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					     Reserve Bank Board                                                          | August 2007

     Members of the Reserve Bank Board attending the August 2007 Board meeting at the Bank’s Head Office in Sydney. From left to right, Graham Kraehe,
     Warwick McKibbin, Jillian Broadbent, Glenn Stevens (Governor and Chairman), Ric Battellino (Deputy Governor), Ken Henry (Secretary to the Treasury),
     Donald McGauchie and Roger Corbett.

10   R E S E R V E   B A N K    O F   A U S T R A L I A
Glenn Stevens (Chairman)                               Donald McGauchie AO
Governor since 18 September 2006                       Member since 30 March 2001
Present term ends 17 September 2013                    Present term ends 29 March 2011

Chairman – Payments System Board                       Chairman – Telstra Corporation Limited
Chairman – Council of Financial Regulators             Deputy Chairman – James Hardie
                                                         Industries NV
                                                       Director – Nufarm Limited
Ric Battellino
Deputy Governor since 14 February 2007
                                                       Warwick McKibbin
Present term ends 13 February 2012
                                                       Member since 31 July 2001
                                                       Present term ends 30 July 2011
Ken Henry AC
Secretary to the Treasury                              Executive Director, Centre for Applied
Member since 27 April 2001                               Macroeconomic Analysis & Professor
                                                         of International Economics, College of
                                                         Business and Economics – Australian
Jillian Broadbent AO                                     National University
Member since 7 May 1998                                Professorial Fellow – Lowy Institute for
Present term ends 6 May 2008                             International Policy
                                                       Non-Resident Senior Fellow – The Brookings
Director – Coca Cola Amatil Limited                      Institution, USA
Director – Special Broadcasting Service                President – McKibbin Software Group Inc
Director – Woodside Petroleum Limited                    (USA)
                                                       Director – McKibbin Software Group Pty Ltd
                                                       Director – EconomicScenarios.com Pty Ltd
Roger Corbett AM
Member since 2 December 2005
Present term ends 1 December 2010

Director – Fairfax Holdings Limited
Director – Wal-Mart Stores Inc
Chairman – CIES Food Business Forum

Graham Kraehe AO
Member since 14 February 2007
Present term ends 13 February 2012
                                                       Hugh Morgan AC
Chairman – BlueScope Steel Limited
Director – Brambles Industries Limited                 Hugh Morgan’s term on the Board ended on
Director – Djerriwarrh Investments Limited              28 July 2007

                                             A N N U A L   R E P O R T   2 0 0 7   |   R E S E R V E   B A N K   B O A R D   11