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					APRIL 2009

        ear Parent/Carer                                    PERSONAL STUDENT DETAILS

        I would like to bring the following items to your   Please could you inform us if any of your contact details
        attention:                                          have changed since the start of the year. This will enable
                                                            us to make sure that all parents and carers receive
Friday, 3 April 2009         Non Uniform Day                information that is sent out regarding school events etc.

Monday 6 April – Friday                                     AIMHIGHER/BUSINESS AND ENTERPRISE
17 April 2009 inclusive      EASTER HOLIDAY
                                                            Year 10 Work Experience Debrief – Tuesday, 21 April
Monday 20 April 2009         DIRECTED DAY (Staff
                             Training)                      After a two week work experience placement, Year 10
                                                            students will meet with representatives from HBEP and be
Tuesday 21 April until       Year 10 geography              debriefed about their experience. This session will allow
Friday 24 April 2009         fieldtrip to Dorset            students to talk about the experience and also to receive
                                                            guidance for the future.

Monday 27 April 2009         GCSE PE and MFL                Year 10 Business Challenge Day – 28 and 29 April
                                                            Year 10 students will be participating in a Business
Thursday 30 April 2009       Year 10 Art Trip to Tate       Challenge which will call on their business and interpretive
                             Modern, London                 skills, using team work, creativity, decision making and
                                                            innovation. They will work in teams, developing their
Monday 4 May 2009            MAY DAY                        entrepreneurial skills within a business environment.

Monday 11 May 2009           GCSE examinations start        Mr L M Spence
                             Year 7 examinations            Aim Higher / Business and Enterprise Co-ordinator

Monday 18 May 2009           Year 8 Examinations            GEOGRAPHY FACULTY
Friday 22 May 2009           Non Uniform Day                The Year 10 Dorset Field Trip will be taking place on the
                                                            following dates:
Monday 25 May – Friday
29 May inclusive             HALF TERM                      Tuesday, 21 April – Friday, 24 April

STAFF TRAINING DAY – MONDAY 20 APRIL 2009                   Pupils will be expected to arrive in school promptly for
                                                            8.20am registration and we will aim to arrive back at
Please note that the school will be closed on Monday, 20    school approximately 3.00pm.
April 2009 to allow for staff training.
                                                            Ms J Martin
PARENT GOVERNOR VACANCY ADVERTISED                          Subject Leader of Geography
                                                            HISTORY FACULTY
The four Parent Governors who were elected in the recent
Parent Governor Elections are as follows:                   A reminder to all Year 11 history students that revision
                                                            guides are available for £2 from Ms Hall in Room 102.
Mrs K Warren
Ms D Stiles                                                 Ms N Hall
Mr D Warren                                                 Subject Leader of History
Mrs S Roots
ICT DEPARTMENT                                                  MODERN FOREIGN LANGUAGES FACULTY

After school – Tuesday 3:30-4:30 pm – Starts on the             YEAR 8 FRENCH - ASSET LANGUAGES
21 April 2009 in Room 115
ICT for Girls (Years 7 and 8)                                   I am writing to inform you that the date of the Asset Languages
                                                                exams for French (Listening and Reading) is Tuesday, 23 June
Are you a computer                                              2009. More information can be found on the Asset website
phobic ?                                                        (
Join the new Computer Club                                      We strongly encourage independent study at home to
For Girls and improve your                                      help support and reinforce your child’s learning in
confidence and experience                                       preparation for their exams. You might find the following
in ICT.                                                         websites useful:
Skills taught on this course
include Website Design,                                             • Username = brittons,
Graphics, Spreadsheets,                                                  password = brittons08. These login details should
Database and Presentations.                                              not be shared with anyone outside the MFL Faculty.
                                                                    • Centre ID = rm13bs,
Only 20 places available and                                             username and password = date of birth and initials
places are offered on a first                                            (e.g. born on 5th November 95, John Smith =
come first served basis.                                                 051195js)
Registration forms are                                              • (free after 4pm on weekdays and
available from Ms Ansah in                                               all day at the weekend)
room 115.
                                                                Please do not hesitate to contact me on 01708 630002
After school – Wednesdays 3:30-4:30 pm – Starts on the          ext 160 should you require any further information.
22 April 2009 in Room 113
Animation Club (All)                                            Mrs A Lakhan
                                                                Subject Leader - Modern Foreign Languages
                                   Are you a good artist or
                                   have very good
                                                                FESTIVAL OF LANGUAGE AND CULTURE

                                   Come learn step-by-step      We will be holding a Festival of Language and Culture on the
                                   how to create your own       6, 7 and 8 July 2009. We anticipate students will enjoy this
                                   stop motion animation        educational experience.
                                   using plasticine on Apple
                                   Macs.                        We are hoping that parents/carers will join in and ask for any
                                                                ideas or contributions that you feel may be suitable in areas
                                   Only 15 places available     such as music, storytelling, national costume and
                                   and places are offered       demonstrating national or cultural food dishes.
                                   on first come first served
                                   basis.                       It would be really wonderful if everyone could join in. I think
                                   Registration forms are       we could have some fun and make this a great success.
                                   available from
                                   Ms Ansah in room 115.        If anyone has any ideas whatsoever, please contact
                                                                Mrs A Keetch on 01708 630002 or alternatively email at
After school – Thursday
3:30 -4:30 pm                                                   Mrs A Keetch
iMedia Club (Year 8 -Year
10) – Starts on 23 April 2009
in Room 115
                                                                TECHNOLOGY FACULTY

                                                                Art Department
It is ideal if you want to
                                                                Year 9 GCSE art students attended the Tate Modern on
build on your basic IT skills to
                                                                Monday, 23 March 2009. The day proved to be beneficial to
develop advanced skills in
                                                                their coursework and we look forward to taking Year 10 on
website design and
                                                                the 30 April, 2009.
authoring, digital graphics
                                   Only 20 places
and digital animation
                                   available and places         Well done Year 9!
including using a wide
                                   are offered on first
range of software such as
                                   come first served basis.     The GCSE art examination takes place on the 6 and 7 May
Adobe Dreamweaver, Flash
                                   Registration forms are       2009. Letters have been sent to parents outlining entry
and Fireworks.
                                   available from               requirements etc. We thank parents/carers for their support
iMedia will equip you with
                                   Ms Ansah in room 115.        and wish our art students good luck.
practical, ‘hands-on’
creative skills to develop a
                                                                The GCSE Year 11 Art Exhibition will take place on Thursday,
career or keen interest in
                                                                21 May 2009 from 4:00 pm until 6:00 pm. Invitations will be
graphic design, website
                                                                sent to parents/carers nearer the time.
design and digital
                                                                We hope to see you there!
Ms V Ansah
Teacher of ICT
GCSE Coursework                                                 Next came the race. Amy and James took part in the first
Well done to all those students who have stayed after school    heat, they set their robot up against the other efforts and
to complete coursework with the guidance of their teachers.     came in an impressive fourth. In the next heat Charlotte’s
It will make a huge difference to your final grade. Good luck   and Jake’s robot, affectionately named Bob, came in third.
for your exam preparation and written exams!                    Both our robots stood out as they had been decorated so
                                                                lovingly with hair, eyes and clothing.
The Technology Teachers
                                                                After lunch our second activity was called tall towers. Our
Voluntary Contribution                                          task was to build the tallest tower. We were being marked
Thank you to those families who made a voluntary                on stability and height.
contribution towards materials needed for students’
practical lessons in resistant materials and ingredients for    The tower had to be constructed using tightly rolled
tasting in food technology. If there are any students who       newspapers, which were pasted then rolled in a mangle to
would still like to make a contribution please ask your         stick them. The team set about rolling the newspapers
teachers for details.                                           vigorously, so vigorously that we managed to break our
                                                                mangle. Not to be deterred by the hiccup, Team Brittons
Food technology                                                 rushed around to other schools’ mangles to get our paper
In September letters were sent home to ask if any students      rolled into tight tubes, even though the other schools were
have food allergies or intolerances that the food technology    not particularly impressed by this move.
teachers should be aware of. Thank you to those parents
and carers who have provided me with allergy information.       Team Brittons started by constructing a large pyramid then
If you or your child has not informed us of any allergies       building up the sides of the tower for extra strength. After
please do so as soon as possible.                               creating a mighty structure they added a huge spire
                                                                pointing towards the ceiling. With five minutes left the team
Thank you.                                                      looked around nervously as Emerson Park School hoisted
                                                                their tower upright. Time was up - it was between Emerson
Miss V Collyer                                                  Park and Brittons. The judges took a step back to judge the
                                                                height, there was not much in it but Brittons just pipped
Any students who would like to complete a food safety           Emerson by millimeters. The judges shook the towers and our
course enabling them to work in food preparation areas,         tower stood strong and even though another tower fell onto
please see Miss Collyer to book a place on the course. A        our tower it would not crumble. The crunch moment arrived
Basic Food Hygiene certificate can be achieved by               and Brittons were named the winners of the tall towers
attending approximately eight hours study after school. The     competition.
course is funded by the school and runs on Monday
between 3:20pm and 4:20pm. Congratulations go to Chloe          Finally, after many press photos and some gruelling
Allan 11PTH who has successfully completed her course this      interviews for Amy, the final winners were revealed. Team
half term.                                                      Brittons were the runners up and were commended for their
                                                                skill and versatility and overcoming the small team and
Textiles Technology                                             broken equipment. The team was rewarded with
Recycling - The textiles department would be grateful for any   chocolates and other prizes. As a surprise gift for their efforts
donations of unwanted clothing or textiles that could be        the team was given the chance to win an ipod shuffle. After
used for recycling. We would particularly like jeans or denim   putting their names into a hat Jake became the lucky
clothing.                                                       winner. The team also walked away with another prize,
                                                                which they named Patrick.
Thank you.
                                                                All of the team were outstanding in different ways. Amy was
Mrs R Jaques                                                    a natural leader, who immediately took control, Charlotte
                                                                was the thinker, she broke down the problem and came up
Graphics                                                        with solutions very quickly, James was a hands on team
On Tuesday, 10 March 2009 I took four Year 9 Gifted and         player and the optimist of the group and Jake was not only
Talented students out to Barking Abbey School for a day of      the comedian of the group but was the glue that held it
problem solving and team building skills. The four students I   together, he was versatile and prepared to take on any task
took were Amy Clarke, Charlotte Ridpath, James Bowles and       he was given.
Jake Everett.
                                                                During the day at Barking Abbey, I was extremely impressed
When we arrived at Barking Abbey we were told that all of       and proud of our students, not only were they the best
the students there were the ‘cream of the crop’ and the         dressed they were also such a joy to work with. They took on
brightest students with regard to Science, Technology,          every challenge with humour and enthusiasm and were
Engineering and Mathematics. This resulted in some nervous      complimented on this by the organisers. I had a fantastic
looks from all five of us, which became even more nervous       day that was made very special by four lovely students.
when we realised that all of the other teams had six
members and we only had five. Team Brittons was                 Amy, Jake, Charlotte and James are an example of
competing against nine other school including Emerson Park      everything that is great about Brittons and should be
and Gaynes.                                                     thoroughly proud of themselves.

Our first task was to build a battery powered walking robot.    Well done and thank you for a lovely day.
Our team split into two, James and Amy in one and Jake
and Charlotte in another. All four immediately set about        Ms G Fitnum
building their robots. Charlotte and Jake built a fine robot
and got it walking well almost immediately. Amy and James
took a bit longer to construct theirs, but created a fine
looking robot.
Resistant Materials                                                   Hockey Team news
Catch up sessions are still being offered after school on             U14 Indoor Hockey Rally
Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. If students cannot                  Congratulations to the girls who represented the School in
make those times, they can arrange to work with me during             the Borough Indoor hockey rally at Sacred Heart. The girls
the lunch hour any day of the week.                                   played as a team and thoroughly deserved to be runners
                                                                      up. They only lost in the final game to Coopers by 1 goal to
I also have a number of websites that are ideal for students          nil. This was a fantastic performance and they worked so
who want to revise using computers rather than from text              hard.
books. I will display these sites in the ICT computer room and
in the Technology corridor. See me for further information.           Well done to Sophie Lawson, Rylie Trott, Katie Griggs, Sophie
                                                                      Barton, Kirsti Gilbert, Charlotte Ridpath, Laura Smith and
Miss T Say                                                            Aimee Howard.

Industrial Technology                                                 Also, a big well done to all of the girls who have represented
On Tuesday, 10 March a group of fifteen Year 9 and Year 10            the School in all hockey matches and rallies. I am looking
Industrial Technology students and their parents, carers and          forward to training throughout the summer term on the new
guardians went on a trip arranged by Mr Burnett to City               astro pitch with the girls and roll on next season!
University for an Engineering Taster Day. The students were
given a tour of the University and had the opportunity to             Miss J Gray
take part in different engineering activities including a bridge
building competition and a flight simulator. Staff, students          Netball Team news
and the parents, carers and guardians thoroughly enjoyed              The Year 7 netball team made the semi-finals in the Borough
the day.                                                              Rally but, unfortunately, were knocked out by Sacred Heart –
                                                                      a very good result for us!!
Well done to the winners of the bridge building competition:
Billy Taylor, Mr and Mrs Taylor, Mandy Claeys, Mr Claeys,             Year 9 netball team played Sanders Draper and won 15:0.
Mrs Gammaldi and Mrs Nicholls. Thank you to all the                   Their rally is to be held during the last week of term and we
students for being so well behaved and thank you to the               wish them good luck!
families for giving up their time to come along.
                                                                      A big thank you to Year 9 boys who have been giving up
Miss V Collyer and Mr D Burnett                                       their Friday lunchtimes to play the Year 9 girls’ netball team
                                                                      in order to help them prepare for their Borough Rally.
SPORTS NEWS                                                           Unfortunately the boys have proven to be too much of a
                                                                      push over for our strong girls’ team as they have not won one
Year 7’s Suffer Cruel Loss                                            match and have even found it difficult to score against our
On Monday, 23 March the Year 7 football team played their             tough defence!!!
Havering Cup Semi Final game at home to Chaffords. After
going the whole competitive season unbeaten the team                  Mrs L Cooper
were rightly confident and optimistic of getting a result.
                                                                      LIBRARY NEWS
Unfortunately the howling almost gale force wind meant that
the boys usual fluid passing and upbeat tempo was                     We are collecting Tesco vouchers again this year so please
disrupted. However, the boys soon took the lead with a well           bring them into the Library so we can earn ICT, sports and art
taken Alfie Hawes shot, from what seemed to be an                     equipment for the school.
impossible angle. Unfortunately, their concentration
wavered and the opposition scored two quick fire goals to             Any Sainsbury Active Kids vouchers will also be gratefully
leave us trailing at half time 2-1. A change was made and             received in the Library or PE Department.
the boys responded well with Alfie Hawes scoring a neat
goal to make it 2-2. This score stayed the same throughout            Students will be given one merit for every ten vouchers
the second half even though the boys dominated possession             handed in.
they just could not break down the Chaffords defence.
                                                                      Thank you in advance for your support
The game went to extra time and some tired legs meant that
it was a scrappy event with no real clear cut opportunities.          Mrs H Handley
And so to the cursed penalties. The team luckily were much
too young to remember the heartbreak of penalty losses in             MEDICAL REMINDER
Italia 90, Euro 96, France 98, Portugal 2004, and so when
asked who wants one ten hands shot up. The first few                  Please note that students are not allowed to carry
penalties were superb leaving both keepers with no chance             medication on them and cannot give it out to other
to save but, unfortunately, we missed one, they scored and            students.
the boys felt for the first time what it was like to lose a penalty
shoot out.                                                            Also, Mrs Angela Santaniello [neé Ellington], nurse, comes in
                                                                      on a Wednesday lunch time to discuss any issues that
Congratulations on a great season, let us hope next year we           students may need help with ie sex education, health,
can go one step further.                                              weight etc. She will be based in the Best Centre.

Mr G Hall                                                             Mrs C Romano
                                                                      School’s First Aider
LBH SWIMMING FACILITIES                                            An internal dialling list is detailed below.

                                                                   We apologise for any inconvenience caused.
Included in this newsletter is a leaflet that will entitle your
child to free use of the Borough’s swimming facilities.            Yours sincerely

You simply need to complete the form and present it at any
of the sports centres within the London Borough of Havering.
                                                                   ROBERT W SHEFFIELD
Ms S Anderson
Director of Integrated Services
                                                                   TELEPHONE MESSAGE
CONGRATULATIONS                                                    “ Welcome to Brittons School & Technology College. If you know the
                                                                   extension number you require please enter it now. To report your child’s
                                                                   absence please press 1. If you wish to leave an urgent message for a
Congratulations to Rylie Trott (9 PTH) who was nominated by        member of staff please press 0. Should you wish to leave a message for a
the MFL Faculty for this year’s Mike Bristow Twinning Award.       specific person, for example a subject leader or a member of the
The Mike Bristow Award was set up by the Havering Twinning         administration team, please listen to the following menu which will last for
Educational Association to reward and encourage students           approximately 45 seconds.
in Havering schools for their work in modern languages. Rylie      Please select one of the following options
attended an awards ceremony with the Mayor of Havering
and the Leader of Havering Council,                                1          For Absences/Student Services/Administration
Cllr Michael White, at St Edward’s CE Comprehensive School         2          For English / Mathematics/Science/ICT/Technology/
                                                                              Geography/Curriculum Secretary
Language College on Friday, 6 March 2009, where she                3          PE/Music/Careers/MFL/Drama/History/Citizenship/RE and
received a book voucher for £25 and a certificate. She was                    Collective Worship
also offered the opportunity to take part in a free one-day        4          For Years 7 – 11 Heads of Year
visit to northern France on Thursday, 2 July 2009.                 5          For the Senior Leadership Team
                                                                   6          For Finance/Lettings/Site Manager/Exam Secretary
                                                                              For General enquiries please press 123
Well done Rylie.                                                                                                            Extension Numbers
                                                                   1. Please select one of the following options
The food technology department would like to congratulate
Aaron Green (11 KSL) who got through to the semi finals of         Absences/Student Services                       press 1                140
the Havering Young Chef of the Year competition at                 The First Aid Officer                           press 2                146
                                                                   SENS                                            press 3                174
Havering College.
                                                                   Home School Support Worker                      press 4                183
                                                                   The Librarian                                   press 5                142
Very well done Aaron and good luck for the next round.
                                                                   2. Please select one of the following options
Congratulations also go to Luke Frewin (8 SKS) who recently        Curriculum Secretary                            press 1                133
took part in his first kata competition at national level, where   Geography                                       press 2                152
he reached the quarterfinals.                                      English                                         press 3                147
                                                                   Mathematics                                     press 4                149
                                                                   Science                                         press 5                154
Very well done Luke.                                               ICT                                             press 6                185
                                                                   Technology                                      press 7                136

                                                                   3. Please select one of the following options

                                                                   History/Citizenship/RE and
                                                                   Collective Worship                              press 1                143
                                                                   Drama                                           press 2                162
COMIC RELIEF                                                       Girls PE                                        press 3                141
                                                                   Boys PE                                         press 4                138
Thank you to everyone who donated or took part in the              Music                                           press 5                150
‘Name a Nose Competition’ in aid of Comic Relief. We               MFL                                             press 6                160
managed to raise £149.00, which is now on its way to the           Careers/Work Experience                         press 7                127
charity.                                                           4. Please select one of the following options

We had two lucky winners who managed to name three                 Year 7                                          press 1                132
noses correctly.                                                   Year 8                                          press 2                167
                                                                   Year 9                                          press 3                156
                                                                   Year 10                                         press 4                145
                                                                   Year 11                                         press 5                151
Lindsey Wiggins 8TGS                                               5. Please select one of the following options
Katie Griggs    9SKS
                                                                   Director of Integrated Services                 press 1                155
They both share Lakeside vouchers.                                 The Assistant Principal Assessment              press 2                131
                                                                   The Vice Principal Curriculum                   press 3                129
                                                                   The Vice Principal School Improvement           press 4                126
A big thank you to everyone for their help, especially
                                                                   The Assistant Principal Personnel               press 5                169
Ms Bonas for her persuasive techniques.                            The Principal’s Personal Assistant              press 6                139

Ms Fitnum and Ms Fournet                                           6. Please select one of the following options

                                                                   Finance or Lettings                             press 1                125
TELEPHONE SYSTEM                                                   Caretaking Team                                 press 2                148
                                                                   Maintenance Team                                press 3                164
We have had a new digital telephone system installed which         Finance & Facilities Manager                    press 4                176
will provide more telephone lines into the school. Due to          Examinations                                    press 5                144
technical difficulties we have been unable to set up voice
mails on our system. This is currently being worked on.

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