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                        415 Weidman Road
                       Manchester, MO 63011

   Rectory: 636 - 391-1307              School: 636 - 394 - 6840
       8:00 AM - 4:00 PM                     7:30 AM - 3:30 PM


                  Welcome                                                          Holy Mass Schedule
       We extend a warm welcome to all our                            Saturday:      8:00 AM & 5:00 PM (Sunday Liturgy)
  guests and visitors who have joined us at
                                                                      Sunday:        8:00 AM, 9:45 AM & 11:30 AM
today’s liturgy. We hope that you feel at home
 here. Please let us know if we can be of any                         Weekdays: 8:00 AM
      assistance while you are among us.
                                                                      Tuesdays: 6:30 & 8:00 AM

                                       Celebration of the Sacraments
    Sacrament of Baptism
    Baptisms are celebrated on the First and Third Sundays of the month, either during the weekend liturgies or at 12:45 PM on
    Sunday afternoon. Parents must be registered, practicing Catholics and attend a baptismal preparation class.

    Sacrament of Reconciliation
    Saturday from 4:00 to 4:45 PM and anytime upon request.

    Sacrament of Marriage
    Arrangements for the Sacrament of Marriage are to be made by the prospective bride and groom with the priest at least nine
    months prior to the wedding.

    Our Mother of Perpetual Help Devotions are conducted every Tuesday after 6:30 and 8:00 AM Masses.
    The Rosary is recited the first Saturday of the month for the Respect for Life Campaign before the 5:00 PM Mass and every
    Monday after the 8:00 AM Mass in honor of Our Lady of Fatima.

    Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
    The Blessed Sacrament will be exposed for Adoration from 12:00 to 6:30 PM every Tuesday in Church. All are encouraged to
    spend an hour with the Lord.
                                                           May 15, 2011

              Remember in your Prayers                                              Prayers for Our Military
    Please remember in your prayers the benefactors of our
                                                                       O’ Prince of Peace, humbly we ask your protection for all
Endowment Fund and those who are sick, especially our
                                                                    our men & women in military service. Give them the
parishioners, Mark & Mary Ann Rudloff, Sally Mobley, and
                                                                    courage to defend the honor and dignity of others. Walk by
Joanne Baum; as well as Mike Feder, brother of Dan
                                                                    their side and lead them safely home.
Feder; Hilda Schimweg, mother of Mary Ann Williams;
George Thomas, father of Kris Keppel, our school secretary;
Abby Newby, friend of Maureen Maddock; Butch                        Pfc. Jason Westmoreland - USA
Giessman, brother of Rita Blanke; and Joel Huelsmann,               Col. Dennis J. Malfer - USAF
son of Ron & Nancy Huelsmann, in addition to all who are            Lt. Brian Kane - USA
included in the requested prayers through the Parish Prayer         William Morrison - USN
Line.                                                               Chris Buerke - USA
    Let us pray for those who have recently died, especially        CDR. Michael Smith - USN
Marian Chott, mother of Bob Chott, as well as the enrollees         Joseph Morgan - USA
in our Endowment Fund. May their souls and all the souls of
the faithful departed rest in peace.
                                                                        Send name, rank or title, and branch of service to the parish
                                                                    office in writing, or email:
                 The Parish Prayer Line
    The Parish Prayer Line consists of a group of fellow
                                                                                           Parish Council
parishioners who will pray for your intentions. If you have              Bill Albair                  636-391-5953
need of prayer or would like to join our prayer line, call Pat at        Pat Berger                   314-966-4374
636.391.2110 or Rosie at 636.256.9398.                                   David Kowalczyk              636-256-9003
   Please notify the rectory if you become hospitalized. Due             Mary Ellen Franciscus        636-207-7332
to HIPPA regulations, the hospitals no longer provide this               Donna McGinnis               636-391-7220
service for patients.                                                    Craig Berry                  636-220-2726

                                                                         Ex Officio Members:
              Helping Hands Apostolate
                                                                         Father Chuck Barthel          Pastor
    In an emergency, we are here to help with grocery
                                                                         Deacon Joe Kennedy            Staff
shopping, transportation, doctor visits and meals. We are                Jim Mosbacher                 Finance
parishioners who want to be part of the solution to a difficult          Bob Croghan                   Athletic Assn.
situation. Also, contact us if you would like to volunteer to be         Mark Nuelle                   School Board
a part of this ministry. Please call Larry Mauch:                        Karen Ziegler                 Welcome
636.386.9988 or Dick Schenk: 636.891.1295.

                                                          Pastoral Staff
Rev. Charles W. Barthel                                      Ext. 308  
Rev. Robert L. Corbett, Sr. Associate                        Ext. 309
Deacon Joseph Kennedy                                        636.394.1513
Mrs. Nancy Zoia, Business Admin.                             Ext. 310  
Mrs. Maria Digman, Parish Secretary                          Ext. 307  
Mrs. Marlise Albert, Principal                               Ext. 103  
Mrs. Kris Keppel, School Secretary                           Ext. 102  
Mrs. Karen Watkins, School Secretary                         Ext. 102  
Mr. Jeremy Boyer, Dir. of Liturgical Music                   Ext. 311  
Ms. Carol Aliperti, Dir. of Religious Ed.                    Ext. 132  
Mr. Keith Cleveland, Maintenance                             Ext. 124  

Bulletin Deadline - MONDAY AT NOON                                   Announcements Deadline - THURSDAY AT NOON
                                               Fourth Sunday of Easter

From the Pastor’s Computer …                                  “And with your spirit.”
                                                                 You are probably aware of the fact that beginning on
                    Graduations                               the First Sunday of Advent in November, there will be
   This time of year is filled with many transitions:         some changes made in both the prayers of the presider
weddings, ordinations, the ending of the school year and      and the responses of the assembly. For example, when
graduation, to name but a few. We offer this prayer of        the priest or deacon greets you with “The Lord be with
blessing for all of our graduates:                            you,” your response will be “And with your spirit.” The
                                                              greatest number of changes will occur in the Gloria and in
   God of Wisdom, we praise you for your glory and            the Creed. Our catechesis on the new responses will
thank you for your goodness to us.                            take place in the Fall.
   Look upon all of our graduates with your love and              Before we focus on changes in words spoken and
bless them as they leave their schools. Be with them on       sung, I wanted to spend some time reviewing the various
their life’s journey. May your Holy Spirit help them put to   things we already do at Mass and the reasons behind
good use the many talents and skills that you have given      some of the gestures, actions, or symbols. To
them for your glory and for the good of others.               accomplish this, I will be dividing the Mass into four parts
  We ask for this grace through Christ our Lord. Amen         (Gathering — Liturgy of the Word — Liturgy of the
                                                              Eucharist — Communion Rite & Dismissal) and speaking
                                                              about these four parts on each of the Sundays of June.
                      Thank You!
  We would like to recognize and thank our 8th grade             By way of remote preparation for those talks, I would
graduates who have assisted at our liturgies as servers:      be interested in knowing if there are some questions you
                                                              have wondered about for a while, or even for a short time.
       Sarah Baxter, Zach Boersig, Sean Carey
                                                              For example, why does the priest or deacon mix water
    Stephen Chapman, John Cihota, Dan Cochran
                                                              with the unconsecrated wine? Can a person only receive
    Matthew Hennessey, Carrie Jansen, Julia Kelly
                                                              the Blood of Christ at Mass and not the Body of Christ? If
      Stephen Leshe, Kelly Martin, Jacob Marty
                                                              you would send me those questions, I will try to include
     Chris Meyer, Rebecca Oliver & Alex Schnurr
                                                              them either in my spoken words or in a bulletin article.
                                                                                                - Fr. Chuck Barthel
             Come Together in Christ
           The 2011 Annual Catholic Appeal                                    Respect Life Apostolate
   This weekend will be the last weekend that you can            We would like to thank the Christ, Prince of Peace
pick up your pledge card in the narthex of church.            parishioners for their generous parish donation of $2,715 to
Since you don’t have to make a payment at this                the Life Line Coalition. All donations go directly to the care
time, why not just sign your card today, rather than          providers for the women and families experiencing crisis
                                                              pregnancies throughout the Archdiocese. Your gift
take it home with you. Obviously, you can take the
                                                              exemplifies your faithful commitment to the sanctity and
card home with you if you need some time to discern
                                                              dignity of all human life.
how you are able to assist others in their time of need.
Even if you are not able to make a pledge this year
to the ACA, you are asked to sign your pledge card.                     Mother’s Day Roses & Birthright
You can return your pledge card to the box in the                While distributing roses to all ladies at Mass on Mother’s
narthex OR in the mail slot at the rectory.                   Day weekend the Knights collected $386 for Birthright. The
                                                              Knights will donate additional funds in order to contribute
                                                              $400 to Birthright. Thank you for your generosity.
   On behalf of the many different people in our ten
county Archdiocese who benefit from your generosity to            Special thanks to Julie Probst for negotiating a very good
the ACA, I want to say thank you!                             price for the roses through Dierberg’s Supermarket.
                                   - Fr. Chuck Barthel        The unborn babies that might have been lost if their mothers
                                                              had not found hope and assistance at Birthright thank you.
s                                      He died for the flock and is now risen. Alleluia!

                      New RCIA Members                                             The 500 Club is here!!!
         My name is Joshua Ferguson. I was born in                    The new and exciting joint School and Parish fundraising
    Springfield, MO in 1974. I grew up in Richland, MO and         campaign - The 500 Club has arrived and is waiting for our
    attended high school in Lake Ozark, MO. I was raised           parishioners to get in on the action. The revenue raised
    going to church every Sunday and was baptized in 1986 at       through this effort will help address the following financial
    the First Christian Church in Richland MO. I received my       needs:
    undergraduate degree at University of Missouri, Columbia
    and completed medical school from Kirksville College of        •   Help keep school tuition at or below the 4.5% range
    Osteopathic Medicine. I completed my residency training at     •   Generate revenue for maintenance projects for the
    St. Louis University Hospital. I am an anesthesiologist and        school, cafeteria, church and church basement
    work at St. Clare Health Center in Fenton, MO. I am            •   Fund a much needed tuition assistance program
    married to my wonderful and loving wife, Julie. We have 2
    children, Jack, age 4, and Sophia, age 5 months. We            The more memberships you purchase, the greater your
    recently moved back to St. Louis last summer. We are so        chances of winning. The cost per membership is just $25
    excited to be back. I was active duty in the United States     and there are two ways to join the 500 Club:
    Navy for 3 years where we lived in North Carolina. I am
    very excited to become part of the church. I am ready for a    •   Paper tickets can be purchased at the school office
    lifetime of learning, good works, receiving the Eucharist          during business hours through the month of June.
    and strengthening my faith.
                                                                   •   You can purchase tickets online via a secure website
                                                                       with a credit card. This website can be accessed by
        My full name is Kevin Richard Ziegler and I was born
                                                                       submitting your email address. Signup sheets will be
    in 1973 in the city of Rochester, NY. My awesome wife
                                                                       available after each Mass in the narthex of the Church
    Karen and I will be married for 14 years this August. We
                                                                       throughout the summer. You can also forward the
    moved here from Syracuse, NY to St. Louis after she
                                                                       signup email to friends and family and extend the reach
    finished college, in the summer of 2000, mainly because I
                                                                       of our fundraiser.
    wanted to live someplace that didn’t get as much snow
    (irony: the snowfall average has increased since moving
                                                                   Each month throughout the next school year (August - May)
    here, sorry, yep its my fault). I hope to be an active
                                                                   we will be drawing three winners:
    member of Christ, Prince of Peace by utilizing my time and
    talent to help the parish community. Thank you to Father
                                                                                      1st Prize         $500
    Chuck, the folks in the RCIA program, Mark Rudloff and
                                                                                      2nd Prize         $125
    Donna Dennehy (my wonderful mother-in-law) for helping
                                                                                      3rd Prize         $ 50
    me on my faith journey.
                                                                   Your membership is good for each drawing regardless of
        My name is Shannon Robinson. I was born in Kansas
                                                                   how many times you win! So join the fun and help us raise
    City, MO. After growing up, I moved to St. Louis. I have
                                                                   funds for a great cause.
    been married to my wonderful husband for eleven years.
    We have two wonderful kids - Natalie (8) and Luke (5). My
    daughter currently attends Christ, Prince of Peace School.
    I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I am very
    thankful for all the great people I have met in the parish.

        Hello - my name is Tony Tapper and I look forward to
    joining fully in Christ, Prince of Peace parish. I am 25 and
    ready to start a family. I’m a former physics major, turned
                                                                                   Banns of Matrimony
                                                                          Jessica Abell, from Christ, Prince of Peace Parish,
    refrigeration mechanic and in line to run the family
    business. Thank you for all your loving support and
                                                                                        and Bradley Koester
    prayers.                                                              will be married at St. Cecilia Catholic Church on
                                                                                          May 28, 2011.
                                                        May 15, 2011

Thank You!
                                                                            Christ, Prince of Peace
    A word of “Thanks” goes out to Colleen Doherty, Val
Goodin & Debbie Smith, our School Carnival chairs, and                        Golf Tournament
all of the other volunteers who helped set-up for the
Carnival, who volunteered in the various booths, and who
                                                                                  Saturday, June 18, 2011
helped clean up when it was all over. I was really                                       12:00 PM registration
impressed on how great the grounds looked on Saturday                                   1:30 PM Shotgun Start
morning. A special word of thanks goes out to anyone who                             Format: 4-person Scramble
prayed for such beautiful weather.    - Fr. Chuck Barthel                   Registration is limited to the first 120 golfers

          Charity for Crimson Tide Nation                                         Sunset Lakes Golf Club
                                                                                     13366 West Watson Road
    Devastation struck the city of Tuscaloosa, AK, in the form
                                                                                      Sunset Hills, MO 63127
of an EF-4 tornado on Wednesday, April 27, 2011, thus                      
ending my freshman year at the University of Alabama.                                    314 - 843 - 3000
Fortunately the campus had no structural damage, but just a
short distance of 2-3 blocks away lays a warzone. So many                                        Fees
people have no homes, no power.                                       Pay only $100 for paid registration by May 29th
    Out-of-state students have returned home and started to                       $125.00 per player after May 29th
collect donations of food, clothing and water. I am asking                        Includes golf, range, cart, and dinner
that we do the same. Needed items include non-
perishable food items, clothing (infant to adult),
personal care items, batteries, flashlights, and water/
                                                                            Great Prizes & Auction Items
Gatorade/juices. There will be a poster in the gathering
space where you can drop these items off any time before                            WIN A NEW CAR!
May 27th.
                                                                 Compliments of
    Most importantly, Tuscaloosa and the South in general,
need your prayers. As Walt Maddox, Mayor of Tuscaloosa
said, “Our strength and our faith will overcome all, even in
this, our darkest hour.”            - Jacqueline Probst                               Hole Sponsorship
                                                                 CONTACT: Steve Winborn, 1288 Clearlake Circle, Ballwin,
                                                                 MO 63011; email: or call
           Volleyball Registration is Here!
   All boys and girls in grades 3 through 8 are invited to
register NOW for the Fall 2011 CYC Volleyball season.                                      Registration
Practices will begin in August, and the season runs from                   Deadline: Friday, June 10th, 2011
September 9 through November 13. Registration is                 Return the lower portion with payment to:
available through until               CPOP Knights of Columbus,
Tuesday, May 24, 2011. Please contact Sue Green with any
                                                                 Pat Brennan, P.O. Box 240165, Ballwin, MO, 63024-0165.
questions at or call 636.227.7899.
                                                                 Direct questions to Pat Brennan at 314.920.3030 or
     2011 CPOP Soccer Registration is Here!
   All boys and girls entering Pre-K through High School
next year can sign up for the 2011 fall Soccer season.           Team Captain / Phone Number/e-mail address
Practices and games will run from mid-August until mid-
November. Please go to to
                                                                 Player / Phone Number/e-mail address
register online! Registration closes on May 24. If you have
questions, please email the CPOP Soccer Committee at                                            Player / Phone Number/e-mail address

                                                                 Player / Phone Number/e-mail address
                                                                May 15, 2011

    “I came so that they may have life and have it more                      In order to meet our financial obligations, the parish needs a
 abundantly.”                         (John 10:10)                         weekly average of $21,500 in Offertory contributions.

    We may think that filling our lives with all sorts of riches is                                  Actual        Goal      Over(short)
                                                                           05/08/11            $    25,190      $ 21,500     $   3,690
 what Jesus meant by having life abundantly. Yet, in reality,
                                                                           Year-to-date        $   928,806      $ 946,000    $ (17,194)
 when we really take time to know God through prayer and
 scripture we realize that the truly abundant life Jesus offers is
                                                                           Maintenance       $       540
 a simple life of prayer and service.                                      Year-to-date      $    27,691
                                                                           Maintenance Fund Acct. as of 4/30/11              $   34,879
                                                                           (Since 7-1- 2010)

                Online Giving: Our website is, then click the online giving link on the main page.
                       For additional information call Nancy at 636.391.1307 or email:

         MASS INTENTIONS                                 OUR WEEK AHEAD AT                                    LITURGICAL ROLES
         MAY 16 – MAY 22                                CHRIST, PRINCE OF PEACE                               MAY 21 - MAY 22

Monday, May 16                                    Sunday, May 15                                   Extraordinary Ministers of
 8:00 AM Kyle Atkins                                  - LWFC 9:45 AM CB                            Holy Communion
                                                      - Baptism 12:45 PM CH
Tuesday, May 17                                                                                     5:00 PM     T. Hartwell, W. Hartwell,
 6:30 AM Donald Alsop                             Monday, May 16                                                S. Holt, M. Jansen,
 8:00 AM Glennon Schaefer, MD                         - Boy Scout Troop 7:00 PM CAFE                            C. McNichols, T. Mueller,
                                                                                                                J. Osborne
                                                  Tuesday, May 17
Wednesday, May 18                                     - Adoration 12:00 - 6:30 PM CH                8:00 AM     K. Brandenstein, F. Gerlach,
 8:00 AM P.M. Abraham                                 - Knights of Columbus Rosary /                            R. Brandenstein, W. Gerlach,
                                                        General 7:00 / 7:30 PM CB                               D. Lake, K. Winborn,
Thursday, May 19                                                                                                S. Winborn
 8:00 AM Denice Kenehan                           Wednesday, May 18                                 9:45 AM     P. Berger, M. Cummins,
                                                     - Eighth Grade Graduation                                  E. Mantych, A. Shea,
Friday, May 20                                                                                                  C. Shelton, R. Zamora,
 8:00 AM Lisa Hultz                               Sunday, May 22                                                T. Zamora
                                                      - LWFC 9:45 AM CB
                                                                                                   11:30 AM     O. Braun, A. Lieneke,
Saturday, May 21
                                                                                                                C. Sartori, D. Warner,
 8:00 PM Intention of Peggy Amsler
                                                                                                                J. Windish, K. Windish
 5:00 PM Skip Blechle
Sunday, May 22
 8:00 AM Parishioners
 9:45 AM Jorge Villarreal
11:30 AM Arnold & Charlotte Nabbefeld
                                                           God Bless                                5:00 PM
                                                                                                    8:00 AM
                                                                                                    9:45 AM
                                                                                                                D. Bishop, D. Burnell
                                                                                                                M. Rudloff, C. Winborn
                                                                                                                M. Bialis, M. Shea

                                                                      &                            11:30 AM     J. Kennedy

      CB…….. Church Basement
      CH ......... Church
      CMR ...... Church Meditation Rm.
      FL .......... Faculty Lounge
      LIB ........ School Library
      LRB ....... Rectory Basement Lg. Rm. (N)
      RC ......... Rectory Conference Rm.
      SCH ...... School
      SC ......... School Conference Rm.
 SCH COM ........ School Commons
                                                                                                          Have a safe &
                                                                                                         happy summer!
      SMR ...... School Music Rm.
      SR. ........ Rectory Basement Sm. Rm. (S)
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