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					                            SCENAROS for Review by Cohorts 1 and 2.
                             Remember all are good coaching strategies.
                Discuss which one would you choose for one of your teachers and why?

        This practice allows four individuals to discuss their own answers given to CFF teachers to
increase the academic rigor, cross curricular integration or 21st century skills in the CFF classrooms.

   A             Story                           Responses for coaching                          Comments
  Thru                                                                                            or notes
    A        An AP Civics        1) Could you analyze the student responses and see how
  Using      teacher tries       many students were going beyond the reporting of facts and
  Skype      "Skype" by          using analysis and synthesis to create their responses? What
             having an           patterns amongst the responses do you notice?
             session with        (Prompt to have teachers analyze student work)
             School              2)     Could you have a debate as a follow-up activity? What
             District's          skills would you want students to use, and what would be the
             Civics teacher      criteria for success? Could you and your colleague at the
             on the 2008         other school create a rubric to define those criteria?
             Candidates.         (Prompt for follow-up lesson)
             Students in
             both schools        3) What did you notice about the interaction between the
             research the        schools? Could you develop a way they could share their
             answers to          analyses? What can we do to take the interaction of your
             specific topics     students from an emphasis on facts to a model emphasizing the
             and write           skill of comparison and contrast?
             Students then       (Prompt to create ways to deepen study)
             read their
             answer to the
             other school
             students. Each
             directed the
             over Skype.
             After the
             lesson was
             completed, the
             teacher was
             thrilled with the
             use of the
             and the
             student written
    B        A civics             1)   Studies on the use of new instructional materials
 Google      teacher uses         show us that everyone needs time to experiment with
Earth and    Google Earth         new materials to get used to them, before using them in
                              SCENAROS for review by Cohorts 1 and 2.
          Remember all are good, which one would you choose for one of your teachers and why?
  The        to identify the     application. So let's add play time on Google Earth for all
Election     Red and Blue        the students in your lesson. How about suggesting they go
             states for a        look at a site like their homes before you begin? What do
             Federal             you think students will learn about the connections between
             election. The       geography and political preferences?
             spend most of        (Prompt: Refine for refining lesson plan)
             their time
             looking at their    2)    Let's look at the students’ results? As we compare
             own homes on        the results what do we notice? Could you ask student's to
             Google Earth.       use hypothetical thinking? For example, “What would cause
             He asks how         the red states to become blue and visa versa?” Then ask
             he could keep       students to "unpack their thinking" by describing how they
             more students       arrived at an answer.
             on task, and
             how to make it     (Prompt for follow-up lesson using high order thinking)
             academically       3)    Are there other sources students can use on the
             profitable?        internet? Maybe we could give them options to use more than
                                one source and maybe they could try another source outside
                                of class and report back?

                                (Prompt for follow-up lesson with focus on evaluation of

   C         Students           1)    What other kinds of media do you want students to
 Paper       spend time         use to create these shields? Would using these different
 crafts      reporting out      media deepen the learning involved in creating the shield?
             their              Would it increase student engagement? If so, how might you
             conclusions        model these different media for students?
             from reading a
             paperback of        (Prompt: Reflecting on the completed lesson to refine the
             Homer's            task)
             "lliad". The
             charge was to      2).    Could students use their paper shields as a draft to
             make a shield      create a shield in another media? How might this deepen
             representing       student learning? How would the revision process and the
             the author,        use of another media help students to think about the task?
             Homer’s            Let's talk about what this next lesson might look like.
             of Achilles'       (Prompt: Follow-up lesson allowing students to revise their
             shield. The        work.)
             students were
             to think           3) - Do these paper shields show that students
             outside the        understood the author's interpretation of Achilles' shield? How
             box, but they      could access to additional information such as images of art
             all continued in   and architecture of the time, themes from other literary pieces
             a craft mode,      of the time, geographical features of the setting - all available
             due to the         through technology - improve student performance?
             shared by the      (Prompt: Follow-up lesson using additional information)
                            SCENAROS for review by Cohorts 1 and 2.
        Remember all are good, which one would you choose for one of your teachers and why?

   D       One day as I      1.)     It is wonderful to learn that the math department is
Math and   was walking       using the white boards. You are now able to engage your
  White    down the math     students and bring new levels of interaction to their math
 Boards    hall wing, I      lessons. “Active pilots” is another component of the boards
           was stopped       that allows students to respond to tests and quizzes and
           by two math       contribute their own ideas and thoughts to the boards, making
           teachers in the   for a truly highly engaging learning environment. There’s an
           high school.      exciting video I would like to share with you. Would you be
           They had just     able to chat with me about this video after you get a chance to
           been talking      watch it?
           about CFF and
           their math        )
           course work.
           In fact, they
           references to
           CFF and using     (Prompt: Resources for increased of instructional technology)
           the white
           boards. They      2)     You’re off to a great start with your use of the white
           think white
                             boards. If you’d like to give your students more opportunities
           boards are
                             to interface with the whiteboard let me know, because we
                             could co-plan and co-teach a lesson that would include your
                             students in manipulating information on the whiteboard.

                             (Prompt for follow-up lesson focusing on increased student

                             3)    Please tell me about the successes that you have
                             had with whiteboards and your students. Let’s look at your
                             student work. How has using the white board helped your
                             students to better understand the math concepts you are

                             (Prompt to analyze student work)
    E     Increasing
  PSSA    student            1) I hear your concern. With all of the PD you've experienced
Alignment performance        with differentiated instruction, you'll appreciate the opportunity
          on the 11th        to prepare for the PSSA by differentiating your classroom with
          grade PSSA is      technology. The use of multimedia tools will provide another
          very important     avenue to move your "bubble" students.
          to me. I can’t
          agree to use        (Prompt to use technology to assist in differentiating
          technology         instruction.)
          unless its
          completely         2.    Have you reviewed any of the Flip Charts created in
          aligned with       Promethean Planet? Those Flip Charts allow students to
          what I need to     visualize, conceptualize and analyze the eligible content
          do for the         assessed on the PSSA. I see you are working on the
                           SCENAROS for review by Cohorts 1 and 2.
       Remember all are good, which one would you choose for one of your teachers and why?
           PSSA.             Algebraic standard: Analyzing a given set of data for the
                             existence of a pattern and a representation of that pattern
                             algebraically and graphically. There are already over 30
                             innovative lessons on Promethean Planet already created for
                             you that will allow for analysis and synthesis in those PA
                             Anchors. Can we look at one of those flip charts together?

                              (Prompt to use technology as a resource for lesson

                             3.)    Turning your classroom into a 21st Century learning
                             environment will motivate your students, and have a positive
                             influence on student learning which will ultimately support the
                             PA Anchors. Have you noticed that student engagement
                             increases, and students take more control over their own
                             learning when using technology?

                             (Prompt to use technology to increase student engagement)

   F       Teacher has       1)     Whiteboards provide the potential for all pupils to be
 Special   taken up the      actively involved in teaching and learning. Several different
 Needs     CFF               learning styles can be accommodated during instruction with
Teacher    challenge         an interactive whiteboard, which can increase engagement for
 works     with a class      all students including special needs students. Your colleague
  with     of special        Mr. M is going to share with me how he has made his board
students   needs             come alive tomorrow. Would you like me to arrange coverage
           students. She     for you, so that you could you spend a morning watching him?
           set up the
           machines and       (Prompt: Provide resources for increased use of instructional
           worked with       technology)
           the students
           over a three      2)    I know of some great educational games that will fit
           week period       with your lessons and will be a good way to introduce the use
           using the white   of laptops to your students. Would you like me to come in
           board. Her        and show these games to a small group of your students?
           style does not    (Prompt to shift the control of learning to the students)
           include the
           use of the        3)     You took on a real challenge by having your students
           laptops.          work with whiteboards and you have made a great initial
           Nothing has       effort! What can I do now to help you feel more comfortable
           really changed    using the technology? Could we meet together and run
           except her use    through ways to use the laptop with students? Could we work
           of the white      together to pilot an activity using a laptop with a few students?
           board as
           answer sheets     (Prompt to provide resources for increased use of
           for students to   instructional technology)
           publicly. The
           teacher has
           also told you
                            SCENAROS for review by Cohorts 1 and 2.
        Remember all are good, which one would you choose for one of your teachers and why?
          that the whole
          idea of CFF
          scares her.
    G     An                 1) As a follow up, perhaps the students can store their
 English  inexperienced      essays on a class wiki, and they can then engage in peer
 Macbeth English             editing on line. You, as a teacher, can then do some analysis
          teacher invites    of the various editing issues.
          you to visit his
          class. He is       (Prompt to Analyze student work)
          proud that all
          his students       2) Perhaps you can break the class into groups and assign
          are using          a real life dictator to each group to investigate online.
          laptops to         Following the investigation, each group reports on its
          write their        dictator's "rise to power," and compare it to Macbeth's. Finally
          essays on          the groups can create and describe the differences in their
          "The Major         description of dictatorial power.
          Theme of
          Macbeth."          (Prompt to Create ways to deepen study)
          When you
          visit, all the     3) Would it be interesting to see if all the themes the
          students are       students wrote about possessed commonalities? An online
          busy typing        matrix could help them with the analysis of their work.
          their              Perhaps all of the themes could be listed on flip charts for
          documents          analysis, and then have students vote on the top three
          and printing       themes in terms of relevance to issues in modern living.
          them out.
          What do you        (Prompt for follow-up lesson)
          say to the
    H     An                 You took on a real challenge. I am very proud of your try.
Chemistry experienced        Have your students used PP before? How many years ago?
  Power   chemistry          Have you seen the Visual Periodic table that provides other
  Point   teacher breaks     options of visual study? Let me show you.
          her class into     Maybe we can get some ideas here...
          groups and         1) Could you consider taking this to "how these elements
          assigns each       are used in our materials and compounds today"? This way
          group the task     the students can do online research on their element.
          of creating a
          power point on     (Prompt to Create ways to deepen study)
          a section of
          the periodic       2) How do you review their presentation skills? The
          table. The         students could create a rubric to increase their understanding
          power point is     of the qualities you are looking for as they make the
          to include the     presentations.
          number, mass,      Prompt to Analyze student work)
          etc. of each
          element in the     3) Could they take an element research their findings on the
          assigned           web and come back with the best three sites and why they
          section, and       choose them?
          the final
                            SCENAROS for review by Cohorts 1 and 2.
        Remember all are good, which one would you choose for one of your teachers and why?
            product will be     (Prompt to shift the control of learning to the students)
            presented to
            the class.
            What do you
            say to the
     I      An                  1) As a follow up, ask the groups to choose from all the
Civil War   experienced         generals who should be the recipient of a ticker-tape parade
            social studies      and the general who should be court-martialed.
            divides his         (Prompt to Analyze student work)
            honors class        (Prompt for follow-up lesson)
            into groups
            and assigns         2) Have you had the opportunity to identify the websites
            each group a        you would like them visit? Maybe they could do some
            general from        research and rank the sites based on the knowledge provided
            the American        from the site.
            Civil War.
            Each group is       (Prompt to shift the control of learning to the students)
            to prepare a
            power-point on      3) Ask groups to create a scenario in which the decision a
            the general's       general made dramatically changed the outcome of the battle.
            role at the         How would history have been changed?
            Battle of
            Gettysburg.         (Prompt to Create ways to deepen study)
            Within the
            presentation is     4) The generals in World War I argued that there was not
            the group's         much to learn from the American Civil War militarily. Ask the
            consensus of        groups to investigate 19th century military tactics on the web
            what their          and postulate if the generals in World War I were right.
            contributed to      (Prompt to Create ways to deepen study)
            the success or
            to the failure of
            the battle.
            What do you
            say to the
    J       An                  Maybe you need to visit the Curriculum Director first and then
Geometry    inexperienced       work as team with this teacher.
 Slides     geometry            1) Let's look at your lesson plan? Where are the standards
            teacher             and anchors identified for this geometry class?
            develops a
            unit on             (Prompt to Create ways to deepen study)
            triangles. He       2) Would like to see that other CFF Math teachers are
            has prepared        doing in Geometry? CFF has wikis that provide other
            a group of          examples of how to work on this subject.
            slides, each
            slide               (Prompt to Analyze student work)
            containing a
                              SCENAROS for review by Cohorts 1 and 2.
          Remember all are good, which one would you choose for one of your teachers and why?
             type of triangle   3) Another opportunity through our CFF program are
             (isosceles,        region IU sharing days. Want to join us at the regional
             equilateral,       exchange day? Their will be lots of ideas for you to see? The
             obtuse, etc)       math on is coming up and we'll get the SD to release you to
             and displays       join your fellow CFF teachers.
             each one at a
             time on his        (Prompt to Create ways to deepen study)
             Students are
             to sit at their
             desks, and, on
             an answer
             sheet, write
             the type of
             triangle for
             each slide.
             What do you
             say to the
  K          An                 1) If we want the students to store the formula in long term
Physics      inexperienced      memory, perhaps we can ask them to do the work by using
             physics            successful pneumonic devices. Divide the class into groups
             teacher            and assign each group a different formula. The group is to
             requires his       devise a jingle and an image that will help their classmates
             students to        remember the formula.
             write down         (Prompt to shift the control of learning to the students)
             and memorize       2) I know you want students to memorize these formulas
             formulas on        about the Laws of Motion. Students often understand and
             the Laws of        retain concepts best when they get to use them in application.
             Motion. At the     Could you show them how to apply these formulas in problem
             end of the         solving situations before you expect them to memorize the
             school week        formulas? Could your instruction on using the formulas to
             he gives them      solve problems, also be a support for helping them to
             problems to        understand and also memorize the formulas?
             solve using        (Prompt to refine lesson plan based on instructional
             those              strategies)
             formulas. He       3) There are some fun videos on You Tube that you could use
             explains that      to show the Laws of Motion in action. Could we co-plan a
             there is no        lesson together where I find and show the videos and you
             way that           make the connections to the applicable Laws of Motion and
             students can       formulas?
             solve the          (Prompt to use technology to increase student engagement)
             the formula
             first. What do
             you say to this
                    SCENAROS for review by Cohorts 1 and 2.
Remember all are good, which one would you choose for one of your teachers and why?

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