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                                        February 2008 Issue 1/08 £3.00
                         Chamber Dia r y – At a G l a nc e

  You Can                                                                 Commercial Training
  Influence Policy                                                        Workshops
	 February                                                            	   February
  Fri 8   Policy Council                                                  Thur 14   Giving Confident Presentations
  Wed 13 Planning & Transport                                             Wed 20 Spreading the News
  Thur 21 Business Club Committee
  Fri 22  Executive Board

	 March                                                               	   March
  Thur 6    Skills for Business Colleges Forum                            Wed 5     Introduction to Export Operations
  Fri 21    Executive Board                                               Wed 12 First Time Leadership
  Please Telephone 023	9244	9449 for Times/Venues                         Thur 13   Assertiveness Skills


	 Tues 5  East Hants Lunch Briefing on Hindhead @ Alton Maltings
  Thur 7  Business Journeys Business Seminar
  Thur 7  125th Anniversary Dinner Dance
  Thur 14 Networking Lunch @ Jongleurs Comedy Club
  Tue 26  Breakfast Briefing @ Highbury City of Portsmouth Centre

  Thur 13   Breakfast Briefing @ Portsmouth Marriott
  Mon 17    New Member Evening
  Thur 27   Networking Lunch @ University of Portsmouth

                                                                                    Padnell	Grange one of our training venues

  Hampshir e Bu sine s s A lliance
We would like to thank the following members of the Hampshire Business Alliance for their support of Portsmouth & South East Hampshire
and North Hampshire Chambers of Commerce. If you would like more information on joining the Alliance please contact or call 023	9244	9449

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                                                                       Dear Reader...
                                                                                             Welcome to your                            and our briefing on the plans for the Daedalus

     Contents                                                                                new look Business
                                                                                             News printed in full
                                                                                             colour to coincide
                                                                                                                                        site swiftly followed by our BT Seminar, making IT
                                                                                                                                        Communications Work for You.

                                                                                                                                        By the time you receive this magazine we will be
                                                                                             with our 125th
4           The Voice of Business…                                                                                                      recovering from our 125th Anniversary
                                                                                             Anniversary.       I
                                                                                                                                        celebrations on the 7 February where our
5           …in the Solent Area                                                              would like to thank
                                                                                                                                        afternoon Conference will be followed by a
                                                                                             Bishops Printers for
6           Member News                                                                                                                 Dinner Dance featuring music from the Counterfeit
                                                                                             enabling us to make
                                                                                                                                        Beatles. I am pleased to see that a number of
7           Legally Speaking Coffin Mew LLP                       this enhancement which acknowledges our 15
                                                                                                                                        our Past Presidents will be joining us for this event
                                                                  year partnership on the magazine – more about
8           Money Matters                                                                                                               and look forward to hearing their recollections
                                                                  this in our Anniversary pages.
                                                                                                                                        and highlights.
9           HW Chartered Accountants                              The start to 2008 has been one of the busiest I
                                                                                                                                        The first heat of MentorMagic will be held at the
10          Enterprise in Education                               can remember in my 10 years at the Chamber.
                                                                                                                                        University on the 2 April. As I write this we are
11          Staff and Training                                    On 21st January British Chambers of Commerce                          pulling together the marketing material but do put
                                                                  launched their new identity and work is already                       this date in your diaries as it is an evening of
12          The Chamber: 125 Years On                             underway on embracing this new look into our                          useful tips and advice for the audience from our
16          Farrow Creative                                       own rebranding this spring. I am delighted to                         panel of entrepreneurs as well as our presenting
                                                                  welcome Intelligent Marketing as our newest                           businesses.
18          Royal Mail                                            patron and look forward to working with them on
                                                                                                                                        Maureen Frost
17          TeamSport Indoor Karting/Bremy UK                     enhancing our marketing material this year.
                                                                                                                                        Chief	Executive
20          Member News                                           Our      event
21          Champneys / Safetypro                                 has got off to a
22          AXA PPP                                               running start
                                                                  with         our
23          Property News                                         networking
24          International Trade                                   lunch         at
                                                                  Te a m S p o r t
26          The Business Club                                     Indoor Karting
28          People and Business on the Move

29          Around East Hampshire                                  Copy Deadlines                                                         Contact Us

30          Welcome to New Members                                 Editorial: 8th of the preceding month of publication                   Business News Team, Portsmouth & South East
                                                                                                                                          Hampshire Chamber of Commerce & Industry
31          Business Directory                                     Advertising booking: 5th of the preceding month of
                                                                   publication                                                            Regional Business Centre, Harts Farm Way, Havant,
                                                                   Advertising                                                            Hampshire, PO9 1HR
                                                                   Artwork: 15th of the preceding month of publication

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                                     The Voice of B u s i ne s s …

                                                       I am taking advantage of this to write the first        members and potential members in 2008 and will
                                                       President’s Perspective of 2008, even though the        also look at our recruitment events, new products
                                                       New Year celebrations will be well behind us by         and targeting strategies.
                                                       the time you read it, because I think it is important
                                                                                                               Although our retention rate is comparatively quite
                                                       that Chamber members can see what we have
                                                                                                               good, we are looking closely at that as well, and
                                                       achieved recently and where we are going in the
                                                                                                               will be making an even greater effort to keep in
                                                       forthcoming year.
                                                                                                               regular contact with members to ensure that they
                                                       The Chamber has had a successful 2007,                  are making the most of their membership.
                                                       particularly when compared with other Chambers
                                                                                                               The work of the membership team could of course
                                                       of Commerce around the country, and especially
                                                                                                               be greatly assisted by you the existing members if
                                                       with the international trade activity, but we shall
                                                                                                               you were able to recruit a new member or two
                                                       devote a big effort in 2008 to expanding the
                                                                                                               from your own customers, clients and contacts. I
                                                       membership. We aspire to reach a membership of
                                                                                                               have mentioned the many benefits of Chamber
                                                       1000 in the next few years, and this will help
                                                                                                               membership before, and it is certainly something
                                                       generate an increased income from membership
                                                                                                               worth being evangelical about. Please do what
                                                       services, which in turn will enable us to improve
                                                                                                               you can.
                                                       our services to members, which will improve
    Philip Yetman
                                                       further recruiting and retention and member             The Chamber has a very positive view of 2008,
                                                       involvement in Chamber activities.                      as it celebrates its 125th anniversary, and despite
                                                                                                               the gloomy business press, I hope your New Year
                                                       We have two people working solely on
The period between Christmas and New Year is                                                                   is a prosperous and successful one also.
                                                       membership at the moment, with three others
a bit quiet in most law firms, and it is usually a
                                                       undertaking calls to prospective members, dealing
time for catching up with administration since not
                                                       with renewals and customer care calls. Nick
many staff or clients are about. Our office is no
                                                       Hoath has joined the team as Membership Sales
exception, and it is an opportunity to stand back
                                                       Supervisor in November and we intend to take on
and reflect and see where things are going. I am
                                                       another member of staff in the New Year. We are
sure many of you have the same experience.
                                                       going to review our promotional materials for

                                                       *   reduced absenteeism and staff turnover
                     work health                       *   less accidents
                                                                                                               the FREE seminars or open morning on Friday 29
                                                                                                               February at the Hilton Hotel, Farlington:
                     & wellbeing                       *   improved staff morale
                                                                                                               8.00am	Breakfast	seminar
                     H   A   L   L   M   A   R    K
                                                                                                               A healthy breakfast and introduction to WHWH
                                                       Traditional attempts to create healthy workplaces
WHWH encourages employers and staff to take            have focused on the safety of the physical              9.30	–	12.00pm	Open	morning
small steps towards a healthier, fitter and more       environment and preventing injuries. More recent
rewarding workplace and lifestyle.                     programmes have been designed to encourage              Opportunity to come along for an informal chat
                                                       healthier individual behaviour by providing             12.30pm	Lunch	seminar
Designed for Portsmouth businesses both large
                                                       support, information and skill training.
and small, the Work Health and Wellbeing                                                                       A light lunch and introduction to WHWH
Hallmark (WHWH) has been developed by                  WHWH recognises the contribution of the business
Portsmouth City Council and Portsmouth Teaching        world in making life a positive and rewarding           Who	should	attend?
Primary Care working together in partnership.          experience for employees by providing a                 Mangers, HR Managers or those responsible for
                                                       framework for a practical approach to staff health      wellbeing in the workplace
The workplace has a powerful effect on workers’
                                                       and wellbeing.
health, including how people feel about themselves                                                             To book a free place on the breakfast or lunch
and their environment. This affects job satisfaction   Perhaps you’re already working towards improving        seminar please call the Health Improvement and
and productivity as well as the health and             your employees’ wellbeing. This Hallmark is an          Development Service on 023	 9284	 1560 or
wellbeing of staff.                                    opportunity to review and build on what you’ve          email:
                                                       achieved as well as the chance to be recognised
The benefits of healthy workplaces for organisations
                                                       for your business’s commitment.
and individuals alike include:
                                                       To find out more about WHWH and also network
*       improved productivity
                                                       with like minded businesses come along to one of
*       fewer insurance and worker compensation

    4                                                                To advertise in Business News call 03 944 9449
                                          …in the S o l e nt A re a

As a long term supporter of Chambers of                   and Indian companies interested in the mutual
Commerce I have been fortunate enough to                  benefits of maintaining trade relations. To date, six
attend many excellent networking events over a            Chambers of Commerce (Birmingham, Hull &
number of years. One of the great things about            Humber, London, North East, Sussex and West
getting the chance to meet face to face with              Wales) have established links with the Chambers
businesses is the unique opportunity to learn             of Commerce in India and I very much hope that
about the issues that are genuinely affecting             more UK based Chambers will create firm links in
them.                                                     the future. Much good work has also been done
                                                          with the Indian High Commission in London.
Having gathered this reliable and first hand
                                                          Several successful meetings on the prospects for
information; when I took over the presidency of the
                                                          businesses in India will culminate in a formal
British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) in 2006, I
                                                          reception at the High Commission in December.                                             Peter Mileham
was determined to focus on tackling some of the
                                                          The reception, appropriately named ‘A focus on                                            BCC President
topics that had been brought to my attention. It
                                                          India’, will offer attending businesses a chance to
may come as little surprise that one of the subjects
                                                          meet representatives from various regions in India
raised was India and how UK companies can
                                                          and a number of like minded people from the
improve international trade relations with the                                                                    Industry’s Annual Partnership Summit. I hope to
                                                          wider business community. It will also officially
emerging colossus. Chamber members are right to                                                                   make some meaningful contacts for Chambers,
                                                          demonstrate to the High Commission that
be interested in India. It is the world’s second                                                                  ensuring that we remain a major port of call for
                                                          Chambers of Commerce are serious about
fastest growing economy; it has accelerating                                                                      Indian companies looking to interact with the UK.
                                                          involvement within India’s vibrant marketplace.
growth of 9.4 per cent, and a population of one
billion people. India also has the liberal economic       We have made a sound start. But a lot more is still     Finally, I would like to remind members that the
conditions that can present fantastic opportunities       in the pipeline in order to provide small and           BCC currently manages two export schemes on
for British businesses looking to export there.           medium sized businesses across the network with         behalf of UK Trade and Investment. Both schemes
                                                          the maximum opportunity to explore partnerships         offer a huge amount to businesses looking towards
In light of this, the BCC has been supporting and                                                                 foreign markets and I would recommend exploring
                                                          in India. In January, I will be visiting India on
is represented on the UK India Business Council,                                                                  these initiatives before leaping into export projects
                                                          behalf of the BCC and as a member of Lord Jones’
which encourages interchange between British                                                                      without prior planning and preparation.
                                                          delegation attending the Confederation of Indian

From 04 February the Mayor’s Low Emission                 Emission Zone standards are based on European           commercial vehicles that are affected: large
Zone comes into effect across all of greater              standards which set pollution limits for new            motorised caravans, horseboxes and other
London. Aiming to improve London’s air quality,           vehicles.                                               specialist vehicles will also have to meet the
the worst in the UK, the zone will be in force 24                                                                 scheme standards. Operators are encouraged to
                                                          All affected vehicles driving in the zone must meet
hours a day, every day of the year. Vehicles that                                                                 think long term as standards for lorries, buses and
                                                          the Euro III standard for particulate matter or pay
do not meet the required emissions standards will                                                                 coaches are tightened in 2012 to Euro IV for
                                                          the daily charge. Older vehicles can be modified
have to pay a daily charge of up to £200 to drive                                                                 particulates.
                                                          to meet the emissions standards by having pollution
within the zone or face fines of up to £1000.
                                                          abatement equipment fitted or by upgrading the          For more information on all aspects of the Low
Aimed at the most polluting diesel-engine lorries,        vehicle’s engine.                                       Emission Zone, help is available on
buses and coaches, the scheme sets minimum                                                                        0845	607	0009 or at
                                                   Lorries, coaches and buses will have to comply in
standards for particulate emissions, i.e. soot,                                                         
                                                   2008, and in 2010 the scheme extends to large
 Right hand ad:Layout 1 The new 14:53 Page 2
discharged from exhaust pipes. 16/1/08 Low
                                                   vans (LGVs) and minibuses. And it’s not just

   business direction by design...
                                   graphic design / print / digital media / public relations / exhibitions / advertising / copywriting / marketing

                                                       t: +44 (0)1730 235666         e:

         To advertise in Business News call 03 944 9449                                                                                                           
                                                      Mem b e r Ne w s

                                                                                                             Stuart added: ”The aim of Movember is to change
                                                                                                             this attitude, make male health fun by putting the
                                                                                                             Mo back on the face of English men and in the
                                                                                                             process raise some serious funds for key male
                                                                                                             health issues.”

                                                                                                             Every year about 35,000 men in the U.K. are
                                                                                                             diagnosed with prostate cancer and about
                                                                                                             10,000 men die from of the disease. A British
                                                                                                             man has a 1 in 11 lifetime risk of developing
                                                                                                             prostate cancer. It is now the most common cancer
                                                                                                             diagnosed in men in the U.K. with at least one
                                                                                                             man dying every hour from the disease.

                                                                                                             Coffin Mew is proud to be part of Movember who
                                                                                                             work in partnership with The Prostate Cancer
                                                                                                             Charity ( in the U.K.
                                                                                                             Funds raised by Movember in the U.K. are directly
10 would-be Tom Sellecks from south coast law         While growing a Mo is left to the guys, Mo Sistas
                                                                                                             donated to The Prostate Cancer Charity.
firm Coffin Mew LLP joined together during            (ladies that support their guys or love Mo’s!) form
‘Movember’ to raise over £1000 for The Prostate       an important part of Movember with their powerful
Cancer Charity by growing some ‘charity-fuzz’.
The team, captained by employment lawyer
                                                      feminine touch, by recruiting Mo Bro’s, helping to
                                                      raise funds.                                             2007 ENDS
                                                                                                               IN STYLE FOR
Stuart Seagrove, were aptly called the ‘Coffin
                                                      Stuart Seagrove said: “It’s not all fun and games,
                                                      men are far less health aware than women. The

Movember (the month formally known as                 average life expectancy for men is five years less
November) is a charity event held during              than for women. The obvious question is why?
November each year. At the start of Movember
guys register with a clean shaven face. The
Movember participants known as Mo Bro’s then
                                                      “The answer is apparently because men lack
                                                      awareness about the very real health issues they
                                                      face, have an attitude of ‘everything’s okay’ and
have the remainder of the month to grow and
                                                      are reluctant to see a doctor about an illness or to
groom their moustache and along the way raise                                                                For one of the newest members of the Portsmouth
                                                      go for regular medical checks.”
as much money and awareness about male health                                                                and South East Chamber of Commerce, an
issues as possible.                                                                                          unbelievable December saw the year end in style,
                                                                                                             as they were featured on national television and

   FEBRUARY IS                                                                                               were finalists in the Hampshire & Isle of Wight
                                                                                                             Institute of Director’s (IOD) dragon’s den-style,

                                                                                                             business mentoring programme.

                                                                                                             Vitalyz, who are based in Portsmouth and provide

   SPANGLE JELLY                                                                                             therapeutic activity training to carers, care homes
                                                                                                             and charities for the elderly and less able bodied,
                                                                                                             were initially featured on Channel 4’s documentary,
Have you ever thought how the expertise you           focused online recruitment site for Hampshire and      Secret Millionaire, early in December; this was as
have could benefit community groups and               the Isle of Wight. With hundreds of registered         a result of their help in supporting a local stroke
charities? Many companies find that the business      jobseekers, and over 350,000 hits last year, the       survivors group, with the group eventually receiving
benefits gained from releasing staff to undertake     site acts as a jobs notice board for paid, volunteer   £20,000 from the millionaire, David Pearl. This
a few hours voluntary work well exceeds the           and trustee vacancies.                                 was followed, a week later, when they were
disadvantages of their time spent away from the                                                              finalists at the IOD’s Mentor Magic Gala Dinner at
office. Becoming a Trustee of a local Charity is      If you would like to find out more visit               the De Vere in Southampton.
another valuable way of gaining CPD whilst  	
                                                                                                             Tony Duke, co-founder of Vitalyz, said: “It was a
benefiting a local organisation.
                                                                                                             fantastic end to the year and we hope to continue
During February Spangle Jelly is promoting              The	 Chamber is delighted to be taking               this momentum well into 2008.” Tony went on to
volunteering and encouraging people to think            over the organisation of Mentor Magic                say: “And the year has already started well, as we
about becoming Trustees, Volunteers and supporters      in 2008 with heats scheduled for                     have just secured a training contract with one of
of Hampshire Charities and community groups.            2 April, 9 July and 4 September.                     the biggest chain of care homes in the country.”

Spangle Jelly is the largest charity run community-

                                                                   To advertise in Business News call 03 944 9449

Commercial Rent
Arrears Recovery
Landlords and tenants as well as those managing           Procedure
their property portfolios need to be aware of the
changes to be introduced by The Tribunal Courts           To use the CRAR procedure a landlord must first
and Enforcement Act 2007 (“The Act”). The Act             send an enforcement notice to the tenant. This
received Royal Assent on 19 July 2007 but the             removes the element of surprise which is currently
provisions relating to commercial rent arrears            available to landlords. The period of the notice is
recovery are not yet in force. The Regulations            not yet known and is to be prescribed by the                                        Louise Simpson
required to provide the detail to the new                 regulations.
procedures are also pending. The provisions,              An enforcement agent will thereafter have a
once implemented, will abolish the common law             prescribed period within which enter the premises
right of distress and various old existing statutory      to take control of the goods. The period is again        damages if the tenant has wrongfully interfered
provisions and introduce a new procedure for              to be prescribed by the regulations. He may do           with the goods.
Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery (CRAR).                  so by removing the goods and securing them
                                                          elsewhere, securing the goods on the premises or         Further orders and grounds for intervention are
                                                          entering into a “controlled goods agreement” with        anticipated, within the regulations.
Existing Law                                              the tenant (similar to a walking possession
The current law of distress entitles a landlord           agreement). If an agreement is entered into, the
through a certificated bailiff to enter commercial        goods remain on the premises but the tenant must         Watch this space
premises and seize goods found on the premises            acknowledge that they are controlled by the              The changes appear to offer more protection to
in respect of rent arrears. Once seized, the goods        enforcement agent.       A valuation of the goods        the tenant whilst introducing a more expensive
can be removed and auctioned and the funds                must be obtained prior to sale and within a              and complicated procedure for the landlord, but
used to cover arrears of rent. Alternatively, a           specified period to be prescribed by the                 the full impact will not be clear until the all
bailiff may enter into a walking possession               regulations. The tenant must be offered the              important regulations come into force.
agreement with the tenant whereby the goods               opportunity to obtain his own valuation.
remain on the premises and can be used by the                                                                      Drafters may consider making provision within a
                                                          The goods must not be sold before the end of a           lease for the recovery of costs associated with
tenant, but are within the control of the bailiff until   period of time to be prescribed by the regulations.
arrears are recovered.                                                                                             CRAR, in order to protect their client landlords’
                                                          The agent must, however, give notice of the sale         position.
                                                          within 12 months of taking control of the goods.
                                                          The Act does not specify what sanctions will be          Landlords and their agents will have to await the
Pre-conditions of CRAR                                    imposed if notice is not provided within the             implementation of CRAR provisions through the
                                                          specified period. When the goods are perishable          anticipated regulations, to assess exactly how the
The Act sweeps away the concept of distress and
                                                          an application can be made to the court to reduce        changes are likely to affect the way they currently
replaces it with a new regime which is similar in
                                                          the timescales.                                          recover rent.
many ways.
                                                          The agent is required to sell the goods for the best     For more information contact Louise Simpson in
The procedure is only available in respect of
                                                          price that can reasonably be obtained.                   the Property Litigation team at Coffin Mew LLP
commercial premises and if a number of pre-
                                                                                                                   0800	827168 or		
conditions are met. This means that the procedure
is not available to landlords of mixed use
premises, e.g. a lease of a shop with a flat above.       Sanctions
There must be a lease between the parties, so             The new procedure seems to allow for a greater
mere licences are excluded. The agreement must            degree of judicial intervention. If, following the
be in writing, rent must be due under the terms of        service of an enforcement notice, a dispute exists
the lease and capable of being calculated with            in relation to the amount of rent claimed or in
certainty. The net unpaid rent must be equal to, or       respect of whether the preconditions for using the
in excess of, a minimum amount. The minimum               procedure are met, the court has the power to set
will be set by the regulations.                           aside the enforcement notice or suspend the use of
CRAR is only available for the recovery of rent.          CRAR.
Currently other items, such as arrears of rates,          A tenant can apply to the court for the return of the
council tax and services, can be recouped through         goods and / or damages, if the enforcement
distress, if the lease expressly reserves these items     agent has breached the terms of the Act. A
as rent. The ability to rely on such a clause in future   landlord has a similar right to apply to the court for
is specifically excluded by the Act.

                                                        Mone y Ma t t e r s

  INDEPENDENT                                             BEING                                                   MOTORISTS
  ADVICE WITH                                             INVOLVED IN                                             TAKE CARE –
  POSITIVE                                                CHARITY IS                                              ‘FROSTING’
  SOLUTIONS                                               “AWARDING”                                              ON THE RISE
                                                        Mike Fortune, Director of Poole-based Portland          The British Insurance Brokers’ Association (BIBA)
                                                        Business Recovery said more businesses should           is urging consumers and businesses to take
                                                        get involved in supporting Charities if they want       precautions when travelling on the road to ensure
                                                        to be successful.
                                                                                                                that they don’t get frozen out by their insurance
                                                        Mike, a trustee of Julia’s House, a hospice for life-   companies.
                                                        limited children based in Poole, Dorset, said: “The
                                                                                                                As ‘frosting thefts’ continue to rise with well over
Are your post Christmas finances in need of             management team at Julia’s House recently won
attention? Or maybe you are paying too much             ‘Best Management Team’ at the annual Dorset             100,000 thefts in the last five years, BIBA urges
for your life assurance? Simon Wright is an             Business Awards and being involved with the             motorists to take care to check their cover. Those
Independent Financial Adviser with over 23 years        charity has been a great business-learning              who leave their cars with the engine warming up
of industry experience, and has lived on Hayling        experience. Not only do you see the work of the         to defrost the windscreen may not be covered if
Island since July 1999.                                 charity first hand and the results they achieve, but    an opportunistic thief steals the car. Most motor
                                                        you also see the effort that goes in behind the         insurance policies now have a specific ‘keys in
Joining Positive Solutions in May 2007 has given
                                                        scenes and putting the two things together can be       car‘ or a ‘vehicle left unattended’ clause and
him the freedom to work either from home (or the
                                                        very inspirational.”                                    exclude claims in these circumstances. In addition,
office in Southampton), and increased the amount
of quality time that can be spent with his family. It   Mike added: “When you’re running your own               there will be a ‘reasonable care’ clause, whereby
also means that the local and surrounding area is       business it is easy to become so focused on your        the insurer may reject a claim on the grounds of
very important to him, both from a professional         own little empire that you forget to look at the        the policyholder being ‘reckless’ in not safeguarding
and a social aspect. This has of course led to          wider picture. Being involved with a charity,           the vehicle.
Simon joining the Chamber of Commerce &                 which has a different set of values and goals and
Industry.                                               a completely different perspective, can actually        BIBA recommends that consumers should opt for
                                                        improve the performance of your own business.”          comprehensive motor cover whenever possible –
Outstanding technological support from Positive
                                                                                                                these days there is usually little difference between
Solutions benefits Simon’s clients in many ways.        Mike would recommend from his own personal
                                                                                                                comprehensive and third party fire and theft
This includes the speed at which quotations and         experience that entrepreneurs find the time, not
illustrations can be obtained, and the facility for     only once they have become successful, but also
clients to view their own arrangements via a            on their way up, to get involved in a local charity.    In extreme weather conditions, drivers are urged
personal website which is completely free.              It can be very rewarding and no matter what             to avoid travelling by road wherever possible, but
Remuneration can be by commission or fees.              happens in your own business, you will know that        to take appropriate steps if driving is the only
                                                        your efforts have improved the environment in           option: wrap up warmly, take a blanket, spade,
Truly independent advice is offered on an extensive
                                                        which you live.
range of domestic and commercial subjects. These                                                                torch, food and drink and a mobile phone, and
include pensions, savings, investments, life                                                                    tell someone what time you expect to complete
assurance and critical illness cover.                                                                           your journey. Also, check your tyre tread depths to
For an initial discussion, at no cost and of course                                                             ensure the best grip possible in difficult conditions.
no obligation, please call Simon on                                                                             Where possible, leave the car in a garage
023	 9246	 5455 or 07849	 884028.	                                                                              overnight.
Alternatively,         you        can        e-mail

Further  details  can    be     found   at: Simon
very much looks forward to meeting fellow
Chamber of Commerce & Industry members!

Positive Solutions (Financial Services) Ltd. is
authorised and regulated by the Financial Services

                                                                     To advertise in Business News call 03 944 9449
                               HW Charte re d Ac c o u nt a nt s

   By Michael Middleton
                                                        Last year was not a good year for small business       rate tax payer though it is likely that many
                                                        taxation, we have had increases in corporation         commercial arrangements may also be caught.
                                                        tax, changes to capital allowances and there are       The rules are widely drawn and will encompass
                                                        proposed increases to capital gains tax.               far more than just husband and wife situations.

                                                        It appears that the small business is seen as an       The proposed legislation is about a page long.
                                                        easy target. You may have read in the press            However, there are already about 30 pages of
                                                        about the ‘Arctic Systems’ case, concerning the        guidance which suggest that it is likely to lead to
                                                        taxation of income from a husband and wife             more uncertainty. The difficulty will be working out
                                                        business. This case was lost by HM Revenue and         whether this will impact on you and if so, what
                                                        Customs (HMRC) in the House of Lords, HMRC             action is appropriate?
                                                        have since issued a document outlining proposed
                                                                                                               The suggestion is that each individual may have to
                                                        changes to the law in this area.
                                                                                                               justify the level of income in relation to work
                                                                                                               undertaken for the business. Practically, this is
                                                                                                               likely to be difficult in many cases giving rise to an
                                                        Income	Shifting
                                                                                                               additional administrative burden.
                                                        This is a new term and the proposed new rules are
                                                                                                               This is proposed legislation and subject to a
                                                        aimed at businesses where one person does most
                                                                                                               consultation process, although the final legislation
                                                        of the work, but tax is saved by transferring
                                                                                                               is not expected to be significantly different. If you
                                                        income to another person, who may have earned
                                                                                                               think that you will be affected, it is important that
                                                        it, by utilising lower rates of tax.
                                                                                                               advice is taken prior to April. HW will be able to
                                                        The changes, which apply from 6 April, are meant       assist in understanding the implications and
                                                        to affect only those who split dividends or profits    recommend appropriate action.
                                                        so as to move income from a higher to a lower

   By Mike Middleton of HW Chartered Accountants, Portsmouth

The present Inheritance Tax (IHT) regime was            tax free band would be available when the              For any who have not made a Will – our advice
introduced as Capital Transfer Tax by Labour            second partner dies.       However, most couples       is use this opportunity to make one now, otherwise
Chancellor, Dennis Healey, who said he would            likely to be caught by this have already made          this will create problems for your family in the long
“squeeze the rich until the pips squeak”. However,      provision for using both allowances by setting up      term. In preparing or reviewing a Will, estimate
one of his successors, Roy Jenkins, commented           nil rate tax bank trusts in their Wills.               the value of your assets, decide who has what
that is was “a tax paid only by those who hated                                                                and then ask for advice on IHT burden.           This
                                                        Many business owners are not aware that their
their family more than the taxman”. Our current                                                                exercise should then be reviewed every few years
                                                        business assets should qualify for business property
Chancellor, Alastair Darling, has reacted to                                                                   and yours and your family’s circumstances (and
                                                        relief from IHT, so their main source of wealth
populist moves to increase the threshold at which                                                              taxes) change.
                                                        generally falls out of the net. Other assets, such
tax is paid. Does this constitute an easing of the
                                                        as houses and savings will be taxed, as will
                                                        proceeds from the sale of investment properties
Despite press coverage, the proposed changes            and their business after they have retired.
are simple and relatively minor.          Previously,
                                                        If they already have a Will and have planned for
individuals received a tax-free band of £300,000
                                                        the reduction in IHT on their estates, their options
each on their estate. A married couple leaving
                                                        are to update their Wills to take account of the
their assets to each other would pay no tax on the
                                                        transferable band, or simply leave them as they
first death, but have only the surviving spouse’s
                                                        are. There will be some small advantage in the
tax-free band on his or her death. The introduction
                                                        former, but the same effect may also be achieved
of a ‘transferable’ band means that both individuals’
                                                        after death by means of a deed of variation.

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                                     Enterpris e i n E duc a t io n

      READY STEADY COOK AT                                                                                         OFFER TO
      HIGHBURY                                                                                                     SPEAK
With the new state-of-the-art £12.5 million              step away from normal day-to-day business and           We are a generous nation, often giving money to
catering facilities and equipment at the Highbury        learn new things about each other and work as           charities, but give of your experience and you
City Portsmouth Centre the staff and students            part of a team.                                         give something of inestimable value.
want to offer a range of tasting, interesting and
                                                         In addition to this Highbury will also be running       With Growing Ambitions you can volunteer 30-
fun things to do for people in Portsmouth. This will
                                                         practical and bite sized demonstrations and             minute slots of your time, to talk about your job to
include celebrity Master Classes where the very
                                                         courses run for local businesses, to train staff who    groups of young people in the schools, colleges
best chefs in the country will show us how it
                                                         want to develop or learn new culinary skills and        and university nearest to your home or workplace.
should be done and local restaurateurs will show
                                                         techniques. Martin Tarbuck, Head of Hospitality         Growing Ambitions suggest you start with four 30-
us what goes on behind the scenes in the most
                                                         and Catering, said: “This is new and very               minute slots over the academic year. It’s good to
successful restaurants in Portsmouth by preparing
                                                         exciting, now that we are in the heart of the city      give something back!
and cooking their most popular dishes, sharing
                                                         we feel that we are better placed to work with
their secret ingredients and techniques. The                                                                     They’ve made it as easy as possible for you to be
                                                         local businesses and what is great is that we can
college want the Master Classes to include                                                                       inspiring! Check out their Speaker’s Guide listing
                                                         tailor a class to meet the needs of any business.”
demonstrations from cooking around the world,                                                                    the key things to cover along with useful tips on
along with good home cooked English cuisine.             If you are looking for something a bit different for    getting your message across. Remember, as you
                                                         your next team building day Highbury have some          offer time slots, keep them free in your diary.
Highbury also want to build on their successful
                                                         great suggestions. You can go to Highbury and           When your slot is booked, you will be sent their
Ready Steady Cook programme which was
                                                         have some fun in their 8 industry state-of-the-art      contact details and a map and more.
specifically designed as a team building exercise
                                                         kitchens and get your employees really working
for   local    businesses.     Gunwharf       Quays                                                              To volunteer, or for more information, please visit
                                                         and cooking together. If you are interested please
Management thought it was excellent and really                                                         
                                                         phone	 023	 9231	             3279	      or    email
enjoyed the day learning new skills, working on a
different project enabled them to be open minded
and have fun, most importantly it enabled them to

Following an approach by The British Council,            “In addition to football kits provided by Portsmouth    learning,” said Pompey Study Centre’s Clare
which was looking for a sport-based education            Football Club, as part of the programme we will         Martin.
programme to improve English language skills in          supply full printing support, enabling posters and
                                                                                                                 Longer term, subsequent Double Club finals may
the Far East, OKI Printing Solutions (OKI) and           all other themed education materials to fully reflect
                                                                                                                 take place in the Far East, as Portsmouth Football
Portsmouth Football Club have joined forces with         the Pompey brand,” said OKI marketing director,
                                                                                                                 Club continues to grow its local presence, in part
Pompey Study Centre to expand its ‘Pompey                Ewa Johnson.
                                                                                                                 through its participation in the Asia Cup.
Double Club’ initiative into Indonesia.
                                                         Introduced in 2005, Pompey Double Club is an
Pompey Double Club Indonesia, which was                  exciting education programme being delivered in
launched on 27 November 2007, is to undergo              secondary schools in the Portsmouth area, using
an initial six month trial for 12-13 year-olds in nine   an innovative ‘Pompey themed’ literacy and
schools in Jakarta and Jogjakarta. Subject to the        numeracy curriculum with the incentive of
success of the pilot programme, Pompey Double            involvement with football. “It is designed to
Club may be rolled out to other countries in the Far     motivate, inspire and encourage under-achieving
East, including Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand            pupils, at the same time building their confidence
and Japan.                                               and self-esteem and increase their desire for

 0                                                                     To advertise in Business News call 03 944 9449
                                              Staff a nd Tra i n i ng

With 66 manufacturing plants spread across 36          development for a good few years now – and I             Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL). Typical
countries, Huhtamaki is one of the largest             love it. I love seeing the way people change when        programmes include National Vocational
packaging companies in the world. Here in the          they’re given the opportunity to develop their skills.   Qualifications (NVQ) in engineering disciplines
UK the company is based in Gosport, Hampshire,         I’ve been taking advantage of Train to Gain since        and business improvement techniques (BIT).
where it has two sites and employs just under 400      the initiative was launched, and I’d recommend it
                                                                                                                The response of the staff at Huhtamaki has been
people – and the vast majority of them have            to anyone looking to develop a happy and
                                                                                                                very positive and the company is already
been, or soon will be, taking part in a major          productive multi-skilled workforce.”
                                                                                                                beginning to see savings in some areas. The next
training and development initiative.
                                                       After visiting Fareham College and being very            stage of Don’s three-year plan will see the initiative
One of the Gosport plants manufactures paper           impressed with the facilities there, Don opted for       being extended to the paper side of the company,
cups, and the other manufactures plastic cups –        Fareham as his provider – and is delighted that he       where staff will have the same development
which is where the training initiative kicked off,     did: “Fareham combines excellent facilities with         opportunities that their colleagues have been
beginning with one-to-one sessions with most of its    brilliant teaching – and because we’ve gone with         enjoying.
185 members of staff. Don Hillman, Head of             a single provider and have a sizeable number of
                                                                                                                To find out more about Train to Gain call now on
Training and Development at Huhtamaki, found           participants, the college has been able to develop
                                                                                                                08457	512288 or email
that bringing in a Train to Gain skills broker         bespoke programmes for us.”
                                                                                                      	or visit
brought a fresh eye to the task in hand.
                                                       At Huhtamaki upskilling the workforce means    
Don Hillman said: “My background is in                 providing everyone with a sound foundation –
engineering but I’ve been working in training and      which takes in Skills for Life and English for

Gary Mullins Action Business Coach opened a new        ActionCOACH Business Coaching, founded in                a focus and the relevant education to help them in
business in Portsmouth to help Portsmouth Business     1993, has a global network of over 1000 business         the running of an enterprise. Sure, they know how to
                            Owners          master     coaches operating in 25 Countries. ActionCOACH           deliver the product or service they set up in business
                            cashflow, build profits,   Business Coach Gary Mullins, based in Havant,            to deliver, but when it comes to marketing, promoting
                            increase      turnover,    enjoys helping Business Owners succeed and               teamwork or financial planning more help is often
                            develop their sales and    prosper by achieving their goals though increased        required. Moreover, many get bogged down in fire-
                            marketing and introduce    accountability, greater clarity and focus and the        fighting or in performing routine tasks leaving them
                            systems and teams          introduction of a “can do” approach to their team        no time to drive the business forward or even to live
                            to ensure growth           and their business.                                      the life they would like to live. They end up working
                            and      sustainability.                                                            too much in the business instead of on it!”
                                                       According to Gary Mullins: “Being in business
                            ActionCOACH Business
                                                       should be fun and allow you to succeed whilst            For   further    information                contact:
Coaches offer a wide range of solutions to business
                                                       maintaining a balance with the other important                  or visit
owners who want to develop and grow their business.
                                                       things in you life”….. “Often business owners need

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                             The Chamb e r : 1 2 5 Ye a r s O n


It gives me great pleasure to be able to introduce     Some of our trophies date back to the 1920’s and      of whom are dedicated to the continued success
our 125th Anniversary supplement celebrating           will be on display at our Anniversary Conference      of this Chamber. We are rebranding this year
our incorporation as Port of Portsmouth Chamber        on the 7 February along with other interesting        and launching 2 exciting new initiatives, Mentor
of Commerce on the 10 February 1883. I even            items such as our gavel which is an original bolt     Magic and Chamber Elite as well as strengthening
have the original Certificate of Incorporation in      of wood from HMS Victory. We also have an             our existing services. What can you do to ensure
my office!                                             original Portsea Traders Coin from 1794.              your Chamber’s future success? Just spread the
When I took on the role of your Chief Executive 3      The Chamber would not have survived without
years ago I must admit it was a little daunting        you our members. It is therefore a matter of pride    Maureen Frost Chief Executive
knowing I had all of that history in my hands. In      that   nearly 50 current members have been
some ways a lot of things have changed just in the     supporting us for over 25 years.
10 years I have been with the Chamber but in
                                                       Business News Magazine (originally called Trade
others, reading back through some of the minutes
                                                       Winds) has been in existence certainly as far back
from as far back as the 1940’s you could be
                                                       as the 1960’s as you will see from the montage of
forgiven for thinking that they were current such as
                                                       covers and we are delighted that Bishops Printers
our aspiration to reach 1000 members.
                                                       have been our partner in this publication for over
It has been fascinating looking back through the       15 years and in acknowledgement of this Business
archives and seeing what the Chamber has been          News will be printed in full colour from this issue
involved in. You will see from the photos that even    onwards.
in recent years we have welcomed such high
                                                       So what of the future? We have a great team
profile guests as Prince Charles, Michael Heseltine
                                                       here at the Chamber both our staff and also our
and John Major to name but a few.
                                                       Board members who give their time voluntarily all

                                                                   To advertise in Business News call 03 944 9449
                             The Chamb e r : 1 2 5 Ye a r s O n

   Me s s a g e f r o m Pe t e r M i l e h a m , Pr e s i d e n t
   of the British Chambers of Commerce
It is a pleasure to congratulate the Portsmouth and South East Hampshire Chamber of Commerce on
the occasion of their 125th anniversary.

The Portsmouth and South East Hampshire Chamber has come a long way in its 125 year history,
growing in both stature and status. The Chamber of Commerce here has undeniably become one of the
finest in the accredited Chamber network and it continues to deliver an excellent variety of services and
events for its membership through a dedicated and hard working staff.

The importance of a local and authoritative body fighting for business interests in every part of the country
cannot be understated. In this regard, it is wonderful to see the Portsmouth and South East Hampshire
region supported by such a hard working and successful Chamber of Commerce.

I wish you every success over the next 125 years!

                                                                                                                The	Port	of	Portsmouth		
                                                                                                                Chamber	of	Commerce

                                                                                                                   25 Landport Terrace
Peter Mileham

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                              The Chamb e r : 1 2 5 Ye a r s O n

  SOME   REFLECTIONS   F RO M                                                                                                                  OUR
                           Yet    another      major     Please be that the Northern Quarter will come to
                           milestone in the history      pass, but how long ago was it that we fought with
                           of this Chamber and an        others to get the removal of the Tricorn and
                           opportunity to reflect on     replace it with a temporary car park?
                           some of the highs and
                                                         And what of the future of the Chambers and the
                           lows during the fourteen
                                                         other business support organisations in the UK?
                           years carrying the baton
                                                         Just recently we saw the impact on the Chancellor
as your Chief Executive until 2005. Already it
                                                         when Chambers, CBI, and others came as one to
seems that when I look back much of that time is                                                                        Michael Hestleti
                                                         lobby on Capital Gains. Is it beyond us to take the                             ne
a very long way off!                                                                                                    Awards - June 19 - The Business
                                                                                                                                          89 Portsmouth
                                                         best of the various public/private law systems
As your Chief Executive the privileges and the           around the world in order to create something for
responsibility which goes with it are probably the       the business community in the UK which could not
richest source of my memories. Who can forget            be ignored? And here in Hampshire and the Isle
that wonderful day in 1994 when the City hosted          of Wight is the present structure of disparate
the Tour De France? And then the ceremony                organisations the best that we can do?
surrounding D-Day 50. When it comes to
                                                         I am sure that Maureen has to cope with many of
something really big the City certainly knows a
                                                         the same frustrations that I felt. The sham of
thing or two. And then the invitations to Goodwood
                                                         ‘consultation’ initiated by the public sector when
amongst many others and proudest of all to a
                                                         the decisions have already been made; things that
Garden Party at Buckingham Palace.
                                                                                                                                                       th City
                                                         people don’t do when they say they would; and                John Major - Opening of Portsmou
Were you at the Guildhall on that memorable day          the over reliance on so called experts often                 Technology Centre - February 199
when your Chamber hosted the then Prime                  combined with the inherent presumption by those
Minister, John Major at a luncheon? My first             in authority that they know best.
experience, I think of live interviews on Radio 4
                                                         But it is the passion we share for these matters
and Sky TV, and the most senior of Ministers that I
                                                         which drives us to make things better despite the
met throughout my tenure.
                                                         risk that in my case some may suggest I am
Then there was the challenge of disposing of             becoming yet another of those grumpy old men!
premises at Guildhall Walk which had been sold
                                                         So I will conclude with the one thing that made my
and leased-back just before I started in 1991.
                                                         job such a joy, the hundreds of wonderful people
Thanks to the determined support of others in both
                                                         that I had the privilege to work with. Members
the public and private sectors the outcome was a
                                                         who faithfully supported me especially in the tough
move to Baltic House and the creation of the
                                                         times, members who are the very life-blood of this            Prince Charles - Opening the Regional
Regional Business Centre, the first one-stop for
                                                         Chamber. The many staff that throughout the years             Business Centre, Portsmouth in 1991
business support in our area. A subsequent move
                                                         have worked so hard on your behalf to give the
up to our present location at Broadmarsh was
                                                         levels of service that you expect, and those from
equally challenging. Sadly, many of the original
                                                         all walks of life that I came to know so well. I wish
partners with responsibility of business support in
                                                         you all the very best for the future and look
our area are no longer physically present in the
                                                         forward to the next milestone
building, in my view to the detriment of the
business community.                                      Bob Gumbrill

The frustrations that despite the many good things       Chief Executive 1991-2005
that have happened there remain many that seem
little further forward. Just this week I notice boards
going up at the Mountbatten Centre to signal the
start of work there, but I read too that we are soon                                                      Sally Taylo
                                                                                                         Business Ex BBC South - Openin
                                                                                                                     hi                      g
to see the latest proposals for Tipner. How many                                                         Tony Thorp bition, Portsmouth in 1 the Business to
                                                                                                                    e & Presiden            996 with Pr
                                                                                                                                t Elect Mic            es
times have we been involved in that I wonder?                                                                                              hael Datton ident

 4                                                                     To advertise in Business News call 03 944 9449
                             The Chamb e r : 1 2 5 Ye a r s O n

  B I S H O P S C E L E B R AT E
  1 5 Y E A R C H A M B E R PA R T N E R S H I P
                                                        “Bishops have always seen our Chamber                    “Where else would you go to find such impartial
                                                        association as something of which to be proud.           but passionate advice and support for local
                                                        Working to produce the influential and informative       business?”
                                                        monthly magazine read by so many local business
                                                                                                                 So, a true partnership, based on a supplier
                                                        people has been a contract so rewarding to see
                                                                                                                 valuing their client, not becoming complacent and
                                                        produced each month.”
                                                                                                                 habitually looking for innovation – and a client
                                                        “We are delighted to have been chosen again to           who offers loyalty and services valuable to
                                                        continue working with the Chamber – as we hope           business – whatever their size or stage of
                                                        this reflects our continued commitment to local          development.
                                                        business and also our ability to look after clients
                                                        consistently – year in and year out.”

                                                        Certainly, we can look back and see that the
                                                        Chamber magazine has developed from a
                                                        relatively   simple   single   colour   publication,
                                                        dominated by text, to a full colour magazine
Over recent months Bishops Printers have been
                                                        which offers a topical business read and a great
working to refresh the Chamber monthly
                                                        advertising channel for local firms. The Chamber
magazine into the revitalised product we hope
                                                        need their supplier to understand that they are part
you are enjoying reading today! However, this
                                                        of the team which work hard to bring this
recent partnership is only the latest chapter in a
                                                        publication together and take pride accordingly.
long association
                                                        Of course, Bishops might be a supplier, but they
The Chamber first appointed Bishops to be the
                                                        are also a business who recognise the work of the
producer of our monthly magazine just over fifteen
                                                        Chamber and seek to be involved at different
years ago – at a time when Bishops were little                                                                   Managing Director,
                                                        levels in what the organisation offers.        Gareth
more than a fledgling operation.       Bishops had                                                               Gareth Roberts
                                                        talked about aspects of Bishops activities which
recently moved from their copy shop origins to
                                                        the Chamber have supported:
factory premises in the heart of Portsmouth.
Raising their profile and working closely with the      “Over the years, we have attended seminars,
local business community was as much a priority         utilised training courses, been to networking
then as it is now for the company – and close           events and taken advantage of the discounts
involvement with the Chamber served just that           Chamber      purchasing    can    facilitate   –   all
purpose.                                                supplementary factors in our growth which we
                                                        could not have sourced easily without the
The Chamber magazine has developed over the
years since that initial appointment, aided by the
advance of technology in printing and publishing
generally, but also reflective of Bishops own
development in the same period. The company
has grown steadily in our time working with them,
raising turnover from a little over one million to in
excess of ten million – all the while based on the
every day general commercial print work from
local business.

Managing Director, Gareth Roberts, reflected on
this period and the satisfaction which the company
have taken from their association with the

           To advertise in Business News call 03 944 9449                                                                                                    
                                       A rosy
           Getting your message across to customers quickly and effectively is
           now more important than ever. It’s rightly been said that running a
           business without promotion is like waving in the dark: you know what
           you’re doing, but nobody else does. Good design will help you stay in
           the spotlight.

           Here at Farrow Creative, we offer           Above all, making sure you get the
           top-drawer creative talent at honest        maximum return from every last penny.
           prices. A friendly team of experienced      And these are things best left to the
           professionals, we can handle everything     professionals. Because you’ll be talking
           from design and copywriting to              directly to our qualified creative team,
           photography and website construction        you’ll get a very honest assessment of
           – in fact, everything you need to           what’s possible, how long it’ll take, and
           transform your printed materials and        what it’ll cost – and because you’ve
           online communications.                      discussed exactly what you’re trying to
                                                       achieve, you’re more likely to get work
           Now is the time to be out-thinking your     that’s truly effective, as well as within
           competitors. Coming up with ideas           budget. It also allows things to get done
           with real cut-through, campaigns that       a lot faster, allowing you to respond
           customers see, remember and act on.         quickly to changing conditions and
                                                       flourishing opportunities.
     “Good promotional material isn’t a
     luxury – it’s an essential survival tool” Call or email us so that you’re ready
     insists Sam Farrow, Director of Farrow Creative   for rosier times.

           Using medium and message to achieve         t: 01730 710033
           the greatest possible reach and impact.     e:

                                                              Sam Farrow, Creative Director.
                                                              Pictured with Senior Designer, Hannah Read.

Web design, build and hosting for a top-end Mayfair florist
                                                              All her own work
                                                              Meet Sam Farrow, the name and inspiration
                                                              behind a true regional success story.

                                                              For Sam, who holds a Masters degree in
                                                              Graphic Communication, the decision to
                                                              start her own business came after more
                                                              than 15 years’ experience as a designer.

        Corporate identity for a luxury Chauffeur company     “Having worked for, among others,
                                                              Meridian Television, Surrey County Council
                                                              and Kingston University, it was time to go
                                                              it alone,” she says.

                                                              Farrow Creative operates from its studio
                                                              in central Petersfield and only employs
                                                              professionally qualified, talented designers
                                                              and creatives. “We’ve grown very quickly,
                                                              but never allowed that to distract us
                                                              from our basic philosophy of doing great
                                                              creative work at honest, realistic prices,”
                                                              says Director, Sam Farrow.

                                                              “Who the client is or what budget they
                                                              have doesn’t alter the quality of what we
        Advertising campaign for a pet insurance company
                                                              do: we believe passionately in working up
                                                              to a standard, not down to a price.”

                                                              Ro y a l Ma i l


Making that first connection can be tough. You’ve only got the briefest
moment to grab their attention and win them over. A thoughtless word could
see them walking away before you have the chance to show them what you
have to offer. You’re competing with other eligible businesses in the same
industry, so how exactly do you make a good first impression and woo new

Tip…	Customers	want	personally-tailored,	tangible	
communications	that	they’ll	remember.
Well, there’s no doubt that the modern customer is savvy. We all like to think
we know exactly what we want and have the know-how and resources to
find the best deal around – and if customers don’t get what they need then
they waste no time in voting with their wallets and deserting one company for
another. Businesses endeavour to make sure that this doesn’t happen, but in
a competitive world it’s no easy feat. Don’t despair though – there are a few
ways to stay ahead of the game without needing a sizeable budget.

First up is networking. Rather than viewing a networking event as just another     Tip…	 Don’t	 just	 give	 things	 away	 for	 free	 –	 get	
free lunch, make sure you go armed with a plan and don’t waste your time           contact	details	so	you	can	get	back	in	touch.
talking briefly to every single person in the room. You might come across as
the most popular, but you don’t usually get any prizes for that. Check the guest   Above all, don’t forget to make a little time for some fun. Throwing a launch
list before arriving and once there, make a bee-line for the person representing   party where you invite others to tour your operation and learn more about you
the best potential. Cultivating relationships in this way is guaranteed to         while getting free food and drinks is always a winner. Whichever path you
generate more leads.                                                               choose in your pursuit of new clients and customers, it’s imperative you keep
                                                                                   an eye on the purse strings and track the efficiency of your methods.
                                                                                   Successful businesses always measure their return on investment and work out
Secondly, think about the one thing you really want when you invest in any         simple cost of sale ratios.
product or service – some kind of guarantee that what you’re paying for is
worth it. No one wants to risk wasting hard-earned money. You’d be surprised
at how powerful building consumer faith is for your client base. After all, it’s   So, to make sure you’re not wasting everyone’s time, there are some golden
not just about getting people onboard, it’s also about keeping them there.         rules to keep in mind while pursuing marketing activities. Always make sure
                                                                                   you’ve defined your target market (who you want to talk to) and that you
                                                                                   completely understand their needs. Address these needs and deliver exactly
Tip…	 Your	 messages	 should	 be	 creative	 and	                                   what people want. Finally, always keep an eye on the competition. It pays
interesting	–	and	they	have	to	be	relevant.                                        to know what they’re up to so you can always make sure you’re one step
                                                                                   ahead. You know what they say about keeping the enemy close.
Newsletters – don’t groan – are another great tool in attracting new clients.
Yes, they’re a hassle to put together and you’ve probably been meaning to
get round to writing one for a while, but never underestimate their impact.        This article is an extract from “get, keep, grow, win back” a booklet available
Make sure to tell potential clients something they don’t already know, such as     from Royal Mail. For your free copy and to discuss our marketing and delivery
industry insights or tips and provide people with valuable articles rather than    services suitable for your business then contact New Business Manager
a blatant sales pitch.                                                             Sarah Oakes	tel:	07753	833330	or

You may not like the sound of this one but try giving your goods/services
away for free. Seriously, everyone likes something for nothing and free trials
or samples are a great way to get people interested in whatever you’re
selling. Free seminars are always popular too.

                                                                    To advertise in Business News call 03 944 9449
       TeamSport Indoo r Ka r t i ng / B re my U K

  10%                     DISCOUNT                                       WITH                        TEAMSPORT
TeamSport Indoor Karting will be offering all        packed experience, in a safe comfortable               catering for your event, with a wide range of
members of the Portsmouth and South East             environment.                                           options available.”
Hampshire Chamber of Commerce & Industry a
                                                     Indoor karting is one of the fastest growing sports    “Regardless of your motivation behind organising
10%	 DISCOUNT on any booking made with
                                                     in the country. The sport combines accelerating,       an event with us, we guarantee you will have a
TeamSport. Plus if you book a corporate event
                                                     braking, racing, sliding, skidding, cornering and      great fun experience to remember. For most
before the end of February 2008 they will give
                                                     maybe even winning. All the thrills of motor sport     people that’s reason enough to book in itself.”
you 2 extra places FREE	of	charge.
                                                     in a fun and safe environment.
                                                                                                            If you would like any further information on this
TeamSport Karting is the UK’s biggest Go Karting
                                                     Whether you want to thank your staff, develop          offer please contact one of our Events
Company, with tracks across the South of England
                                                     your team or perhaps use the event to cultivate that   Co-ordinators NOW on 0870	 6000	 601 or
and Wales. They now run 6 tracks in Gosport,
                                                     important relationship with your clients; TeamSport    visit to find
Eastleigh, Andover, Camberley, Crawley and
                                                     has the event to suit you.                             out more.
Cardiff for people of all ages and ability.
                                                     Head of Sales & Operations, Dominic Gaynor
The company has been established for over 15
                                                     said: “If you haven’t been karting before no matter
years, and with unrivalled experience and
                                                     what the size of your party or budget we can
expertise gained in the field of indoor go-karting
                                                     design a special party package to suit your
they can offer you an exhilarating and adrenalin
                                                     requirements. Furthermore we can also arrange

                                                     East Meon. National League One Rugby Football          Squash, Swimming, Golf, Athletics, Badminton,
                                                     club, London Welsh, are among the first in the UK      Basketball, Triathlon, Sailing, Cycling, Bowls,
                                                     to use the system. “Remote Coach dramatically          Equestrian, Netball, Rowing and Para-Olympics.
                                                     increases the contact time between a coach and
                                                                                                            London Welsh RFC chief executive Peter Thomas
                                                     their players by separating match or game
                                                                                                            said: “Remote coach allows us to greatly extend
                                                     footage in to sections for analysis, annotation and
                                                                                                            contact time with the players. As a part time club
                                                     instruction. Once this information has been
                                                                                                            in a highly competitive league contact time is at a
                                                     uploaded, team members receive an individual
                                                     email with a link to the footage relevant to them,”
                                                     said Colin.                                            “This product is a highly innovative but simple to
                                                                                                            manage solution to the problem of increasing
                                                     “On accessing the link, team members are able to
                                                                                                            contact time with a diverse group of players.”
                                                     view the notes and instructions about their
                                                     performance from their coach alongside the             Remote Coach can be set up in approximately 1
                                                     footage, meaning the de-briefing session is            week, and help with all aspects of sports coaching
It’s been a bad couple of months for sport, with
                                                     complete by the next time the coach and team           and management. “You don’t need to be an IT
the rugby, the Grand Prix, and don’t even
                                                     meet, leaving more time to put this advice into        expert, you don’t need to install physical hardware
mention the football, but Bremy UK are urging
                                                     practice immediately.”                                 or maintain software. All you need is a PC or
sports fans and players not to get downhearted
                                                                                                            Macintosh and a passion to excel in your sport,”
with the UK launch of their new sports training      Colin is very excited about Remote Coach and
                                                                                                            said Colin.
product Remote Coach.                                what it can do for local sports academies, teams
                                                     and schools in the area. “There is nothing of its      If you are interested in seeing how Remote Coach
The system is an online analysis, coaching and
                                                     kind out there,” he said. “The system has been         can dramatically improve your team’s or
database tool which is used by the New Zealand
                                                     used for many years in New Zealand with                individual performance, call Colin on
Academy of Sport to recruit the most talented and
                                                     astounding results, and I am delighted to be able      0207	 5852553 or 07910	 505464, or
promising members for the New Zealand Rugby
                                                     to offer it here in the UK.”                           email
team, who are undoubtedly one of the best rugby
teams in the world.                                  Remote Coach is also used to train athletes in the
                                                     following sports by the New Zealand Academy of
Remote Coach was launched in the UK this year
                                                     Sport: Cricket, Hockey, Shooting, Softball, Soccer,
by Bremy Director Colin Sarling, who is based in

         To advertise in Business News call 03 944 9449                                                                                                   9
                                                      Mem b e r Ne w s

  LOCAL                                                  LO C A L S O L I C I TO R TA K E S
  FOOD IS                                                S T E P S TO P R E S T I G I O U S
  MAKING                                                 QUA L I F I C AT I O N
  WAVES                                               Solicitor Ben Holden of Havant-based Dyer               in 2008. It’s been a lot of hard work, along side
Commercial radio station Wave 105 recently            Burdett & Co. is well on his way to becoming an         my career, but I know it will be worth it in the end
joined up with county food group Hampshire            accredited member of the Society of Trust and           and look forward to the variety of work it will
Fare as a Corporate Partner to give backing to        Estate Practitioners (STEP), after passing recent       involve.”
their message of buying locally produced food in      exams with flying colours.
                                                                                                              Alan Collins, Director of Dyer Burdett, said: “We
support of Hampshire’s farmers.
                                                      Ben, 26, who lives in Southsea, recently took           are delighted that Ben has achieved the results he
Wave 105 serves the Solent region, including
                                                      exams in Administration of Trusts and Administration    deserves, it’s just desserts for the time, effort and
Portsmouth, Southampton, Bournemouth, Poole,
                                                      of Estates and scored excellent marks to send him       dedication he has put into his studies. Along with
Winchester, Chichester, Bognor Regis and the Isle
                                                      on his way to full accreditation. He will sit exams     his colleagues, in our Wills and probate
of Wight. The radio station combines music with
                                                      in accounting and taxation later in the year.           department, he has the skills and education
great on-air personalities and focuses on news,
                                                                                                              needed to provide clients the expert advice and
travel, lifestyle and entertainment information.      Ben said: “The qualification will allow me to
Managing Director Martin Ball said: “We are                                                                   help that they need, which can often be at a
                                                      advise clients on Wills, trusts, taxation and
really excited about our partnership with Hampshire                                                           difficult time”.
                                                      planning for the future. It’s a complex and sensitive
Fare. It is a great way for us to support rural
                                                      area and I look forward to helping both current
businesses by encouraging our listeners to buy
                                                      and future clients.”
locally grown, reared and produced food and
drink, and Wave 105 is very proud to be               The golf and tennis enthusiast added: “I’m
associated with this.”                                delighted with my recent pass rate and hope this
                                                      will continue with the other exams I am due to take
As part of this partnership agreement, Wave 105
has launched a Hampshire Fare webpage on featuring local food
news, ‘foodie’ competitions and a seasonal
recipe each month.                                      NCP CLEANS UP WITH CarSPA
                                                      The owner of full service motor chain, Mr Clutch        cleaning experience, but the service is available
                                                      Autocentres, has signed an exclusive contract           in one of the UK’s most recognisable brands.”
                                                      with NCP to operate 150 CarSPA franchise
                                                                                                              Graham Erskine, NCP Operations Director said:
                                                      clinics in its busiest sites.
                                                                                                              “We are continually looking to raise the standards
                                                      Aimed at busy prestige vehicle owners, CarSPA           of our customer service offering and this agreement
                                                      offers a wide range of interior and exterior            is a logical and welcome progression to achieving
                                                      cleaning options using the best and most modern         our aims.”
                                                      cleaning equipment. Autoglym products will be
                                                      used at every site.

                                                      NCP car parks have been chosen based on their
                                                      popularity so the operators of each franchise will
                                                      have an immediate and constant revenue stream
                                                      and the value added service will attract new and
                                                      existing customers to both businesses.

                                                      Joseph Yussuf, chief executive of CI Holdings,
                                                      owner of Mr Clutch, said: “The deal with NCP is
                                                      a significant milestone in the development of
                                                      CarSPA. Not only have we created a luxurious car

 0                                                                   To advertise in Business News call 03 944 9449
                                     Champne y s / S a f e t y p ro

  BUSINESS IN 2008 –
Statistically speaking it’s around this time that      swimming, and tennis, and a plethora of treatments
many personal and professional New Year’s              from ‘Bed of Roses’ to ‘Men’s Grooming’. Golf
resolutions are beginning to wane. Gloomy              can be arranged at the adjacent Liphook Golf
weather, Christmas long-gone, and general              Club.
sluggishness can cause even the most determined
                                                       The Champneys name has long been synonymous
of decision-makers to feel deflated. That’s where
                                                       with luxurious retreats, often graced by celebrities,
Champneys Forest Mere Health Resort hopes to
                                                       and it now wishes to promote its accessibility to
step in to energise the executive, and is offering
                                                       local companies and business people. Corporate
a choice of customised packages to rejuvenate
                                                       Sales Manager Julie Blackwell feels that
you and your business. As part of its new ‘Fitter
                                                       Champneys Forest Mere offers a viable alternative
for Business’ philosophy embracing the attitude                                                                Another preconception is that the food is going to
                                                       venue for conferences, structured seminars, training
that time out is necessary to work at optimum                                                                  consist of a lettuce leaf and carrot juice. Gary
                                                       and offsite meetings. With 87 guest rooms,
efficiency, the acclaimed health resort which                                                                  Foster, the chef at Champneys Forest Mere,
                                                       overnight packages are also available. “We are
nestles in 110 acres of scenic woodland near                                                                   worked for a number of years with celebrity chef
                                                       not moving away from our core business of leisure
Liphook, on the Hampshire/West Sussex border,                                                                  Gary Rhodes and his menus consist of delicious
                                                       and wellbeing, but adding to it through our
is actively encouraging companies to mix business                                                              and healthy food – served with wine.
                                                       business clientele,” she said.
with pleasure.
                                                                                                               Julie believes that what is on offer to companies
                                                       In recent months Champneys Forest Mere has
Visitors are often pleasantly surprised to discover                                                            can strike just the right balance between relaxation
                                                       played host to representatives from a diverse
an air-conditioned conference suite designed for                                                               and motivation for people throughout the year.
                                                       range of occupations including IT, insurance,
up to 80 delegates, as well as a boardroom. Wi-
                                                       education and the medical world. The common             You can start by looking at corporate membership
fi is available in the reception area and lounges.
                                                       denominator is the white towelling bathrobe which       for the fitness facilities provided; benefits include
The provision of principal equipment such as a flip
                                                       is de rigueur for guests. “As an aid to relaxation      complimentary exercise classes, indoor/outdoor
chart, overhead projector and screen has been
                                                       you are encouraged to untie your tie; unwind your       pools, sauna and steam rooms, tennis and
incorporated into the delegate rate, and additional
                                                       mind and leave your suits at home – and the             gymnasium
requirements can be organised for a supplement.
                                                       bathrobes, which can be considered our ‘USP’,
Experts have also formulated an inspiring range of                                                             For more information on Champneys Forest Mere
                                                       can be a great leveller among delegates!” joked
corporate day packages, employee-reward                                                                        corporate packages visit
                                                       Julie, who added that people do dress up for
programmes and executive retreats, which offer a                                                      or telephone
comprehensive range of activities including walks,                                                             01428	726034

                           The number of small to      This is particularly emphasised with new                “Each business has different needs and therefore
                           medium size businesses      Government legislation being brought in early next      requires a bespoke service,” said John. “Many
                           in     Hampshire       is   year which will make it easier to sue employers for     Directors are daunted by the red tape and
                           increasing year on year,    neglecting health and safety.                           attention to detail that proper health and safety
                           with more and more                                                                  arrangements require, but by bringing in my
                                                       “Many Directors of small companies do not realise
                           entrepreneurs deciding                                                              services and expertise this can normally be easily
                                                       that it does not have to be difficult or time
                           to go it alone and be                                                               overcome and ultimately leaves busy people, with
                                                       consuming to put these arrangements in place,” he
                           their own boss. This is                                                             a lot on their plate, with peace of mind.”
                           good for the economy
and the county for lots of reasons, but can create                                                             John warns of downloading health and safety
                                                       John, who has a background in aircraft engineering,
difficulties in terms of the provision of effective                                                            policies as they are usually irrelevant to the
                                                       has been a health and safety professional for
health and safety. Many SMEs struggle to ensure                                                                specific business. “There are two main elements to
                                                       more than 15 years and established Safetypro,
the correct arrangements are in place for their                                                                any health and safety management system,” he
                                                       based in Bordon, in August and can assist SMEs
business, commonly because there simply isn’t                                                                  said. “One – make it simple, and two, measure it
                                                       with the provision of policies and procedures, risk
enough manpower or funds to support what is an                                                                 regularly to keep it up to date.”
                                                       assessments, audits and inspections, fire risk
important element of any business.                     assessment, display screen safety, food safety and      John is offering a free Safetypro initial consultation
                                                       hygiene, induction and safety training.                 to all businesses along the South Coast where
“It is understandable that many SMEs have other
priorities above putting health and safety                                                                     SMEs can find out how easy it is to put in place
                                                       Safetypro can provide a comprehensive Competent
arrangements in place, such as increasing client                                                               sensible arrangements for health and safety.
                                                       Person service for companies who do not have the
lists and completing chargeable work, after all we     resources for a fulltime health and safety officer or   For more information please contact John on
all have to make money,” said Safetypro Director       similar. All of the services can be employed for a       01420	489267 or email
John Bradstreet, “but reasonable precautions and       one-off visit or regular visits, weekly, monthly,,	or visit
due diligence must not be overlooked.”                 quarterly or annually, as required.           

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                                The Bu s i ne s s C l u b

                                          50% off your Chamber
                                          membership fees?
                                          with private medical insurance from
                                          AXA PPP healthcare

     AXA PPP healthcare has teamed up with Portsmouth and South East Hampshire
     Chamber of Commerce & Industry to bring you affordable private medical insurance
     with unique benefits. The Chamber Business Choice Healthcare package could help to:
     ■ Reduce sickness absence ■ Retain your best people ■ Recruit the right candidate

        Chamber members get access to a flexible and
        innovative healthcare package which includes:
        ■   50% discount on your Chambers renewal fees for three years.*
        ■   Telephone employee assistance programme (exclusive to Chambers members).
        ■   No claims discounts.
        ■   Comprehensive benefits to suit your budget.

        Call us now to speak to an expert adviser and get an instant quotation

        0800 38 77 54                                                                      quoting reference POR
        For details of our Chamber Business Choice Healthcare package visit:
     Lines open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. Calls may be recorded. Please note that offer is only available to
     Chamber members. If you cancel your Chamber membership this subscription will be cancelled.
     *This offer is only available to new direct customers.

                                Portsmouth and South East Hampshire Chamber of Commerce & Industry of
                               The Regional Business Centre, Harts Farm Way, Havant, Hampshire, PO9 1HR
                                  is an introducer appointed representative of AXA PPP healthcare Limited,
                                    which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

                             AXA PPP healthcare, Phillips House, Crescent Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN1 2PL
                               AXA PPP healthcare is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.
                                                       To advertise in Business News call 03 944 9449
                              In order to maintain a quality service, telephone calls may be monitored or recorded.
                                                        Prop e r t y Ne w s

  NEW LIFE                                                BUILDING INDUSTRY
  BREATHED                                                URGED TO SUPPORT
  INTO POST                                               SCHOOL LANDSCAPING
  OFFICES                                                 AWARD SCHEME
Against the current headlines of Post Office                                                                                funding £50,000 to the scheme
closures, Portsmouth based Axis Architecture is                                                                             and the organisers are now on the
working with developer Primeco Limited to offer                                                                             hunt for additional funding to
a whole new life to regional town and city centre                                                                           ensure the first project gets off to a
post office services. Locally a Post Office                                                                                 successful start. Other supporters
regeneration project in Gosport is fast                                                                                     include MP, Margaret Hodge,
approaching first phase completion, with a                                                                                  Wayne Hemingway, designer and
similar project in the Isle of Wight, having                                                                                chair of The South Coast Design
recently gained the long awaited planning                                                                                   Forum and the Architecture Centre
approval.                                                                                                                   Network. Architecture centres
                                                                                                                            across the country are joining
Axis Architecture is working on small urban                                                                                 Solent Centre for Architecture and
regeneration projects that restructure existing Post                                                                        Design and Kent Architecture
Office buildings to provide both retail outlets, and                                                                        Centre to work together to make
accommodation. Such developments may hold                                                                                   the scheme a truly national
the vital key in towns across the country, providing                                                                        success.
employment and well thought out affordable              Developers, contractors and architects are among
accommodation.                                                                                               The winning schools from nine regions will each
                                                        those being invited to play a key role in a
                                                                                                             be awarded £100,000 to be spent on realising
The schemes such as the current project in Gosport      pioneering new award scheme dedicated to
                                                                                                             their designs. However it’s not just the winners
retain in most cases the original facade of the         helping schools improve their outdoor learning
                                                                                                             who benefit – all those taking part will be
existing Post Office building whilst providing          environments. The Solent Centre for Architecture
                                                                                                             equipped with the skills and ideas to place them
modern ground floor retail space and the flexibility    and Design, Kent Architecture Centre, Learning
                                                                                                             in a stronger position to promote and secure
for affordable accommodation in the upper floors.       through Landscapes and the Hampshire County
                                                                                                             resources for positive changes.
The residential block is arranged to maximise           Council Schools Landscape Programme are
accommodation, allowing the ground floor to be          launching Grounds for Optimism – a competition       For further information on sponsorship opportunities
used as resident parking, cycle parking and             open to secondary schools across the country         with Grounds for Optimism please contact
communal bin store.                                     with the winning designs set to become reality.      Mark Drury at The Solent Centre for Architecture
                                                                                                             and Design on 023	 8028	 3053 or
“It’s essential to breathe new life into Post Offices   Already the South East England Development
if they are to survive in a culture of online           Agency (SEEDA) has pledged its support by
facilities,” said Rob Winzar, Director at Axis
Architecture. “Developments such as these are
also essential in the regeneration of city centres,
creating homes and employment.

“Our multi talented team is looking forward to
working with developers and local authorities on
                                                          LARCHWOOD BUSINESS
future projects that will embrace the best of our
cities and towns – viable housing and employment
                                                          CENTRE, HAVANT
opportunities to meet community needs and
economic requirements.”                                 Gleeson Properties Ltd, the successful property      Four units are now occupied by the Window
                                                        investment and development company is pleased        Makers Ltd, Larchwood Tyre & Exhausts Ltd,
                                                        to announce a series of disposals at its prominent   Chasmood Ltd and Town & Country Covers Ltd.
                                                        industrial development Larchwood Business            The three remaining units are approximately
                                                        Centre in Havant, Hampshire. It is well located in   3,000 sq.ft each, with the potential to add more
                                                        the centre of the town, adjacent to the ASDA         space at mezzanine level.
                                                        Superstore and B&Q, is highly visible from
                                                                                                             Joint agents Holloway Iliffe & Mitchell and Vail
                                                        Purbrook Way and has good access to the
                                                                                                             Williams both report a good level of interest in
                                                                                                             these units which are now available at the recently
                                                        Larchwood Business Centre was developed by           revised price of £115 per sq.ft freehold, or
                                                        Gleeson in association with Highglade Properties     £8.75 per sq.ft per annum on a lease.
                                                        to provide 7 quality self contained industrial
                                                        buildings with on-site car parking.

         To advertise in Business News call 03 944 9449                                                                                                      3
                                              Interna t io na l Tra de
sponsored by

  Business News would like to welcome Lloyds TSB as sponsors of the International Trade pages. For further information on
  how Lloyds TSB’s financial services can help your business visit

  GATEWAY TO THE GULF                                                                                                    BUSINESS
  CONFERENCE                                                                                                             ADVICE ON
20	 March	 –	 The	 Royal	 College	 of	
Physicians,	London
                                                                                                                         YOUR IPOD
Bahrain is the fastest growing economy in the            ever and continues to flourish. This does not mean            HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) recently
Arab world according to a recent United Nations          that I, or this Embassy, will be complacent. There            launched the latest in its series of award-winning
report, and was cited in the 2006 Index of               are always new opportunities to strengthen further            podcasts for agents and businesses. The first has
Economic Freedom as the freest economy in the            any relationship, and we will be looking out for
                                                                                                                       been created for people who are setting up their
Middle East. Bahrain’s strategic location, coupled       them. I particularly want to see an increase in the
with other competitive advantages such as its            flow of trade and investment in both directions.”             own business or becoming self-employed for the
robust and transparent financial sector, its status as                                                                 first time. Packed full of useful information, the
                                                         Acknowledging Bahrain’s status as a recognised
regional leader in digital telecommunications, and                                                                     podcast gives a step-by-step guide to the listener,
                                                         leader in Islamic banking and finance, the
its skilled and resourceful workforce, are sustaining                                                                  helping them to get things right from the
                                                         afternoon of this important event will focus on the
the Kingdom’s position as the business gateway to
                                                         potential the rapidly growing Islamic finance                 beginning.
the Gulf. The government of Bahrain actively
                                                         sector holds for both Bahrain and the United
encourages foreign investment, acknowledging                                                                           In the second podcast, Dave Hartnett, HMRC’s
                                                         Kingdom. The conference will also include a
the role foreign companies and bi-lateral trade                                                                        Acting Chairman, answers a series of questions
                                                         workshop designed to inform companies about
can play in its continuing diversification, job
                                                         the potential for accessing funding through Islamic           raised by tax agents at one of HMRC’s on-line
creation and sustainable economic growth.
                                                         finance.                                                      service workshops. He talks about the benefits of
The aim of this prestigious one-day conference,                                                                        filing on-line and how HMRC is engaging with
                                                         For more information on how to sponsor this
which will bring together senior representatives
                                                         conference or to register as an attending                     agents.
from government, business and industry, is to build
                                                         delegate, please contact Kathryn Mills on
on the long friendship between the UK and                                                                              The podcasts can be downloaded from HMRC’s
                                                         0161	       838	          2553             or        visit
Bahrain and provide an up-to-date perspective of
                                                         w w w. t e n a l p s e v e n t s i n t e r n a t i o n a l	   podcast      page      on     its    website     at
current and potential bi-lateral trade and investment
opportunities across a range of sectors.

Jamie Bowden, British Ambassador to Bahrain
said: “Our relationship is as strong and warm as

After concerns were pressed by the European              Commission officials in Astana worked closely                 the EU’s largest trade partner in the Central Asian
Commission and Trade Commissioner Peter                  with the Parliament of Kazakhstan’s Customs                   region with bilateral trade totalling 18.9 billion
Mandelson, Kazakhstan has recently repealed a            Committee as it produced new legislation. An                  last year. The EU has a trade deficit of 8.9 billion
customs law introduced in August which imposed           amended version of the customs law reverting to               with Kazakhstan and increased opportunities for
unreasonable obligations on EU companies                 the situation existing before August 2007 was                 EU exporters in Kazakhstan are an EU priority in
exporting into the country.                              presented to the Kazakh Parliament at the end of              the region.
                                                         September. The amendments to Kazakhstan’s
European Commission services were alerted
                                                         customs code were signed on 27 November
during summer 2007 that Kazakhstan’s new
                                                         2007 by the President of Republic of Kazakhstan
requirement that importers produce original export
                                                         and have entered into force.
declarations was acting as a significant barrier to
trade for European companies. Such practice is           They will make it easier for EU exporters to access
incompatible with international commercial               Kazakhstan’s market, where EU companies
standards and modern customs practice. The               exported € 5 billion worth of goods in 2006. The
Commission pressed the customs authorities of            authorities of Kazakhstan have committed
Kazakhstan to suspend this new regulation until a        themselves to review their customs code to bring it
workable solution could be found.                        into line with international practice. Kazakhstan is

 4                                                                      To advertise in Business News call 03 944 9449
                                             Interna t io na l Tra de
                                                                                                            sponsored by

4	March	–	09:30	Farnham	Castle,	Surrey	               *   If necessary are we prepared to redesign            Thus the decision to export should be subject to
Cost	£25	+	VAT                                            or adapt products to suit the needs of              careful research, not taken lightly and treated as a
                                                          individual markets?                                 major long-term decision of critical importance to
Exporting can be highly profitable, and can
                                                      *   Do we have adequate production capacity?            the survival of the business. New skills will have to
strengthen the basis of your business particularly
                                                      *   Are we prepared to promote our products in          be learned but the good news is that there is a
when home market potential has been fully
                                                          overseas markets?                                   host of help available from many sources, both
exploited. Although it is often considered to be
                                                      *   Can we produce foreign language literature          private and public sector. This seminar addresses
the exclusive domain of the specialist or big
                                                          and quote prices in a foreign currency, where       the “Fundamentals of Exporting” and offers a great
business it can be equally rewarding for the
                                                          appropriate?                                        opportunity to hear from and meet a wide variety
smaller companies prepared to grasp the
                                                      *   Do we understand the terminology of                 of experts representing many of the disciplines
                                                          international trade and are we capable of           involved in the transacting of international trade.
There can be many good reasons for wanting to             producing the necessary documentation?
                                                                                                              For further details or to reserve a place
export, but also many questions which should be
                                                                                                              contact       Max         Breeze         at      the
asked and resolved before taking the plunge. The
                                                      Inevitably developing and growing export business       Chamber        Tel    023	       9244	        9449
following are a few examples of questions a firm
                                                      will stretch a business’ financial commitments, and     e-mail
should consider before committing itself to
                                                      potentially place a severe strain on financial and
                                                      marketing expertise. Additionally there can be few
*   Do we intend to take exporting seriously          exporters who do not regard their overseas
    and spend time, energy and money to make          operations as more demanding and riskier than
    a success of it?                                  trading in the home market.
*   Are we prepared to research fully one market
    at a time and penetrate it to some depth
    before spreading our efforts to other markets?

5	 March	 –	 Introduction	 to	 Export	                2	April	–	Incoterms	2000
Operations                                                                                                    For further details on these and other courses the
                                                      How can you be sure what your exposure will be
Accredited by The Institute of Export, this course    when negotiating to sell or buy goods from              Chamber holds visit
offers an introduction to the Terminology,            overseas? Incoterms 2000 can help you to define         or contact David Allison Tel 023	 9244	 9449
Procedures and Documentation used in the              and limit the freight and duty exposure, and to         e-mail
exporting process. Gain an overview of the            prevent expensive disagreement with your customer
exporting process from first enquiry to order         or supplier. This course will look at Incoterms
completion and highlight the possible pitfalls that   2000 from a practical viewpoint.
can await the unwary.

                                                      On	demand	–	Introduction	to	Electronic	
2	April	–	Export	Controls                             Certificates	of	Origin

We have all heard of Matrix Churchill and             We invite you to learn how to use ae-Cert, the
Sandline. But are you aware of the extent of          Online Export Service, enabling UK exporters to
Export Controls? How do you find out if you are       submit European Community and Arab British
covered by the legislation? What do you have to       Certificates of Origin to the Chamber via the
do to comply? What are the risks of non-              Internet without even leaving your desk.
compliance? This course will help you to
understand what difference this will make.

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                                                        that includes advice on VAT, Custom’s duties and         building those resources and services further to
                                                        environmental taxes.                                     meet not just increasing demand in Portsmouth but
                                                                                                                 around the region,” said Jackie.
                                                        Jackie joins Menzies with more than 10 years’
                                                        experience of providing indirect tax advice at a         Jackie will be responsible for formulating the firm’s
                                                        Big Four firm. During the last four years Jackie has     strategy on indirect tax and growing the existing
                                                        been jointly managing a team of 11 indirect tax          team of Solent-based advisers to meet the firm’s full
                                                        specialists, providing advice to an extensive range      potential in tax services.
                                                        of private and public sector clients based in the
                                                                                                                 Commenting on Jackie’s appointment, Graham
                                                        UK and overseas.
                                                                                                                 Hosemann, Managing Partner, Menzies, Solent
                                                        “Unfortunately, many owner managed businesses            office said: “This is a major appointment for us.
                                                        in Portsmouth do not have the luxury of in-house         We are always looking at ways to adapt and
                                                        resources to be able to focus on VAT planning and        improve on the delivery of services to our clients.
                                                        as a consequence many opportunities can be               Jackie’s abilities and experience will strengthen our
                                                        missed. Menzies offers a proactive team of               tax team, which is already one of the strongest in
                                                        advisers, with many years’ experience in helping         the region.”
                                                        Portsmouth businesses reduce VAT assessments
                                                                                                                 Jackie’s appointment comes at a time of sustained
Solent accounting firm Menzies (www.menzies.            and minimise VAT liabilities. The firm has the
                                                                                                                 growth for the firm. Last year Menzies’ turnover is delighted to announce the appointment         resources and proven expertise that local owner
                                                                                                                 increased to over £30 million. The firm’s growth
of a new VAT Director. Jackie Richmond will be          managed businesses need.”
                                                                                                                 and service offering has made it one of the UK’s
responsible for leading and developing indirect         “What particularly attracted me to the firm is that      leading business advisers to the owner managed
tax services for the firm’s Portsmouth and Solent-      Menzies also recognises the advantages to                business sector.
based owner managed businesses, with a remit

David Mellor, SPS senior partner, explains why a        Step	2	–	follow	a	structure                              win and keep them. Don’t forget the most
plan is important and how to make it work                                                                        important line in your plan is the sales line - get this
                                                        Business Plan Services Limited (         wrong and the plan is worthless. Expect lots of
for you.
                                                        uk) have a very clear and logical framework,             questions on how you are going to make sales to
If you were driving to the South of France you          which may help you to ensure that your plan is           meet your objectives.
would at some stage get a map out or your sat-          comprehensive. There are nine main headings to
nav and plan your route. Why treat your business        suit most businesses.                                    Step	7	–	get	your	plan	on	to	one	page
differently? A strategic plan is the desired
                                                        Step	3	–	make	sense                                      The final document can look quite daunting and
destination for your business; your business plan is
                                                                                                                 end up just sitting on a shelf. Distil it down onto
the operational ‘route-map’ to get you there. You       What you put in the plan has to make sense to the        one page - the essence of your plan, this will give
need a plan like this whether or not you need           audience. For example, if it is purely an operational    you a document you can have in front of you,
funding.                                                plan for the benefit of your staff, then it helps to     makes it easier for you to convey your message.
                                                        have a ‘route-map’ so to speak. If you are raising
Seven	steps	to	a	good	plan.
                                                        finance a lender will want the assurance that you        Planning	does	deliver	results
History has shown, and many accountants and             can meet the interest and loan repayments, whilst
                                                                                                                 To be a successful business owner - you need to
banks will tell you, that a company with a robust       an investor will also want to see the expected
                                                                                                                 know where you are going. Follow the structure
plan is more likely to achieve its goals than one       return.
                                                                                                                 outlined in step 2 and you won’t go too far
which just “wings it”.
                                                        Step	4	–	building	value                                  wrong. Prepare your plan in bite-size chunks,
Step	1-	own	your	plan                                                                                            follow the other 6 steps, you will be in good
                                                        Your plan has to give very clear signals that you        shape to seek funding if needed and to implement
It is important that the owners of the business own     are building a value business not your lifestyle!        your plan.
the plan; if they do not personally contribute to the   Particularly if you are looking to raise finance.
creation of the plan they will be less committed to                                                              For more about David Mellor and the full length
                                                        Step	5	–	clarity                                         paper see For
its contents. You need to believe in the words to
live out the plan in practice. This is also important   Are you able to articulate with complete clarity         your local SPS contact call Nick Brown
internally for ‘buy-in’ and also externally, as they    what your product or service is, so that it is readily   on   023	 9259	 1613              or      email
will all be looking for a crystal clear picture of      understood by those to whom you talk or write? 
where the business is and where you see it              Important tip -avoid jargon at all costs.                Next month SPS explain how to hire and retain the
                                                        Step	6	–	focus	on	sales                                  best people – “become a talent magnet”!

                                                        It is vital that you set out in some detail how you
                                                        will find customers and clients, and how you will

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  ENTERPRISE                                              ARE YOU                                                  BT OFFERS
  INITIATIVE                                              READY TO                                                 ONLINE
  LAUNCHED                                                HELP –                                                   EXPENSES
Taking guests around the beautifully refurbished
                                                          DISABLED                                                 SERVICE
hospitality rooms at Fratton Park, interior designer
Alex Salway let slip that she used to help out in                                                                            BT has launched a web-based
the kitchens of the old Pompey pub – the building                                                                            expense processing service for
that now pampers the great and the good of the                                                                               small companies. The BT Web
Premier League.                                                                                                              Expenses service enables employees
                                                                                                                             to submit travel and entertainment
Alex, whose business Daring Design UK Ltd                                                                                    claims online or via text message.
                                                        Do you like helping people? Enjoy giving practical
helped to transform the hospitality facilities at the                                                                        The standard version, which can
                                                        advice and do you have commercial experience?
Portsmouth club, told her story at the launch of        Are you a good listener and enjoy having fun?                        handle an unlimited number of
Fredericks Foundation’s Enterprise Initiative. A                                                                             claims, costs GBP 6.99 plus VAT per
                                                        Then why not give Chris Fisher (Leonard
lifelong Pompey fan, Alex was given help to set up                                                                           month. The premium service, which
                                                        Cheshire     volunteer        co-ordinator)   a   ring
her business by Fredericks Foundation with a loan                                                                            includes the ability to upload credit
                                                        on	        01252	         748005,              e-mail:
and support and advice from its business advisors                                                                            card entries, costs GBP 8.99 plus
                                              	 because you
and mentors.                                                                                                                 VAT per month.
                                                        already have the skills required to mentor a
                                                        disabled entrepreneur.                                               A free trial is available at
Paul   Barry-Walsh,    Chairman       of   Fredericks
Foundation, launched the initiative at a lunchtime      Ready to Start is an exciting new nationwide                         btwebexpenses
meeting in November, outlining his plans to             project helping disabled people set up their own
involve local businesses in the encouragement and       businesses and they are looking for friendly
support of people like Alex Salway who showed           practical volunteers with commercial experience to
determination and courage in overcoming barriers        help our clients. They will provide training and
put in her way. With nearly 70% of the 150              envisage you will only need to commit 4 hours a
businesses helped by Fredericks in the Portsmouth       month for at least 6 months.

area still running, Mr Barry-Walsh said that these      Your role will be to help clients plan their business
“are exciting times for the regeneration of             set up and support them to solve any problems.
Portsmouth” and drew attention to the efficiencies      The work involved will depend on the clients
of the Fredericks business support model in             needs. It will be interesting and varied depending
helping individuals and in providing savings to the     on the different business projects. They envisage

taxpayer.                                               after an initial meeting most of the support can be
                                                        provided by e-mail and telephone.
Fredericks Foundation is looking for long term
                                                        For further information regarding Ready to Start,
relationships with businesses in the Portsmouth
                                                        please       look        at        their      website:
area which can help with mentoring and advice,
                                               They hope that
meeting rooms or financial support. An average
start-up loan is only £2,500.
                                                        you will be able to support this exciting initiative.        NIGEL BROOKS
                                                                                                                       Chartered Patent Agent
For further information telephone		                                                                                    Hill Hampton, East Meon, Petersfield,
01276	472722	or                                                                                                               Hampshire GU32 1QN
                                                                                                                            East Meon 01730 823647
                                                                                                                               Fax 01730 823580
                                                                                                                 	 Registered for practice before:
                                                                                                                       The British and European Patent Offices
                                                                                                                       The Patents County Court
                                                                                                                       UK Trade Marks and Design Registries
                                                                                                                       European Union Trade Mark Office
                                                                                                                   Foreign Patents via Worldwide Associates

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               Peo ple and Bu s i ne s s o n t he Mo v e

                                                    Nick Hoath, a former teacher at Portsmouth’s             in Surrey. He started his career with an engineering
                                                    Admiral Lord Nelson School, has recently joined          apprenticeship at the dockyard, then became a
                                                    the Chamber as Membership Sales Supervisor.              teacher. Latterly, he has been running a property
                                                    “My aim is to raise awareness of what the                company and a driving school in Emsworth.
                                                    Chamber can do to help local companies and               Chamber Chief Executive Maureen Frost added:
                                                    recruit more members,” he said. “There’s a real          “Nick has a wealth of experience in Portsmouth
                                                    buzz about Portsmouth at the moment, following           and the wider business world and I’m sure he will
                                                    developments such as the Spinnaker Tower and             be an asset to our team. He is already out and
                                                    Gunwharf Quays, and we want to reflect that in           about spreading the word about the advantages
                                                    the Chamber.”                                            and benefits of Chamber membership. As we
                                                    Nick was born in Waterlooville and now lives in          approach our 125th anniversary, we want to offer
                                                    Emsworth but also spent nine years as a teacher          as much to our members as we can.”

                                                    Tenon Recovery, the largest Recovery and                 Where possible, Stanley is focused on finding an
                                                    Insolvency firm along the south coast has further        alternative to formal insolvency, by working closely
                                                    strengthened its management team with the                with a management team and the relevant
                                                    promotion of Stanley Coltman to Director.                stakeholders. He has significant experience
                                                                                                             dealing with owner managed business, and
                                                    Stanley has always worked out of the London
                                                                                                             combines commercial expertise with the detailed
                                                    offices of Tenon (and legacy firms) and joined the
                                                                                                             knowledge of the relevant law.
                                                    Southampton office in March 2007. With over
                                                    23 years’ experience working in the insolvency           Stanley said: “I am delighted with this promotion
                                                    and corporate recovery sector, Stanley has dealt         and the opportunities this brings. There is continued
                                                    with all aspects of personal and corporate               demand for creative solutions to financial problems
                                                    insolvency, credit management and business               and Tenon Recovery is well placed to deliver a
                                                    recovery.                                                large number of varied professional skills and co-
                                                                                                             ordinated services from pre-lending reviews,
                                                    Carl Jackson, Head of Tenon Recovery said: “I am
                                                                                                             business reviews, detailed investigations,
                                                    extremely pleased that Stanley has been given this
                                                                                                             turnaround assignments and monitoring roles to
                                                    deserved opportunity and as a qualified Insolvency
                                                                                                             meet those needs.”
                                                    Practitioner and with his extensive experience,
                                                    Stanley’s promotion will further strengthen our local

HSBC recently appointed Chris Wormall as the        *    Specialist finance including solutions for
new Head of Commercial Banking for South of              businesses that trade internationally, finance
England Region. Chris, an employee of the bank           for franchises, plus banking and finance for
for 28 years, moves to the new role after 2 years        solicitors and accountants
as Regional Commercial Manager, South East          Commenting on his new role, Chris said: “Through
Region.                                             growing our commercial banking team in the South of
                                                    England, we are able to invest even more time talking
Chris will lead the 150 strong South Region
                                                    to our customers and visiting their premises – whether
Commercial Banking team in providing local small
                                                    office, factory or shop – so we can better understand
and mid-sized businesses with expert financial
                                                    their business and their ambitions. This allows us to
solutions and advice across areas such as:
                                                    offer our business customers the most professional
*   Business banking and insurance                  local service possible, giving them the flexible
*   Finance and borrowing                           financial support and services they need, when and
*   Savings and pensions                            where they need it.”

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                                   Around E a s t Ha m p s h i re

Petersfield based design, marketing and              “Navigate has become a thriving boutique agency        Navigate provides clients with a range of
communications agency Navigate Design                which is able to offer a diverse range of services,    marketing services, including design and print of
celebrated its fifth birthday on 1 December.         thanks to our highly skilled and hard working staff    logos, brochures, catalogues, stationery, annual
Managing Director Gareth Gammon established          base,” said Gareth. “As part of this development       reports, advertising and signage. The company
the high street business, which offers design,       we now have a full service PR department which         has an experienced team of programmers who
communications and marketing consultancy to a        helps companies gain local and national coverage       produce quality websites, on-line shops, intranets
broad range of local SMEs and large national         through a number of mediums, including TV and          and extranets, supported by Search Engine
corporate companies, in 2002 after ten years         radio, finding stories to make them stand out from     Optimisation and Pay Per Click campaigns.
running similar firms in London and West             the rest.”
                                                                                                            Staff, clients and friends enjoyed a few glasses of
                                                     Gareth added: “We can take on all sorts of             bubbly on the day. “Here’s to another five fantastic
The company has grown in size and stature since      projects, from specialist market research to big       years for Navigate!” said Gareth.
its inception and has enjoyed winning a number       brand advertising campaigns, because we have
of big brand clients over the years, picking up      built the infrastructure within the company to
Spaform, Affinity Sutton Homes Group, and            support this.”
Spring Training in the last year alone.

Petersfield based Antrobus Chartered Accountants     Visitors to the Antrobus stand enjoyed free glasses    us to be involved in a community event and to
entered in to the Christmas spirit on 7 December     of port or sparkling wine to help them warm up,        meet so many lovely people.”
at the Petersfield Christmas Market, organised by    plus nibbled on some stilton and crackers, and
                                                                                                            Antrobus Chartered Accountants provides business
the Association of Petersfield Businesses.           were invited to enter a Grand Prize Draw to win
                                                                                                            advice and assistance to start-ups and mature
                                                     a portable TV with DVD player, which was won
                                                                                                            businesses, helping with their growth and
                                                     by Jean Robinson, who was entered in to the
                                                                                                            development plans. It also offers services ranging
                                                     competition by her husband Brian Robinson. Brian
                                                                                                            from payroll, bookkeeping and accounts
                                                     was delighted to hear that Jean had won, as this
                                                                                                            preparation through to full tax and audit services.
                                                     was a special time of year and they had never
                                                     won anything before.                                   Antrobus      Chartered   Accountants,    Tel
                                                                                                            01730	234500, email
                                                     Helpers on the stall on the night were Mark Jarrett,
                                                                                                            or visit or call in to their
                                                     Ruth Pearse, Jenny Heather, Mike Kirby, Amanda
                                                                                                            offices at 18	College	Street.
                                                     Gale and Allan Tarver. “The evening was a
                                                     resounding success,” said Mike. “It was great for

Bedales, one of the country’s leading independent    produce, within just an hour. The design, project
schools, recently had an ergonomic, semi             management and installation of the washing up
automatic, handling and sorting system installed,    area were undertaken by Havant based
which included a state of the art environmentally    commercial engineering company, B F Engineering
friendly dishwasher. The professional dishwasher,    Services.
made by Swedish manufacturer Wexiodisk, offers
                                                     “At Bedales we have been concerned about the
improved reliability and reduced cost as well as
                                                     environment for over 100 years. We are now in
a very low impact on the environment.
                                                     the middle of a project called Greening Bedales,
The new dishwasher has been installed at the         which aims for us to eventually become carbon
school as part of a project to improve the servery   neutral in everything we do. The new dishwasher
area and washing area, as well as the route          fits in very well with our plans,” said David
students take through the dining room to collect     Greenham, Catering Manager at Bedales.
their food. The new improved system means that
about 500 students and staff will be served a
fresh and healthy lunch, often made with local

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                            Welcome t o Ne w Me m b e r s

  Portsmouth & South East Hampshire Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Anson	Registrars	(UK)	Limited                                       Fruition	Systems	Ltd
3500 Parkway                                     1st Floor                                          Unit 3
Solent Business Park                             247b Francis Avenue                                Claylands Park
Whiteley                                         Southsea                                           Claylands Road
PO15 7AL                                         Portsmouth                                         Bishops Waltham
Tel: 01489	555910                                Hampshire                                          Hampshire
Fax: 01489	576463                                PO4 0AL                                            SO32 1BH                              Tel: 0800	731	5830                                 Tel: 01489	890820
Mr	Christopher	Crowcroft                         Fax: 023	9273	3004                                 Fax: 01489	897690
Registration	&	Membership	Services,	               
Company	Secretarial	Services	&	Fund	                  
Administration	Services                          Mr	Benjamin	Mawson                                 Mr	Steve	Mummery
                                                 Removals,	Packing	Materials	&	                     IT	Solutions	for	Business
Certus	Mortgage	Solutions	Ltd
                                                                                                    Jelf	Insurance	Brokers	Ltd
7a Funtley Court
                                                 Worldwide	Financial	Planning	Ltd                   P.M. House
Funtley Hill
                                                 45 Bournemouth Road                                Riverway Estate
                                                 Chandlers Ford                                     Old Portsmouth Road
                                                 Eastleigh                                          Peasmarsh
PO16 7UY
                                                 Hampshire                                          Guildford
Tel: 01329	827055
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Fax: 01329	231943
                                                 Tel: 023	8027	0370                                 GU3 1LZ
                                                 Fax: 023	8027	0456                                 Tel: 	01483	431	110
                                                                         Fax: 01483	537	552
Mr	Richard	Palmer
Mortgage	and	Protection	Brokerage
                                                 Mr	Colin	Johnson                         
                                                 Independent	Financial	Advice                       Ms	Helen	Llewellyn
Portsmouth	Historic	Dockyard
                                                                                                    Business	Insurance
The Visitor Centre
Victory Gate
                                                                                                    Thames	Business	Coach	Ltd
HM Naval Base
                                                                                                    106 Seymour Road
                                                                                                    Headley Down
                                                                                                    GU35 8JU
Tel: 023	9289	4550
                                                                                                    Tel: 01428	717880
Fax: 023	9229	5252
                                                                                                              East Hampshire Chamber Of             
Ms	Jacqui	Shaw
                                                    Commerce & Industry                             Mr	David	Lawson
                                                                                                    Provision	of	Coaching	Services	for	SME	
Tourist	Attraction
                                                                                                    Owners	on	their	premises	and	by	
                                                                                                    telephone,	focusing	on	individual	
Simon	Wright                                     ARK	Specialist	Services	Ltd
                                                                                                    business	problems
15 Linden Grove                                  120 Andlers Ash Road
Hayling Island                                   Liss
Hampshire                                        Hampshire
PO11 9DG                                         GU33 7LS
Tel: 023	9246	5455                               Tel: 01730	891085                   
Mr	Simon	Wright                                  Mr	Alan	Kiff
Independent	Financial	Advice                     Energy	Management	Services

   Chamber Sponsors
   The following companies are current Chamber sponsors

   Coffin	Mew	LLP		                   Leonard	Gold	Chartered	Accountants		              Portsmouth	Technopole		    		                       	

   If you would like to raise your profile by becoming a Chamber sponsor please contact for more information

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                                          Busine s s D i re c t o r y

  Conference Facilities                                                                 Chamber Training
                                                                                   Raise your business success by boosting

                                                                Chamber Training
                                                                                   the potential of your workforce
                                                                                   The Chamber of Commerce runs a wide variety of fully
                                                                                   accredited training courses covering all aspects of business
                                                                                   life. We can also run tailor made courses for your needs.
                                                                                   Show you care and invest in a better future for you, your
                                                                                   business and your workforce.
                                                                                      or call us on
                                                                                   Find out more at
                                                                                   023 9244 9449

                                                                                     Marketing & Design
Web Hosting And Design

                                                                                           +44 (0) 1243 389713

                                                                90 x 100 Ad vr2                  15/3/07     14:11    Page 1
                                                                                           Meeting Rooms
     Business Centres

          Gosport’s Best
           Kept Secret
   High Quality Office and Workshop Space in a friendly,
                                                                                              inspire your
         purpose built modern Business Centre.
                                                                                              customers motivate
                        Low Deposit                                                           your colleagues
                   Low Commitment
               (2 weekly renewing licence)
                                                                                              entertain your clients
                                                                                              Portsmouth Technopole
                                                                                              Conference & Meeting Room
                     No Hidden Costs                                                          Facilities
                                                                                              For further information please contact:
                   Hassle Free & Simple
                                                                                              the Conference Co-ordinator
                   On Site Management                                                         Tel: 02392 658200
  For more information call Andy or Amanda on 01329 848700 or
              E-mail us at

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With products ranging from      our product list is endless.           delivering superb quality within
single colour stationery to     When it comes to our service           the strictest of deadlines
full colour magazines and       you can be certain that we             and always at the most
brochures including mailings,   will not relax. Consistently           competitive prices. take the hassle out of your print needs
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