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					Rice Athletics…
Unconventional Success

              Rick Greenspan
    Director of Intercollegiate Athletics,
      Recreation and Lifetime Fitness
           September 14, 2010
             Rice Athletics …
             Mission Statement
 In support of the educational mission of Rice
  University – our mission is to guide and
  support Rice students in the pursuit of
  excellence – academically, athletically, and
  socially. Above all else, we produce

 Guiding Principles: Respect, Positive Attitude,
  Focus, Accountability and Continuous
                        Rice Athletics …

Core Purpose
 Our purpose is to govern competition in a fair, safe, equitable and sportsmanlike
   manner, and to integrate intercollegiate athletics into higher education so that the
   educational experience of the student-athlete is paramount.

Core Values
 The Association - through its member institutions, conferences and national office
   staff - shares a belief in and commitment to:
 The collegiate model of athletics in which students participate as an avocation,
   balancing their academic, social and athletics experiences.
 The highest levels of integrity and sportsmanship.
 The pursuit of excellence in both academics and athletics.
 The supporting role that intercollegiate athletics plays in the higher education
   mission and in enhancing the sense of community and strengthening the identity
   of member institutions.
 An inclusive culture that fosters equitable participation for student-athletes and
   career opportunities for coaches and administrators from diverse backgrounds.
 Respect for institutional autonomy and philosophical differences.
 Presidential leadership of intercollegiate athletics at the campus, conference and
   national levels.
                        Rice Athletics …

 Pursuit of excellence and integrity in athletics, in academics and in our
    communities; and to be recognized as a progressive leader in intercollegiate

Core Values
 Integrity
 Excellence in Academics and Athletics
 Student-Athlete Welfare
 Innovation/Leadership
 Sportsmanship
 Equity and Diversity

Mission Statement
 Operate with integrity and advance high standards of academic performance,
   sportsmanship and equity
 Organize, administer and promote intercollegiate athletics at nationally
   competitive levels on behalf of our members and their student-athletes.
                                Rice Athletics …
                                 Who we are

   16 Division I NCAA Sports                        Competing in C-USA
        Baseball                                         University of Alabama at Birmingham
        Men’s Basketball                                 University of Central Florida
        Women’s Basketball                               East Carolina University
        Men’s Cross Country                              University of Houston
        Women’s Cross Country                            Marshall University
        Football                                         University of Memphis
        Men’s Golf                                       University of Southern Mississippi
        Women’s Soccer                                   Southern Methodist University
        Women’s Swimming                                 University of Texas @ El Paso
        Women’s Tennis                                   Tulane University
        Men’s Tennis                                     University of Tulsa
        Men’s Indoor & Outdoor Track & Field
        Women’s Indoor & Outdoor Track & Field
        Volleyball
            Rice Athletics …
             Who we are
 Male -249                       65.18%
                                           Male to Females

 Female-133                               Female

 Total-382

  Representation          18

 States-36                          36

 International-18
             Rice Athletics …
              Who we are
 Caucasian-229
 African American-75   1.31%

 Asian American-13 1.31%
                                4.97%   2.36%   0.79%            Ethnicities
 Native American-5             9.16%                            African American
                                                                 Asian American

 Hispanic-5                                                     Native American
                                                        59.95%   Hispanic
 Internationals-35                                              Internationals
 Multi-Racial-19                                                Mexican-American
 Mexican-American-9
 Other-3
                       Rice Athletics …
                In the Classroom 2009-10
•   Six Owls earn Academic All-America honor

•   A record four Owls earned prestigious NCAA Post-Graduate Scholarships
         John Berens – Men’s Track
         Jessie Boulavsky – Volleyball
         Erin Scott – Women’s Soccer
         Kateyln Ostendof – Women’s Soccer

•   Rice wins its fifth-consecutive (out of a possible five) C-USA Institutional
         Excellence Award in recognition of its student-athletes
         posting the highest combined GPA among conference members.
         Rice’s combined GPA of 3.167 is its highest in five years as a member
         of C-USA.

•   Rice places a record 227 student-athletes on the 2009-10 C-USA
         Commissioner’s Honor Roll
              Rice Athletics …
          In the Classroom 2009 -10

 Rice’s Federal Graduation Rate for Student-
  Athletes is 85%.

 Rice’s Graduation Success Rate for those who
  exhaust their athletic eligibility is 98%. Ranks
  6th among NCAA Division I FBS institutions.
                              Rice Athletics …
                                  In the Classroom
                          APR Public Recognition 2008-09
                                                                                        % of Sponsored
                                            # of Sponsored      # of Sponsored               Sports in
                                                  Sports in           Sports per             APR Top
University                                        APR top 10%         University             10%

Duke University                                            15                      26              57.7%

Notre Dame, University of                                  14                      26              53.8%

Northwestern University                                    10                      19              52.6%

Boston College                                             13                      29              44.8%

Vanderbilt                                                  7                      16              43.8%

RICE UNIVERSITY                                             6                      16              37.5%

US Naval Academy                                            9                      24              37.5&

North Carolina, Univ of (Chapel Hill)                       8                      28              28.6&

Stanford University                                         8                      31              25.8%

Virginia, University of                                     6                      25              24.0%

Michigan, University of                                     6                      27              22.2%

Academic Progress Rate (APR) is a term by term measure of student-athletes’ eligibility, retention, and

*Rank in FBS; 27th in all Division I (335 schools)
                Rice Athletics …
         Athletic Achievements 2009-10
   Baseball, Men’s Tennis, Volleyball and Golf earn berths in NCAA postseason play.

   Baseball, Volleyball and Men’s Tennis win C-USA team championships

   Four coaches (Wayne Graham-baseball; Seth Houston-women’s swimming; Ron Smarr-men’s
    tennis; Drew Scott-men’s golf) earn C-USA Coach of the Year honors.

   Anthony Rendon named Dick Howser, Baseball America and College Baseball Writer’s
    National College Baseball Player of the Year College. Rendon becomes the third Owl in the
    last four years to be named C-USA Male Athlete of the Year.

   Meredith Shamun, National Volleyball Setter of the Year

   Bruno Rosa (Men’s tennis) and Anthony Rendon (baseball) earn C-USA Player of the Year

   Christopher Brown becomes Rice’s first medalist in conference golf competition since 1989.

   Philip Adam repeats as an Academic All American and earns All America honors in the
    decathlon…becomes the first two-time, first-team, Academic All-American in track in C-USA
                      Rice Athletics …
                 In the Classroom 2009-10
   Fall of 2009 – 13 out of 16 teams had better than a 3.0 team semester GPA

   Spring of 2010 - 12 out of 16 teams had better than a 3.0 team semester GPA

   Six Owls earn Academic All-America honor

   A record four Owls earned prestigious NCAA Post-Graduate Scholarships (John Berens –
    Men’s Track; Jessie Boulavsky – Volleyball; Erin Scott – Women’s Soccer; Kateyln Ostendof –
    Women’s Soccer)

   Rice wins its fifth-consecutive (out of a possible five) C-USA Institutional Excellence Award in
    recognition of its student-athletes posting the highest combined GPA among conference
    members. Rice’s combined GPA of 3.167 is its highest in five years as a member of C-USA.

   A record number of 227 Rice student-athletes were named to were named to the C-USA’s
    Commissioner’s Honor Roll with a 3.0 cumulative GPA. This represents 63% or our student-
    athletes, the highest number and percentage of all C-USA institutions.

   Five Rice student-athletes earned C-USA Scholar Athlete of the Year for their respective
                            Rice Athletics …
                      Student-Athlete Development
Professional Development
        over 550 individual meetings hosted with over 125 student-athletes
        Hosted career panels, resume writing & review; mock interviews, “What do I want to be
        Connected with over 400 alumni who have provided time, advice, mentoring current
        Worked with over 30 companies who have employed current SAs in undergraduate

Personal Development
        Conducted sessions in nutrition, alcohol responsibility, etiquette, personal finance,
         “What to do before I sign,” confidence/self-esteem, healthy relationships, personal
         sexual responsibility and social networking responsibility.

Community Service
     Rice SAs participated in well over 1,500 hours of community service activities.
     Most successful community service project was the “Rice Readers” program with our
      local elementary schools (114 SAs representing every sports participated)
     2009-10 Rice Athletics Community Service award presented to volleyball and swim
      team. Averaged over 20 hours of volunteer time per student-athlete.
                               Rice Athletics …
                                        Who Knew
Graduate Outcomes: Of the 55 active student-athletes:

   Employed 22 (40%)
       Accenture, Anadarko Petroleum Corporation, BP, Capital One, Deloitte, Duncanville High
        School, Ernst & Young, Iowa State University, Krueger & Catalano, Capital Partners, LLC,
        PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Quorum, Teach for America
       Reported salary ranges were $50,000 ‐ $65,000 with “signing” bonuses ranging from $3,000 ‐
        $10,000 and one offer including graduate school and the sponsoring of the student‐athlete’s

   Grad /school - 24 (43.6%)
       Chiropractic School - Parker College or Texas Chiropractic College
       Developmental Psychology – University of Houston
       Law - Vanderbilt University, University of Arkansas, Texas Wesleyan, John Marshall, Brooklyn
        Law School
       MBA – Florida A&M,
       Medicine – Baylor, Washington University, Emory University, Duke University Physical

   Professional Careers – 7 student‐athletes: 2 Football, 2 Golf, 2 Baseball, 1 Basketball

   Undecided - Only 2 student‐athletes are classified as “not‐seeking”.
                      Rice Athletics …
                  Rice is in a state of transition

   “Rice is in a state of transition. It is a transition from good to better. Facing
    extraordinary opportunity, the institution is about to become braver,
    stronger, sounder, and more beautiful. What of truth has been attained
    here by teachers and thinkers, will abide… What of beauty has been
    wrought here by architects and engineers, will endure… What of courage
    and freedom, of conscience and fair play, has been achieved here by
    students and researchers, will continue… And at Rice the good life will
    continue to be lived, but better.”

   -Edgar Odell Lovett introducing his successor, March 4, 1946
    Rice Athletics …
      Senior staff
Rick Greenspan
    Director of Intercollegiate Athletics, Recreation
    and Lifetime Fitness

   Master’s Degree Idaho State University; B.S. University of
    Maryland; Athletic Director previously at United States Military
    Academic at West Point and Indiana University

   Director of Rice Athletics 16 Division I programs and Rice
    University’s Barbara and David Gibbs Recreation and
    Wellness Center
Rice Athletics …
  Senior staff
Leslie Claybrook
     Senior Associate Athletics Director / Senior Woman

   B.A. University of Alabama; M.Ed. Mercer University; women’s
    basketball student-athlete at Alabama; previously Associate
    Athletics Director at Samford University and Birmingham-
    Southern College

   Academics
   Admissions Liaison
   Coordinator for departmental diversity and equity planning
   NCAA Compliance
   RUAC Liaison
   Student-Athlete Development
   SWA duties with NCAA and Conference USA
   Sport Administrator – Women’s Basketball, Golf, Swimming,
    Women’s Tennis, Men’s and Women’s Track & Field/Cross
    Country, and Volleyball
Rice Athletics …
  Senior staff
Brian Michael Cooper
    Business & Finance Operations Manager

   A.B. Cornell, M.P.P. Harvard and J.D. Columbia; football
    student-athlete at Cornell; previously President of the Rio
    Grande Valley Vipers and practicing attorney

 Administer personnel, game and vendor contracts
 Assist in the development of multiyear strategic and
  financial planning
 Develop cost saving initiatives
 Special Projects
    Rice Athletics …
      Senior staff

Dr. Jack Garrett
    Senior Associate Athletics Director Sport Administration and Support

   B.S.E. Northwest Missouri State University; M.S.E. Idaho State
    University; Ph.D. Texas A&M University; previously Associate Athletics
    Director at Indiana University and 20 year faculty member at
    Augustana College (chair of the education department)

   Equipment room operations
   Strength and Conditioning
   Facility Planning
   Facility Scheduling
   Event Management
   Sport Administrator – Baseball, Soccer and Men’s Tennis
    Rice Athletics …
      Senior staff
Jerry Lewis
    Associate Athletics Director - Finance

   B.B.A. Bryant University; C.P.A. State of Texas; former U.S. Army
    Paratrooper (Infantry); employed at Rice for 24 years.

   Daily Budget Management
   Coordination of financial matters
   Audit
Rice Athletics …
  Senior staff
Rick Mello
    Senior Executive Athletics Director

   B.S. Utah State University; previously Associate Commissioner at
    Sun Belt Conference; Athletic Director at FIU and Arkansas State

   Budget Oversight and Planning
   Development
   Human Resources
   IMG Relationship
   Licensing
   Marketing, Sales and Promotion
   Sports Information
   Ticket Office
   Sport Liaison – Men’s Basketball and Football
                        Rice Athletics …
                          Senior staff
Tina Villard
   Director of Recreation Center and Activities

   M.S. Middle Tennessee State University; B. S. Brock University; employed at Rice
    10 years

   Operations of Gibbs Recreation Center and associated facilities
   Recreation programming
   Recreation facility scheduling
   Recreation Center memberships
   Administration of Recreation Center
   Programming of Recreation and Activities
Rice Athletics …
   I Believe …
Rice Athletics …
Overall Objectives
               Rice Athletics …
              Ticket Information
 We need you in the stands to support our
  outstanding student-athletes and excellent
 Tickets are available through our ticket office!
 Free to all athletic events (except football and
  men’s basketball)
 Contact ticket office at ext. 4068 or

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