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					                          Photo By: Devon Wheeler / A. Phillip Randolph Career Academy                Temple University High School Press | Summer 2011   1
                About the Program                                                                      Contents                             Summer 2011

The Temple University High School Press is a summer enrichment program
that enabled 15 high school students from Philadelphia to study at Temple
                                                                                        WEEKLY UPDATES
University’s Center City campus in the Journalism Department’s “newsroom” and
work as journalists over four weeks between July 11 and August 5.                       Page 3
           The Philadelphia Daily News printed this publication – free of charge – to                                           HOMELESS PARTY
display the students’ work.                                                                                                          Pages 12-13
           Besides writing articles, blogs and editorials and taking photographs,
the students created video works, wrote stories and conducted other interviews          TEENS ON THE JOB
accessible on our website:                                     Pages 4-10
           Although Temple University supplied the home and equipment for
this endeavor, the work of the student journalists and their teachers also was
supported by a grant from The Dow Jones News Fund.                                                                                  PHILLY PHOTOS
           The Career and Technical Education Summer Employment Program                                                                 Pages14-15
of the School District of Philadelphia selected the students and worked in
cooperation with the Journalism Department of Temple University’s School of
Communications and Theater, The Prime Movers Media Program, a Washington,               Page 11
D.C., -based enrichment program for high school students and its Philadelphia                                                              OPINIONS
affiliate, Prime Movers-Philadelphia. Representatives of the National Association                                                         Pages 16-23
of Black Journalists (NABJ), which held its annual convention this year, also
mentored students. The high school program sponsored by the NABJ at its
convention each year is called JSHOP.
           During the school year, Prime Movers Philadelphia (primemoversphilly.
                                                                                                       TUHSPress Staff
org), begun in 2007, has been supported by an initial grant from The John S.            Director: Professor Maida Odom
and James L. Knight Foundation, the Otto Haas Charitable Trust, an anonymous
grant submitted through the Philadelphia Foundation, Target Corporation and             Assistant Directors: Bonnee Breese, Sarah Fry, Reginald Moton,
Samuel L. Fels Fund. v                                                                  Professor Linn Washington, Lisa Wilk

                                                                                        Student Journalists: Zyhir Baker-Elam, Henry Beard, Jamel
                                                                                        Crawford, Donte Green, Alexa Hicklin, Davia Magee, Nashali
                                  The WorkReady Program                                 Maldonado, Darrell Moore, Dado Nianghane, Kenisha Pinckney,
                                                                                        Joshua Randall, Que Scott, Sindora Stallworth, Shaquil Taylor,
         The School District of Philadelphia, through the Office of High School         Devon Wheeler
Reform, provided summer employment to high school students through the
Career and Technical Education Summer Employment Program. Significant
budget cuts reduced the number of students working in the program from 700
last year to about 100 this year.
                                                                                        All donations will be given in full to the Temple University High
         The students are employed through WorkReady Philadelphia, a system             School Press program. Your donation will support Philadelphia
of programs supported by a broad-based partnership dedicated to building the            Public High School students in their effort to learn and practice the
region’s future workforce and managed by The Philadelphia Youth Network.                craft of journalism. For information about how to donate please
Our students traveled on their own to the work site, presented themselves and           e-mail Professor Maida Odom at Thank you
worked as young professional journalists and photographers. Here are the                for your generous support.
stories and photographs they produced. v

2 Temple University High School Press | Summer 2011                                                                      
          Student Journalists on the Job

TUHS Press reporters, Kenisha Pinckney and Que Scott, cover a story.

                                                                       TUHS Press reporter, Zyhir Baker-Elam,
                                                                       focuses on a subject.

                                                                                                                  TUHS Press reporter, Alexa Hicklin, adjusts the settings on the camera before taking a photograph.

TUHS Press reporter, Dado Nianghane (right), conducts an interview.

                              It’s full of interesting people                                                   wouldn’t mind if we talked to                         her, but the homeless people
   Alexa’s First              from all walks of life. I
                              basically think of it as the
                                                                                                                them. But, in a way, we were
                                                                                                                sort of wrong. LOVE Park is
                                                                                                                                                                      of Philadelphia. There was
                                                                                                                                                                      music, people, and plenty
   Week in the                heart of Philadelphia and to                                                      a very touristy place. Most                           of food. I personally thought
                              work in the middle of where                                                       of the people there were                              it was nice for all these
  Heart of the City           everything is happening has                                                       interested in taking pictures                         people to come together
                              been such an experience for                                                       in front of the famous LOVE                           and celebrate. We did more
By: ALEXA HICKLIN             me.                                                                               sign. The people that were                            man-on-the-street interviews
Arts Academy at Benjamin Rush
High School                             What I liked most                                                       sitting on the benches or in                          and we also took a lot more
                              about the program was                                                             front of the water fountain                           pictures. I had to take video
L  ast week has been sort     doing the man-on-the-street                                                       didn’t want to be interviewed.                        footage with my partner and
of like an adventure to me.   interviews. My partner and                                                        We ended up interviewing                              I personally thought it was a
Coming from the Northeast,    I were turned down plenty                                                         one person in LOVE Park                               difficult task because there
I didn’t know much about      of times, but we also got                                                         and from there we moved                               was a lot of background
Center City, so I was excited lucky with a few people who                                                       onto other places.                                    noise, and on top of that,
to explore a new environment actually stopped to talk to                                                                On Friday, there was                          there was loud music. Out of
that is drastically different us. We started out in LOVE                                                        an event going near City Hall                         all the interviews I did, I did
from the one I’m used to.     Park because we figured that                                                      for Councilwoman Jannie                               get a few quotes.
Center City is fast-paced,    most of the people would be                                                       Blackwell’s birthday. The                                      This whole week
thrilling, noisy, and busy.   hanging out and probably                                                          event was thrown not only for                         overall has been great. v                                                                                                         Temple University High School Press | Summer 2011                                      3
                                    Teens on the Job
Down on the Farm at                            that there is a farm on the opposite side of
                                               the high school. This farm is approximately
                                                                                              responsibility,“ said Joshua Veloz, a senior
                                                                                              and returning intern.
this City High School                          150 acres of land meant specifically for
                                               students to work with farm animals and                  Some of the common
                                               crops. Currently the high school is growing    responsibilities at the agricultural school
Communications Technology High School          in its student population. There are 15        are washing and giving vaccinations to
                                               major agriculture classes and expanding        animals. Josie Baxt, a senior student,
Photos By: JAMEL CRAWFORD                      programs for students. W.B. Saul has a         enjoys working with the animals on the
A. Philip Randolph Career Academy
                                               graduation rate of 95 percent and more         farm. Sheep, horses, pigs and steers are
                                               than 80 percent of graduates continue their    often what she caters to on the farm. One
“I love animals and I‘m willing to work,”      education at post-secondary institutions.      of the reasons why she is enrolled as a
said Destiny Feggins, a senior at W.B.         In 2004, W.B. Saul seniors earned in           full-time high school student at Saul is so
Saul High School of Agricultural Sciences      excess of $250,000 in scholarship money,       she can pursue her dreams of becoming a
in Roxborough. This summer Feggins and         including $145, 000 in agricultural-specific   veterinarian.
her peers are learning how to work with        awards. Much of the high school funding
animals in order to get them adapted to        comes from Land-O–Lakes and Weavers                    For Feggins and Veloz, they go to
human interaction.“You have to get down        Way. Many students who attend the high         Saul because it’s different than a traditional
and dirty,” she said as she wiped the sweat    school are involved in programs supported      public high school. Saul High School gives
off of her head.                               through the school.                            many students in the city a unique outlook
                                                                                              on agriculture as well as other academics
        “It’s fun and many people don’t                “I want experience in the              that aren’t usually a choice as career
know about our school. Many students that      animal field. Farming is a good learning       opportunities in city schools. v
attend other schools around the city call it   experience and teaches you about
the farm school,” she said.

        Founded in 1943, the
school was named in honor of
Walter Biddle Saul, a former
president and prominent
attorney of the school board of
Philadelphia. Saul High School is
the largest agricultural high school
in America.

       Many people don’t know

4 Temple University High School Press | Summer 2011                                                         Temple University High School Press | Summer 2011   5
Summer Jobs for Work Ready Teens
                                                                    On The Job
                                                                    Story By: ALEXA HICKLIN
                                                                    Arts Academy at Benjamin
                                                                    Rush High School

                                                                    Photos By:SINDORA
                                                                    Technology High School
                                   Sessi Adin
Shaunnay Patton                                                                                                          Quenzell Robinson

                                 Alliance is a non-sectarian,
Teens Learn By                   non-profit organization that
                                                                    Quenzell Robinson loves his     So what exactly does Quenzell
                                                                    internship at Michael Baker, Inc.
Helping Others                   believes young people belong
                                 in families and families have
                                                                                                    do at his internship? On the
                                                                                                    morning he was interviewed
                                                                           “Baker doesn’t really    by the Temple University High
Story By: KENISHA PINCKNEY       a better chance of thriving in
                                                                  accept people out of high school School Press, he was going
Jules E. Mastbaum AVTS           strong communities. During the
                                                                  or college until their junior     over engineering drawings on
                                 summertime at the Women’s
Photos By: SINDORA                                                year, so I’m really fortunate to  traffic patterns and accidents.
                                 Christian Alliance, young adults
STALLWORTH                                                        have something like this, “ said  He also runs errands for the
                                 from the ages of 14 to 21
Communications Technology High                                    Robinson describing his work      staff at the office, located at
                                 provide service for the younger
School                                                            at the Philadelphia office of the 1818 Market St.
                                 children in the program.
                                                                  engineering and design firm,
Did you know that 2,660 of our            Shaunnay Patton is
                                                                  which has offices across the               Robinson works in
children are born in poverty                                      nation.                           a bright and friendly office
                                  a 15-year-old sophomore
everyday? Fourteen million        who attends Frankford High                                        environment. The walls are
children live in poverty in the                                            Robinson, who just       covered with vibrant colors and
                                  School in the Northeast section
United States and to meet basic of Philadelphia. She works        graduated from Carver High        the employees are very open
living expenses a family needs with the youngest children         School of Engineering and         and willing to help Robinson
an income of at least $48,778,                                    Science, became interested in     when he needs it. Robinson
                                  ranging from 2 to 5 years old
according to a 2010 federal                                       engineering in his sophomore      said he’s learning something
                                  and in an office where she is
report.                                                           year of high school. He found     new everyday. He couldn’t ask
                                  responsible for working on her
                                                                  that this was something he        for a better job.
                                  service-learning project. With
         Statistics such as these the children she takes them     wanted to do in the future.
are continually on the rise and                                   Although he’s mainly interested            After his internship,
                                  out to the Pearl Movie Theatre
special non-profit organizations on Tuesdays and Thursdays,       in electrical engineering, his    he plans on attending North
try to intervene in efforts to                                    internship at Baker is more       Carolina A & T with a major in
                                  teaches them their ABC’s and
help. The Women’s Christian                                       focused on civil and              electrical engineering. v
                                  plays games.
                                                                  environmental engineering.
                                         >>>continued on page 10
6 Temple University High School Press | Summer 2011                                                
Robert Cooper (right) and Vallery Salomoy (left).                                                                                                    Sierra Bright

From Legos to                                       from his engineering teacher.
                                                    However, this summer he has
                                                                                      Travel Takes                              Sierra said she
Engineering                                         been “just learning how to work   Planning                          enjoys this job “because it’s
                                                    in the office.”                                                     different” for her and “it is very
Story By: HENRY BEARD                                                                 Story By: DONTE GREEN             interesting.” Perhaps she
Kensington CAPA High School                                Besides engineering,       A. Philip Randolph Career Academy enjoys it so much because
                                                    Salomoy likes science, the                                          she makes a point to “keep a
Photos By: ALEXA HICKLIN                            piano, violin, and music.         Photos By: NASHALI MALDONADO
Arts Academy at Benjamin Rush                                                         Julia Deburgos Bilingual Magnet   positive attitude.”
High School                               JMT’s other intern,                         Middle School
                                  Robert Cooper, 17, also is a                                                                    When Sierra grows
At JMT Engineering in Center senior at Swenson Arts and                               Sierra Bright is a very talented     up she would like to be an
City, the atmosphere is nice and Technology. He started his                           young lady who enjoys singing,       accountant. But she also has a
the people are nice, according    career track playing with Legos.                    acting, and just having fun.         back- up plan and that is to be
to Vallery Salomoy, 17, a         “Ever since I was a little kid I                    But, this summer she is doing        an auto repair technician.
senior at Swenson Arts and        loved playing with Legos.”                          something entirely different.
Technology, who lives in Oxford                                                                                                     Sierra is from Olney.
Circle.                                   Cooper wants to                                                                  She is 16-years-old and attends
                                                                                             Sierra is working as a
                                  become an architect but was                         transportation assistant at the      school at A. Philip Randolph
         JMT, one of the top      directed to JMT by a teacher                        School District of Philadelphia.     Career Academy where she
highway design firms in the       who is trying to get Cooper                                                              just finished her junior year. Her
nation is multi-disciplined       interested in engineering as
architectural/engineering                                                                     Working in the               favorite subject is math.
employee owned company that                                                           transportation office at the
offers a full array of consulting                                                     school district headquarters,                In her free time Sierra
                                          Besides Legos and
and technology services                                                               she lays out different bus           enjoys listening to music mostly
                                  architecture, Cooper said, “I like
for infrastructure projects       track and field, criminology, and                   routes, gives out SEPTA              Hip-Hop and R&B. Some of her
throughout the United States.     hip hop dance, and also                             TransPasses to students, and         favorite artists are Trey Songz,
                                  helping people.” v                                  looks up directions for bus          Wiz Khalifa, Lil Wayne, and
Salomoy heard about the job                                                           drivers taking students on trips.    Chris Brown. v                                                                               Temple University High School Press | Summer 2011         7
                              People For People                                                             Jade Livingston, who also works in the People
                                                                                                   For People office said, described the program as a good
                                                                                                   experience. Livingston, 16, a rising junior at Strawberry
                              Story By: JAMEL CRAWFORD                                             Mansion High School spends her days answering phones
                              A. Philip Randolph Career Academy                                    and filing papers. She said that while she likes working
                              Photos By: DADO NIANGHANE                                            with others, she prefers working alone. Livingston said the
                              Jules E. Mastbaum AVTS                                               program keeps her occupied with something to do during
                                                                                                   the summer.
                              Not surprisingly, working at People For People, Inc. (PFP)                    West Chester University sophomore Nakia
                              has taught Chika Duru how to work better with people.                Lancaster, 18, works in the Hope Center, in the Pregnancy
                              Duru, 16, attends G.W. Carver High School of Engineering             Center. Nakia helps schedule pregnancy tests and
Jade Livingston
                              and Science, where she will be in the 11th grade. She                ultrasounds. Also people go there to get counseling on
                              explained the program has been a learning experience that            abortion issues.
                              teaches you how to be a well-rounded person. This summer                      Lancaster is hoping to be a dentist or orthodontist.
                              she has enjoyed working with others in a PFP office.                 She explained that the program is to get students ready for
                                       Founded in 1991 by Herbert H. Lusk, the                     the work world. Also People For Program pushes people
                              foundational mission of PFP is to drastically reduce                 into college, she said.
                              the blight of poverty in the North Central Philadelphia                       Students working at People For People are required
                              community. For over 15 years PFP has helped low-                     to meet a dress code – no jeans or T-shirts. The program,
                              income individuals leave behind their dependency upon                Lancaster said, helps build self-awareness. Overall, she
                              welfare and substance abuse by providing education, job              says that the program is a good way to keep students
                              training, computer skills training, program certification and
                                                                                                   occupied through the summer. v
Nakia Lancaster

Landing Airport jobs                                                      Daishalina Vazquez, 17, is a
                                                                new graduate of Thomas Edison High
                                                                School. She lives in North Philadelphia.
Story By: Zyhir Baker-Elam                                      Vazquez has been working at the airport
Abraham Lincoln High School Photos                              for four weeks now and has two years
                                                                of job experience. Vazquez processes
Photo By: DONTE GREEN                                           purchase orders, puts old documents into
A. Philip Randolph Career Academy                               the computer, runs errands and helps with
                                                                conferences. Asked why she likes her job,
At the Philadelphia International Airport there are two         she said, “This job is fun, and I want to apply
young teenage students that work behind a desk in the           for this job full-time. It’s a great environment
human resources department. One is named Sasha                  and will help me later in life.”                             Daishalina Vazquez
Santiago and the other is named Daishalina Vazquez.                       Vazquez found this job after she applied for
          Santiago, 19, a new graduate of Mastbaum High         an internship two years in a row, and the WorkReady
School and lives in South Philadelphia. Santiago has            Philadelphia program found this job for her. When
been working at the Airport for one month and has three         Vazquez was asked why do you think this job will help
years of job experience.                                        you later in life, she answered, “This job is fun, and I have
          Asked what she does at work, Santiago said, “I        more experience and it will help me get better. I can show
purchase orders, put old documents into the computer,           that I’m a good typer, and I could become a better typer.”
run errands and help with conferences.” She likes this job.               Both Santiago and Vazquez really like their jobs
“This job is fun but it can be boring,” she said. “Lots of      at the airport. Both hope to be able to work full-time at the
paper and lots of running around.”                              airport and are happy that their internships are helping
          Santiago found this internship through the School     prepare them for better futures. v
District of Philadelphia. She thinks the job will help her in
her life. “It will look good for my resume,” she said “and                                                                                         Sasha Santiago

shows that I have good typing skills.”
8 Temple University High School Press | Summer 2011                                                                            
Auto Works at Amtrak                                         Through the WorkReady program he
                                                    has been working there this summer.
                                                                                                         because there
                                                                                                         is an increased
                                                             Brian likes how Amtrak’s auto shop runs     amount of
                                                    because he can learn things at his own pace.         mathematical
A. Philip Randolph Career Academy
                                                    “I’m not rushed so my work can be perfect. ”         equations. ”
                                                             Brian said, that he likes working there              Pearson
                                                    because he likes the atmosphere and how he           wants to
Samuel S. Fels High School
                                                    can learn new things on a regular basis. Brian       eventually open
                                                    said, that he worked at another shop but it was      his own shop
Amtrak has more than train cars.   It has a fleet   too fast paced for him.                              and run things at
of automobiles and those cars need service.                  At 17 years old Pearson who attends         his own pace. In
         Brian Pearson has always been very         Swenson High School, has chosen to major in          addition to having
good at fixing and detailing automobiles, which     Auto Mechanic and Auto body.                         people do the                            Brian Pearson
inspired him to want to work at Amtrak Train                 “My favorite subject in school is math,     work for him. v
Services.                                           since I think math is very important in this field

Sunrise of                                          is located in the culinary shop of Bok Area
                                                    Vocational Technical High School, an award
                                                                                                         stay in a safer environment.
                                                                                                                  Students at Sunrise acquired
Philadelphia                                        winning facility.
                                                             While Bok facilitates Sunrise, the
                                                                                                         information about the program through school,
                                                                                                         previous years at a summer job, through family
                                                    students are part of WorkReady, a program            members and teachers. Once students found
                                                    that provides work opportunities for teenagers       out that they were eligible for a six-week culinary
                                                    without summer jobs.                                 program that paid bi-weekly, students rushed for
                                                             Sunrise tends to be special among all       the opportunity.
                                                    of the other camps around the city. One of the                At
                                                    instructors from this program stated, “What’s        the end of
                                                    special about [Sunrise] is that the staff invites    Sunrise’s
                                                    us to have sort of a family atmosphere and then      program the
Sunrise staff prepare breakfast.                    we’re more of a work study verses a camp. So         students
Story By: KENISHA PINCKNEY                          we learn as well as work at the same time.”          are then
Jules E. Mastbaum AVTS                                       Gratefully, Sunrise students experience     educated
Photos By: ZYHIR BAKER-ELAM                         a family oriented atmosphere. Enhancing that         enough to
Abraham Lincoln High School                         atmosphere students prepare easy and healthy         partake in a
                                                    foods. For example, students prepare Italian         competition
What do teenagers want? Teenagers want to           food, desserts, salads, drinks, and dressings. All   where students from different areas get involved.
have fun and venture off to discover new things.    food is prepared from scratch and is then dished     A challenge such as this prepares the students
          These new elements of discovery           out mainly to the staff and program participants.    and encourages them to cook for the future.
ensure that teens will never grow bored. In         Most of the students in the program come from                 The information retained is valuable
addition, teenagers are constantly growing and      different schools around Philadelphia. Although,     for years to come and it opens up different
searching for answers. So this also provokes        they all come from different places they share       career choices. Moreover, students feel that
them to want to learn more and gain more            fun and happiness with each other. They believe      the teachers and instructors care to help, they
knowledge.”                                         that Sunrise gives them something to do rather       lend support, stimulate social spirits, encourage
          There’s one place where some              than getting in trouble on the streets.              students to think outside the box, embrace
teenagers can find what they truly want and                  A sophomore from Bok mentioned, “they       differences and push for dedication.
that’s at a summer camp called, “Sunrise of         care for us students and as children they don’t               All in all, the Sunrise of Philadelphia
Philadelphia”.                                      want us to be out on the streets.”                   summer camp at Bok High School is the one
          Sunrise of Philadelphia is a six-week              In fact, Sunrise is a place where           stop shop for teenagers to be free and gain
summer program located at 1901 South 9th            students can make new friends, earn money and        experience for their future. v
Street in South Philadelphia. This program                                                                      Temple University High School Press | Summer 2011               9
<<< Teens Learn continued from page 6                                          family. Shaunnay needed to occupy herself with a job to strengthen her
                                                                               self -discipline and sense of responsibility. “I wanted this job so that I could
                                                                               help this agency and provide for myself. When I get older I plan to be more
She enjoys getting involved with the water games that the children adore       responsible and have greater knowledge into what I’m doing.”
playing.                                                                                 All in all, both ladies feel that the WCA creates better opportunity
         In addition, Patton works in the office as a receptionist, prepares   for themselves and the community. Without the program they would have
food for the younger children and watches over them during naptime.            nowhere to work in the summer time.
For her service-learning project Patton must work at a garden on St.                     The WCA employs more than 100 people and maintains a
Elizabeth’s preparing peppers, tomatoes and fruits for homeless veterans.      current budget of six million dollars. Also, they supply resources and
Part of her work at the garden is to deliver food for victims of STDs,         assist more than 5,000 children and families in and around North Central
diabetes, HIV and other diseases. While many people would grow                 Philadelphia every year. The WCA is located at 1722 Cecil B. Moore
exhausted with the duties at WCA she thinks differently, “My experience        in North Philadelphia and was founded by Dr. Melissa Coppin in 1919.
here is fun. This is just what I do. I work and get paid.” Shaunnay hopes to   Their purpose is to support and find homes for children, get involved with
gain more than enough experience from this job so that she could apply it      activities that promote and ensure stability and integrity of families, provide
to future work.                                                                services and programs which are child-focused, family-centered, culturally
         Sessi Adin is a 14-year-old freshman at George Washington             sensitive and community based and to advocate and influence social
Carver High School and she believes that where she works is like a camp        policy that develops progressive, rational child welfare practices.
and school all at once. She also advocates for the younger children, works               Therefore, the Women’s Christian Alliance is an organization fit
on the same service-learning project as Patton but on Wednesdays.              for struggling families in the community. They offer a lending hand when
         Both ladies learned about the program through friends, school and     others aren’t willing to provide. v

                                                                               and woman. P.R.I.D.E. stands for Personal Recognition Ignites Deliberate
                                                                                        Founder and President Kenneth Perry was born and raised in
                                                                               Middletown, Conn. and now works as mentor to young men and woman in
                                                                               Philadelphia, Pa. He received his Associates degree from Mitchell College,
                                                                               his Bachelors from West Virginia University, and his Masters from Temple
                                                                               University and his Principal Certification from Cheyney University.
                                                                                        Perry said that “Once you understand who you are you can make
                                                                               a great impact on the world.” So in the Philly Project Perry is responsible
                                                                               for helping public school kids with the college process. He also said that
Kenneth Perry
                                                                               “college is an aspect but its not the aspect,” meaning that it’s not what you
                                                                               have but how you use it and how much effort you put into it. He teaches
Project P.R.I.D.E. Helps Youths                                                his kids to surround themselves with good people and if the company you
                                                                               keep is not helping you get where you are going don’t let them hold you
Prepare for the Future Success                                                 back. Perry said he feeds the children information about what is needed
                                                                               for them when they are getting ready for college and how to go about
                                                                               arranging the financial situations associated with college.
Story By: SHAQUIL TAYLOR                                                                Philly Project P.R.I.D.E. is in the public schools that provide
Benjamin Franklin High School                                                  funding and it operates on Saturdays at University City High School. Perry
                                                                               started the program in 2007 but prior to the project he looked after many
Photos By: ALEXA HICKLIN                                                       kids and gave them a good sense of direction. Perry believes that “no
Arts Academy at Benjamin Rush High School                                      community is greater than the production of its children,” which is reflected
                                                                               in his work at Philly Project P.R.I.D.E.
The Philly Project P.R.I.D.E., Inc. is a program established to build                   For Perry the children come first. Children are the future and
character in young men and woman and to prepare them for what is to            education is more important than putting up new buildings, said Perry.
come in the world.This program helps with developing internal skill sets       Philly Project P.R.I.D.E. is open to any individual who is trying to find help
and gives young people another helping hand in becoming successful men         to better him or herself for the future. v
10 Temple University High School Press | Summer 2011                                                                     
                                                                            conveyer belt.                     events were happening that night and it was a bit
                                                                            Rihanna performed about a          confusing, but there was a lot to see.
                                                                            dozen costume changes that                   I took pictures of the Rihanna tour bus
                                                                            all helped to enhance the visual   and the vendor’s stand and some of the people
                                                                            experience.                        in the audience that were already seated in the
                                                                                    She closed the concert     arena. J. Cole opened up the show, then a rap
                                                                            with “Umbrella,” the longest       artist from North Carolina performed about six
                                                                            running number one single of       songs. Then it was Rihanna’s turn, but it took
                                                                            the previous decade.               Rihanna an hour and a half to finally come out.
                                                                            Rihanna wasn’t the only            I was beginning to get tired of waiting for her.
                                                                            “Rihanna” at the concert –         But, when she performed, she gave us the treat
                                                                            there were clones everywhere.      of many songs. She danced and changed into
                                                                            Rihanna impersonators who          several different costumes, I was trying to get
                                                                            donned bright red wigs and the     lots of pictures of her and I video recorded her
LOUD with Rihanna                                                           crazy body suits were almost
                                                      like part of the show. “It’s all just about being
                                                                                                               during the show.
                                                                                                                         After the show, I got back on the Sub,
                                                      fun and having a great time,” said Jessica Fawn          the El and met two other concert attendees.
Story By: DADO NIANGHANE                              when asked about her getup. “I love Rihanna so           They were so funny and made my trip come
Jules E. Mastbaum AVTS                                this was definitely one of the best concerts of my       to a wonderful close. I found out that one of
                                                      life. I will definitely be going to another Rihanna      them goes to my school. My new friends and
Photos By: QUE SCOTT                                  concert soon.” v                                         I then went to McDonald’s, walked around the
Overbrook High School                                                                                          neighborhood and we kept talking about the
                                                                                                               concert until it was time to go home. I had lots of
The Rihanna concert lived up to the name of
her fifth album: Loud.
                                                      I Saw Rihanna LIVE                                       fun! v
          J.Cole gave an over-the-top                 Story By: QUE SCOTT                                      For more photos and videos of the concert
performance that was a great choice for an            Overbrook High School                                    please visit
opening act.
          After J.Cole’s opening act, concertgoers    Rihanna had a concert; I won a ticket to attend! Free Rihanna Tickets
sat almost an hour until the lights were finally
dimmed. Then Rihanna emerged from inside a
                                                      It was held on Saturday, July 23rd in Philly and distributed to High School
spectacularly lit silver ball while belting out the
                                                      this was the first ever event I traveled to by
                                                                                                       Journalism Club Advisers
lyrics to “Only Girl (In the World).”                          As I began the trip, I was excited, hot
          Throughout the concert, Rihanna                                                                                Moxie, at, since
                                                      and even more excited. After catching the 52,            1997 has provided free music, videos, and
obviously didn’t need any help from anyone as         the El and then the Broad Street Sub I met five
she seemingly cast a spell on the nearly sold-out                                                              promotional “shout-outs” for high school
                                                      girls while traveling. When I finally got down to        newspapers, radio, and TV organizations.
show at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia        the sports complex area, I saw concertgoers
on July 23rd.                                                                                                  Moxie, in conjunction with major and minor
                                                      who were all dressed up in fancy clothing.               record companies, sent tickets for two student
          Rihanna and her dancers certainly           Many of them had on heavy make up, Rihanna
didn’t leave much to the imagination, there                                                                    reporters to attend this year’s Rihanna concert
                                                      costumes and fire-engine red wigs. I figured they        as an incentive to their high school’s journalism
was bumping, grinding, and Rihanna even               were going to the concert since they looked very
straddled an audience member. Mothers and                                                                      programming.
                                                      similar to Rihanna. I was surprised to see these                   Advisers can sign their student
fathers brought their nine- and 10-year-olds to       types of styles for the concert.
the concert; everyone was enthralled by the                                                                    journalism groups up to become eligible for
                                                               I asked a group of Latina girls if they         artist interviews, current music CDs and videos,
sexually-charged acts.                                were going to the concert. They said yes, and
          The concert was also a visually                                                                      and other promotional materials. The service is
                                                      they seemed very nice so I walked with them              free and there are no obligations, only that you
interesting show. There were sparklers, videos,       since I was unsure about what building to go
a pink cannon, a rock-guitar soloist and part of                                                               let Moxie know about your use of the received
                                                      to. The sports complex has several stadiums              materials. It’s easy, check Moxie out; read the
the stage moved on something that resembled a         and other buildings there -- different games and         student news reports published here. v                                                                           Temple University High School Press | Summer 2011 11
A Birthday Party for
the City’s Homeless
Story and Photos By: TUHS PRESS Staff

The City Hall courtyard was crowded with
people – some carrying all their belongings,
wearing raggedy clothes and messed up
shoes; others, better dressed people with their
little kids joined the homeless -- standing in
the hot sun for free hot dogs, hamburgers and
          They all came together to celebrate
Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell’s birthday.
Police stood by watching, but there were few
problems to pull their attention – just people
cooking on grills or serving out of deep
aluminum foil pans and a popular vendor             homeless is just a condition. It doesn’t define
on this very hot day, Fred’s Water Ice, an          who we are based on that by the actions of
operation that had traveled downtown from           their heart.”
Southwest Philadelphia.                                       One man named Elton recalled how he
          Politicians addressed the crowd and       became homeless. A friend who was also his
there was music and dancing as well, at             landlord announced he was selling his house
the annual party for the homeless that the          and told Elton to get out quickly. The next
councilwoman sponsored on July 15.                  day as Elton was sleeping, men in hardhats
          It’s a way of “telling people we care     and yellow vest came to demolish the house.
about them,” said Joe Tisdale, who said he          Elton found living in shelters difficult to endure.
was pleased the councilwoman sponsored the          “They were overcrowded and smelly,” he said
event.                                              explaining that he didn’t want to take a shower
          “We can make a change,” said Sheila       at a shelter. “Homeless people are a problem
                                                                                                          Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell, District-3
Taylor, expressing concern about the plight of      in this city. If America is so rich, then we
the homeless.                                       shouldn’t have problems like this,” he added.
          This is the 14th year for the lunchtime             “It’s only good for one day,” said a man
event said Councilwoman Blackwell during            who would only identify himself as Michael,
an interview. “I love to serve the homeless         “The next day, they will be doing the same
population everyday and try to help as many         thing they were doing before: eating out of a
people as I can. This brings all people             trash can. They have to find a way to survive.”
together, keeps people out of the streets and                 Alice Wright, 70, also was among
the shelters. It’s just to let them know that we    the crowd. “I think it’s wonderful that the
do care and that we are all people,” she said.      Councilwoman does not only do this for the
          “I look at them as if they are my         homeless, it’s everybody. For her to share her
brother and my sister and I reach out to            birthday with someone else is great. She is a
them because we are only people and being           blessing.” v

12 Temple University High School Press | Summer 2011                                                 Temple University High School Press | Summer 2011 13
      Students Go On A Citywide
      Scavenger Hunt for Images
                                                                       Alexa Hicklin

      Alexa Hicklin                             Dado Nianghane             Devon Wheeler

       Donte Green                              Sindora Stallworth             Josh Randall

       Josh Randall                             Dado Nianghane            Kenisha Pinckney

Background Image: Sindora Stallworth

14 Temple University High School Press | Summer 2011       
   Sindora Stallworth     Jamel Crawford                     Nashali Maldonado                 Zyhir Baker-Elam

   Alexa Hicklin                       Shaquil Taylor                                              Donte Green

    Devon Wheeler                      Sindora Stallworth                                        Shaquil Taylor

                                                                                                                  Background Image: Josh Randall

    Que Scott             Jamel Crawford                          Darrell Moore                   Donte Green                                     Temple University High School Press | Summer 2011 15
                                           Student Opinons
                                           for adult life.                                                                    hitting, punching, pulling hair
                                                     Many people believe that the                                             and kicking. Abuse can occur
                                           burqa is a sign of oppression and that                                             in both dating relationships and
                                           women have the right to freedom. The                                               friendships.
                                           Qur’an (Koran) calls for modesty from                                                        Most times when a
                                           Muslim/Islamic citizens, and some say                                              person is being abused their
                                           that such modesty has been taken too                                               abuser will try to make up any
                                           far with the burqa. Some say that it is                                            excuse like, ‘’Honey I’m sorry,’’
                                           the manifestation of a limited cultural                                            or ‘’I didn’t mean it,” or “I will
                                           mindset. Also, some people feel that it                                            not do it again ever.’’ According
Wearing a Burqa: A                         causes security threats. For instance,                                             to Teens Experiencing Abusive
Personal Decsion                           the Burka Bandit: a man armed with
                                           a knife and umbrella dressed as
                                                                                                                              Relationships (T.E.A.R.) almost
                                                                                                                              80 percent of girls who have
By: DADO NIANGHANE                         a Muslim woman who committed
                                           robberies. Other people will argue that
                                                                                      Teens and                               been physically abused continue
                                                                                                                              to date their abuser.
Jules E. Mastbaum AVTS
                                           the burqa is a sign of allegiance to       Abusive                                           Often the person who
                                           each woman’s individual beliefs and                                                is being abusive was previously
Is it necessary to ban the wearing of      that to interfere with such religious      Relationships                           beaten or abused by someone
headscarves and the burqa? Allies for      practices contradicts fundamental                                                  growing up.
the ban argue, yes that it is necessary    rights and freedoms.                       By: QUE SCOTT                                     Teenagers who are in
to ban the wearing of a hijab or a                   In fact some countries like      Overbrook High School                   abusive relationships can go to
burqa. Others don’t think so.              France, Turkey, Belgium, Canada,           I believe many high school              their school counselors or call
         A burqa is an outer garment       Egypt, Spain, Canada, Australia, and       teens experience abuse in               a local hotline to discuss it and
worn by women in Islamic societies for     Italy have or are in the process of        their relationships. My research        get help. They can also contact
the purpose of concealing their bodies     having a ban on the burqa or hijab.        confirms this fact. In fact, almost     their parents or a trusted adult.
and/or face. The burqa is related to the   Two women have been arrested as            one out of every eleven high            If it’s physical abuse and not just
hijab (the head covering often worn        France’s ban on burqas and niqabs          school students is in an abusive        emotional they should contact
as part of the burqa). The burqa is        (the veil over the face sometimes worn     relationship. I think it is important   the police by calling 911.
mostly worn when a women is leaving        by Muslim woman) takes effect.This         to educate students about what                    Fortunately, many states
her home and is required to be worn        is not right, but in my opinion, I think   is abuse and how to handle              are implementing programs to
until she returns. The burqa is worn       that wearing or not wearing the burqa      abuse when it happens.                  help teach teens about healthy
throughout the Middle Eastern nations      or hijab should be a personal option.      An abusive relationship is a            dating and to help parents,
and most Muslim nations around             This decision should not be based on       pattern of disparaging and              educators and police officers
the world. Only a few democratic           pressure from society or from family.      coercive behaviors used to              recognize the signs of dating
governments are less strict about its      From personal experiences, I feel that     maintain power and control over         violence and verbal abuse. Texas
use. Meanwhile, in stricter nations,       even though I’m Muslim myself that the     a former or current intimate            has started requiring schools
women are forced to wear the burqa.        Quran does not require the wearing         partner. An abusive relationship        to include prohibitions against
         Not wearing it can lead to        of the burqa just to dress modestly.       is more than being hit by the           dating violence in school safety
beatings, harassment, or worse.            Islamist cultures and not religion has     person who claims to love or            codes. Rhode Island requires
Obviously a conservative practicing        imposed these garments on women            care about you.                         schools to teach grades 7
women wears it. A girl is not obligated    who now think it’s mandatory to wear                 There are different types     through 12 about dating violence
to wear it until she reaches puberty.      it. Some people should actually sit        of abuse in relationships. It can       and abuse. Indianapolis has
This isn’t practiced. Girls as young as    down to read and interpret the Quran       be physical, emotional, or sexual       started training police officers in
six-years-old wear the burqa to            for themselves instead of just going       abuse. Physical abuse means             public schools to recognize the
physically and mentally prepare them       with what scholars or family say. v        any form of violence such as            early signs of abusive dating. v
16 Temple University High School Press | Summer 2011                                                                       
                                                 “     Public opinion in this country is everything.
                                             around them.
                                                      Even people who choose not
                                             to smoke are still at risk due to second-
                                             hand smoke. Some people who smoke
                                                                                                                                ”     -Abraham Lincoln
                                                                                                                                age 14 or younger, especially if
                                                                                                                                they live in a developing country.
                                                                                                                                For mothers between 15 and 19,
                                                                                                                                age in itself is not a risk factor,
                                             are unaware that when they smoke                                                   but additional risks may be
                                             it doesn’t only affect them but it also                                            associated with socioeconomic
                                             affects the people around them.                                                    factors.”
                                                      Cigarette smoking leads                                                             I totally agree with
                                             to death, increased health risks,                                                  this statement because, even
                                             cardiovascular disease, respiratory                                                if teens from the age 15 to 19
                                             disease, cancer and other health                                                   may have bodies that are ready
                                             effects. Many smokers do not realize                                               to give birth, most teens are
Stop Smoking                                 the health risks that come with                                                    not financially stable enough to
                                             cigarettes. Smoking can cause poor                                                 support their child or themselves
By: DONTE GREEN                              circulation, angina (chest pains), heart  Teen Pregnancy                           or they are simply too young.
A. Philip Randolph Career                    attacks, and strokes.                                                                        Most teens cannot find
Academy                                               Cigarettes contain more than By: DEVON WHEELER                            jobs due to the simple fact that
                                             4000 chemical compounds and at least A. Philip Randolph Career                     businesses do not want to hire
Lung cancer is the number one                400 toxic substances. The products          Academy                                teens because you cannot trust
leading cause of death for victims of
                                             that are most damaging are tar,                                                    children to report to work and
cancer. Cigarette smoking causes
                                             nicotine, and carbon monoxide.              According to reports on Teen           also teens can be lazy. I believe
most cases of lung cancer. Smoking
                                                      Non-smokers and ex-smokers pregnancy in Family Planning                   pregnant teens or teens with
causes about 90 percent of lung                                                          Perspectives and The British
                                             can also look forward to a healthier                                               children will never find jobs to
cancer deaths in men and almost
                                             old age than smokers. Smoking also Medical Journal, researchers say, supply the barest necessities for
80 percent in women. I, for one,
                                             affects how long you live. Of the 300 “pregnant teenagers face many                their baby. In some cases, the
am absolutely against smoking and                                                        of the same obstetrics issues
                                             people who die everyday in the UK                                                  parents of pregnant teens that get
I hope smokers realize the health                                                        as women in their 20s and 30s.
                                             as a result of smoking, many are                                                   pregnant do not want anything to
risks and consequences of smoking                                                        However, there are additional
                                             comparatively young smokers.                                                                >>>continued on page 23
cigarettes and how it affects the people
                                                      Do you want to be statistic? v medical concerns for mothers
                                                        love to play basketball and have dreams of being and sneakers for the players. Businesses or
                                                        professional basketball players one day. The           NBA players who are from Philadelphia sponsor
                                                        recreation centers need funding to give the kids       most of these leagues.
                                                        what they need to be able to practice and play.                  Many recreation centers around the
                                                        Everyone knows that it takes hard work and             city do not hold a basketball league because of
                                                        practice to become the best you can be. That’s         the neighborhood they are in. These recreation
                                                        why it’s important Philadelphia takes action           centers could give the neighborhood children a
                                                        and provides recreation centers and basketball         safe place to go instead of being in the streets.
                                                        leagues in the summer all over the city.               These kids should be participating in more
Support Community                                                 There are different levels of play and       activities and sports events.
Basketball                                              opportunities for people of different ages. There                More funding should be given to the
                                                        are developmental leagues for kids ages 5 up to recreation centers so that more basketball
By: SHAQUIL TAYLOR                                      adults 35 and older. The leagues in Philadelphia leagues can take place each summer. For
Benjamin Franklin High School                           provide experience for basketball players and          the children in our neighborhoods, we need
                                                        put on competitions against each other so that         to provide more for them to do and basketball
In Philadelphia, basketball is kind of a big deal. players can better their talents. Some leagues leagues are just one activity that keep our
All over the city there are young athletes that         around the city are able to provide full uniforms      streets free of kids who shouldn’t be there. v                                                                          Temple University High School Press | Summer 2011 17
                                                    don’t agree with them. With the system being        The approximate number of beneficiaries in
                                                    threatened by budget constraints, a plethora of     the state of Pennsylvania is 2,577,714 million.
                                                    people who receive SSI and SSDI, could end up       People who are qualified for Social Security are
                                                    in poverty.                                         retired workers, children, spouses, parents, men
                                                             One of the main goals of the Social        and women.
                                                    Security Administration is to reduce its backlog             A reader in USA Today in June wrote on
                                                    and try to cut its budget. Social Security          this email posting, “Social Security was started
                                                    insurance benefits aid people who are unable to     for the earned income seniors! Not the don’t
                                                    work or receive unemployment due to a disabling     want to work lazy people.”
                                                    condition. SSI (Social –Security Insurance) is               Did anyone forget about the disabled?
                                                    provided for people who need financial aid.         This is not a ‘one-sided’ issue. Social Security
                                                    People who are qualified for SSI are adults and     is important for seniors but also people who are
                                                    children who are disabled or physically impaired.   disabled and physically impaired as well.
                                                    SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) is               Cutting Social Security would have a
                                                    provided for patrons who have worked five of the    huge impact financially on many Pennsylvanians
Social Security: A                                  past ten years and have paid a Social Security      that rely on Social Security as their income.
                                                    tax on income.                                      Many seniors depend on social security for
Threatened Resource                                          Although nearly 160 million people have    paying bills and other needs in life. This could
                                                    access to health care through employment-           affect their families, and people that plan on
By: SINDORA STALLWORTH                              based insurance, more than 54 million               retirement. With the economic climate the way it
Communications Technology High School               Americans receive benefits each month through       is, many people are having trouble working and
                                                    Social Security. About 70 percent of the monthly    finding employment. Other resources should
The Social Security Administration has              checks, which average $1,076, go to retired         be threatened, not this financial resources that
been plagued by financial problems. Budget          workers and their families, and the rest to         American citizens need. In fact we deserve
constraints are now being proposed, but I           disabled Americans and recipients’ survivors.       these benefits. v

                                         Teens Struggle to                   need money and to get money you need a job. As a teenager, I have
                                                                             little experience to put on my resume except my summer jobs. I thought
                                         Find Jobs                           it would help me but I was wrong. I’ve been trying to find a job for the
                                                                             summer but no one seems to want to hire anyone without experience.
                                         By: JAMEL CRAWFORD                            In the past two months since school ended, I have applied for at
                                         A. Philip Randolph Career           least 10 jobs. None of these efforts have been successful. The economy is
                                         Academy                             bad for adults but even worse for teens. Plus it’s so hard to get a job when
                                                                             you’re an African-American teen because of all the stereotypes that still
                                                                             seem to exist.
                                         Why is it so hard for teens to                According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of 2010, 25.9
                                          get a job? Most teens these        percent of the labor force aged 16 to 19 is unemployed. In that age range
                                          days that try to find a job are    29 percent of white teens are employed, while only 14.5 percent black or
                                          unsuccessful. My opinion on teen   African American teens are employed.
                                          employment is that the city of               The economy is more dismal for teens than it is for adults.
Philadelphia is always focusing on the negativity about teens and not the    According to data from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 37 percent of teens
positive. Negative ideas about teens give them less of an advantage to       nationwide worked in the summer of 2006 -- nearly 11 percent fewer than
find a job, especially now as the economy has had a major effect on teen     were working in 1989, the peak of a nation-wide economic boom.
employment.                                                                            In 2009, the national annual unemployment rate was 9.3 percent.
         I have always tried to be a positive young man and stay out         Five of the 50 largest metropolitan areas had unemployment rates over
of trouble so I can have opportunities for a job. Even though I’ve been      11.3 - two percentage points above the national rate.
working at summer jobs since I was 14, it hasn’t been easy getting a job               Living in a Philadelphia as an African American teen, it seems that
this year at the age of 16.                                                  the statistics are stacked against me. Can someone help me get a job? v
         My mother always told me in order to survive in this world you
18 Temple University High School Press | Summer 2011                                                                
                                                     device allows them to have the Internet at their        within my group of friends. I do manage to keep
                                                     fingertips as well as the ability to text and instant   updated with things on social networking sites
                                                     message. However, when a teen connects to               and I have even witnessed someone being
                                                     the Internet, they are exposing themselves to           cyberbullied.
                                                     cyberbullying. This is just as dangerous as                      Why do people cyberbully? In all
                                                     physical bullying and people need to be more of         honesty, I don’t know. Teens are always doing
                                                     aware of it.                                            things that some people find questionable. So,
                                                               What is cyberbullying? It occurs              who knows why they do the things they do? I
                                                     when a person threatens, torments, harasses             think teens bully others out of anger. Maybe
                                                     embarrasses, humiliates or targets another              they want revenge or maybe they’re frustrated
                                                     person via the Internet, social networking sites        and want to let their anger out on the targeted
                                                     or by a mobile phone. Cyberbullying happens             person. I also think jealousy plays a huge factor
                                                     everyday and approximately 43 percent of teens          in cyberbullying.
                                                     in the U.S. have been victims of cyberbullying.                 Words really do hurt.
                                                               Cyberbullying is nothing like what a                   According to USA Today and The
Bullying in Cyberspace                               child would experience in the classroom or
                                                     the schoolyard. It is permanent because when
                                                                                                             Baltimore Examiner, at least three children
                                                                                                             between the ages of 12 and 13 have committed
                                                     something is posted on the Internet it will stay        suicide due to depression that was led on by
Arts Academy at Benjamin Rush High School            there forever. This type of bullying can leave a        cyberbullying. Other teens including Phoebe
                                                     long lasting emotional scar on the victim. Since        Prince, Ryan Halligan, Tyler Clementi and
For most teenagers the Internet isn’t just a tool    the act occurs on the Internet it magnifies the         Megan Meier have also committed suicide with
to use for research, but it can also be a big part   level of humiliation.                                   strong links due to cyberbullying.
of their social lives. Seventy-three percent of                So, who is targeted? Boys and girls are                Cyberbullying needs to stop because it
American teenagers use social networking sites       equally targeted for online harassment. I have          hurts people. The end of cyberbullying needs to
to communicate with their friends and family.        never been a victim of cyberbullying because            start with the people who are responsible for it.
They not only use their home computers for           I don’t frequently go on social networking sites        We should look toward educating people about
Internet access, but also their cell phones. This    or use chat rooms. I am, however, very social           cyberbullying so that it stops. v
                                                     or in the ears of the user that allow the user          than 75 percent of Americans because they are
                                                     to listen to the desired sound that he or she           exposed so frequently.
                                                     wants to hear such as music, a tape recording,            The steady consumption of these products
                                                     etc. Unfortunately, headphones are not                  puts many people at risk. In efforts to reduce
                                                     healthy because they are made of hazardous              this cancer risk it’s only appropriate to reduce
                                                     plasticizers, cause hearing loss; in addition           products that contain plasticizers. Absorption
                                                     headphones can repel bystanders.                        of this product puts many people in danger.
                                                               Plasticizers are unhealthy substances         Substituting products that don’t contain
                                                     that can cause cancer. In order to generate             plasticizers and purifying drinking water are
                                                     plasticity, a flexible hold and limit rigidity,         ways of reducing harmful molecules such as
                                                     plasticizers are cast into a synthetic resin. The       DEHP and DEHA (both used in plasticisers).
                                                     plasticizers tend to soften the material and                     Plasticizers aren’t the only health risk
Changing the Way We Use                              prevent any dry coatings from becoming frail.           that headphone consumers should watch out for.
                                                     These are unnatural molecules made by man               When people are exposed to loud noise they can
Headphones                                           and because of that you can find them just              expect immediate or gradual hearing loss. The
                                                     about anywhere. For example, you can come               inner ear has hair cells that convert sound waves
By: KENISHA PINCKNEY                                 across plasticizers in cling wrap, disposable           into nerve impulses that are transmitted to the
Jules E. Mastbaum AVTS                               water bottles, soft children’s toys, cosmetics,         brain. Loud sounds destroy these hair cells and
                                                     shampoos, soaps, lubricants, pesticides, paints,        cause sensory hearing loss.
What are headphones? Headphones are                  medical devices, shower curtains, adhesives,                                     >>>continued on page 20
listening devices that are placed over, on,          perfumes, plastic tubing and in the urine of more                                                                         Temple University High School Press | Summer 2011 19
                                                    a hobby is their way of having fun. It is a great                People ride them because it gives them
                                                    sport to ride them and race them. But the              something to do when they are bored. But some
                                                    difference between people who ride them that           people like it because of how fast they can go
                                                    live in city and people who ride them that live        on the four wheeler. Also riders can do tricks
                                                    in the country is big. The people in the city ride     like “wheelies” and “donuts” and this makes the
                                                    the four wheelers for fun and the people in the        machine even more entertaining. Some hobbies
                                                    country use the four wheelers for their job.           can only be done during certain times of the
                                                              Some people ride four wheelers for           year but this one is all year long. And that’s what
                                                    hobbies because they are very fun. It is a great       makes this hobby better.
                                                    sport to ride them and race them. But people                     Most people ride their bikes when they
                                                    who ride these vehicles for whatever reason            have time. This could be anytime of the week
                                                    have to be aware of the need for safety.               or day. ATVs were made in the United States
                                                              A four-wheeler is a four-wheel               a decade before 3- and 4-wheeled vehicles
                                                    automotive vehicle like a car or small truck,          were introduced by Honda and other Japanese
                                                    especially as distinguished from a vehicle having      companies. During the 1960s, numerous
                                                    more than four wheels, such as a tractor-trailer,      manufacturers offered similar small off-road
                                                    or fewer than four wheels, such as a motorcycle.       vehicles that were designed to float and were
                                                    Four wheelers are called ATV’s-, which means           capable of traversing swamps, ponds and
                                                    All Terrain Vehicles. A four-wheeler is a sport        streams as well as dry land.
                                                    vehicle and is only ridden certain places unlike                 It’s against the law and unsafe to ride
                                                    a car or motorcycle that can be ridden mostly          an ATV on the street. But many people take
                                                    everywhere. A four-wheeler is not allowed on           that risk of life riding on the streets. The people
Four Wheelers                                       the street. That’s what makes the four-wheeler         that want be safe ride on the trails and other
                                                    different than other vehicles.                         off road places such as forests, farms, and
By: ZYHIR BAKER-ELAM                                          There are many people that ride four         beaches where there are a lot of dirt trails and
Abraham Lincoln High School                         wheelers. People from ages, 5-70, ride four            lots of open area you are allowed to ride your
                                                    wheelers. People of both genders ride them,            four wheeler and you don’t have to worry about
                                                    and all nationalities ride them and it is popular      running into anything or getting hit by a car. The
                                                    all over the world. But people that live in the city   only thing you have to watch out for is other
There are many exciting things to do to have        need more places to ride them. There are fewer         ATV’s. That’s better safety than riding on
fun. For some people riding four wheelers as        places to ride in the city then out in the country     the street.v
                                                    and that needs to change.

<<< Headphones continued from page 19                                          headphones in their ears. In order to create a connection with other people
This usually occurs first with the higher pitched sounds. Ringing in the ear   headphones can get in the way. For instance, when headphones are in
often accompanies this type of hearing loss.                                   use it either signifies that a person doesn’t want to be bothered or wants
         Nowadays, our generation prefers to listen to loud music on           to block out their outside environment. Secondly, wearing headphones
their headphones, which will result in traumatic hearing loss in the           can be a form of disrespect. It doesn’t look good when people are in class
years to come. Acoustic trauma happens when extreme loud sounds                ignoring a lecture because they have headphones thumping in their head.
like explosions, gunshot, firecrackers or engines immediately deafens          Also let’s not forget that it doesn’t look professional. If headphones were
a person. In fact, when a person is consistently exposed to sources of         professional looking then all worksites would allow their employees to walk
loud noise, like power tools, chain saws or loud musical effects, this         around in them.
could cause hearing damage that actually could go unnoticed for a while.                 So there you have it, headphones are a cancer threat through
Luckily, a person may use hearing safety devices such as earmuffs or           plasticizers, damage the eardrums and repel bystanders. Therefore,
earplugs to prevent drastic damage.                                            headphone design and their usage should be altered because right now
         There is another logical reason why headphones aren’t                 they’re no good for the consumers in so many different ways. v
appropriate. Many bystanders would find it hard to approach a person with

20 Temple University High School Press | Summer 2011                                                                    
                                                       dedication, which keeps dancers in a positive          But then again there are single dancers out
                                                       community scene while on the streets.                  here who really don’t know they have that much
                                                                 Hip-hop is not just “getting up and          talent. Teens in Philly can really “blow up” off a
                                                       dancing.” It’s an expression on how the music          little post up video on Facebook. There should
                                                       makes you feel. In Philadelphia, there are             be more programs out here for teens to sign up
                                                       programs out here that kids can get into rather        and join organized hip-hop dance programs, that
                                                       than getting into serious trouble. For instance,       way dancers can stay out of trouble or out of the
                                                       in Philly you can just walk around and see             way of getting hurt.
                                                       groups walking throughout the city dancing or                    Teens are out here just competing
                                                       even making videos to post up on YouTube or            against each other just for popularity, however,
Safety in the Lives of                                 Facebook in hopes they go viral.
                                                                 Hip-hop dance also help teens develop
                                                                                                              there are young single dancers who just break
                                                                                                              out and show what they’ve got when they see
Hip-Hop Dancers?                                       their talent and makes them feel better about          dance-offs in the streets or when people are
                                                       themselves. A lot of teens underestimate their         just dancing for the fun of it. Today people
By: HENRY BEARD                                        talent because people laugh or say they can’t          should take dance very seriously instead of just
Kensington CAPA High School                            dance, so that makes some dancers think they           throwing away their talent.
                                                       can’t do it.                                                     I think there should be more dance
Hip-hop dance can help keep kids out of                          Now there are groups who just put a lot      activities for teens, that way they can stay
trouble. Dance programs demand passion and
                                                       of their videos online and get popular in Philly.      out of trouble. v

                                            Is It Really Love?                     to be in love. It may look easy in their eyes but love is hard to find. Lust is
                                                                                   not. You could be in lust with anyone.
                                            By: DAVIA MAGEE                                  A girl that I am familiar with, was once in a relationship with a boy.
                                            Benjamin Franklin High School          It started when she was 15 years old and he was 16. She always came to
                                                                                   me telling me how much she liked this boy and how different he was from
                                             People tend to get lust and love      the rest. When she first started dating him she was a virgin, he wasn’t. On
                                             mixed up. Just because you            her 16th birthday she lost her virginity to him. I found out something about
                                             might have feelings towards a         him being with other girls and I told her as a friend that she needed to let
                                             person, no matter how long you        him know that if he really loved her, he needed to let the other girls go.
                                             have been in a relationship with      But she always said to me that she knew her place in his life so she was
                                             that person, that doesn’t mean        not worried about the others.
                                             that you’re in love. You might just             Months passed in their relationship and they started to have
                                             be in lust.                           problems every now and then. She would leave him alone for short
                                             Merriam Webster’s Dictionary          periods of times but she would always give in because she loved and
                                             states “love is strong affection      cared about him. She said that she thought that if she stayed by him and
                                             for another arising out of kinship    let him figure himself out, and let him mature, that he would really realize
or personal ties.”I would say lust is just a temporary feeling that you            one day that she was “the one.” From the looks of their relationship she
have with someone.Merriam Webster dictionary states “lust is intense or            was in love and he was in lust.
unbridled sexual desire.”                                                                    I once told her that maybe if they were both committed to each
         In 2009 the federal Center for Disease Control and Prevention             other that they could eventually be in love, but right now where they are
reported that teenage pregnancy in the United States has risen to 42 births        in their relationship, they were only in love vs. lust. After a while I noticed
per 1000 females. This is the highest rate in the industrialized world.            that she must have been thinking about what I said because she started
         I think most of those teen births came from lust and not love.            noticing what people were telling her and eventually left him alone. I hope
         Since sex sells, there is a lot of promotion towards sexuality. If        she does fall in love one day or maybe he will change and they could work
you go back some years, at that time advertisers and others did not speak          things out with each other.
too much of sexuality to the public. Now that it is being addressed fully                    When you’re strongly attracted to someone and are feeling desire
in the public eye, this could be the reason teens are very influenced to           and longing for him or her, it’s very easy to confuse this with real love;
experience sex at a young age. From every aspect of the media you will             but it’s not. Lust is short term and love is for a long period of time or for a
always notice something with sexual context. That causes teens to want             lifetime. Lust is temporary.                         >>>continued on page 23                                                                           Temple University High School Press | Summer 2011 21
Teens and Marijuana                                  caps you see printed with the marijuana leaf,
                                                     or how many groups sing about it, you should
                                                                                                         percent increase risk of psychosis, and the risk
                                                                                                         is greater among regular and frequent users.
By: NASHALI MALDONADO                                know this fact: You don’t have to use marijuana               My mother has strong opinions about
Julia Deburgos Bilingual Magnet Middle School        just because you think everybody else is doing      smoking in general and they also apply to
                                                     it. Most teens (four out of five) do not use        smoking marijuana. Here’s what she thinks:
                                                     marijuana!                                          Smoking is very dangerous for your health.
                                                                                                         There are many disadvantages in smoking. I
                                                     Q: What happens if you smoke marijuana?             can’t find any single advantage of smoking.
                                                                                                         However if you ask a smoker, “Why do you
                                                     A: The effects of the drug on each person           smoke? What you will get by smoking a
                                                     depend on the user’s experience, as well as:        cigarette?” and they will tell you lots of benefits
                                                     - How strong the marijuana is (how much THC it      of smoking. A couple of their explanations are
                                                     has);                                               that smoking makes you relax and smoking
                                                     - What the user expects to happen;                  reduces stress.
                                                     - The place where the drug is used;                           Cigarettes are made using tobacco.
                                                     - How it is taken; and                              Tobacco contains nicotine. Nicotine is very
                                                     - Whether the user is drinking alcohol or using     harmful drug for your health. When you smoke
                                                     other drugs.                                        a cigarette, you are not taking only nicotine
                                                               Some people feel nothing at all when      inside your body but you take thousands of other
                                                     they smoke marijuana. Others may feel relaxed       chemicals also. Your immune system will also be
There are many people in the world and               or high. Sometimes marijuana makes users feel       affected. Smokers feel older than non-smoker
they have their own opinions on the fact that        thirsty and very hungry--an effect called “the      of their age. Resistance power against diseases
teenagers smoke marijuana (weed). But this is        munchies.” Some users can get bad effects from      will be reduced by smoking.
my opinion. I don’t think it is a good idea that     marijuana. They may suffer sudden feelings                    Another issue is that work capacity
teenagers smoke.                                     of anxiety and have paranoid thoughts. This         of your brain will be reduced. Studies shows
          In fact 56 percent of kids first use the   is more likely to happen when a more potent         that smokers will start losing their memory at
drug by the age of fourteen, and 26 percent          variety of marijuana is used.                       the age of 50. Stress problems are common
of kids start using the drug at the age of only                I talked to my aunt about teenage         in smokers. Sometimes it leads to minor
twelve. Between the years of 1991-2001 the           marijuana use and she wrote these facts that I      depression. Smoking creates only problems.
percentage of eighth graders who have used           think you should know:                              So be deterministic and quit smoking for good.
marijuana has doubled from one in ten to one                   Marijuana is a green, brown, or gray      At the time of smoking, you are taking carbon
in five. Kids and teenagers are using marijuana      mixture of dried, shredded leaves, stems, seeds,    dioxide and carbon monoxide in to your lungs
(weed) at an earlier age and it is not good for      and flowers of the hemp plant. Marijuana has        through tobacco burning. This carbon dioxide
them.                                                a chemical in it called tetrahydrocannabinol,       will be mixed with your blood and slowly it will
          Here are some questions that many          better known as THC. All forms of marijuana         reduce your efficiency of doing work. I mean you
people ask and don’t really get an answer to:        are mind-altering (psychoactive). In other          will feel tired. You cannot run as fast as non-
                                                     words, they change how the brain works.             smokers can run. Smoking will create breathing
“Why do young people use marijuana?”                 Using marijuana can also lead to disturbed          problems. Another problem with smoking is that
          A: There are many reasons why some         perceptions and thoughts, and marijuana use         it may increase your blood pressure. Chances of
children and young teens start using marijuana.      can worsen psychotic symptoms in people             heart attack will increase with smoking. Chances
Most young people use marijuana because they         who have schizophrenia. Additionally, there are     of being a diabetic patient will increase. Chances
have friends or brothers and sisters who use         higher rates of depression, anxiety, and suicidal   of lung cancer will be more in smokers because
marijuana and pressure them to try it. Some          thinking among people who use marijuana when        of carbon monoxide and nicotine.
young people use it because they see older           compared to people who don’t use.Teens who                    So my aunt, my mother and I all agree
people in the family using it. Other users may       started using marijuana before age 15 are more      that smoking and especially smoking marijuana
think it’s cool to use marijuana because they        likely to suffer from anxiety and depression        is bad for teenagers. v
hear about it in music and see it used in TV and     in early adulthood. A new study shows that             To read this article in Spanish please
movies. But no matter how many shirts and            smoking marijuana is associated with a 40                  visit
22 Temple University High School Press | Summer 2011                                                                  
<<<Love continued from page 21                         <<<Teen Pregnancy continued from page 17             Are the males ready to step into that position
Love can be similar but yet so different. It is        do with them. Where will these teenagers ever        and play the father role? As a young male I
a wonderful, passionate feeling that keeps you         find money they need?                                personally would not want to deal with a child
wanting more at the moment but never lasts.                     I agree with the statement about very       knowing that I am a child myself. v
          Love is also a wonderful, passionate         young teens. These teenage girls’ bodies are
                                                                                                                     If there is no struggle there is no
feeling. Love is different in the sense that it        not ready to give birth. Considering the risk that   progress. Those who profess to favor freedom
feels like more of a comforting sense of eternal       these teenage girls have doing this, I wonder        and yet deprecate agitation are men who want
happiness and security. Love is a connection. Lust     why they do it any way. I would think they would     crops without plowing up the ground; they want
is a craving. Love is expecting nothing in return.     change their minds. But you cannot make              rain without thunder and lightning. They want the
Lust is all about what you can get in return. Love     anyone do something that they do not want to.        ocean without the awful roar of its many waters.
is a sense of unity. Lust is an intense yearning for            I think that teenage women need to re –              This struggle may be a moral one, or it
self-happiness. Love sustains with communication       think before they have unprotected sex because       may be a physical one, and it may be both moral
and commitment. Lust sustains on sex. Love is          young females are risking their health and they

                                                                                                            and physical, but it must be a struggle. Power
about compability. Lust is strictly chemistry.         are making life harder than it already is. Males     concedes nothing without a demand. It never did
          When it comes to love vs. lust there is a    also need to re-think having unprotected sex         and it never will.
big difference. v                                      too because are the males ready to be fathers?                                       -Frederick Douglass
                                                                 This diversion program puts the city       year.
                                                       on target to collect an estimated $3 million to                At the time of his arrest, Ton was a
                                                       $5 million in savings per year by unclogging         major player in the Philadelphia region’s thriving
                                                       a criminal court system that was spending            drug market, an industry with at least $1 billion in
                                                       a tremendous amount of resources on                  illegal street sales annually, authorities say.
                                                       misdemeanor marijuana offenses.                                The rise and fall of Benjamin Ton offers
                                                                 I think that legalizing marijuana would    a glimpse into a highly lucrative drug underworld
                                                       help the world.                                      and a look at a new breed of American gangster.
                                                                 Legalizing would stop the violence                   Yes, for me, legalizing marijuana means
                                                       related to illegal drug dealing and reduce the       being able to use and process this substance
                                                       huge costs of enforcing laws keeping marijuana       without being arrested.
                                                       illegal.                                                       And yes, I think that police are too hard

                                                                 There is a lot of money being giving       today on people who use marijuana. I do think
                                                       to marijuana dealers when a lot of that money        that police can and should be hard on people
Make Marijuana Legal                                   could go toward our judicial system and our tax      who use cocaine, heroin and other drugs.
                                                       revenue.                                                       But even though I have personal
By: DARRELL MOORE                                                Legalization should not lead to selling    interests in legalizing marijuana, I also believe
Samuel S. Fels High School                             through pharmacies. And, sales of legal              that marijuana should be legalized because it
                                                       marijuana should only be for people 18 years or      could save the United States billions of dollars
                                                       older. People younger than 18 cannot and must        every year. Legalizing would save $44 billion
The numbers speak for themselves.                      not be allowed to buy or use marijuana.              dollars for the judicial system. And legalization
          During 2007, approximately 38.2% of                    Legalizing marijuana would eliminate       would produce $33 billion dollars for the
high school students surveyed in Philadelphia          major and dangerous drug dealers, like Bennie        government in tax revenue according to many
reported using marijuana at least once in their        Ton.                                                 people.
lifetime.                                                        Benjamin “Beenie” Ton was arrested on                Legalizing would allow people in
          From January to August of 2008 there         charges of heading a $50 million drug operation      disputes to seek the judicial system for
were 630 juvenile and 3,302 adults arrested for        that in just two years brought nearly 10 tons of     resolution instead of having fights in the streets.
the sale and manufacturing of marijuana.               high-quality marijuana and more than 300,000                   Stopping the gun fights and violence,
          Nearly 80 percent of the 1,636 arrests       ecstasy pills to the Philadelphia area from          and making streets safer for young people like
for marijuana possession of 30 grams or less in        Canada. Ton, a force whose riches quietly grew       me is an important reason by itself to
Philadelphia between June and September 2010           by providing illegal drugs in the United States,     legalize marijuana. v
were diverted to a special court program.              was sentenced to 17 1/2 years behind bars this                                                                         Temple University High School Press | Summer 2011 23
 Photo By: Shaquil Taylor / Benjamin Franklin High School
24 Temple University High School Press | Summer 2011

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