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        may be reprinted unless otherwise specified, with             The Democrat machine has shown the world that venality, race-baiting, character assassination, and
    attribution to this publication, author, and date of issue.       blatant vote fraud are routine tactics in their battle for the soul of our Republic.
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                                                                      Many of us were caught up in tracking the daily details of the Democrats’ attempted kidnapping of
                                                                      the electoral results. The details were indeed shocking and served to keep many of us upset and
                                                                      incredulous at the magnitude of the theft-in-progress. Riveted as we were, we were missing the big

                                                                      What matters is not that the Democratic machine came so close to hijacking the process towards the
                                                                      end of getting their man Gore elected, but rather that half the voters voted for him in the first

                                                                      A great man once explained the nature of every stripe of totalitarianism. He said: “Without Hitlerism
                                                                      and Stalinism in the people, there can be no Hitlers or Stalins.” In practical terms, this means that
          WMSA on the Web:                        every person who voted for Gore who hasn’t since repudiated his or her decision to do so, is a willful
          WMSA Hotline (816) 333-WMSA/FAX (816) 333-WMSA              ally of those who have come to corrode the fabric of America. Any person who would vote for a
                                                                      party which sponsors Janet Reno, Rahm Emanuel, Jesse Jackson, Craig Livingstone, and all the other
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                                                                      assorted malcontents and thugs who underpin this regime is no friend of freedom – rather, it is a
  Independence, MO
                                                                      person who exults the State over the individual, the rule of men over the rule of law, and the destruc-
  US Postage PaidKansas City, MO 64119                                tion of those tattered fragments of liberty which remain.
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                  Western Missouri Shooters Alliance                  It has been eight long years. I still feel a little bit numb from the shock of coping with the fact that the
                                                                      cancerous blight that has inhabited our White House for that time is finally on the way out. After eight
                                                                      years of unending scandals and embarrassments and corruption without bounds, it’s over! Gone will
                                                                      be the race baiting, the pandering to every deviant interest group, the assault on every fundamental
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                                            From the President
                       - FFL holders - While attending the last gunshow here in KCMO, I did a drive by just to see how
                       many FFL holders would have pro-gun political bumper stickers on their vehicles. It was about 55 -
                       low - far too low! - for the stakes that we have to lose. As Kevin Jamison or Festus Hagen
                       (Gunsmoke) would say: “I will be no more gunshows if Al gets in. So we passed out campaign
                       literature for our friendly pro-gun candidates and put it on our own dealers’ tables and they were
                       receptive to that FFL holders, get active!
                       - St. Louis - The “situation" in St. Louis reminded me of Proposition B last year when there were
                       lots of dead people voting against it, only this time, a judge in St. Louis gave an order to leave the
                       polls open for an extra three hours in a predominantly Democrat area and water laterruled by
                       another, higher judge, and so the polls stayed open “only” an extra hour and half. Later, Jesse
                       Opportunist Jackson was on a computer-generated telephone barrage telling voters that the polls will
                       be open until midnight. Our Senior Senator Kit Bond is investigating this matter (God bless you,
                       Sir). Senator and Jim Talent lost by a slim margin to Mr. Carnahan’s sympathy vote.
                       - NRA Convention - The NRA Annual Convention is coming to KCMO on May 18-20. We are
                       going to need volunteers. Call me at 816/924-7170.
                       - NRA Website - On November 3rd, NRA was in the area filming WMSA at friendly businesses
                       dropping off our Freedom First cards along with a list of pro-Second Amendment candidates at a
                       local deli in KC and a barber shop in Liberty. This footage was aired on election night.
                       - Union - No Freedom First - I received campaign literature from my labor union and also from
                       some so-called “civil rights groups”. I glanced at this material and threw it in the trash because I
                       know their mission was different from my own. I will never vote for any anti-Second Amendment
                       - George W. Bush - It was no surprise to me that Bush/Cheney won Missouri. We traveled every
                       gravel and dirt road for a little over a hundred mile radius of Kansas City talking to farmers and small
                       town people who are afraid of losing their guns and these fine folks voted freedom first. I talked
                       with countless people who are union people but who said that they cannot vote for an anti-gun
                       candidate. Mr. Gore came into Missouri and other states and said that he did not want to abolish
                       firearms. Well sir, we just don’t believe you. There are a lot of politicians in Washington who have
                       beenthere entirely too long and have just lost touch with the people back home. Their mentality is if
                       you own a semiautomatic military-style rifle, you are a criminal.
                       - Vice-President Jim Stout - VP Jim Stout has been wanting to go deer hunting for a while so I
                       asked my pro-gun minister if it would be all right if the boy could come along. He said sure, so at
                       0755 hours on season-opening day, Jim shot his buck. Congrats, Jimbo!
Page 18   The BULLET                                                The BULLET                                          Page 3
876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321                                                 He’s pushing for more severe punishment for illegal possession or sale of firearms, and creation of a
                                Liberty Notes
                                                                                                             state police unit with “considerable resources” to focus on “firearms trafficking” crimes.

876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321                                                 The news media in the Virginia Beach-Norfolk area is having a fit because a licensed firearms
                                                                                                             carrier won’t be prosecuted for killing a liquor store robber in Portsmouth last week.
                                   Kevin L. Jamison
Respond to these notes at 6317 NE Antioch 2W Gladstone MO 64119                                              The newspaper and radio and television stations ran opinion polls asking whether the licensed
                                                                                                             carrier — who was one of several frightened customers in the store — should be prosecuted.
It is a good day for Liberty.                                                                                Survey respondents declared, by 85 to 91 percent, “No.”

But only just.                                                                                               This week an armed gunman killed another store clerk in the area, and the same press has been
                                                                                                             strangely quiet about it.
As I write this, George W. Bush has the electoral votes to be our next president.                            —
                                                                                                             Help us keep you informed! Send your Firearms Coalition dues to:
We have experienced an electoral disaster. George W. Bush will be our next president, this is the
best result we could realistically expect. However. He has less than half of the popular vote,               Neal Knox Associates
disputes over voting procedures will continue. He will spend his administration striving for legiti-         7771 Sudley Road, No. 44
macy. This could be worse, all we wanted was four years suspension of the attacks from the White             Manassas, VA 20109
House. But there is worse. If not for Ralph Nader, AlGore would have decisively won the presi-
dency. In one or two states Buchanan seems to have taken enough votes to give the state to                   Suggested annual dues are the price of a box of ammunition — $15 - $25.
AlGore, but only after Nader bled off leftist votes. We kept Tennessee and Arkansas from AlGore,
and thus the presidency. We kept Missouri from him, and thus the presidency. However, given the
number of NRA members in Pennsylvania, we should have won that state, and New Mexico. On
the positive side, we stood toe to toe with union machines, and fought them at least to a standstill.
To our detriment, union officials can still muster people and vast sums of money to any politician
offering them power, typically Democrats. These officials have the mandatory union dues, and can
turn out crowds of people paid for their time or given credit towards a journeyman’s license for their
activism. Many of this mob would turn out regardless. Their grandfathers had their heads broken
                                                                                                                 "If the Democrats wanted Al Gore to be
unionizing a mine owned by a Republican. Eleanor Roosevelt went down into the mines with them,
so they are knee-jerk Democrats. Times have changed; their instincts have not.
                                                                                                              President so bad, they should have voted for
Autoworkers endorsed a man who wants to abolish the internal combustion engine. Hollywood
figures endorsed a ticket with a potential first lady and vice president who openly favor censorship.
There are other perceptions at work here.

At the state level, we shall not have a fair election so long as St. Louis reports its results last. Sena-
tor Kit Bond has demanded an investigation, but it will not change what has happened. Carnahan,
who was loosing until he died, has won. His wife, a safe vote for the machine, holds the Senate seat.
Page 4                                         The BULLET                                                                                               The BULLET                                        Page 17
Insiders say that this carefully crafted group of experienced heavy lifters is largely the work of soon-   The rumor is that she will sponsor her daughter Robin in the 2002 race for the seat. Robin Carnahan
to-be Vice President Dick Cheney. Since he’s going to be staying close to the Senate, ready to             lead the forces against Proposition B, and ran a campaign which determined that it could lie faster
break an unusually large number of ties, and because of his closeness to the cabinet and respect by        than we could tell the truth, and she was right. For governor, we have Holden, who also hates us,
President Bush, Cheney is probably going tobe the most powerful and influential Vice President in          and Maxwell as Lt. Governor, who also hates us. We lost Rep. Pouche to a candidate who did not
history.                                                                                                   return a survey to the NRA, always a bad sign. The legislature, like congress, is narrowly divided
                                                                                                           among Democrats and Republicans. Such a divide may give us opportunity to maneuver. On 23
That suits me, for I’ve been a Cheney fan for many years — since he quietly told me, while leaning on      January 2001, we will elect three state senators to replace senators who have gone to other races,
then-Sen. Malcolm Wallop’s rear deck railing, just how deeply he feels about the Second Amend-             or been caught one too many times. The seat in St. Louis is owned by the machine. The seats in the
ment.                                                                                                      12th and 18th districts, north Missouri are opportunities. There is little time.

We are short of votes on most gun issues in the Senate, and the virtual agreement for evenly divided       It appears to me that voters have rejected nasty campaigning. Locally, the nastiest campaigners lost.
committees will make it worse. Normally, ties in committee mean a bill or resolution can’t go to the       This may be a local phenomena, however it cannot be too strongly emphasized that we are for
floor; the Lott-Daschle party parity agreement, if accepted by their caucuses, will allow tied bills to    individual rights, not just against gun control. One cannot make up for the lack of a platform by
move to the floor without recommendation.                                                                  painting your opponent as evil. Even if he is.

That will mean Democrats can’t block Bush’s agenda in committee, but will make it more difficult to        The most encouraging comment I heard is that Hillary Clinton is the new face of the Democratic
stop anti-gun and anti-hunting legislation in committee.                                                   party, and a potential candidate for president in 2004. This should keep our people alert.

The final makeup of the Judiciary Committee hasn’t been decided, but likely, Hillary will be on it.        It has been an insane year, and it is not over. The best thing that can be said is that we may have a
                                                                                                           short period to reorganize before Gov. Holden and his prohibitionists come after us.
In the House side, where gunowners picked up a couple of votes, though Republicans lost some,
we’re probably going to be stronger in the Judiciary Committee because anti-gun Henry Hyde (R-Ill.)        The last page of these Notes is an application for membership in WMSA. If you are not a member,
had to step down due to the Gingrich six-years-as-chairman rule.                                           you should be. You are needed.

Hyde — who I once saw climb down from the chairman’s perch to hug Sarah Brady when she came                There is a book, 2006 the Chautauqua Rising by Jack Cashill. A few years in the future a man
into a hearing — tried, unsuccessfully, to get a waiver from the rule, and remain as chairman.             named Gore is president. A bill to protect children authorizes suspending the protections of the Bill
                                                                                                           of Rights if the administration believes it is necessary for the protection of children. Of course, it is
He will be replaced by Jim Sensenbrenner (R-Wis.) who, since a dustup over his support for the             deemed necessary. The usual motley group of rebels plots to
original Brady waiting period bill a decade ago, has had a good record on gun rights.                      overthrow the regime, or at least its policy. I would never have taken the Amish for a revolutionary
                                                                                                           group, however their role is well written. The book is well paced, however the rebel victory relies
 The Judiciary chairmanship hadn’t been decided when I stomped all over Capitol Hill attending             on bluffing the president, manipulating the media, and in short that the opposition is a bunch of
swearing-in day parties Wednesday, trying to get a read on what was likely to happen this year.            buffoons. We do not have that luxury.
Though things were and are still in flux, I did have some interesting conversations about what we might
be able to do, and expect to attend a planning session in a few days.                                      When Raytown police officers had trouble adjusting to their new guns (Glock 19’s replaced Sig
                                                                                                           Sauer’s) the reporter covering the problem contacted WMSA. The trouble seems to have been the
Republican New York Gov. George Pataki introduced another package of gun bills Wednesday, in               holsters were different than those they were used to. We sent him to police trainers who gave the
effect admitting that the gun package he rammed through last year — including “ballistic fingerprinting”   information he needed. We were not mentioned in the article.
— won’t have any impact on crime.
Page 16                                        The BULLET                                                                                                The BULLET                                           Page 5
Rosie O’Donnell bought McCall’s magazine, which will be an outlet for more of her poison against                876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321
                                                                                                                                             Neal Knox Report
I’ve just read Reading Athena’s Dance Card, Russell W. Glenn, Naval Institute Press, Annapolis
Maryland 2000. It concerns a survey of combat veterans regarding training and personnel rotation                Jan. 5 Neal Knox Report — George W. Bush’s now-complete cabinet is the most solidly conserva-
and its effect on the combat record of troops in Viet Nam, and finds that they did well. It is interest-        tive, and the most generally pro-gun, of any President in memory — including Ronald Reagan’s.
ing that in 165 pages, the author mentions the need for weapons training at least 33 times. Some
units conducted remedial marksmanship training at firebases. An excellent book.                                 That’s why the left is screaming so loudly, and planning to oppose the nominations of John Ashcroft
                                                                                                                as Attorney General, Gale Norton as Interior Secretary and Linda Chavez at Labor Secretary.
I also read John Hancock, Harlow Giles Unger, John Wiley & Sons Pub 2000 (with multiple per-
sonalities this is possible). At page 326 it quotes Hancock in 1791 as saying it was “of the highest            All three on the confirmation hot seat support gun rights, and deserve our active support.
consequence the the People, with their own Arms, should be able to defend themselves against all
invasions of a Foreign Enemy . . . to effect this, they should be universally instructed in the use of          Ashcroft made a powerful statement in support of the Second Amendment during a hearing a couple
Arms. A well disciplined Militia is the only Military force compatible with the People’s liberty; . . . “       of years ago, and at the very least will not — if confirmed — engage in the kind of continual anti-gun
                                                                                                                efforts we’ve seen from Janet Reno (who, like Bill Clinton, must be nervous about one of their
Military Review, the publication for the Command and General Staff College at Ft Leavenworth has                principal critics having the keys to unlock the Justice Department’s Clinton cover-ups.)
published my review of Freedmen, the Fourteenth Amendment, and the Right to Bear Arms. This
review has already been published in the WMSA BULLET. The book is notable for providing                         Despite the Treasury Department’s role in gun law interpretation and enforcement, the Secretary’s
background to the 1875 Supreme Court case U.S. v Cruikshank which ruled that individual rights to               appointment isn’t critical for he rarely pays any attention to anything except money matters. The key
arms was not fundamental. Mr. Cruikshank was arrested for violating the rights of Freedmen.                     Treasury posts are the still-unnamed Undersecretary and Assistant Secretary for Enforcement, who
There was a dispute over the winner of the elections in Grant Parish Louisiana. The Freedmen saw                are the direct bosses of BATF and Customs. Some good people have been recommended.
rouble if the White faction took control, so they fortified the county seat. The White faction replied
with cannon, disarmed, disenfranchised, and executed 150 or so Freedmen. The Supremes said that                 The efforts to block the confirmation of Ashcroft, Norton and Chavez will probably fail, but there’s
there was no case because there was no proof that he did so because the Freedmen were Black. he                 no guarantee. Former Sen. John Tower was defeated as Papa Bush’s Defense Secretary, and with
fact that the Supremes would find there was no case under such bloody facts indicates the frustration           the 50-50 Senate it could happen with one or more of these.
with Reconstruction. It also demonstrates the racist background of gun control. Members of
WMSA knew this last month. For $20 you too can know things before Military Review.                              The opposition’s primary objective is to rally their disheartened troops, and to get ready for the big
                                                                                                                fight that’s coming: Selection of Supreme Court Justices.
The same issue of Military Review has an article on the role of small arms in combat. It even has a
photo of a Pathan hillman turning out machineguns as a cottage industry.                                        National Security Advisor Condi Rice will meet with the cabinet though not formally a member. Not
                                                                                                                long ago I heard her declare: “I’m a Second Amendment absolutist!”
What we learned from the TV show “Survivor” was that the most popular member did not win, the
member with the best survival skills did not win, the most organized member did. We will win only if            Most Presidential cabinets are a hodge-podge; Bush’s isn’t. The selections are carefully matched to
we are the best organized, the most active, the most focused.                                                   carry out W’s campaign pledges. While the Republican’s moderate to liberal wing is represented,
                                                                                                                they’re not in positions that will adversely affect gun rights.
Missourians for Personal Safety has decided to push a Concealed Carry license bill. This will rely
on writing it in such a way that it will be difficult for the enemy to lie about it. They will lie, it is the   The cabinet choices, and Presidential Advisor selections like Mary Matalin, announced today, indi-
only way they can fight it. If citizens feel safe, they will not give the government money and power to         cate that the Bush team will be much more activist, as well as more conservative than I had expected.
Page 6                                           The BULLET                                                                                                  The BULLET                                        Page 15
876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321                                                  make them safe. The elite cannot have that. The bill will be in the legislature, not a referendum.
876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321                                                  We will have another rally in Jefferson City in March, it will be either the 8th or 15th, depending on
With the election (finally!) over, it’s time to take a step back and look about at the political              when the legislature goes out for recess, and takes their nap. The 8th is the most probable date.
landscape as it shapes up. Speaking for myself, for the first time in eight years I don’t feel like I am
living in an occupied country. We have a straight-up Cabinet, good agency appointments, a President           The NRA sent their news crew to Kansas City for some pre-election interviews. They wanted to
who as Governor made it his first order of business to sign a CCW bill, and a Vice-President – profi-         see what we were doing for the election. We took them to a Deli and Harvey’s Barber Shop in
cient at arms - who is a Second Amendment Absolutist and who is in a position to shape gun policy for         Liberty. They said they were very impressed with the locations we scouted, and the logistical
the foreseeable future. This is great news, folks! Let the Left whine all they want – we have an              support we provided. They will be back for the NRA convention.
administration that truly looks like America and not one that looks like a third-world drug rehab clinic.
John Ashcroft’s impending appointment as Attorney General is particularly propitious. We                      We have provided the Kansas City Convention Bureau with some suggestions of attractions for the
will once again have a Justice Department that puts Red Chinese agents in jail rather than chat them
                                                                                                              NRA convention. If there is something of special interest, let us know.
up in the buffet line at White House coffees and other fundraisers, one that will prosecute corruption
instead of covering it up, and one that will once again bring a measure of decency to a department that
will go down in the history books as the most evil and corrupt in American history.                           We shall overcome.
Of immediate interest to us is the fact that Steven Hill and Edward Dowd (U.S. Attorneys for
Western and Eastern Districts, respectively) will be sent packing. Do you remember their scheme –
blessed by Janet Reno, herself – to use taxpayer resources to combat Proposition B last year? Were
you at the WMSA General Membership meeting when Assistant U.S. Attorney Paul Becker told us
that Hill - his boss - “didn’t see the Second Amendment the same way we did”?
Under a Bush administration, we’re not going to see HUD suing gun manufacturers. Nor will
the Army crush and melt M1D Garands and M14’s, “executive orders” that prohibit entire classes of
firearms from being imported – after the import licenses have been approved and we won’t have to
watch cops (who were ordered to be present or lose their jobs) standing behind the President at the
Capitol while he drives another stake into the heart of the Second Amendment.
So, take a deep breath! I don’t know about you, but for me it seems like after eight long years, the
shelling has stopped and the sounds of nature have come back. I know, I know – the battle is ongoing
and complacency is the enemy, but don’t those tweeting birds sound great?
Congressman Ike Skelton (D-Mo 4th) disappointed me. He is a rather staunch supporter of our
2nd Amendment rights; even so, as a Democrat he has a constituency in Washington that he must
please. But even so, I was astonished to receive from him a reply to my letter expressing outrage over
the way his party handled the military ballot situation in Florida. In his reply, he didn’t even mention my
specific complaint, preferring rather to express relief that the election was over. This leads me to say
this: Representative Skelton, you have lost my vote forever. I won’t support a man who purports to
represent the best interests of America’s military and then stands by instead of forcibly protesting, and
if necessary, fighting against those Democrat lawyer sons of bitches who went to the county election
offices and systematically contested each and every absentee military ballot. Not only will I never vote
for you, sir, I will endeavor to prevent you from ever getting another endorsement from WMSA, NRA,
or any other organization to which I belong. Our military people who are overseas – many of them, in
harm’s way, stationed in barren outposts in observance of interventionist policy set and executed by a
draft-dodging, lying weasal - deserve much better than this, Congressman Skelton.
Page 14                                          The BULLET                                                                                                The BULLET                                         Page 7
876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321                                                      Square miles of country won by Bush: 2,427,000
                       It’s the GUNS, Stupid!
                                                                                                                  Square miles of country won by Gore: 580,000

                                                                                                                  States won by Bush: 30
                                          Leroy Pyle                                                              States won by Gore: 20
Why do I have to hear about your drug agenda in my Second Amendment debate? There is a
political party and any number of discussion areas dedicated to the promotion of the legalization of              Average Murder per 100,000 residents in counties won by Bush: 0.1
drugs. Please stop injecting your drugs into my freedom efforts! The Second Amendment will                        Average Murder per 100,000 residents in counties won by Gore: 13.2
secure your right to freedom of speech for whatever cause you support, but won’t you please
consider how your drugs are detrimental to my Second Amendment efforts?                                   If the Red Zone could secede, leaving the Blue Zone left to fend for itself (after all, food comes from
                                                                                                          the supermarket, right?), I would be the first to support it. The two areas could trade on agreeable
While the Libertarians are screaming and slamming keyboards, let me ask the rest of you if it makes       terms and live under the rules that, respectively, please them. And each would be free to sink or
sense to inject the legalization of drugs into the Second Amendment debate when we have a public          swim under the rules they have made, based upon their understandings of human nature.
best represented by a bunch of misguided moms whose vote is swayed by RosieO, or by how a
politician kisses his wife on television? Their votes get changed by sighs or facial expressions during   This won’t happen, of course. But we can think about it. When next we hear the major media
a presidential debate, or when Hillary’s personal space is violated. We are not talking rocket            trumpeting the latest leftist code phrase from the Democrats (gun safety, prescription drug coverage,
science, here, just common sense. Much has been said, recently, of the importance of the “war of          targeted tax cuts, et al.), we’ll know where it came from.
words” in the struggle for our liberty. See, for an
excellent example. In such a delicate environment, should drugs be part of our Second Amendment           Where did it come from?
                                                                                                                                           From out of the Blue.
I don’t pretend to have the answer to the drug debate, but I do know that a few topics are guaran-
teed to disrupt and divide a discussion group. Drugs is one of those topics with a long record of
disrupting and dividing a Second Amendment Group. Ask any 2AM discussion group moderator!
Is there not every reason to believe that the topic has the same affect on the voting public? Should
we not consider that voting public a greater discussion group that is especially important as the
elections near.

I have great respect for the Libertarian platform, admire their stand on The Second Amendment,
and could not agree more with their protest against the growing and intrusive government. No one
can deny the contributions of Big L or little l contributors to The Second Amendment efforts. But
how many Second Amendment activists share my concern that the drug topic detracts from the
Second Amendment debate? How many flinch when an otherwise encouraging and inspiring
speaker or writer includes the drug topic in the Second Amendment argument? Common sense
should dictate that our efforts to retain Second Amendment Rights depend on attracting a majority
of Americans voters to our side. You can theorize and philosophize until the cows come home, but
at this time in our history, drugs are a negative factor in the minds of the very “mainstream Ameri-
cans” we are trying to win over in the Second Amendment debate.
Page 8                                        The BULLET                                                                                               The BULLET                                        Page 13
Blue Zone/cont'd from Cover)                                                                                We all appreciate the sincerity of civil libertarians, their dedication to principles, and their willingness
right coincident with the promulgation of special privileges and favor to those whose agenda are at         to never waiver an inch when it comes to those principles. The results in each and every election year
odds with the America I grew up in, the outright sale of critical military secrets to the Communist         is very similar to this year’s experience. There is not a nice way to point out the fact that the Liber-
Chinese, the vicious, politically motivated (sometimes, physical) attacks on good people who just           tarian Party is nearly invisible. I am convinced that their drug platform does them the most harm. The
want to do their jobs the best they can. In the place of a lying, abusive, draft-dodging pandering          average voter is turned off by any effort to legalized drugs, and it taints the entire program.
political whore we have managed – barely - to elect a good and decent man who is acknowledged               My firearms rights won’t wait! The dedicated civil libertarians may have the patience and, in fact,
to be fair and honest..                                                                                     have no choice but to wait for a change in attitudes. In the meantime, firearms rights are rapidly
                                                                                                            disappearing. It makes sense to me to watch the “professionals” in the world of elections as they
Are you ready for a Justice Department that stands for justice instead of helping its political and         come together in the middle to win elections, delicately avoiding the hazardous topics. Ironically,
ideological friends escape prosecution while investigating the Boy Scouts because they reject gay           guns are one of those topics in this year’s presidential elections. Should we not learn from the
scoutmasters? A Department of Education that cares about education instead of foisting leftist              “professionals”?Just repeating a “drug legalization” theory over and over does not make it the truth.
ideology on our children? A Department of Defense that will build rather than systematically de-            It may start to sound good when repeated in discussion groups and certain sound bites may even
stroy our military? The good news is that we’re going to have those things again. The bad news is           appear to be accepted when you rarely see an opposing opinion in your discussion or peer groups.
that the negative forces remain and will be virulent in their attacks upon this administration. We only     And it may very well be the truth of the future, but that future depends on winning the battles of the
won this election by a whisker and will be reminded of this repeatedly for the next four years while        present, which, again, depends on winning the votes. Don’t forget the very many discussion and peer
we prepare for the next cycle, which we must win also, and by better margins than we did this time.         groups that not only do not favor legalization of drugs, but consider the proposal offensive.
                                                                                                            Take my group, for example. A group by age and learned values. I grew up under “old-fashion
Most of you have undoubtedly seen The Map. USA Today ran it, shortly after election day, and it is          values” and went to school to learn the three “R”s where drugs weren’t a problem or part of the
a map of the United States, illustrating the presidential vote by county; red for Bush, blue for Gore.      curriculum. History was taught as it should be in the “old fashion schools” that we all yearn for (he
                                                                                                            said, sarcastically), where drug use was prohibited.
The map is all red! All red, that is, except for most major cities, state capitals, university
towns, and other outposts of government dependency. What you see when you look at that                      A career in law enforcement exposed me to the many aspects of drug abuse that pressure society. I
map is that this really is our country – 85% of it is, anyway – and that the cancer hasn’t spread           have arrested the wasted abusers, counseled concern parents, and worked with the numerous social
beyond the areas which contain the support mechanisms necessary for its maintenance. You can’t              efforts trying to wean the wasted away from drugs. I was assigned to the narcotics unit during the
look at The Map without understanding that America is still alive, still prospering, still possessed of a   Haight-Ashbury and Timothy Leary heydays, and not unfamiliar will the rhetoric, pro and con. I am
people with basic common sense who understand the true nature of government and don’t rely on it            convinced that outside of medical purposes there is no redeeming social value in getting loaded on
to save themselves from the results of living in a land where people are free and able to choose for        the drug of your choice, and that includes alcohol. If not for medical purposes, how does a civilized
themselves.                                                                                                 person justify using a substance that is intended solely as a means to mess up your head?
                                                                                                            I say this to bolster the spirits of Second Amendment Enthusiasts who share my values and my
Here are some interesting statistics about the Red Zone and the Blue Zone (courtesy, Professor Joe          concern for the injection of differing agendas into our Second Amendment efforts. Drugs, black
Olson):                                                                                                     helicopters, and the NWO are legitimate concerns that would be best discussed ELSEWHERE!
                                                                                                            Please, can’t we keep them out of the Second Amendment debate.
          Counties won by Bush: 2,434
          Counties won by Gore: 677                                                                         The “war on drugs” will continue as long as parents of teenagers outnumber libertarian types. Typical
                                                                                                            of crime victims, distraught parents and family members will continue to demand enforcement against
          Population of counties won by Bush: 143 million                                                   drug distribution and use. It is one thing to theorize and philosophize about drug legalization, and
          Population of counties won by Gore: 127 million                                                   another to watch the tragic affects of drugs on a family. Especially if it is your family or a family you
                                                                                                            care about. It is easy to call them victimless crimes when it is not your daughter getting wasted, your
Page 12                                        The BULLET                                                                                                  The BULLET                                           Page 9
husband losing his paycheck to gambling on Friday, or your sister getting tricked out by some pimp.        And that argument totally ignores the misery and despair of alcohol abuse that caused this nation to
How easy it seems to condone someone else’s daughter’s life as a whore!                                    consider prohibition in the first place. Prohibition may have failed, but the misery and despair is
                                                                                                           rampant in our society and has multiplied. The very destructive social consequences of the legaliza-
I have always felt much sympathy for the millions of frustrated parents and family members who             tion of alcohol is evident to all, and it is reasonable for many to believe that justifying MORE poison
demand that every effort, including the war on drugs be continued. And again, common sense should          by comparing it to a proven poison is not an acceptable argument. Something taught to me in that old
make it obvious that it is those very parents of teenagers who can make the difference in the coming       fashions education system won’t let me buy it.
elections. I will not deny the pro-drug element their voice, but when you have an agenda that has the
legalization of drugs as a priority, the legalization of smoking, snorting, injecting and eating mind      Legalization would provide a tax stamp and create a government bureaucracy to replace the drug
altering substances, the arguments are going to be a lot of theorizing and philosophizing, and pretty      dealers. That sounds more like a Liberal program, to me, than anything a Conservative would
much one-sided. You have to go to great lengths to legitimize getting wasted as an acceptable social       support. I prefer the dealers be kept in the gutter with the abusers, rather than providing them the
activity. It is consuming The Second Amendment Debate at a time when winning the vote should be            credibility of a government office! I suspect the influence of many whose primary goal is to legalize
the priority.                                                                                              marijuana, but appreciate the efforts of civil libertarians who deplore the growing influence of gov-
                                                                                                           ernment. Common sense should dictate that these efforts have no place in the Second Amendment
The “war on drugs” is a subject that many may be considering from an erroneous view. We have not           Debate where we are trying to affect an election.
lost the war on drugs any more than we have lost the war on rape, robbery, or burglary. We con-
tinue to judge those actions as deviant and deserving of criminal sanction. If I was in favor of the       Let us concentrate our efforts on The Second Amendment. It’s the GUNS, stupid!
legalization of rape, then I could easily justify the act by making notice of the history of failed rape
enforcement. After all, we keep arresting them and putting them in jail, but they keep on raping. Tell     A tourist walks into a curio shop in San Francisco. Looking around at the exotica, he notices a
the women that the solution is to make rape legal? Or, consider NAMBLA, the North American                 very life- like, life-sized bronze statue of a rat. It has no price tag, but is so striking he decides
Man Boy Love Association. It is dedicated to one goal—making it legal for adult men to be able to          he must have it.
have homosexual sex with young boys, without any negative consequences from society. There’s a
real vote-getter.                                                                                          He took it to the owner: “How much for the bronze rat?” “Twelve dollars for the rat, one
                                                                                                           hundred dollars for the story,” said the owner. The tourist gave the man twelve dollars. “I’ll
The failure of prohibition is used most often to justify the legalization of drugs. The demand for         just take the rat, you can keep the story.”
alcohol was so great, and the profits so lucrative, that criminals would go to any length to supply
contraband liquor. The elimination of crime, violence, and profit is the justification for the end of      As he walked down the street carrying his bronze rat he noticed that a few real rats had
prohibition, and the argument, as well, for the legalization of drugs.                                     crawled out of the alleys and sewers and began following him down the street. This was discon-
                                                                                                           certing, he began walking faster. But within a couple blocks, the herd of rats behind him had
Pardon me? Al Capone has been replaced by millionaire businessmen who control the transportation           grown to hundreds, and they began squealing.
unions and liquor industries and we are supposed to believe that something is different? These same
millionaire businessmen use the millions made from liquor to buy clout with the Governor of the state      He began to trot toward the Bay, looking around to see that the rats now numbered in the
and/or Mayor of big cities to retain their liquor based power industries. Those millionaire liquor         MILLIONS, and were squealing and coming toward him faster and faster.
barons buy more votes and politicians than you and I can muster for any given election. What has
changed? The greed and corruption of the past as portrayed at           Concerned, he ran to the edge of the Bay, and threw the bronze rat as far out into the Bay as he
projects/Ram’s_Horn/DontShoot.htm has not changed. The violence may be handled better, but the             could. Amazingly, the millions of rats all jumped into the Bay after it, and were all drowned.
corruption and enormous profits are just more sophisticated. Are you impressed that a Fedora and
Tommy gun has been replaced with a pin-striped suit and a Mont Blanc pen?                                  The man walked back to the curio shop. “Ah ha,” said the owner, “You have come back for
                                                                                                           the story?” “No,” said the man, “I came back to see if you have a bronze Democrat.”
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