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The magazine for alumni and friends of Western Connecticut State University                                  Vol. 6, No. 1 Fall 2004

Dr. James Schmotter
                                Eighth President of
                             Western Connecticut
                     Dr. James W.State University
                           Eighth President of
                      Western Connecticut State University

                   On August 1, 2004, Dr. James W. Schmotter began his tenure as president.

                                                Back Cover: WestConn’s Alumni Golf Outing raises more than $7,000 for scholarships!
Fall ’04                                                                             4 Foundation News
                                                                                            Centennial Campaign Update
                                                                                            Genovese to Chair Annual Fund
Alumni Board of Directors                                                               •   Alumni & Friends Circle Marker
Virginia Crowley '69 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Danbury
Tom Crucitti '69 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Woodbury
Terry Eberhard-Asch '64 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Danbury
Sharon Fusco '67 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Danbury
Len Genovese '74 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Middlebury
                                                                                     6 Ancell School of Business
Gordon Hallas '90 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Brookfield                       •   Dean Morton Highlights Student Success
Jeffrey Heyel '90 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Bethel                     •   Lillian McKee Receives Barnard Award
Peter Howland '88 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Bethel                       •   Upcoming ASB Events
Jan Maria Jagush '75 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Woodbury
Jack Quinlan '67 & '93 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Newtown
Kay Schreiber '79 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Danbury
Richard Stabile '89 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Danbury
Neil Wagner '52 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Danbury                     7 Graduate & External Programs
Eric Wellman '64 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Danbury                       •   Dean Durnin’s Highlights
                                                                                        •   Doctoral Program
Life Members                                                                            •   M.F.A. in Writing Approved
Sharon Fusco '67
Ray Lubus '80
Neil Wagner '52
John Wrenn '74
                                                                                     8 School of Professional Studies
Executive Committee                                                                     •   Dean Clark Highlights Accreditations
President: Tom Crucitti '69                                                             •   Ilana Ofgang Receives Barnard Award
Vice President: Richard Stabile '89
Treasurer: Eric Wellman '64
                                                                                        •   Distinquished Alumni Program Scheduled
Secretary: Kay Schreiber '79
Immediate Past President: Gordon Hallas '90
Director, Alumni Relations: Caroline Norelius
                                                                                     10 Cover Story
AlumniNews                                                                                  Dr. Schmotter Takes Over the
Content Editor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Caroline Norelius
                                       Director of Alumni Affairs
                                                                                            WestConn Reins
                       westconnalumni@wcsu.edu (203) 837-8298

Editors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .G. Koryoe Anim-Wright
                                      Director of University Relations
                                                Yvonne Johnson
                         Assistant Director, Office of Public Relations              12 School of Arts & Sciences
                                                         Sherri Hill
                       University Assistant, Office of Public Relations
                                                                                        •   Dean Vaden-Goad’s Highlights
                                                                                        •   Arts on the Quad
Contributors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Richard Gerber                      •   Mounira Stott: Art Alumna Profile
                        Vice President for Institutional Advancement
                                                 Michael Driscoll
                                Director of Institutional Advancement
                                            Janine Brennan ’88
                         University Assistant, Office of Alumni Affairs
                                     Eileen Coladarci ’89, ’98                       14 Athletics & Recreation
       Alumni Arts Administrator, Office of Institutional Advancement                   •   Sports Shorts
                                                   Mary Figueroa                        •   Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees Shine
             Special Events & Stewardship, Office of Alumni Affairs
                                                    Beth Molinaro                       •   WestConn Joins New Football Conference
             University Assistant, Office of Institutional Advancement

Layout & Design . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Freddy Paine
                 Assistant Director, University Publications & Design
                                                                                     16 Class Notes
Principal Photographer . . . . . . . . .Peggy Stewart ‘97                               •   Professional Notes
                                   Graphic Designer & Photographer
                                                                                        •   In Memoriam
Contributing Photographer . . . . . . . . .Ellen Myhill ‘01                             •   Birth Announcements
           Graphic Designer & Web Designer/Photography Assistant                        •   Wedding Announcements
                                                                                        •   Alumni Events
                                                                                        •   Homecoming Events
                                                 “Heading West”
It’s with humility, and great anticipation,                                                 History demonstrates its importance.
that I write to you this first message as                                                   The Puritans in snowy 17th-century New
Western Connecticut State University’s                                                      England, the Mormons on the trail to
eighth president. I am humbled to have                                                      Utah, the European immigrants queuing
been selected to lead our great university                                                  up on Ellis Island, and the newer arrivals
into its second century, especially when I                                                  in Danbury from South America all suc-
consider the accomplishments of the                                                         ceeded because of the strength of the
seven remarkable individuals who have                                                       communities they built. The same is true
preceded me. I am particularly grateful to                                                  at successful universities, and that will be
Dr. James Roach for the marvelous legacy                                                    our mission and our commitment in the
he leaves us. What lies ahead is exciting,                                                  months and years ahead. And our alumni
and every morning I wake up full of                                                         will play an important role in the contin-
enthusiasm about both our distinguished                                                     ued success of the university as
past and the promising future we will                                                       we progress into our second century.
build together.                                    Dr. James W. Schmotter                   Our future is indeed a bright one.
There seems to be a “western” theme in                    University President              WestConn brings a number of significant
my life and career. I did my doctoral          That’s also what, for a century, WestConn    strengths to the marketplace of higher
work at Northwestern University, lived         has been about: enabling our students to     education. Among these are a dedication
during my time at Cornell in a neighbor-       imagine and to construct new, exciting       to student learning; a commitment to
hood known as West Hill, married a             futures. All of us in the immediate          access and affordability; a location in
graduate of Cincinnati’s Western Hills         WestConn community have important            one of the most dynamic regions of the
High School, and have most recently            roles to play — the faculty and staff        country; and an array of academic pro-
been a dean at Western Michigan                certainly, but also the alumni and friends   grams that prepare students not only for
University. Now I am “heading west”            who provide material, intellectual and       professional careers, but for rewarding,
again, albeit through a geographic move        emotional support while they also serve      productive lives.
to the east.                                   as role models for our students. And         During my first interview with
But “heading west” implies more than           our students must be active partners,        Connecticut State University System rep-
just physical movement. It is also, more       engaged in the learning experiences,         resentatives in Hartford, I observed that,
importantly, about imagining and               both inside the classroom and out, that      because of such characteristics, the future
constructing new futures. That’s what          will prepare them for their own journeys     belongs to comprehensive public univer-
our pioneer and immigrant ancestors           “west.”                                       sities such as WestConn. Today, as I learn
were really doing when they undertook         I believe strongly in the importance of       more every hour about our university, I
their arduous and sometimes dangerous         such collaboration and community.             believe this even more fervently.

                                   A Welcome to the Class of 2004
Dear Alumni:                                                                                input and insight into the selection of our
                                                                                            president was by far the most rewarding.
It gives me great pleasure to extend my
greetings to all of you as your new presi-                                                  Each year, beginning in July, the Alumni
dent of the WCSU Alumni Association.                                                        Association begins its programs and
                                                                                            activities that unite the existing WestConn
I renewed my relationship with the
                                                                                            community, the alumni and the local
university in 2000 by becoming active in
                                                                                            community in a very spirited and
the Alumni Association after a long and
                                                                                            collegial environment. I invite all of you
successful career in the healthcare indus-
                                                                                            to consider being part of that experience.
try. I thought it was extremely important
                                                                                            The alumni are an extremely important
for me to give back some of my time and
                                                                                            part of a university’s image. It is time
energy to the university that had played
                                                                                            for all of us to consider how we can
such a major role in preparing me for
                                                                                            contribute to making sure that West-
my chosen career. Once I returned and
                                                                                            Conn’s image remains strong and
began to get involved in the Alumni           To meet and to know such a diverse
Association and programs and activities       group of individuals with so much
at the university, I felt a strong and        talent and knowledge is truly a pleasing      Finally, I say to all alumni, “Come
increasing sense of pride for being part      experience.                                   back and continue to share the WCSU
of WestConn’s history. But most of all, I                                                   experience!”
                                              I recently had the honor of serving on
was more enthusiastic about being part
                                              the University Advisory Committee that
of its present and future activities.
                                              coordinated the on-campus activities for
For the past three years, I have had the      interviewing the candidates for the new
opportunity to meet many members of           president. Again, to have had the oppor-      Tom Crucitti ’69
the WCSU community — officers, faculty,       tunity to work with so many talented          WCSU Alumni Association President
administrative staff, support staff, many     individuals was truly a positive experi-
undergraduates and, of course, alumni.        ence; but to have had the chance to give

                                                 Gifts That Make a Difference

                               $4 Million and Counting:
WestConn’s Capital Campaign                                     As a result of the campaign’s success, WCSU
Continues Success                                               Foundation scholarship funds available for students
                                                                have reached record levels, with more than a score
While WestConn’s first-ever capital campaign                    of 2003/04 grants awarded. Many of the campaign’s
exceeded its $4-million goal at the end of 2003,                other significant accomplishments will come on
additional gifts continue to add to the total raised.           line over the next few years as campaign pledges
New commitments from Grolier/Scholastics Inc.,                  are paid, matching dollars are secured, and new
Branson and other corporate supporters have                     buildings and facilities are opened. These include
increased the campaign’s contributions to $4,185,693.           funds raised for an entrepreneurial award at the
Several solicitations are still pending, according to           Ancell School of Business, an endowed visiting
Richard J. Gerber, WestConn’s vice president for                professorship in the School of Arts and Sciences, a
institutional advancement.                                      named reception hall in the forthcoming Center for
“The Honor Roll of Centennial Capital Campaign                  Fine and Performing Arts, and an endowed lecture
Donors will not be complete until December, so                  series. The Boehringer Ingelheim Bio-Chemistry
alumni and friends may still be included if they                Laboratory, planned for the new science building,
make a contribution by the end of the year,”                    will be among the first of the campaign-related
Gerber said.                                                    projects to be rolled out on campus.

        Annual Fund                                                    Alumni & Friends Marker

                                          Len Genovese ’74,
                                          WCSU Annual Fund
                                          Chairman 2004-05

Annual Fund … Calling on All Alumni                             Alumni & Friends Circle Marker
The Annual Fund supports many needs at WCSU:                    Thanh Lieu, campus mason, completes the installation of the
scholarships; academic programs; alumni benefits,               Alumni & Friends Circle marker just in time for the June 5
events, activities, and reunions; and this issue of the         All-Alumni Picnic. The cast bronze medallion was donated
Alumni News!                                                    by the University Gifts Committee of the Alumni Association.
Alumni Association Board Member Len Genovese ’74 is this        The Alumni & Friends Circle is a designated area on the
year’s Annual Fund Chair. Expect a solicitation letter from     Midtown campus, near Old Main and the majestic old oak
him this fall. You might also receive a phone call from a       tree, that houses an ensemble of engraved bricks, inscribed
WestConn student or alumni volunteer during this year’s         benches, trees and light posts.
annual phone-athon.
                                                                Rededication will take place on Homecoming Weekend, at
Your generosity is always appreciated.                          10 a.m., Saturday, Oct. 23.

                                                       Gifts That Make a Difference

    Colonial Club                                   A Scholarship Fund for                       Your Gift Can Be Doubled!
    Support WestConn athletics by                   President Roach                              Many companies match their
    joining the Colonial Club — the                 President James R. Roach left many           employees’ charitable gifts. Some
   “Team Behind the Teams.” Pick any                legacies at WestConn that will last          also match gifts from retirees and
    team to receive your gift, support              forever. Upon his retirement in July,        spouses. Knowing this can help
    the Athletic Hall of Fame, or direct            a scholarship fund was created by            you double, even triple, your gift
    your contribution to the entire                 WestConn employees and friends               to WestConn!
    athletic department.                            who wanted to show their apprecia-           Each company has its own rules.
                                                    tion for his 12 years of service to the      You can usually get the proper form
       Donate $100 or more for full
                                                    university.                                  from your company’s payroll or
       Colonial Club membership and
       benefits, or send a smaller amount           Alumni and others can also support           human resources office. Most major
       to assist your team. Make your               the Roach Scholarship Fund with a            corporations will match a gift, and in
       check payable to the WCSU                    gift of any amount, payable to the           this age of mergers, your company
       Foundation, with a notation for              WCSU Foundation. The fund will               may have a new parent corporation
       the team you wish to support.                be endowed, and WestConn plans               that will match your gift! Smaller
                                                    on applying for a 50 percent match           companies have these programs,
                                                    from the state. Scholarships will            too, or will start one if you ask.
                                                    assist worthy WestConn students for          Get the form, send it in and watch
                                                    years to come.                               your gift grow!

                      Call Michael Driscoll, director of Institutional Advancement at (203) 837-8419 for more information.

                                    Give to the Alumni & Friends Circle
                 ALUMNI & FRIENDS CIRCLE ORDER FORM                               All proceeds will support your choice of the WCSU
ORDERED BY:                                                                       Alumni Association, an academic school or where the
                                                                                  need is greatest.
Name                                                                              Please select one:
                                                                                  ❑ WCSU Alumni Association
                                                                                  ❑ School of Arts & Sciences
City                                      State              ZIP                  ❑ Ancell School of Business
                                                                                  ❑ School of Professional Studies
Phone                                     e-mail                                  ❑ Where the Need is Greatest
Your phone number is needed in the event we must verify the engraving.            ❑ Other_________________________________

❑ Master Card or ❑ Visa                                                           Please make check payable to: WCSU Annual Fund/
                                                                                  Foundation. Mail completed form and check to: 181
Card Number                                             Expiration Date           White Street, Danbury, CT 06810. For more information,
Total Enclosed $                                                                  please call (203) 837-8298.

ALUMNI & FRIENDS CIRCLE ORDER FORM                                             Please print the message you wish to engrave below.
Please indicate the quantity next to the item you are ordering.                Use all capital letters.
                                                                               Bricks use up to 36 boxes: use a box for each letter, space and
                                                                               punctuation mark. Trees, benches and light posts have double the
Quantity       Item                                                            space: use a separate piece of paper.
               4”x 8” engraved Brick ($100 each)
               20’ Tree with engraved marker in ground ($500 each)

               Park Bench with engraved brass plate ($1,000 each)
               Light Post with engraved brass plate ($2,500 each)

                                                        Ancell School of Business

                            Busy Spring Continues into Fall
                    Student Excellence                Faculty Achievements                            instructors for the Boehringer
                    Management student Amy            MIS Professor Dr. Marie Wright                  Ingelheim Management
                    Stanzione’s gourmet dessert       was certified in Homeland                       Development Program. The
                    business plan finished in the     Security, Level III. Her leader-                Center for Business Research
                    top five at the 7th Annual        ship resulted in the MIS                        coordinated consulting and
                   “You Belong in Connecticut“        Information Security Option                     service learning projects for
                    Business Plan Competition         attaining 100 percent compli-                   students. Students and faculty
                    sponsored by the Connecticut      ance with the National                          worked on projects with sever-
                    Department of Economic and        Standard for Information                        al area corporations, including
                    Community Development.            Systems Security Professionals                  Casey Fuel, Topshelf Sports,
                    Management Information            of the National Security                        TBICO, and the Body Rub
                    Systems (MIS) students Dennis     Agency.                                         Company.
Dr. Allen Morton    Karjanis, Steve Trimandilis,
            Dean                                      Educational Partnerships and                    The Center for Business
                    Pascale Abousaada, Booth
                                                      Services                                        Research has hired a research
                    Gibson, Vincent Ierace, Ellen
                                                      Associate Professor of                          associate and plans to increase
                    Murphy, and Ricardo Palmerini
                                                      Management Dr. Stanley Bazan                    its portfolio of service learning
                    won first, second, and third
                                                      and Dr. Frederick Tesch, pro-                   and other experiential learning
                    place in Norwalk Community
                                                      fessor of management and                        projects.
                    College’s CyberSecurity
                                                      M.B.A. coordinator, serve as

                         ASB Events                                   Barnard Award Winner
                   In the fall, please join us for
                   these and other events:
                   The Connecticut Appellate
                   Court will hold a session of
                   the Court on campus in late
                   October. Professor of Justice
                   and Law Administration
                   Dr. Harold Schramm will
                   announce final details in
                   early fall.
                   The Governor’s Small
                   Business Advisory Council is
                   hosting a conference on inter-
                   net security for small business
                   this fall. For more information,   Lillian McKee, pictured with Dr. Stanley Bazan (left) and Dr. Frederick Tesch, received the
                   send an e-mail to                  Henry Barnard Award from the Connecticut State University System Foundation. McKee
                   mortona@wcsu.edu.                  graduated from WestConn with a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

                   Upcoming events planned by
                   student groups include:
                   The Accounting Club will
                   host its annual career day
                   in November.
                   Our MBA investment club will
                   continue its spring project of
                   valuing the IPO Google stock
                   offering and developing
                   portfolio and investment                                                                       Ancell faculty participates in
                   strategies.                                                                                    an Organizational Analysis

                                         Graduate Studies & External Programs

                                  Expanding Programs
    Graduate Studies and External                  university collaborate to offer       •   Graduates of the Master of
    Programs staff, faculty and                    the program in a convenient               Fine Arts in Painting and
    departments have been very                     schedule and location.                    Illustration program graduates
    busy with the planning of                                                                continue to win awards and
                                               •   A new Master of Fine Arts in
    current and new programs.                                                                exhibit their work all over the
                                                   Writing program was approved
    If you have any questions,                                                               Northeast.
                                                   by the State of Connecticut
    please contact me at
                                                   Department of Higher Educa-           •   WestConn, in collaboration
    durnine@wcsu.edu or
                                                   tion. This new low-residency              with Danbury High School, has
    call (203) 837-8244.
                                                   program allows students to                initiated a program to provide
•    Implementation of our first                   study with renowned writers               graduate certificates to social
    doctoral program, the Ed.D.                    from around the country while             studies teachers in the area of
    in Instructional Leadership.                   continuing their professional             Teaching American History.              Dr. Ellen Durnin
    Twenty-five professionals in                   and family lives.                         WestConn faculty has provided           Dean
    K-12 education began their                                                               courses, and noted historians
                                               •    Creation of a partnership with
    studies in January 2004,                                                                 are invited to the university
                                                   the Princeton Review to
•   Launch of the university’s                     provide “Cracking the GMAT”
    first interdisciplinary certificate            on campus at WestConn, a              •    WestConn partnered with area
    program in Advanced Geron-                     pilot program that can provide            health care organizations and
    tological Studies. Faculty mem-                students with the necessary               other colleges to re-establish
    bers from the departments of                   50-70 points they typically               the Greater Waterbury Nursing
    nursing, social work, manage-                  need to gain entrance into the            Consortium, a group devoted
    ment, psychology, and health                   M.B.A. program.                           to advancing nursing as a
    exercise and wellness deliver                                                            career of first choice to the
                                               •   Inauguration of Western
    classes from a variety of per-                                                           citizens of Connecticut
                                                   Connection, a pilot program
                                                   for developmentally disabled          •   Created the Graduate Students
•   The Master of Health                           students, aged 18-21, to pro-             Honors Ceremony, where, for
    Administration program began                   vide their educational program            the first time, a graduating
    an on site program at Norwalk                  in a setting with age-appropri-           student from each graduate
    Hospital. The hospital and the                 ate peers.                                program was recognized for
                                                                                             excellence in his or her
                                                                                             studies. Faculty members
                                                                                             spoke about their honorees,
                                                                                             scholarships were awarded,
                Ed.D. Program Flourishes                                                     and graduates and their family
                                                                                             members celebrated the
                                                                                             students’ achievements.

    Dr. Ellen Durnin (seated center) and some members of WestConn’s first Ed.D. cohort       Jeffrey Word receives an award at the
    listen to Dr. Marcia Delcourt (standing) during the program’s orientation.               Graduate Honors Ceremony.

                                                            School of Professional Studies

                                         A Year of Accreditations
                      Dear Alumni:                          visits from the Connecticut
                      Not only was this the year            State Department of Education       SPS Events
                      WestConn was accredited by            (CSDE). The programs met
                      the New England Association           all standards of the National     As always, the school and its
                      of Schools and Colleges, it           Council of Accreditation for      departments look forward to
                      also was the one in which             Teacher Education and CSDE        seeing you at events in the
                      many of the departments in            for state re-accreditation, and   coming year. For a full list,
                      the School of Professional            received a six-year accredita-    visit www.wcsu.edu/sps/
                      Studies (SPS) became accredit-        tion status. Commendations        calendar. Here are a few
                      ed or re-accredited by their          were received in seven areas.     events to consider:
                      national and state professional   •   Faculty members in SPS            The Fall Music Season opens
Dr. Lynne Clark       organizations. All in all, we         were busy publishing. This        with the WCSU Jazz Combos
           Dean       had an extremely positive             resulted in a total of 52         concert at 8 p.m. on October
                      year.                                 scholarly works and 61            8 in the Ives Concert Hall.
                      Below are some of the high-           research or professional          The full concert listing for the
                      lights:                               presentations at international,   choir and orchestra concerts,
                                                            national and state conferences.   and the opera, “Amahl & the
                  •    The music and music                                                    Night Visitors,” can be found
                      education department received     •   The nursing department
                                                            received a significant grant      at www.wcsu.edu/music/
                      a five-year, full national                                              calendar.
                      accreditation from the National       from the State of Connecticut
                      Association of Schools of             Department of Higher              The SPS Distinguished
                      Music. Not to be outdone,             Education to partner with         Alumni Achievement Award
                      the nursing department                Danbury Hospital’s                Ceremony and Reception will
                      received a six-year, full             Department of Nursing.            be held in Warner Hall at 5:30
                      national accred-itation from      •   We awarded $39,000 in             p.m. on November 10. A 7:30
                      the Council of Nursing                scholarship support to 64 SPS     p.m. reception will follow.
                      Education. Additionally, all          students. Thanks to you, our
                      WestConn’s teacher prepara-           alumni, for your continued
                      tion programs received site           support.

                                 Alumni Association Scholarships

                                                                                                              Five students in the
                                                                                                              School of Professional
                                                                                                              Studies each received
                                                                                                              a $1,000 scholarship
                                                                                                              at the Honors
                                                                                                              Convocation in May.

                                                                                                              (l-r): Virginia Crowley
                                                                                                              ’69 & ’74 (Alumni
                                                                                                              Association (AA) Board
                                                                                                              of Directors), Sharon
                                                                                                              Fusco ’67 (scholarship
                                                                                                              committee chair),
                                                                                                              Jenna Rao, Rafaela
                                                                                                              Moraes, Tom Crucitti
                                                                                                              (AA President),
                                                                                                              Elizabeth McGovern,
                                                                                                              Gordon Hallas ’90
                                                                                                              committee member)
                                                                                                              and Pam Leonetti
                                                                                                              (May Sherwood

                                                              School of Professional Studies

(l-r): On June 22, Frank J. Kelly, president and CEO of Danbury Hospital and Danbury Health Systems, Inc., and   CSDE Visitor, Mary R. Luce, reviews teacher prepara-
then-president of WestConn, James R. Roach, sign a partnership between WCSU and Danbury Hospital.                tion materials with Dr. Leah Stambler, Professor of
The partnership was made possible by a grant from the State of Connecticut Department of Higher Education.       Education and Educational Psychology as part of CSDE
                                                                                                                 Re-Accreditation Visit on April 18th.

                                                                                                                 Music Department Chair Dr. Fernando Jimenez and
                                                                                                                 renowned John Philip Sousa revivalist Keith Brion
                                                                                                                 have dinner with more than 60 alumni prior to the
                                                                                                                 “Red, White and Sousa” concert in May (extreme left).

                                                                                                                 Hugh Price, past president/CEO of the National Urban
                                                                                                                 League, speaks at the Executive Forum’s “Think Tank
                                                                                                                 on Non Profits” on May 7th.

                           Barnard Award Winner

                                                                                                                 Ilana Ofgang, pictured with Music Professor Dr. Dan
                                                                                                                 Goble (left) and Jimenez, received the Henry Barnard
                                                                                                                 Award from the Connecticut State University System
                                                                                                                 Foundation. Ofgang graduated from WestConn with a
                                                                                                                 bachelor of music degree in jazz studies.

               Dr. James W. Schmotter
       Takes Over the WestConn Reins
     by Dr. G. Koryoe Anim-Wright              “There’s a great deal of enthusiasm
                                                among all the stakeholders — faculty,
     Talk to WestConn’s eighth president        students, alumni, staff and the
     for a few minutes and you get the          community,” he said, reflecting on
     sense that you can tell him anything.      his meetings with key constituents.
     And that’s okay with Dr. James W.          “WestConn is a university on the
     Schmotter, because he wants to learn       move. Great things have been
     all he can about WestConn and the          accomplished here, especially
     surrounding community.                     under Dr. (James R.) Roach. The
                                                potential is great; everyone is excited
     “My immediate goal is to successfully
                                                about the future.”
      complete the experience of drinking
      from a fire hose,” the 57-year-old       The excitement is about what
      Midwesterner jokingly said, referring    WestConn can become.
      to the deluge of information he’s
                                               “WestConn has a rich tradition of
      had to absorb since assuming the
                                                serving non-traditional students, as
      presidency on Aug. 1.
                                                well as first- and second-generation
     On a more serious note, Schmotter          college students,” Schmotter observed.
     said his immediate objective is to         “We are committed to being accessi-
     meet and form personal relationships       ble. That’s what public institutions are
     with as many of the key on- and            in the business of doing, and that’s
     off-campus folks as possible.              what WestConn will continue to do.”
     “I’d also like to take time out to see    From his office window, Schmotter
      what everyone is doing and look at       can easily see the many Midtown
      what we are doing with fresh eyes        campus improvements. He’d like to
      and through the lens of my experi-       review the master plan for the
      ence,” Schmotter said. “This will give   Westside campus and get ready for
      us a chance to see if we can do even     the upcoming construction projects.
      better what we are currently doing                                                   Dr. James W. Schmotter,
                                               “One can’t help but notice the obvious
      well.”                                                                                   president of Western
                                                investment in the university’s appear-            Connecticut State
     There’s no doubt Schmotter is excited      ance by the state, our donors and the      University, with his wife,
     to be here. And the community feels        community,” he noted. “A first-time           Dr. Daphne Jameson,
                                                                                                  Professor of Hotel
     the same way.                              campus visitor is surprised and                    Administration at
                                                                                                  Cornell University

impressed, and will become even more        Mich., where Yankee shortstop                And that includes the alumni. He wants
so with the science building, the           Derek Jeter attended high school.            to increase the level of involvement of
proposed Center for the Arts and the                                                     this important group. The way he sees
                                            Baseball, however, is not Schmotter’s
other anticipated construction plans.”                                                   it, the alumni and the university are in
                                            only pastime.
                                                                                         this together.
The university’s potential is one of the
                                            “My most serious hobby is writing
things Schmotter wants the community                                                     “The alumni are graduates of this
                                             fiction,” he noted.
to appreciate. He also wants to spread                                                    university,” Schmotter said. “As we
WestConn’s net of relationships and         He stumbled onto his love for writing         get better and improve the quality
visibility by meeting people and            quite by chance, during his tenure            and scope of what we do, the value
developing new partnerships. And,           living on campus at Lehigh University.        of their degree increases. Likewise, all
he’d like to take a closer look at the      “It was a weekend that Daphne [his            their successes benefit the university.”
quality of the experience of WestConn        wife] was away,” he explained. “The         Schmotter pledges to do his part to
students to ensure that current highly       students were gone, and the campus          keep advancing the university.
favorable student satisfaction survey        was very quiet. I entered our second
results continue — and even increase.                                                    “We will continue to be a university of
                                             bedroom, which had been transformed
                                                                                          which our alumni are proud. In return,
“I want to see how we can learn from         into a study, and sat down to write.
                                                                                          I hope our alumni will continue to
 them,” he said slowly. “We need to          Next thing I knew, it was 2 a.m. and I
                                                                                          support us, keep us informed about
 make sure our students are getting a        had all these characters in the room
                                                                                          their successes, and join us for alumni
 great experience in and out of the          with me.”
                                                                                          events and activities.”
 classroom.”                                Schmotter and his wife both share a
                                                                                         Schmotter doesn’t plan on spending a
Connecting with students is something       love for cooking. When it comes to
                                                                                         lot of time in his office. His plan is
Schmotter takes very seriously. In the      gardening, however, he simply says,
                                                                                         to walk around campus and get to
past, he’s done that by teaching.           “Daphne enjoys gardening; I just do it.”
                                                                                         know what everyone has to say about
                                            He also loves to read, and recently
“It’s important for the leadership of the                                                moving the university forward.
                                            read David McCullough’s biography of
 university to have direct experience
                                            President John Adams, a book he says         So if you happen to meet President
 with students. That helps us establish
                                            he should have read a long time ago.         Schmotter in the hallway or walking
 credibility with students and faculty.”
                                                                                         across campus, engage him in a
                                            For now, though, Schmotter is focused
Teaching, Schmotter said, is a great                                                     conversation about WestConn. Chances
                                            on WestConn and hopes to lead in a
way to get to know students. Though                                                      are, that’s exactly what he’s looking
                                            way that encourages everyone to be
he won’t be able to do that immediate-                                                   for.
                                            his or her best.
ly at WestConn, he says he intends to
find a way to teach in the future.          “There are lots of clichés about leader-
                                             ship, but one resonates especially
“Teaching always reminds me of the
                                             strongly for me,” he said. “It’s from the
 business we are in,” he said.
                                             book ‘Leadership is an Art’ by Max De
“Educating students is the core mission
 of the university, and the leadership
 needs to remind itself of that on a        De Pree is the former CEO of
 regular basis.”                            Herman Miller and son of the
                                            company’s founder. In his bestseller,
Since being named president,
                                            De Pree writes that leadership encom-
Schmotter has been very busy. He
                                            passes three things: explaining reality
attended the alumni golf outing in July,
                                            to people, thanking people for what
met with some of the university’s key
                                            they do, and creating an environment
stakeholders, and joined the alumni on
                                            within which everyone rises to his or
a trip to Yankee Stadium. Yes, he is a
                                            her potential.
Yankee fan, and going to Yankee
Stadium was “a real treat” for him.      “The president of a university is the
                                          one person who has to see the whole
“I grew up in the Midwest in the ’50s
                                          picture and how it all fits,” Schmotter
 and ’60s, and you either were a Yankee
                                          said. “And you get that by talking to
 hater or a Yankee fan. I fell into the
                                          people, thanking people for a job
 Yankee fan category.”
                                          well done, not surprising them, and
 His Yankee roots were further strength- engaging in effective and consistent
 ened when he moved to Kalamazoo,         communication.”

                                                                    School of Arts & Sciences

                                                                      Busy Year
                   In reviewing this past year’s                   her birthday! Don’t forget to                  invited the Cambridge
                   events, some of the most                        join us for our regularly sched-               University Debate Society to a
                   notable for us were those that                  uled public viewing nights. We                 parliamentary-style debate.
                   involved you — our alumni                       also now have a Friends of the                 What a gutsy group! If you are
                   and friends. They included                      Observatory group, and we are                  a debater and would like to
                   the yearlong series of monthly                  beginning to train alumni and                  get involved, please let us
                   forums on “Exploring War”                       members of the community to                    know!
                   that encouraged thought and                     serve as docents for the
                                                                                                              •   The M.F.A. in Professional
                   open discussion on all sides                    Observatory.
                                                                                                                  Writing has now been
                   of America’s decision to go to
                                                               •    The architectural phase for the               approved and is licensed by
                   war and the “Science at Night”
                                                                   new Center for the Fine and                    the state. This program is an
                   program, where the science
   Dr. Linda       faculty hosted talks and pre-
                                                                   Performing Arts has been                       innovative low-residency
Vaden-Goad                                                         finalized and the building is                  program that addresses the
                   sented their research to the
        Dean                                                       scheduled for completion in                    need for effective writing
                   general public. As part of this
                                                                   2007. This facility will house                 across many fields, including
                   program, WestConn collaborat-
                                                                   the departments of art, theatre,               both creative and practical
                   ed with the Candlewood Lake
                                                                   and music, and will allow for                  genres. The search for a
                   Authority and joined them in
                                                                   greater collaboration between                  program coordinator is near
                   celebrating the 75th anniver-
                                                                   these groups.                                  completion, and we anticipate
                   sary of the lake.
                                                                                                                  beginning the program’s first
                                                              •    The Roger Sherman Debate
                   Other projects that kept us busy                                                               summer residencies in summer
                                                                   Society was revived by a
                   this year included:                                                                            2005.
                                                                   group of political science
               •    A summer star party in June to                 students and their advisor,                •   We collaborated with the
                   celebrate the transit of Venus                  Associate Professor of Social                  School of Professional Studies
                   across the sun, something no                    Sciences Dr. Christopher Kukk.                 and the Danbury and Bethel
                   one alive today had ever seen.                  They finished the year with a                  high schools. This led to the
                   The early in the morning view-                  bang — they held a debate in                   creation of a new program
                   ing, from 5 – 7:30 a.m., includ-                the University Senate on                       designed to help high school
                   ed one participant celebrating                  WestConn’s Strategic Plan and                  seniors better prepare for

                       Alumni Association Scholarships

                                                                                                                  On April 13th, Jeanne Christie, Assistant
                                                                                                                  CTA Professor, shared her experiences in
                                                                                                                  Vietnam at the “Exploring War” series.

                   Five students in the School of Arts and Sciences each received a $1,000 scholarship at
                   the Honors Convocation in May.

                   (l-r): Sharon Fusco ’67 (scholarship committee chair), Charles Whitman, Neil Wagner ’52,
                   Melissa Lahoud, Kathryn Ehrismann, Gordon Hallas ’90 (scholarship committee member),
                   Anna Youngquist, Galina Filipova and Kay Schreiber ’79 (scholarship committee member)

                                                                School of Arts and Sciences

                                                                                                          Oils . Acrylics . Watercolors . Wood . Sculpture . Photography
                                                                                                                Pottery . Jewelry . Mixed Media . Graphics . Pastels
                                                                                                                            Fiber . Paper . Creative Crafts

    The Roger Sherman Debate Society and members of the Cambridge University Debate Society

                                                                                                                          Saturday and Sunday,
    college. As part of this project,                theatre (1). The group will bring                                   September 11 – 12, 2004
    teachers in Danbury and Bethel                   fresh and new ideas, scholarship
    and WestConn faculty members                     and energy to our students and                                           10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
                                                                                                                           Midtown campus quad
    engage in discussions about new                  community.                                                           181 White Street, Danbury
    ways to improve the student
                                                 •    We hope to broaden our involve-                                      50+ professional artisans
                                                     ment with children in the schools                           Children’s art activities . Live music & food
•    We hired 22 new faculty who will                by helping them learn new things                                 $4 admission ($1 off with this ad)
    begin in the fall. Here is a list of             about the field of arts and                                         Children 17 and under free
    the departments and the number                   sciences, and in turn, about
                                                                                                                               Presented by:
    of new faculty: art (2), biology                 themselves. If you are associated                                   Home Health Pavilion, Inc.
    (1), chemistry (2), communica-                   with a school that might enjoy                                   The Danbury Cultural Commission
    tions (3), computer sciences (1),                one of our “In the School”                                       Hardy Holzman Pfeiffer Associates

    English (3), foreign languages and               programs (Children’s Theatre,
    literature (2), history (3), mathe-              Writers, Artists, and Science and
    matics (2), meteorology (1), and                 Mathematics), let us know.

                         Mounira Stott Receives Master of Fine Arts in Painting
    Master of Fine Arts 2004 graduate                                                                              “The purpose of art is to express emo-
    Mounira Stott received her degree in                                                                            tions or moods to the viewer,” Stott
    painting. She works with oils and other                                                                         said during an interview. “My favorite
    media and shows her work in
    Connecticut and her homeland,
                                                                        eliforP                                     artists are the Renaissance painters, the
                                                                                                                    Impressionists and the Pre-Raphaelites.
    Moscow, Russia. In addition to her                                                                              They dealt with the images of real
    classes at WestConn, Stott studied paint-                                                                       things in a beautiful and creative way.
    ing the human figure with Steven
                                                                                                                   “I have made portraits, but I have
    Brown, landscape and still life with
                                                                                                                    never felt that they were ‘pictures’ of
    Kirill Doron, and drawing and painting
                                                                                                                    someone,” Stott added. “Rather, I see
    at Naugatuck Valley Community
                                                                                                                    them as capturing an emotion from
    College. She also received a profession-
                                                                                                                    within that person.”
    al certificate with high honors at the
    Moscow College of Artistic Professionals                                                                        Stott also has a Master of Science in
    in Russia.                                                                                                      Electrical Engineering from the Moscow
                                                                                                                    Institute of Radio Engineering and
    Upon graduation from the Russian
                                                                                                                    Automation. Until 1992, she worked
    college, Stott worked as a private artist,
                                                                                                                    in the Soviet defense industry as a
    selling her works through galleries and
                                                                                                                    research engineer. In 1998, she met
    brokers in Moscow. Many of her works
                                                                                                                    Dr. Paul Stott, a research director for
    from this period are now in private col-
                                                                                                                    an American chemical firm. They were
    lections in Eastern and Western Europe.
                                                                                                                    married and she immigrated to the
    Stott is a member of several Connecticut
                                                                                                                    United States and now resides with
    art associations and has participated in
                                                                                                                    her husband and son, Alexei, in
    exhibitions and juried shows in Kent,                 Stott ’04 and her husband, Dr. Paul Stott, at her         Southbury.
    Newtown and Watertown.                                opening in Warner Hall

                                                             Athletics & Recreation

                                                    Team Highlights
                       Winter Team Highlights             Women’s Basketball                Spring Team Highlights
                       Men’s Basketball Highlights        The women’s team finished         Softball
                       The men’s team finished 19-11,     9-17, 5-9 in the LEC. In          The women were 15-3 at home,
                       8-6 in the Little East             February, they beat Eastern       were 26-16, 9-5 in the LEC
                       Conference (LEC) and were          Connecticut, the defending        and were LEC Tournament
                       the 2004 East College Athletic     national championship run-        Champions. This led to their
                       Conference (ECAC) New              ners-up, 71-70. Mallory Stevens   seventh NCAA Tournament
                       England Tournament                 was named to Little East          appearance where the team
                       Champions. Marvin Evans was        Conference’s All-Star Second      advanced to the third round of
                       named Most Outstanding             Team. Coach Kim Rybczyk ’88       the NCAA Northeast Regionals.
                       Player of the ECAC                 and Professor of Health           Katie Wardlow, Holly
                       Tournament. Evans received         Promotion and Exercise            Szymanski and Emily Ann
Edward Farrington      numerous honors, including         Sciences Jody Rajcula are         Cullen were named to the LEC
                       LEC Player of the Year, the        planning a bigger than usual      All-Star First Team.
                       National Association of            alumni game this year. Plans
                       Basketball Coach’s First Team      include honoring the ’84 NCAA
                                                                                            The men were 21-18, 9-5 in the
                       All-Northeast Regional Team,       post-season team.
                                                                                            LEC and qualified for the LEC
                       Metropolitan Sports Writers
                                                          Women’s Swimming and              Tournament as the third seed.
                       First Team, and second team
                                                          Diving Team                       Adam Kaplan and Mike
                       honors from D3Hoops.com, All
                                                          The women’s team finished at      Troester were named to the
                       Northeast Regional Team and
                                                          4-6. Several WestConn records     LEC All-Star First Team. The
                       ECAC Division III New
                                                          were set: Katherine Collins,      baseball team finished over .500
                       England All-Star Team. Brice
                                                          500, 1,000, 1,650 Freestyle       for the first time since the 1995
                       Assie led the LEC in blocked
                                                          and 800 Freestyle Relay and       season. Eben McKnight and
                       shots (1.8 per game), Jay
                                                          the 100 individual medley;        Josh Coleman were named to
                       Reginatto averaged 5.14 in
                                                          Tara Norcross 50 butterfly;       the LEC All-Star Second Team.
                       assists (second place) and
                                                          Katherine Massicotte for 1-
                       Greg Cole led LEC with 106                                           Women’s Lacrosse
                                                          and 3-meter dives and Sarah
                       3-pointers. Head Coach Bob                                           The women were 4-11 overall,
                                                          Koenig, Karen Fenton, Pamela
                       Campbell is expecting to                                             2-4 in the LEC. Erica Murphy
                                                          Rhodes, Katherine Collins set
                       return four of this year’s                                           was named to the LEC All-Star
                                                          the freestyle relay record.
                       starters next season.                                                Second Team.
                                                                                            Men’s Tennis
                       Football Joins New Jersey Athletic Conference                        The men’s tennis team returned
                                                                                            after a year’s absence and fin-
                       The New Jersey Athletic            both in number of contests
                                                                                            ished 9-2, 5-0 in the LEC, third
                       Conference (NJAC) approved         and in quality of competition.”
                                                                                            in the LEC Tournament. Matt
                       WestConn as an affiliate mem-
                                                          “Everyone that is part of         Cusack won the Flight 2 singles
                       ber in football starting with
                                                          WestConn football has recog-      championship at the LECs, and
                       the 2004 season. WestConn’s
                                                          nized that the NJAC is a pre-     Forest Robertson won the Flight
                       selection received unanimous
                                                          mier conference in Division III   6 singles championship at the
                       approval by the seven current
                                                          football,” said WCSU Director     LECs.
                       NJAC members that sponsor
                                                          of Athletics Edward Farrington.
                       football. The WCSU member-                                           Men’s Lacrosse
                                                          “We are extremely pleased to
                       ship brings to eight the total                                       The inaugural team season of
                                                          be accepted as an affiliate
                       number of football teams play-                                       men’s lacrosse finished 3-8, 0-6
                                                          member and look forward
                       ing in the conference.                                               in the LEC under first year
                                                          to the opportunities and
                                                                                            Head Coach Rick McCarthy.
                       “The addition of WestConn is       challenges that are ahead.”
                                                                                            Mario Carvajal and Darryl Bell
                       a win-win situation for both
                                                          WestConn opens the 2004           were named to the LEC All-Star
                       us and them,” said Glenn
                                                          season at home against non-       Second Team, and Frank
                       Hedden, director of Athletics at
                                                          conference opponent Fitchburg     Candullo, with a 3.96 GPA,
                       Kean University and chair of
                                                          State College at 7 p.m. on        was nominated for the CoSIDA
                       the NJAC Football Committee.
                                                          Friday, Sept. 3.                  All-Academic Team.
                       “They strengthen our schedule

                                                       Athletics & Recreation

               Class of 2004 Hall of Fame Inductees
                   Joseph Bagley               runs batted in, and batted .465. She was      Kodak All-American Honorable Mention
                   Support Person              named to the NCAA All-American Third          selection. Since 1991 she has held the
                   Joseph Bagley was a         Team. During her career, the softball         all-time scoring record with 1,597 points.
                   trainer and physical        program appeared in two NCAA and two          She also holds the program standard for
                   therapist for the           ECAC tournaments. In 1997, she led the        field goals made (712) and attempted
                   athletics department.       Colonials to their first 30-win season (31-   (1,565). During her four-year career, the
                   According to Stephen        9) and the ECAC North Title. She still        Colonials appeared in four-straight NCAA
Evanuska ’78, one of Bagley’s former           holds the career university record with       New England Regional Tournaments and
patients, he gave selflessly of his time,      160 runs batted in. Franck, a Torrington      went 85-25. As a junior, she led
provided personal counseling and guid-         resident, married Kenneth Jones in July.      WestConn to a program best 24-3 record.
ance to many athletes, and assisted stu-       She is currently a teacher at The Forbes      Mele, a native of Hillsdale, N.J., played
dent athletes in finding part-time             School in Torrington and is pursuing a        basketball professionally in Alvesta,
employment. He is now deceased, but            master’s in exercise science from             Sweden, in 1992. She graduated with a
will forever be remembered in the hearts       Southern Connecticut State University.        Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. She is a
and minds of many former WestConn                                 Gary E. Lemme ’69          nationally certified massage therapist
athletes.                                                         Baseball                   at Spa Serin and is an administrative
                   Paul Ellis ’94                                 Gary Lemme was an          assistant for Healthsouth in northern
                   Basketball                                     outstanding pitcher for    New Jersey.
                   Paul Ellis finished his                        the Danbury State                              Wendy Patenaude-Baker
                   distinguished playing                          College and then the                           ’03, Soccer
                   career third on the                            WCSC baseball program                          Wendy Patenaude-Baker
                   men’s basketball all-       from 1965 to 1968. He finished his                                helped establish the
                   time scoring list with      career with a then-school record of 18                            women’s soccer pro-
1,579 points. He averaged 14.8 points in       victories on the mound. Lemme regis-                              gram at WCSU in its
107 career games. Ellis graduated with a       tered 19 complete games in 24 career                              1994 inaugural season.
bachelor’s degree in business. He resides      starts. As a junior, he went 5-0, allowed     She is still one of the most dominating
in Westchester County and is a dental          just five earned runs in 46 innings and       strikers in the program’s history (49
educator/endodontic specialist for             was ranked in the Top 20 nationally in        goals and 115 points). She also holds the
Dentsply.                                      the NAIA. He had a 0.96 earned run            single-season record with 20 goals and
                   Andrea Franck ’98           average. Lemme graduated with a               43 points during her freshman campaign.
                   Softball                    Bachelor of Science in Education. He is       That season she was named LEC Rookie
                   Andrea Franck was the       a senior vice president with Union            of the Year. Patenaude-Baker was named
                   softball program’s first    Savings Bank in Danbury.                      to the All-Region First Team as a forward
                   All-American selection                         Angela Mele ’91            in each of her four seasons. As a senior
                   in 1996. She was a two-                        Basketball                 in 1997, she was named to the All-
                   time New England                               Angela Mele was a          American Third Team. She lives in
Intercollegiate Softball Coaches                                  three-time American        Rhode Island and is employed by
Association First Team selection during                           Women’s Sports             Brinks.
her junior and senior campaign. As a                              Federation All-America            Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony
junior, she hit six home runs, had 46                             honoree and a 1990               Reservation Information on Page 18

                                 WCSU Athletic Hall of Fame Nomination Form
The WestConn Hall of Fame was established in 2001 to pay tribute      Check One:    ____ Coach    ____ Player   ____ Support Person
to former WestConn student athletes, coaches and friends. It is
intended to enhance the university’s tradition by honoring those      Please provide information about the outstanding merits that
who have displayed exceptional ability while on the campus and        support this individuals nomination.________________________
since graduation.                                                     ________________________________________________________
Only one annual nomination per person is accepted. The annual
nomination deadline is March 1. Hall of Fame inductions are held in
conjunction with the fall Homecoming celebration. We encourage        Nominator Information
you to consider nominating someone; without your nomination,
potential inductees may never get the recognition they deserve.       Name: ________________________________ Class of: ________
Simply complete this form and mail to WCSU’s Institutional            Address: _______________________________________________
Advancement Office, 181 White Street, Danbury, CT 06810. For more
                                                                      City/State/ZIP: _________________________________________
information about Hall of Fame nominations, call (203) 837-7849.
                                                                      Daytime Phone: _________________
I nominate: _____________________________________________
                                                                      E-mail: _________________________________________________
Class of: _________ Sport: _______________________________

                                                                            Class Notes

1950’s                                         1970’s                                  In Memoriam
Dr. Mary Carbone DeCarlo ’54                   Lynne Wunderlich Ducker ’73             1938 Adele Flanagan Winn, Canaan, Conn., June, 2003
was back in the classroom                      has been an elementary
                                                                                       1961 John E. Coffey, North Creek, N.Y., July 22, 2004
briefly this spring. She taught                teacher in Freehold, N.J.,
an eight week “Hands on                        for 29 years.                           1969 & ’75 R. Craig Riley, Gaston, N.C., March 7, 2004
Science” class to kindergarten
                                               Jan Maria Jagush ’75 was                1971 Phyllis K. Speidel, Newtown, Conn., May 21, 2003
and first-grade students at her
                                               recently inducted into the
granddaughter's school.                                                                1972 Dorcus Stone Kormanik, Brookfield, Conn., July 16, 2004
                                               Bethel Lions Club as its first
                                               female member. She is a                 1983 Rita Tuccio, Ridgefield, Conn., March 22, 2004
                                               teacher at Bethel Middle                1994 John J. Hugo, Bethel, Conn., April 21, 2004
 Jack Sikora ’65 is the newly
 appointed coordinator of
 disability services in the WCSU                                                       And Baby Makes ...
                                               1990’s                                  Janine Brentari Brennan ’88 and Mark Brennan ’87 proudly
 Department of Equity and
                                               Robert G. Flade ’96 was                 announce the birth of their daughter, Julia Ann, on May 11.
 Multicultural Affairs. He
                                               promoted to director of the
 continues to teach as senior                                                          Kerilynn Fecarotta Hallas ‘94 and Gordon Hallas ’90 proudly
                                               Emergency Department for
 adjunct in Social Sciences at                                                         announce the birth of their daughter, Brooke Eileen, on
                                               New Britain General Hospital
 WestConn. His most recent                                                             June 23.
                                               in March 2004.
 book, “Batcats: The United
 States Air Force 53rd                                                                 Tammy Hammershoy ’97 and Todd McInerney ’97 proudly
                                               00’s                                    announce the birth of their son, Liam Thomas, on May 8.
 Reconnaissance Wing in                        Peter Andreotto ’00 has joined
 Southeast Asia” was released                  Sterling Lender Group as a              Kathryn Anderson Leszko ’97 and Dennis Leszko ’95 proudly
 on Veterans Day 2003 and is                   senior loan officer.                    announce the birth of their daughter, Caroline Elizabeth, on
 available from Barnes &                                                               May 3. Mackenzie Rhea Leszko will be 3 in October.
 Noble, as is his 2002 book,
“Religions of India.”                                                                  Wedding Bells
                                                                                       Lara Azzarito ’84 and Will Ward
        London Trip for Alumni                                                         Lora Meeker ’96, ’98 and Christopher Swickard
  Jet to London on Virgin Atlantic, January 4 - 11, 2005,                              Maureen Curran ’97 and Kevin Gilmartin
  $1,400 (current cost estimate) double occupancy.                                     Wendy Hipp ’99 and Dana Cassel
  Includes coach airfare, motor coach between WCSU &
  JFK/Heathrow & the Thistle Kensington Hotel (or                                      Mykel Sirico ’00 and John Milligan ’98
  similar), continental breakfast, full-day escorted trip to                           Karen Kacmarsky ’01 and Timothy Taylor
  Stonehenge & the city of Bath, half-day trip to a royal                              Richard Barton, Jr. ’01 and Catherine Smith
  castle, and a complimentary alumni cocktail party. For
                                                                                       Jennifer Resendes ’02 and Colin Delaney
  more information and reservation forms, check the
  alumni Web site at www.wcsu.edu/alumni. A $500 non-                                  Amanda Marsilio ’02 and Ara Burlinson
  refundable deposit is due by October 1, full payment is
  due November 1.

                                                                     Stay Current

    Name (maiden, if applicable)                                          Grad Year    Spouse’s Name (maiden, if applicable)                           Spouse’s Grad Year

    Employer                                                                           Spouse’s Employer

    Address                                                                               E-mail Address



    Use additional paper if necessary. Please print or type and return to Alumni Office,WCSU, 181 White Street, Danbury, CT 06810. If you send
    photos and want them returned, please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

    ❑   Yes! I want information about the Alumni Association Board    ❑   Yes! I want to help organize an event in my area.    ❑   Yes! I would be interested in developing
          and its volunteer committees.                                                                                             an internship site with my company.

                                                                        Alumni Events

September                                               22 Athletic Hall of Fame Induction                      24 Alumni Softball Game
9 Alpha Delta Pi Alumni Reunion                            Ceremony and Dinner
                                                                                                                29 Oktoberfest Jazz Festival
  Contact Jessica Leonard (203) 521-6403
                                                        23 Homecoming Reunion Groups
11 & 12 Arts on the Quad Celebration                                                                            November
                                                                   Class of 1959
        in conjunction with Taste of                                                                            3 WestConn Society Luncheon
        Danbury                                                    Class of 1964
                                                                                                                6 Dinner/Theatre “The Mystery of
                                                                   Class of 1979                                  Edwin Drood”
1 Golden Circle Luncheon                                           Class of 1974                                14 Holiday Wine Tasting
HOMECOMING WEEK October 17 - 23                         23 Alumni & Friends Circle Rededication
(Check the Homecoming page for details                  23 All Alumni Oktoberfest Tent
and reservations)                                       23 Football vs Montclair State
17 Campus-to-Campus 5K                                  24 Reunion Brunches
19 Homecoming Alumni Art Show                           24 Men’s Soccer vs Plymouth State

             James R. Roach Award                                                                           Alumni Picnic

In May, the Greater Danbury Postal Workers Local received the first James R.       Alumni pause for a photo at the All-Alumni Picnic on June 5. The rain forced the
Roach Library Recognition Award. The perpetual plaque will hang in the Ruth A.     event into the Bill Williams Gym, but did not dampen the spirits of picnickers. All
Haas Library. The presentation was made by Gordon Hallas, ’90 immediate past       enjoyed Styrofoam cone wicket croquet and basketball along with conversation
president of the Alumni Association Board of Directors.                            and great picnic fare. Standing (l-r): 1961 graduates John Zamary, Wendy Nichols
                                                                                   Donovan, Brenda Hartigan Zamary, and Ron Strand. Seated (l-r): Romanello Tyrrell
                                                                                   ’60, Veronica Owen Smith ’56 & ’75 and Rose Paonessa ’61.

            Distinguished Alumnus

                                                                                   At the May graduation ceremony,
                                                                                   President James R. Roach presented
                                                                                   longtime Danbury resident Gary Hawley ’78
                                                                                   of Hawley Construction Corp. with the
                                                                                   Distinguished Alumni Award. The award
                                                                                   honors Hawley’s numerous contributions to
                                                                                   the university and his commitment to the
                                                                                   Greater Danbury community and beyond.
                                                                                   Hawley is president of the Danbury-based
                                                                                   corporation that has served the construction
                                                                                   needs of the Danbury region and state
                                                                                   through myriad construction projects.

                                                                                   Gary Hawley ’78 addresses graduates at Commencement.

                                                            Homecoming 2004

                     Homecoming Week October 17 - 24
                                                   Save these dates!
        Sunday, October 17                Tuesday, October 19                    Friday, October 22                  Sunday, October 24

Campus-to-Campus 5K                 All-Alumni Art Show &                Athletic Hall of Fame         Class of 1964 Reunion Brunch
Runners, fitness walkers,           Meet the Artists Reception           Induction Ceremony and Dinner Stony Hill Inn
wheelchair athletes welcome         Alumni Hall, 6:30 p.m.               Portuguese Cultural Center          Alumni Softball Game
$15 registration fee                (No Charge)                          5:30 p.m. Social                    Softball Field
($20 after Oct. 8 deadline)                                              6:30 p.m. Dinner and program        Westside campus
8:30 a.m. start,                                                         $50 per person                      Noon
Westside campus
                                                                                                             Men’s Soccer vs. Plymouth
Reservation Form on
                                                                                                             Athletic Stadium
                                                                                                             Westside campus

                                                              Saturday, October 23

Alumni & Friends Circle Rededication           Pre-Game Oktoberfest Tent                          Class of 1964 Reunion Banquet
Midtown campus 10 a.m.                         Alumni, friends and fans welcome                   Warner Hall, Midtown, 6 p.m.
Hall of Fame Room                              Stadium area, Westside campus                      Class of 1959 Reunion Banquet
Open to Public                                 11 a.m.                                            Stony Hill Inn, 6 p.m.
O’Neill Center, Westside campus                All Reunion Groups                                 Contact Ned Moore (203) 744 0676
10 a.m.-1 p.m.                                 Athletic Stadium, Westside campus                  Classes of 1974 & 1979 TBD
Alumni Art Gallery                             11a.m.                                             Contact Mike Driscoll (203) 837-8419
Open to Public                                 Colonial Football vs. Montclair State
Warner Hall, Midtown campus                    Athletic Stadium, Westside campus
10:30 a.m.-Noon                                1 p.m.

             Welcome Reunion Classes of ’59, ’64, ’74 & ’79!
Reservation Deadline: October 4                                                  Charge my Credit Card: Visa ____ MC ____ Discover _____
Event                                  Cost              Number Cost
                                                                                 No.__________________________________ EXP _________
                                       Per Person        Attending
All-Alumni Art Show & Reception        NC                ______
                                                                                 Name(s) & WCSU Grad Year(s)
Hall of Fame Induction Dinner          $50               ______      ______
Pre-Game Oktoberfest Tent              Ala Carte         ______      ______      ___________________________________________________
Football Reserved Seats                $6                ______      ______      Address
Class of ’64 40th Reunion Banquet      $40               ______      ______
Class of ’59 Reunion Banquet           TBD               ______      ______      ___________________________________________________
Class of ’74 Reunion                   Ala Carte         ______      ______      City/State/ZIP
Class of ’79 Reunion                   Ala Carte         ______      ______
Class of ’64 Reunion Brunch            Ala Carte         ______      ______      ___________________________________________________
                                                                                 Day Phone
Alumni Softball Game                                     ______      ______
                                                    Sub-Total ______             ___________________________________________________
10% discount for Alumni Assoc. Member & 1 Guest     - 10%     ______             E-mail address
I want to be a member of the Alumni Association + $25         ______             For those registering by the deadline of October 4, a
                                                                                 complimentary beverage awaits you at the Alumni Tent. Tickets
                                                    Enclosed Total   $_____      will not be mailed. Check-in at your first event for all ticket
                                                                                 distribution. For more information, call the Alumni Office at
Make checks payable to and send your reservation to:                             (203) 837-8298. Special rates have been arranged at the
WCSU Alumni Association, 181 White St., Danbury, CT 06810                        Courtyard by Marriott, (203) 730-2228, $89 per night + tax.
                                                                                 Please ask for the WCSU Alumni Rate.

                                                              WestConn Marketplace

                                    B                                       D

                                                                                                    E             H1




             I                                            I

A. Champion pull-over WCSU logo sweatshirt            D. Champion long sleeve shirt, 100% cotton, navy         G. Water bottle with WCSU imprint,       J. WCSU sweatshirt blanket in blue or
w/hood, 50/50 cotton/poly, grey only, S-XXL, $34.98   or charcoal, S-XXL, $17.99                               red, blue, purple, yellow, grey and      pink tie-dyed, fleece, 54 in. x 84in.,
B. Champion pull-over WestConn logo sweatshirt        E. Gear WestConn logo Skinny T-shirt for women,          aqua, $14.98                             $29.98
w/hood, 50/50 cotton/poly, yellow w/lavender,         100% cotton, S-XL, white lettering on pink, (pic-        H. Diploma Frames: Regency or            K. WCSU authentic Cat’s Meow
lavender w/white, chocolate w/beige, charcoal         tured) light blue, charcoal or navy shirt, dark blue     Gallery styles: $115*, seal and school   Collectible, $19.99 (specify Fairfield
w/pink, royal w/navy, navy w/light blue, S-XXL,       lettering on the white and light grey shirts, $16.98     name gold embossed on black and          Hall, White Hall or Old Main)
$49.98                                                F. Jones & Mitchell WCSU slacker pants, 100%             gold museum double matting, (H3)         L. WCSU Boston rocker or standard
C. Champion pullover WestConn sweatshirt w/hood,      cotton, S-XL, pink & charcoal with white lettering,      Regency: mahogany, (H2) Gallery:         chair – classic maple & black with
50/50 cotton/poly, light blue or navy w/white,        $34.98, also available in a frayed cuff style in lilac   cherry, both: gold inner lip 23K; (H1)   engraved seal, $295*
$34.99                                                and light grey with the WestConn cupola logo, S-XL,      Signature style frame: $150* 23K
                                                      $34.98                                                   jewelry-quality medallion, black &
                                                                                                               gold museum double matting, gold
                                                                                                               embossed WCSU, cherry. (please
                   Marketplace Order Form                                                                      specify H1, H2 or H3)
                                                                                                               I. Children’s onesie in light blue or
                                                                                                               pink with bear on the front, 95/5 cot-
                                                                                                               ton/spandex, by Third Street, 6/12/18
Name ______________________________________________________                         Proceeds generated         month sizes, $19.98
                                                                                    from Marketplace sales
Address ____________________________________________________                        will be donated to the
                                                                                    Alumni Scholarship
City, State, ZIP ______________________________________________                     Fund. Delivery in 4                                      L
Day Phone No. w/ Area Code __________________________________                       weeks or less. For more
                                                                                    information please call
E-mail Address_______________________________________________                       (203) 837-8298.

Active Alumni Discount No. _____________          (The number on your Alumni Association Membership Card)

Size     Color      Price     Description    (use additional sheet for more items)
Item Total                          $_________________        *Shipping Costs: $5 first item;
                                                               $1 each additional item; chairs: $25;
10% Alumni Discount                 $_________________         diploma frames: $10
Tax (6% CT)                         $_________________

Subtotal $______________ + Shipping* $______________ = Total $__________________
Make checks payable to and send orders to:
WCSU Alumni Association, 181 White Street, Danbury, CT 06810.
                                            A     B                                          C


                                                Alumni Golf Outing is a success!
                                                A. l-r Anne Sullivan, Claudia Anderson ’61, Josie Hamer, Megan
                                                Anderson B. Len Genovese ’74 C. Ron Pugliese ’74 Golf Outing
                                                Committee Chair D. Mark Simoneli, Nancy Barton ’94, Mark Valenti &
                                                Robert Simonelli

                                                Carmel Fitness & Racquet Club, Colonial Automobile, Inc.,
                                                Connecticut Family Chiropractic Center, Custom Care Building
                                                Services, Dichello Distributors, Hawley Construction Corp.,
                                                Hitchcock Printing, Household International, Juran Institute, Lois
                                                ’71 & ’97 & Tom ’69 Crucitti, MtM Technologies, Mackenzie
                                                Services Corp., Mark Ford Mercury, MCCA, Naugatuck Savings
                                                Bank, Neil Ivers ’72, Pepsi, Sodexho, Stabile & Associates, and
                                                WCSU Foundation

                                                                                                            Non-Profit Org
                                                                                                            US Postage Paid
                                                                                                             Danbury, CT
                                                                                                            Permit No. 111

181 White Street
Danbury, CT 06810

Address Service Requested

Parents: If the address label lists a son
or daughter who no longer lives at this
address, please send the WCSU Alumni
Office the correct address. Send to:
WCSU Alumni Office, 181 White Street,
Danbury, CT 06810 or e-mail

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