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					                                                                 Infinity plus
                                                                 Service Description

1     Scope of application                                       2.3   Fixed-network telephony
This service description applies to Infinity plus from           2.3.1 General
Swisscom (Switzerland) Ltd (hereinafter “Swisscom”). The         Broadband access enables voice telephony via Internet
provisions of this service description will take precedence      Protocol (i.e. not so-called circuit-switched like with
over any provisions that differ in the General Terms and         conventional telephony). Customers can make calls to
Conditions for Internet Services (“GTC”). GTC passages           each other and to customers of other providers with
that refer explicitly to the fixed-network connection are        whom Swisscom has concluded the relevant agreements.
not relevant to Infinity plus.
                                                          Calls on the Swiss fixed network are covered by the
2     Swisscom's obligations                              monthly subscription fees. Call charges are incurred for
                                                          the following call types or applications: international calls,
2.1 Broadband access                                      calls to mobile networks in Switzerland and abroad,
Broadband access enables access to the Internet and business numbers (e.g. 090x/08xx), short numbers,
fixed-network telephony at fixed monthly costs.           numbers with the prefix 058, directory enquiry services
When Infinity plus is activated, existing EconomyLINE, (incl. call forwarding) and calls using cards.
MultiLINE and DSL contracts are terminated. With this If the customer initiates a telephone conference, he or she
termination, all supplementary services, such as National is recommended to be the last to leave the call. Otherwise
half-price subscriptions, Mini-Combi and Combi, he or she runs the risk that the remaining participants
Swisscom Together and Chat subscriptions will also be may continue the call at the customer's expense.
cancelled and any activated CPS switching will be Infinity plus applies to normal voice calls. Special
deactivated automatically.                                applications such as machine-to-machine, direct dial-in
In the case of Section 7.2 below, these customers will and permanent connections and use of the connection to
receive the services described here plus a splitter for their provide telecommunications services are not permitted.
fixed installation and a WLAN router on loan.                 Swisscom is entitled to terminate Infinity plus
                                                              immediately if it suspects improper use.
2.2 Internet
                                                              2.3.2 Services integrated into Infinity plus
2.2.1 Speed
                                                              The following services are part of Infinity plus:
Broadband access enables online surfing with up to
20’000 kbps download and 1’000 kbps upload.                   −     Combox Basic
                                                              −     Evening and weekend calls
The transmission speeds refer to optimal performance
and cannot be guaranteed. Reductions in speed may occur 2.3.3 Paying supplementary services
depending on the length of the line between the The following paying supplementary services, for which
telephone access and the local exchange and the quality separate offer terms and conditions apply, are available as
of the copper lines. If the customer or the network access an option:
customer receives additional services via the Swisscom
                                                              −     Flat-rate subscription
fixed-network connection, this may also lead to
                                                              −     Half-Price International
bandwidth restrictions. The performance of the contract
                                                              −     Bluewin TV
will in no way be affected by the occurrence of such
                                                              −     On-site installation
bandwidth restrictions.
                                                              −     Internet Security
2.2.2 Prices / changes
                                                              2.3.4 Services not available
Infinity plus prices will take precedence over the prices of
                                                              Compared with conventional fixed-network telephony,
the Swisscom DSL packages. Swisscom may perform
                                                              the following are not available with Infinity plus:
technical modifications at any time, provided that this
does not have an impact on the customer’s costs or an −             COLR (Connected Line Identification Restriction)
adverse effect on operation and performance of the −                COLP (Connected Line Identification Presentation)
agreed service.                                               −     Rejection of reverse charge calls
                                                              −     Do Not Disturb
2.2.3 Service package                                         −     Carrier preselection (the customer cannot preselect a
Infinity plus can only be subscribed to in combination              telecommunications provider that is not Swisscom)
with the Swisscom service package.                            −     National, Mini-Combi or Combi half-price
2.2.4 Static IP address                                             subscription, Swisscom Together, Chat Subscription
                                                              −     Dial-up / surf tariffs
Operation of a static IP address is not supported in
                                                              −     Combox Pro
conjunction with Infinity plus.

Swisscom (Switzerland) Ltd   Toll-free No. 0800 800 800
Contact Center Fixnet        Fax 0800 800 802
3050 Berne         
                                                            Infinity plus
                                                            Service Description

−     Call-charge pulse / advice of charge during and at    hotspots subject to a charge. Charges are billed together
      the end of the call                                   with the Swisscom invoice for broadband access. The fee
−     Remote power                                          is based on the duration of use. The current price list
−     SLA Plus and Premium                                  applies. Swisscom’s records are authoritative for billing
−     Callback if busy                                      purposes. Access is via Swisscom Login. All you need to do
−     Call forwarding                                       to use the service is log in on the website of the public
−     Change of number                                      wireless LAN hotspots. The provisions of this service
−     Change of device                                      description also apply to Internet access via public
                                                            wireless LAN. By using public wireless LAN, customers also
2.4 Installation                                            accept the applicable terms of use for public wireless LAN.
As a prerequisite for Infinity plus, installation must be Chargeable use is explicitly interrupted by logging out in
performed by Swisscom in certain cases for technical the active public wireless LAN status window provided for
reasons. Swisscom will inform the customer if installation this purpose.
by Swisscom is necessary. If Installation by Swisscom is
required, it is governed by the “DSL home installation, SAT 2.9 Maintenance and support
Internet access and Bluewin TV” and the corresponding 2.9.1 Maintenance and reporting of faults
price list.
                                                            Swisscom is responsible for appropriate maintenance of
2.5 Phone numbers                                           its network.
Swisscom allocates phone numbers to customers from          In the event of a fault, customers should contact the
within the number blocks made available to it by the        helpdesk on freephone 0800 800 800.
authorities. These numbers are provided for exclusive and   Swisscom remedies faults that are within its sphere of
non-transferable use. As part of the Swisscom “Top          influence within a reasonable time and using all
Number” package (subject to a charge), customers have       reasonable means at its disposal, during business hours. If
the option of selecting an available number themselves.     Swisscom is called in to remedy a fault, the cause of which
The customer does not have an entitlement to a specific     lies outside its fixed network, the costs may be charged to
number. It does not become the customer’s property and      the customer.
cannot therefore be sold, pledged, inherited or otherwise
transferred to third parties unless Swisscom gives its      2.9.2 Maintenance window
express consent.                                         Whenever possible, Swisscom informs customers about
Swisscom may change customer phone numbers without service interruptions that are deemed necessary to
compensation if this is deemed necessary for operational remedy faults, carry out maintenance work and roll out
or technical reasons, or if required by the authorities. new technologies, etc. Swisscom endeavours to keep such
                                                         interruptions as short as possible and to restrict them to
2.6 Directory                                            off-peak periods wherever possible. Information is
Unless the customer expressly wishes otherwise, published on the Swisscom portal (
Swisscom will enter the customer in a directory or allow
third parties such as Swisscom Directories to do so. 3         Customers' obligations
Swisscom is not obliged to verify the accuracy of the
                                                             3.1 Duty to cooperate
information provided by the customer for the entry.
                                                             Customers are responsible for the provision and
2.7 Address blocking for advertising purposes                installation of all connections, software, hardware, etc.
Anyone       not   wishing      to     receive   advertising They will set up, maintain and remove (on expiry of the
communications can ask for their address to be blocked in contract), in good time and at their own expense, the
their entry by marking it with an asterisk (*). The address necessary infrastructure, e.g. a connection to the fixed-
will only be passed on to those third parties that create line telephone network (hereafter referred to as “network
directories. Other companies within the Swisscom Group, connection”) and/or the splitter (which only needs to be
as well as providers of services that the customer procures removed and returned to Swisscom on expiry of the
via the network (see Section 7, General Terms and contract if the customer is obliged/required to do so by a
Conditions for Internet Services), are not deemed to be third party, e.g. the landlord, etc., otherwise the splitter
third parties. The address will not be passed on for other remains in the respective rented property). Customers
purposes.                                                    must safeguard their subscriber equipment against
                                                             unauthorised access by third parties.
2.8 Access to Swisscom’s public wireless LAN
                                                             Customers are responsible for the network connection or,
Customers with broadband access with a bandwidth from
                                                             in the case where customer and network connection
1’000/100 kbps can use the Swisscom public wireless
                                                             customer are not identical, for obtaining the consent of

                                                                Infinity plus
                                                                Service Description

the network connection customer to this contract. The information does not constitute an offer or a solicitation
functioning of integrated or separate call charge meters to do business or to enter into transactions of any kind.
for the network connection (itemised statements) may be
impaired by internet access.                             6     Special provisions

3.2   Use of land and buildings, licences to run cables         6.1   Data protection risks
For the purposes of establishing and maintaining          the   Swisscom will endeavour to take economically reasonable,
network access, customers must enable Swisscom to         use   technically feasible and appropriate measures to make
the land on which it is located and to gain entry to      the   the service secure. However, in using the Internet,
building, all free of charge. They must obtain            the   customers will be exposed to the following data
necessary licences to run cables at their own expense.          protection risks in particular: unencrypted e-mails may be
                                                                read, changed, suppressed or delayed by unauthorised
4     Invoicing and terms of payment                            persons. Senders may be falsified. Contributions to
                                                                newsgroups, forums and chat rooms may be forged,
4.1   Invoicing
                                                                falsified and analysed by third parties. Third parties are
Broadband access is billed monthly. The obligation to pay       sometimes able to monitor Internet traffic on the World
begins on the day following registration or at the latest 21    Wide Web (WWW) and obtain possession of usernames
days after activation of the service by Swisscom. Any delay     or passwords. Encrypting data improves the
attributable to customers will not exempt them from             confidentiality and reliability of information. Facilities to
their payment obligation.                                       protect against external threats (firewalls) may prevent
In the case of incomplete months, customers may be              unauthorised third parties penetrating customer
billed 1/30th of the monthly charge for each day.               networks. Customers are themselves responsible for
                                                                implementing such measures.
4.2   Responsibility for use of the connection
Customers are responsible for any and all use of their          6.2   Data processing for marketing purposes
connection, including by unauthorised third parties. In         Customers can limit or prohibit use of their data for
particular, they are responsible for paying all costs           marketing purposes.
incurred through use of their connection, especially
                                                                6.3   Number display and suppression
through using the Internet or dialling numbers that are
subject to a charge. The amounts may be charged to the          If technically feasible, the telephone number of the caller
telephone bill at the customer’s express request.               or of the call recipient is normally displayed regardless of
                                                                whether or not he or she is listed in a directory. Customers
4.3   Ordering and procuring goods and services                 may request that Swisscom suppress this number display
If customers order or procure goods or services by dialling     permanently free of charge, or may suppress it
Business Numbers that are subject to a charge                   themselves on a call-by-call basis. For technical reasons, it
(08xx/09xx), Swisscom may charge the respective                 cannot be guaranteed that the caller number will be
amounts to their telephone bill. Section 5 of the GTC –         displayed or suppressed in every case. For calls to
especially Section 5.2 concerning payment delays – also         emergency-service numbers or to Swisscom lines reserved
applies even if Swisscom only handles collection for third      for reporting faults, number display cannot be suppressed
parties. Customers should direct concerns regarding             as a general rule.
goods and services or other complaints in respect of third
parties directly and exclusively to these parties.          7         Terminal devices (router/modem)

5     Guarantee / Liability                                     7.1   Guarantee
                                                     In case of a purchase of a DSL terminal Swisscom provides
Swisscom cannot guarantee a minimum bandwidth or
                                                     the guarantees according to the guarantee certificate or
the uninterrupted, fault-free operation of broadband
                                                     delivery note/sales slip enclosed with the device.
Swisscom cannot be held responsible for misuse or 7.2 Remote maintenance
damage caused by third parties, for security defects in the In the interests of maintaining and optimising its
telecommunications network and the Internet or for costs configuration and support services, Swisscom reserves the
incurred for repairs and support services.                  right to access the customer’s terminal devices at any
Swisscom cannot accept liability for the accuracy, time without providing special notice in order to ensure
currentness and completeness of information (e.g. voice, that the devices are functioning properly (hereafter
images, sounds and other data) that can be accessed via referred to as “remote maintenance”).
the Swisscom Bluewin website and the Internet. This

                                                            Infinity plus
                                                            Service Description

Swisscom may require that a customer’s access to the        between Swisscom and the customer. An extension of the
terminal device required for their Internet access is to    current minimum contract term or an additional
occur only through an online access point provided by       minimum contract term can be agreed informally
Swisscom. Swisscom is entitled to transfer data stored in   between Swisscom and the customer at any time in the
the terminal device to its database. Swisscom is also       context of a contract amendment.
entitled to take any measures required to increase
                                                            8.2   Ordinary termination
                                                             The contract may be terminated in writing at the end of
As part of remote maintenance, Swisscom is able to view
                                                             any month, subject to a two-month notice period, but no
customer data that is directly related to the configuration
                                                             earlier than the date of expiry of the minimum contract
of the terminal device and the Internet services. Computer
equipment of the customer (PC, notebook) connected to
the terminal device is not covered by remote 8.3 Termination by the access owner
maintenance, which means that Swisscom is unable to If the contract is terminated before the minimum
view the data contained on these devices. Third parties contract term for Infinity plus broadband access has
are also not able to access terminal devices.                expired, customers will be liable to pay the basic monthly
In order to provide a high level of security of the Wireless charges for Infinity plus up to the expiry of the regular
LAN Swisscom manages the WLAN key on a central server. contract term. These charges will become payable
In case of a reset of the router/modem the old router immediately.
software may be replaced by a new, more effective
software. By this a new WPA-key may be produced by a 9             Official information
random generator. This new WPA-key is stored centrally The ombudsman ombudscom (
and replaces the previous, locally stored WLAN key rsp. mediates between customers and telecommunications
protects a network that has previously been open and providers in civil-law disputes.
unprotected. This procedure increases the level of The customer can block value added services ordered via
security.                                                    090x numbers or SMS/MMS short numbers and value
Swisscom accepts no liability for damage to the             added services ordered by others via the Swisscom
customer’s hardware following remote maintenance;           network and charged to the Swisscom bill by calling the
unless it can be proved that the damage was caused by       hotline. All respective value added services can be blocked
the remote maintenance of Swisscom.                         or only those that contain adult entertainment.

8     Duration and termination                              June 2009
8.1   Duration
The minimum contract term for Internet access is 12
months, unless a longer minimum contract term is agreed


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