Texas History Syllabus for Students and Parents by siwoyxrzafiawzzy


									                          Texas History Syllabus for Students and Parents

Instructor: Bobby Conrick
Contact Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 9:15 a.m.
Conference: 8:30 a.m. – 9:15 a.m.
Email: bobby.conrick@kellerisd.net
Phone: 817-744-3264
Class Blog: http://lonestarhistory.blogspot.com/

Mission and Method
This course will introduce the students to Texas History from the beginnings to the twenty-first
century. The course will cover basic facts, concepts and themes. The course will concentrate on
migration, diversity, individual freedoms, and statehood. As we begin our journey through Texas
History, students will understand how events in history affect their life in Texas today.

The students are expected to actively participate in all class activities such as class discussions,
working in groups and individually, and taking class notes. The use of technology as a research
tool also plays a large role in teaching Texas History, as well as resource books from the library
which will enhance the understanding of the basic principles of this course.

To be successful in this class, students must do the assignments. These assignments are carefully
designed to help your child come to class prepared, and to be an active participant in their own
education. Each week students should expect to spend one to two hours outside of class to
complete reading, writing, and other activities assigned. Projects will be assigned throughout the
year, and students are expected to complete the majority of the projects outside of the classroom.
For students to be actively involved they must be in the classroom there is a five minute break
between classes and students are expected get a drink and use the restroom during this time.
Students will be allowed to use the restroom during class only in extreme circumstances.

My commitment to each student is to provide a nurturing, risk-free environment where students
are treated fairly and open communication is a constant.

Grading Policy

20% Homework/Class Work/Reading Quizzes
20% Projects/Major Writing Assignments
25% Tests
35% Projects

Late Work Ten points are deducted for each late assignment not turned in, upon the fourth day, a
zero will be recorded. Once an assignment is marked a zero, it cannot be changed.

Make-Up Work You will have two days for every day that you are absent to complete your
missed work. It is YOUR responsibility to get the work from me when you return to class.

Retake Policy
Students who score below a 70 on a test or quiz can retake it for up to a 100. It is YOUR
responsibility to schedule a time for this.

I am available before school from 8:00 – 8:20 for tutorials or during your Flight time.

Course Outline
This course will cover the following topics; citizenship/current events, geography, early
settlements, government, American colonization, Texas Revolution, Republic/statehood, Civil
War, frontier Texas, Industrialization, changing times, and modern times.

Weekly assignments can be viewed on the course website, accessed on the ISMS website.

In order for students to reach their full potential, the classroom environment needs to be
structured in a way that all students can be successful. With an average of 25-30 students in each
class there are times when discipline is required in order to maintain the learning environment.
The number one objective as a history teacher is to teach the students Texas History. When a
student chooses to break a class rule, this behavior typically causes the students to lose focus and
waver from the task on hand. This type of behavior will not be tolerated and consequences will be


     Verbal Warning If a student breaks a class rule, the student will be given a warning to
      change their behavior. If the student is unwilling to correct their behavior the next
      consequence will be given.
     Lunch Detention This will be given to a student who does not heed the verbal warning, as
      well as to students who have two or more tardies during a nine week period. Students will
      serve this detention away from other classmates and will be assigned a reading
      assignment while they are eating. Lunch detentions are designed to deter students from
      disrupting class. If a lunch detention is skipped or forgotten, they will be assigned an
      additional lunch detention. If the problem persists the situation will be referred to
     Before School Detention This will be assigned to students who repeatedly violate class
      rules. Before school detentions will be assigned by me after discussing the situation with
      the student’s parents. Students who have been assigned before school detentions must
      report to the designated location by 8:00 A.M. If a student fails to show up for detention,
      they will be assigned an additional before school detention.
     Office Referral A referral will be given to students who do not respond to verbal
      warnings, lunch detentions, and before school detentions. An office referral will also be
      given to a student if a situation escalates beyond student expectations per Indian Springs
      Middle School’s Code of Conduct. Administration will determine the consequences for
      office referrals.

Please keep in mind that when a consequence for unacceptable behavior is given it is my goal to
create an environment that promotes learning and that I have the best interest of the child at heart.

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