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									Volume 13, Issue 5                                                                     May 2008

         Dear Friends,

              A group of forty two members and friends of Saint Luke’s gathered on April 27th to
         talk about the present and future of this congregation. We were treated to wonderful food

         and great conversation. Several threads emerged from our discussions, all of which re-
         volved around the twin themes of hospitality and inclusion.
              The message of hospitality weaves its way throughout the Bible. Writing about this
         welcome Roman Catholic monk Lucien Richard says, “Encounters with strangers in the

         New Testament lead to partnerships, to co-participation in the power of the Kingdom, to
         companionship in building God’s house and home. Hospitality has generative power” (my
              We discovered that phenomenon that evening that we gathered. Hospitality generates

         shared dynamism. I felt the energy and vitality grow as people experienced welcome
         through an inviting space, great food and thoughtful conversation. By the end of the event,
         people looked and spoke differently, as a group that shared a—dare I say it—spiritual ex-

         perience that bound them together. Faces were relaxed, the tone of people’s voices was
         softer, and the overall mood was joyful. This was a holy time, in which we touched the
         kingdom of God, which Lucien Richard calls not a place, but a deed.
              What the kingdom, or reign, of God brings about, Richard goes on to say, is the reinte-

         gration of poor and marginal into society. I would add that this includes the reintegration
         of a wide variety of marginalized people into the church. As people talked at our gather-
         ing, what I heard was the desire to be an inclusive congregation what welcomes those who
         feel they do not have a place in other congregations.

              We make this welcome possible when we stretch our definition of what makes some-
         one a part of this congregation. While the categories of “member” and “non-member” still
         count for official purposes, in our lived experience as a community of faith, these alone do
         not fully capture how people understand their relationship with Saint Luke’s. Is a member

         who has had no contact with the congregation in years more important to the community
         than an enthusiastic and fully engaged person who may never become a member? We
         level the playing field by acknowledging that we are all pilgrims: we are all engaged in
         walking the way of faith that Jesus demonstrated. This enables people to move in and out

         of the life of the congregation as they wish. Some may walk only a small part of their jour-
         ney with us; others may settle here and become members. Regardless, when we come
         from a place of deep hospitality, the power of the Spirit transforms the community into a

         lively place because as Richard says, hospitality has generative power.

         I invite you all to join us and experience the power of the Spirit as it moves among us.
         In Christ
         The Reverend Peter D. D’Angio, Priest-in-Charge

                               Renewal and Evangelism Communique

                                     Changes to the by-laws

Article I: Declaration:
This Church acknowledges itself to be a member of and to belong to the Protestant Episcopal Church in
the United States of America, and the State of Pennsylvania and the Diocese of Bethlehem. As such it
accedes to, recognizes and adopts the Constitution, Canons, Doctrine, Discipline and Worship of the
Church and acknowledges its authority accordingly. It acknowledges and acts under Articles of Incorpo-
ration dated January 19, 1852, as amended June, 1891; May, 1923; June, 1922; February 1997; and
April, 2008.

Article VII Election of the Vestry

Section 1. The Vestry of the Church shall consist of nine persons, each of whom shall be an adult com-
municant of this Parish in good standing.

Proposed change is to reduce the number of Vestry members from 12 to 9.

Section 2: At each annual meeting of the Congregation there shall be elected three members of the Ves-
try for terms of three years each, or until their successors are elected. In 2009, three members will be
elected for a three year term each, and in 2010, three members will be elected for a three year term
each and one member will be elected for a one year term.

Article VIII:

Section 2: Regular meetings of the Vestry shall be held each month, January through June and September
through December in the Parish House at an agreed upon, regularly scheduled day and time, until and
unless the Vestry schedules meetings in July and/or August or some other time and place be author-
ized by the Vestry.

Article XII: By-laws and Amendments

The Vestry shall have the power to amend these by-laws. Any amendments to these by-laws shall be
submitted in writing to the Vestry. The proposed amendment(s) will be published in the Sunday
bulletin(s) and in the newsletter, if these publications are extant, at least thirty (30) days prior to
the meeting at which the amendment(s) will be considered. No amendment shall be adopted except by
an affirmative vote of two-thirds of the Vestry.

These are the proposed changes. They are in bold script and underlined. A copy of the
by-laws and a copy of the new by-laws are on the bulletin board in Israel Lounge. Please
review and offer your comments to the Vestry or the Priest-in-Charge.

                          Renewal and Evangelism Communique

          JUNE                                       News of our Youth
01 Renee Ammenhauser
04 Carol Parry                                           Shannon Elizabeth
   Ethel Parry                                          Exeter will graduate
   Rosetta Young                                       from Temple Univer-
   Alec Wishneski                                      sity with her Doctor-
05 Wendy Evans                                            ate in Pharmacy.
   James Fisk
06 David Burrier                                       Rebecca Sue Exeter is
10 Harry Bedford                                         in her third year of
   Robert Thompson                                      the nursing program
   Austin Woyshnar                                     at Temple University.
12 William Moser
13 Lawrence Beck                  Stephen Exeter is graduating from Old Forge High School and
   Robin O’Hearn                         will continue his studies at Wilkes University.
15 Shirley Sexton
   Madison Snyder                  All three students were honor graduates and members of the
18 Rev. Peter D’Angio                        Honor Society at Old Forge High School
21 Mark Monahan
22 Violet Shivokevich             Diana Lynn Cudworth is an Honor graduate of Riverside High
23 Lynne Fazio                   School and member of the Honor Society. She will attend Wilkes
   Andrew Sheridan                                        University.
   Francis Rizzo
24 Joan Conroy                   Dana Zlotucha is graduating from Wilkes University with a BA
26 Veva Lynch                    degree in English. She will be attending Penn State Law School
27 Lynn Gallagher                in the fall. Dana has been a Dean’s List student while at Wilkes.
28 Robert Cudworth, Jr
   Elizabeth Franchetti          Christy Cudworth is completing her first year at the University of
29 Tina Pankevitch                  the Pacific in California and will be home for the summer.
30 Corrine Baldere
   Tracy Burke                    Brian Patchcoski is graduating from the University of Scranton
                                  with a BS degree in Counseling & Human Services and a minor
                                 in Art History. He will attend Penn State in the fall to begin work
                                                      on his Master’s Degree.

                                Saverio Bonacci is graduating From Keystone College with a BS
                                degree in Business and a minor in Human Resource Management.
                                 He previously was awarded an Associate Degree in Hotel Man-

                                          May 10 is Postal Food Collection Day

                                Please support the Postal Service employees when they collect
                                food on May 10. Among the many recipients of their collection is
                                Safety Net. They have given generously to stock their shelves.

                               Renewal and Evangelism Communique

      Spring is here and the church and garden are looking great. Hopefully, we’ll have a good weekend
 to plant the new tree on the third Saturday of May. As usual, your vestry is busy with many new pro-
 jects. In April, we had our first finance committee meeting in a long time, a Newcomer’s / Old timer’s
 Gathering, and the WVIA telethon. This May, the church is planning to participate in our first First Fri-
 day event. We’re looking forward to continue as a venue for “First Friday” artists through the summer.
 Elsewhere in this newsletter are proposed changes to the by-laws which will permit the vestry to have
 regular meetings through the summer so that we do not lose any momentum. As always, there are many
 opportunities for anyone who is interested in increasing your involvement in our church community. If
 you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me.

                                              David Wegner
                                              Senior Warden.

                                      Warren Memorial Garden
    Thank you to the volunteers who came out and helped clean up and spread mulch in the Warren
 Memorial Garden on the third Saturday of April. On the third Saturday of May, (May 17) the garden
 committee is planning to plant a weeping cherry tree. If you would like to help out in the garden please
 come out around 10:00 a.m.

                                                                                        Mickey Baccoli
                                                                          Warren Memorial Garden Chair

 Mickey Baccoli, Greg Hinson, Fran Molinaro and Dave Wegner for making our garden look so inviting.

                             Knoebels Day with St. Luke's & WVIA
   A great way to celebrate Pentecost--considered the birthday of the Christian church--and Mother's Day
weekend is with a group of fellow parishioners as we enjoy Knoebels Amusement Resort on Saturday,
May 10.

    Membership in WVIA television and radio includes free passes for Knoebels and other attractions,
with quantities increasing with the amount of donation. For example, a $40 membership provides two
Knoebels passes plus a ticket to each of two ski days--a package worth much more than $40!

     Greg Hinson is coordinating the day, and he is accepting passes from WVIA contributors who cannot
attend or have more than are needed (a $120 membership provides 6 passes!). He'll be sure that these are
distributed with hopes that the visit for everyone will be FREE. We already have more than a dozen avail-
able to others.

    See the bulletin board in Israel Lounge to sign up to attend and/or contribute passes. You can contact
Greg directly at or at 342-7612.

To contribute to WVIA, just call the station or go to You'll feel good for supporting public
broadcasting and spending a fun day with the St. Luke's gang!                   Greg Hinson

                                Renewal and Evangelism Communique

                                           Cookie Makers
     As we enjoy the new seat cushions, the Women of St. Luke’s want to thank all the volunteers who
made it possible. It has taken several years and volunteers to make it happen. The regular workers who
spent years working: Rick Ammenhauser, Jim Butler, Bob & Edna Cudworth, Marion Gavern, Virginia
Haskett ( who has since moved to N.C.), Beverly & Frank Hoeffner, Linda Howarth, Jane Nardella, Ernie
Rush, Shirley Sexton, Violet Shivokevich, Beverly Trygar, Helen Weinschenk, Helen Yeager and Betty
Zapp. We have frequently been joined by Debbie, Diana & Christy Cudworth, Ruth Cummings, Joanne &
Rich Evans, Leo Flowers, Tammy Fitz-Arling, Elsa Nelson, Esther Rosengrant, Loretta Savinelli, Louise
& Nick Serpico, Jim & Judy Stevenson, Gladys & Howard Timms, and Robyn Thompson. Occasionally
when they are able, we have been aided by Lorraine Beck, Amy & Paul Bedford, Don & Elizabeth
Beemer, Saverio & Vernee Bonacci, Viola Carmody, Michelle & Joe Craig, Lynne Davis, Ella Dunn, An-
astasia & Ed Gaus, Anne Gershey, Vincenza Glynn, Tina Pankevitch, Ann Peck, and Richard Wenzel.

                                    Looking for Office Angels
Do you have a morning or afternoon when you could help out in the office? There are many task that
need to be done. During the summer months, students are welcome. Age 12 and up. We will work with
students who must complete a community service project or scout members working on merit badges.

The Daughters of the American Revolution recently held their state convention in Scranton. They had
a memorial service at St. Luke’s to recognize members who died in the past year. As each name was
read, a flower was placed in a wreath and after the service, the wreath was placed at courthouse square.
Open dates for Altar Flowers: May 25-1, June 1-1, June 22-2, June 29-2, July 13-2, July 20-1, July 27-
2, August 17-2, August 24-2, September 7-2, September 14-1, September 28-2, October 5-2, October 19-
2, November 16-1, November 23-2, December 7-1. If you would like flowers on any on these dates,
please contact Edna Cudworth or the church secretary.
 Mr. Larry Hickernell, Sr. is                                         Lois Shorten Davies
  updating our web site.                                                   April 14, 2008
       Check it out!
                                                                Lois was always a very active member at
                                                            St. Luke’s before her health problems. She
      Saverio Bonacci was                                   spent several generations as Sunday School
 the high bidder for the                                     teacher to the youngest children. She also
 Craftsmen sign that was                                          participated in many activities.

                                    Altar Flowers Schedule
     Donor                      In Memory of            Donor                      In Memory of
                       May                          25 Ethel Parry                 Jack Parry
04 Snyder & O’Hearn Families                           Open for 1
                                Jean Fessenden                      June
11 Robert & Edna Cudworth                       01 Lucetta & Mario Savinelli           Grace Rakauskas
 Lois Levandoski, Sally Staebler & Sarah Gilboy    Open for 1
18 Charles Welles         Karen O’Connell       08 Howard & Gladys Timms              Edith Ann Timms
                                      Welles    15 Betty Zapp                         Walter Zapp
   Edwin Butler              Mildred Butler        Shirley Sexton                     Dorothy Dillon

  The Communiqué                                                                               NON-PROFIT
                                                                                               U.S. POSTAGE
 St. Luke’s Episcopal Church
 232 Wyoming Avenue                                                                              PAID
 Scranton, Pennsylvania 18503-1464

                           Renewal and Evangelism Communique

                                     First Holy Communion
                                         will be held on
                                             May 11.
                                        Please contact the
                                       church secretary or
                                      Shirley Sexton for in-
                                       formation and class

          12:10 p.m.                              Service - Stewardship - Mission
                        A newsletter by the R & E committee of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church.
                                               Edna Cudworth, Editor
Marion Gavern               Beverly Hoeffner          Frank Hoeffner                  Bob Cudworth


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