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Hospitality and Culinary Arts

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									Hospitality and
Culinary Arts
Innovation Report 2009-2010
Hospitality & Culinary Arts
Dean’s Message
Our Winning Team… Once again I have the privilege to showcase our team’s excellent work in supporting
George Brown College’s commitment to innovation and research. I thank the Centre for Hospitality &
Culinary Arts (CHCA) students, professors, instructors, support staff and management staff who contributed
to this mandate and this body of knowledge. A special thank you to our Associate Dean, Chandi Jayawardena
and his entire team for leading many of the academic initiatives, compiling the data and editing this report.

This year I would like to highlight two very important features that are being published in this report for the
first time. Both are showcased under the heading Student Experience.

First, the work done by our faculty and staff. Innovation is not always a new idea but instead can be the
revitalization of the traditional. CHCA faculty have looked beyond traditional learning methods to ensure our     John Walker, MBA
students get to experience our industry first-hand. This report provides a snapshot of how we connect with         Dean
students, in and out of the classroom, and one that I am very proud to share with you.                            Centre for Hospitality &
                                                                                                                  Culinary Arts, George Brown
Second, the work done by our students. We have many competitions and events that might seem typical               College, Toronto
for a college in our industry but they are in fact extraordinary because of our remarkable students and
the creativity they bring to the table. They continue to amaze us, taking an idea, adding their insight, their
innovation and then astounding us at every turn.

As these two areas continue to grow we will also be establishing a platform for faculty and staff to bring
even more of their ideas to the table this coming year. They will be further supported by the Dean’s Circle
of Innovation – a group of national and international industry leaders who will work with us to build our
capacity in innovation.

Since the beginning of the 2007/2008 academic year, the CHCA team has recorded unprecedented growth
in the areas of publications, scholarly work, funded research and innovation. During the last three academic
years, the CHCA team has made an impressive 296 scholarly and innovation contributions including 8 books,
35 conference papers and 150 articles! During the 2009/2010 academic year the CHCA team was involved
in 15 applied research projects worth over $362,292 in funding.

Please take your time and explore the following pages, discovering the insights and dedication of the CHCA
Winning Team!

Thank you

John Walker, MBA, Dean
Centre for Hospitality & Culinary Arts, George Brown College, Toronto

    EDITORIAL BOARDS                                     Dr. Chandi Jayawardena—Associate Dean
                                                         Member, Editorial Advisory Board –
    Elizabeth Driver—Part-time Professor, George Brown   International Journal of Contemporary
    Chef School, Member, Editorial Board, Cuisine: The   Hospitality Management, UK
    Journal of Canadian Food Cultures, Canada.           Patricia Noonan—Part–time Instructor,
    Dr. Chandi Jayawardena—Associate Dean                CHCA School of Continuing Education, Editor,
    Member, Editorial Advisory Board – Education, Canada.
    and Training Journal, UK                             John Walker—Dean
    Dr. Chandi Jayawardena—Associate Dean                Member, Editorial Advisory Board – Food Service
    Member, Editorial Advisory Board – Worldwide         and Hospitality Magazine, Canada.
    Hospitality and Tourism Themes Journal, UK

    BOOKS AND ACADEMIC JOURNALS                          Dr. Chandi Jayawardena—Associate Dean
                                                         (with Donald Sinclair)
    Jill Edmondson—Professor, School of Hospitality      Led a team of 11 South American authors who
    & Tourism Management, “Dead Light District”,         researched and wrote 9 articles on Tourism in
    Dundurn Press, Canada, 2010 (forthcoming).           7 South American countries. Edited an issue of the
                                                         Worldwide Hospitality and Tourism Themes with
                                                         the theme: “Does sustainable tourism offer solutions
                                                         for the protection of the Amazon rainforest?”,
                                                         Emerald Publishing, UK, 2010.

BOOK CHAPTERS                                            Suzanne Caskie—Part–time Instructor, CHCA
                                                         School of Continuing Education, “Culinary Tourism
Andrew Johnston—Professor, School of                     Management”, FoodService News, September 2009.
Hospitality & Tourism Management                         Chef Ian Dowsett—Research Chef, Compliments
5 new case studies in Workplace Writing (by Marilyn      Culinary Centre, Regular Contributor to Sobeys
Holt), Thomson Nelson, 2010 edition (forthcoming).       Compliments Inspired Magazine 2009 and 2010.
  •   Patio Policy                                         •   6 recipes, Summer 2010
  •   Expensive Tastes                                     •   8 recipes, Spring 2010
  •   Stringy Beef and Slithering Pasta                    •   8 recipes, Winter 2009
  •   Violently Sick (aka Unhappy Diner)                   •   8 recipes, Fall 2009
  •   No show?
                                                         Chef Ian Dowsett—Research Chef, Compliments
                                                         Culinary Centre, Contributed 52 blogs and recipes
                                                         in collaboration with various culinary students
                                                         to, 2009 and 2010.
Dr. Chandi Jayawardena—Associate Dean (with
Donald Sinclair), “Tourism in the Amazon: Identifying    Chef Ian Dowsett—Research Chef, Compliments
Challenges and Finding Solutions”, Worldwide             Culinary Centre, Regularly contributor to
Hospitality and Tourism Themes, vol. 2, no. 2, 2010,, “Big Ideas”, 2009 and 2010.
pp. 124 – 135.
                                                           •   “Summer Fresh”, Summer 2010
Dr. Chandi Jayawardena—Associate Dean                      •   “Cheers to Spring”, Spring 2010
(with Donald Sinclair), “Tourism in the Amazon:
                                                           •   “Entertaining”, Winter 2009
Conclusions and Solutions”, Worldwide Hospitality
and Tourism Themes, vol. 2, no. 2, 2010,                   •   “Fall Produce”, Fall 2009
pp. 201 – 210.                                           Edward Finstein—Part-time instructor, CHCA School
Dr. Paula Johnson Tew—Professor, School of               of Continuing Education, Regular Contributor to
Hospitality & Tourism Management (with Luke             “The Wine Doctor”, internet column on,
R. Potwarka, Dr. Ron E. Mccarville and Dr. Andrew        since 2008.
T. Kaczynski), “Sponsorship Recognition: Exploring       Edward Finstein—Part-time instructor, CHCA School
Involvement – Exposure Interaction Effects and           of Continuing Education, Regular wine column
the Influence of Multiple Mediums”, Event                “Fermentations”, Elite Wine, Food & Travel Magazine,
Management, Vol. 13, no. 4, 2009, pp. 233 – 247.         since 2000.
Dr. Michael Qiao—Professor, School of Hospitality        Chef Sara Harrel—Part-time Instructor, CHCA School
& Tourism Management and Dr. Chandi                      of Continuing Education, Regular contributor to
Jayawardena—Associate Dean, “E–Commerce and             “Ask a Vegetarian Chef” on
Internet Application in China’s Lodging Industry”,      “Ask an expert” section, from 2010.
International Journal of Information Technology
and Management Research, vol. 1, no. 2, 2009,            Chef Sara Harrel—Part-time Instructor, CHCA School
pp. 63 – 65.                                             of Continuing Education, Regular contributor to
                                                         World Association of Chefs Societies Magazine.
ARTICLES IN TRADE MAGAZINES                                •   “The Veg Edge” (regular column), from
                                                                July 2010
Bryan Bessner—Professor, School of Hospitality &           •   “Heeding and Feeding of Vegetarians”,
Tourism Management, “Teaching Non–Accounting                    January 2010
Majors: Tips and Traps”, Communicator, Fall 2009.
                                                           •   “Inspiring Iceland – Exquisite Dining,
                                                                Haunting Beauty”, January 2010

    Chef Sara Harrel—Part-time Instructor, CHCA School     •   “Swirl Wine Bar – Give Swirl a twirl”,
    of Continuing Education, Regular contributor to             April 2010
    Smucker Food Service e-newsletter.                     •   “Origin Restaurant – Simplicity is in”,
                                                                April 2010
      •   “Spring Grilling”, April 2010
                                                           •   “KoKo! Share Bar – Steals Yorkville spotlight”,
      •   “Dip into Great Taste”, March 2010
                                                                April 2010
      •   “Hearty Fare for Sports Fans”, February 2010
                                                           •   “The Emmet Ray – Beer, Whisky and a few
      •   “Hot Winter Comfort Food”, January 2010
                                                                Bites”, March 2010
      •   “Holiday Menu Inspiration”, December 2009        •   “Tundra – The Dining Stage with Executive
      •   “Quick, Cost Effective Crowd Pleasers for the         Chef Kevin Prendergast”, March 2010
           Upcoming Holiday Season”, November 2009         •   “Quinn’s Steakhouse & Bar – Modern
    Chef Erica McLennan—Professor, George Brown                 Interpretation of a 60’s Steakhouse”,
    Chef School, Regular contributor – Canadian Pastry          February 2010
    Chefs Guild Monthly Newsletter, since 2007.            •   “District Bistro – A Modern Japanese Bistro”
                                                                January 2010
    Patricia Noonan—Part-time Instructor, CHCA
    School of Continuing Education, Regular contributor    •   “Mela Indian Cuisine – The Fine Art of Indian
    to                                             Cuisine”, January 2010
                                                           •   “Craig Alley – Cultivating Style”, January 2010
      •   “Charlie’s Burger – A day at the races with
           Charlie’s Burger”, July 2010                    •   “Chef Profile – Guy Rubino ‘Maximizes’ at
                                                                Ame”, January 2010
      •   “Lardon – Pump up the fat and colour!”,
           June 2010                                       •   “The Purist at the Wine Bar”, December 2009

      •   “Queen Margherita Pizza – Crowns Leslieville”,   •   “Chef Brad Clark doesn’t cut corners”,
           June 2010                                            December 2009

      •   “Provence Delices – Provence Delice is           •   “Executive Chef of The Local Company meets
           deliciously French”, June 2010                       the Island of Chios”, November 2009

      •   “Brassaii Restaurant Lounge – Brassaii’s new     •   “Zemra Bar Lounge – Go to the heart
           look”, May 2010                                      of the matter to make loyalty count”,
                                                                November 2009
      •   “Ruby Watchco – Watch Lynn go”, April 2010

   •   “Piazzetta Trattoria – Yonge St. the friendly     Dr. John McTavish—Part–time Professor, School
        neighbourhood dining spot”, October 2009         of Hospitality & Tourism Management, Regular
   •   “Via Allegro Ristorante – The ne plus ultra of    contributor to Presencia Latina.
        road trips” October 2009                           •   “El Centro Multicultural de St. Catharines
   •   “The Rock Star and the Hunter of Amuse                   estrena un Nuevo Director”, March 2010
        Bouche”, October 2009                              •   “Una nueva ministra en Hamilton”,
   •   “The Ceili Cottage – Food, drink and love”,              February 2010
        September 2009                                     •   “Santa llego’ a Hamilton”, January 2010
   •   “Chef Chris Kanka – Woo’ing diners with             •   “Patricia Cano lanza disco en Hamilton”,
        new ideas!”, September 2009                             December 2009
 Patricia Noonan—Part-time Instructor, CHCA                •   “Una visita real a Niagara College”,
 School of Continuing Education, Regular contributor            December 2009
 to Liquor Canada Magazine.                                •   “El fu’tbol trae oportunidades”,
   •   “Putting the Craft back into the Cocktail”,              November 2009
        Spring 2010                                        •   “Patricia Lo’peze de Vloothuis: La
   •   “Signature Swizzles”, Summer 2010                        honestidad es la clave”, November 2009

 Patricia Noonan—Part-time Instructor, CHCA                •   “Chef Paul: Un france’s con corazo’n latino”,
 School of Continuing Education, Regular                        October 2009
 contributor to “In the Spirits” column of                 •   “Jaime Sparks: Tenemos la major                                    disposicio’n de servicio”, September 2009

   •   “Cast a Spell with Mojitos”, July 2010
   •   “Grant’s Family Reserve – Thirty Years in
        Canada”, April 2010
   •   “Drinkable Dessert for an Easter Treat”,
        April 2010
   •   “The Celtic Cross...and other Irish Cocktails”,
        March 2010
   •   “Banish the February Blahs with Bubbly”,
        February 2010
   •   “Spirits for the Holidays”, December 2009
   •   “The Flavours of Anjou and Ice Wine”,
        September 2009

 Edward Finstein—Part–time instructor, CHCA School
 of Continuing Education, Regular wine column
“Wine Doctor”, Recreation News, since 2005.

 Edward Finstein—Part–time instructor, CHCA School
 of Continuing Education, Regular wine column
“Bottoms Up”, Beach Metro News, since 1993.

    CONFERENCE PRESENTATIONS                              Dr. Paula Johnson Tew—Professor, School of
                                                          Hospitality & Tourism Management (with inputs
    Bryan Bessner—Professor, School of Hospitality        from Jason Burgess and 10 fourth-year students
    & Tourism Management, “The Great Divide:              of the Bachelor of Applied Business – Hospitality
    Approaches to Leading the Student Journey from        Operation Management Program – Aletha Alexander,
    Tabular Account Listings to Journal Entries and       Amanda Robitaille, Kseniya Kashina, Leila Emami,
    Ledger Postings” at the American Accounting           Laura Duffy, Lindsay Novak, Marcela Martinez,
    Association Conference, San Francisco, USA,           Shuang “Alice” Feng, Shima Zarghami, Tracey McAteer)
    August 2010.                                         “Generation Y on Vacation: Adventures of Sex, Drugs
                                                          and Rock’n’Roll?”, Travel & Tourism Research
    Suzanne Caskie—Part-time Instructor, CHCA School      Association (TTRA) Canada Conference, Guelph,
    of Continuing Education, “Culinary Tourism at the     Canada, October 2009.
    Centre for Hospitality & Culinary Arts”. Culinary
    Tourism Conference, Toronto, Ontario, Canada,         John Maiorano—Part-time Professor School of
    November 2009.                                        Hospitality & Tourism Management, “A Fiduciary’s
                                                          Role in the Measurement, Management and
    Winnie Chiu—Director, Compliments Culinary Centre     Maintenance of Sustainability Risk” at the 2010
    (with Moira Cockburn, Applied Research Food           UN Principles for Responsible Investment Academic
    Scientist, Andre Dias, Ahmed El-Sohemy, Darren        Research Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark,
    Brenner, Daiva Nielsen, Derick Rousseau, Lisa         May 2010.
    Duizer), “Genetic Determinants of Salt Detection
    and Consumption”, AFMnet Research Conference,         Dr. Michael Z. Qiao—Professor, School of Hospitality
    Halifax, Canada, May 2010.                            & Tourism Management, “Credit and Credibility
                                                          for E-Business in China”, the Ninth Wuhan
    Dr.Chandi Jayawardena—Associate Dean (with            International Conference on E–Business, Wuhan,
    Donald Sinclair), “Tourism in the Amazon: Learning    China, May 2010.
    from the Past and Planning for the Future”,
    International CHRIE Conference, San Juan,             John Walker—Dean, “Hotel and Restaurants:
    Puerto Rico, July 2010.                               Tapping into Employee Creativity”, Strength in
                                                          Services Summit, Toronto, Canada, November 2009.

 FUNDED RESEARCH AND INNOVATION                          Winnie Chiu—Director, Compliments Culinary
                                                         Centre (with Moira Cockburn, Applied Research
 Adrian Caravello—Professor, School of Hospitality       Food Scientist, Sharon Booy – Graduate, Culinary
 & Tourism Management, Dr. Chandi Jayawardena            Management Nutrition Diploma, Melissa Godfrey –
– Associate Dean and Victor Wroblewski – Part-           student, Baking & Pastry Arts Diploma and
 time Professor, School of Hospitality & Tourism         Pia Armogan – Graduate, Culinary Management
 Management, Winterlicious Mystery Dining Program:       Diploma), Development of household baking recipes
 Creation and Delivery. Total funding of $10,150 from    using a gluten free flour blend. Total funding of
 City of Toronto – Cultural Services and Colleges        $24,500 from George Brown College, Ontario
 Ontario Network for Industry Innovation, 2009.          Centres of Excellence and N2 Ingredients, 2009
                                                         and 2010.
 Winnie Chiu—Director, Compliments Culinary
 Centre (with Chef Ian Dowsett – Research Chef,          Winnie Chiu—Director, Compliments Culinary Centre,
 Compliments Culinary Centre, Moira Cockburn,            Barbara Dunlop – Professor, School of Hospitality &
 Applied Research Food Scientist, Alexandra Phillips –   Tourism Management, Hilde Zimmer – Chair, School
 Graduate, Culinary Management Diploma and               of Hospitality and Tourism Management, Chef
 Irene Ngo – Graduate, Culinary Management               James Smith—Professor, School of Hospitality &
 Nutrition Diploma), Process optimization for the        Tourism Management and Chef Ian Grady – Professor,
 scaling up of manufacturing for an innovative small     George Brown Chef School (with Chef Ian Dowsett –
– batch canning/preserves agri – food business.          Research Chef, Compliments Culinary Centre,
 Total funding of $23,300 from Mill Pond Cannery &       Moira Cockburn, Applied Research Food Scientist and
 Preserves Company, Ontario Centres of Excellence        20 students from 2010 Graduating class – Culinary
 and Colleges Ontario Network for Industry               Management Nutrition Diploma Program), Building
 Innovation, 2009 and 2010.                              Recipes and Understanding Nutrition for Cancer –
                                                         surviving Health (BRUNCH). 36 recipes were initially
 Winnie Chiu—Director, Compliments Culinary              developed by second year Culinary Management
 Centre (with Moira Cockburn, Applied Research           Nutrition students. 24 recipes were long listed and
 Food Scientist, Cecilia Storey, Geremy Capone, Lara     9 chosen to be demonstrated to the cancer survivors
 Rootenberg – Students, Culinary Management              at the UHN ELLICSR. Total funding of $50,590
 Nutrition Diploma, and Pia Armogan – Graduate,          from Natural Science and Engineering Council and
 Culinary Management Diploma), Sensory & Genetic:        Princess Margaret Hospital – Oncology Education,
 Evaluation of Taste. Total funding of $61,620 from      2009 and 2010.
 Advanced Foods and Materials Network, Ontario
 Centres of Excellence and Natural Sciences and          Winnie Chiu—Director, Compliments Culinary
 Engineering Research Council (NSERC), 2009              Centre (with Moira Cockburn, Applied Research
 and 2010.                                               Food Scientist), Development of a line of CHCA food
                                                         products. Total funding of $10,000 from George
Winnie Chiu—Director, Compliments Culinary               Brown College, 2010 (forthcoming).
Centre (with Moira Cockburn, Applied Research
Food Scientist and Irene Ngo – Graduate, Culinary        Winnie Chiu—Director, Compliments Culinary
Management Nutrition Diploma), Formula                   Centre (with Moira Cockburn, Applied Research
optimization and commercialization of a line of          Food Scientist), Recipe optimization and
non – dairy organic, gluten – free, preservative free    commercialization of a line of healthy snacks. Total
Quinoa beverages. Total funding of $8,000 from           funding of $22,000 from George Brown College and
George Brown College and Your Fitness Dish Inc.,         Square Snacks, 2010 (forthcoming).
2009 and 2010.

     Chef Gary Hoyer—Part–time Professor, School           Sobia Khan—Professor, School of Hospitality &
     of Hospitality & Tourism Management and               Tourism Management, Nutrition Workshop for
     Dr. Chandi Jayawardena – Associate Dean (with         Physicians. Total funding of $1,600 from Advanced
     Rob Honderich and Lauren Fong, Graduate, Hotel        Foods and Materials Network, 2010.
     Management Diploma), Fairmont Hotels and
     Resorts: Organizational Challenges of Rapid Global    Chef Deborah Reid—Professor, George Brown Chef
     Expansion. Total funding of $6,900 from George        School (with Lauren Wilson – 2008 Alumnus,
     Brown College and Fairmont Hotels and Resorts,        George Brown Chef School), Professional Kitchen:
     2009 and 2010.                                        The Experience of the Female Chef. Seed funding of
                                                           $2,000 from George Brown College, 2010.
     Chef Gary Hoyer—Part–time Professor, School of
     Hospitality & Tourism Management and Dr. Chandi       Chef Christine Walker—Professor, George Brown
     Jayawardena—Associate Dean (with Rob Honderich        Chef School, Fruit Preserves. Total funding of
     and Lauren Fong, Graduate, Hotel Management           $10,000 from George Brown College, 2009
     Diploma), Compass Canada: Perspectives on             and 2010.
     Marketing and Operations. Total funding of $9,500
     from George Brown College and Compass Canada,         Victor Wroblewski—Part–time Professor, School
     2009 and 2010.                                        of Hospitality & Tourism Management and Dr. Chandi
                                                           Jayawardena—Associate Dean (with Lauren Fong,
     Sobia Khan and Chef James Smith—Professors,           Graduate, Hotel Management Diploma), Improving
     School of Hospitality & Tourism Management,           hospitality hiring; investigating the effectiveness of
     Development of recipes for the community and          personality measures for selecting good employees.
     nutrition teaching model for ethno – specific          Seed funding of $11,752 from George Brown
     Diabetes education and prevention. Total funding      College and Sigma, 2009 and 2010.
     of $110,380 from Natural Engineering Research
     Council (NSERC) and Ontario Centres for Excellence.
     Three year project since 2008.

 OTHER SCHOLARLY CONTRIBUTIONS                          business plan events at the 31st Annual Developing
                                                        Excellence Celebrating Achievement (DECA) Ontario
 Chef Rodney Donne, Chef Mario Gozzi, Chef Deborah      provincial high school competition, Toronto, Canada,
 Reid, Chef Christine Walker—Professors, George         February 2010.
 Brown Chef School, Contributed to “Professional
 Cooking for Canadian Chefs”, 7th Edition, Wiley        Joanne Gellatly—Professor, School of Hospitality
 & Sons, 2010 (forthcoming).                            & Tourism Management, Contributed to article
                                                       “Codered” by Brianne Binelli, Foodservice and
 Elizabeth Driver—Part-time Professor, George Brown     Hospitality, January 2010.
 Chef School, Vice President, Culinary Historians of
 Ontario, Canada 2010.                                  Chef Ian Grady—Professor, George Brown
                                                        Chef School, Supplemental Editor, Instructor’s
 Barbara Dunlop—Professor, School of Hospitality        Manual – Principles of Food, Beverage and Labour
 & Tourism Management, Reviewed textbook                Cost Control, Canadian edition, Wiley & Sons, 2009.
“Visualizing Nutrition”, Wiley & Sons, 2010.
                                                        Chef Sara Harrel—Part–time Instructor, CHCA
 Barbara Dunlop—Professor, School of Hospitality        School of Continuing Education, North American
 & Tourism Management, Reviewed textbook                representative for Women in World Association of
“Nutrition for Healthy Eating”, Schiff, 2009.           Chef’s Societies initiative, from 2010.

 Edward Finstein—Part-time instructor, CHCA School      Chef Sara Harrel—Part–time Instructor, CHCA School
 of Continuing Education, Presented “The Wine           of Continuing Education, As the Americas Continent
 Doctor”, weekly radio wine features on Boom 97.3       Representative on the World Association of Chefs
 (formerly EZ Rock), on the FM dial, since 2007.        Societies (WACS) Education Committee, helped
                                                        develop and launch WACS Global Recognition of
                                                        Quality Culinary Education Program, 2008 – 2010.
 Joanne Gellatly—Professor, School of Hospitality
 and Tourism Management, As the Coordinating
 Judge led a team of 68 fourth year students from       Chef Sara Harrel—Part-time Instructor, CHCA
 the Bachelors of Applied Business – Hospitality        School of Continuing Education, Keynote Speaker at
 Operations Management Degree Program to assist         Muskoka Chefs Association Meeting, “Vegetarian
 in oral and written judging for the hospitality        Trends and Opportunities”, December 2009.

     Chef Sara Harrel—Part-time Instructor, CHCA School    Andrew Johnston—Professor, School of Hospitality &
     of Continuing Education, “Spokesperson for Unilever   Tourism Management, Updated and enhanced the
     Canada’s Real Food Movement campaign featuring        chapter on “Courtesy and Electronic Communication”
     Hellmann0s Real Mayonnaise”, September 2009.          in Workplace Writing (by Marilyn Holt), Thomson
                                                           Nelson, 2010 edition (forthcoming).
     Chef Sara Harrel—Part–time Instructor, CHCA
     School of Continuing Education, Vice President,     Dr. John McTavish—Part-time Professor, School of
     Escoffier Society of Toronto.                        Hospitality & Tourism Management, Co–host of
                                                        “Presentia Latina” program on Sundays at 101.5 FM,
     Chef Sara Harrel—Part–time Instructor, CHCA School 2009 and 2010.
     of Continuing Education, Chair, Finance Committee,
     Canadian Culinary Federation.                       Keith Müller—Chair, George Brown Chef School
                                                         Chair, Heads of Hospitality and Tourism Ontario
     Chef Sara Harrel—Part–time Instructor, CHCA School (HOHTO), 2010 – 2011 term.
     of Continuing Education, Chair, Industry Committee
     for Chefs and Cooks in Ontario.                       Dr. Michael Qiao—Professor, School of Hospitality
                                                           & Tourism Management, The Ninth Wuhan
     Dr. Chandi Jayawardena—Associate Dean                 International Conference on E-Business, Wuhan,
     Member, Board of International Advisors –             China, May 2010:
     American Hospitality Academy, USA, since 2006.          •   Track Chair – for reviewing conference paper
                                                                 submission on the topic of “Innovation
     Dr. Chandi Jayawardena—Associate Dean                       Management”
     International Ambassador – The Caribbean                •   Session chair
     and South America, Institute of Hospitality,
     UK, since 2000.

STUDENT EXPERIENCE                                       The Chefs’ House team has taken the traditional
                                                         learning lab restaurant model and leveraged the
ACADEMIC DELIVERY INNOVATION                             brand into new possibilities for the students with
                                                         the introduction of graduate and industry events
Building Leadership Skills – The CHCA Dean’s             such as Emerging Top Talent, an Annual Industry
Recognition Program Led by Cindy Gouveia Senior          Recognition Awards program, industry product
CHCA Manager—Industry Liaison, Partnerships &            partnerships, a Co-Op program for High School
Academic Operations                                      students and student success profile events. In
                                                         addition The Chefs’ House has become the place to
The CHCA Dean’s Recognition Program is a Dean’s
                                                         be for visiting international chefs to work alongside
Office initiative dedicated to providing students with
                                                         faculty and students.
the opportunity to develop leadership skills through
a series of interactive learning activities and events
                                                         Culinary Management –
outside of the classroom. Students get to build their
                                                         Integrated Learning Program
interpersonal skills and get to network with CHCA
industry partners. This volunteer group has an active    Led by Chef Mario Gozzi—Professor and Program
membership of over 400 full-time students who            Coordinator and Chef Owen Steinberg—Part-time
dedicate their time to various events both within        Professor, George Brown Chef School
GBC and in the local community. All participants are     CHCA has a focus on outcomes based learning –
trained in the CHCA First Impressions Standards and      which means that learning can be executed in a
they are all recognized through the presentation of      variety of formats to ensure that students meet the
a special Leadership Certificate presented by the Dean.   outcomes and become ‘Graduates that are Number 1
                                                         Choice of Employers’. Colleges have a strong
                                                         tradition of delivering applied education through
 Brand Innovation at The Chefs’ House -
                                                         traditional classroom teaching, hands-on practice in
‘Learning is the Main Ingredient’
                                                         labs and field education experiences. We also know
Led by Chef John Higgins—Director, George Brown          that we need to develop more flexible delivery
Chef School, Chef Oliver Li—Chef de Cuisine,             modes that offer students different kinds of learning
Heather Dyer—Dining Room, Catering and Event             environments, more time in real-life situations, more
Manager, Chef Paul Benallick—Chef Technologist,          face-time with employers and a greater variety in
Chef Hemant Kanchan—Chef Technologist, Scott             scheduling of learning outside of the traditional
McKenzie—Dining Room Technologist and Dave               academic structures. CHCA has developed a more
Schwingenshloegl—Dining Room Technologist                integrated model that enables students to have

     these alternatives. Mirroring the outcomes of the      of the top restaurant kitchens throughout Italy
     Culinary Management Diploma, this innovative           where they complete special research activities.
     program applies a variety of learning delivery         Upon their return to Canada, in their final semester,
     methods to help students achieve these outcomes.       each student spends a week as a feature chef
     Three months of in-school theory and lab classes is    at the Chefs’ House restaurant showcasing their
     followed by three months of practical application in   experience in Italian Cuisine and the completion
     The Chefs’ House restaurant as well as field trips,     of a final capstone project.
     online courses, restaurant research projects, case
     studies and industry visits. This is then repeated     Canadian Food History – Toronto
     in the second year of the program at a higher level    Museum Experience-Applied Learning
     with integration into industry through externships.    On an Open Fire!
     We are now observing that the program outcomes
     can be met and even exceeded using this                Led by Elizabeth Driver—Part-time Professor,
     more organic and integrated approach to the            George Brown Chef School
     applied learning.                                      History comes to life when Integrated Culinary
                                                            Management students take this special general
     Culinary Arts – Italian Post Graduate Program          education course in the historic working kitchens –
                                                            with only open fire places and period equipment to
     Led by Chef Dario Tomaselli—Professor and Program
                                                            cook on – of Montgomery’s Inn and Campbell House.
     Coordinator, George Brown Chef School
                                                            Students learn to conduct research, debate social
     Similar to the Integrated Culinary Management,         and political issues relating to food during specific
     the Culinary Arts – Italian program has a series       periods, examine historic dining practices, use period
     of outcomes that are met both in the college, at       recipes and cook with only the utensils, facilities
     our partner institution in Italy and during the        and original ingredients available at the time. This
     student stages across Italy and in Toronto. Students   creates exciting challenges and opens traditional
     immerse themselves in the food and culture of          opportunities for students. The culmination of this
     Italy. Spending three months in Toronto learning       course is a capstone project of a historic dinner
     the fundamentals of Italian art, culture, language,    prepared by the students in the setting of Campbell
     agri-tourism and cuisine, students then go to Italy    House. This applied learning experience is in an
     with two Chef Professors. In Italy they spend two      original setting that provides an exciting platform
     weeks at our partner institution ALMA – La Scuole      for students to fully understand the context and
     Internazionale di Cucina Italiana, just outside of     value of this course.
     Parma. This is followed by a 12 week stage at some

 SOCIAL INNOVATION                                    Catelli Healthy Harvest Culinary Challenge
                                                      The challenge in this competition was to create
 CHEF Project                                         a healthy whole grain pasta dish for breakfast.
                                                      Opened to all full-time, Culinary Arts – Italian
 Led by Joe Baker—Chair, Continuing Education,
                                                      post-graduate students, the applicants were asked
 Apprenticeship & Community Programs and Chef
                                                      to create a pasta breakfast dish using 5 out of
 Kylie Garcelon—Part-time Culinary Instructor, CHCA
                                                      the 10 main ingredients on the Catelli list as well
 School of Continuing Education.
                                                      as utilizing several ingredients that are healthy.
 The Community Health Education through Food          8 finalists were chosen in an iron-chef style
 (CHEF) innovative program is a recipe for improved   environment and were given a total of 45 minutes
 health benefiting Toronto’s most vulnerable           to prepare their dishes. The winner of the challenge
 communities. Recognizing the need for building       Leslie-Anne Weeks received $6,500, April 2010.
 community health through nutritional training and
 culinary skill development among Toronto’s drop-in   Nestle Minor’s Risotto Competition
 and shelter kitchens, CHCA and GBC’s Community
                                                      This iron-chef style cook-off was open to all full-time
 Partnerships Office developed the CHEF program in
                                                      culinary students. Students submitted a risotto
 joint partnership with 8* community agencies. In
                                                      recipe using selected Nestle Minor’s concentrates
 the 4 full-day sessions led by 6 CHCA Chefs during
                                                      and bases as well as other listed ingredients and
 2009/2010, a total of 377 persons were trained.
                                                      equipment. A panel of judges selected the finalists
*City of Toronto Shelter Support and Housing,         based on the balance/suitability of ingredients;
 Toronto Public Health, Daily Bread Food Bank,        creativity/uniqueness, attention to traditional
 Second Harvest, Toronto District School Board        techniques/culture, correct ingredient composition.
 (and Beyond 3:30 schools), Toronto Foundation for    The finalists were given a total of 45 minutes
 Student Success, Toronto Community Foundation,       to complete their risotto. The winners of this
 Ministry of Health Promotion                         competition were Stephen Baidacoff and Ian Campbell,
                                                      January 2010.
 The CHCA has a track record for providing
 a rich selection of student experience
 opportunities to mix learning in the classroom
 with connection to industry. The following list
 showcases the incredible individual and team
 innovation that the students involved brought
 to these events, competitions and fundraisers.

     Gingerbread Competition                                  grower and is representative of East Coast Canada.
     First and second year Baking and Pastry Arts             The first place recipe was featured on the Duke
     students created and decorated a variety of              Pubs menu and named after the winning student
     Gingerbread structures such as houses, cottages,         David Shanks. It was also showcased on The Chefs’
     sweet shops, birdcages and even Santa on the             House menu, October 2009.
     beach for presentation in the atrium. This annual
     event was lead by Chef Laura Bryan and Chef Erica        Presentation at Icarus Foundation
     McLennan of the George Brown Chef School. The            Student Symposium
     winning students were: Stephanie Carter and Kristina     65 Bachelor of Applied Business – Hospitality
     Vella (first place), Maria Zimmer (second place)          Operations Management students attended this event
     and Susan Flores and Vanessa Glasson (third place),      at Ryerson University. 4 students – Azhar Kheraj, Jecel
     December 2009.                                           Masi, Esperanca Panzo and Nicole Tryhorn presented
                                                              their paper entitled “Customer Preferences towards
     Lindt Chocolate Competition                              Green Initiatives in Toronto Hotels”. This work was
     Annually the 3rd semester Baking and Pastry              supervised by Victor Wroblewski—Part-time Professor,
     Arts students participate in the Lindt Chocolate         School of Hospitality & Tourism Management
     competition which showcases the skills learned over      with support from Joanne Gellatly—Professor and
     the course of their program. They compete for prizes     Program Coordinator, School of Hospitality & Tourism
     sponsored by Lindt & Sprüngli Canada Inc. This           Management, 2010.
     annual event was led by Chef Donna Sanche of the
     George Brown Chef School. The winning students           Presentation at Ontario Centres of Excellence
     were: Emily Rigo (first place), Sarah Fortunato (second   Discovery Conference
     place) and Julia Ho (third place), November 2009.        Sharon Booy—a graduate of the Culinary Management
                                                              Nutrition program presented her project “Development
     Canadian Chowder Recipe Contest                          of household baking recipes uses a gluten free flour
     Presented by Imago and was open to all students          blend” at the Ontario Centres of Excellence Discovery
     placed at The Chefs’ House. The applicants were          competition. The project was selected as 1 of 5 Ontario
     asked to submit an original chowder recipe using         college project finalists. Part of the presentation was
     one of Keith’s family brands of beers. For a budget      featured in the competition awards presentation
     of $10, the recipe should use no more than 12            video, which was shown in front of over 2,000 people.
     ingredients, the key ingredient of which is to be        This work was supervised by Winnie Chiu— Director,
     sourced from a Canadian supplier, producer or            Compliments Culinary Centre, 2010.

Online Publications                                    Tastes of Tomorrow – Culinary Club
2 class assignments of Bachelor of Applied             This student run culinary club at George Brown Chef
Business – Hospitality Operations Management           School has created a platform for a community of
fourth-year students – Jyotesh Karnani and John        people who are passionate about the culinary world
Volpe were published in www.foodserviceworld.          and all it has to offer. The three main components
com/ online publication. This work was supervised      of the club are: education, networking and social
by Victor Wroblewski—Part-time Professor, School of    awareness. This initiative is led by Chef Christine
Hospitality & Tourism Management, 2010.                Walker—Professor, George Brown Chef School.
                                                       Membership is currently 100 persons. Following 10
Best in Wedding Cakes                                  events were held during 2009/2010 academic year:
13 Baking and Pastry Arts students competed in
the 2010 National Wedding Cake Competition
                                                         •    Culinary tourism tour of Niagara-on-the-Lake
organized by Bakery Showcase in Mississauga.                 – August, 2010
Students from CHCA won all top awards – Emily            •    Culinary tourism tour of Prince Edward
Rigo (first place), Nicole Sampson (second place)              County – June, 2010
and Genevieve Fullan (third place), 2010.                •    Presentation by Pastry Chef Frederic Monti –
                                                              PreGel America – April, 2010
Gold Medal at the Pear Marketing Board
                                                         •    Presentation by Chef David Lee from Nota
                                                              Bene Restaurant – March, 2010
Stephanie Duong—a student from the Baking and            •    Presentation by Chef Charlton Alvarez and
Pastry Arts Management program won the national
                                                              Chef Oliver Li on Indian and Chinese Food –
grand prize – Gold Medal in the Pear Marketing
                                                              February, 2010
Board national competition in British Columbia,
representing Ontario, 2010.
                                                         •    Presentation by Merchants of Green Coffee –
                                                              February, 2010
Victory at the Gay Lea                                   •    Presentation by Chef Norbert Maushagen on
Shortbread Competition                                       “Everybody Loves Chocolate” – January, 2010

Andrea Schmidt—a student from the Baking and             •    Presentation by Chef Stefan D. Czapalay –
Pastry Arts Management program was chosen as                  representing USA rice – December, 2009
a finalist for the Gay Lea Shortbread competition         •    Presentation by Chef Laura Bryan and
with her recipe for Maple Glazed Bacon and Chive              guests on Tea from around the world –
Shortbread and ended up winning the People’s                  November, 2009
Choice Award, 2010.
                                                         •    Presentation by Chef Morgan Wilson
                                                              from the Toronto Marriott with SeaChoice
Finalists at the S. Pellegrino Almost Famous                  on sustainable seafood choices –
Chef Competition                                              November, 2009
Ninth annual Almost Famous Chef Competition was
held in Calphalon. Culinary Management students        Culture Connection Club
Sean Abreu and Brian Cheng to represented CHCA
                                                       This student run club has created an opportunity
in this competition and received praise from judges.
                                                       for Canadian and international students to share
They were mentored by Chef Charlton Alvares and
                                                       and learn about different cultures and enjoy all that
Chef Tom Gibson—Professors with the support of
                                                       Toronto has to offer. The two main components
Chef John Higgins—Director of George Brown Chef
                                                       of the club are: education and networking. This
School, 2010.
                                                       initiative is led by CHCA Student Peer Leaders –
                                                       Nicole Escano of Special Events Planning program,
                                                       Hana Park of Bachelor of Applied Business –

     Hospitality Operation Management program                   12 Special Event Planning Student Events
     and Irene Lee of Bachelor of Applied Business –             •   “Get Lei’d”, with a theme of comedy/
     Hospitality Operation Management program,                       Hawaiian décor was organized by 20
     under the guidance of Sameer Farjan—Student                     students. 100 guests attended and helped
     Success Counsellor, Doris Miculan Bradley and                   to raise $747.
     Chef James Smith—Professors, School of Hospitality
                                                                 •   “The Greener Side of Art”, with a theme
     and Tourism Management. 14 events were held
                                                                     of art/environmental was organized by
     during 2009/2010 academic year.
                                                                     20 students. 60 guests attended and helped
                                                                     to raise $425.
     Student Wine Tasting Club
                                                                 •   “CanRock”, with a theme of Olympics/
     This student run wine tasting association has
                                                                     Canada was organized by 20 students.
     created opportunities for students to come
                                                                     90 guests attended and helped to raise
     together through wine education and network with
     professionals in the industry. This club is led by Doris
     Miculan Bradley—Professor, School of Hospitality            •   “Behind the Mind’s Eye”, with a theme
     and Tourism Management and supported by Chef                    of reality/fantasy was organized by
     James Smith—Professor, School of Hospitality and                20 students. 150 guests attended and
     Tourism Management and Sameer Farjan, Student                   helped to raise $1,551.
     Success Counsellor.                                         •   “Girl’s Night out”, with theme of girl’s
                                                                     inspired entertainment/activities/décor
                                                                     was organized by 20 students. 90 guests
     Canadian Association for Food
                                                                     attended and helped to raise $2,500.
     Service Professionals (CAFP) –
     CHCA Student Branch                                         •   “VII – Seven Deadly Sins”, with a theme
                                                                     of sin city was organized by 20 students.
     This student run branch is led by Doris Miculan
                                                                     100 guests attended and helped to raise
     Bradley—Professor, School of Hospitality and
     Tourism Management and supported by
     Sameer Farjan—Student Success Counsellor.                   •   “Kill the Lights, Cue the Music”, with a theme
     Students participated in the annual Copper Chef                 of Rock/Hip Hop – up and coming talent
     Competition and were placed in the top three.                   was organized by 20 students. 200 guests
     Students, Nyree Allen of Baker Apprentice II program            attended and helped to raise $5,211.
     and Marie Isabelle Pernal of Baking and Pastry Arts         •   “World Tour”, with a theme of travel/different
     program earned bursaries including the CAFP top                 cultures was organized by 20 students.
     Gold Plate Award.                                               80 guests attended and helped to raise $744.
                                                                 •   “Flash Your Knickers”, with a theme of 1920s
     The Special Event Meeting Planners                              murder mystery was organized by
     Association (SEMPA) - CHCA Student Branch                       20 students. 305 guests attended and helped
     This student run branch was created by a group                  to raise $5,796.
     of second year Special Event Diploma students               •   “George Bond 007”, with a theme
     with guidance of Ijaz Jamal—Professor, School of                of Espionage was organized by
     Hospitality and Tourism Management. The branch                  20 students. 100 guests attended and
     provides students an opportunity to network with                helped to raise $1,762.
     industry contacts and other future event planners.          •   “A New York State of Mind”, with a theme
     SEMPA – CHCA Branch was developed in 2009 and                   of New York/girl’s activities/entertainment
     received club status by the George Brown College                was organized by 20 students. 150 guests
     Student’s Association in early 2010. SEMPA held                 attended and helped to raise $2,410.
     three events in its first semester and registered close
                                                                 •   “Cirque Royale”, with a theme of carnival/
     to 100 members in the first three months.
                                                                     circus entrainment was organized by
                                                                     20 students and helped to raise $1,440.

A total of $26,339 was raised from the above             Culinary Management Student Event –
12 events for charity. Danielle Chateau—Professor,      “Marriage of Food and Wine”
School of Hospitality and Tourism Management,            This annual student event is a program capstone
Jim Stone—Part-time Professor, School of                 evaluation project for students in the final semester
Hospitality and Tourism Management, led these            of the Culinary Management Program. As a part
12 events with support from Ijaz Jamal, Professor,       of this course students are expected to stage a
Ballu Thakur and Paul Araujo—Professors and              cocktail function, working in teams and preparing
Program Coordinators, Special Event Planning             two different appetizers paired with a wine
Diploma program, School of Hospitality and               assigned to them. Each year the event gets bigger
Tourism Management, March and April 2010.                and this past year over 450 people attended. All
                                                         chef professors were involved in overseeing the
2 Bachelor of Applied Business – Hospitality             preparation of food for this event, and were led by
Operations Management Student Events                     Chef Roger Maurer and Chef Mario Gozzi—Professors,
                                                         George Brown Chef School. A total of $22,180 was
  •   “Puttin’ on the Ritz”, with a theme of 1920’s      raised towards student scholarships, March 2010.
      was organized by 36 students. 90 guests
      attended and helped to raise $3,209.
                                                         Culinary Skills Students Event –
  •   “Shake a Tail for Haiti”, with a theme of
                                                        “Concert for Inclusion”
      1960’s was organized by 43 students. 140
                                                         A fund raiser for the Special Olympics 2010 in
      guests attended and helped to raise $3,830.
                                                         Vancouver was organized by Chef Christine Walker—
A total of $7,039 was raised from the above 2            Professor, George Brown Chef School. The event
events for charity. Danielle Chateau—Professor,          raised $4,000, October 2009.
School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, led
these 2 events with support from Joanne Gellatly—
Professor and Program Coordinator, School of
Hospitality and Tourism Management, March 2010.

The Target Haiti Event
Led by Cindy Gouveia Senior CHCA Manager –
Industry Liaison, Partnerships & Academic
Operations, Kurt Stavrou—Recruitment &
Events Coordinator

The high-energy fundraiser event, organized by
20 CHCA Dean’s Recognition students and
supported by over 100 other CHCA students, raised
money for the victims of the 2010 earthquake in
Haiti. The opening welcome message was delivered
by Glen Murray, MPP for Toronto Central, at XS
Night Club in Toronto in March 2010 where local
musicians who volunteered their time rocked for
the cause. There were a total of 51 corporate and
private sponsors who contributed to the night’s
success that raised $11,827 that was donated
through Free the Children. It was an evening of
great food, entertainment and a large silent auction,
March 2010.

Innovation Report 2009-2010

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