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					Breakout Session Wrap-up
       James Shannon, IATA
    Thank you.
     Your questions have shaped the:
              IS Participation Guide
              SIS website (
              Future webcasts
              This presentation (not all questions answered here, clarifications, more details, etc)

     General & Key Takeaways
     In-depth IS
     Migration
     IS Participation Guide
     E-Invoicing

SIS P3 – RA43 – Breakout Session Wrapup             2                                     September 2009
      The Big Green Box
                                             ICH                ACH


                                           Interface          Interface      Validation
                                              ICH               ACH                                 Supp.
                    Invoice                                                                         Doc.
                      PDF                                                                          IS-XML

 IS-XML             Billing                       Billing
                   Outward                        Record DB                                         Supp.
IS-IDEC                                                                                             Doc.

                  Digital            Billing Value Validation &       Value Determination           Usage
                 Signature           Confirmation Correction (IS-WEB)    & Auto-Billing

                    ATOS                  ATPCO        Billing Carrier     ATPCO

SIS P3 – RA43 – Breakout Session Wrapup                   3                               September 2009
     Will existing RA systems be able to provide the file formats required for
        Not without system changes.

     Is SIS replacing my RA system?
        No. It is our policy that we don’t replace any RA system. Even IS-WEB
          is a complement to an RA system, not a replacement.

     What will I be charged for _______?
        The charges are listed in the Airline Business Case, on the IS website.

SIS P3 – RA43 – Breakout Session Wrapup    4                                 September 2009
     When will __________________ be available?
                          Further details
                          Record structures
                          Validated fields

            As part of the IS Participation Guide (ISPG) end October.
            IS-XML is an ongoing development – from now onwards (job of E-
             Invoicing WG and E-Invoicing Manager).
            Other record structures will be finalized by release of ISPG.
            NO modifications to ISPG because a carrier finds it “difficult” to make
             necessary changes to support SIS.
            Working practices and best practices might change. Wording might
             change. No material changes, though.
SIS P3 – RA43 – Breakout Session Wrapup        5                                September 2009
     Will there be a special general meeting called to discuss IS implementation?
        The SIS team will be planning the next phase soon, and this is part of
           the agenda. The RAWG will make the decision.

     Tools for migration
        We’re investigating the best way to assist in your migration, such as a
         website that will perform file validations and provide a list of errors

SIS P3 – RA43 – Breakout Session Wrapup   6                                September 2009
     “Old” IDEC processes (sending & receiving) during the migration period will be
         exactly the same as today:
              Same schedule (once per month, not once per week as IS-IDEC)
              Same reports
              Same validation
              iiNet

     Training & Help
        IS Participation Guide is an IT implementation document
             Business processes are discussed where these intersect with IT
        IS User Guide to be released
        Online help provided to IS-WEB users based on the current page
SIS P3 – RA43 – Breakout Session Wrapup     7                             September 2009
     When is the mandate date?
        The IATA Board of Governors and FinCom support a mandate date.
        But no specific date until IS launches and is proven to be usable, with
         sizable volumes going through Integrated Settlement.
        SIS estimates that this will be Sept 2012.

     Why can’t we just have a single go-live/mandate period (“big bang”)?
        The WGs discussed this and realized it’s not feasible for the industry.

SIS P3 – RA43 – Breakout Session Wrapup    8                               September 2009
     SOX & Auditing Controls
        IS will be an invoicing system, not an accounting system
        Any controls you have in place today will have to reviewed during
        SIS will take into consideration publishing a document detailing our
         internal controls

     IS and the RAM
            IS follows, and will follow in the future, RAM rules
            For example, IS has no check on # of iterations of correspondence –
             this is not in the RAM
            Should the RAM be updated in the future, IS will be updated
SIS P3 – RA43 – Breakout Session Wrapup     9                               September 2009
     How will suspensions and late submissions work with IS?
            These processes have been discussed extensively with the Miscellaneous WG
             and the ICH Ops WG
            More details will be shared in Athens (the ICH UG meeting)

SIS P3 – RA43 – Breakout Session Wrapup       10                                September 2009
    In-depth IS
     IS & UATP & ATCAN
        Same as today.
        ATCAN will submit to IS on your behalf if you choose to use ATCAN.
        Otherwise you submit directly to IS.
        Use IS-XML (IS-WEB). Specific charge category and charge code defined.
        Still a “U” billing category. Not displayed/analyzed with M invoices in IS.

     Error Reporting
        Not like today’s IDEC
        Robust
        Doesn’t stop after the first error
        Provides summary information
SIS P3 – RA43 – Breakout Session Wrapup       11                          September 2009
    In-depth IS
     Maximum amount for BMs & CMs (billing memos & credit memos)?
        Despite example of max amount for pax prime billings ($99,999), no
         max amount for BMs & CMs.
        Technical limitations (record structure) limits a BM or CM to 9 digits

     Daily Submission of Files
        We will ensure we allow enough invoices to support separate
          invoices for primes, RMs, etc., every day

SIS P3 – RA43 – Breakout Session Wrapup    12                               September 2009
    In-depth IS
     Deletion of files before re-uploading, automatic resubmission of invoices
        You must delete a file via IS-WEB before re-uploading
        You must manually submit an invoice
        There are control issues here. These are legal invoices. WG members
         have said they want these actions to be conscious decisions, not
         something that might happen accidentally.

     The IS Member Profile
            You can post-date changes
            You can view the audit trail of what was changed, when, and by whom

SIS P3 – RA43 – Breakout Session Wrapup    13                              September 2009
    In-depth IS
     10 alphanumeric invoice number
        Invoice number in IS will be 10 alphanumeric
        This is mandatory, but can be padded with blanks (e.g. “54321 ”)
        Increased to ensure any future enhancements:
             Invoice number blocks for non-IS, pax, cargo, misc, UATP
             Can handle daily settlement (no plans for daily settlement at this

     Availability
        IS will be 24x7
        Some processes will take x hours. Some will happen at a certain time
         (such as ICH settlement).
SIS P3 – RA43 – Breakout Session Wrapup    14                               September 2009
    In-depth IS
     FIM Billings
        In case of original FIM billings, linked coupon numbers will not be
         provided as a breakdown – but supporting documents will be attached
        A FIM is a prime billing, in and of itself

     Received File Choices
        Predetermined by your carrier (in the airline profile)
        Defined at billing transaction level (Pax prime, pax rejection, etc)
        Everything available via IS-WEB

     Member Profile Permissions for “Aggregated” Carriers (e.g. LH/LH Cargo)
        One account per designator/accounting code, separate accounts
SIS P3 – RA43 – Breakout Session Wrapup    15                                   September 2009
    In-depth IS
     Validation
        Failed invoices can be rolled over within a given month; potential currency
           conversions prevent it from being useful in the following month
        Coupons are in currency of listing. Converted to currency of billing at invoice
           level. IS will validate the math is correct, but not the rate used.

     Reject Memo Breakdowns
        RM Reason Code affects validation done
        For some reason codes (e.g. ISC Reclaim), a coupon breakdown is required. For
          others (e.g. Incorrect Sample Constant), it’s not.
        If tax breakdown was provided on the original prime coupon billing, and that
          coupon is rejected, the coupon and its attached tax breakdown records must be

SIS P3 – RA43 – Breakout Session Wrapup        16                                   September 2009
    In-depth IS
     Is IS designed for daily settlement?
        No action has been taken by ICH/ACH toward daily settlement.
        However, IS has been designed with this possibility in mind.

     Can I send an invoice to IS for ICH or ACH settlement?
        Yes. You can specify which clearinghouse will be used. This will be
        You can also specify “B” (bilateral) to send the invoice to the other party
         and skip the clearinghouse.

     What do we have to attach to a RM?
            This will be defined in the RAM. SIS will not check this.
SIS P3 – RA43 – Breakout Session Wrapup       17                             September 2009
     Can a non-IDEC carrier migrate directly to IS-IDEC?
        Yes.

     Is it possible that I’ll receive two IDEC files from a given airline in a single
        Yes. One IS-IDEC (weekly) and one old IDEC (monthly) (e.g. Pax
            primes in one, RMs in another).

     Can a carrier migrate in the middle of the month?
        Yes. At the beginning of any period.
        There will be some notice required.

SIS P3 – RA43 – Breakout Session Wrapup       18                                 September 2009
     After I’ve migrated, can I choose to received old IDEC?
        No. (This would minimize the primary benefits of using IS.)
        What you will receive on IS-IDEC versus old IDEC will depend on the
          migration status of your interline partners.

     Can I migrate only Pax?
        Yes. But at some point before the mandate date, you need to migrate

     Will a migrated billing carrier be required to send paper for a given period of
      time? How long?
         The RAWG expects that this will be 3 months. See RA43 Agenda Item
         There are no plans for discussion or change of the 3 month timeframe.
SIS P3 – RA43 – Breakout Session Wrapup     19                                September 2009
     How will the billing carrier know who has migrated?
        The billing carrier shouldn’t care. It can submit IS-IDEC for any record
         type it is able, to any billed carrier.

     How will the billed carrier know who has migrated?
        The billed carrier will be able to search for invoices and see which have
         been received via IS.
        The ICH will show all settled invoices and differentiate the IS invoices
         from the non-IS (F12) invoices.
        The ACH will show total values, and, as today, this must be reconciled
         as invoices come in (via IS or via mail).

SIS P3 – RA43 – Breakout Session Wrapup    20                               September 2009
     Airline-by-airline Migration Schedule
        SIS would not be able to support all airlines signing up in a single month, but we
            believe this is a low risk, as it is unlikely that all airlines will be ready at the same
        A migration manager will be part of the project in order to schedule migrations
            and manage bottlenecks
        We intend to accommodate airlines as much as possible to ensure there are no
            delays due to SIS issues

     Migration of Miscellaneous Invoices
        Practically, the Misc WG expects that all Misc invoices will be migrated at the
          same time
        Technically, there is no structure to migration – you can migrate any charge
          category/charge code at the same time, or you can submit some of the same
          charge codes via F12/Recap Sheet and some via IS

SIS P3 – RA43 – Breakout Session Wrapup             21                                       September 2009
     Will IS provide a way to download RMs for non-migrated carriers?
      (or any other billing type)
        Yes. But in a displayable format (HTML, PDF, etc), not in a structured-
           data (machine-readable) format.

     After migration, can I submit things that I received before migration?
        Yes. After you’ve migrated then all processes can go through IS.

     If an item is in correspondence, then I migrate, do I have to upload all
      previous attachments?
         No. This is a choice made by the carrier entering correspondence onto

SIS P3 – RA43 – Breakout Session Wrapup    22                                  September 2009
     If we receive a billing via IS, but haven’t migrated, do we have to reject via
         This would be similar to the rule for RMs – an RM received via IS has to
          be rejected via IS.
         But, no, there is no rule that a prime has to be rejected via IS. The rules
          will be defined in the RAM.

     Does the structured approach of migration (migrate primes, then RMs, etc)
      apply to Cargo, too?
        Yes.

SIS P3 – RA43 – Breakout Session Wrapup     23                                September 2009
    IS Participation Guide
     How will the ISPG be distributed?
        It’ll be available publicly on the SIS website.
        A bulletin will be sent out to announce it.

     What do we do if we have questions?
        There will be a series of instructional webcasts with Q&As after the
        There is always the SIS website which has the ability to email the team.

SIS P3 – RA43 – Breakout Session Wrapup    24                             September 2009
    E-Invoicing & File Uploads
     IS will not be a legal archive.
        If you need to archive invoices/attachments/digital signatures/etc, then
          you will need to download these and archive them yourself.
        IS will offer an optional service to archive your invoices.

     Will you check if we apply VAT correctly?
        No.

     Do we still get the Forms 1, 2, and 3?
        You will still get the Form 1 (Summary of Invoices) report and the
         Form 3 (Statement of Balances).
        No Form 2.
SIS P3 – RA43 – Breakout Session Wrapup   25                               September 2009
    E-Invoicing & File Uploads
     Will the reconciliation process change?
            No. You can download or print the invoices from SIS. And you still get the Form 3
             from ICH. The difference is you don’t have to wait for the paper to arrive.

     Do the supporting documents have to be electronic?
            Yes. Supporting documents to billings through IS must go via IS and be in an
             electronic format.

SIS P3 – RA43 – Breakout Session Wrapup          26                                  September 2009
    E-Invoicing & File Uploads
     There can be exceptions to the “neutral file format” rule.
        A participant can unilaterally choose (via the profile) to accept additional
         file types from all other participants.

     We attach a large volume of supporting documents today. Will we have to
      scan all of these?
            Probably not.
            The RAM is being re-written to minimize the need for supporting documents (no
             copies of the paper coupon, for example). This is driven by RAWG. With
             electronic RAM, the rule changes could be made before end of 2010.
            Most of what you attach are in your system to begin with. Don’t print them just to
             scan them. The system can create a PDF or a CSV file.

SIS P3 – RA43 – Breakout Session Wrapup           27                                   September 2009
    Linking Supporting Documents
     Attachments will have to be associated with invoices or records

    1. Attachments can be uploaded one-by-one via IS-WEB
    2. A zip file with many attachments can be uploaded to IS and:
           1. Manually associated via screens on IS-WEB
           2. Contain attachments in a defined folder structure so that IS can automatically
              associate the attachments
           3. Contain an index file that matches attachments to records so that IS can
              automatically associate the attachments

     SIS, Kale, and the Working Groups analysed potential options and the
      above were chosen as the easiest ways to attach considering existing
      systems and scanners

SIS P3 – RA43 – Breakout Session Wrapup           28                                   September 2009
    Linking Supporting Documents
     Documents can be uploaded before or after the billings are uploaded

     You can specify that a billing or invoice should have supporting document in
      the IS-IDEC record
        This will make it easy to search for and upload documents via IS-WEB

SIS P3 – RA43 – Breakout Session Wrapup   29                                September 2009
    Last Questions?


    SIS Website:

SIS P3 – RA43 – Breakout Session Wrapup   30   September 2009

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