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									The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation
What’s in the Toolbox of a Top 5 Cancer Research Centre?
A Message from Dr. Mary Gospodarowicz and Dr. Ben Neel

The tools available to see cancer more clearly and treat it more effectively
have become more plentiful and more sophisticated. X-ray technology,
microscopes, scalpels, and single beam radiation machines have been super-
ceded by MRI, computed tomography, laser capture microscopy, surgical
robots and shaped-beam radiation.

Learning how to leverage these tools and refine them for our specific pur-
poses in cancer medicine has required that we expand our workforce in
certain areas. We now employ physicists, bioinformatics specialists, engineers
and medicinal chemists, as well as commercialization specialists who focus
solely on speeding new technology and discoveries into production so they
can help patients sooner.

There is a spirit of collaboration and a sense of urgency among our staff that
only a critical mission like conquering cancer in our lifetime can ignite. Here
are a few developments that illustrate the creativity of our scientists and
clinicians in the use of new tools and technology:

w   The puzzle of why certain lung cancer patients responded well to chemo-
    therapy in addition to surgery and others did not was solved by uncovering
    a 3-gene ‘signature’ which was discovered and validated through sophisti-
    cated computer analysis of patient data from over 27 studies worldwide
w   Robotic equipment is being used to screen thousands of off-patent drugs
    for their effectiveness against cancer cells. This ‘drug recycling’ approach
    has identified several promising candidates, and it greatly shortens the
    time by which a drug can be helping patients
w   Cancerous tumours often spread to the bone, and this ‘infected’ bone
    must be removed and ‘re-built’ using bone tissue harvested from another
    part of the patient’s body. CT imaging is very effective for surgeons in
    preparing for this re-constructive phase of the surgery

Our scientists have not only successfully adapted promising tools and
technology to cancer research and treatment, but they have created entirely
new tools.

We are highly dependent on our generous donors to maintain the high quality toolbox needed by our innovative
scientists, clinicians and surgeons. Thank you for appreciating this need for state-of-the-art tools. We feel confident
that we are making excellent use of the funds you entrust to us.

Dr. Mary Gospodarowicz, Medical Director                              Dr. Ben Neel, Research Director
Cancer Program                                                        Ontario Cancer Institute and
Princess Margaret Hospital/UHN                                        The Campbell Family Cancer Research Institute
                                                                      Princess Margaret Hospital/UHN
In Our Lifetime
It may seem like we’ve been fighting this fight forever. But we haven’t.
There was a time, not long ago, when cancer was a death sentence. And the treatment
was dreaded almost as much as the disease. We’ve seen that change in our lifetime, at
The Princess Margaret.
We’ve seen the entire process of cancer care forever altered. We’ve seen radical mastectomies
become lumpectomies. We’ve seen the precision of image-guided therapies spare more healthy
tissue. We’ve seen undreamed-of advances at the cellular level and revolutionary work in healing
beyond the body.
All in our lifetime. All at The Princess Margaret.
We’ve seen a provincial cancer hospital become one of the world’s top 5 cancer research
centres. We’ve seen our people grow beyond a thousand. We’ve seen leading researchers, from all
over the world, leave their homes to come here. Because this is where they believe the fight will be
finished. In our lifetime.
Yes, we are still losing people to cancer. But imagine if Terry Fox were diagnosed today. He would
be much less likely to lose his leg and he could live to continue the fight. That’s how far we’ve
come, and that’s how fast.
It may seem like we’ll be fighting this fight forever. But we won’t. Because we’re closing in.
We have the momentum. We have the talent. And we have the passion. This is the front line. We
are Canada’s cancer warriors. But we can’t do it alone.
The world needs to hear The Princess Margaret message. So share it at every opportunity
with anyone who will listen.
It’s a simple message, really. But it’s a message of incredible power: we are conquering
cancer at Canada’s cancer research centre, The Princess Margaret. In our lifetime.

                              The Princess Margaret
                                                                The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation   1
‘Passion Capital’ Leads the Way to a Record Year
A Message from the President & CEO and the Chairman of the Foundation Board

Our heart leads us and drives us to support the causes we believe in. The passion that begins in our hearts and ignites
our spirit of generosity can accomplish amazing things. A new term for this collective spirit has emerged, and we believe
that ‘passion capital’ is what has enabled The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation to raise over $73 million (net) for
The Princess Margaret.

It is obvious from meeting and speaking to many of you—annual donors, walkers, riders, lottery ticket buyers, and
event organizers—that conquering cancer is a cause that generates deep emotions and motivates people to dig
deeper and work harder to raise the funds needed for breakthrough research and compassionate care. We are very
grateful that you have continued your commitment to help CONQUER CANCER IN OUR LIFETIME this year.

                                                                                      We all want to leave a legacy to
                                                                                      our children of a world without
                                                                                      this disease, and that will require
                                                                                      that we continue to generously
                                                                                      invest our passion capital.

                                                                                      Our Major Gifts and Planned
                                                                                      Giving area raised just under
                                                                                      $28 million.

                                                                                      We are very thankful to the
                                                                                      Campbell Family for their
                                                                                      commitment of a $37.5 million
                                                                                      long-term gift that enabled us to
                                                                                      establish The Campbell Family
                                                                                      Cancer Research Institute. This
                                                                                      expanded facility houses all
                                                                                      of our basic science laborato-
                                                                                      ries where top scientists and
                                                                                      researchers from around the
                                                                                      world are working as a team
                                                                                      to unravel and understand the
                                                                                      complexities of cancer.

Our appreciation also goes out to the Dr. Geoffrey R. Conway Memorial Foundation for its generous gift of
$6.5 million that will be used to create a new world-class chemotherapy centre now being constructed on the
fourth floor of the hospital and due to open to patients in late 2010.

The Gattuso-Slaight gift of $12.5 million to create The Gattuso Rapid Diagnostic Centre has generated a huge
groundswell of appreciation from the breast cancer community. This is a wonderful example of how our hospital is
always setting new standards of patient care.

Other highlights include:
w   $1.3 million from Gordon Tozer in support of head and neck cancer research
w $1 million from Molly and David Bloom to establish the Molly and David Bloom Chair in Multiple Myeloma
    Research, the first myeloma chair in Canada

2    2009 Report to Our Donors
w   The campaign leading up to our Spotlight Tribute secured donations and commitments of over $700,000.
    This year’s Tribute celebrated the world-leading efforts of The Robert and Maggie Bras and Family New Drug
    Development Program in developing targeted and effective cancer therapies
w   $640,000 from AstraZeneca Canada Inc. to support lung cancer research and breast cancer research

One of the year’s greatest achievements for the Foundation was The Ride to Conquer Cancer—an event that is already
Canada’s most successful cycling fundraiser. Three years of careful planning and preparation paid off with 2,850 partici-
pants riding in the inaugural event and raising an incredible $14.8 million for cancer research. The Ride was so success-
ful that 2009 will see the event run in three additional Canadian cities—Vancouver, Calgary and Montreal.

The Weekend to End Breast Cancer (WEBC) walkers got a little soggy this past year, but it seems that nothing can
dampen the spirits of 4,757 participants determined to bring an end to a horrible disease that has impacted their lives
in some way. They raised an amazing $13.5 million. This year we announced that funds from future WEBC events will
be directed to research projects focused on gynecological cancers in addition to breast cancer, plus there will now be
a one-day walk so more walkers can participate in this life changing event.

After conducting extensive market research with lottery ticket buyers, the Foundation re-vamped and re-launched
its fall lottery program. Branded the Welcome Home Sweepstakes, the lottery offered up an incredible selection
of real estate in a variety of prestigious locations. Lynda Reeves and her House & Home team lent their support by
designing and decorating the Oakville home. All of the prizes resonated well, as the lottery sold out in a tough
economic climate.

Our Community Giving team continues to engage and steward a growing base of more than 60,000 supporters
through our annual giving and tribute programs which raised a total of $6.3 million. We continued to build our
monthly giving program, and evolved our Leadership Giving Society into The Princess Margaret’s Inner Circle.

The Special Events team supported more than 100 community events last year, including galas, golf tournaments,
runs, walks, clothing sales, and more. The 2008 Brazilian Ball was a highlight of the year, raising the seed funding for
the de Souza Institute and for cancer research. More than 1,000 walkers raised $690,000 in the Toronto Marathon 5K;
Joe’s Team triathlon participants raised $470,000 for head and neck translational research; and Harry’s Spring Run-off
runners raised $336,000 for prostate cancer. In all, more than 30,000 Special Event supporters raised $5.2 million for
The Princess Margaret.

We were delighted to welcome Farsad Kiani to our Board this year. Mr. Kiani’s background and leadership in medi-
cal innovation and his extensive work with a wide variety of philanthropic organizations will be of great benefit to our
Foundation. The combined breadth and depth of expertise accessible to the Foundation through our Board mem-
bers is a great source of strength and wisdom. An excellent example of that wisdom is the work of our Investment
Committee. Their counsel regarding the Foundation’s investment portfolio during a period of extreme capital market
turmoil allowed us to emerge from the storm in relatively good condition. Further information on our investment
portfolio is provided at the end of the Financials section of this report.

We hope you enjoy reading the stories in this report describing how the funds you donated or helped to raise are
being put to use by our dedicated doctors, scientists and other PMH staff. They are stories we would not be able to
tell without your support and your passion.

Paul Alofs                                 Keith P. Ambachtsheer
President & CEO                            Chairman

                                                                            The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation      3
Training our Body to Recognize and Destroy Tumour Cells
Harnessing the body’s immune system to fight cancer is an
intuitively appealing and tantalizing idea. An anti-cancer
vaccine is certainly the ‘holy grail’, and scientists at The
Princess Margaret have a collective understanding of the
human immune system that is getting us ever closer.

Dr. Tak Mak, Director of The Campbell Family Institute for
Breast Cancer Research at The Princess Margaret, is known
around the world as the first scientist to clone an impor-
tant receptor found on white blood cells called T cells.
Identifying this receptor opened up the field of immunol-
ogy because this structure is responsible for determining
the kind of foreign molecules that are the target of the
immune response. Together with his Co-Director,
Dr. Pamela Ohashi, he recently published scientific find-
ings that showed the addition of interleukin-7 with a viral
vaccine boosted the body’s immunity to tumours.

The human immune system is an amazing defense system, always on guard to destroy foreign bacteria and viruses.
Even better, it can be further fortified to defend against life-threatening viruses that it may not recognize or have the
natural defenses to fight. Because of this we now have vaccinations against diseases such as small pox and tetanus.

Immunotherapy efforts are essentially organized along two fronts: development of vaccines to fight viruses that are
known to cause cancer (for example, human papillomavirus and hepatitis B and C), or identifying approaches to fire
up the immune system to fight an existing malignancy.

Because a tumour begins as a normal organ cell with a genetic aberration that allows it to grow and reproduce
without natural controls, the immune system does not see the tumour as ‘foreign’.

Dr. Ohashi’s lab is focused on helping the immune system make this distinction. She explains, “It is important that our
bodies respond to viruses which are foreign invaders, and not respond to our own tissues. When this process breaks
down, people can develop diseases such as diabetes. Our goal is to understand what prevents our immune system
from attacking our own tissues, and use this knowledge to direct the immune system to destroy any tumours that may
arise in our body.”

    The Campbell Family is Focused on the Benefits of Long-Term Investing
              Financial planners typically recommend that their clients adopt a strategy of ‘long-term investing’—
               focusing not on the daily ups and downs of global stock markets, but on a long-term positive outcome.
               The Campbell family has adopted this strategy in its relationship with The Princess Margaret.

             Their support over the course of their association with this cancer centre now totals $67.5 million, rep-
    resenting the largest cumulative private gift to cancer research in Canada. Audrey Campbell began this legacy
    of support to basic science research back in 2004, with the creation of The Campbell Family Institute for Breast
    Cancer Research, supporting the work of the esteemed Dr. Tak Mak who is now dedicating his scientific career to
    the eradication of breast cancer. Audrey’s daughters, Linda, Gaye and Susan, are continuing their mother’s dedi-
    cation to cancer research, and their generosity is now supporting research into a broader range of cancers.

    The Campbell family’s long-term commitment to basic science research is benefiting cancer patients and their
    families today and will be paying dividends well into the future.

4     2009 Report to Our Donors
Enabling Better Outcomes in Cancer Surgery
The Princess Margaret has very successfully pioneered the use of image-guided technology both in radiation therapy
and, more recently, in surgical oncology. Because tumours shift and change in size over time, real-time CT (computed
tomography) images allow radiation therapists to apply radiation much more precisely, sparing more healthy tissue.
All of the hospital’s 17 radiation treatment rooms are now equipped with CT imaging technology.

Similarly, surgeons tasked with the responsibility of removing tumours have a tremendous advantage when they can
see a tumour in relation to surrounding organs, critical nerves, and blood vessels.

While previous technology pictured a 2-dimensional cross-section of an affected area, the new technology generates
1,024 images at once and provides a real-time 3-dimensional picture of the patient’s interior. These images are used
to plan and prepare for surgery, and they can also be updated throughout the surgery, confirming whether the entire
tumour has been removed or whether more malignant tissue remains.

Dr. Jonathan Irish, Head of Surgical Oncology for The Princess Margaret, works closely with Dr. David Jaffray, Head
of Radiation Physics, to determine how best to integrate the new technology in the surgical operating rooms of the
cancer centre.

He points out that, while the new technology is beneficial for all surgeons, it is particularly advantageous for new
surgeons who haven’t had 20 years to develop their ‘sixth sense’ about the positioning of each artery and nerve. This
kind of technology will reduce surgical complications and give young surgeons more confidence.

                                                      Visit for videos and more information

                                                                          The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation     5
    Generous Gift from the Gattuso-Slaight Family is Paradigm Shifting
                            Emmanuelle Gattuso is a tenacious and visionary woman who makes things happen. Her
                            prolific career in media production and public relations includes a long list of positions
                            and accomplishments including Press Attaché for the Commissioner of Official Languages,
                            Senior Vice-President of Public Affairs for The Canadian Association of Broadcasters and
                            producer for Sleepless Nights and The Vancouver Show.

                        After being treated herself for breast cancer in 2003, she became a strong advocate for
                        breast cancer patients and has worked with Dr. David McCready, Head of The Princess
    Margaret’s Breast Cancer Program, to support research into new screening, diagnostic and treatment programs.

    In 2009, she and her husband, media entrepreneur Allan Slaight, made a generous and trailblazing gift of $12.5
    million to create The Gattuso Rapid Diagnostic Centre. They have also committed to lead a fundraising campaign
    to secure the remaining $12.5 million to complete the Centre which will be a model for other cancer centres in
    Canada and beyond.

A Confirmed Diagnosis and Treatment Plan in a Single Day
Thanks to ‘seed money’ from The Weekend to End Breast Cancer, The Princess Margaret was able to purchase a
piece of equipment and test a new approach to the care of patients coming to the hospital with symptoms of breast
cancer. Dr. David McCready, Head of the Breast Cancer
Program, was concerned that patients were waiting an aver-
age of 37 days for a confirmed diagnosis and treatment plan.

The equipment, called an XPress Rapid Tissue Processor,
enables pathologists to analyze breast tissue specimens
acquired through a core biopsy within several hours. This
means that a patient arriving at the hospital between 8 and
10 in the morning can have a physical examination, mammo-
gram, ultrasound and biopsy completed, and then meet with
a member of the surgical oncology team in the afternoon for
a report on the findings. If indeed the tumour is malignant,
the treatment plan can be provided on the same day.

Since inception, over 550 patients have experienced this
new approach.

The experimental phase of the program has completed, and
thanks to a generous donation, it is being expanded and
double the number of patients (750 per year) will now benefit
from this rapid diagnostic procedure. By 2013, additional
funding will allow the program to diagnose 3,000 patients
per year.

The Princess Margaret is hoping to partner with nearby hos-
pitals as well as other regional cancer centres to ensure suf-
ficient capacity for follow-up surgical and radiation treatment
and to enable a broad base of patients to take advantage of
this rapid diagnostic service.

6     2009 Report to Our Donors
Understanding What Fuels a Tumour
The past ten years
have been a fertile
period for scientists
in terms of under-
standing differ-
ences between
how normal and
tumour cells grow
and proliferate.
Tumour cells are
very often growing
in a hypoxic or low
oxygen environ-
ment. This is partly
due to the fact that
the blood vessels
established to
supply blood to the
tumour are leaky
and not as efficient
as the system of
vessels and capil-
laries established in
healthy tissue.                                        Visit for videos and more information

Like all cells,
tumour cells need
fuel and, in fact, they are mega consumers of glucose. This large consumption of glucose is one of the ways tumours
adapt to the low oxygen environment.

Dr. Brad Wouters recently returned to Canada after establishing a thriving radiation biology research program in
the Netherlands. He is leading the Hypoxia and Microenvironment Program at The Princess Margaret and his lab is
focused on understanding and then exploiting the vulnerabilities of tumour microenvironments (like the low oxygen
environment) for improved cancer detection and treatment.

Dr. Michael Milosevic is a radiation oncologist and one of the three directors of the STTARR Innovation Centre which
is focused on radiation therapy research. He specializes in the treatment of gynecological and prostate cancers, and is
currently leading several patient studies focused on understanding how abnormal tumour blood flow and metabolism
influence the response to treatments like radiation therapy. One study, for example, is combining the use of a drug
that blocks the formation of new blood vessels with radiation treatment.

In his patient studies, Dr. Milosevic is using special MRI and CT scans to measure and map out blood flow to tumours
and to observe how leaky the blood flow is. PET scans and a new approach called bioluminescence imaging, which
can provide valuable information about tumour metabolism, are also promising tools his team is looking to employ.

Drs. Wouters and Milosevic are sharing their knowledge of tumour metabolism and collaborating to identify
better ways to treat patients. They represent the synergy that exists between laboratory and clinical teams at
The Princess Margaret.

                                                                            The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation   7
    Kensington Health                         Ensuring Quality of Life Throughout
    Centre and The                            the Cancer Journey
    Princess Margaret                         For so many
    Partner to Establish a                    of our patients
    World-Class Hospice                       and donors,
                                              palliative care is
    In the heart of Toronto, Kensington       a high priority
    Health Centre is converting its
                                              and an area
    historic chapel to a state-of-the-art
                                              they want to
    hospice home to provide end-of-life
                                              see expanded.
    care for central Toronto residents.
    Fortunately, just around the corner,      Palliative care
    The Princess Margaret has estab-          refers not only
    lished an outstanding reputation in       to end of life
    this area of care, and an affiliation     care, but to all
    between the two organizations will        the services
    allow Kensington to benefit from          involving pain
    the latest knowledge, research and        and symptom                         Visit for video
    expertise assembled at the world-         control,
    leading cancer centre. The Princess       psychological
    Margaret palliative team will:            well-being and social support of cancer patients and their families.
    •	 	 ork	with	the	Kensington	
       healthcare team in applying the        The psychological impact of a life-threatening cancer diagnosis can be
       palliative care model developed        devastating, and the hospital has responded by developing a wide range
       at the hospital to the resident        of services for palliative and supportive care. We have a large multidis-
       hospice setting                        ciplinary palliative care team, daily out-patient palliative care clinics, a
    •	 	 hare	information	regarding	          palliative care consultation service, and a 10-bed in-patient palliative care
       comfort measures (pain man-            unit. Psychosocial services include individual, family and group counsel-
       agement and bereavement                ing, chaplaincy services, and a Web site called, where
       counseling)                            information and experience are shared with other cancer centres and
    •	 	mplement	multidisciplinary	
                                              their patients.
       education and establish a collab-
       orative clinical research program
                                              Dr. Gary Rodin, Head of Psychosocial Oncology and Palliative Care, is
    •	 	 stablish	e-health	processes	
       for sharing treatment plans and        proud that this hospital, thanks in large part to Foundation donors, is
       patient-related information            able to “influence cancer care in the world”.

    Brian McFarlane, President and            Research is vital to this area of care, as it is to all areas of the hospital,
    CEO of the Kensington Health              and clinical trials are being performed to study the impact of early
    Centre, is delighted that his team        palliative care and psychosocial interventions and to understand how
    will be working side by side with
                                              best to help cancer patients suffering from depression, memory loss
    “internationally-renowned experts in
                                              (‘chemobrain’), fatigue and chronic pain.
    the field of palliative care, education
    and research.”
                                              The Al Hertz Centre for Supportive and Palliative Care, which will be
                                              established in the fall of 2009, illustrates the importance that The Princess
                                              Margaret places on providing patients and their families with a support-
                                              ive environment that helps preserve their emotional well being, as they
                                              live with cancer. The staff involved in setting up the Centre understand
                                              that palliative care is as much about supporting the family and caregivers
                                              as it is about supporting patients, and the programs and resources being
                                              developed in the Centre reflect this.

8     2009 Report to Our Donors
Crunching the Numbers                                                                    Invest in Research
Cancer research involves intensive study of human genomics, and the                      Investment
volume of data associated with just one person’s genome is huge,                         clubs have
creating a significant need for specialists who can figure out the most                  been popular
efficient way to integrate, analyze, visualize and interpret the data. In                for some time.
addition to developing new algorithms and programs for cancer infor-                     The idea of
matics, there is a major challenge to harness enough computing power                     pooling funds
to perform the data analyses in a timely manner.                                         and sharing
In the past year, the computational biology team, headed by Dr. Igor                     on the best
Jurisica, has been working closely with the lung cancer site group trying
                                                                                         for a good
to answer the question of why some patients with early-stage non-small
                                                                                         ROI is appealing on many fronts.
cell lung cancer responded well to chemotherapy in combination with
                                                                                         This idea is now being applied to
surgery, while others did not.                                                           philanthropy an investment club
                                                                                         where the ROE is the opportunity to
Genomic analysis of lung tumour samples from these patients led                          actively participate in the vision to
senior researchers Dr. Ming Tsao and Dr. Frances Shepherd to isolate                     Conquer Cancer In Our Lifetime..
a particular gene ‘signature’ or biomarker that differentiated these two
patient groups.                                                                          Tom Ehrlich was treated for cancer
                                                                                         at PMH, and when he asked his
                                                                                         doctor how he could help the
The team took this discovery to the next stage and confirmed the
                                                                                         hospital that had just helped him,
predictive power of this genetic signature against publicly available
                                                                                         Dr. Mary Gospodarowicz told him
genetic data from other lung cancer patients. “One of the great advan-                   about the important research ‘in the
tages for researchers today is the requirement by the major scientific                   funnel’ that urgently needed fund-
journals to make the data associated with major papers available pub-                    ing. That conversation, together
licly,” explains Dr. Jurisica. “This ensures that biological data is collected           with Tom’s great network of friends
and published in a standardized way. It can then serve many studies and                  and work colleagues, spawned the
accelerate research.”                                                                    Invest in Research Program.

                                                                                         Tom put together a ‘club’ of 25
An industry partnership with IBM that has been in place for about ten
                                                                                         people, and set a goal for the
years has been highly beneficial for both partners. IBM provides needed
                                                                                         program to raise a pool of $1 million
computing power and software infrastructure for the hospital’s compu-                    over the course of five years. Each
tational gurus, typically on their newly-developed platforms, and our                    year they would pay out $200,000 in
data experts test out their                                                              support of research projects.
new hardware and software
and provide feedback to the                                                              For the inaugural year, a short list
developers.                                                                              of six proposals vetted by hospital
                                                                                         research leaders was reviewed by
                                                                                         Invest in Research club members.
The computational biology
                                                                                         They chose to award two grants
team gets some of their com-
                                                                                         of $100,000 each—one is support-
puting horsepower from the                                                               ing research into a promising new
World Community Grid—a                                                                   drug for leukemia patients, and the
network of over 1.2 million                                                              other funds a study of lung tumour
connected computers world-                                                               formation.
wide. Dr. Jurisica and his team
are also figuring out how
to leverage the computing
power available on graphics
cards (called GPU) for certain
computational tasks.                    Visit for video

                                                                                   The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation     9
de Souza Institute Surpasses Five-Year Goals in its First Year
Anna Maria de Souza, who passed away in September of 2007,
was a legend of Canadian philanthropy, and even as she herself
was being treated for cancer at The Princess Margaret, she was
planning her annual Brazilian Ball to raise funds for the hospital.
She wanted the 2008 Ball to pay tribute to the extraordinary oncol-
ogy nurses who support patients and their families as they deal
with the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, and to also raise funds
for cancer research at The Campbell Family Institute.

Together with her beloved husband, Ivan, she also planted a seed
that has already germinated and borne fruit for oncology nurses
in Ontario. The funds raised by the Brazilian Ball for oncology nurs-
ing laid the groundwork for the de Souza Institute, an organization
dedicated to helping meet the increasing demand for more nurses
trained in oncology.

The mandate of the de Souza Institute is to work in concert with
academic and accreditation bodies to develop and deliver a broad
range of oncology-related training as well as mentorship programs
for nurses across the province.

The inaugural director for the institute is Dr. Mary Jane Esplen,
a clinician, professor, author and scientist, well-regarded for her work in psychosocial oncology, women’s health and
palliative care. Dr. Esplen has put in place an ambitious plan for the de Souza Institute and has already over-achieved
in many areas. Just some of the accomplishments of the first six months include:

w    14 Ontario regional cancer centres received a total of $1.4 million from the de Souza Institute for information
     technology and physical space for nurses to study
w    31 oncology nurses in Ontario who are enrolled in graduate-level programs received de Souza fellowship awards to
     advance their career development in clinical practice, research and nursing leadership
w Over 150 oncology nurses either enrolled in de Souza study groups or received funding to prepare for the 2009
     Canadian Nurses Association national certification exam in oncology or hospice palliative care.

     Ontario Government Provides $15 Million for Oncology Nursing Centre
     Anna Maria de Souza’s wish to recognize and support oncology nurses led to a meeting of her husband, Ivan de
     Souza, Foundation CEO Paul Alofs and representatives from the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.

     The idea of a centre of excellence to develop and provide education and mentorship programs for oncology
     nurses across the province resonated so well with the goals of Cancer Care Ontario and the Ministry of Health
     that the Ontario Government announced in May 2008 that it would provide $15 million over five years to support
     this centre of nursing excellence, which is headquartered at The Princess Margaret.

     While the survival rate for most types of cancers has been increasing steadily, the incidence of the disease also
     continues to grow, and the oncology nursing force has not kept pace.

     “Oncology nurses play a vital role for cancer patients and their families throughout the cancer care continuum,”
     said Terrence Sullivan, President and CEO, Cancer Care Ontario. “Initiatives like the de Souza Institute are impor-
     tant to help make sure that Ontario nurses have access to ongoing educational support and professional devel-
     opment to play an expanding role in meeting the needs of the growing cancer patient population.”

10     2009 Report to Our Donors
  “The Biobank Was a Project That Really Resonated With Us”
                    With his wife, Candace, on the Board of Directors for The Princess Margaret Hospital
                    Foundation, Eric Innes knew about the work going on at this world-leading cancer centre. When
                    he and Candace decided that they wanted to do something significant for the hospital, they
                    chose to support the purchase of needed equipment for the centre’s BioBank as it was central
                    to the hospital’s strategic plan and relevant to their own goals.

                    The hospital identified three pieces of equipment needed for the BioBank to store and manage
                    patient bio-specimens and corresponding patient data.

  The goal was $750,000. The Innes family made the leadership donation, and invited a group of friends to join
  them by pledging additional financial support. Reaching this goal and making this major gift to The Princess
  Margaret gave Eric great pride as he fought his own tough battle with pancreatic cancer. Eric’s passion for life,
  commitment to his family, unwavering optimism and strength of character will be cherished with his memory.

Going Digital (and High Definition!)
‘Going digital’ has been a trend with just about everything for the past two decades, and the use of digital imaging by
the BioBank team is helping to extend the many assets of our bank to the larger scientific community.

As the BioBank staff process donated tissues from our patients either for immediate use by our researchers or for
storage, they are now able to use high-throughput digital imaging (HTDI) equipment to take one or more ‘snapshots’
of the tissue as it would appear under a powerful microscope. Together with other cataloguing information stored
along with the snapshot, the team has created a searchable Web site that is being used to train pathologists and to
show scientists (wherever they may be located in the world) the various samples of tissue stored in our BioBank.

Along with the informatics platform that is being enhanced for the BioBank, digital imaging is facilitating important
collaboration with other academic centres. This kind of resource and knowledge sharing is greatly accelerating
cancer research.

The funds required to purchase the
digital imaging equipment were
donated by Foundation supporters,
and put to use almost immediately!

Use of digital imaging in the BioBank
has many other benefits. “Once we
have tissue images digitized and stored
in a database, we can perform different
kinds of analysis that help us identify
common patterns among groups of
specimens,” explains Dr. Patricia Shaw,
Medical Director of the BioBank.

Digital imaging also helps with quality
control in the BioBank. Once a patholo-
gist has reviewed an image, they are
able to document the usability and                      Visit for videos and more information
annotate the image for future research.

                                                                            The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation    11
Helping Scientists Pinpoint Culprit Genes
Cancer is a disease of the human genome. It starts with a mutation that you might inherit, or it could develop as a
result of exposure to a carcinogenic compound such as tobacco.

Not all mutations lead to cancer in all people, which is a large part of the mystery of the disease. But scientists have
isolated certain gene mutations that are shared by many cancer patients. Identifying these gene mutations, some-
times referred to as gene ‘signatures’ or ‘biomarkers’, is already leading to better screening, diagnosis and treatment
of the disease.

The Human Genome Project has resulted in an explosion in the amount of information available about our genes.
With a few exceptions, every cell in the body contains a full set of identical genes. But only a small percentage of
these genes are turned on or ‘expressed’, and it is this subset of ‘expressed’ genes that gives each cell unique proper-
ties. Further, genes are not like simple on/off lights. They are more like lights controlled by a dimmer switch where the
light can be high or low intensity.

To identify, classify, and visually represent such a vast amount of genetic information is a considerable challenge, and
this is where microarrays and microarray technology come in to play. A microarray is a tool for analyzing how genes
are expressed.

The Microarray Centre, co-directed by senior scientists Drs. Linda Penn and Jim Woodgett, has been in operation for
almost ten years analyzing tissue samples collected in our clinics and being studied by our scientists. “The progress
in those ten years has been phenomenal,” explains Dr. Penn. “When the centre opened, scientists would have to
provide at least 10 million cells in order to do the microarray analysis. Today, the instruments are much more sensitive,
and the same analysis can be done with just a single cell.”

The Microarray Centre now has an international reputation and has served over 700 laboratories in 27 different countries.
Last year alone, over 250 different research projects were supported by the Centre from researchers around the world.

12   2009 Report to Our Donors
Our Stories Unite Us
Maggie Bain—just turned 16!                                    Chris Taylor
I was 15 when I                                                I am an optimistic
was diagnosed                                                  person by nature, but
with cancer in my                                              a diagnosis of non-
eye. My world                                                  Hodgkin’s lymphoma
ended! I was                                                   made me feel like I was
fortunate to have                                              ‘running out of time’.
Princess Margaret                                              I’ve been through
two hours down                                                 several rounds of che-
the road. Dr. Simpson said he’d perform “plaquing” so          motherapy and a bone
my eye could be saved. He’s the only man in Canada             marrow / stem cell transplant. They have been tough
that “plaques”. I had hope! Because everyone took              procedures, but the outstanding care and genuine
care of me at Princess Margaret, I have a life ahead           interest in my well-being from Dr. Hans Messner and
and, as the commercial says, “I can watch my brother           all of the medical staff at Princess Margaret gave me
grow up!”.                                                     the hope and confidence I needed to face each day.

Bonita Havelock                                                Susan McLean Woodburn
                                      Dr. Bezjak and                                             I’m so grateful. My
                                      her colleague                                              incredibly gifted
                                      Janet have been                                            surgeons, Dr. Peter
                                      wonderful. Not                                             Neligan and
                                      only have they                                             Dr. Stefan Hofer, and
                                      been supportive                                            the PMH staff were
                                      and pro-active                                             filled with care, com-
                                      thru-out all of my       passion and even a sense of humour. After 16 surger-
cancer ‘adventures’, but they’ve been honest with me,          ies in 6 years, my features were restored in an amazing
which I appreciate so much. No matter how my story             way - a miracle from my perspective.
ends, I know that they have helped stretch that ending
out an extra 4 years, and for that, myself and my family
will forever be grateful. PMH has helped prolong my            Mari-Jayne Woodyatt
life, so thank you!                                                                                  Over the years,
                                                                                                     The Princess
                                                                                                     Margaret has
Rita Lomagno                                                                                         been able to

I was so afraid when                                                                                 transform itself
I was first diagnosed.                                                                               from a hospital,
Now, one year later                                                                                  to a place that
under the care of my                                                                                 offers hope for
wonderful physicians                                           our future. Through the researchers, doctors and
at PMH, knowing                                                nurses, charities and donors there is an army of silent
that I’m at one of the                                         hero’s all working together to show the power of ordi-
best facilities for medical treatment is reassuring. I am      nary people making a difference in our lifetime.
fighting the greatest fight of all – cancer. The Princess
Margaret staff are looking after me, and for that I am
truly grateful!

                   Visit to view these patients and others in the In Our Lifetime video.

                                                                          The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation    13
Special Events
1st Annual Golf For A Cure              CMK Golf Tournament
5 Steps to Achieving Your Dream         CMRRA Golf Tournament
  Concert                               Color me Pink
5K Your Way                             ConKer Ride
A & P Canada Produce Division –         Crop for the Cure
  2008 Golf Tournament                  Cruisin’ for a Cure
A Christmas Wonderland                  Cutting It Close for Cancer
A Night in the Past for a Cure in the   Daniela’s Baseball Charity Potluck
  Future                                  Party
Al Humphrey Memorial Ride
Angela’s Cause
Annual Mike Dickinson Grey Cup
aWEARness - Giving Voice to the
Beth David B’nai Israel Beth Am
  Fashion Show
BLJC Charity Golf Charity
                                                                              Hi Ho Silver and Chai Cha Na 2nd
                                                                                 Annual Golf Tournament
                                                                              Holly Bear Tournament
                                                                              Hunt for the Cure
                                                                              In Memory of Les Bartley (Toronto
                                                                              Issie’s Quest
                                                                              Jane Martin’s Art Exhibit
                                                                              Jimmy’s Food Sales
                                                                              Jo-Ann Cooke Family Foundation
                                        Dave Fleet - Boston Marathon             Gala
                                        Dick Aldridge Charity Golf Classic    Joe Pace & Sons Contracting Inc.
                                        Divine Mercy 10th Anniversary         Joe’s Team Triathlon
                                        Ernie Tourney                         John Fortney Cocktail Party
                                        Euchre Evening                        Judy Langstaff
                                        Extrudex Aluminium Golf               Judy Taylor Golf Tournament
                                          Tournament                          Kelly Silverstein Memorial Golf
                                        Firefighters Against Cancer’s            Tournament
                                          Existence                           Lakehead University Head Shaving
                                        Fish TV – Celebrity Fish Tournament   Laugh Lines
Brave Heart Life Party                  Freed Family Gatherings               LBMAO Golf Tournament in
Brazilian Carnival Ball                 Friends For Life Gala                    memory of Joe Monteiro
Breast Friends Ball                     Friends Forever                       Lifford Boys’ Night Out
B-Strong Event                          Friends of Firestone                  Lindsay Herzog Necklace Sale
C. Darryl Mackenzie Event               Gail Phillips Memorial Golf           Little Wonders Bring Smiles
Cabin Fever                               Tournament                          LIVE FREE Walk for Cancer
Canadian Computer Charity Golf          Get Rec’d                                Research
  Classic                               Hair Today Gone Tomorrow              Live Life Large
Charles Krowitz Woodchuck Golf          Harry’s Spring Run Off                Locks of Love
  Classic                               HeArt of Yorkville                    Looped for Life Golf Tournament
Chocolate Ball                          Heidi’s Golf Classic

14   2009 Report to Our Donors
Lucky Power Memorial Golf            Pink Positive
  Tournament                         Power to Cure
Machado Event - Circle Of Friends    Project Cure Paola’s Fund Golf
Mad Hatter’s Walk                      Tournament
Maple Downs Ladies Annual            Project Give Back
  Pro-AM Tournament                  Purple Vogue: Couture for a Cure
Maria Campos Leal Fundraising        RACH 3-Pitch Tournament
  Event                              Rapini’s Ristorante Fashion Show
Michelangelo Gala                    Ratech Golf Tournament
Mindy Kirsh Memorial Bridge to the
Most Wanted Fashion Show
Nana’s Tea Party
Noble Trade Guarantee
Opera for Oprea
Panda Bears Walk
Paolo Ardizzi Fund Reunion
Passion 4 Fashion Cancer                                                       The Gary Warner Memorial Golf
                                                                               The Gerry Pencer Golf Tournament
                                                                               The Gerry & Nancy Pencer Brain
                                                                                 Trust Noir Gala
                                                                               The Jack B Elie Memorial Golf
                                                                               The Master Insulators’ Association
                                                                                 Charity Golf Classic
                                                                               The Purple Purl Calendar
                                                                               The Robert & Maggie Bras and
                                     Rebecca’s Hope Charity Cruise               Family New Drug Development
                                     Ride for Heart/Ride for Ed                  Program Spotlight Tribute
                                     Rosethorn Tennis Weekend to               Todd Wonacott Memorial Curling
                                       Conquer Cancer                            Tournament
                                     Ross Forfar Memorial Golf                 Toronto Fire Fighter Calendar
                                       Tournament                              Toronto Fire Fighter Magic Show
                                     Sarah Tasswill’s Class Bake Sale and      Toronto Marathon
                                       Barbecue                                Toronto to Washington DC Cancer
                                     Shades of White Silent Auction              Ride
                                     Shoppers Drug Mart Tree of Life           UHN Pharmacy Calendar
                                       Campaign                                United Synagogue Day School
                                     Skate 4 Cancer                              Sports Day
                                     Skate with Daniel                         Vaffi Salon Fundraiser
                                     Spin 180 Spinning for a Cure!             Valle Peligna Socio-Cultural
                                     Stayin’ Alive Disco Party                   Association
                                     Strike Out Cancer                         Vanstone Christmas Party
                                     Taylor Cup Pond Hockey                    Voice of Reason CD Sales
                                       Championship                            Waves of Hope
                                     Testicle Festival                         Wings of Life
Pedal Against Cancer                 The Bud & Doug 1st Annual                 Wooden Sticks Invitational
Lynne Terry Pencer Centre              Memorial Golf Tournament                Wyatt Pellew Tennis Tournament
  Fundraiser                                                                   Yard Sale for the Cure

                                                                      The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation   15
Special Events
Sexy … Sleek … Sumptuous
The fundraisers behind The Gerry and Nancy Pencer Brain Trust deserve top
marks for creativity and knowing how to execute on a theme. There’s been
Viva Las Vegas, Wild Wild West, Circus Circus, Bell Bottom Bash and many
others, and this year they wanted their guests to get in touch with the sultry
and mysterious side of themselves with Noir.

Patrons were encouraged to indulge themselves at the seductive silent auc-
tion, unleash their inner rock star on the dance floor, and seduce their taste
buds with the sumptuous food provided. On the live auction block was a
luxury vacation in India, a Los Angeles Escape, and a Spyder 300 Motorcycle!

An energetic crowd of over 800 people partied the night away at The Liberty
Grand, raising critical funding for research and patient care at The Gerry &
Nancy Pencer Brain Tumor Centre at Princess Margaret Hospital.

It’s Amazing What You Can Do When You Have Friends For Life!
Carol Olsen, like all cancer survivors, knows that each day of life is precious, and she has made it a priority each year
to thank the hospital that gave her another chance at life. She and her husband, Jeff, and 12 of her friends organize
an annual gala that has now raised close to $700,000 in support of bone marrow transplant programs at The Princess

                                 “A bone marrow transplant saved my life—twice,” says Carol, “and that has allowed Jeff
                                 and I to spend more time together and with our many friends. Our event each year is an
                                 important way of recognizing how blessed we are and how grateful to the doctors and
                                 staff at The Princess Margaret.”

                                 For 10 years now, the Friends for Life Gala has been bringing together over 500 people
                                 aged 30 to 60 to enjoy music, have fun and celebrate life.

aWEARness…Shopping for a Great Cause
In May of 2008, a new event was launched in support of The Princess Margaret. Elana
Waldman, a cancer survivor herself, teamed up with fundraising specialist Michelle Levy,
and they put to work their fashion sense, their contact lists, their keen instinct on how
women like to spend their time, and their passion for conquering cancer. The event
provided over 200 guests with a unique shopping experience where they could purchase
designer fashions at greatly discounted prices.

Ladies, men’s and children’s clothing, accessories, sportswear and bridal wear were all
generously donated by designers, manufacturers, and retailers. The labels included Ralph
Lauren, Vera Wang, Michael Kors, Strellson, Zegna, Nicole Miller, Pink Tartan, Theory and
Badgley Mishka. Clothing that wasn’t sold was auctioned on eBay Canada’s charity site.

The event raised over $200,000 for ovarian cancer research… proof that these two ladies
know that an afternoon of food and shopping at a venue like The Liberty Grand is a great
way to bring a group of women together!

16   2009 Report to Our Donors
Strategic Initiatives
The Ride to Conquer Cancer—All the Ingredients for Success!
Bringing together 2,850 bike riders from 8 provinces, 16 states,
and 4 countries for a first-time event is not an easy feat. Helping
them reach out to over 100,000 donors and raise $14.8 million is
even more impressive. But the Foundation’s experience running
large events in combination with our important cause, which is
close to the hearts of so many, made it happen. That is why The
Ride to Conquer Cancer, in its inaugural year, surpassed all other
cycling events held in Canada to become the most successful bike
ride fundraiser.

The riders appreciated the exceptional planning that resulted in
plenty of good food and drinks, hot showers to wash away the toil
and sweat, liquid ‘spirits’ to celebrate the physical accomplish-
ment, accommodation for everyone at the end of the first day, and a festive return train ride from Niagara Falls.

The volunteer support and participation of so many hospital staff made the event very special. So special in fact that
857 people who participated in 2008 signed up on the spot for the 2009 Ride!

The Princess Margaret Creed Showcased in New Television Commercials
In 2008, Y&R, a leading advertising agency providing pro bono services to the Foundation, created a creed (see
page 1 of this report) that captured in words both the vision that drives the people who work at The Princess Margaret
and the innovative spirit that has permeated this world-leading cancer research centre for over 50 years.

                                           This past year, the agency was busy imagining how those words could
                                           be captured visually, and the result is a powerful series of 30- 60- and
                                           90-second videos that do great justice to the words of the creed.

                                           Doctors, nurses, researchers and other staff, volunteers, plus patients and
                                           their caregivers contributed their time, their stories, and their deep feelings
                                           of appreciation.

                                           To see the 90-second advertisement, visit We invite you to
                                           share this inspiring message by sending the link to your friends and family.

The Weekend to End Breast Cancer Raises $13.5 Million
The fundraising success of The Weekend to End Breast Cancer is 100 percent due to
the passion and commitment of the walkers. For six years now, they have asked their
family and friends for support; organized bake sales, pub nights, pancake breakfasts,
garage sales, raffles and auctions; as well as campaigned outside stores and malls
asking for donations. Walkers have also grown and shaped the event in so many
positive ways by creating great costumes and team names, sharing their personal
stories, and providing suggestions for how the event can be bolder and better.

Those suggestions included the idea of a one-day walk in addition to the two-day
event, and the request that walkers have the option to fundraise for gynecological
cancers, in addition to breast cancer. The Foundation listened and is implementing
these suggestions in the 2009 Weekend to End Breast Cancer.

                                                                            The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation    17
Donor List
The following donor lists show actual gifts received and pledge payments made during the fiscal year April 1, 2008
to March 31, 2009. Donations made in support of participants in The Weekend to End Breast Cancer and The Ride to
Conquer Cancer are listed in our online Donor List which you can find at
w denotes donors whose giving includes an estate gift

$5,000,000+                          Imperial Oil Foundation          Schering-Plough                    McMillan Binch
The Campbell Family                  Allan Kerbel and Family          SGNC Charitable Trust              Milli Ltd.
                                     Stephan and Sophie Lewar         Samuel Sivitzw                     Ontario Sheet Metal Worker’s &
                                     Michael Albert Garron            Kevin M. Sullivan and Family          Roofers Conference Inc.
$1,000,000 - $4,999,999                 Foundation                    The Joe Di Palma Brain Tumor       Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP
Dr. Geoffrey R. Conway               John Edward Montgomeryw            Pediatrics Foundation            Eleanor and Laurence Pattillo
   Memorial Foundation               Karen and Paul Morton            The Lillian and Don Wright         Pfizer Canada Inc.
Susan E. Grange                      Gordon and Janet Nixon             Foundation                       PMH Dental Associates
Allan Slaight and Emmanuelle         Mary Pawlyk and George           The Posluns Family Foundation      Katharine Joyce Pomantiw
   Gattuso                              Onyschuk                                                         Prostate Cancer Canada
                                     Donald William John Piercew                                         Peter and Tina Rocca
                                                                      $25,000 - $49,999
$500,000 - $999,999                  Play in Support of Cancer
                                                                      Anonymous (1)
                                                                                                         Rogers Group of Companies
AstraZeneca Canada Inc.                 Research                                                         Sage Investments Ltd.
                                                                      Abbott Laboratories Ltd.
In Honour of Al Hertz                Anna Rollingw                                                       Martha and David Shaw
                                                                      Amgen Canada
The Muzzo Family                     Scotiabank                                                          Stanley and Donna Shenkman
                                                                      Asbestos Workers Local 95
OSI Pharmaceuticals                  SOBEK Investments Ltd.                                              Sherman Foundation
                                                                      Bailey Metal Products Ltd.
   Foundation, Inc.                  Sherry Taylor Drew                                                  Shorcan Brokers Ltd., TSX
                                                                      Howard L. Banting
Maneck Sanjanaw                      Marie Ella and Edward G.                                               Group
                                                                      BML Group of Companies
Gordon Tozer                            Thompson                                                         Stayin’ Alive
                                                                      Robert Breadner
                                     Lucie Tuch Homburgerw                                               Steed & Evans Holdings Inc.
                                                                      B-Strong Fund
                                     The Westaway Charitable                                             Paul M. Stein
$250,000 - $499,999                     Foundation
                                                                      The Family of Sandra Lillian
                                                                                                         The Bank of Montreal
Anonymous (1)                                                             Campbell
                                     Jack and Anne Weinbaum and                                          The Mariano Elia Foundation
Anne Barootesw                                                        Cancer Care Ontario
                                        Family                                                           The Norman and Marian
David and Molly Bloom                                                 Cara Operations Ltd.
                                                                                                            Robertson Charitable
Eric and Heather Donnellyw                                            Carpenters Union
In Honour of Al Hertz                $50,000 - $99,999                CGC Inc.
                                                                                                         The Tecolote Foundation
Eric and Candace Innes               Anonymous (1)                    Core Oncology
                                                                                                         Vitas Properties Ltd.
International Union of               Hazel May Arnoldw                Norman C. Crook
   Operating Engineers               Arnott Family Trust              Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg
   Local 793                         The Asaro Family                     LLP                            $10,000 - $24,999
In Honour of Melissa Ann             Bayer HealthCare                 Rosemary Rita Deleow               Anonymous (2)
   Katzman                           BLJC                             Deutsche Bank Securities Ltd.      2138183 Ontario Ltd.
James S. Kinnear and Bridgette       Anne Marie Brownleew             Primo I. Di Luca                   A & W Pharmacy
   Eansor                            David and Paula Butterfield      John Di Poce                       A Night In The Past For A Cure
Jon and Nancy Love                   Camrost-Felcorp Inc.             Tom and Karen Ehrlich and             In The Future
Florence Isabel Montgomeryw          Canadian Brain Tumour                Family                         Leonard and Marcy Abramsky
The Gerry and Nancy Pencer              Consortium                    Eli Lilly Canada Inc.              Ronald J. Adams
   Brain Trust                       Canadian Cancer Society          Lisa Elia Walsh                    Al and Malka Green
Toshiba of Canada Ltd.               Valerie Sharon Dawsonw           Senator Jerry and Carole           The Alofs Family
Family and Friends of Lusi Wong      Domenic and Bernisea Dell’Elce       Grafstein                      Jim Archer-Shee and Mary
                                     Anthony and Shari Fell           Giovanni and Concetta Guglietti       Matthews
                                     Financial Services Department        Family Foundation              Arista Homes
$100,000 - $249,999                     U of T                        Mojgan Hajmoemanian                Aspen Ridge Holdings Inc.
Anonymous (2)
                                     Harry Rosen Inc.                 Kathy Harder                       Stuart Lazier
Abraxis BioScience, Inc.
                                     Hbc - the Bay, Zellers, Home     Jilla and Robert Williams          A. C. Baillie
David and Sharon Aello
                                        Outfitters                        Foundation                     Marvin and Linda Barnett
Keith Ambachtsheer and
                                     Janssen-Ortho Inc.               Khodkar Investments Inc.           Bayshore Capital Inc.
   Virginia Atkin
                                     Warren and Debbie Kimel          Morris and Sari Krandel            Hilda Beaucagew
Bram and Bluma Appelw
                                     Lamarche Family Foundation       Edward and Frances Lee             Bob and Diann Bell
Ben and Hilda Katz Charitable
                                     Joseph Neville McCarthyw         Local 67 - United Association of   Michael Benjamin and Family
                                     Ronald John Charles McQueenw         Journeymen & Apprentices       Berkow, Cohen LLP
Ian and Anne Devine
                                     Menkes Family                    Esther and John Loewen Family      Beverley Joan Bernierw
Anna-Liisa and Graham
                                     Charles Franklin Miller and      Marjorie Logan                     Bliss Photography
                                        Donna Marie Piper Millerw     Bartlett and Sandra MacDougall     Blu Skye Health Inc.
Irene Helen Feuerw
                                     Minto St. Inc.                   Manulife Financial                 Blue Sky Capital
Fraser Mackenzie Ltd.
                                     A. R. Deane Nesbitt              Peter Marrone                      Bondfield Construction
Bruce Galloway
                                     Ortho Biotech                    The Matthews Family                   Company Ltd.
Michael and Libby Goldgrub
                                     Alice Robertsw                   Evelyn Henderson McAndreww         John H. Bowey
Greenpark Homes
                                     Roche                            James Hubert McLeanw               Brain Tumour Foundation of
The Gucciardi Family
                                     sanofi-aventis                   McMaster University                   Canada
Margaret Joan Howlettw

18   2009 Report to Our Donors
 A Partner in the Healthcare Community
 As a company with deep roots in Canada, Imperial Oil is committed to making investments that build strong and
 healthy communities. Their gift of $500,000 will support the hospital’s Mesothelioma Research Program. The funds
 will be used to support the development of new approaches to mesothelioma treatment and the translation of
 basic science discoveries into the clinic.

 Mesothelioma is a disease most often caused by exposure to asbestos, and PMH is a world leader in the early
 detection and treatment of the disease. The ‘mesothelium’ is a protective lining that covers most of the body’s
 internal organs, but the disease is most frequently found in the pleura—the outer lining of the lungs and internal
 chest wall.

 The expertise PMH has developed in the use of computed tomography (CT) imaging is being used to see and
 diagnose mesothelioma at an early stage. A screening program
 for workers exposed to asbestos launched in early 2005 and over
 900 people have now been screened using CT technology.

 A comprehensive biobank of mesothelioma tumours has been
 created and is being used to test innovative new treatment
 options which include the development of new drugs that target
 specific molecules within mesothelioma cells, ‘whole lung
 radiation’ prior to surgery to prevent the cancer from spreading,
 and therapy that boosts the body’s own immune system to attack
 the mesothelioma.

Brampar Building Supplies Ltd.    Georgia-Pacific Gypsum            Eugene C. McBurney                    Mary Robertson
Paul Braun                        Gerry and Caren Ruby Family       Tom and Lynn McCulloch                Helaine and Lionel Robins
Bristol-Myers Squibb Canada          Foundation                     Mechanical Contractors                Rogers Communications Inc.
James Foster Byersw               Phil Gillin and Ava Sands            Association of Toronto             Barrie Rose and Family
Canadian Council On Learning      Gluskin Sheff + Associates Inc.   Mercedes-Benz Canada Inc.             Mary Anglim Rossw
Canso Investment Counsel Ltd.     Goldman, Sachs & Co.              Merrill Lynch Canada Inc.             Family and Friends of Tito
Celgene                           Griffiths McBurney Canada         Minto Urban Communities Inc.             Sansalone
Claire Interior Supplies Ltd.        Corp.                          George Mitchell                       Shepell.FGI
Esther and Jack Cole and Family   Niall Hamilton                    Joseph Michael Mudronw                Shoppers Drug Mart
Con-Elco Ltd.                     David and Melanie Harris          Nathan and Lily Silver Family         Show One Entertainment Inc.
Cooltech Air Systems Ltd.         Bernie and Sharon Herman             Foundation                         Jean Simardw
Coppley Apparel Group Ltd.        Hugo Boss                         Robert Nelson                         S.O. Asher Consultants Ltd.
Cougar Biotechnology              John M. H. Huxley                 Alfred Isaac Newfeldw                 Esther Solomonw
Culinary Destinations Ltd.        IBM Canada Employees and          Newport Partners Holdings LP          St. Lawrence Cement Inc.
Robert Daniels                       Retirees                       Novartis Pharma Canada Inc.           Strachans s.a.
Deborah D’Arcy                    Imedex Inc.                       Stella Patricia O’Brienw              Kazimiera Supczak
Davis & Henderson Ltd.            Interior Systems Contractors      Ontario Acoustic Supply Inc.          T.G.H. Otolaryngology Research
Della Shore Investments              Assoc. of Ontario              Ontario Council of Painters              Group Inc.
Samuel and Claire Duboc           JBS Foundation Inc.               Desmond and Pamela O’Rorke            Joey and Toby Tanenbaum
David Dulberg                     Johns Manville Canda Inc.         Jean Elizabeth Oswaldw                Tauba & Solomon Spiro Family
Dunpar Developments Inc.          May and Fred Karp                 Marie José Overweel                      Foundation
Paul Dykeman                      Martin Kelman                     Owen. Wright LLP                      TD Bank Financial Group
Dynamic Fund Foundation           John Krall                        Ozz Electric Inc.                     TD Commercial Banking-Beaver
Kaelen Farncombe                  Lanno Torelli LLP Chartered       Patene Building Supplies Ltd.            Creek Real Estate Group
Nina and Robert Farquharson          Accountants                    Patrick Hodgson Family                R. L. Temple
Fenig Management Ltd.             Leon’s Insulation Inc.               Foundation                         The Buchan Family Foundation
Firefighters Against Cancer’s     Lifford Wine Agency               Dorothy Pattisonw                     The Griffin Group, Blackmont
   Existence Foundation           In Honour of Lai Chun Liu         George Norman Pearsonw                   Capital Inc.
First Quadrant LP                 Sheila and Syd Loftus and         Pharmaceutical Partners of            The Laurier Group
Vito and Mary Ann Forte              Family                            Canada Inc.                        The Norman and Margaret
George and Judy Frankfort         Louro Jewellers Inc.              PMH Radiation Oncologists                Jewison Charitable
Peter L. Fraser                   Ian MacKellar                     Price Waterhouse Coopers                 Foundation
Front Street Capital              Mackenzie Financial Corp.         Chris S. Purkis                       The Roel C. Buck Family
Frank Fusillo                     Ted Manzaris                      William and Cynthia Quinn                Foundation
G.A Paper International Inc.      Markham Executive Suites Inc.     RBC Foundation                        The Rudolph P. Bratty Family
Gail Phillips Memorial Golf       Masters Insurance Ltd.            Regal Crest Homes                        Charitable Foundation
   Tournament                     Irving and Esther Matlow          Reliance Home Comfort                 Ticketmaster Canada
Yola Gambin                       Mattamy Homes Ltd.                Rexdale Food Specialties Ltd.         Trinity Development Foundation

                                                                                   The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation         19
Tuchman Family Foundation        Peter W. Alberti                  Faith Banks                        Bora Investments Ltd.
Universal Workers Union Local    Alcoa Inc. – NAPM                 Edith and R. Bansen                Marius Bordan
   183                           J. A. Alexander                   Lawrence Barakett                  Borden Ladner Gervais
University of Toronto            Algonquin Airlink                 Barber Stewart McVittie &          Patrick Borg and Nancy Olive
Vibro-Acoustics                  Mohammad Alkari                      Wallace                         Paul and Theo Marie Borg
Ronald and Faye Wagner           All Star Carpentry                Gary and Jo Barnes                 Eric Bornstein
James A. Waters                  Allan and Susan Fenwick           Douglas and Kathryn Barrington     Robindra N. Bose
Watson Building Supplies Inc.       Charitable Foundation          Tammy Baruch                       Helen G. Balfour
Western Goldfields               Clive and Barbara Allen           Zoltan Barzso                      Walter M. and Lisa Balfour
Michael and Shari Wilson         Allied Beauty Association         Robert Bastianon                      Bowen
Florence and Mickey Winberg      Allstate Insurance Company of     Bathe & McLellan Building          Walter Boyd
Wings of Life                       Canada                            Materials                       Peter Braaten
Wolters Kluwer Health            Lori Alter                        Patricia Bauer                     Gordon Brace
Richard Wookey                   Alto Molise Associazione di       Robert Bauer                       Audra Bracken
Yellow Pages                        Sant’Antonio                   Baycliffe Homes                    J. Lorne Braithwaite
                                 Mark and Frances Altow            Baywood Homes                      Bob Brakel
                                 Altus Helyar                      Bay-Yorkville Developments Ltd.    Brandon Communications
$1,000 - $9,999
                                 Isabel Alves-Vettoretto           BDO Dunwoody                       Brant Flour Mills Ltd.
Anonymous (57)
                                 Alvin and Mona Libin              Edwin L. and Elaine Beallor        Barbara Bregman
116060 Ontario Ltd.
                                    Foundation                     Geoffrey Beattie                   Yetta Bregman
1243690 Ontario Inc.
                                 Amca Sales Ltd.                   Sally K. Beattie                   Shlomo Brenner
1353566 Ontario Ltd. O/A
                                 Jeanette Anbinder                 Roland Beauregard                  William and Mari Brereton
   Golden Comb
                                 Anchor Shoring & Caissons Ltd.    Beaver Group Inc.                  Brickworks Communications Inc.
1386146 Ontario Inc.
                                 Sherry L. Andreucci               Beaverhall Homes Ltd.              Bridge to the Cure
1422870 Ontario Inc.
                                 Coralie L. Andrew                 Beaverkill Foundation Inc.         Bridgewood Carpentry Ltd.
150 Toro Inc. Himel Group
                                 Quinto Annibale and Dianne        Kimberly Beckman                   James Brierley
151797 Canada Inc.
                                    Tarraran                       Bedells Food Service               David Brill
1st Annual Golf For A Cure
                                 Anton Manufacturing                  Distributors                    Brimstone Holdings Ltd.
2017919 Ontario Ltd.
                                 Mark Appleby                      Bob and Diann Bell                 David I. Bristow
2069553 Ontario Inc.
                                 Trevor and Lynda Appleby          Bell Canada, Employee Giving       John Brittain
2114250 Ontario Inc.
                                 Michael Arbus                        Program                         George C. Britton
683731 Ontario Ltd.
                                 Ardis Archer                      Bellio Masonry Inc.                David Broadhurst
771107 Ontario Ltd.
                                 Carolyn Archibald                 Sara Belmont                       Timothy and Barbara Bromwich
A & M Heat Treating Ltd.
                                 Ardizzi Financial Services        Belor Construction Ltd.            Terry Brooks
A & P Canada Produce Division
                                 Ariston Marble & Granite Ltd.     Belrock Construction Ltd.          Brovi Investments Ltd.
A & W Food Services of Canada
                                 Donald C. Armour                  Robert Benedek                     Philip and Terry Browman
                                 Charles and E. L. Armstrong       Benefit Plan Administrators Ltd.   Douglas Brown
A P S Precast
                                 Robert G. Armstrong               Benjamin Walker Foundation         Howard Brown and Kimberly
A.W.B. Charitable Foundation
                                 Armstrong Hunter                  Benkar Shoes Inc.                     Cohen
Abacus Architect Inc.
                                 Arrow Hedge Partners Inc.         Paul Bennett                       Jeanette Brown
Allen D. Abbott
                                 Arthritis & Autoimmunity          Maria F. Bento                     Brown Window Corp.
Abilet Constructions Ltd.
                                    Research Centre Foundation     Gay Berger                         Jim and Anna May Bruce
Abitibi-Consolidated Inc.
                                 Asbestors Workers International   Eric and Sheryl Berke              Daniela Bruns
Ablengineering Steven Little
                                 Asso Paving                       Vera Berkowitz                     Bryan Pilutti Chartered
Tanya Abrams
                                 Associated Mechanical Inc.        M. Barbara Berner                     Accountant
Acier Wirth Steel
                                 Aubrey & Marla Dan Charitable     Robert Bertram                     Lori Buchholtz
Acker Finley Inc.
                                    Foundation                     Bertucci MedSpa                    Jack and Roma Buchman
Hy and Phillis Ackerman
                                 Eleanor Augusteijn                Beth David B’Nai Israel Beth Am    Leanne Buck
                                 Automated Interiors Inc.             In Trust                        George Buckles
Jason Adams
                                 Maria Aversa                      Better Iron Works Ltd.             George Buckley
Mollie Adamson
                                 Nancy Avison                      Bianchi Presta Barristers &        Irene Budd
Renee Addison
                                 Aviva Insurance                      Solicitors                      Jason Budovitch
Michael Adelson
                                 E. Ayranto                        Bigwin Island Golf Club            Burgundy Asset Management
Advance Tile and Floor
                                 James Ayres                       Herb and Fran Binder and              Ltd.
   Covering (Toronto) Ltd.
                                 Verna Aziz                           Family                          Michael F. Burke
Advantage Crombie Kennedy
                                 B & D Insulation Inc.             Lenny and Evie Binder              Alexander and Gladys Burns
                                 B.C. Music and Consulting         Allan and Lesley Offman            Ronald Peter Butler
Aero Plastics Ltd.
                                 B.P. Foundation Inc.              Dave Black                         Jessica Butt
Nick Agar
                                 Shahbanu Babul                    Heather E. Black                   Marion Buttars
AGF Funds Inc.
                                 Scott and Jaqueline Bachly        Blackmont Capital Inc.             Buttonwood Real Estate
Naseer Ahmed
                                 Terry Bacinello                   Blake Cassels & Graydon LLP        C. Bowen Designs Inc.
Shahida Ahmed
                                 William F. Badke                  Frances Blau                       C.M.I. Canada Inc.
Aimco Solrec Ltd.
                                 Baelda Holdings Ltd.              BMK Benchmark Inc.                 C.W. Shasky & Associates Ltd.
Airboss of America Corp.
                                 Shane Baghai                      BMO Capital Markets                Cabin Fever (Cancer Fund)
Aird & Berlis LLP
                                 Jehan Bagli                       BMO Commercial Banking             Cachet Estate Homes
Adil Akhtar
                                 James C. Baillie                  BMO Nesbitt Burns Inc.             Ryan Cairney
Al Humphrey Memorial Ride
                                 Wilbur N. Baily                   Oliver Bock                        Brendan and Mary Calder
Al Palladini’s Pine Tree Ford
                                 Kelly A. Baird                    Oriente Pol Bodetto                Norma J. Callum
                                 Philip J. and Seta Baker          Boiler Inspection & Insurance      Calsper Developments Inc.
Alastair & Diana Gillespie
                                 Baker Real Estate Corp.              Co.                             Jessie L. Campbell
                                 Raff and Frank Baldesarra         Bolton Railings Inc.               Canada’s Pizza Delivery Corp.
Gino Alberelli
                                 Paul Balfour                      Michael Bondy                      Canadian Alliance Terminals Inc.

20   2009 Report to Our Donors
Canadian Conference of            CIBC                               Eva and Phil Cunningham               Dole Foods of Canada Ltd.
   Asbestos Workers               Sam Ciccolini                      John William Curran                   Dolente Concrete & Drain Co.
Canadian Hospital Specialities    Frank Ciccolini                    Norma Curran                          Dolphin Bingo Sponsors
   Ltd.                           Citrolad Canada (Juices) Inc.      Joseph and Josephine Currie              Association
Canadian Pacific Railway          City Buick Pontiac Cadillac Ltd.   Curwood Packaging Canada              Erica Domingues
Canadian Partnership Against      John and Lynn Clappison               Ltd.                               Dominion Caulking Ltd.
   Cancer Corp.                   Chris Clark                        Curtis Cusinato                       Domti Engineering and
Canadian Press/Broadcast News     Cheryl P. Clark                    Marty Cutler                             Construction Ltd.
   Ltd. Emp. Charitable Fund      Fran Clark                         Ralph Cutten                          Don Valley North Toyota
Canadian Prostate Cancer          Robert W. Clark                    Erik Cuzzolino                        Donald Construction Ltd.
   Network                        Edna M. R. Clarkw                  David and Stacey Cynamon              Michael Dorfman
Canadian Rental Centres           Joan D. Clayton                    Ezio Da Dalt                          Dossa Chiropractic Professional
Canderel Stoneridge Equity        ClearCanvas Inc.                   Fern Daiter                              Corp.
   Group Inc.                     Ronald and Lynnette Clegg          Kevin Dalton                          Cameron and Lynn Douglas
CanGap Lending Corp.              Bruce Cleland                      Randy Dalton                          Kenneth and Sheryl Dowd
Can-Rad Beauty Ltd.               Mark Clemons                       Penny Damilatis                       Downsview Heating & Air
Gaston Caperton                   Eric Clifton                       Daniel and Elizabeth Damov               Conditioning Ltd.
Carcones’s Auto Recycling         CNA Foundation                     Kevin Dancey                          Downsview Kitchens Ltd.
Robert Carew                      James Coatsworth                   D’Andrea Contracting Ltd.             Downsview Plumbing Ltd.
Eric Carlsonw                     Jean and Glenn Cochrane            Tricia Danner                         Dr. Jay Charitable Foundation
William Carlyle                   Coco International Inc.            Archibald R. Dash                     Drain-Tite Ind.
Carolyne Kerr                     Sidney L. Cohen                    Davies Howe Partners                  Lisa and Philip Draper
Mary Carson                       Stephen and Roslyn Cohen           Charles and Cheryl Davis              Rubina Eileen Dreyerw
Casco Inc.                        Stephen Cole                       Arthur C. Dayfoot                     Drudi
Casino Vacations Inc.             Colley, Borland & Vale Insurance   Bessie Dayfoot                        Druxy’s Inc.
John and Mary Cassaday               Brokers Ltd.                    DC Foods (2110) Inc.                  Dryco Building Supplies
Castlepoint Investments Inc.      Luciano Colozza                    De La Salle College “Oaklands”        Owen Duckman
In Honour of W. Manson            Columbia University                Luis E. Fong De los Santos            Sandra E. Dudley
   Catterson                      Combined Insurance Company         Elvio and Vicky De Meneghi            Dufferin Peel Association of
Pamela Catton                        of America                      Joseph De Tommaso                        Principals and Vice Principals
Stephen G. Caudwell               Nancy Condo                        De Ville Electric Inc.                Dundeewealth Inc.
Siobhan Cavanaugh                 Condor Properties                  Peter Deas                            Gwynneth Margaret Dunhamw
Cedar Infrastructure Products     Confederation Freezers             Deberadinis Building and              Steve R. Dunk
   Inc.                           Dean Connor                           Development Ltd.                   Donald James Dunlop
Center-Line                       Conros Corporation Tape            David Debora                          Peter Dunlop
Central Ont. Regional Council        Division                        Decora Window & Door                  Amy Dunn
   of Carpenters                  Con-Strada Construction Inc.          Systems                            Laura Dunne
Century Grove Homes               Gordon Cooke                       Deep Foundations Contractors          Peter A. Dunne
Joseph Cerasuolo                  Jim and Jo-Ann Cooke                  Inc.                               Michael N. Durisin
Cervini Painting & Decorating     Dan Cooper                         Jim DeGasperis                        Durox Floor Accesosories PS
   Ltd.                           Gail and Irving Cooper             Frank and Nella Dell’Elce                Inc.
Chad Management Group             Joan and Frank Copping             Delmeade Constructions Inc.           Wayne Dusk
John Chamberlain                  Cesidio Coppola                    David Delmedko                        Claude Dussault
Diane Champaglia                  Coram Constuction Group            Del-Ric Integrated Construction       Joe Dwek
Nicole Champagne                  Peter Corbo                        Graziano Delucchi                     Gerald and Evelyne Dyck
Simon Chan                        Corby Distilleries Ltd.            Frank Demarinis                       Philip J. Dykshoorn
Anna Chan                         Diane Cordeiro                     George and Katherine                  E.M.C. Group Ltd.
Elizabeth Chang                   Core Architects                       Dembroski                          Mary Eagleson
Murray J. Chant                   Coreydale Contracting Co.          Joanne Dereta                         Keith S. Eaman
Larry Chapman                     Cortex Search Inc.                 Derek Dermott                         Earle M. Jorgensen (Canada)
Charities Aid Foundation          Sheila and John Courtemanche       Dersean Investments Ltd.                 Inc.
   America                        Kim Couse                          Jean C. Deverill                      John Eckert
Chatelaine Lighting Supply Ltd.   Olga and Warner Cowan              Peter and Anna Di Giuseppe            Eckler Ltd.
Dallas and Linda Cheevers         Sharon Craig                       Renza De Luca                         ECMI Management Inc.
Gord and Margaret Chellew         Paul and Elvi Craig                James Di Luca                         Eco-Container Corp.
Chao-Hui Chen                     Beatrice and Purdy Crawford        Paul Di Luca                          Economical Insurance
Peter Cherrie                     Edward H. Crawford                 G.P. Di Rocco                         Estelle Edelsten-Semple
Cheryl Reicin Flow-Through        Sheelagh Creaghan                  J. Di Tommaso                         Edenbrook Homes
   Fund                           Credit Valley Imaging Associates   Diamondfield Entertainment            Edwards Builders Hardware
Ellen Cheung                      William G. Crerar In Honour of        Inc.                               Edwin and Charlotee Pivnick
Mari Chevrette                       Susan E. Crerar                 Paul Dickie                              Family Foundation
Ralph Chiodo                      John and Mary Crocker              Jim Dickson                           Ehrlich Real Estate Advisors Inc.
Elizabeth Chisholm                Lyla Ada Crossleyw                 R. Dickson                            Wendy Eisen
Sheila W. Chiu                    Kathleen and Philip Cross          Emanuel DiFalco                       Valerie Elia
Peter Chiu                        Murray Cross                       Dikla Insurance Co.                   Elitrex Plumbing Ltd.
Chouinard Bros. Roofing           Norman and Grace Cross             Ian Dillon                            Nicole Ellies
Rosa Mi Yee Chow                  Peter A. Crossgrove                Dion, Durrel + Associates Inc.        Heather Elliott
Kan-Yan Chow                      Michael Cruickshank                Divine Mercy Catholic School          Elliott & Rina Rosenberg
David and Valerie Christie        Elaine and Jack Culiner            DLK on Avenue                            Charitable Foundation
William and Inge Christie         Jeffrey Cullen                     Lois and Richard Dodds                Elsevier Interactive Solutions
Chubb Insurance Company of        Harry Cummins                      Colin Doe                                Inc.
   Canada                         Joseph Cundari                     Tracy L. Doederlein                   ELTE

                                                                                    The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation             21
Emblem                             Helen Forrest                   Global Management Networks       Jeanette and Harvey Grosman
John Embry                         Archie Forsyth                      Inc. (Adeste)                Dafna Grossman
Empro Ceramic Tile Ltd.            Fortis Law Professional         Glober & Cohen, Associates       Sylvia Guenther and Richard
Encore Sales                       Foster’s Wine Estate Inc.       Lillian and Norman Glowinsky        Hennessey
Luise Enderle                      Four Valleys Excavating         GM Sansalone Engineering Inc.    Riccardo Guglietti
Ensil Canada Ltd.                  William J. Fox                  Louise Godfrey                   Silvio Guglietti
Epitome Pictures                   Douglas C. Fox                  Lionel and Mary Goffart          Joseph Guillaumew
Susan Erem                         Val and Ron Fox                 Douglas Gold                     Stephen Gunn
Adina Erem-Isenberg                Catherine E. Frame              Golden Thai Restaurant           Domenic Gurreri
Ericsson Canada Inc.               John Francis                    Goldfarb, Shulman, Patel & Co.   Joseph Guss
Peter Erlendson                    William F. Francis                  LLP                          George and Beverly Guy
Philip A. Ernst                    Lynn Francis                    Cheryl Goldhart                  H & R Real Estate Investment
Ernst & Young                      Franco-Nevada Corp.             Goldman, Spring, Kichlard, &        Trust
Escada                             George Frankfort                    Sanders LLP                  H.W. & Associates
Sheila Eshelbyw                    David Fraser                    Lesli Goldstein                  Tracy A. Hackett
Jennifer Everaars                  Katharine Fraser                Lorne and Carol Goldstein        Robert Hagerman
Everest Supply Inc.                Enzo Frati                      David and Bonnie Goldstein       Eudice Halberstadtw
F.E.D. Construction                Gerald and Stella Freedman      Goldstein Financial Consultant   Brian Hall
Mark and Anita Fackoury            Harvey and Miriam Freedman      Goodfunds ( a division of GFI    G. Ellen Hall
Mark Faircloth                     Sherri J. Freedman                  Investment Counsel Ltd)      Hallmark Housekeeping
Falcon Kitchens                    Herbert Frieberg                Jonathan Goodman                    Services Inc.
Joseph A. Falcone                  Joseph and Linda Fried          Allan J. Goodman                 Halton Forming (1992) Ltd.
Agnes Faraci                       Harvey Frisch                   Susie R. Goodman                 Angie Hamilton
John Farano                        Sidney Fromer                   Goodmans LLP                     Jane Hanes
Ross M. Farewell Jr.               Harvey and Helen Fruitman       Christopher and Jan Goodwin      Kathleen Hanly
Patricia Farquharson               Fruitman Kates LLP              Donald and Patricia Goodwin      Doris Hansen
Fast Freight                       Linda Frum                      John M. Gordon                   Peter Hanson
Basilian Fathers                   Colin Fruman                    Merritt E. Gordon                Hanson Brick
Peter Favot                        Eileen and Larry Fryer          Howard Gorman                    Harbour Sixty Steakhouse
FCT Insurance Company Ltd.         Robert Fujiki                   Muriel Gorrie                    Harbourfront Centre
FedEx Canada Ltd.                  Ross E. Fullerton               Mary Gospodarowicz               Harding Display Corp.
Joseph Fehrenbach                  Johnny Fung                     Richard and Mary Gossage         Harpell Associates Inc.
Lawrence Fein                      Gaetano Gagliano                Gould Leasing Ltd.               Judith Harris
Bernard Feinstein                  James A. Gaiger                 Suzanne and Michael Gourley      Valerie Harris
Angela and David Feldman           Paul and Nikki Galbraith        GPC biotech                      Susan and Edward Harsant
Terry Fellner                      Gale and Jerold Winter          Grace and Gilbert Goodman        Harvest Marketing
Allan and Susan Fenwick            H. B. Gales                     Allister Graham and Susan        Harvey Kalles Real Estate Ltd.
Ferrari Maserati of Ontario        Galmar Electrical Contracting       Freeman                      Saul Hauer
Alan L. Ferry                         Inc.                         Norman Graham                    Haultec Sales Inc.
FGF Brands                         Mike and Rocchina Gambardella   Grace Graham                     Haultec Trailers Ltd.
William Fielding                   Garfinkle, Biderman LLP         Karen Graham                     Laura Hawthorn
Kim Fielding                       Bruno and Renate Gass           Laurie Graham                    Joyce M. Hay
Fiesta Farms                       Gateway Chevrolet Inc.          Robert Graham                    A. Ruby Hayashi
Fifeness Construction Ltd.         Robert Gatis                    William and Gwendolyne           Beatrice Hayman
Paul Findlay                       Pierre Gattuso                      Graham                       Arden R. Haynes
Isobel M. Findley                  GE Canada                       Mark Grammer                     HBM Fence & Wire
David N. Finkelstein               David Generali                  Granny’s Poultry Co-Operative    Heat & Frost Insulators &
John Finaly                        Generation Carpentry                Ltd.                            Asbestos Workers Local 119
Joe Finley                         George and Martha Butterfield   Stephanie Grant                  Heathwood Holdings Corp-
Renato Fiorito                     Gerald A. Boyko Dentistry       Rosemary Grant                      Décor
Sherry Firestone                      Professional Corp.           Trudy Grant                      Heidi Golf Classic
First Capital Realty Inc.          Geranium Corp.                  Darcy Gratton                    George and Linda Heller
First Republic Capital             David Gerofsky                  Great Gulf Homes Charitable      Brian Hellyer
Michael Firth                      M. B. Ghadaki                       Foundation                   Helm Resources Inc.
Christine Fisher                   Ghandour Painting &             Great Gulf Homes Ltd.            Kristi Hendrickson
P.L. Fisher                           Decorating                   Karen Green                      Hengab Investments Ltd.
Brendan Flanagan                   Gianelli Excavating             Robert Green                     Joshua Herden
Violet Flawn                       Joyce and Harry Gibbard         Jean Green                       Peter and Janet Herman
Jack and Toni Fleischmann          David Giffin                    Lindy Green and Howard           Jeffrey and Elizabeth Herold
Neil Fleshner                      Giftcraft Ltd.                      Sinukoff                     Michael Herring
Mario Fleury                       Ron Gilbart                     Green & Spiegel                  Andrew Herzenberg
Flora Di Menna Designs Inc.        Bryan Gilbart                   Green and Ross                   Ernie Herzig
Fluxgold Izsak Jaeger LLP          Gurjeet S. Gill                 Marilyn Green Robson             Joan R. Hickey
Fogler Rubinoff LLP                Pierre Giroux                   Francis Greenburger              HiHo Silver Resources
Lui Fogolini                       Faye Gitter                     Wendy Greener                    Lawrence and Elyse Hildebrand
Kevin Fong                         GK Industries                   Brian Greenspan and Marla        Hi-Lite Fine Foods Inc.
Paula Fonseca                      GlassCell Isofab Inc.               Berger                       Hillen Nursery Inc.
Forest City Fire Protection Ltd.   Kurt Gemser                     Gresta Ltd.                      Fern Hiltz
Forest Hill North Auto Collision   Global Alliance Worldwide       Bruce and Penelope Grierson      Roy and Joan Hintsa
Nancy Forfar                          Chauffeured Service Ltd.     Meghan Grifferty                 Allen and Celia Hirsh

22   2009 Report to Our Donors
History Hill Group Inc.             J.S. Cheng and Partners Inc.      Robert Knowlton                       Bob Lindsay
HMG Custom Interiors Inc.           J.V. Building Supply              Yeong W. Ko                           Link Charity Canada Inc.
Lok Shan and Lilli Ho               J+J Shared Services               Dana Koeppel                          Lauren Linton
Timen P. Ho and Ling H. Ho-Lai      Erin Jackson                      Murray and Marvelle Koffler           Sharon Lipman
Tracey Ho Lung                      Umesh Jain                        Alkis Kontos                          Colin Lipson
HOK Canada                          Ken and Mary James                Konzco Special Tools Ltd.             Jeffrey G. Lipson
Lora Holland                        James and Alfreda Parlee Fund     Igor Kornyshkov                       Marcia Lipson
Holly Bear Tournment                   at the Toronto Community       David Koschitzky                      Lipton, Wiseman, Altbaum &
Marion V. Holmes                       Fdn.                           Paul Koster                              Partners
R. Brian Holmes                     Jan K. Overweel Ltd.              Marina Kovrig                         Lisi Mechanical Contractors Ltd.
Iain and Mary Ann Hood              Evelyn M. Janes                   Bernard Kraft                         Live Free Walk for Cancer
Hood Packaging Corp.                Janes Family Foods                Kraft Berger LLP                         Research
Marilyn Hosang                      Genevieve Jarry                   Kraft Canada Inc.                     Liza Homes
Pamela Mary Hosang                  Jasper Construction Corp.         Sarah Krauss                          Loblaw Companies Ltd.
Hung-Chao Hou                       JCO Communications Inc.           KRG Children’s Charities              Nancy Lockhart
John H. Hough                       Jenry Management Inc.             Larry Kruitz                          Diane Loeb
Sylvia Houghton                     Jermark Plumbing & Mechanical     Connie Ku                             Naomi Loeb
Wendy Howze                            Services Ltd.                  Kal Kuronen and Lois Topham           David Lofranco
Mike Hramca                         Edith Jewett                      Kurtz Orchards                        Lombard Canada Ltd.
Brent Hubbard                       Joe Pace & Sons Contracting       Lab Development Ltd.                  Marija Loncar
Miranda Hubbs                          Inc.                           Labatt Breweries of Canada            Longo Communities
Hude Park Properties                John W. S. Preston Foundation     Ladies Links Tour Golf                Longo’s Family Charitable
Paul Huebener                       Stanley R. Johnson                   Association                           Foundation
William Hughey                      Colleen and Brian Johnston        Lafarge Canada Inc.                   Looped for Life Golf
Nicolaas J. Hulst                   Joint Residential Construction    Michael Laine                            Tournament
Lois Humphrey                          Association                    Lakeview Homes                        Lorenzo Investment Ltd.
William B. Humphries                Pamela Jones                      Marjorie Lampkinw                     A.B. Lorriman
John Hunkin                         Patrick A. Jordan                 Lanciano Social Club                  Losani Homes (1998) Ltd.
R. Neil and Ann Hunking             Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital    Judith and Bruce Langstaff            Isabel Losch
C. Lindsay and Susan Hunt           Joss Foundation                   Mary Laurence                         Otto & Ida Lowas
John and Julie Hunt                 Jovan Ducic Canadian Serbian      LawPro                                Steven and Linda Lowden
Hunt for the Cure                   K.G. G. Contracting Ltd.          Scott Lawrence                        Lowe Roche Advertising Ltd.
Benjamin and May Hutzel             K.L.M. Planning Partners Inc.     Moira and James Lawrence              Lucky Power Memorial
Hybrid Turkeys                      Kaboose Inc.                      Mary Ann Lawrie                       Alexander Lui
I Care Enough Events                Azard Kallan                      Debra Lawson Bridgewater              Betty Lui
I H L Investments Hardware Ltd.     Elise Kalles                      Theo Lax                              Don Lunau’s Family
I.A. Michael Investment Counsel     Maria Kalyvas                     Carl Laywine                          Tony Lundy
   Ltd.                             Robert Kassel                     Leader Plumbing & Heating Inc.        L’Unita Resturant Inc.
I.E. Weldon Secondary School        Katherine Newman Design           Harley Ulster and Cindy Leder         Luttrell Parker Insurance Brokers
Lisa Iantria                        Chris Kauffman                    Esther Lee                               Ltd.
Imperial Trim Supply Ltd.           Nitin and Priti Kawale            Martin J.G. Lee                       LVF Management Inc.
In Memory of Kelly Silverstein      Louise S. Kawasaki                Andrew and Elaine LeFeuvre            Ngoc Ly
   Trust                            Elaine and Jimmy Kay              Legendary Motocar Company             Lyncor Technologies
Independent Plumbing                Barry Kearns                         Ltd.                               M.A.M. Group Inc.
   and Heating Contractors          Debra May Kee                     David LeGresley                       Cheong Kou Ma
   Association                      C. Patrick Keeley                 Philip A. Lehn                        Susan Edna Maass-Robinson
Industrial Alliance Insurance and   David Keeley                      Ann L. Leibel                         Jane MacDonald
   Financial Services Inc.          Patrick and Barbara Keenan        Anitra Leksers                        R.G. Macdonald
Industrial Alliance                 Elaine M. Kehoe                   Delbert Lemcke                        Eve and H. Macdougall
John and Tracey Ing                 Kenair Apartments Ltd.            Debbie Lenehan                        George MacDowell
Glenna Ingold                       Thomas Kennedy                    Kevin Leon                            Sheila MacFetters
International Union of Painters &   Marion P. Kenney                  Joseph Patrick Leonardw               MacFeeters Family Fund
   Allied Trades-Local1891          Peter Kenny                       Ashley LeRoux                         Bruce and Barbara MacGowan
Int’l Brotherhood of Electrical     Andrew T. Kerr                    David Leslie                          Jonathan Machado
   Workers Local 353                Teresa and Norman Kerr            Charles E. Letman                     Jimmy and Melissa Machado
Ira Gluskin & Maxine Granovsky      Ian Kidson and Carole McNabb      Cowan Leung                           Douglas G. MacKay
   Gluskin Charitable               Bob Kilgour                       Christine Leveque                     Alexander D. Mackay
   Foundation                       Mary Kilworth                     Weldon Levine                         Ann and Douglas Mackay
Ironwood Construction               Andrea, Carolyn and               Benjamin Levinter                     Darryl Mackenzie
   Management                          Christopher Kinch              Steven Levy                           William Mackenzie
Arnold and Lynn Irwin               Gary N. King                      Linda Lewis                           William MacLaren
Margaret and Kristian Isberg        Susan and James King              Jules Lewy                            Maclaser Printing Inc.
John and Lucy Italiano              Kingsgate Plumbing & Drain Inc.   Mike Leyes                            Candace MacLean
Richard Ivey                        Leslie William Kinnellw           Pik W. Li                             Eric MacNeil
J F Brennan Design/Build Inc.       Kinross Gold Corp.                Jay Liao                              Iain Macphail
J.B. Aluminum Products Ltd.         Neville Kirchmann and Family      Liberty Development Corp.             Macquarie Bank Foundation
J.D.S. Accufinish Ltd.              Aletha Kirkwood                   Marilyn Libin                         John and Janet Madden
J.E. Panneton Family                Joel Kirsh                        Sally Libman                          Magnotta Winery Estates Ltd.
   Foundation                       Peter Klahsen                     Limen Group Ltd.                      Douglas W. Mahaffy
J.F. Moore Lithographers Inc.       Sharon Klinghoffer                Perry Lin                             Geraldine Mahoney
J.G. Jackson & Associates           John Knebel                       Jane L. Lind                          Olev S. Maimets

                                                                                     The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation            23
Mick Majid                              Maurice Joseph Weisfeld &             Meteor Telecommunicatons Inc.         Neda and Ata Moeini
Kam-Kong Mak                                Louis Weisfeld Charitable         Metro Painters (2004) Ltd.            Barry Monaghan
Tak W. Mak                                  Fdn.                              Metropolitan Plumbing                 Karen and Jeffrey Moness
Andy Makowski                           Christina and Joe Mauro-                 & Heating Contractors              Monsterworldwide
J. Paul and Phyllis Malette                 Manget                               Association                        Montana Steele Advertising Inc.
Malfar Mechanical Inc.                  Jill Maxwell                          Metrus Properties II Inc.             Montcorr Packaging Ltd.
Monica J. Malkus                        Mayfair Electric Ltd.                 MIA                                   Montecassino Hospitality Group
Ida Mammone                             Maystar General Constructors          Gabriella C. Micallef                    Inc.
George S. Mann                              Inc.                              Michael & Jackie Shulman              Montevallo Developments Ltd.
S. Paul Mantini                         Kenneth and Sheila McArthur              Family Fund                        Jeff Mooney
Marana Kitchen & Home Design            Rebecca McBride                       Michael Bros. Excavating              Gene Moore
Marciano Beckenstein LLP                Brad McCann                           Michael Kluthe Salon                  John Moore
Emma Marin                              David R. McCready                     Michael La Patriello Fund at the      Malcolm Moore
Luciano Marino                          Debbie McCue                             Toronto Community Fdn.             Linda Moran
Margaret Mark                           Elizabeth M. McDermid                 Michelin Group                        Morega Agency
Allan Mark                              William L. McDonald                   Micro Consulting Inc.                 Lino and Piera Morra
Mark Clemons Medicine                   Maria and Peter McDonnell             Dan Mida                              Scott Morrison
    Professional Corp.                  Conor J. McDonough                    Israel H. Mida                        Nancy Morrison
Helen and Gerald Marr                   John Lorn McDougall                   David Miguel and Julie-Ann            David E. Morrison
Mar-San Contractors Ltd.                Frances Ross Silcox McDowellw            Pesce                              Pat Morton
Catherine A. Marsh                      Robert McFarland                      MIJO Corporaton                       Moscone Tile Ltd.
Marsh Canada Ltd.                       Timothy J. McGillion                  G. Craig Miles                        The Moshoian Family
Jill Denham and Stephen                 McKeller Structured Settlements       Miles S. Nadal/MDC Corp.              Darrin Moss
    Marshall                            James McKenzie                        Marc Milgrom                          Mount Sinai Hospital
Keith and Jennifer Martin               Robert and Dorothy McKittrick         James and Karen Miller                Gregory Paul Mountjoy
Martin Daniel Interiors                 John McLaine                          Miller Thomson LLP                    Nick J. Mourant
Dave Martino                            Mark McLean                           Cecilia M. Mills                      Orest Moysey
J. Scott Martyn                         Daryl McLean                          Millwork Home Centre                  Ingrid Mueller
David Marx                              Elizabeth McLean                      Elizabeth A.Milne                     Shukla Mukherji
Emerson Mascoll                         Gordon McLean                         Milton Oldstars                       Mulitimed Inc.
Masdel Canada Inc.                      Robyn Mcmorris                        Mimico Plywood Ltd.                   Multiseal Paving Comany
Ewan Mason                              Roy and Ria McMurtry                  Mark Minden and Family                Municipal Mechanical
Warren Mason                            John McNally                          Ministry of Children & Youth             Contractors Ltd.
Martin A. Mason                         Medical College of Wisonsin              Services                           Alice Murphy
Janice E. Masotti                       Laurie Melbourne                      Clive and Fran Minto                  Mur-Wall Concrete Forming
MasterCard Matching Gift                Theresa Mellis                        Florence Minz                         Steven Muzzo
    Program                             Lisa Melo                             John Miron                            Margaret Myatt
Matera Carpentry Contractors            Melody Homes                          Peter Misener                         Myles Mindham Jewellery Ltd.
    Ltd.                                Angelo Melone                         Mister Safety Shoes                   Mr. and Mrs. James Mylrea
John Matovich                           Joanne Mercer                         Timothy Mitchell                      Dalia Naami
Geoffrey Matus                          Margaret and Bruce Mercer             George Mitchell                       Tony Naccarato
Maureen Shaughnessy Kitts And           Michael Meredith                      Bruce Mitchell                        Laura Nadalini Bayer
    Associates                          Salvino Merola                        Modern Niagara Toronto Inc.           Douglas and Sarah Nadherny

     Community Giving
     The breadth of support in the community for The Princess Margaret is truly remarkable. It is demonstrated every-
     day as ordinary people make extraordinary gifts through our Community Giving programs. This past year, we
     had over 40,000 donors support the hospital through our annual giving and monthly giving programs. Significant
                                                 annual support was provided by 800-plus donors belonging to
                                                 Princess Margaret’s Inner Circle – the newly redesigned Leadership
                                                 Giving Society. Many more thousands of people chose to pay tribute
                                                 to someone special through the Tribute Memorial and Wedding and
                                                 Holiday Card programs. Combined, over $6.3 million was raised this
                                                 year by Community Giving.

                                                            Each gift, no matter how large or small, is essential in helping bridge
                                                            the gap between what the government funds for healthcare and
                                                            what the hospital needs and aspires to deliver to our patients. We
                                                            thank our Community Giving donors for sharing our vision, and
                                                            combining their ‘passion capital’ with their financial capital for the
                                                            benefit of our patients.
     Held annually, our Donor Appreciation Tea lets donors learn more about the work of The Princess Margaret, and receive our thanks for their
     generous, sustained support. We couldn’t do our work without you. Thank you!

24      2009 Report to Our Donors
Linda Nadolny-Cogan             Orion Hardware Corp.              Port Royal Mills Ltd.                 Roadside Paving
John Nagel                      Kari Osmar                        Jean Charles Potvin and Lucie         Robert Warehouse (GRM)
Libby and Arnold Naiman         Leif Ostlund                         Marion                             Shauna Robertson
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NBCN                            Prem and Bimla Pabbi              Maurice and Donna Preston                 Foundation
Barry and Louise Needler        Pacific Construction Services     Frances Price                         Kathryn Robinson
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Nick and Lynn Ross Charitable   Partners in Psychiatry            David H. Race                         David Ross
   Foundation                   Marshal and Tina Partnoy          Elaine and Don Rafelman               Lynda Ann Rosser
Judith M. Nicoll                Graziella and Beppino Pasquali    Oskar Rajsky                          Brian and Alida Rossy
Allen Nightingale               Shilpen Patel                     Michael Rak                           Ronda Roth
Niran Construction Ltd.         Sailesh Patel                     Suman Rakhit                          Rolando Roti
Ian V. B. Nordheimer            Piotr Pater                       Rapini’s Ristorante Ltd.              Jill Rowan
Normerica Inc.                  Marcello and Filomena             Ras-Con Inc.                          J. Rowe
Janet and Michael Norris           Paternostro                    Ratech Electronics Ltd. In            Brad Rowse
Joan Norris                     Tamara Paterson                      Honour of Frank A. Rago            Roy Turk Industrial Sales
Lesley E. North                 Peter Pearce                      Abbe Raven                            Royal LePage
North American Development      Peddle & Pollard LLP              Ravenshoe Group                       Royal Trust Company
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North City General Insurance    Megan Pellijeff                   Raylan Electrical Systems             Ron and Rochelle Rubinoff
   Brokers Ltd.                 Darren Pembleton                  RBC Financial Group                   Adam Rubinoff
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Makio Ogawa                     Gianfranco G.Piccini              Resform Construction Ltd.             S.O. Asher Consultants Ltd.
Randall Oliphant                Piller Sausages & Delicatessens   Reuven International Ltd.             Giorgio Sabatini
Gwen Oliver                        Ltd.                           Dirk and Anne Reyneveld               Saberwood Homes
Olon Industries Inc.            Pinetree Capital Ltd.             RGK Construction Managment            Nick Sacchetti
Omers Capital Partners          Pink Positive                        Inc.                               Susan Sacchi
Oncogenex Technologies Inc.     Italia Lee Pistilli               Antonio Ribeiro                       Nadir Sachak
Kathleen M. O’Neill             Ward and Diana Pitfield           Sonla Ricci                           Saddlebrook Management
Ontario 2022704                 James B. Pitts                    Richard Gambin RDQ                        Consult Inc.
On-Trac Auto & Equipment        Dominic and Marisa Pizzarelli     Richardson, Tatangelo LLP             Michael Sadiwnyk
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OPG Employees’ & Pensioners’    Andy Plata                        Rigobon Carli                         Saint Dunstan of Canterbury
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Ophthamology Consultant Staff   Murray H. Pollitt                 Barb and Ced Ritchie                  Sally’s Friends at HP
   Association P.M.H.           Polytarp Products                 Jo-Ann E. Ritchie                     Saltsov Holdings Inc.
Howard Orfus                    Francis Pope                      Rivervalley Masonry Group Ltd.

                                                                                 The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation           25
Sanctuary International Day       Sky Homes Corp.                    Ellen Storfer                     The Frances Tanenbaum
   Spas                           SL Nature Fiber Inc.               Strategic Charitable Giving          Charitable Foundation
Samanta Sandler                   Jan M. Slaight                        Foundation                     The Gary Warner Memorial Golf
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Dominic Siniscalco                Michael Stock                      The Etobicoke Church of God       Tiffany & Co.
Linda Sky Grossman                Stone Tile International Inc.         (Seventh Day) Charity          Tinistar Co.

26   2009 Report to Our Donors
Sandra Title                        Uniboard Canada Inc.                Warnaco of Canada Company              Fern and Herb Wisebrod
Tobe Family Foundation              Unitec York Inc.                    John Warwick                           Jack and Nan Wiseman
Toddglen Services Ltd.              Universal Studios Canada Inc.       Joye Waterhouse                        Ian Witterick
Tolin Enterprises Ltd.              University of Toronto Press Inc.    The Wateman Family                     Harland Wittick
A. K. Tomasik                       University Plumbing & Heating       Marjorie V. Waters                     David and Mary Wolf
Tom’s Place                            Ltd.                             Phyllis and William Waters             Chor Yin Wong
Tonolli Canada Ltd.                 Upper Canada College                Ron Waters                             Lea-Choung Wong
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Tor-Con Construction Co.               Makers                           Wayne Cassidy & Co.                    Frank Wong
Philip Tornow                       Hazelton Men                        John Weatherall                        Isabella Shuk Ling Wong
Toro Aluminum                       Mirali Vaez                         Morris Weber                           Kan Sum Wong
Robert Torokvei                     Vito Valela                         Wedlock Paper Converters Ltd.          Shun Wong
Toronto East General Hospital       Nancy Valenza                       Graham and Judith Weeks                Woodbridge Foam Corp.
   Foundation                       Tiziana Valeri-Debenedictis         Lucy Weinstein                         Woodbridge Lumber Inc.
Toronto Firefighters Association    Charles Vallance                    John G. Weir                           Tony Woodward
Toronto Hospital Urology            Valle Pligna Socio-Cultural         Susan Weisbarth                        Sylvia and Irving Wortsman
   Associates                          Association                      Robert and Suzanne Weiss               Elizabeth Wright
Toronto Rock Lacrosse Club          Valleymede Building AMA Corp.       Eric Weisz                             WSI
Zoltan Toth                         Timothy Van Alstyne                 Margaret Weisz                         Wyeth Consumers Healthcare
Peter G. Townley                    Vantage Insulation Ltd.             Catherine Welfe                           Inc.
Townwood Homes Inc.                 Varian Medical Systems              Marion Jean Wellwood                   Wyeth Pharmaceuticals
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Thu Tran                            Vaughan Irrigation                  West End Interior Inc.                 Mitchell Wywiorski
Transamerica Life Canada            Shirlee Vedder                      Brigitte Westaway                      Y. Onyschuk & Co. Ltd.
Transcanada Pipelines               Herbert Veisman                     William W. Westcott                    Minnie Yack
Transcore Link Logistics Corp.      Sabine Veit                         Weston Flooring Ltd.                   Yard Sale for the Cure
Transportaction Lease Systems       Venetor Equipment Rental Inc.       Weston Premium Woods Inc.              Marlene G. Yaworski
   Inc.                             Veritas Communications Inc.         Westpalm Development Corp.             Una Yen
Travelers Guarantee Company         Almas and Zul Verjee                Westside Studio                        Yolles Partnership Inc.
   of Canada                        Yvonne Vetere                       Whispa Co. Ltd.                        York Major Holdings Inc.
Traynor’s Bakery Wholesale Ltd.     Viewmark Homes Ltd.                 Brad White                             York Marble Tile & Terrazzo Inc.
Rae Tregunna                        Village Masonry Construction        Alden White                            York University Foundation
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Trend Line Marketing Inc.           Pat and Sandra Villani              Margaret D. Whitfield                  Lori Young
Trevcor Management Inc.             Brenda J. Vince                     Carl D. Whitten                        Stella Yusko
Trican Masonry Contractors Inc.     Vincent Salvatore Family Trust      Joe A. Wightman                        Barry, Ian and Felicia Zagdanski
Tricon Capital Group Inc.           Vitaid Ltd.                         Jennie I. Wildridge                       Families
Tridel Corp.                        Anna and Brent Voetmann             David and June Williams                Barry Zakelman
Greg Trieloff                       Michael Volpatti                    Christopher and Georgiann              Ralph Zarboni
Trimap Communications Inc.          Volpe Paper Fibers Inc.                Wills                               Barry Zekelman
Nga My Trinh                        Robert and Marlene von der          Edna Wilson                            Zentil Property Management
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Trio Capital                        Elaine Waisglass and Michael        W. H. Wilson                           Jason Zerafa
Tropical Insulation Inc.               Hirsh                            D. Jean Wilson                         Zetra Enterprises Inc.
Gabriel T. Tsampalieros             Carolyn Kent Waitew                 Margaret Wilson                        Dov and Caroline Zevy
Alice F. K. Tse                     Jeff Walderman                      Richard B. Wilson                      Ron Zevy
Leagh Turner                        Lionel and Sandra Waldman and       Scott A. Wilson                        Helen Zinkargue
twenty6two                             Family                           Shelagh E. Wilson                      Eric Zoebelein
Tyco Electronics Canada Ltd.        Mark and Elana Waldman              Florence Kathleen Wilsonw              Zoran Real Estate Ltd.
Cam Ubell                           Brian Walker                        Mary I. Wilsonw                        Sharon Zuckerman
Archie Ublansky                     Peter and Kimberlee Wallace         WilsonArt Canada                       Helen Zukerman
UBS                                 Ruvan P. Waltman                    Judith and Jack Winberg
ULC                                 Michael C. Ward                     Paul K. Wing
Lawrence and Anne Ullman            Padraig and Marian Warde            Howard Wise
Sok Teang Ung                       Sinclair Wardrop                    Lynda Wise

We are very grateful to the following firms who have generously donated their skills, products and materials.
92.5 JACK FM             Boisset Canada        CTV                      Linwood Homes           Rogers TV                 SuperClubs Breezes
97.3 EZ Rock             Canadian House and    Daniels Corp.            MAD                     Sassafraz Restaurant         Resorts
98.1 CHFI                   Home               EastDell Estate Winery      marketing+design     Six Degrees Medical       The Globe and Mail
104.5 CHUM FM            Canwest Global        Fandor Homes             McWhirter and              Consulting             The National Post
680News                     Communications     Ford Canada                 Associates           Slaight                   The Toronto Star
ACLC                     CBC                   Greenpark Homes          Merit Vacations            Communications         The New Country
Air Canada Vacations     CIBC                  Hansen Construction      Muskoka Building Co.    Sobeys                       95.3 FM
Astral Media Inc.        Citytv                Heenan Blaikie           Naked Creative          Steam Whistle             TLN
Barefoot Wine            CFRB                  IBM                      OMNI Television            Brewery                Toronto Sun
BBQ Gourmet              Classical 96.3FM      IMA                      Pattison Outdoor        Swiss Chalet Rotisserie   VIA Rail Canada
Birks and Mayors         Clean Sheet           Intrawest                Pepsi / Frito-Lay          & Grill                Y&R
BNN (Business News       Coca-Cola Bottling    Kaitlin Group            Q107                    Sun TV                    Yuk Yuk’s
   Network)              Colgate               Kraft Canada             Resolve Corp.           Sunquest Vacations

                                                                                        The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation              27
JCB Grant Society Members
Membership in the JCB Grant Society is offered to donors who have included The Princess Margaret Hospital
Foundation in their will or have made a future or life income gift. These special friends of the Foundation have made
the fight to conquer cancer in our lifetime part of their own personal legacy.

The JCB Grant Society is named after the distinguished Toronto professor of anatomy, Dr. J.C. Boileau Grant, the
author of Grant’s Atlas of Anatomy. Princess Margaret Hospital has a special connection with Dr. Grant. His widow,
Anne Catriona Robertson, left us a bequest of the Atlas when she died in 1982. With the annual royalty payments,
The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation has created the JCB Grant Chair in Oncologic Pathology, a $2.2 million
endowed chair, as well as a major named endowment fund.

The Grant family’s example is important to us: they have left an important legacy with a creative gift, and they have
improved our ability to conduct leading-edge cancer research. Through the JCB Grant Society, we pay tribute both to
the Grant family and to each donor who has confirmed a planned gift to The Princess Margaret.

Violet Adair                     Eleanor G. Chapman                Anthony Fyles                  Jeff Karl
Scarlat Albright                 Margaret E. Chapman               Kathy Gallivan                 Diane Karnay and Stuart Bollefer
Bruce Alexandor                  Paul Chen                         Monica L. Gaudry               Carla Keel
Omar Ali                         K. Carol Christian                Marilyn Gazey                  Grace Kelly
The Alofs Family                 Joyce K. Chung                    Harry and Joyce Gibbard        Nora Kent
Keith Ambachtsheer and           Valerie and James Clark           Ian Gibbard                    Kathryn Kernohan
   Virginia Atkin                Anne Clements                     Shirley Goldenberg             Andrea Kinch
Loretta and Etienne Amestoy      Julie A. Colosimo                 Lillian Gordon                 Neville and Lorraine Kirchmann
Roger Andersen                   Luciano and Paola Colozza         Ethel Gorlick                  Paula Kirsh
Shirley Arnold                   Antonio Crescenzi                 In Honour of Beryl Elizabeth   Veronica Kollar
Norman K. Ashurst                Janice S. Crichton                    Trimming-Green             Selwyn and Pippa Kossuth
William Badke                    Barry Crookes                     Carol Greenwood                Sherry Kou
Wilbur N. Baily                  Irene Crowe                       Christopher G. Guest           Margaret, Audrey and James
Jan H. Balledux                  Beryl Cruse                       Cathy Hale                        Laidler
Katharine E. Barilla             Enola Czech                       Elizabeth D. Hamilton          Harold Lane
Yee Y. Bell                      Fern Daiter                       Doris Hansen                   Colin Languedoc
Francesco Benichasa              Julie Davis                       Helen Phebe Hatton             Jocelyne Laniel
Roslyn and Bernard Bennett       Jean Davison                      Sharyl Haynes                  James and Moira Lawrence
Shirley Bennett                  Mary Dawkins                      Lenard Haywood                 Barry Lebow
Beulah Besharah                  Joyce H. Denyer                   Suzanne Hearn                  Joan and Bob Lehman
Rita Bette                       Tim Devlin                        Robert I. Hendy                Kathleen D. Leslie
Aruna Bhatnager                  Joseph Di Geso                    Grant Hern                     Charles E. Letman
Rosa Bianca                      Daniela Di Gianomasso             Mildred Herzog                 Daniel Lichtman
Catherine Blackburn              Wilson G. Dow                     Joan Hickey                    Meryl Lindale
Dorothea and Philip Bloom        Jessie L. Dowling                 Barbara Hill                   Irene M. Lloyd
Frank Bosco                      Maurice Drieu                     Timen Ho and Jessie Ho         Audrey Loeb and David Ross
Robindra N. Bose                 Diane Drotos                      Frances M. Holland             Margaret Jane Logan
Olive Boudreau                   Joao J. Dutra                     A. D. Holt                     Marija Loncar
Geoffrey Boyes                   Linda Ecclestone                  Joan Pui-Ying Hosang           Maria Loschiavo
Mary Brandon                     Naomi Eisenberg                   Margaret J.H. Howitt           Rita Louidor
Harold and Fredelle Brief        Margaret Ellis                    Dr. Huie                       Charles MacAllister
Beverley A. Briggs               Leola English                     Peter and Dalit Hume           John Macdonald
Rob Bristow                      Audrey Ennis                      Glenn Hunnings                 Mr. and Mrs. John D. Mackay
William and Gail Brown           Margaret A. Evered                Jeannine Hutty                 William MacLaren
Ruth M. Buchanan                 Patricia Ewart-McLean             Nicholas B. Imming             John and Gail MacNaughton
Joan and Jack Burkholder         Roy A. and Elizabeth J. Fawcett   Tommasino-Timpano Iozzo        June Mansfield
Reta Burrows                     Madeline Fielding                 Joan I. Jackson                John C. Marshall
David and Paula Butterfield      Leland J. Fisher                  Simon L. Jackson               Robert Martin
Laura and Sven Byl               Patricia K. Ford                  Margaret Jenkins               Frances I. Masefield Acheson
Donald R. Cade                   Josie, Jeanne and Archie          Agnes Jenkinson                Antonio and Seli Masegosa
Fausto Carbone                      Forsyth                        Nancy Jennings                 Dana Maslic
Gail Carman and Dave             Jake E. Fowell                    Elspeth A. Johnson             Aureade Massey
   Hollingworth                  Sandra J. Frost                   Fran Johnston                  Jean Matlow
Dorothy Carr                     Larry and Eileen Fryer            Barry Jones                    Doris McCartney
Christopher A. Carson            Michelle Fuss                     Lee-Anne Kant                  Joyce L. McCathie

28   2009 Report to Our Donors
Janice McDonald                Colleen Peacock               Naju B. Shroff and Keki B. Shroff      Hazel Westlake
R.A. Guy McGuire               Brian Pecic                   Antonio Sicilia                        Mary E. Whitaker
William George McIntyre        Constance Peters              Margaret Simmons                       Clyde Shepard Whitham
Elizabeth McLean               Stan and Helen Petrowski      Graham T. Skells                       Linda Whyte
Kenneth A. McLean              Robert L. Pidgeon             Linda Sky Grossman                     Charles T. Wilson
Paul McNab and Mary Collins-   Gertrude Piggot               Sheila Smith                           Debra Wilson
    McNab                      Margaret Pollard              Thomas Smith                           Sharon Wilson
Beverly McRae                  Sofia Polyanovsky             Helen Stark                            Mary Winter
Elizabeth Meldrum              Margaret Porteous             Annabelle Stephens                     Jonathon Wisebrod
Louis Michael                  Mary E. Porter                D. Eleanor Stephenson                  Susan McLean Woodburn
Rosa Milano                    Karen M. Potter               Ian Stobart                            Donald and Janice Woodley
Barbara Jean Miles             M. Hope Powell                Elsa and Ted Stringer                  Ethel M. Woods
George Miljevich               Clare Price                   Shannon and Micheal Stuart             Betsy Wright
James Miller                   Eleanor Pridham               Ann D. Sutton                          William A. Wright
Patricia Miller                Hilda Pruuli                  Dorothy Sutton                         Donald A. Wylie
Ruth M. Miller                 Linda Puma                    Jean Swanson                           Morden S. Yolles
S. Milne                       Abel Quintal                  Richard F. Tayler                      Ginette Young
Rita and Gerald Misner         Robert S. Rawlings            Tina Tehranchian                       Chung-Fu Yu
John K. Mitchell               Bernie Rees                   Helen Tennyson                         Valentina Zatskoy Loper
Lois Mitchell                  Florence Reilly               Irmgard Theegarten
Carla Monk                     John Reilly                   Gai Thomas
Doris J. Moore                 Gladys Rennie                 Nelson Tilander
Harold A. Morden               Edna Reynolds                 Frederick Tiley
Eleanor Morgan                 Heather Richardson            Joan Tilt
Brad Morris                    Lionel and Helaine Robins     June and Joseph M. Tkach
Carol Morrison                 Charles H. and Kathleen A.    Mildred Trachtenberg
Miriam Mozes                      Robinson                   Jerry Trestik
June Murdoch                   Betty Ross                    Jackie Tuffin
Freda A. Muscovitch            Annice H. Rothbart            Pat Nichols and Bob
Margaret and William Myers     Coleman Rotstein                 Tundermann
Jill and Reed Nelson           Ross and Gwenda Roxburgh      Belal Uddin
Susan Newman                   Therese Roy                   John and Tess Van Netten
Doris Noftall                  Marci J. Rubinoff             Joseph Vannot
Priscilla Ralph-Norris         Barbara E. Russell            Lou Vigoda
Pamela and Donald North        Ruth E. Russell               Nancy J. Vivian
Aimee M. O’Connor              Patricia Sauerbrei            John Paul Watman
Manuel Oliveira                James H. (Bert) Scott         Lisa L. Weaver
Galina Ozols                   Frank and Red Selke           Sophie Weimert
Marshal and Tina Partnoy       Idola G. Semple               Vanessa Wellwood
John Patterson                 Anne Shanahan                 Lawrence Wert

 She Never Stopped Reminding her Patients to Floss, Floss, Floss!
                                Dr. Lucie Tuch kept her dental patients informed of her cancer journey through a
                                series of letters filled with her concern for them, her courage and determination to
                                fight the cancer, and, most of all, her delightful sense of humour. She was devoted
                                to her dental practice and had difficulty giving it up—even to her sister—when she
                                was forced to focus on her health and cancer treatment.

                                She adored the CBC, and talked about her great propensity for remembering the
                                “little ditties” accompanying the old radio advertisements like Brylcreem, Ivory
                                Snow and Dodd’s Little Kidney Pills.

                                Lucie left instructions in her Will for her Executor (her husband Egon) to make
                                charitable gifts on her behalf. After consulting with the Foundation to discuss
                                an appropriate and meaningful way to pay tribute to his wonderful wife, Egon
                                Homburger chose to make a generous gift in her name to the dental clinic of
                                Princess Margaret Hospital. The gift was used to purchase a digital panoramic
                                dental X-ray machine which allows the clinic to operate much more efficiently, with
                                less processing chemistry (less pollution), and to save on physical storage space.

                                                                             The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation          29
Named Expendable Funds
ABC Group Donation Fund                               Estelle Craig Family Fund                            Libby and Michael Goldgrub Gynecological Cancer
ABC Group Inc. Ambulatory Infusion Pump Fund          Eve Corrigan Cancer Research Fund                        Research Fund
Abraxis BioScience Fellowship Fund                    Fire Fighters’ Cancer Research Fund                  Lily Silver Magic Castle Fund
Adelson Foundation Fund for Ovarian Cancer            Frank A. Ragona Fund                                 Linda and Marvin Barnett Fund
   Research                                           Freed Family Fund                                    Lisa Coristine Brave Heart Fund
Agnico-Eagle Research Fund                            Friends for Life Fund                                Lousie Khalatbari Nozari Fund
Al Hertz Centre for Supportive and Palliative Care    Friuli Cancer Research Academic Exchange Program     Lucky Power Memorial Fund
   Fund                                                  Fund                                              Lusi Wong Lung Cancer Early Detection Research
Allan Kerbel Trust Fund                               Gadler, Lam, Pellegrino Palliative Care Fund             Fund
Alli’s Journey Fund                                   Gattuso Rapid Diagnostic Centre Fund                 Marie Thompson Fund
Amelia Plastina Breast Cancer Research and            General Electric Canada Inc. Fund                    Marilyn Barker Paulson Fund for Children with Brain
   Equipment Fund                                     George A. Cohon Fund for Reconstructive Surgery          Cancer
Ann and Irving Storfer Lymphoma Research Fund            for Prostate Cancer                               Marilyn Green Melanoma Research Fund
Anna-Liisa Farquharson Kidney Cancer Research         Gerald and Paula Kirsh Family Fund                   Marilyn Ricci Cancer Pain Control Fund
   Fund                                               Gerald M. Soloway Prostate Cancer Research Fund      Marilyn Van Stone Foundation Fund
Asaro Family Lymphoma Fellowship Fund                 Gerald Siegel Fund for Pancreatic Cancer Research    Mary Hooey Education Fund
Ask Ethel Fund                                        Gerry & Nancy Pencer Brain Trust Fund                Master Insulators Association of Ontario Inc. Fund
Barrie Rose Fund                                      Gerry Ruby Fund                                      Max Tanenbaum Garden Fund
Barry and Susanne Cooper Family Fund                  Gift of Life Fund                                    Max Tanenbaum Sculpture Garden Fund
Ben and Hilda Katz Charitable Foundation Fund         Gift of Love (G.O.L.F.) Fund                         McDermott Patient Education Fund
Bette Johnston Cooperative Student Scholarship        Giovanni and Concetta Guglietti Family Cancer        Menkes Family Innovation Fund in Thoracic Surgical
   Fund                                                  Fund                                                  Oncology
Betty Mendelssohn Kalmanasch Medical Research         Goldie Risenman Fund                                 Merrill Lynch Fund
   Fund                                               Gordon F. Mutch Fund                                 Michael Albert Garron Fund
Betty Meretsky Patient Care Fund                      Gordon Tozer Head and Neck Cancer Bio-Clinical       Michael J. Dickinson Endoscopic Equipment Fund
Blaine Richard Stein Fund                                Anthology Fund                                    Michael Ryan Leal Fund
Bram Appel Fund for Molecular Diagnostics in          Greenberg-Ritchie Fund                               Michael Wise Memorial Fund
   Ovarian Cancer                                     Greenpark Blood Transfusion Unit Fund                Mona Garbuz Memorial Fund for Melanoma
Bras Family New Drug Development Program Fund         Gucciardi Family Fund for Cell Therapy                   Research
Brian Ellies Esophageal Cancer Prevention Fund        Harley Ulster and Cindy Leder Multiple Myeloma       Muzzo Family Minimally Invasive Surgical Oncology
Brian Pendleton and Chad Goldman Ovarian Cancer          Research Fund                                         Program Fund
   Fund                                               Harold Niman Prostate Research Fund                  Muzzo Family Robotics Program Fund
Bruce Galloway Fund in Head and Neck Cancer           Harry Littler Cancer Research Fund                   Nadi Meir Fund
   Research                                           Hatch Family Fund                                    Nathan and Sara Goldlist and Family Fund
Bush International Fellowship Fund                    Helen and Irving Davis Fund                          Nora Rudnick Ovarian Cancer Research Fund
Campbell Family Institute for Breast Cancer           Hibiscus Fund for Hope                               Opthalmology Leslie Estate Fund
   Research Fund                                      Hillary Firestone Ovarian Cancer Research Fund       Palliative Pacers Fund
Canadian Conference of Asbestos Workers Fund          Hogarth Family Foundation Fund for Brachytherapy     Pamela Mary Hosang Ovarian Cancer Research Fund
Cancer Biobank Core Laboratory Fund                      Research                                          Paolo Ardizzi Bone Marrow Transplant Fund
Carmel Derdaele Breast Cancer Research Fund           Ian and Anne Devine Fund                             Patricia J. Myhal Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund
Charles and Marilyn Gold Family Foundation Fund       Ian Lawson Van Toch Cancer Informatics Fund          Patrick Avison Memorial Fund
Charles Krowitz Burkitt’s Lymphoma Research Fund      Ice Sports Centre Etobicoke Tournament Fund          Patrick Moore Leukemia Research Fund
Concetta Guglietti Most Wanted Fund for               Ida Rubinoff Patient Support Fund                    Paul and Rhonda Krandel Fund
   Gynecological Cancer                               Imperial Oil Foundation Mesothelioma Research        Pearl Banks Fellowship in Melanoma Research and
Cure for Lung Cancer Team Fund                           Fund                                                  Patient Care Fund
Daniel Alan Sheehan Brain Tumour Research Fund        Isabel Koffman Fund for Pancreatic Cancer Research   Penny Benjamin Fund for Caregiver Relief
Daniel Roncari Prostate Cancer Research Fund          J. David and Jan Crichton Fund                       Philip Mincer Fund
Daryl Rubinoff Fund                                   J. Richard and Dorothy Shiff Fund                    Philip Orsino Cell Therapy Translational Research
David and June Anne Melnik Prostate Patient           Jack and Esther Cole and Family Prostate Centre          Fund
   Support Fund                                          Fund                                              Phyllis Hantho Breast Cancer Research Fund
David and Paula Butterfield Ovarian Cancer            Jack and Rose Wine Leukemia Research Fund            Pollen/Reinholdt Fund for Cancer Research
   Database Fund                                      Jack Elie Memorial Tournament Fund                   Posluns Family Fund
David and Sharon Aello Skull Base Fund                Jack Weinbaum Prostate Prevention Fund               Project Cure Paola’s Fund
David Cornfield Melanoma Research Fund                Jacqueline Seroussi Foundation Fund                  Pusateri’s Adult After Care Fund
Derek Russell Fund for Clinical Trials Nursing        James Kinnear Fund                                   R. M. Saggar Fund
Desmond and Pamela O’Rorke Drug Development           Jane and Peter Eby Fund                              Race Against Cancer Fund
   Fund                                               Janet Rosen Fund                                     Ralph Fisher Fund
Diane Lanthier Nursing Care Fund                      Jennifer Evanshen Fund                               Rebecca’s Hope Leukemia Research Fund
Dick Aldridge Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund         Joe’s Team Fund for Translational Research           Richard Wookey Prostate Cancer Research Fund
Domenic Dell’Elce Fund                                John Finlay Oncology Fund                            Robert V. Brady Award Fund
Donald J. Young Fund                                  John Fortney Party Fund                              Roche Fellowship in Drug Development
Donati Family - St. Michael’s Majors Ovarian Cancer   John L. Hickey Fund                                  Ronald Buick Symposium Fund
   Fund                                               John Steinberg Fund                                  Ronald Dunn and Ingrid Gadsden Fund for the
Dr. Addleman Memorial Lecture Fund                    Joseph H.M. Wood Chemotherapy Research Fund              Benefit of Nurses on 14A
Dr. Annie Smith Bear Fund for Ovarian Cancer          June Anne and David Melnik Breast Cancer             RSM Richter Breast Cancer Research Fund
Dr. Geoffrey R. Conway Chemotherapy Fund                 Research Fund                                     Samuel Family Foundation CT/PET Centre Research
Dr. J. Bacher Golf Tournament Fund                    Karen Morton Fund                                        Fund
Edie and Eric Yolles Cell Therapy Research Fund       Laugh Lines Fund                                     Samuel Manu-Tech Inc. Fund
Elana Waldman Fund                                    Laura Kathleen Gray Research Fund                    Sandra Foyston Patient Education Fund
Elizabeth M. Walter Fund                              Lee China Exchange Fund                              Sanofi-Aventis Fellowship Program Fund
Elsa and Ted Stringer Fund                            Levelling the Playing Field Fund                     Sara Ferlito Fund

30   2009 Report to Our Donors
Shirley Auslander Peace Angel Fund                    Tara Fund                                             THE QUILT Breast Cancer Survivorship Fund
Slavens Family Fund                                   Taylor Family Patient Education Fund                  The RACH Fund
Spin 180 Ovarian Cancer Research Fund                 The Al Hertz Urgent Care Facility Fund                The Zoe Springer Memorial Fund
Spring Fund in Honour of Frank and Brenda Spring      The Alofs Family Fund                                 Tito and Maria Sansalone Fund
Stephen Duviner Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund       The Beckie Fund for Breast Cancer Research            Toronto Fashion Show Fund
Steven Hoffman Fellowship in Molecular Genomics       The Lo Family Fund for Leukemia Research              Vera Frantisak Fund
   Expendable Fund                                    The Lyon Share Contribution Fund                      Wharton Fund for Head and Neck Cancer Research
Sue Bristow Leukemia Fund                             The Michele Temple Melanoma Research Fund             Yasmin Bhaluani Ovarian Cancer Fund
Suncor/Sunoco Gynecologic Oncology Fund               The Nicole Nardi Fund
Susan Grange Advanced Simulation Program Fund         The Philip Lavorgna Life Over Lymphoma Fund

Named Endowed Funds
Those Supporting Programs                             Dalia McKiee Endowment Fund                           Mildred Eady Research Fund
Robert and Maggie Bras and Family New Drug            Deirdre Clement Research Fund                         Mindy Kirsh Endowment Fund
  Development Program                                 Dong Luong Huynh Research Fund                        Nizar and Gulzar Kanji Fund
                                                      Donna Steinberg Lung Cancer Research Fund             Norman Latowsky Leukemia Fund
Those Supporting Chairs                               Dorothy Gordon Buck Endowment Fund                    Pak Heng Chu Research Fund
Please see page 32 for a complete listing of Chairs   Dr. Jane Poulson Breast Cancer Research Fund          Paola Colozza Fund for Drug Discovery
Those Supporting Professorships                       Dr. Joseph K. McConnon Fund                           Paul MacDonald Fund
Bergsagel Visiting Professorship Fund                 Eckler Research Endowment Fund                        Pearl Banks Family Endowment in Melanoma
Helen M. Cooke Professorship Fund                     Edie and Eric Yolles Research Fund                       Research and Patient Care Fund
                                                      Edward E. Wise Research Fund                          Philip and Terry Browman Ovarian Cancer Research
Those Supporting Fellowships                          Edward Futerman Leukemia Research Fund                   Fund
Al Hertz Family Foundation Fund                       Eleanor and Burnett Thall Research Fund               Philip Lavorgna Life Over Lymphoma Endowment
Asaro Family Lymphoma Fellowship                      Elizabeth Duke Research Fund                             Fund
Edith Kirchmann Fellowship                            Elma Pearl Pinder Research Fund                       Philip Torno Cancer Research Endowment Fund
George Knudson Memorial Fellowship                    Enid Hildebrand Cancer Research Fund                  Reid-Weston Family Leukemia Research Fund
Gerald and Sheila Hatch Fellowship                    Ernest A. and Evelyn C. Byworth Trust for Research    Roy Arthur Fawcett Cancer Research Fund
Helena Lam Fellowship in Cancer Research                 Fund                                               Ryder MacDougall Family Fund
Michael V. and Wanda Plachta Fellowship               Fielding Family Research Fund                         Shiraz Bagli Memorial Fund for Basic Research in
Mildred Goldberg Fellowship                           Florence Winberg Endowment Fund                          Ovarian Cancer
N. B. Keevil Fellowship in Translational Research     Freda Ariella Muscovitch Ovarian Cancer Research      Shirley Mak Breast Cancer Research Fund
Oberlander Fellowship in Lung Cancer Research            Fund                                               Spooner Family Endowment Fund
Steven Hoffman Fellowship in Molecular Genomics       Gail Eisen Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund            Susan E. Crerar Ovarian Cancer Early Detection
Those Supporting Lectureships                         George and Kathleen Vice Research Fund                   Fund
Bierstock Family Lectureship in Prostate Cancer       Gerry and Nancy Pencer Brain Tumour Centre            Sylvia Jaychuk Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund
Douglas Bryce Education and Research Fund                Endowment Fund                                     TD Fund for Medical Discovery
Dr. Clifford Ash Lecture                              Gibson Clinical Research Fund                         Teddy Orenstein Research Fund
Drs. Vera Peters and R.S. Bush Lecture in Radiation   Girling/MacLellan Research Fund                       Tehmi Boman Shroff Fund in Multiple Myeloma
   Oncology                                           Glenn and Marilyn Hunnings Fund in Haemopoiesis/         Research
E.A. McCulloch Lectureship                               Lymphopoiesis Research                             Terry Watson Research Fund
Jeremy A. Oliver Palliative Care Endowment Fund       Guthrie Family Fund                                   Thoracic Oncology Lab Fund
Philippa Harris Annual Lecture                        Gwendolyn H. Riding Research Fund                     Tony Pennella Fund
Richard H. Grimm Lectureship in Head and Neck         Harley Ulster and Cindy Leder Multiple Myeloma        Val Trypuc Sarcoma Research Fund
   Oncology                                              Fund                                               Valerie Dickson Fund
Wharton Lectureship in Head and Neck Cancer           Harold E. Yeo Research Fund                           W.J. Collins and J.A. McNab Research Fund
                                                      Harry and Eleanor O’Neill Research Fund               Walter B. Pape Fund
Those Supporting Awards and Prizes                    Helen V. Crawford Research Fund                       Westaway Chair in Ovarian Cancer Research Fund
Abate Radiation Therapy Prize Fund
                                                      Honourable Willard Z. Estey Fund                      William and Dorothy Drevnig and Family Ovarian
Fritz Spiess Research Award Fund
                                                      Hubert B. Sceats Research Fund                           Cancer Research Fund
Gerald Kirsh Humanitarian Award Fund
                                                      JCB Grant Cancer Research Fund
Harold E. Johns Research Prize Fund
                                                      Jean E. McCulloch Research Fund
                                                                                                            Patient Care, Education and Other
Robert G. Matthews Cancer Research and Education
                                                      Jean E. Smith Research Fund
   Fund                                                                                                     Ask Ethel Fund
                                                      Joanna Lai Fund
The Rabbi Joseph and Doris Kanner Fund                                                                      Dr. Joseph Neil Monteith Dunsmore Fund
                                                      John and Esther Loewen Family Fund
                                                                                                            Gladys M. Davis Patient Services Fund
Those Supporting Cancer Research                      John Purkis Fund for Lung Cancer Research
                                                                                                            John L. Hickey Endowment Fund
Abraham, Ethel and Jackie Richmond Research           Joseph Lorne Garvin Research Fund
                                                                                                            John Russell Koshan Hibiscus Fund for Hope
   Fund                                               Joseph Robert Russell Research Fund
                                                                                                            Junior League of Toronto Pediatric Radiation Fund
Adele E.G. Curry Research Fund                        Katharine S. McLeod Research Fund
                                                                                                            Lynn King Palliative Care Fund
Albert Edward Rostern Mesothelioma Research           Khurshed Sanjana Multiple Myeloma Research Fund
                                                                                                            Max Tanenbaum Music Program Fund
   Fund                                               Lee K. and Margaret Lau Breast Cancer Research
                                                                                                            Monica Wright Roberts National Breast Cancer
Ann Rom Research Fund                                    Fund
                                                                                                               Endowment Fund
Barbara Sharpless Breast Cancer Research Fund         Leslie Zeev Mozes Fund
                                                                                                            Morris and Marcia Kwinter Fund
Barrick Gold Corporation Prostate Research Fund       Lyndsay, Joey and Sam Lyons Fund
                                                                                                            Morrissey-Copping Palliative Care Endowment Fund
Bartley Bull Clinical Research Fund                   M. Ann MacMillan Research Fund
                                                                                                            Pencer Centre Patient and Family Advisory
Beatty Biological Research Fund                       Margaret Mary Vivian Endowment Fund
                                                                                                               Committee Fund
Bulhoes Head and Neck Fund                            Margaret Pollard Research Fund
                                                                                                            Phyllis Smith Nursing Education Fund
C. Victor Secrett Research Fund                       Marion H. McRobert Research Fund
                                                                                                            Robert Visagie Bone Marrow Transplant Fund
Carolyn Budovitch Brain Tumour Research               Mary C. Conway Research Fund
                                                                                                            Shawn’s Miracle Fund
   Endowment Fund                                     Mary Pawlyk Fund for Research into Genitourinary
                                                                                                            Sylvia and Louis Lockshin Patient Education Program
Catherine M. Wanless Research Fund                       Malignancies
Charles Krowitz Endowment Fund for Burkitt’s          Mary Pawlyk Fund for Research into Lung Cancer
                                                                                                            Vera McDermott Patient Education Fund
   Lymphoma Research                                  McDowell-Silcox Family Research Fund
Cohen and Morrison Pathology Research Fund            Melissa Ann Katzman Cancer Research Fund

                                                                                                    The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation               31
Research Chairs
An endowed Chair is the highest honour in academic life, prestigious for Chairholder and donor alike. Princess
Margaret Hospital is committed to fostering academic excellence and each endowed Chair enhances our ability to
attract and retain leading researchers, educators and trainees. Our Chairholders are recognized internationally for
superior academic achievement, experience and success in teaching and research.

Chair                                                                                          Chairholder
The AMGEN Chair in Cancer Research                                                             Dr. Robert Rottapel
The Bartley-Smith/Wharton Chair in Radiation Oncology                                          Dr. Brian O’Sullivan
The Daniel E. Bergsagel Chair in Medical Oncology                                              Dr. Ian Tannock
Molly and David Bloom Chair in Multiple Myeloma Research                                       To be appointed
Alan B. Brown Chair in Molecular Genomics                                                      Dr. Geoffrey Liu
The Ronald N. Buick Chair in Cancer Research                                                   Dr. Chris Paige
Butterfield/Drew Chair in Breast Cancer Survivorship                                           Dr. Pamela Catton
M. Qasim Choksi Chair in Lung Cancer Translational Research                                    Dr. Ming Tsao
J. Douglas Crashley Chair in Gynecologic Cancer Research                                       Dr. Joan Murphy
Dr. Mariano A. Elia Chair in Head & Neck Cancer Research                                       Dr. Fei-Fei Liu
Anna-Liisa Farquharson Chair in Kidney Cancer Research                                         Dr. Michael Jewett
The Orey and Mary Fidani Family Chair in Radiation Physics                                     Dr. David Jaffray
Gattuso Chair in Breast Surgical Oncology                                                      Dr. David McCready
The JCB Grant Chair in Oncologic Pathology                                                     To be appointed
The K.Y. Ho Chair in Prostate Cancer Research                                                  Dr. Malcolm Moore
The Alan and Susan Hudson Chair in Neuro-Oncology                                              Dr. Abhijit Guha
Kirchmann Family Chair in Neuro-Oncology Research                                              Dr. Warren Mason
Lee K. and Margaret Lau Chair in Breast Cancer Research                                        Dr. Senthil Muthuswamy
The Harold and Shirley Lederman Chair in Palliative Care                                       Dr. Gary Rodin
The Love Chair in Prostate Cancer Prevention Research                                          Dr. Neil Fleshner
The Addie MacNaughton Chair in Thoracic Radiation Oncology                                     Dr. Andrea Bezjak
The Philip S. Orsino Chair in Leukemia Research                                                Dr. Mark Minden
OSI Pharmaceuticals Foundation Chair in Cancer New Drug Development                            To be appointed
RBC Financial Group Chair in Oncology Nursing Research                                         Dr. Doris Howell
Kevin and Sandra Sullivan Chair in Surgical Oncology                                           Dr. Jonathan Irish
Joey and Toby Tanenbaum/Brazilian Ball Chair                                                   Dr. Gang Zheng
The Scott Taylor Chair in Lung Cancer Research                                                 Dr. Frances Shepherd
Weekend to End Breast Cancer Chair in Breast Cancer Research                                   Dr. Tak Mak
The Robert E. Wharton Chair in Head & Neck Surgery                                             Dr. Pat Gullane
The Robert E. Wharton Chair in Reconstructive Plastic Surgery                                  Dr. Stefan Hofer

PMH-held Chairs at University Health Network
The Gloria and Seymour Epstein Chair in Cell Therapy and Transplantation                       Dr. Armand Keating
The Fleck/Tanenbaum Chair in Prostatic Diseases                                                Dr. John Trachtenberg
Scott/Whitmore Chair in Hematology & Gene Therapy                                              To be appointed

                                                     Awards of Distinction
                             Dr. Tak Mak                        Dr. Brad Wouters
                             2009 inductee to Canadian          Michael Fry Radiation Research Award
                             Medical Hall of Fame
                                                                Dr. Geoffrey Liu
                                                                2008 William E. Rawls Prize

32   2009 Report to Our Donors
New Chair Appointments
The Kirchmann Family Chair in Neuro-Oncology Research
Dr. Warren Mason is the medical director of Princess Margaret’s multidisciplinary treatment centre
for brain tumours—the largest centre for this purpose in Canada. In addition to his clinical and
research activities at The Princess Margaret, he is also the chair of the brain disease site of the
National Cancer Institute of Canada Clinical Trials Group.

Dr. Mason graduated in medicine from the University of Toronto, and completed residences in
Internal Medicine and Neurology at the University of Toronto and McGill University. He received
fellowship training in neuro-oncology at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York.

The focus of Dr. Mason’s current research is the development of medical therapies for primary brain tumours.

The Kevin and Sandra Sullivan Chair in Surgical Oncology
                    Dr. Jonathan Irish is the Chief of Surgical Oncology for PMH, Head of Surgical Oncology for
                    Cancer Care Ontario and Professor of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery at the University
                    of Toronto. He is a multi-talented leader and mentor at the hospital focusing on head and neck
                    oncology and surgical reconstruction of the head and neck region. He completed his residency
                    training at UCLA and the University of Toronto.

                     Current research priorities for Dr. Irish include the emerging Guided Therapy Program (GTx)
                     that will be the immediate focus for the Kevin and Sandra Sullivan Chair in Surgical Oncology.
                     New image-guided technology is being installed and tested in the surgical oncology operating
theatres of University Health Network, and this equipment holds great promise for sparing more healthy tissue in the
removal of tumours leading to quicker recovery.

The Love Chair in Prostate Cancer Prevention Research
Dr. Neil Fleshner is Head of the Genitourinary Cancer Site Group for PMH and Associate Professor at
the University of Toronto. He is an exceptional surgeon and clinical scientist, and his practice focuses
on the prevention and surgical treatment of urologic malignancy, with an emphasis on prostate
cancer. Dr. Fleshner earned his MPH degree from the School of Public Health at Columbia University,
and completed his oncology training at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York.

Dr. Fleshner oversees a basic science research laboratory and is conducting two randomized trials
testing the efficacy of micronutrients in preventing prostate cancer.

  The Molly and David Bloom Chair in Multiple Myeloma Research
  Molly and David Bloom have donated $1 million to establish the Molly and David Bloom Chair in Multiple
  Myeloma Research. Every day 7 more Canadians are diagnosed with multiple myeloma, an incurable blood
  cancer. This Chair will lead research into better screening and early detection methods, and help move promising
  new drugs from the laboratory to needy patients as quickly as possible.

  A search is currently being conducted, and an appointment for this Chair is expected to be announced in the
  fall of 2009.

                                                                            The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation   33
March 31, 2009
The accompanying financial statements of The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation were prepared by manage-
ment in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.
Management is responsible for the integrity and objectivity of the financial statements and has established systems of
internal control which are designed to provide reasonable assurance that assets are safeguarded from loss or unau-
thorized use and to produce reliable accounting records for the preparation of financial information.
The Board of Directors is responsible for ensuring that management fulfills its responsibility for financial reporting and
internal control. The Board exercises its responsibilities through the Investment Committee, composed of members
of the Board, who meet regularly with representatives of management and with the external investment managers
and consultants, to monitor the performance of the investment portfolio. The Audit & Accountability Committee
comprised of members of the Board and the community, meets regularly with management to monitor the financial
activity of the Foundation together with the functioning of the accounting and control systems. This Committee also
meets with management and the external auditors to review the results of the auditing activity.
The external auditors have conducted an independent audit, in accordance with generally accepted standards, and
have expressed their opinions on the financial statements. Their report outlines the nature of their audit and their
opinion on the fairness of the financial statements of The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation and the accounting
principles followed in management’s preparation thereof.

Keith P. Ambachtsheer                               Paul Alofs
Chairman, Board of Directors                        President & CEO

John H. Bowey, FCA                                  Asha Raheja, CMA
Chair, Audit &                                      Treasurer
Accountability Committee

34   2009 Report to Our Donors
                           AUDITORS' REPORT

To the Members of
The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation

We have audited the balance sheet of The Princess Margaret Hospital
Foundation as at March 31, 2009 and the statement of revenue, expenses and
changes in fund balances for the year then ended. These financial statements are
the responsibility of the Foundation's management. Our responsibility is to
express an opinion on these financial statements based on our audit.

We conducted our audit in accordance with Canadian generally accepted auditing
standards. Those standards require that we plan and perform an audit to obtain
reasonable assurance whether the financial statements are free of material
misstatement. An audit includes examining, on a test basis, evidence supporting
the amounts and disclosures in the financial statements. An audit also includes
assessing the accounting principles used and significant estimates made by
management, as well as evaluating the overall financial statement presentation.

In our opinion, these financial statements present fairly, in all material respects,
the financial position of the Foundation as at March 31, 2009 and the results of its
operations and its cash flows for the year then ended in accordance with Canadian
generally accepted accounting principles.           As required by the Canada
Corporations Act, we report that, in our opinion, these principles have been
applied on a basis consistent with that of the preceding year.

Toronto, Canada,
May 29, 2009.
The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation
Incorporated under the laws of Canada

                                 BALANCE SHEET

As at March 31

                                                        2009                2008
                                                            $   [000's]       $

Cash [note 3]                                        43,311                43,714
Accounts receivable                                     683                    75
Deferred expenses [notes 9, 10 and 12]                6,885                 8,297
Investments, at market [note 4]                     216,504               239,500
Capital assets, net [note 5]                             98                   156
                                                    267,481               291,742

Due to University Health Network [note 15]            18,476               17,350
Accounts payable                                       1,229                1,224
Deferred revenue [notes 9, 10 and 12]                 16,261               26,940
Total liabilities                                     35,966               45,514

Fund balances
General Fund                                          4,187                 3,165
Restricted Fund [note 6]                            137,746               133,945
Endowment Fund [note 7]                              89,582               109,118
Total fund balances                                 231,515               246,228
                                                    267,481               291,742
Commitments and contingencies [note 16]

See accompanying notes

On behalf of the Board:

                                  Director       Director
The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation


Year ended March 31

                                                                General Fund                Restricted Fund        Endowment Fund                         Total
                                                              2009        2008             2009         2008       2009      2008                2009               2008
                                                                $      [000's]     $        $      [000's]   $       $      [000's]     $          $      [000's]    $

Fundraising, net [note 8]                                    4,185               5,059    30,369        28,564     4,117              6,187     38,671         39,810
Strategic events, net [notes 9 and 10]                         312                  —     18,430        12,966        ⎯                  —      18,742         12,966
Lotteries, net [note 12]                                        ⎯                   —     15,587        13,714        ⎯                  —      15,587         13,714
Other [note 11]                                                150                  ⎯         ⎯             ⎯         ⎯                  ⎯         150             ⎯
                                                             4,647               5,059    64,386        55,244     4,117              6,187     73,150         66,490
Investment income (loss) [note 13]                            (753)              4,245       613         2,642   (18,327)              (415)   (18,467)         6,472
                                                             3,894               9,304    64,999        57,886   (14,210)             5,772     54,683         72,962

Fundraising and administrative [note 15]                      6,285              6,188     1,007           503        ⎯                  —       7,292          6,691
Excess (deficiency) of revenue over expenses before grants   (2,391)             3,116    63,992        57,383   (14,210)             5,772     47,391         66,271
  Ontario Cancer Institute/Princess Margaret Hospital
   [notes 11[a] and 15]                                         267                 —     61,683        54,637       154                 —      62,104         54,637
Excess (deficiency) of revenue over expenses for the year    (2,658)             3,116     2,309         2,746   (14,364)             5,772    (14,713)        11,634

Fund balances, beginning of year                             3,165            1,286      133,945       125,800   109,118        107,508        246,228        234,594
Interfund transfers [note 14]                                3,680           (1,237)       1,492         5,399    (5,172)        (4,162)            ⎯              —
Fund balances, end of year                                   4,187            3,165      137,746       133,945    89,582        109,118        231,515        246,228

See accompanying notes
The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation

                                           [in thousands]

March 31, 2009

The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation [the "Foundation"] is incorporated under the Canada
Corporations Act. The Foundation was established to solicit, receive and maintain funds and to
apply these funds to improve and enhance cancer research, professional education and patient care
activities provided by the Ontario Cancer Institute/Princess Margaret Hospital ["OCI/PMH"],
which are part of the University Health Network ["UHN"].

The Foundation is a public foundation registered under the Income Tax Act (Canada) [the "Act"]
and, as such, is exempt from income taxes and able to issue donation receipts for income tax
purposes, under Registration Number 88900 7597 RR 0001.

The financial statements of the Foundation have been prepared in accordance with Canadian
generally accepted accounting principles. The following summary of significant accounting
policies is set forth to facilitate the understanding of these financial statements:

Fund accounting
In order to ensure observance of the limitations and restrictions placed on the use of resources
available to the Foundation, the accounts of the Foundation are maintained in accordance with the
principles of fund accounting. Accordingly, resources are classified for accounting and reporting
purposes into funds. These funds are held in accordance with the objectives specified by the
donors or in accordance with directives issued by the Board of Directors [the "Board"]. Transfers
between the funds are made when it is considered appropriate and authorized by the Board. To
meet these objectives of financial reporting and stewardship over assets, certain interfund transfers
are necessary to ensure the appropriate allocation of assets and liabilities to the respective funds.
These interfund transfers are recorded in the statement of revenue, expenses and changes in fund
The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation

                                          [in thousands]

March 31, 2009

For financial reporting purposes, the accounts have been classified into the following funds:

[a] General Fund

    The General Fund accounts for the Foundation's general fundraising, granting and
    administrative activities. The General Fund reports unrestricted resources available for
    immediate purposes.

[b] Restricted Fund

    The Restricted Fund includes those funds where resources are to be used for an identified
    purpose as specified by the donor, as stipulated by the fundraising appeal or as determined by
    the Board.

[c] Endowment Fund

    The Endowment Fund includes those funds where either donor or internal restrictions require
    that the principal be maintained by the Foundation on a permanent basis.

Investments and investment income
The investments of the Foundation are recorded at market value. Publicly traded securities are
valued based on the latest bid prices. Pooled funds and other investments that are not publicly
traded are valued based on values reported by the external investment manager. Short-term
securities are valued based on cost plus accrued income, which approximates fair value.
Transactions are recorded on a settlement date basis and transaction costs are expensed as
incurred. Investment income, which consists of dividends, interest, distributions from pooled
funds, realized and unrealized gains and losses, is recorded as revenue in the statement of revenue,
expenses and changes in fund balances.

Investment income earned on Endowment Fund or Restricted Fund resources that must be spent
on donor-restricted activities is recognized as revenue of the Restricted Fund. Investment income
subject to donor restrictions stipulating that it be added to the principal amount of the endowment
is recognized as revenue of the Endowment Fund. Unrestricted investment income earned on
Endowment Fund, Restricted Fund and General Fund resources is recognized as revenue of the
General Fund.

Derivative financial instruments are marked to market, with gains and losses recognized in income
in the year in which the changes in market value occur.
The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation

                                          [in thousands]

March 31, 2009

Foreign currency translation
Revenue and expenses denominated in foreign currencies are translated into Canadian dollars at
the transaction date. Investments and other monetary items denominated in foreign currencies are
translated at the year-end rate.

Revenue recognition
Donations are recorded on a cash basis since pledges are not legally enforceable claims.

Donor-restricted donations for endowment purposes are recognized as revenue in the Endowment
Fund. Other donor-restricted donations are recognized as revenue of the Restricted Fund.
Unrestricted donations are recognized as revenue of the General Fund.

Lottery, Weekend to End Breast Cancer and other events revenue are recognized net of all related
expenses in the fiscal year in which the program is concluded. Revenue and expenses related to
lotteries for which prize draws take place and events that take place subsequent to the year end are

Grant recognition
Grants are recognized when payable.

Contributed goods and services
Contributed capital assets that are transferred to UHN are recognized at their fair market value in
the financial statements. Other contributed goods and services are not recognized.

Capital assets
Purchased capital assets are recorded at cost. Donated capital assets are recorded at fair value at
the date of contribution.

Amortization is provided on a straight-line basis over the estimated useful lives of the assets as

Office equipment                          10 years
Computer hardware and software             3 years
The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation

                                           [in thousands]

March 31, 2009

Financial instruments
The Foundation is subject to market, currency and interest rate price risks with respect to its
investments. To manage these risks, the Foundation has established a target mix of investment
types designated to achieve the optimum return with reasonable risk tolerance.

The Foundation has chosen to apply CICA 3861: Financial Instruments - Disclosure and
Presentation in place of CICA 3862: Financial Instruments - Disclosures and CICA 3863:
Financial Instruments - Presentation.

Employee future benefit plans
The Foundation participates in a multi-employer defined benefit pension plan and a non-pension
defined benefit plan sponsored by UHN. Contributions to these plans are expensed when due.

Use of estimates
The preparation of financial statements in conformity with Canadian generally accepted
accounting principles requires management to make estimates and assumptions that affect the
reported amounts of assets and liabilities and the disclosure of contingent assets and liabilities at
the date of the financial statements and the reported amounts of revenue and expenses during the
reporting period. Actual results could differ from those estimates.

Changes in accounting policies
Effective April 1, 2008, the Foundation adopted the recommendations of CICA 1535: Capital
Disclosures, which require the disclosure of qualitative and quantitative information that enables
users of the financial statements to evaluate the Foundation's objectives, policies and processes for
managing capital. The adoption of these recommendations only required additional disclosures
which are provided in note 19.

Effective April 1, 2008, the Foundation adopted retroactively the changes to the recommendations
in CICA 4400: Financial Statement Presentation for Not-For-Profit Organizations that eliminate
the requirement to separately disclose the amount of fund balances invested in capital assets, that
were previously disclosed as a component of the General Fund. The Foundation has therefore
eliminated from the financial statements details about the amount of fund balances invested in
capital assets that were previously disclosed as a component of the General Fund and the
calculation of this amount.
The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation

                                           [in thousands]

March 31, 2009

Future changes in accounting policies
The CICA has issued revisions to the 4400 series and certain other sections to amend or improve
certain parts of the CICA Handbook that relate to not-for-profit organizations. With respect to
presentation, these changes include making the disclosure of fund balances invested in capital
assets optional, making CICA 1540: Cash Flow Statements applicable to not-for-profit
organizations; and requiring the reporting of revenues and expenses on a gross basis in the
statement of operations unless not required by other guidance. A new section, CICA 4470:
Disclosure of Allocated Expenses by Not-for-Profit Organizations, was included in the revisions
which requires certain disclosures when fundraising and general support expenses are allocated to
other functions. These changes in accounting policies must be adopted by years beginning on or
after January 1, 2009 with earlier adoption permitted.           Management has adopted the
recommendations related to the disclosure of fund balances invested in capital assets and is
assessing the impact of the other revisions. However, the impact will be limited to reclassification
of numbers in the statements and additional disclosures.

In February 2008, the Accounting Standards Board amended CICA 1000: Financial Statement
Concepts to clarify that assets not meeting the definition of an asset or the recognition criteria are
not permitted to be recognized on the balance sheet. The amendments are effective for financial
statements for fiscal years beginning on or after October 1, 2008. The Foundation is examining its
current approach to recognizing costs as assets and will implement these standards effective
April 1, 2009 retroactively with restatement of the prior year. The impact of implementing these
amendments on the financial statements is currently not known.

Cash consists primarily of amounts held for the Restricted Fund and net funds received in advance
related to lotteries and events to be held during the next fiscal year.
The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation

                                            [in thousands]

March 31, 2009

[a] Investments consist of the following:

                                                                        2009              2008
                                                                          $                 $

    Cash                                                              13,959              9,977
    Short-term investments                                             4,793              3,312
      Canada/Provincial                                               23,997            23,903
      Corporate                                                       90,472            89,026
      Pooled funds
          Canadian                                                   19,348              6,518
          Global                                                      3,603                 ⎯
                                                                    137,420            119,447
      Canadian                                                        8,270             23,818
      U.S. and other foreign                                         25,770             29,126
                                                                     34,040             52,944
    Alternative investments                                          29,110             53,820
    Forward foreign exchange contracts                               (2,818)                ⎯
                                                                    216,504            239,500

    Alternative investments include investments in hedge funds and private capital. The amounts
    invested in pooled funds have been allocated among the asset classes, based on the asset
    classes held by the pooled funds.

    In order to manage foreign currency exposure, the Foundation has entered into a forward
    foreign exchange contract. At March 31, 2009, one contract with a US bank allows the
    Foundation to sell US $40 million on April 6, 2009 at an exchange rate of 1.1887. The fair
    market value of this contract as at March 31, 2009 is a loss of $2,818.

[b] Investments are managed as two pools:

    •   Investments related to the Endowment Fund are invested as follows: short-term
        investments – 11% [2008 - 1%], bonds – 20% [2008 - nil], equities – 40% [2008 - 50%],
        alternative investments – 29% [2008 – 49%]. During the year, the Foundation reallocated
        the investments held for endowments to reflect the revised asset mix included in the
        updated Statement of Investment Policies and Goals.
The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation

                                           [in thousands]

March 31, 2009

    •    Investments related to the General and Restricted Funds are substantially invested in
         short-term investments and bonds. The fixed income securities in the general and
         restricted portfolio had a weighted average yield of 7.87% [2008 - 5.27%] and an average
         term to maturity of 8.9 years [2008 - 8.5 years].

[c] The Foundation has made a commitment to invest $18,000 in private capital over the next 3
    to 5 years.

Capital assets consist of the following:

                                           2009                                2008
                                                         Net                                Net
                                       Accumulated      book              Accumulated      book
                               Cost    amortization     value      Cost   amortization     value
                                 $           $              $       $            $            $

Office equipment               230          165             65      230         147           83
Computer hardware
  and software                 317          284             33      309         236           73
                               547          449             98      539         383          156

Amortization expense recorded in the accounts is $66 [2008 - $98]. Capital asset purchases were
$8 [2008 - $82].
The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation

                                            [in thousands]

March 31, 2009

The Restricted Fund consists of funds available for spending that are restricted by donors or the
Board for the following purposes:

                                                                         2009               2008
                                                                           $                  $

Donor-restricted balances
Restricted for research purposes                                       98,202           102,944
Restricted for purchase of capital assets                              10,940             8,214
Restricted for patient support and other                               26,182            20,682
                                                                      135,324           131,840

Internally imposed restrictions
Restricted for research purposes                                        2,287             1,942
Other                                                                     135               163
                                                                        2,422             2,105
                                                                      137,746           133,945

The Endowment Fund consists of externally restricted contributions received by the Foundation
where the endowment principal is required to be maintained intact. The Endowment Fund also
includes internal resources transferred by the Board to the Endowment Fund, with the intention
that the principal be maintained intact. The investment income generated from assets held for
endowment purposes must be used in accordance with the various purposes established by the
donors or the Board.
The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation

                                            [in thousands]

March 31, 2009

Major categories of restrictions on fund balances are as follows:

                                                                          2009               2008
                                                                               $               $

Externally imposed endowments
Endowments, the income from which must
  be used for research purposes                                         64,361              79,295
Endowments, the income from which must
  be used for other restricted purposes                                 11,039              12,783
                                                                        75,400              92,078

Internally imposed endowments approved by the Board
Funds restricted for research                                            7,379               9,767
Funds restricted for other purposes                                        590                 784
Unrestricted funds                                                       6,213               6,489
                                                                        14,182              17,040
                                                                        89,582             109,118

                                       General Fund           Restricted Fund Endowment Fund
                                      2009      2008          2009       2008   2009    2008
                                        $           $           $        $           $         $

Fundraising revenue
  Annual programs                    3,729       3,404       12,515   10,981         221       296
  Major gifts and bequests           1,743       2,389       22,238   21,302       3,896     5,891
                                     5,472       5,793       34,753   32,283       4,117     6,187
Less direct program costs            1,287         734        4,384    3,719          ⎯         —
Net fundraising                      4,185       5,059       30,369   28,564       4,117     6,187
The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation

                                          [in thousands]

March 31, 2009

During the year, the Foundation held a fundraising event, the Weekend to End Breast Cancer.
Financial results included in strategic events on the statement of revenue, expenses and changes in
fund balances are as follows:

                                                                          2009               2008
                                                                            $                   $

Revenue                                                                 13,499              17,415

Logistics                                                                 3,245              3,277
Marketing and other                                                       1,193              1,172
                                                                          4,438              4,449
                                                                          9,061             12,966

As at March 31, 2009, costs of $1,010 [2008 - $1,066] incurred and revenue of $1,603 [2008 -
$1,859] received during the year ended March 31, 2009 associated with the event to be held in
September 2009 have been deferred and recorded in the balance sheet. The results of the event
will be recorded as revenue and expenses in the financial statements for the year ending March 31,

During the year, the Foundation held a new fundraising event, the Ride to Conquer Cancer.
Financial results included in strategic events on the statement of revenue, expenses and changes in
fund balances are as follows:

                                                                          2009               2008
                                                                            $                   $

Revenue                                                                 14,814                  ⎯

Logistics                                                                 3,154                 ⎯
Marketing and other                                                       1,979                 ⎯
                                                                          5,133                 ⎯
                                                                          9,681                 ⎯
The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation

                                         [in thousands]

March 31, 2009

As at March 31, 2009, costs of $1,920 [2008 - $2,117] incurred and revenue of $4,504 [2008 -
$4,668] received during the year ended March 31, 2009 associated with the event to be held in
September 2009 have been deferred and recorded in the balance sheet. The results of the event
will be recorded as revenue and expense in the financial statements for the year ending March 31,

[a] The Foundation was the beneficiary of the Brazilian Ball [the "Ball"] held May 24, 2008. In
    addition to the net proceeds from the gala, as part of the Brazilian Ball campaign, the
    Foundation raised additional amounts for nursing programs and research at the Campbell
    Family Centre Research Institute. Net proceeds from the gala, details of which are set out
    below, and pledges, some of which will be recorded in the future, which total approximately
    $7,000, were received.

    In addition, a grant of $15,000 was announced by the Province of Ontario to support The
    Anna Maria de Souza Knowledge Transfer Centre for Oncology Nursing [the "Centre"].
    Since the Foundation is acting as a paymaster for this grant, the Province of Ontario will pay
    the Foundation $3,000 per year over 5 years. In fiscal 2009, the first payment of $3,000 was
    received and $2,850 was paid to the University Health Network who, jointly with Cancer
    Care Ontario, is administrating the grant. An amount of $150 was recorded as other revenue
    in the General Fund representing the Foundation's fee.

[b] Financial results of the Ball included in fundraising revenue on the statement of revenue,
    expenses and changes in fund balances are as follows:

                                                                            2009            2008
                                                                             $                $

    Revenue                                                                 3,208              ⎯
    Expenses                                                                2,124              ⎯
                                                                            1,084              ⎯
The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation

                                         [in thousands]

March 31, 2009

[c] Included in the gross revenue and expenses of the Ball are the net proceeds of a fund raising
    raffle [Lottery License PMH0642 issued by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of
    Ontario], the details of which are as follows:

                                                                         2009               2008
                                                                           $                  $

    Gross proceeds                                                         90                 ⎯
    Expenses                                                                4                 ⎯
    Net proceeds                                                           86                 ⎯

During the year ended March 31, 2009, the Foundation held 2 lotteries [2008 - three lotteries].
Financial results are as follows:

                                                                         2009               2008
                                                                           $                  $

Revenue                                                                56,897             66,632

Prizes                                                                 21,797             28,433
Marketing and other                                                    19,513             24,485
                                                                       41,310             52,918
                                                                       15,587             13,714

Prior to March 31, 2009, the Foundation committed to carrying out the spring 2009
Princess Margaret Hospital Home Lottery [the "Home Lottery"], which was held in May 2009. As
at March 31, 2009, costs of $3,819 [2008 - $4,322] incurred and revenue of $9,648 [2008 -
$18,255] received during the year ended March 31, 2009 associated with the Home Lottery have
been deferred and recorded in the balance sheet. The results of the Home Lottery will be recorded
as revenue and expense in the financial statements for the year ending March 31, 2010. The
Foundation has a standby letter of credit of $12,954 that expires on July 13, 2009 obtained in
connection with the Home Lottery.
The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation

                                          [in thousands]

March 31, 2009

[a] Investment income (loss) earned on the Foundation's assets consists of the following:

                                                                          2009               2008
                                                                            $                  $

    Interest and dividends                                              10,662              14,871
    Realized gains (losses)                                             (7,414)              1,293
    Net change in unrealized loss on investments                       (21,274)             (8,757)
                                                                       (18,026)              7,407
    Less investment management and custodial fees                          441                 935
                                                                       (18,467)              6,472

[b] Investment income is allocated among the funds based on the Foundation's capital
    preservation policy. This policy has the objective of protecting the real value of the
    endowments by limiting the amount of earned income available for spending and requiring
    the reinvestment of any income earned in excess of this limit. This preservation of capital is
    recorded as revenue of the Endowment Fund for externally endowed funds. For internally
    endowed funds, the preservation of capital is recorded as income of the General Fund and
    transferred to the Endowment Fund in the statement of revenue, expenses and changes in fund
    balances. In any year, should net investment income not be sufficient to fund the amount
    required for spending, the amount that is to be made available for spending is funded by a
    transfer from the Endowment Fund.

    Currently, the income available for spending is set at 4% of the market value of the
    Endowment Fund balances. An additional 1% is recorded in the General Fund to cover
    administrative costs.

    Investment income recorded in the Restricted Fund represents income earned on endowments
    where the donor has stipulated that the income must be used for restricted purposes or where
    there are agreements requiring income to be allocated to restricted funds.

[c] Gains and losses arising from the sale of donated investments that fund specific endowed or
    restricted funds are recorded in these funds.

[d] In 2009, investments held for endowments incurred an investment loss of $18,327. As a
    result, no investment income was available for preservation of capital, to make available for
    spending or to cover administrative costs. With respect to externally endowed funds, the
    funds available for spending of $3,724 were transferred from the Endowment Fund to the
    Restricted Fund and the amount available to cover administrative costs of $931 was
The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation

                                           [in thousands]

March 31, 2009

    transferred from the Endowment Fund to the General Fund. With respect to internally
    endowed funds, the funds available for spending of $694 were transferred from the
    Endowment Fund to the Restricted Fund. The amount available to cover administrative
    expense of $173 was transferred from the Endowment Fund to the General Fund and $3,438
    to cover investment losses was transferred from the Endowment Fund to the General Fund.

    In 2008, investments held for endowments incurred an investment loss of $415. As a result,
    no investment income was available for preservation of capital, to make available for
    spending or to cover administrative costs. With respect to externally endowed funds, the
    funds available for spending of $4,555 were transferred from the Endowment Fund to the
    Restricted Fund and the amount available to cover administrative costs of $910 was
    transferred from the Endowment Fund to the General Fund. With respect to internally
    endowed funds, the shortfall of funds available for spending of $810 was transferred from the
    Endowment Fund to the Restricted Fund and the amount available to cover administrative
    costs of $233 was transferred from the Endowment Fund to the General Fund.

[e] In 2009, the Board approved transfers totalling $862 from the General Fund to the
    Endowment Fund and $2,926 from the Restricted Fund to the Endowment Fund. The transfers
    relate to internally endowed bequests and changes in the designation of funds as directed by
    donors or the Board.

    In 2008, the Board approved transfers totalling $2,346 from the General Fund to the
    Endowment Fund and $34 to the Restricted Fund. These transfers relate to internally
    endowed bequests and changes in the designation of funds as directed by donors or the Board.

Transfers between funds consist of the following:
                                      General Fund           Restricted Fund Endowment Fund
                                     2009      2008          2009       2008   2009    2008
                                       $            $          $        $          $          $

Board and donor approved
  re: fund restrictions [note 13[e]] (862)      (2,380)     (2,926)     34      3,788      2,346
Allocation of investment
  income in accordance
  with Board policy [note 13[d]] 4,542           1,143      4,418     5,365    (8,960)    (6,508)
                                     3,680      (1,237)     1,492     5,399    (5,172)    (4,162)
The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation

                                          [in thousands]

March 31, 2009

[a] During the year, the Foundation funded the following projects carried out at the OCI/PMH
    and UHN:
                                     General Fund           Restricted Fund Endowment Fund
                                    2009      2008          2009       2008   2009    2008
                                      $           $           $        $          $          $

    Equipment                          7              —     8,243    2,984        ⎯          ⎯
    Research                         260              —    50,651   48,139       154         ⎯
    Construction of centres
      within the hospital             ⎯               —     2,789    3,514        ⎯          ⎯
                                     267              —    61,683   54,637       154         ⎯

[b] UHN provides certain services to the Foundation and pays some expenses on behalf of the
    Foundation. The Foundation reimburses UHN for all direct costs associated with services
    provided and expenses paid. Administrative expenses include a charge of $104 [2008 - $102]
    paid to UHN for office space and service fees.

[c] The Foundation pays certain common expenses on behalf of affiliated foundations and is
    reimbursed for these expenses. In addition, the Foundation reimburses affiliated foundations
    for those common expenses incurred by these foundations on behalf of the Foundation.

[d] Salaries, benefits and certain other expenses are paid by UHN and are reimbursed by the

[e] Amounts due to UHN are non-interest bearing and due on demand. Transactions between
    UHN and the Foundation are in the normal course of business and are measured at the
    exchange amount, which is the amount of consideration established and agreed to by the
    related parties.

[a] As at March 31, 2009, the Foundation approved plans to make a research grant of $18,000 to
    OCI/PMH which will be expensed during the year ending March 31, 2010.

[b] The Foundation has received a claim for damages. The Foundation considers this claim to be
    without merit and is defending it.
The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation

                                          [in thousands]

March 31, 2009

During 1997, the Foundation negotiated an agreement in which a grant of $3,300 from the
Foundation to the University of Toronto [the "University"] was matched equally by the
University and the Ontario Government through the Ontario Student Opportunity Trust Fund.
This established a $9,900 endowment to be held by the University for the benefit of graduate
students studying with University faculty members located at the hospital facilities and engaged in
cancer research.

The following financial results for the year ended April 30, 2009 were reported by the University
to the Foundation:

                                                                     Endowment         Expendable
                                                                       Fund               Fund
                                                                           $                 $

Balance, at market value, as at April 30, 2008                           12,830                   585
Investment loss                                                          (3,962)                   ⎯
Transfer to Expendable Fund                                                  ⎯                     ⎯
Student awards                                                               ⎯                   (231)
Balance, at market value, as at April 30, 2009                            8,868                   354

A separate statement of cash flows has not been presented since cash flows from operating,
investing and financing activities are readily apparent from the other financial statements.

In managing capital, the Foundation focuses on liquid resources available for operations. The
Foundation's objective is to have sufficient liquid resources to continue operating despite adverse
financial events and to provide it with the flexibility to take advantage of opportunities that will
advance its purposes. The need for sufficient liquid resources is considered in the preparation of
an annual budget and in the monitoring of cash flows and actual operating results compared to the
budget. As at March 31, 2009, the Foundation has met its objective of having sufficient liquid
resources to meet its current obligations.
Investment Management at The Princess Margaret
Hospital Foundation
A Report From the Foundation’s Investment Committee

The value of the Foundation’s investment portfolio stood at $217 million at the end of March 2009, compared to
$240 million at the end of March 2008. The calculated return on investments over the 12-month period was -9.4%.
While a negative return experience is never cause for celebration, it should be noted that over the same 12-month
period the Canadian stock market (S&P TSX) fell -32.4% and the US stock market (S&P 500) -41.0%.

There are two reasons why the Foundation’s investment portfolio came through the recent period of extreme capital
markets turmoil in relatively good condition. First, some years ago, the Investment Committee adopted a conserva-
tive investment policy. The policy recognized that a large portion of the payment obligations in support of cancer
research were medium-term in length, thus requiring the use of medium-term bonds rather than equities. The second
reason is that the Foundation employs investment experts to manage the bond and the more risk-taking components
of its investment portfolio.

The portfolio’s bond component is managed by Canso Investment Counsel and Jarislowsky Fraser, and the remainder
by Commonfund, a specialist organization in managing investment portfolios for educational and medical founda-
tions. Our managers maintained adequate liquidity, and stayed clear of such troubled investments as asset-backed
commercial paper and complex ‘black box’ derivatives. However, as a measure of caution, the Foundation’s Board did
decide to reduce the payout on endowed funds from 5% to 4% this year. This policy will be reviewed again next year.

The decline in portfolio value would have been even more modest had the Canadian dollar not fallen significantly
against the US dollar over the 12-month period. The Foundation’s current policy is to hedge 50% of US dollar expo-
sure above a US/CDN exchange rate of 90 cents, increasing to a 75% hedge below 90 cents. The rationale is that our
payment obligations are in Canadian dollars, and hence we need to control the amount of foreign exchange risk in
the portfolio. However, such a policy reduces returns during periods when the US dollar is strong versus the Canadian
dollar, as was the case over the March 2008 to March 2009 period. As we write this in early May, the Canadian dollar
is appreciating once again, re-enforcing the value of continuing to control foreign exchange risk. The Investment
Committee intends to review the Foundation’s foreign exchange hedging policy on a regular basis.

Looking ahead, financial markets have already staged a significant recovery from their March lows. It remains to be
seen if these gains can be sustained, or whether further turbulence lies ahead. Either way, the Foundation believes its
investment policy is appropriate for current conditions, and has confidence that it will continue to be expertly imple-
mented by its investment managers.

54   2009 Report to Our Donors
The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation
Statement of Revenue and Expenses

                                            2005       2006         2007                 2008                2009
 Net Revenue
  Fundraising                              27,584     31,134      36,485               39,810               38,671
  Strategic events                         10,891     12,187      13,246               12,966               18,742
  Lotteries                                19,906     18,581      15,270               13,714               15,587
  Other                                                                                                        150
                                           58,381     61,902      65,001               66,490               73,150
   Investments                              7,220     15,452       9,950                6,472              (18,467)
   Total Net Revenue                       65,601     77,354      74,951               72,962               54,683

 Overhead Expenses                          4,325      5,890        6,501                6,691               7,292
  Overhead Expenses/Net Revenue*            6.6%       7.6%         8.7%                 9.2%               13.3%

 Net                                      61,276      71,464     68,450               66,271               47,391

   Building                                 1,498      7,000       2,500                3,514                2,789
   Research                                27,712     35,483      43,942               47,439               50,365
   Education                                  700        700         700                  700                  700
   Equipment                                2,368      2,399       7,373                2,984                8,250

 Total Grants                             32,278      45,582     54,515               54,637               62,104

 Excess (def) of revenue                  28,998      25,882     13,935               11,634           (14,713)
 over expenses

 Fund Balances
   Endowments                             87,302     101,292     107,508              109,118               89,582
   Restricted                            106,583     118,468     125,800              133,945              137,746
   Unrestricted                              892         899       1,286                3,165                4,187
                                         194,777     220,659     234,594              246,228              231,515

 Held By University of Toronto             11,553     12,797      14,057               13,415                9,222

 Total Capital                          206,330      233,456   248,651              259,643            240,737

 * Net revenue includes Investment Return / (Loss)

Where our Revenue Comes From                                    How our Revenue is Used

                                                               Research                       Building
   Strategic Events
                                                               Equipment                      Education

                                                               The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation              55
56   2009 Report to Our Donors
The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation (as of March 31, 2009)
Board of Directors                     Board Committees                        Human Resources and
Neville W. Kirchmann – Chairman        Audit and Accountability                Compensation
(retired as of October 2, 2008)        Chair: John H. Bowey, FCA               Chair: David P. Harris
Keith P. Ambachtsheer – Vice-Chair     Members:                                Members:
(Chairman as of October 2, 2008)       Keith P. Ambachtsheer                   Keith P. Ambachtsheer
Lloyd Atkinson                         Lloyd Atkinson                          Dr. Robert Bell
Dr. Robert Bell                        Terry Bacinello                         Betsy Wright
John H. Bowey, FCA                     Nizar E. Kanji
David Butterfield                                                              Investment
Tom Ehrlich                            Breast Cancer                           Chair: Marianne Harris
Stephen M. Goldhar                     Chair: Maureen Shaughnessy Kitts        Members:
Dr. Mary Gospodarowicz                 Members:                                Keith P. Ambachtsheer
David P. Harris                        Dr. Robert Bell                         Lloyd Atkinson
Marianne Harris                        David Butterfield                       Stephen M. Goldhar
Candace Innes                          Dr. Pamela Catton
Chris Jordan                           Dr. Mary Gospodarowicz                  President & CEO’s Advisory
Nizar E. Kanji                         Carole Grafstein                        Committees
Farsad Kiani                           Candace Innes                           Major Gifts Committee
Dr. Benjamin Neel                      Farsad Kiani                            Chair: Lloyd Atkinson
Dr. Christopher J. Paige               Neville W. Kirchmann                    Members:
Wendy C. Posluns                       Dr. Tak Mak                             David Butterfield
Jürgen Schreiber                       Dr. David McCready                      Tom Ehrlich
Maureen Shaughnessy Kitts              Dr. Benjamin Neel                       David P. Harris
Betsy Wright                           Dr. Christopher J. Paige                Farsad Kiani
Dr. Catherine Zahn                                                             Neville W. Kirchmann
Officers                               Chair: Betsy Wright                     Lottery
Paul Alofs                             Members:                                Chair: Candace Innes
President & CEO                        Keith P. Ambachtsheer                   Members:
                                       Nizar E. Kanji                          Chris Jordan
Asha Raheja                            Wendy C. Posluns                        Maureen Shaughnessy Kitts
Treasurer                              Dr. Catherine Zahn

Margo C. Clarke

 Design: Y&R
 Photography: Photographics Department, University Health Network; BDS Studios Inc.; Mike Cheliak Photography
 Production: Corporate Graphics Department, University Health Network
 Printing: Belbin & Associates, Toronto
                                     OUR VISION
                                is to conquer cancer in our lifetime.

                                     OUR CAUSE
                                           is the patient.

                                  OUR PARTNER
                                     is the research hospital.

                                    OUR DONORS
                                           lead the way.

Office/Courier Address:
700 University Avenue, 8th Floor, Toronto, ON M5G 1Z5
Mailing Address:
610 University Avenue, Toronto, ON M5G 2M9
T: 416.946.6560 1.866.224.6560 F: 416.946.6563
Charitable Organization No. 88900 7597 RR0001

4   2009 Report to Our Donors

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