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					Blue Water Pool and Spa (BWPS)                           7345 S. Durango B107-350 LasVegas NV 89113
702-243-SWIM (7946)      

Service Contract (revised 02/10/09)-BWPS shall provide pool service which includes:

    1. Netting pool surface for large debris
    2. Brushing pool walls and tile
    3. Vacuuming pool as necessary(automatic vacuums like Hayward Pool Vac Ulta required)
    4. Emptying skimmer and pump baskets
    5. Assessing equipment and pool surface-If BWPS notices air in the pump or water leaking
       anywhere at plumbing or pump-a repair will be advised to avoid a pump/motor failure. If a
       dangerous situation is observed, it will be fixed ASAP and you will be notified promptly.
    6. Complete chemical testing to include: chlorine, calcium, alkalinity, PH, phosphates,
       stabilizer, and total dissolved solids (TDS).
    7. Basic chemical treatment to maintain proper chemistry which includes various types of
       chlorine (except tabs), acid, and stabilizer, and sodium bicarbonate. BWPS keeps complete
       records of your pool’s properly maintained chemistry.
Monthly rates are a flat rate and are not prorated for: skipped visits due to another company doing repairs, for non-access to
the pool, or because pool pumps are inoperable, etc. If dangerous weather conditions exist (like lightning), or there is
significant wind, BWPS may modify that visit accordingly. BWPS reserves the option to not service a pool with
malfunctioning equipment. Auto vacuums are an integral part of pool service. The service rate can be higher if there is a
missing automatic vacuum. As of 10/08/08-If the property being serviced is in mortgage default or foreclosure status, full
payment is required in advance of service- there is no grace period. BWPS offers complete pump, motor, and pool
plumbing repair service, acid baths, tile scale removal, and filter cleaning.

Customer Responsibilities
Chlorine Tablets are to be purchased by the pool owner at wholesale from BWPS and stored at the service residence. Proper
circulation is very important. Pumps should run 1 hour for every 10 degrees, so during summer please keep pump timer set to
run for at least 8 hours during daylight hours (from 10am until 6pm). Filters need to be cleaned frequently. A good rule of
thumb is to clean the filters when the filter pressure rises 8-10psi or every 1-3 months depending on the type of filter.
Allowing filters to become jammed from not cleaning them regularly can lead to premature filter failure, a leaking motor
seal, and pump/motor failure. Filter life is approximately 3-4 years. If you’re not inclined to regularly clean your own filters,
BWPS will do it for you. Please call to be put on the regular filter cleaning schedule. Pool owners are responsible for proper
water levels, although if an auto fill is not working, BWPS will fix it. The specified service day shall be anytime from 6am
until sunset, so please allow access to pool during those hours.

Additional Fees
Pool equipment needs to be kept in working order, which includes motor, plumbing, baskets, o-rings etc. Minor repairs
(charges under $50) or part replacements which are under $50 will automatically be done and charged on next billing cycle.
BWPS will call for approval on major repairs which are over $50. There may be an extra fee for non basic chemicals such as
specific algaecides, phosphate removers, clarifiers, etc. When non basic chemicals are needed and do not exceed $50, the
charge will appear on your next statement. A phosphate remover will be added during spring and summer and other times of
year if testing shows high phosphate levels. This is important to help prevent algae bloom. Please be aware that large
amounts of chlorine are consumed and phosphate levels rise dramatically when dogs are allowed to swim in the pool. The fee
for being on a regular filter cleaning schedule with BWPS is $20/month; otherwise the filter cleaning fee is $45. When you
clean your own filters, please notify BWPS. If our records do not indicate timely cleanings or your filter pressure is too high,
you will be notified. There may be an additional charge for rescheduled visits. When the pool water’s Total Dissolved Solids
become excessive (over 3000), or cyanuric acid (stabilizer) levels become too high (normal is 30-50ppm), BWPS will advise
a refill. It is normal in Las Vegas to refill the pool water every few years in order to lower TDS and stabilizer. Chlorine’s
ability to sanitize is reduced when stabilizer is too high. After being notified, please refill your pool within 60 days or call
BWPS to schedule a refill for continued service.

Payment for service is due in advance of the service month. Statements are sent out on the 15 th of each month, via email, for
the next month’s service. When statements are emailed, there is a payment link included so payments can be made online. If
a payment is not received by the end of the service month (45 day after being billed), a 10% late charge will be assessed. We
also offer an automatic payment option with Visa, MasterCard and Discover. Payments can also be made with a credit card
by calling us at 243-7946. Past due accounts may receive a courtesy phone call. Service may be interrupted for lack of
payment. If a technician is unable to service a pool because a gate is locked, pool equipment doesn’t work, or service has
been suspended for lack of payment, the full monthly fee still applies.

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