Sending Photos by email using Picasa Picasa is a free programme by ps94506


									                     Sending Photos by email using Picasa

Picasa is a free programme from Google that you can download onto your PC

Just open the website and follow the installation instructions. It will only take
a few minutes to install and then you will find its icon on your desktop so that
you can use it easily any time.

How to Transfer your Photos

You can transfer your photos from your digital camera to your computer in two
ways: you can use the USB that came with your camera or, the simplest way, is
to transfer with your camera memory card, if your PC has a memory card slot.

   1. Open the Picasa programme on your computer
   2. Remove the memory card from your camera and insert it into the slot on
      your computer
   3. Click on ‘Import’ (top left hand corner, underneath File Edit View) and in
      Select Device, click on Removable Drive (E?)
   4. The thumbnails (miniature images) of all the photos on the memory card
      will appear on your computer screen, arranged in batches according to
      when they were taken
   5. If you only want to import some of the photos, select them by clicking
      with the mouse:
             - you can click on a single photo OR
             - to select consecutive photos, click the first thumbnail and
                 then Shift-click the last one. All the files in between are
                 automatically selected
             - To select random photos, click on the first photo you want, the
                 hold down the Ctrl button and at the same time click on the
                 other photos you want
             - If you make a mistake and want to de-select a photo, just Ctrl-
                 Click again and the highlighting will disappear
   6. Once you have selected what you want, click on ‘Import Selected
      Photos’ OR, if you want to import all the photos on the card, click on
      ‘Import All’ (bottom right hand corner)
   7. You will be asked to give the Folder a Title and where you want to store
      the photos. Select My Pictures to store them. You can include further
      details if you want to, e.g. where the photos were taken and state what
      they are about in the Description Box – this is optional.
   8. Then decide whether or not you want to delete the pictures from your
      camera card – choose one of the three (or two) options
   9. Then click Finish

How to email photos

If you try to send a full size photo (particularly if you are sending more than
one at a time), it will take a long time to load and send. It will also take a long
time to receive at the other end and, even then, may be too big to fit on the

So, before emailing a photo you need to re-size it. You can use Picasa to do

      1. Open Picasa and select the thumbnails of the photo/s you want to
      2. Click on the email icon at the bottom of the Picasa window
      3. Choose which email provider you want to use to send it and click on
         that box
      4. When the outgoing message appears, type in the address you want
         to send it to, edit the Subject line and type in any message to
         accompany the photo/s. Then click on ‘Send’

Picasa will automatically scale down the size of your photos when you send
them by email.

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