x]sf 5g\             will become President. He has been a founder
.                                                          and co-founder of several businesses in the past,
;"rgf k|ljlw ljsf;sf]nflu cfufdL cfly{s jif{df             including D2Hawkeye, and is a highly regarded
                                                           healthcare business and product development
ljz]if sfo{qmdx? ;'? ug{ %) s/f]8 ?k}ofFsf] ah]6
                                                           executive. Jeff will work closely with Rudra on
k|:tfj lj1fg dGqfnon] u/]sf] 5 . cy{ dGqfnon]              company strategy and will directly lead the
#* s/f]8 ?k}ofFsf] l;lnª tf]s]sf]n] gofF sfo{qmd           business development team. Bill Higgins is


joining the senior management team as the                 development center in Nepal. Its solutions apply
Chief Operating Officer. Bill is an experienced           a cost-efficient and high-quality offshore model
health care executive with over 20 years                  with full onshore client support and project
experience. He has worked in many positions of            management resources. Deerwalk provides
healthcare businesses including HMOs, hospital            technology consulting and solutions to small
systems, managed care organizations, and                  businesses, corporations, hospitals, universities,
physician groups. As its first COO, he was                providers, insurers, brokers, stop loss carriers,
instrumental in the nurturing of D2Hawkeye.               and third-party administrators among others.
Bill has an MBA from University of Florida
                                                           Deerwalk offers: application development, data
and is a Certified Public Accountant. Jo Anne
                                                          extraction, mapping and enhancement of legacy
Hunt, a highly respected industry veteran in the
                                                          applications, application integration, data base
area of health care product development, joins
                                                          management, and website development and
the senior management team as the VP of
Clinical Development. Ms. Hunt, a registered
nurse, has extensive experience in the areas of
clinical product design and development. She
worked at D2Hawkeye for more than four years              CAN-USA IT Conference
as head of clinical product development and
                                                          CAN-USA an International Chapter of
also worked as clinical lead of product
                                                          Computer Association of Nepal is organizing IT
development activities for Casenet. Prior to that,
                                                          Conference in Huston USA from 9 to 10 July.
Jo Anne worked as a nurse practitioner in
various clinical settings and as a clinical data
expert in Principal Financial Group. Jo Anne
has a Masters in Nursing from University of
Iowa. "With these additions and changes, we
have rightly positioned our company for future
innovation and growth," Pandey said.

ABOUT DEERWALK: Established in 2009,
Deerwalk, Inc. is a Massachusetts-based
software engineering firm with a large


International NEWS                                        happen here is a nice little settlement out of

                                                          What’s new?
ICLOUD COMMUNICATIONS SUES APPLE                             •   Notification when new users are added to
FOR OBVIOUS REASONS                                              your friend bar

Cupertino introduces a new product with a                    •   Share text excerpts directly from article
name that ostensibly belongs to someone else                 •   bit.ly account integration
and for better or worse that someone decides to              •   Reorganized app settings
take Apple to court. Today, it's iCloud                      •   Fixed an issue logging into Instapaper
Communications charging out of the left corner               •   News.me launched last week as an iPad
to sock Apple's iCloud square in the wallet.                     app and as an email service. Here is
                                                                 some background on why and how we
Arizona-based iCloud Communications appears
                                                                 built News.me:
to be a VoIP equipment and service provider,
though in court documents it claims to be a
cloud computing company as well, and claims
                                                             •   Why News.me?
that it's been using the term iCloud (and the
                                                             •   For a while now at bitly and betaworks,
above logo) to sell such services since 2005. It's
                                                                 we have been thinking about and
asking the court to destroy all iCloud marketing                 working on applications that blend
materials, pay damages and even invalidate the                   socially curated streams with great
iCloud trademark that Apple bought from                          immersive reading interfaces.
Xcerion -- the only registered iCloud trademark              •   Specifically we have been exploring and
so far -- but what's probably going to actually                  testing ways that the bitly data stack can


        be used to filter and curate social                    have selected to read — your inbound
        streams. The launch of the iPad last April             stream. It’s almost as if I’m leaning over
        changed everything. Finally there was a                your shoulder — reading what you read,
        device that was both intimate and public               or looking at your book shelves: it allows
        — a device that could immerse you into                 me to understand how the people I
        a reading experience that wasn’t bound                 follow construct their world.
        by the user experience constraints
        naturally embedded in 30 years of
        personal computing legacy. So we built
        News.me.                                           •   As with many innovations, we stumbled
    •   News.me is a personalized social news                  upon this idea. We started developing
        reading application for the Apple iPad.                News.me last August after we acquired
        It’s an app that lets you browse, discover             the prototype from The New York Times
        and read articles that other people are                Company. For the first version we
        seeing in their Twitter streams. These                 wanted to simply take your Twitter
        streams are filtered and ranked using                  stream, filter it using a bitly-based
        algorithms developed by the bitly team                 algorithm (bit-rank) and present it as an
        to extract a measure of social relevance               iPad app. The goal was to make an easy
        from the billions of clicks and shares in              to browse, beautiful reading experience.
        the bitly data set. This is fundamentally a            Within weeks we had a first version
        different kind of social news experience.              working. As we sat around the table
        I haven’t seen or used anything quite like             reviewing it, we started passing our
        it before. Rather than me reading what                 iPads around saying “let me look at your
        you tweet, I read the stream that you                  stream.” And that’s how it really started.
                                                               We stumbled into a new way of reading
                                                               Twitter and consuming news — the
                                                               reverse follow graph wherein I get to
                                                               read not only what you share, but what
                                                               you read as well. I get to read looking
                                                               over other people’s shoulders.



    •   What Others Are Reading…                               best possible reading experience. All
    •   On News.me you can read your filtered                  content that is one click from the stream
        stream and also those of people you                    is presented within the News.me
        follow on Twitter who use news.me.                     application. You can read, browse and
        When you sign into the iPad app it will                “save for later” all within the app. At any
        give you a list of people you are already              given moment, you can click the browser
        following.     Additionally,    we      are            button to see a particular page on the
        launching with a group of recommended                  web. News.me has a simple business
        streams. This is a selection of people                 model to offer this reading experience.
        whose “reading lists” are particularly
        interesting. From Maria Popova (a.k.a.
        brainpicker), to Nicholas Kristof and
        Steven      Johnson,    from      Arianna          •   Last week we launched the iPad
        Huffington to Clay Shirky … if you are                 News.me application and a companion
        curious to see what they are reading, if               email product. The email service offers a
        you want to see the world through their                daily, personalized digest of relevant
        eyes, News.me is for you. Many people                  content powered by the bit-rank
        curate their Twitter experience to reflect             algorithm, and is delivered to your inbox
        their own unique set of interests.                     at 6 a.m. EST each morning. The app.
        News.me offers a window into their                     costs $.99 per week, and we in turn pay
        curated view of the world, filtered for                publishers for the pages you read. The
        realtime social relevance via the bit-rank             email product is free.

                                                           •   Howwas
    •   Streamline Your Reading                                News.me
    •   The second thing we strove to                          developed
        accomplish was to make News.me into a                  ?
        beautiful and beautifully simple reading
        experience. Whether you are browsing                    News.me
        the stream, snacking on an item (you can               grew out
        pinch open an item in the stream to see a              of       an
        bit more) or you have clicked to read a                innovative relationship between The
        full article, News.me seeks to offer the


                                           New                 the Times Company in exchange for
                                           York                equity in bitly and, as part of the deal, a
                                         Times                 team of developers from R&D worked at
                                                               bitly to help bring the product to market.
                                      and bitly.
                                                        THE INTERNET COMMUNITY
        Company was the first in its industry to
        create a Research & Development group.          It’s one of those stories about which it’s
        As part of its mission, the group               impossible to be cynical. Alice Pyne, a British
        develops interesting and innovative             teenager
        prototypes based on trends in consumer          suffering
        media. Last May, Martin Nisenholtz and          from
        Michael Zimbalist reached out to me             terminal
        about a product in the Times Company’s          Hodgkin’s
        R&D lab that they wanted to show us at          lymphoma
        betaworks. A few weeks later they               ,has drawn
        showed us the following video,                  up a
        accompanied      by     an   iPad-based         “bucket list” of things she’d like to achieve
        prototype. The video was created in             before she dies.
        January 2010, a few months prior to the
                                                        This being the social media age, Alice posted
        launch of the iPad, and it anticipated          her list online and – this being the Internet age –
        many of the device’s gestures and uses,         thousands of well-wishers are now using
        in form and function.                           Twitter, Facebook and the rest to help make a
                                                        dying girl’s dreams come true.
    •   On the R&D site there are more
        screenshots and background. The Times           Or as the standfirst of Mary Elizabeth
        Company decided it would be best to             Williams’s Salon article put it: “Alice Pyne still
        move this product into bitly and                has a few things she’d like to do. Now the
        betaworks where it could grow and               Internet community is making them happen.”
        thrive. We purchased the prototype from


Hrm. It might be impossible to be cynical about          on May 25th, they declared a Fatwa on Urban
Alice Pyne and the generous folks who have               Outfitters after the evil corporate behemoth
rallied to her comfort — but as for the wider            ripped off some jewelry designs from Etsy
notion of a good and noble “Internet                     member Stevie Koerner The result: a gale of
community”? Yeah, that one is way overdue for            Twitter and blogosphere outrage directed
demolition.                                              against the company and a ton of orders for
                                                         Koerner, who told NBC Chicago:
Let’s start with the phrase itself: The Internet
Community – that ragtag band of 2.09 billion             “The internet community is so strong, and I’m
people currently online who, while counting              happy people are fired up about supporting
Nobel Prize winners, Presidents and other                independent artists and designers… It’s very
overworked souls amongst their numbers, are              inspiring to be part of a community who has
always ready to take up whatever cause seems             unified through the internet and whose voice
most deserving. Especially if that cause happens         has been heard.”
to have as its figurehead a sick child, a brave
soldier, an attractive woman fallen on hard              By the time Regretsy’s Helen Killer pointed out
times or – I don't know – an unemployed kitten           that Koerner’s own design was far from
who is bravely trying to overthrow a murderous           original, and that Urban Outfitters were
Arab regime. (The only thing the Internet                probably innocent in this case, the Community
Community loves more than the underdog is the            had already moved on to their next good cause.
undercat). One might as well praise the amazing
work being done by the “electricity community”           Step forward A Gay Girl in Damascus, a young
or the “oxygen community”.                               lesbian blogger called Amina Abdullah who
                                                         was reportedly arrested by Syrian forces for her
Really, what the press calls The Internet                brave stand against an oppressive regime. It
Community is more accurately described as The            didn’t take long for Amina’s plight to be the
People With Too Much Time On Their Hands                 talk of the Twitterverse, with The Internet
Community — or perhaps The I Spend My Life               Community demanding that “action” be taken
On Twitter And Call It A Job Community, Then             (and emails be sent to the Syrian government)
I’ll Do Anything The Internet Tells Me To Do             to secure her release. “A Gay Girl In Damascus
Community or Gullible I Should Be Locked                 Blogger Kidnapped: Take Action!” cried
Away For My Own Safety Community.                        Feministing.com, linking to a “Free Amina
                                                         Abdullah” Facebook page. It was only after the
Just take a look at some of the Community’s              dreaded mainstream media (lead by NPR’s
other triumphs over the past few weeks. Back             Andy Carvin) picked up the story that questions


began to be asked: has anyone actually met                truth had put its pants on, forcing Delta to
Abdullah? Why does every attempted telephone              apologize for doing nothing wrong.
or in-person interview with her end up being
cancelled at the last minute? Why is the profile          Spend a few minutes Googling The Internet
picture posted on Abdullah’s blog actually that           Community and for every heartwarming success
of Londoner Jelena Lecic? Legitimate safety               story like that of Alice Pyne’s bucket list you’ll
concerns or a cruel hoax? Who cares! As the               find a hundred misplaced boycotts, bone-headed
moderator of the Free Amina group put it…                 DDOS attacks, ass-backward outrage and hours
                                                          wasted in the pursuit of non-justice. There’s a
“Questions about Amina’s identity are                     reason for the popularity of Snopes.com: the
surfacing. However, we think it is possible that          long-suffering mother of the Internet, constantly
the writer of the blog is indeed in custody, in           reminding its Community that it’s probably
which case, it is important to continue to                unwise to poke forks into electrical outlets.
support her.”
                                                          Malcolm Gladwell wrote in the New Yorker
On Wednesday it was time for another boycott;             that the most effective online campaigns are
this time against Delta airlines for their                those which require the least effort: a click, a
shameful treatment of a group of soldiers                 retweet, maybe an email or two. It should come
returning from Afghanistan (ding ding ding!)              as no surprise, then, that many self-styled
who were charged $200 each in excess baggage              Internet activists can’t find the time or
charges for their equipment. The soldiers in              inclination to carry out the most basic due
question made a video naming and shaming                  diligence before throwing their hat into the ring
Delta and within hours the Internet Community             of outrage.
were on the warpath. Meantime, back on the
Reddit thread that sparked the initial outrage,           JAVASCRIPT IS NOW A NECESSITY.
people familiar with military transport (and
airline) policy began to raise their hands and            The potential of Node.js 
point out that – uh – Delta already has a special
allowance for troops to check three bags at no
charge, with the military reimbursing soldiers
                                                                                             has    the
for any baggage charges beyond that. Sure
enough, the video has since been deleted. Too
late though – the calls for a boycott had already
                                                          revolutionize web development. It is a
made it halfway around the world before the
                                                          framework for building high performance web


applications: applications that can respond very           Crockford have been pushing the idea that
quickly and efficiently to a high volume of                JavaScript, despite many warts, can and should
incoming requests. Although Node is a low-                 be treated like a serious programming language.
level framework that can build any kind of
application, it's particularly useful for building         At this point, writing Node applications is
web servers. Its asynchronous event-driven                 relatively crude: it's a low-level library, about as
paradigm is arguably more effective for web                close to the metal as you can get with
applications than the more familiar request-               JavaScript. It is not a full-fledged web
response paradigm.                                         framework, like Rails or Django. But that is
                                                           certain to change. Lightweight frameworks like
Two things make Node particularly valuable,                Express are starting to appear, and I have no
though. First, Google has started a revolution in          doubt that we'll see more full-featured
JavaScript performance. This isn't to say that at          frameworks built on top of Node.
any given moment they have the best JavaScript
engine available (though that's a fairly good              HTML5 is about JavaScript 
bet). But what's certain is that Google took
JavaScript performance seriously when other                I've said many times that HTML5 isn't really
players didn't, and in doing so drove Mozilla,             about HTML; it's about JavaScript. What
Apple, Microsoft, Opera, and other vendors into            changes in HTML itself? There are a few new
a performance race. The result is that the                 tags, which in and of themselves aren't that
JavaScript engines we have now are much,                   difficult to understand. The power of HTML5
much faster than they were a few years ago, and            lies in what these tags allow you to create in
are capable of running a serious web                       JavaScript. A drawing canvas isn't very useful
application.                                               without the code that lies behind it and creates
                                                           an animation, a game, or a visualization tool. As
Second, Node has benefitted from an enormous               soon as browsers supporting Canvas appeared,
pool of JavaScript developers. Whatever                                     we      saw     hundreds      of
language they use for the back end "server,"                                implementations of Asteroids
few developers doesn't use JavaScript in the                                as developers started playing
client. It may only be for bits and pieces of                               with the new features. Some
glue; it may be for sophisticated Ajaxian                                   were crude, some were
effects; it may even be to write full-fledged                               surprisingly rich. That work is
applications, such as Twitter or Gmail. But                                 entirely in JavaScript.
whatever the case, the number of JavaScript
developers is huge. And authors like Doug                                    HTML5, then, isn't really a


major advance in angle-bracket-based tagging;             JavaScript and databases, compilers 
it's about enabling JavaScript to do more                 and languages 
powerful things. The WebGL library (which is
still bleeding edge) allows real-time 3D
                                                          The use of JavaScript has also exploded in
graphics inside an HTML5 canvas. HTML5
                                                          databases. Three of the leading databases in the
geolocation allows you to write location-aware
                                                          NoSQL movement, CouchDB, MongoDB, and
applications in the browser (a basic capability
                                                          Riak, are "document databases." Rather than
for mobile phones). Persistent storage and
                                                          storing tables, they store documents. And for all
offline functionality have enabled developers to
                                                          three databases, a "document" means a JSON
write full-fledged applications, with the same
                                                          document, not a Word or Excel file. (Riak also
functionality you'd expect on a desktop, that run
                                                          supports XML documents and plain text.)
in the browser. There have also been
                                                          While JSON has been widely adopted as a data
experimental libraries for adding multitouch
                                                          exchange format (there are libraries for parsing
capabilities. These are all really features of
                                                          JSON in almost all modern programming
JavaScript. HTML5 just provides a structure for
                                                          languages), it's important to realize that JSON is
giving them meaning.
                                                          really just a format for serializing JavaScript
                                                          objects. So while you can use JSON with any
Furthermore, there have been significant
                                                          language, it's a natural fit for JavaScript
advances in browser libraries that don't require
                                                          development; and the fact that JSON has
HTML5. JavaScript has long been the
                                                          become a cross-language standard, rather than
workhorse for implementing dynamic features
                                                          some Python, Ruby, or Java serialization
in HTML. But there have always been two
                                                          format, says a lot about JavaScript's readiness to
problems: browser incompatibilities, and the
                                                          take a role on a larger stage. But even more than
awkwardness of working directly with the
                                                          that, all three of these databases have facilities
DOM. The JQuery library has elegantly solved
                                                          for executing JavaScript as part of queries. In
both problems, and is the basis for modern
                                                          the coming years, I would not be the least
client-side browser development. But it's not
                                                          surprised to see JavaScript and JSON embedded
just JQuery. The Protovis and D3 libraries
                                                          within other kinds of applications.
allow you to create complex interactive
visualizations that run directly in the browser —
                                                          We've only seen the beginning of JavaScript
for the first time, making the browser an
                                                          development. At this year's JSConf, javascript-
important tool for data exploration.
                                                          to-javascript compilers were a big theme, and
                                                          seen as a major trend for the future. Google has
                                                          been the hotbed of compiled JavaScript. GWT


is the first framework I'm aware of that used              see JavaScript everywhere. If you have avoided
compiled JavaScript (compiled from Java). I                JavaScript, this is the year to learn it. There's no
have never taken GWT that seriously; a                     excuse — and if you don't, you risk being left
framework that exists just to save Java                    behind.
developers from having to use JavaScript just
doesn't seem worthwhile. However, GWT does
some amazing JavaScript optimization in the
process. Closure is a JavaScript-to-JavaScript
compiler that does the same kinds of                       ANALYSIS OF GOOGLE OFFERS
optimization. Traceur, which first appeared a
few weeks ago, was designed to allow                       There has been a
experimentation with the language itself: it               lot of excitement
compiles JavaScript with experimental language             about the daily deal
features into JavaScript that can run on any               being the next big
modern platform.                                           thing in online
                                                           marketing.       It’s
Finally, we're starting to see some languages              actually just a
compile to JavaScript, much as we're seeing                clever repackaging
JVM languages in the Java space. Some of the               of     old    ideas.
more interesting languages, such as Coffeescript           Google’s entrance
and Kaffeine, are similar to JavaScript in style,          into the space with Google Offers gives the
but focus on smoothing out JavaScript's rough              daily deal business a legitimacy it doesn’t
edges. Do you find the JavaScript object model             deserve.
interesting, but awkward, and are you put off by
the ritual you need to go through to create a              Where do the big savings come from?
working object from a prototype? You may find
Coffeescript a significant improvement. In                 There is very little transparency in the daily
addition to smoothing out the object model,                deals business. Google Offers, as a name,
Coffeescript      adds    features   like     list         especially troubles me. We’re all used to getting
comprehensions, and does away with most of                 free stuff from Google. It provides free email,
the curly braces. As in Python, indentation                voicemail, phone calls, photo storage, maps and
serves to delimit blocks.                                  a lot more. The other day, I was driving using
                                                           Google Navigation while listening to my music
Web servers, rich web client libraries, HTML5,             in the cloud on Google’s great new Music
databases, even JavaScript-based languages: I              service. I also have a sizable collection of


Google gear from their Portland giveaways.                 When I explain how these deals work to friends,
(Although I missed out on the hats and gloves              many are surprised. Some have dramatically cut
that I really wanted.) In Portland, Google has             back their use of deal sites because they want to
spread its money around generously in various              support their local businesses and now know
events, buying products and services from local            that redeeming deeply discounted deals isn’t the
merchants.                                                 way to do that.

I fear that customers will think that the generous         Consider what would happen if the deal
discount is coming out of Google’s pockets or              companies broke out their fees like
Internet magic, instead of the merchant’s                  Ticketmaster does:
pockets. It’s much easier to take advantage of a
$170 billion company than the shop down the                Face value – $50.00
street. When Google was buying beers at
Deschutes Brewery in Portland, I went more                 Discount – $25.00
often. Why not? I was supporting a great local
business with Google’s money.                              Payment to business – $12.50

Internet magic has driven down prices in many              Google Offers service fee – $12.50
categories. Priceline’s opaque bidding was
sheer brilliance. A couple of weeks ago, I                 People would be up in arms and complain about
stayed at the Westin in Seattle for $75 a night.           the fee just as they complain about Ticketmaster
The lowest direct rate for that hotel was $179, a          fees.
savings of 58%. It’s a transaction where
everyone benefits: I get a great rate, Priceline           Transparency alone would drive a race toward
gets a small transaction fee and the hotel gets to         lower fees. Of course, none of the deal
fill unoccupied inventory without suffering                companies would want to do this. But the fact
brand dilution.                                            that the business model would not survive
                                                           transparency should be a red flag to investors.
There is a false perception that Internet magic is
why these daily deals are so cheap. Most                   Bad for business
accounts in the mainstream press tout the great
                                                           The quality of customers that deals drive
deals, but don’t explain where the savings come
                                                           remains questionable. I sat at Floyd’s Coffee on
from. None of the press coverage of Google
                                                           the first day of its Google Offer for six hours to
Offers in Portland mentioned how bad the deal
                                                           observe customer behavior. At least three
economics are for businesses.


people came in and asked if they could split              Some of the advice is just awful. On Google
their $10 over multiple visits. I’ve talked to            Offers’ “Best Practices for the big day” page for
businesses that have seen customers come in               businesses it says:
with the same coupon multiple times and then
threaten them with bad Yelp reviews if they               No photos, please! Er — actually, lots and lots
don’t get what they want.                                 of photos and blog posts and more! Expect there
                                                          to be a social aspect to your Offer of the Day
Even if Google were paying the entire cost of             and be ready to boost your own social media
the discount and merchants were paying nothing            efforts to help promote your offer even beyond
to be promoted, it sends a dangerous message to           Google’s efforts.
consumers that they should wait for “amazing”
deals of 50-, 60- or 70-percent off.                      In other words, tell your existing customers
                                                          about Google Offers so that we can acquire
For businesses, the notion that deep discounting          your customers, you can reprise your base and
is the way to acquire loyal customers is equally          lose margin and we get a cut of it!
dangerous. Competing on price doesn’t get you
love; delivering high quality products and                That’s one of the worst things a business could
services, engaging with your customers and                do. One thing that can quickly make the
creating unique experiences does. The best                economics of the daily deal even worse than
customers buy experiences, not price.                     they already are is that your existing customer
I find it ironic that Howard Schultz, the CEO of          who would otherwise pay full price come in
Starbucks is on Groupon’s board. I’m reading              with the offer and you get 75% less. This “best
Onward, and in it he describes the great lengths          practice” only serves to drive additional
that Starbucks went to during the depths of the           transactions that benefit Google at the expense
recession to disguise discounting. He knows               of the featured business.
that in the long run, deep discounting is bad for
the brand.                                                There’s no mention of real best practices that
                                                          would be good for the small business (but bad
Bad advice                                                for Google), like make sure you get people to
                                                          sign up for your Twitter or Facebook feeds. Or
The daily deals aren’t as simple as running               get their email address. Try to upsell them on
newspaper ads. There is a lot of complexity and           dessert, wine or other high margin items so that
merchants don’t know where to turn for advice.            you can eke a little bit of profit out of the deal.
So they get it from the deal providers.


There is a fundamental conflict between the               wonder why they still talk to us. I hope that we
daily deal providers and small businesses in the          can create a sustainable win-win before the
current incarnation of the business model. There          daily deal destroys what little credibility we
are many things that the daily deal providers             have left.
could do that would improve the economics for
merchants; every one of them is a negative for            As old as the newspaper
the deal provider. The best customers for the
deal sites are cheapskates who frequently buy             As much as daily deal proponents like to push it
deals. These are the worst customers for small            as a huge innovation and fundamentally
businesses. Yet, they are selling themselves as a         different, it’s not.
way to acquire loyal customers.
                                                          Find the daily newspaper in a city of any size.
I’m not against discounting as a business                 Now look for all of the advertising for
strategy. For the right audiences, I even advise          restaurants and coffee shops and nail salons.
giving out free products. Even in their current           You won’t find much. There’s a simple reason
form, the daily deals can be effective in some            for this: Most people are only willing to drive a
limited cases. But for many businesses, the               small distance for everyday services.
daily deals cast too wide a net and are too               Neighborhood businesses can’t afford to pay the
expensive.                                                costs to advertise in a daily newspaper. The ads
                                                          are primarily for national companies or regional
In addition to Google, companies like                     companies like car dealers that can serve a large
Facebook, Twitter, foursquare and PayPal,                 portion of the market. (In case you’re
which have broader relationships than just deal-          wondering, this is not a function of the decline
seeking can create compelling local experiences           of newspapers; this has been the case long
that make sense for consumers, merchants and              before the Internet.)
the company. Square also has a play with its
offerings for smaller merchants. Even                     The deal companies do essentially the same
companies like American Express have a play.              thing. Businesses buy more of the market than
                                                          they can effectively serve. But instead of paying
That’s assuming they’ll still talk to us I’ve             upfront for the advertising as you would with a
worked in the local space for about 15 years.             newspaper or phone book, you pay for it over
Internet entrepreneurs have repeatedly burned             the course of six months to a year in the form of
small businesses — templated minisites for                deeply discounted product.
hundreds of dollars a month that drove no
traffic, Flash sites that were unusable. It’s a


A big reason that local advertising hadn’t taken            work for all parties. Yes, the sexy new kid on
off before Groupon was that the cost of sales               the block is getting all the attention and
was too high compared with the revenues that                generating a lot of (unprofitable) revenue. But
could be generated by online banners and                    Google is already making more money from
search advertising. The daily deals “solution” is           Groupon than Groupon is — a lot of the $800
to raise the cost of local advertising to the point         million or so Groupon will spend on marketing
where you can sustain a salesforce. It takes                this year is headed toward Mountain View.
Internet advertising and makes it more                      (With another big chunk headed to Facebook in
expensive, less trackable and less targeted. It’s           Palo Alto.)
really quite a brilliant way to disguise the
underlying business. When you do the math, the              The daily deals business has all of the hallmarks
amount that the deal companies get on a single              of a build-to-flip business: little transparency, a
deal is comparable to print advertising. Funny              too-good-to-be-true vibe, frenzied demand, a lot
how economics works.                                        of missing but important performance metrics,
                                                            questionable accounting practices and early
The daily deal is really a financial services               investors cashing out at every opportunity.
product tied to an overpriced advertising                   Google has nothing to flip.
vehicle. All of a sudden, because of financial
engineering, businesses can “afford” marketing              I usually don’t root for products to fail. I knew
that they couldn’t afford before.                           that Wave and Google TV were likely to fail
                                                            because of their complexity, but part of me
We have a brand new, overpriced, aggressively               wanted them to make it. If they were wildly
hyped, hard to understand product. We have no               successful, they would’ve pushed technology
data on how it will perform over time. It is                forward. But if Google Offers is wildly
being sold to people with limited disclosures of            successful, it will destroy many small
important details. Sound familiar? It should.               businesses and make conditions worse for
Daily deal providers are the moral equivalent of
predatory lenders selling subprime liars loans to           I’ve long had a positive impression of Google
people they knew couldn’t afford it.                        because it’s a company that has tried to do the
                                                            right thing. Even its controversial attempt to
Google should be different                                  distort class-action lawsuits to essentially
                                                            rewrite copyright law and give Google a
Google is a hugely successful company that has              monopoly on orphaned works has some
made its money delivering great products that               redeeming social value. Google Offers is just


plain exploitative. I love Google, but I
absolutely hate Google Offers.



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