Organisational Chart Organisational Chart July 2006 Reserve Bank Board Payments System by deafeningbuzz


									              Organisational Chart                                                        | July 2006

                                                                                                                     Reserve Bank Board

                                            Payments System Board
                                                                                                             Governor / Deputy Governor

                                                                                                                     Executive Committee

                  Committee                       Financial
                                                                          Economic Group                             Financial Markets Group
                                                System Group

Note Printing                            Payments       Financial       Economic        Economic      Domestic                            London/          Dealing
                      Audit                                                                                           International
 Australia                                Policy        Stability       Analysis        Research      Markets                             New York        Support &
                    Department                                                                                         Department
  Limited                               Department     Department      Department      Department    Department                            Offices       Compliance

    Note             Financial/         Payments        Analysis of     Advice on       Economic       Market           Foreign         Investment of    Compliance
   Printing          Operations         Efficiency      Australian      Monetary        Research      Operations       Exchange          Reserves in
                       Audit                             & Global        Policy                                         & Gold          Local Markets     Portfolio
Other Security                          Payments         Financial                     Conferences     Liquidity       Operations                       Performance
   Printing           IT Audit           Stability       Systems        Analysis of                   Forecasts                          Assist with    Measurement
                                                                       Australian &    Research                       Management        RBA’s Foreign
Research &                           Payments            Financial     International   Discussion      Analysis of   of International    Exchange         Systems
Development                         Developments         Stability      Economies       Papers       Intermediated      Reserves         Operations       Support &
                                                          Review                                        Markets                                         Administration
                                     Support of                        Forecasting       Bulletin                     International      Analysis of
                                      Payments         Co-ordination                                  Analysis of       Relations       Local Markets
                                    System Board        with APRA       Regional        Research      Securities
                                                                        & Industry       Library       Markets         Analysis of
                                                        Support of       Analysis                                       Foreign
                                                        Council of                                                     Exchange
                                                         Financial     Statements                                       Market
                                                        Regulators     on Monetary
                                                                          Policy                                       Analysis of
                                                                         Regional                                       Financial
                                                                         Offices                                         Markets

108           R E S E R V E   B A N K    O F   A U S T R A L I A
     Business Services Group                            Corporate Services Group                                                                  Committee

                            Payments          Facilities      Financial        Systems &                                                               Risk
 Banking     Note Issue                                                                          Personnel         Information     Secretary’s
                           Settlements       Management     Administration     Technology                                                           Management
Department   Department                                                                         Department         Department      Department
                           Department        Department      Department        Department                                                              Unit

Government    Currency       Planning &       Property       Accounting        Applications       Staff           Media Office      Board &            Risk
 Banking     Operations   Client Relations   Management      Operations       Development &     Resourcing                         Governance       Management
                                                                                 Support                           Publishing                         Policy
 Registry     Currency     Operations &        Security      Accounting                        Remuneration                       Legal Services
               Quality       Projects                        Analysis &      Communications    & Conditions         Website                            Risk
                                             Purchasing &      Policy          Systems                                               Visitors      Assessment &
             Currency      Settlements        Transport                                       Health & Safety      Document                          Reporting
             Research                                          Payroll           Service                          Management
                          RTGS Systems         Projects                          Delivery       Training &
                                                            Health Society                     Development          Museum
                                               Facilities                       Systems
                                               Support      Superannuation      Security          Travel

                                                                A N N U A L     R E P O R T   2 0 0 6      |   O R G A N I S A T I O N A L   C H A R T   109

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