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SV Training _ Coaching Guideline - Learn To Live Smart


									                                     SV Training
If you had 10,000 people who were directly and indirectly in your group using just Re:Fuel;
about how much money would you make every 4 weeks? $ ______, how much if you had
15,000+ in your group? $ ________ .
Question: How would you get 10,000 – 15,000+ distributors in your group?
Your answer:________________________________________________________________

The Objective of the SV program is to provide a simple and duplicable process that will
allow you to build a super large Vollara group (10,000+)that goes very deep as well as wide
(wide in the short term, first 6 months, deep for the long term) , thereby helping thousands of people
improve their health and financial situation (if they choose to build a business) and at the same
time it allows you to earn $1,000’s every single month (the number of $1,000’s depends on you).
You want a Membership group that will use Vollara technology products and consume some
of the nutritional products on a consistent monthly basis. It is called Internal Consumption.
We accomplish this by offering to the masses a low entry point of $49.99 for Re:Fuel, which
is a product that every man, woman, and child needs. The neat thing is, everyone knows
they need what Re:Fuel provides, we just have to show them that Re:Fuel is available to fill
that need. If you recruit the masses, the business building leaders will emerge and that is
your Primary Objective – to find business builders. Don’t prejudge or try to select certain
people, it never works that way, just sign up as many as fast as you possibly can. The
business principle of network marketing allows you to leverage yourself like no other
business concept in the world. It is called duplication or the Compound Effect. The
process/system must be simple and doable by almost anyone and that’s what the SV system
does for you. We supply the leadership and coaching on the front end, you just need to
bring as many people on board as you possibly can using the SV system. Stick to one
primary presentation and one primary product. Don’t jump around. Don’t fire hose people
with everything. Learn to do it right, implement what you have learned, be consistent, don’t
quit, and be patient. Don’t make it complicated. Keep it this simple. Introduce your world
to Re:Fuel and the Vollara business opportunity as fast as you can. Can you do that??

SV (Strength in Volume) Presentation Outline
(15–30 minutes–Customize to your personality & experience using the suggested topics below. Consider the PPT SV presentation.)

2 Questions and Your testimony (5%)
Vollara (5%)
Re:Fuel (75%)
Opportunity (10%)
Closing (5%)
Handouts: Re:Fuel sell sheet, print out from the Calculator an example of income potential from d) in the Opportunity section, a
couple of MLB letters (Pirates. Nationals, Rangers, etc.), Before/After red blood cell pictures.

SV (Strength in volume) Presentation
(15 – 30 minutes – Customize to your personality by selecting the comments below that you feel the most comfortable using.)

2 Questions and Your testimony (5%)
        a) This is so exciting that I’ve just got to show you. I want us to do this together. I’m just getting started.
           Let me take 15 minutes and tell you what I do know, and then we can decide how we can do this. It’s a
           wholesale internet business we can do on our computers from home. It is a win win for everyone. If you
           are not interested that is okay, but maybe you know someone who might be interested after I show you
           what this is all about. (meet them somewhere immediately or get on a conference call with your upline or
           take them to a webinar, etc)
        b) Start with, “______ and I have really been concerned about the way we eat and we have been looking for
           an easy and convenient way to get at least the minimum amount of fruits and vegetables each and every
           day and you won’t belief what we found. We always said to each other we wish there was a pill we could
           take so we didn’t have to worry about it. Well we think we have come close. We don’t think we are any
           different from anyone else in this line of thinking. We live busy lives and it is hard to eat right.
        c) Your personal testimony as a result of using Re:Fuel
        d) The National Cancer Institute along with other health organizations talks about cancer prevention through
           high fruit and vegetable intake.
        e) Top 3 vegetables in America are potatoes (mostly in the form of French fries), Iceberg lettuce (the least
           nutritious of all lettuces), and tomatoes (fruit/vegetable) in the form of catsup which is loaded with sugar.

Vollara (5%)
        a) About 12 years ago a successful businessman from Dallas, TX had a dream of making the United States the
           healthiest country in the world. He owns several companies, one of which is Electrolux USA. His
           companies are in 22 countries around the world, but his core desire is health and wellness along with
           green technology. This guy is a real patriot and he is all about America. His success gives him the money
           and the resources to make his dream come true and America will be better off. He put together a
           company called Vollara and a program that allows all of use to take back control of our health and
           wellness as well as our finances if that is an option that you might be interested in. With our economy the
           way it is, this is a great option. He has come up with a way to help millions of people.
        b) 4 of the top professionals in their science and medical fields are on his Medical & Scientific Advisory Board
        c) He chose to use “Word of Mouth Advertising” instead of TV, radio, etc. It has been proven that that
           method spreads the word much faster. If each person just shared Vollara with a few people the message
           would cover America quickly and we become a part of the solution in getting America back on course.
        d) Aerus Holdings is his main company with the world headquarters in Dallas, TX. 85 years of business
           credibility and success. One of the top companies in the world in their industry.
        e) You will not believe some of his green technology products. Why they have this green technology product
           called LaundryPure that is taking the country by storm. You just attach it to your washing machine and
           you never use hot water again, never have to buy laundry detergent and fabric softener again, and your
           clothes dry 30% faster saving you money on your electric bill. We have one and you won’t believe how
           awesome it is.
Re:Fuel (75%)
(The primary purpose of this section is to inform prospects WHY they need Re:Fuel. All the science on Re:Fuel is in your back office
under ”Resources” then click on “Nutrition” and it is listed under Infinity.)
        a) The flagship product of his company is a product called Re:Fuel.
        b) Re:Fuel is a 100% all natural whole food vegetarian supplement.
        c) Re:Fuel addresses every single aspect of your body’s daily nutritional supplementation needs. It is the
           most advanced nutritional system ever formulated to obtain optimal health, energy and vitality.
        d) Re:Fuel is 100% Bioavailable which means everything in the capsule is absorbed and utilized by the cells,
           nothing is wasted because of CAeDS. Nobody in the world has CAeDS.
        e) 6 products in 1 (whole food multi-vitamins, chelated minerals, Digestive Enzymes, Antioxidants, Flora, & Fat-digesting Enzymes)
        f) Actual food in a capsule - has over 25 fruits and vegetables such as brussel sprouts, spinach, carrots,
           raspberries, blueberries, beets, cranberry, mushrooms, broccoli, etc. Read the label.
        g) Food ingredients are grown in the United States by organic farmers.
        h) Add the food in Re:Fuel to the food you normally eat. Take the capsules or sprinkle it over your food (it
           does not affect the taste of your food). At the end of the day you will have your 7 – 9 servings of fruits and
        i) CAeDS (Chelate Activated Enzyme Delivery System = Guaranteed maximum effectiveness and delivery to the cellular
             level in your body – Custom designed for Re:Fuel. No other product in the world has this essential mechanism.)
        j)   WIC (Women’s Infants & Children’s a United Nations program). Re:Fuel was chosen as the #1
             recommendation for addition to WIC program by an independent research organization in Washington,
             DC that conducted a 2 years study of products from over 700 different companies.
        k)   Major League Baseball
        l)   #1 nutrition product of professional athletes.
        m)   NSF certified (National Science Foundation – an independent testing facility). Re:Fuel and Re:Flex were
             the first products in the world to achieve NSF Certified Safe for Sport product certification.
        n)   30 day money back guarantee if you don’t feel better and have more energy in 30 days.
        o)   Red Blood Cell pictures
        p)   NOW YOU KNOW WHY YOU SHOULD ADD Re:Fuel’s food to the food you eat every day. Take the capsules
             or just open the capsules and sprinkle it on your food. You will never know it is there.
        q)   Share Testimonies

Opportunity (10%)
        a) He has put together a program where anyone can get there products free and if anyone wants to they can
           earn an extra 2 - 3 thousand dollars or more each month part time from their home, then that option is
           available also. Vollara is coming at the right time for America. There are 330m people who need Re:Fuel.
        b) We could use an extra few thousand a month, so we are helping them spread the word. We don’t sell or
           stock products; all we have to do is deliver information. Something like Michael Jordan when he tells
           people about a product. It is pretty simple.
        c) Income tax breaks for home based business owners will save the average family $3,000 - $6,000 annually.
        d) Here are your options for joining that are available to new distributors ONLY and is ONLY available in their
           first 14 days as a distributor:
           1. SV Re:Fuel program - $49.99
                 Wholesale Customer
                  Re:Fuel auto-ship (You can cancel at any time)
                 $59.99 retail value saving you $10
             2. LaundryPure Starter Pack - $597
                  You get: 1 LaundryPure, 2 Re:Vive, 2 Re:Sist
                 Sign up for an auto-ship of Re:Fuel (cancel at any time)
               $924 retail value saving you $327
               Sponsor only 6 to do what you are doing and you make $1,500 plus you get your Re:Fuel free.
           3. Fast Start Essentials Plus Pack - $1,997
               You get: 1 LaundryPure, 1 FreshAir, 1 LivingWater, 2 months’ supply of nutritional products.
               Sign up for an auto-ship of Re:Fuel (cancel at any time) starting in your 3 bonus cycle
               $3,904 retail value saving you $1,907
               Sponsor only 4 to do what you are doing and you earn $2,080 and your Re:Fuel is free.
               We will help you sponsor your first 3-5.
       e) Examples of Monthly Income potentials with the easiest option – the SV Re:Fuel program:
              Sponsor 5 who get 5 who get 5 (3 levels) and you earn every 4 weeks $400-$1,000.
              Sponsor 5 who get 5 who get 5 who get 5 (4 levels) and you earn $2,000 plus a car bonus.
              Sponsor 7 who get 7 who get 7 who get 7 (4 levels) and you earn $8,000 plus a car bonus.
              Sponsor 9 who get 9 who get 9 who get 9 (4 levels) and you earn $14,800 plus a car bonus.

Closing (5%)
           a) _____ and I took a look and said what the heck. We’ve been looking for something and we’ve got
              nothing to lose. We already knew we needed 7 – 9 servings of fruits and vegetables every day and we
              also knew we weren’t even coming close to getting them. We also needed to earn some extra money
              and this looked like a great way to do it. This has come at the right time for us. We started with the
              FSE+ pack, but you can start the way that is most comfortable with you. We decided to be a part of
              the solution not a part of the problem.
           b) Everyone needs Re:Fuel. You now have all the information. The first thing you need to do is become
              a wholesale customer using Re:Fuel and it is free to sign up. If you are interested in the business
              opportunity then you only need to decide which option you want to start with.
           c) We’re talking about $49.99 every 4 weeks to literally change your life. That’s less money than you
              spend buying junk food every day. Make this one of those times in your life when you make the right
              choice. Become a member and make it happen for you and your family! It doesn’t get any easier than
           d) Now that you have got a good overview of what we have, we want you first of all to start
              using Re:Fuel and become a believer in the product and IF you want to talk about the
              business we can do that whenever you want to.
           e) Now let’s share some testimonies.
SV (Strength in Volume) Vollara Coaching and Business Building Guideline
The SV program is a unique, extraordinary, and powerful wealth building program. Below
you will get enough information to build a strong foundation for short and long term
income. Follow our system for 31 weeks, just like the Penny example below, and you could
be well on your way to success. It is as simple as getting an autoship of Re:Fuel and getting 5
– 10 people duplicating the two things you are doing and that is an autoship of Re:Fuel and
get 5 – 10 people to do these 2 things. If everyone just uses Re:Fuel and sponsors 5 – 10
each then EVERYONE makes money and EVERYONE gets healthier. You must keep it this
simple. To build an annual six figure income you will have to start providing leadership to
your group at some point down the road. We provide the leadership initially, so you can
learn as you go. The simplicity of the SV program makes the opportunity available to
everyone. JKB
   1.    First of all let’s get your mindset right. This you need to work on constantly. A MUST! SV is a simple program
        and our System makes it very doable for any and every one. Go to
        The-Shift-Your-First-7-Days-2-CD-Audiobook-YNC-2067.htm and order “Your First 7 Days” by Darren Hardy and
        start listening and working on your mindset.
   2.    I want you to understand The Compound Effect, the multiplication factor and its power. 95% of the people in
        this industry and 99.9% of the people in this country don’t understand this concept. This you must comprehend!
        #’s 3, 4, and 5 below will help. It’s as simple as understanding the power of compound interest.
   3.    Penny sheet. Would you take $500,000 today or accept a Penny doubled every day for 28 days? If you hang in
        there I’ll double it again on the 29th day and also the 30th day and if you don’t quit I’ll double it again on the 31st
        day. This shows you the power of not quitting, sticking with the System, and patience. This illustration also
        shows you the financial potential available to you.
   4.   Family Tree. It is this simple. You are building a Business Family Tree. You must visualize this and you must
        understand you don’t have to have all the Business children yourself. You sponsor 5 – 10 Business children and
        teach your business children how to have 5-10 business children and the growth and expansion of your Business
        Family Tree takes care of itself. Everyone gets paid a bonus on all the purchases made from Vollara by every
        member in their Family Tree. The bigger your Family Tree gets simply means the more people you have helped
        to improve their health and finances and the more money you make and the more money everyone in your
        Business Family Tree makes. It is a win win for everyone.
   5.   Calculator
        a) We are each going to focus on getting 5 – 10 people doing what we are doing.
             1. Get on autoship for Re:Fuel
             2. Get 5 – 10 people doing these 2 things
             3. Understand you are not limited just to Re:Fuel or just 5 – 10 people on your Team.
   6.   In the beginning we did all the calculations with pen and paper. Night after night after night. This little exercise
        convinced us that we could do this and make a lot of money and also help a lot of people. I would suggest you
        do some of these calculations every day for the next 10 days. Play the “what if” game.
   7.   Be the messenger NOT the message. Sell the message. Give people hope! But you must believe before you can
        sell the dream. That’s why it is imperative that everyone needs to go through this SV Training ASAP.
   8.   Learn everything you can about Re:Fuel in addition to using it personally and using Re:Fuel CORRECTLY.
  a) Go to “Research” in your back office and read all the Infinity references on Re:Fuel and the science behind
     the nutrition products.
  b) Look at NSF and Advisory Board video.
9. System
  a) Make a list. Make it big. Don’t leave anyone out.
  b) This is an exciting warm market business approach. Start out getting 5 - 10 of your closest friends and/or
     family members together or at least get them on a conference call or webinar with your upline. Tell them
     they have nothing to lose by listening. A third party will always be better than you in the beginning plus
     people respectfully listen to a 3rd party source more than you. IT IS CALLED 3 WAY SPONSORING. You don’t
     want them to miss out on this opportunity. At least give them the information so they can make an
     informed decision.
  c) Do meetings, personal 1-on-1 presentations, whatever you need to do to tell people how awesome this is.
     Play patriotic music before, during breaks, and after group meetings.
  d) Attend and get people to attend webinar’s, conference calls, meetings that are supplied to help you get your
     5 – 10 Team members who are doing the 2 key things – Using Re:Fuel and getting their 5 - 10.
  e) Support your group at least 3 levels deep. If we all help each other, then everyone makes money.
  f) Time sensitive issues. You need to let your new distributors know these 3 things.
     1. To get Fast Start Bonuses you need to get Active immediately with at least an autoship of Re:Fuel or 50
         PV in the first 6 Bonus Cycles. After 6 Bonus Cycles you must increase to 100 PV. Best way, easiest, and
         the most economical way to move up to 100 PV is with the Essentials Autoship package.
     2. To get Team Bonuses you need to have 2 personally sponsored distributors with at least an autoship of
         Re:Fuel or 50 PV in the first 6 Bonus Cycles and then requirements move to 100 PV.
     3. The Fast Start Essentials Plus (FSE+) and LaundryPure packs are available for the new distributor ONLY
         and they must be purchased within 14 days of signing up. This is optional; not a requirement, but they
         are great bargains.
     4. You must have 500 PV points in lesser leg (points will be saved in 'bank' until it does - if you remain active!)
         Note: Commission will not be loaded to debit card if it is less than $50. It will be saved until it does.
     5. After a person sponsors into Vollara get them to an SV Training Webinar IMMEDIATELY.
  g)   Approaches: (just say enough to peak their interest)   You do this just to get the appointment!!! k
       “Our company asks us to take a survey asking 2 quick questions. Would you mind if I ask you? Are you ever
       concerned about you and your family getting enough fruits and vegetables in your diet every day so that you
       have proper nutrition? Is this something you think about? (Most of the time they say yes) If we could show
       you a simple, convenient, and affordable way of getting your daily requirement of fruits and vegetables
       every single day would you be open to looking at some information that could make that happen for you
       and your family.”
       “I found a way to get my daily requirement of fruits and vegetables every day with a food supplement.”
       “Man, I started getting 7 – 9 servings of fruits and vegetables every day and I’m feeling great and have a lot
       more energy. I want you to hear about this, join me for lunch today.”
       “Listen I can’t explain the science but I’ve been taking this product, which has a 30 day money back
       guarantee or your money back. I’ll buy your lunch today; I want you to hear about this product.”
       “I’m taking a food supplement that I sprinkle on my food and at the end of the day everyone in my family
       gets all their fruits and vegetables and it is working great. I don’t worry about their nutrition anymore.”
       “Do you eat 7 – 9 servings of fruits and vegetables every day?”
          “______ and I have really been concerned about the way we eat and we have been looking for an easy and
          convenient way to get at least the minimum amount of fruits and vegetables each and every day and you
          won’t belief what we found.
           “I know you are probably not interested, but you know people that I don’t know.”
          “John, have you got 20 minutes that I could come over to your house and show you what I am doing. I need
          some help.”
           “If I could show you a way to earn $2,000 - $3,000 extra each month plus a company car working a few
          hours each week from your home using just one product from my company that cost $50 - $60 and
          following my plan would you be interested?”

      h) Subjects you can use in your presentations, coaching, and training sessions.
             My Story (all the details of how I first heard of Vollara, my first impression, why are got involved. How
               much money you have made is not an issue unless you make it an issue.)
             Company Story Aerus > Vollara > Joe Urso
             Industry          Health/Wellness          Green Technology          Plan B – Work from Home
             Tax Savings       Federal government has issued over 100 tax breaks as an incentive for people to start a
               Home Based Business. Average Family will save $3,000 - $6,000 in taxes their first year owning a home
               based business. That’s an extra $250 - $500 every month in your pocket and it starts the minute you
               start your business. You don’t have to wait until April 15th of next year. Simply fill out a W-4 form and
               give it to your employer. Buying one product and passing out literature anywhere in the US qualifies
               you as a small (Home Based) business and allows you to start receiving all the available tax deductions.
               Ask your upline to send you the Home Business Tax Savings pdf.
             Paradigm Shift
             Huge tax savings for home based business owners.
             Sam’s Club concept but with a huge kicker
             Products          personal testimony and other testimonies
             It is as simple as building a Family Tree
             Calculator        This shows us the “why” of making the initial and ongoing effort to build a Family Tree!
             Our Business Building System
               1. Become a Vollara distributor
               2. Start with an autoship of 50 PV ($49). Move to 100 PV in 6 months if you are satisfied with the
                    product and business results. If not you can cancel or continue buying at wholesale prices.
               3. Get a minimum of 5 to 10 people to do what you are doing. (these 4 things)
               4. Optional: Purchase a FSE+ or a Starter pack within 14 days of signing up. This will help you grow
                    faster and sets the example for your group, BUT it is not required. Financing is available.
10.    Start sharing the story or referring people to the recruiting webinar’s and build yourself a huge Family Tree.
      Get healthier and build a huge monthly income within 12 months.
11.   It’s the people from the SV program that will fill up your water clinics, green tec mtgs, nutrition mtgs, etc.
12.   Contact any and all of your current distributors. Vollara SV is a totally different opportunity.
14.   RESIGN: If a distributor hasn’t bought anything in the last 6 months they can resign and join again and get all the
      benefits of a new distributor in the SV program. Tell them to email their resignation to:
15.   Get the masses in and the technology products, the FSE+ packs and the other packs will take care of themselves.
      If we had junk for products this would not work, but we have the “Best In Class” products in every category.
16.   Preferred Customer program. You might want to become familiar with this. Good for people who want to just
      do enough business to get their own products paid for.
    17. What would you rather do, sell 100 FSE+ packs and make $50,000 or would you rather Sponsor 10 to duplicate
        the SV program and all of you make $50,000 every 4 weeks for the rest of your lives?
        Your answer is important.
    18. Anybody can do the SV program. College students, doctors, unemployed, sr. citizens, factory workers, shy
        people, outgoing people, clerks, teachers, professors, lawyers, business people, educated and uneducated
        people, good speakers and bad speakers, EVERYBODY and ANYBODY!!!! This is why the program is so powerful.
    19. All anyone has to do is get 5 - 10 people to do 2 things; Use Re:Fuel and get 5 – 10 to duplicate what you are
        doing. It doesn't get any easier than that and the money is huge even if we all just use one product and get 5 -
        10 to do the same.
    20. Learn everything you can about the awesome income tax breaks for home based business owner.
    21. Commentary on Multiplication:
        “Equipping and Multiplying is central to who we are. When that process becomes spontaneous and grows and
        spreads on its on without our oversight and stimulus, then it becomes a movement of natural multiplication
        which you can’t stop. Of course movements aren’t abstract things; they are teams of people who have gown to
        truly follow a common belief that can be easily duplicated by the masses. There will be outside influences that
        will try and get us off course, but I encourage you to stay the course. I have said for years, follow the process we
        teach and when you start earning $100,000 annually consistently in this business, and then feel free to do your
        own thing because you can afford to test other waters. If you fail, you’re still making $100,000. You cannot get
        distracted from the core process/system because if you do, you stifle your growth and your team’s growth. I’ve
        never seen anyone who jumps from company to company become successful in the long term. JK

Flow Chart of Activity that gets Results
    Approach                    Set Appointment                        SV Presentation                             Sponsor
Choose the one you are          Try to do the SV presentation          Decide individually if you         Consumer only:
most comfortable with.          immediately. If not now then           want to present the Business       1. Autoship Re:Fuel
We suggest the Fruits and       as soon as possible. This can          Opportunity to this person.        2. Put on your email list and
Vegetables approach.            be for coffee, lunch, at their                                            continue to educate about
                                kitchen table, Webinar,                                                   Re:Fuel of other Vollara
                                meeting, etc.                                                             products

                                                                                                          Interested in Business
                                                                                                          1. Autoship Re:Fuel
                                                                                                          2. Immediately go to Coaching
                              Income Goal $_________                                                      PPT slides.
                                                                       Go through each item on all 3
Start Duplicating                                                      slides in detail or direct your
with the help of              Sponsoring Goal _______                  new Distributor to the Coaching
your sponsor or                                                        Webinar. See if there is any
                                                                       interest in the FSE+ or LP pack.
upline. Do not try
and do the
presentation by
                                           Keep it this simple
yourself initially.                               Go to SV Training during your
                                                  Business Building activity. This
                                                  is not initially necessary, but
                                                  very important. For a copy of
                                                  SV training go to:
                                           PERSONAL ASSESSMENT
                                          FOR HEALTH AND WEALTH
City:___________________________State________zip code______
Phone:_________________________Cell Phone_________________
Email Address:____________________________________________
Best Time to Contact You: ____________________________________

 o   I often don’t have time to eat/prepare a healthy meal.
 o   I eat cooked and processed foods.
 o   I have low energy.
 o   I have indigestion or acid reflux.
 o   I do not eat 5 servings of fresh (raw) fruits and vegetables per day.
 o   I drink carbonated beverages, coffee, tea, and/or alcohol.
 o   I have difficulty losing weight.
 o   I feel stressed.
 o   I smoke OR I am around others who smoke.
 o   I am taking a daily vitamin supplement.
 o   My supplement contains whole food vitamins.
 o   My supplement contains chelated minerals.
 o   My supplement contains anti-oxidants.
 o   My supplement contains 12 probiotics (friendly bacteria for the gut).
 o   My supplement contains plant based digestive enzymes.
 o   My supplement contains a fat digester

 Vollara’s Re:Fuel has 6 supplements in 1 capsule.
 Re:Fuel is organic, whole food, vegetarian capsules with no wheat gluten, egg, milk, soy, peanuts, nuts, corn, fish or shellfish.
 Re:Fuel contains no MSG¸ salt, sugar, artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, chemical preservatives, additives, or fillers.
 Would you like to:
 o Feel Better? (We guarantee It!) MONEY BACK GUARANTEE
 o Earn extra income each month?
 o Be more financially secure?
 o Pay off your credit cards?
 o Use a retirement supplement?
                                               Your Vollara Distributor is: _____________________________

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