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May St Bernadette Primary School


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									                            1264 Mountain Highway         Phone: 03 9762 5135                        11 May 2011
                            PO Box 106                    Fax: 03 9762 1629
                            THE BASIN VIC 3154                                                       Issue No. 12
                                                          Email: office@sbthebasin.catholic.edu.au

                              St Bernadette’s
  Alive in the Spirit
We Journey with Christ                              ... is more than just a school
Striving for Excellence
 We shape our Future               Morning supervision from 8:30am          Afternoon supervision until 3:30pm

   ENROLMENTS ARE OPEN FOR 2012                           Walk Safely to School Day:
                                                          Thank you for your great response to this event which
        Please remember to collect an                     is being held on Thursday 19th May. Thank you also
         Enrolment form if you have a                     to Janita Keating for her organisation. It is a great
       beginner commencing next year.                     support for our Healthy Living focus this term. It may
                                                          even encourage your family to walk to school more
Dear Parents,                                             often, easing car park congestion.

Year 6 Camp:                                              Car Parking:
Our Year 6 students along with those from our other       You may have noticed the witches hats that have
parish school, St Joseph’s are enjoying their camp at     been placed along the fence side of the drive way.
Paynesville. I look forward to catching up with them      This had to be done as damage was being caused to
today.                                                    a shallow water pipe in that lawn area. This is a very
                                                          important pipe as it contains a regulator that controls
                                                          water to the Hall and the top part of the school.
Student Illness:                                          Therefore PLEASE DO NOT PARK ON THIS AREA
                                                          even if the witches hats are not there.
With this cold snap it is timely to remind parents that
children should not attend school if they are unwell.
Please ensure that the winter uniform is being worn       We know how difficult it can be to find parking in the
as the weather certainly warrants it at the moment. If    mornings and afternoons, patience and care are re-
your child is unwell for more than one day, please        quired. If you are running late at pick up time, it is
give the school a courtesy call. Regardless of the        useful to know that children wait at the top gate with a
length of absence, upon return to school a written        Duty Teacher until 3:30pm. If a child has not been
note should be given to the classroom teacher ex-         collected by then the Duty Teacher escorts the chil-
plaining the absence. This is a requirement of the        dren to the school office. You should have this dis-
Registered Schools Board and to make this easier we       cussion with your child (particularly juniors) so that
have included some ‘absentee notice’ proformas for        they understand that if they are not collected from
your use.                                                 their usual supervised pick up point, they can wait at
                                                          the top gate. Of course if they are worried they can
                                                          come to the office and we can show them where to
St Bernadette Feast Day:                                  go.
We look forward to our St Bernadette’s Feast Day this
Friday 13th May. Lots of fun activities are planned,
please see the information in our Religious Education     Please spend some time looking at the carparking
section of our newsletter today.                          diagram on the next page.

                                                          Enjoy the week.
Working Bee:
                                                          Yours sincerely,
Thank you for the great response so far. The old say-
ing, “Many hands make light work” comes to mind
and we look forward to even more responses. There
is a response slip with today’s newsletter also.
                                                          Stephen M Cope
Issue No. 12                                                                                                       Page 2
                                          CAR PARKING RULES
                                                                                             DO NOT BLOCK THE
                                                                                             SCHOOL ENTRANCE
            Never Park                          MOUNTAIN HIGHWAY                                  GATES
            on the right
           hand side of
           the crescent
                                                NO PARKING EVER!

                                              KISS & DROP AM ONLY
                                             Park to the Left pm ONLY

                                            No blocking other cars AM
                                                 Careful parking PM

               The council does send parking officers from time to time so please adhere to the
               parking signs at the front of the school. Please be mindful of our neighbours
               needing to access their property and do not park in their driveway. Common
               courtesy should be exhibited at all times.

                                    THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION

Extra-Curricula Activities available at St Bernadette’s:
•       Kelly Sports—Wednesdays after school
•       Chess Club—Fridays at Lunchtime.
•       ICAS Schools competitions for middle and senior students.
•       Instrumental Music Lessons.

•       Tuesday 10, 11 and 12th May, Naplan testing for Year 3’s.
•       Friday 13th May - St Bernadette’s Feast Day Mass at 9:00am. Year 6’s return to St Joseph’s
        from camp.
•       Monday 16, 17 and 18th May, Naplan testing for Year 5’s.
•       Thursday 19th May - Walk Safely to School Day. Confirmation Reflection day at Auxilium College, Lysterfield
        for candidates.
•       Friday 20th May - Eastern Region Symposium at St Jude’s Scoresby for all staff. School closure day.
•       Saturday 21st May - Working Bee 2011 here at St Bernadette’s
•       Monday 23-26th May - Life Education Van here at school.
•       Thursday 26th May - Confirmation Practice Day at St Joseph’s school 9:30am-3:00pm for candidates.
•       Friday 27th May - P&F Free Dress Day. Biggest Morning Breakfast and World’s Greatest Shave 2:30pm.
•       Saturday 28th May - Confirmation Mass at 6pm at St Joseph’s Church, Boronia.
Issue No. 12   A message from our Religious Education Area:                                          Page 3

                     Join us to celebrate St Bernadette’s Feast Day!
                                 Friday 13th of May 2011
 This Friday the 13th of May, our school will celebrate St Bernadette’s Feast Day. Details of the feast
 day are set out below. Please join us for any part of the celebrations.
 At 9:00 am, our school community will begin the celebrations with a school Mass in our
 Church hall. Parents and children are asked to sit in family groupings with eldest child’s class.
 Whole School Party Lunch: Please send your child with something to share.
 At 1:25pm, join us for Hercules in the Hall. You are welcome to attend with younger children.
 Peter Steward     (Religious Education Co ordinator)

                                  ACTIVITIES SCHEDULE
 9:05 – 10:00 School Mass (Family members welcome to sit with their children)

 10:00 -11:00: Activity 1
 MUC & JUK: Room 4 in top space.
 SUDC & JUS: Room 1 in top space.

 MUP & JUH Outside activities
 SUP/SUSL & JUT Outside activities
 MUS & JUM Outside activities

 11:00-11:10: Eating with buddy group.
 11:10-11:27: Recess

 11:30-12:25: Activity 2
 MUP & JUH Room 4 in top space.
 SUP/SUSL & JUT Room 1 in top space.
 MUS & JUM Room 3 in top space.

 MUC & JUK: Outside activities
 SUDC & JUS: Outside activities
 12:25-12:45: Whole school Party Lunch Children are asked to bring something to share.
 12:45-1:25: Lunch time for play.
 1:30-3:15: Join us in the hall for Hercules ! Presented by Alpha group. (Younger siblings who are
 not at school may sit with their older brother or sister if they like.)
Issue No. 12

            ‘B’ TWENTY ELEVEN

                RSVP for Operation Working ‘B’ Twenty-Eleven

    Yes the ______________________________ family will be represented at the Working
    Bee by:
               _____ Adults

               _____   Child/ren

    We can assist with:

    Equipment: ________________________

    Salads/Foods: ______________________

    Special Skill/Trade: ___________________

    Contact Name: ____________________________ Phone: ______________________

    Any other comments:
Issue No. 12
                                         Community News

                         Alchester Village Pre-School Open Day
                                        30 Lockwoods Rd
                                          Boronia 3155
                                      Friday 3rd June 2011
       Come and experience our highly regarded Pre-School. Enrolments for 3 and 4 year olds
                                        taken on the day.
                             Enquiries please call Helen 0412454885

 Dear Parents of St Bernadette Primary school,
 Since writing to you in April when I told you of the Teddy Bears’ Picnic in a Red Double Decker Bus excursion the Cen-
 tre has been busy with adopting the Government’s new Early Years Learning Framework and introducing the children to
 the new programs that have sprung from the Framework. Additionally, I am delighted to report that we celebrated a won-
 derful Mothers’ Day Afternoon Tea where the children entertained and served mothers with scones and other treats with
 hot and cold beverages. Everybody had a wonderful time and the children were delighted to be able to engage with their
 mums and their friends.
 With Education Week occurring on week commencing Monday 16th May we have decided to celebrate this by inviting
 children between 1-5 who live in our area to attend the Centre with their parent(s) and share in a day’s activities of music,
 Art classes, Story Telling, Sausage Sizzling and best of all visiting Farmyard animals. Naturally Top Kids extends this
 invitation to parents of St Bernadette Primary school with children between 1-5. We plan to start at 10 a.m. and finish at
 1 pm and guests may join us at any time between these hours.
 Top Kids Boronia has always been delighted to be associated with St Bernadette Primary school as it helps build a very
 important bridge between ourselves and the next stage of the children’s development. We provide the school with valu-
 able background information about children entering from Top Kids, thereby assisting in providing uninterrupted transi-
 tion from Kindergarten to school. Similarly, we have received very positive support from St Bernadette’s which has en-
 abled our program development to prepare the children to meet the demanding expectations of school. It has truly been a
 relationship of great benefit to the children and assistance to their growth and development. And, I’d like to take this
 opportunity to thank St Bernadette Primary school for all their support and guidance.
 Malini Gunaratnam
                                              172 Boronia Road, Boronia 3155
                                                       Tel: 9762 4888
                                           Email: boronia@topkidschildcare.com.au

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