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					   Chapter               WORD          PARTS                     DEFINITION                                 SAMPLE SENTENCE

                beloved          adj           loved very much                               Ji-soo is my beloved wife.
Q1 Practice 1
                possession       n             something owned                               She lost all her possessions during the fire.
                                               a camera that captures still images as        Digital cameras are convenient ways for people
                digital camera   n
                                               digital data instead of photographic film     to take pictures.
                                                                                             I like to talk to new people whenever the
                occasion         n             a time and situation for a specific event
                                                                                             occasion presents itself
                                               a celebration when family members come
                                                                                             When I went to the family reunion, I met
                reunion          n             together after a long separation
                                                                                             distant relatives I hadn't seen in many years.
                favorite         adj            best-liked; preferred                    My favorite genre of movie is horror.
                                               to think strongly on a particular subject Can you turn off the TV, please? I'm finding
                focus            v
                                               or thing                                  it hard to focus on my homework.
                                               without a specific effort or request
                                                                                             Some people speak automatically, without
                automatically    adv
                                                                                             thinking about what they or going to say.
                                                                                             We allowed our son to start driving when he
                allow            v             permit; to let
                                                                                             turned 16 years old.
                                               the mental ability of retaining and           Even though she is 85, her memory is still
                memory           n
                                               reviving facts, events, impressions, etc.     sharp.
                                                                                             She decided to ignore her parents’
                recommendation   n             an action that is suggested or advised        recommendation to major in business and
Q1 Practice 2
                                                                                             enrolled in art school instead
                                                                                             The supervisor asked the employees for
                suggestion       n             a tip; a piece of advice
                                                                                             suggestions on how to improve the company.
                counsel          n             advice given by an expert                     His wife provided wise counsel to her husband.
                                                                                             It's easier to cook a dish if you prepare the
                prepare          v             to make or become ready
                                                                                             ingredients earlier.
                                                                                             She organized her desk so that important
                                               to arrange in a structured way
                organize         v                                                           papers were easy to find and she knew where
                                                                                             everything was.
                                                                                             Christian and Marie are studying abroad in the
                abroad           adv           in or to a foreign country
                overseas         adv           over, across, or beyond the sea               Connie has a job overseas.
                                                                                             The handsome baby received a lot of attention
                receive          v              to get or be given
                                                                                             wherever he went.
                                               an institution of higher learning
                college          n             especially one providing a general or       Craig attended a college in a small town.
                                               liberal arts education
                                               pertaining to, devoted to, or characterized
                socially         adv                                                       I rarely see any of my co-workers socially.
                                               by friendly companionship
                                                                                             My brother joined the army after he finished
                join             v             to be a part of or participate in something
                                                                                             high school.
                                               a movie in which very frightening things      She didn't like to watch horror movies because
                horror movie     n             happen, such as dead people coming to life    they caused her not to be able to sleep for
Q1 Practice 3
                                               and people being murdered                     many days.
                noisy            adj           making a lot of noise                         Drums are too noisy to be played in the house.
                deafening        adj           stun or overwhelm with noise                  It was hard to hear in the deafening noise.
                                     producing thunder or a loud noise like       The thunderous noise from the storm woke me
                thunderous    adj
                                     thunder                                      from my sleep.
                                                                                  Something unexpected happened to us in
                unexpected    adj    not expected
                startle       v       to give somebody a shock or surprise        Tom startled Sue by jumping in front of her.
                scare         v      to fill with fear or terror                  The horror movie really scared the children.
                                                                                  The sound of the large dog's bark frightened
                frighten      v      to make afraid or fearful
                                                                                  I was a bit anxious about giving a speech in
                anxious       adj    nervous; worried
                                                                                  front of the class.
                                                                                  The thunderclap was so loud that it woke the
                thunderclap   n      a crash of thunder
                dwelling      n      a building or place of shelter to live in    They live in a small, modest dwelling.
Q2 Practice 1
                                     a cabin is a small wooden house, especially
                cabin         n                                                  We spent the weekend in a real log cabin.
                                     one in an area of forests or mountains
                                     to dwell permanently or for a considerable
                reside        v                                                   We reside in that house over there.
                                                                                  I was surprised to find that people inhabit
                inhabit       v      to live in an area
                                                                                  such places as Siberia.
                                                                                  Due to a drought, the city restricts water
                restrict      v      put certain limitations on
                                                                                  Dogs are prohibited from entering the park of
                prohibit      v      to refuse to permit
                                                                                  When flying, many items such as gas, lighters
                ban           v      to prohibit or forbid; to not allow          and anything explosive are banned from the
                pet           n      a tame animal that you keep in your home     I want to take my pet to show and tell.
                                                                                  Since we have a some time before class starts,
                since         conj   because
                                                                                  let's get a quick cup of coffee.
                alone         adv    without other people                         She decided to walk home alone.
                spend         v      use your time or effort doing it             I'm going to spend the weekend with Jody.
   Chapter1                          a person or thing that draws, attracts,      The musical acts are the biggest attractions
                attraction    n
Q2 Practice 2                        allures, or entices                          to the festival.
                landmark      n      an obvious place or boundary                 The Eiffel Tower is a landmark in Paris.
                                     to travel through a region for purpose of    When the children found the cave, they
                explore       v
                                     observation and discovery                    explored it.
                                     the visiting of interesting places,          Marlene and Ivan spent the afternoon
                sightseeing   n
                                     especially by people on holiday              sightseeing in New York.
                                                                                  I took an excursion to downtown to do some
                excursion     n      a short trip or outing to some place
                                     a person who is a knowledgeable guide,
                                                                                 The docent gave us an excellent tour through
                                     especially one who conducts visitors
                docent        n                                                  the museum and provided us with some
                                     through a museum and provides commentary on
                                                                                 interesting facts.
                relax         v      to rest and enjoy                           A massage will relax my muscles.
                                     a number of things of the same type         Shelly grabbed a bunch of bananas and put them
                bunch         n
                                     fastened or closely grouped together        into her shopping cart.
                                     the right to make your own                  When you turn 18, you have the freedom to make
                freedom       n
                                     choices or decisions                        your own choices.
                                         relying on someone or something else for     She was dependent upon her parent’s finances,
                dependent     adj
                                         aid, support                                 when she went to college.
                thus          adv        in the way just indicated                    Bend from the waist, thus.
                                                                                      Hank and Nancy got lost in the thickly covered
                get lost      v phrase   to lose one's way
   Chapter1                                                                           She did not live up to her mother's
                expectation   n          be as good as someone expects
Q2 Practice 3                                                                         expectations.
                                                                                      The talented young sculptor quickly made a
                talented      adj        skilled at some or many things
                                                                                      name for herself among the art community.
                generous      adj        willing to give money, help, kindness etc.   Pierre has always been a pretty generous man.
                                         generous in donations or gifts to relieve
                                                                                      I work for a charitable organization that
                charitable    adj        the needs of ill, indigent, or helpless
                                                                                      helps the homeless
                                                                                      The citizens were not happy with the outcome
                outcome       n          the effect, result
                                                                                      of the election.
                                                                                      Beethoven's music seems to have a negative
                effect        n          result; consequence
                                                                                      effect on babies.
                                          to think that something or someone is
                expect        v                                                       Don’t expect me to call you ever again!
                                         likely to happen or come
                                                                                      He hurt his ankle. As a result, he can't play
                as a result   adv phrase as a consequence of something
                                                                                      I think most musicians can play more than one
                musician      n          a person who plays music for a living
                admission     n          the act of allowing to enter                 How much do they charge for admission?
Q3 Practice 1
                                                                                     The new company's operating costs were offset
                offset        v          to serve as a counterbalance for something
                                                                                     by high first quarter sales.
                                         a group of similar things kept              Tom has kept a stamp collection ever since he
                collection    n
                                         together                                    was a young boy.
                                                                                     Pottery looks simple, but it requires a lot of
                pottery       n          objects made of baked clay
                                         a person who is a customer, client, or      The local store has regular patrons who shop
                patron        n
                                         paying guest                                there almost everyday.
                                          to make someone feel confident and         Parents need to encourage children to play
                encourage     v
                                         hopeful; to urge someone to do something    more sports and not just to study.
                                         to deduct a certain amount from a bill,     The restaurant gave us a small discount
                discount      n
                                         charge, etc.                                because we were not happy with their service.
                                         to ask get someone to pay for               The high hourly amount lawyers who charge for
                charge        v
                                         something                                   their services should be considered criminal.
                                                                                     The primary donor of the museum wanted to
                donor         n          a person who donates
                                                                                     remain anonymous.
                                         as much or as good as necessary for some    The community received an adequate supply of
                adequate      adj
                                         requirement or purpose                      food after the disaster hit.
                                                                                     The funding for the school building project
                                         money given by a government or organization
                funding       n                                                      was not sufficient, so project had to be
                                         for an event or activity
                strange       adj        slightly odd or even a bit weird            This soup has a strange taste.
                                                                                     They gave a ridiculous excuse about why they
                ridiculous    adj        causing or worthy of ridicule
                                                                                     were late.
   Chapter2                                                                          My friend offered to pick me up from the
                offer         v          to provide; to make available
Q3 Practice 2                                                                        airport when I return from India.
                                      a meeting or short course on a specific     I attended a seminar which taught me how to be
                seminar         n
                                      topic                                       a better teacher.
                                                                                  Everyone has a different method of doing their
                method          n     a way of doing something; process
                                                                                  studies efficiently.
                                                                                  Most breakfast foods are only available during
                available       adj   able or ready to be used
                                                                                  the morning hours.
                                                                                  A lack of ambition will take you nowhere in
                lack            n     a deficiency or absence
                                                                                  The comical themes of the play attracted many
                attract         v     to catch the interest of someone
                                      anything given or serving to persuade or    He tried to bribe the police officer with
                bribe           v
                                      induce                                      money.
                                      a plan of events and the times at which
                                      they will happen                            According to the schedule, there will be a
                schedule        n
                                                                                  speech at 11:00 and lunch break at noon.

                conflict        v     to come into collision or disagreement      Her ideas and mine conflicted.
                                                                                  We have to all participate in the school’s
                participate     v     take part in something
                                                                                  homecoming rally.
                                                                                  Since all the lights were out, we assumed no
                assume          v     to take on or put on
                                                                                  one was home.
                                                                                  Will it cost you a great expense to travel to
                expense         n     a cost
                administrator   n     a manager                                   Sara works as a school administrator.
Q3 Practice 3
                                                                                  There will be an extra charge for any
                additional      adj   extra
                                                                                  additional passengers.
                dormitory       n     a building where students live              I think it will be exciting to live in a dorm.
                overcrowded     adj   too many people or things in one place      Most big cities are overcrowded with people.
                                                                                  I expect two things from this job, firstly, to
                                                                                  be given the chance to show my managerial
                secondly        adv   in the second place
                                                                                  skills, and secondly, support from my
                image           n     a visual representation of something        The image on my screen suddenly disappeared.
                                                                                  We all wanted a new healthcare program to
                benefit         v     to do good to
                                                                                  benefit everyone.
                                                                                  When the campus is large, you may be unlucky
                                      the land and buildings that make up a
                campus          n                                                 and have to walk long distances to attend your
                                                                                  next class.
                                                                                  The poor conditions at the refugee camp,
                condition       n     a situation; an environment                 including lack of proper sanitation, led to
                                                                                  severe illness.
                improve         v     to make better                              I’ll try to improve my grades.
                                                                                  The actors appearance on stage caused everyone
                appearance      n     the way someone or something looks
                                                                                  to stand up and applaud.
                                                                                  The folkways of the first Americans has
   Chapter2                           the ways of living, thinking, and acting in
                folkways        n                                                 evolved into what you see today when you go to
Q4 Practice 1                         a human group
                                                                                  the US.
                                                                                  In the past, only a small percentage of the
                norm            n     a standard that is regarded as typical      population used cell phones, but now, having a
                                                                                  cell phone is the norm.
                                          to serve as a guiding or determining
                                                                                      We are governed by the scientific method in
                govern         v          principle
                                                                                      order to minimize error.
                                                                                      Even though he is blind, he can still function
                function       v          to be in operation
                                                                                      The doctors were surprised at her high
                tolerance      n          ability to suffer or endure something
                                                                                      tolerance for pain.
                                                                                      In order to receive her inheritance, the
                adhere to      v phrase   to follow; to hold firmly                   heiress had to adhere to the stipulations set
                                                                                      forth by her grandfather.
                constantly     adv        without ending                              The water constantly flows down Niagara Falls.
                                                                                      The consequences of her drinking was losing
                consequence    n          the result of doing something
                                                                                      her children.
                                          to break, infringe, or transgress a law,
                violate        v                                                      If you violate the rules you will be punished.
                                          rule, agreement, promise, instruction, etc.
                                                                                      Many people are using Internet sites to
                acquaintance   n          a person one knows slightly
                                                                                      reconnect with old acquaintances.
                                                                                      The criminal has broken the law several times
                criminal       n          a person who commit a crime
                                                                                      There was not adequate people on hand to
                adequate       adj        sufficient, enough
                                                                                      control the crowd.
                                                                                      We had to censure the rough draft because
                censure        n          reprove                                     there
                                                                                      were a lot of mistakes.
                                          a rule, method, or practice that is         Guests should always follow conventions at
                convention     n
                                          accepted and used                           parties by always thanking the host.
                                          negative treatment received for doing       The punishment for turning in a late
                punishment     n
                                          something wrong                             assignment was a zero in the grade book.
                                                                                      The sales representative demonstrated how to
                demonstrate    v          to show how something works
                                                                                      use the remote controls.
                ignore         v          pass by without notice                      Just ignore my sister when she bothers you.
                linguistic     adj        of or belonging to language                 Carol is a master of linguistics.
Q4 Practice 2
                                                                                      The store had a variety of computers to choose
                variety        n          a number of different types of things
                                                                                      Tornado storms, hurricanes, and earthquakes
                powerful       adj        large and strong
                                                                                      are very powerful natural disasters.
                                                                                      The roles of the husband and wife were not
                define         v          to explain the meaning of                   clearly defined and the couple struggled with
                                                                                      their identity in the marriage.
                stance         n          the position of the body while standing     He took an aggressive body stance.
                                                                                      The green accessories accented the dark wood
                accent         v          to give emphasis to
                                                                                      of the tables throughout the room.
                                                                                      The teacher emphasized the importance of
                emphasize      v          to place importance on
                                                                                      paying attention in class.
                                                                                      The father got angry because he specifically
                                          referring to something in particular
                specifically   adv                                                    told the children not to jump up and down on
                                                                                      their beds.
                                                                                      I don't think you understand. Let me tell you
                illustrate     v          to explain; to give an example
                                                                                      a story to illustrate my point.
                                                                                    Tom's teacher had to repeat the instructions
                repeat       v          to do again
                                                                                    several times before Tom understood.
                                                                                    We headed south for two hours, but we had to
                direction    n          the path a person or object moves along     change directions as we were going the
                                                                                    opposite way!
                                                                                    A person with fair skin should basically avoid
                basically    adv        at the simplest point                       too much exposure to the sun. Too much
                                                                                    sunlight could be quite harmful to them.
                                                                                    It was difficult to figure out where the faint
                figure out   v phrase   to determine; to understand
                                                                                    noise was coming from.
                                        to say someone is responsible for something The townspeople blamed the mayor for all their
                blame        v
                                        bad                                         problems.
                                        the study of the systems and processes
                                        involved in the world's weather, mountains,
   Chapter2                                                                           The rocky geography of Korea does not allow
                geophagy     n          seas, lakes, etc and of the ways in which
Q4 Practice 3                                                                         for large areas of farming.
                                        countries and people organize life within
                                        an area
                                        to talk or write about someone or           In her lectures, she often refers to her
                refer        v
                                        something, especially briefly               difficult childhood.
                                                                                    I can't see how your plan is going to work in
                practice     n          an action; a habitual behavior
                soil         n          earth                                       Good soil is important for growing crops.
                clay         n          a soft, sticky mud used for making things   The artist's clay figures were extraordinary.
                                                                                    The teacher observed the new students in the
                observe      v          to watch; to note with one’s senses
                                                                                    class before beginning the lesson.
                                                                                    Man-made developments in the world have caused
                species      n          a type: a kind
                                                                                    many species to face extinction.
                                                                                    I always try to make sure that I get enough of
                dietary      adj        of or pertaining to diet
                                                                                    dietary fiber.
                                        an addition or something used               There are many wonderful nutritional
                supplement   n
                                        to help complete something else             supplements available on the market today.
                                        an animal or plant that lives on or in      After examining the specimen under a
                parasite     n          another animal or plant of a different type microscope, the doctor was able to determine
                                        and feeds from it                           that it contained parasites.
                engage in    v phrase   to occupy oneself with                      She is engaged in a nasty lawsuit these days.
                                        to convert into energy that the body can
                                        use                                           People who are lactose intolerant are unable
                digest       v
                                                                                      to digest many kinds of dairy products.

                                        a thick-walled, muscular shelf in the lower
                                                                                    The gizzard helps some animals digest their
                gizzard      n          stomach of many birds and reptiles that
                                        grinds foods
                                                                                      We must grind the blocks of salt so we can
                grind        v          to crush into small pieces
                                                                                      distribute them more easily.
                                        a substance that provides                     Fruits and vegetables have many of the
                nutrient     n
                                        nourishment for growth or metabolism          nutrients that people need.
                pregnant     adj        having an unborn baby in the body             I never want to be pregnant.
                                                                                      There are various books for each subject for
                various      adj        different and many
                                        a chemical substance made from natural        The small mountain range, rich in minerals,
                mineral      n
                                        physical but not living) processes            has been mined for centuries
   Chapter3                                                                           She failed to understand the concept, so she
                concept      n          a general notion or idea
Q5 Practice 1                                                                         asked the professor to explain it again.
                                           the scientific study of the natural          We learned about photosynthesis in biology
                biology         n
                                           processes of living things                   today.
                                           in the middle of the period when a           The governing party usually does badly in
                midterm         adj
                                           government is in office                      midterm by-elections.
                struggle        v           to make great efforts; to try hard          David struggles with high notes.
                                           to be able to pay for something or afford    I could not afford the tennis racquet I wanted
                afford          v
                                           its costs                                    so I decided not to buy anything at all.
                                                                                        It's very important to pay attention to what
                pay attention   v phrase   to listen closely; to focus                  you're teacher is saying so that you
                                                                                        understand everything.
                                                                                        Tom had to quit his job because he couldn't
                decent          adj        proper
                                                                                        make a decent living with his salary.
                                                                                        She considered becoming a doctor, but she
                consider        v          to think about something                     decided against it because she couldn't stand
                                                                                        They pay the tutor five hundred dollars a week
                tutor           n          a private instructor
                                                                                        to teach English to their three children.
                                           uncertain, unsure; not having a full         I was quite confused about what the professor
                confused        adj        understanding                                was saying, so I raised my hand to ask some
                                           with a very low chance of                    It is very unlikely that he will be here much
                unlikely        adj
                                           happening                                    longer.
                invite          v          to ask for the presence or participation of Did you invite John to your party?
Q5 Practice 2
                                            to receive and use something that belongs
                borrow          v          to someone else and promise to bring it      My sister wanted to borrow my favorite dress.
                                           working time before or after one's regular   Phyllis has to work overtime to make up for
                overtime        n
                                           scheduled working hours                      begin late this morning.
                                                                                        I have earned over $2,500 at my part-time job
                earn            v          to make money
                                                                                        this summer.
                                                                                        I like all of Woody Allen's films, but I
                especially      adv        with special emphasis
                                                                                        especially like Annie Hall.
                                                                                         I was so exhausted that I went straight to
                exhausted       adj        extremely tired
                                                                                        Although he was a tough teacher, everyone
                tough           adj        difficult
                                                                                        wanted to take his class.
                                                                                        I think he suffered a lot when he and his
                suffer          v          to experience physical or mental pain
                                                                                        girlfriend broke up.
                                            having a duty to see that something is      Sue was responsible for feeding her pets on
                responsible     adj
                                           done                                         time.
                                           needed or having to be done;
                necessary       adj                                                     He lacks the necessary skills for the job.
                                           the science or study of the origin,
   Chapter3                                                                             Sociology looks at the relationship between
                sociology       n          development, organization, and functioning
Q5 Practice 3                                                                           people.
                                           of human society
                                                                                        Scholarships are given to a select group of
                                           money that is given to help pay
                scholarship     n                                                       students who either excel in their work or are
                                           the cost of school
                                                                                        having financial difficulties.
                                      a list or register that usually contains
                                                                                   I usually take roll first thing in the
                roll            n     the names of the persons belonging to a
                                      company, class, society, etc.
                                                                                   Mary intimidated the others by always having
                intimidate      v     to make another feel fear or nervousness
                                                                                   the answers for everything.
                                                                                   What was his response when he found out his
                response        n     a reaction to something
                                                                                   wife was pregnant?
                                                                                   I felt so uncomfortable when they began to
                uncomfortable   adj   causing discomfort or distress; irritating
                                                                                   argue in the middle of dinner.
                                                                                   The assignment is due on Monday.
                                      a piece of homework
                assignment      n                                                  If you hand it in late, you will be docked two
                                                                                   points per day.
                                      a person who assists or gives aid or         My assistant does a great job scheduling my
                assistant       n
                                      support                                      appointments for me everyday.
                forgetful       adj   apt to forget                                My husband is so forgetful.
                                      to think that something is likely to be
                suppose         v                                                  I suppose that he will return home by 6pm.
                                      to inform; to communicate specific
                notify          v                                                  Please notify me when your father gets home.
   Chapter3                                                                        The population for the city of Norfolk has
                population      n     all the people in a country, region
Q6 Practice 1                                                                      increased 50% in the past 10 years.
                                                                                   The climate of the Earth varies significantly
                significantly   adv   with a large difference or impact            from North to South and according to
                invention       n     something useful created by someone          His new invention made him a millionaire.
                                      a large farming tool with blades which
                                                                                   He used a plow to help him plant some seeds
                plow            n     digs the earth in fields so that seeds can
                                                                                   for next year's crop.
                                      be planted
                prior           adj   preceding in importance or privilege         Prior to the test, the student studied.
                                                                                   All of the drainage from the roof will flow
                drainage        n     the act or process of draining
                                                                                   down the gutters and into the sewer.
                                      the air moving past or through a moving
                airflow         n                                                  The airflow had very little force.
                                      body., as an airplane or a car.
                                                                                   After ten months of physically therapy, his
                considerably    adv   worth considering
                                                                                   ability to walk was considerably much better.
                                      to furnish, protect, fill out, or stuff      The inside of a football helmet is greatly
                pad             v
                                      with a pad or padding                        padded.
                haul            v     to pull or draw with force                   They hauled the boat up onto the beach.
   Chapter3                           a note or record about what happens during   We compared our observations about the eating
                observation     n
Q6 Practice 2                         an experiment                                habits of children.
                                                                                   She is primarily concerned with the welfare of
                primarily       adv   mainly, first of all
                                                                                   her family and not her work.
                                      a machinist skilled in the building and
                toolmaker       n                                                  My dad thinks that toolmaking is a dying art.
                                      reconditioning of tools
                                      a small, very intelligent African ape with   The researchers were tying to teach the
                chimpanzee      n
                                      black or brown fur                           chimpanzee sign language.
                                      to change; to alter                          If you really want to improve your health, you
                modify          v                                                  should modify your eating habits to include
                                                                                   more fresh vegetables.
                                      a great number of things or persons in       There was a swarm of flies around the bags of
                swarm           n
                                      motion                                       garbage.
                                      a small white tropical insect which eats
                termite         n                                                  The tree trunk was filled with termites.
                                          to cause the threads or fibers of something
                fray           v          to become slightly separated, to form loose Denim frays so easliy once you cut it.
                                          threads at the edge or end
                                                                                        A narrow selection of the students was needed
                narrow         adj        pertaining to a limited scope or range
                                                                                        to determine the prize.
                                          to have a strong similarity in appearance     His painting resembles the same style as
                resemble       v
                                          to something else                             Jackson Pollack.
                mound          n          a natural elevation of earth                  The boys were playing in a mound of sand.
                                          to maintain or restrict within an area or     The prisoner was confined to a small cell in
                confine        v
                                          domain                                        the jail.
                                          a bird that has a hard chisellike bill that
                                                                                        You could hear the woodpecker outside pecking
                woodpecker     n          hammers repeatedly into wood in search of
                                                                                        at the trees.
                                          any of numerous passerine birds of the
                                                                                        A finch has a small cone-shaped beak that is
                finch          n          family Fringillidae, including sparrows,
                                                                                        adapted to eating seeds.
                                          crossbilss, and purple finches
                                          the thick-bodied, sluggish larva of several
                grub           n                                                        Grubs are a common food for some birds.
                                          insects, as of a scarab beetle.
   Chapter3                                                                             The glow from the hot coals faded away after a
                fade away      v phrase   to go away gradually
Q6 Practice 3                                                                           few hours.
                                          a thick strong cotton cloth, often blue in
                denim          n                                                        His jacket is made from blue denim.
                                          color, used especially for making jeans
                ranch          n          farm                                          My brother works on a horse ranch in Montana.
                                                                                        We discussed traveling, sightseeing, and so
                and so forth   adv phrase and the like
                                                                                        Her husband travels extensively because he is
                regional       adj        related to a region or geographical area      a regional director for a major computer
                                           to keep doing something, or to keep          It's better to continue what you are doing to
                continue       v
                                          happening without stopping                    the end, than quitting halfway.
                develop        v          to improve                                    A child's motor skills develop with time.
                                          a touching or meeting, as of two things or    Don't let that solution come into contact with
                contact        n
                                          people                                        your skin.
                                                                                        A combination of injuries ended his baseball
                combination    n          a coming together; a connection
                                          a person who drives or travels in an          Some businesses like motels rely on motorists
                motorist       n
                                          automobile                                    for their existence.
                                          Brunch is a meal that is eaten in the late
                brunch         n                                                        It is a combination of breakfast and lunch.
   Chapter4                                to make something happen, usually
                cause          v                                                        The storm caused a blackout in many towns.
Q1 Practice 1                             something bad
                                          an uncomfortable feeling of nervousness or
                                                                                        She had a lot of anxiety regarding her
                anxiety        n          worry about something that is happening or
                                                                                        upcoming surgery.
                                          might happen in the future
                                                                                        I was so nervous during the audition that I
                nervous        adj        scared or worried
                                                                                        couldn’t stop my knees from shaking.
                stressful      adj        full of tension                               My job is quite stressful.
                                                                                        Sue was in an uncomfortable situation when her
                situation      n           circumstances
                                                                                        parents and her teacher met to talk.
                                          the alloted time given to complete some       We only had an hour time limit to finish the
                time limit     n
                                          project or task                               test.
                                                                                        The pressure of the steam lifted the lid off
                pressure       n          force or push
                                                                                        the pot.
                                              having no part missing; full; whole to
                complete          v                                                       Were you able to complete the entire survey?
                                             make complete; finish or make whole
                                                                                          I was able to finish the test within the time
                within            prep       inside the limits of time
                                             to not succeed, not do something or not      I was angry because I failed the test.
                fail              v
                                             help when it was expected                    I failed to give you the message in time.
   Chapter4                                                                               The detectives asked the witness to describe
                describe          v          to give an account in words
Q1 Practice 2                                                                             the suspect.
                favorite          adj         best-liked; preferred                       My favorite genre of movie is horror.
                                                                                          We were all filled with excitement as we
                excitement        n          an excited state or condition
                                                                                          waited for the show to start.
                                                                                          My favorite activity during Physical Education
                activity          n          a task that requires action or movement      class was playing tennis outside in the
                                                                                          The directions to the part were
                straightforward   adj        without complications; clear
                                             contest between two or more players or       The boxing match will be between the former
                match             n
                                             teams                                        and current champions.
                                                                                          My recreational interests are reading, hiking,
                recreational      adj        for leisure; for fun only
                                                                                          and swimming.
                                             A field is an area of land where sports are
                                                                                         When the players took the field, the game was
                field             n          played.
                                                                                          ready to begin.
                easily            adv        in an easy manner                            The traffic moved along easily.
   Chapter4                                                                               He purchased a set of diamond earrings for his
                purchase          v          to pay for something with money
Q1 Practice 3                                                                             wife on their tenth anniversary.
                item              n           one of several things in a group or list    There were many items for sale.
                useful            adj        helpful                                      A spoon is useful when eating soup.
                                                                                          Sue bought an expensive dress, but now she
                expensive         adj        high in price
                                                                                          can't pay the rent.
                                             Homework is school work that teachers give   Homework isn't much fun but you still need to
                homework          n
                                             pupils to do at home.                        do it.
                                             a portable microcomputer small enough to     Laptops are very convenient because you can
                laptop            n
                                             rest on a person's lap                       take them anywhere.
                                                                                          The mother bought each of her children a
                portable          adj        capable of being carried or moved around
                                                                                          portable CD player.
                carry             v          to hold something with you                   I carry my books to school with me everyday.
                                                                                          The flower in my hair is so light I can't even
                light             adj        not heavy; the opposite of heavy
                                                                                          feel it.
                                              to be the right size or shape for someone   It is hard to find the piece that fits
                fit               v
                                             or something                                 correctly in this jigsaw puzzle.
   Chapter4                                                                               My childhood was full of wonderful memories of
                childhood         n          the state or period of being a child
Q1 Practice 4                                                                             trips to the park.
                                             the mental ability of retaining and          The memory of her face will forever be in my
                memory            n
                                             reviving facts, events, impressions, etc.    mind.
                for the first                                                             He is going clubbing for the first time
                                  adv phrase doing something one has not done before
                time                                                                      tonight.
                                                                                          He was taught that first impressions are very
                impression        n          a feeling about someone or something         important, so he always makes sure he is
                                                                                          friendly to everyone he meets.
                vast              adj        wide in area                                 My father owns a vast piece of land in Alaska.
                fishing        n          the act of hunting for fish                 The fishing in this area is really good.
                                                                                      The stadium was enormous; it can seat 90,000
                enormous       adj        extremely big
   Chapter4                               to choose or want one thing rather than     He prefers watching boxing to participating in
                prefer         v
Q2 Practice 1                             another                                     it.
                while          conj       a period or interval of time                I went to the store while she took a nap.
                                                                                      The specific magazine that you are referring
                specific       adj        pertaining to a particular thing
                                                                                      to is no longer available.
                                                                                      Wendy and Melanie got into a discussion about
                get into       v phrase   to become involved in something
                argument       n          an oral disagreement                        Their argument was about something stupid.
                develop        v          to improve                                  A child's motor skills develop with time.
                                                                                      The four girls have a lifelong friendship that
                lifelong       adj        lasting or continuing through life
                                                                                      has stood the test of time.
                                                                                      You should spend you time outside playing
                spend time     v phrase   to use one's time engaged in something
                                                                                      instead of watching TV all day.
                instead        adv        as a substitute or replacement              Why don't we have pizza instead of chili.
                friendship     n          when two or more people become friends      Mae and Su-bin have a good friendship.
   Chapter4                                                                           I couldn't find the specific style that I was
                specific       adj        particular; precise
Q2 Practice 2                                                                         looking for.
                certain        adj        free from doubt or reservation              I am certain he will come.
                                                                                      She got tired after walking for only a half
                get tired      v phrase   to become fatigued
                constantly     adv        not changing or varying                     He is constantly changing his mind.
                                           not alike in character or quality;
                different      adj                                                    Dogs and cats are very different.
                                          differing; dissimilar
                                          a program of instruction, as in a college   Since I am a senior, I have all upper-level
                courses        n
                                          or university                               courses.
                                          an occasion for personal advancement or     The young girl had the opportunity to travel
                opportunity    n
                                          financial gain                              to Europe with her debate class.
                                                                                      After installing the software, the user can
                select         v          to choose; to pick
                                                                                      select his or her desired options
                gain           v          to obtain, acquire                          Students gain a lot of knowledge from school.
   Chapter4                               giving a lot of information with many       The host didn't want the family to get lost,
                detailed       adj
Q2 Practice 3                             details                                     so she gave a very detailed map to her house.
                without        conj       with absences                               Can I have my hamburger without onions?
                                                                                      The principal gave a definite response to the
                definite       adj        without doubt
                                                                                      student's request to leave campus.
                                                                                      The students wasted the scratch paper by only
                waste          v          to make poor use of something valuable
                                                                                      using one side of it.
                                                                                      There are different types of vegetarians.
                for instance   n          for example                                 For instance, 'Vegans' will not eat anything
                                                                                      that comes from animals, like milk.
                                          to find the answer to some question or      It took me all day to figure out the solution
                figure out     v phrase
                                          problem                                     to the puzzle.
                                          to come to a certain point in the course of When a person or vehicle arrives at a place,
                arrive         v
                                          travel                                      they come to it at the end of a journey.
                                                                                      After months of interviewing, James secured a
                secure         v          to obtain
                                                                                      job with a fortune 500 company.
   Chapter4                                                                           Serena was the only girl in our class to win
                only           adj        without others or anything further
Q2 Practice 4                                                                         an award.
                                                                                      Because there were seven children in her
                sibling        n          a brother or a sister                       family, she often fought with her siblings for
                                                                                      her parent's attention.
                                          someone who is lonely is unhappy because
                                                                                      Wendell felt so lonely after everyone had left
                lonely         adj        they are alone or do not have anyone they
                                                                                      the classroom.
                                          can talk to
                                                                                      Sara never pays attention. For instance, on
                for example    adv phrase for instance                                her last quiz, she got all the questions
                another        adj        a different one                             Sue went and bought another cake.
                together       adv         in conjunction with; combined              Let's sing together!
                                          to rely on; to depend on                    Citizens in many European countries and Canada
                count on       v phrase                                               can count on national health care in the case
                                                                                      of a medical emergency.
                                          a suggestion; a helpful idea offered to
                                          another                                     Take my advice: Always wear a helmet when you
                advice         n
                                                                                      ride your motorcycle.

   Chapter5                               an official plan or course of               This company has a strict policy of equal
                policy         n
Q3 Practice 1                             action                                      opportunity employment.
                                                                                      Today's meeting pertains to dress code in the
                pertain to     v phrase   to have a reference or relation to
                approval       n          acceptance as satisfactory                  I am waiting on his approval of the program.
                                                                                      I asked the principal to withdraw my
                withdraw       v          to take away; to declare void
                                                                                      nomination for student body president.
                                                                                      The parents decided to adopt a new strategy
                adopt          v          to accept or start to use something new
                                                                                      for disciplining their child.
                                          to guarantee; to make certain
                                                                                      The marketing department will ensure that the
                ensure         v
                                                                                      new product gets plenty of local exposure.
                                                                                      The assistants were assigned to adjoining
                assign         v          to give or allocate
                                                                                      hotel rooms.
                                          someone who gives advice, or helps solve    My high school advisor suggested some colleges
                advisor        n
                                          problems                                    for me to look into.
                                          to remove a person from an official list or
                                                                                      Senator Williamson was dropped from the list
                drop           v                                                      of primary candidates in accordance with her
                                                                                      expressed wishes.
                                          in a way that reflects academic values or   I was academically ineligible to play
                academically   adv
                                          beliefs                                     basketball this year.
                                          one of two or more divisions of a school    She has one term left before she graduates
                term           n
                                          year                                        with a master's degree in art education.
                                                                                      When it started to rain, he realized that he
                realize        v          to (suddenly) come to know
                                                                                      should have brought his umbrella.
                                                                                      Tom's teacher had to repeat the instructions
                repeat         v          to do again
                                                                                      several times before Tom understood.
                                                                                      Although my host family did their best to make
                                                                                      me feel at home, I didn't feel comfortable
                comfortable    adj        free from stress, anxiety, and pain
                                                                                      until I had learned enough French to
                                                                                      communicate with them.
                                                                                      Many students partied the most in their
                freshmen       n          a first-year student
                                                                                      freshman year.
                                    a train, bus, ect. that travels back and
                shuttle       n     forth in particular intervals along the      I always take the shuttle to the airport.
Q3 Practice 2
                                    same route
                vice versa    adv   in reverse                                   She dislikes me and vice versa.
                                                                                 The machine can run for about fifteen hours at
                run           v     to work correctly                            a time. After that, it's best to turn it off
                                                                                 for a while.
                                                                                 I would like to reduce the amount of coffee I
                reduce        v     to lessen or decrease
                                                                                 consume each day.
                                     a ticket or card allowing a person to do
                                                                                 The lift passes at the ski resort were
                pass          n     something, for example entrance to a
                                    the supplying of public communication and    The city offers citizens some services for
                service       n
                                    transportation                               free.
                parking lot   n      space where cars can be left                Where is the closest parking lot.
                                    to insert, register, or enter in a list,     The deadline to enroll in the anthropology
                enroll        v
                                    catalog, or roll                             course is on Friday at 6 p.m.
                                                                                  He wants us to meet him here rather than go
                rather        adv   in preference to, or as a preference
                                                                                 to his home.
                                    secure from liability to harm, injury,       I heard on the news that the missing child is
                safe          adj
                                    danger, or risk                              safe and back at home.
                                    to prevent time, money, or effort from
                save          v                                                  Walking to work saves gas money.
                                    being lost or wasted
                                                                                 The school provided the students with new text
                provide       v     to give or supply
                                    a means of or arrangement for
                ride          n                                                 I usually get a ride to school with my friend.
                                    transportation by motor vehicle
                                    a story, usually for children, about elves,
   Chapter5                                                                     I enjoy telling my children the fairy tales I
                fairy tale    n     dragons, fairies, or other magical
Q4 Practice 1                                                                   learned as a child.
                                     to begin to exist or appear for the first
                originate     v                                                 Burritos originated in Mexico.
                                                                                 The mother found an effective way of cleaning
                effective     adj   having the result that one wants
                                                                                 her kitchen.
                                                                                 Sometimes simple designs are better than fancy
                simple        adj   easy to understand or do
                                                                                 The role of the parents is to take care of the
                role          n     a part or character played
                                                                                 This product contains only natural
                contain       v     to include, to hold
                                                                                 Sometimes it is hard to grasp the main theme
                theme         n     main idea
                                                                                 of a story.
                                    something one learns from a story or event   Many fairy tales have a moral at the end to
                moral         n
                                    about how to behave                          help us live better lives.
                                                                                 He seems to have a mind of his own, and also
                immensely     adv   extremely
                                                                                 seems to be immensely popular.
                                                                                 The contrasts in the two art pieces shows the
                contrast      n     comparison between two objects
                                                                                 techniques of the old and the modern.
                                    one's stepfather's or stepmother's daughter
                stepsister    n                                                 My stepsister and I get along very well.
                                    by a previous marriage
                                                                                 Many people are now facing the harsh reality
                harsh         adj   very strict or extreme
                                                                                 of the economic recession.
                                                                                  He's going through an incredibly tough time
                incredibly     adv    very; extremely
                                                                                  right now.
                                                                                  Her positive outlook on life really encourages
                positive       adj    involving advantage; something good
                                                                                  the people around her.
                                                                                  There was not enough interaction between the
                interaction    n      when two or more people or things interact
                                                                                  teachers and the principal.
                desperately    adv    an immediate and very strong need           I desperately need a vacation.
                                                                                  Despite her poor preparation, Alice passed the
                despite        prep   in spite of
                                                                                  He had to overcome his fear of flying first
                overcome       v      to fight against successfully
                                                                                  before he could become a pilot.
   Chapter5                           treatment of mental and physical illnesses Speech therapy was recommended to fix the
                therapy        n
Q4 Practice 2                         and disorders, usually without surgery      child's stuttering.
                                                                                  After his annual check-up, Arthur was
                                      to examine and find a problem
                diagnose       v                                                  diagnosed with skin cancer and instructed to
                                                                                  seek treatment.
                                      having the ability or power to do something She was very capable of finding her way around
                capable        adj
                                      well                                        town.
                                                                                  All patients who stay at the hospital must
                patient        n      one who receives medical care
                                                                                  wear gowns.
                                                                                  My grandmother takes a different medication
                ailment        n      an illness
                                                                                  for each of her ailments.
                                                                                  His overall grade in school was not bad,
                overall        adj    in general, considering everything
                                                                                  although he was not doing well in science.
                                                                                  She gave an emotional speech about her dead
                emotional      adj    relating to feelings
                                      a good or satisfactory condition of         His general well-being is quite good these
                well-being     n
                                      existence                                   days.
                expressive     adj    very meaningful                             He has very expressive eyes.
                                                                                  After going to the doctor, her condition was
                heal           v      to make or become well again
                                                                                  The coordination of all the events will be
                coordination   n      a harmonious combination or interaction
                                                                                  handled by a separate committee.
                                      the act of respiring; inhalation and
                respiration    n                                                   The sick boy's respiration was slow and weak.
                                      exhalation of air, breathing
                                      flow or movement                             Eating foods high in fat can hinder the
                circulation    n
                                                                                   circulation of blood through the body's veins.
                                                                                   I would like to reduce the amount of coffee I
                reduce         v      to lessen or decrease
                                                                                   consume each day.
                                      strained relations or underlying hostility
                                                                                   There is a lot of tension between the woman
                                      between people
                tension        n                                                   and her next-door neighbor because of the
                                                                                   argument they had yesterday.
                                      a liberation from anything anything that     Whenever I sing, it feels like a great release
                release        n
                                      fastens or restrains                         of all of my stress.
                self-esteem    n      a person's belief of or value for himself    A low self-esteem will not get you anywhere.
   Chapter6                           to fail to do, see or experience something
                miss           v                                                   I missed seeing the movie when it was out.
Q5 Practice 1                         when it is available
                                                                                   He submitted a proposal for the construction
                submit         v      to give something to be judged
                                                                                   of a new performing arts center.
                                      related to literature                        His book won a literary award from the
                literary       adj
                                              a large thin book with a paper cover that
                magazine          n          is usually published once a month or once a My favorite magazine is 'Elle'.
                                             the time by which something must be
                                                                                         The journalist typed all night to finish the
                deadline          n          finished
                                                                                          article before the 9:00 a.m. deadline.
                                             exempt someone or something from a general   Because it's your birthday, I'll make an
                make an exception v phrase
                                             rule or practice                             exception and let you stay up late.
                                                                                          He was taught that first impressions are very
                impression        n          a feeling about someone or something         important, so he always makes sure he is
                                                                                          friendly to everyone he meets.
                                                                                          Salespeople can sometimes be so pushy when
                pushy             adj        obnoxiously forward or self-assertive
                                                                                          they are trying to make a deal.
                                                                                          As the daughter of the CEO, she was entitled
                entitle           v          to allow                                     to many privileges not available to other
                                                                                          girls her age.
                                             to print something that can be sold to       That book was first published in 1980, but it
                publish           v
                                             people                                       is still popular today.
                                                                                          The fire caused a major crisis in the
                crisis            n          an emergency                                 hospitals; there was not enough room for all
Q5 Practice 2
                                                                                          the victims.
                                                                                          Students were required to take Anthropology in
                anthropology      n          the general science of human beings
                                                                                          order to receive their degrees.
                                              to say that something that has been         The party was cancelled due to the bad
                cancel            v
                                             arranged will not now happen                 weather.
                                             a way to solve a problem                     After hours and hours of concentration, the
                solution          n                                                       team finally came up with a solution to the
                                             a person who vouches or is responsible for   Mr. Miller is the sponsor for the student
                sponsor           n
                                             a person or thing                            government committee.
                                                                                          After postponing having children, the couple
                                             to delay an event and plan or decide that
                postpone          v                                                       realized they were now too old to have
                                             it should happen at a later date or time
                                             to prepare; to put in proper condition or    Did you remember to prepare your lunch for
                prep              v
                                             readiness                                    school tomorrow?
                                                                                          Tripping as I walked across the stage to
                embarrassing      adj        causing to feel shame
                                                                                          receive my diploma was painfully embarrassing.
                                             to appear in a place where they were not     When I woke up, these red bumps showed up on
                show up           v phrase
                                             before                                       my skin.
                                             to go to a class, lecture, or meeting of     If students do not attend 80 percent of their
                attend            v          some kind                                    lectures every term, they will be thrown out
                                                                                          of university.
                                             agreeable to
                                                                                          Larry is always willing to help students in
                willing           adj
                                                                                          his office whenever they have a question.
   Chapter6                                                                               She had an advantage over other students
                advantage         n          a good feature
Q5 Practice 1                                                                             because she had studied Latin in high school.
                                                                                          The audience applauded as the show came to an
                audience          n          a group of people watching something
                                                                                          The hockey arena will serve as the venue for
                venue             n          the location of an event
                                                                                          tonight's rock concert.
                                                                                   The majority of the population voted for the
                 majority        n     more than half, but not all of something
                                                                                   new president.
                                                                                   She was extremely upset when she did not
                 extremely       n     to a great degree, highly
                                                                                   receive the job offer.
                 distinct        adj   different, separate                         The two theories were distinct in nature.
                                       a seating style in the shape of a horseshoe In the theater in my home town, we have a
                 proscenium      n
                                       around a stage                              proscenium style of seating.
                                                                                   The man was easily recognizable to the other
                 recognizable    adj   easily noticed or identified                hunters because he was wearing a bright orange
                                                                                   The number of theatergoers is really
                 theatergoer     n     one who goes to the theater
                                       a 'U' like shape that gets its name from    The large stadium, is in the shape of a
                 horseshoe       n
                                       the shoe of a horse                         horseshoe.
                 onstage         adv   on or onto the stage                        I feel so comfortable when I'm on stage.
                                                                                   It's good to keep the vegetables and meat
                 separate        v     to set or keep apart from something else
                                                                                   separate in the fridge.
                                                                                   When writing about an event in time, it's
                 omit            v     to pass over; neglect
                                                                                   important not to omit any important details.
                                                                                     Perhaps the best element of living overseas is
                 element         n     a part; a trait
                                                                                     the opportunity to try new and exotic foods
                                                                                     A chameleon blends in with its surroundings,
                 blend           v     difficult to see from similar things around
                                                                                     so it's hard to see.
    Chapter6                           the capacity for learning, reasoning, and     It does not take a great deal of intelligence
                 intelligence    n
 Q6 Practice 2                         understanding                                 to figure things out, just common sense.
                                                                                     Multiple choice tests are a favorite of
                 multiple        adj   more than one, several
                                                                                     college students.
                                                                                     Traditionally, a new bride will wear a white
                 traditionally   adv   according to tradition
                                                                                     dress on her wedding day.
                                                                                     A camera can be defined as a device used to
                 define          v     to give meaning to something
                                                                                     take pictures.
                                                                                     After hours and hours of concentration, the
                                       a person; one alone rather than
                 individual      n                                                   team finally came up with a solution to the
                                       part of a group
                                                                                     Albert Einstein's greatest contribution to
                                       a set of ideas used to explain
                 theory          n                                                   physics is generally regarded as the Theory of
                                       an event
                                                                                     This one machine was designed to do the same
                 design          v     to intend for a special purpose               work as ten men but without ever needing a
                                       the activity of attracting public attention
                 advertising     n                                                 Advertising lets a person be very creative.
                                       to a product or business
                                                                                     Stacy is a more visual learner. She likes to
                                       related to the sense of sight
                 visual          adj                                                 make a diagram or picture to understand
                                                                                     spatial relationships.
                                       having done something well; having become     To be successful you must put in a lot of
                 successful      adj
                                       important, famous, or rich                    effort in your tasks.
                                       a person who works in the same company or
                 coworker        n                                                   Many of my coworkers are married.
                                       job as you
Practice Test 1                                                                      I need to get a budget so I can save more of
                budget           n     a plan for spending money
       Q3                                                                            my money.
                                                                                         First, there is a misunderstanding, then a
                                            a repeated sequence of events
                cycle            n                                                       violent act, then a retaliation; and so begins
                                                                                         the cycle of violence.
                                                                                         The sum total was greater than we had
                sum              n          the full amount, or the whole
                                                                                         He maintained his idea even though others
                maintain         v          to keep, to carry on
                                                                                         We heard the announcement at work that a
                                            a public or formal notice announcing
                announcement     n                                                       terrible earthquake had struck the
                                                                                         They are cutting the prices of their summer
                cut              n          to lower, reduce, diminish, or curtail
                                                                                         clothes to make room for their winter supply.
                                            to defend an idea; to provide a reason
                                                                                         I don't have to justify my reasons for shaving
                justify          v          or justification for an action
                                                                                         my head; it’s really none of your business.
                                                                                        We have to all participate in the school’s
                participate      v          take part in something
                                                                                        homecoming rally.
                                                                                        Tuition fees are higher for courses such as
                tuition          n          the amount it costs to attend a school
Practice Test 1                             to have an influence on or effect a change Her lack of a college degree started to affect
                affect           v
       Q4                                   in                                          her self-esteem.
                                                                                        She felt very sick, but after extensive tests
                psychological    adj        relating to the human mind and feelings     the doctors realized that it was all
                                            a change that is produced in                Her calm manner had a salutary effect on the
                effect           n
                                            one person or thing by another              children.
                                            fog that has become mixed and polluted with The smog was so thick in the city that you
                smog             n
                                            smoke                                       could barely see anything in the distance.
                                            a poisonous substance, especially one that The toxins got into his bloodstream and have
                toxin            n
                                            is produced by bacteria and causes diseases made him ill.
                                                                                         The candidate received a negative response for
                negative         adj        not positive; bad
                                                                                         changing his views.
                                                                                         Blood vessels are part of the cardiovascular
                cardiovascular   adj        relating to the heart
                concentrate      v          to think about closely; focus                I have to concentrate more on my future plans.
                                            a person who is one's equal in age, rank,
                peer             n                                                       She was much taller than her peers.
                                            ability, or other quality
                                            the process of making something or someone   Any agitation will cause the chemicals to
                agitation        n
                                            act in a violent manner                      explode.
                                                                                         The accident left the driver with significant
                significant      adj
                                                                                         injuries to his arms and legs.
Practice Test 1
                stressed out     adj phrase very anxious about something                 My job and family can sometimes stress me out.
                                            쪼개다, 나누다          to divide into smaller
                split            v                                                       I split my sandwich with Lisa.
                                            the price paid to acquire, produce,
                cost             n                                                       The cost of the suit was just too much.
                                            accomplish, or maintain anything
                                                                                         She considered becoming a doctor, but she
                consider         v          to think about something                     decided against it since she couldn't stand
                                                                                         the sight of blood.
                                                                                         He yelled at the waitress, and the owner asked
                                            making people angry by one's bad behavior
                rude             adj                                                     him to leave the restaurant because of his
                                            or unkind words
                                                                                         rude behavior.
                                            be     intelligible,     justifiable,     or It does not make sense to buy something you do
                make sense       v phrase
                                            practicable                                  not need.
                                            to use pictures and/or words to make people The school advertised the school fair that
                advertise        v
                                            aware of something                           will be held this Saturday.
                                            a board for the posting of bulletins,        The bulletin board at school always has
                bulletin board   n
                                            annoucements, notices, etc.                  notices for part-time jobs.
                                                                                         What was his response when he found out his
                response         n          a reaction to something
                                                                                         wife was pregnant?
Practice Test 1                                                                          The benefit of a high school diploma is that
                benefit          n          helpful or good effect
       Q6                                                                                you will be more employable.
                                            the processes of making or characteristic    The urbanization of Texas is mainly the result
                urbanization     n
                                            of a city                                    of European settlement and culture.
                                                                                         Yesterady, there was a partial eclipse in the
                partial          adj        incomplete
                                                                                         The remedy for the solution was only a
                remedy           n          something that corrects
                                                                                         temporary one.
                atmosphere       n          the feeling or mood of a place               The atmosphere in the room was very tense.
                                                                                         When training your dog, you should reward him
                instantly        adv        right away; without a gap in time            instantly when he performs the desired
                                            level of public notice or
                fame             n                                                        Her fame grew after her award-winning novel.
                                                                                          The city is going to construct a new park
                construct        v          to build
                                                                                          A drawback of homeschooling is the student's
                drawback         n          an objectionable feature                      inability to take part in school-related
                                                                                          festivities and social events.
                                                                                          Before you schedule an interview,
Practice Test 2                             a thing that is demanded or
                requirement      n                                                        you should verify that you meet
       Q3                                   needed
                                                                                          all of the requirements.
                educational      adj        providing education or related to education    The film was quite educational.
                                            evoking or attracting interest, desire,     The short-cut dress is very appealing to many
                appealing        adj
                                            curiosity, sympathy                         men.
                                            possible when the necessary conditions      Her work has a lot of potential to influence
                potential        adj
                                            exist                                       people.
                                                                                        My intentions were not to harm the dog, but
                intention        n          purpose
                                                                                        when I tried to bandage his leg, he ran away.
                                                                                        My friend is so competitive that he gets very
                competitive      adj        having a strong desire to succeed
                                                                                        upset when he loses.
                                                                                        There aren't too many high-paying jobs in the
                marketplace      n          the realm of business, trade, and economics
                                                                                        marketplace these days.
                                            to make wider                               The evidence presented by the witness
                broaden          v                                                      broadened the understanding of the crime for
                                                                                        the jury.
                                                                                        The nice weather was distracting the students
                distract         v          to take focus from
                                                                                        from studying.
Practice Test 2                                                                         Abortion continues to be one of the most
                controversial    adj        something that is not accepted by everyone
       Q4                                                                               controversial topics in American politics.
                                            of, pertaining to, or characteristic of      He took a real journalistic approach when he
                journalistic     adj
                                            journalists or journalism                    interviewed his co-workers about the incident.
                                            to connect someone or something in your     Most people associate his bad behavior to his
                associate        v
                                            mind with someone or something else         bad childhood.
                                                                                        The baby has distinct features inherited from
                distinct         adj        easy to see
                                                                                        her father.
                                                                                        The most interesting characteristic about Yao
                characteristic   n          a distinctive trait or feature
                                                                                        Ming is his unbelievable height.
                                            a central point, as of attraction,          The focus of my lecture will be on General Mac
                focus            n
                                            attention, or activity                      Aruthur's landing at Incheon.
                                                                                        The news of his scandalous affair surprised
                scandalous       adj        disgraceful; shameful or shocking; improper
                                                                                        many people.
                                                                                        The advertisement is targeting single men and
                target           v          to focus or emphasize on a particular thing
                                            a considerable assemblage, number, or       A mass of people were waiting outside the
                mass             n
                                            quantity                                    store for it to open.
                                                                                         The movie critics sensationalized the movie so
                sensationalize   v          to make sensational                          that people would be encouraged to go watch
                                            to say something is better, worse, more      The company profits were exaggerated, and no
                exaggerate       v
                                            important than it really is                  one knew the financial state of the company.
                                                                                         She overstated the importance of attending the
                overstate        v          to exaggerate
                                            to become so hot to the point of bursting
                burned up        v phrase                                                The paper easliy burned up in the fire.
                                            into flames
Practice Test 2                             a laboratory where pracitcal science         Lab is much more interesting than lecture
                lab              n
       Q5                                   experiements can be performed in safety      because you actually get to do something.
                                                                                         Your reputation will suffer if you do not
                suffer           v          to be disadvantageous
                                                                                         attend her wedding.
                                                                                         My husband is still very athletic even though
                athletic         adj        strong, healthy and good at sports
                                                                                         he is in his fifties.
                                                                                         I sort of understand your position but I
                sort of          adv phrase kind of; a little
                                                                                         really think that you should reconsider.
                seriously        adv        in a serious manner                          He shook his head seriously.
                                             one of the two terms that usually make up
                semester         n                                                       This semester I am doing a lot of sports.
                                            a school year.
                                            The rest is used to refer to all the parts
                                            of something or all the things in a group    The rest of the people are waiting for you in
                rest             n
                                            that remain or that you have not already     the conference room.
                                            an exercise that is repeated many times in
                                                                                         All elementary schools in the district will
                drill            n          order to perfect a skill
                                                                                         conduct a fire drill twice per year.
                                                                                         It is a challenge to protect our children from
Practice Test 2
                influence        n          the power to change or persuade others       the many negative influences they are exposed
                                                                                         to each day.
                                            a person who follows or adheres to the
                                                                                         Claude Monet is one of the more popular
                Impressionist    n          theories, methods and practices of
                                                                                         impressionists painters.
                                                                                         Ted had to have retinal surgery to correct a
                retinal          adj        of or pertaining to the retina of the eye
                                                                                         problem with his eye.
eyesight   n     the power or faculty of seeing       He wears glasses because he has poor eyesight.
                                                      You can get a policy that covers vision for an
vision     n     the act of seeing
                                                      additional thirty dollars per month.
                 having to do with the face           Although Wallace had blonde hair on his head,
facial     adj
                                                      his facial hair always came in red.
worsen     v     to make or become worse              The weather worsened as the day went on.
                                                      The film on the window made the objects
blurry     adj   not clear; fuzzy
                                                      outside appear blurry.
                                                      They documented her claims with written notes,
document   v     to support with evidence
                                                      photographs, and tape recordings.
                                                      Cataracts is a serious condition where one can
cataract   n     an abnormality of the eye
                                                      loose their eyesighty.
muddy      adj   not clear, having the color of mud   You should never drink muddy water.
                                                      She had to have surgery to remove cysts; the
surgery    n     an operation to treat disease        doctors were worried that they could be

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