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Obesity Prevention HomeNutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity Prevention Program
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Texas State University San Marcos
Best Food For Families, Infants and Toddlers! (Best Food FITS!)

The purpose of this project, directed by the Nutrition and Foods program at Texas State
University, is to implement and evaluate an intervention designed to combat child obesity in San
Marcos by addressing two evidence-based strategies supported by the Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention:

      Increasing intake of fruits and vegetables
      Decreasing intake of sugar sweetened beverages

Best Food FITS! involves collaboration of the Nutrition and Foods program with many
community partners, including:

      San Marcos Farmer's Market
      San Marcos Housing Authority
      Hays County Personal Health Department
      San Marcos Special Supplemental Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)
      San Marcos Food Bank
      San Marcos Head Start
      Community Action, Inc.
      Central Texas Medical Center – Cradle of Care
      Hays County Women’s Shelter

This community-supported intervention will include three components:

      Community education, which includes hands-on cooking classes focusing on preparation
       of fruit and vegetable-based recipes suitable for families, infants and toddlers, and
       emphasizes the importance of decreasing intake of sugar sweetened beverages
      The development of a toddler 'plate' emphasizing fruits and vegetables, to be distributed
       in cooking classes, health fairs, and in San Marcos restaurants
      Collaboration with San Marcos restaurants to display Best Food FITS! logos and posters
       and offer menus for infants and toddlers including fruit and vegetable options along with
       alternatives to sugar sweetened beverages

A focus on infants and toddlers is important because early feeding practices are linked to lifelong
food preferences that ultimately affect body weight and long term health outlook. Very few
projects have involved education about feeding infants and toddlers.


Sylvia Crixell, PhD, RD

BJ Friedman, PhD, RD
Nicole Baker, RD

Jennifer Calderaro, RD

Sara Darby

Rebecca Kendall

Izenia Elizondo

Stephanie Rogers

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Last updated September 23, 2011
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