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                                   SUPPORT                 CORE                                          EXTENSION
                                   From the Y8 teaching    From the Y9 teaching programme                From the Y9 objectives for
                                     programme                                                             able pupils
Shape, space and                                            Distinguish between conventions,             Distinguish between
  measures 1                                                 definitions and derived properties.           practical demonstration and
(9 hours)                                                                                                  proof; know underlying
                                                                                                           assumptions, recognising
Geometrical                                                                                                their importance and
reasoning: lines,                                                                                          limitations, and the effect of
angles and shapes                                                                                          varying them.
(178–189, 194–197)

                           Identify alternate angles       Explain how to find, calculate and use:
                             and corresponding               - the sums of the interior and exterior
                             angles;                           angles of quadrilaterals, pentagons and
                             understand a proof that:          hexagons,
                             - the sum of the angles of      - the interior and exterior angles of
                               a triangle is 180 and of       regular polygons.
                               a quadrilateral is 360;
                             - the exterior angle of a
                               triangle is equal to the
                               sum of the two interior
                               opposite angles.
                           Solve geometrical                    Solve problems using properties         Understand and apply
                             problems using side and              of angles, of parallel and               Pythagoras’ theorem.
                             angle properties of                  intersecting lines, and of
                             equilateral, isosceles and           triangles and other polygons,
                             right-angled triangles and           justifying inferences and explaining
    Identify parallel andspecial quadrilaterals,                 reasoning with diagrams and text.
                             explaining reasoning with
     perpendicular lines; know
                             diagrams and text; classify
     the sum of angles atquadrilaterals by their
     point, on a straight line
                             geometric properties.
     and in a triangle and recognise
     vertically opposite angles.

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                                                          Know the definition of a circle and the      Know that the tangent at
                                                           names of its parts; explain why inscribed     any point on a circle is
                                                           regular polygons can be constructed by        perpendicular to the radius
                                                           equal divisions of a circle.                  at that point; explain why
                                                                                                         the perpendicular from the
                                                                                                         centre to the chord bisects
                                                                                                         the chord.

Construction                 Use a protractor to                                     Begin to use sine, cosine and
(220–223)                     measure and draw acute                                  tangent in right-angled triangles
                              and obtuse angles to the
                                                                                      to solve problems in two
                              nearest degree.

    Year 7 NNF Book Chapter 11                                Year 8 NNF Book Chapter 11                                   Text Books

Module   SHAPE 1.a Angles      Year Group 9    Level

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         1. Connect the     2. The big Picture     3. The learning       4. Input / introduction 10 mins.         5a. Activity (10 –       5a. Activity (10 –     6 Demonstrate     7. Review and
         Learning           Within 3-4 minutes     Outcomes              Present new information through as       15 mins)                 15 mins)               Pupils            Preview
         Remind the         explain how the        Within 5 minutes      many of the senses as possible           This is the main part    This is the main       demonstrate in    Refer to the
         pupils of          lesson fits into the   of the start of the                                            of the lesson,           part of the lesson,    some way what     learning
         previous           whole topic of work    lesson tell the                                                provide a variety of     provide a variety of   they have         outcomes. Use
         learning that is   Objective              children what they                                             activities based on      activities based on    learned perhaps   memory hooks
         related to this                           will have learned                                              the multiple             the multiple           by sharing with   to help pupils
         lesson. Bell                              by the end.                                                    intelligences. Review    intelligences.         a partner,        remember.
         Activity                                  Learning                                                       (2mins)                  Review (2mins)         producing a
                                                   Objectives                                                                                                     picture, rhyme
                                                                                                                                                                  or writing.

1        WARM UP            FIRST LESSON           LEARNING              CATEGORIZATION                           0S11.1 NAMES             ANGLE CAR              SUCCESS           NOW WE CAN
         10F1.1             WITH ANGLES            OBJECTIVE-to          Angles In Room                           SHEET                    ANSWERS                CRITERIA          WE CAN NAME
                            KEYWORDS               identify and          Arms and Heads                           MATCH UP                 ESTIMATE AND           In Room           WE CAN
                            Multiple copies        estimate size of                                               ACTIVITY                 MEASURE                Arms and Heads    MEASURE
                            LEVELS                 angles                                                         PAIRS ACTIVITY                                                    PREVIEW HW
                            multiple copies                                                                       ITP Clown car-                                                    S2q3p22
                            Grades                                                                                recognising 90˚,                                                  Level 5
                                                                                                                  180˚ etc
2        ESTIMATE           CAN WE                 LEARNING              Protractor on OHP                        CIMT.ExtraEx11.1         ANGLE CAR              SUCCESS           COMMON
         AND MEASURE        REMEMBER HOW           OBJECTIVE             Is it more or less than a Right Angle?   OS11,2                   ANSWERS                CRITERIA-         MISTAKES
                            TO MEASURE             Use a protractor      Protractor OHP                           4 ANGLES                 ESTIMATE AND           Smile             PREVIEW HW
         DRAW 3             ANGLES                 to measure and        Angle Drag Angle son straight Line       Sumworks Year 9          MEASURE                Assessment        NOW WE CAN
         ANGLES                                    draw acute and        Maths Pack 1                             Basics                   How to measure         Level 5           MEASURE WE
                                                   obtuse angles to         P64                      angle relay            Measure           CAN
                                                   the nearest           measures1.php                                                     ITP Ships-             Recognise         CALCULATE
                                                   degree.                                                                                 measuring and                            PREVIEW HW
                                                   LEVEL 5                                                                                 estimating angles                        S2q1-2p22
                                                   Multiple copies                                                                                                                  Level 5

3        WARM UP            NOW WE CAN             Identify parallel     If you know 180˚ on a straight line      ANGLES AT A              Ex 13.1 q1-8           SUCCESS           OPPOSITE
         10F1.3a TILES      MEASURE WE             and perpendicular     then…                                    POINT AND ON             Chpt13QBq1,2           CRITERIA          ANGLES
                            CAN CALCULATE          lines; know the       point=360˚                               STRAIGHT LINE            ANGLE FIT              Stinger 13 Star   PREVIEW HW
         WARM UP            ANGLES                 sum of angles at      opposite are equal                       SHEET                    Sumworks Year 9        Pattern           S8q1abcp26
         10F1.3b TILES                             a point, on a         notes                                    DOMINOES                 Basics                                   Level 6
                                                   straight line                                                  4 Sets of 24             P67, 68
                                                   LEVEL 6                                                        (2 tables or as class)
                                                   Multiple copies                                                Boardworks
                                                                                                                  S1.3 24-29
                                                                                                                  24 angle at line
                                                                                                                  26 angle at point

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4    ANGLES ON          IF WE KNOW      LO-                 TEAR OFF CORNERS PROOF                             ANGLES IN             Ex 13.1 q9-12         PAIRS-             PREVIEW HW
     LINE AND AT        180˚ ON A       Understand a        NOTES                                              TRIANGLES             Chpt13QBq3            students make      S7q2,4p26
     POINT TILES        SRAIGHT LINE    proof that:the      S1.4 41 cut up triangle                            ANSWERS               KM7 Extension         up questions for   Level 6
     Angles 1           EVERYTHING      sum of the angles                                                      NAMING                LEVEL 6               partner
     Angles 2           ELSE FOLLOWS…   of a triangle is                                                       TRIANGLES 108         QUESTION              Grade E
     Shape Up                           180                                                                   Angle Fit WW          LEVEL 8
     Level 3                            LEVEL 6                                                                Level 4               QUESTION
                                        Multiple copies                                                        Crossword             Shape Angles
                                        ks3 gcse                                                               Everyday              Add On 8
                                                                                                               S1.4 Ex 44             p32 Level 5
                                                                                                                                     Sumworks Year 9
                                                                                                                                     P65, 66
                                                                                                                                     S1.4 52 Exterior Ex
5    Angles 4           IF WE KNOW      LO-Identify         DEFINITION MATCHUP                                 PAIRS CARDS           UNMARKED              BIG BROTHER        PREVIEW HW
     Angles 5           180˚ ON A       alternate angles    OS11.4                                             (HAND MADE)           ANGLES WW             Grade D            S8q1d-I,2-4
     Angles 6           SRAIGHT LINE    Multiple            MOVE LINES ON OHP TO SHOW                          INTERSECTING          Level 6               Smile              p26/27
     16 angles jigsaw   EVERYTHING      LEVEL 6             EQUAL ANGLE                                        LINES                 Chpt13QBq4,5          Assessment         Level 6
                        ELSE FOLLOWS…                ANGLES AND            CIMT.ExtraEx11.2      Level 6
                                                                                                               PARALLEL LINES        S2.1 EXTENSION
                                                            S1.3 31-39
                                                                                                               ANSWERS               MISSING ANGLES
                                                            32 Parallel lines
                                                                                                               (ANGLE LETTERS        WW
                                                                                                               EXTENSION 1)          Level 5
                                                                                                               EXTENSION 2           Mixed SS
                                                                                                               Isosceles Booster     What’s the angle?
                                                                                                               Sumworks Higher       16 angle jigsaw
                                                                                                               P34                   Another ss

6    TRIANGLE           3 PROOFS TO     LO-Understand a     TEAR OFF CORNERS PROOF                             QUDRILATERAL          ANGLES IN             SHOW               PREVIEW HW
     TILES 1            SHOW 360˚ IN    proof that: the                                                        TESSELATION           POLYGONS              PARTNER HOW        PREVIEW HW
                        QUADRILATERAL   sum of a                                                               PROOF                 (Triangles in         MANY               S8q5
                                        quadrilateral is                                                       Ex 13.1 q13,14        Polygons Proof)       DEGREES IN         p27
                                        360                                                                   Ext q1,2              Blank table           DECAGON            Level 6
                                        LEVEL 6                                                                Star                  TABLE AND             Grade D/C
                                        Multiple copies                                                        Level 5               NOTES
                                        Ks3 gcse                                                               Isosceles Trapezium   ANGLES IN
                                                                                                               Level 5               HEXAGON WW
                                                                                                                                     Level 5
                                                                                                                                     Shape Angles
                                                                                                                                     Add On 8
                                                                                                                                      p30 Level 5-6

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7    ANGLES          KNOW ANGLES       LO-INTERIOR     ANGLE ON STRAIGHT LINE=180˚…   Ex 13.4              CREATE REGULAR        ANGLES          S7q3,5,6
     DOMINOES        INSIDE            AND EXTERIOR    WALKING IN CIRCLE              TESSELATIONS         POLYGONS              ASSESSMENT      p26
                     POLYGONS NOW      ANGLES          S1.4 55-69                     www.coolmath4kids.   Regular polygon       (LEVEL 3-6)     Level 6
                     OUTSIDE                           Turtle 68                      com/                 sheet                 L8 extension
                                       LEVEL 6                                        interior             Old GCSE

8                                      LO-Understand                                  Powerpoint p29-46    Bearings              Smile           S2q6
                                       bearings                                       OS 11.6              Trigonometry          Assessment      p22
                                                                                      OS 11.7                                    Level 6         Level 5
                                                                                      Bearings Questions

                                       Similarity      CIMT Year 8                    Sumworks L7-8        Grade B/C questions   Smile Level 8
                                                       Extra exercises                Congruent p71        More similarity       Assessment
                                                       Tests                          Similar p72          GCSE                  (Similarity)

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