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The SPECTRUM magazine_ June_ 2002

VIEWS: 124 PAGES: 92

                                               “Achieve the wisdom of knowledge of Truth
                                  as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of The Creation.”
                                        A Non-Profit Educational Corporation Dedicated To Bringing You The Truth

VOLUME 3, NUMBER 12                        NEWS REVIEW                  US $5.00 / CAN $7.00             JUNE 2002

Bright Path To Good Health:
Full-Spectrum Light
The Sun Is Really Your Friend!
A Conversation With David Olszewski, E.E., I.E.
                                                                           5/10/02    RICK MARTIN

                                                                  Light literally affects every single part of the
                                                                brain and every cell of the body. — John Downing
                 The Power Of Light, p.3                        O.D., Ph.D., F.C.S.O., pioneering phototherapy
                                                                researcher and inventor.
                   The News Desk, p.4
                                                                  Darkness may reign in a cave for thousands of
    EUSTACE MULLINS: AMERICA’S PERIL—The Israeli                years, but bring in the light, and the darkness
    “Fifth Column” Operating In The United States, p.22         vanishes as though it had never been. Similarly, no
                                                                matter what your defects, they are yours no longer
 SANANDA: Testing And Sorting In These Final Hours, p.27        when you bring in the Light of Goodness. So
                                                                great is the Light of the soul! — Paramahansa
               Congressman Dr. Ron Paul:                        Yogananda, Affirmations For Healing.
            “Bad Boy” To Good Ol’ Boys, p.55
                                                               In a way that perhaps makes sense only deep within the
    SOLTEC: It’s Always Darkest Before The Dawn, p.58        soul, it seems appropriate in these seemingly dark and
                                                             troubled times to focus upon the subject of light.
 What Happened To One Inventor When His Device Delivered       Light is often used as a metaphor for Powerful Spiritual
          Over 100 Miles Per Gallon Of Gas, p.60             Energies we sense are at the heart of the entirety of
                                                             Creation. Yet light is also recognized as being an absolute
  CALVIN BURGIN: Does Israel Have A Right To Palestine?      practical necessity for life on our planet to exist.
       Popular Fiction Is NOT Historical Truth, p.66
                                                                          (See: Bright Path To Good Health, p.30)
    SIDEBAR: Mystery Of Dead Sea Scroll Unravels, p.72

 The “Psychic Internet” Is As Close As Your Thoughts, p.76

AL MARTIN: The Case For Sedition By The Bush Cabal, p.78
 William Cooper: Death Of A Conspiracy Salesman                                                                             NIKOLA TESLA: FREE ENERGY
                           On November 5, 2001, William Cooper was shot to death by
                         sheriff’s deputies in a gunfire exchange. Who was Bill Cooper?
                                                                                                                               AND THE WHITE DOVE
                         Was he a true patriot? A tough survivalist? Or simply a fanatic?                             Exposes the most important alternative scientific
                           Some knew him as a UFO “expert” (claimed insider information                             advancements of our time utilizing free energy concepts
                         on government knowledge of extraterrestrials living among us)...a                          which were uncovered by Tesla and perhaps derived from
                         conspiracy theorist...a former Navy Intelligence operative...and the                       other-worldly sources.
                         person the President once called “the most dangerous man on                                  About The Author: A former military intelligence
                         American airwaves”. Cooper always said he acted from his                                   operative who has kept his identity a secret cliams to have
                         “conscience” and sought to warn all Americans of the dangers of                            worked inside underground bunkers in Area 5l where he
                         the New World Order, creeping socialism, and our own brand of                              actually flew UFOs via telepathy and levitation methods
    $16.00 (+S/H) Nazism. Here is the inside story, as told by a fellow patriot and                                 derived from contact with
                                                                                                 $15.00 (+S/H) SEE NEXT-TO-LAST PAGE FOR ORDERINGETs. TOLL-FREE: 1-877-280-2866
                         government whistle-blower. Commander X has collected together                                                            OR CALL
for the first time Cooper’s thoughts and finds on such subjects as: The Illuminati • The
Kennedy Assassination • MJ-12 and the UFO Cover-Up • Area 51 • The AntiChrist • The                                         INVISIBILITY & LEVITATION : A HOW-TO
World Trade Center Disaster • Gun Control • Skull and Bones Society.
                                                                                                                              GUIDE TO PERSONAL PERFORMANCE
                                                                                                                                         BY   COMMANDER X
                                                                                                                         Methods utilized by occultists, military, and martial artists to
 DEATH IN THE AIR:                                                                                                     perfect the art of levitation and invisibility. Throughout history
                                                                                                                       only a “super” few have learned to accomplish such seemingly
                                                                                                                       impossible tasks. Were the blocks of the pyramids levitated into
GLOBALISM, TERRORISM & TOXIC WARFARE                                                                                   place? This is the only how-to book on a very strange topic.
                           This book explains how and why:                                                                                 SEE NEXT-TO-LAST PAGE FOR ORDERING
                                                                                                                       $15.00 (+S/H)       OR CALL TOLL-FREE: 1-877-280-2866
                           • We have evolved from the nuclear age
                           into a “Technotronic Era” with “psychotronic
                           warfare” for optimal population control.
                           • Non-lethal warfare is being effectively                                                 TIME TRAVEL: A HOW-TO INSIDERS GUIDE
                           used to produce sociopolitical and                                                          Visit the past and future with safe and proven methods. We
                           economic outcomes consistent with global                                                  have long been taught that time travel is impossible and the work
                           genocide.                                                                                 of science fiction, but during the past several decades secret
                           • The world’s wealthiest policy-makers                                                    agencies with the U.S. military have successfully been crossing
                           have recommended, and are working                                                         the barriers of space and time. Here is the shattering evidence
                           toward, eliminating half the world’s                                                      that we are being visited by “time surfers” from the future, and
                           population.                                                                               that we too can journey forward and backward in time.
                           • Accepted methods of disease prevention,                                                   The Authors: Commander X is formerly of military intelligence,
                           such as pesticide sprayings, can only be                                                  having worked on several classified projects. Tim Swartz is
 Hard Cover: $29.95 (+S/H) scientifically rationalized as costly and                              $15.00 (+S/H)      Emmy award-winning journalist.
                           deadly contributions to non-lethal warfare
    and population reduction.
                                                                                                  SEE NEXT-TO-LAST PAGE FOR ORDERING OR CALL TOLL-FREE: 1-877-280-2866.
  • Chemtrail sprayings that obscure blue skies are not normal,
    but reflect a conspiracy of silence and military attacks on the                                                        INTELLIGENCE AGENT’S SHOCKING REPORT
    health and welfare of people around the world.
 Striking at the heart of those responsible for the latest forms of
                                                                                                                      FLYING SAUCERS COME FROM INSIDE EARTH!
                                                                                                                      • Aliens have established • Entrance ways can be found in
 bio-terrorism, psychotronic warfare, and ecological genocide,                                                          underground bases around the many major cities.
 the revelations contained in this book offer more than a reality                                                       planet.                         • Some government & military
 check—they give you and your loved ones a final, last-minute                                                         • Ancient tunnel system has officials have taken the side of
 choice for survival.                                                                                                   existed since time of Atlantis.   aliens.
 See next-to-last page for ordering or call toll-free: 1-877-280-2866                                                   The UFO enigma is more complex than generally
                                                                                                                      believed. Though it is commonly thought that
                         SUBTERRANEAN WORLDS INSIDE EARTH                                                             spaceships are arriving here from other solar systems,
                                                                                                                      there is now evidence that several groups of ETs have
                                           BY   TIM BECKLEY                                        $17.50(+S/H)       established bases beneath our very feet.
                             Is the Earth hollow? Is our planet honeycombed with caverns         SEE NEXT-TO-LAST   PAGE FOR ORDERING OR CALL TOLL- FREE :         1-877-280-2866.
                          inhabited by mysterious races? Are there civilizations of super
                          beings living beneath the surface of the Earth? Are the residents
                          of this subsurface world friendly, or do they have our domination                            TELEPORTATION: A HOW -TO GUIDE:
                          in mind? Here are strange and unexplainable legions of the “Wee
                          People”, the Dero, and long-haired Atlantean giants as encounterd                               F ROM S TAR T REK ® T O T ESLA
                          by cave explorers and miners trapped far beneath the Earth.                                  •    Mysterious Disappearances Solved!
   $12.50(+S/H)           SEE NEXT-TO-LAST PAGE FOR ORDERING OR CALL TOLL-FREE: 1-877-280-2866                         •    Classified Experiments Inside Area 51 Revealed!
                                                                                                                       •    Aliens Leave Behind Technological Clues!
                           THE DULCE WARS: Underground Alien                                                           •    Master The Science Of Teleportation!
                                                                                                                             According to the author, known as Commander X,
                              Bases & The Battle For Planet Earth                                                         on a number of occasions he witnessed the testing of
                            Is an alien “Fifth Column” already active on Earth preparing total                            highly classified, TOP SECRET, black-project aircraft
                          conquest via implantations and mind control? In the corner of a small
                          town in America’s Southwest something very strange is going on. Did
                                                                                                                                     in                 Area
                                                                                                         $15.00 (+S/H) engagedThismaneuvers overclaims 51 in the Nevada
                                                                                                                          desert.        whistle-blower        he actually sat at
                          U.S. military forces perish recently in hand-to-hand combat with a group of
                          hostile “Greys” who subsequently seized control of one of our top-secret                        the helm of one of these ships as it bi-located from
                          underground bases? Includes latest on animal mutilations, energy grids,
                                                                                                        SEE NEXT-TO-LAST one place to another—INSTANTLY!
                                                                                                       PAGE FOR ORDERING     Commander X insists it is possible for readers to
                          secret societies, lost civilizations, abductions, and missing time.
                                                                                                       OR CALL TOLL-FREE: learn the fundamentals of teleportation and participate
                                   S EE NEXT - TO - LAST PAGE FOR ORDERING
                                                                       1-877-280-2866 in experimentation of their very own. JUNE 2002
                                                                                      Toll-free: 1-877-280-2866        Outside U.S.: 1-661-823-9696
    PAGE 2
    $15.95 (+S/H)                    OR CALL TOLL - FREE : 1-877-280-2866.
               THE POWER OF LIGHT
    It’s always fun to be able to brag a    wherever I can to ask for financial        natural pathways to good health,
little bit with you, our extended family.   help to keep us afloat. But the            there has long been a concerted
We receive so many warm and                 miracle is, we’re still here—though it     effort put forth by the Medical Mafia
encouraging messages from you,              would sure ease the nerves if our          to suppress public awareness of
saying how much you appreciate              finances gave us more breathing            light’s huge importance in our lives.
what we do, that it’s nice to be able       room than a month-to-month kind of            Despite such Dark shenanigans,
to reciprocate in a way—with the            survival.                                  persistent crusaders carry the torch-
sharing of a professional opinion,             Besides directing your comments to      light forward. Rick’s interviewee is
every now and then, that confirms the       Gordon, many of you let US know            one such modern champion working
faith you place in us.                      how much you appreciated the Light         to get the message about the impact
    Remember Rick Martin’s front-page       of Truth that last month’s SPECTRUM        of light on health, especially full-
feature last month on China and the         shined upon two subjects—China and         spectrum light, out to the public.
Middle East, interviewing renowned          the Middle East—subjects which are            If you happened to be walking
SEEDS OF FIRE author and longtime           heavily controlled by the regular print    around the beautiful Stanford
investigative       reporter,    Gordon     and broadcast media.                       University campus almost any
Thomas? Well, Rick received a                  Two special articles this month—by      evening between 1975-1985, there’s a
thoughtful email communication from         Eustace Mullins and Calvin Burgin—         good chance your eyes would have
Gordon on Tuesday 5/7/02, which             shine additional Light upon other          caught an unusual bluish glow blazing
stated in part:         “I was much         heavily         suppressed       matters   from one particular large top-floor
encouraged by the number of                 concerning the Middle East. We are         (third-floor) corner office window of an
emails I received since SPECTRUM            grateful to both of these fine             old Spanish-style building of brushed-
published your interview. They              researchers for electing to share their    sandstone block and red terra-cotta
came from all over the place—               messages in these pages. What they         tile roof. Looking up from outside on
France and Spain included. You              have to say, if widely understood,         the grassy lawn, you would have
are clearly widely read.”                   would take a great deal of the wind        thought: “Wow, look how different
    Coming from a journalist as well-       out of what is quickly being whipped-      from all the other orange-yellowish
connected and highly respected as is        up into all-out war in that tormented      normal lights in the building!” That
Gordon, that observation is surely a        region.                                    was my office, which I illuminated
high compliment for The SPECTRUM.              In a different department this          with full-spectrum lights.
But it’s also a compliment to YOU,          month, we shine Light upon the                Of course full-spectrum lights are
our vocal readers and supporters.           subject of what happens when               only one part of the amazing story
    We already know you’re a very           someone invents a 100+ miles-per-          that our featured guest, Dave
classy and appreciative bunch of            gallon carburetor. Of course he’s not      Olszewski, unfolds. You’ll be surprised
Truthseekers! But that was something        the first to do so. But at least he’s      (and angry) to note just how old are
Gordon only found out from the              still alive to tell you what happened to   many of the discoveries about light’s
quantity and quality of the feedback        him. Perhaps what is brought to Light      profound effects upon us. So why
he received after last month’s              in this article—especially if it’s         isn’t this common knowledge? (Well,
SPECTRUM went out. It’s a rather            circulated around as tempers shorten       here we go again with the conspiracy
nice compliment of distinction to           over another round of higher gasoline      theories!) You’ll have no problem
YOU, when one considers how much            prices—will awaken many people to          figuring out the why, once you read
Gordon interacts with so many people        matters of greed and control that Big      what Dave shares.
throughout the globe.                       Brother dearly wants kept in the dark.        We take light for granted. And yet
    Whatever some of you said to               Which brings me to Rick’s front-        its Nurturing Properties are universal.
Gordon, you certainly moved him to          page feature this month on the                But wait! Which light are we talking
keep on walking down the road of            subject of—light. I’ve been using          about now? The light from the Sun
sharing Truth. And you did so in such       “Light” in a symbolic sense so far.        that keeps us all alive? The Light
numbers and with such warmth and            And surely, en-Light-enment of the         that symbolizes the Power of
graciousness that it prompted him to        public is what those Dark Misfits who      Knowledge and Truth? Or THE Light
report about you to Rick.                   control this planet fear the most.         from our Father whose spark-of-Light
    That feedback from Gordon Thomas           But what about the significance of      is the soul essence within each of us
also got us thinking about the              “ordinary” light? I mean like our Sun      and whose same Lighted Desire
question: Just how far and wide             produces. You know—the light that is       fashions all of the vast Creation?
DOES The SPECTRUM actually                  “merely” responsible for sustaining           What if they’re all the same?!
travel? Surely if everyone who              ALL physical life on our planet. THAT      Perhaps we better just continue down
READS this publication could be a           light!                                     the road of en-Light-enment and see
paying subscriber, then you wouldn’t           Indeed, Rick’s feature presentation     what’s next. So enjoy the Light of
have to endure any more of those            on this subject is long overdue in this    this month’s magazine!
annoying commercials I sneak-in             forum. Like with other important              — Dr. Edwin M.Young, Editor-In-Chief

JUNE 2002            Toll-free: 1-877-280-2866    Outside U.S.: 1-661-823-9696         PAGE 3
    We cover a “full spectrum” of news and
                                                      The News Desk
 information to help you follow the First Law        5/11/02     DR. AL OVERHOLT             high secret places can do, can override
 of The Creation. The Highest (First) Command                  (              the Power of your prayers for Art’s return
 of The Creation states: “Achieve the wisdom of                                              to good health.
 knowledge of Truth, as this will enable you to         ART BELL SUDDENLY ILL                  According to George on Friday
 wisely follow the Laws of The Creation.”                                                    evening 5/10/02, Art is feeling much
    The SPECTRUM can be regarded as class            From the <> Internet better (due to the Healing Prayers
 notes for a graduate-level course in The Truth   website, 5/8/02: [quoting]                 already sent his way?) and is expected
 that no university would dare teach.                Message From Art Bell                   back on the air Monday night 5/13/02.
                                                     Update For All:                         Let’s hope and pray Art has risen above
             TO SUBSCRIBE                            One of my listeners, during last year’s the attack—with a little help from his
   For orders call toll-free: 1-877-280-2866      predictions, said I would face some friends!
       Otherwise call: 1-661-823-9696             kind of health crisis—ding, ding, ding!
         $45.00 for 12 issues in U.S.,               I have a fever which began Tuesday LATEST HAMAS OUTRAGE HAD A
        $55.00 Canadian / $60 Foreign             April 30, 2002. I have no other              TARGET OTHER THAN ISRAELI
    Please call for bulk subscription rates.      symptoms except everything that comes         TEENAGERS: YASSER ARAFAT
                                                  with a fever: sore muscles, aches, pains,
          EDITORIAL POLICY                        etc. I’m sure it is also affecting my back   From Globe-Intel Report, Number 67,
    Opinions of The SPECTRUM contributors
                                                  as well.                                   5/8/02: [quoting]
 are their own and do not necessarily reflect
                                                     My temperature has been jumping
                                                  (within 20 minutes) from 96ºF to over          Latest Hamas Outrage Had A
 those of The SPECTRUM staff or
                                                  103ºF. I spent last night [5/7/02] in the Target Other Than Israeli Teenagers:
 management. The SPECTRUM will always
                                                  hospital in Las Vegas taking every test                   Yasser Arafat
 correct any meaningful error of fact.
                                                  in the book. Lots of blood work, chest
    Permission is hereby granted to anyone to     X-rays, doodle in a bottle—all that sort              by Gordon Thomas
 quote The SPECTRUM in whole or in part, so       of thing. I have a very high white
 long as FULL credit of this source is given,     [blood cell] count of 17,000. That is it     The latest Hamas outrage had another
 including contacting address and phone           though; everything else is normal. My target apart from the senseless murder of
 number.                                          body is trying to fight something—but 16 young Israelis and the maiming of
                                                  what?                                      over sixty more teenagers.
    PUBLISHING INFORMATION                           The doctors asked again and again         The Hamas leadership wanted to be
    We intend to offer, to the best of our        about my time in Southeast Asia and the first to put in their bid to settle other
 ability, The Truth, however it comes to us, in   China. They asked so many times that I chilling issues:
 order to allow you to make your own              am starting to wonder what they know         • That Ariel Sharon’s iron hand of
 informed decisions about matters that impact     that I do not!                             force will not succeed.
 your daily life. We hope to broaden your            Such a high fever has produced some       • That Yasser Arafat is now a spent
 choices and empower you to create a better       interesting side-effects such as force. He may wander around the streets
 world.                                           alternate realities. I’ve got some great of Ramallah, shouting and waving his
    The SPECTRUM assumes no responsibility        stories for you all if this ever victory sign.
 for unsolicited manuscripts.                     stops. Next stop, if “it” does not, will     But in reality the power rests with the
    The SPECTRUM is published the second          be bone-marrow tests.                      men of Hamas—ensconced in their
 Tuesday of each month by The Spectrum               That is the latest. I wish there was boltholes not less than thirty minutes
 Newspaper, Inc., 9101 West Sahara Ave.,          more to tell. Any other Vets out there from where they sent the suicide bomber
 PMB 158, Las Vegas, NV 89117.                    got this crap? — Art                       into the crowded snooker-hall in the
    E-mail:                   [end quoting]                           town of Rishon Letzion.
                                                     Art has not been on the air since         For the past month analysts in the two
      DONOR INFORMATION                           Monday night, April 29. The above was prime Israeli intelligence services—
   The SPECTRUM is a 501(c)(3) non-profit         the first communication of a public Mossad and Shin Bet—have concluded
 educational corporation. All donations are       nature he has shared with his 20+ that Hamas had already decided that
 gratefully appreciated and formally              million curious and concerned listeners Arafat had to go—to give the terror
 acknowledged for your tax-deduction              since the next evening, when guest host group the opportunity it craves: to
 purposes. Thank You Very Much!                   George Noory took over for Art without launch a war of attrition to also finally
                                                  explanation.                               see Sharon go.
        CHANGE OF ADDRESS                            It would appear that he is under a        “Removing Arafat will, however, not
    Send your old, incorrect address label        calculated and nasty attack, perhaps to bring peace to the turbulent region.
 along with your new address and ZIP code to
                                                  attempt to silence him. This is most Quite the contrary. It will pave the way
                                                  likely engineered by those dark elite for a jihad—a holy war with no end”
 The SPECTRUM 30 days before you move.
                                                  controllers of this planet who hide in Globe-Intel was told by a senior Mossad
 Send change to: The SPECTRUM, P.O. Box
                                                  the shadows so the blame never falls source.
 1567, Tehachapi, CA 93581.
                                                  upon them.                                   Sharon is returning to Israel with
 WEBSITE:                    Remember the Healing Power of limited options.
                                                  prayer! Nothing the misfit crooks in         • His visit to Washington was a failure.

PAGE 4                    Toll-free: 1-877-280-2866    Outside U.S.: 1-661-823-9696       JUNE 2002
No matter how Bush fumbled his way to       bombers.                                          There are many more like him there.
say something positive, it was clear that      For our pains, we became the subject of     One of them may be waiting to step into
what had happened at Jenin, and was still   rants from the Zionist and Palestinian         Arafat’s shoes when the time comes for
happening inside the Church of the          armchair strategists. Few, if any of them,     him to go.
Nativity, had left him more incoherent      have actually covered wars in the region.         However distasteful he is to most
than usual.                                    It gives me no pleasure to know that I      people—leaving apart some of those
   • Sharon will f ind the hardliners       have been a reporter ON THE GROUND             radical writers in London who see him as
calling for more of the same: even          in every major war since the 1956 Suez         some sort of hero—Arafat was elected to
stronger military intervention than last    Crisis.                                        lead the PLO.
month’s “Operation Defensive Shield”.          It gave me a real insight into the hatred      To assassinate him would be
That brought worldwide condemnation         that permeates the region.                     unforgivable, and the world would not
of Israel for its ruthless tactics.            It gives me no pleasure to say that my      easily forgive Israel if it did that.
   • If Sharon does not send in the tanks   prediction of what would follow after             But to cast him out of the West Bank is
again—this time to Gaza City, the           each outrage has come tragically true.         equally not going to work. Hamas and
nestling home of the Hamas leaders—he          And the truth is this: There is no long-    its terror groups would step into the void
will face the internal wrath of his Likud   term solution. Israel will cling to its        left by Arafat.
supporters.                                 occupied lands. It will use the only              The result? More carnage.
   • If he does, he is likely to face       weapons it knows: force, force, force.            That is the reality of what will follow
opposition from more moderate men like         The PLO and other terror groups will        the latest homicide attack.
Efraim Halevy, the director general of      fight to the last homicide bomber to              A month ago, I wrote in Globe-Intel
Mossad, who has already pointed out the     achieve their aims.                            that the further we were from the last
failings of last month’s strike-hard           More blood will flow. Many more of          attack, the closer we are to the next one.
operation.                                  the finest of this generation will be cut         Those words stand good today, sadly
   For Sharon, old and weary, the latest    down.                                          to say.
homicide bombing may prove to be the           It is not just a war between Sharon and        [end quoting]
final straw. He may go even before          Arafat—two obdurate old men verging               Most of you readers will instantly
Arafat.                                     on the edge of mental instability. It is a     recognize the author of the above
   Already Benyamin Netanyahu, hours        war fueled by the kind of hatred that          insightful report as the subject of last
after the bodies were still being dragged   Americans, in particular, have little or no    month’s front-page feature interview in
from the snooker-hall, was showing clear    understanding about.                           this publication by Rick Martin. The last
signs of being ready to make his bid to        The attack on the Twin Towers and the       Globe-Inter Report we shared (on page
replace Sharon.                             Pentagon gave the United States a              67 last month) is the hauntingly
   Unlike Sharon, who could only parrot     glimpse of what they are going to be           prophetic message Gordon refers to
old clichés, Netanyahu looked and           facing in Israel in the coming weeks and       above; it ended last month’s feature
sounded like a leader-in-waiting—a role     months.                                        article on this subject.
he has nurtured for months.                    The first hint is there. The latest            The implications are put as gently as
   CNN trained, he is charismatic and       homicide bomber used commercial                possible in what Gordon shares here. Yet
clever with his sound bytes.                explosives to devastate the snooker-hall.      the Truth speaks volumes about a Middle
   “He talks tough—but will he also act        These kinds of explosives are more          East on the very brink of all-out
tough?” was a question posed on Israeli     powerful than what has been used up to         annihilation. Over what? Be sure to see
radio hours after the snooker-hall          now.                                           what Calvin Burgin and Eustace Mullins
homicide bomber had struck. Then the           Where did they come from?                   have to offer elsewhere in this issue of
speaker added: “Anyone is better than          Mossad sources suggest they could           The SPECTRUM.
Sharon.”                                    have come from Iran or Iraq.
   It is a cry that will be heard              But these are easy nations to finger.            YOU ARE THE TARGET !
increasingly in the coming days.            With so much past blood on their hands,          POLICE CONFISCATIONS STILL
   More immediately, Sharon will put        they become the obvious choice for the                OUT OF CONTROL
embarrassing questions to his security      armchair strategists in London and New
chiefs.                                     York to point the finger at.                    From FREEDOM NETWORK NEWS,
   • How could they have claimed that          The truth may turn out to be nearer         April-June 2001, News From Across The
every available Shin Bet officer and        to home. Those commercial explosives           USA, 4/3/02: [quoting]
Mossad agent were focusing on finding       may have been originally exported from
the suicide bombers, many of whom the       the United States for use in Saudi                        You Are The Target!
Army had publicly said had somehow          Arabia.                                                Police Confiscations Still
fled from Jenin?                               And Saudi, once the anointed “best                       Out Of Control
   • So how had the suicide bomber made     friend” of America, is no longer so.
his way past numerous check-points to       Internally it is split over the way its                   by Jarret Wollstein
end the lives of still more innocent        undoubtedly corrupt Royal Family
Israelis?                                   operates: its princes and princelings            The recently-passed federal forfeiture
   • Why has Israel’s much vaunted          funnel part of their vast fortunes into        reform does almost as much harm as
electronic surveillance equipment—the       helping terrorism.                             good. Even worse, under hundreds of
best America provides—failed to locate         We should not forget that Osama Bin         new state and local confiscation laws,
the bombers?                                Laden—OBL, as Americans like to call           your car, home, business, and bank
   A month ago Globe-Intel warned that      him, as if the initials make him more          accounts can be seized more easily than
once Powell left on his failed mission,     comfortable to have around—OBL, then,          ever.
there would be a strike by more suicide     came from Saudi.                                 The next time someone plays their car

JUNE 2002             Toll-free: 1-877-280-2866       Outside U.S.: 1-661-823-9696             PAGE 5
stereo too loud or commits a crime in         do. The Colorado Springs ordinance is        including new currency—has a
your neighborhood, watch out: Under           not an isolated case. Similar laws have      detectable drug residue.
new local asset-forfeiture laws your          been passed throughout the U.S.—and             Improvement #2: If your property is
property could be seized for the acts of      they’re being enforced:                      seized, you may now be able to get it
criminals you have never met.                    In New York City, police confiscated      back before the seizure case is finished
   It’s called “community responsibility”     Mariscos del Caribe—a popular Puerto         if you can prove that the government’s
and it’s one of the fastest-growing trends    Rican restaurant—because one regular         keeping it will cause you substantial
in asset-confiscation law. Here’s how it      customer, Samuel Aponte Vega, was            harm. Forfeiture cases often drag on
works in Colorado Springs, Colorado:          allegedly a drug dealer. At first the        agonizingly long before they’re
   According to the Colorado Springs          police claimed that Vega was the owner       resolved.      Two to f ive years is
Gazette, owners of businesses and other       of the restaurant, but even when that was    commonplace. Meanwhile you’re out of
property in high-crime areas are now          proved to be a complete fabrication, they    business, your home deteriorates, and
required to “abate crime” in their area.      still refused to return the property. The    the cops get to drive your car until it’s
“Crimes” explicitly included in the new       police argued it was the owners’             completely worn out. This new law may
ordinance include prostitution, drug          responsibility to monitor and screen their   help curtail such practices, although
deals, drive-by shootings, and even           customers.                                   note that the burden of proving
playing a car stereo too loud.                   In Montgomery Alabama, police             “substantial harm” is on you.
   What happens if property owners don’t      seized the home of 69-year-old Gussie           Improvement #3: If you win in court,
do enough to abate crime in the eyes of       Mae Gantt after video-taping police          the government must pay your legal fees.
the police? Under the new ordinance,          informants purchasing drugs in her yard.        Improvement #4: The requirement that
their businesses, homes, and other assets     Ms. Gantt had previously called the          you must post a “cost bond” before you
can then be seized by police without any      police, complaining about drug-dealing       can contest conf iscation has been
form of due process.                          in her neighborhood and had posted no-       eliminated.
   The Gazette explains: “Seizure would       trespassing signs on her property. But—         Improvement #5: The new law creates a
last a minimum of three months. To            not surprisingly—the drug dealers            uniform “innocent owner” defense. That
reopen, [a business] owner would have to      ignored her signs.                           will make it more difficult for the feds to
prove no violations took place or that a         In Westminster, Maryland, police          seize your property for the alleged crimes
remedy to the problem is in place.”           arrested Pamela Davis and both her son       of your employees, tenants, and relatives.
   While the city controls the property,      and daughter, after her daughter signed      However, it won’t put an end to this
the owner would remain responsible for        for a UPS package delivered to her home      practice entirely. Police are very creative
the mortgage, maintenance, and other          which turned out to contain marijuana.       in coming up with “evidence” tying you
costs. If, after one year, the owner is not   It was later revealed that the package had   to the crimes of associates, relatives, and
eligible to regain the property, the city     been mailed by the police, who wanted        friends.
could sell it. The city gets to keep the      to confiscate her home—a large 18th             Look at what happened to farm-owner
proceeds, and private homes can also be       Century farmhouse—for use as a police        Tina Weaver: One night she got an
confiscated under this ordinance.             retreat.                                     urgent call from a man who said her
   “What in the world is the general             In California, under a new law that       father—who had been missing for a
public supposed to do to stop drive-by        went into effect last year, entire           week—was in a hospital in Lafayette,
shootings?” asks Nancy Ryan, President        businesses can be seized if the owners       Louisiana. Tina was told to immediately
of Jubilee Real Estate Services and           employ any illegal aliens—even if they       wire $1,800 for her father’s medical care.
manager of some 35 homes in Colorado          don’t know that they’re illegal.             The day after sending the money, five
Springs. “Surely you’re not expecting us                                                   car-loads of police showed up at Tina’s
to sit on our front porches with AK-47s          But What About The New Federal            farm. It turns out the urgent “hospital
and shoot every car that approaches                  Forfeiture Reform Law?                call” had come from a drug cop posing as
because they might be one?”                                                                a hospital collection agent. The money
   Colorado Springs Police Chief Lorne          The Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Act      wired by Tina was then cited as evidence
Kramer has promised that property would       of 2000 (HR 1658) does provide some          that she was a participant in her father’s
only be seized from owners who are “not       relief for victims of federal asset          marijuana business. Tina’s farm was
doing enough” to alleviate crime              forfeiture. However, it does absolutely      seized and she and her children were
[famous last words].                          nothing to change local and state            evicted. (Information from written
   What       the   new       “community      forfeiture laws, which in many cases are     statement and court f ilings by Tina
responsibility” ordinance in Colorado         even worse. Further, the new federal law     Weaver.)
Springs means is that ordinary citizens       actually makes things worse in several          Improvement #6: The federal
who are simply trying to live their own       respects. Here’s a quick summary:            government will have to pay for any
lives and make a living are being told                                                     damage to your confiscated property
that they must stop crimes that the                     Seven Improvements                 while in their possession, unless you’re
police can’t, or lose their homes and                                                      found guilty.
businesses.                                     Improvement #1: The Feds must now             Improvement #7: The law better
   A few years ago I joked that U.S. civil    prove a substantial connection between       defines which alleged “proceeds of a
asset-forfeiture laws—which charge            the seized property and any crime.           crime” are subject to seizure.
property rather than individuals with         Hopefully that will put an end to such          Unfortunately that’s not all the new
crimes—were so absurd that if your car        outrageous practices as seizing cash,        forfeiture law does. To get support from
was stolen and then recovered, the police     jewelry, and cars “because a drug dog        the Clinton Administration and his
could keep your car as “guilty property”.     barked at it”. Drug dogs will bark at just   Department of Injustice, Congress had to
I’m not laughing any longer. This is          about anything, and some 90% of all          agree to some horrendous new
precisely what these absurd new laws will     cash in circulation in the U.S.—             provisions.

PAGE 6                Toll-free: 1-877-280-2866     Outside U.S.: 1-661-823-9696         JUNE 2002
        Five Horrible Provisions            and conspiracy, which simply means             Targeting Doctors For Confiscations
            Of The New Law                  discussing violating any law, even in
                                            jest!                                         Increasingly, government regulatory
   Provision #1: The amount of time that                Asset Confiscation             agencies have been seizing the offices,
feds have to officially file to seize your             Continues To Expand             bank accounts, and homes of
property has been increased from 60 days                                               independent doctors without any trial or
to 90 days.                                    It should be clear that the new reform hearing, for alleged violations of
   Provision #2: All property subject to law will not end asset confiscation in Medicare and other government health
federal civil forfeiture is now subject to America, or even necessarily slow it rules. These violations often consist of
federal criminal forfeiture as well. In down. In fact, by several measures asset making mistakes on confusing
plain English, hundreds of minor federal forfeiture continues to expand.               government paperwork or charging “too
civil offenses have been turned into           In the last 10 years, the number of much” for health care, where government
criminal offenses at the stroke of a pen. federal offenses for which your property bureaucrats decide after the fact how
That means minor mistakes on Medicare can be seized has increased from 200 to much is too much.
forms, insurance applications, mortgage over 400. In addition, states, cities, and
applications, and possibly even your tax local communities continue to pass new                  Confiscating Your Guns
return, could be used to seize your bank asset-forfeiture laws at a breakneck
accounts or home!                           speed. Today there are thousands of           Completely legal guns are now
   Provision #3: The “crime” of money local confiscation laws which didn’t routinely conf iscated by police
laundering (otherwise known as trying to exist a few years ago. For instance, state whenever cars or houses are searched, but
keep your finances private), was vastly laws have been recently passed allowing that’s just the beginning. Under SB-
expanded to include minor paperwork the seizure of cars for such “crimes” as 2099, now pending before the Senate,
errors. What—you say you just forgot to transporting illegal fireworks, playing a any handguns you own would have to be
declare $100 in an inside pocket of your stereo too loud, and driving on an registered with the IRS and you would
wallet on the currency report you filed expired license.                               have to pay a tax of $50 for each
when leaving the U.S.? Too bad. All            In his book Freedom in Chains, James handgun you buy. Although the bill
$4,100 you’re carrying can now be Bovard explains:                                     doesn’t spell this out, any unregistered or
seized.                                        “Many local and state governments untaxed guns in your possession could
   Provision #4: The U.S. government will actively target and confiscate cars of probably be confiscated under the IRS
now enforce all foreign confiscations. If drivers who violate one of a rapidly- code. According to the person who
this law had been in force during World multiplying list of offenses. In 1996, informed us of this bill: “SB-2099 is an
War II, the U.S. government would have Chicago suburbs enacted ordinances to amendment to the Internal Revenue Act
been legally obligated to seize the authorize seizure of automobiles if a car Of 1986. This means that the Finance
property of Jews fleeing Nazi Germany radio is too noisy, or if the cars are being Committee can pass this, without the
and give it to Adolph Hitler!               driven by teenagers out past 11:00 p.m. Senate voting on it at all.”
   Provision #5: If feds seize your Detroit officials seized 3,000 cars in
property and you leave the U.S., you 1995 from drivers who allegedly used                 Confiscation Is Going International
won’t be allowed to challenge their their vehicles for trysts with prostitutes.
seizure in court.                           They even seized the cars of innocent         The option of protecting your property
   Worse of all is what the new law does owners who had no involvement or by placing it outside the U.S. is
NOT do:                                     knowledge of the crime.” (Freedom In increasingly being closed off. Under
   It doesn’t end confiscation of property Chains, pages 26 & 27)                      strong U.S. pressure, Canada, Australia,
without trial.                                 Another big growth area for asset England, Russia, and dozens of other
   It doesn’t apply to state and local forfeiture is alleged environmental countries have passed draconian asset
seizures.                                   offenses. Again quoting Bovard:            forfeiture laws modeled on our own worst
   It doesn’t eliminate the odious             “The Office of Code Enforcement in laws.
process of “adoption” of forfeiture Alexandria, Virginia, sent certified letters          In addition, the U.S. has recently
cases. State officials can adopt what to 22 homeowners—threatening to signed                         reciprocal           conf iscation
was originally a federal forfeiture and condemn their properties unless they agreements with dozens of other
impose more draconian state standards, f ixed chipping paint on their countries. President Clinton even
splitting the proceeds with the feds. windowsills or door frames.                   In threatened 35 sovereign countries that
Adoption simply means that police Skaneateles, New York, the local refused to abolish their bank secrecy and
enforce the most draconian forfeiture government responded to one couple’s
laws possible, be they state, local, or zoning violations by sending in sheriff ’s            The
federal. This one omission could nullify deputies to drag out and jail the owner’s
much of the good the new law does on a wife and raze their $350,000 lakefront
                                                                                            Idaho Observer
                                                                                             Now that we know what is really
federal level, by allowing police to home.” (Lost Rights, p. 20)
                                                                                           going on, let’s do something about it
circumvent all of the new restrictions on      More property than ever is being
federal confiscations.                      seized. Most states now have monthly The Idaho Observer is a monthly, 24-page
                                                                                         newspaper dedicated to the truth. For a
   It doesn’t decrease the number of police sales at which thousands of cars,               complimentary copy, please write:
alleged offenses which can be used to boats, and other government-looted                      PO Box 457, Spirit Lake, Idaho, 83869;
seize property, which now includes property is sold. At least $9 BILLION in                          or call: (208) 255-2307.
gambling, soliciting a prostitute, assets has been seized from American                          $1 for postage is appreciated
shoplifting, playing a car stereo too loud, citizens since the late 1970s. Most of the                 but not necessary.
hiring illegal immigrants (including dispossessed were never charged with                       email:
maids), tax evasion, money laundering, any crime.                                              web:

JUNE 2002               Toll-free: 1-877-280-2866      Outside U.S.: 1-661-823-9696           PAGE 7
other privacy laws, with financial and     only in the U.S. it’s not just one class of                                    For example, last year McKinney
even military retaliation! Bush has done   citizens being dispossessed, but                                            chaired a hearing titled “Covert Action In
nothing to change this. Countries on the   everyone.                                                                   Africa: A Smoking Gun In Washington,
government’s “hit list” include Andorra,      There is only one real solution to this                                  D.C.”, and led the voices of castigation
Antigua, Aruba, the British Virgin         abomination: Total abolition of all                                         that claimed the U.S. Government, the
Islands, Guernsey, Monaco, the             confiscation laws and return of all seized                                  UN, private militias, and western
Netherlands Antilles, Samoa, St. Vincent,  property to confiscation victims, plus                                      economic interests possessed complete
the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Vanauatu.     damages. We must also eliminate                                             knowledge of pending civil unrest in
(See Llewellyn Rockwell, “Invade           sovereign-immunity laws, which let                                          Africa and fed the fray between African
Vanuatu!” at <>.)       police and government officials steal                                       nations, leading to the loss of millions of
   The new federal reform law does         with immunity and personally profit                                         Black lives.
provide some badly-needed reforms. But     from their seizures. Don’t be fooled by                                        She was criticized for writing a letter
it is only a small, first step. Many of itsfederal confiscation reform. We have a                                      scolding former New York City Mayor
provisions can be side-stepped by state    long way to go before our right to                                          Rudolph Giuliani for returning a Saudi
or local adoption. The seizure of          property is again respected.                                                prince’s $10 million check for Sept. 11
property without trial or any real due        (Jarret Wollstein is a director of ISIL                                  victims. The former mayor—whose stock
process of law is an abomination in a free and author of many ISIL pamphlets,                                          with the people in the city skyrocketed
society. When the government can seize     including The Looting Of America on                                         with his handling of the city’s response
your property for thousands of offenses    civil forfeiture.) [end quoting]                                            to the attack on the World Trade
without charging you with any crime, the      Indeed—unless enough people awaken                                       Center—returned the check because
government—not you—really owns your        to this problem and correct it from the                                     Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal, while in New
property.                                  grassroots level of opposition, crooks at                                   York, had suggested U.S. policies toward
                                           all levels of government will take our                                      the Middle East were partly to blame for
  Confiscation Will Continue To Grow       docile attitude as an open invitation to                                    the attacks.
            Unless We Stop It              expand their opportunities for acquiring                                       Most recently, she questioned the
                                           what is yours.                                                              Bush administration about the Sept. 11
  We very much need a powerful,               But take heart—there is SOME hope                                        attacks. She’s not the only one raising
effective grassroots movement to end the and help and sanity in Washington:                                            these sensitive questions—whether or
scourge of government confiscation. The                                                                                not the Bush Administration had
first step is to inform the American                  THE COURAGE OF                                                   forewarning of an impending attack and
people of how their property rights are          REP. CYNTHIA McKINNEY                                                 whether his business interests profited
being forfeited. Then we need to form                                                                                  from it—but she is perhaps the highest
anti-confiscation groups in every state       From RUMOR MILL NEWS, <http://                                           ranking government official to openly
and city, dedicated to publicizing,>, 4/28/02:                                                   raise them. And she’s calling for an
blocking, and repealing confiscation.      [quoting]                                                                   investigation.
  The only alternative is to watch            (—Cynthia McKinney,                                           Given that there were evidently
helplessly as police and government the honorable congresswoman from                                                   indications of an impending attack on
agents seize more and more cars, homes, Georgia, has set herself apart from                                            America, McKinney says: “If the
and businesses, until we are living in a members of the Congressional Black                                            American people deserve answers about
total police state. Current property Caucus with her tendency to address                                               what went wrong with Enron—then we
seizures are very similar to what occurred issues and make statements that rub the                                     deserve to know what went wrong on
during the early days of Nazi Germany, status quo against the grain.                                                   September 11 and why.
                                                                                                                          “How much of a role does our reliance
                                                                                                                       on imported oil play in the military
      CLASSIFIED ADS                                                    ELIMINATE ALL DEBTS                            policies being put forward by the Bush
                                                                       (MORTGAGES & CREDIT CARDS)                      Administration? And what role does the
  THE FELLOWSHIP OF NATURE (25                                            COMPLETELY, LEGALLY,
pp). The universal communication system                                                                                close relationship between the Bush
                                                                             PERMANENTLY                               Administration and the oil and defense
between creatures on this planet. $1.50
  UP FROM THE DEPTHS: HEALING                                            Eliminate all land/property taxes &           industries play, if any, in the policies that
PEOPLE WITH TRAUMATIC PASTS (2 pp).                                   regulations, completely, legally, permanantly,   are currently being pursued by this
Notes on effects of severe trauma & self-                             money-back guaranteed to work.                   Administration?” she asks.
help, particularly where recovery has been                               Divorce the I.R.S. out of your life,             McKinney acknowledges that she is
considered difficult or impossible. FREE.                             completely, legally, permanently, money-         not aware of any evidence showing that
            PRESNA SAMIZDAT,                                          back guaranteed to work.                         President Bush or members of his
                PO Box 21521                                             Travel in your car without driver’s           administration personally profited from
             Seattle, WA 98111                                        license, inspections, or insurance, legally,     the attacks. But she does note that
                                                                      completely, permanently, money-back              “corporations close to the administration
                                                                      guaranteed to work.                              have benefited” from increased defense
                       SPECTRUM                                          Send $20.00 (postage/copy cost) donaton
                                                                      for “initial information” (creditable towards
                                                                                                                       spending and skyrocketing stock prices.
                                                                                                                          The questions she raises are not unfair,
                                                                      future tuition) to: People’s Rights              but     they      have       yielded      the
 Advertise in The SPECTRUM.                                           Association, care of: 1624 Savannah Road         congresswoman snide remarks from some
 For details call toll-free: 1-877-280-2866.                          SPT, Lewes, Delaware 19958 (North                of her peers and media analysts that
               or e-mail us at:                                       America) or see:          portray her as a conspiracy theorist.
                                      or call toll-free (24 hours) 1-(877)-544-           Conservative Georgia Senator Zell
The SPECTRUM is not responsible for claims made by our advertisers.   4718 F.A.Q.                                      Miller (D) said her statement was

PAGE 8                                        Toll-free: 1-877-280-2866         Outside U.S.: 1-661-823-9696          JUNE 2002
“loony”,      also    “dangerous      and   Committee of the Red Cross, and other          <>
irresponsible”. Bush spokesman Ari          agencies.                                        Five years ago, Gary White had a 14-
Fleisher said McKinney “must be               McKinney specified that aid workers          pound tumor in his gut, and he was given
running for the Hall of Fame of the         have been shot at and arrested, while the      eight months to live. Now, he’s 49,
Grassy Knoll Society”, a reference to the   wounded have bled to death under               sailing, and spending time with his
claim by some that a shot that killed       rubble.                                        kids—thanks, doctors say, to regular
President Kennedy was actually fired          She said: “International humanitarian        injections of a mild virus. Could the
from a grassy knoll along the route he      law prohibits such attacks, as well as         common cold really cure cancer?
was traveling in Dallas.                    restrictions on access to water, food,           Gary White considered himself a buff
   But the U.S. Government is not beyond    medicine.... Yet these attacks and             44-year-old and chalked up his bloating
conspiring to overthrow governments or      restrictions are carried out routinely in      belly to beer with the boys. He even
even bring drugs into the Black             the Occupied Territories and have              bought himself an ab exerciser.
community. Remember Iran-Contra.            increased dramatically since March 29.”          Then, in 1997, he stopped short on the
Also, were those American students in       [end quoting]                                  basketball court one day—and the bulge
Grenada really in danger that prompted a      Please support the work of this              didn’t stop with him.
U.S. invasion on that tiny Black            courageous lady, and that of Dr. Ron             He felt fluid lurch and roll, wash over
Caribbean island and resulted in the        Paul. Even two honest people in                his innards and slosh like a tsunami
overthrow and death of the leader,          Congress is a miracle worth taking great       against his gut. White quit the game and
Maurice Bishop? How many defenseless        care to preserve!                              hauled himself to the hospital.
Black Panamanians really died in the          Here’s yet another outrageous reason           The ultrasound nurse gasped at the
U.S. attack there where new weapons—        we need them:                                  screen: “What is that?” A blob bigger
including the Stealth Bomber—were                                                          than any baby had spread through his
tested? Some say it was thousands, not a        GOVERNMENT INSTALLING                      abdominal cavity. It was cancer—
few hundred. Didn’t the Gulf of Tonkin         METERS ON PRIVATE WELLS!                    mesothelioma, a rare, multisyllabic
lie by the U.S. Government pull America                                                    monster so far gone that the doctors gave
into the Vietnam War?                          From the INTERNET, courtesy of              him eight months at best.
   For Rep. McKinney to raise the           Calvin Burgin, <>,             “Go home” they said. “Get your affairs
questions and call for an open              for 4/30/02: [quoting]                         in order. Kiss your wife goodbye.”
investigation on a possible government         Al: I hear so much stuff, as you do, that     Yet five years later, White is still here,
role, or negligence, in Sept. 11 is         it is not often anything surprises me. A       broad and strong, with his wife, his two
credible. If nothing else, President Bush   friend told me about his sister who was        kids, and his buddies. He has even
could tell McKinney that the                having a water well dug on her property        fulfilled a lifelong dream: sailing a 43-
government knew nothing, that’s why it      and he asked her: “Has the government          foot Spindrift to second place in the
did nothing.                                been out to meter the well yet?” She           Caribbean 1500. And his 14-pound
   Then we can hope Bush is telling the     said: “Oh, you and your conspiracy             tumor? It’s posted like a trophy on the
truth. But, given the history of this       theories, that is ridiculous.” Then later      Internet.
government’s actions, that would be a bit   she called him and said: “I don’t believe        Chemotherapy—and a surgeon who
tough to swallow. [end quoting]             it! They are here! They are metering my        dared to extract the massive growth—
   Here is another rare genuine person in   well!”                                         bought him a few extra months. But the
public office like Congressman Ron Paul        I had never heard of such a thing. But      Connecticut man credits something else
(R-TX) whose courage we are featuring       sure enough, the government is building        for keeping his cancer at bay: a flu virus,
again elsewhere in this issue of The        a database of every water well in the          pumped into his bloodstream six times a
SPECTRUM.                                   country. If you drill a new well, a            month for the past three years.
   But hold on—Cynthia isn’t done           government man is supposed to come out           Dozens of dying men and women are
makin’ waves yet:                           with his GPS measuring device and he           now being deliberately infected with
                                            records the exact coordinates of the well      viruses as doctors determine if these
   REP. CYNTHIA McKINNEY IS                 and adds it to the database.                   microscopic bugs can kill the cancers
    CALLING FOR A HEARING                      This means, of course, that they are        without killing the patients. People
                                            getting ready to tax water wells.              desperate to beat their disease have
   From RUMOR MILL NEWS, <http://              So how is your day? [end quoting]           volunteered to catch the flu, a cold, even>, 4/30/02:               Here’s yet another test to see how          a modified version of herpes.
[quoting]                                   docile are the sheep to even more
   In Response To: ISRAEL AGAIN             intrusions and set-up for “milking”. At         Cooking for PEACE. A booklet
BLOCKS JENIN INVESTIGATION.                 what point will enough Americans get            of various recipies, special foods,
   REP. CYNTHIA MCKINNEY (D-GA)             mad enough to take back control of              beverages, to help balance the
CALLED FOR CONGRESSIONAL                    THEIR government?                               immune system, electrolyte levels,
                          ’S                   Be sure to read what Congressman Ron         and important cellular growth.
OF RELIEF AGENCIES IN PALESTINE.            Paul has to say elsewhere in this issue of      Price: $10 + s/h: $2. Send name
   McKinney, the ranking Democrat on        The SPECTRUM.                                   and address to:
the subcommittee on International                                                                 Cooking for PEACE
Operations and Human Rights, sent a          COULD THE COMMON COLD                           Box 277, Devault, PA 19432-0277
letter to Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-          REALLY CURE CANCER?
FL), the subcommittee’s chairman,                                                           How wonderful is the brain to
requesting a hearing on Israel’s            From the INTERNET, <http://                     alert an unbalanced part of the
restrictions on the United Nations Relief>, 4/28/02: [quoting]                           body and the mind
Works Agency, the International             By     Carolyn       Abraham of                     TO SEEK THE TRUTH.

JUNE 2002             Toll-free: 1-877-280-2866       Outside U.S.: 1-661-823-9696            PAGE 9
                                                              Cancer Care Ontario      from about 7 years ago (which I have in
                                                              involved in the          my archives) Larouche made the
                                                              Ottawa trials. Still,    statement that he was a GRAND ORIENT
                                                              he says, in the lab      LODGE FREEMASON.
                                                              “there hasn’t been a        The NEW FEDERALIST is now a
                                                              cancer that isn’t        DEFUNCT MAGAZINE for lack of funds.
                                                              vulnerable to a             And:
                                                              virus”.                     From NEXUS magazine:
                                                                 Bell’s group at the      LaRouche is a Vatican/Jesuit front.
                                                              Ottawa Regional          Period.
                                                              Cancer Center has           Even a quick glance at any of his
                                                              started human safety     publications will show the enormous
                                                              tests     with     the   support and resource base he has in
                                                              Newcastle virus, a       Vatican-controlled countries.
                                                              flu bug that strikes        During my time travelling and
                                                              chickens. They are       researching through Europe and North
                                                              collaborating with       Africa, I found this connection is well
                                                              Provirus Inc. in         known there, but not so well known in
                                                              Maryland, which has      the USA or Australia.
                                                              already         tested      [end quoting]
                                                              Newcastle in more           Those of you who have acquired the
                                                              than 70 American         astonishing and thorough research
                                                              patients, including      volume VATICAN ASSASSINS by Eric
                                     -                        Gary White, whose        Jon Phelps [see back cover] have a pretty
                                                              case       will     be   good idea of how thoroughly and
                                                              included next month      clandestinely the Jesuits have long
                                                              in the Journal Of        operated on the world-control scene.
                                                              Clinical Oncology.
                                                                 California’s Onyx          PARENTS WARNED ABOUT
                                                              Pharmaceuticals Inc.        24-PROOF GELATIN “ZIPPERS”
                                                              and          Stanford
                                                              University          From the INTERNET, <http://
   Results from animal studies have been testing      a    genetically>, 5/1/02: [quoting]
astounding. Injected with viruses,       adenovirus—better known as a common      By Donna Leinwand, USA Today
human tumors in mice have shrunk and     cold bug—in patients with head, neck, or <
vanished completely without harming      liver cancers.                         nation/2002/04/29/2002-04-29-
the animal. And viruses have worked         Harvard is running trials with a    zippers.htm>
against not just one cancer, but nearly                                           There’s a new front in the fight to keep
                                         modified herpes virus, and lab research is
every malignancy medicine knows,         underway on a weakened polio virus at  alcohol away from kids: school lunch
whether breast, lung, liver, colon,      Duke University and on measles at the  boxes.
ovarian, or even brain.                  Mayo Clinic.                             A national anti-drug coalition is
   White’s is the first human face to       Scientists are struggling to containalerting parents about the rising
emerge from the early experiments, but ittheir excitement: Imagine beating the  popularity of Zippers, which are
won’t be the last. Nine cancer patients in                                      packaged cups of fruity-flavored gelatin
                                         big C with a little-c weapon as wild and
Ottawa received infusions at Christmas   mild as the common cold.               and alcohol.
with the same virus. Canadians are          [end quoting]                         Zippers are being marketed by a small
among the leaders in the f ield.                                                Ohio company as the first commercially
                                            If the large pharmaceutical companies
University of Calgary researchers have                                          produced version of “Jell-O shots”, the
                                         acquire control of this treatment, so they
completed the first trial designed to test
                                         make the big money on it, then it will sweet, chilled concoctions that have
the safety of a reovirus, a bug common toprobably meet with success. Too bad so long been a staple at beach bars and
the human gut and nasal passages, in                                            college parties.
                                         many other simpler techniques for curing
people.                                  cancer have been routinely smashed by    But Zippers, with their bright colors
   Eighteen patients with sarcomas                                              and cheery labels, also look like the
                                         these same large drug companies over the
(cancers of the bone and soft tissue),   last century to protect and guarantee  gelatin dessert packs that thousands of
breast, skin, head, and neck cancers                                            youths take to school each day. And
                                         their profit margins on their ineffective
suffered no serious side effects over a  chemical products.                     some drug-prevention off icials are
recent 14-week trial. Some of their                                             hearing complaints from parents and
tumors even showed signs of shrinking,                 LAROUCHE IS A            school administrators that Zippers could
and one tumor disappeared completely.             VATICAN / JESUIT FRONT        make it too easy for youths to sneak
   The Alberta group is now conducting a                                        alcohol into school.
Phase-2 trial, testing 45 prostate cancer     From RUMOR MILL NEWS <http://       “Zippers may be dangerous because
patients, and in another experiment, will>, 4/23/02: they come packaged in containers that
treat people with brain cancer.             [quoting]                           look like any other snack pack or after-
   “The results are encouraging, but this     LAROUCHE GRAND ORIENT school snack a child may put in their
is a whole new area that we’re exploring” LODGE FREEMASON                       lunch box” the Community Anti-Drug
said Dr. John Bell, a senior scientist with   In an issue of the NEW FEDERALIST Coalitions of America said in an alert last

PAGE 10          Toll-free: 1-877-280-2866      Outside U.S.: 1-661-823-9696       JUNE 2002
week. The coalition added that: “Zippers      bar in Knoxville, Tennessee. He says he            “After a while the girls finally got the
are being marketed in ways that appeal        sells about 10,000 Zippers a month at his       idea that they shouldn’t say ‘thong’ when
to an underage audience.”                     bar for $2 or $3 each.                          they were asked, even though that’s all
   Burt Brooks rejects the notion that the       “The profit margin on these things is        they wear now. They won’t be caught
Toledo, Ohio, company that he started         unbelievable” says Bakri, who buys              dead in the locker room wearing regular
with several friends is marketing its         Zippers wholesale. “You get a good-             underwear” she said.
products to kids. Zippers, he says, are       looking girl or guy selling these things,          Wilson and Paul Gentle, Rancho
aimed at the adult group that is most         and everyone wants to try it.”                  Bernardo’s principal, were unavailable
likely to enjoy sweet, alcoholic drinks:         [end quoting]                                for comment on the skirt-lifting.
24 to 44-year-old women who like                 The large profit margin is quite an             Don Phillips, superintendent of the
“entertaining, nights out with friends,       incentive to keep this product growing in       Poway Unif ied School District, said
(and) fun with no regrets”.                   popularity—even without the obvious             students, staff, and others were being
   Brooks also notes that Zippers’            appeal to older school-age children who         interviewed to determine what happened
packaging is clearly marked with a            are tempted by the “daring” of                  at the dance, which he said was attended
government alcohol warning and a              something they’re not supposed to have.         by about 725 pupils.
picture of a baby with a red slash through       And while we’re on this “daring”                “The principal is talking with the
it, indicating that the product isn’t for     subject, there’s a very slight chance (if you   parents involved” he said. “We are
kids. “We went above and beyond what          left the planet for awhile) that you didn’t     taking this seriously and want to ensure
the states and federal government             hear about the following—over and over          that any actions to be taken are based on
require” Brooks says. His 4-year-old          again; remember, it’s all about ratings!—       the facts of the situation.”
company, BPNC, projects $2 million in         on your local television news programs:            Teal, a 43-year-old attorney, said she
sales this year.                                                                              learned about the skirt-lifting from her
   “If you leave a rum and Coke on your             GIRLS MADE TO PASS                        daughter, whose friends were forced to
table, a kid will drink that and mistake it     “UNDERWEAR TEST” TO ENTER                     show their panties in front of boys,
for a Coke just like they might mistake           CA HIGH SCHOOL DANCE                        teachers, and police officers standing at
our product for (regular) Jell-O” he says.                                                    the door.
“You have to supervise your children.”           From the INTERNET, <http://                     She said most of the girls who wore
   Zippers, which unlike regular gelatin>, 5/1/02: [quoting]                   skirts or dresses to the dance, which had
snack packs require refrigeration, are           LOS ANGELES (Reuters)—Angry                  a “blast from the past” theme, reported
sold in bars, liquor stores, and groceries    parents demanded the resignation of a           being grilled about their underwear or
in 26 states. There is a cherry-flavored      California high school vice principal on        forced to show them to Wilson or another
version called Rum Rush, a bourbon-           Tuesday after she lifted the skirts of          teacher.
and-lime one known as Whiskey Drop,           teenage girls at a dance to make sure              Teachers also checked several boys
an orange one called Vodka Splash, and a      they were wearing “appropriate”                 who were wearing togas, Teal said, and
lemon one with grain spirits called           underwear.                                      some girls were asked about their bras.
Tijuana Tease.                                   Parents at Rancho Bernardo High                 “I just got a call from one mom who
   Eight-packs retail for $6.99 to $9.99,     School in suburban San Diego say the            said her daughter was wearing a poodle
depending on the market and local taxes.      vice principal, Rita Wilson, made the           skirt and an off-the-shoulder top, and a
Each gelatin cup contains 12% alcohol         girls prove that they were not wearing          teacher reached right out and grabbed
and has about the same potency as a           skimpy thong panties before they were           the front of it and pulled it down to
glass of wine.                                allowed into the dance on Friday.               check” Teal said.
   Hope Taft, the wife of Ohio Gov. Bob          In some cases, said Rancho Bernardo             Teal said she and other parents would
Taft, is among those speaking out against     parent Kim Teal, girls also were made to        demand the resignation of Wilson and
Zippers. She says parents in her state        partially undress if Wilson or another          any other teachers involved and would
have been calling a drug-prevention           teacher suspected that they weren’t             also consider filing a lawsuit against the
resource center in Cincinnati about           wearing bras.
Zippers. “Products like these and wine           “These girls feel
coolers...cause us great concern because      violated” said Teal,
they are very appealing to young              whose          daughter
people” says Taft, the mother of a college    Rebecca,                a
senior.                                       sophomore,          was
   “They all have colorful, creative          asked about her
labeling and catchy names. The                panties but escaped a
packaging is sort of disguised.”              search after telling
   Lily Heil, 12, a seventh-grade student     Wilson that she was
from McLean, Virginia, agrees that kids       not wearing a thong.
at school could easily pass off Zippers as       “One girl just cried
regular gelatin snack packs. “Once you        after having to tell
rip off the lid that says it has alcohol”     her father this story,
she says, “it looks just like Jell-O.”        she was hiding her
   Meanwhile, Zippers seem to be a hit        head in a sweatshirt”
among some bar owners. “I have five           Teal said, adding that
people at least on a busy night doing         the girls had their
nothing but selling these things” says        skirts lifted in front of
Gingi Bakri, who owns Cotton Eyed             men and their male
Joe’s, a 30,000 square-foot country music     classmates.

JUNE 2002                Toll-free: 1-877-280-2866       Outside U.S.: 1-661-823-9696          PAGE 11
school district for violating the civil          Ask the ninth-graders in Arcata,           series of seminars for teachers, called
rights of their daughters.                     California, how they felt when it            “Toward World Understanding”. This
   [end quoting]                               happened to them.                            brief excerpt provides a flavor of the
   Clearly there needs to be some                If your child attends middle school in     series:
minimum dress code for school-age              Seattle, you may—or may not—know                “As long as the child breathes the
children. But how do you enforce such          about “Challenge Day” facilitated by a       poisoned air of nationalism, education in
common-sense rules amidst a constant           for-prof it outf it called “Resource         world-mindedness can produce only
parade of dress fads created to sell           Realizations” in which kids are coerced      rather precarious results. As we have
clothes and when parents are “too busy”        into     confessing      their   wrongs.     pointed out, it is frequently the family
to be the main supervisors of their            Incidentally, the kids also get a            that infects the child with extreme
children’s behavior? Mix that challenge        promotional brochure advertising the         nationalism. The school should therefore
with overzealous, “New World Order             three-day extended session for only          use the means described earlier to
trained” enforcers, and you surely have        $295, and a week-long version for only       combat family attitudes that favor
an explosive blend engineered to utterly       $800.                                        jingoism.”
destroy a healthy teacher-student                At Aptos High School in Santa Cruz,           Robert P. Hillmann has produced an
relationship.                                  California, 300 students are bunched up      excellent     study      of   how     this
   Few parents “have the time” to pay          in the gym on one side of a line drawn on    transformation of our schools occurred.
attention to what is going on in their         the floor. Then a series of questions are    His 105-page report, “Reinventing
local schools. And that has allowed            asked. If the answer is yes, the kids are    Government: Fast Bullets And Culture
many so-called educators, brainwashed          told to step across the line. Some of the    Changes” documents the relationship
by the New World Order gang’s agenda,          questions asked:                             between international organizations and
to take our schools in a direction that is       Are you a good kisser?                     school officials which has brought about
ever so carefully calculated to kill the         Anyone in your family addicted to          the transformation in our schools’
values which built America and gave it         drugs?                                       function.
strength, and replace those with the             Do you have a friend or relative who is       The activities in Seattle, Arcata, and
demoralized robotic conformity of a herd       gay or lesbian?                              Santa Cruz have struck a nerve, because
of sheep.                                        Do you currently practice abstinence?      the events probe deeply into personal
   Though we’ve covered this matter              Have you ever considered suicide?          and family affairs. School activities that
many times before, from many angles,             These are a few of dozens of deeply        seek to transform attitudes about the
here’s a recent example:                       personal questions students are asked to     environment, about government, about
                                               answer publicly.                             freedom, about the Bill Of Rights—have
    A FEW OF THE STUNNING                        What on Earth is going on in our           gone largely unnoticed by parents and
    THINGS HAPPENING IN U.S.                   schools?                                     the community.
         SCHOOLS_ 2002                           Santa Cruz wants to know what is              The result of the transformation is
                                               going on in their schools, and why. They     becoming clear: prayer, freedom,
   From the INTERNET, <http://                 are accumulating similar stories from        corporations,      liberty,    the    Ten>, 5/1/02: [quoting]                  around the country.                          Commandments, national sovereignty,
   (Henry Lamb is the executive vice             The function of American schools has       property rights, and certainly guns—are
president of the <>         changed. Once, the function of the           all terms and concepts that have been
Environmental                Conservation      school was to prepare each student to        demonized. Tolerance, cooperation, and
Organization and chairman of                   reach his maximum individual potential.      equity are values that supplant
Sovereignty International.)                    Now, school has become a process to          individual excellence, individual
   Picture this: Your middle-school child      modify behavior, attitudes, and beliefs in   achievement,         and       individual
is summoned to a special workshop. The         pursuit of a “tolerant” (read: obedient)     responsibility.
kids are asked to form a circle. Your          society.                                        Most of the world is subjected to
child is told to stand in the center, and is     The transformation has been underway       gover nment-imposed-and-enforced
asked by a special guest from Planned          for much of the last century. In 1949, the   education, and information. America has
Parenthood: “Does your church consider         United Nations Educational, Scientific,      distinguished itself among all nations in
homosexual behavior to be a sin?”              and Cultural Organization conducted a        history because government did not limit
                                                                                            education and information, and
                                                                                            celebrated individual achievement.
            A HORSE IN BALANCE WEARS                                                           Those days are long gone. American
                                                                                            schools have been transformed. Only
             A CROWN OF LIGHT                                                               individuals who recognize the threat,
                                                                                            and are willing to invest their time and
  A story honoring en-Light-ened               Balancing Fulcrum, from riding the           resources, can reverse this rush to
riding masters who developed                   Figure    8.  The    en-Light-ened           homogenized mediocrity.
Guidelines to bring: discipline, beauty,       equestrian masters were Fritz                   Left to its own agenda, the
grace, and balance in the movements            Stecken and Ludwig Von Zeiner, Head          international community, assisted by
of a horse, from a girl who desired to         Rider of The Spanish Riding School.          professional education associations and
be a better rider. She became the first
                                                PRICE: $12.00 (SHIPPING INCLUDED),          “enlightened” facilitators, will continue
equestrian American woman in
Olympic history. This is her own life           PAYABLE WITH NAME & ADDRESS TO:
                                                                                            to transform our children into pliable
story; how their Guidelines produced                                                        conformists who follow the party line, for
oneness with her horses, also the
realization of Creator-God, the
                                                M.B. Gill, P.O. Box 277
                                                Devault, PA 19432-0277              !       fear of being different.
                                                                                               [end quoting]
                                                                                               After reading the above three school

PAGE 12                Toll-free: 1-877-280-2866     Outside U.S.: 1-661-823-9696        JUNE 2002
topics, is it any wonder the children of      organizations addressing specific issues anti-war chants and slogans, with
today are what they are? It’s time for        such as the Israeli “slaughter” of the seemingly hundreds of individuals
parents to take back their schools before     Palestinians, the American War On distributing pamphlets and other
things get any worse.                         Terrorism, the domestic erosion of civil literature.
                                              liberties, corporate domination of the                  “I’m here out of a desire for peace and
       200,000 PROTEST THE                    global economic system and mass media, a belief that violence and revenge are not
       “WAR WITHOUT END”                      racism and racial profiling, and halting a way to peace. As the world’s only
                                              military aid to Columbia.                            superpower, we should be leading the
   From <>,           The march was planned months in way toward peace and justice in the
4/21/02: [quoting]                            advance and organizers claimed it world, and not creating the circumstances
200,000 Protest The “War Without End”         represented       an     “unprecedented” that lead to greater tension and
     “We Are All Palestinians Today”          coalition of peace, labor, and justice terrorism” said Katherine Kurtz, of
              by Mike Leon                    groups.                                              Philadelphia, who is an Associate
   Washington D.C. — On September 11             In a scene reflecting the apparent Director of American Friends Service
an Al-Quida-led terrorist network [be         nature of the coalition, Wisconsin Green Committee.
kind and overlook this media-planted          Party organizer Ben Manski delivered a                  “The war machine is about profit, not
misperception; he hasn’t read the             f iery speech against the War On about security, and we are not going to
October 2001 issue of The SPECTRUM            Terrorism through a bullhorn on a flatbed have peace without justice. I believe
for a picture of The Truth] struck at the     truck, sharing the horn and truck with that terrorism is terrorism whether it is
heart of American financial and political     eight young Palestinians, as protesters raining down from U.S. war planes or if
centers, killing thousands, troubling a       marched down Pennsylvania Avenue.                    it’s desperate people blowing themselves
shaky economy, and for many, destroying          Despite intense propaganda efforts by up” said Jennifer Atienofifatar, who is 29
the notion that America is immune from        the U.S. and Israeli governments and their years old and lives in Washington D.C.
the grim art of the terrorist.                military forces that systemically                       Although the march seemed to be
   Much of the American citizenry,            prevented press access to Afghanistan comprised largely of people from the
shocked and incensed by what Noam             and the occupied territories, the stage- East Coast—New England, Washington,
Chomsky called the “most devastating          managed acts of American and Israeli Philadelphia, and New York—all regions
instant toll in history outside of war”,      aggression have drawn wide public of the United States appeared well
looked to an inarticulate, Republican-        condemnation in the United States, represented.
led, Supreme Court-installed president to     culminating in the April 20 march                       “People just kept coming and coming,
implement measures to prevent the             displaying what marchers said is a busload after busload” said Jackie
atrocity from recurring.                      common sentiment—that innocent Captain of Fitchburg, Wisconsin. “I
   President George W. Bush’s response        civilians not be
was to redeclare a “war on international      harmed in the                                BIG BERKEY – THE ULTIMATE
terrorism” that bequeathed, in a matter of    pursuit of the Al-
weeks, a death toll of innocent civilians     Quida network, and
                                                                                            WATER FILTRATION SYSTEM!
                                                                                              Big Berkey, the Ultimate Water Filter, is designed for
in Afghanistan surpassing the Al-Quida        that U.S. foreign
                                                                                         everyday use and is ideal in situations where a reliable
attack.                                       policy        should                       supply of treated drinking water becomes unavailable. This
   This has now prompted an estimated         advance        social                      elegant system is constructed of high grade, polished
200,000 people to march on Washington         justice.                                   stainless steel, making it hygienic, durable, and easy to
DC on April 20 to demand that American           A virtual blackout                      clean. The upper chamber of the two-piece housing is
foreign policy “stop the killing” of          exists in mass-media                       filled with water, which gravity feeds through the ceramic
innocent civilians, end the occupation of     American reporting                         filters into the lower chamber. Each set of four (4)
Palestine, and pursue social justice as an    on popular opinion                         elements will remove harmful pathogenic bacteria such as
animating principle in place of a ready       beyond carefully-                          E-coli, Cholera, Salmonella Typhi, Giardia, and
administration willingness to potentially     framed        polling                      Cryptosporidium. The filters are capable of removing and
brand any country or individual a             questions,         but reducing unwanted chemicals such as Chlorine, Lead, Rust, Sediment,
terrorist under the Bush Doctrine.            organizers hope the Pesticides, Herbicides, Organic Solvents, VOCs, SOCs, Trihalmomethanes
   The marchers called for a domestic and     rally was so large and foul tastes and odors. The Big Berkey is the filter of choice for
foreign policy animated by social             that their peace and missionaries and disaster relief agencies the world over! The durable
justice, libertarian concerns, with a         justice     message ceramic and anti-microbial silver filter elements can be cleaned and re-
heavy emphasis on immediately halting         could be conveyed cleaned (up to 100 times or more) as needed with a soft brush or pad.
the offensive of the Israeli Defense Forces   through mass-media         The Big Berkey provides up to 24 gallons per day of clean, safe drinking
in the occupied territories—a bloody          news reports. [Don’t water from any water source, including lakes, streams, shallow wells, and even
                                                                      mud puddles! The Big Berkey system has been used worldwide for over 150
siege described in a widely-distributed       bet on it; that’s why years to provide virtually the most delicious, sparkling clean water possible.
pamphlet at the march as a “macabre           publications like          The Big Berkey is a “stand-alone” system requiring no electricity or
saga of violence and methodical               this one exist!]        external plumbing of any kind.
repression”. (Islamic Circle of North            “Not in my name”
America)                                      and      “Peace     Is      BIG BERKEY Water Filtration                 AVAILABLE THROUGH:
   Organizers called the solidarity march     Patriotic” and “All System: $279 each — plus $13.95 S&H                   Halcyon Unified Services
for Palestine the largest in U.S. history.    War Is Terror” were Most major credit cards accepted. Not                      P. O. Box 958
   The first major national protest against   common signs at the     available to residents of California or Iowa.       Tehachapi, CA 93581
the War On Terrorism, occurring some          march,      as      an Send a self-addressed stamped envelope Message Phone: 661-823-8886
                                                                                                                           Fax: 661-823-8896
seven months after the September 11           exuberant         and for more detailed specifications on the Big
attack, featured a wide coalition of          diverse        crowd Berkey and additional filtration elements.
citizen        groups          representing   shouted a variety of

JUNE 2002                 Toll-free: 1-877-280-2866          Outside U.S.: 1-661-823-9696                PAGE 13
wonder where all of the Palestinians were        LINE BETWEEN FANTASY                      that they might lead to bad acts.
from, because there were just thousands             AND REALITY IS                            No matter how creepy the expression
of them, whole families.”                     BECOMING INDISTINGUISHABLE                   of ideas might be, Tribe said, “The
   “I met people from Illinois,                                                            underlying principle is that you don’t
Minnesota, California—young and old.           From N.Y. TIMES NEWS SERVICE, for           suppress ideas as dangerous, in the
Palestinians and Midwesterners alike,       4/21/02: [quoting]                             absence of the most immediate and direct
standing together for peace and justice.       As technology advances, ability to          causal connection” to criminal acts.
It was wonderful. Everybody was             create realistic scenarios grows, sparking        “If ” he said, you try to regulate ideas
talking to everyone; you had to be there    debate over regulation.                        when “the only harm that something
to feel the atmosphere.           It was       By John Schwartz                            might cause is through the very
inspiring.”                                    Ender Wiggins lived for his computer        attenuated chain of causation that
   Ralliers mixed freely and openly with    war games. At 11, he was a wizard, and         involves the mind of the beholder, and
each other in an often-festive              his teachers pushed him to the limits of       then the way that the person who reads or
environment. A common scene was of          his abilities, encouraging him to play         views the material might be inclined to
Palestinians talking to a group of          simulations for hours on end.                  act, then we are dangerously close to
vocally supportive White questioners.          In the conclusion of Orson Scott Card’s     thought control.”
One veteran of Vietnam-era peace            short story, Ender’s Game, the boy learns         Not all of the justices agreed. Chief
marches remarked that the march was as      he hasn’t been playing a game at all:          Justice William H. Rehnquist and Justice
open, community-oriented, and good-         adults were too slow and conscience-           Antonin Scalia, joined in part by Justice
natured as he had ever seen.                ridden, his commander explained, and           Sandra Day O’Connor, wrote that the
   The crowd, which assembled on the        so: “We trained children, who didn’t           law’s attempt to ban computer-created
southwest side of the Washington            know anything but the game, and never          images        that     were      “virtually
Monument, at Sylvan Theater, on             knew when it would become real.”               indistinguishable” from the real thing
Saturday morning, converged with the           But by then Ender, perfectly trained on     SHOULD be allowed, in part because the
Palestinian solidarity rally from the       simulations, had destroyed an entire real      technology allowed pornographers to
northwest side of the monument, and by      planet to win an interstellar war.             claim that their wares did not depict real
3 p.m. with other protesters joining the       It’s only science fiction, one might say.   children, and thus avoid liability.
march, the crowd had swelled to an          But, more and more, the world is imitating        In a world that offers ever more virtual
estimated 200,000 as they marched           that much-maligned genre. Increasingly,        experiences           of      ever-greater
toward Pennsylvania Avenue and then         bits and bytes can be used to create the       sophistication, which allow us to play
on toward the capitol, ending with a        seemingly real, from child pornography to      out the most lurid and even violent
rally on the Mall.                          detailed video-game killings, to utterly       desires, will the court majority’s legal
   Some press reports quoted D.C.           real-looking landscapes, and animals that      logic hold? Should it?
officials, who put the crowd size at        never existed.                                    As digital technology improves in
75,000. But Washington DC police               As virtual world technologies grow          quality and drops in price, everyone may
chief Charles H. Ramsey—smiling and         more powerful, and as the designers of         eventually be able to create a compelling
joking with passersby in a park off         such environments grow more ambitious,         false version of reality, said Paul Saffo,
Pennsylvania Avenue—told this writer        the time may come when society will            an analyst with the Institute for the
at approximately 3:30 p.m. that the         have to regulate virtual reality like the      Future in Menlo Park, California.
crowd was well in excess of 100,000.        thing it counterfeits. Already, even early     “Already home game machines have the
Other sources said the crowd exceeded       boosters of the virtual world confess to       power to present an engrossing
250,000.                                    having second thoughts about the               alternative to reality” he said.
   Ramsey agreed with activists’            potential power of their creation.                “What happens” Saffo asked, “when
assessment of the atmosphere and               Last week, however, the Supreme             someone can create your personal, full-
peaceful nature of the march, calling the   Court, by a 7-2 vote, struck down a law        f idelity bondage avatar of your
rally “an outstanding event”.               that would have made it a crime to make,       elementary school teacher? Is that
   [end quoting]                            sell, or own “virtual” child pornography       defamatory? Is there a violation of law
   Those of you who have been listening     that used computerized images of               there?”
to Art Bell’s late-night talk-radio         children rather than real ones. The law,          “It’s not” said Eric M. Freedman, a
program lately have likewise observed       said Justice Anthony Kennedy, writing          professor of law at Hofstra University
this growing unrest and anger among         for the 7-to-2 majority, made the “visual      School of Law. Still, he said: “When
the public. They are fed up with the        depiction of an idea”—in this case             technology is new, it’s perceived as
constant media blarney and ongoing          teenagers engaging in sexual activity—         especially frightening and even
self-righteous propaganda attempting to     illegal. But since real teenagers do have      subversive, since it tends to baffle adults
justify the so-called “War On Terrorism”.   sex, and since imaginary children can’t        and appeal to the young.” In 1915,
   Then, when they hear the same            be victims of a crime, the law “prohibits      Freedman added, the Supreme Court held
suspicious slogans being trumpeted by       speech that records no crime and creates       movies to be outside of the First
Israel to justify their outrageous acts     no victims”, Justice Kennedy wrote.            Amendment, and didn’t reverse itself
of, well, terrorism, against the               Laurence H. Tribe, a professor of           until 1952.
Palestinians, people recognize—like a       constitutional law at Harvard Law                 He also cited the historian Peter Bacon
slap across the face—just how false is      School, said that the court has laid down      Hales, who said that 19th-century
the whole charade. Thus the public is       a bright-line rule that means even virtual     audiences viewing magic lantern shows
feeling used, and REALLY getting            experiences        that      are    utterly    “were often so shocked by the portrayal
angry—and rightly so. Remember that         indistinguishable from real ones will be       of this new and terrifying world that they
this is the time of the Great Awakening     legally protected, since the justices are      fainted, cried, or talked back to the magic
on planet Earth.                            loathe to restrict ideas on the grounds        lantern screen”.

PAGE 14             Toll-free: 1-877-280-2866       Outside U.S.: 1-661-823-9696         JUNE 2002
   By the 20th century, audiences for             Researchers told a conference on           E. coli because varieties from SIDS cases
Thomas Edison’s f irst movies fled             infectious diseases Thursday that a           are more often toxic to cells grown in a
theaters when they beheld the sight of a       shock-producing byproduct of E. coli          lab than are varieties found in healthy
locomotive heading toward them. People         was found in all SIDS babies tested for it    babies. [end quoting]
adjust.                                        in autopsies, but in none of the infants        Several more independent (read:
   Or they used to, Saffo said. These days,    used as a comparison.                         honest) researchers of this and related
he said: “Before you get used to the old          Experts not connected with the             problems have come to suspect
thing, it’s evolved to a new thing. We’re      research said the toxic infection theory is   vaccinations as a major probable cause
setting ourselves up for a situation where     plausible.                                    of this tragic kind of infant death. If you
the line between fantasy and reality can          Despite decades of research, scientists    go back and read the clues in the above
be blurred beyond distinction.”                remain mystified by SIDS, the top killer      article AFTER you do some research
   A generation ago, there was an              in the industrialized world of babies who     concerning the TOXIC contents of so
advertising campaign for a brand of            are 1 month old to 1 year old.                many vaccine serums—perhaps a likely
recording tape that asked “Is It Live, or Is      Suspected causes have included             suspect will become evident.
It Memorex?” Today the answer is               sleeping position, passive smoke                Yet there is much money to be made by
becoming “Who knows?”                          exposure, and genetic vulnerability.          the pharmaceutical companies to supply
   Jaron Larder, a pioneer in early            [Don’t forget vaccinations—though you         such vaccinations. And if your research
versions of virtual reality simulators, now    won’t find that suggested in any              is funded by these companies, even
says he is troubled by the prospect of         controlled media account of this              indirectly, then what’s a scientist to do?
digital fakery. Especially since Sept. 11,     problem.] Infection is not a new idea, but    Why, look the other way, of course!
he said, he has yearned for ways to gain a     this is the first time the specific E. coli     Furthermore, there exists a New World
measure of certainty and trust, and says       protein has been implicated.                  Order agenda that pushes strongly (with
he would like to see a system of                  Many researchers favor a theory that       constant scare-tactic guilt-laden media
authentication for digital objects.            brain-stem birth defects somehow affect       advertisements, as well as laws) for a
   “If there’s no way to establish what is     arousal reflexes, so that babies don’t wake   whole series of vaccinations for babies
true” he said, “we’re sunk.”                   up when problems arise in breathing,          and children. Why?
   [end quoting]                               heart rate, blood pressure, or temperature.     It is not much of a leap to hypothesize
   This is a VERY important matter to             However, some physicians doubt that        that some ingredients in those
keep in mind as the New World Order            such brain abnormalities are enough, on       vaccinations begin the process of
misf its continue to unfold their              their own, to cause death.                    dumbing down the children for later
engineered events—like the September              “Mainstream        researchers      have   easier control. And if that’s not enough
11, 2001 tragedy—under ever more               concentrated on respiratory obstruction       to get the job done, the children become
desperate conditions resulting from more       as a possible mechanism, without any          the victims of a whole drugstore of legal
and more people awakening to the lies          evidence that would support such a mode       “sedatives” once they’ve entered the
they’ve been so long brainwashed to            of death” said Dr. Paul Goldwater, who        school environment and are deemed to
believe. There’s nothing like a large-         presented his study at the European           be suffering from “Attention Deficit
scale “tragedy” to paralyze an                 Congress of Clinical Microbiology and         Disorder” and related exuberant
unsuspecting public with fear and stop         Infectious Diseases, in Milan.                conditions not becoming a good New
them in their tracks.                             “Those researchers ignored autopsy         World Order sheep.
   Furthermore, if a certain level of          f indings that consistently show wet,
seemingly sophisticated technology is          heavy lungs in SIDS babies. This is               5 CUPS OF WATER A DAY
available to we-the-public, what do you        never seen in cases of suffocation” said          KEEPS HEART RISKS AWAY
think is available to the elite planetary      Goldwater, a researcher at the Women’s
controllers? You savvy readers will            and Children’s Hospital in North                 From THE DAILY NEWS, Los Angeles,
immediately think of such secret               Adelaide, Australia.                          4/26/02: [quoting]
shenanigans as “Project Blue Beam”—               Such a lung condition is often seen in        By Leon Drouin Keith, Associated
where       satellite-generated      three-    cases of infection. Autopsies also            Press
dimensional holography is to be used to        consistently show small hemorrhages on           LOMA LINDA, California—Drinking
stage scenarios in the sky such as a “fake     the heart and lungs—rare in                   five glasses of water a day can lower the
alien invasion” and a “second coming of        suffocation—and the blood of SIDS             risk of deadly heart disease, according to
Christ” to manipulate the masses along         babies is unclotted, which is something       a study released Thursday.
elite-desired avenues of controlled            never seen in suffocation cases, he              Researchers at Loma Linda University
thought and action.                            added.                                        said people who drank five eight-ounce
                                                  Furthermore, he said, SIDS deaths          glasses of water daily were about half as
   TOXIC INFECTION LINKED TO                   captured on medical monitors have             likely to die of coronary heart disease as
      BABIES’ CRIB DEATHS                      shown that these babies died of a             those who drank two glasses or less. The
                                               shocklike process, Goldwater said.            benefit was greater than that conferred
  From THE DAILY NEWS, Los Angeles,               “The serum from babies who have died       from drinking a moderate amount of
4/26/02: [quoting]                             of SIDS is toxic to chick embryos and         alcohol or taking aspirin, the study
  By Emma Ross, Associated Press               mice, indicating the presence of a toxin”     said. [Bad news for both those money
  MILAN, Italy—Sudden Infant Death             he said.                                      makers! ]
Syndrome (SIDS), in which apparently              In his study, Goldwater tested the            In fact, drinking water appears to
healthy babies die inexplicably in their       blood of 68 SIDS babies and 60 other          confer as much a benefit to heart health
cribs, may be linked to infection with         babies—some alive, some dead of known         “as stopping smoking or lowering
common bacteria, preliminary research          causes other than SIDS—for infections.        cholesterol” said Dr. Jacqueline Chan,
suggests.                                         He started with the common gut germ        the study’s lead author.

JUNE 2002                Toll-free: 1-877-280-2866      Outside U.S.: 1-661-823-9696          PAGE 15
   “This is a really simple method” of            I am flattered and complimented by            A new driver’s license in minutes, not
preventing coronary heart disease, she         the favorable remarks I receive regarding      hours.
said.                                          my success. Yet I wonder, what is it in me       Renew your driver’s license, replace a
   Coffee, soda, milk, and caffeinated         that enabled me to start a company, lose       lost or stolen license, or change your
sodas did not show any statistically           it, start a new company, write a book          address without ever seeing a
significant heart benefits.                    about being sued while in the midst of         Department of Motor Vehicles agent. If it
   Chan said more research is needed to        being sued, then withstand the whole           sounds too good to be true, it is—but
confirm the findings, but researchers          ordeal of litigation over my name and          maybe not for long.
already adjusted the figures to account        likeness, all with a positive mental             The e-DMV concept, designed by
for other potential factors in heart           attitude? What is it in any of us that         Steiner Design Associates for VisionRx,
disease—fatalities such as smoking,            enables us to overcome and grow through        scans your retina to verify your identity,
calorie intake, exercise, blood pressure,      the daily challenges of our lives?             gives an eye exam, and takes your photo
and socioeconomic status.                         I can’t speak for you or millions of        before dispensing a new license. Not
   The study, which was to be published in     others, but as for me, I am more               only does this save time, but it also frees
the American Journal Of Epidemiology,          convinced than ever that it is the strong      agents to catch the bad guys using fake
did not specif ically explain how              spiritual foundation that undergirds           Social Security numbers and birth
increased water-drinking might lower the       every decision of my life. It is a             certificates. A scaled-down version that
risk of heart disease. But it noted that       combination of meditation and prayer           administers eye exams will be tested in
dehydration can elevate risk factors such      that gives me a peace that truly does pass     New Mexico starting next month and
as blood viscosity. The study also             all understanding.                             could arrive at your DMV by late this
suggested that those who drank more               It is what Marilyn Ferguson calls           year. — Suzanne Kantra Kirschner
water might be more health-conscious.          “direct knowing” in her book The                 [end quoting]
   However, Chan said drinking more            Aquarian Conspiracy. I know the result           Does anyone suspect a hidden agenda
water now couldn’t hurt. “There’s no           will not necessarily be what I want, but it    behind the “pretty paper and ribbons”
downside to increasing fluid intake”           will always be exactly what I need—and         covering this package?
Chan said. [end quoting]                       I can live with that.
   Suff icient water intake has been              The following are several prayers I’ve              BAMBOOZLE BUSTER
proven to be an amazing cure for many          said just about every morning for many
health problems. In fact, suff icient                           From POPULAR SCIENCE magazine,
                                               years. They are at the core of my ability
GOOD water and PURE salt—preferably                          May 2002: [quoting]
                                               to turn lemons into lemonade.
good quality sea-salt—would probably                            When the scammers got tough, a
                                                  • There are no challenges in my life.
cure more health problems than any                           crusader got going and going and going.
                                               Challenge implies doubt, and the trust
other products or treatments. Without                           One day in 1992, as Bob Lougher sat
                                               and faith that I have in you, God, make
these two basics of all cellular activity,                   at his desk at American Inventors Corp.,
                                               doubt impossible. Therefore, I can only
even an otherwise good diet won’t keep                       he finally figured it out: “This entire
                                               succeed. I can only succeed because I
you from bad health.                                         operation is a sham!”
                                               never do my will alone.
   It is EXTREMELY interesting to note                          The company was raking in upward of
                                                  • Father, you lead me and you know
that this study (or more correctly, at least                 $10 million a year by selling a worthless
                                               that which I do not know. And yet, you
the above report on the study)                               patent search service to inventors.
                                               would not keep me from that which you
COMPLETELY ignores the longtime                              American Inventors had contracts with
                                               would have me learn. And so, I trust you
superb      research    of    Fereydoon                      attorneys who conducted these searches.
                                               to communicate to me all that you know
Batmanghelidj, M.D., author of the             for me.       The inventions usually turned out to be
astonishing—and still very very                              unfit for a utility patent, the only kind
                                                  • Father, I am peaceful; I am fearless.
popular—1995 book Your Body’s Many                           that’s valuable in the marketplace. But
                                               All things pass away. You never change.
Cries For Water. Go to his very                              American Inventors would conceal this
                                               Patience obtains all things. I will want
informative Internet                       information and recommend a worthless
                                               for nothing if I have you in my heart and
website for wonderful information the                        “design” patent—pumping inventors for
                                               soul. You alone are enough.
conventional medical establishment has                       more money while leading them to
                                                  If you are uncomfortable with the
been dearly trying to hold back from you                     believe, erroneously, that their ideas were
                                               words “Father” or “God”, substitute
for a long time. And drink at least eight                    marketable.
                                               another word that is comfortable for you.
glasses of good-qaulity water every day!                        Lougher practically ran out of the
                                               It’s the feeling that counts, not the words.
   Of course, nothing beats a positive                       building in disgust. But that wasn’t the
                                               Now go make your lemonade!
mental attitude when it comes to dealing                     last his bosses saw of him: Lougher went
                                                  Wally Amos is founder of Uncle
with what life sends your way. Those of                      after them.
                                               Wally’s Muffin Company. You can email
you readers who savor the powerful                              Following a series of lawsuits, Lougher
                                               him at or contact him
spiritual messages we share each month                       got the Federal Trade Commission to
                                               through his Internet
in The SPECTRUM will be amused and                           launch an investigation and, last year,
                                               website. [end quoting]
strengthened by the following wonderful                      Ronald Boulerice, president of American
                                                  Sound familiar? But we can never be
advice:                                                      Inventors, was sentenced to eight years in
                                               reminded too often about the proper
                                                             prison, fined $7.3 million, and ordered to
                                               attitude to have as we turn those lemons
      RECIPE FOR LEMONADE:                                   pay $2.3 million in restitution.
                                               into BOTH lemonade AND lemon pie!
     PRAYER AND MEDITATION                                      Other company executives were also
                             THE DMV MADE EASY (REALLY!) convicted of defrauding some 34,000
 From THE COSTCO CONNECTION,                                 inventors.      The investigation also
April 2002: [quoting]         From POPULAR SCIENCE magazine, uncovered documents confirming that
 Wally Amos: BE POSITIVE!    May 2002: [quoting]             the company was responsible for several

PAGE 16                Toll-free: 1-877-280-2866       Outside U.S.: 1-661-823-9696         JUNE 2002
death threats against Lougher and his
family, and for bugging his home.
   Today, Lougher is executive director
of the United Inventors Association, a
                                                KIND WORDS FROM OUR READERS
nonprofit group that helps inventors get         “I found your magazine through listening to the Art Bell show when Red Elk
their ideas marketed. It also teaches          was on his program recently. I have read a number of articles on line [on the
them how to avoid getting swindled,            Internet ] and found I just couldn’t resist subscribing for more information you
through meetings, publications, and its        are putting out. Keep up the good work—perhaps enough of us will awaken Internet website.               from this deep slumber in time.”                               — M.G. from OK
   Unfortunately, he says, many
companies still peddle sham services, but       “Wow, what an issue [May 2002 ]! Such revealing information; you’re all
neither the FTC nor most state attorneys       something else to get it to us like you do, and 88 pages yet!” — G.B. from KS
general offices are much interested in
                                                 “Dear SPECRUM Staff, I have enclosed another donation in deepest
investigating them. Worse, despite the         appreciation for all your hard work in keeping us subscribers informed each
1999 Inventor’s Protection Act,                month.
unscrupulous companies are starting to           “It never seems to fail that with each issue we are provided information that
sue inventors who f ile complaints.            allows us to take one step higher in our thirst for understanding, and our attempt
“They know inventors don’t have the            to fit the pieces together.
money to fight the suits” Lougher says.          “With utmost gratitude and love.”                             — W.C. from CA
“More than 25,000 inventors are
defrauded each year. These companies             “I appreciate the new magazine format and keep up the good work! Good
prevent thousands of new inventions            luck and God Bless to all of you at The SPECTRUM.”       — N.C. from CO
from ever hitting the marketplace.”
   — Gunjan Sinha [end quoting]                 “Dear Friends, I get over anxious waiting for The SPECTRUM to arrive
   It’s about time that the lone inventor      because I know it will be another super time for me to read! The articles are
had an ethical group to help them. Of          special. Thank you all for your hard work and long hours. People are
course, the elite controllers still hold       awakening.”                                                  — V.B. from WV
their surveillance and ultimate control
through the Patent Office, but at least           “I don’t know if this will ever make “Kind Words From Our Readers”, but I
                                               want to thank you for sending me your magazine. The Laws of The Creation
lone inventors can have a much fairer
                                               are needed, especially [here ] in prison. Here are 20 stamps to help with God’s
chance of getting their inventions looked      work. More as I can.”                                           — C.A. from IL
at legitimately.
   Don’t miss the article elsewhere in this      “I hardly know how to thank you all again, each month seems to bring another
issue of The SPECTRUM about one lone           #1 best-seller for The SPECTRUM, and ‘thank you’ seems so inadequate. But it
inventor’s run-in with the elite planetary     comes from my heart for all our relations.
controllers over his method for greatly          “My goodness, Rick, that interview [with Gordon Thomas ] was bloodchilling—
improving gasoline mileage. When               ice cold to the bone. And again, as I said before, it is the perfect balance you
inventions threaten the Big Boys, then         present when we can read and re-read those wonderful Spiritual Lessons.”
the game takes on a whole different level                                                            — M.P. from BC Canada
of suppression.
                                                 “Dear Rick, I was much encouraged by the number of emails I received since
    CALIFORNIA JOBLESS RATE                    SPECTRUM published your interview [last month with Gordon ]. They came from
          RISES TO 6.4%                        all over the place—France and Spain included. You are clearly widely read.”
                                                  — Award-winning author Gordon Thomas, writing from his home in Ireland
   From THE DAILY NEWS, Los Angeles,
4/15/02: [quoting]                                     To order The SPECTRUM please call: 1-877-280-2866,
   California’s unemployment remained
nearly unchanged in March, as the
                                                   or if you are outside the U.S. please call: 1-661-823-9696.
Employment Development Department
announced Friday that the rate inched to      situation where a laid-off Silicon Valley    infants to work out on a tiny treadmill
6.4 percent.                                  engineer finds a job at McDonald’s,          eight minutes a day, five days a week for
   While numbers have climbed since last      cooking hamburgers! And remember the         six to eight months, he can speed up the
March’s 4.8 percent rate, they remain in      old saying: “As goes California, so goes     process by as much as four months.
line with February 2002, when the rate        the nation.”                                   Ulrich wants to do a lot more than just
hovered at 6.2 percent.                                                                    get the babies up and around: He’s
   Additionally, 1,115,000 Californians                  BABY, I LOVE                      hoping to improve their cognitive
were out of work, an increase of 21,000               THE WAY YOU WALK                     abilities. Research has shown that
since the prior month, and up 285,000                                                      learning to walk helps stimulate the
compared with March 2001.                       From POPULAR SCIENCE magazine,             brain. Once children start toddling
   The service sector showed the largest      April 2002: [quoting]                        around, says Ulrich, it’s easier for them to
gain in jobs added, with 12,100 more            Down’s kids learn to just do it.           interact with their environment, which
workers on payroll. [end quoting]               Babies with Down’s Syndrome                speeds up learning. Treadmill-trained
   You can bet the unemployment rate is       typically learn how to stand upright and     babies also walk with greater strength
actually much higher if they report this      walk a year later than other children. But   and coordination.
amount. After all, it’s not particularly      Dale Ulrich of the University of               This is good news because children
comforting to be upbeat about the             Michigan has found that by getting the       with Down’s Syndrome generally have to

JUNE 2002               Toll-free: 1-877-280-2866     Outside U.S.: 1-661-823-9696           PAGE 17
work harder to control their muscles, says   consumer electronic devices to include        technology and products in the future
Ulrich (who also plans to try the            copy protection technology that               don’t have the capabilities they do today.
treadmill on infants with Cerebral Palsy).   prevents those devices from playing           Obviously, those of us who play music
   The babies begin training as soon as      pirated movies and TV shows.                  on our notebooks will be reluctant to
they can sit upright. At first, they take       Executives from Disney, News Corp.,        upgrade to new notebooks that don’t
just a few steps while their parents hold    and other media companies support the         have that capability. It’s no wonder that
them up. “She’ll do a little double step     legislation, called the Security Systems      most technology companies oppose
and then let her feet dangle” said Randy     Standards And Certification Act, but          copy protection in consumer electronics.
Russo, when his daughter, Isabelle, was      technology companies oppose it,                  Another argument against copy
10 months. Two months later, Russo is        arguing that solid progress is being made     protection is the evolution of the VCR.
delighted with his daughter’s progress.      in protecting digital content and that        When it debuted, movie companies
“She’s doing exceptionally well” he says.    stopping all piracy is almost impossible.     predicted it would hurt the movie market.
“She has a little pushtoy that she holds     Meanwhile,, a new         Instead, tape and DVD sales became a
onto as she walks around.”                   group started by two of the Excite            huge portion of the movie industry’s
   Ulrich is following the children’s        founders, is promoting the “fair-use”         revenue!
progress to see whether walking earlier      rights to which consumers are entitled.          To minimize illegal copying, the
does in fact improve their cognitive            I understand the concerns about piracy     music and movie industries should strike
ability. He is very optimistic. “We can      and certainly agree that copyright laws       back hard at commercial pirates. They
already improve the neural pathways that     are necessary, but I don’t think the          should also educate consumers about
support walking” he says. “The baby          problem is as bad as some of the movie        what constitutes legal and illegal use,
brain can do a lot when put in the right     and music companies say it is. I make         but they should do so in a way that
context—and we believe the treadmill is      my living producing copyrighted               assumes people want to support artists.
that context.” — Annette Foglino             material, but I worry about the downsides     And I have no problem with paying
   [end quoting]                             of just about any copy protection             content makers for sales of blank discs.
   Sounds like this is a big breakthrough    scheme. Copy protection required on           After all, when you buy a blank
to help these children develop.              every computer and electronic device          videotape, a small portion of the revenue
                                             will either stifle innovation or rapidly      goes to movie studios.
    THE WRONG APPROACH TO                    become outdated.                                 I really hope that lawmakers don’t
       COPY PROTECTION                          Back when most software was copy-          come up with a solution that severely
                                             protected, making legitimate backup           limits how we listen to music and watch
  From           PC         MAGAZINE,        copies was very difficult. And copy           movies. Such an approach treats
<>, 4/23/02: [quoting]          protection still didn’t deter the real        customers as criminals. But this doesn’t
  I’m disturbed by the debate in             troublemakers: commercial pirates.            let any of us off the hook. We should use
Congress over legislating copy               Copy protection has mostly faded away,        the Internet to explore new media, not to
protection on computers and other            but it’s making a comeback with               avoid paying for them. [end quoting]
electronic products. During a recent U.S.    Microsoft’s product activation scheme.           It’s important that we let the politicians
Senate Commerce Committee hearing,              Copy-protection systems incon-             know where we stand on these issues. Or
Senator Fritz Hollirigs (D-SC) discussed     venience upstanding users and fail to         even more of our basic rights are going
a bill that requires makers of computers,    stop crooks. On almost any sunny day in       to be stolen under the excuse of
digital televisions, VCRs, and other         New York City, you can find people on         “protecting us”—from ourselves!
                                             many street corners selling cheap—and
                                             probably illegally copied—CDs. I’ve              PERSONAL AIRPORT SEARCH
 Colloidal Silver                            even started to see DVDs (which are
                                             copy-protected) for sale on the streets.
                                                                                              EXPERIENCE BY GRETA VAN
                                                                                               SUSTEREN OF FOX NEWS
   Handbook                                  So much for copy protection.
                                                Almost       any      copy-protection
                                             encryption is breakable. And the harder
                                                                                             I couldn’t find a transcript of this
                                                                                           incident so this is what I remember of it.
                                             that encryption is to crack, the harder it      Greta was going through the routine
                                             is for people to use software legitimately.   search at an airport when the ones who
                                                Let’s say I buy a copy-protected CD.       were involved were talking to each other
                                             Under some of the schemes being               about the search—but they were talking
                                             promoted today, the CD will work in an        in a foreign language. This irritated
                                             audio CD player but not on my computer.       Greta to the point that she wasn’t going
                                             That’s because the record industry thinks     to just keep quiet to prevent a
                                             I’ll copy the CD for a friend or post the     controversy, which could easily put her
                                             songs on a filesharing site.                  under arrest. So she challenged the
                                                Some people may do that, but many          authorities in charge that they had no
                                             more just want to watch movies or listen      right to talk about her situation in a
   Why You Need It                           to music on their device of choice. For       foreign language and she wanted to hear
   How To Make It                            instance, I bought a new CD last week,
                                             which I played on my home system, then
                                                                                           what they were saying about her. They
                                                                                           eventually did as she asked. Greta then
      44-page booklet                        ripped to my notebook, so I could listen      told her frustrating story on her Fox News
      $7    (shipping included)              to it on the train to work. I may even        Report.
  See next-to-last page for ordering         copy it to a portable player. I consider        Some of you readers may vividly
   or call toll-free: 1-877-280-2866         each of these uses reasonable.                remember the scary story “My Day At
                                                I can imagine consumers’ reactions if      The Airport” on page 7 of the December

PAGE 18              Toll-free: 1-877-280-2866      Outside U.S.: 1-661-823-9696          JUNE 2002
2001 issue of this News Desk. Now               • Spam Buster at         ponds of growing algae and the
there’s an absolutely frightening example checks incoming emails off a list of           gelatinous goo turned into all sorts of
of how our freedoms are being taken known spammers. Cost is $19.95.                      materials. “We might never need to
away from us—under the pretext of               • If     you     report     spam    to   harvest trees again for wood or pulp”
“protecting” us from “terrorists”!   it will sort out where     Nobles says. — Cliff Ransom
                                              the spam came from and email the             [end quoting]
           SMOTHERING SPAM                    networks that support it. SpamCop            The more we study Nature, the more
                                              publishes a blacklist of spammers that     amazing and useful are the discoveries
   Excerpted from THE DAILY NEWS, Los ISPs can use to block them.                        living all around us. Many of you
Angeles, 4/16/02: [quoting]                     • Spam Punisher also helps users track   health-conscious readers already
   MORE SPAM ON THE WAY                       down a spammer’s ISP and send the          recognize the tremendously nutritious
   Junk e-mails an average user can company a complaint. The free utility is             food value offered by blue-green algae.
expect to see each year: 2002—700, available at the Internet
2003—860, 2004—1,050, 2005—1,250, website. [end quoting]                                           SMART BANDAGES
2006—1,480. Source: Jupiter Media               Maybe the above suggestions will help
Metrix                                        those of you who are attempting to avoid     From POPULAR SCIENCE magazine,
          Tips For Stopping Spam:             getting buried in junkmail on the          May 2002: [quoting]
   • Report spam to your ISP so the Internet.                                              You may have noticed that some cuts
provider can take action.                                                                heal quicker than others. Healing time
   • Use the filters provided by your ISP.     CAN YOU ANSWER THIS RIDDLE?               depends upon whether a wound becomes
   • Complain to the spammer’s                                                           infected. Benjamin Miller, of the
postmaster. Just substitute “postmaster”        From the INTERNET, <para-                University of Rochester in New York, has
or “abuse” before the @ sign in the>, 4/12/02: [quoting]                 developed a smart bandage that warns of
spammer’s e-mail address. Although              A Paul Harvey Radio Program riddle:      an infection by changing color in the
spammers often use fake addresses, at           When asked this riddle, 80% of           presence of different types of bacteria.
least some of your complaints will get kindergarten kids got the answer,                 He says the technology also could be
through.                                      compared to 17% of Stanford University     used to create “smart packaging” that
   • Use aliases instead of your own e- seniors.                                         tells consumers if the contenets have
mail address to participate in public           What is greater than God?                been contaminated. [end quoting]
forums such as message boards or chat           More evil than the devil?                  An even smarter bandage would
rooms or registering with websites or           The poor have it.                        eradicate the troublesome bacteria. Go
buying merchandise on line.                     The rich need it.                        back to the April 2000 issue of The
   • Never respond to spam.                     And if you eat it, you’ll die?           SPECTRUM for a great story about the
   • Never      follow      “remove”       or   [end quoting]                            Silverlon Bandage and its remarkable
“unsubscribe” instructions. This only           (See answer at end of News Desk.)        success.
confirms to spammers that your e-mail
address is valid.                                  PAPER FROM POND SCUM                          SHOULD YOU BUY A
   • Choose an unusual e-mail address,                                                              DIGITAL TV?
and one that starts with a letter late in the   From POPULAR SCIENCE magazine,
alphabet, since spam attacks often run May 2002: [quoting]                                  From POPULAR SCIENCE magazine,
alphabetically and get cut off when an          Shirts, shoes, and even magazines—all    April 2002: [quoting]
ISP notices the attack.                       from a petri dish. Sound weird? Not to        Yes, HDTV is still coming, and it’ll
      More Spam-Fighting Weapons:             scientists at the University of Texas at   likely make your TV obsolete by 2006.
   • At free software Austin. Botanist R. Malcolm Brown and           If you’re in the market for a new set now,
is offered that prechecks your e-mail graduate student David R. Nobles have              here are your choices. By Suzanne
before downloading. You can choose to found that nine species of some of the             Kantra Kirschner
delete the mail from the server and even oldest organisms on the planet called              Analog TV Resolution: 480 interlaced
bounce it back to the sender via your cyanobacteria               naturally    secrete   lines, meaning half the screen is
ISP’s postmaster so that your e-mail cellulose—an essential component of all             refreshed at a time. PROS: Can’t beat the
address appears invalid.                      sorts of materials, including paper and    price. In the future, you’ll get analog
   • SpamWeasel is free filtering software fabric.                                       versions of HDTV with a decoder. CONS:
you      can     download       from      the   Cellulose is normally extracted from     As soon as one of your friends goes Internet website. It wood or cotton. But both sources                   digital, you’ll notice how lame your
comes preconfigured with some spam contain impurities that are expensive to              picture is. You’ll pay around: $1,200 for a
filters, or users can set their own criteria. remove. For years, Brown has been          32-inch monitor.
   • SpamMotel at the Internet website looking for organisms that make a purer              Digital TV          Resolution:     480 is a free web-based form of cellulose. Cyanobacteria, or               progressive-scan lines, which allows the
service that lets you give out an e-mail blue-green algae, are a near-perfect            entire screen to be refreshed at once.
address that serves as an alias for your candidate—they live mainly off water            PROS: Much better resolution than an
true address. A similar service is and light. But they don’t have the                                ,
                                                                                         analog TV half the price of an HDTV.
available at the Internet stamina to pump out the stuff on an              CONS: As with analog, you get black
website.                                      industrial scale.                                                             .
                                                                                         bars on screen; it’s not true HDTV You’ll
   • SpamKiller at           The Texas team, however, is trying to    pay around: $2,000 for a 32-inch
scans the subject, the sender’s address, genetically engineer the organisms to up        monitor.
message, or headers to determine if an their cellulose output. One day, vast                High-Definition TV Resolution: 720
email is spam. Cost is $29.95.                cellulose sheets could be skimmed off      progressive-scan or 1,080 interlaced

JUNE 2002             Toll-free: 1-877-280-2866     Outside U.S.: 1-661-823-9696          PAGE 19
lines. PROS: The best picture (a lot of )            tried out the device.                            throw itself into the air. Then, at once, it
money can buy. Tip: If you can’t afford                 Chang thinks “vibralanguages” could           takes off like a flash.
an HDTV yet, consider an HDTV-ready                  take off for the same reason as texting:            A bumblebee, if dropped into an open
monitor; you can add the tuner later.                sometimes people want to communicate             tumbler, will be there until it dies, unless
CONS: Bring a credit card or two. You’ll             something without everyone nearby                it is taken out. It never sees the means of
pay around: $4,000 for a 34-inch HDTV                knowing what they’re saying. “And                escape at the top, but persists in trying to
[end quoting]                                        imagine actually being able to shake             find some way out through the sides near
   If you go shopping, be sure and                   someone’s hand when you close a                  the bottom. It will seek a way where
compare prices they are coming down                  business deal” she says.                         none exists, until it completely destroys
fast. The Internet is a great source for                      — Eugenie Samuel, Boston                itself.
comparison shopping and product                         [end quoting]                                    In many ways, there are lots of people
information, even if you decide to buy                  The above is an interesting                   like the buzzard, the bat, and the
locally. The right website will give you             commentary on the creativity of people.          bumblebee. They are struggling about
more information than you will get from              First someone invents a new feature that         with all their problems and frustrations,
your local television store dealer.                  appears to be a useless gimmick; then            not ever realizing that the answer is right
                                                     other people find interesting uses that          there “Above” them. [end quoting]
     SQUISHY CELLPHONES ADD                          perhaps enhance our ability to                      An excellent parable, don’t you think?
         A BUZZ TO CALLS                             communicate with each other.
                                                                                                         A LEAP INTO THE UNKNOWN
   From NEW SCIENTIST, <http://                        MORE INTERESTING WEBSITES
w w w. n e w s c i e n t i s t . c o m / n e w s /                                                       From the INTERNET, <para-
news.jsp?id=ns99992206>, 4/24/02,                      <   >, 4/15/02: [quoting]
[quoting:]                                           ap020407.html>, Eskimo Nebula                       A Leap Into The Unknown: A True
   Vibrating rubber cellphones could be              picture—excellent.                               Account, provided by Nina Fulford
the next big thing in mobile                           <                    When I was eighteen years old in
communications, allowing people to                   ptech/03/13/zone.alarm.idg/index.html>,          Vancouver BC, I had made a date with a
communicate by squishing the phone to                Zone Alarm adds a lot more security.             friend to go horseback riding.
transmit vibrations along with their                   <>,                  As I was trained by a special person, I
spoken words. According to a research                Free books about Mars.                           was always allowed to take the owner’s
team at the MIT Media Lab in                           <                horse out. My date was for 10 a.m.
Cambridge, Massachusetts, the idea will              RMNEWS_DAILY_EMAILS/message/                     Sunday morning, in 1947.
make phoning more fun.                               24672>, The entire Alex Jones’ video,               As I was waiting for my friend, the
   Many mobile phones can already be                 911: The Road To Tyranny, is available           building began to shake and sway like
made to vibrate instead of ring when you             for free download (35MB, recommend               mad. My furniture rolled across the floor,
do not want people to know you are                   high-speed connections) at his site:             my ornaments fell off the ledge around
getting a call. But these vibrations,                <>, scroll down           the walls of my fourth-floor room atop
caused by a motor spinning an eccentric              a bit to the link: “Download The Entire          this house. When the earthquake
weight inside the device, are too crude              Film”.                                           stopped, I was picking up my broken
for subtle communication, says Angela                  <         things when my friend arrived.
Chang of the lab’s Tangible Media                    R.Knott/Fibonacci/fib.html>, excellent              When I asked him how he liked the
Group. “They’re either on or off ” she               for those who are interested in the              earthquake, he was relieved. Thought he
says.                                                “golden mean ratio”.                             was having an attack. As a soldier he had
   But when you grip Chang’s prototype                                                                been wounded in the head in the war.
latex cellphone, your fingers and thumb                               LOOK UP                         Anyway, we arrived in Deep Cove,
wrap around five tiny speakers which                                                                  picked up our horses, and headed out.
vibrate against your skin around 250                    From              Paper              Clip        We ended up at a road that paralleled
times per second.             Beneath these          <>, 4/24/02:               the Deep Cove highway one block up. I
speakers sit pressure sensors, so you can            [quoting]                                        had never been on that road before, but it
transmit vibration as well as receiving it.             If you put a buzzard in a pen that is 6       looked good, as it was dirt/gravel and
   When you squeeze with a finger, a                 feet by 8 feet and is entirely open at the       good for a little race between us. Not
vibration signal is transmitted to your              top, the bird, in spite of its ability to fly,   realizing that the poor horses had just
caller’s corresponding finger, its strength          will be an absolute prisoner. The reason         been through an earthquake, we started
dependent on how hard you squeeze.                   is that a buzzard always begins a flight         our race.
   She says that within a few minutes of             from the ground with a run of 10 to 12              I was ahead by quite a bit when my
being given the phones, students were                feet.                                            horse went mad on me. I had no control
using the vibration feature to add                      Without space to run, as is its habit, it     over him, and as we sped along, with me
emphasis to what they were saying or to              will not even attempt to fly, but will           trying my best to reign him in, we came
interrupt the other speaker.                         remain a prisoner for life in a small jail       to a slight rise. As we topped the rise,
   Over time, people even began to                   with no top.                                     going like mad, I saw with shock and a
transmit their own kind of ad hoc “Morse                The ordinary bat that flies around at         sinking heart that the road made an
Code”, which they would repeat back to               night, a remarkably nimble creature in           abrupt left turn in only a few yards, and
show they were following what the other              the air, cannot take off from a level place.     what was right ahead of me was a ten-
person was saying. “It was pretty easy to            If it is placed on the floor or flat ground,     foot heavy-steel fence going into a
communicate, though we didn’t                        all it can do is shuffle about helplessly        schoolyard.
specif ically pre-arrange codes” says                and, no doubt, painfully, until it reaches          There was absolutely no way that this
David Milovich, one of the students who              some slight elevation from which it can          horse was going to turn into the road. It

PAGE 20                       Toll-free: 1-877-280-2866       Outside U.S.: 1-661-823-9696          JUNE 2002
was out of it’s mind, heading straight for the fence. As we hit the
eight-foot grass verge, I closed my eyes. There was no way I
wanted to see my death coming at me.                                       FLYING SAUCER FANTASIA
  Seconds later, I opened my eyes to find me and the horse
inside the yard. The horse was stopping and calming down.               As planet Earth is approaching the implosion
  As I was getting off, my friend appeared and went quite a few         point from third density into fourth density (by
yards along the fence to struggle with a large gate and open it.        most sources estimated to occur within ten
When he came up to me, I asked him if he had seen what had
happened. It seems that I was already in the yard when he               years, “sometime” between 2011AD and
topped the rise and looked into the yard.                               2013AD), Brainstorm Fantasia, Inc. is happy
  Now, anyone on a horse can tell the movement of the horse, as         to announce the creation of a new publication
you sway with it when it turns or veers. I felt no such movement.       Flying Saucer Fantasia, that will be published
My friend had to struggle to open the gate. It had to be lifted up
to move it.                                                             semiannually, typically in June and December
  When I told him all this, we walked over to the fence to see          (with exception of Issue #1 that is scheduled
the hoof prints coming from the fence where we came through             for April 2002).
the solid steel rings. It turned out that my horse had thrown a
shoe. Both the horse and I had gone through a steel fence like          Flying Saucer Fantasia fully embraces an
  When we walked the poor horse back to the stables, we told            emerging paradigm, a hyperdimensional
the owner what had happened without telling him about me                super-reality, not unlike a gargantuan web of
going through the fence. He was so surprised. Seems that he             densities or vibrational spectra, each
had been the school janitor for years and said that fence gate          containing many (possibly an infinite number
was always locked. He had never heard of it being unlocked
                                                                        of) dimensions or “places”; and each equipped
         — Nina Fulford [end quoting]                                   with its own time frame as experienced by the
  Our Angels never cease to fascinate us with their methods for         sentient beings residing in it. Both nonfiction
protecting us and with the clues they leave for us to meditate          articles and fiction short stories/tales will be
upon. The most important message always seems to be that                published in Flying Saucer Fantasia.
NOTHING is impossible where God (or His Messengers) are
                                                                        Categories: Alternate Realities (analysis of
                          THE FENCE                                     various ET groups visiting Earth or residing in
                                                                        it: positively oriented groups, negative/
   From an email contribution, 4/02: [quoting]                          regressive groups, independent/neutral
   There once was a little boy who had a bad temper. His father
gave him a bag of nails and told him that every time he lost his        groups), psychology/motives, abduction/
temper, he must hammer a nail into the back of the fence. The           contact, Propulsion, Grid, Historical, Events,
first day the boy had driven 37 nails into the fence.                   UFO tales, Transmensions, Species Tales.
   Over the next few weeks, as he learned to control his anger,
the number of nails hammered daily gradually dwindled down.
He discovered it was easier to hold his temper than to drive            Subscription Information: US residents: for
those nails into the fence.                                             a single issue please send US $9.95 (this
   Finally the day came when the boy didn’t lose his temper at          includes postage & handling) to the address
all. He told his father about it and the father suggested that the      below; for a year subscription (two issues) send
boy now pull out one nail for each day that he was able to hold         US $18.00. Make sure you include a mailing
his temper.
   The days passed and the young boy was finally able to tell his       address, and either a phone number or E-mail
father that all the nails were gone. The father took his son by the     address (or both). Check or money order only
hand and led him to the fence.                                          payable to Brainstorm Fantasia, Inc.
   He said, “You have done well, my son, but look at the holes in       International Customers: please add US $4.00
the fence. The fence will never be the same. When you say
things in anger, they leave a scar just like this one. You can put
                                                                        for airmail postage.
a knife in a man and draw it out. It won’t matter how many times
you say I’m sorry, the wound is still there. A verbal wound is as       Guideline for authors: Initially, just send a hard
bad as a physical one.”                                                 copy of your article/short story. Receipt of your
   Friends are very rare jewels, indeed. They make you smile and        article will be acknowledged by letter (with
encourage you to succeed. They lend an ear; they share words of
praise; and they always want to open their hearts to us.                other details).
   Please forgive those who have ever left a hole in your fence.                               KDZ
[end quoting]
   What a superb parable as well as a wonderful method of                             Flying Saucer Fantasia
teaching a very valuable lesson. How often has it been said that                     Brainstorm Fantasia, Inc.
words carry great power? Let us try to always use them to help                              PO Box 4280
and heal, rather than hurt, others.                                                    Pittsburgh, PA 15203
(Answer to riddle on page 19: “Nothing!”)

JUNE 2002               Toll-free: 1-877-280-2866      Outside U.S.: 1-661-823-9696   PAGE 21
   The Israeli “Fifth Column”
  Operating In The United States
  Editor’s note: As Israel tries more and     is REALLY going on. And that’s good.         RESERVE, and
more desperately to hide the atrocities          We are grateful to Eustace for              • RAPE OF JUSTICE: America’s
they are daily committing in the Middle       preparing this timely essay to share with    Tribunals Exposed.
East—all in the name of that now-             all of us, despite a very busy touring and     We are, as always, deeply honored that
popular excuse of “fighting terrorism”—       lecturing schedule right now. He just        Eustace chooses The SPECTRUM as the
their plentiful media stooges here in the     finished engagements in Pennsylvania         vehicle through which to share his
United States are spinning stories so         and Ohio, and is looking forward to          exquisite writings, in turn to share with
outrageous that even the half-conscious       spending time with Rick and Gail of The      you who read AND SUPPORT this
among the American public are starting        SPECTRUM when their paths converge           conduit of Truth.
to see right through the lies. After all,     at the powerful “Conspiracy Con 2002”          We are in the time of The Great
even those summertime stories about           conference in the San Francisco Bay          Awakening on planet Earth. No stone
“the fish that got away” are constrained      Area’s “Silicon Valley” on May 25-26,        shall be left unturned, as that which has
to higher standards of believability!         2002. (See the inside back cover of the      long been hidden is brought out for all
  These spinmasters for Israel are part of    previous two issues of The SPECTRUM          to view. Those who don’t simply lower
a subculture within the United States         for more complete details about this         their heads and hide or run are the
known generally as Israel’s “fifth            dynamite conference—which for the first      honest Seekers of Truth who will
column” of their military machine. And        time is also featuring, as a speaker, Eric   appreciate the value of what follows.
there is no more forceful (or effective)      Jon Phelps, author of Vatican Assassins,
group of “foreign agents” at work than        about longtime world control by the             4/29/02     EUSTACE MULLINS
these—especially when you consider the        Jesuit Order. See outside back cover.)
full extent of their power and wealth and        While many of you are familiar with          While nervous young soldiers prowl
influence and downright authority over        Eustace        Mullins—the          Great-   public buildings, fully loaded weapons
so many ones easily bought and                Grandmaster of Truthbringing—for             at the alert, the real danger to America is
controlled within our government.             newer readers we will mention that           under no restraint whatsoever.
  Elsewhere in this issue of The              Eustace is a longtime, highly respected         While “Homeland Security” under
SPECTRUM, Calvin Burgin addresses             (and often persecuted) author of five of     Tom Ridge daily issues new warnings of
one of two very important matters about       the most well-documented, controversial,     terrible catastrophes about to occur, the
which we should all be aware                  and hard-hitting volumes ever published      wreckers go about business as usual,
concerning the Israel Lie. That matter is     on the crooks in high places and how         conspiring to force the United States into
primarily of a much-suppressed eye-           they have long controlled world affairs      igniting World War III. They intend only
opening historical nature.                    to conform to their own agenda.              one survivor of this conflict.
  Herein, Eustace Mullins addresses the          Though his books are CONSTANTLY in           After one billion nine hundred
other of the two important fundamental        demand, like the rest of us who bring        thousand Christians assault the Muslim
matters—the extent to which Israel is         Truth he is poor and has little monetary     nations, one billion inhabitants to be put
“running” the United States on Israel’s       resources at this time with which to         to the torch, as has been happening to
behalf, and how it has long been              reprint these fine manuscripts. However,     the luckless Palestinians for half a
accomplished. Greed and blackmail and         the good news is that several of these       century, a winner will emerge from the
fear have pushed many an American of          long-out-of-print volumes are now again      rubble. It will not be the United States,
influence to sell out to the wishes of this   available, as we note in a nearby box.       but the State of Israel, which previously
sinister foreign agent in our midst.             For those of you who may not be           was renowned as the only winner of the
  In key respects, Calvin and Eustace         familiar with his most important classic     Second World War.
dovetail and overlap in what they share       research works, they include:                   President Bush unwittingly gave the
with us—and that only amplifies the              • THE CURSE OF CANAAN: A                  show away when, shortly after 9/11, he
power of the arguments put forth by           Demonology Of History,                       hailed his new war as The Crusade. His
each fine scholar of Truth. Meanwhile,           • MURDER BY INJECTION: The                Israeli advisors quickly informed him
the pro-Israel whoppers being spun by so      Story Of The Medical Conspiracy              that, because it indeed was a repeat of the
much of our print and broadcast media         Against America,                             Crusades of the thirteenth century, he
are helping even those Americans who             • THE WORLD ORDER: Our Secret             must call it something else. The
don’t usually pay much attention to such      Rulers,                                      glamorous Hollywood denizens who had
matters to become suspicious about what          • THE SECRETS OF THE FEDERAL              inhabited the Lincoln bedroom during

PAGE 22               Toll-free: 1-877-280-2866     Outside U.S.: 1-661-823-9696         JUNE 2002
Clinton’s presidency had departed for the the Israeli songbook.”                          special assistant to Dean Acheson,
bright lights, and Bush’s advisors finally    This is the “diplomat” who, only a few      Secretary of State, and on the staff of
came up with the very lame title, months ago, was touted everywhere as                    Walt Rostow, eminence grise of the
Homeland Security.                          the next President of the United States, to   conspiracy in Washington for many
                                            be elected by acclamation, without even       years.
            Triumph Or Tragedy?             a campaign.        This “grass roots”            [Editor’s note: The term “eminence
                                            movement, sponsored as usual by the           grise” is an expression of French origin
   At the very moment that Israel seems military-industrial complex, collapsed            meaning “gray eminence” or disguised
to have at last ensured its final victory when Nation magazine published a short          power. It refers to a person who wields
over the non-believers, its fate totters in article describing how Powell, who was        unofficial power, especially through
the balance. The scorched earth policy named “The Fixer”, had successfully                another        person,      and      often
of Sharon, inflicted on the Palestinians, covered up the My Lai massacre in               surreptitiously or privately.]
at last awakened world outrage. The Vietnam, thereby saving the scalps of                    Eagleburger then became the
genocide of women and children, many important military leaders, who                      understudy of Henry Kissinger, and was
hitherto ignored by the Arab nations, then conveniently found a second                    named head of Kissinger Associates, the
finally struck a nerve, as the other 33 lieutenant, William Calley, and declared          powerhouse f irm which represented
Muslim countries openly targeted by him the sole instigator of what became                major corporations in the military-
Bush and his advisors, belatedly were the most famous massacre in our military            industrial complex.
stirred to protest.                         history.                                         Dick Cheney, now Vice-President and a
   The Wall Street Journal, the leading       It was because of this talent that Powell   missing person, was known for years as
propaganda organ of Tel Aviv, noted on had been selected by Caspar Weinberger,            Rockefeller’s man in Washington. (But
April 25, 2002 that Egyptian President Secretary of Defense, as his frontline             aren’t they all?) He represented the
Hosni Mubarak had denounced the Jenin defender against a largely Black army.              Rockefeller holdings in Wyoming, the
massacre as “despicable crimes”, that Weinberger could continue to run the                vast acreage bought by Rockefeller Jr. in
Amnesty International threatened action military, while Powell deflected any              1924, including their ranch at which
to punish “possible war crimes”, and that complaints from the burgeoning Black            President Clinton was a frequent guest.
the United Nations envoy described the enlisted men.                                         Jackson, Wyoming was famed for a
Jenin massacre as “totally unacceptable,      After the Nation’s exposé of the My         century as an outlaw refuge—the “hole
and horrific beyond belief ”.               Lai massacre, Powell’s Presidential           in the wall” where killers could live in
   Already the Jenin incident has moved balloon vanished from the memory of               peace. In 1990, the present writer was
from “battle” to “massacre”. And it is men, and he had to be content with a               nearly burned alive at the Anvil Motel,
now being widely referred to as “the Cabinet position.                                    when persons unknown stacked bales of
Jenin Holocaust”.                                                                         hay outside his room and saturated them
   Nationally known columnist Charley                  The “Fifth Column”                 with gasoline. Although it was three
Reese, in his column of April 22, 2002,                                                   o’clock in the morning on Friday the
unleashed his strongest language yet          Although infiltrators have been known       13th, I was awakened by the roar of
towards Israel, stating unequivocally that in military campaigns for thousands of         flames and fled in a T-shirt in ten-degree
“The Israeli government is a world-class years, such as the Trojan Horse, the term        weather.
liar. You can count on almost anything it “fifth column” originated during Spain’s           Cheney proudly represents the outlaw
says as being all false, part true and part Civil War, when Lt. Gen. de Llano noted       history of Jackson Hole. He was
false, or true but out of context.”         a secret group of Franco sympathizers in      chairman of Halliburton Company, the
   On April 24 he returned to the subject Madrid who made it possible for Gen.            secretive oil empire, where he was
with his column headlined “American Franco to overthrow the Communist                     controlled by a famed Rothschild
Empire Braces For A Fall” and sub- government of Spain.                                   representative, Lord Clitheroe.
headed “U.S. Foreign Policy Dictated By       As Charley Reese pointed out, the              Lord Clitheroe for many years was
Israel”.       Reese’s column was a Zionist “f ifth column” now runs                      chairman of Rio Tinto Zinc Corporation,
devastating attack on Bush’s prized Washington, unopposed by any political                the principal holding of the Rothschild
envoy, Colin Powell, who returned from or military force.                    Lawrence     family for centuries. As Rio Tinto Zinc,
Israel as the new contender for the Eagleburger—former acting Secretary of                it was a holding company controlling
Neville Chamberlain Prize for peace in State, former Ambassador to Yugoslavia             vast quantities of minerals throughout
our time.                                   and architect of the Yugoslav disorders       the world, including gold and silver.
   Reese said: “Powell has disgraced which successfully carried out Adolf                    Also on the board of Halliburton with
himself. He did the ritual moaning and Hitler’s World War II campaign to bomb             Cheney was Ray Hunt, youngest son of
groaning about six Israelis killed by a Yugoslavia into rubble, executed by               the entrepreneur, the late H. L. Hunt, who
suicide bomber, but said nothing about NATO, the successor to Hitler’s Nazi               generously gave each of his children one
the hundreds of innocent Palestinians empire—had moved into the vacuum of                 hundred million dollars on their twenty-
killed by the Israelis. He has not gone to power left by the late Communist               first birthday.
Bethlehem to see the gratuitous and dictator of Yugoslavia, Tito. He was the
malicious damage. He has not gone to protégé of Congressman Melvin Laird,                                Smiling Don
Jenin to smell the decomposing bodies. who became Secretary of Defense and the
He has not uttered a single word of commander of the military-industrial                    The media claims to have been totally
criticism of Israel. Thanks to Mr. Powell, complex.                                       captivated by our military commander—
President Bush, and Mr. Sharon,               Today this complex of power reveals         not President Bush, but his chieftain,
America’s credibility has been shattered. many of the same old faces in                   Donald Rumsfeld, who is an old
Israel, it turns out, does indeed run U.S. Washington, going back to Nixon’s              Washington hand, holding the highest
policy. The Secretary of State sings from presidency. Eagleburger had been                posts for the past thirty years.

JUNE 2002              Toll-free: 1-877-280-2866     Outside U.S.: 1-661-823-9696         PAGE 23
  Rumsfeld was director of the Office of     Iraq many months ago, a rare instance          because of his frenetic activities on
Economic Opportunity, assistant to           where a Soviet leader backed the military      behalf of the Israeli War Party.
President Nixon, Special Envoy to the        plans of the United States.                      Scion of a fine old New York Jewish
Middle East, Ambassador to NATO, and            In my researches some years ago, I          Socialist family, Billy’s father, Irving
President Ford’s Chief of Staff. He also     came upon a remarkable fact: that              Kristol, is a prolific writer and speaker on
was appointed chairman of General            although the principal intelligence            behalf of Socialism—or, as it is more
Instrument Company, and president of         agencies of major nations make a great         politely known, the New World Order.
G.D. Searle, the giant drug conglomerate,    show of their ongoing rivalry, at the very     Billy Kristol is welcomed on all the
the jewel of the Rockefeller’s vast drug     top, I discovered that the leaders of these    major television talk shows, and edits
empire.                                      agencies work together.                        The Weekly Standard, a neoconservative
  Rumsfeld’s boss, G.D. Searle, is an           In the rarefied world of the CIA, British   paper financed by the largesse of Rupert
important cog in the London                  Secret Intelligence Service, Mossad, and       Murdoch, one of the world’s preeminent
Connection, serving on the board of the      the KGB, there is a remarkable unity of        publishers.
super-secret Ditchley Foundation, with       goals. KGB agent Putin supports the
such luminaries as Donald Perkins of J.P.    military plans of President Bush, whose               Fundamentalist Christians
Morgan Co. Its American branch was run       father, ex-President Bush, was head of
by Cyrus Vance, former Secretary of State    our CIA. Theoretically, they should be            One of Kristol’s closest associates is
and director of the Rockefeller              deadly rivals.                                 Gary Bauer, for years a leader of the
Foundation. It is the agent of the              We remember British SIS agent Kim           Christian Coalition, who campaigned for
notorious Tavistock Institute in London,     Philby, who went from London to                President on the platform that he would
which invented brainwashing, which           become a Lieutenant General in the KGB         be the shortest president in our history.
routinely brainwashes our government         in Moscow.         Prior to his alleged        He came up short, and returned to his
and business leaders in the methods of       defection, he had been welcomed in             platform as a Christian defending the
the New World Order.                         Washington and given free access to the        State of Israel.
  Rumsfeld is also a trustee of the super-   most confidential files of the CIA and            He and his compatriots, Jerry Falwell
secret think-tank, the Rand Corporation,     the FBI. He then defected to Moscow            and Pat Robertson, equate being a
a director of the Tribune Company one of     with our most priceless classif ied            Christian with being a terrorist for Israel.
the world’s largest newspapers, and is a     information.                                   One of Falwell’s great pals was
director of Brown Boveri, an important          However, this camaraderie at the top        Menachem Begin, whose life as a
munitions firm. He holds the Eisenhower      does not extend to lesser agents, who, if      terrorist has served as a model for all
Award, the Medal of Freedom, and the         suspected of collaboration with rivals,        young Israelis. When Mike Wallace
George Marshall Award.                       would promptly be eliminated.                  asked Menachem Begin, during an
                                                                                            appearance on the program 60 Minutes,
             Paul Wolfowitz                            Other Top Leaders Of                 “Did you bring terrorism to the Middle
          And The Shock Troops                         The Israeli War Party                East as a weapon?” Begin arrogantly
                                                                                            answered: “Not just to the Middle East,
   Donald     Rumsfeld’s       second-in-       The Israeli fanatics in Washington try      but to the whole world!” (Does this
command at the Department of Defense         to persuade other political operatives         include 9/11?)
is Paul Wolfowitz, who also happens to       that they are “conservative”. But in fact         The Christian fundamentalists excuse
be the leader of the Israeli War Party in    they have always described themselves          any atrocity committed by Zionists
Washington. The Wolfowitz faction            as       “neoconservatives”—leftwing           against Arabs on the grounds that they
wants to attack Saddam Hussein               loyalists whose relationship to American       are fulfilling the contract with God by
tomorrow, or, at latest, by next weekend.    conservatives is like Stalin’s relationship    settling the present State of Israel.
   On April 15, 2002, celebrated by most     to George Washington.                          However, in so doing, they conveniently
Americans as a day on which to turn over        Peter Steinfels, in his definitive work     ignore the writings of one of the most
their earnings to a benevolent               The Neoconservatives, permanently              famous Jewish scholars, Arthur Koestler.
government, Paul Wolfowitz led a giant       defines this political anomaly:                   [Editor’s note: See Calvin Burgin’s
“Solidarity With Israel” rally in               “The leading conservatives who were         article elsewhere in this issue of The
Washington.        Many thousands of         socialists in those years (the 1930s) were     SPECTRUM for another reference to
fanatical Zionists screamed their support    virtually         all       anti-Stalinists    this superb Jewish scholar—whose Truth
of Wolfowitz and the Israeli War Party.      (Trotskyites).... Well-drilled in Marxist      the Zionists have labored long and hard
   Washington insiders whispered that        texts and socialist history, bloodied in       to suppress.]
never in their years in the Capitol had      the tribal wars between Communists,               In his definitive work, The Thirteenth
they witnessed a United States               Democrats, Socialists, and fifty-seven         Tribe, Koestler points out that the present
Government leader cheering on an attack      varieties of Trotskyists, they were already    Israelis are descended from a Russian
against any foreign nation while             trained and in motion when the Cold War        tribe, the Khazars, a Turkic-Edomite clan,
appearing in public in an off icial          put their skills at a premium.”                who adopted the Jewish faith. Not only
capacity as a U.S. Government employee.         Steinfels goes on to point out (p.50):      are they not Jewish, but they have no
The White House remained silent about        “Neoconservatives have been strong             relationship or kinship with the Hebrews,
Wolfowitz’s rally, thus giving unofficial    supporters of Israel.” This is the             with whom God made the covenant, with
presidential approval to his demands that    understatement of all time.                    Abraham, to give them the land of
Iraq be attacked now.                           The “fifth column” is headed by Billy       Canaan.
   Bush has an unlikely public supporter     Kristol, who served as chief of staff for         Because of his unimpeachable
in the plan to attack Iraq. He is Putin,     the senior Bush while Vice-President. He       scholarship, Koestler earned the undying
President of Russia and a lifelong KGB       has been notably absent from the inner         enmity of the Israelis. He and his wife
agent. He came out for a U.S. attack on      councils of the present White House            died mysteriously in their home in

PAGE 24              Toll-free: 1-877-280-2866       Outside U.S.: 1-661-823-9696         JUNE 2002
London, and were promptly labeled “suicides”.
   Early American colonists fervently believed that they were                     esearc Wor
                                                                                 Resear    ork
                                                                         Classic Research Works
the descendants of the original Hebrews, and that God had sent
them to America to build the new Israel—as Samuel Adams and
                                                                           by Eustace Mullins
many other patriots declared at the time of the Revolutionary                                MURDER BY INJECTION
War. The principal goal of John Dewey, in “reforming” our                                      THE STORY OF THE MEDICAL
schools, was to eradicate all reference to this understanding of                               CONSPIRACY AGAINST AMERICA
the Founding Fathers, and to eliminate any “religious”                                          Eustace Mullins unveils the Conspiracy to deny you low-
presence in our schools—leading to the present prominence in                                 cost alternative health-care and how federal agents commit acts
the curriculum of advocates of homosexuality, drugs, and other                               of “Criminal Syndicalism” to protect the profits of the “Drug
depravities inflicted upon helpless American children.                                       Trust”. The world’s 18 largest drug firms are listed. Some of
   In its Sunday edition of April 21, 2002, the New York Times                               the topics covered are: Profits of Cancer, AIDS, Contamination
gave a banner-headline front-page story to the                                               of the Food Supply, Death and Vaccination, The Rockefeller
neoconservative work of Kristol and Bauer, praising them for                                 Syndicate.
                                                                                                                               361 pages   $15.00 (+S/H)
their tireless work on behalf of Israel. Such a front-page story
is usually reserved for world leaders, rather than for a pair of
propagandists who have never been chosen for anything                                                 THE SECRETS OF THE
except mouthpieces for unidentified financial backers.                                                 FEDERAL RESERVE
   Gary Bauer recently appeared on Bill O’Reilly’s show to                                   After years of research, Eustace Mullins discovered that
offer a spirited defense of the Israeli perpetrators of the Jenin                         the men whom he exposed and named in 1952 as the
Holocaust. Bauer praised the Israelis for their “democratic                               shadowy figures behind the Federal Reserve System were
leadership” at the very time their storm troopers were gunning                            themselves shadows, the American fronts for the unknown
                                                                                          figures who became known as the “London Connection”.
down Palestinian women and children.
                                                                                          The original stockholders of the Federal Reserve Banks
   Bauer, Falwell, and Robertson have for years assured the                               have been located and their parent companies traced to the
gullible American public that not only are the Israelis                                   London Connection. His research is substantiated by
fulfilling God’s promise to the world by conquering Arab             citations and documentation from many sources.
lands, but that they also are bringing on Armageddon, Earth’s                                                              201 pages $15.00 (+S/H)

final conflict, whose bloodshed will cleanse the world. These
bloodthirsty “Christians” eagerly anticipate a worldwide                                             THE RAPE OF JUSTICE
holocaust which will bring their sort of “peace” to the world.                                       AMERICA’S TRIBUNALS EXPOSED
   The New York Times rivals the Wall Street Journal as Israel’s                                This book reveals the “Secret Code” which judges and
chief apologist. A prominent columnist on the Times is                                       lawyers use to deny you your unalienable and civil rights
William Safire. While most of President Nixon’s aides went to                                protected by the Constitution. Some of the topics covered
prison, Safire, Garment, and other Israeli spokesmen were                                    are: Legal Anarchy; The Origin of Law; A Plague of Lawyers;
never indicted. Safire then was hired by the New York Times to                               Judge Not; The Supreme Court; The Department of Justice;
represent conservatives in this country.                                                     The Court as Arena; Freedom of Speech, Anyone?; Taxation
   He interpreted this commission as an order to propagandize                                Without Hope; The Taxing Power; Mullins on Equity; Our
for Israel, a mission in which he already had a great deal of                                Legal Future.
                                                                                                                               535 pages   $18.00 (+S/H)
competition on the New York Times.

                 The Chris Matthews Exposé
                                                                                               A Writ For Martyrs
  On March 30, 2002, Chris Matthews, columnist and host of                                                     by Eustace Mullins
the popular news show, Hardball, wrote a lengthy exposé of                                         This is a fully documented exposé of the atrocities which
the Israeli “fifth column”—naming Billy Kristol, Robert                                        federal agents regularly commit against American citizens.
                                                                                                   This book reproduces 121 pages from Eustace Mullins’
Kagan of The Weekly Standard (which Kristol edits, thanks to                                   FBI file, which he obtained only by the personal
the munificence of Rupert Murdoch), Frank Gaffney of the                                       intervention of a college classmate, Senator John Warner,
Washington Times, William Safire of the New York Times, David                                  Rep. Of Virginia. The FBI refused for two years to send
Frum, Joseph Shattan, and Secretary Paul Wolfowitz as the                                      Eustace his files through FOI ( Freedom of Information Act )
usual suspects. This caused a young reporter on the                                            inquiries. And when Eustace found it, he discovered a
                                                                           $15.00 (+S/H)       plot by the FBI, with 60 pages of memos, in which J.
Washington Post to do a story on this group, but it was edited                                 Edgar Hoover personally ordered that Eustace be
out of later editions.                                                committed to a mental institution for life.
  Gaffney, of the Washington Times, is also an indefatigable             On the basis of these revelations, Eustace obtained two “Default Judgments”
Israeli apologist. The Times itself exists because of the             against the FBI in Federal Court. As these were “Default Judgments”, they were
generosity of the American taxpayer. It was financed from the         duly recorded. One judgment was for $50 million, and one for $35 million, which
millions garnered by Rev. Sun Myung Moon, from the Korean             remain on the books today, as “Default Judgments” against the FBI.
                                                                         This book also documents atrocities committed against Eustace’s handicapped
CIA, which in turn was financed by the American CIA.                  sister, his ailing mother, and his invalid father, who all died of heart attacks after
  [Editor’s note: Born in 1920, in South Korea, Moon was an           daily harassments by the FBI terrorists.
engineering student and dock worker before founding, in                  Mullins was one of the principal victims of the notorious FBI counter-intelligence
1954, the Unification Church, with a doctrine loosely based           program called COINTEL, a program set up by Alex Rosen, one of five FBI assistant
on Christianity as interpreted by Moon, who is regarded by            directors. This entire COINTEL program was actually organized by the Anti-
his followers as God’s messenger. In the early 1990s the              Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, and the Mossad intelligence agency.
                                                                         This entire book is based on official reproductions of government documents
church reported 40,000 U.S. followers and 3 million                   which Mullins obtained through the Freedom of Information Act .
worldwide. Moon and his followers have been accused of
brainwashing converts, and of various other illegal activities,            Please see next-to-last page for ordering
and he was convicted in 1982 of conspiracy to evade taxes. Of            information or call toll-free: 1-877-280-2866.

JUNE 2002              Toll-free: 1-877-280-2866             Outside U.S.: 1-661-823-9696                       PAGE 25
course this all smells of CIA operations,    Manhattan Bank and Standard Oil                 in the world. However, he has also
as Eustace bluntly states above.]            Corporation.                                    qualified his position by stating that
   The Times was set-up by Arnold de            These groups are now out in the open         America’s only purpose is to help Israel.
Borchgrave, a relative of the Rothschild     about their commitment to Israel, and           “We will not let them crush Israel” he has
family, ostensibly to counteract the         their lack of commitment to the security        stated as his latest policy goal.
Washington Post and give our nation’s        of the United States and its inhabitants.          What he is saying is that America has
capital a “conservative” newspaper. It       Billy Kristol’s father, Irving, was quoted      only one purpose on this Earth: to fight
has always outranked the Post in its         in Steinfels’ work The Neoconservatives,        to protect Israel. As he stated this, he
fervent support for Israel.                  as telling him: “Neoconservativism is           seemed to have aged thirty years, and
   I was once interviewed by two of its      not at all hostile to the idea of the           now looks older than his father. How
reporters on the promise of a front-page     welfare state.”                                 much more pressure can he take from the
story on my Federal Reserve book. They          Billy Kristol’s college roommate was         Zionist “fifth column” before he begins
cross-examined me for three hours. One       Alan Keyes. Because of that fortuitous          to crack?
of them, Rosenblatt, became more and         connection, Alan Keyes obtained funds              You can help our President by agreeing
more vicious until I terminated the          to run for the Presidency, and now has a        that we are now at war, and during a war
interview. Not one word of the interview     nightly television program, on which he         anyone who gives aid and comfort to the
ever appeared in the Times. They had         rails against critics of Israel, and            enemy shall be punished by death. This
used the occasion to harass me, and          demands the immediate immolation of             means that anyone supporting the work
nothing more.                                Iraq. Charles Krauthammer is a featured         of the Zionist “f ifth column” in
                                             columnist in the Washington Post and            destroying America must be arrested,
          The Hoover Institution             many other newspapers, who makes no             indicted, tried, and punished to the
                                             secret of his absolute loyalty to the State     fullest extent of the the law.
   The old line Trotskyite Communists        of Israel, and of his hatred of anyone who         Come to the aid of your President.
found a haven in the Hoover Institution      dares to criticize its operations.              Help us to save him from the fetid
at Stanford University after Stalin             Pat Buchanan earned the undying              presence of the Zionist “fifth column” in
murdered their leader. They bided their      enmity of these loyalists by terming them       our halls of government in Washington.
time until Ronald Reagan came along,         “the amen corner”—a humorous
and swept into Washington like a             reference to their knee-jerk responses on                 The Great Crusades
conquering army during the famed             behalf of Israel, no matter what the
Reagan Revolution. Nearly all of             occasion. Since then he has been                  During the Crusades of the thirteenth
Reagan’s transition team was recruited       dismissed as “anti-Semitic”, which in           century and later, the Christians won
from the Trotskyites from Hoover, and        recent years has been exposed as                only the First Crusade. They then
they continued to dominate his               meaning “anyone who dares to criticize          returned to their European homes. The
administration.                              the State of Israel”. It is usually linked to   Muslims retook Jerusalem, and during
   Midge Decter was even given an office     the     term     “terrorist”—with        the    many subsequent Crusades, the
in the White House as the head of            implication that anyone who is not              Christians lost everyone, leaving the
something called Committee For A Free        totally approving of Israel is the sort of      Holy Land in the realm of the Muslims.
Europe. Its goals, and her duties,           person who carries out suicide-bomber             This means that President Bush has
remained shrouded in secrecy. She was        attacks against the Israelis.                   launched us on a course of military
the wife of Norman Podhoretz, editor of         The hatred, vituperation and utter lack      intervention to save Israel which we
the American Jewish Committee                of balance which the Israeli “f ifth            cannot win. History tells us that we
publication, Commentary, which never         column” daily exhibits in the United            cannot win this struggle. Gary Bauer,
failed to denounce Arthur Koestler as the    States would be ludicrous if it were not        Jerry Falwell, and Pat Robertson tell us
greatest traitor of the Jewish people.       also the greatest danger now facing             that we must undertake this crusade, so
   Podhoretz boasted openly in his recent    Americans.         Their insistence on          that the Zionist millions of dollars for
autobiography that the neoconservatives      launching Armageddon, World War III,            propaganda will continue to flow into
had deliberately kept the Cold War with      with the resultant horrors to be inflicted      their coffers.
Russia going for forty years to assure       on the American people, is sufficient for         America is a presence in the world. We
Israel of a steady supply of weapons from    all of us to unite, as we once united           must guarantee that America’s presence
our swollen “defense” budget.                behind our Founding Fathers, and reply          continues, not as a lackey for the
   In 1996 I wrote The $5 Trillion Cold      as one voice—that although we were              conspirators of the Zionist “f ifth
War Hoax which exposed this travesty.        stampeded into, and lied into, two World        column” in America, but as the forgers of
   Few Americans are aware that the          Wars, we will now dedicate ourselves to         a new world—a world in which liberty,
“conservative”        foundations      and   the wellbeing of our people and our             justice, and freedom will be available not
publications are totally f inanced by        nation. This will ensure that we continue       merely to Americans, but to all peoples.
“neoconservative” Israel Firsters. We        our glorious role as the Light of Freedom       We must abandon the Pretenders of the
rejoice      that     we     have    such    for the entire world.                           Holocaust, and leave them to their just
“conservative” outfits as The National                                                       deserts, while we carry on God’s work in
Review, founded by Skull & Bonesman                 The Program For Americans                His World.
William Buckley, a former CIA                                                                  We have always had a very simple
operative who seems to have ample              What can you, as an American, do to           choice to make, but we have been
funds for his magazine, always with CIA      avert the deadly danger which the               deluded by the voices from the sewers,
provenance. The American Enterprise          Zionist “f ifth column” poses to all            the delusions forced upon us by Satan.
Institute, the Heritage Foundation, and      Americans? Your President has agreed to         Come back to God’s world, and end your
others of their ilk reveal overwhelming      lead us in “A New War”, an open-ended           doubts and errors. This is your choice to
Rockefeller support from Chase               commitment against terrorism anywhere           make. Make it now. S

PAGE 26               Toll-free: 1-877-280-2866      Outside U.S.: 1-661-823-9696         JUNE 2002
     Testing And Sorting
    In These Final Hours
 4/11/02     ESU “JESUS” SANANDA                Michael is with me. Gabriel is with me.       COME IN SERVICE TO YOU, THEIR
                                                Other faithful trusted friends of the Hosts   YOUNGER BROTHERS AND SISTERS.
   Peace be with you. Esu present in            are with me.                                  THEY SERVE—DAY IN, DAY OUT, DAY
Radiance and in Service to the Father,            Seek Peace. Seek Love. Seek                 IN,     DAY        OUT—SELFLESSLY,
and unto The Creation, and for the              Compassion. For that which you seek,          KNOWING THAT SERVICE IS THE ONE
greater benefit of man.                         that which you hold in your hearts, you       TRUE CALLING THAT BENEFITS THE
   I gave you the signal and you                shall find!                                   WHOLE OF THE CREATION.
responded. Thank you. Listen, please,             Those who CHOOSE conflict shall                You, the younger brothers and sisters,
scribe, for that signal, for at such a time I   know only conflict.                           are connected to God and The Creation.
need for you to write what I give to you.         Seek the path of Service leading to Joy.    As you grow, so grows the whole. ALL is
Time is short, and many people are              The separation SHALL occur, and those         connected to ALL. It simply is a Truth
petitioning of me for Guidance. It is my        of Service and Love and Compassion            that your Elder Brothers understand
sacred responsibility to answer their           shall know Heaven-on-Earth, forever.          fully.
petitions.                                        Will this Heaven-on-Earth be on this           As you, too, grow in your dimensional
   I come to you this day to speak about        same Earth, or on a parallel planet of        awareness, you, too, shall seek Service
the final hour. How may I speak in such         Earth? Ah—the master story-teller never       for the benefit of your younger, less
terms as “final”?                               reveals the ending of the story before its    mature brothers and sisters.
   By this term I mean that your world is       time!                                            But the call for Service that is coming
divided, turbulent, violent; man is beset         Suffice it to say that God’s people shall   shall be a call for Service to brothers and
against man. And yet there are others on        be rewarded for their selfless years of       sisters of Light, who do not dwell in
your place who are feeling the Lighted          Service 100-fold, beyond their ability to     Darkness, who do not wish to kill one
frequency increase that brings about            even comprehend at this time. That is         another—but rather, who wish to benefit,
Peace, Gratitude, Compassion, and yes,          the promise for Service, from the Father.     also, the whole of Creation on the Earth,
Love.                                             The temporary, passing, material world      which shall be a paradise and a light
   May these two divergently opposed            in which you find yourselves now is but       unto the whole of Creation.
forces live side-by-side forever? It has        a fleeting blink of an eye. What loving          MARK MY WORDS, FOR THEY
been so, up until now—and yet I tell you        Father would reward a loving child with a     SHALL COME TO PASS IN YOUR
that a separation is imminent.                  cut flower that but wilts in a day? Nay,      LIFETIME!
   I do NOT say that tomorrow, at such          the loving Father would create a garden          Be at peace and KNOW that we are
and such a time, something will happen.         of flowers that shall bloom season after      close. We see. We know well that which
   I AM saying that soon, by OUR                season to provide joy for the child for       is transpiring in the back rooms of the
counting, there shall be a reckoning.           years and years and years. Such is the        White House, in Peking, in London. ALL
This is not something to be fearful of,         nature of reward in the Heavens.              is known to us, and ALL shall be
but rather, it is something to be excited         Think not in your limited, tiny little      revealed. Those who have been traitors
about, to look forward to, to rejoice           boxes. Even those who think in terms of       to mankind shall feel the sting of that
about.                                          NESARA, in terms of caches of gold, are       treachery.
   God IS in His Heaven—of that you             so very limiting of the Father in His            YOU OF GOD’S PEOPLE—AND LET
may be sure! And the conflict that is           Glory. If you could create a forest in all    ME BE VERY CLEAR ON THIS: I DO
occurring on your place is witnessed by         of its splendor, in the blink of an eye,      NOT SPEAK OF GOD’S PEOPLE AS
MANY, including the very Hosts of God.          what need have you of worthless printed       CHRISTIANS OR OF THE CHRISTIAN
   Why do I not bring a stop to the             debt-notes?                                   FAITH, I SPEAK OF ALL OF GOD’S
madness? Because the hour of my return            Come now, my people—broaden your            PEOPLE, WHATEVER COLOR OR
has not yet come.                               horizons, open your eyes, THINK!              WHATEVER RELIGION YOU MAY
   Has it not been written in your Bibles         God has never asked you to Serve            BE—IF YOU HAVE SERVED YOUR
that there shall be no peace? There is          without reward. But I tell you surely that    FELLOW MAN IN HONOR, WITH
such conflict not only in the Middle            SERVICE IS ITS OWN REWARD. For                COMPASSION, AND WITH LOVE IN
East, but in other regions around your          selfless Service is the highest calling a     YOUR HEART, WITH THE INTENT OF
world—so much so that your planet is            being may have; and answering that call       SERVICE,         YOU       SHALL        BE
about to explode into a global conflict         to Serve is honored by the Hosts with         RECOGNIZED AND REWARDED AS
that shall inflame continents.                  such gratitude as you cannot imagine.         ONE OF GOD’S PEOPLE.
   God shall protect His people, wherever         I SERVE WITH BROTHERS AND                      STOP          THE          IGNORANT
they may be—of that you may be sure.            SISTERS OF LIGHT FROM MANY                    FOOLISHNESS OF LIMITING WHAT
   I am close, indeed, to your planet.          REALMS, MANY PLANETS. THEY ALL                GOD MAY DO OR HOW GOD MAY

JUNE 2002                 Toll-free: 1-877-280-2866      Outside U.S.: 1-661-823-9696          PAGE 27
VIEW HIS PEOPLE. THIS IS GOD’S               TOGETHER IN HARMONY that                        enemies.
CREATION. DO NOT LIMIT HIM                   solutions will be found.                           God’s people must hold strong in their
BECAUSE YOU ARE LIMITED!                        Peace shall be “sought” by those             faith, for the hour will look most bleak
  Love God with all your mind and all        meaning war, and no peace will be found.        before the dawn, and yet the dawn shall
your heart and all your being, for God so    But the war shall circle back upon them,        surely come. Pray for Guidance and that
loves you with all of His.                   for thus is the Law of Return.                  your country’s leaders be shown the way.
  You each shall come to know the Days          You will receive less and less and less         But I may tell you now: they will not
of Light. For the Days of Light shall        news. There shall be more controls put in       listen. They are head-strong. They know
bring with them such glory, such             place to prevent information from               best.
grandeur, such splendor, such Joy as you     flowing to the people. Even those in               They do NOT know best because they
cannot imagine. Rejoice that God is in       high political circles will not know what       are compromised. They are greedy. And
His Heaven and God’s people will be          is truly taking place, and this will lead to    they are moving into other countries for
united and recognized and rewarded for       further confusion, because the whitewash        the wrong reasons—and not the reasons
their Service.                               lies that will be put forth to cover the        being put forth—and it is obvious to the
  Be at peace and know that certain          truth will be exposed for the whitewash         more conscious of your people.
actions and events MUST play                 lies that they are, and trust will be further      Killing for oil is wrong, period! As
themselves out on the Universal Playing      eroded.                                         you strip your planet of her resources,
Field.                                                                                           she shall soon turn to bite the hand
  May the Day of Light find you in                                                               that has been raised against her.
the Light, and not in the Darkness.                                                                 Oil shall not serve well for much
Ponder these words and act upon                                                                  longer because technologies exist
them. Now is not the time for                                                                    which make oil obsolete. Those in
laziness, or half-hearted measures. I                                                            the power circles know this and fear
would have you hot or cold!                                                                      this fact, and tremble in the
  You are loved beyond measure.                                                                  knowledge that one day their empires
  Go in peace this day, for I am close.                                                          shall crumble. And crumble they
  I am Esu, returned as Sananda,                                                                 shall!
meaning One with God.                                                                               Those who have been first shall be
  Let not names cause confusion, but                                                             last, and those who have been last
rather, let the overall concept shed                                                             shall be first.
Light, for ALL is Light!                                                                            The people of America must wise-
                                                                                                 up, and they must wise-up not by
               4/17/02                                                                           seeking their instruction on the
                                                                                                 television screens of the world, but by
  Esu present in Radiance and                                                                    listening to their own hearts and
Service.                                                                                         minds.
  There is a Great Awareness opening                                                                I petition all of God’s people to
in the minds of those within the                                                                 pray for Guidance and pray for Peace,
military and secret circles of                        ESU “JESUS” SANANDA                        for your world is on the threshold of
clandestine activities.          That                                                            great destruction.
Awareness is expanding into seeing                                                                  I am Esu Immanuel Sananda.
other possibilities than the ones that       This reproduction is from an actual                    Heed these words of warning. Salu.
are being put forth by those of              photograph taken on June 1, 1961 in
limited thinking within the power            Chichen Itza, Yucatan, by one of thirty                            4/21/02
structure of your country. It is             archaeologists working in the area at
causing conflict within the hearts and       the time. Esu Sananda appeared in                       Peace, peace, peace. Esu present in
minds of those in the military and           visible, tangible body and permitted                 Light and in Service. Let there be no
clandestine circles, for there is an         his photograph to be taken.                          question about WHO I serve, for I
increasing awareness that much could                                                              serve God and The Creation, in
be handled differently, more                                                                      Radiance.
effectively, more peacefully. And thus,        It is only when those in political               There are those who come in sheep’s
you have a division taking place even at     circles do the right thing, for the             clothing who are wolves devouring the
the highest levels of government.            betterment and peaceful evolution of            resources of God’s trusting people, and
  Those who seek to destroy, who utilize     the whole, that progress will truly be          those wolves in sheep’s clothing, known
others’ resources and others’ lives in       made.                                           as your preachers and false ministers of
service to self—over RESOURCES—                The enemies of peace are well armed.          the doctrinal churches, shall be held to
shall themselves BE BETRAYED by              They shall strike at places and in              account for their falsifying and
those closest to them. This betrayal shall   manners not foreseen, except by your            misrepresenting of my word.
lead to additional conflict.                 most exceptional viewers. Those strikes            It is a time when all masks shall be torn
  That which is on the political horizon     will cut deep and will paralyze many            away, and the masks of your political
does not bode well for ANY WHO MEAN          with fear.                                      leaders are being shown even this day for
HARM TO OTHERS, OR WHO MEAN                    Fear MUST be overcome, for the                what they are—a false front. The people
TO BRING CONTROL UPON THE                    enemies of peace and prosperity shall, in       of the world grow very tired of the lies.
HEADS OF THE PEOPLE.                         the end, know NO VICTORY. Theirs shall          In America, anger is growing among the
  It is only through thoughtful, peaceful    be a painful destruction. Those who they        people, for it is OBVIOUS they are being
intent toward resolution and LIVING          thought were friends shall become               lied to by the politicians, lied to by the

PAGE 28               Toll-free: 1-877-280-2866      Outside U.S.: 1-661-823-9696          JUNE 2002
media, lied to by their church leaders.       shall be viewed historically with disdain,   not alone—and you never have been.
  It is not wise to lie to the American       and they shall be laughed at for the fools   You have more help available now than
people, for they are a unique people. Is it   they are.                                    you can possibly imagine, if you will but
any wonder that your vice-president             But it shall be HINDSIGHT that brings      ASK. It is that man feels insignificant,
hides? The lack of decisive action by         about this awareness, for in the present     unworthy.
your nation in the Middle East is fueling     time the people are fearful, and they           You are worthy. You are significant.
the flames of hatred among the rest of the    know not what to do to stop the madness.        It is always greatest to ask on behalf of
nations of the world. America shall feel      The madness originates in your               another—but you may also ask for self.
the sting of that hatred for showing the      governmental houses, and the madness         If you need Guidance, ask for Guidance,
world such cowardice and lack of              runs deep.                                   and matters will be clarified for you. But
leadership.                                     We are in the time of chaos. But there     you must learn to LISTEN. For what
  There are choices that are being made       shall ultimately be ORDER out of             purpose is there in asking if you do not
by the arrogant few, and those arrogant       chaos. For in God’s Universe, there is       listen to the response?
few shall reap ten-fold the consequences      order. It is only on planets such as this       Universal questions may be answered
of their poor and dishonorable choices.       one, in transition between dimensions,       universally, through receivers such as
  There shall be a uniting among the          that Evil hangs on for dear life and takes   this, in public messages that apply to the
Arab world, the likes of which the world      as many lives with it as it can, on it’s     many. But you are each unique unto
has never seen. The Islamic community         way down.                                    yourselves. Certain communications and
shall be of one mind, one voice, one            God’s people shall be sorted from the      lessons may only be given privately,
goal—to strike at the heart of the beast,     chaff, and there shall be peace and glory    directly, quietly, clearly, to you—within
which America has come to represent.          and love and balance. Of that you may        yourself. So please, hone those listening
And Israel will not be immune from those      be sure.                                     skills so that you may hear us
reprisals.                                      I am Esu Immanuel Sananda. Salu.           DIRECTLY!
  The cries for PEACE shall go unheard,                                                       Trust that you shall be given a
ignored by those who cling to power as                         5/11/02                     response to your questions.
they continue to fail, decision after                                                         But always be on your guard for the
decision, while the people grow more             Peace be with you. Esu present in         Dark ones, for you must ask with all your
deeply discontented with the deception,       Radiance, and in Service, as always.         heart and soul that GOD respond—and
which will become more apparent with             Be gentle with yourselves as you          you shall have your LIGHTED answer.
each passing day, each passing week, and      witness the world around you turned          Never be afraid to ask WHO IT IS who is
each passing month.                           upside down by the foolhardy men in          answering you. LISTEN carefully to the
  Your Congressional leaders are traitors     positions of power. Their worlds are         response: Is there hesitation? Is the
who have sold their very souls, and the       crumbling around them, and they see it       answer not clear? Then be cautious.
American people feel powerless. The           not. They shall see it soon enough.             THE LIGHT WILL NEVER HESITATE
voice of the American people shall not           We shall come within closer proximity     TO RESPOND TO A REQUEST FOR
be silenced.       Greater and greater        to you of the faithful on the surface of     IDENTIFICATION. AND THE LIGHT
restrictions shall “come down” in an          the planet with each passing day. You        WILL NOT CHANGE ITS ANSWER
effort to “get the public under control”,     will begin to feel our Presence, our         ONCE         IDENTIFIED.             ONCE
which will lead to greater and greater        Guidance, our Love, as we tell you to “be    IDENTIFIED CLEARLY, YOU MAY
discontent, and greater distrust for the      patient” a while longer.                     TRUST THAT YOU ARE HEARING
democratic process.                              Those who have served faithfully shall    FROM “LIGHTED” SOURCE, AND
  This distrust and anger shall continue      inherit eternal life, a life filled with     THEN IT IS THE BETTER PART OF
to build, and will lead to some very          service and glory, like no other.            WISDOM TO LISTEN TO THAT
destructive and foolish acts by those who        The challenges faced by those serving     GUIDANCE.
see no other way. This will result in yet     at this time are greater than the               WE ARE COMING UPON A TIME
greater controls and restrictions, which      challenges faced by man throughout           WHEN YOU EACH MUST HEAR FOR
will lead to greater resentment and anger     history—for your world is unique unto        SELVES, FOR IT IS NOT TRULY UP TO
among the people.                             itself, as are you, beloved humans.          ANOTHER TO RECEIVE MESSAGES
  And in the meantime, the arrogant few          You are loved greatly.                    FOR YOU.            YOU ARE EACH
shall line their pockets more fully, and         You will not be misled, by us.            RESPONSIBLE.                AND THAT
work ceaselessly at further stripping the        Ask for your answers and they will be     RESPONSIBILITY WILL FALL TO SELF
world’s oil reserves, so that they may        clearly given—directly to you, if you        IN THE NEAR FUTURE, AND THEN IT
maintain their failing dynasties. And fail    will but listen for the answer. Trust in     SHALL BE UP TO YOU!
they shall.                                   your own Guidance. Do not give your             You have always been told that this
  When it is said that the hour is darkest    power into the hands of others. It is a      shall be a time of false prophets, and
before the dawn, it is A TRUTH. But the       time when all of you should begin to         false messengers, and it is so. But it was
dawn shall come, and shall bring with it      hear clearly from we of the Hosts—if         never told to you that you would not be
NEW HOPE, NEW FAITH, NEW TRUST.               you will but listen. ASK AND IT              shown the way, that your prayers would
  God’s people have nothing to fear.          SHALL BE ANSWERED. KNOCK                     not be answered. Some of you still need
Hold strong and keep your faith. Those        AND IT SHALL BE OPENED UNTO                  to hear a response to your prayers in this
who would use, abuse, and control God’s       YOU.                                         manner, and so it is given to you, freely,
people shall live to see the day that those      These messages shall be given in this     openly.
choices will be publicly known for the        manner for a while longer. Then it shall        The Father knows what you need.
foolhardy choices that they are. And          be up to you each, individually.             Trust in God.
those world leaders making these                 Know that you have not been                  I am Esu Sananda and I leave you in
arrogant, destructive, controlling choices    abandoned on some mad world. You are         our Father’s Light. S

JUNE 2002               Toll-free: 1-877-280-2866     Outside U.S.: 1-661-823-9696           PAGE 29
                                                                                            viewing the process of healing, this

Bright Path To                                                                              information should not replace
                                                                                            competent optometric, medical,
                                                                                            psychiatric, psychological, chiro-
                                                                                            practic,       neurological,
                                                                                            educational care.

 Good Health
           [ Continued From Front Cover ]
                                                                                               In the collaborative book titled Light
                                                                                            Years Ahead ($19.95, ISBN: 0-89087-
                                                                                            762-9), Dave Olszewski, E.E., I.E., and
                                                                                            Brian Breiling, Psy.D. wrote a chapter
                                                                                            titled “Getting Into Light: The Use Of
                                                                                            Phototherapy In Everyday Life”. From
                                                                                            their outlay I am going to list some key
   Still, most of us take light for granted.   Pamela Baker-Olszewski, a registered         concepts in the form of “bullets” as an
The Sun comes up; the Sun goes down—           nurse, holds patents in several countries    introduction to this very wide-ranging
only to return again the next day. And if      for light-emitting diode (LED) devices       subject:
it doesn’t, on a cloudy day, we simply         (an alternative for low-power lasers),          [quoting]
turn-on an artificial light source and go      which are used in pain management and           • Sunlight is a cornerstone of mind and
on about our daily routines.                   wound healing.                               body wellness.
   We all know that plants use light              David Olszewski, E.E., I.E., may be          • The entire spectrum of natural
directly. But how many know that the           contacted directly at: Light Energy          sunlight is essential for optimal
physical body also needs direct light?         Company, 1056 N.W. 179th Place,              functioning of all living cells in plants,
   How does the body absorb light? After       Seattle WA 98117; telephone: 1-800-          animals, and humans.
all, we’re not plants—so what is the           544-4826. You will also find much               • Light is the second most important
mechanism? As it turns out, 98% of light       information and products at his              environmental input, after food, in
absorption by the human body is       Internet          controlling bodily functions.
through the eyes, with only 2% being           website.                                        • 98% of sunlight enters through the
absorbed through the skin.                        As a popular speaker in the field of      eyes, while 2% is absorbed through the
   What is the difference between “full-       holistic health, he lectures and consults    skin.
spectrum” lighting and common                  across the country on the deleterious           • Sunlight produces vitamin D, and
fluorescent and incandescent artificial        effects of artificial lighting and related   catalyzes other crucial metabolic
lighting?                                      forms of electromagnetic radiation.          processes such as the absorption of
   Are there health risks from working too     Additionally, he speaks on the healing       calcium.
much under fluorescent lights?                 potential of sunlight, full-spectrum            • Calcium plays a vital role in the
   What is the link between light and          lighting, and monochromatic (or single-      transmission of messages in the brain,
depression?                                    frequency) lights that may be applied        and in the competence of the immune
   Can light be used for healing—not just      through the eyes, directly on the skin,      system.
psychological or emotional “feel better”       and along the acupuncture meridian              • Light—the amount of light, the
healing, but ACTUAL physical healing?          system.                                      quality of light, the color of light, and
   These are just a few of the issues that        His strong background in electronics,     the frequency of light—influences
will be explored as we dive into the           computer science, engineering, and           everything in your brain, and
fascinating and amazing world of light.        health offers a pragmatic approach to the    consequently, everything underneath
Anything that is as universal as light         understanding and application of light in    that.
(like fresh air and water) is bound to have    our daily lives.                                • Until the advent of antibiotics in the
a very wide range of effects.                     As I generally do with these stories, I   late 1930s, the use of sunbathing (Solar
   At last year’s National Health              will be providing a brief background on      Therapy, Sunlight Therapy) and
Federation Conference, which Gail and I        some of the areas we will be discussing      ultraviolet light (Actinotherapy, from the
attended, we had the distinct pleasure of      during the interview. But first, the         Greek for “ray healing”) were
speaking with David Olszewski. Dave, it        following disclaimer:                        internationally accepted and commonly
so happens, is an expert on the subject of        The article you are about to read is      utilized medical treatments for a variety
light. I assured him then that I would be      being offered as educational                 of acute bacterial and viral infectious
doing a story on this subject, and the         information only, regarding the range        conditions, such as: tuberculosis, viral
time has finally come to make it so.           of potential uses of full-spectrum and       pneumonia, bronchial asthma, wounds,
   David Olszewski is both an electrical       colored light, and cannot replace            sores, ulcerations, jaundice, gout,
AND industrial engineer, with over 30          competent medical consultation. Keep         psoriasis, acne, and mumps.
years of experience in the fields of           in mind that the information we are             • A lack of sunlight impairs the natural
electronics, light, and computers. He is       sharing is not to be interpreted as          defense mechanism of the body to all
the Director of Computer Information           representing a claim for diagnosis,          forms of stress, both physical and
Systems for a West Coast petroleum             cure, prescription, treatment, or            emotional. Generally, the competence of
company, and the President of the Light        prevention of any physical, emotional,       the immune system is lowered in the
Energy Company in Seattle, Washington,         ophthalmic, or optometric disorder.          winter; fertility is lower; fatigue
which markets phototherapy products            Although the concepts and techniques of      increases; and overall levels of health
and full-spectrum lights that will be          subtle-energy healing discussed in this      decline. Winter’s darker and shorter
discussed in this interview.                   story have been practiced by thousands       daylight hours alter the body’s natural
   As an inventor and product developer,       of people around the world as an             internal rhythms, such as the production
Mr. Olszewski, together with his wife          alternative and holistic means of            of hormones and neutrotransmitters.

PAGE 30                Toll-free: 1-877-280-2866     Outside U.S.: 1-661-823-9696         JUNE 2002
With this lack of light, many women      hormonal regulatory
experience an upsurge in PMS             messages that are
symptoms, while other individuals        d i s t r i b u t e d
complain about feeling somehow “out of   throughout        the
phase”, noticing an increased sense of   body. The so-called
irritability, moodiness, and difficulties“master gland”, the
performing intellectual tasks. People    pituitary, is itself
often attempt to “self medicate” during  controlled by the
the winter months by increasing their    hypothalamus. The
consumption of carbohydrates, alcohol,   pituitary controls
caffeine, and sugary desserts.           the activities of
   • Phototherapy pioneer John Ott       other      endocrine
theorizes that human and animal cells    glands      by    the
have a process similar to plant          secretion of growth
photosynthesis, which he calls           hormone, thyroid
biological combustion, the process that  stimulating hormone
converts light energy into chemical      ( T S H ) ,
energy. Light enters the eye and goes to adrenocorticotropic
the body’s power distribution center, thehormone (ACTH),
hypothalamus, where it is converted into p r o l a c t i n ,
electro-chemical impulses that are sent to
                                         luteinizing       and
important endocrine glands, such as the  follicle stimulating
pituitary and the pineal. These glands, in
                                         hormones (LH) and
turn, distribute the hormonal messages   (FSH), oxytocin,
via the body’s nervous system to         m e l a n o c y t e
virtually every cell in the body. The    stimulating hormone
hypothalamus is the site of the body’s   (MSH), and anti-
pacemaker and biological clock, and is   diuretic hormone.
thought to regulate a number of bodily   Light is thus one of
functions such as: reproduction, thirst, the             most
hunger, satiation, temperature, the      fundamental
regulation of emotions, and sleep        components of our
patterns. The pineal gland is also a     health and well
neurohormonal transducer which           being.                                       natural sunlight.
transforms retinally perceived light        • The body needs light every day. We        • Light deprivation, whether it occurs
waves into neuronal impulses and         need sunlight to live. Approximately 1½      in winter or any other time of year,
                                                             to 2 hours a day is      precipitates SAD-like symptoms in
                                                             the Recommended          people who have no previous history of
                                     Dave Olszewski Daily Requirement.                winter depression.
                                                             A decrease in mental       • Bright, full-spectrum fluorescent
                                                             eff iciency        and   light is also effective with people
                                                             depression are two       suffering from the less severe form of
                                                             hallmarks of seasonal    winter depression, the “winter blues”,
                                                             affected     disorder    which affects twice as many individuals
                                                             (SAD), or winter         as SAD.
                                                             depression.       Two      • Dr. Norman Rosenthal at the National
                                                             theories regarding       Institute of Mental Health in Bethesda,
                                                             the cause of SAD are     Maryland, did the pioneering SAD
                                                             that it is related to    research in the early 1980s. He and his
                                                             the ebb and flow of a    colleagues contend that winter
                                                             pineal       hormone     depression       is    associated    with
                                                             called melatonin and     disturbances in the hypothalamus, and
                                                             a      hyptothalamic     particularly      the     role   of   the
                                                             neurotransmitter         neurotransmitter serotonin.
                                                             known as serotonin.        • Full-spectrum bright-light boxes
                                                             The levels of both       (10,000 lux) effectively alleviate the
                                                             these chemicals vary     symptoms of SAD (within about four
                                                             directly with the        days) in approximately 80% of sufferers
                                                             amount of light          who expose themselves between ½ hour
                                                             entering the eyes.       and several hours a day to this light
                                                               • The health-          source.
                                                             promoting benef its        • Full-spectrum bright-light is also
                                                             of artificial lighting   prescribed for a variety of biological
                                                             are     thought     to   clock problems such as: the disturbed
                                                             increase as it more      sleep of the elderly, jet lag, and the
                                                             closely approximates     difficulties of night-shift workers.

JUNE 2002            Toll-free: 1-877-280-2866   Outside U.S.: 1-661-823-9696         PAGE 31
   • Today, the concern about ultraviolet     light amplif ication by stimulated            Sciences, 142092 Moscow Region,
light has reached almost phobic               emission of radiation. Lasers produce         Troitsk, USSR, in an article titled
proportions. We commonly associate the        coherent light.                               “Photobiology Of Low-Power Laser
word ultraviolet with skin cancers,              • LED stands for light-emitting diode,     Effects”, appearing in the scientific
wrinkles, and cataracts. Dr. Jacob            which emits noncoherent light [at nearly      journal Health Physics, Vol.56, No.5
Liberman, in his book Light: Medicine         a single frequency or wavelength, like is     (May), pp.691-704, 1989, states:
Of The Future, devotes an entire chapter      possible with laser light].                      • Curing with red light was used in
entitled “UV or Not UV: That Is The              • Human cell tissue has been observed      medicine even in ancient times, and
Question” about the therapeutic effects       to respond more powerfully to a single        treatment with red light was among the
of ultraviolet light on the brain and         wavelength than when exposed to more          methods used by N.R. Finsen, the father
nervous system. Liberman takes issue          than one wavelength at a time.                of contemporary phototherapy. Much
with the misconception of UV being a             • Research demonstrates that cell          experimental work was done in the last
type of death ray, and presents a wealth      tissue responds best to certain               century and during the first third of this
of historic and current evidence of the       frequencies which appear to be within         century.
health-promoting benefits of ultraviolet      the red and infrared spectrum, such as           • It is very likely that by the time the
light. Similarly, Dr. Zane Kime states        630 nanometers (nm), 660 nm, 880 nm,          first lasers made their appearance [about
that ultraviolet is essential for optimal     940 nm, and 950 nm.                           1960] this earlier knowledge was
health and is the most “biologically             • The water and hemoglobin within the      forgotten.
active component of sunlight”.                body’s tissues restrict the full absorption      • The He-Ne laser was the f irst
   [Editor’s note: For you readers of a       of light frequencies outside the range of     commercially available source of
more suspicious nature, can you now see       600 to 980 nanometers.                        coherent light [and it was red light]. No
why there has been such a tremendous             • It has been demonstrated that a single   wonder that the stimulating effect of
push, for over a decade now, to get you       wavelength within the middle of the red       light—red light in particular—was
scared into wearing UV-blocking               spectrum (e.g. 660 nm) is the most            rediscovered when use was made of this
sunglasses all the time? This deception       resonant frequency to human tissue            coherent light source. The observed
to assist the cash flow of the                because it stimulates the production of       effects were attributed to the unique
conventional medical racket ranks right       cell tissue and rapidly promotes the          quality of the He-Ne laser—namely, the
up there with pushing “diet” drinks with      regeneration of skin and blood tissue in      high coherence of this radiation.
aspartame-based sweeteners like               the areas exposed to it.                      Actually there are no physical grounds
Nutrasweet—which causes weight gain,             • Tiina Karu, Ph.D., of the Laser          for such a conclusion.
among many more horrendous side-              Technology Center in Russia, and                 • Both coherent and noncoherent red
effects.]                                     aff iliated with the University of            light were clinically found to be equally
   • Ultraviolet increases the body’s         California at Berkeley, has extensively       effective in treating people with ulcers.
resistance to a wide range of infectious      researched the mechanisms of action of           • It is possible to conclude that
agents, increases the oxygen carrying         monochromatic light and she believes          irradiation with monochromatic visible
capacity of the blood, and improves           that light is a trigger for the               light in the blue, red, and far-red regions
stress tolerance by increasing adrenaline.    rearrangement of cellular metabolism.         can enhance metabolic processes in the
   • John Ott, while warning that UV in       There are photo-acceptors at the              cell and can activate proliferation.
overdose amounts can cause harm, has          molecular-cellular level which, when             • The data indicate that irradiation
contended for years that we require           triggered, cause a series of biological       causes a rearrangement of the cell
minimal, though regular, amounts of the       actions (e.g., increases the DNA-RNA          metabolism, light being only in the role
entire spectrum of sunlight, which            synthesis, cAMP levels, protein and           of a trigger.
includes a natural proportion of UV           collagen       synthesis,      and     cell      Conclusions (partial):
exposure, both through our eyes and on        proliferation), resulting in the rapid           • Laser biostimulation is a photo-
our unprotected skin.                         regeneration, normalization, and healing      biological phenomenon. Coherent light
   • For nearly two decades John Ott          of damaged cell tissue.                       is not needed.
stated that the distorted spectrum of            • Both lasers and LEDs can stimulate          • Primary       photoacceptors       are
standard fluorescent lights was not the       or tonify an acupuncture point (or            components of the respiratory chain.
only factor that was detrimental to           meridian) with the use of pulsed light, or    This explains the universality of low-
health. Standard fluorescent tubes emit       sedate with the use of continuous light.      power laser effects.
three types of harmful radiation: x-rays,     It doesn’t matter if the light is coherent       • The respiratory chain components
radio-frequency waves, and extreme low        (from a laser) or incoherent (from an         can be the photoacceptors in the case of
frequency (ELF). These types of               LED).                                         cellular metabolism stimulation, as well
radiations can completely shut-off the           • LEDs (Light-Emitting Diodes) have        as inhibition depending on the dose of
activity of the immune system.                been        successfully      used       by   light. At low doses, irradiation causes
   • John Ott, in his later studies, states   acupuncturists, chiropractors, physio-        redox regulation of cellular metabolism;
that x-ray radiation from cathode-ray         therapists,       massage       therapists,   at high doses photodynamic damage
devices such as fluorescent tubes,            naturopaths,       and     other    health    prevails.
television sets, and computer terminals       professionals.                                   • Light quanta are only a trigger for
causes blood cells to clump in persons           [end quoting]                              cellular metabolism regulation. This
exposed over a period of time, thereby           It was 1894 when the first documented      explains the low doses and intensities
contributing to tiredness, fatigue, and       use of red light for healing was attributed   needed.
reduced alertness. Exposure to sunlight       to Niels Finsen. Let’s now look briefly at        In an article titled “Can Light Hasten
or full-spectrum lighting resulted in         more history of this intriguing area.         Healing In Space?” by Dan Drollette,
unclumping of the blood cells.                   Tiina Karu, from the Laser Technology      Senior Editor, appearing in Biophotonics
   • Laser is an acronym that stands for      Center of the USSR Academy of                 International (Sept/Oct 2000 issue), is

PAGE 32               Toll-free: 1-877-280-2866      Outside U.S.: 1-661-823-9696         JUNE 2002
the following:                                  In an article under the heading of                       “You use the light until you see the
   [quoting a front-end summary]             Acupuncture Applications, titled light, and when you see the light you
   Anecdotal evidence from astronauts        “Meridians Conduct Light” by Dr. Sergei have an opportunity to become the
suggests that long-term exposure to          Pankratov, Moscow, and appearing in the light.” — Jacob Liberman, O.D., Ph.D.,
microgravity causes wounds to heal more      magazine Raum & Zeit, comes the F.C.S.O., inventor, author of: Light:
slowly in space than on the ground. To       following statement:                                     Medicine Of The Future and Take Off
counter this effect, a NASA-sponsored           “The Institute for Clinical and Your Glasses And See.
researcher is investigating the use of       Experimental Medicine in Novosibirsk,                       Hopefully the above “snapshots” of
light from custom-made LEDs to               USSR, in a research project spanning this intriguing subject have aroused your
stimulate the organelles in the cells of     many years, has verif ied the light curiosity to know more. Assuming that’s
the body and promote healing. The            conducting ability of the human body. the case, then we’re ready to begin my
technology is also under study for the       The shocking message: the light- interview with David Olszewski, which
photodynamic treatment of cancer.            conducting function of the human body took place not long ago, on April 14 of
    Dr. Harry T. Whelan, a professor of      exists only along the meridians and this year:
neurology and pediatrics at the Medical      enters/exits the body only on those                         Martin: To begin with, how did you
College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee,           acupuncture points.”                                     become interested in the subject of light?
thinks he has found a way to speed up           From a February 2002 issue of The                        Olszewski: I guess the biggest single
the healing of wounds....                    Lark Letter: A Woman’s Guide To Optimal reason is: I live in Seattle, Washington—
    Whelan’s team is in the midst of Phase   Health & Balance, we read:                               which is the home of lots of rain, lots of
I clinical trials of the LEDs for use in        [quoting]                                             overcast skies, and very dreary winters.
earthbound applications such as the             Wavelengths of red light easily And so, as an engineer, I went into light
photodynamic treatment of cancer. The        penetrate the skin and stimulate energy primarily as a self-defense against going
U.S. Food and Drug Administration has        production within the mitochondria, the crazy here during the winter.
approved tests of the LEDs for treating      energy-producing powerhouses of the                         This led to looking into full-spectrum
mucositis—sores that develop in the          cells. They enable the energy from food simulated sunlight, to counteract a lot of
mouths and digestive tracts of children      to be released and trapped as high- the Seasonal Affected Disorder, or SAD,
who are undergoing chemotherapy for          energy bonds called adenosine or depression, that is prevalent up here in
cancer.                                      triphosphate (ATP). ATP is found in all Seattle. In fact, a couple years ago, we
   Whelan said he thinks the LED             of our cells and releases energy needed had 93 straight days of rain during the
technology works by delivering photons       to fuel nearly all chemical reactions in winter. 93 set a record.
to cytochromes in the cells’                 our bodies. Thus, red light therapy helps                   Martin: Now, for our readers who may
mitochondria. Cytochromes are light-         our bodies create energy, vitality, and not be familiar with it: SAD, Seasonal
sensitive organelles that act as an          stamina, so every tissue and organ Affected Disorder, that is an actual
electron transport chain, converting         system can run more efficiently. Specific condition.
energy derived from the oxidation of         wavelengths of plain red light produce                      Olszewski: That is a medical
glucose into adenosine triphosphate, the     healing benefits and do not have to be condition. And basically, it means that
mitochondria’s fuel.         By directly     administered by a fancy and expensive you go into various stages of irritability,
stimulating cytochromes with light, more     piece of equipment like a laser to be depression, lowered immune system,
fuel is pumped into the mitochondria         effective!                                               craving carbohydrates, sleeping longer,
and thus throughout the cells, ultimately       In general, red light is profoundly anti- and lowered sexual levels, and things
speeding up healing.                         aging and promotes health, strength, and like that. Your whole body-clock is
   [end quoting]                             vitality for virtually every organ in the thrown-off. Those are symptoms of
   In the January 2001 issue of National     body. More specifically, red light has Seasonal Affected Disorder, or SAD.
Geographic, in an article titled “The        been used to heal bone conditions such They say that SAD affects approximately
Body In Space”, is the following             as osteoarthritis and fractures. It also 30-40% of people in the Northern areas
statement:                                   helps to relieve pain and inflammation in of the United States. And a milder
   “Waving the magic LEDs, neurologist       joints, muscles, and tendons, and version, called Winter Blues, affects over
Harry T. Whelan, M.D. (Professor of          stimulates the healthy circulation of 70% of the people.
Pediatric Neurology at the Medical           blood to tissues. It has been used to heal                  There is one other big area that led to
College of Milwaukee, WI) has                repetitive stress syndrome, migraine my involvement, and that is watching
successfully treated wounds, third-degree    headaches,        skin
burns, and brain cancer on Earth, and        conditions such as            The HeartMath Solution AUDIO Book
thinks the same can be done in space.”
   In an article titled “NASA Shines A
                                             varicose        veins,
                                             ulcers, and diabetic
                                                                           by Doc Childre & Howard Martin
                                                                                                      You can.          Simply by
Healing Light On Wounds” from the            wounds, and to WHAT IF YOU COULD EASILY– understanding your heart’s
                                                                      • MAKE BETTER DECISIONS?
February 8, 2001 issue of the Houston        improve blood flow • ENHANCE CREATIVITY?              intelligence—which has more
Chronicle, we read:                          to the heart in • SLOW-DOWN AGING?                    impact on our emotions, our mind,
   “The near-infrared light emitted by       individuals       with and our physical health than was ever thought possible! In
these LEDs seems to be perfect for           coronary        artery this audio, the authors offer astonishing proof that the heart
increasing energy inside cells. This         disease.                 has an intelligence, one that profoundly affects our mental and
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athletic events, internationally, where                                                           Martin: That’s probably something
other countries—notably Russia,                                                                that hasn’t occurred to most people.
Czechoslovakia—had athletes who                                                                   Olszewski: [Laughter] That’s right.
would get injured, and the next day they                                                          So, that’s John Ott’s contribution here.
were miraculously back up running                                                              John Ott died, I think it was a year ago
again, especially in track and field. My                                                       last November, at the age of 93.
wondering why their athletes were able                                                            Martin: A nice ripe old age.
to get back up quicker than any other                                                             Olszewski: In Florida, where there
athletes lead to my looking into the                                                           was a lot of sunlight.
single-frequency light, lasers and LEDs.                                                          Martin: Let’s talk about sunlight.
And that really is what spurred me into                                                        How is sunlight absorbed in the body?
that area of light.                                                                            What is the optimal length of daily
   In fact, now we know that the bulk of                                                       exposure?
the research, the really good early                                                               Olszewski: Kind-of a primer on
research in the late 1970s, and all of the                                                     sunlight?
’80s and ’90s, emanates out of Russia,                                                            Martin: Yes. Let’s talk about
especially with a lady by the name of                                                          sunlight as in-depth as we can, because
Tiina Karu, who probably has published                                                         it’s such an interesting subject.
well over 100-150 articles herself on this.                                                       Olszewski:        It’s not only an
   So that’s what spurred me, 20 years                                                         interesting subject—sunlight is THE
ago, into light.                                                                               fundamental energy source for life on
   Martin: Again, before we get into                                                           our planet. Our atmosphere, around the
sunlight, let’s talk just for a minute about                                                   planet, is a kind-of greenhouse. Our
John Ott. Why is he important to                                                               atmosphere lets certain types of
America?                                                                                       frequencies through, and it excludes
   Olszewski: John Ott was Walt Disney’s       fluorescent lights in his early work.          other frequencies.
time-lapse photographer. In fact, John            John Ott then engaged a couple of              We live on this planet that has been
Ott is the inventor of time-lapse              lighting companies in developing their         fueled, since the beginning, by our Sun.
photography. And Walt Disney had him           normal fluorescents into a full-spectrum       And, therefore, if you want to understand
doing a lot of research work and movies        fluorescent by adding more phosphors           how life gets distorted on this planet, you
showing the opening of different plants.       into the tubes. This, then, literally          have to understand the fundamental
I think those of us who remember the           brought sunlight from outside into             nature of “what is sunlight”. And
early Walt Disney stuff, the nature shows,     inside. And then all of the plants started     sunlight is not just looking out to a
all remember pumpkin seeds opening,            thriving under this full-spectrum light.       brightness outside; it’s best understood
and flowers opening in time-lapse                 John Ott’s niche is that he discovered      when there is an area of rain, and
photography. That was all of John Ott’s        the adverse effects of artificial light, and   sunlight is coming through it, and you
work.                                          managed to change that into full-              see the rainbow.
   John Ott noticed, when doing this kind      spectrum lighting. Also, he was able to           Our atmosphere is, literally, a prism
of shooting of the seeds opening over an       determine that there were certain types of     that shows that when sunlight comes
elapsed time, that the nature of the light     radiation that emanated from fluorescent       through and is broken into its
the seeds were in, the flowers were in,        fixtures, at the ends of the tubes—mainly      component parts, it basically consists of
vastly affected how healthy the plants         soft x-rays—and that radiation caused a        about 1500 different wavelengths of
were, whether they even bloomed at all,        lot of problems. And this led to his           light—starting at one end with
whether they bloomed at the wrong time         developing shielding for fluorescent           ultraviolet, in the 300 nanometer, short-
of the year. And so, he researched, and        lights by using lead tape.                     wavelength range—and moving through
put together, the fact that light has such a      So, John’s contribution here was the        all the colors of the rainbow [at
tremendous effect on natural growth, and       fact that he made us aware of the              successively longer wavelengths—violet,
this led to his pronouncement that             fundamental aspect of sunlight, coupled        indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange], on
sunlight is IT! It’s the fundamental           with the diverse types of artificial light,    through red, and then moving into the
building-block for plants.                     and the adverse effects that it generally      infrared—the near-infrared and the far-
   And then, when you start dealing with       has on people, and to develop a                infrared. And infrared is not a color that
artificial light, you deviate from those       replacement for that adverse light. He         you can see, it’s actually heat.
frequencies that are contained within          called it mal-illumination.                       Contained in that spectrum is sunlight.
sunlight. Some kinds of lights can have           Martin: Great term.                         Sunlight, essentially, is 1500 frequencies
very bad effects on flowers. It led to his        Olszewski: What he developed was            of light. Our sunlight is really part of the
looking into not only the type of              something that was really a good               electromagnetic spectrum. But our
lighting—incandescent and especially           illumination. And then he added the            atmosphere acts as a filter against many
fluorescent lighting, because you can          follow-on things that had to do with the       of the others kinds of rays that come from
vary frequencies dramatically with             radiation and how to counter those. But        outside of our atmosphere, and it allows
fluorescent lighting. And he found out         that’s where John Ott’s contribution was       through these 1500 frequencies.
that fluorescent lighting was very             to this world.                                    And so, your rainbow is your point of
detrimental in certain far-pink and far-          I like one quote that comes either from     reference. Our species grew up under
blue ranges. And he actually found that        John Ott, or from somebody who quoted          sunlight. And the interesting thing about
fluorescent lights caused a higher-than-       him, but the result was: “You change the       sunlight is that 98% of the Sun’s effect
average mutation of animal species. So,        light bulbs and you can change the             enters through your eyes, and 2%
his work led to the banishing of a lot of      world.”                                        through the skin. But as it enters into the

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body, it is consumed and used by all           automobiles with their windows, our                  down with you in California, and get
aspects of our organs, our cells, our          glasses, our contacts. And why do I say              some sunlight, it’s all gone in 48 hours
metabolism. Basically, our bodies grab         these are boxes? Because most types of               after I’ve returned up here, except for the
onto these 1500 frequencies just like          glass, for instance, block 100% of                   tan part. Basically, all the energy’s been
they were minerals and vitamins and            ultraviolet, and ultraviolet is one of the           used up and my body starts craving more
nutrients.                                     important things that come into our                  light energy.
   And so, over many millions of years,        bodies. All normal window panes, all                    And so, you need 30 minutes to 2
an organism like the human species gets        automobile glass, will block the                     hours a day. And you need to do it daily.
used to operating under this type of an        ultraviolet.                                            Martin: Now, there are a lot of people
energy pattern, and that is our source of         What we have to do to get our 30                  who are pretty fatalistic about the Sun
life. And when you distort that, if you        minutes to 2 hours is to get outside of a            these days—saying it’s extremely
don’t get enough sunlight, your body           box—which means to be outside of the                 harmful, that you need to be so careful
starts deteriorating in numerous ways. If      house, and somewhere where the Sun can               about being in the Sun. What do you say
you distort that light by smog and cloud       either directly or indirectly hit your body          to those doomsayers?
layers and pollution, then you severely        and go in through your eyes.                            Olszewski: The two big ones on the
alter the type of frequencies that the            And, in fact, everything that you                 horizon are cataracts and skin cancer.
body is now able to get. And certain           consume, in terms of sunlight today—my               Those are usually the two red flags that
parts of your body will start                  30 minutes to 2 hours—if I get it today,             are waved.
malfunctioning.                                the body consumes and uses all that                     Let’s talk a little about the cancer. An
   As a species, sunlight is our primary       energy in 48 hours. Which means that I               interesting statistic is that office workers
energy source. Therefore, as we move           get depleted, unless I renew it almost               can be many hundreds of times more
further into this discussion, we will start    daily. That’s what happens to us up in               susceptible to skin cancer than would a
talking about artificial light, and we will    Seattle during the winter, we don’t get              construction worker, who worked outside
compare it to sunlight.                        any renewal. When I fly to Florida, or               in the Sun his entire life.
   So, sunlight is best viewed as a
rainbow. And, surprisingly, most of the
frequencies in those 1500 are pretty well                                                                          Source: The Future Of Light
balanced, except for ultraviolet; there’s a                                                                             by Hadwin Tibbs
little less of that. But most of the visible
colors have about the same balance. In
                                                Relative Intensity

other words, there is the same quantity
entering the body on each of those. And,
in fact, if I looked at sunlight like a bar
chart of the different colors, surprisingly
most of them, outside of the ultraviolet,
are pretty much the same height, and
consist of the same amount of energy.
   That is a visual image for you of what
sunlight should look like, and what it
   [Editor’s note: We’ve placed some
helpful illustrations of important points
throughout this discussion. So look
around, as you read along, for these
   Martin: Is there an optimal length of
time that people should expose
themselves to sunlight each day?
   Olszewski: Yes, we do have a quantity
factor here. The body is used to—in
order to keep everything in the body
functioning correctly, you really need
about 30 minutes of sunlight a day,
minimum, and an ideal would be about 2
hours exposure per day.
   Now, when I talk about this exposure,
it doesn’t mean you have to stand with
sunlight beaming on your body. You can
stand under a shade tree; you can be on a
porch. The sunlight will bounce off of
the ground, the pavement, the walls, and
it will ricochet, so to speak, against your
skin and through your eyes.                    The spectrum of electromagnetic energy. This shows the energy distribution in daylight at the top
   So, to get our two-hours quota, all we      (the CIE standard distribution D65 ) and the way this small range of wavelengths relates to the rest
have to do is to be outside of a box. Our      of the electromagnetic spectrum. The two lower scales are logarithmic: each step in the bottom
boxes are: our houses, our windows, our        scale is ten times the step before, which allows all these wavelengths to be shown in one diagram.

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   What that really says is that ultraviolet   lens all have the ability to filter UVA,      the glands inside my body know whether
isn’t the culprit.                             UVB, and UVC, respectively. And so, we        it’s day or night. They know whether this
   It may be the messenger. But if the         have a built-in mechanism for regulation,     is winter or summer. They know whether
toxicity of your body is high, you’re          that has been built-into our body.            this is West Coast time or East Coast
going to have a higher chance of getting          So, I’d say that our biggest problem is    time.
skin cancer—melanoma or basal-cell                            ,
                                               LACK of UV not OVEREXPOSURE to                   So, this body-clock is affected by the
carcinoma.                                         ,
                                               UV unless you’ve got a big hole in the        light that comes in. And I can easily
   And why do the office workers have          ozone layer somewhere, like in New            avoid jet lag when flying to the East
more toxicity? Well, they’re around their      Zealand, Antarctica, and parts of             Coast by faking my body-clock out.
computers; they’re around fluorescent          Australia. There you have to regulate            The idea on jet lag is that your
lighting; they have AC current going           how much exposure you do get,                 hypothalamus gland, or your body-clock,
around their desk; they have an air-           especially if you’ve got a toxic body.        is regulated by the time the light hits it.
conditioned building with bad air; and            Martin: When light is absorbed in the      When you’re dealing with jet lag, and
their food is highly suspect, because          body, what roles do melatonin and             you’re going from, say, West Coast to
they’re on the run, so you go to fast-         seratonin play?                               East Coast time, there are 3 hour
foods.                                            Olszewski: Let’s go back to that           differentials going that way. The Sun
   So, basically, office workers are in an     statement I made about 98% of Sun             actually rises earlier in the East, and
environment whereby the toxicity of            coming into the body is through the           therefore, your biological clock needs to
their body builds up so quickly that           eyes, with 2% coming in through the           be reset from West Coast time to East
when they go out for fun on a weekend,         skin.                                         Coast time.
into the Sun, that amount of ultraviolet          Let me talk about the skin, first. The        You know there are 3 time zones, and
coming down raises havoc with their            2% that hits the skin is absolutely           so what you want to do is to figure one
skin; whereas the construction worker, he      essential to produce Vitamin D, and           time zone per day. I would start re-
isn’t around all those toxic-producing         Vitamin D promotes calcium absorption;        regulating my hypothalamus by starting
agents, and as a result, he’s just soaking     and calcium, of course, is essential for      3 days ahead of time, and I would turn on
up UV  .                                       healthy bones and teeth. And so, the Sun      my full-spectrum lights or high intensity
   You know, a common-sense idea says:         hitting your exposed skin tissues             lights 1 hour earlier the first day, 2 hours
If we evolved as a species under sunlight,     produces all the Vitamin D. The body          earlier the second day, and 3 hours earlier
and UV was bad, then everybody would           can’t produce it any other way, except        the third day. And that way your body-
get skin cancer, and we as a species           interaction with sunlight on the skin.        clock has started moving toward New
would disappear—yet we’re still here.             We found a lot of studies, in schools,     York time. By the time you fly then,
So, you question that “UV is bad” line of      for instance, that started getting kids       which is usually the 4th day, you have
reasoning. You question those who get          out of fluorescent lights and no sunlight,    already regulated your body to East
the skin cancer, and you say: “What’s          and bringing in full-spectrum sunlights.      Coast time. And your whole biological
different in their life?” And it’s the         It helped their school, their studies, and    system is then acclimated, so you arrive
overall toxicity.                              everything else. But a real surprise          in New York, and you have no jet lag.
   I always refer to UV like the scales of     was, the amount of dental cavities went       And, of course, you reverse this going the
justice: blindfolded, but the scales of        down, dramatically.                           other way. If you are leaving New York
justice have to be even. If you have a            So, the full-spectrum sunlight             to go to Los Angeles, you actually want
toxic body and you get too much UV,            equivalent, the ultraviolet portion of it,    to turn lights on later, usually at night, or
yeah, you may get skin cancer. On the          was actually producing more Vitamin D,        in the morning; but you want to regulate
other hand, if you don’t get enough UV,        and these kids were getting stronger          it later.
especially in the northern areas of the        teeth.                                           So that’s the concept of regulating
United States (and of the world), then            People who are elderly, bone is starting   against jet lag, and that is simply
you’ll get Season Affected Disorder, or        to wear down and decompose, basically         knowing how many time zones you are
SAD, or depression during the winter.          they should be aware they need to get         jumping to, and turning lights on either
And that comes from a lack of UV     .         sunlight, or full-spectrum light, or          earlier or later, depending on which
   So, obviously, we don’t want too            certainly, in older age, get some Vitamin     direction you’re going.
much. We don’t want too little. But we         D supplement in there. But mostly they           Martin: And this is a function of the
need a reasonable amount that we’ve            need to be outdoors a little bit. And if      hypothalamus?
been getting, as a species, throughout all     they’re indoors, get them some full-             Olszewski: Yes, because the
these eons. And so, that’s my take on          spectrum light indoors.                       hypothalamus is, literally, the body-
ultraviolet.                                      So that’s a few comments on the 2%         clock. You can refer to the diagram
   Maybe we should offer just a little         that hits the skin.                           showing the pathway of light through the
discussion on UV. UV is made up of, in            Let’s go now to the big body of            body, and right as it comes in, it hits the
the wavelengths of UV there are really         sunlight, the 98% that enters through the     hypothalamus, and that IS the body-
three bands: UVA, UVB, and UVC [in             eyes. As it enters into the eyes, the key     clock regulator. So, all we’re doing is
terms of increasing frequency and              thing we’re interested in is the              faking-out the body-clock and saying
energy, and decreasing wavelength].            hypothalamus gland. The hypothalamus          “you are really on New York time” even
UVC is the caustic, bad one of the group,      gland really has three major purposes in      though you haven’t left Los Angeles.
but the ozone layer filters that out. So       life. It has more than that, but for our         So, light can be used to fool the body-
what reaches us, down here, is primarily       discussion of light and light therapy         clock and avoid jet lag. That’s a very
UVA and UVB, which is the ingredient           here, it really has three things:             practical application of light to this
we really need. And the body is an                One, it regulates your body-clock.         body-clock.
interesting mechanism here, especially         What does that mean? That means that             Now, the second thing the
the eyes—the retina, the cornea, and the       my body knows whether it’s day or night,      hypothalamus does is, it regulates the

PAGE 36                Toll-free: 1-877-280-2866      Outside U.S.: 1-661-823-9696          JUNE 2002
pineal, the pituitary, the other glands,       put in gas, you have oxygen coming in, Is there any question that you might
especially those which produce                 and what ignites it? Well, that’s the spark have about sunlight, what it is, or
hormones called melatonin and                  plug. So, the spark plug comes on, and anything that we’ve discussed that might
seratonin. Melatonin is produced at            puff, it explodes and creates energy. Your be a question mark in your own mind?
night. So, basically, when you sleep           cells—you breathe the oxygen, that’s the                Martin: I’ve always noticed, as a
eight hours, you’re in the dark, your          air your breathe; you eat your foods, backpacker for many years, and a
body produces melatonin. When you get          there’s your nutrient, that’s the gas, so to wilderness person, that whenever I’ve
up in the morning, and there’s sunlight,       speak; and what’s the spark plug? The been on one of those trips, I just always
sunlight enters the eyes, converts, shuts      spark plug, really, is sunlight. And so, feel better after spending hours and hours
down the melatonin, and the glands start       the hypothalamus converts light to in the Sun. I just flat feel better.
producing seratonin, for the next,             energy, and distributes it to all of the                Olszewski: Your body is soaking up
roughly, sixteen hours.                        cells in the body in order to spark the what it naturally is supposed to do, and
   So, your body is used to this hormone       nutrients, or the foods and the oxygen, it’s energizing all parts of you, and you
balance. Well, in Seattle, during the 93       and produce protein that makes cells happen to be exercising at the same time.
days of rain, people got virtually no          grow, and stay healthy, and reproduce.                  Martin: Right.
sunlight, and so their bodies kept                So, there you have a little bit of an                Olszewski: And so, you were getting
producing melatonin and started                overview of how light goes through the good oxygen flow into the body. You
precipitating even worse serious effects       body.                                                were out away from pollution. You were
of SAD, or depression, during the winter.         I’ll come back to John Ott here a little getting good air. My guess is you
Too much melatonin, not enough                 bit.      John Ott showed that with probably had some decent water with
seratonin, is part and parcel to seasonal      fluorescent light which was closer to the you, and you got the sunlight.
depression. All it takes is some sunlight      blue end of the spectrum, he could cause                You know, you’ve got to have good
into your eyes for a few minutes, and it       virtually all male offspring in test food, good water, good air, and good
shuts the melatonin production off and         animals. And if he adjusted the light. That’s our recipe for good health.
creates the seratonin.                         fluorescent lights to favor the red or pink             So you were a prime example of the
   Now, what did I do during the 93 days       end of the spectrum, he could produce good part of that. [Laughter] I like that.
that I was here? Well, I didn’t get any        nearly all females. And as we mentioned                 Any other questions, Rick?
sunlight, along with everybody else, but       before, a lot of standard fluorescent                   Martin: I know there are a lot of
I use full-spectrum light indoors. I put in    lights caused a higher than average people out there who have this
a couple of screw-in, full-spectrum bulbs.     mutation of animals.                                 misconception, I guess is the way to
One was strategically placed in my                Well, what this is telling us is that light phrase it, that sunlight is BAD. There is
bathroom. Because when I get out of my         has some tremendous effects on our such a fear now about the harmful effects
bed in the morning and I stumble all           reproductive system! And, in fact, in of the Sun. What you are saying runs so
around in the dark, I go into the              work up here in Seattle, women and contrary to all of the bad press that the
bathroom, and the first light I turn on is     couples who were having trouble Sun has gotten in recent years.
my bathroom light.                             conceiving, sometimes you could go in                   Olszewski: And an example of that is
   So, if I make that a full-spectrum bulb,    and analyze their home environment, the ultraviolet area. Today, ultraviolet is
instead of an incandescent, or a halogen,      change the lighting in it, and they started the bad guy, right? I mean, we talk about
or a fluorescent light, then this triggering   conceiving. So, what I’m saying is, if the how much ultraviolet, what kind of bad
light comes on, flashes into my eyes, and      studies show that artificial light can days we have. We even put a numbering
affects       the       body-clock—and         affect the biological
immediately shuts the melatonin off. I         systems of test
like to call a couple of full-spectrum         animals, it certainly         The Facts Of Light: Basic Light Concepts
light bulbs in your bathroom “the poor         can do the same in
man’s light box”. Instead of buying a          people.
$300-$500 light box that everybody has            We’ve got to be
seen in ads all over the place, that people    aware of artif icial
sit in front of in the mornings because        light. We have to
they have seasonal depression—the light        know what the
boxes are good, but a bulb in the              problems are with it.
bathroom is a low-cost way of stopping         And the only way
the melatonin immediately.                     that we can do that
   So, that is the second area of the          is to use a frame of
hypothalamus, and that is this regulation      reference that we’ve
of melatonin and seratonin in the glands.      just finished talking
And it’s so easy to regulate that by           about, and that’s
having either sunlight or full-spectrum        sunlight.
bulbs to work with, as a tool.                    Martin: That’s my
   The third thing the hypothalamus does       next question. What
is that it actually CONVERTS light.            are the harmful
Light is an energy source, and the cells       effects of artificial
in our body need to have an energy             light?
source.                                           Olszewski:                 Spectral Distribution Charts of regular (warm white and cool
   If I may use an analogy here, what is a     Before we move into            white) and full-spectrum fluorescent lights vs. sunlight.
cell like? A cell is like your automobile      that, let me ask you           Vertical axis is relative intensity; horizontal is wavelength of light.
engine. In your automobile engine you          a question, in turn.

JUNE 2002                  Toll-free: 1-877-280-2866          Outside U.S.: 1-661-823-9696                PAGE 37
system on it.                                  penetrates glass or plastic?                     I (E.Y.) have had all manner of eye and
  Martin: “They” are always saying:               Martin: Right.                             optical professionals over the last almost
“Never go into the Sun without full               Olszewski: Yet, you can go out and         thirty years—every time it’s time to make
sunscreen protection.”                         pay extra money to have your sunglasses       me a new pair of glasses—regard me as
  Olszewski: Some of those sunscreens,         and your glasses shielded with                a lunatic for trying to explain to these
Rick, have certain things, like PABA, and      ultraviolet protection. Whoa—was that a       so-called “professionals” the very
aluminum something, ok? But these are          great con-job?!        You just bought        important information that David
sunscreens. Sunscreens! I’ve seen              something that is happening anyway            Olszewski is sharing with you here. And
studies which show that sunscreen, just        with your glasses! [Laughter]                 even if you DO make it past the human
used by itself, not even used in the Sun,         [Editor’s note: The above is most          hurdles, it’s a real chore anymore to find
causes toxicity in the body, and a             certainly the shocking Truth with any         a reliable optical lab to grind lenses
susceptibility to skin cancer. If you just     PLASTIC lenses—used extensively these         from the “good glass” raw materials.
put it on and never go into the Sun.           days in prescription glasses and                 Of course, another avenue is getting
  Now, you’re told to put this stuff on, go    sunglasses: that they don’t allow as          rid of your glasses altogether through
out into the Sun, and what do you get? I       much as 1% of even the lowest frequency       proper eye exercises. But that’s a subject
believe your statistic rate goes really up     UV, the UVA, to get through, and              for another day!
on how much skin cancer you have.              essentially allow zero UVB and UVC.              And by the way—where else are you
You’re actually promoting more by using           However, glass is a more complicated       going to learn about this kind of
the products, than if you used nothing         case because there are different kinds or     “heresy”? Please help us to keep afloat
and let your tanning take care of that.        compositions of “glass” used in both          financially so that we can continue to
  Now, there are some really good              prescription glasses and sunglasses (and      provide such Truth that is so actively
natural products. The first one that           window glass, for that matter). The one       suppressed with disinformation!]
comes to mind is an aloe plant, and aloe       called “crown” glass is perhaps the best         Martin: I know when I’ve always laid
leaf. You can get 100% pure aloe, and          for making prescription lenses, as this       out in the Sun, out in Nature, I’ve always,
you can put it on your body. So there are      particular composition of glass at least      almost intuitively, felt like the Sun was
a lot of natural ingredients here.             allows the passing of some UV through         being absorbed into my body through
  You know, there’s a big business.            the lenses (especially the most-healthy       the skin. I never really was conscious,
Remember I said ultraviolet never              UVA) and thus into the eyes.                  until this material, that it is through the
                                                                       If you could find a   EYES that it is mostly absorbed!
                                                                     lab to manufacture         Olszewski: [Laughter]
 The Spectrum Of Electromagnetic Energy                              lenses from pure           Martin: What a concept. I, for one,
                                                                     “fused      quartz”     wear sunglasses. And I wear glasses,
   Wavelengths                           Phototherapy consists glass, then the UVA           corrective lenses, all the time, usually
   measured in Gamma Rays             of     the     therapeutic transmission would          glass.
   Nanometers                         application of sunlight,
                                      non-visible ultraviolet
                                                                     be excellent and           Olszewski: So take your glasses off
      (nm)       X Rays
                                      light (UVA), visible even the shorter-                 and do a little sunbathing through your
          0.1                         spectrum light (non- wavelength                UVB     eyes.
                                      coherent colored light), transmission would               Martin: Right.
                                      and laser light (coherent be pretty good. You             Olszewski: Sunglasses are still good,
                                      light within the red and don’t want too much           Rick. I always say there are three reasons
                  UVC                 infrared portions of the of this UVB anyway.           to wear sunglasses: glare, glare, and
                                      spectrum).                     (And you don’t want     glare.
                        Ultraviolet      UVA:         (longwave any UVC, which is               Martin: If people go out and are in
                                      ultraviolet) stimulates the mostly blocked from        the Sun for an hour or two a day, and
                                      production of vitamin D the planet’s surface           they’re wearing glasses, they’re not
                          Light       and calcium and is used by the ozone layer.
          290                                                                                getting the full benefit of that light.
                                      with      and      without
                  UVB                 medication to treat a Even fused quartz                   Olszewski: They are getting some, but
          320                         variety      of    medical won’t transmit any          they are certainly not getting all of the
                                      conditions.                    appreciable amount      benefits you need, and therefore that area
                  UVA                                                of UVC.)                of your body that relies on those missing
                                         UVB: (midwave UV)
          380                                                          But again, the        frequencies coming in, for their health,
                                      and UVC (shortwave
                    Visible Light     UV) are potentially public has been                    they are being short-changed.
          780                         harmful and have been brainwashed into                    Martin: I heard Andrew Weil, M.D.,
                                      implicated in skin cancer thinking              that   the other day on one of the television
                                      and cataracts.                 avoiding even UVA       channels, and he was talking about his
                      Infrared           Sunlight reaching the is the healthy path,          lifetime optimal exercise program, which
                                      Earth is composed of even going so far as              was: walking 45 minutes a day. Well, the
                     Radiation        UVA, very little B, and no to heavily promote          side benefit of walking 45 minutes a day,
                                      C, and light within the plastic lenses with            OUTSIDE, is also getting light.
                                      visible spectrum and all manner of scare                  Olszewski: Absolutely, getting that
    1,000,000                         near infrared.                 tactics. So how do      sunlight!
                   Microwaves            Infrared light also has you            generate        Martin: We don’t hear about that.
                   Radio Waves        therapeutic applications; enough demand for               Olszewski: No. If you want to keep
                                      produces heat and is “good                   glass”    your body healthy, you’ve got to get
                                      used in physical therapy
                                      and color-puncture.
                                                                     products? Through       daily quotas of GOOD sunlight—not
                                                                     education like this!    polluted sunlight. You need your time

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element, that 30 minutes to 2 hours, and         Martin: I can use
it’s got to be GOOD sunlight. Try to get
out of the pollution, if you can.
                                              myself as a typical
                                              example of an office         Types and Uses of Light
   There’s another item that’s very           worker, who for
common sense, but these are things that       years has worked Sunlight is the only light that is normal. Sunlight contains
people don’t really realize, and that is      under fluorescent balanced proportions of the entire color spectrum and has a
that your immune system is tied to your       lights. Whenever I slight elevation in the blue-green wavelengths.
amount of sunlight coming in. There are       have                the Artificial lighting is abnormal.
a lot of ways to define what an immune        opportunity, I will
system is, but when you boil it down to       unscrew a bulb or Incandescent light produces a very skewed color
the basics, it’s the number and condition     two, and work under distribution that is high in the infrared, red, orange, and
                                                                       yellow, with little blue, purple, and essentially no beneficial
of your blood cells: your red cells, your     l e s s - b r i g h t UV frequencies. Some companies advertising full-spectrum
white cells, your B and T cells. B and T      fluorescent light. incandescent lights are not, in fact, full-spectrum but color-
cells are sort-of like the soldiers, the      [Laughter]               corrected incandescents, such as the neodymium bulbs that
killer cells that go after parasites and         Olszewski: And lack certain reds, the far blue, and UV. The only true full-
bacteria and viruses, etc. And the white      your body feels spectrum lights are made as fluorescent tubes and not as
cells are, of course, disease fighting and    better.                  incandescent bulbs. However, John Ott offers a full-
clean-up. And then, the red cells carry          Martin: And my spectrum fluorescent, complete with built-in electronic
most of your oxygen.                          body actually feels ballast, that fits into incandescent (screw-type) fixtures.
   Well, together, this swat-team in there    better.                  Incandescent lights are not energy efficient, as 80% of the
is your immune system. Now, the                  Olszewski: So energy produced is heat and only 20% is light. Fluorescent
immune system—common sense says,              now we’re going to lights are just the reverse and remain much cooler.
when viruses are more dormant, and            talk about why that Halogen lighting is unusually high in frequencies from the
bacteria are more dormant, is in cold         happens. Now we’re yellow to the red end of the spectrum. Its brightness can
weather. Well, that’s the winter. But         going to dissect produce glare and even harmful levels of certain “bad” UV
during the winter we catch most of our        artif icial light, a frequencies and should have glass in front of the exposed
colds and flus. Why are we catching           little bit, and we’re filament to be safe. Indirect, as opposed to direct, use of
those during the winter, when the bugs        going to use a point- halogen light is better.
are, more or less, dormant? The reason is,    of-reference, always, Traditional fluorescent bulbs such as cool white, warm white,
our immune system went down so fast           to sunlight. Keep in soft pink, also have a skewed spectral distribution in which
that half-dead viruses and bugs can get       mind the little certain yellow-orange colors are over-represented while still
into our body!                                visual bar-chart that missing proper blue-violet and near UV frequencies. An
   Why is our immune system dropping          I was talking about elevation in the yellow range may lead to hyperactivity of the
so low in the winter? It’s because we’re      that shows all the nervous system and eye strain. When exposed to artificial,
not getting enough sunlight in the            different colors that non-full-spectrum fluorescent lights, some people complain
winter. So, basically your immune             are contained in of migraines, physical and mental fatigue. Observations by
system is a barometer that’s tied to the      sunlight, and how John Ott nearly thirty years ago found that animals exposed
amount of sunlight you’re getting. The        close they are to to imbalanced lighting that was high in the infrared, red,
less sunlight you get, the lower your         each       other     in orange, pink frequencies developed a variety of stress
immune system drops during the winter.        strength           and symptoms, including: tumors, hair loss, and arterial plaques.
In the summer, you’re getting a lot of        volume.                  Full-spectrum fluorescents: The best lighting (full-spectrum
sunlight. The viruses and the bacteria are       I like to talk about fluorescents) and the worst lighting (non-full-spectrum) are
very strong, very dominant during the         3 types of artificial both fluorescent, depending on the spectral qualities of the
summer, but we don’t catch them. Why?         light: incandescent, light used. What makes a fluorescent bulb full-spectrum is a
Because our immune system is peaked-          halogen,           and special mixture of phosphors. Full-spectrum lights are
up, it protects us.                           fluorescent.             excellent for reading (the light is absorbed by paper, thereby
   One of four suggestions here on the           Anybody who is eliminating the glare created by yellow-type lighting) and
immune system is: it’s tied to the amount     reading this article any type of work that demands attention to detail. They
of sunlight you get. You want a higher        is probably under a provide accurate color rendition, decreased eye strain, as
immune system? You, basically, get more       light. And when well as a host of mind-body health benefits.
sunlight. And remember: you don’t have        they look at that
to stand in the Sun. All you have to do is    light, basically most of them will have an tungsten filament in it—the tungsten
be outside of a box—be under a tree, or       incandescent light. The rest of the produces a yellow that gives you some
be in your car with the windows open.         people will be under a halogen or a brilliance and brightness. But it also
Just get outside of those boxes—              fluorescent light. If I were to make a bar mimicked firelight and candlelight. So,
especially the glass boxes, as well as the    chart of the incandescent light, it would 100 years ago we created an
wooden and concrete ones.                     look like a stair-step. It would go from a incandescent tungsten-filament bulb to
   So, sunlight is tied to health. One of     very small amount of UV [with produce a yellow-orange color. And we
the ways to get your immune system up         successively a little more violet, still thought: “Wow, we did a good job. We
is to get sufficient sunlight into your       more blue, still more green], up to a have this light inside now.”
body.                                         pronounced yellow, then orange, and red.           Well, today I can tell you that the
   I think that’s a good place to end on         Martin: You’re talking about from like yellow-orange frequency is probably the
sunlight, and to get into artificial light.   an average 60-watt bulb?                        worst that you could put on the human
   I’m going to ask you the questions.           Olszewski: Yes, an average 60-watt body. [Laughter]
You’ve covered some very salient points.      bulb. You look at it and the color that            And so, we not only took the
[Laughter]                                    you see is yellow-orange. With a candlelight and the firelight, but we

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made it many millions of times brighter         and their skin tissues. If you want to         environment.
today. Just look outside on your streets,       prove this to yourself, you stay inside an        [Note: Since this interview, Gail and I
to those high floodlights out there. But        incandescent-light building for a half         attended the New-Age Expo in San
they’re millions of times brighter. So,         hour or so. And then you walk outside.         Francisco, where we purchased some full
we’re taking the worst frequency, and           The minute you get out of the artificial       spectrum lighting from Dave Olszewski’s
we’re making it brighter and brighter.          yellow-orange color, your body relaxes.        company, called the Light Energy
   Martin: Not only harmful to the body,           Now, most of us get out there and say       Company, for our living room and home
but talk for a moment about those people        “Oh, I love that sunshine; it makes me         reading areas. When our daughter, an
reading under these lights, and the effect      feel so much better.” But even if it were a    artist, returned home that first evening,
on the printed word.                            gray, cloudy day outside, the minute you       she walked into the living room and the
   Olszewski: Right, ok. Let’s take that        walked out of the artificial incandescent      first words out of her mouth were: “Wow,
yellow frequency and let’s ask: what does       light, your nerve endings would relax.         you’ve changed the light bulbs! It’s not
this frequency do?                                 People can prove this to themselves by      so dreary in here now. It looks good.”
   You just talked about reading. Most          just walking outside of the building,          And I can also fairly report that reading
people read printed material that’s on          anytime, and being aware of their body         under this full-spectrum light is crystal
white paper, with black or colored              stress releasing by simply going outside       clear, and NOT exhausting at all. We
printing on it, usually. Now, the yellow        of artificial light influence.                 really love this new light in our home
frequency from an incandescent light               Martin: Do you think there’s a              environment. — R.M.]
does not absorb into white paper. It            correlation between the stress and                Martin: Do you think there is a
bounces off as glare. So, immediately,          tension of artificial light and the need for   consciousness of this, say, among the
anybody putting a piece of paper under a        corrective lenses as a result?                 large computer f irms up there in
yellow-orange light will get glare. They           Olszewski: Absolutely. If you squint        Washington State?
told us, when we were kids in school,           your eyes long enough, you’ll be into             Olszewski: That’s a tough one to
“Always put the light behind your left          reading glasses. If you read under yellow      answer. We find that people worry about
shoulder.” Why did they tell you that?          light long enough, you’ll be in reading        glare from light off of computer screens,
To minimize the glare.                          glasses.                                       but in reality that is the least of the
   So, it’s interesting, when you go               I can tell you a short-term effect:         problems they should be concerned with!
outside into sunlight, and sunlight is full        You take any student in this country—          The awareness of yellow light is pretty
spectrum, and you try to read out there,        and these are studies that John Ott has        much with everybody. The question is:
there’s no glare off your paper, even           done a lot of, school studies—all he has       Do they really understand what’s taking
though there’s this bright, bright sunlight     done is change them from their                 place, and when they get out of it, or
out there. There’s no glare off your paper.     incandescent and fluorescent lighting          change it, what’s taking place in their
That’s because all the spectrum, a full         into full-spectrum lighting. And what          physical body? I’d have to say no,
spectrum like that, absorbs into paper.         happens? There’s no glare off the paper.       generally speaking—people are not
And there’s not an over-abundance of            These students can read without                aware enough of full-spectrum light as a
yellow or orange. But in an artificial,         squinting, read and comprehend better,         good alternative to incandescent or
incandescent light, you have an                 and read longer, and score better on tests.    fluorescent.       I don’t believe that
abundance of yellow and orange, and             So, students who just moved from               awareness is high enough to even be
that bounces off as excessive glare.            standard incandescent and fluorescent          pitched, or sold, yet.
   Martin: What does yellow and orange          lighting into full-spectrum lights will           Martin: Let’s talk about the difference
do to the human body?                           expect their grade-point averages to raise     between buying a 60-watt bulb at the
   Olszewski: That’s the second biggie.         a half a grade-point over their entire         grocery store, and buying a 60-watt, full-
There are two points about yellow light.        school career.                                 spectrum bulb.
The first one is obvious. You just turn an         To the average adult who’s already out         Olszewski: Can I hold on that one for
incandescent light on and off, and your         of school, you’ll be able to read your         just a second?
eyes squint. Well, that’s part of glare, not    novel, or even this article that you’re           Martin: Sure.
necessarily bouncing off paper, because         looking at right now, you can read it             Olszewski: Just long enough to cover
you can just look at an incandescent            under full-spectrum light without falling      some other points. We’ve covered
bulb and your eyes squint. So, it causes        asleep.                                        incandescent, and I’m going to
the eyes to contract, squint. And right            Martin: I was just going to say, the        summarize, or make a few comments, on
along with it, the rest of the body has         other outcome from stress and tension          halogen. If an incandescent is a bad
nerve endings all over the exposed skin.        would be exhaustion.                           light because of its color, then a halogen
Well, you have nerve endings all over,             Olszewski: Yes, and falling asleep.         is a very bright, bad light. Ok?
but where you have exposed skin, the            The amount of stress from yellow light is         Martin: Ok! [Laughter]
nerve endings contract when yellow-             low but continuous. As long as you’re             Olszewski: It produces the same kind
orange light hits it. So, what have I just      under artificial light, you’re under these     of yellow-orange frequencies. The
done to every piece of tissue that is           stress sources.                                problem with incandescent, also—not
exposed, that doesn’t have cloth on it? It         So, you’ve got to do something about        only is it the yellow light that comes out,
causes it to contract, and it stays             those, once you understand what they’re        but you know how hot they are.
contracted until you get out of the light.      doing. And one of those things is to get       Incandescent lights are hot!
   And so, what is contracted nerve tissue      out into the sunlight.                            Why are they hot? Well, your 60-watt
called? It’s called stress—stress and              The other thing is to get rid of the        bulb that you referred to actually
tension.                                        yellow light.                                  consumes 60-watts of heat, or electricity.
   Now, people always tell you “These              And the third thing is: if you can’t get    And those bulbs will typically burn out
nice yellow lights, they remind me of           rid of it, compensate by bringing some         after a relatively short period of time
firelight.” But it really stresses their eyes   sunlight or full-spectrum light into your      because of running hot.

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   So, heat and electricity cost you.        glow and thus produce light.                  problem.
   You guys down in California know the         Well, if you use only a certain type of       Number two problem is that, being a
cost of electricity better than just about   phospher, it only produces a certain cathode-ray device, it actually produces
anybody else in the country! Your 60-        color, like yellow. But if you add more radiation. And most fluorescent lights
watt bulb is costing you 60 watts of         phosphors, a wider spectral range of produce radiation in two places: first is
electricity. When we, later, get to full-    phosphors—and incidentally, more in the ballast. A ballast is a power
spectrum light, you’ll realize that they     expensive phosphors—then when the supply, usually in the middle of the
run on 1/6th of the electricity, and         electrons hit the phosphors, they create a fixture. If you can visualize a typical
they’re cool, with no real heat coming       wider range of wavelengths or colors.         fluorescent fixture with 2 or 4 bulbs in it,
out of them.                                    That’s how you can simulate sunlight. right in the middle of it, that you can’t
   In parting, one last comment on           You must have the fluorescent tube see, is a power supply called a ballast.
halogens: When the original halogen          technology to create a wide enough That’s what powers these fluorescent
lights came out, they had pretty much        range of wavelengths to simulate lights.
open or exposed bulbs. Then, later, they     sunlight. You can’t really do that in an         And then, the second place producing
added a protective glass shield across       incandescent or halogen bulb.                 radiation is at the cathodes, which are at
them. And a lot of halogens are pointed         You need to have fluorescent each end of the tube; they’re producing
away from where the readers are. They’re     technology to make true full-spectrum the electrons.
suppose to be pointed up to the ceiling,     lighting.                                        Now, as John Ott found out, if you take
and away. If you’ve got them, that’s the        BUT—as I’m about to tell you, a fluorescent light, even a good one, and
way you should use them. But the             f l u o r e s c e n t
halogen light originally produced a very     technology, in my
heavy amount of ultraviolet. And, of
course, I believe from a safety stand-
                                             estimation, is the
                                             worst lighting in the      THE LIGHT CHOICE FOR YOU:
point, afterwards they added glass to the    world!
halogens. You know that [some] glass            So, we have to         L              C                 L
                                                                       IGHTSTYLE HANGES TO IGHT P OUR IFE        U Y           L
blocks [some] UV So, with a glass over a     understand not only EXPOSE YOURSELF TO MORE NATURAL LIGHT
halogen light, you’ve [perhaps]              what makes it bad,
contained the ultraviolet problem. And       but we have to be • Spend more time outdoors.
if you ever see a halogen light with no      able to correct that,      We only need 30 minutes of exposure to spring or
glass over it, you don’t want to be around   in order to make a         summer sunlight to produce adequate daily vitamin D
that, because it’s producing a tremendous    vehicle for full-          levels.
amount of ultraviolet.                       spectrum light.            Each 30 minutes of outdoor exercise on a dreary winter
   Now, I’m done with halogens, so let’s        Martin: And is          day gives the equivalent of a daily session of
move into fluorescents, which is my          this because of the        phototherapy (the idea being to supplement and not
favorite.                                    gases involved?            replace phototherapy).
   Martin:         Before you get to            Olszewski: No,          Fair-skinned people can receive regular dosages of
fluorescents, again now, why is UV           actually the gases         sunlight in spring, winter, and fall, and even in summer
harmful?                                     are the least of the       if exposure time is in the early morning or early
   Olszewski: I mean [the very short         problems. But here         evening. Walking in the morning or afternoon is the
wavelength, high-energy] UVC, because        we go; here are the        best time, when light is the brightest.
the halogen lights produce not only UVA      f l u o r e s c e n t • Take winter vacations to sunny destinations in low
and UVB, but also the UVC. And               problems:                  latitudes with longer and brighter daylight exposure.
remember I said that UVC was the caustic        First of all, they • Relocate to sunnier winter climes.
UV that was filtered out by the ozone        use     these      less
layer.                                       e x p e n s i v e CHANGE INDOOR LIGHTING TO APPROXIMATE
   Martin: Right, ok.                        phosphors          that NATURAL DAYLIGHT
   Olszewski: So, here was a light that      produce, primarily, a
was actually producing UV I don’t really
                            .                yellow-orange light, • Use full-spectrum fluorescent light in order to optimize
                                                                        activity level and mood. This is the nearest thing to
know a lot of the early stages of the        just               like    sunlight in terms of spectral distribution and brightness.
halogen development, but I sure was          incandescent. So,
glad to see glass over it.                   the same problem • Use color-corrected incandescent lamps such as
   Martin: Ok, now to fluorescent bulbs.     that I explained           neodymium “full-spectrum” bulbs or spotlights corrected
   Olszewski: Ok, on to fluorescents.        about orange-yellow        with blue filters.
Fluorescents are particularly important to   light,            with • Keep in mind UV in the right dosage may be beneficial
us, here.                                    incandescents and          for health.
   Martin:       Don’t they have pink        halogens, applies to
fluorescents and blue fluorescents?          most fluorescents. REMODEL TO ENCOURAGE MORE NATURAL LIGHT
   Olszewski: Oh, they have every color.     They produce a bad • Add non-tinted skylights or windows that bring in more
See, a fluorescent light is really a tube    color, just as bad as      sunlight.
f illed with gases and coated on the         the other bulbs. The • Use light-colored paints and carpets inside and out to
inside with phosphors. You know what a       only thing is, it’s not    reflect more light inside. White or cream colored walls,
cathode-ray device is? That’s a computer     as hot, and it doesn’t     ceilings, and floors reflect 60-70% of the light shined on
screen and a TV Well, a fluorescent light    use      as     much       them.
is really a cathode-ray device. It           electricity. But it is • Use mirrors to reflect more light and also give a sense
produces electrons inside that move          a bad color. So,           of spaciousness.
outward and hit the phosphors, which         that’s number one

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you place it directly over seedlings, a        threshold of what we can see, and just          cost—though those who had them were
whole tray of seedlings, so the seedlings      irritates us no end.                            simply in love with the beautiful light
run the entire length of a fluorescent            So, a fluorescent light, basically, has      they produced. I tried to convince them
tube, the seedlings at the center will die,    (1) the wrong color, (2) it flickers, and (3)   to persist with DC.
and the seedlings on each end will die,        it has radiation out the ends and at the           Well, as usual, money talked the
and the seedlings in-between those spots       power supply.                                   loudest, and DC was abandoned for
will actually grow.                               Now, how do you correct that?                high-frequency AC. At the time, I was
   Now, why are they dying on the ends?           You add more [expensive] phosphors to        going to wire-up my own DC fixtures for
Well, the ends produce “soft” x-rays, and      the inside surface of the fluorescent tube      my office and laboratories at Stanford
“soft” x-rays are, of course, an x-ray         so you produce a wider range of colors to       University, but the project got larger
radiation.                                     simulate sunlight. That gets rid of the         than I had time to pursue amidst other
   [Editor’s note: The term “soft” x-rays      color problem.                                  pressing matters.
means that the radiation is more mild in          We all know that lead is what they put          Perhaps one of these days someone
nature (this refers to the frequency or        on us when we go to the dentist to              will decide to make true DC fixtures
energy, and perhaps the intensity level)       protect us from the x-ray machine. So           again to power the full-spectrum tubes.
than is the case with “hard” x-rays,           you can get some very thin lead tape and        It’s certainly well within our technical
which more completely damage cellular          wrap it around the ends of the tube, and        means these days to go that route
structure and penetrate much further           that will shield against the “soft” x-rays      without being too expensive.]
into various materials than do “soft” x-       coming out.                                        And so, when you’re dealing with full-
rays.]                                            How do you get rid of the flicker?           spectrum bulbs, essentially you’re taking
   The reason they are dying in the            Well, instead of a magnetic ballast             fluorescent technology and you’re
middle is because the radiation from the       designed to operate at our 60 Hz AC             correcting all of those things. You’re
power supply is producing radio-               power, you install a 25,000 Hz electronic       using an electronic ballast, you’re using
frequency waves from what is called a          ballast. So, you’ve switched it from a          shielding at the ends of the tubes, and
magnetic ballast, which is a normal one.       magnetic to an electronic ballast, and          you’re using more phosphors in it, so you
You can take any kind of measuring             you’ve kicked the flicker rate way up.          have a full-spectrum fluorescent.
device for radiation and put it near a         So, for all intents and purposes, it looks         You can replace your 4-foot and your
fluorescent light, and you’ll get a            and acts like a DC light, with no flicker.      2-foot tubes, and any kinds of tubes that
significant reading; they produce a lot of        [Editor’s note: There is still plenty of     you have in an office, with full-spectrum
radiation.                                     room for debate about this matter, which        tubes. You can get screw-in bulbs that
   One radiation, then, comes out the          has been one of two paths under                 are fluorescents, that look like little soft
ends of the fluorescent tubes, and             discussion since the 1970s, when John           ice-cream swirly cones, I call them, and
another comes out of the typical power         Ott first started manufacturing his own         they can screw-in in place of any
supply in the fixture.                         design of full-spectrum lighting fixtures.      incandescent light that you have in your
   Also, the fixtures run on AC current,          One way to go is to power the tube           home.
alternating current, and thus the tubes        with DC, which obviously will produce              You can buy full-spectrum screw-in
flicker.                                       very even light intensity (no flicker) like     bulbs, desk lamps, floor lamps,
   [Editor’s note: Our American AC             sunlight is, or like your flashlight            fluorescent tubes. You can replace any
electrical power system runs at a              produces because it runs on the DC of           bulb in your environment, virtually,
frequency of 60 cycles per second or           batteries. This was John Ott’s original         except the halogen, with a full-spectrum
Hertz (abbreviated Hz). The fluorescent        fine design. In today’s age of cheap,           bulb.
tubes flicker “off” for awhile near the        sophisticated integrated circuit “chips”,          I’d like to come back, for a minute, to
zero-current point between each                this route would be more economical to          the x-ray radiation, because this is really
“positive” and “negative” half-cycle.          implement than it was back in the 1970s.        particularly important. X-ray radiation—
Thus their flicker rate is 2 x 60 = 120           The other way to go—apparently the           we’ll come back to John Ott, again. John
cycles per second.]                            way that won out—is to employ high-             Ott has shown some studies, it’s just a
   Your eyes are capable of seeing up to       frequency AC electricity, like Dave just        wonderment to look at some of the
about 45 pulses a second, and then,            described above, to “simulate” the tube         results of these studies. He showed that
anything above that you can’t really see       operating in a DC-like mode. There              the x-ray radiation, the “soft” x-rays
individually [blurring together like the       would definitely not be any flicker of the      coming out of cathode-ray tubes,
individual frames comprising a movie           tube at such a high frequency.                  fluorescent lights, computer screens, and
film], unless you move it quickly, or             However, there may be yet undetected         TV sets, the soft x-rays pierce the body,
strobe it, and then you can usually see it     detrimental effects produced with this          and cause the red cells in your blood
as dots and dashes of the light, which         method which stem from what could be            vessels to clump together. When the red
tells you it’s pulsing.                        simply called “electrical noise”                cells clump together, they restrict the
   Well, the flicker drives most of us nuts,   pollution of the high-frequency AC. The         oxygen flow. When you restrict the
especially when we see a fluorescent           concern here quickly moves into such            oxygen flow, you get tired and drowsy.
light getting dark on the ends [near the       matters as the HAARP system and                 So that means, if you’re within 3½ feet of
cathodes, usually from old age] and            cellphones and their towers and other           your fluorescent light, your computer
starting to flicker off for long enough        electrical sources which, on purpose or         screen, or your TV set, your body’s red
that it’s dropping below the 45 pulses per     not, cause disruptions of mind and body.        cells are clumping and restricting
second, and your eye actually sees it.            The last discussion that I (E.Y.) had        oxygen flow.
   But even a new fluorescent will still       with the manufacturers of full-spectrum            Now, you can’t stop that, except
flicker [as was explained above] so it         fixtures was back in the late 1970s. This       putting lead tape on it. Well, I can put
drives our subconscious nuts.             It   was when the DC-powered fixtures                that on a fluorescent tube, but I certainly
produces this flicker not far above the        were’t selling very well, due to their high     can’t put lead tape on my computer

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                                                  THE INDIGO CHILDREN
screen or my TV—I wouldn’t be able to
see it.
   So, you can’t stop it, and therefore,
how do you counteract it? What opens
the red blood cells in the body? What            The New Kids Have Arrived
unclumps them?
   Sunlight. If you get up from your desk
                                                 by Lee Carroll & Jan Tober
and walk outside for just a few seconds,        (Featured interview in the March 2000 issue of The SPECTRUM.)
the light entering your eyes enters your           The “Indigo Child” is a boy or girl who displays a    • Why are so many of
bloodstream and opens up the clumping,          new and unusual set of psychological attributes             our brightest kids
and oxygen proceeds to flow through the         revealing a pattern of behavior generally undocumented      being diagnosed with
bloodstream.                                    before. This pattern requires parents and teachers to       Attention Deficit
   Now, if you don’t want to get up every       change their treatment and upbringing of these kids to      Disorder (ADD)?
15 minutes and go outside, you could            help them achieve balance, harmony, and avoid            • Are there proven,
put a full-spectrum light anywhere              frustration.                                                working alternatives 249 pages $13.95 (+S/H)
around you, in that room, around that              In this groundbreaking book, international authors       to Ritalin?
computer, around those fluorescent              and lecturers Lee Carroll and Jan Tober answer many of      Throughout this work, Carroll and Tober brings
lights, and the full-spectrum light will do     the often-puzzling questions surrounding Indigo          together some very fine minds (doctors, educators,
what the sunlight does. It will go in           Children:                                                psychologists, and more) who shed light on the Indigo
through your eyes, and it will go into the      • Can we really be seeing human evolution in kids        Child phenomenon. These children are truly special,
bloodstream, and it will open up the               today?                                                representing a great percentage of all the kids being
bloodstream, and the oxygen will flow.          • Are these kids smarter than we were at their age?      born today on a worldwide basis. They come in
   So, the cathode-ray tubes that we’re         • Why do a lot of our children today seem to be          “knowing” who they are—so they must be recognized,
worried about here are: (1) your                   “system busters”?                                     appreciated for their exceptional qualities, and guided
fluorescent lights, (2) your desk-top              This book is a must                                   with love and care.
computer screens.
   Now, laptops are different. They are            for the parents of unusually                           SEE NEXT - TO - LAST PAGE FOR ORDERING
liquid-crystal displays, so that doesn’t           bright and active children!                             OR CALL TOLL- FREE : 1-877-280-2866
cause a problem. Your high-definition
TVs are not a problem, those big, flat             Now, the digression here on a TV set:                    So, on one occasion we were
screens. It’s your standard TVs, your           This is really pertinent for the hospitals.              monitoring a person who was bored with
desktop computers, and your fluorescent         The studies made of brainwave patterns,                  their therapy they were in, and they
lights that aren’t shielded, that cause this.   the brainwaves emit, really, many waves,                                         .
                                                                                                         wanted to watch TV Well, since they
   It’s amazing to watch videos of blood        but the ones we’re concerned about are                   were on a portable unit, it didn’t matter
when people have spent 5 minutes in             those that are called beta, alpha, theta,                where they were, so we said “Go ahead
front of a video-display terminal; their        and delta. There’s a lot of published                    and watch TV  .”
blood clumps. Yet, 5 minutes in sunlight        material on these brainwave patterns, and                   You turn the TV set on—and, a TV set,
with UV or full-spectrum light with some        sleep patterns, and alpha states, over                   being a cathode-ray device, actually puts
UV—it’s the UV that is really the key           times. I’m sure you’ve heard those terms                 up a lot of little pixels or little dots on
part here—the UV will open-up the               used before—beta, alpha, theta, and delta                the screen. It’s just like a picture, a TV is
blood, almost immediately, and the cells        waves.                                                   just like a picture. It’s made up of little
will come apart, unclump, and the                  There’s work out there that is trying to              dots that are very close together, and
oxygen will flow through.                       analyze brainwave patterns to see if you                 these dots are different colors, and shades
   Martin: I know that you mentioned in         can diagnose illnesses by the pattern. If                of color, or gray and black, and that
your lecture, which I heard on tape prior       you put a radio transmitter on your head,                makes the image on the screen. So, a
to this interview, that TVs are in every        you can transmit your brainwave patterns                 picture on a computer, or on a TV, is
hospital room.                                  and you can pick them up on a monitor.                   really made up of many, many dots,
   Olszewski: [Laughter]                        So, you can track your beta, alpha, theta,               refreshing the screen, rapidly.
   Martin: And isn’t that an interesting        and delta waves, online. You can                            And it turns out that the refreshing
place?                                          actually watch a person’s brainwave                      rates on the computer monitors, actually,
   Olszewski: Yes, and as long as I’m on        patterns change, as they do different                    distort and interfere with your brainwave
the subject of TVs, may I digress a little?     things—as they concentrate, as they                      patterns. Most of us experience that as
   Martin: We can do whatever we want           relax, as they get tense, etc. And so                    sort of dumbing-down the brain, when
in this interview.                              they’re using brainwave patterns to try                  you’re in front of a TV. But the
   Olszewski: Great. TVs are—this type          and diagnose various conditions.                         seriousness of it is that the refreshing rate
of radiation of the x-rays, I’m talking            We came across an interesting                         interferes with the healing pattern of the
about, occur within 3½ feet. And with           happening: that when you are                             brain, and as a result, TVs can, literally,
most TVs, people tend to be further than        monitoring and the person starts taking                  shut-down healing by altering the
3½ feet away. But, with your computer           some kind of a therapy—whether it be                     brainwave patterns. For people who want
screens, you are not. You are, usually,         aspirin, or light, heat, anything—where                  to experience this “altering effect”, just
right up against them. Fluorescent lights       the therapy is beneficial to the body, the               watch TV for a few minutes, and then
can vary from 6 feet above you, to only 2       brainwave patterns change from heavy                     intentionally turn your head away, so
feet, or a foot, under your counter in front    beta state to a heavy alpha-theta-delta                  you don’t see the screen. It’s almost like
of you, where your desk is. So, you’re          state. We’ve come to look at this revised                you came out of a trance. This is the
going to be close to fluorescent lights         pattern as an indication the body is                     altering of the brainwave pattern.
and computer screens.                           healing.                                                    TVs will push you a lot into the beta

JUNE 2002                    Toll-free: 1-877-280-2866              Outside U.S.: 1-661-823-9696                      PAGE 43
                                                                                             put my hand under a full-spectrum light,
     LIGHT ABSORPTION BY THE BODY                                                            and it’s just like sunlight. I look natural.
                                                                                                In fact, by having those lights in my
                                                                                             bathroom, that I recommended earlier, I
                                                                                             can even tell my blue socks from my
                                                                                             black socks. I can’t do that under yellow
                                                                                             light, especially in the morning.
                                                                                                Martin: [Laughter]
                                                                                                Olszewski: Rick, let me ask you the
                                                                                             question, as I did before: do you have
                                                                                             any questions about artificial light or
                                                                                             full-spectrum light?
                                                                                                Martin:       Is there a signif icant
                                                                                             difference, in terms of negative effects, as
                                                                                             you increase wattage?
                                                                                                Olszewski: Yes—the brighter, the more
                                                                                             glare. And that’s an example of the
                                                                                             halogen being a brighter bad light than
                                                                                             an incandescent. The wattage also
                                                                                             consumes a lot of electricity and
                                                                                             produces a lot of heat. So, it costs more.
                                                                                             The bulbs last less time when there is
                                                                                             more waste heat generated. And the
                                                                                             brighter they are, the more glare when
                                                                                             the predominantly yellow-orange light
                                                                                             does not absorb in the paper. And then
                                                                                             there’s your body’s “tensing” reaction to
                                                                                             it, the nerve endings on your body.
                                                                                                So yes, the brighter you get, the more
                                                                                             annoyance, and that’s what we’re doing
  Light pathways from the eyes to visual cortex (sight), Hypothalamus (body clock),          as a society—producing brighter and
  and glandular system (and subsequent hormonal messages to organs).                         brighter light, but they aren’t adjusting it
  Diagnos-Techs, Inc. -Seminar 3/93                                   D . Olszewski          toward sunlight. They’re still staying on
                                                                                             this yellow-orange binge. Even some of
frequencies, where for healing you’re           fluorescent technology in order to get all   the fluorescent lights, I’ve noticed that
into the alpha, theta, and delta                of the frequencies that are inherent in      they’ve been going toward more yellow.
frequencies.                                    sunlight. So, by putting those in, we           See, a full-spectrum light is defined,
   So, back to the TV: not only does it         make kind-of a white-blue color,             technically speaking, as one that
put-out radiation, it restricts the oxygen      including ultraviolet. We keep the x-ray     produces 5000º Kelvin heat, with a
flow through the bloodstream, but it also       radiation at bay by putting lead             color-rendering index of 90 or higher.
alters the brainwave patterns associated        shielding around the ends of the tubes.      Those are two numbers that people use to
with healing. And that’s where my               We use a power supply or ballast that’s      indicate whether something is full-
comment about hospitals is so important.        called an electronic one, to eliminate the   spectrum light or not.
People have TV sets to pass the time in         flicker and other radiation.                    An average fluorescent light will have
the hospitals, and literally, that alters the      Now, as we all know, fluorescent lights   a CRI of around 75 or 80, and a Kelvin
brainwave pattern to RESTRICT healing.          are economical; they aren’t hot. They,       rating of 3500, instead of 5000. So,
That’s where the comment on the                 say, 150-watt equivalent output runs on      many lighting companies are starting to
hospital rooms came from.                       13-18 watts of power. So, you’ve almost      boost-up their Kelvin rating to 5000, and
   Martin: [Laughter] Now, back to full-        got a factor of 10 savings, in power. And    so they’re turning from a more yellow
spectrum light.                                 because they run cool, most of your full-    light to closer to white. But what’s
   Olszewski: Yeah, so now I think we’ve        spectrum bulbs will last anywhere from a     missing out of the spectrum are the
covered the radiation thing. Just to wrap-      5- to a 9-year period, depending on the      frequencies like ultraviolet, and THAT’S
up on the subject of the radiation that         type of bulb and the type of use that you    what distinguishes real full-spectrum
comes out of fluorescent lights and CRTs        have. You get the idea: they last a long     from just white.
and TVs: Lead shielding will stop them,         time.                                           Martin: Well, I notice, as I go to
but if you are exposed to them and it gets         Full-spectrum light then is, literally,   places to buy light bulbs, you don’t see
in the body, and it causes the red cells to     simulated sunlight indoors. And the full-    full-spectrum lights, generally speaking,
clump, the way you can counteract it is         spectrum type of light will reduce           unless you seek them out.
to get sunlight into your eyes, or to get       eyestrain, when you’re reading; it will         Olszewski: Exactly! And that’s
some full-spectrum light into your eyes.        counteract the radiation from the CRT-       because the public gets what they
   So, I think that brings us up to full-       type screens; it boosts your immune          demand, in a sense. And people don’t
spectrum light, now. We’ve touched a            system; and basically, you look pretty       know what to ask for, so they produce,
little on it, and I’ll try to tie it all        much natural under this, instead of the      primarily—
together:                                       yellow. I’ll put my hand under a normal         Martin: Cheap lights.
   Full spectrum light requires a               incandescent bulb, and I’ll look yellow. I      Olszewski: El-cheapo lights. And

PAGE 44                 Toll-free: 1-877-280-2866     Outside U.S.: 1-661-823-9696         JUNE 2002
when you buy el-cheapo, your health            returned items where “it didn’t look the     from the source only a relatively short
gets the effect of el-cheapo! Full-            same color when I got out of the store       distance.]
spectrum lights cost more money. A             that it did here” is the reason for the         But they both—lasers and LEDs—
fluorescent bulb, instead of costing $3 or     return.]                                     consist of pretty much a single
$4, will cost $12 - $16 for a tube. A bulb,       So, maybe market forces will drive this   frequency. Let me back up just a bit to
instead of being $2 - $3, will be closer to    before health forces. But as we educate      set the stage here:
the high $20s and $30. The higher cost         more people, hopefully we’ll drive-up           We’ve talked about sunlight
on these, in part, is because they don’t       the knowledge about what light does to       containing 1500 frequencies, and when
produce as many. As we demand better           your health.                                 we deal with full spectrum bulbs, we
light, they produce more, and the costs           And so far we’ve only talked about        talked about the bulb that contains close
can go down some.                              sunlight and artificial light. We can now    to 1500 frequencies in a fluorescent tube.
   Martin: And production and demand           move into the fun things of lasers and          Now, people have often heard about
are directly proportional to education.        LEDs.                                        color therapy, and light therapy, and their
   Olszewski: Absolutely. You’ve got to           Martin: How are LEDs different than       first thought of it is: “Well, oh yeah,
know what you need, and what you’re            lasers?                                      that’s blue and green and yellow and
getting, before you can demand                    Olszewski: Actually, they’re not. They    red.” Color therapy is often mistaken for
something different.                           both produce a very narrow frequency of      light therapy. Color therapy generally
   Martin: And, out there in society, as       light. The only difference is that laser     takes some kind of a light source, as
far as I know, nobody is out there talking     light is what is what is called coherent     white as possible, and then uses filters or
about full-spectrum light, unless you,         light, and an LED produces non-coherent      other forms of color to produce a red or
again, seek it out. As an average              light.                                       blue or green, etc., color.
consumer, I don’t hear about it.                  Martin: What’s the difference?               I’ll take the example of a flashlight
   Olszewski: No. And I’ll tell you an            Olszewski: You know how a laser           with a color filter on it. If I do that and I
interesting contradiction: If you go to an     beam stays focused, no matter how far        put a red filter over it, I produce about
animal store, that sells cats and animals      away you get? That’s due to being a          70-80 different wavelengths of red, all
of all kinds, and you go to any flower         coherent beam. It stays pretty much the      coming out at the same time. If I do that
store, or plant store, when you go in          same pin-point diameter, no matter           with the yellow and the green, I also have
these two kinds of stores, the first thing     whether you are 100 feet away or right       many, many wavelengths of each color
you notice is that their lighting is           out of the laser. But the light from an
different. No self-respecting owner of a       LED diffuses, it actually widens-out as
plant or animal store would have               you get farther away, like a flashlight or
anything but full-spectrum lighting in it.     any normal light source does. And that’s
   You go into any other store that deals      because the beam is noncoherent.
with the average human being, and you             [Editor’s note: Though this matter may
get this lousy fluorescent and                 have you a bit confused and guessing
incandescent light.                            what is meant, the technical property of      Over 6-hours
   So, people, if you don’t have access to     “coherence” has nothing whatsoever to
some good light—go to your local plant         do with how many drinks the light beam
store or your pet store and they’ll            has had. Rather, it has to do with—if           Current SPECTRUM
probably have full-spectrum light there!       you could freeze the light coming out of          subscribers save
[Laughter]                                     the source and examine it closely—the                 *$10.00
   Martin: [Laughter] That’s really            waves of light being all “in sync” and
funny—or pathetic!                             moving up and down in lock-step                 See and hear David Icke at the top of his form
   Olszewski: [Laughter] And, anybody          (“coherent”) like the people in the rows     as he presents six-and-a-half hours of incredible
who knows marketing and has colorful           of a well-trained marching band, versus      information before a sellout audience of 1200 at
displays will always have full-spectrum        being a jumble of out-of-sync waves          the Vogue Theatre in Vancouver, British
lighting, because it’s just like sunlight.     (“incoherent”) such as the marchers on       Columbia, Canada.
Anybody who has diamonds, and gems,            their very first day of practice.               You will laugh, you may cry, and you will be
will have them under full-spectrum                One EFFECT of the property of             on the edge of your seat as the fantastic story of
lighting. Anybody who does sewing will         coherence is that the light remains          true human history, and WHO really controls the
be under full-spectrum lighting.               “collimated” over large distances, as        world today, unfolds in Icke’s unique style, aided
   So, there are pockets out there, Rick, of   opposed to the way incoherent light so       by video footage and hundreds of illustrations.
people who know about full-spectrum            rapidly diverges as it leaves the source—       This is the presentation that the Illuminati (the
                                                                                            forces of global control) tried so hard to stop—media
lighting and do it. How would you like         like a bunch of puppies let out the door
                                                                                            interviews were cancelled; immigration officials turned
your product to have a yellow-orange           to play. That’s why you can aim a laser      up at the theatre to question his right to speak;
light, making it look yuckie, when you         at a target on the Moon, from the Earth,     pressure was applied on the venue to cancel the event
could put a full-spectrum light over that      and the beam diameter there on the           itself; and pies were even thrown at David at a book
same colorful product and it looks like it     Moon will only have expanded from, say,      signing by a rent-a-mob who ludicrously and
is out in the Sun?                             ¼ inch as it leaves the laser on Earth, to   outrageously sought to dub him a “racist”.
   [Editor’s note: If you look-up in fancy     about 2 inches at the Moon. That won’t          But nothing could silence him or break his
clothes stores or clothes departments of       happen with your flashlight, no matter       spirit—and here you will see the result.
fancy department stores, you’ll usually        how good is the reflector, because the         GET THIS 3-VIDEO SET (6-1/2 HOURS) FOR $59.95 (+S/H).
see a combination of lights to “simulate”      bulb is producing incoherent light, and       *CURRENT SPECTRUM SUBSCRIBERS PAY ONLY $49.95 (+S/H).
full-spectrum lighting—minus the UV            the beam rapidly expands—the technical            SEE NEXT- TO-LAST PAGE FOR ORDERING
component of true full-spectrum light          term is that it diverges—into a wider and        OR CALL TOLL - FREE : 1-877-280-2866.
sources. This helps to lower the rate of       wider beam diameter as you move away

JUNE 2002                Toll-free: 1-877-280-2866     Outside U.S.: 1-661-823-9696                     PAGE 45
coming out.                                              body.                                             LEDs for wound healing, and how it was
   In other words, it’s a color BAND, and                    Well, they were right. There ARE              also being used in cancer therapy.
it consists of anywhere from 50-200                      single frequencies in each color band                So, LEDs are starting to get a little bit
wavelengths of light. This is not                        that work better on the human body than           of play.
sunlight now.         Sunlight is 1500                   the entire color band, for that color. They          I think, at this point, I want to make
frequencies, but the color band may only                 discovered, literally, that the single            sure that we all understand what an LED
be 50-200, but they contain many                         frequency could alter cellular tissue.            is, versus a low-power laser. A low-power
frequencies.                                             That was the discovery.                           laser produces a single frequency; it’s
   Color therapy goes back to the ancient                    In the beginning, people would use            coherent; and it’s not strong enough to
Egyptians, where not only did they use                   lasers because that’s all that really             burn tissue but to stimulate tissue. A
sunlight, but they also used colors. We                  existed [to produce a single frequency of         light-emitting diode, for most of the
all know that when you paint walls                       color]. And they would take a “hot” laser         readers, are those little red, blue, green,
different colors, and we wear different                  [meaning high power, enough to burn               yellow lights that are in your stereo sets,
colors, we have different emotional                      the skin due to the intensity of the light]       your electronic equipment, your fire
responses—we feel differently. And                       and they would tone it down to what is            detectors, your car’s dashboard. LEDs
that’s because these multi-wavelength                    called a “cold” laser. So instead of              produce a single frequency of light, but
bands of many wavelengths basically                      cutting tissue, they would actually               the light is not coherent. They’re safe in
affect the aura around the body, the                     stimulate tissue. These are 50 milliwatts         the sense that you can shine them into
energy f ield around the body. It                        and less of power.                                the eyes, if you wanted to, safely; where
improves the emotions, it improves your                      So, when these things were used in the        you couldn’t/shouldn’t do that with even
mood, and it translates to a physical                    early days, they of course followed color         a low-power laser.
change in the body.                                      therapy and they started using individual            You know the people who give lectures
   The problem with using colors of light                wavelengths from the different color              and use these laser pointers? That’s a
for healing is that the technique, really, is            bands. But, because of the body’s                 low-power laser. But you don’t want to
not always repeatable because your                       hemoglobin, the make-up and chemical              point that in your eyes.
emotional state may change from today                    composition of cells in the body,                    So, LEDs are really quite safe
to tomorrow, and it may alter the way a                  working in the red range is much                  technology that, interestingly enough,
particular color is utilized by the body.                preferable. It has a faster response in the       has been developed over the years for
   So, color therapy is usually a                        cellular structure.                               purely commercial applications. Today
bandwidth of color and it affects the                        So, basically, most of the work with          they’re making signs out of LEDs, traffic
energy f ield of the body, affects                       LEDs and lasers have now been focused             signal lights out of LEDs, taillights on
emotions, moods, and often is used to,                   into the red and infrared range. Not that         cars out of LEDs.
subsequently, translate to physical                      the others don’t work, but in these ranges,          [Editor’s note: They also have a very
changes, or healing in the body.                         they just work faster, and quicker, and           long lifetime and won’t burn out, under
   Now, the Russians, in the mid-1960s,                  better.                                           normal use, in the entire lifetime of the
didn’t like this idea that it was not                        Martin: And again, LED stands for?            equipment they are part of.]
repeatable; they wanted something that                       Olszewski: Light-Emitting Diode.                 LED is a technology that has been
was. And they arrived at a conclusion                    Others are often referred to as Laser             with us quite awhile. The interesting
that if we could isolate a single                        Diodes.                                           thing is that they’re usually low power,
wavelength in each of these colors,                          To give you an idea of where things           they vary in the frequency that they
maybe we could repeat the effects on the                 have come, recently all over the country          output [their output light color is due to
                                                                                    there have been        the exact composition of the
  ...and the truth shall set you free                                               articles about how     semiconductor materials from which they
     David Icke exposes the real story behind global                                NASA has been          are made], and there exist LEDs with
 events which shape the future of human existence                                   using LEDs as a        suff icient power and the right
 and the world we leave our children. Fearlessly, he                                healing light on       wavelength to be used in medical
 lifts the veil on an astonishing web of interconnected                             wounds.      Space     treatment.
 manipulation to reveal that the same few people,                                   technology       has      There are no accidents in Nature. I
 secret societies, and organizations control the daily                              adopted the use of     think it’s interesting that some of the
 direction of our lives. They engineer the wars, violent                            LEDs, and I’ll come    mid-red-color LEDs, which are so
 revolutions, terrorist outrages, and political
 assassinations; they control the world market in hard                              back to this, but I    prevalent and available, are the very
 drugs and the media indoctrination machine. Every                                  just wanted to         ones that are being used primarily to do
 global negative event of the 20th Century, and earlier,                            point out that         most of the research and healing work.
 can be traced back to the same Global Elite, and                                   NASA has, in fact,        Martin: How is it possible for an LED
 some of the names involved are very well known.                                    been a spur, lately,   to be used along acupuncture meridians?
 Never before has this web, its personnel, and                                      to the average         We may not be there yet, in this
 methods been revealed in such a detailed and OVER 500 PAGES person’s knowledge                            conversation.
 devastating fashion.                                         $21.95 (+ S/H )       of what LEDs and          Olszewski: Actually, we’re not there.
     If you don’t want your view of life to be
 transformed, then steer clear of this book.
                                                                                    low-power lasers       But I’ll touch a little bit about the use of
     Icke reveals the esoteric background to the global conspiracy and offers an can do. One article       single-frequency light in acupuncture
 inspiring spiritual solution in which every man, woman, and child on planet Earth was actually carried    because, in this country, it started its use
 breaks free from the daily programming—the “coup d’état on the human mind”— in               National     on animals and in acupuncture before it
 and takes back their infinite power to think for themselves and decide their own G e o g r a p h i c ,    ever started moving into use on people.
 destiny. His words are designed to inspire all of us to fling open the door of the January       2001,       Single-frequency light, if it’s applied
 mental prison we build for ourselves, and to walk into the light of freedom.       where they talked      as a continuous beam, sedates an
   SEE NEXT-TO-LAST PAGE FOR ORDERING OR CALL TOLL-FREE: 1-877-280-2866. about the use of                  acupuncture point. It actually causes the

PAGE 46                        Toll-free: 1-877-280-2866           Outside U.S.: 1-661-823-9696          JUNE 2002
acupuncture point to sedate. But if you       to acupuncture, as
pulse this same frequency of light, if you    to how they use             THE EYES AND THE OPTICAL PATHWAYS
turn it on/off/on/off/on/off, like that, it   single-frequency
actually stimulates the acupuncture           light to stimulate or
point!                                        sedate             an
   Normally acupuncture would use a           acupuncture point,
needle; it would go deep and clockwise        and how they can
to stimulate, and it would go shallow and     measure this light
counter-clockwise to sedate. Most             through           the
acupuncturists would use this technique.      m e r i d i a n s .
   Well, single-frequency light actually      Keeping this in
duplicates the impact on an acupuncture       mind, and putting it
point; pulsed light stimulates, and           on the mental shelf,
continuous light sedates an acupuncture       we will come back
point.                                        to this later.
   So, single-frequency light was adopted        Now, instead of
as an alternative to needles and              t h r o u g h
moxibustion and other methods of              acupuncture, let’s
acupuncture treatment.           But the      just talk about how
interesting thing is that single-frequency    low-power lasers The eyes are an extension of the brain. Illustration by Bunji Tagawa.
light will actually MOVE along                and LEDs actually Reprinted from “Neurophysiology Of Binocular Vision” by John D.
acupuncture meridians or pathways.            work in the body.       Pettigrew, August 1972, Scientific American.
There are 14 main pathways on both               I think I should (In the book: Light: Medicine Of The Future)
sides of the body that go from fingertips     give you a picture
or toes, to organs.                           of what happens in the cells from a they’re like little radio receivers, and
   Martin: That is so incredible to just      technical or scientific standpoint, and they respond, not to multiple-frequency
conceive of being able to put a beam of       then come back and stylize it, and talk light, but only to single-frequency light;
light on a spot on the foot and have it       about it so that it is easier to understand. therefore, that’s an LED or a laser. And
travel through the body, and benefit the         Martin: Perfect.                             these little molecules are quite smart. If
heart, or whatever. That is just so              Olszewski: Ok. Various wavelengths you shined an LED or a laser on a
amazing—and yet, it’s not.                    of red light can easily penetrate the skin. healthy cell, the molecules don’t do
   Olszewski: Acupuncture meridians           They can stimulate energy production anything. I mean, they’re healthy, they
have been known for—30,000 years,             within the mitochondria. These are the don’t respond.
3,000 years, depends on who you talk to,      energy-producing powerhouses inside               But let’s say they’re damaged. Let’s
but certainly 3,000 years in China.           the cell. They actually enable the energy say that you knocked all the skin off
These meridians are known throughout          from food to be released and trapped as your knuckle, so it’s raw. Normally you
the body. There are 14 on both sides of       high-energy bonds called ATP. This is would heal, and depending on your state
the body. They’re like highways. And          adenosine triphosphate. It’s found in all of health, within 7 or 10 days. Basically,
acupuncture points are like little cities     our cells, and it releases energy needed if you took an LED or a laser, and you
on the highways. So, a lung can consist       to fuel all chemical reactions within the shined it for a few minutes on that
of a point that goes from your thumb into     body; thus, red light helps the body, knuckle, and you did that periodically
the lung, and there may be 26 lung            basically, create energy so every tissue throughout the day, it would speed up
acupuncture points, or cities, located        and organ system can run more the healing, or the production of protein
along that meridian. By actually putting      efficiently.                                    in the cells, and the cells would
the light on the end of the meridian, it         I’ll take another kind of a quote, too, a accelerate their healing up to about 5
can be measured going through the             little along the same lines: [This was times faster than normal.
entire meridian system, and up into the       mentioned earlier in this article, before         So, what you see, as you use the light
area of the organ.                            the interview began.] “LED technology on your knuckle, you could actually
   It’s easy to measure these because         works by delivering photons to the watch the skin grow between the
every light emits a single wavelength,        cytochromes in the cells’ mitochondria. treatments, every 2 or 3 hours. And so,
right? If you put a spectrometer on an        Cytochromes         are      light-sensitive the light literally serves as an activator
area of an acupuncture point, and you         organelles that act as an electron for the photoreceptor molecules, and
measure it, it will tell you what light is    transport chain, converting energy triggers the cells to do what they do
coming out. Well, if I put a 660 nano-        derived from the oxidation of glucose anyway—but do it faster.
meter wavelength light on my lung             into adenosine triphosphate, the                  And so the activator actually causes
meridian, and I measure the acupuncture       mitochondria’s fuel.           By directly the cells to move along their normal
points, I will see 660 nanometers             stimulating cytochromes with light, more repair process, and go back to a state of
registering on the instrument.                fuel is pumped into the mitochondria, normalization, as fast as possible. You
   On the other hand, if I put the            and thus throughout the cells, ultimately then view that as fast healing. It will
spectrometer on a large intestine             speeding up healing.”                           heal so fast on that knuckle that it won’t
meridian, right alongside of the lung            Now I’m going to translate that into an even have time to form a scab, nor will it
meridian, that I’m NOT putting light          easier way of understanding. Inside leave a scar. The light accelerates
into, it won’t register anything. So, you     every cell in your body there are little healing. And to do that requires a pulse
can actually measure the light moving         receptacles inside the mitochondria, and state, where the light turns on/off rapidly.
through the meridian system.                  they’re called photoreceptor molecules.           By shining light and allowing it to
   So, this is somewhat of an introduction    If you want to envision these things, penetrate into the body to a damaged

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area, the cells can speed up their healing.               cells are self-regulating; you can’t             working within the cell, immediately,
   Comparing using a laser to an LED, the                 overuse the LED light source; and you            rather than, as Finsen did, with a color
laser and the LED can stimulate about                     have no side-effects.                            that started at the energy field around the
the same rate today. But the safety of an                     Interesting about the use of red light—      body, went to the energy field around the
LED far surpasses the laser. An LED,                      I talked about it starting in mid-1960s          cell, and finally to the cell. Where today,
because of its non-coherent light, the                    with the Russians and the Czechs, and            with a single-frequency light source, you
cells, when they’re done healing, can                     accelerating in the 1980s and ’90s.              can go right into the cell mechanism to
actually switch-off, so you can’t overdo                  There was work by Finsen in 1894, where          effect a change. So, it’s faster, quicker,
it. And there are no side-effects with an                 Finsen used red and ultra-red rays to            and more repeatable, absolutely.
LED. But with a laser, the cells don’t                    promote rapid healing of smallpox                   As I pointed out briefly earlier, a lot of
have the ability to shut-off of their own                 lesions. He created red rooms, red light         LED and laser technology was first done
accord.                                                   treatment back in 1894.                          in veterinarian offices in this country,
   So, LEDs offer a great degree of safety                    Martin: Way ahead of his time.               and then acupuncturists got into it, and
over the corresponding “soft” laser light                     Olszewski: Way ahead of his time.            then it, naturally, moved out into use on
units, and the effectiveness is,                          And he did a lot of work with TB, I              individuals.       There was a lot of
essentially, the same.                                    believe, also. So, I like the work of            experimental use that was restricted by
   Now, this accelerated healing—I’m                      Finsen.                                          the FDA in this country. Recently, the
going to digress for a second. Why was                        Dr. Tiina Karu was the researcher I          FDA has started approving use of LEDs
NASA interested in LEDs? In space the                     referred to earlier, she did a lot of work in    on the human body. Well, LEDs have
body doesn’t heal. The body deteriorates                  Russia. And she was the basic person             been used on the human body for a long
under weightlessness—soft tissue,                         who would take what was originally               time, if you’ve ever been in front of your
muscle tissue, even bone tissue                           required as single-frequency coherent            computers, or your electronic devices
deteriorates. NASA was worried that if                    lasers, to point out and research the fact       with LEDs.
they get injured, their astronauts aren’t                 that it didn’t require the coherency. It            The FDA, about a year ago, started
going to heal up there. And so, they were                 just required that it be single-frequency,       approving general use of these as a
interested in something that could                        so these photoreceptor molecules could           “heating lamp”—it’s under the heating
accelerate healing, and overcome the                      respond. She was the one who, basically,         lamp designation. I think the things they
weightlessness of space.                                  came out and said: “You can do bio-              allowed them to do was to use it,
   So, that’s what started NASA involved                  stimulation without the use of lasers.”          primarily, for reducing discomfort,
with Dr. Whelan and the University of                         Martin: I’m going to sidetrack you           increasing circulation, and heating an
Wisconsin, in working with LEDs for                       here for half a second, and we can just          area. I think that’s the only thing that
NASA, specifically. And that was to                       put this on the shelf and get back to it.        could be said about it—which is
accelerate healing of tissue so they                          In listening to Shawn David Morton on        interesting, because here is one
would overcome this problem with                          Art Bell’s radio program the other night,        government agency saying that’s what
weightlessness.                                           and also the story I’ve just recently            you do with it, and another government
   Now, the same technology that they                     covered for our last issue, there is a lot of    agency, called NASA, talking about how
went to is available here on the planet                   concern and discussion about smallpox,           they’re using it for wound healing and
itself, to use all the time. You don’t have               and acts of terrorism involving acts of          cancer treating.
to be in weightlessness to use this                       chemical or biological warfare. Shawn               It’s like—ok, which agency is out
technology. So, basically, LEDs and                       David Morton was saying that he                  there?
corresponding lasers can be used.                         perceives a biological attack on the East           [Editor’s note: The above “puzzling”
   But the point I was trying to get across               Coast somewhere, perhaps Boston, in the          situation should come as no surprise to
is that lasers really have safety factors;                later part of May. Now, if there WERE            regular SPECTRUM readers. The FDA
they don’t last a long time; you’ve got to                such a thing, with something like                answers to the large drug companies, so
know what you’re doing with lasers; the                   smallpox, you’re saying the use of this          they have to find an inconspicuous way
cells can’t self-regulate. With a Light                   type of light could facilitate healing of        to “sort of” approve the use of LEDs.
Emitting Diode producing non-coherent                     those wounds. Is that correct?                   NASA, on the other hand, has no such
light, and thus much more diffused, the                       Olszewski: That’s correct. And that          attachment to the drug companies’
                                                                                    was what Finsen        monies and influence, and thus pursues
  Healing Codes VIDEO Set                                        (4-hours) did—well over 100               their research more single-mindedly.]
                                                                                    years ago—using           Anyway, because of the FDA approval
                       Could bioelectric technologies investigated during the Cold
                   War provide the most advanced form of killing, enslaving, and red light therapy.        now, I think LEDs will become a little
                   coercing billions of unsuspecting people worldwide? More Well, he didn’t have           more prevalent in use.
                   frightening: could infectious agents, including the “mad cow lasers and LEDs               In our company we use LEDs and we
                   disease” protein “prion” crystal, have been engineered to effect available. He was      went ahead and patented these devices in
                   a new insidious level of bio-spiritual warfare?                  working with some      several countries, specifically where we
                       Dr. Len Horowitz investigates 2000 years of religious and broader color band        thought devices would come out of:
                   political persecution and the latest technologies being used to of red, yet STILL       Japan, South Korea, where we patented
                   enslave, coerce, and even kill billions of unsuspecting people. getting results.        the use of LEDs as a safe replacement for
                       This work returns the most precious spiritual knowledge        And that brings us   low-power lasers in medical treating. In
                   and “healing codes” to humanity. It offers hope for the loving back to the comment      the United States, you can’t patent
                   masses to survive the worldwide plagues, famines, and that if you can                   claims, and you can’t patent an LED,
 VIDEO Tape set: weather changes that are now at hand. Healing Codes isolate that red color                which already had a patent on it. So, in
  $39.95 (+S/H) presents an urgent, monumental, and inspired work that will be down to a single            the United States, all you can patent is
                   hailed for generations to come.                                  frequency, then you    the design for a unit. You can’t claim the
SEE NEXT-TO-LAST PAGE FOR ORDERING OR CALL TOLL-FREE: 1-877-280-2866. can actually start                   LED. Other people have various patents,

PAGE 48                        Toll-free: 1-877-280-2866           Outside U.S.: 1-661-823-9696           JUNE 2002
like I do, in other countries, for the use of      Now, if you don’t
LEDs, as a safe replacement for lasers.
   So, it will exist in other countries a
                                                pulse the light at
                                                all, if you just make
                                                                            MERGING IRUSES          V                  - AIDS & E                     BOLA
                                                                                                 This is the first in-depth exploration
little bit more than it will in the United      it continuous, then                           into the origins of HIV and Ebola. Claims
States yet—until it becomes more widely         it has an interesting                         that these “emerging viruses” naturally
known and accepted.                             sedating effect. It                           evolved and then jumped species from
   I think if one were to go out and look       actually         does                         ape to man seem grossly unfounded in
at NASA, on their website, and looked at        reduce swelling; it                           light of the compelling evidence
some of the articles that have been             actually         does                         assembled in this extraordinary text.
posted, then you could start seeing some        reduce pain; and it                 D I O S Alternatively, the possibility that these
of types of things that—certainly if not        actually         does            A U P E bizarre germs were laboratory creations,
                                                                                   TA         accidentally or intentionally transmitted
in this country, then—in other countries        reduce        muscle
that it’s being used for. I thought I’d         tension.                                      via tainted Hepatitis and smallpox
touch a little on those.                           So, by simply AUDIO TAPES 3 HOURS: vaccines in the U.S. and Africa—as
                                                                          $19.95 (+S/H) numerous authorities have alleged—is                Over 590 pages
   By far, healing and accelerated healing      taking LED units,
seems to be the biggest use. And keep in        and using them on                             investigated herein.                         $29.95 (+S/H)
mind: units can be custom-made; once            a continual beam This book reviews the numerous viral vaccine studies conducted simultaneously in New
you know where your problem is, the             rather than a pulsed York City and Central West Africa by a narrow network of virologists working for major
                                                                       military-medical contractors under the auspices of the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and
idea is just to get the light to it.            beam, you can the World Health Organization (WHO). The text presents bizarre and horrifying facts about
   So, the key is: how do you make lights       produce pain relief. the biological weapons race of the 1960s and early 1970s when researchers developed
to get to various areas where there are         Then, you can start countless immune-system-ravaging viruses and experimented with antidote vaccines
problems?                                       using them, as we allegedly for “defense” and cancer prevention.
   One of the ways is to use those              said, in place of SEE NEXT-TO-LAST PAGE FOR ORDERING OR CALL TOLL-FREE: 1-877-280-2866.
meridians we were talking about, to get         acupuncture
light deeper into the body. The average         devices, to stimulate healing in the high-energy. In other words, it would be
LED unit has an effective penetration—          pulsed mode.                                              just like a magnet attracting it. Ok? So,
which means it influences the cells—up             We see a lot of activity in the area of when we think about foods, now, we are a
to about 1¾ inches deep. But, by                facial toning, and facial work, using certain vibration. We are, literally, a
arraying your LEDs in certain                   LEDs and lasers to regenerate cell tissue vibratory rate. Foods, of all types, are all
geometrical patterns, you can actually          to produce elastin and collagen and different vibrations. And nobody ever
ride the body’s energy pathways into the        smooth wrinkles out. The things that really stops to think: “How can you eat
body, and bigger units can get effective        ache a lot: skin conditions, arthritis anything that’s foreign, without your
penetrations ANYWHERE into the                  conditions, headaches, gums—we’ve body rejecting it?”
body—say 8 inches.                              seen a lot of both lasers and LEDs used                      Martin: Right.
   It’s interesting, you use light and you      for these.                                                   Olszewski: You know, just the basic
get it into larger arrays of LEDs, and you         Martin: Sinuses?                                       concept. How do you get a different
can actually penetrate through clothing,           Olszewski: Sinuses. Both types of energy-field into your body? Well, the
skulls, things like that. LED units will        allergies. I like to talk about allergies human body is usually a higher energy-
become—you know, they’re out there              because there are a lot of allergies out field, so when you introduce a low-
with single lights, and 3 lights, and 17        there. And to understand allergies a little energy field—
lights, and 23 lights, and 30 lights, and       bit, from an energy standpoint, airborne                     Martin: Like a dead animal, or
400 lights—so, they’re starting to              allergies are caused by very poor sinus cooked foods?
proliferate with different type of devices.     cells, not the reverse. In other words,                      Olszewski: A dead animal, or a
   But, outside of the United States,           allergens don’t create bad sinuses, bad vegetable, or a liquid, orange juice—
where we see most of the use of this, is        sinuses allow airborne allergies to occur.                   Martin: Other than a freshly picked
for pain relief and healing.                       If you have strong, healthy sinus cells, carrot, or something like that?
   The pain relief portion we haven’t           they will do their job just like an                          Olszewski: The carrot is the same
talked about, yet.                              immune system will. They will protect thing, it’s got a different vibration than
   Martin: Let’s talk about that.               you.                                                      you. It’s still not you; it’s a carrot. But a
   Olszewski: Pulsed light, turning                So, if you can regenerate your sinuses, carrot is a lower vibration. So when I
pulses on and off, the wavelength always        it will provide you more protection take the carrot and I introduce it within,
stays the same. We’re talking about             against airborne pollen, bacteria, etc. say, a foot of the body, as it comes
using the 660 nanometer wavelength              The lights can be focused into the sinus towards your mouth that you’re ready to
LEDs, which is in the red range. But you        area to build-up the sinus cells in the eat, your energy-field, literally, draws the
can turn this light on and off at different     same way that the light repairs tissue carrot’s energy-field up to match yours;
pulse rates.                                    across a knuckle. And so, by keeping so, by the time you chomp down on it,
   Martin: What are the most effective          your sinuses healthy, you basically give and start chewing and swallow it, it’s not
ranges for healing?                             your body a real protection system, just viewed as an invader into the body.
   Olszewski: Over time, the range of           like a high immune system does.                              Martin: So, the body doesn’t DROP to
250-266 pulses per second has been very            Now, foods are an interesting concept meet it?
effective; and then when you’re working         here. I remember as an engineer working                      Olszewski: No, the carrot comes UP to
with nerve tissue, brain tissue, or as they     in labs at high school and college, and I match the body. It’s like: a higher
have in the NASA article, on tumors, you        would always work with energy systems. energy-field is stronger, so it makes the
can go up to the higher thousands, up to        So, if I introduced a low-energy field into carrot come up to match you.
17,000 pulses per second for good               a high-energy field area, the low-energy                     Martin: The reason I ask that is, I’ve
results.                                        field would be pulled-up to match the heard a scientist argue the other way, too.

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   Olszewski: That it drags it down.            look to the closest reference source, and         now see more active white cells, B & T
   Martin: That it drags it down.               that’s your hand. And they’ll match it.           cells, attacking parasites and bacteria. In
   Olszewski: I’ll tell you: it’s hard to       And it will, essentially, take hours for it       a sense, you’ve boosted your immune
drag high energy-fields down, unless you        to go back down to a normal state. In the         system.
have a preponderance of low energy.             meantime, what the body wasn’t able to               That’s the third way to boost your
There is a volume thing here. Look at           alter in the chocolate, you’ve been kind-         immune system. The first one was
the mass of your body, and the level of         of able to force it to alter the chocolate.       sunlight. The second one was the use of
your energy-field, and then you take a          So, now you don’t get an allergy                  artificial sunlight, or full-spectrum light
carrot, which is small and has a low            reaction.                                         to boost it, to do the job of the sunlight.
energy-field. It happens the other way             In a sense, this energy application to         And the third is to use single-frequency
around. It actually sucks UP the small          food is not much different than praying           lasers, or LEDs, on the bloodstream, to
one.                                            over food, where you focus your mental            boost that immune system ability.
   So, if that’s how the body normally          energy on it. I’ve often been enthralled             So, what have we got now?
operates, to allow you to eat foods that        with that little analogy between praying             What we’ve talked about, so far, in the
are foreign to your body, which is              over your food, and applying light, or an         area of light, has been an evolvement
everything, then what is a REAL allergy?        energy source to it. And so, with                 from sunlight, understanding it, what it
It’s either for a physiological or a            allergies, it’s the same idea.                    does to you. Then, we got into artificial
psychological reason, your body is                 The other thing that I found useful,           light, and it’s impact on us, including
unable to alter a certain thing, like           and have seen a lot of studies on, is the         some detrimental effects, and how we can
chocolate. And so, when you eat                 application of light to the bloodstream.          counteract that, how we can start
chocolate, you break out in hives. You          Those little red cells, white cells, B & T        changing to better light in our work and
develop an allergic reaction to it. But         cells in there, aren’t always in the best of      play areas, how introducing some full-
the interesting thing—that chocolate bar        shape. And if you can repair tissue on            spectrum light will mitigate a lot of bad
is made up of atoms with electrons, and         the surface of the skin, you can actually         light. But, if we could just get rid of the
again, in my engineering labs, I would          go into the aorta artery, or the jugular,         bad light, that would be even better.
introduce energy into an electron               because they’re easy to get at, and the              Martin: That seems to be the main
structure, and light is the strongest           light can shine on the cell tissues, and          point.
energy source in the universe, I think,         those cells can transform, also, back to a           Olszewski: Yeah.
outside of love.                                normal state. And, in a sense, what                  Martin: Especially for people who
   So, I shine a light on food, especially      you’ve done is: I’ve seen on dark-field           live too much indoors.
single-frequency light. That goes in,           microscropes a lot, where people take a              Olszewski: But sunlight and full-
voooom; I add energy into the electron          blood sample and take a look at the               spectrum light are meant to try to keep
structure in an atom. And the electrons         condition of their blood cells. And you           the overall body healthy and functioning
get excited; in technical terms, they want      see a lot of parasites and bacteria in the        like it was supposed to. But single-
to go to the next energy orbit. But,            bloodstream, also. The cells aren’t doing         frequency light, LEDs and lasers, is more
basically, you’ve created an excited state      what they’re supposed to do.                      aimed at repairing the damage that is
in the structure.                                  A definition of a low immune system            already in cells. In other words, trying to
   Now if you hold your body close to it,       is: you don’t have enough active cells or         normalize these abnormal conditions
like, say, hold your hand within close          they’re in poor shape. So, by applying a          that we find ourselves in.
proximity to the chocolate bar, and then        light for a period of time, it boosts those          Martin: Which are cumulative.
apply light to the bar to excite the            cells. And then, you take another dark-              Olszewski: Yes, cumulative. They are
electrons, in an excited state they will        field picture of the bloodstream, and you         both acute—such as you cut yourself,
                                                                                                  you knock the skin off, you burn

DEATH IN THE AIR:                                                                                 yourself, these are things you know
                                                                                                  you’re going to heal from. But the light
                                                                                                  can actually just accelerate the healing.
 GLOBALISM, TERRORISM & TOXIC WARFARE                                                             But then you move to the bigger
 This book explains how and why:                                                                  problems, the chronic things that you’re
                                                                                                  not responding to, that your body has
 • We have evolved from the nuclear age into a “Technotronic Era”
   with “psychotronic warfare” for optimal population control.                                       I like to use an analogy of whiplash.
 • Non-lethal warfare is being effectively used to produce sociopolitical                         People who have whiplash heal for the
   and economic outcomes consistent with global genocide.                                         first year, and basically, at the end of that
 • The world’s wealthiest policy-makers have recommended, and are                                 first year, you are where you are. You
   working toward, eliminating half the world’s population.                                       talk to them 15 years later, and they’ve
 • Accepted methods of disease prevention, such as pesticide Hard Cover:                          still got problems from that whiplash.
                                                                                   $29.95(+S/H)   Well, those are chronic conditions.
   sprayings, can only be scientifically rationalized as costly and
                                                                                                     The red light therapy, and Finsen showed
   deadly contributions to non-lethal warfare and population reduction.                           this too on smallpox and TB, that basically
 • Chemtrail sprayings that obscure blue skies are not normal, but reflect a conspiracy of        light could be used to promote a new
   silence and military attacks on the health and welfare of people around the world.             round of healing in CHRONIC conditions.
Striking at the heart of those responsible for the latest forms of bio-terrorism, psychotronic    That it, literally, gave you another “lease
warfare, and ecological genocide, the revelations contained in this book offer more than a        on life” so to speak. And that’s the value of
reality check—they give you and your loved ones a final, last-minute choice for survival.         the LEDs and low-power lasers—that,
                                                                                                  basically, the light offers you an ability to
 SEE NEXT-TO-LAST PAGE FOR ORDERING OR CALL TOLL-FREE: 1-877-280-2866                             get cells back to a normal situation.

PAGE 50                   Toll-free: 1-877-280-2866         Outside U.S.: 1-661-823-9696         JUNE 2002
   In a survey of light’s effects, there are a   and the types of light that are used in energy frequencies in what would be
few other problems that probably should          medicine, like red light, etc.                         called the far-infrared part of the light
be pointed out, that light does have an             Jacob Lieberman’s book Light: spectrum, which is what radiant heat is.]
effect on.                                       Medicine Of The Future was a real                          Martin: Now, again, for the benefit of
   I think all of us have heard that babies      groundbreaker, where it told you what our readers, this is an FDA-approved
born with jaundice have had blue light           kind of light was out there. Light Years technique?
applied to them, to get rid of the               Ahead is more of a book telling you how                    Olszewski: Yes, it is. And it’s used in a
jaundice at birth. Ultraviolet light,            to use that light, that he first brought out. lot of clinics. It’s been on the market
which you are being told is a “bad boy”             And I probably would be remiss if I since the late 1980s. It’s just another way
now, because it supposedly creates               didn’t touch, at least for a minute, on to help the immune system; it is SO
problems, but 10-15 years ago was the            something that’s not light, but I think is ESSENTIAL IN TODAY’S WORLD TO
darling, because ultraviolet kills bacteria      really important—and that is heat, HAVE A WELL-FUNCTIONING
on the surface of the skin, and so it was        hyperthermic heat.                                     IMMUNE SYSTEM! There are so many
used to help skin problems. And that                Martin: I was going to ask you about things out there that depress the immune
goes WAY back, hundreds of years, the            that.                                                  system: stress, bad water, bad air,
use of ultraviolet for that.                        Olszewski: Hyperthermic heat is, contaminated foods. With a depressed
   In fact, there are some types of              literally—                                             immune system, you’re going to be
treatments, when there’s bacteria in the            Martin: Now we’re back to boosting catching a lot of things. And you’re
blood, where they actually pull the blood        the immune system.                                     leaving yourself open.
out, pass it through an ultraviolet light,          Olszewski: Yes. That’s what I really                    So, the real cry is: GET YOUR
and put it back in the body again. And           wanted to fill-in, the fourth area here on IMMUNE SYSTEM UP! And light
that’s so the bacteria are exposed to the        the immune system.                                     therapy is one way to help us improve
ultraviolet light. [One excellent book on           The f irst three things, basically, that immune system. But light therapy
this subject is written by William               produce healthier white cells. The also offers the ability to help cell tissue
Campbell Douglas, M.D., called Into The          sunlight, full-spectrum light, and LEDs that already has problems. And I’m
Light, ISBN: 0-9626646-5-0.]                     basically improve what you’ve got there. hoping that this becomes more
   So, there are many, many treatments.          But if you don’t have enough soldiers, if widespread, and known, in this country,
There are dentists who use different types       you don’t have enough white cells, red as it has been in other countries, and
of lights to cure the different products         cells, B & T cells, these are produced becomes more accessible to people to
that they use to f ill teeth, to cause           from the bone marrow in your body. This utilize this technology.
compounds to come together strongly,             is how the body produces these.                            An LED will last 80-90 years on
for fillings in teeth.                              Well, a hyperthermic unit is a rectal average use. And it’s capable of affecting
   Light is being used a lot of ways in          heat unit. It’s basically a probe that the body in a lot of ways, and very safely.
medicine today. The book called Light            inserts in the rectum, and the So, I hope it becomes a tool that is, in
Years Ahead is a kind-of survey of some          temperatures go from about 98ºF to fact, available on a wide scale to
of the uses that are being made of light,        about 113ºF, which is not a problem, individuals to help themselves.
both for psychological work, as well as          because your rectum will tolerate 136ºF.                   Martin: I’m sure this article will reach
physical work, on people.                           The reason that hyperthermic therapy many people, and then get passed on to
   Martin: And should I direct our               is used is pretty straightforward. It’s used many more.
readers to you, as a source for that book?       to help reduce hemorrhoids and prostate                    Olszewski: That’s great. I appreciate
   Olszewski: I like books because               conditions, but also, at those the ability to share some of the
they’re out there, and they can find them        temperatures, fake the body into fascinating material on light that
in any library and any bookstore. I’m            thinking you’ve got a fever, and so the everybody should know about.
one of 12 co-authors on that book.               body fights the fever by generating some                   I love your forum. I appreciate the
   Martin: Is there another source to buy        new white cells from your bone marrow. opportunity to talk about light here, and
it?                                                 So, hyperthermic therapy is a way to to educate people on the nature of light,
   Olszewski: At their closest discounted        boost the white cell
store!                                           count. And some of          H              C          F T B
                                                                                 EALING ODES OR HE IOLOGICAL POCALYPSE                    A
   Martin: So, with the ISBN, they can           those white cells                                                        One half of the world’s current
order it at any bookstore or Amazon.             will be processed by                                                  population should soon be dead
[Light Years Ahead, published by                 the thymus gland,                                                     according to authoritative projections.
Celestial Arts, Berkeley CA, 1996; ISBN:         and become the T &                                                    Will you, your family, and friends be
089087-762-9]                                    B cells that are our                                                  among the survivors or the deceased?
   Olszewski: Anywhere, right. And I’m           watchdog cells.                                                          Dr. Len Horowitz and Dr. Joseph
going to recommend a couple of books                So, the fourth way                                                 S. Puleo investigate 2000 years of
here for your reference library.                 is                  using                                             religious and political persecution and
   Martin: Good idea.                            hyperthermic                                                          the latest technologies being used to
   Olszewski: Light: Medicine Of The             therapy to boost the                                                  enslave, coerce, and even kill billions
Future, by Dr. Jacob Lieberman is a good         white cell count.               Hard Cover Book:      Audio Tapes:    of unsuspecting people.
book, and Light Years Ahead is a sequel             [Editor’s note: $26.95 (+S/H) $29.95 (+S/H)                           This work returns the most
to that book.                                    Strictly speaking,                 [537 pages]          [4 hours]     precious spiritual knowledge and
   John Ott had several really good              this is still a light-                                                “healing codes” to humanity. It offers
books; one is called Health & Light, and         based            therapy hope for the loving masses to survive the worldwide plagues, famines, and
the other is Light, Radiation & You.             technique           that’s weather changes that are now at hand. Healing Codes presents an urgent,
                                                                               monumental, and inspired work that will be hailed for generations to come.
Those are several really good books that         utilizing a band of
are primers on sunlight, artificial light,       e l e c t r o m a g n e t i c SEE NEXT-TO-LAST PAGE FOR INFORMATION OR CALL TOLL-FREE: 1-877-280-2866.

JUNE 2002                     Toll-free: 1-877-280-2866             Outside U.S.: 1-661-823-9696                  PAGE 51
so with that education they can take           conditions you for night vision. You              Martin: Yes.
appropriate actions—whatever they              operate under a lower level of light, and         Olszewski: You were telling me you
deem right for them.                           you operate more in the blue end of the        were traveling, backpacking, and I didn’t
   [Editor’s note: And that’s exactly our      visible spectrum than you do in the            ask you about your overall attitude, but I
philosophy here at The SPECTRUM—to             yellow-orange part of the spectrum.            have the feeling it was very upbeat.
share Truth so that YOU can make your             Now, these types of lights are very            Martin: Very upbeat.
own informed decisions, hopefully              interesting. They have shown that some            Olszewski: Right. So, we often get
toward a higher quality of life. And           of the full-spectrum effects can be            our attitude from light. And if we know
heaven knows there’s a lot of Truth to         duplicated with this part of the spectrum,     that when we come indoors and we’re
share—what with all that is purposely          so that, in theory, you could make a           subjected to artificial light, that has all
hidden from us or turned into                  scotopic bulb that is a full-spectrum          the detrimental effects that I was talking
disinformation so as to work against us.]      light.                                         about—then, do something about that,
   Martin: You mentioned, early on,               The technology of scotopic light is         mitigate it. At least get SOME good
some things that are on the horizon that       very interesting, too—the stuff that’s         light inside, at least until you can get to
people should be looking toward.               used for making it. If you take a bulb out     the point where you can start converting
   Olszewski: Oh, yes. I’ll tell you where     of the socket providing power, it will         to all good light. There’s really no reason
things are going.                              continue to remain lit, even with no           not to have an equivalent of sunlight
   These LEDs are becoming not only            power. If you drop the bulb and it breaks,     indoors.
more widespread, but the development of        it will continue to light for awhile. So,         Martin: It seems to be a small price to
a blue LED, which took many, many              basically, scotopic light is also an           pay to alleviate feelings of depression,
years to accomplish, was required in           emergency light, so that if you lose           anxiety, sluggishness, and exhaustion
order to produce a white LED. I won’t go       power in strategic areas, your lighting        when reading. All of those can be
into the technology for it, but let’s          will continue, with no power source            alleviated just through full-spectrum
basically say we now can produce a             whatsoever. You can take the bulb out          lighting.      It seems like an easy
white LED. Now, an LED lasts 80-90             and carry it with you. And the lights will     prescription.
years, as I was saying. It runs on very        stay on, depending on use, for up to 24           Olszewski: Yes, it is. Then, be aware
little power. So, we see them being put        hours.                                         that LEDs are just one slice of sunlight.
into signs, in traffic signals, made into         So, there’s a couple of interesting         They’re just one frequency out of the
display signs, where they put, literally,      things in lighting out there: scotopic         1500, but they have an interesting
hundreds and thousands of LEDs in              lights and LED light bulbs.                    ability to work right into the cell. And to
there, which they can control                     Martin: Do you think we’ll see major        activate some of the body’s own
individually.                                  hospitals adopting this technology             mechanisms to accelerate healing.
   What’s going to happen is that clusters     anytime soon?                                     Basically, I like to refer to LED light
of LEDs will become a light bulb of the           Olszewski: The scotopic lights are in       for the cells as working like a garage-
future, so that your light, instead of         submarines today. They’re in critical          door opener does. You just have to hit
being incandescent, or halogen, or even        military things today. You know, in a          the button MOMENTARILY to open the
fluorescent, will be, in fact, light-          submarine, you don’t get any sunlight,         door, yet the door keeps opening. LED
emitting diodes.                               do you? So, basically, you can use these       light can actually work the same way on
   You buy a bulb, which unfortunately         as full-spectrum lights in submarines,         cell tissue—when you take it away, the
today will probably cost you $140, but         and yet, if you lose power, all the            cells continue to work toward healing
eventually cost you what regular bulbs         lighting stays on.                             themselves.
do now. And an LED array can be                   Martin: That’s fantastic.                      Martin: I’m sure you have your share
screwed right into a regular fixture, and         Olszewski: Isn’t it? So, I’m sure it will   of testimonial stories that you’re told.
last there, literally, 80 years, and produce   go into the military use, first, and then it      Olszewski: Yes. Over the years there
very good light, and at very little cost to    will move out into the commercial use          have been a lot. People watch skin tissue
run.                                           more.                                          heal quickly, in one day, in front of their
   I find it interesting, since we know that      Martin: Are there any closing remarks       eyes. It’s like when you look at an ulcer,
LEDs of other frequencies, like the red,       you’d like to share with our readers?          or an open wound on the leg, and you
etc., are used in the medical profession, it   We’ve covered quite a broad “band of           can apply light as stimulation, and you
would not be at all inconceivable to see       light” here.                                   can watch cell tissue regenerate, literally,
some red LEDs inserted in the light               Olszewski: Do what is common sense.         in front of your eyes.
bulbs, along with the white. And so,           You know the Sun is there; take                   Martin: I’ll give you a real-life
basically, your healing light of the future    advantage of it. Question it when you’re       example. Several months ago I made the
is in your light bulb that you screw into      told that something is wrong with natural      very serious error of having a bottle of
your socket.                                   light, and do your own investigation into      35% food-grade hydrogen peroxide next
   Martin: That’s amazing.                     this.                                          to my eye drops. One morning I got up
   Olszewski: Isn’t it? Not only do you           You can use some of my hints and            and squirted a large amount of the
get your lighting, but you can repair          recommendations to get there, but the          peroxide directly into my eye. I want to
yourself under it.                             best things are natural. Go for the natural    tell you, by the time I realized it, it was
   The other thing is, regular light bulbs     stuff. Sunlight is natural. The colors that    too late; I had burned it. I immediately
are called photopic. They reach the            come from sunlight are natural. Use non-       rinsed it out, of course, but the one thing
cones of the eyes. There’s also scotopic,      invasive technologies.         Keep your       I had in the house to reach for—before I
and scotopic is a lower-intensity type of      immune system up. Stay healthy. And            realized, a day later, that I had colloidal
light that reaches the rods of your eyes.      always have a good attitude. Basically,        silver, that also did help—I reached for
But the concept is, the material that you      it has nothing to do with light, but you       the LED light wand. I sat under the
made scotopic out of, literally,               do feel more cheerful in light, don’t you?     LEDs for, oh, an hour, and it DID relieve

PAGE 52                Toll-free: 1-877-280-2866       Outside U.S.: 1-661-823-9696         JUNE 2002
                LIGHT ENERGY COMPANY
                           Light Energy is Life Energy

            H EALING                            WITH                    L IGHT
                                                     LIGHT ENERGY COMPANY
 VIDEOS                                    1056 NW 179TH PLACE SEATTLE, WA 98177
                                              1.800.LIGHTCO - 1.800.544.4826
 EN-LIGHT-EN HERBS                                     FAX 206.533.8329
 DAWN SIMULATOR                         Call or fax for a free product catalog
JUNE 2002     Toll-free: 1-877-280-2866   Outside U.S.: 1-661-823-9696   PAGE 53
 the pain. But—I would never repeat                         Martin: Perfect, just what the doctor                  very important emergency light. The use
 THAT experience just to be able to say it               ordered.                                                  of LEDs on the brain tissue is very
 works! [Laughter]                                          Olszewski: It fills in to supplement                   important. The immune system becomes
    Olszewski: When the interviewer has                  your earlier articles on sound healing,                   doubly important. And so, a follow-up
 already experienced what I’m talking                    etc.                                                      will become very evident, I think, when
 about, that’s a good thing.                                Martin: It certainly does. I’m sorry it                conditions are such that more
    Actually, if individuals want more                   took so long to get this article done. I                  information needs to get out there. But
 information on light, if they wish they                 wanted to do it before now, actually.                     this will be enough to get people started
 can call our 800 number: 1-800-544-                        Olszewski: There is a reason for                       thinking about full-spectrum light, and
 4826.      They can also go to our                      timing on everything.                                     sunlight, and introduced to LEDs. Internet                        Martin: That’s true.                                      Martin: I think this is a perfect
 website. It has a lot of full-spectrum                     Olszewski: I just got back from                        educational course for our readers on the
 light information.            It has the                Hawaii, and Dr. Lark’s Medical                            subject of light.
 thermotherapy information. But if your                  Newsletter came out on red light therapy.                    I heard you mention in your lecture at
 readers want information on red light,                  May 13 we’re going to be in Women’s                       the National Health Federation, one of
 they’ll have to call me, and we’ll send                 World magazine.                                           the women in the audience was asking
 out the information to them.                               Martin: Great.                                         about the use of far-infrared in a sauna?
    Martin: Just so I have your                             Olszewski: And this article will be                    That was new to me. I’ve not heard any
 biographical information accurately                     coming out in the middle of May. I love                   of that.
 stated, are you still Director of Computer              your material, and to be able to include                     Olszewski: Oh, yes. Do you have a
 Information Systems for a West Coast                    light in there, and get this much                         question about that?
 petroleum company?                                      education out to all of your people, is                      Martin: It seems like it would be very
    Olszewski: Yes, but I will be retiring               great. You know, when I’m aiming at                       relaxing to have that in that
 from that company this year, and I will be              boosting the immune system to protect                     environment.
 devoting my time totally to Light Energy                ourselves, I’m aiming at every one of                        Olszewski: In saunas they’re great for
 Company, and coming out with a couple                   your readers.                                             detoxing the body, out through the
 of books on how to use red light                           Martin: We’re coming into some                         pores. In fact, I was contacted by one
 technology. And, also, one of our new                   heavy stuff.                                              company in New Jersey that makes
 products will be a light pad, which will                   Olszewski: We’re coming into some                      saunas; they are now interested in LEDs
 be out shortly.                                         heavy stuff. I didn’t get into, at this                   in the sauna.
    So, things are coming together in the                point, the ability to deal with altering                     Martin: Another great idea.
 Light Energy Company this year. Right                   brainwave patterns, etc. If you want, on a                   Olszewski: Combining red LEDs with
 now, what I think I would like is for                   subsequent interview, we can have a                       far infrared.
 people to place calls. Calls can come in,               follow-up, as things get bad out there.                      Martin: Talk about therapeutic. I
 and that way I can send out catalogs and                   Martin: Sure. In fact, that is always a                want one in my house—right now!
 reference information. But for those who                good idea, especially on a subject like                   [Laughter]
 want to know about full-spectrum light                  this, as new ground is broken.                               Olszewski: [Laughter] Those far-
 or thermotherapy, they can go to our                       Olszewski: Right, where you start                      infrared sauna baths are really good,
 website. But you will not get the red                   looking and saying: “Ok, here was a                       Rick. I recommend far-infrared sauna
 light (LED) information from our                        primer. This is light used for the                        over anything else, for its ability to get
 website, at least not at this point.                    everyday things. Now, when things get                     your pores open, toxicity to come out,
    I think that’s about it. From your point             tougher out there, how can we use light a                 and get your skin to breathe.
 of view, does this satisfy your yearning                little differently?”                                         Martin: I’ve always loved saunas,
 for some information on light?                             The scotopic light application is a                    anyway.
                                                                                                                      I sure appreciate this conversation,
                          THE BIGGEST SECRET                                                                       Dave, and I know our readers will
                                                                                                                   appreciate it also.
                                                by David Icke                                                         Olszewski: I am really thankful that
                                                                                                                   you have given me the opportunity of
                               The blockbuster of      emotional prisons. It includes a devastating exposé
                            all blockbusters! With     of the true origins of Christianity and the other           this forum to get out the message on
                            stunning information       major religions, and documents suppressed science,          light.
                            never before released on   which explains why the world is facing a time of               Martin: This is a good story.
                           the murder of Diana,        incredible change and transformation. The Biggest              Olszewski: I’m glad you liked it.
                           Princess of Wales.          Secret also exposes the true and astonishing                We’ll reach a few more people now.
                               David Icke’s most       background to the British Royal Family and,
                           powerful and explosive      through enormous research and unique contacts, Icke                            * * *
   Over 500 pages          book to date. Every         reveals how and why Diana, Princess of Wales, was
    $24.95 (+S/H)          man, woman, and child       murdered in Paris in 1997. This includes                            Use the Light that is within
                           on the planet is affected   information from a close confidant of Diana for nine             you to regain your natural
by the stunning information that Icke exposes. He      years, which has never before been made public.                  clearness of sight…. Seeing
reveals in detail how the same interconnecting            The Biggest Secret is a unique book and is                    into darkness is clarity.
bloodlines have controlled the planet for thousands    quite rightly dubbed: “The book that will                        Knowing how to yield is
of years. How they created all the major religions     change the world.” No one who reads it will                      strength. Use your own Light
and suppressed the spiritual and esoteric knowledge    ever be the same again.                                          and return to the Source of
that will set humanity free from its mental and                                                                         Light. This is called practicing
SEE   NEXT-TO-LAST PAGE FOR ORDERING OR CALL TOLL-FREE:                           1-877-280-2866                        Eternity.   — Lao-tzu S

 PAGE 54                            Toll-free: 1-877-280-2866                Outside U.S.: 1-661-823-9696       JUNE 2002
 Congressman Dr. Ron Paul:
 “Bad Boy” To Good Ol’ Boys
  Editor’s note: The following is                    DECEMBER 1997                           all day long, to pay high taxes, but
excerpted from a powerful letter that             CONGRESSMAN RON PAUL                       otherwise entirely docile and controlled.
Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) originally                                                       The huge, expensive, and out-of-control
sent out back in December of 1997.               The other day, I made a huge “gaffe”        leviathan that we call the federal
What he had to say back then has been         on national TV: I told the truth about the     government wants to run every single
so admired by people all over the United      crimes of the U.S. government.                 aspect of our lives.
States that his words have circulated            As you can imagine, the ceiling fell in,       Well, I’m sorry, but that’s not America.
farther and faster than gossip from the       and a couple of walls too.                     It’s not what the Founders gave us. It’s
office coffee-break room.                        “Congressmen are supposed to support        not the country you believe in. It’s not
  Obviously he frightens the Power Elite      the government” I was told.                    the country I believe in.
who have so many Congressional crooks            Oh, it’s okay to criticize around the          So, on that TV interview, I emphasized
under control. But he stands as a ray of      edges, but there are certain subjects a        not only the attacks on our property, but
hope to so many Americans who are             member of the House of Representatives         also the decline of our civil liberties, at
frustrated with the corruption they see       is not supposed to bring up. But I             the hands of the federal police. THERE
parading right before their eyes.             touched the real “third rail” of American      ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE ANY
  For those of you not familiar with this     politics, and the sparks sure flew.            FEDERAL POLICE, according to the
dynamo for the people, his comments              I was interviewed on C-SPAN’s               Constitution.
were last shared a few months ago in the      morning Washington Journal, and I used            Then I really went over the line.
April 2002 issue of this publication          the opportunity, as I do with all such            I talked about the Waco massacre.
when we presented a speech of his titled      media appearances, to point out how            Bill Clinton and Janet Reno claim those
“Our Fraudulent Money System”. He             many of our liberties have been stolen by      81 church members, including 19
was also mentioned within Al Bielek’s         the federal government.                        children, burned down their own church
interview in our special October 2001            We must take them back. The                 and killed themselves, and good
issue of The SPECTRUM on the                  Constitution, after all, has a very limited    riddance. So they put a few survivors
September 11 tragedy. Among other             role for Washington, DC.                       on trial, and threw them in prison for 40
projects, he has been involved in much           If we stuck to the Constitution as          years.
behind-the-scenes work to restore the         written, we would have: no federal                We’re not supposed to remember that
United States monetary system to a solid      meddling in our schools; no Federal            the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and
and healthy foundation.                       Reserve; no U.S. membership in the UN;         Firearms—talk about an unconstitutional
  By background, Dr. Ron Paul is an           no gun control; and no foreign aid. We         agency—rather than arrest David Koresh
obstetrician trained at Duke University,      would have no welfare for big                  on his regular morning jog, called-in the
with time in the Air Force between 1963-      corporations, or the “poor”; no American       TV stations for a big publicity bonanza,
68.     He was born in Pittsburgh,            troops in 100 foreign countries; no            and sent a swat team in black masks and
Pennsylvania in 1935 (my hometown—            NAFTA, GATT, or “fast track”; no               black uniforms to break down his front
E.Y.). He was first elected to Congress in    arrogant federal judges usurping states’       door, guns blazing. They also sent in a
1976 by a number of patriotic Texans.         rights; no attacks on private property;        helicopter gunship—to shoot at the roof
  We are thankful that a thoughtful           and no income tax. We could get rid of         of a church full of innocents.
subscriber has shared the following with      most of the cabinet departments, most of          The Branch Davidians resisted, and
us, so that we could in turn share it with    the agencies, and most of the budget.          after a heartless siege of almost two
you. In tracking down the history of          The government would be small, frugal,         months, and after cutting off food, water,
what you are about to read, it was a          and limited.                                   and electricity, and playing horrible rock
surprise to find this letter is nearly five      That system is called liberty. It’s what    and roll through huge speakers 24 hours
years old. If you watch what’s going on       the Founding Fathers gave us. Under            a day, the feds sent in the tanks to crush
in Congress right now, and didn’t know        liberty, we built the greatest, freest, most
the date of these words, you’d figure this    prosperous, most decent country on
message was about things that happened        Earth.                                            “It does not require a
last week or month.                              It’s no coincidence that the monstrous       majority to prevail, but rather
  Unfortunately the Congressman’s             growth of the federal government has            an irate, tireless minority keen
words are timeless and pertain to an          been accompanied by a sickening
ongoing chronic problem that the people       decline in living standards and moral
                                                                                              to set brush fires in people’s
of the United States need to face as          standards. The feds want us to be               minds.”       — Samuel Adams
resolutely as Spring housecleaning!           hamsters on a treadmill—working hard,

JUNE 2002               Toll-free: 1-877-280-2866       Outside U.S.: 1-661-823-9696          PAGE 55
the walls of the church, and inject           Americans to live in fear of federal power.    family, a great and free America, an
poisonous CS gas.                                Then I uttered the sentiment that           America true to her Constitution, an
   Now, CS gas is banned under the Paris      caused the media hysteria: I said that a       America worthy of her history.
Convention on Chemical Warfare. The           lot of Americans fear that they too might         I will NOT let the crooks and clowns
U.S. could not use it in a war. But it        be attacked by federal swat teams for          and criminals have their way.
could—and did—use it against American         exercising their constitutional rights, or        I’m in Congress to represent the ideas
civilians.                                    merely for wanting to be left alone.           of liberty, the ideas that you and I share,
   After the tanks did their work on the         Whoa! You’ve never seen anything            for the people of my district, for the
church, the place burst into flame, and all   like it.                                       people of Texas, for the people of
81 people—men, women, children, and              For days, in an all-out assault, I was      America.
babies—were incinerated in a screaming        attacked by Democrats, unions, big                That’s why I’m working to stop federal
horror.                                       business, establishment Republicans,           abuses, and to cut the government—its
   Did some feds set the fire?                and—of course—the media, in                    taxes, its bureaucrats, its paramilitary
   Did the flammable CS gas ignite,           Washington and my home state of Texas.         police, its spending, its meddling
since,     without     electricity,    the    Newspapers foamed at the mouth, calling        overseas,        and      every     single
parishioners were using lanterns?             me a “right-wing extremist”. (Say, isn’t       unconstitutional action it takes. And not
   Did a tank knock over a lantern,           that what George III called Thomas             with a pair of nail scissors, but with a
striking one of the bales of hay being        Jefferson?)                                    hammer and chisel.
used against the thin walls as a “defense”       I was even blamed for the Oklahoma             Won’t you help me do this work?
against bullets?                              City bombing! And by the way, I don’t             Not much of the federal leviathan
   Or did the Davidians, as Clinton and       believe we’ve gotten the full truth on         would be left, if I had my way. But you’d
Reno claim, kill themselves?                  THAT either.                                   be able to keep the money you earn, your
   A new documentary—Waco: The Rules             All my many opponents were outraged         privacy would be secure, your dollar
Of Engagement—may show, through               that a Congressman would criticize Big         would be sound, your local school would
FLIR infrared photography, FBI snipers        Government.                                    be tops, and your kids wouldn’t be sent
killing the Davidians by shooting                “If you don’t like Washington, resign!”     off to some useless or vicious foreign war
through the back of the church, where no      said a typical big-city newspaper              to fight for the UN.
media cameras were allowed. This film         editorial.                                        But Jefferson and the other Founders
won a prize at the famed Sundance Film           But the media, as usual, were all wet.      would recognize our government, and
Festival. It was made by people who           (Do they EVER get anything right?)             our descendants would bless us.
took the government’s side—until they            The average Congressman may go to              By the way, when I say cut taxes, I
investigated.                                 Washington to wallow in power, and line        don’t mean fiddle with the code. I mean
   Whatever the truth, there’s no question    his pockets with a big lobbying job for a      abolish the Income Tax and the IRS—
that an irresponsible federal government      special interest (so he can keep ripping-      and replace them with nothing!
has innocent blood on its hands—and           off the taxpayers). But that’s not why I’m        Recently, I asked a famous Republican
not only from Waco. And the refusal of        in Congress.                                   committee chairman—who’s always
corrupt and perverse liberals to admit it        It’s not why I left my medical practice     talking about getting rid of the IRS—
means nothing.                                as a physician.                                why he engineered a secret $580 million
   In my interview, in answer to a caller’s      It’s not why I put up with all the abuse.   raise for the tax collectors.
question, I pointed out that Waco, and           It’s not why I refuse a plush                  “They need it for their computers” this
the federal murders at Ruby Ridge—            Congressional pension.                         guy told me. So the IRS can’t extract
especially the FBI sniper’s shot that            I’m in this fight for a reason: I want to   enough from us as it is!
blasted apart the head of a young mother      hand on to my children and                        The National Taxpayers Union says I
holding her baby—caused many                  grandchildren, and to you and your             have the highest pro-taxpayer rating in
                                                                                             Congressional history, that I am the top
                                                                                             “taxpayer’s best friend”. You know I
                                                                                             won’t play the Capitol Hill games with
                                                                                             the Capitol Hill gang, denouncing the
                                                                                             IRS while giving the Gestapo more of
                                                                                             your money. Or figuring out some other
                                                                                             federal tax for them to squeeze out of
                                                                                             you. I also want to abolish the Federal
                                                                                             Reserve, and send Alan Greenspan out to
                                                                                             get a job.
                                                                                                The value of our dollar and the level of
                                                                                             our interest rates are not supposed to be
                                                                                             manipulated by a few members of the
                                                                                             Power Elite, meeting secretly in a marble
                                                                                             palace.       The Federal Reserve is
                                                                                             unconstitutional, pure and simple.
                                                                                                The only constitutional money is gold
                                                                                             and silver, not notes redeemable in them.
                                                                                             Not Fed funny money.
                                                                                                Without the Federal Reserve, our
                                                                                             money could not be inflated at the
                                                                                             behest of big government or big banks.

PAGE 56               Toll-free: 1-877-280-2866       Outside U.S.: 1-661-823-9696         JUNE 2002
Your income and savings would not lose           What does “go far” mean?                    audio tapes to the people to get around
their value.                                     Get a big government job?                   the big-media lies. As I know from my
  Just as important, we wouldn’t have            To heck with that. And I won’t sell my      last election, which I won by the skin of
this endless string of booms and busts,       vote for pork, either.                         my teeth, the media will carry any smear,
recessions and depressions, with each            When I walked through the U.S.              repeat any libel, throw any piece of mud,
bust getting worse. They aren’t natural to    Capitol this morning, I got angry. The         no matter how untrue. In fact, the less
the free market. They’re caused by the        building is f illed with statues and           true, the more they like it.
schemers at the Fed.                          paintings of Jefferson, Madison, and the          They are determined to silence me.
  President Andrew Jackson called the         other Founders. Those great men                But you can help me overcome all this.
19th-century [version of the] Fed “The        sacrificed EVERYTHING to give us a             Together, we can beat the bad guys
Monster” because it was a vehicle for         free country, and a Constitution to keep       arrayed against our country and our
inflation and all sorts of special-interest   it that way.                                   freedom.        We can support the
corruption. Let me tell you: things              When I was first elected, I placed my       Constitution. We CAN win.
haven’t changed a bit.                        hand on the Bible, and swore an oath to           Your generous contribution of $25 or
  I also work to save our schools from        uphold the Constitution. That’s exactly        $50 would be great; $100, $250, or even
DC interference. Thanks to the feds, new      what I’m fighting for.                         $500 or $1,000 would be magnificent.
curriculums not only smear the Founders          But such ideas drive the liberals crazy.    Of course, any amount would help, and
as “racist, slave-owning elitists”, they      That’s why I badly need your help.             in return, I will keep you up-to-date on
seek to dumb down our students so they           I’ve been targeted nationally for           this fight as a member of my “kitchen
will all be equal. “Look-say” reading         defeat. The Democrats, the AFL-CIO, the        cabinet”.
and the abolition of phonics has the          teachers’ union, big business PACs, the           What great men founded this country!
same purpose, and so does the new             trial lawyers, the big bankers, the foreign-      What great people have carried on
“fuzzy” math, in which there are no right     aid lobbyists, the big media, and the          their fight!
and no wrong answers.                         establishment Republicans want to                 That fight is not lost, not if you will
  That must be what they use in the U.S.      dance on my political grave. The Fed, the      join it. Washington DC is a loser, but
Treasury! It’s certainly what they use in     Education Department, and the UN are           among the people, our ideas are gaining
the U.S. Congress.                            anxious to join in. They can’t stand even      EVERY SINGLE DAY.
  But ever since the beginning of federal     one person telling the truth. And they’re         Keep the tide turning in our direction.
aid to education, and accelerating with       terrif ied when that truth gains the              Please make your most generous
the establishment of the rotten               people’s support.                              contribution.
Department of Education, SAT scores              Right now, four well-funded Democrats          Join this fight for the Constitution,
have been dropping. Schools, with few         are competing to try to beat me, and a         and stop those who want to rip it up and
exceptions, are getting worse every year.     Republican is rumored to have been             throw it in the Potomac.
To save our kids, we must get the sticky      offered money at a secret meeting in              Together, we can join the Founders’
fingers of the feds out of our local          Mexico(!) if he would try to knock me off      fight. Together, we can make history.
schools, and let parents rule. That’s what    in a primary.                                     Sincerely, Ron Paul, U. S.
the Constitution says, and the Bible too.        Won’t you help me stay up here to           Congressman, House of Representatives,
  And then there’s my least favorite          fight? Frankly, I am in trouble if you         203 Cannon, Washington DC 20515;
topic, the UN. World government is            don’t.                                         telephone: 202-225-2831; fax: 202-226-
obviously unconstitutional.              It      My Texas district has 22,000 square         4871.
undermines our country’s sovereignty in       miles (not a misprint). I’ve got to travel        P.S. Without you, I may be lost. And
the worst way possible. That’s why I want     all over it, set up small offices to be        they’ll break out the champagne in DC.
us out of the UN, and the UN itself taking    manned by volunteers, advertise, pay           Please don’t let this f ight for the
a hike.                                       phone bills, and distribute video and          Constitution and Liberty falter. S
  After all, the UN is socialist and
corrupt (“many votes can be bought with
a blonde and a case of scotch”, one UN            “Beware the leader who bangs the drums of
ambassador once said). It costs many            war in order to whip the citizenry into a patriotic
billions, and it puts our soldiers in UN
uniforms under foreign commanders, and
                                                fervor, for patriotism is indeed a double-edged
sends them off to unconstitutional,             sword. It both emboldens the blood, just as it
undeclared wars.                                narrows the mind. And when the drums of war
  When Michael New, one of the finest
young men I’ve ever met, objected to            have reached a fever pitch and the blood boils
wearing UN blue, he was kicked out of           with hate and the mind has closed, the leader will
the American Army. What an outrage!
  Not one dime for the UN, and not one          have no need in seizing the rights of the citizenry.
American soldier! Not in Haiti, not in          Rather, the citizenry, infused with fear and
Bosnia, not in Somalia, not in Rwanda. I
know its radical, but how about devoting        blinded by patriotism, will offer up all of their rights
American military efforts to defending          unto the leader and gladly so. How do I know?
America, and only America?
  Such ideas, said one newspaper                For this is what I have done. And I am Caesar.”
reporter, make me a maverick who will                                — Julius Caesar on Patriotism
never go far because I won’t go along to
get along. Darn right!                                  (Sent by M.A., an inmate of the California Correctional System.)

JUNE 2002               Toll-free: 1-877-280-2866       Outside U.S.: 1-661-823-9696         PAGE 57
                                                                                              LIMITATIONS WITH GOD.

It’s Always Darkest                                                                              As the Dark (Adversarial) Forces push
                                                                                              harder and harder, you will continue to
                                                                                              see an escalation of all things you
                                                                                              consider to be of a negative-energy
                                                                                              nature—like wars, diseases, killing, greed,
                                                                                              fearfulness, etc. And so long as the

 Before The Dawn                                                                              majority of people on your planet “live
                                                                                              only in the physical realm” and believe
                                                                                              only in physical actions (“an eye for an
                                                                                              eye” type of mentality), the present
                                                                                              negative cycle will not only continue, but
           4/24/02     SOLTEC                   seasons, and a lengthening of your            will grow ever stronger.
                                                summer and winter. Your planet’s ice caps        Let me speak for a moment about peace.
   Good morning, and thank you for              are melting and breaking up. Strange          All are so quick to want peace, but the
hearing my call. It is I, Ceres Anthonious      (mostly man-made) diseases are cropping       majority believe that peace can only be
“Toniose” Soltec, here with you in              up and taking a tremendous number of          obtained by keeping an enemy at bay—
Service to the Radiant Light of Creator         lives. Your skies are criss-crossed with      such as by having bigger guns, or by
God. There are others present, as well,         what you have labeled as “chemtrails”.        killing off the enemy. Chelas, this is not
among them Esu (“Jesus” Immanuel                Temperatures of your planet’s oceans are      peace! Furthermore, peace is not simply
Sananda), as we are all watching and            rising and a lot of sea life is dying. Many   the absence of war.
monitoring events on your world                 fresh-water species have been mutating           Peace is A STATE OF BEING, a state
continuously.                                   into unrecognizable things and dying          of consciousness if you will.
   It is very important in these days that      from strange diseases. And the Dark              In all your known history, there has
we keep the spiritual messages going            Energies are running rampant upon the         never been TRUE peace on your world.
forth, as many on your planet are               Earth, causing all sorts of trouble and       And until the state of consciousness of
searching for something of meaning—             mischief, and using all these things to       peace has been achieved by those on
something to grasp onto in the present          cultivate fear in the hearts of many ones—    your world, you will never experience
uncertain times. You see, when times            until mankind feels utterly hopeless.         peace. The best you can hope for is the
appear the darkest, many will turn inward          Though a small handful of your planet’s    absence of war. But, you have never had
and will find God and true en-Light-            scientists are starting to understand that    a time in which there were no weapons of
enment, and the peace which                     Earth is a living entity with a               destruction pointed at your enemies.
accompanies that personal connection to         consciousness, and that she will reflect      Peace through the threat of assured
Creator Source. Your fellow servants of         and react to her inhabitants, unfortunately   mutual destruction is an oxymoronic
Light need these messages as well, for          for your world they are coming to this        statement!
even they have times of concern and             factual awareness too late in the game. For      And yet, all the while, your world
wonder if all this is true. You have a          that which has been set in motion is, at      continues to chase its own tail in trying to
saying, that it is always darkest before the    this stage, past the point of no return.      amass as much wealth and related material
dawn. Well, chelas [students], it is nearly        The majority of Earth’s inhabitants        possessions as possible—believing the lie
dawn.                                           still need the physical experience to         which says that your value or worth is
   For many years we have sent messages,        learn; they will not listen to Higher         based upon what you have, instead of
through our many scribes on your planet,        Guidance, for they only believe in that       what you are. The glitter and the glitz are
on many subjects. Yet, there has been a         which they can see, hear, taste, touch, or    very intoxicating to those who believe
thread of continuity that has run               smell. These ones have denied all but         that lie, and it has become an addiction to
throughout all the messages, and that has       their physical senses, so it is with the      have as much as you can possibly gather
been instructional information about the        physical senses that they must                to you. But it is never enough.
time in which you now find yourselves           experience, and eventually learn. And            Others—those who know that they are
experiencing.                                   learn they shall, but their lessons may       more than their outward, physical
   There is, at present, an extremely fearful   be bitter.                                    existence—are repulsed by what they are
energy emanating from the inhabitants of           We do understand why you may be            witnessing. You ones see all the
planet Earth, as each day passes and the        apprehensive or even fearful. However,        enticement as a great distraction, and pray
outcome of events seemingly grows more          these are all things we have discussed        daily that your world will wake up.
unsure. You have wars and battles raging        with you over the last 15 or so years. We        Believe me when I tell you that your
around your globe, and Mother Earth             did this so that those of you who were        prayers are seen going up from your
herself is reflecting the uncertainty of her    listening to your Higher Guidance would       planet as great shafts of Light, and they do
inhabitants.                                    be prepared for this very time. We told       reach to the farthest ends of the Universe.
   There is a great increase in the number      you then that your world would appear to      Your prayers are heard, and your prayers
and magnitude of earthquakes, many              be coming apart, and that fearfulness         are answered.
centered in the localities of the wars and      would be rampant. Well, chelas, you have         But, you must understand that those
fighting. Your planet’s magnetic field is       arrived!                                      who desire THE OPPOSITE are allowed
fluctuating, and even your scientists are          But—recall also that we told you that      their own free will, as well, and they must
now admitting that it is very likely that       you would not be alone in these times.        be allowed to learn in whatever way they
the magnetic poles are about to “flip”.         And remember also that ALL IS                 see fit. These ones, as you have pointed
The weather patterns have changed               POSSIBLE. YOU ARE ONLY LIMITED                out, react out of fear and disbelief when
drastically. You are experiencing a             BY YOUR OWN LIMITED THOUGHTS                  they are told about a world in which
shortening of your spring and autumn            AND BELIEFS. THERE ARE NO                     everyone is truly equal—where there is no

PAGE 58                 Toll-free: 1-877-280-2866      Outside U.S.: 1-661-823-9696         JUNE 2002
money, no gold, a world in which there is                          Universe—a
no disease and no want, a world where
you will live to be at least 1,000 years old.
                                                                   place that is
                                                                   suitable       for
                                                                                         The Masters And The Spiritual Path
   On that world, you do not get up and go                         everyone.                             You have friends in high places!
                                                                                                            There are Masters who have come out of all the world’s
to a job every morning to gather a                                 Some of those
                                                                                                         great spiritual traditions. These great Lights have
paycheck. And yet everything that needs                            places are not
                                                                                                         graduated from Earth’s schoolroom. Now they come to
to be accomplished gets accomplished,                              yet visible to
                                                                                                         show us the pathway home.
because it is a world where everyone                               your eyes, as
                                                                                                            The Masters tell us that they are examples and not
desires to do their part. Everyone is                              they lie in
                                                                                                         exceptions to the rule. We, too, are destined to fulfill our
valued and honored for the unique                                  p a r a l l e l
                                                                                                         life’s purpose and reunite with Spirit.
aspects of Creator that they are—and not                           dimensions,
                                                                                                            In this intriguing work you will discover valuable keys
for what they have, or what they can get.                          just slightly
                                                                                                         to your own spiritual path. You will learn about the
It is the world that many of you ones have                         offset from your
                                                                                                         function of the Spiritual Hierarchy and the role of the
dreamed of, and have memories of—for                               p r e s e n t            360 pages
                                                                                                         Masters of East and West. Includes a unique meditation
many of you have come from such worlds                             dimension of $16.95 (+S/H) on the bliss of union with Spirit and a breathing exercise
to this one, to assist in the Great                                experience by                         to help you balance and expand consciousness.
Awakening and in this upward planetary                             “a few seconds
dimensional transition.                                            of time” (in a
                                                                                      SEE NEXT-TO-LAST PAGE FOR ORDERING OR CALL TOLL-FREE: 1-877-280-2866
   And, because you desire your prayers to                         manner of speaking). But they are very faithful servants.
be answered, and your desires and                                  very real, and very very near. And very             YOUR PRAYERS ARE HEARD.
requests to be granted, likewise those who                         soon, those of you whose frequency is YOUR PRAYERS ARE ANSWERED.
do not want that world must also be                                accelerating will be able to see them with You have asked that the Kingdom of
granted their desires and requests. Those                          your physical eyes, for as your frequency Heaven come to Earth, and that we
ones will be given the choice of leaving                           increases, you will be able to see beyond intervene in the course your world is
here or staying, and most will choose to                           your present limited perceptual range.          taking. We ask that you have patience
remain to continue on with their life’s                               I tell you now a truth: That time is just a little longer, chelas. The sorting-
course and their karmic path. They will                            VERY NEAR, indeed.                              out and cleaning-out is proceeding
require more lifetime experiences                                     And, for those of you who have family exactly as it should. The fact that events
attached to Earth before they are ready to                         members of the four-legged kind, fear are accelerating is evidence of that.
move on.                                                           not. Those family members will not be               Continue on for a little while longer, as
   Those of you who find living on your                            left behind. There is more than enough you have been. Do not despair, and do
planet more and more diff icult and                                room for all—two-leggeds and four- not stop the service unto one another.
unacceptable, will be offered the option                           leggeds alike.                                  When you feel the pressures of your
of leaving or remaining as well. All is by                            The time of your service on Earth is daily lives to be too much, lean upon
choice, and there is no coercion.                                  drawing to a close very rapidly, and your one another, and share in the burdens. It
   You were told a very long time ago                              journey there is just about over. As is the way it should be, and it is the way
that there are many, many places in the                            events accelerate, your effectiveness will it shall be. Do not be too proud to ask
                                                                   begin to wane, and we will not require for help. It is not a sign of weakness; it is

Fallen Angels                                                      that you remain there, for we would not a sign of maturity.
                                                                   jeopardize you ones.                                Do not stop praying for your world.
                                                                      The hearts of men are turning cold, and You may not think it is making a
 And The Origins Of Evil                                           a time is coming very soon when they difference, but it is. We see the
   Did rebel angels take on                                        will close their eyes and ears and hearts effectiveness, and soon you shall also.
human bodies to fulfill their lust                                 to any messages from the Higher Realms. Many glorious and wondrous things
for the “daughters of men”?                                        There is coming a time when people will await you ones who have been serving.
   Did these fallen angels teach                                   curse and blame God for all their woes, God never reneges on His promises, and
men to build weapons of war?                                       and will want to persecute those who will the reward for your service awaits you.
   That is the premise of the Book                                 continue to believe in God. They will               So, in closing, let me only say this:
of Enoch, a text cherished by the                                  refuse to take the responsibility for their When you see all the events coming—
Essenes, early Jews, and Christians,                               own existence. They shall not be able to such as Earth changes taking place, and
but later condemned by both rabbis                                 comprehend the fact that the world in all the battles and wars, and all the
and Church fathers. The book was                                   which they live is exactly the world they economic woes—know that these are the
denounced, banned, and “lost” for                                  have created. When your economic things that signal the end of the current
over a thousand years—until in 4.25"x7", 514 pp.                   structure f inally crumbles, and the age on Earth, and that the new age is
1773 a Scottish explorer discovered three copies in Ethiopia.      weather no longer yields rainfall upon very, very near. And look up, for you will
   Elizabeth Clare Prophet examines the controversy surrounding    the fields, and food disappears from the see many things in your skies that you
this book and sheds new light on Enoch’s forbidden mysteries.      grocery store shelves, instead of falling have never seen before. When you see
She demonstrates that Jesus and the apostles studied the Book of   on their knees in prayer, they will shake these things, know that we are there with
Enoch, and tells why Church fathers suppressed its teaching that   their fists at Heaven.                          you. All is unfolding as it should.
angels could incarnate in human bodies.
   Contains Richard Laurence’s translation of the Book                You have been told that we are among             Rest now, and be at peace. I am Ceres
of Enoch, all the other Enoch texts (including the                 you, and indeed that is true. Esu, Anthonious “Toniose” Soltec, and I
Book of the Secrets of Enoch), and biblical parallels.             Michael, Gabriel, and many others of the thank you for taking the time to sit and
                                                                   Host of God are very close to your write these words. I am in Service unto
                 $7.99           (+S/H)                            planet. I will only repeat it for emphasis. Holy God of Light and The Creation—
   See next-to-last page for ordering                                 Know that you are NEVER alone. and so are you.
    or call toll-free: 1-877-280-2866.                             Know that God ALWAYS protects His                   Thank you. Salu. S

JUNE 2002                                     Toll-free: 1-877-280-2866         Outside U.S.: 1-661-823-9696              PAGE 59
 What Happened To One Inventor
    When His Device Delivered
 Over 100 Miles Per Gallon Of Gas
   Editor’s note: About the time this      mere 1¢ increase in gasoline price          relate to the kind of device described
issue of The SPECTRUM arrives at your      translates into a $1 BILLION revenue        herein than, say, what powers an
mailbox, the price of gasoline will most   increase for the “poor” oil companies.      antigravitic UFO. And that’s one
likely have once again jumped up—just      (AND           a—ahem—corresponding         important reason for sharing this story:
in time for the long Memorial Day          increase in gasoline tax revenue to the     You can show it to more of your friends
weekend, which signals the start of the    government, but you don’t expect the        and relatives without them laughing at
summer driving season. We’ve been          Senate hearings to highlight that cozy      you and calling you far-out crazy—
seeing this pattern of calculated greed    little point, do you? Besides, whose oil-   particularly as gasoline prices continue
for some years now, and we’ve come to      soaked family is “president” right          to rise.
expect it—if not exactly relish it.        now?)                                         Another, perhaps much more
   But in the last year or so, the oil        Anyway, the above “hit the fan” on       important reason for giving this matter
companies seem unable to contain this      the news programs the very evening I        greater publicity, is what happened TO
avarice to merely coincide with a few      finished editing the great article you      the inventor—and then, HOW HE
key holidays. Gas prices have jumped       are about to read. Once again that          DEALT WITH such malicious adversity.
up by 15-20¢ at a time as                  Guiding Hand from Above makes The           Ask yourself how YOU would handle the
spontaneously and frequently and           SPECTRUM look pretty smart. To call         same challenges! Having the fortitude
“mysteriously” as earthquake activity      the following “timely” is quite an          to turn lemons into lemonade AND
along the San Andreas Fault. And the       understatement, but nonetheless it IS       lemon pie is certainly NOT the behavior
excuses offered by the oil companies for   that!                                       the     diabolical     elite   planetary
the “necessary” increases have been as        Timely? How about a more efficient       controllers expect. But it is part of the
believable as the fairy tales offered by   kind of “carburetor” attached to your       testing on schoolroom planet Earth at
well-paid-off earthquake geologists.       car’s engine that allows you to get AT      this time of the Great Awakening.
   Well, this “new and improved” level     LEAST 100 miles to the gallon of              In that context, this story illustrates
of greed has stirred such a groundswell    gasoline? For the average vehicle,          EXACTLY what these misfit crooks in
of anger from the public that it finally   that’s getting 5 times more miles before    high secret places fear most about the
caused the matter to appear on the         you visit the gas pump!                     “little people” they work so hard to
congressional radar screen. As I (E.Y.)       Now, let me quickly state that, for      control. That is, as our spiritual
write this introduction, a Senate          many readers of this publication, the       messages have pointed out for some
subcommittee investigation has oil         subject of valid gadgets for better gas     years now—we EACH have sleeping
company executives pretending to be        mileage is very very old news.              within us an Unlimited Potential ( let’s
sweating on the hotseat in Washington.     Moreover, from the Larger Picture           call it the “God spark” gift from
   Among other shenanigans being           perspective that encompasses the entire     Creator) just waiting to be utilized. The
discussed (by barking dogs with            domain of “free energy” devices, there      crooks KNOW WELL that their games of
wagging tails) are such “smoking guns”     has been—for perhaps a century now—         deception and control are over the
as leaked private internal memos which     absolutely NO NEED to utilize such          minute that enough of us wake up and
indicate how the oil companies employ      primitive             gasoline-powered      exercise that awesome Potential (as did
various strategies (like holding back      technologies to propel our vehicles as is   this inventor). Thus the New World
supplies) to increase gasoline prices in   the internal combustion engine.             Order gang works constantly to keep us
various areas of the United States. Gee,      But such is not the point for sharing    distracted and asleep.
what a surprise. (Sounds a lot like the    the rollercoaster story you are about to      So, in that larger sense, what you are
tobacco companies’ shenanigans all         read. Oh, you could sort of consider        about to read is as much a spiritual
over again, doesn’t it?)                   what this author invented as a mild         message of sorts as it is a technical
   Of course, none of this is anything     form of a “free energy” device. Yet his     one—and a potent example of dealing
new to average Americans—as they           accomplishment is not the kind of           with the many techniques of
watch the $$$$ spin ever higher while      seeming “leap into the unknown” as are      intimidation employed by the dark
pumping gas. But their anger, too, is      some of the really curious devices of       controllers of this planet.
building steadily with those ever rising   inventors       using   more     far-out      Keep in mind Dr. Richard Greer’s
prices.                                    technologies. In other words, you and       Disclosure Project (that Rick Martin
   According to the Senate hearings, a     your friends can much more easily           discussed in his final installment on

PAGE 60            Toll-free: 1-877-280-2866    Outside U.S.: 1-661-823-9696       JUNE 2002
UFOs, back a few months in our
February/March 2002 issue). Therein         United States Patent                                     [19]              [11]     Patent Number:                             5,782,225
we have the coming together of MANY         Caggiano                                                                   [45]     Date of Patent:                       Jul. 21, 1998
professionals who KNOW—and thus the                                                                                        4,979,483       12/1990    Ray............................... 123/557
                                            [54]   VAPORIZATION SYSTEM
POWER which results from that                                                                                              5,000,253       3/1991     Komarnicki..................... 165/54
combined front of extremely credible        [76]   Inventor: Allen Caggiano. P.O. Box 1273,                                5,040,518       8/1991     Hamm........................... 123/557
information made public about the                  Plymouth, Mass. 02362                                                   5,101,801       4/1992     Schatz........................... 123/556
                                                                                                                           5,140,966       8/1992     Wong............................ 123/543
subject of UFOs. Dr. Greer now has a        [21]   Appl. No.: 975,880                                                      5,154,154       10/1992    Henke et al................... 123/549
similar-strategy project plowing            [22]   Filed: Nov. 21, 1997                                                    5,218,944       6/1993     Leonard........................ 123/557
determinedly forward in the area of                                                                                        5,291,870       3/1994     Covey, Jr....................... 123/545
                                                           Related U.S. Application Data                                   5,337,706       8/1994     De Blasis..................... 123/52.3
“free energy” devices and technologies.                                                                                            FOREIGN PATENT DOCUMENTS
   You think the New World Order thugs      [63]   Continuation of Ser. No. 420,749, Apr. 12, 1995.
                                                                                                                           2404630            2/1973      Ger many.
aren’t panicky about such big cracks        [51]   Int. C1.6............................ F02G 5/00; F02M 23/14
                                                                                                                           3320167            12/1984     Ger many.
                                            [52]   U.S. Cl. ......................123/545; 165/164; 261/44.2;
forming in their longtime walls of                                                           261/144; 261/152
                                                                                                                           59-158986          9/1984      Japan.
deception and control over we-the-                                                                                         468076             4/1975      U.S.S.R.
                                            [58]   Field of Search ........................165/164; 123/545;
                                                          261/144, 145, 44.2, 42, 43, 152, 153, 155,                   Primary Examiner—Noah P. Kamen
people? You bet your sweet fuel-                                                                                       Attorney, Agent, or Firm—Seidel Gonda Lavorgna & Monaco, PC
injectors they are!                         [56]               References Cited
   And THAT is THE most important                                                                                      [57]                          ABSTRACT
                                                           U.S. PATENT DOCUMENTS
message to keep in mind as you read                                                                                    A fluid vaporization system comprises a first fluid inlet for
                                               1,178,960    4/1916      Smith......................261/44.2
what inventor Allen Caggiano relates           1,980,496    11/1934     Musselwhite................261/144             receiving a first fluid, a second fluid inlet for receiving a second
below about what happened to him as            1,997,497    4/1935      Pogue.....................261/144              fluid, and a first discharge aperture for discharging the first fluid
                                                                                                                       and the second fluid. A first connecting passage connects the first
he labored to help his fellow citizens         3,762,385    10/1973     Hollnagel.......................123/122 A
                                                                                                                       fluid inlet and the second fluid inlet in fluid communication with
and improve our planetary environment.         4,106,457    8/1978      Totten et al.......................261/145
                                               4,108,953    8/1978      Rocco........................261/142           the first discharge aperture, mixes the first fluid and the second
   On a personal level, I regret never         4,151,820    5/1979      Furacz........................123/127          fluid to define a fluid mixture, and delivers the fluid mixture to the
hearing about this matter when I was           4,286,564    9/1981      Van Tuyl.......................123/545         first discharge aperture. A third fluid inlet receives a third fluid
                                               4,336,783    6/1982      Henson........................123/557          and a second discharge aperture discharges the third fluid. A
living and working in the Boston area          4,377,201    3/1983      Kruse et al..........................165/76    second connecting passage in heat transfer relationship with the
(1985-1988)—which was the same time            4,469,077    9/1984      Wooldridge.................123/548             first connecting passage connects the third fluid inlet in fluid
he was first making news—or I would            4,574,764    3/1986      Earle......................123/545             communication with the second discharge aperture and delivers
                                               4,579,163    4/1986      Maendel......................165/54            the third fluid from the third fluid inlet to the second discharge
have been on Allen’s doorstep (or              4,603,672    8/1986      Keller.....................123/554             aperture to effect heat transfer from the third fluid to the fluid
banging on his garage door) to see his         4,637,365    1/1987      Yunick.....................123/545             mixture such that the fluid mixture is discharged by the first
device firsthand! At that time I was           4,700,774    10/1987     Schwarz....................165/140             discharge aperture in a vaporized state.
directing some advanced research at            4,862,859    9/1989      Yunick......................123/545                                  15 Claims, 8 Drawing Sheets
                                               4,883,616    11/1989     Covey, Jr...........................261/64.4
MIT’s distinguished Lincoln Laboratory
and probably could have introduced a
number of technical people (with a
healthy curiosity for innovation) to his
fuel-saving device.
   By his own admission, he’s older and
smarter now. And that’s a very good
position to be in. The chess game is far
from over. Remember: the stranglehold
on we-the-people can’t persist if enough
ones are caused to wake up and take
intelligent action.
   Allen’s very informative Internet
website ( is
updated      frequently—though       his
original story, shared below, was
apparently written about a year ago
now, as deduced from some of the
comments contained therein. He has
already accelerated his timetable for      BECAUSE WE-THE-PEOPLE ARE             Conditioning. This was about the time
sharing his device with people all over    PUTTING IMMENSE PRESSURES ON          we had that phony gasoline shortage.
the planet—due to conditions in the        THEM TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT            Each morning, I and 12 employees
Middle East and several other              SUCH AN OBVIOUS FRAUD!                would sit in the gas line with 6 trucks to
humanitarian reasons. So be sure and         And after you read Allen’s story,   get a mere 5 gallons of gasoline.
visit his website on a regular basis if    perhaps you’ll be likewise inspired to  As I sat in that gasoline line, day after
you’re really interested in this timely                                          day, I started to think: “There must be a
                                           do something. For sure, his story would
subject.                                   make a good TV movie. Do they dare?!  better way. If they have the technology
   And that gets back to why the crooks                                          to put a man on the Moon, they must
in Congress are pretending to take         SPRING 2001 ALLEN CAGGIANO have the technology to get much better
action on the gasoline price-hike           (Website: gas mileage.”
nonsense—even though many of them                                                   I read everything that I could get my
are just as involved in the milk-the-        In the early 1970s, in Brockton, hands on about this technology. It
public scam as are the oil companies.      Massachusetts, I owned and operated a wasn’t long before I built my first fuel
CONGRESS IS TAKING ACTION                  company called Debal Heating & Air vaporization system.

JUNE 2002                 Toll-free: 1-877-280-2866                              Outside U.S.: 1-661-823-9696                                     PAGE 61
   Well, sad to say, it didn’t work. It                violation of any federal laws.                ME AND THIS CAR DISAPPEAR. HELP
made plenty of vapors, and exploded                       If I had been smart, I would have          ME.”
like a bomb. Over 70% of my body                       stopped here. But I am not too smart.            I only got to drive my yellow wagon
received third-degree burns. I spent 69                   For about the next two weeks I would       for 3 days.
days in intensive care, kissing death                  receive, every day in the mail, in a plain       On November 24, 1986, Brockton
several times.                                         envelope, 8"x10" close-up photos of my        chief of police, Richard Sprawls, and
    Don’t worry—all the bugs are worked                wife in the supermarket and church, and       other members of the Brockton police
out now.                                               my children getting on and off the            department raided my Tremont Street,
    October 15, 1983 was the birth of my               school bus and in the playground at           Brockton home. They seized two
fuel implosion vaporization system.                    school. (Just pictures only.)                 shotguns, a 12-gauge and a 20-gauge.
   At that time I owned and operated a                     In addition, we would get all kinds of    Both were legally registered to me. I
different company in Brockton,                         weird calls, mostly after 2 a.m. My wife      used to use them for skeet shooting. I
Massachusetts, called Weatherall                       couldn’t take any more; she filed for         was arrested and charged with
Energy Research & Development. I had                   divorce and left me.                          trafficking in cocaine—again.
just finished building a commercial,                      A few days later, my attorney showed          My bail was revoked. I was placed in
high-eff iciency air conditioning                      up at my office, looking white as a           maximum security in the Plymouth
evaporation coil. When I poured one                    ghost. He had all my legal files and          [Massachusetts] correctional facility. I
gallon of gasoline into one end, to flush              records with him, placed them on my           was now sentenced to 15 years for the
it out, to my surprise, massive fumes                  desk, and said that he could no longer        July 1986 “traff icking in cocaine”
discharged from the other end—and all I                represent me in any legal matters.            charge, and was waiting for the second
got back was less than one cup of                         I asked “Why?” All he would say was        trial for the recent November arrest.
gasoline.                                              “Wake up!” And that I did not                     I knew where I could get some solid
    I started brainstorming.              I            understand. He had been my personal           evidence that would clear me, but I
miniaturized the air conditioning                      friend and attorney for over 16 years.        didn’t know who to trust anymore. So, I
evaporator coil and installed it in a                     When my wife divorced me and my            escaped from maximum security.
1973 Dodge station wagon with a 318                    attorney abandoned me, I wondered                Boy, was I lucky. They had over 240
engine.                                                what else could happen. “Nothing” I           law enforcement officers searching for
   By early 1986, we had worked out all                thought. “Nobody can stop me now. So          me—with guns, dogs, helicopters, etc. I
the shortcomings and bugs, and had a                   on with my fuel implosion system.”            ran like a jackrabbit through the woods.
working prototype that gave between                       Boy was I wrong! All hell opened up        My advantage was that the woods were
111 to 113 mpg.                                        and swallowed me alive.                       my old hunting grounds.
   We placed ads in the Brockton                           I am a very light drinker. If I drank 6      I went and got my solid evidence and
Enterprise and the Boston Globe,                       cans of beer a year, I did a lot of           gave it to the right person, and
seeking people to beta-test our fuel                   drinking. I never did drugs or was            surrendered the same day.
implosion system.                                      around anybody who did.                          Two days later, Brockton’s chief of
   It wasn’t long before I got a call from                On July 4, 1986, the chief of the          police was arrested for stealing cocaine
a California corporation wanting                       Brockton [Massachusetts] police,              from the police evidence locker. He was
exclusive rights to our invention. My                  Richard Sprawls, with a bunch of other        sentenced to two years in prison.
attorney checked them out. They were a                 Brockton police, raided my Tremont St.,           Remember the cocaine that Chief
subsidiary       of     several      other             Brockton home, and arrested me for            Richard Sprawls said he found at my
corporations—and finally all owned by                  trafficking in cocaine. My bail was set       home in July and November of 1986?
an oil company. I declined their offer.                at $500,000.                                  Now I know where it came from: the
   Shortly thereafter all my troubles                     I was lucky that I had a friend—Lt.        police evidence locker. It “fell” out of
started.                                               Jim Sullivan of the Brockton police           Chief Sprawls’ pocket onto the floor in
   First came two men, showing IDs,                    department. He showed up at my bail           my home—where another Brockton
saying that they were from the FBI and                 hearing and said something to the             police officer found it.
that I was violating federal laws by                   judge, and my bail was reduced to $500.           Well, the Massachusetts Supreme
altering carburetion systems, and that if                 Was somebody trying to tell me             Court of Appeals overturned my cocaine
convicted I could get 20 years in a                    something?                                    trafficking conviction on the grounds of
federal prison. I called my attorney and                  Oh well, back to work.                     tainted evidence and an illegal search
told him what happened. My attorney                       I built two more fuel implosion            and seizure.
informed me that I wasn’t in any                       systems. I installed them in a 1973 Olds          “Freedom and home, here I come!”
                                                                             Cutlass and a 1966         Wrong again!
 T     O     F
   HE MEGA ILES ECRET AZI :S             N                                   Mustang.                   Here come the Feds. They had a
       UFO B              R
                      ASES EVEALED                                              I painted my
                                                                             1973 Dodge station
                                                                                                     warrant for my arrest for violating a new
                                                                                                     gun law that was passed on November
  This large book describes how German engineers
actually flew flying saucers shortly before the end of                       wagon          bright   24, 1986. That was 10 days AFTER my
World War II and how some of the Nazis escaped due                           yellow, with big red    arrest on November 14, 1986.
to help from the U.S’s own version of the Secret                             letters all over it     (Remember, the Brockton police seized
Government, and how they actually work today from                            saying: “THIS CAR       my two shotguns.)
underground bases around the world. S PECIAL                                 GETS OVER 100              Guess what?
SECTION of photographs of Nazi-built flying saucers                          MPG             AND        I had the privilege of being the first
and stories told by our own pilots of encounters with                        D O E S N ’ T           person in Massachusetts and the third
so-called “Foo Fighters” during WW-II. Here is final        $24.95 (+S/H)    POLLUTE THE AIR.        person in the United States to be tried,
proof that not all UFOs come from outer space!                               THE BIG BOYS ARE        prosecuted, and sentenced under this
  SEE NEXT-TO-LAST PAGE FOR ORDERING OR CALL TOLL-FREE: 1-877-280-2866. TRYING TO MAKE               new law (18 USC 922g and 924e). I

PAGE 62                    Toll-free: 1-877-280-2866         Outside U.S.: 1-661-823-9696        JUNE 2002
didn’t stand a chance; there was no case
law in the law books to support my
defense of this new law.
    I was given two 5-year sentences for
                                               How Efficient Is Our Engine Technology?
perjury because, when I bought the two           Editor’s note: The following brief technical discussion is adapted from a very informative
shotguns, there was a box [on the             and lengthy discussion at J. Bruce McBurne’s Internet website.
federal background screening form for         This is an outstanding website to visit to become better educated about this subject,
gun purchases] that said: “Were you           especially for those of you readers of a more technical curiosity. If you go to Bruce’s
ever convicted of a felony?” I checked        website, some of his numbers in the following calculations are different due to, it would
the “no” box, because I was never             seem, his unstated (but probable) use of British IMPERIAL gallons, rather than American
convicted of a felony, just a                 gallons, in some key calculations. So we’ve corrected our discussion below for that
misdemeanor.                                  difference, which still makes a very strong point!
   Well, the Feds said that under federal
law my misdemeanor was a felony,                From the very start of combustion-engine technology, leading scientists complained about the
therefore I was guilty of 2 counts of         very low efficiency of motors that were mass produced. The automotive engineers claim it is
perjury. They gave me 5 years on each         around 20% efficiency. They claim 35% heat lost in the exhaust, 35% heat lost in the radiator,
count.                                        and 10% lost in overcoming friction and wind resistance. Therefore 20% left for propulsion.
    Next, I got 5 years for being a             However, there is another way to look at this formula, with amounts and conversion factors
convicted felon in possession of a            well accepted in the engineering community.
firearm.                                        It is known that a medium-size car that gets about 20 MPG can maintain 60 MPH with about
    Now I had been sentenced to a total              .
                                              12 HP To produce this electrically, it would take a bit less than 10,000 Watts of power, figuring
of 15 years in federal prison—without         the usual conversion of 746 Watts for 1 HP    .
parole.                                         For a simple calculation in round numbers, let’s use 10,000 W or 10 KW.
    I was still sitting in the courtroom                                         ,
                                                (10KW actually equals 13.4 HP but we will conservatively say only 12 HP.)
after a week of the trial, and my attorney      Now for some engineering parameters and conversions:
said that the U.S. attorney was trying me       1 BTU of heat is produced by 1 KW in 1 second.
under the second part of the new law.           1 KW X 60 seconds X 60 minutes = 3,600 BTU = 1KWH.
My attorney said the trial would be             10 KWH of electricity = 36,000 BTU of heat.
short, wouldn’t last more than ten              10 KWH = 12 HP X 1 hour @ 60 MPH = 60 miles of travel.
minutes; there was no way I could be
found guilty.                                   There are approximately 123,200* BTUs per U.S. gallon of gasoline.
    Well, it went like this:                    If you got 20 MPG at 60 MPH, it would take 3 gallons for the same 60 miles of travel.
    1: I was convicted as a felon in            123,200 BTUs per U.S. gallon X 3 gallons = 369,600 BTUs.
possession of a firearm.
                                                That’s 369,600 BTUs by gasoline, and 36,000 BTUs by electricity.
   2: I was convicted of perjury.
                                                This works out to a ratio of 10.3 to 1, or 9.7% efficiency for the gasoline engine.
   3: I was convicted on a second count
of perjury.
                                                 The hypothetical car above, if able to operate at a theoretical 100% efficiency, would be able
   Bingo! I hit the jackpot!
                                              to travel 10.3 times farther—or 206 miles per gallon. This example is to illustrate that there is
   USC18922G-E1 states that if you
                                              tremendous room for improvement over ther current operating efficiency.
have 3 prior felony convictions and
have possession of a firearm, then you
                                                 Editor’s note: The important point here is simply to show that Allen Caggiano’s claimed
are an armed courier criminal. And that
                                              achievements are quite reasonable and even conservative, since his ballpark operating
carries a minimum mandatory sentence
                                              efficiency, for a 100 MPG claim, would calculate to be “only” about 50% efficiency. BUT—
of 15 years without parole.
                                              even that’s still 5 TIMES BETTER than what we are getting now (about 10%)!
    Now I had a total of 30 years in
                                                 ( * There are many factors which affect the actual BTUs in a gallon of gasoline—including
federal prison without parole.                additives, oxygenation, and temperature. It should come as no surprise to readers of The
    Well, the Feds now had me tucked          SPECTRUM that most ALL additives cause a LOSS in effective BTUs. Depending on where
away for 30 years—where I could not           you live—and thus what’s used to “water down” your gasoline—the number of BTUs could be
cause any more trouble with my fuel           appreciably less. These additives, beginning with lead many years ago, were first introduced
implosion system.                             back when some of the earlier high-efficiency carburetors were announced by an earlier
    Wrong, wrong, wrong!                      generation of inventors like Allen Caggiano. And by the way, the additives “just happened”
    I met a lot of powerful people in the     to cancel the fantastic fuel mileage of these earlier astonishing devices—while also perhaps
federal      prison,    with    powerful      poisoning the breathing public. How clever.)
connections on the outside. Among
them was Kenny, whose son is a patent
attorney for a large patent law firm, and    with no chance of parole.                                     My Intentions:
who did our U.S. patent #5,782,225             Well, it took the federal courts to rule            Making The Technology Available
while I sat in the safety of the federal     that it was legal for me to possess the
prison system.                               two shotguns, and that they had no                  In the past 20 years I found out that
   Remember the Feds sentenced me to         jurisdiction. The case is now pending in          the oil companies will do everything in
30 years without parole? Well, on            the First District Court. They will not           their power to suppress this kind of
September 13, 1997 (Friday the 13th,         rule on it.                                       technology, because it could reduce the
my lucky day), I was released from             This September 2001 will be 4 years             gasoline consumption in the United
federal prison with 5 years’ parole.         that I have been out of federal prison            states by 76% over a 5-year term.
   Stop! Something’s wrong here. I only      and have been a good boy, nice and                  The government will lose megabucks
did 10 years—of a 30-year sentence           quiet—until now.                                  in gasoline taxes.

JUNE 2002               Toll-free: 1-877-280-2866          Outside U.S.: 1-661-823-9696              PAGE 63
   The major car manufacturers will lose              Thank you for your interest. Please or kits, at any price.
billions spent on the technology of the             help me spread the word.
fuel injection systems; my technology                 Sincerely, Allen Caggiano, Inventor        If It Works, It Is Suppressed
makes theirs obsolete.
   I put all my patent and shop drawings                                 * * *                               Think about this for a minute: With all
up on my Internet website for anybody to                                                                  of the high technology that the United
use for free [].                   Reasons Why My Website Exists                    States possesses—i.e., putting man into
I am 58½ years young now, and the sand                         And What Happens                           space, spy satellites, etc., isn’t it stupid to
is running out of my hourglass fast. I                     To This Kind Of Technology                     think that we do not have the technology
don’t want to take this technology to my                                                                  to get over 100 mpg and not pollute the
grave with me.                                                Reason #1:                                  air?
   If you think that I should get                             To make the public aware of what               Why is this? Vested interests, politics,
something out of this, then build my fuel                  happens to technology like this.               and other smelly business.
implosion system, and after your 5th                          In the past, many of us have heard             Over the years there have been many
tank of gas, send me the price of a tank of                about or seen inventions where                 dedicated inventors with solid
gas—otherwise I don’t want a cent.                         inventors claimed to get over 100 mpg          technology that the U.S. Patent Office
   If you believe that I and my patent and                 in a full-sized car. Many of these             issued patents for, inventions of fuel
technology have been suppressed, then                      inventors scammed the public with              vaporization systems that got well over
go      to    my      Internet     website                 bogus “technology” into investing in           100 mpg and didn’t pollute the air.
[] and vote                          their bogus inventions—buying parts,           These inventions work, and the public
“yes” for this technology. And tell as                     kits, plans, etc. People have spent lots       will never see them.
many people as you can about my story;                     of dollars on bogus fuel systems that did         The major oil corporations and auto
ask them to do the same.                                   not perform or work as claimed by these        manufacturers paid megadollars to many
   The reason I ask this is that I believe                 inventors, and invested serious money          of these inventors for their patents, and
millions of people around the globe want                   into companies that were never meant to        these patents are tucked away in a filing
this kind of technology and know it                        produce anything worthwhile.                   cabinet. Result: The public will never
exists. When we get enough people                             The government allows these con             see or own one of these 100 mpg autos.
wanting this technology, I have powerful                   artists to continue to peddle bogus               Question: Why do the major oil
attorneys who know how (and are able) to                   technology and inventions, defrauding          corporations and auto manufacturers
present it to the courts of the globe.                     the public out of their hard-earned            suppress these inventions?
   I will take my remaining seven cars,                    money.                                            Answer: This type of technology, such
which have my fuel implosion system                           As intended, the result is that, when       as the fuel implosion vaporization
installed in them, out of exile, and drive                 an inventor gets a U.S. patent on              system featured on my website, has the
them from Boston to California, with the                   technology for a fuel system that really       potential to reduce the gasoline
whole world watching. And I think my                       works and produces over 100 mpg, such          consumption in the United States by
chances of reaching California alive are                   as my fuel implosion vaporization              76% over a 5-year period, without
excellent.                                                 system (featured on my website), the           polluting the air we breathe, while
   By me publishing this information on                    public will reject it, thinking that it is     eliminating all the pollution devices in
my website, I must be out of my mind.                      just another scam.                             today’s autos, and our dependencies on
What else could happen to me? Maybe I                         There are a lot of high-technologies        foreign oil.
will get killed or something. What will                    and fuel vaporization systems that work           What a thought—never having to
be, will be.                                               and produce over 100 mpg and have              import another barrel of foreign oil!
                                                                                   been granted United       The major oil corporations and auto
                                                                                   States patents. The    manufacturers will lose trillions of
                                                                                   fuel      implosion    dollars if this technology was made
                                                                                   vaporization system    available to the public—not to mention
                                                                                   featured on my         the trillions of dollars the U.S.
   ARCHIVED ON CD-ROM!                                                             website is one of      government would lose on gasoline
                                                                                   them.                  taxes.
                                  Beginning with the Premier Issue, get the first
                                                                                     These         fuel      The U.S. government, major oil
                                year of The SPECTRUM newspaper (Volume 1) or
                                                                                   i m p l o s i o n      corporations, and auto manufacturers
                                the second full year (Volume 2) in the searchable
                                                                                   vaporization           will stop at nothing in their continued
                                        Adobe PDF format (Acrobat reader software
                                                                                   systems          are   suppression of this type of technology
                                        is included on the disk), also in HTML
                                                                                   suppressed by the      that produces inventions that get over
                                        format (where you can use your Internet
                                                                                   government, major      100 mpg.
                                        Browser to view the files). CD-ROMs are
                                                                                   oil companies, and        There are some dedicated inventors,
                                        PC & MAC compatible!
                                                                                   the major U.S. auto    like myself, who possess United States
                                          PLUS YOU ALSO GET ON THE CD:
                                                                                   manufacturers.         patents on high-technology fuel
                                        Several Audio Chapters from WISDOM OF
                                        THE RAYS: The Masters Teach, Vol. I
                                                                                     Few of the public    vaporization systems, that get well over
                                        book. These will play on your audio CD
                                                                                   get to see these       100 mpg. And we refuse to sell our
                                        player. • Several writings by the Ascended
                                                                                   inventions,     and    patents to the major oil corporations and
 Masters • Selected writings and interviews (non-audio) • French Translations of
                                                                                   none of the public     auto manufacturers at any price.
 several writings by the Ascended Masters (non-audio) • Adobe Acrobat Reader for
                                                                                   can buy any of these      Inventors who refused to sell their
 Windows and Macintosh                                                             high-technology        patents to the major oil corporations and
                                   PRICE: $45 each (+S/H) fuel vaporization        systems, the plans
                                                                                                          auto manufacturers all have encountered
                                                                                                          similar hardships.

PAGE 64                        Toll-free: 1-877-280-2866          Outside U.S.: 1-661-823-9696             JUNE 2002
  Some of these inventors suddenly
become fatally ill, some have massive
fatal heart attacks, some disappear off the
face of the Earth never to be seen again,
some are cast into federal prisons on
bogus charges with no hope of getting
  Then there are some inventors (such as
this inventor, myself, Allen Caggiano)
who have suffered and survived most of
the hardships above.
  I continue my quest to make available
to the public globally, a fuel implosion
vaporization system that gets 113 to 138
mpg without polluting the air we
  Another stone wall of suppression: If
you make it this far, the U.S. government
has many federal laws which make it a
felony to modify or change any fuel
system and sell it to the public.
  Reason #2:
  I am 58 years old. I have spent over 20
years of my life in perfecting this
technology and trying to bring it to the
public. It’s a matter of principle now!
  I have two choices: (1) Take this
technology to my grave, or (2) give this                        INDIAN CULTURE
technology away FREE to the public,
globally, with all the shop drawings,
supplements, and support.                       Show respect to others;
  All I ask for in return is, if you believe
this kind of technology exists, and it is            each person has a special gift.
under suppression, and should be made
available to the public globally, then          Share what you have;
please vote “yes” at my website.
  Our goal is to get at least one million            giving makes you richer.
people who vote to support us in
stopping the suppression of this type of        Know who you are;
                                                     you are a reflection on your family.
            Yet More Politics
                                                Accept what life brings;
  We have several powerful political
people who support our issue, but remain
                                                     you cannot control many things.
on the sidelines. This is because a lot of
them get their campaign money from
                                                Have patience;
special interest groups like oil                     some things cannot be rushed.
corporations and auto manufacturers, and
would lose their contributions if they          Live carefully;
supported this technology.
  But these powerful political people                what you do will come back to you.
said that if over one million people
support this technology, then they              Take care of others;
would be between a rock and a hard
                                                     you cannot live without them.
  If they support the oil corporation
suppression and get their campaign              Honor your elders;
money, they will get elected; if they                they show you the way of life.
support our “stop the suppression” issue,
they will get the votes of the people.          Pray for Guidance;
  [Editor’s note: If the politicians don’t
get their act together soon, they’ll                 many things are not known.
definitely experience further wrath from
the public as the price of gasoline                                                 (Thank you, M.A. from Washington)
continues to rise! ] S

JUNE 2002       Toll-free: 1-877-280-2866   Outside U.S.: 1-661-823-9696     PAGE 65
 Does Israel Have A Right To Palestine?
 Popular Fiction Is NOT Historical Truth
   Editor’s note: Most readers of this        public knowledge—for reasons which                 4/12/02     CALVIN BURGIN
publication are well aware that, with         will become obvious as you see how
very few exceptions, we have a bought-        much The Truth is at variance with the                      Does Israel
and-paid-for Legislature in Washington        accepted dogma pushed by the                         Have A Right To Palestine?
pretending to represent we-the-people         professional “business interests” of
(for as long as they can get away with it,    religions and archaeology. A lot of              Question: To whom does the land of
while accruing a lavish retirement            money and careers rest on maintaining         Palestine belong? Who has the right to
benefits package not available to we-         the fables we have been led to believe        it, the Israelis or the Palestinians?
the-taxpayers). Or as Mark Twain put it       are facts.                                       Can you answer that question? Many
even better, over a century ago: “There is       Such material-world goals, in turn,        think they can, but they are wrong.
no distinctly native, American criminal       support ( further up David Icke’s pyramid        Have you ever really looked into the
class—except Congress.”                       of power) the global agenda for control       situation? Should the Israelis be in Gaza
   Outstanding among those who have           of we-the-masses by the elite world           or the Golan Heights, for instance, or
taken the game of Congressional               controllers. Most readers of this             even Jerusalem, or should they
manipulation to the level of an art form      publication are well aware that these         withdraw?
is Israel. Thanks to an inside track (oiled   elite misfits employ great deceptions—           I hear “shoot-from-the-hip” comments
by the ruthless Mossad with bribery and       many placed within the frameworks of          such as “the Israelis should kill all those
blackmail), Israel receives many millions     science, religion, history, finance, etc.—    towel-heads” or “God gave Palestine to
of our taxpayer dollars every year—and        to control what the masses think and do.      Israel” or “the only good Jew is a dead
recycles a goodly portion of that                But the walls holding back The Truth       Jew” and many other outrageous
“revenue” back to the deep pockets of         are crumbling in every arena used to          comments.
various American legislators for various      control us as this time of the Great             What is The Truth? Most people are
Israeli “favors”.                             Awakening proceeds. And nowhere is            too self-involved to bother with the
   You’ve got to admit—we deserve what        this Awakening process more evident           questions. Many are afraid to even
we get when we are air-headed enough          than in the way Calvin so powerfully yet      question anything that concerns Jews.
to permit, for over half a century, our       elegantly unfolds a factual history              Here is a statement made on the Senate
own tax dollars to be used by a foreign       lesson within the context of a Senator’s      Floor by U. S. Senator James Inhofe of
agent to bribe our own Congress to do         blatant public lie. What you are about        Oklahoma. Let’s look at this statement,
what the foreign agent wants. That’s          to read is the masterful turning of           and consider it. I will place my
about as dopey as it gets.                    lemons into lemonade AND lemon pie!           comments within brackets [in bold]:
   Nowhere is the evidence of this               Calvin can be reached through the             [quoting]
efficient     congressional        control    Internet at or by
mechanism better illustrated than in the      writing: Calvin Burgin, % WORLDLINE,                 Seven Reasons Why Israel
following speech (money talks—                P Box 50511, Austin, TX 78763.
                                               .O.                                              Is Entitled To The Land Of Israel
literally!) by one of the well-paid              And one last point: Due to the serious
prostitutes at work for the silent foreign    (and perhaps highly volatile) nature of              Senate Floor Statement By
agent. Why, you readers in Oklahoma           the facts which Calvin courageously             U.S. Senator James M. Inhofe (R-OK)
ought to be especially gratified to see       shares here, readers need to know that                     March 4, 2002
how “focused” one of your Senators is         Calvin is a distinguished professional
upon the important matters of your state!     dealer/expert in rare and antique coins          I was interested the other day when I
   Longtime superb historical researcher      and, furthermore, is of Jewish heritage.      heard that the de facto ruler, Saudi
(and contributor to the pages of this         So the old scare/smear tactic of “anti-       Arabian Crown Prince Abdullah, made a
publication), Calvin Burgin, has turned       Semitism” branding—often employed by          statement which was received by many
one of these sickening and all-too-           certain vested interests with a lot of dirt   in this country as if it were a statement of
frequent congressional “commercials”          to hide—won’t work here to squelch The        fact, as if it were something new, a
for Israel into an absolute gem of a          Truth!                                        concept for peace in the Middle East that
history lesson.        The astonishing           People everywhere are tired of the lies    no one had ever heard of before. I was
information that Calvin unfolds herein        long shoved down their throats. They          kind of shocked that it was so well
ought to be shared far and wide with all      hunger for Truth and so shall it be           received by many people who had been
who seek Truth about the history (and         provided. We here at The SPECTRUM             down this road before.
relentless skirmishes) concerning the         wish to sincerely thank Calvin AND               I suggest to you that what Crown
turbulent Middle East.                        thank you who help keep us afloat             Prince Abdullah talked about a few days
   Certain vested interests, however,         financially in order that we may share        ago was not new at all. He talked about
dearly do not want that Truth to be           such Truth as you are about to read.          the fact that, under the Abdullah plan,

PAGE 66               Toll-free: 1-877-280-2866      Outside U.S.: 1-661-823-9696         JUNE 2002
Arabs would normalize relations with           The Bible Unearthed: Archaeology’s           (Croesus) of Lydia, generally thought to
Israel in exchange for the Jewish state        New Vision Of Ancient Israel And The         be circa 550 or 650 B.C. The most
surrendering the territory it received after   Origin Of Its Sacred Texts (The Free         accepted date for Croesus is 560 B.C.,
the 1967 Six-Day War—as if that were           Press, 2001) which simply presents the       but researchers have shown that this
something new. He went on to talk about        latest facts that the archeological          date is probably too early. The first
other land that had been acquired and          record has revealed. The book shows          Jewish coins are from around the time
had been taken by Israel.                      that:                                        of Christ and shortly before, but Israel
   I remember so well on December 4              “Israel, Judah, and Samaria were           was long gone by this time. There were
when we covered all of this and the fact       simply Canaanite States that arose out       Jews in Jerusalem, but generally not in
that there isn’t anything new about the        of indigenous Canaanite culture and          Samaria (the land north of Jerusalem),
prospect of giving up land that is             not from the invasion of a mythical          circa the time of Christ. But this is only
rightfully Israel’s land [not according to     people called the Hebrews.                   2,000 years ago and they were later
many, especially the Palestinians who            “Israel was a small Canaanite State        killed or run out of Palestine], the cities
have been dispossessed of their homes]         [not called Israel—the biblical Israel we    [cities which did not receive biblical
in order to have peace.                        are generally taught about simply did        names until after World War I, and
   When it gets right down to it, the land     not exist] that briefly achieved a golden    were named “on-the-fly” by soldiers in
doesn’t make that much difference              age, reaching its height of power and        an effort to match them up with biblical
because Yasser Arafat and others don’t         glory in the reign of King Ahab and          names], the pottery [Yes, there is
recognize Israel’s right to any of the land.   Queen Jezebel. The House of David            pottery; but it does not support the
They do not recognize Israel’s right to        never ruled in Israel, it ruled over the     biblical stories of Israel. It is mostly
exist. [And Israel does not recognize          Canaanite State of Judah.”                   Canaanite pottery.], the culture [the
the Palestinians’ right to exist.]               [The italics are mine. There is question   culture can be determined only by the
   I will discuss seven reasons, which I       as to whether the House of David ever        coins, pottery, etc.—of which there are
mentioned once before, why Israel is           even ruled at all. The evidence indicates    none supporting the nation of biblical
entitled to the land they have, and that it    that this culture reached its height under   Israel, or the culture is errantly
should not be a part of the peace process.     Jezebel! ]                                   determined from the Bible, which did
[If it is not a part of the peace process,       The Jewish writer Larry Saltzman           not exist at the time of the so-called
there will NEVER be peace.]                    wrote that:                                  biblical Israel]—there are other people,
   If this is something that Israel wants to     “It was under King Josiah that the         groups who are there, but there is no
do, it is their business to do it. [I would    Bible was finally written [I would say       mistaking the fact that Israelis have been
think that it is also the business of the      BEGUN, not f inally written] and             present in that land for 3,000 years.
Palestinians         being      murdered,      something resembling modern Judaism            [Hogwash. Not true at all. They (the
dispossessed, and persecuted.] But             begins to take shape in the 7th and 8th      people we now call the Jews of Israel)
anyone who has tried to put the pressure       centuries B.C. It is a political document    did not exist in that land until
on Israel to do this is wrong. [Wrong to       that is designed to glorify King Josiah      essentially 1948 A.D. They never even
pressure Israel for peace?]                    and then connect him falsely with the        spoke Hebrew until they learned it after
   We are going to be hit by skeptics who      golden era when the state of Israel          the United Nations created a nation for
are going to say we will be attacked           briefly rose up as a powerful and            them in 1948. They came from Europe
because of our support for Israel, and if      advanced civilized center.                   and Russia and spoke Yiddish or the
we get out of the Middle East—that is            “The Bible is essentially a work of        language of the country from which
us—all the problems will go away. That         propaganda, weaving historical               they came. Yiddish is NOT Hebrew.
is just not true. If we withdraw, all of       fragments, and myths of various              The Jews of the time of Christ spoke
these problems will again come to our          Canaanite peoples into a powerful            Greek and Aramaic, the Hebrew was
door.                                          justification for Josiah’s rule and          reserved for an elite cult of priests,
   I have some observations to make            expansionist policies.” From Middle          similar to Catholics and their use of
about that.       But I would like to          East News Online.]                           Latin. The difference between Aramaic
reemphasize once again the seven                  Every time there is a dig in Israel, it   and Hebrew is very similar to the
reasons that Israel has the right to their     does nothing but support the fact that       difference between English and
land.                                          Israelis have had a presence there for       German. Hebrew was an ancient,
   The first reason is that Israel has the     3,000 years. [Where is this evidence?        mostly unknown language during the
right to the land because of all of the        There is evidence of SOMEONE being           time of the Maccabees and Christ, and
archeological evidence. That is reason         there, but it does not support the Bible     traces to common origins with Ugarit.
number 1.         All the archeological        and is wrongly attributed to “Israel”.]        Even during the time of Nehemiah
evidence supports it.                          They have been there for a long time.        (circa 530-500 B.C. per most) the Jews
   [This is a really BIG LIE. What               The coins [What coins? I know              (who later became known as Sephardic
archeological evidence? Show me                people who will pay a lot of money for a     Jews, not the European Ashkenazi
some!                                          genuine 3,000-year-old biblical Israeli      Mongol/Turk converts) could not speak
   The Jews themselves admit and prove         coin—if such coins actually existed,         Hebrew (Nehemiah 8:2-8). During the
that there is NO substantial evidence of       which they do not. It is generally           time of the 16th king of Judah, Josiah
the history of the ancient so-called           taught that the height of the nation of      (generally circa 640-620 B.C., but
Israel, with the exception of a very few       Israel was during the time of Solomon,       possibly actually later per modern
items which are conveniently mis-              at about 950 B.C. The first coins did        research), the Jews did not even know
identified.                                    not come into existence, as far as any       who Moses was, never heard of the Ten
   Biblical       archeologist        Israel   evidence we have, until about 650 B.C.       Commandments, never read the so-
Finkelstein, along with Neil Asher             The first coins in history (China is not     called “books of Moses” until
Silberman, have written a book called          considered) were minted by Kroisos           introduced to them by the priest Hilkiah

JUNE 2002                Toll-free: 1-877-280-2866     Outside U.S.: 1-661-823-9696          PAGE 67
(2 Kings 23:8-13; 2 Chron. 34:4-32).         the descendants.] They do not have the          support the latter’s belief that the
This would be like if modern Americans       unbroken line to this date that the Israelis    biblical account of the Exodus and the
never heard of the Revolutionary War         have.                                           expulsion of the Hyksos under Tethmosis
or George Washington.                           [Unbroken? By “Israelis” I assume            refer to one and the same historic event,
  E. E. Jessel in The Unknown History Of     you mean “Jews”, so how about when              a view rejected by Rowley’s book, p. 130,
The Jews, (London, 1914), stated:            the Jews were removed from Palestine            n.2. Admittedly the lengthy excerpts in
  “If we accept Josiah’s reformation as      by the Romans? Do you forget your               question embody also several popular
a fact, it must follow that there was        history? Did the Jews in Rome then go           stories of the most fantastic description
nothing but idolatry in Canaan as far        to Russia and Central Europe and                explicitly recognized as such by the
back as history can go, and that nothing     become what we now call the Jews from           Jewish historian.” (Gardiner, Egypt Of
was known about Moses, nor about any         Central Europe? Answer: No, they did            The Pharaohs, 1961, p. 444)
code of laws he had given the forefathers    not. The ancestors of the “Jews” of                These so-called experts such as
of the then ruling race of Canaan.... But    Central Europe were NEVER in                    Gardiner, reject the evidence, and then
as far as the King of Judah was              Palestine/Israel, so says the Jewish            admit they do not know what they are
concerned, he only heard of Moses and        Encyclopedia. Do your homework,                 talking about! Gardiner himself said:
his laws for the first time from Hilkiah’s   Senator, if you want to know the truth.         “What is proudly advertised as
book—while there was evidently no            These were the “Jews” who invaded               Egyptian history is merely a collection
historical legend current at that time       Palestine and created a nation out of a         of rags and tatters.” He added: “It will
connecting Moses with the invasion and       bloodbath, which is still going on as I         be seen how sadly...we are reduced to
occupation of Canaan, and making the         write.]                                         guessing.” (pp. 149, 150)
royal house and the nobles descendants          Even the Egyptians of today are not             The word often translated as
of those invaders. Whoever Moses may         racial Egyptians of 2,000 to 3,000 years        “Hyksos” should have been translated
have been, neither he nor his chiefs were    ago. [I agree.] They are primarily an Arab      “Hyk-Khazar.” A. H. Gardiner said:
the ancestors of the ruling race of          people. The land is called Egypt [do you        “This etymology he [Josephus] prefers
Josiah’s time.” (pp. 13-14)                  know why?], but they are not the same           because he believed, as do many
  Could it be that the biblical stories      racial and ethnic stock as the old              Egyptologists, that the biblical story of
were not the true histories of these early   Egyptians of the ancient world. [True.]         the Israelite sojourn in Egypt and the
peoples and were merely foisted off on          The first Israelis are, in fact, descended   subsequent Exodus had as its source the
them by the priests—priests who, other       from the original Israelites.                   Hyksos occupation and later expulsion.
evidence shows, can be traced back to           [Well, this is like saying the first         In point of fact, although there are sound
IRAN and INDIA? Ancient Hebrew and           Burgins are in fact descended from the          linguistic grounds for both etymologies,
ancient Sanskrit are very nearly the         original Burgins. Cannot be, but I              neither is the true one. The word Hyksos
same language!                               understand the point you are trying to          undoubtedly derives from the expression
  Think about this: Your very own Bible      make and it is a minor technicality;            hik-khase ‘chieftain of a foreign hill-
says that Josiah and the “Jews” did not      however, your statement is factually            country’ which from the Middle
know anything about Moses! Notice            incorrect. Most modern “Jews” are               Kingdom onwards was used to designate
what else it says! God gave a warning to     NOT descended from ancient Israelites.          Bedouin sheikhs.”
Josiah, through Neco, the Pharaoh of         Jewish sources themselves state this.              It appears to me that there is an
Egypt! Your Bible says God was with the         For instance, consider the Jewish            obvious similarity between “khase” and
Pharaoh, not Josiah, and Josiah              historian Josephus. He lived during the         “khazar”. E. A. Wallis Budge lists the
rebelled and was killed at Megiddo!          time of Christ, and was a General of            XV and XVI dynasties together, and one
Look it up: 2 Chronicles 35:20-24,           troops who aided in the defense of              of the kings is “Khauserra” and “Ra-
especially verse 22.                         Jerusalem when they were conquered by           Khauser”—obviously Khazar.
  “Ashkenazi” is Hebrew for                  Rome. He was then commissioned by                  Some try to keep the so-called Jews
“German”. “Sephardic” is from the            Rome to write a history of the Jews. He         separate from the Hyksos and make the
Hebrew word for Spain, referring to the      wrote that they were descended from the         Hyksos out to be nothing more than
survivors from Jerusalem who were            Hyksos.                                         shepherds from some foreign land.
taken to Rome and then fled/migrated to         Josephus, quoting Manetho, said that         Cyril Aldred said: “Manetho by a false
Spain. The bulk of modern so-called          the Hyksos were what we now call Jews,          etymology translated the word Hyksos
“Jews”, 80 or 90% or more now, are           of his own race. He stated that the             as ‘Shepherd Kings’, whereas ‘Rulers of
“Ashkenazi” Jews who were formerly           Hyksos were expelled under Tethmosis,           Uplands’ would have been more
known as Khazar or Chazar Jews, and          during what we call the Exodus.                 accurate.... These Rulers of Uplands
are of the racial descent of the Mongol/     Modern historians cannot accept this,           were no more than wandering Semites
Turk line, the same ancestry as Ghengis      because it means that Jews were the             trading their products with Egypt, or
Khan (Cohen). See, for instance, Jewish      slave masters of Egypt and the                  going down there for sanctuary, or to
Encyclopedia, Volume IV, article on          Egyptians were the slaves, under the            buy corn, or water their flocks
Chazars, pp.1-5, or the Jewish author        Jews. So there are all kinds of efforts to      according to an age-old tradition.”
Arthur Koestler’s book The Thirteenth        rearrange things to match up the                May I point out that these “wandering
Tribe.]                                      archaeological and historical evidence          Semites” trying to feed and water their
  It predates any claims that other          with the Bible, and they cannot agree on        sheep were KINGS and RULERS, and
peoples in the regions may have. The         how to do this, because it simply cannot        CONQUERED AND ENSLAVED
ancient Philistines are extinct. [They       be done.                                        EGYPT. Perhaps they were attack
never had any descendants? Wrong,               The most famous of Egyptologists, Sir        sheep?
Senator.]                                    Alan Gardiner, stated: “As already                 It appears obvious to me that the
  Many other ancient peoples are extinct.    noted on page 156, Josephus’ excerpts           correct translation would be “king (hik)
[The names are or may be extinct, not        from Manetho were introduced to                 (of the) khazars (khase, khauserra or

PAGE 68               Toll-free: 1-877-280-2866      Outside U.S.: 1-661-823-9696         JUNE 2002
khauser)”.                                            or Serpent People of Ophghanistan/                      The people of the land of Palestine
  H. R. Hall, The Cambridge Ancient                   Afghanistan. Ask them! Worship of                     answered to the Pharaoh in Egypt.
History, said that “The name Hyksos is                serpents is called “ophiolatry”. The                  Archaeologists have recovered written
the Egyptian Hikukhasut (pronounced in                evidence is there, people, but it upsets too          clay tablet documents of the leaders of
LATER times something like hik-shos),                 many people and is rejected!                          Israelite cities calling upon their king,
‘princes of the deserts’, the usual                     When you, Senator, speak of “Israel”                the Pharaoh of Egypt (Akhenaton and
appellation for Bedouin chiefs.... Indeed,            you obviously cannot see something                    Amenhotep) for help. They are among
Khayan, or Khian, the greatest of the                 right in front of your nose. You quote                the “Tel-El-Amarna” tablets. I can
Hyksos kings, actually has the title                  Bible scriptures and make “great, wise                quote them to you if you wish. This is
hikkhasut.”                                           pronouncements” about Israel. Let me                  HARD EVIDENCE (don’t drop them on
  Lewis M. Greenberg sums it up this                  ask you, are you aware of the biblical                your toe). One of the names of
way: “It would appear, from our                       Hebrew word for God? It is “El”. Go                   Amenhotep III was “Nbm39tr9” (that
etymological survey, that there has been              look it up if you need. What about the                word is not a misspelling), which means
a good deal of perplexity and difference              Hebrew word for man? It is “ish”. If                  “Ra is the lord of truth”. This name in
of opinion among scholars, all of which               you have trouble looking it up, try                   Akkadian from the Amarna tablets is
is not necessarily Manetho’s fault (or                Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance Of The                ‘Nimmuaria” or “Nibmuaria”.
Josephus’ for that matter), when it comes             Bible, in the Hebrew section, number                    The Hebrews were merely some of the
to a ‘proper’ or ‘exact’ definition of the            376. It shows that “ish” is translated as             local tribes of Palestine, which was then
term Hyksos. Manetho’s etymological                   “man, people, person, etc.”                           called Canaan, and answered to Egypt.
conception of Hyksos is seen as                         The “H” in Hebrew is often silent (see,             Something         like    Texans      and
containing an element of correctness                  for instance, Harmegeddon and                         Oklahomans—while they might fight
(Waddell, Kitto), justified (Brugsch-Bey,             Armageddon). In fact, some Hebrews                    each other, they were often the same
Baikie), incorrect but somewhat justified             could not even pronounce the “H” sound                people, sometimes with other races
(Hall), incorrect but substitute uncertain            and were murdered for it—see Judges                   mixed in (such as with Oklahoma’s
(Winlock),       probably       incorrect             12:6. The Hebrews in biblical times                   Indians).
(Albright),      qualified      incorrect             spoke Greek, and Greeks had a hard                      The REAL Israelites were Egyptians.
(Gardiner, Van Seters, Steindorff, Seele),            time pronouncing “H”.                                 Moses was an Egyptian. Isaiah was an
incorrect (Aldred, Wilson).”                            The British-Israel and Christian                    Egyptian (Isaiah 20:3). A-Brahm or
  The bottom line is the Hyksos, who                  Identity sects make a big point of the fact           Brahm-a (either spelling is correct for
practiced       child-sacrifice       and             that “brith-ish” or “brit-ish” is a                   the ancient name) was not Egyptian,
cannibalism, were the Khazars, the                    Hebrew word meaning “covenant-man”.                   however, he was from the area of
people many of whom are now claiming                  This is correct, but is a fact                        Afghanistan/India (now Iran/Iraq). We
to be “Jews” for propaganda and                       embarrassing to the Jewish crowd and is               are told he CAME to Egypt, remember.
brainwashing purposes! They came to                   mostly suppressed.                                    So if anybody could lay claim to the land
Egypt from what we now call                             The main god of the early Egyptians                 of Palestine, it would be Egypt. However,
Afghanistan (previous to that, from                   was “Ra”. I am sure you are aware of                  this would be like Americans of
Mongolia). Earlier it was known as                    that, if you know any Egyptian history at             European ancestry going back to
Ophghanistan or Oph-khan-istan                        all.                                                  Britain or Germany, for instance, and
meaning the Land of the Serpent People.                 The word “ish-ra-el” or “is-ra-el” is               saying “we came from here, this is our
The present-day Hopi Indians recognize                simply the Hebrew word for the                        land, get out or we will kill you or herd
that they are descended from the Snake                Egyptians: the “people of the god Ra”.                you into concentration camps” as the

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JUNE 2002                         Toll-free: 1-877-280-2866           Outside U.S.: 1-661-823-9696                   PAGE 69
Jews are currently doing in Palestine.                   history (not the modern version taught            Israel found in ancient Egyptian
   The great city of David and Solomon                   in universities) to see the truth in what I       writings. It states: “Israel is laid waste,
of the Bible, with all it’s giant temples,               am saying. My hope is that some few of            his seed is not.” James B. Pritchard
gold and silver, thousands of horses, etc.,              them at least can begin to see how well           dates Merneptah at about 1230 B.C. The
simply did not exist in “Israel”/                        the actual evidence comes together!]              problem is that the Libyans and
Palestine—there is absolutely NO                            The first proof, then, is the archeology.      Merneptah have now been found to have
archaeological proof of it; the                             [So archaeology is the proof?                  been much later in history. Geoffrey
archaeology, in fact, proves otherwise.                  Archaeology is the proof, all right, if           Gammon has suggested dates of 738-730
   However, there WAS a great                            you do not lie about the facts and use            B.C. for Merneptah (Society for
civilization, city, culture, giant temples,              reasonable interpretations. There are             Interdisciplinary Studies Review III:2,
gold and silver, thousands of horses, etc.,              many, many books and articles that                p.56), and John Bimson (SISR III:2,
IN EGYPT. The REAL “wise man” the                        cover the fact that archaeology does not          pp.57-59) has demonstrated that these
Jews perverted into Solomon was                          support the Old Testament stories. For            dates appear sound.             Immanuel
THUTMOSES. And the REAL writer of                        instance, Biblical Archaeology Review,            Velikovsky in Ramses II And His Time
parts that were later incorporated into                  May/June 1999, p.6: “‘The reader                  dates the accession of Merenptah to
the “writings of Moses”, and perverted                   should be aware that we have no direct            circa 569 BC (table, p. 254). Merenptah
into the books of Psalms, Proverbs,                      evidence of the existence of characters           defeated the Libyans in his 5th year.
Isaiah, etc., was Akhenaton (who was                     best known to readers of the Bible,               Bimson points out that: “There has been
also a Moses)—and perhaps his                            including—but not limited to—                     much debate over the status of Israel
predecessors Amenhotep or Thut-moses.                    Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Jacob, Esau,               indicated by the stele. The name ‘Israel’
   ALL the Pharaohs of Egypt were                        Moses, Joshua, Deborah, Gideon, David,            appears there with the hieroglyphic
known as Moses, including Thut-moses,                    Goliath, and Solomon.’ So writes Rabbi            determinative of a people and not, like
Ah-moses, Ra-moses, etc., as is hesitantly               S. David Sperling, professor of Bible and         the other names, with that of a
admitted by some scholars.                               chair of the faculty at Hebrew Union              territory.” I maintain that the Israelites
   Of course, the Jews do not want you to                College—Jewish Institute of Religion in           were Egyptians who initially followed
know about the true meaning of                           New York, in his recent book The                  Ra, and were not defined by a specific
“Israel”. You do not believe me? I do                    Original Torah. Sperling contends that            geographical area.
not care what you believe; facts are                     the Pentateuch is, to use his term,                  Plus the assumption is made that a
facts. Akhenaton was even the “father of                 ‘unhistorical’. By this he means that the         reference to Israel is a reference to Jews,
monotheism” according to the                             text can tell us nothing about the period         in spite of the fact that the first time the
Encyclopedia Britannica!                                 of which it speaks, only about the time           word “Jews” is used in the Bible (2 Kings
   The Hyksos were the Mongols who                       hundreds of years later when the text             16:6), the Jews are AT WAR WITH
introduced horses and chariots into                      was composed—and the stories made up.             Israel!
Egypt and conquered and enslaved the                     The stories in the Torah, he contends, are           Frank Yurco did research at Karnak,
Egyptians. The “Jews”/Hyksos were the                    ‘politically charged texts [that] provide         and there, at the so-called “Ashkelon
slave masters who also practiced child-                  historical evidence [only] for the period         Wall”, he investigated blocks with scenes
sacrifice and cannibalism, and who                       in which they were composed’.                     of battle between 19th Dynasty
enslaved the Israelites/Egyptians! This                  Therefore, he concludes, ‘I am                    Egyptians and Israelites whom he
is what the actual records of history                    compelled to read the Torah                       associated with the “Israel” of the
show, but of course almost no one wants                  allegorically because it cannot be read           Merenptah Stela. (I see it spelled either
to accept these facts!                                   historically.’ ”                                  Merenptah or Merneptah, I do not know
   I am aware that what I am saying is so                   I could quote many more references,            which, if either, is correct.) According to
strange to the average person that it will               including many Jewish authors, who                these reliefs, the Israelites employed
be rejected out of hand. I also know, too,               admit or state that the Old Testament             chariots in their armed forces. (See
that a few people know enough about                      scriptures are not archaeologically               Yurco’s Biblical Archaeology Review
ancient Egyptian and Middle Eastern                      sound.                                            16:5 article, p.32, with photo.) There are
                                                                                     Oh, there are a       few if any scholars who would state that
      WHY THE END? by J.T. Revelator very few items that                                                   Israel had chariots during the Exodus,
                                                                                   people     use    to    Conquest, or even during the time of the
    WHY THE END? is a distillation of prophecies and messages spanning the
                                                                                   support          the    Judges. And again the assumption is
 last 2,000 years, sorted by topic and offering facts and clues from scientific
 disciplines. You may have pondered on some of these questions:
                                                                                   supposed historicity    that these “Israelites” are Jews or
  • Why is time “speeding up”?                                                     of the Bible. For       related to Jews—but in fact I suggest
  • Why are animals exhibiting strange                                             instance, books such    they were originally a tribe of
    behaviors, some dying inexplicably?                                            as Halley’s Bible       Egyptians, as their name, geography,
  • Why is the weather fluctuating and                                             Handbook tell of a      and history show.]
    getting more severe?                                                           tablet        called       The second proof of Israel’s right to the
  • Are you feeling “on edge” as if                                                “Merneptah’s Israel     land is the historic right. History supports
    something profound is about to happen                                          Tablet”         that    it totally and completely.
    soon?                                                                          mentions Israel.           [No. Only very modern history, re-
  • Is there a limit to humanity’s abuse of                                        The tablet is a         written by Jewish or Jewish-controlled
    the planet?                                                                    commemorative           authors, and published by Jewish or
    Some of the projections are quite harsh and could be                           hymn relating to        Jewish-controlled publishers. Histories
 interpreted as “doom and gloom”, depending on your
                                                              $29.95 (+S/H)
                                                           8X10 large-print format M e r n e p t a h ’ s   for 2,000 years generally do NOT
 perspective. But if you have an appetite for what is                              victory over the        support any such “right” until very
                                                             with over 350 pages.
 really on the horizon, then WHY THE END? is for you.                              Libyans and is the      recently.]
    SEE NEXT-TO-LAST PAGE FOR ORDERING OR CALL TOLL-FREE: 1-877-280-2866           only mention of            We know there has been an Israel up

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until the time of the Roman Empire.        (Jehu), saying they are the same, citing                         One of the generals who was leading
   [Show me ANY ancient reference to the the common m/w shift in Akkadian. the British armies was a man named
BIBLICAL nation of Israel before the Abimilki, also known as Pygmalion, was Allenby. Allenby was a Bible-believing
Roman Empire, not counting the king of Tyre and mentions Jehu by Christian. He carried a Bible with him
unreliable religious writings of biblical name. If you consider that Jehu may everywhere he went, and he knew the
interpretations. The Bible documents have been an Egyptian appointed or significance of Jerusalem.
were mostly created shortly before and allowed to rule over a local city by                                 The night before the attack against
around the time of Christ, then were Akhenaton or Amenhotep III, Jerusalem to drive out the Turks, Allenby
destroyed with the Roman invasion, and Akhenaton’s predecessor, you see that prayed that God would allow him to
were re-created beginning mostly the actual evidence does not truly capture the city without doing damage to
around 350 A.D., and not mostly support the viewpoints based on biblical the holy places.
finalized until around 1,000 A.D. I dare stories. And considering the fact that                             That day, Allenby sent World War I
you to show me a reference to biblical Jehu’s actual Hebrew name was Yahweh biplanes over the city of Jerusalem to do a
Israel from a non-biblical source of, say, (or could be spelled and translated that reconnaissance mission. You have to
prior to Rome! Just one! I may be way), it becomes even more curious. understand that the Turks had at that time
wrong; if so, just show me! After all, Consider, too, that Akhenaton was the never seen an airplane. So there they
Israel was a GREAT NATION around advocate of Aton, and Jehu’s real name were, flying around. They looked in the
the time of Solomon (generally taught to was the tetragram, Aton. I mention that sky and saw these fascinating inventions
be shortly after 1,000 B.C.), so we are not as proof of anything; I suppose it is and did not know what they were, and
told. But where is the proof? For mere coincidence. But there are some they were terrified by them. Then they
instance, the great ancient historian STRANGE COINCIDENCES involved were told they were going to be opposed
Herodotus, writing about 450 B.C., in some of these things.]                                            by a man named Allenby the next day,
wrote an extensive history of the Middle      The Romans conquered the land. Israel which means, in their language, “man sent
Eastern and Mediterranean countries had no homeland, although Jews were from God” or “prophet from God”. They
and NEVER ONCE mentions the Jews allowed to live there. They were driven dared not fight against a prophet from
or Israel or David or Solomon.             from the land in two dispersions: One was God, so the next morning, when Allenby
   “What about Jehu?” some will ask. in 70 A.D. and the other was in 135 A.D. went to take Jerusalem, he went in and
There is an obelisk showing Jehu, a king But there was always a Jewish presence in captured it without firing a single shot.
of Israel, bowing before Shalmaneser the land.                                                              The British Government was grateful to
III, who had conquered Jehu in circa          [They were present in the land while Jewish people around the world,
841 B.C., conventional dating. they were absent and driven from the particularly to one Jewish chemist who
Shalmaneser is mentioned in the El land? These statements make no sense.] helped them manufacture niter. Niter is an
Amarna         tablets    among       the     The Turks, who took over about 700 ingredient that was used in nitroglycerin,
correspondence with Akhenaton or years ago and ruled the land up until which was sent over from the New World.
Amenhotep. The Amarna letters about World War I, had control.                                           But they did not have a way of getting it
mention Abimilki “a loyal servant of          [Ruled over whom? Had control over to England. The German U-boats were
Egypt” and in EA 154, Abimilki whom? Answer me that! Control over shooting on the boats, so most of the niter
mentions one Yawa, a name which is the Jews? I am confident you do not they were trying to import to make
phonetically identical with Yaua, by mean that. Could it be that the Turks nitroglycerin was at the bottom of the
which name Jehu is mentioned by had control over PALESTINIANS who ocean. But a man named Weitzman, a
Shalmaneser. The actual text about were already there 700 years before the Jewish chemist, discovered a way to make
Shalmaneser receiving tribute from Jews?]                                                               it from materials that existed in England.
Jehu is “Yaua mar Humri” which is             Then the land was conquered by the As a result, they were able to continue that
translated as “Jehu of Beth Omri” and British. The Turks entered World War I on supply.
this is taken to mean Jehu the Israelite. the side of Germany. The British knew                             The British, at that time, said they were
However, Brad Aaronson points out that they had to do something to punish going to give the Jewish people a
the Hebrew “yhw” (Jehu) differs from Turkey, and also to break up that empire homeland. That is all a part of history. It
the Tetragrammaton “jhvh” only by the that was going to be a part of the whole is all written down in history. They were
last consonant, which is silent in both effort of Germany in World War I. So the gratified that the Jewish people, the
cases. He said: “It is possible that the British sent troops against the Turks in the bankers, came through and helped
Masoretes intentionally altered the Holy Land.                                                          finance the war. [Yes, both sides.]
vocalization of Jehu’s name lest readers      [Yes, the modern nation of Israel was                         The homeland that Britain said it would
come too close to pronouncing the created as an act of war against the set aside consisted of all of what is now
sacred Tetragrammaton.”                    Turks.]                                                      Israel and all of what was then the nation
   Keep in mind that the                                                                                             of Jordan—the whole thing.
Amarna letters were from                                MIND STALKERS: UFOS, IMPLANTS, & That was what Britain promised
local commanders to their                                THE PSYCHOTRONIC AGENDA OF THE to give the Jews in 1917.
leader, the Pharaoh, and                                             NEW WORLD ORDER                                   In the beginning, there was
consider that in one of the                             ALIEN ABDUCTIONS, ELF WAVES, MENTAL                          some Arab support for this
letters (EA 230) to Akhenaton,                       MANIPULATION—ALL EQUALS BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION! action. There was not a huge
Jehu states: “Say to the king,                       There is a secret plot by the New World Order to control the Arab population in the land at
my lord/Thus says Yama, your                         Earth’s population for a sinister agenda. Many UFO that time, and there is a reason
servant/At your feet I fall $15.00 (+S/H) abductees maintain they have become part of a brainwashing for that. The land was not able
down/Behold, I am your                               program by “aliens”—but is a “secret society” really behind all to sustain a large population of
servant.” Samuel Mercer                              that is happening?                                              people. It just did not have the
identifies Yama with the Yawa SEE NEXT-TO-LAST PAGE FOR ORDERING OR CALL TOLL-FREE: 1-877-280-2866 development it needed to

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handle those people, and the land was not          “The road leading from Gaza to the          Historically, they began to reclaim it.
really wanted by anybody. Nobody really         north was only a summer track, suitable           If there had never been any
wanted this land. It was considered to be       for transport by camels or carts. No           archaeological evidence to support the
worthless land.                                 orange groves, orchards, or vineyards were     rights of the Israelis to the territory, it is
   I want the Presiding Officer to hear         to be seen until one reached the Yavnev        also important to recognize that other
what Mark Twain said. And, of course,           village. Houses were mud. Schools did          nations in the area have no longstanding
you may have read Huckleberry Finn and          not exist. The western part toward the sea     claim to the country either.
Tom Sawyer. Mark Twain—Samuel                   was almost a desert. The villages in this         [Are you ADMITTING that “there
Clemens—took a tour of Palestine in             area were few and thinly populated.            had never been any archaeological
1867. This is how he described that land.       Many villages were deserted by their           evidence to support the rights of the
We are talking about Israel now.                inhabitants.”                                  Israelis to the territory”?]
   He said:                                        That was 1913.                                 Did you know that Saudi Arabia was not
   “A desolate country whose soil is rich          [Yes, World War I.             Although     created until 1913; Lebanon until 1920?
enough but is given over wholly to weeds.       technically WWI did not start until            Iraq did not exist as a nation until 1932;
A silent, mournful expanse. We never saw        1914, Italy had declared war upon              Syria until 1941; the borders of Jordan
a human being on the whole route. There         Turkey in 1911, and the Balkans were at        were established in 1946; and Kuwait in
was hardly a tree or a shrub anywhere.          war.]                                          1961.
Even the olive and the cactus, those fast          The French author Voltaire described           [These nations were created as acts of
friends of a worthless soil, had almost         Palestine as “a hopeless, dreary place”.       war with little or no regard for the
deserted the country.” [Sounds just like        [The people living there might not have        wishes and cultures of the resident
what parts of New Mexico or Arizona             felt the same way.]                            populations.]
were back then, too; doesn’t it?]                  [Editor’s note: Is it just me, or did the      Any of these nations that would say
   Where was this great Palestinian             well-paid silver-tongued Senator from          Israel is only a recent arrival would have
nation? It did not exist. It was not there.     Oklahoma all of a sudden shift from            to deny their own rights as recent arrivals
Palestinians were not there.                    outlaying a timeline in history that was at    as well. They did not exist as countries.
   [Who do you suppose made the roads           about 1913, BACK several hundred years,        They were all under the control of the
upon which Clemens walked? Lost                 to the time of Voltaire: 1694-1778? We         Turks.
cows? Or were these the farm-to-market          must appreciate the rarefied, well-honed,         Historically, Israel gained its
roads of the Palestines who lived there?]       professional level of deceit utilized          independence in 1948.
   Palestine was a region named by the          here—and realize how such masterful               [No, sir; Israel was CREATED in
Romans. But at that time it was under the       prevarication is way out of the league of      1948.]
control of Turkey, and there was no large       we mere honest-citizen amateurs! That’s           The third reason that land belongs to
mass of people there because the land           why we get to pay the taxes and they get       Israel is the practical value of the Israelis
would not support them.                         to spend them.]                                being there. Israel today is a modern
   This is the report that the Palestinian         In short, under the Turks the land          marvel of agriculture. Israel is able to
Royal Commission, created by the British,       suffered from neglect and low population.      bring more food out of a desert
made. It quotes an account of the               [Like New Mexico and Arizona?] That is         environment than any other country in the
conditions on the coastal plain along the       a historic fact. The nation became             world.
Mediterranean Sea in 1913. This is the          populated by both Jews and Arabs                  [Due to help and billions of dollars
Palestinian Royal Commission. They              because the land came to prosper when          from Americans. If we had helped the
said:                                           Jews came back and began to reclaim it.        Palestinians, they could have done

                                                                                               scholars for 50 years. Now the secret of
           SIDEBAR: Mystery Of                                                                 the Copper Scroll, one of the Dead Sea
                                                                                               Scrolls, may finally be unravelled.
          Dead Sea Scroll Unravels                                                                Robert Feather, a member of the
                                                                                               Institute of Metallurgists, will claim in a
   Editor’s note: Calvin has asked that            If you read the following AFTER             television documentary tonight that he
 the     following       very    important      finishing Calvin’s superb history lesson,      has cracked the secret code of the
 informational “sidebar” be added to            you’ll have no trouble seeing either why       Copper Scroll. Mr. Feather rejects
 his article. As he said at one point in        Calvin wishes to share this with all of you    current thinking that the copper
 the outlay of his history lesson: “I           (as remarkably timely and important            document was written by the Essenes
 maintain that the Israelites were              verification of several points he makes),      monastic sect 2,000 years ago.
 Egyptians who initially followed Ra,           or why certain vested interests would             A member of the Jewish Historical
 and were not defined by a specific             heatedly oppose such inconvenient Truth.       Society, and the Egypt Exploration
 geographical area.   ”                                                                        Society, Mr. Feather believes the
   The “professional” opposition to the                      Mystery Of                        engraved scroll, which lists treasures
 brilliant hypothesis presented below is               Dead Sea Scroll Unravels                buried in the Holy Land, is written in
 understandable—since (1) they didn’t                                                          Egyptian not in Hebrew. He suggests it
 think of it first, and (2) there is a lot of              by Claudia Joseph                   can be traced back to the monotheistic
 power and money behind keeping the                  of The Independent of London              court of the Egyptian pharaoh
 accepted history as it is—a carefully                    (                  Akhenaten and Queen Nefertiti, in
 crafted fraud justifying both Israel’s                     31 March 2002                      Amarna, 600 miles south of the Dead
 position and that of many churches and                                                        Sea and halfway down the Nile between
 other religious “businesses”.                    It is a mystery that has baffled religious   Cairo and Luxor. He is lobbying the

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equally as well—probably better                were welcome.]                                  the Israelis. Or should I say Israelies.]
because of living in peace instead of the         What other nation on Earth is going to         It is good to know we have a friend in
current warfare state.]                        cede territory, is going to give up land?       the Middle East on whom we can count.
   The Arab nations ought to make Israel       [Why should Palestinians be forced to             [Ha. Hogwash. Remember the
their friend and import technology from        give up land? You just implied that no          Liberty. And the World Trade Center.
Israel that would allow all the Middle         other nation on Earth would cede                Israel was behind the World Trade
East, not just Israel, to become an exporter   territory, so why should Palestine?]            Center crashes/bombings, as is
of food. Israel has unarguable success in         They are not asking for a great deal.        abundantly revealed by researchers on
its agriculture.                               The whole nation of Israel would fit into       the Internet.]
   The fourth reason I believe Israel has      my home state of Oklahoma seven times.            They vote with us in the United Nations
the right to the land is on the grounds of     It would fit into the Presiding Officer’s       more than England, more than Canada,
humanitarian concern. You see, there were      state of Georgia seven times. They are not      more than France, more than Germany—
6 million Jews slaughtered in Europe in        asking for a great deal. The whole nation       more than any other country in the world.
World War II.                                  of Israel is very small. It is a nation that,     The sixth reason is that Israel is a
   [There were 37 million people killed        up until the time that claims started           roadblock to terrorism.
during World War I, and 55 million             coming in, was not desired by anybody.            [Another bald lie. Israel is the
Russians, Germans, Japanese, French,              The fifth reason Israel ought to have        CREATOR of modern terrorism. So
Americans, British, etc., slaughtered          their land is that she is a strategic ally of   says Israel! Menachem Begin was a
during World War II. I suppose they all        the United States.                              famous member of the Stern Gang
also own a piece of Palestine? The                [So is Mexico. So give Palestine to the      terrorists. He eventually became Prime
Zionists keep hammering on us that they        Mexicans. Or give Mexico to the                 Minister of Israel. Begin was asked by
are something special, which is nothing        Israelis. Stupid reasoning.]                    Mike Wallace on the 60 Minutes TV
more than a clever bullying propaganda            Whether we realize it or not, Israel is a    program: “Did you really introduce
ploy, with NO TRUTH to back it up.]            detriment, an impediment, to certain            terrorism into the politics of the Middle
   The persecution against the Jews had        groups hostile to democracies and hostile       East?” Begin answered: “Not just the
been very strong in Russia since the           to what we believe in, hostile to that          Middle         East—THE          WHOLE
advent of communism. [Because the              which makes us the greatest nation in the       WORLD!”]
communists who brought the holocaust           history of the world.                             The war we are now facing is not
upon Russia were Jews, as any                     [So we are told. Israel, with their          against a sovereign nation; it is against a
researcher sees who looks at their             current policies, is a detriment to             group of terrorists who are very fluid,
names.] It was against them even before        EVERY nation.]                                  moving from one country to another.
then, under the Czars. [The Czars saw             They have kept them from taking                [Yes, Zionist Jews. The Palestinians
how the Jewish bankers and friends were        complete control of the Middle East. If it      move to another country only when they
financing terrorism and murder.]               were not for Israel, they would overrun the     are evicted from their own.]
   These people have a right to their          region. They are our strategic ally.              They are almost invisible. That is whom
homeland. [Yes, especially the original           [“They” being the “certain groups” or        we are fighting against today.
resident Palestinians, not the foreign         Israel? The reason the Middle Eastern             [When you say “we”, you show you
invaders.] If we are not going to allow        nations are hostile towards Americans is        are an Israel-firster and not a loyal
them a homeland in the Middle East, then       BECAUSE of the bloodthirsty Zionists.           American. Americans are not fighting
where? [The Jews should have stayed            The Middle Easterners would be our              Palestinians.      Even our fight in
where they were, or gone to where they         best friends if not for our being a tool of     Afghanistan is a hoax and ploy to get out

 Egyptian antiquities department for           French archaeologists. It was broken            credible 7.5 kg of gold and 19.2 kg of
 permission to excavate the site.              into two chunks and hidden in a cave in         silver.
   The location of the treasures               Qumran, Israel. Later, scientists, finding         He has also discovered that the 14
 themselves has baffled scholars. Mr.          it too brittle to unroll, sliced it into 23     Greek letters spell the name Akhenaten
 Feather makes a convincing argument           segments. The scroll was 30 cm wide             the Pharaoh, who was crowned
 for his theories in tonight’s BBC2            and, in total, 2-1/2 m long.                    Ahmenotep the fourth but changed his
 programme, The Pharaoh’s Holy                    Historians deduced that the text,            name to mean “servant of the sun disc”
 Treasure, but his claims are hotly            engraved down 12 columns and listing            after decreeing there was only one God,
 contested by other academics.                 64 caches of treasure from gold bars to         Aten.
   “If the numbering system is Egyptian        silver ingots, was written in Hebrew, but          “The back of my neck was tingling. It
 and the weights system makes sense            they were mystified by the figures of 25        was just one of those moments of
 using Egyptian weights, then why not          tonnes of gold and 65 tonnes of silver—         incredible excitement because no one
 look to Egypt? It’s the logical thing to      more than the entire amount mined               had ever before cracked this Greek
 do. Virtually every major character in        worldwide at the time of the engraving.         cryptic puzzle” said Mr. Feather, who
 the Old Testament spent huge amounts             Mr. Feather, who is married with two         backs his theory by interpreting the
 of time in Egypt—born there, lived            children and lives in north London,             scroll’s words “Great River” not as the
 there, or influenced by Egypt. It’s an        believes he has found new clues in the          River Jordan but as the River Nile. He
 undeniable fact of the Jewish religion        text. One is the inverted “u” for the           has also weighed the gold bars found at
 that Egypt was a powerful force               number 10, which indicates that the             the part of the archaeological site
 throughout its early history” said Mr.        engraving was Egyptian and that the             known as Crock of Gold Square, and the
 Feather.                                      measure was the 10.2 gm Egyptian kite           treasures discovered in Queen Nefertiti’s
   The Copper Scroll was discovered in         rather than the 35 kg Hebrew kikha,             tomb, and believes they match the
 March 1952 by a team of Jordanian and         making the total treasure a much more           spoils identified in the Copper Scroll.

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troops into position for something else,                playing field being outnumbered 2 to 1.          again because we’ve said it leads to
of which you, being a Senator, are no                   [Yes they consider helicopters, tanks, and       continued escalation—that it escalates
doubt aware.]                                           F-16s against rifles, stones and 18-year-        the violence. Are we going to follow that
   We need every ally we can get. If we do              old girls a level playing field.]                preaching ourselves?
not stop terrorism in the Middle East, it                  There were 39 Scud missiles that landed          Mr. Powell indicated we would strike
will be on our shores. [Sounds like the                 on Israeli soil during the Gulf War.             back. In other words, we can tell Israel not
same argument we used for our                              [And some of them, if not all, were           to do it, but when it hits us, we are going
involvement in Vietnam, doesn’t it?]                    loaded with concrete. Does anybody               to do something.
   We have said this again and again and                remember that? And does anybody                     [“Don’t do as I do, do as I say.”]
again, and it is true.                                  remember the New York Times article                 But all that changed in December when
   [It is not, no matter how many times                 that told that we were lied to also about        the Israelis went into the Gaza with gun
you say it. Repetition is a tool of                     the Patriot missiles (“Scud Missile’s            ships and into the West Bank with F-16s
propaganda and brainwashing, not a                      Success In Gulf War Is A Myth, Israel            [against women and children and little
factor of truth.]                                       Officials Say” by Tim Weiner, New York           boys with rocks]. With the exception of
   One of the reasons I believe the                     Times, only date recorded on my                  last May, the Israelis had not used F-16s
spiritual door was opened for an attack                 clipping is 20 Nov. Or Austin American-          since the 1967 Six-Day War. And I am so
against the United States of America is                 Statesman, Sept. 30, 1992, p.C20, article        proud of them because we have to stop
that the policy of our Government has                   entitled “Patriot More Miss Than Hit,            terrorism. [You stop terrorism by being
been to ask the Israelis, and demand it                 Study Says”.]                                    the source of terrorism?] It is not going
with pressure, not to retaliate in a                       Our President asked Israel not to             to go away. [Probably not.] If Israel were
significant way against the terrorist strikes           respond. In order to have the Arab nations       driven into the sea tomorrow, if every Jew
that have been launched against them.                   on board, we asked Israel not to                 in the Middle East were killed, terrorism
   [We were open to attack because of                   participate in the war. They showed              would not end. You know that in your
our pressuring Israel? You appear to                    tremendous restraint and did not.                heart. Terrorism would continue. [Yes, it
know the truth behind the lies you are                     [Another lie. In fact, Israelis flew a lot    would continue, because the bulk of Jews
telling.]                                               of the bombing missions, a fact that was         are now in Europe and the United States,
   Since its independence [no, creation]                mostly kept out of the press to prevent          the United States of Israel.]
in 1948, Israel has fought four wars: The               the Arab nations from getting too upset.]           It is not just a matter of Israel in the
war in 1948 and 1949—that was the war                      Now we have asked them to stand back          Middle East. It is the heart of the very
for independence—the war in 1956, the                   and not do anything over these last              people who are perpetrating this stuff.
Sinai campaign; the Six-Day War in 1967;                several attacks.                                 Should they be successful in overrunning
and in 1973, the Yom Kippur War, the                       [Do you call murdering innocent               Israel—which they won’t be [yes, it is
holiest day of the year, and that was with              women and children, bulldozing houses            hard to defeat tanks and helicopter
Egypt and Syria.                                        with the families still in them, firing on       gunships and F-16s with stones and 18-
   You have to understand that, in all four             ambulances,          shooting      shackled      year-old girls]—but should they be, it
cases, Israel was attacked. They were not               prisoners in cold blood, etc. “standing          would not be enough. They will never be
the aggressor. Some people may argue                    back”? You are obviously an “Israel-             satisfied.
that this was not true because they went in             firster”. Are you an Israeli Mishpuka or            No. 7: I believe very strongly that we
first in 1956; but they knew at that time               Mossad agent like so many of your                ought to support Israel, that it has a right
that Egypt was building a huge military                 fellows?]                                        to the land. This is the most important
to become the aggressor. Israel, in fact,                  We have criticized them. We have              reason: Because God said so.
was not the aggressor and has not been                  criticized them in our media. Local                 [This is the god that said: “I will send
the aggressor in any of the four wars.                  people in television and radio often             a fire upon Judah, and it shall devour
   Also, they won all four wars against                 criticize Israel, not knowing the true facts.    the palaces of Jerusalem. For three
impossible odds. They are great warriors.               We need to be informed.                          transgressions of Israel, and for four, I
[As long as they have British or                           [Some of us ARE informed. And you,            will not turn away its punishment,
Americans and American equipment                        being a U.S. Senator, are no doubt               because they sold the righteous for
supporting them, such as Allenby and                    informed, so your statements prove you           silver, and the poor for a pair of shoes.”
Ord Wingate.] They consider a level                     are a mouthpiece for Israel and should           (Amos 1:5-6) There are LOTS of
                                                                               be investigated for       prophecies that god would destroy
T C                     :T H
   HE ONTROLLERS HE IDDEN                                                      treason.]
                                                                                  I was so thrilled
                                                                                                         Israel. This is NOT the REAL GOD,
                                                                                                         Who is God of Palestinians and Israelis
 R                    E   I
      ULERS OF ARTH DENTIFIED                                                  when I heard a
                                                                               reporter pose a
                                                                                                         and all else, equally.]
                                                                                                            As I said a minute ago, look it up in the
                  BY COMMANDER X                                               question to our           book of Genesis. It is right up there on the
   Humankind continues to wage all-out battle with those                       Secretary of State,       desk. In Genesis 13:14-17, the Bible says:
 who have kept us as their slaves since seemingly the                          Colin Powell. He             “The Lord said to Abram:
 beginning of time. They are: • The Illuminati • The                           said:                        [This is the Abram who swore on his
 Greys • The Counterfeit Race.                               $15.00 (+S/H) Mr. Powell, the               penis and erected phallic pillars all over
   They have, says the author (who is of military                              United States has         the place (see, for instance, Genesis 47:29
 intelligence) kept us in human bondage by: • Controlling our minds • advocated a policy                 in Bullinger’s Companion Bible).]
 Planting imperfect thoughts in our heads • Kidnapping humans • of restraint in the                         ‘Lift up now your eyes, and look from
 Impregnating women • Causing global warfare and ethnic hatred • Creating Middle East. We                the place where you are northward and
 a false economic system, and • Assassinating and “replacing” our most have discouraged                  southward and eastward and westward, for
 trusted spiritual leaders, rulers, and elected officials.                     Israel from retaliation   all the land which you see, to you will I
 SEE NEXT-TO-LAST PAGE FOR ORDERING OR CALL TOLL-FREE: 1-877-280-2866. again and again and               give it, and to your seed forever.... Arise,

PAGE 74                       Toll-free: 1-877-280-2866          Outside U.S.: 1-661-823-9696          JUNE 2002
walk through the land in the length of it            Why did he storm out of the meeting?         was not taken. That is why the politics of
and in the breadth of it, for I will give it to   Everything he had said he wanted was            Israel have changed drastically over the
thee.’ ”                                          offered there. It was put into his hands.       past 12 months. The Israelis have come
   That is God talking.                           Why did he storm out of the meeting?            to see that: “No matter what we do, these
   [Yes, the god of this world—also                  A couple of months later, there began        people do not want to deal with us. They
known as Satan. The REAL God said:                to be riots, terrorism. The riots began         want to destroy us.”
“Thou shalt not steal.” And: “Thou                when now Prime Minister Ariel Sharon               That is why, even yet today, the
shall not kill.” He said this through a           went to the Temple Mount [knowing full          stationery of the PLO still has upon it the
messenger/angel            to      Pharaoh        well he was provoking a war]. And this          map of the entire state of Israel, not just
Thutmoses, who recorded the event on              was used as the thing that lit the fire and     the tiny little part they call the West
the walls of the temple at Karnak,                that caused the explosion.                      Bank that they want. They want it all.
Egypt. For proof see “Reign Of                       Did you know that Sharon did not go             [And the Israelis want it all, from the
Thutmose III And Hatshepsut” in                   unannounced and that he contacted the           Nile to the Euphrates, per their own
Ancient Records Of Egypt, Vol. II                 Islamic authorities before he went, and         Zionist maps.]
(1906), by James Henry Breasted,                  secured their permission and had                   We have to get out of this mindset that
paragraphs 134 & 141, or Zecharia                 permission to be there? It was no               somehow you can buy peace in the
Sitchin’s translation in Divine                   surprise.                                       Middle East by giving little plots of
Encounters, p.229, and The Stairway To               The response was very carefully              land. It has not worked before when it
Heaven, p.115, and compare with the               calculated. They knew the world would           has been offered.
Tulli Papyrus.]                                   not pay attention to the details.                  [If I stole the furniture out of your
   The Bible says that Abram removed his             They would portray this in the Arab          house, and then offered to make peace
tent and came and dwelt in the plain of           world as an attack upon the holy mosque.        by giving a few pieces back, would you
Mamre, which is in Hebron, and built              They would portray it as an attack upon         be happy with the deal?]
there an altar before the Lord. Hebron is         that mosque and use it as an excuse to             These seven reasons show why Israel is
in the West Bank. It is at this place where       riot. Over the last 8 years, during this        entitled to that land.
God appeared to Abram and said: “I am             time of the peace process, where the               [Reasons convincing only if you are
giving you this land.”—the West Bank.             Israeli public has pressured its leaders to     brain-dead or brain-washed.]
   [My mother’s maiden name traces                give up land for peace because they are            [End quoting of Senator’s speech.]
directly back to this location. I am              tired of f ighting, there has been                 The only thing that will bring peace to
Jewish; I am an Israelite; I am Semitic.          increased terror.                               the Middle East is a recognition and
Much more so than Ariel “the Butcher”                In fact, it has been greater in the last 8   acceptance of TRUTH. Will it happen?
Sharon and his Mongol/Khazar friends              years than at any other time in Israel’s        It could. And you could walk outside
and ancestors.]                                   history. Showing restraint and giving in        and find a winning lottery ticket on the
   This is not a political battle at all. It is   has not produced any kind of peace. It is       sidewalk.
a contest over whether or not the word of         so much so that today the leftist peace            However, recognition and acceptance
God is true. [Ah, out of the mouths of the        movement in Israel does not exist               of TRUTH is a CHOICE. What will be
foolish, sometimes comes truth!] The              because the people feel they were               your choice?
seven reasons [lies], I am convinced,             deceived.                                          So it is, so be it. Choices have
clearly establish that Israel has a right to         They did offer a hand of peace, and it       consequences. S
the land.
   Eight years ago, on the lawn of the
White House, Yitzhak Rabin shook hands
with PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat. It was
an historic occasion. It was a tragic
   At that time, the official policy of the
Government of Israel began to be “Let us
appease the terrorists. Let us begin to
trade the land for peace.” This process
continued unabated up until last year.
   Here, in our own nation, at Camp David,
in the summer of 2000, then Prime
Minister of Israel Ehud Barak offered the
most generous concessions to Yasser
Arafat that had ever been laid on the table.
   He offered him more than 90% of all the
West Bank territory, sovereign control of
it. There were some parts he did not want
to offer, but in exchange for that he said
he would give up land in Israel proper that
the PLO had not even asked for.
   And he also did the unthinkable. He
even spoke of dividing Jerusalem and
allowing the Palestinians to have their                  “Oh, I’ll print it all right, Mr. Paine. But a title like
capital there in the East. Yasser Arafat              ‘Common Sense’ isn’t going to appeal to very many people.”
stormed out of the meeting.

JUNE 2002                    Toll-free: 1-877-280-2866       Outside U.S.: 1-661-823-9696          PAGE 75
 The “Psychic Internet” Is
As Close As Your Thoughts
          5/10/02 HATONN                        Many of you know that sometimes you       utilize this same conduit. Remember
                                             need to have “peace and quiet in order to    that even ones such as Lucifer were
   Good afternoon, my scribe. It is I,       think”. Innately you know that, when         created by God, and thus share the same
Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, come in the           you still the commotion in your life, a      common heritage as you and me in terms
Radiant One Light of Creator God. Be         greater clarity of thought can be            of Original Source.
still and allow the message to come forth.   achieved.                                       The chosen path of the individual does
   Over and over again, we of the Lighted       Many ones will often only experience      NOT somehow disconnect them from the
Realms who monitor your world’s current      this point just prior to falling asleep or   rest. It is for this reason that you would
evolutionary transition, speak of the        just prior to waking up from a restful       be most wise to learn to protect yourself
need to go within and find your own          sleep. This is often the reason why many     from those who seek their growth
answers. This makes many of you quite        will want to “sleep on it” prior to making   through destructive low-frequency
uncomfortable for it suggests that YOU       a large decision.                            pathways.
are responsible for your own knowing            You each practice this sort of               Each of you can easily create pain,
and discernment. And indeed you are!         communication with your Guides each          frustration, anger, and grief for yourself
   You can follow another if you choose,     and every day, though many of you fail       as well as others. These are the base
and there IS wisdom in learning from one     to recognize the inner connections or the    emotions of reactionary cause-and-effect
another. However, there is a great need      mechanism. The “voice” your Guides           that ones will naturally experience as
for you each to become self-sufficient       use is your own inner voice. Why?            they become consciously self-aware.
with respect to your individual ability to   Because all ones are connected and part         However, as you progress in your
interpret the communications that ARE        of a larger Wholeness.                       evolution, you will find it to be more
being directed your way.                        From a much larger perspective, the       challenging and satisfying to create
   You each are “psychic”. The only          “roots” of the soul essence from which       peace, humor, and joy. These finer,
reason some ones appear to be more           consciousness and self-awareness are         higher-frequency emotions accelerate
“psychic” than others is because some        born, for all ones, is a single point of     your learning—while the lower, more
have taken the time to interpret the         Absolute Stillness and Infinite Potential.   base frequencies tend to retard your
subtle nuances of sensations and feelings    It is from this point of common origin       growth.
that impact the mind.                        that Oneness is recognized and ALL ones         Some entities have become addicted to
   The majority on your world are in a       share the same “inner voice”. It is from     the lower-frequency energies, much like
constant and chronic state of perceptual     this point that “All is connected to All”.   an alcoholic is addicted to alcohol.
distraction. Each of you who resonate           Your collective experience in your        These ones will do anything to get their
with this sort of message, and diligently    current expression into the physical will    next fix. Many have become masterful
seek insights, are specifically the ones I   give you clues and insights of which I       tricksters who will manipulate you into
am addressing.                               speak. Sitting in quiet contemplation        doing whatever it takes to ensure you
   You need not wait for the next issue of   will always result in subtle shifts of       trust them as they steer you down a path
this publication to receive a message        perception, and slightly different points    of hardship and confusion, full of pain
from any of the Lighted Guides who           of view will be achieved.                    and grief, all the while reassuring you
have come to assist at this time. This is       Many of you simply expect to hear a       that you must struggle in order to grow.
just a gentle reminder to you ones that      distinct voice when God, Angels, or             Dear ones, growth need not be a
there is no magic or mystery, and once       Spirit Guides speak to you. This is rarely   struggle whatsoever. Learn to go within
the communication process is recognized      the case.                                    and connect with memories of laughter,
and perceived first-hand for yourself,          Though there are ones who have acute      peacefulness, and joy. Call upon your
you will then realize that it has been       sensitivity, who can distinguish the         Guides to surround you with these high-
there ALL your life, helping to Guide        subtleties of communication and thus         frequency energies. In doing so, you
you along your journey.                      “hear” a distinct voice clearly not their    will naturally be protecting yourself from
   Some ones would have you believe          own, these same ones will also admit that    those who operate in the lower-frequency
that it take years of meditation and         when they are following “their”              ranges, for the only way they will be able
practice in order to achieve clear           intuition, it is a Guidance that seems to    to get a message to you in such a high-
communication. Perhaps this is so for        come most often in their own voice,          frequency state, is to MATCH that
those who believe they must struggle in      though they recognize it as Guidance—        frequency. This is something that is too
order to achieve. However, I say to you      usually after the fact.                      difficult for most dark energies to do,
that you each are constantly “practicing”       I must make a very important point        and if they do so, they will naturally
every time you sit in contemplation, in      here. The inter-connectedness of all ones    have achieved a state of compassion, and
search of answers to whatever challenge      does NOT distinguish between “good”          thus will not desire to control or
you may be facing.                           and “bad”—meaning ALL ones can               manipulate you.

PAGE 76              Toll-free: 1-877-280-2866     Outside U.S.: 1-661-823-9696        JUNE 2002
  Many of you, who have been reading                 The point here is to illustrate that, with          Again: you are all “psychic”—
these messages and applying the                   the proper perspective, even the most               meaning you have the ability to tap this
suggestions we offer, set aside some time         disconcerting kinds of events, if looked            Inner Source of Knowing, regardless of
each day when you consciously make an             at from a larger perspective, will be               your beliefs. You each tap this Creative
effort to raise your frequency—and thus           discovered to have tremendous positive              Source on a daily basis to varying
likewise clear your space of Dark                 value. If you can manage to adopt this              degrees of awareness.
influence. This is as it should be.               sort of philosophy, and incorporate it                 I do realize that this is somewhat of a
  However, we also witness many of you            into your day-to-day thinking, you will             repetitive message for many of you.
ones subsequently going about your day            find that happiness, peace, and joy will            However, there are ones who will be
allowing yourselves to get angry,                 have been achieved, as you will naturally           reading this sort of message for the first
frustrated, annoyed, and so forth. This           attract more and more of this same                  time, and many others need to be
too is fine, for it is your challenge to find     positive energy into your life. This will           reminded, again and again, of these basic
a way to always stay connected and                also cause a greater clarity of thought             Truths.
centered, no matter what the situation            and intuition, for you will be nurturing               May you each take this message to
that presents itself to you.                      peacefulness, rather than anger and                 heart, and learn to always remain
  There IS goodness and potential for             confusion.                                          centered—regardless of the impact of
growth and greater understanding in                  There is no way to address each of               your ever evolving experience.
EVERY experience you have. Let’s say              your personal concerns in such a general               I am Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, come in
someone cuts you off at an intersection.          dissertation. Therefore, we encourage               Service to The One Light—Creator
You can get very angry, and allow it to           you each to learn to help yourselves.               Source—the One who created you and
affect you in a negative way.                        Or, if you still struggle with the               me. When YOU grow in awareness, so too
  Or, you might take a different approach         personal belief that you somehow are                do ALL ones, everywhere, grow. Your
and say to yourself: “Hmm—all things              “different” and “can’t hear”—then seek              growth is connected to mine, and it is
happen for a reason, and though I may             the assistance of ones you trust, and ask           with great love, compassion, and
not see the reason for this happening to          them questions and opinions about what              satisfaction that We of the Lighted
me, perhaps my Guides are trying to               options they see regarding matters of               Realms of Creation come to assist you
make me more aware of something.                  concern to you. Often, even those who               ones.
Perhaps I need to learn to give others            believe psychics and such are “of the                  In the Light (that which symbolizes
more space. Or maybe that person’s                devil” will instinctively go within and             the liberation of knowing Truth) and
actions were so that I would be more alert        tap this Inner Source for answers when              Love of Creator God, blessings to you
to something that is about to happen.”            trying to help another.                             all! Salu. S

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   Higher Realms of Creation are       for those ill-prepared for what is      be wise to take full advantage of this exquisite learning
   attempting to communicate with      to happen.”                             environment?!”              — Sanat Kumara (“Grandfather”)
   ALL of us at this time. Why?                    — Back Cover, Vol. I
   Take a look around you. The                                                    “The physical body is ‘merely’ a conduit for the interaction
   old ways of doing things aren’t        “Let us begin with WHO you           into and the interfacing with the physical experience. I say
   working. Our planet is entering     are. You, the non-physical YOU,         ‘merely’ because that body is a most exquisite creation
   a time of massive, turbulent        are an infinite thought projection      indeed and poorly understood by your current level of so-
   change and renewal. To put it       of the One who created you.             called medical science.”                  — Master Hilarion
   bluntly: we NEED help! And          (God!) You are the product of
   that’s where these books come       His desire. You are, in effect,           “Be at peace, you who acknowledge and take within these
   into the picture. Yes, eventually   Desire manifest in uniqueness           messages of Higher Guidance, for you are being given that
   ‘the Phoenix will arise from the    of purpose.”                            which you will need, in the way of instruction, to meet and
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JUNE 2002                      Toll-free: 1-877-280-2866         Outside U.S.: 1-661-823-9696               PAGE 77
                                                                                     Iran-Contra Insider (2001, National

The Case For Sedition                                                                Liberty Press, $19.95; toll free order
                                                                                     line: 1-866-317-1390). He lives at an
                                                                                     undisclosed location, since the
                                                                                     criminals named in his book have
                                                                                     been returned to national power and
                                                                                     prominence. His column “Behind the

 By The Bush Cabal                                                                   Scenes in the Beltway” is published
                                                                                                    on      his      http://

                                                                                                 AL MARTIN
  Editor’s note:         Though the        do you want?!
controlled media prostitutes would           Another matter to point out here is        The Case For Sedition (Part 1):
never speak such blasphemy, many of        for those of you who may be                  High Crimes Of The Bush Cabal
the more awake and outspoken among         particular about word use. If you                       (4/2/02)
the citizenry have          noted the      check the word “sedition” in a good
unfolding pattern that smacks of déjà      dictionary, the general definition of       A case for sedition can be made
vu. Some of the more ornery of the         that word suggests that Al actually       against the Bush Cabal, including
citizenry say they really can’t tell the   means the word “treason”. These two       George Herbert Walker Bush, James
difference between Daddy Bush and          words are often used interchangeably      Baker, Cappy Weinberger, and the late
Junior Bush—and speculate about            to mean conspiratorial traitorous         Bill Casey et al. They perpetrated a
exactly which one is actually the          activity against a country or its         series of frauds against the public
President of the United States and         people.                                   purse under the thinly disguised veil
which one is “retired” from office.          Later in this article, Al gives a       of political policies—to wit, the
  Much more important is the quiet         source for his use of the term            tremendous increase in military and
but growing wave of concern by the         “sedition” (Statute 792 of U.S. Title     defense expenditures in order to try to
citizenry about what is being done TO      Code 18), and still later he gives his    defeat the “Evil Empire” of the Soviet
this country, especially bleeding it       definition. But drawing from such         Union, which in itself was a ruse.
financially, through the flimsy excuse     precise and specialized technical           This enormous multi-trillion-dollar
of a so-called “War On Terrorism” that     interpretations of the word “sedition”    increase in defense spending was used
not even the professional newsfakers       definitely does not help to make the      by the Bush Cabal to suck money out
seem able to package convincingly.         point clearer to a general audience       of the public purse by the commission
  What Al Martin has to say here is        who mostly may only consult the           of a variety of schemes and to bleed
something that MANY with a long            nearest dictionary of word usage.         money out of defense appropriations
memory are concluding—but have               However, it’s important that we         by incessant payments from defense
been hoodwinked into thinking is a         don’t get lost in the details of          contractors to a shadowy network of
minority opinion, since the spin           technical        definitions       and    Republican-controlled             arms
doctors of mind control have carefully     interpretations of law—and lose sight     companies,        security    research
conditioned the public to feel that        of the overall powerful message being     consultant companies, and offshore
any such questioning is “unpatriotic”      shared here. After all, Al’s history      research institutes.
at this most “serious” time since the 9/   lesson shows how easily the same            This can be ascertained when you
11 tragedy.                                tricks can be used over and over          look at the big Research and
  Some of you will take issue with Al’s    again against a mostly sleeping           Development (R & D) expenditures
analysis, saying that it does not          populace.                                 that were done on the so-called Star
penetrate to the level of the ACTUAL         From the level of the rumblings, it     Wars missile defense program. You
ones pulling the strings of the puppets    would seem that more ones are             can see the endless list of “security
who sit visibly in the positions of        awakening THIS time around. And           consultants” who were put on as
power. And while that’s true, let’s also   perhaps that means the game is about      subcontractors, most of whom had
keep in mind that A LOT can be             over. What to do? For a start,            absolutely nothing to do with the
discerned simply from observing what       consider carefully Al’s elegant           development of the weapons.
the puppets are up to. And Al is a         suggestion of a Grand Jury. The             These security consultant f irms
master at THAT level of analysis—          people HAVE THE POWER if they only        would put together proposals for
which most ones can follow more            awaken to that fact.                      estimated usage of weapons, etc, but
easily than the antics of the Shadow         For those readers not familiar with     since they knew the weapons were
Government’s diabolical misfits.           this crusader, according to his own       never going to work, they knew it was
  For example, Al provides us with an      biographical statement, Al is America’s   really meaningless anyway.
EXTREMELY important and revealing          foremost        whistleblower       on      In addition, there was the “spare
insight when he reminds us: “We must       government fraud and corruption. A        parts industry” that goes along with
remember what George Bush Sr. said         retired U.S. Navy Lt. Commander and       the Bush Cabal, which increases the
in 1992, when he was asked what            former officer in the Office of Naval     cost of spare parts (which don’t work)
Iran-Contra was all about. This was        Intelligence, he has testified before     by ten or twenty times.
all done, as George himself once said,     Congress (the Kerry Committee and           These actions of the Bush Cabal
for ‘the continuous consolidation of       the Alexander Committee) regarding        then constitute gross economic
money and power into higher, tighter,      Iran-Contra. Al Martin is the author      malfeasance, which, in my view, could
and righter hands’.” What more Truth       of The Conspirators: Secrets Of An        rise to the level of sedition. The

PAGE 78           Toll-free: 1-877-280-2866   Outside U.S.: 1-661-823-9696      JUNE 2002
def inition of sedition is four pages      constituency of his own. People ask:                                       the U.S. Federal Treasury.
long, and it can be found in Statute       “Where did the term ‘Reaganite’ or                                           The “plan” was well publicized:
792 of U.S. Title Code 18.                 ‘Reaganomics’ come from?”                                                    • To build an envisioned 50,000-
   In other words, the Bush Cabal knew       It was the Bush people in the                                            man contra ar my.          That never
that what they were doing would            Reagan Administration who fostered                                         happened.
severely weaken the United States,         the use of these terms. James Baker                                          • To impede the Soviet build-up of
both militarily and economically. The      used it all the time, and that was to lay                                  arms and influence in Central America.
country is weakened militarily by          all the crap in Reagan’s lap.                                              That never happened.
loading U.S. military inventories with       In marketing, it’s called branding.                                        • To shore-up our right-wing
a lot of high-tech weapons systems         They knew Reagan was the popular                                           dictatorial    regime      friends   in
that don’t work. The countr y is           figurehead, not George Bush—so why                                         Guatemala and El Salvador. That
weakened economically by many              not name everything after him?                                             never happened.
years of purported multi-hundred-            It was easier to sell because of                                           All the stated goals of the stated
billion-dollar deficits, claimed to be     Reagan’s popularity, and it also                                           cover story were not accomplished
$350- or $400-billion-dollar deficits,     disguised the real power in the                                            because     nobody      cared     about
but which were actually (as we have        administration. The Bush people                                            accomplishing them. It was just a
pointed out before) TWICE as high as       knew that what they were doing would                                       ruse.
claimed at any given time.                 severely weaken our government and                                           Star Wars was the same thing—just a
   The Bush Administration just            our economy, but later on they’d have                                      ruse. And they all knew that Star Wars
disguised the numbers through a series     some political dodge by being able                                         was just a ruse.
of smoke-and-mirrors accounting            say “Hey, Reagan was the president.”                                         Jack Verona, then chief of Defense
tricks, as we have said before. [See         In fact, everyone knew that George                                       Advanced Research Projects Agency
Al’s article “Numbers Don’t Lie,           Bush controlled things, which was                                          (DARPA), probably could have gotten
Bushes Do” at his Internet website.]       particularly true in Reagan’s second                                       himself assassinated because he had
   The premise of the case is that this    term, when Reagan frankly didn’t have                                      loose lips. He used to like to drink at
malfeasance was created, not under the     any idea what was going on anymore.                                        these Republican cocktail parties, and
Reagan-Bush Regime, as referred to           Regarding the sedition issue, we                                         he was often reported, off the record,
before, but by the Bush-I Regime.          must remember what George Bush                                             in the Washington Post, saying that
   The Bush-I Regime, the period from      Sr. said in 1992, when he was asked                                        the weapons systems we’re spending
1980-1992, is so named because             what Iran-Contra was all about. This                                       hundreds of billions on are pie-in-
Ronald Reagan was simply a                 was all done, as George himself once                                       the-sky. He stated that they either
figurehead. Reagan never formulated        said,      for     “the     continuous                                     won’t work, or in the case of the few
any policies on his own and he hardly      consolidation of money and power                                           that do have a chance of working, we
had any of his own people in the           into higher, tighter, and righter                                          wouldn’t have the technology to
cabinet.                                   hands”.                                                                    make them work for another fifteen
   When you think about it, the only         The implication is that there was a                                      or twenty years.
pure Reaganite was Donald Regan,           grand design behind this illegal covert                                      The billions and billions (an
and he was intimidated by George           operation of government, the greatest                                      aggregate $2.77 trillion dollars) that
Bush. He even publicly said so. The        ever committed by the U.S.                                                 was spent on Star Wars programs at the
big powerhouses in the administration,     Government, which had nothing to do                                        time (the so-called “Brilliant Pebbles”
like James Baker, Bill Casey, Cappy        with providing a bulwark against the                                       and “Bright Star” the ASAT programs)
Weinburger, Brent Scowcroft, were all      growing Red Tide in Central America.                                       was all wasted.
old Bush Cabalists. These were not           In fact, it was a covert operation.                                        The Bush people would say that you
Reaganites.                                And like all other covert operations,                                      have to commit to research and
   We need to remember that prior to       which is what Bush implied, its real                                       development in order to make a
1980, before the use of the word           agenda was simply to form a political                                      weapons system that works. That
“Reaganite”, Ronald Reagan didn’t          machine under the guise of an illegal                                      seemingly would make sense, but they
have any political faction of his own.     covert operation of State to suck ever-                                    knew going into it that it was untrue,
He wasn’t a politician. He was a two-      increasing quantities of money out of                                      based on what Verona kept telling
ter m governor of the state of
   When he left off ice, the State of
California was teetering on the brink
                                           Revelations of a Mother Goddess
                                                        An Interview by David Icke
of bankruptcy. That says a lot for his
ability to manage things. People               The staggering story of human sacrifice and satanic   Balmoral, in which the Queen, the Queen Mother,
should have known then. When he            ritual, involving the most famous people in the world.    and other members of the Royal Family sacrificed
first came in as governor of California,       Arizona Wilder, formerly Jennifer Greene, was         children in Satanic ceremonies.
the state budget had a record surplus      mind-programmed from birth to become one of the              She talks of the same experiences with Henry
and all state accounts had surpluses.      three most important female conductors of Satanic         Kissinger, George Bush, Bill Clinton, members of the
When he left, two terms later, the state   rituals on the planet. Her programmer was Josef           Rockefeller and Rothschild families, and a host of the
was nearly bankrupt and had a record       Mengele, the notorious “Angel of Death” in the Nazi       most famous names in the United States and the
                                           concentration camps. When he died in the late 1980s,      United Kingdom.
def icit. California had asked for
                                           her programming began to break down.                         Your view of the world will never be the same
federal assistance to bail out several
                                               In this video interview with David Icke, she          when you hear the revelations of Arizona Wilder and
state agencies, and the surpluses were
                                           describes human sacrifice rituals at Glamis Castle and    consider their relevance to your daily life.
                                                                                                                                                              2-Hour Video Tape
all gone.
   Reagan never had a vested political       See next-to-last page to order or call toll-free: 1-877-280-2866.                                                 $24.95 (+S/H)
JUNE 2002                   Toll-free: 1-877-280-2866                           Outside U.S.: 1-661-823-9696                           PAGE 79
them. Since he was the technical guy                         The companies used were the same                         “fodder”. You hit the fodder in their
(the chief of DARPA), that was his job.                    old list of favorites, like Merrill Lynch                  hats as Taxpayers. You hit them in
He was supposed to tell the                                and Goldman Sachs. Practically every                       their hats as Investors and Savers. You
administration what was technically                        Republican I knew at the time did                          hit them in their hats as Insurance
possible with technology at the time                       business there. They would form                            Policy Owners through all these
and what wasn’t. And he told them                          offshore investment groups that they                       insurance scams his brother was
that the technology to build what you                      would all pool into.                                       involved in. Then there was, of
want to build just doesn’t exist—and                         Trilateral Investment Group, Ltd.                        course, Jeb’s International Medical
it won’t exist for decades.                                was one name I remember. Another                           Corporation. Jeb also liked healthcare
   The Star Wars program then had                          was Omni Investment Group, Ltd.                            scams.
contractors making enormous soft-                          They would all be Republican                                  But that was the idea the Bushes
money donations to Republican                              controlled, and they would institute                       had—that you take the American
institutions. You saw all these newly                      huge short positions in the markets. A                     taxpayer (which they called “One
created companies in 1985 with names                       lot of times they were dealing with                        Fodder Unit” or OFU) and you hit
like VigiTech and SynDyne and                              Republican-controlled institutions, so                     them in every single hat they wear.
SolarPlex—names that would imply                           if they got into an unsecured debit                           I don’t know where the term came
“high tech”.                                               balance position, nobody ever put the                      from, but “One Fodder Unit” became a
   In fact, they were just shell                           arm on them for the money. They                            popular term on the Republican
companies with offices in McLean,                          could carry positions much longer,                         cocktail party circuit in 1985.
Virginia, with offshore accounts that                      outside of market rules.                                   According to them, each individual
were run by Republican interests.                            They made enormous amounts of                            American citizen equals One Fodder
They had enormous subcontracting                           money. Alan Greenspan sent a series                        Unit.
fees.                                                      of secret memorandums to George                               Today we have the results of that.
   And what does this have to do with                      Bush, prior to the market crash of                         When George Bush left off ice, the
sedition? You must realize that most                       1987. He was very nervous during                           federal budget def icit was actually
of the big, big Republican money (the                      this time. He knew what they were                          twice what they claimed it was. They
trillion-dollar-type money) was made                       doing, and he told George Bush                             were able to hide about half of the
by huge short positions in the market                      secretly that: “You’re undermining the                     federal budget def icit through the
during the timeframe of 1987-1989.                         capital markets of the United States.                      Bush Regime. Then Clinton came in,
   This was extensively discussed by                       Where do you think this is all going                       and he had a pretty good idea of what
Jeb Bush and others in 1985—and                            to lead?”                                                  the problems were, up front. That’s
rather openly so. They were shorting                         I have made this contention                              one reason why he kept Alan
entire indexes, and that’s what                            before—that the stock market collapse                      Greenspan, by the way. It was because
distorted the markets. That’s why                          in October of 1987 was caused by a                         the marketplaces, both here and
there was so much distortion in 1987,                      massive draining of capital out of the                     abroad, had a lot of faith in Greenspan.
1988, and going into 1989, when all                        United States, principally due to a                           He told Greenspan early on that
these different types of spreads came                      variety of schemes originally                              we’re going to have to bring interest
up, and people couldn’t f igure out                        proffered by the Bushites. The market                      rates down and flood the market with
what they were.                                            did not reach its bottom until                             money, which was done in 1993.
   In other words, the Bush Cabal                          December 4, 1989, and enormous                             Interest rates fell precipitously, and
entered into a policy which they                           amounts of money were made in that                         then there was the sharp spike in
knew would weaken the economic                             period of time.                                            1994. This was necessary to bleed
marketplace,          the      capital                       It’s a zero-sum game. What was                           some of the problems out of the
marketplaces of the United States,                         being done, again, is shifting money                       economy.
and hence worldwide—since, when                            from the American citizen, this time                          After Bush got out of office, it was
we sneeze, the rest of the world gets                      in his capacity as an investor, to the                     important that the economy be re-
the flu, economically speaking.                            all-powerful Bush Cabal. Previously                        liquef ied as quickly as possible,
   They capitalized on it further by                       we had simply been shifting money to                       regardless of the inflationary impact.
instituting enormous short positions                       the all-powerful Bush Cabal through                        You can always control the
in a market because they were                              citizens wearing their hats as                             inflationary impact later on by raising
themselves the ones causing the                            taxpayers.                                                 the interest rates.
economic         damage     to     the                       The Bush idea was (I remember Jeb                           Clinton had a good idea of the
underpinnings of the nation, which                         used to say this): “Look, you hit them                     problems that the Bush Administration
would eventually be felt in the                            in every single hat they wear.” That                       had created.        Congressman Bill
nation’s capital marketplaces.                             was the idea. He used to call them                         Alexander, who knew Clinton
                                                                                                                      personally for years and used to have
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PAGE 80                                Toll-free: 1-877-280-2866                Outside U.S.: 1-661-823-9696      JUNE 2002
Government doesn’t have any money Administration would then issue two had a real sense of fear and
left.”                                           reports—one of them indicating that foreboding.
   When he got there, he realized there the Soviet Union was falling apart,                              Knowing what he knew, he used to
was nothing left. He said we are and the other, a false report, stating kid about it. Bill Alexander told me
probably $14 or $15 TRILLION in that the Soviet Union continues to get this in April or May of ’93. He said:
debt and we’re continuing to bleed. stronger.                                                         “Six months after being here, I got
Three days after taking off ice, he                 George Bush Sr. then talked the high blood pressure.                                I got
begins to discover the real story. And German, Japanese, and Korean hemorrhoids. I got all these things
he was frankly scared out of his wits. gover nments into making direct wrong with me that I never had
   Can you imagine coming into the intergovernmental loans to the Soviet before.”
Oval Office and finding out that there Union in 1987 totaling about $150                                 If people understood what happened
are no capital reserves left, the nation billion. The deal was that the United within the Clinton Regime—the fact
is $14 trillion in debt, all of the States would be the ultimate that Clinton (who was a weak
capital marketplaces are shaky as hell, guarantor. That’s another $150 billion politician to begin with) was forced to
and the nation is bleeding red ink at that U.S. taxpayers would be accept a lot of Bush holdovers—that
the rate of $1 billion a day, as the responsible for.                                                 was one of the distinctions of the
Bush       Administration       publicly            After lending $80 billion to the Clinton Regime. There was a record
admitted?                                        Soviet Union at Bush’s request, number—over 1,700—Bush holdovers
   Clinton then found out that the Germany’s Chancellor Kohl told him in senior positions in various federal
actual red ink was about twice that that he couldn’t hide any more from agencies.
amount (about $2 billion a day) and his government.                                                      Clinton managed to weed out some
that there was an accumulated $14                   George Bush Sr. then lied to the of them, although he didn’t do it as
trillion in debt—with the rest of the Japanese about the money he wanted quickly as he wanted because even he
world still in recession.                        them to give the Soviet Union. He understood the bigger picture. He
   And then there was another told them that if the Japanese gave understood the temerity of the
bombshell—an unknown and much them the money, then the Russians situation.
more serious malfeasance by the Bush would give back the northern island                                 He was often criticized: why didn’t
Cabal which Clinton inherited. The possessions the Russians illegally he weed out these Republican
West       Ger man     and     Japanese seized from the Japanese at the end of Cabalist holdovers? But he knew
governments started pressing Clinton the Second World War. It was a what they were there for—to control
for repayment of an aggregate $150 complete lie.                                                      the     liability     of    the     Bush
billion in secret loans they made to                After Gorbachev was gone, Yeltsin Administration.
the Soviet Union in 1987, after George said he wouldn’t honor the deal                                   He was surprised by the numbers,
Bush Sr. put the arm on them to keep because he knew that this was a scam but he came to realize the enormity
the “Evil Empire” financially afloat a just between Bush Sr. and Gorbachev. of the crime committed by the Bush-I
little longer.                                   It was a political scam that Bush and people, and the fact that it could
   The concept was that Bush knew Gorbachev did in order to make Bush literally take the whole world down
that the Soviet Union was going to look good and make his policies economically, if the total of this gross
collapse in 1987, and he was scared “viable”. Yeltsin actually knew the economic malfeasance was to be
because it would reveal his lies to the extent of the conspiracy that existed revealed. And then there was the
American people about why he needed between Gorbachev and Bush.                                       wholesale looting of the federal
more money for “defense” and other                  It is no wonder that George Bush treasury, and the fact that trillions
military expenditures.              Bush told reporter Sarah McClendon: “If and trillions couldn’t be accounted
obviously knew that the United States the American people really knew for.
couldn’t lend them the money, a what we had done, we would be                                            Clinton understood that you needed
country we had spent trillions of chased down the streets and lynched.” Bush Cabalists who know how to
dollars to defeat.                                  What George Bush said then is a control liability—even within his own
   If the Soviet Union had collapsed in case of what happens in Washington administration.                                  He used to tell
1987, people would say “Why did we when you don’t take your Prozac and Alexander that “We’re Democrats, and
have to spend trillions of dollars on you have a “lie lapse”.                                         we don’t have this inherent liability
‘defense’?” The Bush Cabal’s lies                   When Clinton came into office, he control structure that the Republicans
were premised on the idea                                                                                       have.”
that the Soviet Union
wouldn’t fall apart until HE MOKEY  T       S        G A                   O
                                                                  OD ND THER                                      A Republican can go into a
                                                                                                                roomful of a million
   Then they could say they
                                        I          E   M
                                      NNER ARTH YSTERIES                                                        documents in f ile cabinets,
                                                                                                                take one breath, and know
were responsible for the            Half of the book consists of a reprint of the classic SMOKY                 exactly which one document
collapse (the “defeat” of the GODS written by a Swedish fisherman who claims he found                           you have to shred in the
“Evil Empire”) rather than his way inside the Earth and had an amazing encounter with                           whole million. Republicans
being responsible for wasting a race of super-wise giants who have lived inside the Earth                       have an intuitive instinct of
trillions of dollars.            since ancient times. Book also contains evidence that at                       this that they’ve built-up over
   The CIA’s annual report of least some UFOs may come from inside Earth and are piloted                        the years.
the Soviet Union’s strength by a race of super-beings who have survived, largely                                  Clinton did the right thing.
assessment was that the unknown to the surface world. Includes interview with an                                Even he understood, at least
Soviet Union was falling inner Earth inhabitant from a city beneath Mt. Shasta.
                                                                                                $12.50(+S/H)    early in his regime, what the
apart.           The      Bush SEE NEXT-TO-LAST PAGE FOR ORDERING OR CALL TOLL-FREE: 1-877-280-2866. Bush Cabalists (he used to

JUNE 2002                   Toll-free: 1-877-280-2866       Outside U.S.: 1-661-823-9696             PAGE 81
call them the Bush Faction or tenuous at best. The Soviet Union had creating a repressed consumer
Cabalists or Trilateralists) had done. now converted over, but was in a state demand. The minute you stepped on
He should be commended because he of crisis. Brazil had now effectively the gas, what would happen is that
let this Republican control apparatus fallen apart. Argentina was falling interest rates would come down.
stay in his government and he gave apart for the first time. Mexico was               Greenspan didn’t do it to help
them a very free hand.                     right on the verge.                      Clinton politically. It was really done
   Unfortunately there were many             In other words, Clinton accurately to pump up the economy in 1993.
people who suffered because of it— understood that, had the Grand Greenspan was trying to provide every
whistleblowers who knew too much. Bushonian                Malfeasance       been ounce of monetary stimulus he
You have to remember that, in 1991- revealed, the massive loss of investors’ possibly could.
1992, and even later, in 1993-1994, confidence could have been the straw              One way was to keep pent-up
people were still suffering. People that broke the camel’s back. Therefore demand that was occurring in 1992
who knew too much were disappearing he appropriately kept a guy like pent up. He did it by refusing to lower
and     dying     under     mysterious Greenspan, who had a good market interest rates. Then in the next
circumstances.                             reputation. Greenspan understood the administration, you step hard on the
   And I was one of the people who temerity of the economic situation and economic gas.
suffered—but at least I understood the stepped on the economic gas pedal.             He dramatically increased the
necessity of my suffering. There were This is something that George Bush nation’s shor t term (M1) and
some people who whined about it, but tried to get him to do in 1992 and he intermediate term (M2) money supply.
I maintained a constant position—that refused.                                      He dramatically increased the
is, I am owed money. I was mistreated,       George Sr. has always blamed liquidity, and in so doing, he
lied to, and I was owed money—after Greenspan for his defeat. He was fond increased short and intermediate term
always doing what I had been told to of saying that the economy was on the liquidity, thus allowing rates to fall
do.                                        upswing at election time—had Alan quite substantially. This brought in
   And that wasn’t right—the way I was Greenspan stepped on the economic additional consumer demand.
treated. I didn’t whine about it. I gas pedal earlier.                                There was a two-fold action going
didn’t threaten anyone about it              Bush threatened to have Greenspan into the f irst quarter of 1993, with
because I understood.                      dismissed, which is the president’s leftover demand from 1992 (pent-up
   People have asked me why I didn’t power. And Greenspan said “Go ahead demand).                 It was a demand for
write my book (The Conspirators: and see what happens to the remaining housing, for consumer goods, big-
Secrets Of An Iran Contra Insider) in conf idence          in     the     nation’s ticket durables, but that demand
1991 or 1992 or 1993. I would answer marketplace.” This was a real battle, wouldn’t come forth until rates came
that it would have been politically which was unknown in history.                   down.      And that allowed this
impossible at the time to write it.          Greenspan told George Bush Sr. that tremendous economic g rowth to
That’s true, but I could have self- the nation’s and the world’s economy happen which we had in 1993 and for
published it. The REAL reason I cannot survive another Bush term. He interest rates to fall so low.
didn’t is because I understood the said I’m not going to get you                      The interest rates on the 30-year
Bigger Picture as well. As my attorney reelected.         And that’s why he long bond had fallen 400 basis points
used to say to me back in 1991 or purposely kept the economic reins from October 1992 to October 1993.
1992: “Al, if you write a book now, we tight in 1992, when the economy was That is a tremendous drop in interest
had better pray that people don’t showing some nascent signs of rates. Because of that, Greenspan was
believe it.”                               recovery, at a time when pr udent able to get, through some crafty
   But even I understood what the economic policy would have dictated manipulation of monetary policy, an
Bigger Picture was—and so did that the Fed would have begun to awful lot of bang for the monetary
Clinton, who was smart enough to let loosen. He purposely dragged his buck in terms of economic
that Republican control group exist feet, thus choking off the nascent stimulation. It really changed the
because      he   knew      what    the recovery and giving Bill Clinton a tone of the nation’s capital
repercussions would be if everything double whammy for free.                        marketplaces.
that the Bushes had done became              The double whammy was that the           I’ve always said this, and I know that
public. He knew there would be repressed consumer demand, that was Greenspan personally thinks the same:
havoc. It’s global in nature, but going on in the last half of 1992 1993 was the pivotal year that saved
we’re talking about a time in 1992 because Greenspan was keeping his the nation’s (and possibly the world’s)
when the Bush Administration had foot on the economic brake, was economy. There was a tremendous
just re-capitalized the                                                                      increase in GDP. A lot of
nation’s      Savings      and S ECRET U FO D IARY : E XPOSING T HE                          banks and brokerage f irms
Loans—which the very same           E XISTENCE O F A LIEN S KYMEN                            were able to re-liquefy again.
people, including some of the                                                                It was re-liquefied by over-
Bush family’s relatives, had     Shocking private memoirs of former Navy                     stimulating the economy.
taken down.                     Commander involving the retrieval of UFO                     That in tur n allowed
   When      you    just    re- wreckage near our nation’s capital & how it                  previously illiquid assets to
capitalized that, at an suddenly “disappeared” from the secure                               become liquid.
enormous cost to the government safe it was being stored in. Have                              Greenspan shifted the
American taxpayer, the aliens been coming to the Earth’s surface &                           economy        into    neutral,
economy was still losing $2 experimenting with us for thousands of years?                    stepped      hard     on    the
billion a day. The world’s       Introduction by Commander X. 256 pages.     $15.00 (+S/H) economic brake (4th quarter
f inancial markets were SEE NEXT-TO-LAST PAGE FOR ORDERING OR CALL TOLL-FREE: 1-877-280-2866 of 1993), and contracted the

PAGE 82          Toll-free: 1-877-280-2866    Outside U.S.: 1-661-823-9696      JUNE 2002
money supply very quickly, instead of          The actions of the Bush Cabal— members of limited partnerships and
doing it over 18 months. He knew that George Bush Sr. and his cabal, some so on. They didn’t even try to hide it.
was a risk in an economy still so debt- of the men we’ve named, and the                      It’s not that $2.3 trillion is a small
leveraged. So he compressed the profits they made, based on policies amount of money. But what made the
economic cycle.                              that they themselves enacted, or Clinton Administration different is
   He knew he had over-stimulated, proffered and fostered, both legally that there was not the State
which he felt necessary to save the and illegally—these rise to the level sponsorship of organized fraud, which
whole world essentially and created of sedition, insofar as they knew what had existed before.
incipient inflation in an economy that they were doing.                                      This would include a lot of the fraud
had to be weeded out. Instead of               And what is sedition? To willfully committed against HUD, in which
doing it the traditional way by and maliciously act in a fashion as to senior HUD off icials were on the
creating a recession, he took a chance sap, suborn, or otherwise undermine board of directors or involved in
and compressed the entire cycle into the United States of America, its lawful general partnerships of offshore secret
less than twelve months, a cycle which authority                 thereunto     as  duly limited partnerships and bogus real
ordinarily would have taken twenty- constituted gover nment, or its estate deals that were committing
four months.                                 national security.                           scams against their own agency. There
   The key in the case for sedition            Is not economics the ultimate was no real effort to hide it because it
against the Bush Cabal is that they national security of the country? This was State-acquiesced. And there was
knew what their policies would lead is the key in the case for sedition such control of the media (as there
to. The Bush Administration knew against the Bush Cabal.                                  always is) that there was little fear of it
they were creating policies in order                                                      ever being exposed.
for a certain cabal within                         The Case For Sedition (Part 2):           By the time of the Clinton
government, a faction, a segment of                         Increasing Hostility          Administration, things had changed.
society, industry that supports that                      And Bush Cabal Fraud            It was just an eight-year interlude or
cabal, to bleed ever larger and                                   (4/10/02)               interruption in Bushonian control. Of
larger amounts of money out of the                                                        course, I’m not saying that Clinton
public purse. And they knew what               There is a common misperception was wearing a white hat. He most
they were doing.                             that just as much money was stolen certainly was not.
   “Industry” here refers to the entire during the Clinton Regime as during                  But when you think about it, what
Military-Industrial Complex and the Bush Regime. But I would say was Clinton most noted for? The same
perhaps the entire Bush faction that this contention is not true.                         old Democratic foibles: Women,
within government and the civilian             Of course, the Department of Whiskey, and Weed. This is the well-
population, which represents about 3 Defense admits that $2.3 trillion known Achilles heel of the Democrats.
million people or so. This was indeed disappeared. But that wasn’t even in The only difference this time is that
a continuation of the consolidation of the same range as the amount of the Republican Right was so well
money and power to which Bush money that disappeared during the organized that they could make a big
referred.                                    Bush Cabal’s reign.                          deal out of it.
   The key is that they knew what they         Also it was not a State-sponsored             Throughout the 1980s, there was
were doing. They knew what the systematic operation of fraud because Congressman Mills, who was involved
long-term economic impact would be they didn’t have the Republicans’ with the stripper, Congressman
for the United States. They purposely organizational capability. Besides the Dellums with his cocaine habit, and
created that negative impact so they Clinton Administration (unlike the Senator Boren with the little boys.
could capitalize on it by instituting Bush Regime) did not specif ically Did you see the Republicans
huge amounts of institutional short form operations to commit fraud.                      exploiting it? No, they didn’t bother.
positions, when the eventual and               You can simply look at all the They knew that, in the American
inevitable economic effects of all of people who were involved in all the people’s minds, Democrats are
this missing money began to be felt in large frauds of the 1980s (including naturally associated with such
the summer of 1987.                          members of the Vice President’s and peccadilloes.
   At that time, suddenly banks looked subsequent President’s own family) as                 When you think of foibles involving
around and said we don’t have any well as the number of assistant cabinet Women, Whiskey, and Weed, you
capital left. Our capital base is Secretaries, who were directly naturally think of Democrats.
depleted.                                    involved in the fraud by being Automatically. That’s just what you
   Insurance       companies                                                                        do. How much additional
looked around and said our PHILADELPHIA EXPERIMENT CHRONICLES                                       political mileage can they get
insurance net reserves are                   BY C OMMANDER X                                        by pointing out what the
depleted. There was nothing Explores the strange case of Al Bielek (only                            American people already
left.                          known survivor of the Philadelphia                                   expect?
   By the third quarter of Experiment) and the mysterious death of famed                              I am not defending the
1987, the great and all- astronomer Dr. M. K. Jessup, who first broke                               Clinton Administration and
powerful Bush Cabal had the news about the disappearance of the                                     all their policies.         God
drained so much money out warship and its subsequent teleportation into                             knows—I would be the last
of the economy, combined another dimension. Also looks at time travel,                              guy to do that, considering
with      perpetual    federal alternative energy, anti-gravity theories. Highly                    that they went back on their
budget def icits, that there classified government/military projects exposed.                       word to me in 1992-93.
literally was no money left in        S EE NEXT - TO - LAST PAGE FOR ORDERING     $12.50 (+S/H)       I kept my mouth shut about
the country.                          OR CALL TOLL - FREE : 1-877-280-2866.                         Clinton and Mena, and

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Clinton and a lot of other things that I                American people—that the president                    the Bush Cabal, there are actual
knew about. They promised to help                       gets a blowjob, or that they get hit in               historical parallels in this country,
me, but they pulled the plug on me.                     the wallets for $353 million? Since                   such as the activities of the great
And in that way, they certainly acted                   they exert such influence in the                      Robber Barons of the 1870s. Before
like Republicans do in order to cover                   American media, they can spin it and                  there was regulation, and before the
up their own liability. In context,                     make a blowjob sound more injurious                   trusts were broken, there was
though, when it comes to cutting up                     to the American people than a multi-                  unbridled monopoly capitalism.
the Fraud Pie in Washington, the                        billion-dollar fraud.                                    After the Civil War, from 1865 to
Democrats just get the crumbs.                             Money certainly did evaporate                      the early 1890s, there was an
   Look at all the frauds the Clintons                  during the Clinton years.         The                 enormous consolidation of money
were involved in: Whitewater,                           difference is that it was not a                       and power. By 1892, less than one-
Flowerwood Development, Beverly                         government-sponsored and organized                    half percent of the citizenry
Enterprises, and on and on and on.                      scheme to defraud. You then decide                    controlled 96% of the wealth of the
These are all very small numbers—                       for yourself what has a more negative                 nation. This led to a dramatic drop
$300,000, $800,000, $1.8 million,                       impact on the nation: Fourteen                        in economic liquidity, which is what
that type of thing.                                     trillion dollars in debt accumulated                  happens when all the money gets
   Compare that with the fraud that the                 by the systemic waste, fraud, abuse,                  congested into very few hands. It
Bush sons were involved in. You see                     graft, and corruption of the Reagan-                  doesn’t leave enough capital for the
numbers like $300 million, $1 billion,                  Bush Regime, or the fourteen                          rest of the country to run. This, in
$3 billion. And again you could say:                    blowjobs that Monica Lewinsky gave                    turn, has often been blamed for the
“Why don’t the Democrats use that                       Clinton?                                              great economic depression of 1894.
against the Republicans?”                                  People get hung-up on the politics,                   Essentially the entire country
   The reason why they don’t is that it                 and what they don’t understand is that                became illiquid. This was before the
goes the other way. The American                        politics is meaningless—social                        time of the Federal Reserve, when the
people already expect it. The very                      agendas, even military agendas to                     U.S. Treasury would intervene directly
word “Republicanism” is conjoined                       some extent, are meaningless. When                    into the economy. This is before any
with fraud. People just roll their eyes                 someone says that a nation boils down                 money supply was controlled. The
and say: “Oh, it’s just another right-                  to a political, economic, social,                     illiquidity started at the U.S. Treasury.
wing Republican billion-dollar fraud.”                  military, foreign policy sphere, it                   We were then on a species economy,
   A question you can ask is this: Does                 really doesn’t.                                       and it was the scene of the Great Silver
the Monica Lewinsky situation even                         There’s only one thing that makes                  Debate. This was the time of William
begin to approach the level of various                  any      difference—and         that’s                Jennings Bryan, who was called the
frauds committed by the Bush Sons?                      economics. All other venues of                        “silver-tongued orator”. He promoted
   People should have a sense of                        government are subordinated to                        the concept of the “tyranny of gold”—
perspective. For instance, there was                    economics.                                            which was the original Democratic
Jeb Bush and his partner Miguel                            What media tries to do is to                       Party platform. Thirty years later, the
Recarey, the infamous Cuban swindler                    compartmentalize—that which is                        famous economist John Maynard
and their International Medical                         social, military, etc.—without looking                Keynes called gold “the barbarous
Corporation scam, which the General                     to the next level to understand that                  metal”.
Accounting Off ice, by 1989, finally                    the only thing that makes any                            There was such a consolidation of
f igured out cost the American                          difference, and where all power flows,                money (i.e. gold) in the hands of so
taxpayers $353 million.                                 is from economics.                                    few people, and the Treasury had been
   What’s more important to the                            But to get back to the sedition of                 so drained of this gold, that by late
                                                                                                              1893 the Treasury ran out of gold, and
    THE REPTILIAN AGENDA                                                     P ARTS I & II                    thus could produce no more gold-
                                                                                                              backed bank notes. That’s where the
                             David Icke has               These videos will re-write the UFO/                 illiquidity started.
                          produced two amazing          extraterrestrial story in a way that will blow your      And then, as it happens, during the
                          videos with the Zulu          mind. UFO researchers have ignored Africa and         great recessions and depressions of the
                          shaman, Credo Mutwa,          therefore ignored one of the greatest sources of      nineteenth century, there was a knee-
                          who reveals astonishing       knowledge on the planet.                              jerk reaction in the rest of the business
                          information which, until        While people still argue over Roswell and the
                          now, was only available                                                             community.
                                                        extraterrestrial beings apparently found there,
                          to the highest initiates of   African tribes-people have been interacting with         It should be remembered that the
                          the African shaman            these ET “gods” for thousands of years.               Great Depression of 1894 was global;
          ntly out of     tradition.                      Credo has not only seen dead “greys” many           it was not just in the United States.
    Curre lease call.        Credo says, “The           times, he has seen them examined behind their         What was different about the
    S tock p              world must know               “grey” exterior and he knows exactly what they        depression of 1894 was that it was the
                          this—and know it              really look like—and it is nothing like we think!     f irst global depression. It was felt
                          now!”                           After making these videos, Credo was visited        throughout the world and it nearly
  He reveals how a shapeshifting reptilian race         by two people from Cape Town who offered              sunk the British Empire. This was the
(the “Chitauli”) has controlled humanity for            him 50,000 rand, and a house anywhere in              first time that the venerable Barings
thousands of years and how their bloodlines are         South Africa, if he would agree to never speak        Bank nearly went down the tubes. (A
in the positions of royal, political, and economic      to David Icke again and never have anything to        hundred years later it went down for
power today.                                            do with him. Credo’s reply can be imagined!           good.)
     2-Tape Set: over 6 hours $49.95 (+S/H)               SEE NEXT-TO-LAST PAGE FOR ORDERING                     The illiquidity started as a gold
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PAGE 84                           Toll-free: 1-877-280-2866            Outside U.S.: 1-661-823-9696       JUNE 2002
worldwide. At the time, the Bank of         case would have to be a Grand Jury             The Republican Party used to form
England was the bank of last resort for     action directly by the People of the         these Citizens’ Grand Jury suits
the whole world. When the massive           United States. That’s the only way it        against the Roosevelt Administration
drain on Bank of England gold               would work. It would be a People’s           incessantly in the early 1930s to
reserves began in late 1893, Britain        Grand Jury.                                  prevent him from coming in with the
ceased redemption of imperial                 And what would constitute standing         New Deal and the Raw Deal and so on.
currency and notes by July 1894 in          in a case like this? The People of the       The problem was that the Republicans
order to preserve what gold they had        United States would have to prove            were still only about 40% of the
left. That led to a massive loss of         that they were harmed by these               population at the time, and they were
conf idence.                                actions—that they were harmed as             looked at as a political animal. You
   The concept was to cease currency        taxpayers, as investors, as savers,          have to keep away from that, since
conversion of imperial bank notes and       and as people in a society expecting         that’s been the problem with these
let it all fall apart. Then, when it        an actual defense to be maintained to        things before. You have to also make
stabilized, they picked it back up          defend them. That wouldn’t be hard.          sure that it’s not perceived as a bunch
again. That’s why there were fierce         The argument is simple.                      of people acting out of sour grapes.
debates with William Jennings Bryan,          There have been many citizen grand           You would have to keep it bi-
who wanted a silver-backed economy.         juries in the past, but most of them         partisan, and you’d have to have big
At the time the United States Treasury      haven’t amounted to much because             names involved. You would need to
had over three hundred times the            they represent such a minority of the        have figureheads from both sides of
silver deposits that it had of gold.        people. The reason why this would            the aisle—the Grand Old Men of the
This country has always been richer in      have a chance is that it would be the        moderate wings of both parties. These
silver.                                     People of the United States, in its          would be men who are known to be
   By the 1890s, the U.S. Treasury was      truest form.                                 politically moderate and who are
swimming in it. The counter-debate            It’s in the law. People have the           respected.
was that the U.S. would lose their          right to form a Citizens’ Grand Jury,          It would also be a unique idea to try
cur rency convertibility overseas.          so that the plaintiff is no longer the       a civil class-action suit. In this case,
Trade by then had become a very             government of the United States, but         you’d have a group of lawyers formed
important part of the U.S. economy.         the People of the United States.             to represent the People of the United
U.S. banknotes would effectively have         This is also better than a class-          States. But it’s probably not workable
to have a second-tier market, then.         action suit or a RICO suit because it        because you would have to send out a
   Britain and other countries              gets around the statutes of limitation.      class-action consent form to every
complained that Bryan’s idea would          The problem with RICO is that to get         person in the United States. As a
consistently force down the price of        around the statutes of limitation, you       practical matter, it would become
silver, and in fact, it did exactly that.   have to prove OCC (Ongoing Criminal          unwieldy.
The fixed value of an ounce of silver       Conspiracy). As any attorney will tell         The whole point of this is to show
at $1.25 per toy ounce—this is one of       you, this is not an easy thing to prove.     that now we have another Bush
the things that broke the Treasury.           The People’s Grand Jury is codified        Regime that is hell-bent on doing the
Because of Bryan’s popularity, the          in law. It has been used numerous            same thing—except the ruse is
price of silver had declined until it       times, and it’s as old as the                different. Instead of Iran-Contra, we
eventually reached $0.60 an ounce.          Constitution and the Bill Of Rights.         are now pummeled with the “War on
The market reaction caused the price        The reason none have ever been               Terrorism” scam, another endless
of silver to fall, and Bryan had            successful is because there has never        black      hole     of     government
actually made the situation worse           been a suit filed wherein you could          expenditures, with the ultimate
without realizing it at the time.           say that the plaintiff is the entirety, or   guarantor of this fraud being the
   Regarding the sedition issue,            nearly the entirety, of the nation.          American citizens.
though, here is the chain of events
instigated by the Bush Cabal’s
organized criminal conspiracy, which
produced the net effect:                       Well, I would—if they realized that we—
   A. The thinly veiled political
policies, which allowed the fraud to
                                               again if—if we led them back to that
take place.
   B. The mechanism of the fraud, that
                                               stalemate only because that our
is, all the little nickel and dime             retaliatory power, our seconds, or strike
companies which don’t really exist.
   C. Shar ply declining f inancial            at them after our first strike, would be so
capital marketplaces are the result,
from which the conspirators take the           destructive that they couldn’t afford it,
money they’ve stolen from A to B, and
use it to short the market.                    that would hold them off.
   D. The net result is a destabilized
U.S. Government, or sedition.
   The question, then, becomes simple:
                                                     — Ronald Reagan, when asked if nuclear
Did A, B, and C in concert rise to the                war could be limited to tactical weapons.
level of D, or sedition?
   The proper forum for this kind of

JUNE 2002             Toll-free: 1-877-280-2866     Outside U.S.: 1-661-823-9696        PAGE 85
   Meanwhile there seems to be a we had helped Putin get into power. right takes over in Russia. Or he’s
signif icant     shift     in      Bush But now we seem to be reversing that going to have to do what he can,
Administration foreign policy. They policy. We will then be left with a militarily, to threaten the United
are purposely antagonizing as many substantially more hostile Russia.                                                    States. That is apparently what the
different nations as possible,                      If Putin wants to survive politically, Bush Administration is trying to do.
particularly the Russians.                      he will be forced to distance himself                                       The United States has also recently
   It seems as though they are going from the Bush Regime and from their changed a lot of its positions with
out of their way to antagonize the new friends in Europe. In order to stay China.                                                      And we have pur posely
Russians during the last several in office, Putin will have to increase antagonized Beijing.
weeks. The latest problem was that the Russian troop presence in the                                                        For        example,      the     Bush
the Bush Regime announced that they Trans-Caucasus, to potentially defend Administration never cared about the
would begin Voice of America their southern borders because the issue of Tibetan independence. The
broadcasting into Chechnya—without Bush Administration has become so Bush-I regime never cared about it and
telling the Russians f irst.         The chummy with Chechnya, Uzbekistan, Republicans in general don’t care
Russians were upset because it will be Azerbaijan, and Turkmenistan.                                                     about that issue. It has only been the
a lot of anti-Russian rhetoric. The                 Bush is offering to put troops into Democrats that tried to make an issue
week before, the decision was Turkmenistan and Tajikistan. We have out of it. Now all of a sudden the
announced to lift the weapons ban negotiated separately with them, Republicans are playing the “Great
against Azerbaijan—again without which broke our agreement that we Humanitarian”. They are beginning to
informing the Russians f irst. This would include the Russians in any increase pressure on China over the
means we will be allowing U.S. arms deals.                                                                               issue of Tibetan independence. Then
dealers to sell Class-One U.S.                      What we are doing is militarizing they tell China they can’t put more
armament systems directly to the Russian Republic’s Trans- military forces into their far western
Azerbaijan. This will effectively end Caucasus by becoming friendly to regions                                                            to    “quell      rising
the relationship of Azerbaijan being a states which are hostile to Russia to Fundamentalist Islamic Terrorism”.
weapons client of Russia. At some begin with, and we are placing U.S.                                                       Western China has the same problem
point, this would make Azerbaijan a troops in those states and arming them with Islamic terrorism, but now we will
potential threat to the Russian with sophisticated weapons. We are tell the Chinese that they can’t use
republic. As you can imagine, Putin purposely creating a threat to the their military within their own borders
was upset about that.                           Russian State.                                                           because the U.S. is linking that to
   The week before, the Bush                        The fact that all these states are their human rights policy. Suddenly
Administration              announced well-known oil producers comes into there’s also the increase in pressure
unilaterally that we have come to an the mix. We are trying to potentially against China over the religious
agreement to place U.S. troops in guarantee oil supplies.                                                                freedom issue. The Chinese responded
Uzbekistan and to upgrade our                       The Azerbaijani pipeline deal has to that by invading a few Protestant
military links with Uzbekistan—again come back to the fore, but instead of a churches and overrunning them with
without telling the Russians first.             joint U.S.-Russian project, we’re now Chinese troops. The ministers were
   It seems that we have purposely talking about us, the U.S. taxpayers, even beat up.
gone out of our way to antagonize the funding these weak individual states                                                  In addition to that, out of the blue,
Russians. Instead of supporting the to build it—under U.S. control. This we suddenly announced that we were
Putin regime, as we had been doing, would in turn destabilize the strategic upgrading military ties to Taiwan. We
we are effectively beginning to situation between the Caucasus states will begin to sell Taiwan more
undermine Putin and the moderates in and Russia.                                                                         sophisticated weapons systems than
the Duma, the Russian Parliament.                   The U.S. then has the rationale to we had originally agreed. And all of
What is re-emerging in the Duma is put in U.S. troops to defend what these things have antagonized the
the hard right, or the hawks, in other would effectively be strategic assets of Chinese, putting the Chinese
words.                                          the United States. Putin will be put in moderates in Beijing once again in a
   The Putin regime wasn’t that strong a position where, if he backs off, that’s diff icult position because we’re
to begin with, and now, by this the end of him politically, and the far strengthening the hand of the Chinese
constant antagonizing of                                                                                                             Army (the hawks), which is
Russia, Bush is putting Putin                                       VATICAN ASSASSINS the other big faction. The
in a very bad position. The
hawks in the Duma are                                                    COMPANION CD-ROM hawks have been saying all                 along that the Chinese
telling him that you’re                                             This is the same CD-ROM that is included with the book should never have entered
supposed to be an equal                                           VATICAN ASSASSINS and contains 13 rare, historical, out-of-print into negotiations with the
                                                                  books (over 4,000 pages!) used in the researching of that
partner with the U.S. Why is                                                                                                         United States because it’s not
                                                                  masterpiece volume.
it that you’re not being told                                       Titles on the CD-ROM are: The History of Romanism, Dowling, in China’s best long-term
by the United States of its                                       1845; History of the Jesuits, Nicolini, 1854; Popery, Puseyism and interests.
policy decisions in advance? Jesuitism, Desanctis, 1905; The Engineer Corps of Hell, Sherman, 1883; Secret Instructions of the         From these actions, it can
Doesn’t it clearly indicate Jesuits, Brownlee, 1857; The Black Pope, Cusack, 1896; The Jesuits, Griesinger, 1903; The Footprints be determined that some
that Russia is being stepped of the Jesuits, Thompson, 1894; The Awful Disclosures of Maria Monk, Monk, 1835; The Thrilling group within the Bush
on and you, Putin, are being Mysteries of a Convent Revealed! Peterson, 1835; The Jesuit Conspiracy: The Secret Plan of the Order, Administration wants a
sidelined as a nobody?         Leone, 1848; The Crisis: Or, the Enemies of America Unmasked, Laurens, 1855; Romanism as a World more hostile world.
   Is this being done on Power, Kauffman, 1922. (The book VATICAN ASSASSINS is NOT included on this CD-ROM.)                           What we’re doing is
purpose to push Putin and                ONLY $15.00                       SEE NEXT-TO-LAST PAGE FOR ORDERING                        creating a global situation
the moderates out? After all,           (SHIPPING INCLUDED)               OR CALL TOLL-FREE: 1-877-280-2866.                         (which the Bush Faction has

PAGE 86                           Toll-free: 1-877-280-2866            Outside U.S.: 1-661-823-9696                JUNE 2002
always wanted) of hard and fast             on what was going to happen. He said         We’re going to make new enemies
boundaries and borders—military,            we’re going to go to Afghanistan and      as a precursor to increase global
psychological, and commercial. We           we’re going to get Osama bin Laden        tension, which in turn is a precursor
are creating the circumstances wherein      and we’re going to smash the al Qaeda.    to turn back the clock to a world that
we are forcing others to build a new        And that was it.                          we understand, a world where the
Iron Curtain.                                  Then suddenly that gets expanded       Old Cabal works, a world where it is
   The Pakistani situation has also         to     over throwing     the    Taliban   the waste, fraud, abuse, graft,
changed.         Suddenly the Bush          government, which no matter how you       corruption, and malfeasance of
Administration stopped pressuring           look at it, was a duly constituted        yesterday that the Bushonian Faction
Pakistan on the nuclear weapons issue.      government. So then we did that and       of the Military-Industrial Complex
Now we are offering to re-supply them,      installed a pro-Wester n secular          understands. It is a world where
while we purposely downgraded our           government at an enormous cost to the     things can remain hidden under
relationship with India. India then         American taxpayers.                       “National Security”.
immediately responded by increasing            Then we make preparations to get          One of the principal reasons why
its nuclear posture against Pakistan,       involved in Yemen and Somalia and         they love a “Cold War” is that so much
which then forced the Chinese to            Sudan.                                    can be hidden under “National
increase their nuclear posture against         Then suddenly we get more deeply       Security”—defense appropriations,
India, which in turn forced Russia to       involved      in    Israeli-Palestinian   the way the money is spent, the way
increase its nuclear posture against        negotiations. Then suddenly we’re         it’s accounted for. That can all remain
Pakistan.                                   involved in the Philippines. We want      secret.
   The United States has been               to become involved in Colombia. We           We are using a state of undeclared
increasing hostilities worldwide. We        want to get involved in Indonesia.        hostility, namely a “Cold War” to
have created a mess in the Middle East         This is not what the American          continuously expand the definition of
and the West Bank by essentially            people were told up front.                that information which should be
supporting agreements, which Arafat            In the end, the Bush Administration    classified under “National Security”.
could not have possibly agreed to. We       may find out it’s biting off more than       Now we understand that what was
have threatened the Syrians outright        it can chew. What is the rationale of     called        “National     Security”
about the 1967 border issue. The            threatening      “terrorist”    groups,   information is really political
Lebanon situation is also becoming          particularly in Colombia, for instance,   information about Cabalist activities
unraveled.                                  or in the Philippines, which have         and frauds and corruption schemes.
   We are creating tension and              never threatened the United States?          It’s really very simple. In order to
hostility everywhere. It has to be a        They have never attacked the United       hide behind the National Security Act,
deliberate policy to ratchet up             States, and they have never attacked      the United States must have an enemy.
international tension. And I have           U.S. assets abroad.                          When he was three-quarters of the
said this from the beginning: the              Why do we suddenly encourage           way through a quart of Old Bushmill’s
“War on Terrorism” in itself may be         new enemies? Why are we going out         Irish Whiskey at the Turnberry Club in
a ruse for something larger.                and making new enemies?                   North Miami Beach, former Iran-
   The Bush faction has consistently           The    f irst   thing    the   Bush    Contra notable Major General Richard
done this, even during the Reagan-          Administration said was that we’re        V. Secord used to say: “Son, there’s no
Bush Regime, which as I’ve said             going to go out and make new friends      more heroes, and nobody makes any
before should be considered the Bush-       in this world. No, we’re not. That was    money without a bogeyman.” S
I Regime. One policy then becomes a         a lie.
ruse for a much larger policy.
   Could it be that this “War on
Terrorism” is, in fact, a ruse to
disguise a larger agenda?
   Simply put, it is to turn back the
clock to a New Cold War. As Marlin
Fitzwater used to say about the Cold
War: “That’s something we fat, bald,
old Republicans understand.”
   And it’s true. It is something the old
Republican Cabal understands—a
world which is divided, a world
divided by hostility. They understand
this because then you just spend
endless money on defense in a cold-
war posture.        The old Military-
Industrial Complex becomes a lot
more solidif ied when there is an
“enemy”. It’s a whole new [old ] spin
on the way of looking at things.
   Since September 11, we have                 “Eighty more white men in your boat? How do we know you
followed a pattern of Bush lies. Just
look at what Bush said on September            won’t send over four or five hundred before you’re finished?”
14, when he gave his first big speech

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Creative Process • Have We Been Gifted With Waters To      Vaccination: An UnGodly Practice, Dr. Len Horowitz •      Kept Secret In America • Does “Global Governance” By
Heal A Sick Planet? • Data On The JFK, Jr. Crash •         The Ritalin Generation: Drugging America’s Youth •        UN Really Mean “One World Order”? • GERMAIN: You
HATONN: Recognizing YOUR Purpose Helps The Larger          MSG: The Deadly Mouth Aphrodisiac • Native                Can Accomplish Great Things With Your “God Power”
Plan • Two Millennia Of Prophecy Collected Together        American Perspectives: Toward Sovereign Indian            Vol. 2, #6 November 7, 2000
Vol. 1, #4 September 7, 1999                               Nations • SOLTEC/HATONN: Glimpses Of The Truth            “The Call Compels The Answer” Angels Stand Ready To
Is Edgar Cayce Back? An Interview With David Wilcock       Behind Your Shadow World • A Fancy Trail Of Money         Help • Doctors Vote To Oppose Mandatory Vaccinations •
• Native American Perspectives: The Native Ways And        Laundering By Greenspan, Bush & The Twiglets              SPECTRUM Staff On The Air • SOLTEC: Breaking
Teachings • “Better” Living Through Chemistry—             Vol. 1, #11 April 4, 2000                                 Loose From Those Limiting Beliefs • Coca-Cola/CIA/
Prozac: Panacea Or Pandora? • GERMAIN:The Power            Sound Healing: An Interview with Jonathan Goldman •       Tribune Drama In Federal Chicago Courts • History Of
Of Truth In A World Of Lies • Oracle’s Messages About      Legal Help When Laws Go Wild: Justice Team One •          Secret Human Biological Experiments • An Overview Of
Parasites • Introductory Essay On The Wilcock-Cayce-       The Lever That Moves The World • So You Want To           The Illuminati • HATONN: Be Thankful For Your
Ra Connection & The “Mission” • Some Excerpts From         Plant A Garden? • Silverlon®: Medical Applications •      Planet’s Great Gift Of Compassion
Convergence • SANANDA: Clear The Weeds From Your           Money Laundering Part II: Introducing Still More          Vol. 2, #7 December 5, 2000
Wheat • As Planetary Frequency Upshifts, Are You           Crooks • SOLTEC: That “Secret” Something We All           For Peace On Earth: Work With The Angels: Doreen
Going Through “The Change”? • Waco And The New             Are Searching For • HILARION: Understanding Your          Virtue • SOLTEC: Expressing Yourself More Fully On
World Order: The Astonishing Connections • ATON:           Bio-Electric Sensing Machine                              Creator’s Living Canvas • The Cure-All: Chaparral •
Recognize Your Vast Spiritual Heritage                     Vol. 1, #12 May 2, 2000               X EROX COPY         SANANDA: At This Holiday Season Awaken The Gift
Vol. 1, #5 October 5, 1999                                 The Most Powerful Man In The World? The “Black”           Of Your God-self Within • Daring Journalists Victorious
Great Zulu Shaman Credo Mutwa • SOLTEC: Navigating         Pope • Vatican Bank Sued For Alleged War Crimes •         In FOX News Censorship Case • David Icke’s Journey:
The Road Of Frequency Increase • Sunspot Cycles: Their     GERMAIN & SANANDA: The Time Has Come To                   A First-Person Account • Do You Smell A Set-Up? Cool
Profound Effect On Man & Earth • Essiac: A Natural         Awaken From Your Dream! • Does Elian Gonzales Case        Calculation Behind Ongoing Election Brawl •
Herbal Cancer Therapy • SOLTEC: Geophysical Clues          Bring Out The “Best” In Clinton’s Criminal Regime? •      HATONN: A Nation’s Destiny In A Time Of Awakening
About These Times Of Cleansing • Plate Tectonics: A        The “Bio-Electrical Cleansing” Research Of Dr. Robert     Vol. 2, #8 January 9, 2001
Lesson On Earth’s Outer Structure • Native American        Beck • Sacred White Buffalo Murdered                      Montauk & Philadelphia Experiments: “Back To The
Perspectives:The Women And The Chiefs • GERMAIN:           Vol. 2, #1 June 6, 2000                                   Future” A New Interview With Al Bielek • The Eighth
Learn To Sense & Embrace Big Changes Coming Fast •         A Talk With The Ishaya Monks: Powerful, Ancient           Thunder: The War Of Valued Life • HATONN: The Play
HATONN: Discerning For Yourself The “Reality” Of           Teaching Held For This Historic Cycle • HATONN:           Is Moving Toward A Grand Awakening • SANANDA:
Hatonn • Parasite Elimination: A Must For Good Health      Staying The Course Despite Rough Seas • The Curious       With Understanding Comes The Wisdom To Release Fear
Vol. 1, #6 November 2, 1999                                Case Of Dave Overton’s Gold And The Phoenix Institute     And Pain • “Mercy” Killings And The Culling Of The
The Mayan Calendar • The Horse Whisperer: An               • Chemtrails: Did An Airline Mechanic Stumble Upon        Elderly • Some Well-Hidden Hazards Of Microwave
Interview With Monty Roberts • Native American             The Truth? “Project Cloverleaf ” • SOLTEC: Learn To       Cooking • SOLTEC: Look Within And Tap The Awesome
Perspectives: The Elders, Medicine People, And Warriors    Balance In The “Now” • Exposing The Truth About           Power Of ONE • Election Intrigues To Think About
• SOLTEC: From The Caterpillar To The Butterfly • A        “Holy” Sathya Sai Baba                                    Vol. 2, #9 February 13, 2001
Remarkable Glimpse Of Egyptian History • HATONN:           Vol. 2, #2 July 4, 2000                                   Will The Lights Go Out In California And The Nation?
On “Reptilian” Shape-Shifting And The Hatonn-Ra            Ticking Time-Bomb *Prozac* • SOLTEC: Are You              Expert Exposes Fraud & Greed • “When You Don’t
Connection • Magnets And Solar Panels                      Ready For All That May Cross Your Path? • Revealing       Know What You’re Doing, Do It Neatly!” • The News
Vol. 1, #7 December 7, 1999                                Article About Phoenix Institute Directors: Paying Back    Desk • Connections & Revelations The Media Won’t
An Interview With Robert Ghost Wolf • Native American      What Debt? • Are Fed & Treasury Manipulating Gold         Touch • Dean Kamen: Gifted Inventor And Man Of
Perspectives: Indian Prayers, Visions, and Native Ways •   For Gain Of Few? • Most Profitable Industry In            Mystery • SOLTEC: Satisfaction Means Balancing The
SANAT KUMARA: You Are The Miracle You Are                  America? Our Prison Systems! • “The Boys” Of              Inner And Outer Worlds • A Call For World Peace: A
Searching For! • Red Tide: The Chinese Communist           Chicago: Law Bought & Sold For Bargain Prices •           Message From Great White Buffalo • SANAT
Targeting Of America • Blindness, Mad Cow Disease, And     More Information About Chemtrails Mystery “Poison         KUMARA: To Know Yourself, Reach Out To Others

PAGE 88                               Toll-free: 1-877-280-2866              Outside U.S.: 1-661-823-9696                  JUNE 2002
Vol. 2, #10 March 13, 2001                                 Airplane Sabotage And Chandra Levy • Recent Visions           • Microchips & Abductees, Reptilians, Greys & Africa,
Rediscovering Ancient Truths About The Spiritual Side      From Anna Detweiler                                           Ancestors & ET Archaeology—The Great UFO Coverup,
Of Science: Heart And Head Must Work Together • The        Vol. 3, #5 October 9, 2001                                    Part 3 • AL MARTIN: The “War On Terrorism” Scam Is
Power Of Those Who Stand-Up For Truth • SOLTEC:            The Day The Earth Stood Still:New World Order Thru            F.A.U. (Fraud As Usual) • HATONN: Why War,
Stand And Be Counted For A Better World • Pasadena         “Terrorism” • Mail Delivery Slowed Due To Attacks •           Violence, And Anger At This Time? • Is Your TV Spying
Health Show: A Great Success! • Anna Detweiler:            GERMAIN: “You Shall Reap What You Sow” • (INDEX               On You? What About Your Phone?
Seeing Truth Beyond The Shadows • Skolnick’s               OF FRONT-PAGE STORY: September 11, 2001—                      Vol. 3, #9 Feb/March 2002
Revelations About Current Events • SOLTEC: Lose            Chronology Of Terror • Alice In Wonderland And The WTC        A Skeleton Key To The Gemstone File: Hidden History
The Baggage And Free Your Mind • HATONN: The               Disaster, by David Icke • How It Is Possible To Orchestrate   Shocks A Nation • Onward And Upward • EUSTACE
Physical Experience Is For Spiritual Growth                And Mastermind A Terrorist Attack Without The Terrorists      MULLINS: Profile Of A Terrorist: The Harvard President
Vol. 2, #11 April 10, 2001                                 Themselves Even Knowing Who Is Really Behind It? by           Of Mass Murder • SOLTEC: Desire Truth And Question
Will Healthy Agriculture Survive Big Business? Organic     David Icke • Terrorism Prevention And Treatment Starts        Everything • Cracks Growing Everywhere In The Mirrors Of
Gardening—Power Of The Soil • What Would We Do If          With Accurate Diagnosis, by Dr. Len Horowitz • Who            Deception: Full UFO Disclosure Breaking Thru—The Great
There Was No Food? • Skolnick’s Report On Crooks In        Created Islamic Extremism? by Barry Chamish • Who Is          UFO Cover-up Is Falling Apart: We Are Definitely NOT
High Places • England “Bombs” Gold Prices •                Osama Bin Laden? by Michel Chossudovsky • U.S. State          Alone! Part 4, The Final Chapter? • HATONN: Confirming
SOLTEC: Go With The Flow Of Your High-Frequency            Department Sponsors Training Of Would-Be Terrorists, by       The Inner Journey Of The Soul • SKOLNICK: Dirty Oil
World • Hopi Elder Chief Dan Evehema’s Message To          Al Martin • What LaRouche Says In Radio Interviews, by        Pipeline Plots & More Enron Secrets • AL MARTIN:
Mankind • California’s Power Crisis: A Most Revealing      Lyndon LaRouche • “The Enemy Is Very Much Within” •           “Yabba Dabba Doo” Or, Clueless In Afghanistan
Update • SANANDA: What’s Truly Important In Your           The Terror In America, by Eustace Mullins • Eric Phelps On    Vol. 3, #10 April 2002
Life? • Farming Ourselves Into Oblivion: Small             Jesuit Behind-The-Scenes Involvement In Attacks •             Red Elk’s Medicine Message Of Worlds Within Worlds •
Sustainable Farms Are Our Greatest Hope Against A          Explosives Planted In Towers, New Mexico Tech Expert          A Matter Of Conscience • EUSTACE MULLINS: A
Faceless Agriculture • So You Want To Plant A Garden?      Says • Fire, Not Extra Explosives, Doomed Buildings,          Book Review of Vatican Assassins: “Wounded In The
Vol. 2, #12 May 8, 2001                                    Expert Says • The Split-Second Error: Exposing The WTC        House Of My Friends” • SOLTEC: The Natural Cycles Of
What Can We Do About Science Gone Mad? HAARP &             Bomb Plot, by Fintan Dunne • White Knights, Black Ops,        Creative Expression • SKOLNICK: Bullies And Greed
Other High-Tech Insults • You Just Never Know What         And A New Money System, by “Dove Of Oneness” •                Shaping Our History • SANANDA: The Role You Play In
May Cross Our Desk • Some Useful Background Material       Revealing Interviews With Al Bielek: Truth Stranger Than      Healing A Planet • AL MARTIN: Big Brother’s Spying           B
On HAARP • SOLTEC: Dealing With Inner Stirrings Of         Fiction • Swiss Political Assassinations Meant To Deter       Robot Drones, The Flying Restroom Police, And The          Th
Unrest • China Incident: Technology Transfer “It’s All     NESARA, by “Dove Of Oneness” • Self-Inflicted:                New World Order Neighborhood • CONGRESSMAN                 “Fi
About Money” • Timing Signposts And A Message From         “Terrorist” Attack On WTC & Pentagon, by Anita E. Belle,      RON PAUL: Our Fraudulent Monetary System • World           Th
The Hopi Elders • Zulu Shaman & Elder Credo Mutwa’s        Attorney • Why Government Has Repeatedly Created War,         Bank & IMF Top-Secret Agreements Exposed On Radio:
Plea To The Global Elite: Stop The Genocide In Africa! •   by Christopher Ruby • Mark Twain’s The War Prayer • Boy       George W. Bush & Enron Share Center Stage                  SO
California Power Crisis Update The Extortion Of            In Dallas Suburb Predicts Start Of WW-III Day Before          Vol. 3, #11 May 2002                                       Wh
California: The Wrath Of Bush And The Texas Power          Attacks) • A Hopi Elder Speaks • SANANDA: The Good            SEEDS OF FIRE: China And The Story Behind The              Do
Cabal • Skolnick’s Scoop On Some REAL News •               Shall Be Sorted From Evil • KORTON: Communication Is          Attack On America Gordon Thomas On World Events •          SID
HATONN: How To Handle Psychic Attacks                      The Key To Breaking The Spell • SOLTEC: The Nature Of         Sidebar—On The Challenges Of Sharing THE TRUTH:            As
Vol. 3, #1 June 12, 2001                                   The “Beast” And The Game It Plays                             Conversation With Carol Adler, Publisher Of Seeds Of
Merging Science With Spirit—The Isaiah Effect—Lost         Vol. 3, #6 November 13, 2001                                  Fire • Spring Cleaning Time • The Flights Of The 9/11
Wisdom Of Forgotten Peoples • Happy Second                 The Great UFO Cover-up Is Falling Apart • A Time To           Bumble Planes • SOLTEC: The Great Spiritual Battle Is
Anniversary! • SOLTEC: Learning To Allow For Your          Be Thankful • The War Against Terrorism Is A Fraud •          Now In High Gear • The International Banksters’ Fraud
Growth • Clearance Sale On High-Tech Weapons: Inside The   SOLTEC: The “Trump Card” Of Divine Knowing •                  Perpetrated On All Americans (And Every Lawyer’s
Weekly Arms Bazaar At Redstone Arsenal • Revisiting The    HOROWITZ: Preparing For Biological And Chemical               Secret Oath) • SKOLNICK: Wal-Mart & The Red
Diabolical Oklahoma City “Bombing” • Idaho Standoff:       Terrorism • New Visions From Anna Detweiler •                 Chinese Secret Police • HATONN: War And Terrorism—
Exposing A Peculiar Land-Grab Scam • Skolnick’s Latest     EUSTACE MULLINS: Dust To Dust, Or: Anthrax Is As              Or, Is It A “Healing Crisis”? • AL MARTIN: Modern
Updates Not For The Weakhearted • SANANDA: Aligning        American As Apple Pie • Electronically Hijacking The          Roman “Stamp” Of Power
Heart & Head Are Key To A Satisfying Life • HATONN:        World Trade Center Attack Aircraft • SANANDA: Be
Thanks To The SPECTRUM Staff And Supporters                Strong And Know That Help Is Near • The Great Coup,                       Back Issues of
Vol. 3, #2 July 10, 2001
Maniacal World Control Thru The Jesuit Order Well-
                                                           Or: What Price, Freedom? • Media Accomplices To 9/11
                                                           Crime Deserve Indictment • I Tried To Be Patriotic, Or:         The SPECTRUM:
Hidden Soldiers Of Satan • Un-learning The Baloney         New Physics For 21st Century • KORTON: Pay Attention                  $5.00 each for the U.S.
And Then Learning The Truth • SOLTEC: Stresses And         To Your Other Senses • Recent Interview With Osama Bin                $7.00 each for Canada
Pressures Are Catalysts For Growth • Dr. Len Horowitz      Laden • AL MARTIN: “Citizen, Can I See Your ID?” •
On AIDS In Africa: “Utilitarian Global Genocide” •         SKOLNICK: The Overthrow Of The American Republic •
                                                                                                                                 $8.50 each for Foreign
HATONN: Powerful Positive Forces At Work In Our            More Potent Reasons For Destroying WTC                         Also available on CD-ROM, the 1st full year
Lives • More Revelations About Peculiar Idaho Standoff     Vol. 3, #7 December 11, 2001                                   and the 2nd full year in a searchable PDF
• Skolnick’s News On McVeigh And Levy                      Longtime Extraterrestrial Influences On Earth’s Evolution,     and HTML format. Price each: $45
Vol. 3, #3 August 14, 2001                                 Conversations With Robert O. Dean • A Season Of Hope
Breakthrough Science Confirms The HeartMath Message:       • A Christmas Blessing From The SPECTRUM • The                    To order Back Issues or CD-ROMs
Your Heart Has A Mind Of Its Own! • The Ticking Time-      Lightships • HILARION: Are You Losing Your Mind, Or
Bomb For A Better World • The Jesuit Order Corrections     Gaining Y Soul? • EUSTACE MULLINS: The Biggest
                                                                                                                             please call toll-free: 1-877-280-2866
• HATONN: Subtle Winds Of Change Stirring Within Us        Heist In History • SANANDA: The Shackles Shall Be                 outside U.S. please call: 1-661-823-9696
All • Something’s Up In The Banking & Monetary World       Unlocked! • AL MARTIN: Hail The New Imperial
• SOLTEC: Actively Seeking An Inner State Of Peace •       Republic And Return Of The American Caesars •
BRADEN: Unlocking The Secret Of Heaven Through The         CHARLEY REESE: How To Control People • South                   Subscribe To The SPECTRUM
Science Of Man • Skolnick’s News On The FBI,               Tower Burning BEFORE Jet Hits It • Microchip
Washington Post, And Airline Sabotage.                     Implants, Mind Control & Cybernetics • COL. DE                  $45.00 for 12 issues in U.S.
Vol. 3, #4 September 11, 2001                              GRAND PRÉ: The Enemy Is Inside The Gates •                     $55.00 Canadian / $60 Foreign.
Let’s Re-Create Prison Into Paradise! Check-Mating         HATONN: Time To Tune-Up Your Inner Radio                       Please call for bulk subscription rates.
Globalization David Icke Exposes What Elite Fear           Vol. 3, #8 January 2002 **New Magazine Format**               SEND CHECK OR MONEY ORDER TO:
Most • A Visit With Mark Twain • Hilarion: Clean-          The CIA’s Role In The Anthrax Mailings • A New Year’s
Out Those “Closets” To Make Way For The New! •             Surprise! • EUSTACE MULLINS: The Reign Of Terror                 The SPECTRUM, PO BOX 1567,
The Revolutionary World Of Free Energy: A Status           • The Rules For Being Human • SOLTEC: Listening                        Tehachapi, CA 93581
Report • HATONN: Powerful Messages Can Appear In           Within And Thinking For Yourself • SANANDA: Do                    or call toll-free: 1-877-280-2866
Many Forms • SANANDA: “The Voice Of Truth Shall            Unto Others As You Would Have Others Do Unto You—                outside U.S. call: 1-661-823-9696
Be Heard Throughout The Land” • More Skolnick On           For Time Is Up! • SKOLNICK: The Enron Black Magic

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                       Gl obal i sm, Terrori sm & Toxi c Warfare                                                       (include s CD-ROM with 13 rare , out-of-print books )
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                              with Dr. Jos e ph S. Pule o
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                                                                                                                          The At t ack On Ameri ca by Gordon Thomas                     $25.95
 Healing Codes For The Biological Apocalypse               2-VIDEO SET        $39.95
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              Healing Codes For The Biological Apocalypse (cassette tapes)    $29.95
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                  Emergi ng Vi ruses: AIDS & Ebol a (cassette tapes)          $19.95                                             by Doc Childre and Howard Martin                       $18.00
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                               A Wri t For Mart yrs                             $15                                      AL BIELEK on CD-ROM (Ov e r 2 5 hrs . o f a udio )             $24.95
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       Phi l adel phi a Experi ment And Ot her UFO Conspi raci es
                                                                                                              TELEPORTATION: A How-To Guide: From Star Trek To Tesla                    $15.00
                               by Brad Steiger
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  Nostradamus: Predictions Of World War III by Jack Manuelian                 $15.00
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                         Who Li ves Insi de Our Eart h?                                                                  Ni kol a Tesl a: Free Energy And The Whi t e Dove              $15.00
       Secret UFO Di ary Of CIA Operat i ve by Alvin E. Moore                 $15.00
                                                                                                                       Mi nd St al kers: UFOs, Impl ant s & The Psychot roni c
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        Evi l Agenda Of The Secret Government by Tim Swartz                   $10.00
  The Omega Files: Secret Nazi UFO Bases Revealed by Branton                  $24.95                                          Ti me Travel : A How-To Insi ders Gui de                  $15.00

              THE DULCE WARS: Underground Al i en Bases &                                                   Invisibility & Levitation : A How-To Guide To Personal Performance          $15.00
                 The Bat t l e For Pl anet Eart h by Branton
                                                                                                                               Phi l adel phi a Experi ment Chroni cl es                $12.50

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Al Bielek on CD-ROM                                                                                  T HE P HILADELPHIA E XPERIMENT
  This is the most in-depth compilation of
                                                                                                       & O THER U FO C ONSPIRACIES
interviews with survivors of the Philadelphia                                                                           B Y B RAD S TEIGER
Experiment and Montauk Project to date on
one computer CD. The information comes
                                                                                                       In l943 the Navy accomplished the teleportation
from the memories of those who were                                                                 of a warship from Philadelphia to Norfolk by
interviewed. Because these projects are so                                                          successfully applying Einstein’s Unified Field
secretive, gaining hard evidence is nearly                                                          Theory. The experiment also caused the crew and
impossible. However, that doesn’t mean                                                              officers of the ship to become invisible, during
the projects never happened.                                                                        which time they were launched into a time-space
  There are many out there who do not                                                               warp. One survivor tells his amazing experience.
want you to know the truth about these
                                                    $24.95 (+S/H)                                       S EE NEXT - TO - LAST PAGE FOR ORDERING
projects. Use your own judgment as you
                                                                                                          OR CALL TOLL - FREE : 1-877-280-2866                               $15.00 (+S/H)
hear the words of these survivors. Use        CD-ROM contains over 25
this information as the beginning resource    hours of audio interviews
to help you onto your own research track.
  The five people featured on this CD all
testify that they worked with Al at the
                                              encoded in MP3 and
                                              RealAudio. CD is IBM, Mac,
                                                                                                      Children Of The Matrix
                                                                                                          How an interdimensional race has controlled the
                                              and Unix compatible.
Montauk Project, and some even remember
him as Ed Cameron during the Philadelphia Experiment.                                                      world for thousands of years—and still does!
CD INTERVIEW CONTENT:                                                                                 We are born into a world controlled by unseen
Al Bielek                      Psychic Operations Program       Mind-Control Development            forces that have plagued and manipulated humanity
Life of Ed Cameron             Duncan Cameron Involvement       Montauk Boys Program                for thousands of years. You may look around and
Visit to Alpha Centauri       Duncan Cameron                    Larry James                         think that what you see is “real”. But in truth you
Philadelphia Experiment        Memories of Montauk              Operating the Time-Control          are living in an illusion designed to keep you in a
Trip to 2137, Trip to 2749    Stewart Swerdlow                  Experiments With Time Travel        mental, emotional, and spiritual prison cell.
Trip to Mars and 100,000 B.C. Being a Montauk Boys Programmer   (JFK , Civil War, WWII)               Icke exposes these forces and their methods of
Life of Al Bielek              Human Genetic Manipulation       Involvement With Bielek             human control and reveals a fantastic web of global
History of Montauk             Involvement With E.T.s           What Happened To Ed Cameron?        manipulation, orchestrated by forces beyond this
Montauk Boys Program          Preston Nichols                   Dr. James F. Corum                  physical realm. He exposes the hidden bloodlines,
Montauk Mind-Control Program Working With Bielek at Montauk     Replication of Radar Invisibility   through which other-dimensional entities live and
Montauk Time-Travel Program Stealth Technology Development                                          operate unseen among us; and he shows how the
  SEE NEXT-TO-LAST PAGE FOR ORDERING OR CALL TOLL-FREE: 1-877-280-2866                              bloodlines of the royal, political, and economic rulers 493pgs. 24.95 (+S/H)
                                                                                                    of today are the same as those who ruled as the
       E VIL A GENDA O F T HE                                                                       kings and queens of ancient times.
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       SECRET GOVERNMENT                                                                              Much of it is right here.

                       BY TIM SWARTZ                                                                     The Missing Diary Of
  Exposes Project “Paper Clip” and the underground
UFO bases of Hitler’s elite scientific corps.                                                           Admiral Richard E. Byrd
Elements of the CIA and the Secret Government                                                          “I must write this diary in secrecy and obscurity. It concerns my arctic
have imitated real alien abductions to convince the                                                 flight of the nineteenth day of February in the year of nineteen hundred
public of interplanetary invasion so New World                                                      and forty-seven.
Order gang can rule the Earth unchallenged.                                                            “There comes a time when the rationality of men must fade into
  Project Paperclip was the secret plan that took $10.00 (+S/H)                                     insignificance, and one must accept the inevitability of the Truth! I am
Nazi scientists and psychiatrists out of Germany and                                                not at liberty to disclose the following documentation at this writing,
into the upper echelons of the U.S. governmental, scientific, and                                   perhaps it shall never see the light of public scrutiny, but I must do my
academic realms.                                                                                    Duty and record here for all to read one day in a world which hopefully
                                                                                                    the greed and exploitation of certain of mankind can no longer suppress
SEE   NEXT - TO - LAST PAGE FOR ORDERING OR CALL TOLL- FREE :           1-877-280-2866.
                                                                                                    that which is Truth.” —Admiral Richard E. Byrd
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Nostradamus: Predictions Of World War III
   After the 9/11/01 disaster at the World Trade
                                                                                                            OTHER VOICES
 Center, there is a renewed interested in what                                                              BY  GEORGE HUNT WILLIAMSON
 the great seer Nostradamus had to say. This                                                                   & TIMOTHY GREEN BECKLEY
 book is a serious study of his predictions, based                                                     The author was one of the original witnesses at the meeting
 upon the author’s research into the original                                                       between contactee George Adamski and Orthon from the
 manuscripts. His work details the struggle that                                                    planet Venus. Williamson claims he also had contacts with
 is going on in the Middle East and the ongoing                                                     aliens and received transmissions over his radio from friendly
 conflict between the Christian world and the                                                       extraterrestrials. Others have claimed the same. Senator
 Islamic world. Jack Manuelian has combed                                                           Barry Goldwater reportedly heard mysterious signals on his
 through the prophecies of more modern seers,                                                       ham radio and our own astronauts have reportedly picked up
 pointing out how they may agree with what                                                          messages not transmitted from Earth.
 Nostradamus had to say. He offers hope for                                                            Other Voices is essentially a reprint of The Saucers Speak ,
                                                                                                                                                                      $12.50 (+S/H)
 mankind, but admits that it is troubled times we                       $15.00 (+S/H)               by George Hunt Williamson and Alfred Bailey, originally published in the 1950s. Much
 live in. What will be the outcome? Read the                                                        of what the authors report has come to pass. Warnings of aliens about nuclear war and
 book and decide for yourself.                                                                      environmental doom remain urgent.
    UNE 2002            
                      PAGE FOR ORDERING OR CALL TOLL-FREE:
                                                                                Toll-free: 1-877-280-2866
                                                                         1-877-280-2866                            Outside U.S.: 1-661-823-9696             PAGE 91
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                            This is the documented
                         autobiography of a victim of
                         government mind-control. Cathy
                         O’Brien is the only vocal and
                         recovered survivor of the CIA’s MK-            On the eve of the first war in the 21st            after the book
                         Ultra Project Monarch mind-control          Century, one perplexing question remains: the         was published,
                         operation. Chiseled deep into the           role of China. The answer comes in what will be       the CIA was
                         white stone of the CIA’s Langley,           seen as one of the most important books of all        forced           to
                         Virginia headquarters is a partial          time. It explains how China will use the crisis to    confirm         its
                         verse lifted from the Holy Bible and        launch itself as a new Super Power—and become         findings about
                         writings of Saint John: “...and the         America’s new major enemy.                            the threat China
                         truth shall make you free.” This               China by 2015 will have deployed tens to           poses. The CIA
                         statement, like the agency, is total        several tens of missiles with nuclear warheads        p u b l i c l y
                         unreality. The building that it is          targeted against the United States, mostly more-      confirmed what Gordon Thomas reveals in SEEDS
   $18.00 (+S/H)         engraved upon houses the world’s            survivable land and sea mobile missiles. It will      OF FIRE. Just how big a threat China is.
 PUBLIC NOTICE: This most successful manufacturer of lies            also have hundreds of shorter-range ballistic and        This has been kept out of the news agenda
 book contains sexually to facilitate psychological warfare.         cruise missiles for use in regional conflicts.        because it does not suit certain business
 explicit quotes and The “Company” uses truth and                    Some of these shorter-range missiles will have        interests to have that truth emerge. But at last
 irrefutable anatomical technology as their raw materials to
 details of perpetrators produce “pure” lies for control of you      nuclear warheads; most will be armed with             here it is. Every patriotic American should buy
 and is therefore and America’s allies. Within the                   conventional warheads.                                and read this book! It is simply revelatory.
 recommended         for pages of TRANCE Formation Of                   That prediction is from a CIA briefing paper to       Other revelations include the Inslaw/Promis
 mature readers only.    America you’ll find the truth.              the Bush Administration. It is one of almost 100      “largest global software theft in history”, MK-ULTRA
                                                                     pages of never-before-published official              mind-control applications, and the link between
       U.S. GOVERNMENT MIND-CONTROL                                  documents in SEEDS OF FIRE: China And The             newspaper magnate Robert Maxwell and the Los
    On August 3, 1977 the 95th U.S. Congress opened                  Story Behind The Attack On America, by Gordon         Alamos laboratory nuclear secrets “spy” case.
hearings into the reported abuses concerning the CIA’s TOP           Thomas. No one can afford to ignore this book!           But it is the China connection that ought to
SECRET mind-control research program code-named MK-Ultra.               SEEDS OF FIRE is a book that every patriotic       alert all thinking Americans to “the sleeping giant”
On February 8, 1988, an MK-Ultra victim, Cathy O’Brien, was
                                                                     American — everyone who cares about the               of the Orient. Be informed. Be astonished.
covertly rescued from her mind-control enslavement by
Intelligence insider Mark Phillips. Their seven-year pursuit         future of this country, everyone who wants to
of Justice was stopped FOR REASONS OF NATIONAL                       know what goes on behind the scenes — must
                                                                     buy and read. This is THE book. Written by a                   Price: $25.95 (+ S/H)
SECURITY. TRANCE Formation Of America exposes the truth
behind this criminal abuse of the unconstitutional 1947              highly experienced intelligence analyst, it is          SEE   NEXT-TO-LAST PAGE FOR ORDERING
National Security Act .                                              simply a MUST. You cannot ignore the warnings           OR CALL TOLL-FREE:1-877-280-2866
                                                                     Gordon Thomas gives.                                           Paperback — 600 pages
                                                                        As an example of his total credibility, hours
     OR CALL TOLL-FREE:          1-877-280-2866

                                                                    atican Assassins
                                                                   VWounded In The house of My frIends
                                                                    An explosive, detailed, shocking, historical          and fully documented facts concerning the “dark”
                                                                  account of the long-suppressed history of the           side of the Vatican’s un-godly history.
                                                                  Jesuit Order, from 1540 to the present, and their           “Almost 700 pages filled with names, facts,
                                                                  involvement behind the scenes manipulating the          and carefully wrought conspiracies on the kind
                                                                  world through the Pope, via the Jesuit’s                of vast scale that creates or destroys empires.”
                                                                  General, the “Black” Pope—the most powerful             —The Book Reader, America’s most independent
                                                                  man in the world.                                              review of new titles, Fall/Winter 2001/2002
                                                                    If you were astonished by the front-page story
                                                                  in the May 2000 issue of The SPECTRUM titled:               “Probably of all books which could be called
                                                                  The Most Powerful Man In The World? The                 ‘conspiracy oriented’, this is the grand-daddy.
                                                                  “Black” Pope: Count Hans Kolvenbach—The                 This is the Big One, I mean it....
                                                                  Jesuit’s General, then you won’t want to miss                “It’s one of those books that, even if you’re
                                                                  this in-depth study of perhaps the greatest             a cynic and can come to terms with only half of
                                                                  ongoing conspiracy the world has ever known.            it, it changes everything.”
                                                                  Author Eric Phelps goes into countless details                              — Jeff Rense, Oct. 11, 2001

                                                                     Large-print, 700-page, 8½” X 11” book, with over 100 rare
                                                                  photographs PLUS a Gift CD-ROM with 13 rare, out-of-print books
   All for ONLY                $34.95           (+S/H)
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