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Biz Plan Pitch Deck.ppt - TiE Sydney


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About the Template

                                                                                                                                             USING THE PITCHBOOK TEMPLATE
Pitchbooks are structured presentations with tightly packed text and graphics. They are usually intended for print rather than projection.
Some typical characteristics of a pitchbook presentation include:

    •   Smaller text sizes and more dense content layouts to enable communication of large amounts of information
    •   Simple graphical elements which print quickly and accurately
    •   High degree of consistency between slides and among sections of slides

To start creating slides using this template, click the Home tab, and then click New Slide.

Customizing the Logo                                                      Branding with Color

To customize this template for your business, you may want to             To style your slides with your company’s brand colors while
replace our generic logo with your own.                                   maintaining the template’s simple layout, change the color
                                                                          scheme or create your own:

                                                                          •On the Themes tab, under Theme Options, click Colors, and then
                                       My Logo                            select a color scheme.

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Prepared by Dilip Rao for Tie Sydney
                                         •   Problem
                                         •   Our solution
                                         •   Competition
                                         •   Secret Sauce
                                         •   Business/Revenue Model
                                         •   Financials
                                         •   Team
                                         •   Why invest?

Current Process              Problem Description

                                                                                                THE PROBLEM
                             • Who is the typical client? Consumer or business?
                             • Describe the problem or pain for the target client today.
                             • What does the client do today?
                             • Why will the client pay to solve this problem?
                             • Show your deep understanding of the client and any insights
                               the market has missed.
                             • How big is this problem – how many clients, value of time lost
                               or avoidable costs incurred, quality of current solutions or
Market Segments              • Show proof points – e.g. client you have spoken to and
                               confirmed the scope and size of the problem.

Size of Addressable Market
Proposed Process             Solution Description

                                                                                             OUR SOLUTION
                             • Describe the solution proposed and how we remove/reduce
                               the pain for the target client.
                             • How will the client use our solution?
                             • How is our solution different from today’s?
                             • Why will the client pay for this solution?
                             • Do we have any proof points about the acceptance of this
                               solution? Clients? In principle agreements to purchase when

Market Segments

Size of Addressable Market
Competitive Comparison                  Competition

                                        DO NOT SAY THERE ARE NO COMPETITORS!
                                        Who are the current and emerging competitors?
                                        Include substitutes
                                        How do they stack up against us on the key benefits sought by

Competitve positioning on key factors
Process Model                                    Secret Sauce

                                                                                                              SECRET SAUCE
                                                 What makes us different to the competition?
                                                 - In product or service?
                                                 - In business model?
                                                 - In patentable IP?
                                                 - How do we SUSTAIN these advantages?
                                                 - How quickly could a competitor match us, given unlimited
            Changing                Supporting     budget? 6m? 12m? 2years?
                                                 - Do we have a product roadmap that keeps us ahead?
                                                 - What proof points do we have? Client sales, references,
                                                   channel agreements?

Business Model                        Business Model Elements

                                                                                                           BUSINESS/REVENUE MODEL
                                      Describe how the business works to deliver value and to make
                 Customer Segments    money, at a high level, but with proof points wherever possible.
                                      •What is the core strategy - differentiation, niche focus, cost
                                      •Is this a multi-sided model, eg you need buyers and sellers to
                  Value Proposition   come together to make money? How will you solve the chicken
                                      and egg problem?
                                      •Is revenue generated from advertising or product/service sales?
                                      •Do you have a ‘freemium’ model?
                      Channels        How do you generate revenues and what is the profit per client or
                                      per sale?
                                      What is the cost of acquisition per client? Is this scalable? How?
                                      What is the cost structure and does this have any economies of
                    Key Activities    scale or specialisation?

                   Key Resources

                    Key Partners

                   Cost Structure

                  Revenue Streams
Market Size and Growth    Financial Outlook

                         Quarter Ended                     1st Qtr.    2nd Qtr. 3rd Qtr.      4th Qtr.           Total
                         Financialyear 2012
                         Revenue                            $7,746      $8,541     $7,835      $8,065         $32,187
                         Gross profit                        6,402       6,404      6,561       6,761          26,128
                         Net income                          2,041       1,865      2,142       1,483            7,531
                         Basic earnings per share             0.19        0.17         0.2        0.14             0.7
                         Diluted earnings per share           0.19        0.17         0.2        0.14            0.69
                         Financialyear 2013
                         Revenue                            $8,215    $10,153      $9,175      $9,292         $36,835
Revenue Mix              Gross profit                        6,735       7,809      7,764       7,811          30,119
                         Net income                          2,614       1,549      1,315       2,690            8,168
                         Basic earnings per share             0.24        0.14       0.12         0.25            0.76
                         Diluted earnings per share           0.24        0.14       0.12         0.25            0.75
                         Financialyear 2014
                         Revenue                            $9,189    $10,818      $9,620    $10,161          $39,788
                         Gross profit                        7,720       8,896      8,221       8,751          33,588
                         Net income                          2,528       3,463      2,563       3,700          12,254
                         Basic earnings per share             0.23        0.32       0.24         0.34            1.13
                         Diluted earnings per share           0.23        0.32       0.23         0.34            1.12

                         (1) Includes charges totaling $750 million (pre-tax) related to the Fabrikam settlement and
                             $1.15 billion in impairments of investments.
                         (2) Includes stock-based compensation charges totaling $2.2 billion for the employee stock
                             option transfer program.
                         (3) Includes charges totaling $756 million (pre-tax) related to Contoso subsidiaries and other
Organisation                                                                  Team Credentials

                                                                              This is one of the most important slides, since early investors will
                                                                              invest in the best team, not the best plan.
                          CEO                                                 Show why this team has the ability to deliver the plan.
                                                                              If key roles are yet to be filled, show where you will find them.
                                                                              If funding is required to make key hires, outline how money will be
                          • Sales                                             spent.
                          • Ops
                          • Tech



   Product                                 Human
 Development                              Resources

 Design   Manufacturing               Headquarters   Subsidiaries
Investment Allocation                                                                     Business Process Model

                                                                                                                                                              SUMMARY: WHY INVEST?
Product Division                   2011           2012            2013            2014
Electronics                      10.3 %          12.1%           13.2%            17.0%

Consumer Goods                     1.3%            2.3%           2.2%             2.7%

Services                          12.0%          11.0%            8.9%             9.2%

Widget Sales                      78.0%          82.3%           82.5%            84.0%

Installations                      5.3%            7.9%          12.2%            15.1%

(1) Percentages based on domestic comparison to competitors in directly related
(2) Percentages based on standing at the end of each fiscal year.
(3) Values provided by a third party agency.

Product Roadmap                                                                           Summary

                                                                                          Summarise the pitch.

                                                                                          If raising investment, specify how much and how it will be used.
                                                                                          Indicate what share of equity you can offer for what level of
                                                                  Rel 3                   investment (details to be negotiated).
                                                                                          Do you want only capital or also close involvement in growing the
                                  Rel 2                                                   company?

   Rel 1                                                                                  How will the investment make money – what multiple, in how
                                                                                          many years and who are the target buyers of the company if an
                                                                                          IPO is not viable?

                                                                                          Contact Details

                                                                                          Provide your contact details!.

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