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					                                 Exercise Science & Sports Medicine
                                   Disclosure Statement 2007-2008
                                      Coach Hone  Room C-126
                                 Northridge High 402-8500 Ext. 8654

I.     The Mission of Northridge High School
         We at Northridge High School will provide all students with rigorous, relevant, educational
         opportunities that will enable them to reach their potential and be responsible, productive

II.    Desired Results for Student Learning
         Communication Skills
         Our students will leave Northridge High School prepared to understand the world around them,
         formulate clear & intelligent opinions, and express those opinions in written and oral form with
         clarity, sincerity, & persuasiveness.

         Math Skills
         Students will demonstrate the ability to assess, problem solve, and use basic math skills
         (UBSCT Level).

         Group Skills
         Students of our school community will demonstrate the ability to work collaboratively in diverse
         groups, listen to one another respectfully, protect one another’s personal space, work toward
         common goals and consider various points of view.

         We will look out for one another, thus creating a safe, healthy, caring environment in which to
         work and play.

III.   Course Description & Objectives:
         The general purpose of this course is to teach students components of sports medicine
         including the exploration of therapeutic careers. Students will be able to understand and apply
         medical terminology and abbreviations, identify the anatomy and physiology of the human body,
      become familiar with and certify in first aide, injury prevention, the healing process,
      rehabilitation techniques, therapeutic modalities, nutrition, and sports psychology.

IV. Grading:
      Grades are calculated according to the total possible points each term.
      1.       Attendance/Participation: Students will earn participation points for being present and
               involved in each class session.
      2.       Assignments/Projects: Students will be given written assignments and/or projects.
      3.       Internship Project & Paper: Students will be required to intern with a sports medicine
               professional (6 hours) and report on their time spent with a real world career.
      4.       Cognitive/Written Testing: Students will be tested on their knowledge of the topics
               discussed in the lecture portion of the class.
      5.       Performance Skill Testing: Students must demonstrate 13 performance skills with a
               minimum competency.

      6.       Concurrent Enrollment: The Emergency Response portion of this class is designed for
               college preparation and generates 3 semester hours (Health 2300 Responding to
               Emergencies) at Weber State University upon successful completion of the course.
               High school CTE credit is also earned.
      7.       Grading Scale:
               93-100% A,       83-86% B       77-79% C         63-66% D,
               90-92%     A     80-82% B- 73-76% C-             60-62%    D-,
               87-89%     B+     70-72% C+             67-69% D+      F= 59% or      below

V.   Classroom Rules & Teacher Expectations:
·     No food or drink in the classroom! (Exceptions at the teacher’s discretion.)
·     Writing on desks, walls, etc. or any other type of vandalism will result in a “U.”
·     Any type of stealing, cheating, or use of profane language will not be tolerated and will also
      result in a “U.”
·     You must use the class hall pass and its’ accompanying sign out form. (School policy.)
·     No hats, disruptive body piercings, cell phones, headphones, electronics/game/video or audio
       devices allowed in the classroom. Your phone will be confiscated on the first offense and can
       be picked up after class. On the second offense, you will receive an automatic “U” and a
       parent will have to come get your phone. (Hint: If you turn your phone off and put it in your
       backpack/bag etc., I will never see or hear it and therefore it will never be an issue.)
·      Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated in class. Be respectful to yourself and to others, and
       use some common sense! If you cannot follow this policy you will be asked to find another
·      The Davis School District and Northridge High School attendance policy and dress code will be
       followed and enforced as outlined in your student handbook.

VI. Assignments & Quizzes:
·      All papers and assignments are due at the beginning of the class period on the assigned date
       unless otherwise pre-arranged with the instructor.
·      NO LATE WORK will be accepted! This is a college level class, and student expectations will
       be reflected as such.
·      Quizzes will be given frequently on topics discussed in class. Each quiz will vary in points.
       Quizzes may be given at anytime, attendance is very critical. Any bell quizzes, written or
       oral, may not be made up. If you want to make-up lost points due to an absence, you will
       need to do extra credit.

VII. Citizenship Policy:
        Proper class conduct is important to a successful learning environment. Students are
        expected to refrain from talking when the teacher is instructing the class, allow others to
        freely express their opinion without threat from censure, work independently when time is
        given, be to class on time, etc. “U’s” will be given for improper class conduct, truancy, four
        tardies, an unsatisfactory report from a substitute, the use of profanity, etc.

VIII. Statement of Non Discrimination:
        It is the policy of the Davis School District and Northridge High School to provide equal
        education and employment opportunity for all individuals. Therefore, the District and
        Northridge High School prohibit all discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex,
        age, national origin, disability, and veteran status. This policy extends to all aspects of the
        District’s and Northridge High School’s educational programs, as well as to the use of all
        District facilities, and participation in all District-sponsored activities. Accommodations for
        students with special needs will be provided upon request.

IX. Course Fees:
        1.    Required Fees:
                Lab Fee                                                  $20
                Emergence Response/CPR Certification                     $30
                ($10 mask, $5 card, $15 supplies)
                Total Required Fees (Due by Sept. 07, 2007):             $50

        2.    Optional Fees:
                First Responder/CPR Text                                 $45
                HOSA Membership                                          $20
                (Local, state, national dues & attendance/involvement in HOSA competitions)
                WSU concurrent enrollment Fees                           $0
                (Paid by the State of Utah if you pass the course)

X. Video Disclosure:
        The following videos will be used in conjunction with this class: (Be aware of some graphic
        medical images.)
        ·       Sports on Trial
        ·       Tackling the Heat: Game plan for Competing Safely
        ·       Playmakers: Episode 2 - ESPN
        ·       Spine Injury Management
        ·       The Injury Factory
        ·       Various Injury Video Clips
        ·       Impact: Stories of Survival Series (Emergency Response Unit)
        ·       Sports Figures: ESPN Series/60 Minutes/Dateline/Primetime on related issues
        ·       Peak Performance: Fit TV Series

I have read and understand the above disclosure statement.

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